This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.

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Oliver was by far, no ordinary 12 year old boy. Being an only child, Oliver was heavenly blessed with the beauty that was simply compelling and downright heart stopping. Standing somewhere close to 5 feet tall, Oliver might have tipped the scale at 85 pounds soaking wet. Though he was small and rather slender, Oliver's body was well toned for his young age. His hair, oh his beautiful hair, is snow white, flowing passionately between his well tanned shoulder blades. Parted down the middle, brushed straight back allowing his small ears to breathe, Oliver's hair always seemed to be perfectly in place. His white eyebrows were thin, almost transparent, matching equally with his long upturned eyelashes. Oliver's crystalized, mesmerizing blue eyes sparkled gloriously even against dim light. His cute little button nose was just as flawless, matching just as perfectly with those two precious little dimples constantly impaling the sides of his unblemished slender cheeks.

Oliver's thin cherry colored lips always looked ever so succulent. Just the mere sight of those lick-able little lips would give any man an instant erection. His smile, that award winning smile of his, could easily melt the coldest of hearts. The bottom line being is that Oliver is drop dead gorgeous in every way imaginable, and then some! The other rather obvious, even more noticeable feature, is Oliver's small, yet extremely shapely butt. Being raised by his aerobic teaching mom, Oliver spent numerous hours per week working on his fabulous butt muscles, not once having a clue as to how shapely his own little butt was increasing becoming. Due to his aerobic workouts, his tight little stomach muscles rippled with his every breath. Even his smallish body was downright stunningly gorgeous. Sounding a bit on the sicker side of things, but seeing Oliver in person, one would literally swear that he was simply too flat fucking gorgeous to ever be capable of taking a dump, and even if he did, there would be no way humanly possible that it would even remotely smell bad.

With his physical description in mind, here is Oliver's story. With his mom working all the time, and being that it was summer, Oliver spent most of his free time lounging out by the pool bare ass naked. Their privacy fence blocked their neighbors vision, so Oliver thought nothing about walking, swimming, and sunbathing nude in the seclusion of their back yard. Also, while his mom was busy working, Oliver enjoyed lounging around inside their home naked as well. He liked the way his circumcised 1 1/2" soft cock slung back and forth while he walked from one room to the other. His hairless nut-sac contained two perfectly rounded pea sized nuggets, both held somewhat close to the socket, almost giving the impression as if he only had one testicle securely wrapped by a sheet of pure silk.

Though be it at this point in the story, Oliver was a virgin, however, he was no virgin in spying on his mom when she had a male friend come over to visit. It was the constant spying, not so much on his mom, but the male friend ramming his mom's pussy with their hard man sized cocks, that intrigued Oliver to no end. He watched many, many times as his mom sucked their cocks, watching intently as the men shoved their meaty man poles up his mother's asshole, aggressively listening to how his mother was passionately enjoying every ass filling second. For Oliver, this was the true beginning in finding his own-self, not to mention, his true passion!

Ever since the first time he saw a grown man's cock slide in and out of his mother's mouth, Oliver was infatuated about mens crotches. This all began when he was around 5 or 6, and as time progressed, so did his yearnings for mens cocks. Each day, while his mom was at work, Oliver would get on the computer and search intently for photos of mens cocks. It was during one of his searches that he lucked upon the Nifty site. Naturally, Oliver immediately went to the stories tagged "Adult/Youth." Not only were some of the stories interesting, but for young Oliver, they were more educational. It was reading those stories that he began to take notes, especially when the story involved some young boy being thoroughly "cleaned out."

As his eyes read each line of a story, Oliver's right hand slowly jacked away at his rock hard 4 inches of pure boy pride. He had been able to produce cum since he was 11, so to him, it was no big deal blowing a load in the palm of his free hand then washing his hand off once he was done. However, once he began reading these stories, Oliver's curiosity as to what his cum tasted like overwhelmed him, so, once he shot a puddle of liquid boy juice in the palm of his left hand, he slowly raised it up to his nose and gave it a few good whiffs. Once he discovered that he really couldn't ascertain the aroma, Oliver stabbed his tongue deep within the puddle of fresh boy goo. Mildly nervous, and overly curious, Oliver sampled just a few dabs before realizing he just had to go for it, so with that being said, he sucked the watery puddle into his mouth, and began allowing it to start trickling down his gulping throat. Initially, he did gag, but it was more out of the fact that he was slurping down his own cum, but when he realized it really didn't have any taste at all, Oliver made sure he would never waste another load again by washing it down the drain.

That night, while his mom was entertaining one of her male friend's, Oliver snuck up to her bedroom window and began spying. This guy's cock was huge compared to the rest he had seen his mother with. His mom was gagging like crazy as she was doing her best to stuff the thick beast into her mouth. Oliver stood outside the window and watched the horse hung guy fuck his mom's face, her pussy, and her ass. When he was about to cum, Oliver's eyes widened as the man began pumping gallons upon gallons of thick creamy man goo into his mother's wide open mouth. Seeing this forced his own 4 inches of boy pole to erupt its creamy nectar into the palm of his left hand. When the last droplet was smeared onto his palm, Oliver wasted no time in slurping up his own freshly delivered boy cream, shaking furiously from his quivering delight.

The very next morning, Oliver waved at his mom as she was heading off to work. No sooner had she backed out of the driveway, Oliver was out of his clothes. He ran to his mom's room and began plundering through her closet. There, stuffed inside a medium sized brown grocery bag, Oliver discovered several new bottles of Fleet Enema along with an enemy bag. He quickly grabbed one of the bottles, along with the enema bag and scurried upstairs to his bathroom. He opened up the enema bottle and poured some minty mouth wash to the rim, then placed the cap back on it. He grabbed the empty enema bag, ensuring the plug was secure, then proceeded to pour in a small amount of body soap, baby oil, and mouth wash, then filled the bag with warm water.

Following the directions on the Fleet Enema bottle, Oliver did his best to insert all the liquid up his rectum. He lay perfectly still, and within 5 minutes, he could feel the effect of the enema working. He fought like hell to hold it for as long as he could, but nearing the 10 minute mark, he could fight no longer. As his bowels blast forward, all Oliver could think about was some of the remarks in some of the stories he had read on Nifty. Remarks like, "The boy was so beautiful, I'd bet my life he is incapable of taking a shit", and "There's no way in hell a boy with his stunning beauty could ever have an asshole that produced a foul odor." Those kind of remarks ravished his mind as his bowels unleashed a flood of content.

After some time, making sure he was done, Oliver cleaned himself then flushed the toilet. His stomach felt empty and his asshole puckered at the mere thought of shoving the 3 inch nozzle up his ass. He had already hooked the filled enema bag on the railing for the shower curtain. He grimaced as he inserted the nozzle all the way up his rectum, then flipped the switch to allow the liquid to rush up his anal canal. As the warm water gushed up his rectum, Oliver's body shook, trembling from some unknown delight in what he was now doing. The bag appeared to be half empty before he knew he wouldn't be able to handle much more. He flicked the switch, cutting off the liquid, then gasped as his asshole exploded a mad rush of whatever sharply into the toilet bowl.

When he was done, he cleaned himself, then flushed the toilet. Reinserting the nozzle, Oliver activated the water once more, keeping it open until the last drop had drizzled inside of him. It was then that he removed the nozzle, and no sooner had the nozzle departed his anal canal, the liquid came pouring out of his butt. He sat there for sometime before wiping himself, then turned to look at the toilet bowl. A smile flashed across his gorgeous face as he saw nothing but clear water. He then flushed the toilet once more, then stepped inside the shower.

Once Oliver was done with his bathroom etiquette, still naked, he walked out of the sliding glass back door and out onto the patio. The sun felt great, and knowing he was sparkling clean, inside and out, nothing or nobody could take away the smile that was now dancing across his angelic face. Standing there, basking in the sun's baking ray, Oliver's cock instantly grew hard. The 4 inch beauty jutted from his perfect body straighter than an arrow. His pink mushroom head was a tad thicker than his slender shaft. His shaft was about as thick as a regular sized thumb. It was then that Oliver realized he hadn't performed his usual morning ritual in jacking himself off into a cum blowing frenzy. Now, he was as horny as he had ever been!

He walked around the edge of the pool, roaming his eyes from one side of the fence to the next, hoping beyond any and all hopes he would be able to hear one of his neighbors talking. Unbeknownst to Oliver, in the seclusion of his back yard, it wasn't as private as young Oliver thought it to be. One of his neighbors, who shared the privacy fence, had notched out a hole to spy on Oliver's mom, and Oliver. Oliver knew his neighbor to be Mr. Richards, but the adults just referred to him by his first name, that being Bart. Bart Richards lived alone, having been recently divorced. Standing a good 5'10", Bart was a tad overweight, tipping the scale at about 230 pounds. At 47 years of age, eating healthy was not on Bart's agenda, and from his round protruding belly, that was rather obvious.

However, Bart was kneeling down, spying on the naked eye popping beauty as he gracefully walked around the outer edge of the pool. Bart's thick 6 inches of uncut raw beef was achingly hard as he slowly jacked away as he steadily eyed the white haired angelic beauty. As Oliver, completely oblivious to the fact that he was being watched, walked around the pool, he was giving Bart a clear shot at all he had to offer. Bart softly moaned each time Oliver was walking towards him. Seeing the boy's hard cock made Bart's mouth water with envy. When he saw the small muscular mounds of Oliver's perfectly chiseled ass, Bart's moans would often times get louder and louder. It was all Bart could do to not blow a load right then and there. With his eye to the peep hole and both ears flared, standing ready to hear the young angel speak, Bart got just what he wanted to hear.

Just as Oliver was walking past where Bart was watching, out of mere frustration, Oliver softly spoke, "I got to get me some cock...Today!"

Bart damn near fainted when he heard what the boy had just said. He had spent many a night, and days for that matter, beating his meat while fantasizing about Oliver. Though he heard what Oliver had said, he wondered if he was speaking of someone closer to his own age. This was now Bart's predicament. He was no stranger to gay sex, in fact, his wife had walked in on him as he was plowing some male prostitute's hot little ass. This was the reason for their divorce. However, Bart had never actually contemplated having sex with a boy as young as Oliver, but then again, he had never seen a boy that could possibly come close to Oliver's enchanting, breathless beauty. Just saying hi to him in the front yard, hearing Oliver's soft angelic voice, always damn near made Bart blow a load in his pants. Now, he was watching the gorgeous boy jut around the pool, bare ass naked, sporting a heart stopping erection.

Unable to control his urges any longer, Bart got up from his kneeling position, adjusted his shorts, then proceeded out the gate traveling towards the gate leading up to Oliver's back yard.

Clearing his throat, standing at the wooded gate, Bart shouted, "Hey Oliver, you out there?"

The angelic voice replied, "Yes sir Mr. Richards, I'm out by the pool."

Oliver, knowing his clothes were in the house, quickly tip toed up to the gate. When he finally positioned himself at the gate, Oliver asked, "Can I help you with something sir?"

Bart, clearing his voice once again, whispered, "Yeah, but only if you got a minute. When you get a chance, can you come over and give me a hand please?"

Oliver responded, "Yes sir, I'll be over in a second."

Bart turned as he said, "Great, just come on in, the door's unlocked!"

Oliver went inside the house and just slipped on his nylon bicycling short's without even considering to put some underwear on first. His erection was now gone, but the tight stretchy shorts left nothing to the imagination. While Oliver was getting his short's on, Bart had slipped in a bisexual DVD and played with some of the controls on the remote controller to get Oliver's assistance.

A few seconds later, in comes Oliver walking right into Bart's living room. Oliver walked right up to the sofa and plopped down, looking at Bart, who was only wearing cut-offs and nothing else, then softly whispered, "How can I help you sir?"

Bart forced out a bear like laugh, then stated, "Damn Oliver, you are so polite. Here's my problem. This damn remote controller wont do anything I want it to do. Can you help me out with this thing?"

Oliver smiled, then picked up the remote and began toying with some of the features. As his fingers fumbled with some of the features, Bart began an innocent small talk conversation. The two were conversing back and forth and Bart discovered the boy hid nothing back with none of his questions. He knew Oliver had no girlfriend, and the boy confirmed that rather quickly. As the small talk quickly progressed, so did Bart's questioning, all in all, leading up straight into more of a sexual topic.

Finally, Bart blurted out, "Oliver, I just know you got someone sucking that cock of yours on a regular basis. I just know it!"

Oliver, feeding right into Bart's line of questioning, inquisitively replied, "No sir, not a single soul, but what makes you think that?"

Bart blasted off another bear like laugh, then said, "C'mon Oliver, you of all people should know why. For heavens sake son, you are, and pardon the expression, but you are flat fucking, drop dead gorgeous from the top of your pretty little head all the way down to those sweet little curling toes. I'm sure if you wanted, you could be getting that beauty of a cock of yours sucked anytime you felt like it, not to mention, and need I say it, but let's not forget about that butt of yours. Shit Oliver, you got people walking into walls cause they are too busy infatuated at looking at that ass of yours. Did you know that?"

Oliver was concentrating on the remote control, shaking his head from side to side, then whispered, "Thank you for the compliments sir, but I'm sure nobody has walked into any wall just from looking at my butt. If that happened, I didn't see them."

Though he may have been focussing on the remote, Oliver wasn't by any means naive. Just from Bart's talking, Oliver had the sneaky suspicion that the man wanted him, and to be honest, though Oliver didn't find Bart attractive in any way, the man did have the one thing he was seeking, that being a man sized cock! So, Oliver played along with the questions and comments, still idly fumbling with the features on the remote control.

A few minutes later, just as Oliver was fixing to depress the last feature, Oliver, looking down at the remote, whispered, "Mr. Richards sir, I'd love to find me somebody willing to suck my dick. Shucks, I wouldn't care who it was, just as long as they sucked the cum out of my balls. In fact, they could even play with my butt, you know, if in they wanted to. Nobody has ever done that to me before, so who knows, I just might like it."

His finger depressed the button, in return, activating the television, and DVD. It didn't take long before Oliver realized this was a porn movie. Bart, trying to play it off, lightly shouted, "Oh shit Oliver, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that shit was in there."

Oliver, hormones rising to an all time high, replied, "No problem sir, I'd like to see it if you don't mind."

Oliver heard Bart say something, but between his eyes watching the screen, his cock throbbing, and his mind visualizing sucking Bart's cock, Oliver was now in a full blown sexual volcano, one in which could erupt at anytime now. Oliver leaned forward, placing the remote control on top of the coffee table, then eased himself back, slightly spreading his tanned legs. The stretchy material clinging to his erection outlined his throbbing boy boner for Bart's eyes to marvel over. Oliver's hard cock had positioned itself so that it was now aiming its single eye towards Oliver's face. The boy's small hands rested on top of his smooth hairless thighs while his eyes zeroed in on the television screen watching some blond woman sucking some guy's long and thick cock.

While the movie played, Bart cleared his throat, nervously tossing out, "So Oliver, you mean to tell me you don't have anyone sucking that pretty cock of yours?"

Oliver flashed Bart his heart stealing smile, then seductively whispered, "No sir, but like I said before, I wouldn't mind someone doing that for me."

As Bart strained his eyes to focus on Oliver's mouth watering cock, he watched it as it throbbed, forcing the stretchy material to expand before his very eyes. Oliver, tossing caution into the wind, blurted, "What if it were a guy who wanted to suck you off? Would you still let him?"

Oliver, still playing along fired back, "Sure, why not? Heck, I wouldn't mind sucking one myself. Who knows, I just might like it!"

Bart's throbbing man sausage was way beyond the point of aching. No longer was his cock spitting pre-cum, it was now firing pre-cum balls a mile a minute in an overly excited effort. As Bart watched the boy's pulsating cock, Oliver was now watching some other guy on the screen dining away on the other man's ass as the woman was feeding her throat the man's thick man pole.

Bart's shaky voice chimed in, "Oliver, what if a guy, an older guy was to suck you off. You know you couldn't tell anyone cause he would get into big trouble. Do you think that is something you could deal with?"

Oliver fired right back without a single seconds hesitation, "Heck yeah! I would never tell anyone about nothing like that. Besides, whose to say that I didn't want it to happen? I might be 12 sir, but I already know what I want...Like, if you want to, you can suck me off!"

The boy's last statement almost caught Bart off guard, but just as Oliver finished, Bart was already in the progress of slipping his large frame from the recliner. Bart felt like his heart was somewhere close to his ankles as he walked on his knees towards the boy's spread legs. As each shaking knee touched the carpeted floor, Bart's eyes swallowed all of Oliver's prolific beauty. The boy's chest was smooth and tanned, and his tiny erect pink nipples jutted out nearly half an inch. The boy's tight stomach muscles rippled with his every breath and that miniscule belly button barely protruded inward.

Bart said not a word as he dipped his trembling fingers at the materials hem, lowering his face so that his lips were now drooling on the fleshy hard boy tool that was constantly throbbing. The heat from the man's mouth bore down on Oliver's cock forcing Oliver to moan joyously. The man's lips and roving tongue slid up and down, traveling the miraculous four inches of heavens fleshy highway. The fragrance that was spewing into his flaring nostrils, stemming from between the boy's spread legs, was setting Bart's soul on agonizing fire.

Unable to contain his urges any longer, Bart pulled the material towards him as Oliver hiked his butt up off the cushion, allowing easier access to remove his short's. This was not a strip tease in the least and Bart wasted no time in removing Oliver's short's in one stealth motion, leaving the boy seated as naked as the day he had been born. Almost frozen in time, Bart's eyes studied the most astonishingly perfect cock his eyes had ever seen. The creamy flesh made his stomach churn from sheer delight and the engorged mushroom shaped head was a crown no king could ever be honored to possess. The boy's pea sized round balls were just as heavenly perfect as the rest of the boy. The hairless sac tightly protected the two perfect nuggets in a breath taking fashion.

Using his right index finger, Bart pulled Oliver's cock towards his already wide open mouth. The boy's slender shaft sent electric chills racing up and down Bart's spine. The boy's cock was brickyard hard, yet satiny smooth all at the same time. Bart raised his eyes to meet the boy's who was staring right back at him sporting that award winning smile.

Oliver whispered, "Go ahead, you can suck it!"

The boy's rock hard 12 year old boy pride was like a magnet, forcing Bart's mouth closer and closer while his nose inhaled the sweetest fragrance known to mankind. The man's tongue slashed out, striking Oliver's throbbing cock as it worked itself into a frenzy, traveling frantically and wildly up and down, and all around. It was then, while using his tongue to absorb the boy's addicting taste that he witnessed a few tiny wisps of pure white pubic hair bordering both sides of Oliver's cock. From a distance, the hairs were so white that they simply couldn't have been seen. Up close, and more personal, the white strands of pure silk were now evident.

Bart's lips slid along the shaft, easily swallowing the four inches of precious boy tube. The taste mixed with the fact that he was now sucking on the most utterly gorgeous boy's cock who had ever graced the planet provoked Bart's bear like growls to evade his mouth as he relentlessly began slurping up and down on Oliver's throbbing erection. Oliver's boyish hard cock tasted, and felt, awesomely great sliding in between Bart's sucking lips. While his mouth worked feverishly on Oliver's boy missile, Bart eased his left hand under Oliver's tiny balls and began skillfully massaging them while his right hand slid upwards, finding the boy's erect left nipple, and began gingerly tweaking it.

Oliver was moaning and grunting, gyrating his butt up and down, driving his sensitive boy cock in and out of the grown man's fiery hot mouth. The man's fingers probing his delicate balls sent wild exploding feverish chills racing throughout every part of his shaking body. This was far more than Oliver had ever fantasized about. To him, this very moment was something way out of this world.

Bart's left middle finger slid under Oliver's hairless tight sac, easing downwards gracing Oliver's taint area, pressing forwards. Oliver felt the man's finger as it slowly traveled the short distance, eventually pressing up against his tiny little puckering pucker hole. That was it, the final straw! Oliver grunted while slamming both of his small hands against the back of Bart's head. His eyes no longer visioned the obvious, leaving him in a world of total darkness.

Oliver screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddddd, I'm, I'm, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Bart's bear like howls slashed against the walls as the boy's cock began firing thin watery globs of precious boy cream sharply into his mouth. Bart's own large body began shaking something awful, relishing in the fact that the boy's cock was feeding him the most precious life giving seed no man could ever possibly resist. Oliver's cum was watery, soothingly hot, and ignited a passion Bart never knew existed within his own-self. 6 possibly 8 thin watery jets of pure boy protein gushed into his mouth before several globs plopped out onto his cum scooping tongue. Bart waited until the last droplet of Oliver's boy seed vacated his still hard cock before allowing the smallest sample to trickle down his throat. The taste alone forced Bart to moan louder than ever. There was nothing remotely close to a salty flavor whatsoever. In fact, had Bart not known that what he was now swallowing was Oliver's cum, he'd have never have guessed it. Virtually taste free, and appetizingly addictive!

Oliver pumped the last of his watery seed into Bart's mouth, and the man continued his oral assault on his rather sensitive boyish organ. His world, one that once was in total darkness, slowly began filtering back into its color reality. Oliver tried to resist the urge to yank Bart's mouth away from his super sensitive cock, but the finger drawing miniature circles over his butt hole was sending another more pleasing form of a message to his brain. Oliver certainly didn't want this to end, but he had already made up his mind that he was going to stop at nothing until he sucked Bart's man sized beefy cock.

Unable to take anymore sucking action on his cock, Oliver screamed, "I, I, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want, ummmmmmmmmm, I want to suck your cock!"

Bart forced his wobbly legs to hold his body upwards, using his fingers to unsnap the button to short's. Oliver's young crystal blue eyes widened as he saw the man's 6 glorious inches of thick uncut man beef pop out before his very eyes. The skin covering the man's cock head formed a circle just at the entrance of the piss slit. Oliver could see the glistening pre-cum shining all over the fleshy covered angry looking enlarged cock head. To Oliver, the man's thick cock head appeared to be thicker than his little mouth would be able to handle.

Oliver inched his mouth forwards, resting his bottom lip on the underside of the skin covered pre-cum soaked giant mushroom shaped cock head. His pink tongue slithered out, slicing its way all around the silky smooth flesh, milking in the salty tasting pre-cum from Bart's throbbing boner. Bart pushed forward while Oliver leaned in, shoving the fat cock head all the way inside his mouth. Initially, Oliver gagged, but quickly forced his mouth to relax as he began slowly bobbing his tiny cock filled mouth up and down Bart's overly thick cock head.

Bart was moaning, bellowing loudly as to all the sensational pleasures coursing throughout every square inch of his shaking body as the boy's mouth performed the greatest of magic acts upon his cock. Oliver used his left hand to cup Bart's medium sized hairy balls, running the flesh of his thumb all around each cum filled nugget. In less than a minute, Oliver heard Bart mumble something, but he was too lost in the bliss of having his young mouth on the grown man's beefy uncut cock.

The next thing Oliver knew, or better yet felt, was a gush of warm thick gooey bullets as they began hammering away, striking the roof of his mouth with quite the velocity. Bart was literally screaming and Oliver decided to go ahead and taste the man's gooey offering. As he sampled the first taste, Oliver kind of gagged. The taste sweltering around inside his mouth was kind of salty, bordering a mild bitterness, kind of tart flavor. After swallowing down his third helping, the taste became something Oliver knew he could not live without. Now, it was Oliver who was belting out loud angelic grunts and groans as his throat opened, swallowing larger portions as fast as Bart's sperm pumping cock could offer.

Bart's once rock hard cock quickly deflated once the last of his seed was vacuumed up into the boy's commercial grade mouth. Using both hands, Bart pushed Oliver's head backwards while stepping away. Once he was clear of the breathtaking boy beauty, Bart slipped his short's back on, then whispered, "Anytime you want that sweet dick of yours sucked, you just come on over, and let old Bart milk it for you."

Oliver, feeling somewhat frustrated, slipped his short's back on, then walked on home. By his little episode with Bart, Oliver knew he loved the way a cock felt inside his mouth. He also knew he really enjoyed the way hot cum shot into his mouth, and he already convinced himself that he thoroughly enjoyed swallowing a healthy load of man seed, but, needed more, and he inwardly felt something was missing. After having read all those storied on Nifty, Oliver was hoping to feel what it was like to have his butt eaten, not to mention, a grown man taking his anal cherry. Yes, Oliver wanted to get fucked, and being fucked was all that was on his mind right at this very moment.

Feeling somewhat jilted, Oliver went up to his bathroom and took a refreshing shower, and brushed his teeth. As he stood looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, his young mind frantically researched some of his neighbors who just might be willing to help him out. Neighbor after neighbor, Oliver saw each and every man, but not one single one of them did he figure would be willing enough to have sex with him.

The sound of the phone ringing brought him back to reality. When he answered it, it was his mom. She had forgotten to tell him that morning that she was having someone come over to work on the air-conditioning unit. Just as they hung up, the doorbell sounded. Oliver's 4 slender inches of pure heavenly rock hard beauty was throbbing like never before, so he quickly draped the towel around his tiny hips and ran downstairs to answer the door.

Upon opening the door, standing before him was the technician for the air-conditioning company to work on their unit. The man had to be at least 6'4", and weighed a fairly solid 235 pounds. Oliver's quick inspection of the tech revealed the man was probably close to being in his mid thirties, dark hair, and a scraggly looking beard. Though the man was definitely no prize catch, Oliver didn't much care, cause he knew the man had the one thing that he really needed, and that was a man sized cock!

According to the name sewed on the shirt, Oliver figured the man's name was Trent. Inviting Trent in, the tech began walking all over the house inspecting the air vents. In doing so, Oliver followed him gawking at the beefy balled up package obviously forcing an impressive bulge inside his work pants. When it was time to go check out the vents upstairs, Oliver went first, doing everything he possibly could to taunt the tech who was walking rather close behind him. Oliver even considered intentionally letting the towel drop, but for whatever reason, he didn't.

The last room upstairs to be inspected was Oliver, and the two walked in. It was then that Trent spoke with his deep husky voice, "Son, you ought to get some clothes on before somebody rapes the living shit of you, if in you know what I mean!"

Oliver flashed Trent that heart stopping smile of his, then softly replied, "Yeah, who and when?"

Trent wiped the back of his right hand across his hair covered lips, looking down at the towel clad young angel, responded, "Damn boy, are you horny or what?"

Oliver took in a deep breath, then spat out, "Yes sir, for both, horny or what!"

Trent hooked both thumbs on the inside of his heavy tool belt, shaking his head from side to side, then blurted, "Boy, I'm a grown fucking man, married with three kids, one of em is a boy bout your age. Judging by your looks and size, I'm figuring you to be around 8 or 9."

Oliver shot back, "Close sir, but I'm 12!"

Trent took a slight step back, then said, "12 huh. Boy, I'll give you credit. You sure are a pretty little boy, but I'm a grown man damn near three times your age. If the law found out about something like this, well shit, a man would get a shit load of prison time, and besides, I aint about that gay shit boy, not at all."

Just as soon as Trent said his last word, Oliver let his towel fall to the floor, standing before Trent stark ass naked with his slender boy boner aiming itself directly to where Trent now stood, both legs shaking like never before. Oliver took the three short steps towards Trent, placing his fingers on the man's zipper, slowly zipping it all the way down.

Oliver, eyes facing the opening of Trent's pants, angelically whispered, "Nobody will ever know, I give you my word."

Trent had backed himself all the way to the point that his back was now flat up against the bedroom wall and could only feel the boy's small hands as they dipped inside his boxer short's latching his tiny fingers on his pulsating rock hard beef. A surge of fueling electricity shot through his body as the boy's fingers graced his hard shaft. Subconsciously, Trent unhooked his tool belt, letting it fall sharply to the floor on his left side.

Oliver, seeing and hearing the tool belt hit the carpeted floor, unsnapped the top button of Trent's pants, using all of his fingers, sliding both pants and boxer shorts all the way to the man's ankles. Oliver stared at the man sized organ arching slightly upwards, greeting his watery eyes with anticipated awe. At best guess, Oliver figured Trent's cock to be close to the seven inch range, cut, and the mushroom shaped head was much thicker than the creamy colored, extra veiny shaft. Trent's black pubic hair was super bushy and the musky aroma was already spewing sharply into Oliver's lungs. Trent's super sized hairy balls swung a good 4 to 6 inches below his cock, enhancing his muscular hairy legs.

Bending down a bit, Oliver wasted no time in sliding Trent's engorged cock head into his mouth. Unlike Bart's thick cock head, Oliver was able to take in all of Trent's cock head along with a good 2 or 3 inches of the veiny shaft. Trent's shaking legs almost buckled once the boy's mouth engulfed his cock. He could feel the boy's tongue as it snaked its way all around his sensitive cock head and shaft. Trent howled loudly once he felt Oliver's hand cup and caress his free swinging baby makers. The sweaty stale musky aroma sent shivers racing up and down Oliver's back, igniting an unknown cock sucking monster he never knew existed.

Trent slung his head from side to side, blind in total disbelief he was letting a 12 year old boy suck his cock. Up to present moment, he never once considered anything remotely close to sexual with another guy, much less a boy who was old enough to be his son. Now, here he was, having a 12 year old boy munch on his throbbing cock like nobodies business. He could hear the boy's faint moans as he slurped up and down on his pleasure filled love pipe. His legs felt like rubber, barely capable of holding his body's weight.

Oliver eased his right hand behind Trent, easing his fingers through a ton of ass hair, crawling feverishly through the sweaty hair covered crack until his fingertips found the man's sweaty butt hole. Trent, once feeling the boy's fingers pressing up against his asshole, immediately arched his body upwards, driving his toes into the sole of his work boots. The boy's ass gracing fingers aided by the boy's cock sucking mouth was way more than Trent could stand. With one loud bear like howl, his cock exploded, firing bucket loads of fresh man seed shooting volcanically into the boy's hot little gulping mouth.

Oliver groaned as he felt the first tidal wave of man juice splash the back of his throat, gulping down the salty nectar in awesome delight. Trent's legs buckled as more man juice came rocketing out, one right after the other, in what felt like an endless pursuit of thick creamy man goo. The more cum Trent fed Oliver, the louder Oliver's moans grew. Oliver gulped down the thick wad of cum as soon as it shot into his mouth, moaning passionately as to his overall taste of approval.

When the last of Trent's seed was milked out, he had to push Oliver's mouth away from his sensitive, yet still rock hard, cock. Oliver stood up while Trent rested the back of his head up against the wall. His head was spinning and his entire body was shaking wildly. For Trent, he couldn't remember the last time somebody sucked his cock like that, much less swallow his entire load. Not even his wife would gulp down his man cream, but here, right there before him was a 12 year old beauty of a boy who had just sucked him off and gulped down his massive supply of man juice without spilling a single drop.

Trent's voice cracked, "Holy shit boy, you do like to suck cock! Damn, that had to have been the best head I've ever gotten, but boy, if you keep flaunting that tight little ass around, somebody might get the wrong impression and bend you over and fuck the ever loving shit out of you!"

Oliver, still reeling from the after taste, smiled, then casually whispered, "Yeah, when and who?"

Trent couldn't help see Oliver's erection, but he had already disgusted himself with the thought of actually sucking it, so he retaliated, "Like I said boy, I aint no fucking queer, but as pretty as you are, I just might get the notion to wear that pretty ass out myself, if in you felt like you were up to it."

That was precisely what Oliver was wanting to hear, and then he responded, "Yes sir, I'd be up to it, but I've never done that before!"

Trent smiled a devilish smile, then he hoarsely replied, "Well fuck me to tears, you're a virgin, well at least when it comes to ass sex cause I already know you aint no virgin in sucking cock. Well boy, my pecker here is still rock hard thanks to you, so let me ease myself out of these boots and then I'm gonna get me some cherry ass."

Oliver was torn between excited and petrified. Now, he was going to feel his first cock up his ass, and he knew there was going to be some pain, but how much pain was the real question. Oliver went into his bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby oil, then returned back to the bed placing it on the night stand along with a towel. Trent had already got out of his clothes, giving Oliver a better view of the man's body. From his muscular upper chest to the top of his toes, Trent was covered with layers of black fur.

Trent barked, "Get that hot little ass of yours up on the bed with your ass facing me. Get on all fours boy! This is what's called the doggy style position. Now, I've fucked me some ass before boy, but not one on a dude, but as pretty as you are, I sure as fuck am willing to make this an exception, so hop up on there and let me see that asshole of yours."

Oliver climbed on the bed, positioning his butt towards Trent. Now, he was looking at the wall while Trent was behind him doing something blocked from his vision. Oliver's heart was racing, thumping madly somewhere in his chest. The moment of truth was now at hand and no matter the outcome, he couldn't blame anyone but himself cause he knew it was he who provoked this very moment.

Trent stood a few short feet away, locking both eyes on the 12 year old tanned shapely butt before him. Spread and ready for the taking,Trent could only gawk at the spectacle burning an everlasting impression within his mind. The boy's crack was flawless, stunningly flawless. No visible hair in sight and the most admiring aspect of it all was the boy's butt hole. Trent scratched his beard as he peered heavily onto the boy's inviting love entrance. Just to getter a better, or another view, Trent took turns squinting each eye. The tiny little speck was nothing more than a scrawny little dot lost in a sea of perfectly flawless tanned flesh.

As he stood frozen in time, admiring Oliver's virgin asshole, Trent got a birds eye view of Oliver's tight balls sac. At first impression, it appeared that the boy only had one ball, but a closer inspection revealed there was two. The sac glistened, almost as if it were made from pure silk.

For some unknown, and unexplainable reason, the next thing Trent knew was his tongue was lapping at Oliver's hairless bung hole. Oliver's body bucked and shook as the man's thick tongue drilled away at his backdoor. A never before felt sensation shot through his body like a stray bullet. Oliver couldn't help himself as he cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddddddddd yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssss, fucking yessssssssssssssssssss! Eat, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss, gaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddddd, yes, yesssssssss, eat my asssssssssssssssssss!"

Trent was surprised to hear what Oliver had just screamed out, and in fact, Oliver himself was a bit shocked at his own words. Regardless, Oliver now knew why so many boys in the stories he had read thoroughly loved having their asses eaten out. He felt Trent's tongue and every twitch and turn it made, each one driving more pleasure than the last.

Trent worked on Oliver's asshole a good 15 minutes, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't manage to force his tongue up the boy's ass. By now, Trent's jaw and tongue was aching a bit, so with one last crack loving lick, he inched his face away. One thing was for sure though and that this boy's ass certainly didn't have any odor whatsoever. In fact, the boy's ass was far better than any pussy he had ever snacked on, and it's gonna be a hell of a lot fucking tighter too!

Oliver was hunching his lower body forwards and backwards, mind spinning from just having his ass dined on for the first time when he heard Trent blare out, "I aint to sure my dick's gonna fit, but I'm too horned up not to give it a whirl!"

Oliver felt some pressure being applied to his asshole. Trent was using his right index finger smeared in oil, pressing it up against the boy's virgin entrance. With a little more pressure, Trent snuck his finger into the boy's anal canal. Oliver yelped when he felt the man's finger invade his butt. It burned something awful and when the second finger joined in on the anal fun, Oliver actually screamed. It felt like his ass was on fire, being split in two from his inside out.

Trent smacked his lips, then blurted, "Damn, you sure as fuck got one tight little ass here, but you don't worry none cause I'm gonna work it real good, then I'm gonna pop that sweet cherry of yours."

Oliver was too busy wincing from the burning pain as the third finger crawled up inside of him. It almost felt like he was going to poop himself, but ever so often, something inside of him sparked some form of pleasure. Trent used his three fingers to graciously fuck the boy's ass, working them in and out, varying the pace. He did this for a short time, but his only pressing thought was feeling his cock as it invaded the boy's virgin butt.

When Trent retracted his anal probing fingers, a slight spray of air struck Oliver's asshole, sending a tidal wave of chills splashing everywhere on his naked body. He felt the bed move as Trent positioned himself behind him, supporting his hulking body with his knees. He heard the man growl, "Yeah boy, daddy's gonna fuck that ass of yours until the cows come home!"

Oliver felt what he knew was Trent's slippery cock head pressing itself rather sharply against his asshole. With each exhale of breath, Oliver could feel the pressure increasing. Each time Trent tried to shove his cock up the boy's ass, it would slide up or down Oliver's butt crack, but not once going where he was wanting it to go. Several futile attempts later, and Trent was still not having any luck getting his cock inside the boy's ass. Bordering a level of frustration and defeat, Trent grabbed a hold of the base of his cock with his right hand, positioning his cock head directly over the boy's speck of a poop chute, then reared back and slammed his hips forwards.

The sound of Oliver's screams echoed off the walls as his upper body collapsed onto the bedding, fingers digging for dear life onto the sheets, teeth clamping down onto the actual mattress itself. He tried to jerk his body forwards, but it was too late. Trent had already got a handful of Oliver's hips and was now bringing the boy's pain riddled body backwards, backwards onto his anal stretching cock. In all reality, Trent probably had a good 4 inches buried into the boy's ass, but now he wanted his entire cock up there as well. With one might heave, Trent slammed the rest of his meat up Oliver's butt, forcing Oliver to belch out a rather long, and a defiantly loud scream due to immense pain.

Oliver knew there would be some pain, but he had no clue that it would be this horrible. It honestly felt like somebody was shoving a fiery hot poker iron, one that was still on fire, and was the size of a fucking telephone pole, straight up his ass. Oliver's tears poured on top of the bedding like a waterfall as Trent held his man sized organ in place, allowing some time for the boy to get acquainted with his ass stuffing cock.

Trent was slinging his head all over the place as the scorching heat from the boy's anal oven slowly baked his cock while the boy's anal muscles danced with anaconda like pressure upon his throbbing, cherry taking, manhood. It certainly didn't take Trent long to figure out that his cock had never been in something so absolutely fucking tight before. The coiling anal muscles created so much intense pressure that they were beginning to crush his meat, so Trent thought best to go ahead and slowly work his meat in and out of the boy's butt.

Oliver thought he was on the very edge of passing out due to the immense, overwhelming pain. As the man's cock slowly made its way out of his anal canal, the gut wrenching pain began to subside, just a little, but when Trent slid his meat to the hilt back up his ass, the pain crashed through his body like two locomotives colliding. Oliver bit down on the mattress, grunting and screaming, doing all he could do to wish the pain away. As the anal invader slowly worked itself in and out of his pain riddled ass, Oliver begged to the heavens above to go ahead a take his soul. The pain he was now enduring was something he hadn't ever experienced before, and none of the stories he had read ever came close to what he was going through right now.

Trent picked up his pace, holding the boy's hips tightly, drawing the little body backwards as his steel like cock pushed forwards. No longer did Trent care that he was fucking another male, much less being concerned that the male he was fucking was only 12 years old. The power of pleasure his cock was feeding his brain pushed Trent over the edge into a world solely based upon his own blissful sexual pleasures. Trent was making hissing noises, periodic growls mixed in with some heavy grunting. Never had his cock made him feel so good, so powerful, so completely overwhelmed with raw energetic passion.

Somewhere in time, Oliver felt something inside his butt give way, rapidly sending the horrible pain far from his furiously shaking body, being quickly replaced with a feeling he never knew existed. The cock rooting in and out of his butt began to feel more pleasurable, and each time it dove deep into his bowels, some form of mind shattering chills of pleasure crashed through his brain. With each inward thrust, Oliver began working his upper body upwards using his hands to push himself higher off the mattress. Within a few ass plowing seconds, Oliver was on all fours, thrusting his entire body as hard as he possibly could onto the cock pile driving in and out of his ass.

Oliver cried out, "Yessssssssssssss, fuck yesssssssssss! Do it sirrrrrrrrrrr, fuck meeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee haaaarrrrddddeeerrrrrr sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Trent held onto the boy's hip with his left hand as his right hand reached up and latched onto Oliver's right shoulder, yanking the boy as hard as he could onto his thrusting manhood.

Trent bellowed, "Hot damn boy, this pretty little ass of yours is the tightest fucking thing I've ever felt. Yeah boy, I'm gonna give you the fucking of your life!"

Numerous words were exchanged between the two and though he slammed his meat in and out of the boy's miraculous magical anal kingdom as hard and as fast as he could, Trent wasn't even close to another orgasm, or at least, not yet. As he force fed his cock into the boy's muscle crushing bowels, Trent began thinking of the boy's heart stopping beauty. Now, he wanted to see the boy's gorgeous angelic face as he fucked his man meat into his incredibly tight butt.

Trent pulled his meat all the way out of Oliver's ass, then quickly flopped down flat on his back, then shouted, "Get on this cock boy! I want to see that pretty face of yours as you ride my cock. C'mon boy, sink that sweet ass of yours on my meat!"

Oliver, facing Trent's face, straddled the man's body. Once in position, Oliver reached back, taking a hold of the man's hard cock, lined it up with his asshole, then winced as he forced it back into his anal cavern. Oliver was in the process of impaling himself on Trent's cock when Trent slung his butt off of the mattress, slamming his hard ass plugger all the way up Oliver's bung chute. Oliver, feeling the rapid insertion, leaned forward, placing both hands on Trent's heaving hairy chest.

Trent steadily bucked his hips while paying close attention to the most gorgeous human being he had ever laid eyes on. The boy's lips formed a perfect circle while his mesmerizing eyes slightly closed as his fiery hot breath poured directly into Trent's inhaling nostrils. Oliver pushed himself into an upright position, squatting on top of the man's cock, now using both feet to push himself upwards, then flopped back down, driving the meaty man cock hard up his pleasure filled anal canal.

Over and over, time after time, Oliver was soon lost in another world as he rode Trent's cock like a pro. His 4 inches of pure boy joy was as hard as a chunk of cold steel, dancing in perfect rhythm in utter agreement to Oliver's cock riding body. Though Trent was captured by the boy's perfection and overall beauty, he wasn't about to do anything with Oliver's cock. It was one thing letting the boy suck his cock, and one thing to take the boy's cherry, but it was totally out of the question for him to touch, much less suck, the boy's flaying boner. After all, Trent wasn't about the gay shit, or at least, that's the way he still saw it.

Nearly ten minutes passed with Oliver riding Trent's cock like a professional bull rider when Trent grabbed onto Oliver, rolling the boy onto his back. With his cock buried to the hilt, Trent pushed Oliver's legs high into the air, forcing both knees to extend way beyond Oliver's ears. Somehow or another, Trent was able to place both of the boy's ankles behind Oliver's head, giving him a direct shot at royally fucking the boy's ass without any obstructions whatsoever.

In this position, Oliver felt the man's cock go even deeper into his bowels than before. At first, there was a mild discomfort, but after a few hard thrusts, the pleasure of feeling Trent's cock power slam into his bowels felt ever so awesome. Trent was looking into the boy's face as he power slammed his hard cock fast and feverishly in and out of the boy's cock squeezing rectum. In this position, Trent himself felt more raw pleasure than ever before. Had the boy been a woman, he'd of leaned down and started kissing, but since he wasn't, Trent found joy just by looking into the boy's precious gorgeous face as the boy made all sorts of grunts and groans while being pleased by every square throbbing inch of Trent's ass drilling cock.

Oliver's soft angelic voice blasted into both of Trent's ears, "Fuck meeeeeee, yes, yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit yesssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeee, feeeeeeeeedddddd meeeeeeeeeee your big fucking cock sirrrrrrrrrrr!"

Trent's blazing ass feeding cock's pace hastened faster than he even thought humanly possible. All he could think about was power fucking this gorgeous boy's super tight ass into total fucking oblivion. If he could, Trent would have stuffed both of his ass cheek slapping balls deep inside the boy's fiery hot oven to give his cock some company. Unable to do so, Trent blindly, madly, and crazily hammered his cock in and out of Oliver's ass with a gut wrenching vengeance. The harder he fucked the boy, the more the boy seemed to love it.

Trent was looking hard into Oliver's face as he pile drove his cock fiercely into the boy's muscle gripping rectum. With no hand on Oliver's cock, Trent saw the slender 4 inch missile erupt, spewing jets of watery boy juice all over Oliver's crunched up stomach, chin, and entire face. Oliver was lost in his orgasm, as several watery jets of boy cream flung straight into his groaning, open mouth. When Oliver began his orgasm, his anal muscles constricted into overdrive, clamping down like a pissed off vice grip on Trent's ass loving cock.

With Oliver's anal muscles fast at work, that was all the extra effort needed to push Trent over the edge. His pile driving cock exploded a fury of sperm waves, shooting deeper up the boy's rectum than his own cock could have ever possibly reached. Now, both boy and man were screaming as their intense orgasms tore through their bodies like a hurricane touching ground for the first time. Oliver could feel the hot gooey man cream explode out of Trent's cock, slapping deep into his rectum, coating his anal walls with the man's thick cum as Trent's cock continued its anal assault, steadily jack hammering away.

Within a very short time, Trent's cum shooting cock quickly fell limp, slipping free from Oliver's anal treasure chest. Trent collapsed onto the bed, still gazing at the beauty who now had draped his legs to the mattress with his hairless silky left leg draped over Trent's thick hairy right leg.

After a few speechless short moments, Trent eased himself off the bed and began putting his clothes back on. Oliver was unable to move as his body continued its seizure like convulsions. He knew he had just been fucked, but now with Trent's cock out of his ass, Oliver felt a gut churning void deep within his bowels. He had completely forgotten all about the mind torturing pain from the initial penetration, cause now, now all Oliver could think about was filling that void within his ass.

Once Trent was fully dressed, he stepped over to the side of the bed, looking down at the lifeless, smiling angel, then hoarsely stated, "Look boy, what we did was just between us. Who knows, I just might come back over and fuck that tight ass again if in you keep your pretty little mouth shut."

There was a brief pause, then Trent spoke, "Damn, sure wish you was a woman cause I sure as shit could get used to that sweet ass of yours. You sure are a pretty little fucker, I'll give you that! I guess it's a good thing you aint no woman cause I sure as hell dumped the mother load up your tight ass, that's for sure. Tell you what boy, I got to fix the air-conditioner and if in I can muster up another load, I'll let you know and fuck you again. How's that?"

Oliver smiled back at the hulking man, then whispered, "You can fuck me anytime!"

Trent walked away, leaving Oliver alone in his bedroom. As he lay there contemplating his recent cherry popping fuck session, his overloaded cum filled bowels forced him to quickly scamper off to sit on the toilet. Wad after wad of Trent's thick cum splashed into the water. Once he was finished emptying the cum from his bowels, Oliver went ahead and took a well needed shower. He brushed his teeth after toweling himself dry, remaining naked, decided to go see what Trent was up to.

By the time he walked downstairs, a quick search of the house, both inside and out, revealed Trent had already left. Oliver was a bit let down cause he was still hornier than hell although his asshole was kind of sore, and his erect four inches of pure boy pole was evident enough of his overall horny condition. Once again, his mind raced to find a male adult neighbor he thought would feed into his sexual hunger, and thirst. As his mind frantically sought to find another sex partner, he felt more of Trent's cum seep out of his asshole. Going back upstairs, Oliver retrieved the enema bag, poured a lot more mint flavored mouth wash, baby oil, coconut oil, then filled it with warm water.

Once he inserted the nozzle up his sensitive butt, he activated the water. A mild burning sensation flooded his bowels as the homemade concoction shot up his butt. Oliver gave himself the enema and remained on the toilet until the last tid bit of fluid filtered from his ass. He took another shower, this time making sure every part of his body was thoroughly soaped, rinsed off, toweled himself dry, and then brushed his teeth once more. The entire time he was doing this, his cock was bone hard and his mind kept on searching out another potential adult male sex partner.

Scouring around his room, Oliver picked up a pair of old cut-off short's. He squeezed into them and was satisfied the way the short's projected his shapely butt. Luckily enough, the leg openings themselves were baggy, so he intentionally decided not to wear any underwear. He did pick up several shirts, but thought going shirtless would help in his dire time of need. Also, to help out with his lack of clothing attire, Oliver decided to skip the socks and shoes and just wear his sandals.

Having nowhere to actually go, Oliver stepped out the front door and proceeded to walk to the end of his driveway, stopping, looking in both directions for the proper avenue for his quest to find a man who would be willing to be seduced by a 12 year old boy in search of a cock, a man's cock. There were more homes traveling left, so left is the direction in which Oliver's feet carried him. One home after another, Oliver slowly walked, looking from side to side in hopes of finding a man. Twenty minutes into his walk, and now two streets over from where his home was, Oliver was now watching some guy approaching him riding a bicycle.

As the guy got closer, Oliver realized it was just a boy, and not a man like he had hoped. At best guess, Oliver thought the guy to be close to 16 or so with black curly hair. Once the guy got rode his bike more in front of Oliver's vision, Oliver thought maybe the guy was more like in his late teens, but he couldn't be for sure. The one thing Oliver did make mental note of was that this guy was definitely good looking and he did have a hairy chest cause he could see the black curls as they shot up from over the hem of his shirt. Oliver had already made up his mind that he would love to suck this guy's cock, and maybe, just maybe, the guy would be willing to fuck him.

Just his luck, the guy slowly rode past him, but he did flash Oliver a smile. Oliver, being mildly disappointed, continued walking slowly. Just as he approached the driveway of another house, the guy on the bike snuck up behind him, startling Oliver when he spoke.

"Hey little man, what's up? Where you heading?"

Oliver replied, "Nowhere in particular. Just killing time I guess."

The guy smiled at Oliver, then stated, "Name's Mark, and you are?"

Oliver told him his name as they shook hands. More up close and personal, Oliver saw the vast black curls covering Mark's slim, but muscular thighs, flowing deliciously all the way down to where Mark's ankle socks were. As Mark sat on his bicycle's seat, Oliver strained his eyes to sneakily get a better view of his crotch without being noticed. Mark was wearing those kind of stretchy bicycling shorts, so the view Oliver's eyes were now devouring was making his own cock throb with envious joy.

Mark looked around to see if anyone was within ear shot, then asked, "Little man, how old are you?"

Oliver quickly blurted out, "12 and why you ask?"

Mark lowered his voice, then replied, "Dude, as good as you look, and the way you are dressed, somebody might get the wrong impression, if you know what I mean."

Oliver shot back, "And what type of wrong impression might that be?"

Once again, Mark looked around then whispered, "You know, uh, like you might be offering some type of service I guess."

Oliver replied, "Well, who knows, I just might be. One never knows unless one asks, right?"

Mark's face looked more serious as he softly whispered, "Whatever you do, please don't take this the wrong way, but dude, you look hotter than fuck! I mean, uh, um, what I'm trying to say is this. You probably aren't even aware of the fact that you are drop dead fucking gorgeous, but I uh, I guess I was just wondering if you um, uh..."

Oliver cut him off, "Do I suck dick? Do I like getting fucked? Is that what you are trying to spit out? Well, since you can't ask it, I'll tell you. The answer is yes, and to be totally honest with you, I'm out right now looking to get me some man meat, by the way, how old are you?"

Mark's voice cracked, "19, 19 today as a matter of fact! So, you only like men do you?"

Oliver shot back, "Yeah, I love men! Since today is your birthday, if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to suck you off."

Mark's words shot out of his mouth faster than his brain reacted, "Fuck yeah dude, I'd love to feel those hot little lips around my pecker. That fucking cunt of a girlfriend of mine wont even touch it, much less suck the mother fucker. Oh hell yeah, my house is two houses over."

Mark got off of his bike, then both walked up to Mark's home. Once inside, the two of them walked down the hall and into Mark's messy bedroom. Wasting no time, Mark tore out of his clothes, then splashed onto his bed landing flat on his back, spreading his hairy legs widely in the process. Oliver was standing at the edge of the bed admiring Mark's beefy hard cock. At best guess, Oliver figured it to be about 6 inches, cut, but definitely thick. It was probably as thick as a medium sized cucumber and his low hanging hairy balls draped themselves in between his legs, resting peacefully on top of the bedding.

Oliver, still clothed, crawled onto the bed, inching his mouth closer and closer to Mark's pulsating thick erection. As Oliver's nose neared Mark's cock, which was resting flat on top of Mark's hairy stomach, aiming itself directly at Mark, Oliver's nostrils detected that familiar musky, strong sweaty aroma. Oliver started off by gingerly licking each hairy nugget before easily absorbing the two small chicken sized eggs into his mouth. Mark was gyrating his body while moaning and grunting wildly.

After about ten minutes of orally devouring Mark's hairy cum makers, Oliver worked his mouth and tongue up and down the thick cream colored shaft. When he got to the flared mushroom shaped head, Oliver teasingly licked a huge glob of pre cum oozing itself out of the gaping piss slit. Using his right hand, Oliver pulled the beefy teen member up to his mouth, then slowly slid the head and a good two inches into his mouth. Mark was slapping the top of his bed while biting his lips to try and stifle his grunts and groans. Once he had Mark's cock safely tucked away inside his mouth, Oliver slid his hand from the teen's cock and now had both hands working tenderly on Mark's balls.

It wasn't even a minute before Mark was dangerously close, so Oliver released his cock from his mouth and returned back onto orally worshiping Mark's balls. Back and forth, Oliver rotated from Mark's cock to his balls, always stopping Mark from blowing his load. After about 40 minutes of oral torture, Mark cried out he was close, and this time when Oliver stopped, a fresh idea popped into his head. Using his strength, and with the assistance from Mark's cooperation, Oliver managed to get Mark's legs high into the air. Oliver studied the teen's hairy butt crack before leaning his face into the hair covered valley. The scent was somewhat overbearing. The aroma spewing into Oliver's lungs was a mixture of sweat, mild hint of soap, and more so, a freshly wiped ass just after handling business. Nonetheless, Oliver was bound and determined to shove his tongue onto Mark's puckering little brown eye.

Just as Oliver's pointy tongue stabbed Mark's asshole, Mark cried out, "What the fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Though the smell was kind of annoying, Oliver licked away at Mark's not so fresh butt hole. Between Mark whimpering like a new born baby, and the loud slurping sounds created from Oliver's ass eating tongue, both teen and preteen were getting into this butt munching saga. Up to now, Mark had never felt a tongue slither away at his asshole, and for Oliver, this was his first time eating one out.

While Oliver dined on Mark's kind of smelly asshole, Oliver stroked Mark's cock with his right hand while his left hand cupped and fondled Mark's balls. The smell no longer bothered Oliver for now he was really getting into forcing his tongue up Mark's anal canal. Mark was cooing, wincing, hissing, and growling as the overall sensations stemming from his lower half ignited a whirlwind of excitement throughout every part of his convulsing body.

Each and every time Mark got close, Oliver would remove his cock jerking hand away, allowing Mark's boiling orgasm to subside, then resume his slow, teasing jerking. After about 35 minutes of steadily slurping away at Mark's hairy asshole, neither one could hold back any longer. Oliver prepared himself for the cum assault as Mark cried out when the first cum spray exploded from his piss slit. Oliver groaned in glee once he felt the teen's power as his cum slammed into the back of his throat followed up with numerous more jets of teen juice.

Oliver began swallowing the thick gooey nectar, immediately noting the sharp salty taste mixed with a bitter flavoring. Nonetheless, Oliver was more than happy to feed straight from the source as his lips slid up and down the pulsating shaft while Mark was slinging his body up and down due to the most intense orgasm he had ever felt. Oliver slurped up the last droplet, and even by doing so, he continued his oral assault on the teen's quickly deflating cock.

Mark tried to let the preteen boy continue sucking his cock, but after that massive orgasmic explosion, his teenage cock was just too sensitive, so he literally had to pry the boy's mouth away from his limp teen noodle. Oliver now sat on his knees in between Mark's legs, bearing both eyes down on Mark who was laying there, gasping for air. After a brief rest period, Mark slung his left leg over Oliver's head, then proceeded to slide off of the bed. For Oliver, this wasn't what he was hoping to happen. He wanted, needed more, but it was Mark who was done.

Mark looked at the preteen boy seated on his bed, shook his head from side to side, then blurted out, "Holy fuck little dude, that was one hell of a blow-job! Damn, you are a freaking wild one, that's a fucking fact. Eating my ass was a bit of a shocker, but it sure as shit felt great. Whew, you didn't miss a drop of my spunk either and I know I shot a shit load too."

Oliver listened, but he was more interested in feeling Mark's cock up his ass, so he softly bellowed, "Hey, do you wanna fuck me?"

Mark was placing his short's back on as he replied, "You got to be kidding me. After that mouth job you just gave my dick, I wouldn't be able to get hard for at least 2 or 3 more hours. Nah, I can't little dude, not now, but maybe later if you still want a cock up that ass. I tell you what though, there is a gay couple who live a street over who I guarantee you who would love to fuck that ass. In fact, I know both of them very well and they both like young boys just like you. If you want, I'll give them a call and set it up for you."

Oliver didn't hesitate to acknowledge Mark calling the two gay men. Oliver sat on the bed, watching with raw excitement as Mark picked up his phone and dialed the number. Though Oliver couldn't hear the voice on the other end, he could definitely hear what all Mark was saying.

Mark's phone conversation, "Hey man, what's up?"

"Man oh man alive, you wouldn't believe what I have here in my bedroom. I guarantee you that this boy is hotter than a fucking firecracker."

"Uh huh, I see. What does he look like? Well, I can say this for him. This boy is 12, and he is flat fucking gorgeous and loves to suck cock, and I mean a man's cock."

"Yeah, yeah dude, he wants to get fucked, but after that blow-job he gave me, my dick is totally fucking dead."

"Fuck you man, I'm not joking around. This kid is soooooooo fucking gorgeous, he'll make both of your shoestrings hard. (pause)- (sight chuckle) No man, believe me, I'm not fucking with you. This kid is here, in my room, and he is more than ready for some action."

"Okay dude, but you owe me big time for this one. I'm telling you, this boy is drop dead gorgeous. In fact shit head, even in your dreams, you couldn't even imagine a boy as beautiful as he is."

Oliver sat there, cock throbbing away as he listened. Mark was smiling as he looked at Oliver, then whispered, "He wants to talk with you. Is that okay?"

Oliver nodded his head as Mark handed him the phone.

Oliver's soft voice broke the air, "Hello."

The stranger with a voice stern and powerful replied, "Hi, what's your name?"

Oliver told the voice on the other end of the phone his name, and added in his age as well, just for good measure. The man, who didn't reveal his name, asked, "Mark tells me you are good-looking and that you are wanting some action, is that correct?"

Oliver replied, "Yes sir, that is!"

The man hoarsely whispered, "Well Oliver, there's two of us here. Do you think you can handle both of us? Are you prepared to have two grown men ravish your body and fuck your brains out?"

Once again, Oliver spat out, "Yes sir, I am ready and willing!"

The man asked to speak to Mark again, so Oliver handed the phone back to Mark. All Oliver heard was Mark say that he would tell him, then hung up the phone. Once the phone was back in the cradle, Mark sat next to Oliver on the bed, looking the preteen into his mesmerizing crystal blue eyes, then said, "Okay, it's all set then. Believe me, you will be getting the fucking of your life. Those guys have begged me for years to give them my ass, but I wouldn't. All I've ever done was let them suck my dick from time to time."

Oliver got up off the bed, ever so excited to be on his way to make contact with two strangers when Mark interjected, "Dude, you might want to go and brush your teeth first, after all, you got my cum on your breath. I got a new toothbrush you can use if you want."

Oliver accepted the toothbrush offer and began scrubbing his teeth and tongue, ensuring his breath would be fresh and clean. While he brushed, Mark, who sat on the toilet watching him said, "Boy, you are one pretty mother fucker! Fuck, you even got a perfectly shaped ass too! Just so you know, anytime you want to come over and have some fun, you got an open invitation. Who knows, I just might have to fuck that hot ass of yours myself!"

After thoroughly brushing his teeth and tongue, Mark provided Oliver with more detailed directions to get to the house where he already knew sex would be there waiting for him. Once he walked out of Mark's house, Oliver had to force himself to hurriedly walk, and not run. All he could think about was feeling a man's cock pump away at his butt. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. His 4 inch slender erection was definitely evident of his pure excited state.

Oliver walked up to the home that Mark said belonged to the voice over the phone. A shiver of fear, mixed with unknown excitement began filling his every thought. His legs felt wobbly and his finger trembled as he reached up to depress the doorbell. He stood at the stoop in front of the door for a good 10 seconds, but nobody came to the door. Another few seconds passed, and Oliver began feeling a rejection. Just as he was about to give up and walk away, the front door opened.

The man who opened the door stood partially behind it wearing just a blue robe that came just short to his kneecap. Oliver guessed the man to be somewhere in his mid fifties with thin graying hair standing a good 6' 3 inches, if not taller. The man's face was slender and looked freshly shaven.

The man spoke, and when he did, Oliver knew it was the same voice he had heard over at Mark's, "Come in please."

Oliver stepped inside as the man closed the door. Oliver followed the man into a large living room where he was invited to sit on the sofa. The man sat next to Oliver, on Oliver's left side. From the corner of his left eye, Oliver saw the massive graying curls as they came bubbling out of the robe's opening. From the looks of it, the man was kind of slender, weighing about 170 pounds or so.

The man spoke, "You can call me Paul, and Ed will be in shortly to join us. So, Oliver is it, have you ever been with a man before?"

Oliver nodded his head in acknowledgment, and upon doing so, Paul asked, "I see, I see. Well young man, I am sure Mark has already informed you that Ed and I have a liking to young boys. (Oliver nodded his head once again) Good, and I can see that you are here on your own accord as well. (Oliver nodded his head in agreement) Excellent!"

Just as soon as Paul said his last word, in walked one of the biggest men Oliver had ever saw. This guy was as black as night, bald, and wearing a red bathrobe that came up just above his kneecaps. When he walked in, Paul got up and stood next to him. This guy was way taller than Paul, standing somewhere around the 6'6" range and had to weigh a solid 300 plus pounds. It was then, right then and there, that Oliver began tossing around the idea he had just bitten off way more than he could chew.

The huge black man extended his large right hand, introducing himself as Ed. Ed's voice was even more huskier than Paul's as he growled, "Stand up boy so we can get a good look at you."

Oliver obeyed Ed's command, standing tall before both men who where now looking at him as if he was the main course at a 5 star buffet. Ed had Oliver walk in front of the fireplace, then slowly turn around as if he was modeling for them, and in all honesty, he was.

Ed spoke, "Well, Mark was lying about this little beauty!"

Paul joined in, "Oh hell no he wasn't! Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, he's everything I've ever dreamed of, and then a whole lot more!"

Ed piped in, "My oh my, this boy here has got it going on! Damn fine ass too!"

Paul wiped his drooling mouth, then fired, "Go on Oliver, take your short's off!"

Oliver, feeling his legs get weaker and weaker by the second, eased his short's off. Standing before the two men, his boner was jutting itself proudly straight towards both men. Ed slapped both of his hand together raising them to his mouth, then blurted out, "Holy mother of Moses, this aint no boy. He's a wingless angel!"

Paul stepped closer to Oliver, stopping just short of actually touching him, then with his husky voice stated, "Oh God, oh my, will you look at this! Even his pubic hair, or what's there, is whiter than snow. (Looking at his lover) Do you believe this?"

Ed stepped up next to Paul, taking a closer inspection of Oliver's few strands of white pubic hair. Ed took in a deep breath, then spoke, "Damn, I couldn't have dreamed this shit up no matter how hard I tried."

With a husky excited voice, Ed commanded, "Turn around so we can get a better look at that butt of yours?"

Oliver obeyed, spinning around so that both men could ogle over his perfectly shaped butt. Paul spoke first, "Wow, now that's what I call an ass!"

Ed fired back, "You can say that again! This boy's butt has been perfected, chiseled from the very flesh only angels could create. God almighty, I bet that pretty little thing tastes even better than it looks."

Oliver thought it was Paul, but it could have been Ed who instructed him to go ahead and turn around. When he faced the two men, both had removed their robes and were now standing before him naked, both sporting erections. Paul, at initial glance was covered in gray fur. His pubic hair was wild and bushy, but it was his man sized cock that grabbed Oliver's attention. Standing straight out, with a downwards curved arch. from Paul's body was a circumcised cock about 8 inches long and thick, a tad thicker than Mark's. The flared mushroom shaped cock head was bulbous, expanding itself thicker than the creamy colored veiny shaft. Below Paul's impressive cock rested two large low hanging extremely hairy balls.

After studying Paul's details, Oliver's eyes drifted over to the hulking Ed's body. Even his flesh was dark black. The man's chest heaved out from his body like some form of power lifter. If it were even possible, but his large nipples were even blacker. Short wiry looking chest hair rose up from the flesh, descending all the way down to his neatly trimmed jet black pubic hair. Then, the object of his best dream, or worst nightmare, jolted Oliver back into the world of reality. Ed's cock, if it could be called that, protruded from his body more than 10 long inches and had to be thicker than any cucumber he had ever laid eyes upon. Thankfully, the cut head was about the same thickness as the massively thick shaft. The cock itself was even jet black, not to mention the large egg sized nuggets free swinging between his thick legs a good 5 or so inches. In Oliver's mind, Ed seemed more like a monster instead of a human being!

Oliver's eyes traveled from one erect cock back to the other. He already knew that Paul's big cock would be the biggest yet, but Ed's enormous cock would probably kill him. In his rampant mind, Oliver began questioning why he did what he had done to be standing here, before two strangers, both sporting two very large cocks. Now, he was questioning himself if he would be able to handle either cock, especially the monster stemming from Ed's hulk like body.

Both men stepped close to Oliver, both standing on either side with Paul on Oliver's left side and Ed towering over the boy on his right.

Ed softly cupped the underside of Oliver's chin, then as soft as his husky voice would allow, said, "Open your mouth boy and stick out your tongue. I want to smell your breath to see if it smells or not."

Oliver opened up his mouth, flinging his tongue downwards as far as it could go and saw Ed literally shove his nose almost inside his mouth. While Ed was inhaling Oliver's breath, Paul was pulling and sniffing at Oliver's left ear. While the two men were doing there thing, Oliver instinctively reached out with both hands, resting his outstretched hands on both men's overly thick shafts. Oliver didn't need to see what he was feeling, cause just by realizing both thumbs were nowhere close to touching his fingertips due to both cocks monstrous thickness, he knew right then and there that he had quite a difficult task, not to mention, a rather painful session in store for him.

Paul spoke first, "The boy's ears are sparkling clean!"

Ed chimed in, "Yeah, his breath is minty fresh! Just the way I like it!"

Paul backed away slightly from Oliver's side, then harshly stated, "Bend over and grab your ankles so we can see whether or not that pretty little asshole of yours is clean!"

Oliver didn't hesitate, bending at the hips and latching his fingers onto his ankles. In doing so, Oliver already had spread his feet wide apart, ensuring both men had a direct shot at his bung hole. From his bent over position, Oliver could see both men stepping in behind him, standing within a few meager inches of his bare spread butt.

Paul whistled, then with a cracking voice blurted out, "Damn, now that's what I call the prettiest little boy pussy known to mankind! (Looking at his lover) You can't mistake that pretty little speck for no brown eye now can you?"

Ed chimed in, "Oh hell no! Hot damn, I think I can bust a nut just looking at that dot of a beauty! Now this is really a fantasy come true! I got to smell it!"

Oliver felt their hands grab onto his lower body, then he felt both of their faces as they fought for position to allow their nose equal time in sniffing Oliver's exposed butt hole. Oliver was bent over for about a minute, allowing both men the freedom to smell his butt at their own pace. He felt their noses as they rallied up and down his crack, stopping on the hole itself, pressing firmly against it. In all honesty, to Oliver, being bent over having two grown men smell his butt felt kind of awkward and slightly embarrassing, but none the less, he didn't move a muscle.

Both men forced their noses from Oliver's ass at the same time. Ed, in a voice bearing sheer excitement, stated, "Mother of all pearls, hot damn, this boy must piss pure sugar and shit sweet chocolate!"

Paul, exhaling, remarked, "You can say that again! I aint never smelled no ass that smelled as good as this little angel's, and you can take that straight to the bank!"

Oliver stood back up, and now was facing both men who was looking at him even more hungrier than they had already been previously. No matter how hard he tried, Oliver couldn't take his fluttering eyes off of the two massive cocks, especially the butt splitter belonging to Ed. All Oliver could think about was being split wide open when Ed tried to stick that monstrous thing of a cock up his ass. In comparison, Paul's large cock looked dwarfed by Ed's enormously long and massively thick cock.

Paul wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand, peering sharply onto the naked boy standing in front of him, then spoke, "Oliver my boy, there aint no doubt between Ed and myself that you are the prettiest little thing we ever laid eyes on. However, as you can see, neither of us has what you can call, small peckers. Ed here has made many a men cry out in pain when he started putting (pointing at Ed's hard cock) that giant mother fucker up their ass. Those were men mind you, and you are a boy, a 12 year old boy at that. I'm not small either, but there hasn't been too many boys close to your age that could take my cock, much less Ed's whopper."

Before he could finish what he was saying, Oliver's voice blasted the air, "I can!"

Ed smiled, then replied, "We'll see boy, we'll see! I love to fuck, especially a boy as pretty as you, but once I get started, there aint no turning back. Are you sure you are up to it?"

Oliver, still looking deeply upon Ed's gargantuan one eyes black beast, blurted, "Yes sir, I want both of you to fuck me!"

Even Oliver was taken back by his own words. His mind and his words were clearly not on the same page. His mind was telling him to say hell fucking no you are not about to put those big mother fuckers up my ass, but his words apparently were in no mood to cooperate. Oliver swallowed hard, his mouth boiling with his own saliva, both eyes shifting from one impressively sized cock to the next. Even through all of this, his 4 inches of hard boy pride was standing at full attention, defiantly on display.

Ed cleared his throat, then said, "Alright then, you had your chance, now let's get on with this. I know I sure as shit can't wait much longer to taste that sweet little asshole of yours!"

Paul blurted in, "Just in case, let's take this to the basement."

Oliver was more than curious about Paul's last comment, especially the part about, "just in case." He followed the two men down the stairs leading into the basement. Once the light was cut on, Oliver could see the heavy carpeting attached to the walls and ceiling. The flooring was also covered with heavy carpeting. There were no windows, just thick carpeting. There was a large king sized bed resting against the wall facing the center of the room. As Oliver was walking towards the bed, he could see that there was a large bathroom just off to his right.

Paul looked at Oliver, then basically ordered, "Get that pretty little ass of yours up on the bed, and spread those juicy succulent legs wide apart."

Obeying the command, Oliver rested his head on one of the large pillows, spreading his legs wide, keeping both eyes on both men who were now sliding up onto the bed, working their way in between his spread legs. Paul placed his right hand on Oliver's left thigh while Ed had his left hand on Oliver's right thigh, both pushing outwards, spreading the boy's legs even wider apart. The next thing Oliver knew, or better yet felt, was both men sucked in his balls. Ed had his right nugget in his mouth while Paul was busy munching on his left one. The pressure of his balls being stretched and pulled away from his body was somewhat uncomfortable, but it also felt kind of good in some weird sort of way.

Both men were moaning and grunting as they sucked on each baby cum maker like tomorrow would never come. Oliver could feel their thick tongues as they caressed and rolled over each tender nugget. Due to his legs being outstretched so wide, he was unable to hike his ass up off the bed as his body so profusely directed. Oliver felt one of their thick fingers crawl further south, passionately pressing against his asshole. Oliver's whimpering voice sank deeply into the carpeted walls as his angelic chirps blistered the air.

During their ball slurping session, both men took turns swallowing Oliver's boyhood, each stopping just short from allowing Oliver to blow his load, then returned to milking his swollen cum makers. Time after time, each man sucked Oliver's cock, brining it to the almost over the edge point, but stopped just shy of him firing his load. Nearly an hour had passed before both men stood up on their knees, staring in awe at the gorgeous young beauty who lay in their bed before them.

Ed spoke, "Whatever you do son, do not touch that hot little dick of yours. We got something special in store for you."

Oliver was panting, and gasping for air, but mustered enough strength to simply say, "Yes sir, I wont sir!"

Both men grabbed a foot, bringing it up to their mouths. Ed was aggressively stuffing Oliver's right foot into his mouth while Ed passionately began working on the boy's left foot. Oliver let out a slight chuckle due to the ticklish feeling, but once the tickling feeling drifted away, he was now cooing and squirming as their meaty tongues savagely licked in between each curling little toe. Oliver slapped his hands on top of the bed, scooping up a handful of the bedding while wincing from the maddening pleasures exploding throughout every part of his feverishly shaking body.

In time, both men licked, nibbled, and sucked their way up both of his legs, grunting and groaning the entire journey. Once again, both mouths engulfed his swollen balls allowing their roaming tongues to frolic over each hairless wonder. Again, both men took turns sucking Oliver's throbbing boy pole, and again, each stopped just short of allowing the boy to blow his built up load. This went on for a good 45 minutes, or longer, before both men arched their bodies up on their knees.

Oliver watched as Ed lowered his hulk like body onto the bed, resting at an angle to Oliver's left side. Before he knew what hit him, Ed had maneuvered Oliver's left leg so that it was propped into the air with his foot resting on the middle portion of his right thigh. Oliver cried out once Ed's thick meaty tongue immediately began digging away at his asshole. With his mouth already wide open as to the luxuriousness of having his asshole greedily dined on, Paul stole the opportunity to position the head of his hard cock directly into Oliver's mouth.

Paul placed the palm of his right hand on the back of Oliver's head, humping his thick cock in and out of the boy's gagging mouth, stating, "Yeah boy, suck that cock! Suck that mother fucker while my lover eats your asshole! Yeah baby boy, yeah, that's it, suck it good!"

Oliver's little mouth was bloated with Paul's thick cock head and a good inch of his meaty shaft. With his mouth stuffed with man cock, Oliver had enough sense to watch out for his teeth, but he didn't know how to prevent it with so much thickness riding in and out of his mouth. Oliver could hear Ed as he moaned, slurping and sucking away at his asshole like a mad man with no concern in the world. Every now and again, Oliver gagged when Paul got carried away and tried to shove more of his thick cock into the boy's mouth. Paul was in total awe at watching the most gorgeous boy his eyes had ever graced sucking his cock.

Oliver's muffled grunts was evidence that Ed's thick tongue pried open his asshole and was now gliding in and out, slithering away at the walls of his anal canal like a runaway pile driver. While Ed was performing magic on his ass, Paul continued to feed the boy his cock. Oliver took his right hand, reaching up underneath Paul, worked his fingers into the man's slightly hairy butt crack, eventually stopping directly at Paul's asshole. Oliver's fingers began drawing tiny circles over the continuously puckering pucker hole, sending feverish chills racing up and down Paul's back. Oliver reached up with his left hand and cupped Paul's large low hanging balls and began fondling, caressing each large egg with all due diligence.

The boy's mouth was aching him, yet he still mustered the courage to suck on the grown man's thick cock with a fiery vengeance. The tongue inside his ass roamed ever so freely while Ed's fingers gripped Oliver's left butt cheek and pried it outwards a bit further, sinking his meaty tongue a bit deeper up his ass.

Nearly ten minutes had passed when Paul backed away once feeling his own orgasm was approaching. Not wanting the action to slow down, Paul quickly lowered his face to Oliver's cock and in one quick gulp, swallowed all 4 thin silk like inches of sweet boy meat. Using his right index finger, Paul managed to push Oliver's sensitive balls into his mouth to accompany his cock. Now, Paul was not only sucking on Oliver's throbbing cock, but he was milking his swollen balls too.

During the course over the next thirty or so minutes, Paul brought Oliver close to an orgasm numerous times, but, stopped just short of allowing the boy to release the nectar created by the gods. Oliver was more than ready to shoot his load, and that too was apparent by his whiny like pleas. However, both men had something in store for young Oliver, and allowing him to cum just yet wasn't even part of the equation, or at least, not just yet.

Ed eased his tongue from Oliver's ass, smacked his lips, then blurted, "Mother fuck me to tears, this boy's ass aint no ordinary ass I tell you! Damn, the harder I sucked, the sweeter the boy tasted. Now aint that some shit for you! What the fuck? C'mon baby, you just got to get you a taste of this boy's love entrance."

The two men switched positions, and in doing so, Ed, using his mighty strength pulled Oliver towards the edge of the bed, positioning the boy so that the back of his head dangled over the edge, resting against the side of the mattress. All Oliver could see at that point was Ed's black gargantuan cock dangling just over his face.

Ed said, "I got his legs baby. Go on and get your fill of the sweetest ass you'll ever taste!"

Ed pulled Oliver's legs towards him, drawing his ass up into the air for the taking. Paul didn't hesitate a split second before shoving his entire tongue straight up Oliver's ass. How it got to his mouth, Oliver hadn't a clue, but now Ed's mammoth ass busting weapon was against his lips. Oliver tasted the sweet salty pre-cum as the mammoth enlarged mushroom shaped head slowly slithered across both of his quivering cherry colored lips. Even with his mouth as wide open as it could get, Oliver simply could nothing more than use his tongue to swab the giant head. The man's cock head was simply too big to fit inside his mouth!

Ed growled, "Yeah baby boy, that's it, use that tongue real good! Paul, aint that the sweetest fucking ass you've ever tasted?"

With his mouth pressed firmly up against Oliver's crack and his tongue deeply rooting inside the boy's anal cavity, Paul bellowed out a few muffled grunts, not skipping a single beat in his overall delight of dining on the most spectacular ass his tongue had ever dined on. Paul was lost in a world all to his own slurping greedily at the young gorgeous angel's sweeter than sweet tasting butt hole.

Several long heart pounding minutes later, both men stopped, lay next to young Oliver and began ferociously sucking, biting, nicking, and licking each of his pink tiny erect nipples. Ed was working on Oliver's right nipple while Paul was hungrily working on the boy's left one. Oliver was crying out in never before experienced pleasure as his body convulsively shook constantly. While the men passionately dined on Oliver's sensitive nipples, Ed's large right hand fondled Oliver's swollen balls and Paul's left hand began caressing Oliver's pulsating, throbbingly erect, boy missile.

Oliver's ears could hear the two men occasionally say something, but he was so far gone that it seemed as though their voices were coming from somewhere way off in the distance. Ed and Paul's free hands began gingerly caressing Oliver's hair, massaging the scalp ever so lovingly in the process. Just like in the past, each time Oliver got close to blowing his load, Paul's cock teasing hand would pull away and Ed would squeeze his nut sac, forcing his balls to tightly stretch against his hairless, silky smooth, nut sac.

Oliver's angelic voice screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwddddddd, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee let meeeeeeeeeee cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee!"

Though both men heard his passionate cries of mercy pleading deliverance, neither man thought twice in giving in to Oliver's wishes. They had plans, and allowing Oliver to cum just yet simply wasn't a part of it, so they continued their nipple sucking, cock and ball teasing, manipulation.

A long while later, Ed had picked Oliver's pert near lifeless body up so that his head was further up on the large pillow. Now, the hulking black man straddled the boy's quivering body, using his knees to pin Oliver's arms down firmly into the mattress. Ed had also hooked the boy's legs, bringing both luscious legs upwards so that the bottom of the boy's feet was almost tucked under his chin. In this position, Oliver's shapely little butt and delicate sweet asshole was jutting almost straight up towards the ceiling.

Using his right hand, Ed pushed his fat mushroom shaped cock head against Oliver's lips where the boy's tongue immediately began licking all over. As Oliver was tongue worshiping the cock that was too enormous to even fit inside his mouth, he felt Paul shoving one of his fingers up his rectum. Oliver grunted as the thick digit slowly crawled up inside his bowels, slashing about from side to side, then dive in a bit deeper. Oliver's slashing tongue worked overtime in accord to the finger working inside his ass, feeding him with so much mind blowing pleasure.

Paul had greased up his right middle finger and was now working it in and out of the tightest ass his finger had ever had the honor of invading. In time, he managed to slowly insert his right middle finger, joining companionship with his right index finger. When the second finger was added into the equation, Oliver's ass muscles began powerfully clamping down with the boy's every breath and rapid pumping heartbeat. In sensing the power of the boy's anal muscles, Paul became even more elated and was fighting against his own obvious desires not to just go ahead and shove his thick 8 inches of ass plowing meat up the boy's one of a kind hot little ass.

Ed was using his left hand to stroke his shaft, closing his eyes as to the awesome pleasure the boy's devoted tongue was giving him. Then, Oliver squealed when Paul added a third finger up his butt. It burned going in, but once it was fully inside of him, the burning sensation subsided and just by hearing the boy's innocent angelic whimpers, both men knew the boy was definitely overheated with sexual excitement.

When Paul added a third finger, he really felt the bone crushing affect of the boy's powerful anal muscles. The muscles clamped around his fingers in a chilling vice like clamp hold, bearing down repeatedly doing all they could to literally crush his fingers into cremation like ashes. Paul was moaning something fierce as he watched the boy's outer anal ring close ever so perfectly around his ass plowing fingers. He knew he had to get the boy stretched out a bit before even thinking of shoving his cock in there, but as each second ticked on by, his own sexual inner animal was taking control over his every thought.

Ed was grunting and slinging his head from side to side, feeling his balls tighten and knowing that one hell of a cum shooting explosion would soon be nearing. Paul's left hand began stroking the boy's cock once again as his fingers picked up their pace, darting in and out of Oliver's extraordinarily tight asshole.

Oliver heard Ed say something, then the next thing he knew was now both men had his arms pinned and both knelt over him jerking on their cocks directly in front of his wide open mouth. The feeling of having Paul's ass pumping fingers vacant from his ass gave Oliver a sort of empty kind of feeling, but laying there looking up as both men savagely beat their cocks, he knew that he would soon be getting a mouthful of their man cream.

Paul blurted out, "Open wide pretty boy, here comes the juice!"

Ed added, "Don't swallow until we tell you to!"

A second or two later, Oliver's eyes widened as both men began shooting large cum strands into his mouth. All Oliver could do was lay there and feel both men pump their thick gooey man seed into his mouth. Multiple jets of man cum shot harshly into his mouth, forming a cum river that Oliver was waiting to swallow. Shot after gooey shot splashed into the cum puddle, and when their cum shooting spree began to dwindle, both men took turns to force out cum balls and wiped the head of their cocks off with Oliver's lips.

With both cocks drained of their cum, Ed and Paul both were looking at the precious perfect angel with his mouth open and a sea of man spunk clearly visible. Paul smiled then took a hold of Oliver's left nipple and began pulling while pinching the nipple itself, forcing Oliver to groan rather loudly. Ed picked up on what Paul was doing, so he began doing the same thing to the boy's right nipple. Both men glared into the boy's mesmerizing blue eyes as Oliver slightly twitched his head from his left to his right, ensuring that he didn't sling any cum out, nor make the mistake of swallowing any.

A few passionate pleasing minutes passed by when Oliver felt the men get off of his arms. That feeling was quickly replaced as both men slammed their mouths up to his outstretched armpits and began sucking and biting like crazy. His lower body bucked sharply and in return, one of their hands found his achingly hard cock and began slowly jerking on it. Oliver's eyes were closed and his precious sounds died into the carpeted walls as both men pleasingly gnawed on each of his wide open armpits.

Sometime later, Ed re-straddled the boy while Paul stood on his knees staring down at him. It was then that Ed stated, "Now boy, swallow our shit, and swallow it all!"

Though he tried, there was just way too much to swallow in one gulp. After swallowing the first whopping load, Oliver's taste buds swarmed with a mixture of salt with a dash of mild bitterness, but overall, it wasn't bad at all. After his third large gulp, Oliver managed to have swallowed both of their loads, then much to their delight, Oliver's tongue inched out and began lavishly licking his own lips as if indicating he was more than ready for some more.

Once seeing the boy had swallowed their recent offerings, Paul went back to work on the boy's asshole. This time around, he shoved three fingers all the way up Oliver's unsuspecting asshole, causing Oliver to scream, but with his mouth open, Ed went ahead and stuck the head of his cock in between the boy's lips. Now, a rash of steady grunts flashed out of Oliver's vocal chords.

When the pain died down, Oliver began doing his best to haunch his ass upwards to greet Paul's anal plowing fingers, and this action certainly didn't go unnoticed by Paul. Ed reached behind himself with both hands and began tweaking both of Oliver's perky nipples while the boy's tongue masterfully toyed with the head of his semi flaccid cock. Being that Ed's cock was somewhat semi flaccid, Oliver could now manage to get most of the head into his mouth, which pleased the young boy to no end.

Again, Paul began to toy with the boy's erect boy pole, again, stopping just short of allowing the boy to blast his precious load. Oliver's balls felt like they were on the verge of explosion, way beyond sore, and extremely sensitive to any touch whatsoever. Even when the room's air slapped them, the pain shot through his body like a double edged sword. Never had his balls fed him with so much pain and young Oliver had no clue why he wasn't allowed to shoot his cream.

Paul slid his anal probing fingers from Oliver's ass, sending a rush of fresh air spewing straight up his anal canal, slinging goose bumps all over his body. Paul slid off the bed and retrieved a leather carrying bag, placing it on top of the bed. Oliver heard the zipper, but since Ed was in front of him, Oliver was unable to see anything as to what Paul was going to do next.

Oliver did hear Ed speak, "Oh hell yeah, that ought to get his motor revving!"

Oliver felt something cold and hard slide up his rectum. Whatever it was, sure was a lot thinner than Paul's fingers, though longer, much longer. Oliver winced and grimaced as the foreign object snaked deeply inside of him. There wasn't much pain, just some mild discomfort. Within a blink of an eye, Oliver began grunting rapidly as the object slid in and out of his ass a mile a minute. It felt as though his mind exploded as stars flashed before his very eyes. Whatever this thing was, certainly was doing the trick because Oliver's entire shaking body was being flooded by delirious pleasures.

Somewhere off in the distance, Oliver heard Paul speak, "Think he's ready? Should I?"

Just as Oliver was tossing around what Paul was talking about, he felt it. A body searing jolt of electrical current shot against his anal walls, firing wildly all over his body. As he was coming back to his senses, another pop of electricity exploded inside his ass. It kind of hurt, but then again, this unknown sense of incorrigible pleasure ricochet through every part of his wildly bucking body. Each time Paul sent a jolt of current up the boy's ass, Oliver's stifled groan shot through both of the men's ears like a runaway bullet.

Ed, his cock now rock hard, barked, "That's what I'm talking about. The little guy loves it, he fucking loves it!"

Paul piped in, "He's a wild one, that's for sure! I got the damn thing on max and he sounds like he wants more! Here, I'm gonna try something else just to see if he likes or not."

Oliver heard every word, but his body was so out of control that he relinquished himself to their total command. He was theirs to do with as they so pleased! Paul set the current on every 10 seconds, feeding the boy's ass with 5 sharp jolts with each activation. Oliver's grunts and whimpers grew louder each time the current shot up his ass, spider webbing themselves throughout every square inch of his massively shaking body.

Also, with the electrical current firing away inside his ass, Oliver was now fighting the torturous mind numbing encounter of having his cock damn near get to his overly needed orgasm, then instantly vanish. It felt like he was about to explode, and just as he was about to, his cum took a wrong turn.

Oliver felt Paul place something thin around his cock and balls, then kind of cinched it tight. To Oliver, it felt like a piece of chord, but since BIg Ed was sitting on his chest holding his legs close to his face, Oliver's view was totally obstructed. When the first bold of electricity crashed through his balls and cock, had he been able to, Oliver would have jumped to the ceiling. The fast current tore through him with blinding speed. Initially, the unsuspecting current was rather painful, but as soon as the current to his cock and balls stopped, the electricity inside his ass exploded, triggering some unknown and unexplainable, rash of body pleasing sensations.

Though his eyes were wide open, Oliver's vision was one of total darkness. His breathing was rapid, almost bordering out of control. He did feel Ed move away from him, and although he did his best to focus, total darkness was all he saw. However, somewhere during all of this, Oliver soon discovered that Ed had placed some kind of padded cuff around each of his wrists, stretching his arms to either side of the front bedposts. Then Oliver found out that Ed had did the same thing to his ankles, securing them to something behind the bedposts. Oliver was so securely restrained that the only parts of his body that had any motion whatsoever were his head, fingers, and toes!

It felt like when one session of current stopped, the other would start. Oliver was crying out as to the overwhelming pleasures crashing through his young body. His emotions were definitely mixed, varying from mild pain, extreme pleasure, and completely frustrated at his inability to cum.

Oliver barely heard one of them say, "Heck, we might as well take care of his nipples too!"

The other voice sounded, "Yeah, might as well. Sure as fuck looks like he's enjoying himself!"

Then, Oliver felt the metal nipple clamps roughly biting down on his tiny nipples. The pain alone fed him the sensation he was about to piss. He was slinging his head from side to side making a steady hissing sound and biting down on his lower lip. Both men intently stared at the precious beauty of a boy who looked so perfect, so angelic, being all restrained and having his body blessed with electrical currents, in which, by their own visual opinion, the boy was absolutely loving it.

The sharp pain exploding on his nipples only heightened when Oliver quickly found out that they too shot electrical currents. Now, the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs, but not so much out of pain, but by sheer pleasure. Each body part; his ass, cock and balls, and now his nipples, each taking turns firing off multiple rounds of electricity through his body, feeding him steadily with mind boggling emotions.

Though Oliver was too far gone to hear, Paul looked at his lover, then sort of whispered, "Fuck me to tears, this boy is fucking incredible. If I closed my eyes right now, no matter how hard I tried, I could never come up with a boy so downright beautiful as him."

Ed smiled, the replied, "Yeah, me neither! This one here is a real keeper. Damn, just take (pointing) a look at that boy's cum swollen balls. If we soon don't let him cum, he'll drown himself with his own honey."

A brief silence, then Ed, looking at his lover said, "I got dibs on his first load!"

Paul, with a look of total shock retaliated, "What the fuck Ed! No way baby, I spoke with him on the phone first."

Ed smiled, patting Paul on his bare ass responded, "Uh huh, but that doesn't count. Remember Eddie a week ago? You got his load first, and now, this load is all mine, and besides, once I start fucking that pretty little ass of his, you know I'll make him bust another one, and that my dear lover, is all yours!"

Though he truthfully didn't want to, Paul gave in and agreed. He had sucked 14 year old Eddie's cock to completion a week ago, and though he managed to fuck the boy's ass, he did feel kind of bad for Ed, who tried, but the 14 year old simply couldn't handle Ed's mammoth sized fuck pole.

After both men agreed, Paul cut off the electricity, then started withdrawing the electrical shooting vibrator from Oliver's convulsing hot ass. While Paul was doing that, Ed was releasing the little angel from his restraints. One thing that didn't go unnoticed by either man was the simple fact that the boy's cock stayed hard throughout the entire process. To them, that was a good sign! As for Oliver, who was now laying flat on his back was breathing furiously, sweat popping up all over his body.

Ed sat next to the boy on the boy's left side while Paul joined in on the right side, both staring in awe at the most heavenly gorgeous boy either of them had ever laid eyes on. Ed looked at Oliver's twitching cock, noticing the size of the boy's swollen balls held extremely tightly within that silky sheen of a smooth sac, licking both lips in anticipation of drinking what would have to be the worlds most sweetest boy honey of all time.

For the next three minutes, nobody dare utter a single word. It was young Oliver who broke the silence, "I really, really need to cum something awful!"

Both men chuckled, smiling at one another, then Ed said, "You will my sweet boy, you most certainly will!"

Paul cleared his throat, then asked, "Well Oliver, besides busting a nut, why don't you tell us what you are in the mood for?"

Just like before, his mouth spat out the words before his mind had time to arrange them, "Fuck me sir! I want to feel your cock inside me!"

Ed rolled his body around, then said, "Okay you horny little beauty, get on top of me so we can suck each other off while Paul here stuffs that sweet ass full of bull meat!"

Oliver tried to get up, but his body was shaking too bad and refused to cooperate. He could still feel the electricity shooting up his body, forcing his entire body to uncontrollably convulse spontaneously. Paul picked the boy up rather easily, flipping him over, placing him on top of his lover, spreading his juicy legs in the process. Ed, with the boy's butt cheeks dangling just over his head, reached his large massive arms around Oliver's legs, latching his fingers onto the boy's cheeks, spreading them as far as they could go for his lover's taking.

Oliver needed no command as he grabbed onto Ed's angrily looking cock and began slobbering all over every square inch of the massive beast. His left hand groped and kneaded Ed's super sized balls. In the meantime, Paul squirted a pretty good amount of lubricant and was now smearing it up and down his 8 thick inches of soon to be boy ass plunger.

Walking on his knees, Paul eased himself into position, holding the base of his cock with his right hand. Just from peering onto the tightly sealed dot of an anus opening, Paul himself even questioned wether or not he would be able to push his man meat inside. Ed busied himself lovingly licking Oliver's cum swollen balls, making sure to stay away from the boy's more than ready to shoot cock. He wanted to see his lover's cock plow the boy's ass before he so much as touched Oliver's throbbing 4 inches of sheer elegant beauty.

Oliver felt the awesome pressure being applied to his widely spread asshole, knowing all too well that the force behind it belonged to Paul's 8 inches of thick butt splitting cock. Time and time again, Paul continued his efforts to shove the head of his man meat into the boy's speck of an asshole, but all his cock would do is slide up and down the boy's hairless tanned butt crack. Paul poured some more lubricant onto his already shiny cock and began greasing his throbbing boner with all the excitement running through every square inch of his ass hungry body.

Again, Paul pushed and pushed while Ed used his fingers to pry the boy's already widely spread butt cheeks out further. Oliver was using both hands to hold onto Ed's black mammoth beast while lovingly using his tongue to swab over the meaty organ with quite the fiery passion. Feeling the pressure build, Oliver tried to help by doing his best to relax his anal muscles.

Inching his mouth away from Ed's steel like beast, Oliver grimaced, smiled, then softly and ever so angelically whispered, "I'm trying, but I don't think it will ..................Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwwWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

The thick bulbous head of Paul's cock forced the tight speck of an anus opening up just enough to push inside. Paul immediately felt the force of the boy's anal muscles as they came crushing down on the head of his cock, not to mention, the most intense fiery scorching heat his pecker had ever felt before. For Oliver, his ass walls were now being stretched farther than ever, and the mind shattering pain filtered throughout his entire body as if he had just drank a gallon of gasoline and somebody tossed a match inside his ass, setting him a blaze, from the inside out.

Ed moaned loudly as he witnessed first hand his lover's thick cock head enter the boy's amazingly tight asshole. Ed's fingertips dug into Oliver's silky smooth butt flesh, prying harder and harder so that Paul's thick organ could disappear deeper into the boy's anal kingdom. With that being said, Paul simply couldn't stand the crushing pressure, so he pushed his hips forward, driving in a good two inches of fat shaft deep into Oliver's pain riddled bowels.

Oliver screamed, "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

The harder the boy screamed, the more suction from Oliver's miraculous ass Paul felt, sucking in his meaty cock even deeper into the scorching hot depths of the most gratifying feeling Paul had ever encountered. Oliver tried to inch his entire body forward, but between Ed gripping onto his butt, and Paul's left hand holding on for dear life onto his left hip area, Oliver felt trapped, and the pain seemed to only intensify.

With more than half of his meaty boy butt plugger lodged inside Oliver's ass, Paul felt the raw power of Oliver's anal muscles converge upon his cock in a full blown assault. Slinging his head back, Paul began biting his lower lip as the pain from his cock began swarming his brain. He had two choices, either slam it all the way home, or pull it all the way out. Either way, he knew he wouldn't be able to just keep it where it was cause his cock felt as though it was literally being crushed. So, not wanting to pull out, Paul slung his hips forwards, forcing his meaty one eyed butt popper all the way up Oliver's butt.

If Oliver was screaming before at the top of his lungs, now it seemed as though he was screaming through a bull horn. The words flying rapidly out of his mouth certainly didn't have any meaning whatsoever in the English dictionary. Ed swallowed both of the boy's swollen balls and began sucking on them ever so feverishly while slithering his thick tongue all around the satiny smooth pebbles.

Oliver felt as though he was on the verge of fainting from the stomach churning, mind shattering, ass splitting pain. He knew before all of this started he would feel some pain, but never in a million years would he have guessed it to be this bad. The pain grew even more intense as Paul's thick cock buried itself to the hilt up his pain riddled butt. With the boy's every breath, his every heart beat, he felt the girth of the steel pole along with each and every throbbing vein. As he breathed, the pain shot through his body as though he was being mowed down with a machine gun.

Paul cried out, "Damn, holy fuck, this is one tight little ass here! Ohhhhhhh man, ohhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, fuck me, this is fucking tight! Oh my, oh my God, this is incredible, incredibly tight! Feels, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, feels like my uh, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit Ed, um, uh, feels like my dick is being fucking crushed and cooked at the same time!"

While Ed was munching away on Oliver's hairless cum bloated balls, Paul couldn't take the pressure any longer. With the slowest of exiting motions, he began a slow exit from Oliver's ass, stopping just short of pulling his bulbous cock head all the way out, then just as slowly, sank it all the way back in. Oliver was screaming like a stuck pig as Paul's slow fucking motions felt as though the man's big cock was pulling his insides out, then upon reinsertion, pushing his stomach somewhere close to his heart.

After a couple of long slow fucking minutes, Oliver began feeling the pain as it seemed to be drifting away from his convulsing body. Another minute later, the pain vanished completely, and now, it was Oliver who increased the pace by slamming his tiny ass backwards onto Paul's thrusting ass buster. Paul now placed his hands onto the boy's slender hips as he began wildly feeding the boy's welcoming hot little ass with his pile driving cock while forcing the boy's entire body onto his ass plowing pole.

Seeing his lover's cock flash in and out of the boy's butt sent Ed into overdrive as he passionately began sucking on Oliver's young balls while moaning like a bear in heat over the overall ecstasy of the moment. Now, being fed with a passion, Oliver began slobbering all over Ed's meaty giant with wild and reckless abandonment. The boy's angelic whimpers, his soft chirps, and his elegant grunts crashed into both Ed and Paul's ears, sending both men into a sex crazed frenzy. The rugged sound of flesh smacking flesh exploded into the carpeted walls as Paul's maniacal thrusts slammed into Oliver's ass repeatedly.

Ed had to fight against his own will not to go ahead and suck the boy's cock, but he knew, with his lover's cock pounding him senseless, as soon as his mouth went on the young boy's pecker, he would surely cum, so he waited for his lover to get close to his own orgasm first. In the mean while, Ed was happy sucking on Oliver's priceless young nuggets.

Paul was already lost in his own sexual world, moaning loudly each time Oliver's anal muscles attacked his thrusting cock. After a good 8 long ass pounding minutes, Paul did announce he was getting close. That was Ed's clue to start doing what he so desperately wanted to do, and that was suck Oliver's precious 4 inches of pure mouth watering heaven.

Ed allowed Oliver's saliva soaked balls to slide from his mouth, then within a blink of an eye, he had engulfed the boy's glorious 4 inches into his mouth. Oliver by now was totally blind with raw energetic lust, and when he felt Ed's moist hot mouth slide down his aching cock, his soft whimpers grew more into a full blown drum roll. Paul certainly didn't skip a beat as he wildly and frantically hammered his cock in and out of Oliver's ass while slinging his head all over the place.

Be it the cock plowing his ass, Ed's hot mouth on his cock, or the eternal need to blow his load, but the time for Oliver to let his cum fly shot through him like a tsunami tidal wave. Oliver screamed as the force of the first cum jet felt as though it exploded from his tiny piss slit, splitting the little slit in half. Ed groaned as the first boy honey splattered onto the roof of his mouth, followed by a series of powerful shooting jets. After about 8 or so cum jets, Ed stopped counting. He was more than content of the sensational pleasure he was getting in feeling the boy's honey as it sprayed inside his cum hungry greedy mouth.

The orgasm now ripping through Oliver's convulsing body was like no other he had ever felt before. To Oliver, it felt as though his cum would never stop firing out of his cum shooting cock. It felt more like an eternity, and although Oliver was somewhat way over the edge, but he did seem to think his cum had ran its course and was ceasing. However, just when he thought his cock pumped out the last cum wad, his body once again became full with renewed energy as Paul's ass pumping cock began firing thick hot cum strands up his ass. Oliver felt Paul's thick cum as it shot deeper up his ass, thus for, in turn, forced his cock to begin another round of cum shooting rockets.

Ed moaned louder than ever when another round of boy honey began firing away inside his mouth. To be so young, Ed was honored to have been the recipient for such a large load as the load this gorgeous young angel was now blessing him with. Ed's mouth was full of Oliver's boy cream, but Ed wanted to wait until the very end to sample such heavenly nectar.

Paul pounded the last morsel of man cream up the boy's ass and now his once hard cock was quickly deflating. Even with a limp cock, Paul didn't want to take his pecker out of the most miraculous ass known to mankind. Even now, he could feel the boy's anal muscles steadily apply its powerful crushing pressure, doing everything they could do to suck his limp noodle deeply into its mesmerizing depth. Paul's body shook from the massive earthquake like explosion from his near blinding orgasm.

Oliver whimpered like crazy as his cock spat the last cum droplet into Ed's cum milking mouth. Ed held the boy's lifeless noodle into his mouth as he sampled his first taste of Oliver's boy honey. A loud bear like growl flew through the air as Ed tasted what he felt was pure heaven. No saltiness, nor bitterness, just pure sweet honey straight from an angel. With each loving gulp, Ed's growls grew louder and louder. The taste of Oliver's boy goo was driving him insane with a passion like never before. Ed had dined on a lot of boy cream before, but none, not one single one could come close as to the overall deliciousness of the heavenly honey now soothing his throat, and setting his soul on fire at the same time.

The boy lay on Ed's stomach, no longer licking the enormous cock head, more so, unable to. His orgasm ripped through his body with lightning speed, forcing the young boy to go into a wild spasmodic convulsive seizure. His body shook fiercely as another orgasmic wave began shooting another glorious round of cum streams into Ed's sucking mouth. Ed felt the short bursts of cum strands as they pelted the roof of his mouth. The man began cooing and grunting as each thin cum strand flew freely into his cock sucking moist mouth. This time, Oliver could only provide about 5 good squirts before he began a steady dribbling of fresh cum. As for Ed, drinking Oliver's young tasteless cream was heaven in itself. As before, he grunted and growled as he began the tender task of milking down the watery honey.

Paul, sensing the boy was going through another orgasm, quickly shoved two fingers straight up Oliver's unsuspecting ass. Oliver slung his head upwards, and clinching his teeth tightly, forced a long angelic hissing sound between his quivering cherry colored lips. Paul's fingers thrust sharply in and out of Oliver's cum filled ass while maintaining both eyes on the boy's backside.

Oliver's cum quickly ceased, and Ed continued his cock milking oral assault on the boy's beloved semi flaccid breath taking beauty of a cock. Paul, knowing his lover so well, knew precisely what Ed so desired. Seeing his lover slurp away at the boy's slender boyhood, Paul continued to ravish the boy's asshole with his thrusting fingers. Once again, Oliver's body twisted and contorted as he cried out mercifully as to what he felt was another intense orgasm taking over.

Ed, having just swallowed the last of Oliver's precious boy juice, savagely sucked away on the boy's cock. Oliver's angelic screams told of what would happen next. The boy's body bucked as he felt his orgasm rip through him like crazed tornado. Ed breathed in the boy's intoxicating aroma as the first jolt landed into his mouth, followed up by a hot gush of pure boy piss. Oliver was totally blind as to the fact that his orgasm was nothing more than his bladder juice being activated, and now he was letting loose with a bladder full of pure hot piss. Ed, well, Ed loved to drink boy piss and now he was getting his wish. The boy's cock opened up the bladder valve and now Ed was gulping down the hot fluid to match pace so as not to spill a single precious drop. Paul continued his finger thrusting anal assault, watching in awe at his lover's mouth being filled with boy pee.

Ed's loud, very loud growls and vibrating moans shot through the still of the room's air. Be it his mind was playing tricks on him, or that it was nothing more than a simple fact, but the hot piss gushing down his throat tasted nothing like what he was expecting. Ed was expecting a salty flavor highlighted by a tart bitterness, but this was nothing like that. This gorgeous young angel's piss wasn't even salty at all. In fact, his piss tasted just like warm water with no extra flavoring whatsoever. Ed, being the pro piss drinker he had become, never spilled a drop, and milked the last piss pearl drop from the boy's totally deflated cock.

By now, Ed's gargantuan cock was harder than ever, and after having just drank the boy's sweeter than sweet cum, and devouring his delicious hot piss, Ed was in the mood to get him some boy ass, and not just any boy, but young Oliver, and his finer than fine bubbly shaped ass. Paul eased his fingers out of the boy's hot ass, inspecting his own cum as it clung to his fingers. Without having the need to think, Paul dipped his cum soaked fingers into his mouth and began moaning as to the taste of his own cream mixed with Oliver's clean anal juice.

Ed squirmed his hulking body out from underneath Oliver, who at this point, was totally exhausted, body still shaking ferociously. While Ed was smearing the lubricant all over his black beast, Paul placed his face directly in front of Oliver's. The boy's eyes were closed and his breath was fiery hot as it rapidly shot into Paul's face. Paul began caressing the boy's back, smearing Oliver's sweat all over. Both Paul and Ed knew that now was the time if Ed was going to try and get Oliver's ass to accept his mammoth one eyed angry beast.

Paul and Ed both rolled Oliver onto his back. Once his lifeless body was on his back, Paul straddled the boy while hooking both of his legs, then leaned his manly hairy body forwards. In doing so, thought Oliver was still in somewhat of a trance state, his asshole was now jutting straight towards the ceiling, allowing prime access to the black hulk who was now standing on his knees, directly in line with Oliver's cum glistening speck of a poop chute. Paul's soft cock dipped into Oliver's mouth, but the boy was still way out of it to even notice.

With his long thick cock now properly greased, Ed held on tight at the base with his right hand while pushing forwards, doing what he could to persuade the boy's ass to submit. Paul was looking down, staring in total awe at such awesome breath taking beauty. Oliver's eyes were still tightly sealed, but Paul knew his lover was behind him, fighting against the odds to get his huge cock into the most mystifying ass of all times.

Paul could feel Oliver's heart race deep inside his chest from where his body was touching the boy's body. While glaring down, Paul saw Oliver's eyes quickly open, and just by seeing the look in the boy's eyes, Paul knew his lover had managed to get his cock inside. Though his mouth was full of soft thick cock, Oliver's lips opened wider as a long painful sounding hump spewed from his mouth.

Ed cried out, "Oh my God, oh my God! This is, oh shit, this is one, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, this sure is one tight ass!"

Thanks to Paul's shins, Oliver was unable to move his arms. The man's shins pinned his arms down right at the bend of each elbow. Yes, he felt gut wrenching pain before as Paul inserted his cock inside him, but now, now it felt like a tree trunk burning wildly was slowly being shoved up his rectum. Paul saw the tears as they rolled from the boy's eyes. He knew all to well himself as to what it felt like having Ed's huge cock work its way inside. He recalled the first time Ed put that ass killer up his own ass. Oh the pain, and Paul was no virgin at that. Now, here is a 12 year old white haired tanned heavenly wingless angel enduring the same fate he endured so many years prior. The big difference then was that Paul had been accepting cocks up his ass for many, many years before running into Ed, and he wasn't 12 years old at the time either. When Paul met Ed, he was 23 and Ed was 26.

Inch by pulsating inch, Oliver cried muffled cries as the huge cock descended into his anal canal. As the huge fuck pole pried itself in deeper and deeper, Oliver felt more fiery pain. At some point in the insertion phase, Oliver thought that the man's huge cock had busted open his anal track, and was now making its way through his stomach, passing his stomach walls, and now feeling as though it was somewhere in his chest, working its way towards his heart. The pain was like never before, too intense, and too immense. At one point, Oliver thought he was going to pass out from the torturous pain, feeling his blood begin to slowly disburse from his body.

What felt like hours, but being more like a few long pain riddled minutes, Oliver felt Ed's giant nuts bash against his own. Each time Oliver took a breath, his anal muscles clamped down, feeding his mind and body more infuriating pain. With every beat from his heart, Oliver felt every thick square veiny inch of Ed's meaty pole as it lodged itself deep within his pain shattered body.

Ed spat out, "Damn, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this is soooooooooooooooooo tight, sooooooooooooooooo fucking incredibly tight!"

Paul had to admit to himself the boy's conquest in getting Ed's big ass splitter inside of him. Once again, knowing his lover, Paul knew that the boy's ass was in for a ride, quite a ride at that. Paul always bragged about Ed's stamina once he unleashed the first load. Having already deposited the first load in the boy's charming little mouth, Paul knew Ed was more than ready to give the boy's ass a proper fucking.

As Ed began to rock his cock in and out of Oliver's ass, within a few strokes, the pain shot from his body, being immediately replaced by raw sexual bliss. Ed's thick cock kept a steady pressure, and a constant caressing upon Oliver's prostate, feeding the boy with bountiful endless body jolting pleasures. Paul could only smile as he saw the change in Oliver's eyes, not to mention, the way the boy's mouth was now working on his rapidly inflating cock. The boy's once pain crying noises turned into one of which was pure passion.

Fireworks began exploding within Oliver's young mind as he was now feeling pleasure like never before. The mammoth cock pile driving his ass into total submission caused goose bumps to pop up all over his body. Never before had Oliver felt so much pleasure as the pleasure now spreading throughout every part of his shaking little body. Even the cock now stuffing his mouth seemed to feed him passionate pleasure. Paul reached behind himself and latched onto Oliver's 4 inches of pure hard boy stick and began gingerly massaging it up and down.

Ed was more like an animal, lost in the heat of the moment as he crammed his butt packer as hard as he possibly could into the boy's overheated vacuuming mystifying tight little butt. Ed was so lost in fucking Oliver's ass that the world around him seemed to have vanished. All he knew was that he was now fucking the most beautiful boy who had ever graced the planet, and his cock was in the most incredible ass it had ever had the distinct privilege of encountering.

Paul managed to wiggle his body up from the boy's, making sure as to not interfere with his lover who was slamming his beefy long cock a mile a minute in and out of Oliver's butt. Once his body was free, Paul lay down on his left side and worked his head towards Oliver's crunched up tight little stomach. With easier access, Paul slurped Oliver's boy missile straight into his mouth while keeping his right eye on Ed's black monster as it rocketed into Oliver's bung hole.

With Paul now out of the way, Ed pushed the boy's legs behind his head, locking Oliver's ankles down with both hands. Oliver felt the man's cock travel even deeper than before, feeding him nothing but pure blinding pleasure. Ed was cursing against the stillness of the room's air while Paul was making all sorts of slurping sounds sucking Oliver's cock.

Ed was looking down into the boy's eyes as he spat out, "Yeah, ohhhhhhhhh hell yeah baby boy! You like this don't you? You like the way my big cock is pounding that sweet ass of yours, don't you? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, tell me pretty boy, tell me how much you love this big black cock inside you!"

Oliver heard everything Ed had just said, but his body felt totally free and his words seemed hard to manage as he panted while replying, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddddd siiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Mmmmmmmmmm gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd yessssssssssssss, take myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, take myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssss siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr!"

If it were even possible, but Ed began hammering the boy's ass even harder. Just staring into the young angel's eyes, breathing in the boy's glamourous overall beauty, Ed frantically began plowing the boy's tight ass like never before. Ed growled each time Oliver's muscular anal muscles aggressively attacked his pile driving cock. Oliver's passionate moans and grunts grew louder as both his ass and his cock were being pleased with a mind blistering passion.

Several minutes later, while Ed was rooting his beefy man meat into the boy's butt, and Paul was orally worshiping Oliver's throbbing preteen love stalk, Oliver's body seemingly exploded with a surprising orgasm, spewing his hot watery seed into Paul's groaning mouth. Paul began jerking his cock as he whimpered in delight in the feeling of Oliver's cum as it shot straight into his cum craving mouth. There were at least 6 strong spurts followed up with a taste bud shocking steady trickle, then another 3 to 5 spurts ending with a slow drizzle of watery boy juice.

As his cock pumped out another round of boy honey, Oliver's voice crashed into the carpeted walls with a maddening vengeance. Paul jerked his meat furiously as he swished Oliver's cum all around his mouth as if it were some kind of mouthwash before allowing himself a sample. When Paul did swallow a small amount of Oliver's boy nectar, the purest texture know to mankind caused his own orgasm to sneak up on him. Acting as if someone shot a rocket straight up his ass, Paul quickly got up, angling his cock to Oliver's already wide open mouth, then proceeded to pump gallons of thick man cream into Oliver's unaware mouth.

Oliver felt the strands of man cum as it began flying into his mouth. With his eyes tightly closed and his ears obviously not working properly, Oliver was not quite prepared for Paul to start shooting his thick man goo into his mouth. However, being a true sport, Oliver held his mouth wide so that Paul could jerk all of his man juice into his mouth. As Paul was pumping his sperm into Oliver's mouth, he slowly sipped the golden honey tasting nectar that he had just earnestly received from Oliver. With each divine sampling, Paul's cock pumped power balls of cum straight into Oliver's gorgeous little mouth.

Ed watched on as his lover beat his meat into a sperm firing frenzy. Ed didn't miss a single beat in hammering his own cock up the boy's ass as he watched the river of thick man seed flood the little angel's mouth. Paul placed the bottom portion of his bulbous cock head onto Oliver's lower lip, then began squeezing out the remainder of his creamy load. Like the cum lover he had quickly become, Oliver assisted the draining by placing his top lip over Paul's cock head and began sucking in earnest, doing his utmost best to retrieve every delicious ounce Paul could possibly produce.

With no more cum to offer, and no more of Oliver's cum inside his mouth, Paul fell onto his butt, staring in lust at his own thick cream still being contained in Oliver's wide open mouth. Oliver could feel the ocean of sperm swimming around in sync to his body's movement caused from Ed plowing his thick cock in and out of his butt. Somebody said something, and not really knowing what was said, Oliver began gulping down Paul's creamy thick load. Gulp after gulp, Oliver swallowed every morsel of Paul's man juice, moaning and whimpering in awesome delight.

Both Paul and Ed couldn't help not to notice that the boy's 4 inches of awesome pride was still rock hard. A good 15 or so minutes of hard anal pounding had passed, and Ed was still nowhere close to busting a nut. Wanting to change positions, Ed yanked his meat from the boy's ass, slid off the bed, then began positioning the boy into the position he wanted.

Standing at the side of the bed, Ed had positioned Oliver in such a way that the boy's legs actually were extended on either side of his body. His right foot was resting on the side of the bed aiming itself towards the headboard while his left foot sat on the edge facing the footboard. Now, Oliver's gorgeous shapely little butt was jutting directly towards Ed, free for the taking. Oliver's upper body was sticking straight upwards, holding himself upright with both hands flat on the mattress.

Ed looked at the beauty's backside while slowly jerking on his huge cock. Paul, in the meantime, slid off of the bed and retrieved his "goody" bag. Ed reared back and sharply slapped Oliver's left butt cheek with his right hand. The sudden sting caught Oliver by surprise, but before he could say or do anything, Ed delivered several more blows, this time swatting both cheeks equally.

The stinging had a weird affect on Oliver. It hurt, but in a good way, and then his voice sang out, "Yesssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss siiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!"

Ed could only smile at the little precious gem before him. This boy, this 12 year old boy was truly a dream come true. Not only did he like cock, but he was able to take his meaty organ as well. And yes, the kid was game for some kink too, and this, both Paul and Ed loved dearly!

While Ed swatted Oliver's ass cheeks, Paul placed a thin metal object around Oliver's cock and balls that had a long wire attached to some kind of remote control. The cold feeling of the metal ring sent chills racing up and down Oliver's back. If things couldn't get any better, or worse, Oliver's eyes opened wide as he saw the man near his nipple holding some kind of metal clothes pin. Oliver saw the small metal teeth open, then a crisp sharp pain shot through his right nipple, exploding sharply into his brain. From the feeling, the boy closed his eyes, but when his left nipple was heavily bitten, his eyes flashed open ever so widely. All Oliver could do was sit there with his mouth wide open forming a perfect little O.

Ed slapped the boy's ass cheeks as hard as he could, stinging his own hands in the process. To Ed's shocking surprise, the boy seemed to love the spanking, so Ed picked up a leather riding crop and began using that. Each time he swatted Oliver's ass, the boy chirped the most angelic cock hardening moan. The pain in his nipples subsided somewhat, but the sharp stinging taking place on his ass fed Oliver with so much wild unexplainable pleasures. Oliver's body was shaking violently as a surge of electricity shot through his cock and balls, followed up by electricity sparking on each tiny erect nipple. Ed held the boy upright by placing his left hand on Oliver's left shoulder, using the riding crop in his right hand to heavily land each powerful blow. To Ed, the harder he smacked the boy's ass, the more pleasure the boy was receiving.

After a short time, Ed replaced the riding crop with a cane. By experience, Ed knew that the cane offered a hell of a lot more pain, so he started off with mild whips, ensuring to share the stinging on each cheek equally. Also, he didn't want to leave marks on the boy's ass. Oliver was slinging his head all around as to the mixed sensations running their course throughout his convulsing body. When the cane landed squarely in the center of his widely spread crack, directly striking his exposed asshole, Oliver almost fainted. Seeing the boy's reaction, Ed intentionally delivered 5 more strikes, all of which struck the boy's steadily puckering tiny speck of a butt hole.

Ed could actually feel the life being slowly drained from the boy's body. Eyeing one another, Paul and Ed took turns either using the cane to strike him, or Paul turning up the current of electricity. Both noticed that Oliver's perfect cock was harder than a brick. Ed sent strike after strike to the boy's puffy asshole while Paul mixed up the speed of the electricity. Paul set the control on remote control while picking up the riding crop once used to smack the boy's ass.

With the riding crop now in Paul's right hand, he positioned himself to Oliver's right side. Holding the crop at the handle, Paul swung upwards, smacking Oliver square on his tiny tight baby makers. In doing so, that certainly got a reaction from Oliver. The boy grunted while flinging his head backwards. Paul wasn't by any means hitting Oliver's balls hard, but being that they were so tightly drawn up, the crop certainly created the effect he was hoping for. Swat after swat, Paul smacked Oliver's balls, watching as the boy's cock seemingly got harder and harder.

Out of nowhere, Oliver screamed he was going to cum, so Paul quickly knelt down, placing his open mouth just over Oliver's boy meat. Sure as shit, even shocking Paul a bit, the boy's cock began spurting out watery strands of pure boy honey. Paul locked his lips over the boy's cock head and began sucking furiously as he continued using the riding crop to deliver perfect blows to the boy's tiny hairless eggs.

There wasn't much boy honey being offered, but Paul wasn't about to complain as he sucked the last cum droplet from Oliver's steel like cock. Just like previously, the taste was pure and ever so awesomely delicious. Paul slurped the last of Oliver's youthful offerings, then got back into the same position he had been in before Oliver's cock starting serving up his 5 star delicacy.

Ed grew tired of using the cane, and now his cock was telling him it was ready to do some more battle in the boy's muscle crushing ass. Ed slicked up his cock some more, stepped directly in behind Oliver's gorgeous hot jutting ass, then pushed his giant thick cock head into the fiery tight chamber. Oliver whimpered and grunted as the giant beast pressed upwards, once again darting to its glorious depths. Ed still held the boy's left shoulder as he slowly reinserted his mammoth beast straight up the boy's cock crushing butt. As each massive inch dove upwards, the surge of electricity shot through his body, igniting some form of inner rage, fueling his desire to be fucked, and fucked aggressively hard.

Before Ed has entire beast inside the boy's ass, Oliver screamed, "Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, yesssssssss, yessssssssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Hearing that, Ed slammed his hips forwards, slamming his entire cock straight up the boy's ass without a worry in the world. Oliver moaned loudly as Ed instantly began force feeding his meaty organ in and out of Oliver's butt with blazing speed and the force to match. Paul never skipped a beat either, swatting the boy's nuggets, delivering blows, growing harder and harder as time moved on.

Between the jolts of electricity and feeling Ed's huge cock pound him senseless, Oliver was in a world all of his own, one of which was that of pure sexual bliss. The cock that he once thought would kill him was now the same cock feeding his entire shaking body with so much ultimate pleasure. Oliver began shoving his outstretched hips backwards, timing Ed's thrusting butt packer perfectly as it spiraled up his ass. Paul set the electrical current to its maximum settings, then stood by and watched as the young gorgeous angel began wildly bucking his ass onto his lover's thrusting butt buster.

If Oliver hadn't been madly screaming before, he certainly was now. With the maximum wattage of the electrical current ravishing his body, being highly intensified with Ed's powerful thrusts, the veins in Oliver's neck bulged as he began screaming in sheer vain as to all that was exploding within his little body.

Paul leaned down and slurped up the boy's jutting rock hard missile. He felt the boy's cock throb as the electricity blistered through Oliver's body every ten seconds. Oliver now had both of his hands resting on Paul's back, slinging his head from side to side, crying from sheer gut wrenching pleasurable passion while screaming at the top of his lungs. Oliver's cock was sensitive, extremely sensitive, and with Paul's hot moist mouth being added to the equation, Oliver's body convulsively bucked that much more harder, and faster.

The boy's anal muscles savagely attacked Ed's butt packing cock, forcing the hulking man to curse profusely as to the overwhelming sensations running through his cock and spider webbing throughout his sweaty body. Ed could feel his cum boiling, seemingly beginning its slow journey starting from his curling thick toes working its way upwards. Paul's mouth made loud slurping noises as he hungrily sucked Oliver's cock as if the boy's cock would be his last.

After about 40 minutes of steady ass plowing, Ed couldn't take it any longer. His piss lips split open and wads of man cream began firing sharply up the boy's ass. Oliver cried out, feeling the thick hot gush of Ed's cream shooting deeply up his cock crazed ass. Within five seconds of Ed's cock unleashing a load from hell up the boy's butt, Oliver's delicious cock began spurting appetizing boy juice inside Paul's whimpering mouth. Though be it Oliver could only produce about 4 good sized spurts, ending with a quick steady drizzle, the orgasm ravishing his body was the most intense he had ever experienced. Ed power slammed his sperm shooting meat harder than ever, still cursing wildly for all ears to capture. Paul sucked down a small portion of Oliver's watery juice, moaning in rejoice as to the satiny texture coated with no actual flavoring at all. Within three small samplings, Paul swallowed the last of the boy's offering.

A minute or so later, Ed was still fucking the boy's cock crushing ass although his meaty organ was now more in a semi flaccid state. Ed didn't care cause he never wanted to take his cock out of this boy's ass no matter what. It felt too damn good! Paul saw Ed's fucking motion slow to a snails pace, knowing Ed had just pumped gallons of cum up the boy's butt, Paul reached over and deactivated the electricity.

With one last thrust, Ed's deflated anal stretcher plopped out of Oliver's asshole. Ed stood there, both watery eyes feasting upon the most incredible, the most delicious, and the most magical ass he had ever seen and felt. The gaping hole, revealing its pure pinkness quickly began sealing itself shut. Within a flash, the boy's asshole resumed its unbelievable tiny dot form.

While Ed was panting like crazy, glaring into the boy's exposed asshole, Paul worked his body upwards, easing the cock and ball ring off of Oliver, then removed the nipple clamp on Oliver's left nipple. Oliver whimpered as soon as the clamp was removed, feeling the blood rush back, sending numbing pain shattering throughout his shaking body. Paul removed the right clamp as well, sending the same tingling pain throughout Oliver's little body.

With all the love in the world, both men held onto Oliver, picking up the small boy, placing him upon his back in the center of the bed. Paul lay next to Oliver on the boy's right side followed with Ed on Oliver's left. The three lay there, none able to utter a single word, and all three cocks were now totally deflated. Oliver's mind frantically raced, recalling everything that had just happened. His young mind simply forgot all about the initial pain, recalling only the joys and the fiery hot passion of having his asshole plowed by two men, both sporting big cocks, but one had the cock of cocks.

A short while later, Oliver saw the wall clock and realized he had to hurry up and go home. Struggling to get his uncooperative body off of the bed, the boy damn near collapsed as soon as his feet hit the floor. Both men lay in the bed and observed the most gorgeous boy in the world as he began to get dressed.

Ed spoke, "Oliver, was this everything you thought it would be?"

Oliver flashed both men his heart stopping smile, then angelically whispered, "Yes sir, everything and then a lot more!"

Paul interjected, "Well, do you think you might want to come back and visit us again?"

Oliver shot back, "Can I? Do you really want me to come back?"

Paul looked at Ed, then replied, "Young man, our door will always be open to you!"

Oliver, now dressed, stood at the side of the bed nearest Paul, looking at both men, then softly said, "How about in the morning? My mom will be gone all day."

It was agreed and Oliver began walking towards his house. Once leaving Paul and Ed's home, just barely around the corner, Oliver felt his asshole open and globs of Ed's cum began pouring out, trickling down his legs. Not knowing what he should do, Oliver began scooping up Ed's ass packing cream and slurping it down his throat. Glob after thick creamy glob, Oliver milked down the man's goo, relishing in the salty flavor he loved so much. His asshole was sore, but walking and eating Ed's cum, Oliver's cock grew harder than ever. All he could think about was being with the two men tomorrow, feeling both of their cocks pounding him senseless, and drinking down their manly protein shakes.

As he slowly walked home, Oliver saw several men out in their yards doing various things. It was then that he made up his mind that from this day forward, he would never stop going on a man hunt. He did see some older teens out in their yards, but for Oliver, he didn't want anything to do with guys who were not full grown men, regardless of their cock size. In fact, Oliver didn't care if they were slender, overweight, or pushing 80, just so long as they could feed him their cream and fill his ass with their cocks. To Oliver, that was all that mattered and he wasn't about to settle for anything less!