To begin this story, I will explain a few things about me, so I can give you the full picture. My name is Steve and at the present moment, I am 37 years old. I was born and raised in a small western town, went on to college, and became a big city detective. I was fortunate enough to have been married, an now, happily divorced from the bitch from hell. Up to this point in my life, I considered myself to be a normal heterosexual male, always ready to bed some hot looking chick, but in the course of things to come, my life as I once knew it, would evidentially change.

I received a phone call from the town Mayor who asked me to apply for the Sheriffs position, since the guy who had been Sheriff for a hundred years had just recently passed away. I thought about it for a week or so and was sort of pressured by my family who still lived in this one horse town. I flew back home and applied. The race for the Sheriff's position, if you could call it that, was extremely lop sided. I won hands down with 100% of the votes. As the truth be told, I won this seat only because there was no other contestants for the job!

This little town of about 8,000 or so people was represented by me, the Sheriff, and my four deputies. It actually felt great to go to work without having to wear a monkey suit, wearing just a pair of jeans and a button up shirt, and my cowboy boots. Now, I'm no Adonis, and do not consider myself as some true hunk of a man, but standing 6'4" and weighing a very solid 235 pounds, I was no slouch either. My hair is light brown and I keep it cut in the typical crew cut fashion. I do have a neatly trimmed goatee which sort of offsets my deep forest green eyes.

Before I go any further with this story, I must confess that I am a true to day, perversely deviant, butt man. All my life, ever since I could entertain the thought of fantasy, I had been addicted to butts. I think I married my wife only because of her drop dead, mouth watering, shapely butt, not to mention, she was heavy into anal sex. So, with that being said, I hope you can foresee what type of sex I prefer!

My life would start changing on a Thursday afternoon while at the office, slash, jail. I was in my office going over some old case files when one of the deputies brought a young boy in handcuffs straight to me. The boy had been crying and I could easily tell he did not like the feeling of his hands being handcuffed behind him. The boy was petrified of the scenario unfolding before his very young eyes. I judged him to be somewhere between 13 and 15 years old, kind of scrawny, standing 5'5" and weighing about 120 pounds with flashy red hair flowing just above the shoulder blades, neatly feathered straight back.

The deputy spun the boy around and literally slammed him into the chair before me, then howled,

"Sheriff, I caught this little fucker defacing school property. He was spray painting the side of the gym's wall when I rolled up on him. The little shit tried to run, but I nabbed him before he could get too far. I also found this bag of pot on him too!"

I instructed the deputy to take the handcuffs off and then to leave the office and close the door behind him. Once the deputy was out of the room, I simply asked,

"Why, why'd you do it?

His eyes were filling with water and I could tell he was trying to muster up the words to speak, so I just smiled at him and leaned back into my chair, awaiting his response.

He fidgeted in the chair, took a deep breath, and pleaded,

"Sir, I, I'm sorry. I wont ever do that again, I promise! Please don't lock me up sir!"

The tears flowed like a rapid waterfall, dripping onto the floor between his feet. Through conversation, I found out that his name is Martin and he is 13 years old. According to the records, Martin had more than just a few run-ins with the Sheriffs Department. From shoplifting to defacing private property, and a few various misdemeanors here and there, Martin was truly one kid who was out of control. I confronted him about the marijuana the deputy found, and like always, he said it wasn't his.

I left him inside my office and went out to speak with the deputy. It was clearly obvious that this deputy had busted this boy many, many times. Since this was summer and school was already out, I decided to shake the boy up since nothing else seemed to work on him. The deputy had informed me about how the previous Sheriff tried to reform the boy, but nothing apparently worked.

We have four jail cells and none of them had any guests, so I pushed my office door open and told Martin to follow me. I grabbed onto his right shoulder and guided him into one of the cells. If he hadn't been crying before, he certainly was doing so now. I stood right in the doorway and looked straight at him, shivering from head to toe, and said,

"Well Martin, with drugs being found on you, you have to submit to a strip search, so start taking off your clothes and hand me each item, one at a time. NOW!"

Martin kicked off his shoes and handed them to me, one shoe at a time, just like he had been instructed. He was wearing a pale yellow pull over T-shirt and I watched as he nervously struggled to free himself of his shirt. With his arms stretched towards the ceiling, I could barely see a few wisps of bright red hair sneaking under his armpits. Martin's nipples were small, but from the cold floor bearing down on his socked feet, they became profoundly erect. Using the back wall for support, he peeled off each sock, handing them to me, one at a time. One thing was for sure though, my deputy sure was loving the terror in Martin's watery eyes.

Standing in the center of the cold concrete floor, Martin began pulling down his faded, and worn out, blue jeans. Once they were off and he handed them to me, I took my time inspecting every square inch. Now, he was standing there wearing only his baggy boxers with one very erect cock forcing the thin material to spring forth. Not only was Martin nervous about the strip search, I could tell he was embarrassed about his erection poking out in front of two men wearing badges. After I tossed his pants onto the counter behind me, it became a staring match as Martin just stood there pondering to pull his boxers off.

As time progressed, I pointed at his boxers and just stood there looking at him. Martin pleaded,

"Please Sheriff, please don't make me get naked! I wont ever fool around with marijuana ever again, I promise! Please, please don't make me do this sir!"

His tears was falling like a busted faucet and I actually felt sorry for him, but a lesson is a lesson, a lesson for his own good. I pointed at his boxers and strongly said,

"Those too! Let's get on with it!"

Martin ashamedly began pushing his boxers down his slender legs. His belly button protruded slightly outwards and when he pushed them down a bit further, his bright red patch of pubic hair came hustling out into plain view. Well, calling it a patch is stretching it a bit. It was more like a small semi circle hovering over and around the base of his cock. With one final push, his boxers hit the floor and his erection came flopping out for all to see. Martin's erection stuck out from his slender body a good five inches, and right in the middle of his slender shaft, it angled downwards. It almost looked like his cock was broke right in the middle! His mushroom head was a dull pinkish in color and was just a tad thicker than his shaft.

His balls had already dropped into their virtually hairless sac and both were equal in size, resembling two perfectly rounded golf balls. As Martin fidgeted on each foot, I could see his balls dance into the cold damp air. I had him lift his balls up over his cock so the drug inspection could go forward. With him lifting up his young balls, I was bent over and had my eyes within a few short inches of this view. I had him lift his arms straight into the air as I began using my hands to roam his hairless upper body. To my electrifying surprise, Martin's skin felt like sheets of satin, and soon, I felt my own cock begin to spring to the occasion.

After inspecting his front portions thoroughly, I told him to turn around. It was then, at this very moment, that my life the way I once knew it, would forever change. As he slowly spun around, my eyes dropped to his two muscular tear dropped shaped buns. They were small, but they were definitely shapely. They jutted out from his satin like flesh like two small melons. I was left absolutely speechless, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see that I wasn't the only one with an erection problem. My deputy had the front of his jeans tenting out painfully as well.

I ran my fingers through his soft hair, only adding to my misery. My fingers roamed his back and when I got to his magnificent shapely ass, I instructed Martin to bend over and grab his ankles with his hands. Hesitantly and embarrassed, Martin did what I instructed him to do, pleasuring my bewildered eyes with his spread crack. His little butt hole was convulsing in its puckering nervous motion as I looked on. His crack was hairless and his little pucker hole was a mixture of pale pink crossed with a natural creamy color. For whatever the perverted reason, I took a quick deep breath. My nose was within a few inches of his spread crack and the first offering of aroma shot through my nostrils caused goose bumps to cover my trembling body.

The scent was musky mixed with a hint of faded fragrant soap. Taking matters one step further, I placed both of my thumbs on the inside of his crack, maneuvering each thumb to gently rest directly onto his anus, and spread them even wider. His hole opened giving my eyes the splendor of virgin territory. Bright pink crashed through my eyes as his tight little anal entrance barely opened. When I released his butt cheeks, I stole the moment to gracefully pretend to sneeze, placing both thumbs up to my nostrils, inhaling Martin's most hidden of treasures. The scent was truly intoxicating!

I backed out of the cell as Martin turned around. I saw his eyes fall onto my raging bulge as I closed the cell door, leaving him standing there bare ass naked. I watched as his eyes fell onto my deputy's throbbing erection as well. Martin boldly asked,

"What about my clothes? You can't just leave me in here naked!"

I fired back,

"Since you like to violate other peoples property, steal, and do drugs, now you get to feel what it's like to be violated! Your clothes will be locked into a cabinet and I'll let you out when I feel like it. Not a minute sooner either!"

I went back to my office and the deputy went back out on patrol. I tried to call Martin's home, but the phone just rang and rang. His file was still in front of me and after reading more and more of it, I couldn't understand why he was not placed into a juvenile facility. This kid was a criminal at best with no regard whatsoever for the law and what it represents. My door was open, giving me a clear shot at Martin sitting on the hard bed, with only a thin mattress covering the steel structure. His knees was covering his chest and his slender arms were clutching his knees. Even from this distance, I could see the sweet little trail from just under his shriveled up balls, leading to his memory burned little butt hole.

Having nothing but time on my hands, I walked over to Martin's cell, pulled up a chair and we began talking. I found out that he lived with his mother who was a workaholic. He had no clue who or where his father might be, nor did he have any brothers or sisters. Our conversation was pleasant and we just talked and talked, pretty much about life in general. Everything was going pretty smooth until Martin said,

"Sheriff, you got me naked so you could check me out! I aint stupid you know! I saw your hard-on and Deputy Shit Head's too! Let's cut through all the bull shit, okay? Are you going to be like the Sheriff before you and suck me off then let me go? That old bastard was a weird pervert. Everyone knows when a kid got into trouble, all he had to do was pull out his cock and the crime would soon be forgotten. The old Sheriff would suck us off then send us on our way. The only reason why I am telling you all of this is because the old pervert is dead. He's been sucking boys cocks for years and years. Any young boy who fucks up, got his dick sucked for free. So, cutting through the crap, are you just going to sit there and stare at me naked, or are you going to open up this fucking cell and suck me off?"

Never had I ever even thought about doing anything with another guy, much less a 13 year old, but Martin had hit the nail right on the head. I was a mess and couldn't understand why my thoughts were on Martin's ass and his still erect cock. His cock was pointing right at me and it was fluttering up and down with his every heartbeat. There was something about the way Martin looked as well that intrigued me that much more. His face was slender and his lips were as bright as cherry. Freckles dashed across his nose and sprinkled a fine mist across each slender cheek.

As I sat there lost in perverse thought, Martin slid off the rack and gracefully walked over to the cell entrance and shoved his 5 inches of cut beauty right through the bars. My nose was so close to his mushroom cock head, I could smell the musky aroma spewing feverishly up my flared nostrils. As if instinct or a powerful magnet took over my complete bodily controls, I opened my mouth and Martin shoved his slender hunk of meat all the way in and began ramming my cock filled mouth like a maniac.

While he was fucking my mouth, I was trying to distinguish whether or not I liked the feeling of his young cock sliding in and out of my lips. Even his hard cock felt like satin as my hands grasped the bars, shoving my mouth onto his thrusting cock. Martin's own little hands clutched onto the bars, using them to aide his thrusting of his young hard cock in and out of my saliva dripping mouth. Whatever had come over me to suck his cock, was something that was certainly not on my mind at this time. Just embellishing the feeling of his slender hard satin like cock sliding past my lips while my nostrils captured his aromatic aroma.

Martin screamed,

"Yeah, yessssssssssssssss, suck that dick mother fucker! Suck it you fucking pig!"

His words of humiliation only turned me on that much more as I began cramming my face onto the bar separating his cock and his pubic region. Since this was my first time at sucking a cock, I had no clue as to what to expect. I did feel his cock expand then my mouth was filling rapidly with his watery hot semen. I felt his cum spring from his cock like miniature missiles, striking the roof of my mouth with each volley. As the first of his watery cream slipped down my throat, my taste buds that once preferred a woman's juice, now was hooked on sperm. It was sweeter than I anticipated and it tasted ten times better than any woman I had ever eaten.

I was slurping and swallowing Martin's sperm as fast as he offered it to me until his once rock hard cock began softening, still inside the confinements of my milking mouth. I felt as though I could have sucked his cock forever, but it was Martin who yanked it out of my mouth, and took a couple of steps backwards. Martin stated,

"Holy shit Sheriff, that was better than the old bastard who just died. Now you sucked my dick, so let me go, okay!"

I grabbed the cell keys and opened the door. His clothes were still in the cabinet as I pointed to the bars and said,

"Not just yet! Climb up the bars and stick that little butt of yours as far out as you can!"

Martin looked somewhat shocked at my instructions, but he started climbing up the crossbars until he was in position, then hesitantly said,

"Sheriff, I don't get fucked! I don't know what you want to do, but please don't try to fuck...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

As he was speaking, I was resting on my knees and slammed my mouth directly onto his little rosebud, using my tongue to eat his ass furiously. The sensation of his creamy tight cheeks twitching between my cheeks while my tongue was slithering and probing his virgin hole was beyond awesome. Martin began inching his feet from one bar to the other, spreading his little ass even farther apart. He was whimpering, moaning, cooing, and groaning as my tongue dined on his sweet hole as if lost in total luxury.

While my tongue explored his virgin butt hole, my hands explored his smooth delicate body. His once sleeping cock grew ever so hard into my right hand while my left hand began toying with his hairless young balls. The musky aroma was a tad bit heavier spewing from his ass, but it was an extreme turn on for my already out of control hormones. Listening to him purr while I pleased his young body was nothing but pure elegance to my ears. Though his little hole fought against my tongue's increasing pressure, somewhere in time, Martin lost control and my tongue darted inside his super tight and extra hot anal chute.

I was now jacking his hard cock, pulling on his balls, and rapidly tongue fucking his sweet virgin asshole. The more he groaned, the harder and faster I tongue fucked his muscle clenching chute. Soon, Martin warned me of his need to cum, so reluctantly, I pulled my tongue from his ass, turned around, and sat on the floor with his cock aimed directly over my already opened mouth. My mouth replaced my hand and soon, his fiery hot sperm began rapidly rifling his hot cream down my gulping throat. With his young cock going into a sperm shooting frenzy, I placed just the fingertip of my right index finger into his asshole. Martin screamed out as my finger bored into his asshole, but his cock picked up the sperm shooting delivery, sending more and more of his delicious load down my greedy throat.

As the last of his delicious load slid down my throat, I let his cock slip out of my mouth and helped him down from his awkward position. Martin could barely stand on his trembling knees and his eyes were dancing in their sockets. My own body was shivering out of control as well just standing there admiring this naked young beauty. I retrieved his clothes and placed them on the bed, then sat down at the foot of the bed in total awe watching him get dressed.

When he was fully clothed, I asked,

"Martin, why did you break out in tears when my deputy first brought you to me? You have been in trouble with the law plenty of times and always managed to get out of it. So, why?"

He sat down next to me and looked me straight into the eyes then softly whispered,

"I knew what to do with the old Sheriff, but after all, you are new. I didn't know if you were going to be like him or not, so I just played it out and hoped for the best. When I saw you staring at me naked and got a hard-on, I knew my chances just got better. The old Sheriff would bring us in here, or in his office, and suck our dicks until we shot our loads into his mouth, then he would send us home."

I had to press on with one more question,

"Well, if he was doing all of that, why didn't any of you ever speak up and tell someone?"

Martin smiled, licked his lips, then replied,

"What for? Most of the grown up men here has had their dicks in his mouth at one point or another when they were younger. Nobody here cares! Let me put it to you this way Sheriff. If you had your choice of going to Juvenile Detention or getting your dick sucked dry, which one would you pick?"

I pondered his last question and it made perfect sense. I already know which choice I would pick and it certainly wouldn't be locked up. I placed my left arm around Martin's shoulders and said,

"You are free to go now, but could you please do your best to stay out of trouble! You are a good-looking young man and jail is no place where you ever want to be. Just do what you know is right and don't do what you know is wrong. Can you do that for me?"

Martin squeezed my left leg with his right hand while stating,

"Sheriff, if I stay out of trouble, then I can't ever get my dick sucked, right?"

I smiled, then fired back,

"You are going to find this hard to believe, but you are the first for me at sucking dick. You don't need to get into trouble for me to do that. Just stop by anytime!"

It was as if Martin woke up on Christmas morning and there tons of presents around the tree, just for him. With a smile that could steal hearts, he quickly replied,

"I can make that deal with you, but I was wondering, could you do, you know, um, tongue my butt again? That's sort of gross, but holy cow, it feels great!"

We shook hands as to our deal and I walked him to the main entrance and watched him walk down the sidewalk until he was out of my view. As I sat back in my chair, I couldn't believe to what I had just done. I was dazed, shocked, horrified, and excited as to knowing I had sucked a young boy's cock and ate his virgin ass, and as for my rewards, he wanted seconds.

The one part of this story that I intentionally failed to mention was the size of my cock. In all honesty, I married my ex-wife mainly because of her ass, and now that the truth be known, she only married me for my cock. By no means am I stretching the truth when I say I am blessed in the cock department, cause I know there are plenty of men out there with cocks that make mine look rather small, but when erect, it measures 9 " long and just over 5" in circumference. I have rather large balls that are definitely considered low hangers. I keep my balls shaved and my pubic hair neatly trimmed.

Now that I have told you about my cock, my erect cock is now in my right hand and I am pounding the living daylights out of it while thinking of Martin and all we had just done. I was lost in my own little world of blissful fantasy when one of the Deputy's walked in. He couldn't see my cock thanks to my large desk, but he walked right on in and sat in the chair before me. Daniel is his name and he is the youngest on my staff. Daniel is 22 years old, but in all honesty, he doesn't look a day older than 16. It was during our conversation that I began having wild thoughts of Daniel. My mind kept on mixing things up with Daniel and Martin, seeing them naked, waiting for our sexual frenzy to take place.

When Daniel left my office, my eyes riveted directly onto his tight blue jean covered jutting ass, and oh what an ass this young beauty has. Daniel has wavy brown hair and brown eyes to match, standing a good 6' even and weighing a good 160 pounds. As soon as he left, I pulled his file and discovered he had been born and raised right here in this small town. Now, I was curious to know if he had ever had a run-in with the deceased Sheriff. I know I never knew about the former Sheriff, mainly because, I was probably not his type.

I gave up on jacking myself to delirium, cause my office became Grand Central Station. Between my Deputies and the general public, I had no time to myself. Two weeks went by and Martin became a steady visitor each day. Everyday was the same. I'd suck him off, then eat his wonderful ass, and suck him off again. The positive note was that Martin was staying out of trouble and I was having a blast making him cum.

On more of a depressing note, as for just me, I began finding myself burning holes onto most of the younger boys and younger men's butts. The once prevalent thought of women no longer pressed into my mind, just the boys and younger men. I'd fantasize about what their cocks looked like, what their sperm would taste like, and even more so, what their butts tasted like. I soon became my own worst enemy! Each night, I would jack myself off while thinking only of males.

Sometime during my third week, while on patrol around midnight, I came upon a vehicle that was parked off the road with the lights turned out. From my vantage point, I knew whoever was in the vehicle couldn't have spotted me, so I pulled over, cut the lights out, and cautiously inched myself towards the vehicle. As I got closer, I could see the windows were fogged up and the sounds of sex was echoing against the still of the night. I approached from the front of the vehicle and slid along the driver's side edge. All I could make out was a guy's ass thrusting up and down at a venomous speed. Grunts and moans, and the sound of flesh pounding flesh, was all that could be heard. The vehicle was rocking from all the motion inside and whoever was getting plowed, was definitely loving every thrusting second of it.

I pressed my face harder against the driver's side window and strained to catch a glimpse of the interior. The windows were just too fogged up for me to tell who was inside. I slid further down the vehicle's side and peered into the rear driver's side window. I could just make out the humping ass of whoever was doing the plowing. From my view, the ass doing all the pounding was rather small, but shapely. I could barely make out the fine little crack hairs that were kind of dark as they traveled up and down the thrusting crack. The little bung hole was slightly covered with tiny hairs and each time the butt thrust outwards, the little pucker hole took the moment to steal a breath.

As time passed, the thrusting ass hastened its pace. I strained my ears to see if I could detect just who was in the car, but all I could hear was the moans and groans. With several choices to decide from...I could pound on the window and force them to get out, or just wait until it was all over. I decided to free my own hard cock and slowly jack myself and wait. After about fifteen or so long minutes, the humping ass slowed to a snails pace. I knew whoever was doing the fucking had just busted a nut and I would soon found out who was inside the vehicle. I had to fight my hard cock to go back inside my pants as I walked a few steps and stood next to a tree and waited.

With the flashlight in my left hand and my right hand on the butt of my gun, I waited for the occupants to exit the vehicle. The rear driver's side door opened slowly and out stepped a young boy of around 15 or so. He was fumbling with his pants and belt, only a mere 5 feet from where I stood. His hair was a dirty blonde and swung freely to his neck line. From my view, it looked like he stood about 5' 10" and couldn't have weighed no more than 130 pounds soaking wet. I didn't know his name, but I remembered him rather clearly as to being one of the stars in more than a few of my jack-off sessions.

The rear passenger side door opened and I was immediately floored to find that Daniel, my young good-looking deputy, was the other occupant. He had been on the receiving end of one heck of an ass pounding plowing by the younger boy. As the two met at the front of the car's hood, they immediately began kissing. With their tongues deep into the others mouth, I hit them both with the flashlights bright beam.

Their mouths fell from the other and they both looked as if they had seen a ghost. I walked straight up to them and altered the light so that both of them could see who the person was who had just busted them. Daniel tried to speak, but the words just wouldn't come out. The boy was so scared that he pissed his pants and I could clearly see the wetness highlighting his jeans and forming a small puddle at his feet. Had it not been for the front of the car, I think they both would have passed out from fear.

I lit the boy's face up with my light and asked,

"What's your name?"

As intense as it could ever get, the boy nervously replied,

"Kyle sir, Kyle Adams sir!

Then came my next question,

"Okay Kyle, how old are you?"

He began prancing on both feet, hesitating to answer the question, but with a frog stuck in his throat, he replied,

"Um, I'm um, 14 sir!"

Once again, Daniel tried to speak, but he simply just couldn't. I walked right up to Daniel and hit his face with the light and said,

"Well Daniel, it looked and sounded like you enjoyed getting your ass plowed by this young boy's cock. I don't know what to say, much less, do! So, tell me Daniel, what do you think I should do?"

Daniel's eyes filled with tears as he began mumbling,

"Sir, I'm sorry, truly sorry! It wont ever happen again, I promise you that sir! Just fire me and I will leave town first thing in the morning...You have my word on that sir!"

I shot Daniel an intentional mean look and softly said,

"No, I'm not going to fire you, but have your ass in my office first thing in the morning!"

I made Daniel leave, leaving me and Kyle still standing where they had just once parked. As soon as Daniel was long gone, I put my right hand on Kyle's left shoulder and asked,

"So, how long have you been fucking my deputy?"

Kyle looked up to greet my eyes with his crystal blue eyes and ever so softly whispered,

"We've been messing around for two years now. Sheriff, this whole thing is not Daniel's doing, it's mine. So, if anyone has to be punished, it should be me, not Daniel. I chased him and finally wore him down. He didn't want to do anything with me cause of my age, I swear that to you right now!"

Trying my hardest to be the authoritarian, I pressed on,

"Well, I take it you both are gay, and after what I saw tonight, I can figure you like to fuck him, is that correct?"

Kyle offered the slightest of smiles, then replied,

"Yes sir, but we take turns. Sometimes I fuck him, and other times, he fucks me!"

The longer I stood there talking with him, the more gorgeous and appetizing he became. I couldn't blame Daniel for what he had done, more like jealous is the proper word. Kyle was indeed a gorgeous boy. His entire demeanor was older than his true age. As my light glistened across his gorgeous face, I became intrigued at his every intricate detail. His eyebrows were thin and his eyelashes were long and curled upwards. His crystal blue eyes could hold you still in their mighty trance. His slightly upturned little button nose had just a few speckles of freckles darting along the very bridge and the faintest of moustaches graced his upper cherry colored lip. Even his small ears were just as perfect as they lay peacefully against the sides of his head.

As I stared into his entrancing eyes, my mind wondered back in time as to the scene of his thrusting little ass and the fine dark hairs that crawled ever so gracefully up and down his little crack. The memory of his tiny puckering pucker hole popped into my mind as my ears listened to his soft voice ramble on. It was he was doing all the talking and his angelic voice seemed to be coming from far off in the distance as my own devious thoughts were sounding off inside my head as clear as day.

Somewhere in mid sentence, I cut him off and said,

"Kyle, according to the law, what the two of you did was wrong, but I see no reason to pursue the matter in a legal sort of way. But I do have one question for you though. As good as you look, why in heaven's name would you go after someone who is much older than you? Surely, you could have your choice of any guy close to your own age."

Kyle immediately replied,

"I tried it a few times with guys my own age, but to be honest with you Sheriff, it kind of sucked! All they want to do is jack each other off, and if you're lucky, you might can even swap a blow-job, but to try anal sex, now that's out of the question, and I do love anal sex! It makes me feel like I am someone special! I honestly don't know how to explain it, but I just do, I just do love anal sex!"

The more we talked, the harder my cock became. I was just about to speak when Kyle blurted out,

"Besides Sheriff, most guys my age have kind of small cocks. I like them big, if you know what I mean! Daniel doesn't have the biggest, but you can take this to the bank, he sure as heck knows how to use it!"

This only tossed out another curious question,

"So, what's the biggest cock you've had?"

Like a peacock strutting its stuff, Kyle smiled a joyous smiled, then proudly said,

"I aint going to tell you his name, but he has a cock that's near 8 inches long and its kind of thick!"

With that being said, I served up,

"Ouch, that must hurt going up your little ass!"

Kyle replied,

"Yeah, but it hurts soooooooooo good!"

Just by talking with Kyle, I figured him to be a cock hound and decided to try my luck. Knowing he couldn't see me clearly, I unzipped my zipper and hauled out my pre cum spewing rock hard man meat and was holding it into my right hand, aiming it straight at him. My mind was thinking rapidly of my next question when my mouth blurted out,

"What if someone, a guy, who let's say, has a big cock, just pulled it out and pointed it at you...What would you do?"

His eyes became even brighter and his smile broadened even wider as he replied,

"I'd probably jump on it faster than a heartbeat!"

I lowered the light to shine brightly on my raging erection and my ears captured his angelic voice,

"Oh shit Sheriff, that's the biggest cock I've ever seen!"

To be true to his own words, Kyle literally ran in front of me and sank to his knees. His tongue immediately began swarming around my helmet, scooping up gallons of oozing pre cum. His moans of joy echoed deep into my ears as his fiery hot breath beat down onto my throbbing man meat. His hands clutched onto my cock and began squeezing upwards, forcing more pre cum to fall onto his slithering tongue.

Kyle lifted my heavy balls and began bathing them ever so delicately with his juvenile tongue causing my legs to buckle under this profound excitement. His hands skillfully jacked my cock while his tongue swarmed all over my freshly shaven hairless balls. The boy was driving me crazy with his hot breath and snake like tongue. His tongue traveled over my balls and began sliding along the shaft of my aching cock. Just before his mouth got to my cock head, he whispered,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is a fucking cock!"

He crammed about four thick inches inside his mouth before his gag reflexes took over. Even gagging, Kyle was doing his best to stuff more and more of my thick meat down his little throat. My hands filtered through his dirty blonde soft hair, relishing in the feeling of his pure beauty. By no means was Kyle a stranger at sucking cock, cause his skilled mouth and exploring tongue was sending shivers racing up and down my spine.

Just as I got real close, Kyle backed off and returned to bathing my balls with his mouth and tongue. He managed to get only one ball inside his mouth, taking the time to let one slip out, and then slowly bake the other one. My mind was spinning as to the joy this boy was giving me, but it was I who wanted to sample the goods he had to offer. I tried to pull his mouth off of my balls, but when I did, he quickly sucked in about five thick inches down his throat. His head bobbed up and down on my meat at a hastened pace while his fingers fondled my swinging balls. Each time I got close, Kyle knew it and backed off. He took turns sucking my cock and milking my balls while his hands caressed my backside.

Being a rather warm summer's night and the moon offered dim lighting, I managed to pull Kyle to his feet and pull his shirt over his head. With his head captured under his shirt and his arms extended straight towards the sky, I stole the moment to sink my mouth on his exposed almost hairless left armpit. The flavor of his sweat burned into my mouth as I sucked and nibbled, roaming my tongue at will all over the sweaty surface. Kyle's feet caused his body to dance in the wind as his soft moans got lost in the thick forest trees.

I sucked each armpit thoroughly, tasting his every purity I could savor. Trapping his head and arms with his own shirt, clutching it tightly with my left hand, I let my tongue and teeth find his perky little nipples. As soon as my teeth sank around his nipple and my tongue danced ever so freely just over the tip, Kyle let out a loud moan and long purring whimper. My right hand groped his throbbing erection trapped inside his tight jeans. I could feel his bundled up cock and balls through the thick material. His hairless six pack solid stomach muscles churned with his every breath. His little dent of a belly button was the purest vision of sheer utter perfection!

After dining on his nipples, I released my grip on his shirt, allowing him to free himself and toss the shirt to the ground. His hands quickly fell on to my head and his fingers began racing through my crew cut hair ever so wildly. He was panting and cooing as my tongue slurped up the sweat dripping from his heavy breathing torso. My fingers pulled at his belt and once his buckle was free, I began fumbling with the buttons holding the front of his pants in place. One by one, feeling his cock press against my trembling hand, the buttons slipped from their hole until the last button was undone.

I was sliding his pants down to his ankles, taking mental notes of the yellow bikini underwear, capturing the outline of his cock as it tented the thin material outwards. As my fingers began tugging on his underwear, Kyle offered,

"Sheriff, my dick isn't so clean. Remember, I just fucked Daniel with it!"

I thought to myself, yeah that's right. Now, I can knock out two birds with one stone. Suck Kyle's cock and taste Daniel's ass all at the same time. My fingers pulled his bikini underwear down until I saw a soft little patch of a perfectly shaped small V of tiny curly black pubic hair. I could now see the base of his creamy colored hard cock as I pulled the thin material outwards, up and over, until his cock shot straight out. He was circumcised, well sort of. Though he was as hard as a rock, he still had a little skin just barely covering his enlarged pale pink mushroom head. His cock angled upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle and was nearly twice as thick as Martin's cock with the head being a bit wider.

Kyle's thin piss slit was literally gaping open and pre cum was steadily oozing out. There wasn't a vein line anywhere to be seen on his proud rock hard cock. As my eyes lowered to view his balls, I could just barely see a few tiny dark strands of hair scattered widely apart on his small perfectly egg shaped balls. The sac itself looked baggy compared to his balls, baggy, but definitely swollen. It looked more like a tennis ball covering than a sac, but neither here nor there, this boy certainly had everything going his way!

My nose slid alongside his helmet, taking deep breaths as to the aroma it offered. Sweat, sperm, and Daniel's fine ass! The smell was something out of this world and not anything like one would believe it really should be. I mean, Kyle had just used his gorgeous cock to fuck the living shit out of my deputy, Daniel, and by no means, was there any offerings of such a dirty deed. I pressed my inhaling nostrils hard against his balls and took deep breaths, torturing my already spinning mind beyond any realm, beyond any fathom.

My tongue licked all over his balls causing Kyle to whimper and groan feverishly. In one vacuum like effort, I sucked in both of his tasty balls and let my tongue savagely swarm and attack each delicate one. Kyle was now standing on his toes as I sucked harder and harder and used my tongue as a wild and frantic weapon. The taste shocking my taste buds could never be explained by words, only by actions.

With his balls trapped inside my mouth, I pressed my face harder into his mound, slithering my tongue as far as it could reach from under his balls up to his divinely tasty crack. Though I couldn't see it, I knew my tongue was within a fraction of an inch of his tiny asshole. He could only spread his legs as far as his clothes bunched up at his ankles would allow, but he was fighting against the material to spread his muscular legs wider apart.

My hands gathered at his solid ass cheeks and my fingers wasted no time in diving right in. My fingertips grazed his twitching asshole while my tongue fought to its utmost limits to strike his little hole, keeping both tender nuggets inside my mouth at the same time. Using my fingers to aide my efforts, as soon as each one slid across his asshole, the finger would grace my tongue with his pure and natural taste, and oh what a taste this young gorgeous boy offered. Nothing foul, nothing considered dirty, just pure bliss and mind boggling honey!

Freeing his balls, my tongue found his pre cum oozing piss slit and began basking in the luxury of his silky flesh. Kyle's pre cum awoke my every inhibitions, offering no hint of salt or anything I can actually compare it to...Just sweet! Soon, I found myself sucking his cock to the root, moaning at the feeling of his teen cock stretching my lips with each up and down bobbing motion. The pure taste of his cock, his pre cum, his sperm, and Daniel's ass was way more than I could have ever dreamed of.

My fingers were still toying with his asshole while my mouth continued on with the delicious savoring sucking of Kyle's perfect cock. His fingers dug into the sides of my head and his whimpers pounded my eardrums. The finger digging at his tiny asshole penetrated up to the first knuckle. His ass muscles converged onto my invading finger, doing their best to crush it. Kyle blurted out something like he was close, but I was too far gone to hear anything. I wanted to taste his seed and relish in its flavor, and I was more than prepared to stop at nothing to get it.

Just like in the case with Martin, Kyle's cock expanded and soon the roof of my mouth was rewarded with several thick spurts of boiling hot Kyle cream. He was hunched over my head while his cock unleashed its precious load straight into my mouth. My lips locked his cock into my mouth as I increased the suction on his sperm shooting cock.

Kyle's cock fired off 8 to 10 huge spurts before slowing to a steady dribble. The finger in his ass was now going to town, fucking his tight hole like tomorrow would never come. With just a steady dribble of his cum, Kyle arched his body and I felt his entire solid body convulse and then another round of sperm torpedoes fired off into my mouth. There was about 5 to 8 solid rounds of sperm hitting the roof of my mouth, then his sperm slowed to a slow, but steady oozing. I had not yet allowed any of his thick cream to enter my throat, though my throat was literally begging to sample the quality Kyle had to offer.

His cock remained as hard as a board though no more sperm graced my mouth. Keeping his silk like hard cock in my mouth, I anxiously tasted my first sampling of Kyle's teen cream. Just like Martin, there was actually no taste whatsoever. In my mind, I convinced myself that Kyle's sperm was nothing more than melted chocolate, and if possible, sweeter than chocolate.

The finger that once tore through his ass, slowed to a yawning pace. I was still sucking his cock when Kyle, heavily panting, whispered,

"Sheriff, please, please fuck me! I got to feel that big cock of yours up my ass! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

I pulled my mouth from his still raging erection and whispered,

"We've got no lubrication!"

Kyle fired back,

"Just spit on it! That will work!"

I forced my finger from his ass and guided him to the tree and had him place both hands on the huge bulk of the pine tree. With all the knowledge in this world, Kyle spread his legs wide while sticking his perfectly shaped bubble ass for me to do with at will. Temptation and a burning desire forced me to slam my face in between his crack, using my tongue as a drill to plow right inside his ass. Kyle immediately began whimpering as my tongue fought against his anal muscles to explore his powerfully hot interior. The heat, the tightness, and the mind boggling aroma crashed through my body like a ton of bricks.

Kyle's spread eagled body was shaking all over as my tongue sent chills up and down his spine while exploring his anal territory. I tongue fucked his juicy ass for a long time, listening to him beg me to fuck him the entire time. No longer was I the Sheriff, no longer a mere man, I had vastly become nothing less than a crazed animal!

Slipping my tongue from his ass, I gave his crack one last long lick, up and down the entire small length. I led him over to my police vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe and asked him one last time if he was sure he wanted me to fuck him. Kyle quickly announced,

"For God's sake, impale my asshole with that huge hunk of bull meat!"

While we walked the short distance to my vehicle, Kyle managed to kick his shoes off and free himself from his clothes. Now, he was completely bare ass naked and I could see the fire in his eyes for what next was soon to come.

I opened up the lift gate and retrieved my handcuffs from my pants that were still around my ankles. I had Kyle kneel onto the back bumper and I handcuffed his wrists to the tie down on the rear cargo space. His upper body was stretched at its maximum distance, handcuffed to the floor board of the cargo area and his knees were spread extremely wide.

His jutting ass was at the perfect height for me to just stand and fuck the life right out of him without having to crouch or stand on my toes. I spat onto my right hand and began smearing my spit all over my cock. While smearing my spit onto my cock, I just had to slip my tongue back inside his ass one more time, so I did! Just hearing the way Kyle purred and moaned was ecstasy to my ears. I tongue fucked his tasty hole for a little while longer, ensuring to slick my cock up in the process.

Forcing my tongue from his magical ass, I replaced it with my slick cock. I placed my thick cock head against his pucker hole and tried to go ever so slow. Holding my cock at the base with my right hand, I used my left thumb to hold my cock head in position. With one mighty heave, my flared cock head forced his asshole entrance open and Kyle immediately screamed,

"Oh fuck, oh shit, mother fucker it hurts! Shitttttttttttttttttttttt!"

I could see his handcuffed outstretched hands ball up into a fist and his gorgeous head was doing its best to fling to and fro. His beautiful hair was swaying all over as his asshole was now being stretched farther than he had ever had it stretched before. The scorching heat attacked my cock along with the coiling anal muscles as I pushed another inch or two up his anal canal. Kyle screamed,


I did muster the strength to ask him if he wanted me to pull it out, but he just tossed his head from side to side indicating NO. I took my time, trying to be as careful as humanly possible, listening to Kyle hiss and cuss as each thick inch pried itself into his burning tunnel. Eventually, we both managed to get my entire cock up his ass. My trimmed pubic mound was pressing against his sweaty crack and my cum filled balls touched his own dangling little sweaty nuggets.

With his every breath, I could feel his anal muscles coil around and over my cock, squeezing and milking, all at the same time. Never, not even with my wife who love my cock up her ass, had I ever felt what I was going through right now with Kyle. Neither of us moved, yet his miraculous ass seemed to be sucking the sperm from my cock, feeling as if the sperm was coming from my curling toes. My hands grasped his slender hips and I held on for dear life, fearing to move a single muscle.

It seemed like hours had passed as neither of us dared to move. My cock was buried to its deepest realm inside his milking, yet crushing, chute. Like the legs of a caterpillar, Kyle's anal muscles slowly entwined around my cock, giving me the feeling of being slowly masturbated. Knowing if I kept my cock in this same milking position, I would soon be filling his ass up with gallons of man cream, so I slowly began the task of withdrawing my cock.

As my cock slowly exited from the depth of Kyle's anal chute, he was steadily moaning and whimpering. I had backed out all the way to the point that my thick mushroom head was nearly out of his ass, and stared as his little ring stretched completely around my cock head, sealing its smooth milking flesh tightly in. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pushed my entire cock all the way up his churning chute until my balls rested against his. It felt as though my cock was caught in some type of vacuum as Kyle's ass kept on sucking my cock deeper and deeper into its fiery hot trap.

I fucked his ass for a short time, maintaining a slow pace, then the animal in me took over. The heavy gut sickening sound of flesh being pounded thudded throughout my vehicle's interior as I used Kyle's hips as a tool to plow my long thick cock in and out of his mystical and magical ass. With each animalistic and vengeful inward thrust, my balls crashed upon his balls, causing Kyle to scream out in total and obvious bliss. For whatever the reason, I somehow had the stamina I never knew I had. Normally, once I started fucking my wife's ass, it only took a couple of minutes before I was unloading the load from hell. But, I was amazed at my own self at how long I was literally tearing my cock in and out of Kyle's suctioning chute.

My mind was ablaze as I pounded my cock increasingly harder, forcing the precious wind straight from his lungs, spewing words of symphony from this gorgeous angel's twisted lips. My large hands held onto his little hips, clutching the bone as if it were a handle, embellished in the fact of the way his chute suctioned my cock with each outward motion and coiled around it with every downward thrust.

Kyle was screaming beyond any words of the English language, flinging his head up and down and from side to side, while struggling to thrust his cock filled butt onto my throbbing man meat. The feelings coursing throughout my body, though they were above excellent, somehow or another, prolonged the inevitable. Our bodies glistened from sweat as the animalistic rage went to an all time, out of control, high. It felt as though my sperm was building up somewhere deep within my toes, taking its own sweet little time to make the journey upwards. My balls ached painfully from the inability to unleash my man seed, as well as striking Kyle's dangling balls with every powerful thrust.

I was still in the crazed process of slamming my cock up his anal chute when, without any warning, my sperm exploded from my cock as if I were shooting rock hard marbles. It felt as though my piss slit had been ripped open to allow the spermicidal missiles to flee their domain. I grunted and pounded and my sperm attack seemed endless. My body was as weak as it had ever been and I was holding onto Kyle for complete support. Never in my life had I ever shot so much cream. Wave after wave of thick and hot man juice shot deeper into Kyle's milking rectum.

Unable to fuck his little ass any longer, I just held my cock all the way up his chute and just let my sperm continue to send its sperm volleys deep into his darkest region. My head was already spinning from spending so much energy, not to mention, the most intense load of my life was being pumped into one gorgeous young boy's ass, but Kyle made things worse by constricting his ass muscles. My cock was now locked inside his ass, under full control and at complete mercy of his churning muscles. I was grunting and he was screaming as his interior muscles attacked my spewing cock and began sucking on it harder than ever.

Before my eyes flashed a million stars. My breathing became nearly non existent as my cock was being milked dry by his vengeful anal muscles. At some point, my once rock hard cock softened, still locked inside his muscle pumping ass. When I felt his muscles relax its coil, I quickly slipped my shriveled and tired cock from his sperm dripping chute. Somehow, I mustered the energy to stretch in front of him and take the handcuffs off. Both of us sat on the floor board with our legs hanging off of the bumper. I felt something wet on the right side of my butt cheek and placed my hand on it.

To my surprise, it was a puddle of Kyle's sperm. He saw me look at it, took a deep well needed breath, smiled and said,

"Sorry Sheriff, but I couldn't help it. I've never done that before, but I shot three times. I'll try and clean it up for you!"

My only words were,

"Don't worry about it, at least now, I'll have something to remember this time spent with you."

Kyle giggled and stabbed a finger into his own puddle of spent juice and shoved it into his mouth. He wasn't the only one doing that, naturally, I was too! We sat there, speechless, both enjoying the fruit of Kyle's hard labor when Kyle broke the silence by asking,

"Sheriff, what are you going to do with Daniel?"

I looked at him and my eyes went straight to his pleading eyes as my words echoed through the soft wind of the gentle night's air,

"I don't know just yet, but I'll think of something!"

From the look on his face, that wasn't the answer he was expecting or hoping to hear. Kyle's left hand went to my limp cock and while his hand massaged my sore organ, he softly whispered,

"I know what you could do to Daniel, that is, if you want to. You could, well uh, um, fuck him with this monster cock! Just like me, I know he'll love every painful moment! Well uh, do you like that idea?"

My eyes darted on his cock, to which, was still as hard as a piece of metal. As I slid off the bumper, I said,

"Yeah, but not as much as this!"

I slipped to my knees and inhaled his beauty in one loving motion. Kyle spread his legs a bit wider and soon I was bobbing my mouth on his throbbing teen cock while gently pulling on his balls. In less than three minutes, Kyle's lovely cock unleashed a few jets of hot cream into my mouth. I sucked and sucked until his gorgeous cock deflated and the last tiny drop of his sweet nectar was safely inside the heated confinements of my cock sucking mouth. Keeping his now soft teen member inside my mouth, I began swallowing his spunk. The taste was now more noticeable than ever. Being his fourth with me, and counting the one dumped inside Daniel's tasty ass, Kyle had now busted 6 nuts in the course of a couple of hours. The taste was slightly salty and had a mild touch of bitterness, but I relished in the flavor nonetheless.

His limp noodle slipped from my mouth and we both stumbled as we began getting our clothes back on. Naturally, I had to give Kyle a ride home and we talked about all that had just happened. I found out that the deceased Sheriff had been sucking Kyle's cock for the last four years, and just like in the case with Martin, he only spoke of this now since the former Sheriff had died. I pulled onto the street where Kyle lived and parked a few houses away and waited for him to get out. He was standing at my driver's window, looked around, and without any warning, planted his sweet lips directly onto mine. His snaking tongue shot inside my mouth, and mine, his. We didn't kiss long, but the electricity shooting all over my already dazed body, was long enough for me to know I never wanted any of this to ever end.

Our lips parted and Kyle once again looked around, then whispered,

"Please take it easy on Daniel, I really do love him, well, I just love the way he makes me feel. And Sheriff, I hope I was good enough for you to want to do this again. That cock of yours sure does know how to root an ass and I love the way you made me feel tonight. One more thing before I forget, if it's okay with you, I've got a friend, well, actually he's my cousin, and he thinks you are hot. I could send him to your house in the morning to sort of help you decide to take it easy on Daniel."

I just nodded my head up and down and smiled, admiring this boy's absolute breathtaking beauty. I sat there and watched Kyle walk safely to his house before disappearing into his backyard. The drive home was as peaceful as it ever could get as my mind replayed the scenes with Martin, Daniel and Kyle, and me and Kyle. Whatever I had become, I was enjoying it out of this world.

I slept harder than I had ever slept that night and upon waking up, took one heck of a long hot shower. My cock was standing at attention the entire time, but my mind began varying scenes of punishment for my good-looking young deputy. As if fresh in my mouth, I could actually taste Kyle's cock mixed with Daniel's tasty ass juices. Shampooing my hair, I wondered just how good my deputy's ass would taste straight from the source. Though I desperately wanted to jack-off, and my cock was begging for it as well, I decided to hold off and save it for Daniel.

I hadn't been out of the shower a good minute when the doorbell sounded. Tossing on a rather short robe, I fought with my raging erection as I walked to the back door. I figured it was one of my deputies so I just flung the door open holding my robe together with my left hand while pressing down on my rock hard boner. Standing before me was no deputy! I had to blink a trillion times just to focus. There, standing on the stoop of my porch, was indeed, a wingless angel.

My mouth was probably open and drool was more than likely already into its full blown dripping stage, when the angelic soft sound shook my body as if caught in the midst of an earthquake,

"Morning Sheriff, Kyle said it would be okay for me to come and visit you this morning."

I had completely forgotten about that, but I was certainly in total awe of this boy's elegant and heart stopping beauty. I held out my hand and as soon as his small hand touched mine, I thought my knees were going to buckle. His soft ear piercing voice crashed through my ear drums,

"I'm Tristan!"

I motioned for him to come inside while each breathtaking moment I was taking intricate mental notes. He couldn't have been no more than 13 as his perfect young body stood close to 5' 3" and he couldn't have weighed no more than 90 pounds. His hair was not blonde, but perfectly white. Even his thick eyebrows were white and his eyelashes were long and perfectly upturned and just as white as the rest of his hair. Tristan's nose was tiny, but formed a perfect kind of point at the very tip and his entire slender face was blemish free. He had his hair feathered back and it flowed freely beyond his shoulders. Seeing this boy from a distance, your eyes would have deceived you into believing he was a girl.

Tristan was wearing a white tank top and a pair of thin short white bicycle shorts and flip flops. His little feet was just that, little! From his visible ankles up to his slender thighs, I couldn't see a speck of peach fuzz anywhere. Even his small arms had no visible hair signs whatsoever. As he turned his back towards me to walk into the living room, my eyes immediately fell upon the most gracious of tiny bubble butts known to mankind. That butt of his was tiny, but hot damn if it wasn't the most shapeliest of asses I had have ever witnessed. It looked like two small basketballs had been inserted into both perfectly molded cheeks. Tristan was also tanned from the summer rays, but not as dark as most would have been this time of year.

Tristan sat down on the sofa and I sat right next to him forcing my left leg to touch his silky smooth right leg. I looked into his eyes and saw the most intoxicating eyes flashing back at me. Ocean slash crystal blue, deeper than any words I could ever possibly try to explain. His eyes glistened and set off a powerful entrancing ray that could stop anyone dead in their footstep. The aroma smoldering from his perfectly molded body ripped through my heavy inhaling nostrils with each breath. I thought Kyle was gorgeous, but compared to Tristan, on a scale of one to ten, Kyle would be a three.

I sat there speechless, feeling my near naked body quiver as each second ticked off the clock. Tristan placed his right hand on the lower part of my left thigh and magically whispered,

"Sheriff, I think you know why I'm here! Please don't get mad at Kyle, but he told me everything. Please don't worry, nobody will ever know, but I, I would like to feel the same way Kyle felt last night."

The burning question flowed from my lips,

"Tristan, how old are you?"

Bravely and without hesitation, he replied,

"12, just turned it day before yesterday!"

This stunning beauty sitting right next to me was capturing my every breath. Those cute little dimples on either side of his smooth cheeks darted inward as perfectly as only the heavens above could create. His natural scent was created from some undiscovered powerful aphrodisiac offering my inhaling nostrils a mixed aroma of an ocean breeze entwined in a garden of mystical roses. I placed my left arm around his shoulders and nervously asked,

"Why me? With your awesome beauty, you can pick anyone you want. Out of all the guys in this town, why me?"

Tristan giggled, looked up into my eyes and held me in place with his mouth watering, heart stopping, blue eyes, and replied,

"It's not what you think Sheriff. I'm not like Kyle. You see, well um, I've never really done it before, but I know I am gay. I've watched some porn before and decided that no matter what, I wanted my first time to be with a guy who has got a big dick, and from what Kyle says, you got a really big one. Kyle used to let me suck him off, but that came to a complete halt when he and Daniel got a little closer."

With all the honesty I could muster, I looked into his beautiful eyes and spoke,

"Tristan, I don't know what all you want, but the size of a guys cock shouldn't be the only thing that matters. By no means am I the biggest. There are tons of men out there who make mine look small, besides, it's not the size of the ship that counts, it's the motion in the ocean that really matters. Oh yeah, not to mention, but if you want to experience anal sex, you ought to know that it is going to hurt real bad at first, and I mean awfully bad. Somebody who has a smaller dick might just be what you need right now, especially, for your first time."

Tristan fired right back,

"I know, I know it's going to hurt, but I don't care. I've listened to Kyle and Daniel go at it plenty of times and I've dreamed every time that it was me who was doing all that moaning. Sheriff, you have no idea just how bad I want this to happen. I want to feel what Kyle feels, and just like Kyle, I want to feel special! You are going to find this hard to believe, but I've dreamed about you ever since you first came back into town. When you stood on that platform to be sworn in wearing those tight jeans, I was the one who was stripping you naked in front of everyone, but it was all in my mind. After Kyle told me what happened, I couldn't wait to come here this morning. If you are worrying about me telling anyone, then you shouldn't never have a worry in the world. I'm here cause I want to be, and whatever happens, it happens because I wanted it to!"

Even as he spoke, I matched his beauty with that of a beauty queen. Tristan was indeed a boy, but his natural born indescribable beauty gave him the absolute appearance of being a girl, from his long white feathered hair to his extra small perfectly formed feet. I watched his gorgeous face as he spoke and admired his thin pale cherry colored, and probably flavored, lips as they formed each word ever so angelically.

As if caught in a magnetic force field, my lips puckered as they were absentmindedly drawn to his. A burst of electricity coursed throughout my body as our lips touched for the very first time. As my tongue flickered inside the moist hot oven of his little mouth, Tristan slipped his slithering pointy tongue into mine. Be it his saliva, or just in my mind, but the taste hovering over my glands sent chills racing up and down my spine. His heated breath was minty fresh and the substance falling from within his mouth and onto my tongue was way more than I could have ever bargained for in this lifetime. My hands roamed his back and upper body, relishing in the feel of his solid perfect body, basking in the rays spewing from his satiny silk like perfection that only the heavens above could angelically create.

As our tongues probed the others mouth, Tristan's left hand found the opening in my robe and just the touch from his electrifying hand on my raging boner sent my body into dismal convulsions. His soft little hand coursed up and down the full length of my cock while his angelic moans echoed down my throat and erupted deep inside me like a volcano. I was busy fighting with his tank top, pulling and yanking it up his heavenly body. Our kiss temporarily broke as I tugged his shirt over his gorgeous face, slinging it somewhere onto the carpeted floor. Now, with his shirt off, my right hand traveled all over his heavy panting smooth silky surface of his chest and stomach area, caressing each perky little nipple in the process.

My left hand fought with his soft white hair, massaging his precious scalp along the way while my own body trembled in delight at the awesome luxury of aroma and pure divine taste that Tristan, and Tristan alone, could ever offer. When our loving and passionate kiss unlocked themselves, I began placing gentle kisses and licks all around his sweet tasting lips. It was then, during that overheated time that I noticed just how perfectly straight his teeth were and just how brilliant white they glistened. This boy was a work of pure perfection, from the top of his head to the bottom of each sweet little curling toe. I lavished his gorgeous face with slow kisses and long scooping licks, probing each ear forcing the sounds only dreams could ever produce from this little angel. Tristan was cooing as my tongue drilled inside each tasty ear while his body wiggled and bucked from the feeling my tongue was offering.

While swabbing his face, I gently guided him lower down on the cushion of the sofa, placing his lovely head on the far end. My adult body was in between his spread legs as I worked my kisses and shoveling licks over and along his throat, working my way to his tanned and smooth chest. My eyes shuttered at the vision of his heaving chest and tiny nipples. Tristan's nipples were just a mere speck with the very point erecting outwards. He cried out as my lips sealed itself over his right nipple while my teeth gently clamped down and my tongue began frolicking over the erect tip.

Carefully, I played, sucked, nibbled, and licked each nipple until Tristan literally begged me to stop. He was bucking wildly and his moans of bliss were constant and very, very loud. Using both hands, I pushed Tristan's arms over his head until he caught on and folded his arms behind his beautiful head. I peered into his creamy hairless armpits for a brief second before the beast within me sank my lips to his left outstretched armpit. As soon as my tongue slithered onto his hairless flesh, Tristan began whimpering and his body bucked uncontrollably. I licked and sucked, and gently nibbled the sensitive flesh before treating his right armpit in the same manner.

I could have spent forever pleasing Tristan, listening to his purrs and loud moans. The sounds shooting out of his contorting mouth was better than any music my ears had ever heard. The taste his smooth hairless armpits offered me was beyond any explanation. It was downright utterly fantastic and the more flavor I managed to vacuum in, the more I hastily craved.

Tristan managed to place his right leg on top of the sofa's back while extending his left leg over the edge, angling towards the carpet. While rotating from one nipple to the other, I literally tore my robe from my now naked body, slinging it somewhere inside the room. I could feel his erect boy meat pressing hard into my chest as my tongue began caressing each closed eye. While my tongue was busy with tasting every portion of Tristan's delicious face, my hands were busy roaming his near naked body. My right hand caressed his heavy breathing stomach while my left hand slid along his stretched right leg.

Once I licked each closed eye, Tristan used both arms to hook my head and force my mouth on top of his. Our lips no sooner touched when our tongues collided in mid air. Once again, our tongues probed long and deep into the others mouth while our hands caressed the others burning flesh. His hands caressed my back, stealing the opportunity to dig his little fingers into my flesh sending more chills scurrying all over my already goose bump filled body.

When our kiss unlocked itself, I stole the opportunity to once again suck and nibble each delicate nipple. As from the first time I did this to him, I now knew that this was this little angel's hot button. I worked over each nipple with all the love and care this world could offer before returning to lavish each smooth armpit. I loved the way Tristan was moaning and cherished the way his young inexperienced body was bucking wildly from all the pleasures crashing through his body of utter perfection.

After working over each armpit, I returned to his nipples, worked them over one more time before descending downwards, taking the time to ensure that every square inch of his heavy panting chest was properly tasted. Licking his chest while peering into his deep entrancing blue eyes was a vision that no price tag could ever be placed on! As my tongue dipped into his rippling stomach, Tristan's hands innocently enough dropped to his nipples where I watched him as he began pinching the tiny rosebuds while releasing loud pleasing moans.

I peered into the most precious of belly buttons known to mankind. It didn't protrude inward, nor poke outwards, it was just a small, nearly transparent indention, where a belly button was supposed to be. As soon as my tongue began probing the little indention, Tristan screamed while his body went into a raging convulsion. My eyes peered into his face and basked at his twisting and contorting mouth as the steady moans flowed through the interior of my house, bouncing off each wall. His fingers were pulling his nipples while I could easily see that he was pinching the little rosebuds at an increasing height.

Tristan was definitely a moaner, and a very loud one at that! It was a good thing that my house wasn't near any other houses cause I would have probably had to have figured out somewhere else to go. The beauty that this boy was giving my eyes and ears was far beyond any fantasy I had ever concocted, nor was it anywhere close to any woman I had ever been with, and I had been with plenty of women in my lifetime. Not to mention the taste either! Never had my taste buds ever been rewarded so much with such a taste of pure perfection. Nothing considered salty, nor anything close to being bitter, just sweet!

I pressed my mouth directly onto his bunched up crotch, detecting the rock hard boy meat confined inside his shorts. Like an animal thirsting for blood, I soaked the front of his shorts with my saliva, doing my best to suck his cock and balls clear from his body, and through his shorts. Though I could feel his hardness, I was incapable of guessing as to the length and girth of his young meat. In the position Tristan was in, his shorts held his boy meat and jewels rather snuggly. I definitely spent some quality time absorbing the taste from his shorts, feeling his boner twitch and lurch. My mouth and tongue traveled to my left and began torturing young Tristan by capturing the flavor of his outstretched right thigh.

Time was not a concern for me as I lingered on his right leg, kissing, nibbling, sucking, and licking all the way down before placing each little toe into my mouth, one by one, until I had all of his sweet toes bathing inside my boiling hot mouth. Just from his reactions, I could tell this was the first time he had ever had his toes licked and feet literally worshiped.

I gently removed his toes from my mouth and slipped to my right and began working on his left foot. Tristan was whimpering, cooing, and moaning as I licked in between each toe before inhaling most of his small foot into my mouth. I was in absolute heaven feeling Tristan curl each toe as they were being sucked dry by my mouth while my tongue frolicked all over them. Releasing his foot from my mouth, I slowly worked my way up his left leg until I reached his bunched up bulging crotch.

Once again, I shoved my wide open mouth onto his crotch and began sucking like a wild sex crazed maniac. My fingers fought with the top button until I felt it finally slip free from its little hole. I was still sucking frantically while I slowly unzipped the zipper to the point it had finally reached home. As the zipper lowered, my lips immediately fell onto the area the zipper once hid. Tristan was wearing some type of white underwear and now that his zipper was down, I could just barely make out the outline of his rock hard boy boner.

My lips quickly sank around the width of Tristan's young cock and I was a bit amazed at the girth this young lad possessed. My tongue swarmed around the fabric covered helmet of his boy cock, noticing he had been circumcised at birth. His meaty cock twitched from the heat and the moisture my mouth was giving it and his young perfect body was bucking frantically. His moans grew even louder as my tongue traced his cock head and shaft.

I couldn't take it any longer, I just had to see this beauty of an angel naked. I backed my mouth from his hardness and took a strong hold of his shorts and yanked them free from his body. The underwear Tristan was wearing was white and they were as tiny as him, being that they were of the bikini type. Offering me assistance, Tristan curled each leg up near his stomach as my fingers latched onto the thin elastic and I wasted no time in yanking his tiny bikini briefs off, slinging them across the room. Immediately, once his underwear was off, Tristan resumed the position with his legs where they had been. I sat between his outstretched legs, completely bewildered and at a total daze, sucking in his complete unblemished beauty.

His cock was rock hard and I had to sit there to take mental pictures of this boy's prized breathtaking possession. Tristan's cock was creamy in color and it pointed towards his gorgeous face, leaving about an inch or two of ground clearance from his heavy panting stomach. Without taking a ruler to it, I guessed his stunning cock to be close to 4 inches long, but that wasn't the thing that stole my breath. The girth of his young cock was unbelievable for a boy his age. I would have bet my life that his cock would have been on the slender side, but in reality, his beauty was probably as thick as a carrots stalk. There was just one barley noticeable vein running almost on the underside of his perfect shaft and his pale pinkish cock head flared angrily, making it slightly thicker than his creamy shaft.

From the very base of his precious hard meat to the very crown of his warrior helmet, his shaft was the same equal thickness. His pubic mound was completely void of any hair, including any signs of peach fuzz. As my eyes lingered a bit lower and gazed upon his balls, my mouth began filling with saliva while my eyes were fluttering at the work of perfection before me. To be so young, his balls had definitely dropped. The creamy untouched by the sun rays sac was glistening and shown proudly no hair life whatsoever. His perfectly rounded balls were about the same size as a fifty cent piece as they rested ever so peacefully in between his spread legs, gracing the top of my sofa's cushion.

When his boy boner began dancing, my eyes struggled from his jewel scenery and returned to his utterly perfect cock. I lowered my face until my nose pressed firmly against the center of his sac and took a very long deep breath. The aroma crashed through my body like a ton of bricks. There wasn't no signs of a musky odor, just pure heavenly bliss! Working my inhaling nostrils upwards, my tongue fell from my mouth and began slurping on his young smooth balls. Tristan screamed from the pleasure his balls were sending his brain as I became greedier by the moment. Soon, I had both of his sweet balls inside my mouth while my nose caressed his rock hard silk like shaft.

While munching on his ever so sweet balls, my hands went out of control feeling every square inch of his body, except his dancing cock. Tristan's right hand wanted to grab his throbbing boy boner, but each time, I graciously brushed his hand away. Without a question, I thoroughly sucked his balls and gave both of them the tongue bath they so properly deserved. Not a word was sounded, only his whimpers and cries and my slurping could have been heard inside my house.

Letting his balls fall from my mouth, I rotated my sucking, nibbling, and licking from each area in between his balls and his inner thighs sending Tristan into one heck of a body bucking frenzy. Working on the area between his left inner thigh, I noticed a single strand of pre cum dripping from his cock head, stringing downwards onto his heavy breathing stomach. Sparkles of sweetness immediately filled my mouth as I instinctively let my tongue glide along his silky smooth flesh, finally reaching the small puddle of pre cum just below his belly button. Placing my right cheek onto his stomach, I flung my tongue outwards and began scooping up the puddle of pre boy juice.

As if dining on a bowl of ice cream, I found myself groaning as the taste of his boy juice shocked my entire perverted system. Like tasting the elegance of heavenly perfection, Tristan's slick juice was sweeter than pure honey. Before I knew what I was doing, I had locked his mushroom head with my lips and my tongue was working over time in absorbing more of his juice straight from the source. Tristan was wiggling his body to and fro while his mouth contorted sending his screams throughout my house.

As his body bucked, his cock began darting in and out of my mouth, shoving my nose into his bald pubic mound with each of his upwards thrusts. The feel of his silky cock gliding ever so graciously in and out of my mouth nearly caused me to shoot my load. I was torn in between from watching his cock disappear into my mouth and watching his gorgeous face make all kinds of wonderful expressions. His stomach muscles posed its solidness as he humped his cock into my mouth while literally screaming with every profound breath.

A minute hadn't gone by before he announced he was getting close. I wanting nothing more than to taste his sperm, but I also wanted to keep this going for as long as humanly possible too. I decided on the latter and backed off and sucked and licked on his delicate balls once more. I did this for about thirty or so minutes until I had his cock inside my mouth and Tristan failed to warn me. I was bobbing my head while he was humping his cock, both in perfect unison when his cock expanded, and soon, I felt his hot spurts of watery sperm shoot violently from his cock, striking the roof of my mouth with sort of a thud.

His sperm was definitely hot, and by all means, watery, but I was even more surprised at the amount he was serving up. I didn't count how many sperm torpedoes shot into my mouth, but I think the boy had hit somewhere into double digits before his juice wound up at a steady drizzle. I simply refused to allow any of his watery cream to grace my throat so I just held his cream inside my mouth while still sucking his cock for all I was worth.

His spent, still rock hard cock, must have gotten a little too sensitive cause Tristan used both hands to force my mouth off of his precious sweet tasting boner. It was then, in between his legs, still looking into his beautiful blue eyes, that I allowed myself the privilege and honor to taste his young seed. Martin's was sweet and so was Kyle's, but neither could compare to the delicacy I now was sampling. In my mind, Tristan's watery cream was simply nothing more than melted chocolate with honey added to make it that much more sweeter. While whimpering at the delight trickling down my throat, my right hand fell onto my pre cum soaked steel like cock and began stroking.

It was as if I was the only one in the room, going temporarily blind from sheer bliss as his sweet juice slipped into the hollows of my stomach. My mind was reeling and my body shivered as if I was in a full blown fever. Somewhere in space, I heard Tristan's soft angelic voice,

"Sheriff, Sheriff, how was it? I mean the uh, the um taste!"

My head felt like it had been weighed down as I nodded my head from side to side in total bewilderment and in complete disbelief. Somehow the words fell from my lips,

"Absolutely fucking grade A delicious!"

He said something else, but his voice still seemed like it was a million miles away. While I sat there frozen in time, Tristan managed to get into a sitting position and guided me backwards so now I was laying flat on my back with head on the sofa's opposite end. He even guided my left leg on top of the cushion and placed my right foot onto the carpet.

Tristan placed both small hands near the base of my man meat and neither hand could got anywhere close to be able to touch fingers as I felt his hot breath bead down onto my angry and fired up pre cum spitting cock head. I was coming back to earth and gazed down to see his hands on my cock. With such small hands, my cock looked to be like a giant in the grasp of a flea. His right hand held the base of my cock while his left hand began groping my cum filled balls. I watched as he began flickering his tongue, scooping up the gallons of pre cum spewing from my piss slit.

Once he licked up and down the full length of my shaft, my eyes widened as the young angel stretched his little mouth and shoved about three inches inside. Naturally, he gagged, but that certainly didn't stop him in the least. Tristan began fighting back his gags to bob his little mouth as far down my thick shaft as possible. Now, it was my turn to scream as the heat from within his mouth scorched my cock and the touches of his hands and fingers electrified my every emotion.

His right hand never once jerked my meat, instead, just held it in place for his mouth to perform wonders on my throbbing cock. In no time, and I mean no time at all, I cried out that I was close. Tristan quickly yanked his mouth off of my cock and shocked my already shocked body by lifting up my heavy cream filled balls and began licking wildly. It was I who was doing all the screaming now for I never had my balls licked the way this little angel was doing so now. It seemed like he knew the precise amount of pressure to squeeze as his tongue landed squarely on the target he was aiming for.

Just like I did to him, Tristan was now doing to me. He rotated from my cock to my balls, preventing me from unleashing a well needed load. My balls ached tremendously and I was literally pleading for him to let me cum. Instead, Tristan continued bringing me to the edge, then torturously backing off. As if I could be even further shocked by his actions, he was sucking my cock when I got close, real close, and like the prior times, he backed off, but instead of attacking my balls, Tristan shoved his forehead under my balls, lifting them higher and his tongue quickly struck my asshole, sending me into a outer body experience.

As if guided by some unnatural force, my legs automatically raised, bringing my knees close to my face. Tristan's tongue probed, stabbed, and slithered all along my crack, driving wildly onto my quivering pucker hole with the utmost intensity. I had no choice but to scream when his pointy snake like tongue pushed its way through my sealed orifice and began exploring the inner confinements of my anal cavity.

His slurping sounds, mixed with my screams, sent my body into one massive convulsion. His little hands pried my butt cheeks wider while his exploring tongue drilled away inside my backdoor. I was delirious with frantic emotions coursing throughout my bewildered body as Tristan's tongue began royally fucking my stunned asshole. Only my wife had done this a few times, but in no way, shape, fashion, or form, did she ever do what all Tristan was now doing, and she never did this kind of mind boggling sensational job.

In the course of time, Tristan continued to torture me by rotating from eating my ass, licking my balls, and sucking my cock to a near volcanic eruption. Tears flowed from the corners of my eyes as I began pleading and begging for him to let me cum. My balls felt like they were going to literally explode inside their swollen sac and the more he did to me, the more I begged and pleaded.

Finally, after a very lengthy and pleasingly torturous time, Tristan had his little mouth on my cock, sucking about 3 inches into his mouth, while drawing circles right onto my butt hole. The finger dancing on my hole and the young slurping mouth on my cock was just too much. I screamed, but Tristan refused to take his mouth off of my soon to be exploding cock. Just as the first wad of sperm was about to fire from my cock, Tristan shoved two fingers straight up my ass. The pain was sudden, but the need to explode my adult load was much more prevalent. Like a tidal wave sent by the force of a hurricane, my sperm shot out of my cock like a loose cannon. Tristan didn't back off, instead, his whimpers got louder and I could barely hear the young angel as he gulped down my thick load as it rapidly fired, one sperm missile after another.

My body shook and the fingers inside my ass dove in and out rapidly, causing my sperm to increase in power. Never had I ever experienced such a powerful orgasm and it seemed that my built up cum supply was endless. Tristan swallowed as fast as his throat would allow and my cock continued erupting sperm wads into his slurping mouth by the bucket loads. My eyes were blind and the feeling of this orgasm crashed through my body as if a building collapsed on top of me.

Breathing was near impossible and so was Tristan. He kept his savage oral attack on my cock, as well as the rifling fingers spreading and shooting inside my butt hole. I was humping my thick pole as best as my shivering body would allow and young Tristan met the challenge by slurping my cum down his gulping throat. Finally, I had no more cum to offer this young angelic little cock sucker and my cock began to deflate. As his lips departed my cock, a thick cum trail extended from my shriveled mushroom head, forming a cream line sliding down the shaft. Tristan held my cock ever so gently with his right hand, and though my eyes were watery, I watched him as he used his tongue to scoop up the remainder of thick man cream, then swallowed it.

I could barely hear him say something, but my heartbeat was playing so heavily that the words he spoke could not be made out. The fingers that once fucked my asshole into a sperm shooting frenzy, darted from my butt and rested onto my cum drained balls. I was feeling that my soul had left my body as all I could do was simply lay there and the beauty of this boy relinquished itself to a mere blur.

My breathing was rampant and I could feel Tristan press his body against mine and began crawling upwards. Soon, his tiny cherry lips were sweltering all over my lips and his tongue was drawing an outline on the outer edge of each of my lips. My cum mixed with his sweet breath shot up my nostrils, causing my already dazed body to shudder with one last inner orgasm. His boner pressed firmly into my stomach as my hands instinctively began caressing his silky flesh of his entire back area.

His tongue pried inside my mouth and my tongue followed suit inside his as my hands gently guided themselves onto his spread butt cheeks. As soon as my hands slid along the muscular, yet baby soft, jutting cheeks, the life that once had left my body, was rapidly returning. Tristan certainly had a little butt, but from the sensation his bubbly cheeks were giving my hands, I could easily tell this boy had the butt from hell. Shapely, muscular, smooth, and super tight!

Tristan's tongue felt right at home inside my mouth, and mine felt the same in his. His grunts were low and his moans were long as we kissed passionately for a long, long time. With our tongues wildly exploring the others mouth, my fingers crawled their way inside Tristan's spread crack. Even his crack was silky smooth and not a single hair particle could be felt. My fingers danced along his smooth silky crack until the very tip of my left index finger touched his little puckering pucker hole. As soon as my finger struck Tristan's anus, his moans and whimpers shot down my throat, feeling as if I had swallowed a harmonica.

I did not try to penetrate his tiny boy hole, but I added my left index finger to the equation and began playing ever so delightfully directly onto his little love button. His cock pressing against my stomach throbbed joyously as my anal caressing fingers tingled his body into a wild sexual explosion. The tongue inside my mouth began roaming frantically while his angelic emotions vibrated down my throat.

Still locked into a mad out of control tongue swapping kiss, I inched my body, as well as Tristan's, off the sofa. My fingers continued their play on his anal button as I fought to stand up, holding Tristan. My legs were very weak as I took small little baby steps until I reached the kitchen counter top. I sat Tristan down onto the counter and forced my lips from his. His legs were already spread, dangling down towards the kitchen floor. As my eyes looked down his glorious and perfect body, his magical cock was standing at full attention.

Without any hesitation, I slammed my mouth all the way down his beloved cock and began sucking and sucking, wanting more of his watery sweetness to grace my yearning taste buds. His hands clutched the back of my head and held on tight as my bobbing up and down on his delicious meat grew faster and faster. It wasn't long before he cried out and his cock throbbed, then my mouth was showered with his young sperm. Several stringy watery sperm strings flew into my mouth, before slowing to a periodic trickle. He was whimpering and I was moaning as the heat from his sweetness burned the inside of my mouth. I sucked his young boy cock until his sweet thick meat deflated inside my mouth, and just in the case with the first time, I only allowed just a little of his boy juice to slide down my begging throat.

Just at the delightful sweet taste of his cream, my once sleeping cock began to rapidly inflate. With each taste of his divine fluid, my cock grew harder and harder. I slowly swallowed his spunk until only a memory and after taste remained. The after taste alone was simply magical! His second load was just as sweet as the first, but not nearly the same in quantity. But, just as delicious none the less!

Like a brainless monster, my mouth fell from his now flaccid boy cock and my hands ducked under his smooth thighs, pulled him towards me until his upper back was on the counter, then I pushed his slender smooth legs over his head until his heels were locked under the edge of one of the cabinets. I slowly kissed his sleeping boy cock, offering loving licks along the way. Repeated the same maneuver on his shriveled balls, and then I had to momentarily step back and breathe in the priceless view of his little spread butt and the butt hole that now lay completely unprotected.

His unblemished butt and slender crack was a creamy white and my eyes watered while trying to focus on Tristan's virgin young hole. By no sense of the word could Tristan's butt hole ever be mistaken for a little brown eye, cause there was no brown anywhere, just a creamy white. All my quivering eyes could detect was that his little hole, just like him, created a perfect tiny circle. In fact, just like the two little dimples that graced his face, his butt hole was nothing more than a little dimple itself. A speck, a dot, the eye of a needle, is all the words I could use to give for his love hole description.

I was shaking like crazy and overwhelmed at the spectacular vision of his unbelievable little bung hole while dancing my eyes along his perfect body and gleaming into his entrancing eyes. Unable to control my perversion any longer, I leaned over and shoved my deeply inhaling nose directly onto his mystical butt hole. The feel of his butt cheeks pressing against my face and the aroma rocketing up my nostrils could never be explained by simple words.

The aroma sent chills racing up and down my spine as it seemed like I was somewhere standing in a garden of wild flowers. My inhaling nostrils had a mind of their own as it rolled up and down, and from side to side, capturing all of his anal radiating fragrance. As my nose climbed upwards, my tongue dove right in, drilling and slithering all over Tristan's tiny speck of a hole. The shrills of pleasure flew from his mouth as my tongue increased its pressure on his tiny button. The tip of my tongue relished onto his speck, digging and ravishing, forcing more delightful pleasing sounds to fire from his mouth.

Time having no bearing on the delicacy before me, I somehow managed to convince his tight little anus to welcome my tongue. With each crawling fraction of an inch, my tongue forced his anal chute to expand wider, causing my gorgeous little angel to spew words not belonging to the English dictionary in volume. The fiery heat and his coiling anal muscles attacked my diving tongue with vengeance. The farther my tongue dwelled, the hotter the heat became and the more his anal muscles drew their revenge.

Tristan was flinging his lovely head from side to side as my tongue began to dine on his sweet ass like there was no tomorrow. His knees held his arms in place and his precious face contorted with the pleasures my tongue was giving his never before explored rectum. To say that Tristan's ass was tight would definitely be an understatement. More like bone crushing tight, but in this case, tongue crushing super tight!

Within a little time, my thick tongue was drilling his muscle convulsing anal canal at liberty. Tristan's hands were slapping the back of his thighs as my tongue plummeted in and out of his partially locked backdoor. With my tongue rooting away inside his ass, my left hand began caressing his tender balls while my right fingers rotated from one tiny erect nipple to the other, pulling and slightly pinching. Tristan was literally screaming, almost at the top of his lungs, from the new found sensations running wildly throughout his super sweet young body.

I dined on his sweet asshole for a rather long time until my tongue actually felt like it was going to fall off. Slipping my tongue from his ever so tasty ass, I spat on my right middle finger and guided it up to his almost invisible little hole and pressed. Tristan gasped as my finger slid inside his awesomely tight canal, taking my time until I buried my finger all the way home. I just stood there, finger fucking his ass, while admiring the beauty that lay bunched up before me. He was making all sorts of precious faces as my finger fucked his virgin hole with teasing, yet deliberate, motions.

I watched as his once sleeping cock began to twitch and jerk, and soon, his precious hunk of boy meat was at full hardness. With each downward thrust of my finger, Tristan began humping his ass upwards to greet my finger diving thrusts. While I was caught in the moment, out of the corner of my left eye I saw my ex-wife's favorite anal lube. There on the counter to my left was a can of Crisco.

I reached over and slid the can towards me and fumbled with the plastic lid until I finally managed to get the damn thing open. I picked it up with my left hand and placed the Crisco over to my right side for easier access. Though I was caught in the heat of the moment, I had enough sense about me to know if I was going to feed Tristan my man beef, I would have to grease him up good and proper, not to mention, stretch his virgin canal with my fingers so as not to hurt him too awfully much.

The pressure of obtaining my finger from his tight vacuum like ass was splendid, but once my finger was free, I dipped my fingers into the Crisco and obtained huge globs of the white slick substance. One by one, I slipped just my fingertips into his asshole, until sliding my middle finger all the way inside of him. Tristan was screaming and whimpering as my finger began slowly greasing up his muscle convulsing chute.

To add even more to my delight, other than the Crisco, my finger was just as clean even before prying into his virgin chute. Tristan literally came unglued when I added a second finger. His body began shaking violently and he was forcing his butt higher and higher into the air, sucking in on my fingers in the process. Not once did he complain, nor ask me to pull my fingers out! His face did grimace a few times, but then he went back to flinging his head from side to side while slapping the back of his thighs causing his tanned smooth flesh to get a brighter shade of red.

When I added a third finger to his anal chute, Tristan yelled and screamed at the top of his lungs. I went slow, but I knew all too well (not from personal experience of it having been done to me) that he was feeling some pain. His anal walls collapsed around my fingers, increasing its bone crushing pressure with his every breath. Tristan began blowing the air from his lungs, fighting off the aching pain that was stretching his young ass, wider than ever before.

It took some doing, but Tristan relaxed enough for me to begin stretching his chute some more. Though my fingers seemed that they had been glued together, I began forcing them to expand from their bawled up position. With each outward stretch of my fingers, Tristan humped his body while biting his lips to muffle his grunts and whimpering. With three fingers inside his rectum, stretching ever so slowly, my eyes focused on his throbbing cock, dancing gleefully before my very eyes.

My left hand raised his cock up in between his spread legs and my mouth sank all the way down on it, slowly bobbing up and down. With my mouth on his cock, I could now feel the way he was using his ass to fuck my fingers. It seemed like only a few seconds had passed when Tristan screamed something, and his cock expanded and I knew what next would happen. Taking things one step further, just before his sperm left his cock, I added a fourth finger to the equation. Tristan screamed just as the fourth finger entered his already filled chute when his cock exploded powerful jets of watery cream onto the roof of my mouth.

Sperm jet after sperm jet flew from his shooting cock, striking the roof of my mouth with pure force. His left hand was now slapping the back of his thigh harder while his right hand was pounding the counter top. His anal muscles attacked my fingers with more violence than ever before, but I continued to thrust all four fingers harder and deeper into his convulsing chute, all at the same time. His cock was feeding my hungry mouth his boy juice and his asshole was allowing me to feel his orgasm while my left hand cupped his balls and was gently pulling down on them.

It may have only been just inside my head, but it seemed that the orgasm Tristan was having at the moment was far more intense than the previous ones, and the amount of sperm he was shooting appeared to be a lot more in quantity than his first. Wave after wave of boy cream sprayed inside my mouth and as his cock unleashed the load from heaven, my tongue constantly swirled around his throbbing cock head.

As all good things do, Tristan's hot watery boy juice subsided, leaving me to finger fuck his ass and savor each delicious drop of his sweeter than honey life giving seed. Once again, his precious cock fell fast asleep inside my mouth, but instead of sucking on it, I just held it there while I quivered as each delicious drop of his cream slithered down my throat.

Tears were rolling down from the corner of each of Tristan's eyes as he lay there panting heavier than ever, but still hunching his little ass onto my fingers ever so innocently. My once rapid finger fucking motion ceased to a slow passionate crawl. His miraculous and forgiving anal muscles loosened their gut wrenching coil and was now gracing my fingers with an ever so soothing suction.

I knew the counter must have been hard on his back, so keeping my fingers tucked away deep inside his rectum, I lifted my little angel up. He was like putty in my arms, almost near lifelessness. His eyes graciously closed, but as I began moving away from the counter, Tristan reached out and grabbed the can of Crisco with his left hand. His right hand fell onto my right ass cheek as I carried him into my bedroom, offering gentle squeezes along the way.

No words were exchanged or offered as I gently lay this young beauty on his back, still keeping my anal filled fingers inside his rectum. Tristan looked like he was at peace with himself as I dipped my fingers into the Crisco periodically to ensure that his anal canal would be properly greased up. He was still feeling some discomfort with my four fingers up his butt, but he gestured nothing that would indicate he wanted me to stop.

I was sitting on the bed, flat on my butt, four fingers darting in and out of his mind boggling ass when I guided him to roll over. After some instructions, Tristan was now on all fours with his butt jutting straight out to greet my face, resting his upper body on his elbows and forearms. He was cooing and making all sorts of wonderful sounds as I applied more Crisco to his chute. Seemingly impossible, but I was now using my right hand, shaping it in the form of a knife, gliding in and out of his rectum while Tristan was humping his body backwards.

I was trying to go slow, but it was Tristan who was smashing his ass onto my fingers at a rapid pace. I was happy just to be finger fucking his ass, but apparently Tristan wanted more, as he cried out,


I slid my fingers from his well greased up chute, and after a brief inspection, still my fingers were just as clean, except for the smeared Crisco. I smacked a huge glob on my rock hard boner and began smearing the slick stuff all over. I got to my knees and had to reposition Tristan so that his asshole would be in direct aim for my cock. As if I couldn't be any more overwhelmed over this beauty, I watched as his once gaping asshole quickly closed and sealed itself shut.

Even after repositioning him, I was still a bit too tall, so I slid off of the bed and positioned him so that his knees were now impaling near the edge and I was standing on the carpeted floor. This was much easier for me as I pressed my thick mushroom head up against his slick and glistening speck of a hole and applied the gentlest of pressure. Tristan was trying to rock backwards, and by doing so, my cock just slid up and down his smooth crack. One thing was for sure, the young boy definitely wanted to have my cock up his ass as he continued to smash his little ass backwards.

I fought and fought to enter his asshole, but all my efforts seemed obstructed. I grabbed the base of my cock with my right hand, squeezed hard, and lunged forward just as Tristan was pressing backwards. Before I could do anything, about four thick inches forced itself up his chute. Tristan screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt hurtsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Not knowing what to do, whether to pull it out or just stand there, Tristan took control by inching more of his ass onto my cock, screaming louder and louder as each thick inch stretched his virgin hole beyond his wildest beliefs. His hands were now balled into a tight fist, punching the mattress while his teeth had a tight hold on the spreading. He was grunting and fighting back the tears, desperately battling to conquer the pain in order to feel the pleasure. My cock felt like it was slowly being crushed and the fiery heat was burning the flesh to the very bone.

Though I held my position, Tristan was the one who was impaling his ass onto my cock. Inch by massive thick inch, the young angel impaled himself until all that was left was about an inch. With that one inch or so left, I pushed until the remainder shot up his chute and my balls crashed upon his. Tristan screamed a thunderous shriek as my balls struck his. His mouth was filled with bed spreading and his fists continued to pound the mattress as I placed both hands on either side of his spread hips. While I was holding myself in place, fearing even to breathe, Tristan began slowly rocking his ass up and down on about two inches. Taking this as a sign, I began slowly retrieving my cock from his anal clutches until I saw the crown of my cock head, then slowly guided it all the way back down until my pubic mound pressed firmly against his spread little crack.

Without sounding like I am bragging, I have had the privilege of fucking many an asshole, but none could ever compare to the one that my cock was now lodged in. Up until now, I thought Kyle's ass was the best one yet, but not even his tight chute could come close to his Tristan's. The boy's anal muscles felt like they were fighting against all odds to milk my cock while pulling more and more into its scorching hot anal depth.

By now, Tristan's delicious ass had fully accepted my cock 100 percent and I was now pile driving my man meat with deliverance in and out of his ass with violent forceful thrusts. My balls swung upwards with each powerful thrust, crashing into his dangling balls with force. Tristan was thrashing his ass backwards, meeting my own thrusts with his own. The gut sickening sound of flesh being pounded echoed off the walls, slipping down the corridor of the hallway.

Tristan reached under himself with his left hand and grabbed a hand full of his tender balls while using his right hand to push off of the mattress to impale his cock filled ass onto my freight train pounding cock. The muscles inside his ass literally sucked in on my cock as I brought it out just to slam it back home. The feeling that his chute gave my cock was out of this world and all I could do was grunt, bite my lip, and fuck the breath right out of him. Tristan screamed ever so loud,

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And fuck him I was now royally doing! Just as in the case with Kyle, Tristan's body shivered and he let out a long steady moan as if he was just about to spew another round of boy cream.

Stretching my left hand around him, I placed the cup of my hand just under his cock head just in case. Several more long and deep thrusts was all that needed before the palm of my left hand felt the burst of his seed heating up my hand. His hand, nor my hand, ever touched his cock. Just the sensation of his ass being ravished by man meat was all it took for him to fill my cupped hand with his watery sweetness.

It wasn't much, but after his sperm shooting orgasm ended, I raised my sperm filled hand up to my mouth, keeping the cock drilling thrusts at the same fast and furious pace, and sucked his delicacy into my mouth. I nearly shot my load as the taste of his purity filtered throughout my entire mouth. It tasted so good, I found myself licking my hand like a dog lapping a bowl of fresh water. Once my hand was completely clean, I placed it back on his spread hip, and used his hips as a weapon against him, driving him harshly back onto my thrusting cock.

I don't know how long I plowed his ass, but I was layered in my own sweat. I felt like I could cum, but for whatever the reason, I simply just couldn't, or at least, not just yet. Tristan's sweat began forming on his back, causing his tanned silky flesh to brilliantly glisten. I stretched my left hand around him one more time and grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock. Pre cum mixed with some sperm remnants greeted my hand as I began to jerk his sweet young cock in unison with the ass pounding I was giving him.

While I was jerking on his hard boy cock, Tristan placed his right hand around my left wrist, following my every jerking motion. He shoved his forehead into the mattress and was now using his head to push off the mattress to aide his anal pounding. In the flash of a lightning bolt, Tristan cried out something and soon I felt the watery heat of his boy juice dribble onto my hand. This boy was a certified cum factory! It wasn't much cream, but it stuck to my fingers and hand and I continued to jack him off while driving my meat wildly into his suctioning ass.

Tristan was whimpering like crazy as his right hand flopped from my wrist, creating a mild thudding sound onto the mattress. His left hand that once gripped his balls ever so tightly thudded to the mattress as well. Once his sperm oozing cock subsided, I wasted very little time in slurping the gooey cream from my hand, licking all creamy areas in between. No matter what, I simply could not get enough of tasting Tristan's hair raising sweet cum.

As if guided by some inner animalistic force, keeping my thick cock lodged deep inside his rectum, I flipped Tristan over, onto his back. My hands quickly fell onto his slender legs and pushed them forward until his knees extended beyond his gorgeous face, straddling either ear. Now, I could look straight into this beauty's face while hammering my cock in and out of his vacuum like butt hole. The faces he was making could never wear a price tag of any sort. Tristan was whimpering, biting his lips, flinging his hands to and fro, while blowing his sweet hot breath straight into my inhaling nostrils.

I was bound by mystic and lost in lust as I rooted his anal canal for all I was worth. Tristan used both hands to lock the back of my head and forced my lips to his. Our tongues collided in mid air as my pace was set fast and furious. With each downward violent thrust, Tristan blew what remaining oxygen from his lungs straight into my nostrils and mouth. His saliva drained heavily into my mouth as our lips sealed their fate and our tongues probed and slithered inside the others boiling hot and heavily panting mouth.

Nearing my blowing fate, my asshole ramming pace hastened. His tongue, his sweet breath, his dripping saliva, mixed with his magical and mystical ass was pushing me way over the edge. With one last thrust, my aching cock exploded inside his ass, shooting jets of thick man seed deeper and deeper up his milking rectum. Our moans filled the room as our tongues fought at will as I knew he was feeling my sperm bullets fire round after powerful round up his ass.

For whatever the reason may have been, my cock seemed like it was not going to stop shooting my load, so I continued pounding my cock in and out until the last driblet of sperm was safely inside his muscle coiling chute. Now, with a soft cock filling his canal, we lay there, locked in the longest most passionate kiss ever. After some time, I rolled off of him to give him some air and we both just lay there, on the bed, flat on our backs, breathing ever so heavily. Though my eyes were a bit hazy, they remained glued on his precious, now resting, perfect cock. The same cock that offered so much pleasurable and delicious taste. The air of our breathing was broken when Tristan softly whispered,

"Sheriff, that was awesome and I hope I was good enough for us to do it again sometime."

Leaning over onto my right elbow, placing my left fingers up to his cherry flavored lips, I replied,

"You know where I live and work! Anytime you want to stop by, you are always more than welcome. Tristan, this may sound a bit weird coming from me, but I can't keep my eyes off of you. You are so incredibly perfect in everyway! You may not realize this just yet, but you, my young angel, possess the key to my heart!"

Tristan smiled and wiped a tear from his eye, then whispered,

"I love you too!"

We got dressed and I stood on the porch as Tristan jumped on his bike and rode away. The thought of Daniel and his punishment entered my mind, but I already knew that I was too spent to do anything just yet, or at least, for now.

To end this story on a perfect note, Martin still comes by to see me daily for his blow-job. Every now and again, I get the pleasure of fucking Kyle, and as for my deputy, Daniel, he now knows what it feels like to have his ass filled properly. In fact, most mornings, he stops by so I can give him his daily duties while my cock is rifling in and out of his tasty ass. Tristan, now that is a story within a story. He stops by nearly everyday and we don't fuck, we honestly make love. He can now handle my cock up his tight ass with ease and I still whimper every time his sweet load fills my mouth.

I just wish I would have came back home years earlier. It seems that most all of the boys, and some of the girls, want to be punished, or so they think! A new badge is in town, and it has been awakened! Now, I wonder what they are going to do with a new Sheriff in town!