This story is a work of fantasy based on the real life approval of the main character who asked me to write a story involving gay relations between boy/boy and boy/adults. Thanks to the real life Australian chunk of Heaven, below is the story/fantasy of 12 year old Joey Pierce.

Joey, I hope I have done your fantasy story justice and thank you for the privilege and opportunity to create such words of splendor on your behalf. You are indeed, the utmost Australian Heaven!


Sitting on his bed, twelve year old Joey Pierce cursed the heavens above for its cruel joke he thought had been played on him. Looking in the mirror, the tears rolled down the corners of his eyes like a waterfall, his heart crumbling in pain. Slapping his head with both hands, he wondered how God himself, could make him so unbelievably ugly. Being ugly was so far from the truth, but young Joey Pierce cursed the Heavens above for his ridiculous speculations.

Joey was created by the loving hands of God and sent to earth for all to envision his purity, his natural, and the innocense of his God given golden beauty. The young boy's hair was golden blond, cut short with spikes on top which glistened and stole your breath from far away. The eloquent beauty of his perfectly straight teeth was only enhanced by the brightness of their pure white coating. His eyes were a silverish blue, bluer than the brightest of skies and would snatch the heart from your chest from far off in the distance. The boy's long breathtaking eyelashes flashed enchantingly forcing unknowing eyes to steal a second glance. Standing a mere 4'7", and weighing a slender 63 pounds, the young boy cursed his every being.

What Joey Pierce cursed at, others only prayed for. He was an angel without visible wings, walking gracefully, stealing the hearts of all who looked his way. His thoughts were of being ugly, but others saw his breathtaking, mouth watering beauty. Joey, was indeed, confused. The eyes that fell upon the boy, thanked the Heavens above for such graceful and glorious beauty. In deed, Joey Pierce was in fact, the most gorgeous angel gracing this planet, and in time, the young boy would discover the bountiful treasures of his beauty.

Joey lived in a little town that stretched along the beach in Australia. It was summer and having not a whole lot to do, spent many a day at the beach, soaking up the glorious rays of the sun and splashing in the cool clear ocean water. Being a twelve year old innocent boy, Joey never realized he was the object of many peoples wet dreams. In fact, up to this point, sex never came about. Walking on the beach, Joey was lost in his own world. The boy hadn't even noticed the numerous eyes burning holes right through him. Wearing his baggy swimming trunks which swayed just above his knees, he casually strode down the beach.

He walked by numerous on-lookers while splashing in the ankle deep water. A silent husky voice from a man who was wading in the water with another man startled Joey back into the realm of modern day society. The voice of the man said, "Hot damn, if that boy takes a shit, it ought to be a sin!" Joey turned around and saw both men sitting in the water with their eyes staring directly at him. His natural born smile only melted the two men's hearts as their older cock's grew impressively stronger under water. The young boy was only interested in the statement as his eyes graced the two men who had made the statement. The other man whispered, within Joey's earshot, "I'd climb ten miles uphill through broken glass just to get the opportunity to lick his exhaust system!" Being ever so innocent and naive, Joey had no idea what the men were actually talking about.

Joey pressed on down the beach, his thoughts wondering at what he had heard from the two grown men. No longer staring at the soothing sand at his feet, his eyes roamed the sandy terrain to find that many people, both women and men, stared at his every move. Joey could never see his profound beauty, only his fantasy world taught him through cruel time that his physical appearance was that of one being grotesquely ugly. He shrugged their glances off and walked towards the public restroom to empty his very full bladder.

The only restroom on the beach was very active during this time of day and as soon as you walked in, the heavy stench of stale urine burned your nostrils and sent flames into your lungs. Being somewhat embarrassed about his small and slender body, Joey searched for an available stall, but as luck would have it, they were all occupied. Without having any other options, Joey walked up to the middle stall, standing between two men and began untying his drawstring. With the eyes of a private investigator, Joey caught a glimpse of the man to his left. He was probably in his thirties with hair covering the entire front of his body. The man to his right was older, probably in his fifties with a fairly large belly. Both men were doing as Joey in preparation of relieving their bladders.

The man on the left was first to retrieve his dick out and began flooding the urinal with his bright yellow urine. Joey felt strange staring at the adult cock, but his eyes had become entranced at the five inch soft uncut pissing man flesh. His young entrancing eyes darted to his right to see the older man's thick, but soft, dangling six inches of uncut bull meat exploding piss into the urinal. This guy had both of his hairy balls pulled out for Joey's eyes to see. They were like grapefruits to young Joey with hair covering both large nuggets. After releasing his string, Joey pulled the front of his shorts down and held onto his soft uncut one inches of boy wonder and let his piss fly.

While Joey was looking at the two mature pissing cock's, both men on either side were staring at his pissing boy pride. Joey was too intent in watching the big cock's and never realized he was the sudden fantasy of both men. He watched the hand on the cock to his left as it gripped the cock and shook piss driblets into the urinal before shoving it back inside the concealment of the man's swimming suit. As Joey slightly turned to his left to see the cock disappear, the man on the right quickly stuck his left hand directly in front of the boy's peeing cock and got a handful of the warm bladder juice. Being as short as he is, Joey didn't see the man place his left hand up to his mouth and lick the golden boy's piss off his hand as if dying from thirst. When Joey's eyes returned to his own cock, he caught a glimpse of the cock to his right.

No longer soft, instead, stretching far from the man's body in full glory, jumping up and down with the man's every heartbeat. Joey's silver blue eyes opened wider as he guessed the cock to his right was a whopping eight inches and the foreskin dangled an inch over the covered thick head. He was still peeing, but his boy cock grew in his hand to its fullest state, a tremendous three and half inches with his foreskin covering the small head with less than an inch to spare. The man's eyes glued onto the beautiful boy cock to his left and his taste buds screamed in delight at the sampling of the gorgeous boy's bladder juice. The man was trapped in a trance and the mixture of the most gorgeous boy in the world to his left, seeing his hard jutting cock pissing, and tasting the hot tasty sweet boy piss, caused the adult cock to throw-up before Joey's straining eyes.

Joey instinctively jumped as the large cock splattered man cream all over the facing of the urinal. Large globs of white stuff flew out of the man's piss slit by the gallons. From hearing other boy's at school brag, he knew it was sperm, but to this day, his cock wouldn't deliver any such cream. Being scared at the sight of the cock spitting its sperm violently, Joey pulled up his shorts and darted out of the door and almost ran all the way home. His parents were at work and as usual, was all alone. His memory returned to the public restroom and his mind replayed the vision of the two adult cock's, especially the older man's who had shocked his mind waves by spewing his sperm content into the urinal before his very eyes.

Joey ran the bath water and went into his bedroom where he removed his shorts. Walking inside the bathroom, he passed the long mirror that hung on the backside of the door. With his mind still focusing on the two adult cock's, his own cock grew ever so hard. Standing in front of the mirror, looking at his nude frame with embarrassment, Joey cupped his nickle sized hairless nuggets and wished they would get bigger and produce his own sperm. He studied his nude body to see if any hairs had started to grow, but like before, he was pretty much bald all over with the exception of the hair on his head.

While soaking in the water, his best friend had helped himself inside Joey's home. Mark had known Joey for a long time and being a little older, all of thirteen, prayed silently to see the nude form of the boy he fantasized about every night. Mark was much taller than Joey, standing around 5' 5" and weighed a slender 110 pounds. What Joey never knew was that his friend relished in the thought of seeing him naked. In the eyes of Mark, Joey was flawless! Mark knew he was gay, but was too afraid to tell Joey his true thoughts in fear of losing his friendship. Although they were friends, they were not close friends, or at least as close as Mark wanted to be.

Mark could control his actions no longer concerning Joey as he snuck in the house and heard his friend bathing in the tub. Like a thief in the night, Mark silently slipped into Joey's bedroom not really knowing what he was actually searching for. His mind was delirious with confusion thinking of his friend. As their friendship grew, Mark did everything a boy could do to steal quick feels on Joey's precious and stunningly beautiful body. The more he touched his young friend, the stronger his animalistic lust grew. In Mark's young mind, he literally thought Joey was so gorgeous that the boy was immune to using the restroom; actually taking a dump.

Mark walked over to the bed and lowered his inhaling nostrils to the pillow and began sniffing like a junky. His curious and absent minded nostrils even slid further down the bed to where he thought Joey's mouth watering shit free butt rested at night and almost choked while inhaling so deeply. His own straining cock burned to be free inside the strict confinements of his cut-off blue jeans shorts. Mark was blind with lust and his passion for Joey flamed like an out of control forest fire. His eyes caught the makings of a dirty clothes basket tucked away at the open entrance inside Joey's closet. Mark almost ran to the hamper and his hand trembled at the touch in an attempt to open the closed lid. His heart thumped like a drummer in a marching band as the lid slowly raised.

With the lid held opened by the wall, Mark reached his trembling hands inside and felt the dirty clothes as drool began to slip from the corner of his mouth. Feeling sick to his stomach and dizzy with desire, Mark picked up one of Joey's worn socks and raised it to his nose. The smell of some sort of fragrant powder lingered in his nostrils, tickling his lungs as the aromatic fragrance traveled through his body. Be the truth be known, Mark had often times, while play wrestling, stole sneaky sniffs at Joey's concealed butt. Mark desperately sought some validation as to Joey's being normal with all the normal body odors just like him. He needed to prove to himself that Joey, for whatever reason, could offer some revolting odor so that he could erase his weird unveiling thoughts concerning his young friend.

Placing the sock back in the hamper, Mark searched and searched until he retrieved four pairs of Joey's tiny white fruit-of-the-looms. As if searching for diamonds, Mark's trembling hands fumbled with each one to see if Joey left remains, any remnants, as he himself, often times did. After searching through all four underwear, Mark came to the youthful conclusion that Joey was incapable of taking a dump. The underwear looked like they were brand new from the store, but that didn't stop Mark from turning them inside out and sniffing each one for all he was worth. Just like Joey's sock, the underwear smelled more like some sort of fragrant powder that mesmerized every sensing glands in Mark's young, confused body.

Joey lay in the soothing water, unknowingly aware that his friend was searching through his bedroom for items to smell. Joey's right hand softly played with his rock hard three and half inches, pulling the foreskin back and looking at his pink torpedo shaped cock head. Silently, he prayed that his body, especially his cock, would grow. The slender muscle that was firmly gripped in his right hand felt good as the skin moved up and down while Joey thought of the two cock's earlier in the day. His hairless nickle sized balls shriveled up in their sac as his left hand softly pulled and caressed them. He had been playing with his boy boner for sometime with his mind a million miles away when he felt a sudden and sharp urge to pee. His little body shook causing the bath water to form in waves. Little specks flashed before his eyes and his breathing became erratic as he felt the knew and never before experienced burning in his loins.

His cock in his hands pulsated as his little hips gyrated. His right hand gripped even harder on his cock while his left hand latched onto his convulsing balls. The feeling was kind of quick, but very intense, as Joey leaned back, dazed and confused at what had just happened. He was still shaking furiously and his cock was still jumping wildly. He could see everything vaguely as his eyes fought to focus. Looking down, Joey saw his hard cock slowly soften. It was then that he realized the joy of jacking-off. He searched the bath water to see if any sperm shot out, but there wasn't anything floating or sinking in the water. Refreshed and rejuvenated, Joey relaxed in the warm water.

Mark was besides himself with mad lust over Joey and the more he sniffed his friend's used clothes, the hungrier he became. With no more fragrant clothes to smell, Mark inched himself closer to the bathroom door where his friend was bathing. The door was closed as Mark knelt down to see if he could sneak a peak through the tiny key hole. He could barely make out his friend's face, being very careful not to place any pressure on the door. Mark begged for the opportunity to see Joey totally naked as his delirious thought of what his friend looked like naked dragged on. Joey stood up and all Mark could see was the area from his friend's knees traveling down his shins. He saw the towel as Joey grabbed it from the floor and decided it best to relocate.

Joey enjoyed the feeling of the towel as it shot between the crack of his little butt, damping off any wet spots. He was toweling himself dry as Mark sought seclusion somewhere inside Joey's bedroom. Mark desperately sought a hiding place so he could finally see his friend nude, but Joey walked in just before he could do so. Joey softly asked with angelic voice, "Mark, what are you doing here?" Mark almost fainted after being busted and nervously announced, "I, I was, I was just here." Mark's eyes trailed down his friend's shirtless body. Joey's nipples were tiny and a bright pinkish color and his stomach as flat as a surf board. The boy's belly button looked like a dot on the mouth watering tanned skinned. Mark tried to see straight through the towel, knowing Joey was definitely naked underneath.

Joey followed his friend's eyes knowing that Mark was looking him up and down, studying his every small feature. Joey saw the large bulge in his friend's shorts and excluded the thought that his friend was interested in him, but he was more curious now than ever as to his friend's bulging package. Joey knew that his cock would soon grow ever so hard, so he grabbed his clothes and shot back inside the privacy of his bathroom. Joey couldn't figure out what was going on inside his head. He really wanted to see Mark's cock to compare it with the ones he saw earlier. In his mind, he actually wanted to hold it to see what somebody else's felt like. As Joey got dressed, he wondered what Mark would look like naked with a raging hard-on. The more he thought of his friend, the harder his cock grew.

The two boys played for a long time before they started wrestling. As always, being much stronger, Mark found himself sniffing Joey's butt constantly. Joey began to steal quick touches from his friend's bulging package. As the two silently lusted over their inhibitions over one another, neither realized what the other was doing. Both afraid of destroying their friendship, they played all their sexual actions off as if it were done by accident.

Two weeks later, Mark had arranged it with his parents for Joey to spend the night. This would be their very first time spending the night with one another. Mark had jacked-off five times a day only thinking of Joey and his heart raced as the time of Joey's arrival neared. He had carefully planned everything, up to every intricate detail. Tonight, he ensured himself he would see the most gorgeous boy in the universe naked. His parents were going to a party and wouldn't be home until sometime during the early morning hour.

Joey was more than excited as he packed his overnight bags with the aid of his loving and nervous mother. This was the first time in his young life that he was going to spend the night at a friend's house, and Mark's parents were wealthy and lived in an upscale private housing community. Joey hopped on his bicycle and peddled away, anxious to get to Mark's. It was a good twenty minute bike ride to Mark's home, but the cool wind on Joey's face was soothing. His thought of his friend's package returned to burn in his mind as he peddled down the winding road way. Joey had to stop at the drug store to purchase some tooth paste and parked his bike and walked inside.

Several people stared at him when he walked in and Joey quickly tossed out any negative thoughts as he hurried to the aisle for the tooth paste. He was bending down to check out the one he considered on buying when a man in his forties approached his right side. The man cleared his throat and Joey thought he heard a sound like, "Um hum." Joey glanced up to see the man staring at him with a smile on his broad face. Joey could also see the man gripping at the front of his pants as if adjusting his cock. Joey smiled and said, "Pardon me sir." The man softly whispered while bending down right into Joey's face, "Son, I apologize for my suddenness, but your beauty crushed my heart." Joey had no words to respond to the man's statement. All he could do was stare into the man's big brown eyes.

Joey gulped and whispered, "Thank you sir, but I...." The man cut him off with a finger placed on Joey's open lips and he whispered, "I've kept my eyes on you at the beach and you are, without a doubt, the most incredibly gorgeous boy I have ever had the luxury of seeing." Joey felt nervous, but honored, from what he was hearing by the stranger. He gave the grown man many thanks and walked towards the checkout counter to purchase his toothpaste. The man followed Joey's every step, his eyes never leaving the young boy's cloth covered mounds of anal flesh. The grown man was lost in his own perverted world at the mere sight of such a graceful young angel. His eyes noticed the smooth hairless, tanned, slender legs of the boy and followed the tan until it sank deep within Joey's baggy shorts.

While placing his toothpaste in his overnight travel bag, the older man approached Joey and said, "Young man, how would you like to earn some pocket money?" Joey turned to face the man and saw that he was still playing with his adult package with his left hand, while his eyes looked below Joey's eyes and onto his small crotch. Joey asked, "How sir?" The man waited for passerby's to walk away from them, cleared his throat and whispered, "Um, I have a house around the corner, would you follow me there and we can speak more privately in my driveway?" Joey considered the man's question and his eyes fell curiously onto the man's handheld crotch and nodded his head yes.

Joey pushed his bike while walking next to the older man. For some odd reason Joey's nervousness slipped away and more of an unknowing excitement controlled his every thought. The man walked quickly, in total disbelief of the Australian young beauty who was walking next to him. During their walk, the man asked many questions, mostly to see if Joey had any girlfriends, his age, name, and many other non important things.

Arriving at the man's home, standing in his driveway, Joey awaited to see how he could make some extra money. Joey now knew the man's name was Drake, but also noticed it was Drake who seemed more nervous as he fumbled with the words to speak to Joey. "Joey, I am what many people call a sick man. I am a boy-lover, no, a pedophile. There's a difference between the two. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I have thought of nothing more. I don't really know how to ask you this, so I will just say it and hope and pray you don't run away. I, I'd like to give you some money if you will honor me by showing me your stuff." Joey had never been asked to do something like this before, but he kind of liked the older man for the way he took the time to speak with him. Joey wasn't nervous, not in the least, but he was fascinated that someone would give him money to drop his shorts and show them his hairless uncut boyhood.

All Joey could muster up was, "Here, you want me to drop my shorts in your front yard?" Drake was enthralled at the boy's innocent beauty as well as his soft ear pleasing angelic voice. "No, not here where everyone could see. Inside my home if you feel comfortable doing that for me. I will gladly pay you for anything you are willing to do and I can't promise you enough that I will never ask you to do something you don't want to do." After agreeing to go inside, the two, led by Drake, walked inside his home. Joey was already as hard as a rock and excited beyond belief as to what he was getting ready to do.

Drake sat down in a recliner and leaned forward while Joey stood about four feet in front of him. Joey pulled off his tank top and Drake's eyes followed the crevice to the young boy's hairless armpits. Sweat glistened off the young boy's golden tanned body as Joey unbuttoned the top button of his shorts and peeled them off. He stood in front of Drake wearing nothing but his skimpy, sweaty clad, white underwear with an evitable tent in the front. Drake's mouth already began drooling and his cock was jerking to be free as Joey hooked his thumbs inside the seam and slowly pulled his underwear down. The boy's tan was solid until it reached the area where someday his bright pubic hair would sprout.

Joey's hard three and half inches sprang into view and caused Drake to jump in his chair at the beauty of the uncut boy cock that stymied his vision and blurred his thoughts. The two hairless, perfectly rounded, smooth balls held snugly in their voluptuous drooping sac forced Drake's heart to burst into his throat. Never in all his boy worshiping life had he ever envisioned such rare and innocent beauty as to the gorgeous Australian Heaven standing before him now. Drake felt faint with boy lust and Joey, for the first time in his young life, felt no shame.

Joey stood with his hands by his sides not knowing what exactly it is he was supposed to do. Drake cleared his throat several times, then asked, "Could you please turn around so I can get a good look at your bum?" Joey slowly turned around while thinking why anyone would want to look at someone's butt. Standing in front of Drake with his butt in full display, Joey peeled his head to his right side to see if this position was okay. Drake was speechless and more so, foaming at the mouth at the scenic sight of the boy's bright white creamy buns. His hand pinched his bulging cock as his eyes studied every extraordinary mouth watering feature. The boy's butt was quite small, but certainly muscularly bubbly. Joey's butt was so perfectly rounded, that Drake thought it looked like two perfect softballs had been inserted into each cheek.

Sweat from Joey's golden back dripped down his spine and lingered in the crevice of his mind boggling, splendid looking, mouth watering, tongue tantalizing butt crack. Drake wanted so badly to reach out and devour the heavenly angel from head to toe, but he knew if he were to ever have a chance, he would have to play his cards just right. Drake, almost in a hoarse whisper asked, "Would you mind bending over for me so I can see what rests between your lovely bum cheeks?" Joey knew if he did, his bung hole would be visible for the man's eyes and really didn't understand why anyone would want to see his most private part. Joey inquisitively asked, "You wanna see my butt hole?" Drake responded, "Yes my dear Joey, I would love to see all of your most gorgeous parts."

Joey thought it was kind of nasty, but he had been this far and figured it couldn't hurt to do what Drake had asked. Joey basically climbed on his hands as they stretched to the carpet, and almost instinctively, his legs spread far and wide. Drake's eyes zeroed in on the boy's tight crack as his body contorted and his legs spread until the object of his pedophile cravings came into a panoramic view. A large smile shot across Drake's face as his eyes squinched to focus on the boy's bright pink, super tiny bung hole. Drake had seen many boy butts, but not one could ever compare to the one he was now seeing. Had it not been for the creamy color of his hairless butt, Joey's bung hole would have almost been non existent. Drake had to wipe the falling drool from his lips as his eyes nearly bugged out zooming in on the boy's spread butt cheeks.

Joey was looking at Drake, upside down, with his precious smile and Drake already knew that the boy in front of him was pure and priceless. His balls hung down, giving Drake the added pleasure of seeing the young boy's mouth watering bung hole, his lovely perfect balls, and his non comparable gorgeous face. Drake gathered his confused thoughts and asked, "Joey, would you mind if I got off this chair and knelt behind you. I promise I won't do anything to hurt you?" Not knowing what Drake had in mind, Joey agreed.

Drake hopped of the chair and crawled quickly behind Joey on his knees. The closer Drake got to Joey, the harder his heart thumped in his throat. Kneeling directly behind this gorgeous boy, Drake lowered his head and began getting intoxicated at the boy's sweaty aroma. Unlike others he had the pleasure of inhaling, the fragrant aroma steaming off the boy and blistering his nostrils was definitely uncomparable to any. Drake knew there was no soap known to mankind that could offer such sweet smelling fragrance as his nose sniffed at the top of the boy's crack.

Joey's legs quivered as he could feel the heat coming from Drake's nostrils, shooting into his exposed crack. Joey couldn't understand why Drake wanted to smell his butt crack, but the hot breath breathing along his crack caused him to experience something special, very special. The closer Drake's animalistic inhaling nostrils traveled to the boy's most private of parts neared, the stronger and more sweeter the intoxicating aroma became. Joey's legs shook violently as the hot breath steamed on his bung hole sending mini shock waves throughout his body.

Drake's flaring nostrils was within a fraction of an inch of the boy's pink bung hole and he was doing everything possible to sniff in the rich fragrant aroma of the tightly sealed hole. Joey could almost feel the man's nose against his poop chute and was torn in between a somewhat embarrassment and a sexual curiosity. Drake now knew he was in an Australian Heaven as his nostrils struggled to inhale the heart stopping, breath stealing, aromatic, sweet smelling fragrant.

Allowing his pedophile nature to take control, Drake splashed his tongue onto the boy's untouched hole sending his own brain into a shocked frenzy. Joey was caught off-guard as the tickling sensation on his bung hole became intense. His hips bucked in unison with his shaking legs before he realized that Drake had his tongue on his most private of parts. Joey thought that this had to be the grossest thing he had ever done and couldn't understand why anyone wanted to put their tongue on someone's butt hole, but that thought quickly evaded his thoughts as the tongue slipped and glided over his hole causing his young innocent mind to burst into a strange heightened state.

Drake licked at the virgin hole and wished upon the heavenly stars that his tongue was strong enough to dwell deep within. His tongue was trapping the fragrant moistness that lingered on the boy's sweaty hole, sending his taste buds into a feverish state. Knowing good and well, his tongue had dined on many a boys juicy holes, this time was by far, the most treasured. The juice he so much heartedly craved for, was in no way, offered. Just the very tip of his thick tongue was able to slide in between the unwrinkled smooth texture of the boy's tightly sealed love hole. The familiar odor of all the other boys who he had the wonderful joy of probing his tongue deep within their bowels was not evident with the boy who his tongue was now exploring. No such odor and no such taste could be found, only sheer fragrant perfection.

Not wanting to push his luck no further, Drake reluctantly slipped his tongue back inside his mouth and sat back down in his recliner. Fumbling through his wallet, he retrieved forty dollars as Joey was putting his clothes back on. Once Joey was fully dressed, Drake handed him the money and gave young Joey many, many thanks. Joey's burning question he had held deep inside him finally aired itself out, "Was it nasty when you put your tongue in my butt?" Drake was tossing his head back and forth, then replied, "By all means no, quite the contrary. Joey, your butt was delicious, as so the rest of you is." Joey swallowed and asked, "So, you don't think I am kind of ugly?" Drake slid off the chair on his knees, held the sides of Joey's face with his hands, and tearfully said, "Ugly, ugly, my dear precious boy, you are the most gorgeous human being God placed on this planet. There isn't an ugly bone in your body and all who see you, see you for your heavenly beauty. Those who know you, know you for your inner beauty as well."

Making up for lost time, Joey peddled faster on his way to Mark's home. He thought of what he had done for Drake, the feeling he obtained having a tongue wander around on his bung hole, and the soothing words Drake said to him. Mixing Drake's words with his remembering thoughts of people staring at him, made him realize that people looked at him not because he was ugly, but as Drake put it, gorgeous. While peddling to Mark's house, he noticed that all the time he had spent walking on the beach, subconsciously, he was staring at other guys crotches, and maybe, just maybe, they was staring at his. His boy crock grew hard as the possibilities grew stronger for some sexual opportunities, but first, he wanted to see his friend's package. After all, he had "accidentally" touched it many times and now wondered what it would feel like in his hand.

Drake slung off his shorts and latched onto his six inches of uncut man meat and started pounding the day lights out of it. Even he, a natural born pedophile, couldn't get over the fact that the boy was so heavenly gorgeous and produced such a mind boggling, natural floral aroma, even from his sweaty butt crack and hole. As he jerked on his meat, his mind fell pray as to the rich aroma, unknown to his boy hole loving nostrils. Nearly every time, and mostly in every case, he anxiously had awaited the arrival of their often times unclean aroma steaming from their innocent bung holes. Joey was by far, different, special in every way. The boy's glory hole was a perfectly sealed small circle, void from any wrinkle lines like all the rest. Just like Mark, Drake believed his mind telling him that young Joey was an angel, immune from all the necessities for a need of a bowel movement. His mind controlled his every perverted thought as his cum sprayed its thick content all over.

All alone in his large home, mark paced up and down the hallway for Joey to arrive. Intentionally, Mark wore his extra tight, and extra short cut-offs, leaving the need to wear any underwear tucked safely in his closet drawer. With just his shorts on, Mark awaited his friend so he could get his carefully planned operation underway. His parents had already long been gone so the whole house was his and Joey's. Just thinking that his friend he lusted over was spending the night, his cock grew painfully hard and he constantly had to keep poking the head back inside his shorts. Thinking that these shorts just might be a huge problem, Mark thought it best to change into some other type of shorts. As he turned to go upstairs, the doorbell sounded.

Mark's heart pounded as it was Joey who was at the door. Going up the stairs to Mark's bedroom, Joey became lost in the sight of his friend's tightly clad butt as it moved gracefully with his friend's every step. If given the chance, he wondered if he would be able to do what Drake had done to him. Joey was more than impressed with all the luxuriousness of Mark's home. It was big and his bedroom was almost the size of Joey's entire house. The boys played video games for awhile when Joey had to use the bathroom. Being a little more than impressed knowing Mark had his own bathroom with a doorway leading from his bedroom, he stepped inside to see the beauty of Mark's whopping bathroom.

As planned and pre orchestrated, Mark removed a picture from his wall where he had drilled a peep hole to see inside his bathroom. Mark could see Joey walk around and look at the big garden tub and all its contents before lifting up the toilet seat. From his peep hole angle, and thanks to the mirror he had strategically placed at the side of the toilet, he got a good eye full of Joey's soft uncut cock as it sprayed its yellowy content into the toilet. Mark was unable to see Joey's cock with a full view, but from what little he did see, he knew he wanted his little friend's cock impaling his mouth.

He intently watched Joey shake the pee dribble from his cock before slipping it back into his shorts, but what Joey did next surprised the living shit out of Mark. Joey had walked over to Mark's dirty clothes hamper and was holding one of Mark's worn boxer shorts in his left hand. Mark's eyes opened even wider when Joey brought the used underwear to his nose after inspecting the inside crotch area fully. Holding the boxers inside out, Joey inhaled deeply at the location where he thought his friend's butt hole would be. Sort of a pungent, musky smell slammed into his inhaling nostrils. Joey was not revolted at the odor, but grew rather excited at the unfamiliar odor that tickled his smelling membranes.

Mark was more relieved that Joey had picked out one of his more cleaner underwear to sniff and inspect. His cock slipped out of his extra short shorts and he was fumbling and fighting with it to coax it into hiding. Realizing Joey was washing his hands and was getting ready to return to the bedroom, Mark rehung the picture and sat on the bed, covering his raging hard-on with his hands.

They were playing video games with Mark sitting on the foot of the bed with his legs hung over the bed railing and Joey was sitting on the floor a few feet from Mark's dangling feet. Joey adjusted his position and sort of turned to see what Mark was doing when he saw Mark's cock head as it slightly protruded from the left side of his pant leg. Joey could see Mark's pee slit and mushroom head and realized that Mark's cock was much more different than his hooded head. The few cock's he had seen were all covered with foreskin, but Mark's had nothing covering it. Mark was lost in the game to notice Joey staring at his displaying cock head.

Mark was in no way a virgin to gay sex. For sometime now, he had been visiting a guy in his mid thirties who devotedly taught him the joys of gay sex. Mark really enjoyed having his cock sucked and he also loved to suck cock. His older friend introduced him to the wonderful sensation of anal sex as well. Since the first time, Mark became rather used to having his friend's seven inches of man meat rooting inside his butt. Now, he wanted to introduce Joey into gay sex. He wanted to do to Joey what his friend has, and still was, doing to him. Mark could almost taste shoving his tongue deep inside Joey's tiny butt, unlike his friend's extremely hairy hole.

Growing tired of the video game and desperately wanting to get his detailed plan underway, Mark invited Joey downstairs. Once in the livingroom, Mark cut on their large screen flat television. Both boys sat on the leather sofa, inches apart from one another. Mark could almost smell the appetizing aroma steaming off his friend. Knowing what was already in the DVD player, Mark pushed the play button while saying, "Joey watch this. My parents left this in here last night and forgot to hide it." His parents didn't forget anything; Mark had plundered through his dad's junk box where he knew his father kept the porn and intentionally put it in the DVD player.

After some time, the first scene got underway when a woman began sucking a man's huge big cock. Joey had never seen a porn movie and was fascinated at what he was now looking at. The guy's huge cock was like Mark's, cut free from any foreskin. The woman eagerly wrapped her lips over the big tool and began bobbing her head up and down. Mark was smiling and asked, "Have you ever had a blow-job before?" With his mouth slightly open, Joey nodded his head no, intently watching the scene burning a hole in his eyes. Mark replied, "Dude, you have no idea how great it feels!" Joey didn't respond, bewildered at what his eyes were capturing. Joey was more interested in the big cock than he was with the woman in the scene.

A short while later, the man in the porn movie was stabbing at the woman's butt hole with his pointy tongue. Mark spoke, "Damn, I wish I was that girl having my butt hole licked on." What Mark intended for Joey to grasp slipped right over Joey's innocent head. Joey responded, "Well uh, that guy must like the taste of poop." Mark fired back, "No way man, if the hole is clean, go ahead and ream!"

Joey didn't respond to Mark's statement, rather watched to see what next would happen. Mark blurted out, "Joey, you mean to tell me you wouldn't let someone put their tongue in your butt?" Joey didn't want to tell Mark he had already experienced that earlier this day, and really wanted to try it on him, but he said, "I guess it would be kind of fun, as long as it is really clean, after all, you do shit from that hole." Mark didn't hear Joey's last statement, because he had already ensured himself that his friend was not able to take a shit like he did.

The scene where the guy was slamming his huge pole into the woman's vagina did absolutely nothing for Joey, but when he shoved it into her butt hole, his mouth fell open and his eyes became watery as his cock grew angrily harder. Mark was searching for the words to encourage his gorgeous young friend, but it was Joey who remarked, "Oh shit, that must really, really hurt!" Mark was thinking for the appropriate response, but the words just sort of slipped out, "Only at first, but then the hurt goes away and it feels wonderfully great!" This time, Joey absorbed every word his friend said and Mark couldn't believe what he had just absent mindedly blurted out.

It was Mark who sat there speechless pondering the notion his young friend didn't grasp what he had just said. Joey knew that at some point in Mark's life, he had felt a cock being plowed in his butt, and apparently, he enjoyed it. Grasping the opportunity, Joey asked, "How bad did it hurt the first time?" Mark knew he had been busted as his mind dashed around in a confused and trapped state. Joey didn't wait for a response before he asked, "Was it as big as the guy in this movie?" Mark's heart crawled inside his throat as he nervously responded to his younger friend's accurate questions, "Yeah, yes it hurt really bad as if someone is prying your butt apart from the inside out, but then something inside you gives and the pain goes away. As far as the size goes, it was big, but no where as big as the guy in the movie."

Mark was back peddling and Joey was pursuing. Joey asked, "Have you, have you ever sucked on a guy's dick?" He had already confessed to having a cock up his ass and figured nothing else mattered any more because his friend already knew. "Yes!" Mark looked at Joey through the corner of his straining eyes to see any reactions Joey might give, but Joey maintained his precious smile the entire time. Just as Joey was getting ready to blast Mark with another question, the guy in the porn movie pulled his cock from her bung hole as she rolled onto her back. The guy crawled to her face, pumping his cock while on his knees. Joey's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the man's cock explode his sperm into her open mouth. It looked like gallons of sperm flew from his piss slit and in Joey's young eyes, it seemed that the woman loved the taste as her tongue lashed out to gather more.

Joey remarked, "Holy shit, the lady's drinking his sperm!" Mark refused to say anything more because he really didn't want Joey knowing he loves the taste. He drinks his older friend's sperm all the time, as well as his own. Joey asked, "Mark, can you shoot as much as the guy in the movie?" Mark, without thinking said, "I wish! Mine is more watery!" Mark quickly asked, "How bout you? Can you shoot a big load?" Joey was shaking his head no and said, "Nothing came out, but it sure did feel good!"

The movie was over so Mark stood up and walked up to retrieve the movie so his parents wouldn't find it. When he turned around, facing Joey, his cock had snuck out of his shorts and was in plain view of Joey's burning eyes. Joey stared intently at the thick shaft of his older friend's super hard cock. It was nearly three times thicker than his own and Mark's mushroom head was a half a size thicker than the shaft. Mark walked directly in front of Joey, not knowing his cock was on full display and asked, "What would you like to do now?" Joey leaned up and Mark's hard cock, pointing straight down, pointed and said, "Your friend is saying hello!" Mark looked down to where Joey was pointing and felt faint after seeing his hard cock in plain view. He struggled to fold it back inside his shorts, but it was Joey who spoke, "I've already seen it. Don't worry about it!"

Joey studied his friend in every intricate detail, still mesmerized by the sight of Mark's hard cock. Mark's feathered back brown hair and hazel eyes surrounded by a slender, cute face was all Joey could think about to describe his older friend. Joey looked at Mark's smooth, hairless tanned chest and could see the erect small nipples protruding from their pink circle. His eyes studied Mark's tight, slender stomach and gazed into the small belly button which barely poked inside his smooth stomach.

Without a doubt, Joey wanted his friend sexually. He wanted to discover what Mark looked like with no clothes on, touching his older friends raging hard cock. Joey's eyes caught the clear liquid that bubbled from the piss slit as it poked from under the leg opening as if gasping for air. It was then that he wanted to feel what it would be like to place his friend's hard teen cock inside his mouth, absorb the taste and quench his sexual thirsts.

Mark stared at the most beautiful human being on earth who was staring at his peeking teen cock. The plan he had concocted had certainly back fired, but a new plan began to form, knowing that Joey had already knew his most darkest of secrets. "Do, do you wanna come up to my room?" Needing nothing more than an invitation, Joey jumped at the question, "Yeah!"

As they walked up the stairs, Joey was in front and Mark's eyes reveled in the scenery before his eyes. Joey's butt was definitely small, but through Mark's passionate eyes, the butt blistering his eyes was angelically perfect. As Joey climbed each step, Mark was close in behind, foaming at the mouth at his friends perky little bubble butt as it moved slightly up and down with every innocent step. Both boys hearts were beating out of their chests; Joey's due to excitement and Mark's from sheer nervousness.

Once inside the bedroom, Joey turned around and asked, "Mark, do you think I am ugly?" Mark almost stepped on his tongue at his friend's question. Mark thought for a rapid second before responding, "Ugly, dude you must don't ever look at yourself in the mirror. Joey, you are far from being ugly. You are so damn pretty it would be a sin if you even took a shit, I mean, shit, I don't really know what I mean. Let's face the facts. When we are on the beach, everyone's eyes look at you and see you without any clothes on. Damn Joey, you are just too fucking hot, okay!"

Both boys were sitting in the middle of the bed with their legs crossed as both sets of eyes became entranced on the other's crotch area. Both boys were hornier than ever, but neither could muster the courage to tell the other the absolute truth. Both wanted to see the other naked, both wanted to taste the other's cock, and Mark wanted to slam his teen cock inside his friend's virgin, non capable of shitting, asshole. The longer they sat there, the more they desperately south the other's attention.

Mark finally spoke out with full honesty and with the utmost of nervousness, "Joey, I have something I need to tell you, but please just hear me out. I want you as a friend more than anything in the world, but what I'm about to tell you, you may or may not want or like to hear. I'm uh, I'm gay! When I close my eyes at night, it is you who is always there. There isn't a day that goes by that you are not in my dreams. I, I uh, I would love to be able to make love to you!"

Joey was looking at the head hung low as his heart raced, pumping blood faster than ever to his already painfully erect cock. Seeing that his friend in the most humiliated of states caused Joey to speak, "Mark, Mark, thanks for saying that, but I, I think I'm gay too. I uh, I uh, really never done anything gay before, other than earlier today!" Joey began to describe the event on his way to Mark's home. Joey never mentioned the man's name or where he lived, but Mark's cock began spitting out pre cum as he heard the man had tongued his young gorgeous friend's hot bung hole.

After Joey finished telling his story, Mark hesitantly asked, "I don't have any money, but I sure would love to see you naked!" Joey smiled his breath taking smile and said, "We're friends, you don't need any money for something like that!" Joey scooted off the bed and yanked his tank top off, tossing it to the floor. Mark's eyes began dancing in their sockets as Joey unfastened the top button and began pulling his shorts off. Seeing the boy who he had masturbated in his dreams for standing just a few short feet from him wearing only his white underwear, caused Mark to choke on his own saliva. Joey hooked his underwear at the seam and yanked them completely off, tossing them to the floor.

Mark's tongue slashed out across his lips, his eyes filling with water, and his brain flashing electricity as if taking a motion picture. There, less than three feet from him, stood the most gorgeous person on the face of the earth, completely naked. Mark's eyes fell onto the erect cock of Joey, studying every detail to precision. Joey's erect cock stood firmly against his lower stomach a slender three and half inches.

He could tell that his young friend was uncut, but the skin rose above the bright pink torpedo shaped cock head. The piss slit was nothing more than a little line pointing towards the ceiling. His balls were a tad smaller than a nickle and the hairless sac held them in place close to the base of his friend's hard uncut cock. The harder Mark concentrated on the beautiful vision before him, the more his eyes filled with blurring tears. The moment he had yearned for was now at hand and all he could do was drool and stare.

Joey's hands were by his side as he slowly turned around, not really sure if his older friend wanted to see his butt or not. Mark's teen cock jumped out from its tight restraints to see for itself at the miracle in front of him. Joey had completely turned around and stood straight, burning Mark's straining eyes to perfection. Mark was at a lost for words as his heart pumped gallons of blood to his already dizzy brain. His dreams were right about what his friend's butt might look like. Tiny, perky, and gloriously bubbly! The butt cheeks of Joey's were a milky white compared to his dark, golden tanned body.

Joey turned back around and said, "Your turn to get naked!" As Joey sat back on the bed with legs crossed, Mark was already up and had yanked off his shorts. Joey's eyes caught his older friend's cock as it lurched out and pointed straight at him with a slight downward curve. Joey guessed that Mark's cock was a good five and half to six inches of way thicker meat than his own. The mushroom head was thicker than the rest of Joey's cock and the small curly black hairs, which formed a perfect V just above the base of his cock was breathtaking. Joey's eyes followed down and admired Mark's hanging egg shaped, hairless balls. Both of Joey's balls didn't even equal one of Mark's.

Following what Joey had done, Mark turned around to show Joey his butt. Joey grew even more excited seeing the bubble butt slicing their way into his eye sockets. Joey's cock throbbed against his stomach while his tongue began splashing his lips with moist saliva. By this time, Joey had already made up his mind that if Mark gave him the okay, he would have no problem putting his tongue into his butt hole.

Mark turned back around and this time, Joey pointed while saying, "What's that coming out of your pee hole?" Mark looked down and said, "That's pre cum!" Mark took his finger and wiped his piss slit free and shot his finger inside his mouth. Joey watched the facial expression on Mark's face as he sucked the finger that had scooped up his own pre cum. Joey asked, "Uh, what's it taste like?" Mark grabbed his cock by the base and squeezed the shaft towards his cock head. More pre cum oozed out as he said, "Here, go ahead and try some for yourself. Really, it's not bad, it's actually kind of good."

Joey didn't hesitate as his right hand reached out and with his index finger touched his friend's cock for the first time. Scooping up the slick, gooey substance on his finger, Joey raised it up to his nose and sniffed like a dog at a cook-out. Unable to gather a distinct odor, Joey stuck out his tongue and wiped the pre cum on his tongue before withdrawing it back inside its home. It was warm and he could sense a bit of a salty flavor as it slipped down his throat, awaking his never felt before sexual inhibitions.

Mark looked at his friend to see whether or not the taste was to his satisfaction, but when he saw Joey cast a broader smile, Mark knew the answer. Still standing over Joey, Mark anxiously asked, "Do you want me to give you a blow-job?" Joey looked up, still dazed from the flavor of his friend's mouth craving pre cum, and nodded his head yes. Mark climbed up onto the bed, impaling the mattress with his knees and crept up to Joey's folded legs. Placing one hand on his small friend's shoulder, he pushed Joey onto his back. Once Joey was flat on his back, head on a pillow, Mark used his hands to guide Joey's legs from their folded position to a spread position. Joey's heels were flat on the bed with his knees raised and his legs spread.

The vision of seeing his gorgeous friend totally naked, flat on his back, legs spread, was a sight that could never hold a price tag in a million years. In Mark's eyes, and in the eyes of all who dreamed about Joey, Joey was the mark of perfection. His body was absolutely, positively flawless, without a single blemish or bruise anywhere. Time stood deathly still and the chilling silence within the walls of the bedroom captured the innocence of tranquil youth.

Mark looked at the tiny line of Joey's butt crack and his lips made a smacking noise as his head and upper body lowered. His nostrils quivered as the rich fragrant aroma of Joey's natural, unexplainable body odor ricochet inside his inner body. Joey could feel the heat from Mark's breath as it inched towards his trembling erection. Joey, unaware of where to place his hands, rested them on the top of his thighs. His young body trembled from fear of the unknown as Mark pressed closer and closer to his twitching young cock. Joey's body erupted like an earthquake when Mark's tongue slid across the loose skin of his shaft.

The cock belonging to the boy who he had dreamed of for so long, tortured his sliding tongue. The texture was not like the cock's he had eagerly sucked, it was a mixture of silk, satin, and velvet. When his tongue slithered across the folded skin, tucked under the cock head of the most beautiful cock in the world, capturing the sweat and stale pee, Mark's mind exploded into a sexual and tormenting frenzy. Savoring in the taste that drowned his taste buds, Mark told himself that even Joey's stale piss and sweat was absolutely delicious.

Joey was fighting back the urge to scream in an unknown delight as Mark swallowed the slender, hairless cock, slamming his chin against the snuggled balls ever so gently. Mark was slowly bobbing his head up and down while looking into his friend's entrancing eyes. The facial expressions Joey was making was breathtakingly beautiful. His first blow-job and it was he who was giving it to him. Mark savored the taste and fell in love with the cock that was not nearly filling his mouth. True, he had grown accustomed to having larger cock's in his mouth, but non could compare to the sweet meat that pleased his every senses.

Joey felt strange, unable to control his breathing and it seemed his body had a mind of his own. The longer Mark sucked on his cock, the tougher he had to fight back from screaming from the pleasures he was receiving. Mark's hands slid across Joey's soothing body, relishing in the feel of his young friend's mind boggling texture. With his mouth bobbing up and down, his tongue had room to roam freely around the smooth, hard cock. Joey screamed, "Shit, oh, oh, oh my God Mark!" The heat from his friend's mouth and the hands roaming his body sent shockwaves through Joey's body. Joey's body violently shook as his cock pulsated and throbbed forcing his hips to slam his boy cock in and out of his cock sucking friend's super hot mouth. Mark prayed to the heavens above for Joey to shell out his sperm by the bucket loads, but young Joey was unable to do nothing more than experience one hell of an intense dry orgasm.

The cock in his mouth was still as hard as a rock, but Joey was breathing fast and furious, and his eyes were tightly shut. Joey's body still twitched and jerked, but not as violently as during his orgasm. Mark let the hard missile slip out of his mouth, only long enough for him to suck in both of Joey's tightly held balls. As soon as Mark sucked in his balls, Joey's eyes flung open as he took one tremendous deep breath. The heat from Mark's mouth singed his balls like a torch slowly cooking them for a king's meal.

Joey's small balls fought to seek the tight restrictions of its former home, but the suction of Mark's mouth was relentless. His tongue rolled around both, simultaneously, sending scorching sensations all over Joey's quivering body. Joey slammed his left forearm to his mouth and his teeth sunk in to the skin in hopes of preventing his screams of joy to travel all over the world. The moans spewing from his young friend's mouth drove Mark crazy with passion and lust. Using his right index finger, Mark forced Joey's cock towards his nugget filled mouth and inserted the erect member to join in the action.

Mark was happy having Joey's hard cock and delicious balls in his mouth at the same time. His tongue was out of control, splashing all over the balls and cock that impaled his hungry mouth. Within a few seconds, Joey convulsed into another sperm free orgasm. Still biting his arm, his moans echoed off the walls with a thunderous crash. Joey's hips, with the aide of his heels, drove his cock and balls harder into his friend's oven like mouth. Mark was surprised to see that Joey's dry orgasm lasted over a minute, but found it exciting to suck on the cock and balls while Joey bucked and thrashed about wildly.

Knowing Joey was unable to do or say anything, Mark decided the time was right to see if his friend was like him and everyone else. He had to taste Joey's bung hole. The thought of thinking Joey could not take a shit was a pressing issue in his sexual misled mind. Using the palms of his hands, Mark placed them under Joey's thighs and raised his shaking legs over Joey's head. Joey's brain no longer functioned properly as he was aware that his friend was folding him like a pretzel, but unable to control his confused and dazed body. Mark had placed Joey's knees just above his ears, forcing them to impale the soft mattress. He looked into the teary eyes of Joey before allowing his exploring eyes to travel downwards. When Mark's eyes gazed upon the small pink dot of Joey's spread and exposed butt hole, he realized that the sight before him now was even prettier than all of his wishful and sperm shooting dreams. Mark shoved his curious nose right against Joey's perfectly rounded and tightly locked bung hole. Not a single trace of hair, even peach fuzz, was visible. As if smelling a floral arrangement, Mark inhaled deeply, numerous times. The more he sniffed Joey's butt hole, the more he embellished the fact that he was right. His gorgeous young friend couldn't take a shit.

The odor that dwelled from within Joey's bung hole was unlike any Mark had ever pleasingly smelled. The scent was unknown to Mark's flaring nostrils. It wasn't a soapy or powdery aroma, but something very strange and intoxicating none the less. Mark was more used to a pungent, musky aroma, and the sensation that shot up his nostrils was indeed, nothing compared to anything he had ever smelled before. Flashing his tongue out, Mark slithered up Joey's tiny crack until he found Joey's sweet smelling pink dot. Joey fought back the tickling sensation as Mark's tongue flattened out to lap up the sweet surroundings of Joey's unbelievable tiny hole. Mark bathed in the excitement of finally tasting his dream boy's butt, sliding his tongue all over the object of his many dreams.

Mark snaked and slithered his tongue to force the small dot to relinquish its strangle hold in order for his missile firing tongue to dine within. The stronger the force Mark used on his butt hole, the louder Joey's groans bellowed. There was no doubt in Joey's mind that the tongue probing at his backdoor felt awesomely great. His whole body shuttered as the tongue drove within in his inner chambers as he felt his bung hole expand to allow for the slippery invader. Mark's taste buds exploded as his tongue felt the searing heat within the virgin terrain of Joey's ever so sweet butt hole. Joey held his legs tight with his arms as they shook and trembled from sheer pleasure.

Mark's exploring tongue dug deeper and deeper in search of Joey's beloved anal juices. As the hole expanded to allow accommodations for his tongue, the enhancing and enchanting aroma grew stronger. The intoxicating aroma spewing from deep within Joey's bowels, triggered every sexual delight in Mark's body. He found himself whimpering while dining on his younger friend's asshole, craving for more as his tongue reached its farthest limits. The anal canal was hot and tight and the muscles within clutched his darting tongue. Never before had his young experienced tongue graced such an anal canal. Sweet to the smell and even sweeter to the taste. The small unbelievable sweet portion of anal juice that slipped in his mouth set Mark's soul on fire, forcing his tongue to thrash around as if it had gone into convulsions.

Joey screamed, "Fuck, oh Mark, your, your tongue feels so fucking good, ah yes, oh hell yes man, eat my asshole!" Joey's angelic voice and the choice of words he used was more than music to Mark's sex starved ears. Several long minutes passed and Mark's ass eating tongue grew sore from the constriction of Joey's ass muscles and the pure tightness of his super sweet tasting ass. Slipping his sore tongue back in his mouth, Mark lowered Joey's legs and inhaled Joey's erect cock once again. While sucking on Joey's rock hard cock, Mark slipped a finger in his mouth and slicked it with his saliva.

Joey was bucking like crazy as Mark sucked and licked on his boyhood. Mark slid his finger under Joey's delightful ass crack and pressed the slick finger against Joey's saliva coated bung hole. Joey went into convulsions as an intense orgasm struck his young body. His cock was getting ready to unleash his massive blank load in Mark's mouth, when Mark slid his finger all the way up to the knuckle inside Joey's extra hot and tight asshole. Joey almost jumped off the bed when the finger invaded his poop chute, but his cock was in mid stream of popping blanks. While his body was thrashing from his intense dry orgasm, Mark was cramming his finger in and out of the boy's poop chute, a mile a minute.

With his body flaying about, and a finger slamming inside his butt hole, Joey was lost in the heat of the moment as his orgasm crashed through his brain and drove wave after wave of electrifying volts throughout his splashing body. Mark felt Joey's cock expand numerous times as if desperately wanting to fire massive quantities of boy cream down his craving throat. Nearly two minutes of what seemed like several long and intense orgasms passed by before Joey's body became almost lifeless. Mark pulled his finger out of Joey's poop chute and after a brief inspection, shoved it inside his sucking mouth.

His finger that once plugged his gorgeous friend's bung hole tasted splendidly delicious, only verifying the fact that his mind had him believe that the boy was shit free. Joey was gasping for oxygen as Mark lay by his side, on his back. He certainly didn't want this all to end, at least, not now. Mark looked at his friend who was breathing really hard with his eyes closed, but mouth partially open. The cock that once stuffed his mouth had climbed back into a sleeping state. The foreskin protected his delicious cock head as it rested so preciously peacefully. Joey's nut sac looked like it had one small nut wrapped tightly in its clutches.

Even in Joey's panting state, he looked heavenly delicious and angelically gorgeous. After a brief period, Joey softly whispered, "Holy shit Mark, that was great. Thanks!" Mark smiled and responded, "Joey, you are so incredibly fucking gorgeous and sweeter than pure honey. Shit, I can't wait for you to start shooting sperm. I know it will be just as fucking delicious as the rest of you!" Joey leaned up on his left side and stared at the pre cum waterfall dripping throbbing hard cock of Mark. There was a rather thick string of pre cum starting at his pee slit and dripping onto Mark's lower stomach, just above his small patch of pubic hair.

Mark had closed his eyes relishing the aftertaste and afterthought of what he had just done, when he felt Joey's tongue slide over his pre cum gushing piss slit. His cock jumped instantly as the tongue struck the pee opening, forcing more pre cum to spew out. Joey eagerly used his tongue to gather as much of the slightly salty fluid as he could, savoring the sample in hopes of what might come a little later. Joey already knew he wanted to try and taste Mark's sperm, just as the woman did in the porn movie they had watched earlier. After licking the pre cum off of Mark's stomach, Joey opened his mouth and swallowed as much of Mark's hard cock as he could. At first, Joey gagged as about three thick inches struck the back of his throat.

Joey relaxed a bit and repeated what Mark had done to him. He began bobbing his head up and down on the erect teen pole while his right hand fondled Mark's hairless nuggets. The heat from Joey's mouth and hand drove Mark delirious with lust as he began helping Joey by gyrating his hips, forcing more of his teen boner to slide back and forth inside Joey's hot little mouth. Joey's nostrils picked up a musky kind of odor that only stimulated his hidden sexual desires that much more.

Mark knew if Joey kept this up he would definitely blow his load inside the virgin cock sucker's mouth. Using his hands, he softly raised Joey's mouth off his cock and Joey just shot down and began tongue bathing Mark's cum filled balls. Joey rolled over his friend's stretched leg and rested between the teen's thighs as his tongue bathed and tortured Mark's rapidly sperm filling balls. Joey realized that the lower he worked, the stronger the musky odor became. Mark, instinctively spread his legs far and wide, allowing Joey full access to his musky spewing poop chute.

Joey's inexperienced hands gripped Mark's legs as he lowered his face into Mark's pungent smelling crack. The smell was something Joey was not familiar with, but the odor dazzled his brain and numbed his senses as his tongue inched ever so close to the pale pink, tiny dark hair covered bung hole of his friend. Joey's tongue shivered as it struck the little rose bud, causing Mark to groan with pleasure. The feel of the texture on his tongue was incredible as Joey pressed against the hole with his drilling tongue. Mark arched his body upwards and stretched his legs far and wide as the tongue slipped inside his anal chamber, slashing at his anal walls. Joey was lost in time at the strange feelings of using his tongue to slide up Mark's shit hole.

It didn't take young Joey long to master the art of tongue fucking. He was using his tongue like a pile driver, cramming it fully into Mark's poop chute while his hands cradled and caressed Mark's cum loaded balls. Mark had plenty of guys use their tongue on his butt hole before, but not one of them could even come close as to the tongue of Joey's. Just looking down and seeing his gorgeous friend's blond spiked hair, knowing his tongue was drilling his asshole, caused his cock to bounce with his every heartbeat.

The taste that overwhelmed his taste buds was strange, but overpowering. The harder and faster he drove his tongue into Mark's hot poop chute, the more he craved the tasty juice that steamed down his throat. Mark was blind with lust and could take no more of the drilling tongue in his asshole. His cock had jumped too many times and he knew he was more than ready to unleash one hell of a savage load. Lifting his head up from between Mark's legs, Joey dove onto the throbbing cock without showing any signs of mercy. Mark almost physically lifted Joey's tiny frame up so that he could suck on Joey's gorgeous cock while Joey worked on his.

Mark was torn with depression as Joey's cock was hung over his mouth and his eyes stared directly into the heavenly beauty's bright pink bung hole. With his lips sealed onto the thick cock of his friend, Joey passionately and eagerly began sucking the life out of it. Mark took turns sucking on Joey's hard cock and licking his more than sweet tasting asshole. Joey felt his loins bubble over and attempted to warn his young friend, but Joey had slammed his own finger deep inside Mark's poop chute and was pumping away. Joey inadvertently and unknowingly struck Mark's prostrate just as his balls released his load.

Joey's hot mouth was just over the cum spitting cock head as seven rapid hard blasts struck the roof of his mouth. It was hot and watery, but Joey was concentrating on not spilling a single drop. Mark was lost in his sperm shooting world to be concerned where his cum was flying. Numerous thick gushes fell out of Mark's pee hole and slid across Joey's tongue, followed by several more blasting sperm torpedoes. Joey could feel some of Mark's sperm as it wanted to slip out of his cock and sperm filled mouth. Building up the courage, Joey unlocked his throat and tasted for the first time, sperm.

As more and more of Mark's teen sperm slid down Joey's throat, Joey was finding the taste to be rather tasty. It was hot, wet, slippery and gooey all at the same time, but it really didn't have much of a taste at all. Joey did gag a couple of times as the first couple of sperm balls slid down his throat, but now he was doing his best to make Mark's balls deliver more. The finger on his prostrate sent Mark's mind to orbit as his body shook violently from the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. His cock was still spitting sperm and Joey was dizzy with lust at the tasty cum that slipped into his mouth.

Mark knew that was the biggest and most intense load he had ever fired off and was even more amazed that his sperm was just gushing out, even after his senses was almost drained. Joey could feel Mark's teen sperm as it spewed out by the gallons on his tongue and he eagerly swallowed all that was offered. From receiving Mark's hot watery treat and Mark's mouth and tongue working on his cock and asshole, Joey unveiled an undetected dry orgasm that caused his mouth to suck even harder on the sperm spewing cock that was throwing-up in his mouth.

Both boys were moaning, groaning, and whimpering while their young bodies shivered and shook in orgasmic delight. Shortly thereafter, Joey rolled off of Mark, completely exhausted as Mark's once hard cock lay limply on his left thigh. Both chests were heaving heavily as they lay on their backs with the other's feet by the side of their face. Mark remembered the smoothness of Joey's entire body, his unnatural body odor, the sweet taste of his asshole and the feeling he obtained having Joey's cock and balls inside his mouth. Joey lay peacefully still remembering the musky, pungent smell steaming out of his friend's hot poop chute, the wonderful taste of his pre cum, the hard cock lodged inside his mouth, and Mark's stomach filling delicious sperm.

Joey couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Mark's cock stand proudly at attention, just moments after shooting such a load. Mark scooted up on his back, leaning against the headboard on his back and asked, "Joey, can I make love to you?" Still on his back and heaving for air, Joey said, "I thought we just did!" Mark answered, "Yeah, sort of, but there's more, a lot more we can do." As innocent as only Joey could ask, he asked, "Like what?" Mark took a deep breath and softly said, "I could, I could put my dick up your, your butt." Joey was shaking his head no as he was saying, "Oh hell no, that will hurt like crazy. Mark your cock is way too big to go up my asshole!" Mark sort of giggled and then said, "Yeah, I said the same thing before I got fucked the first time too!" Joey was still flaying his head from side to side when Mark said, "I'm not gonna lie to you. Yes, most definitely, it's gonna hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but soon the pain goes away and it makes you feel really good inside."

Joey fired back, "Yeah, it's the pain that scares the shit out of me and besides, I don't see how someone can get anything out of having a big dick rip their asshole in two." Mark sounded as if he were begging for his life, "Please, please just try it, at least once, please!" Joey was still shaking his head no when Mark tried another approach, "Joey, I have dreamed of making love to you ever since we first met and now that you are here, and after all that we had just done, I kind of figured you might go all the way. It will hurt at first, but I promise you, no, I swear you will love it once the pain goes away. Please, please just give it a shot. At least if you try it, you'll know whether or not if you'll like it or not."

In Joey's mind, Mark's last statement made perfectly good sense. Joey said, "Okay, we can try it, but if I tell you to stop, promise me you will stop!" Mark eagerly fired, "Shit yeah I promise, but please try and withstand it as long s you can, cause you are gonna love the feeling once my cock is buried in your sweet ass." Just thinking of the pain that awaits ahead, Joey's cock softened to an even more deflated state. His body already began shaking at the pain he knew was soon to come. Mark stumbled off the bed, knees still wobbly from his intense sperm shooting session, and fumbled through one of his closet drawers.

Mark retrieved a tube of petroleum jelly and quickly jumped back on top of the bed next to his angelic friend. Joey's eyes lit up as he saw Mark flip the top open and squeeze some of the lube onto the middle finger of his left hand. Mark was on his knees and asked Joey to roll over and get on his hands and knees, facing the footboard of the bed. The reason Mark wanted Joey facing this way was because of the great big mirror on the wall directly in front of the foot of his bed. There was another large mirror hanging on the wall to his right and with the help of both mirrors, Mark knew he would be able to see his friend's gorgeous face while slamming his rock hard teen cock up Joey's super hot shit free ass.

Joey did as Mark asked and was impaling the bed with both knees while his left cheek rested softly on the mattress. Looking in the mirror, Joey could see Mark kneeling behind him holding the lube in his right hand while his left hand reached out towards his butt. Joey felt the cool sensation as Mark's left middle finger struck his exposed bung hole and began smearing the lube all over his virgin hole. Mark squeezed some more lube on his finger and easily slid his finger up his friend's tight bung hole. The cooling sensation that Joey once felt was rapidly replaced with a stingy, almost burning sensation, as the finger twisted and turned inside his anal canal.

Being extra careful, Mark took his time in order to get a lot of lube up Joey's shaking hole. Joey's body was trembling from unknown fear and Joey braced himself for the pain he knew he was going to feel while watching Mark smear the lube over his steel like teen cock. Mark's eyes never left the scenery of Joey's sweet tasting bung hole and it seemed his cock grew harder with the excitement of penetrating the young boy's virgin hole.

With his little butt jutting toward for Mark for the taking, Joey held his breath as he watched Mark walk on his knees directly in behind him. Mark helped Joey spread his legs further as he held onto the base of his teen cock with his right hand. With his left hand on Joey's smooth little hip, Mark placed the head of his slippery cock against Joey's perfectly rounded, but sealed, pink love hole. Joey felt the pressure increase as Mark tried in vain to gain entry, but all his cock would do would either slide up or down Joey's tiny crack. Mark squeezed his cock tighter, enlarging the already swollen mushroom head, and began stabbing at the boy's virgin pink dot of an asshole.

Joey said, "See, I told you it was way too small for your cock to ............. Ah, shit, ahhhhhhhh, Maaaarkkk, oh fuck, shittttttttttttttttttt!" Mark's enlarged cock head slipped into the tiny butt hole sending trillions of tiny speckles dashing throughout Joey's brain. Mark looked in the mirror at his friend, but held just the head of his hard cock in Joey's bung hole. Joey's hands reached by his sides and latched onto the bed spread while slamming his face into the softness of the mattress. Joey felt the searing pain roar through his ass, almost like someone had lit a torch and shoved it deep inside his anal canal. Mark felt the ass muscles retaliate and constrict around his cock in a feverish attempt to crush the anal intruder.

"Shit, shit, hurts, ah, humph, oh fuck it hurts, Mark!" Mark held his position knowing full well what it felt like having a cock slide up your ass for the first time. He also knew, thanks to his much older friend, that it would not be long before he would be able to continue his anal plunge into the sweetest, hottest, tightest, and prettiest asshole known to mankind. Joey's wild antics and choice words slowed to nearly a crawl as Mark slipped in another inch. This time his entire cock head rooted itself inside Joey's strangling asshole. Joey thought his ass was being pried open, starting from the inside. The burning heat from being ripped open shattered his young body.

Joey's eyes were tightly closed and his teeth clamped down on his succulent lips while his hands grabbed and pulled at the bed covers. The pain inside his ass was so intense, Joey thought he was going to pass out as he felt Mark's teen cock dig deeper. Mark whispered, "Strain as if you could take a shit. That will help!" Even in his heightened state of frenzy, Mark was still believing that gorgeous young Joey was so special, that his friend was simply too gorgeous to take a dump.

Joey didn't think that he had to strain, because he already felt like he had to take the biggest load in his life. As the cock in his ass drilled deeper and wider, Joey just knew he was going to shit all over Mark's cock and Mark as well. Joey's legs spread even wider in an attempt to relieve himself from some of the pain, but nothing he tried extinguished the roaring fire inside his ass. Mark had about three and half inches impaling Joey's ass and he could literally feel the searing heat as it blistered his hard cock.

In another attempt to release the tormenting pain, Joey flung his hands back to his jutted butt cheeks and savagely pulled them farther apart. As Joey yanked his muscular cheeks, in the process, he accidentally shoved his tortured asshole onto the impaling cock, burying Mark's teen pole to the root. Mark put both hands on the tiny hips before him and waited for some signal to fuck the living hell out of Joey. Joey was wracked with unbelievable pain as the pressure inside his ass built to a more severe level.

Approximately one minute passed with Mark's hard teen cock buried to the bone inside Joey's shaking ass. Mark began to slowly withdraw his hard cock to the point he could see the crown of his cock head and then slowly insert it all the way inside until his pubic hairs rested on the soothing butt flesh of Joey. Joey could feel every movement inside his anal canal and as Mark slowly fucked his once virgin asshole, something inside him gave way. The one time overwhelming pain that flooded his body departed and an unknown feeling controlled his every thought. The hard cock that tore into his canal seemed more than filling, giving him a pleasure that he had never before encountered.

Mark was still slowly fucking his younger friend, but it was Joey who began slamming his little butt on his rigid ass riding cock. Joey had removed his hands from his butt cheeks and grabbed onto the railing at the foot of the bed and used the railing to slam his bubbly butt onto Mark's cock hard and furious. Joey screamed, "Oh fuck, oh hell yes Mark, give me your cock, shit I can feel it, ah, ah, fuck me, fuck me with your big fat cock!" Using Joey's hips as a weapon, Mark began impaling his meat with vengeance, slamming his hard cock as hard as he possibly could into the tight ass that was gripping his pistoling teen cock.

Joey thought he died and went to heaven as the pleasure rapidly shot through his body like volts of electricity. The fact knowing a cock was scorching his asshole only intensified the feeling that was already shattering his mind. Mark looked down as his cock rapidly shot in and out of Joey's asshole. He admired the way the anal ring held onto his cock for dear life as it made its withdrawal, before plunging back into the tight cock gripping tunnel. The heavy thunderous thuds of flesh slapping flesh shot throughout the large home, but neither boy cared if anyone within Australia heard their cries of pleasure.

Releasing his right hand from the bed rail, Joey grabbed onto his flaying hard cock and began pounding the uncut flesh while Mark pounded his cock craving asshole. Mark cried out as the first volley of teen sperm shot out of his throbbing cock. With the feeling of the hot jets striking his anal walls, Joey's cock pulsed and his dry orgasm rocked his already rocked body. Mark was grunting feverishly as his cock drilled his sperm deeper and deeper inside Joey's sweet bowels. Joey felt each and every violent squirt of sperm and relished the feeling his asshole gave him, filled with teen cock, as well as his sperm free cock exploding.

Mark's cock began to deflate and his heart nearly thumped out of his chest as he began to slide his soft member out of Joey's super hot butt hole. As his cock slipped out, Mark looked down and the sight of his clean cock only added to the fact that Joey was not like him, capable of taking a shit. Joey's young body was shaking as if caught in a hurricane and his breathing was fast and relentless. Mark lay back with his head on the pillow, admiring the vision of the most gorgeous boy in the world, naked with his recently fucked asshole staring straight at him. Joey's asshole quickly returned to its sealed appeal before Mark's very wide and dazed eyes. Joey was unable to move a muscle as his dry orgasm subsided and felt strange as the cool air brushed up against his cum filled poop chute.

With the hard cock no longer inside his ass, for some odd reason, Joey felt immensely empty. The cock in his anal canal made him feel full, a feeling he now and forever more would long for. Mustering the strength, Joey fell back and crawled on his back to the right side of his friend, Mark. Both boys were heaving for air and their minds still in a dazed and confused state with their cock's respectively soft. Unable to speak, they rest on their backs admiring the beauty of the other's hard slender bodies.

Somewhere in the night while trying to regroup, both boys fell asleep in each other's arms. Joey's eyes flashed open and strained to focus on the clock on the night stand. It was 2:15 am and his throat was super dry. Slipping out of bed, ensuring that he didn't wake up Mark, he walked inside the large bathroom and quickly sat on the toilet. No sooner than he sat down, the enormous gush of Mark's sperm and his own anal contents splashed into the water of the toilet. Numerous strings of gargling noises escaped his butt hole as the mixture of contents shot out like missiles. Sometime later, after thoroughly cleaning his hole, he walked down the stairs into the kitchen. Joey was so absent minded, he failed to put any clothes on as he was pouring a glass of sweet tea.

After polishing off his second glass, Joey put the glass down and turned to go back upstairs. Just as he turned, there was Mark's father standing at the entrance of the kitchen, buck ass naked. "You must be Joey. Mark has told me so much about you. Pleasure to meet you finally!" Mark's father extended his hand as Joey casually extended his. Joey was unable to take his eyes off of Mark's forty something year old father's dangling uncut cock. The soft cock that rested over two of the largest and hairiest balls he had ever laid eyes on was thicker and longer than Mark's was when fully erect.

Mark's father was in the same position as he stared at the heavenly piece of boy meat that pierced his teary eyes. Only ever hearing of Joey, but never meeting him, gave way to his increasingly growing man meat. The naked boy that graced his eyes was stunningly beautiful. His blond spiked hair mixed with his entrancing blue eyes that appeared to have silver speckles splashing around caused his adult heterosexual train of thought go straight to pedophile.

Joey's sleeping cock no longer slept as it grew to its fullest state, reaching up towards the deep ceiling of the kitchen. Mark's father, Mike Morgan, had black curly hair all over his chest and stomach and Joey's young eyes memorized it all, especially the growing adult cock. As their hands slipped from the other's clutches, Joey's young little hand accidently graced the rigid hard shaft of the hard cock that was pointing at his stomach. As soon as Joey's soft hand struck Mike's hard cock, Mike's long eight inches of thick man meat jumped in surprise. Joey's eyes watched the dancing cock with awe, knowing he was just a mere foot away from actually shoving some of it inside his cock hungry mouth.

Mike's brain told him that he could feel the burning heat from Joey's heavy breathing nostrils on his overly hard cock. Joey could smell the alcohol on Mike's panting breath, but his eyes stayed fixed on the large adult cock at hand. Neither man or boy could find the exact words to say as they both stared at the other's dancing cock's. Mike whispered, "Hot damn Joey, you are the prettiest boy I've ever seen. I mean, uh, shit, I don't know what I mean." The alcohol he had consumed blurred his thought process, but not enough to tell him he wanted this gorgeous boy in front of him.

Not knowing what to do, and his throat getting dry one more time, Joey returned to the refrigerator and poured himself another glass of tea. Mike's eyes attached themselves on the little perky, bubbly butt belonging to young Joey. His already hard cock grew harder as his eyes studied the small thin line of the Australian beauty's butt crack. Knowing his wife was fast asleep, drunk from the party, Mike already knew he would do anything to get a piece of Joey. Mike knew he wasn't gay, in fact, never had the slightest of inclinations as to wanting to do anything closely resembling any gay activity. But, this naked angel ripping at his intoxicated mind forced lustful thoughts in every and all possible ways.

Joey finished his glass and sat it on the counter and turned to face Mike. The foreskin hung low on the man's super hard cock and Joey wanted passionately to see what the hidden head looked like. Joey even pondered the possibility of the super long and extra wide cock rooting inside his already sore asshole. Joey also knew the timing couldn't have been any worse either.

He had just shit out his son's sperm along with one huge bowel movement. He knew he had wiped really good, but the fact that he had just taken a healthy fresh shit weighed heavily on his young mind. On the other side of the track, Mike cringed at the thought of shooting his tongue deep within Joey's bowels. Sure, he had always slipped his tongue into his wife's asshole, but this was a kid, his son's friend. Evil and pedophile thoughts blistered his every thinking membrane and the alcohol he had drank wasn't helping matters any.

The longer Mike's intoxicated eyes stared at the naked beauty before him with his precious hairless three and half inches pointing towards the skies above, the more he wanted him. Joey was more curious than horny as he intently stared at the man meat with its hooded head increasingly getting thicker. Mike was fully aware that because his wife and son was upstairs, he really couldn't do anything inside their home for fear of waking either, or both, of them up.

Being rather intoxicated from seeing Joey naked and consuming so much alcohol, Mike invited Joey out into the garage to show him his car. Joey accepted and followed Mike, his young eyes bouncing at the hairy flesh of the man's wiggling butt cheeks. Initially, Mike thought about keeping the lights off, but if he was going to seduce the boy, he wanted to see everything as plain as day. The garage was really large and there was three vehicles inside, as well as a laundry facility and a really big bathroom.

While showing Joey the bathroom he had Joey bend over to see the depth of the enormous garden tub. As soon as Joey embraced the side with his hands and bent over, Mike dropped to his knees and grabbed the boy's firm bubbly cheeks and spread them open. Joey felt the hot tongue as it bathed his asshole, and almost felt ashamed at knowing the true facts of having just taken a fresh dump. Mike stabbed at the pink dot of an asshole while his nostrils became enraged at the scent scattering throughout his every membrane. Mike had eaten his wife's asshole many times, but only after a good enema and a long soapy bath. The asshole that stung his experienced tongue was sweeter than his wife's could ever be.

The scent drove Mike mad with lust and furious with passion. The aroma slipping from out of the pink hole was strange, yet overwhelmingly pleasurable. Joey leaned further into the tub, giving the man eating his asshole more room to shoot his older tongue deeper inside. Mike's tongue pried its way inside Joey's asshole, sending shockwaves all over his adult body. The tongue explored the boy's anal walls like a blind man trapped in a corner. The unbelievable fresh fragrance from the boy's tongue filled asshole was mind boggling and breathtaking. The more Mike's nostrils trapped the fragrant odor, the harder he slammed his tongue deep inside Joey's bowels.

Mike couldn't get enough of Joey's sweet smelling and splendid tasting asshole. His adult tongue probed and slithered deep inside Joey's ass and Joey was lost in his own sexual delight from the feeling of having his freshly shit asshole plugged by an adult tongue. No longer feeling embarrassed, Joey began shoving his spread ass onto the man's poop chute diving tongue. Joey felt the large hands tenderly grasp his cock and balls and squeeze them while caressing them at the same time.

Mike was lost to the world at the feeling of lapping up the boy's sweet ass juices and holding onto his precious cock and tightly snug balls. Mike was dazed at the softness of Joey's flesh as his left hand confusingly wondered all over the boy's backside. Joey heard and felt Mike spit onto his moist asshole, then his tongue splashed inside once again. The man was almost growling as he snacked on the boy's unbelievably delicious boy hole. The thought of his tongue in his son's friend's asshole never once crossed his mind as he continued his anal assault, driving his tongue wildly in and out of the boy's fragrantly sweet love hole.

Joey was softly moaning and Mike was growling and grunting as he turned Joey around rather quickly and hungrily swallowed the boy's rock hard young cock to the pubic bone. Mike's hands played with Joey's silky flesh of his boy bottom while his mouth greedily sucked on his erect cock like a lollipop. The suction was so intense that Joey's knees buckled, but the large hands of Mike held the boy steady. Joey felt the man's large, thick fingers dig at his asshole as if wanting to rip his ass cheeks wide open.

With the smack of his lips, Mike jumped off of Joey's erect boy meat and he shoved his face between the boy's legs and sucked in his small balls with quite some force causing Joey to raise up on his toes from the tremendous pressure. Mike acted more like a starving lion finding food in the wild. His noises was loud and the suction was relentless, almost painful, as his tongue slobbered over the tiny balls held in its tight sac. Releasing the boy's balls, Mike slammed his mouth back on Joey's hard cock. The man's grunts and growls grew louder as his mouth and tongue increased their pressure.

Joey held onto the top of Mike's head with both hands, arching on his heels and toes as the mouth on his cock increased the suctioning and tongue action. Mike's fingers dug harshly into the boy's asshole, causing the sealed lips to part, allowing his adult finger to shoot inside. The burning sensation returned as the adult finger darted in and out of Joey's already sore ass, but the need to blast his dry load superceded any pain his asshole was sending to his brain. Mike felt the boy's cock expand and throb and he anxiously awaited his boy cream, but all Joey could produce was one hell of a dry orgasm.

Mike was too intent on his burning uncontrolled passion at the most gorgeous boy in the world to bring his intoxicated mind back into a more realistic state. Releasing the boy's cock out of his mouth, he walked hurriedly over to the wall cabinet and retrieved a bottle of baby oil. Walking back to the wide eyed beauty, his right hand grasped the boy's smooth slender shoulder and guided him over to the toilet. By the time Joey got into the position to Mike's satisfaction, his left foot was in a hole in the wall made for a toilet paper dispenser, and his right foot rested on top of the sink. Joey was facing the wall holding onto the metal bar that protruded, having his ass jutting out for the man's full and undivided attention. Joey's slender legs straddled the toilet and he could only look into the small mirror directly in front of him.

Mike was too drunk to realize that this was a young boy and his cock was thick and long; he simply was too intoxicated to care. Joey heard the bottle squeeze and within seconds felt the tip of the bottle being shoved against his widely exposed asshole. Like an animal in heat and with the patience of a Tasmanian Devil, he shoved two oily fingers up Joey's tight hole. Joey initially cringed at the searing pain ripping inside his ass as the fingers turned and dug at his asshole and anal canal.

Mike picked up a towel that was on a ringer and placed it over Joey's head, landing square inside his already open mouth. "Bite down on this so we don't go and wake up my wife and son, okay!" Joey grunted yes as Mike was shoving his enormous man meat at the boy's hole. Joey's body shook violently in preparation of the intense pain he already knew was going to come. Joey wasn't prepared for this because he remembered the pain from Mark's cock and his father's cock was a lot longer and two and half times thicker.

Mike held onto the base of his cock and forcefully fed his meat into the boy's super tight ass. Joey's teeth clamped down as his head began to fling back and forth as the pain increased to what felt to like a soon to be intense explosion. Forgetting he was well endowed and completely ignoring the fact that this was a young boy, Mike slammed the entire length and girth up the boy's shocked asshole in one stroke. Mike didn't wait for the pain to evade the young gorgeous angels body as he began slamming and pounding his man meat in and out of the boy's clinching asshole violently. The pain in his ass almost caused Joey to pass out and he felt as though blood was pouring out of his savagely ripped asshole.

Mike was too far gone to consider anything other than the fact that his cock was on fire in such a tight ass and the skin on the boy's hips and legs felt tremendously wonderful. Mike's left hand was on Joey's left hip and his right hand had curled under the soft thigh of the boy's extended and stretched right leg. Using the boy's body as a tool, Mike pounded his uncut oily cock up the boy's ass like a pile driver. Unlike the slow pain that Mark's cock caused, the fast invasion of the man's thick beast seemed to not last near as long. As the pain slipped away, Joey began hunching his tiny butt on the thrusting man pole that plowed his once sore cock filled, sperm dripping ass.

No longer needing the towel, Joey spat it out and began saying ever so softly and sexy, "Oh yeah, yes, yes, ah shit, fuck my ass, oh hell yeah Mike, fuck me, fuck me hard, yes, yes, harder!" The boy's onslaught of words blistered Mike's intoxicated mind as he quickened his ass plunging pace to a sever pounding. He could feel the boy's ass muscles as they seemed to coil around his pistoling cock with each and every beast like thrust.

The harder he tore into the boy's tight ass, the stronger the ass muscles seemed to get. Joey used the bar clutching in his hands as a weapon to drive his ass onto the hard anal invader while almost screaming, "Fuck me, fuck my ass, yeah, oh shit Mike, yeah that's it, fuck me good, tear my asshole up, fucking shit man, oh fuck yes!" The man began grunting like a mad cow as his cock increased its pace in a mind blurring speed of heated passion.

Joey reached between his legs and snatched a firm hold on his raging hard cock and began pounding it unconscious. Thanks to the alcohol consumed at the party, Mike's stamina was at a more relaxed level and although he needed to spill his load up the boy's hot hole, he simply couldn't just yet. Joey was slamming his butt harder and faster while the cock up his ass was doing the same. Lost in lust and enjoying having his asshole crammed with a hard cock, Joey tossed his head back as his cock spewed out his invisible boy cream. While his cock was straining to release his unleash able load, his ass muscles constricted with an anaconda vice like grip around Mike's impressive hard man meat.

Mike's balls exploded, forcing his piss slit to split open an unleash its violent spray of man cream deep inside the gorgeous boy's convulsing asshole. Both man and boy began screaming and whimpering as their cream, one thick and creamy and the other completely invisible, careened from their angry cock's. Mike did his best to shove both of his cum spewing balls into the boy's asshole along with his raging cock as he pumped with fury to drain his body free from his man sized hot, thick load.

Joey felt every blast of sperm missiles as they coated his anal walls with extra thick hot globs. Mike continued to pump his man cream up the boy's cock pounding ass and Joey did his best at squeezing his ass muscle to capture every sperm cell inside his cock hungry butt. Mike was still slamming his meat inside the boy's milking asshole as his cock began to deflate rather quickly. In one motion, his cock slipped out and he had to grab the sink in order not to fall down. His legs were weak and trembling violently as he stared at the boy's asshole which began leaking his man juice out.

Finally allowing himself to get back on his feet, Joey's knees buckled and he fell onto the toilet as jets of Mike's man cream came shooting out of his asshole, splashing with a thud in the toilet water. Mike could only stare at the boy and listen to his man cream make its splashing noises as it flew from the boy's sweet smelling, super hot, extra tight asshole. While shitting out Mike's thick globs of man sperm, Joey stared at the now soft cock belonging to the man that erased all doubts about his desire for cock up his thirsty cock milking asshole.

After cleaning himself really good, both man and boy went back inside, each going into their perspective bedrooms. Mike climbed in bed next to his lovely wife and only thought of the boy who had to be the most heavenly gorgeous human being his eyes ever graced. Joey climbed back in to the bed next to Mark and thought of the huge cock that shattered his mind with a weird kind of wonderful new passion.

As Joey lay peacefully awake, next to Mark, his thought of having his asshole filled with cock, any cock, prayed on his mind. Quickly, Joey discovered why he stared at guys crotch area all the time; he was indeed, gay. The numerous words that filled his young head began colliding together, many of which making perfect sense. He thought he was ugly at one time, but after today, he now knew better. While his mind raced back in time, his left hand slipped onto his sleeping friend's blood angered hard cock. Mark was on his back and suddenly rolled onto his right side.

Joey smiled as he turned to get on his right side, shoving his perky little bubble butt backwards, forcing Mark's thick mushroom cock head to poke at his still lubricated bung hole. With very little effort applied, Joey inched his butt onto the hard cock, relishing the feeling as the hard cock slid up his chute, rocking his young horny world. He could feel the soft pubic hair as it tickled ever so gently the smooth flesh of his cock impaled butt cheeks. Mark's balls was touching his own sac as Joey began to rock sideways, back and forth on the teen cock that was lovingly pleasing his cock greedy asshole. While Joey was sliding back and forth, his ears caught the gentle snoring Mark was making as he slept rather heavily.

Mark only thought he was dreaming of using his cock to impale the friend he so badly desired. In his dream, he could actually feel the heat, the tightness, the mind boggling aroma as he slammed his teen meat into the most beautiful and sweet smelling asshole in all of the universe. Though his dream was actually a reality, Mark was too far gone in his little sleep world to realize that his hard cock was really inside his younger friend's manipulative asshole. The very same asshole he came to base upon the fact that could never be used for the purpose of taking a crap.

In his mind, he had already smelled it, tasted it, and fucked it, and nothing close to poop ever came into play; be it his inhaling nostrils, or the cock that was used to drain his sperm in the young boy's bung hole. While impaling the young boy's bung hole with his cock, Mark justified his every theory that his young gorgeous friend was one hundred percent, shit free.

In less than five minutes of rocking his butt onto his friend's hard cock, Joey felt the familiar feeling of hot forceful jets as they began coating his slippery anal walls. Mark's cock erupted his teen juices, sending them flying into Joey's gyrating ass while Joey jerked and pounded on his sperm free cock. Joey's mind bursted into sparkles as his cock expanded and unleashed a violent and tremendous array of sperm free blasts. Slamming his young boy meat while crushing Mark's pubic bone with his cock clamping ass, Joey's body shuttered with electricity from feeling the hot watery missiles firing round after round straight up his poop canal.

As Joey's body slowed its violent jerking, his ass muscles fought to keep the softening cock inside. Joey could feel Mark's cock wanting to slip out and he began using every one of his ass muscles to grip the soft cock and yank it back into its warmest depths. As time raced on, so did Joey's anaconda like ass muscles as they battled with the now lifeless cock that once filled his body with so much wondrous joy. Somewhere during the silent struggle, Joey's eyes closed and his breathing slowed as his gentle whispers flowed freely from his nostrils.

While sleeping ever so angelically, Joey's young mind began wondering about new pleasures he could find as his summer of beach play was just in the making. His so-called "beauty" could be used as a weapon to get the one thing he now knew he longed for, a hard cock!

This story is based on the real life Joey Pierce who is indeed 12 years young and is an Australian beauty, a wondrous creation from the Heavens above. Upon his request, this story and possibly others, was written. In a strange and unique twist of fate, Joey has requested that I post his email address. I can only request that no vulgarity be implemented in any contact with Joey, as well as requests of any photos. Though the character is real, the story is only a fantasy in which the only truth is his real name, upon his request.

Please feel free to contact Joey and express your pleasure or displeasure of HIS story.