What follows is a work of complete fiction.

This fictional story will describe in very graphical ways sexual acts between grown men, and also between a grown man and young teenage boys.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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The central character of this story is someone who very much enjoys being dominated during sex.  Things get a bit nasty towards the end and there is a small amount of urination.  If this is not the type of sex you would enjoy reading about I recommend you look for something more your style.

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Bang the Drummer

It’s been a couple of months since I moved into the neighborhood I now live in.  It was winter when I bought the house, and spring when I finally moved in.  Now it’s July and the weather has been great.  As the weather has improved and I’ve spent more time outdoors I discovered something that is a bit irritating and has made me wonder if I picked the right neighborhood to move into.

It turns out I have some very noisy neighbors.  They have a large garage in back of their house facing onto a back alley that we share, and a rock band practices in it.  They actually sound like they might have some potential but they could still use a lot more practice.  They definitely could use a better sound engineer.  The levels on the various instruments are all over the place.  The sound is obnoxious but I’ve never been one of those types to complain about such things.  I suppose if I want to get away from it I can always go inside.  At least they’ve never practiced after sunset so it’s not a major hardship.  Still, I wish it had been summer when I looked at this house with an eye towards purchasing it.  I might have heard what I was going to be in for and chosen some other location.

The people who live in the house that has the loud garage band are also big on motorcycles, Harleys to be specific.  There’s usually a few of the noisy bikes parked around the house.  I don’t think they’re in a gang or anything like that.  I’ve never seen any colors on them, but they are definitely the rough, dirty biker types.  I wish I could get a better look at them.  Bikers are right up my alley, figuratively and in this case it seems quite literally.

I am 38 years old and gay.  I’m six foot five and weigh 250 pounds.  I have dark hair that I keep buzzed and a goatee that’s trimmed tight and short.  I have a great deal of body hair and am considered a very desirable bear in the gay scene.  The men I get with usually take one look at me and get excited by the idea of letting me dominate them.  The truth is I far prefer it the other way around.  Something about my size and imposing presence makes it even more fun for me to become the dominated one and let men of much smaller size take control of me and use me whatever way they want.  It doesn’t really matter to me if they’re bigger or smaller than me, but it is important that they be the ones in charge and that they don’t hold back and just do whatever nasty whim comes to them.

I especially love the biker types.  They tend to be thick and stocky, hairy, sweaty, rough, not the best hygiene ever and are not afraid to take what they want.  It’s all a huge turn on for me.  I fantasize quite often about being used very roughly by a bunch of them.

On the noisy neighbor front, today is a bit unusual.  I hear very good music coming from the garage.  It sounds like they’re doing Karaoke instead of the band practicing.  Right now they’re playing Boston’s “Smokin’”.  I know it’s Karaoke because even though the sound mix is perfect and the band that is playing is clearly Boston, the voice is not quite right but whoever’s doing it is singing really well.  They must be having a party or something.  I decide it’s time I introduce myself as their new neighbor.  I would really like to get a closer look at these guys to fuel the fantasies a bit better.

I walked down the alley toward their house and as I come into view of the inside of the garage I notice immediately that they’re not exactly doing Karaoke, they’re playing Rock Band.  The game is one of my favorite pass times but I’ve only ever done it alone.  I don’t really know anyone else my age who would be interested in playing it.  They’ve hooked their Xbox into the real band’s sound system to take advantage of it.  I noticed with excitement that nobody was on the drums.  That’s what I normally play.  I have a small electronic kit at home that I hooked in to the game and I play drums in expert mode for hours at a time.  It’s great exercise.  They appear to have a full blown Roland kit hooked in through a MadKatz midi pro controller.  Nice.

There’s a big LCD TV they’re using that’s near the garage door facing in so the players can follow it and it’s not washed out by the sunlight.  I can’t see how well they’re doing since I’m only seeing the back of the TV but they are definitely having a blast.  They’re grinning from ear to ear.  On lead guitar is a boy with brown hair who looks to be around 14 or so.  He’s shredding away at that thing and it looks like he’s accurate as hell just from what I can see of his strumming and fingering.  A younger boy around 12 with darker hair is playing the bass.  There’s a woman in her early thirties playing the keyboard.  She has no part in this particular song but she’s bobbing and singing along.  Perhaps she’s the mother of one or both boys.  The singer who’s been doing such a great job is a man in his late twenties.  He’s one of the biker types I was talking about earlier.  He’s pretty stocky and his clothes aren’t particularly clean.  His face has a few days growth on it and his hair is fairly long and shaggy.

Over on the inside wall of the garage are two other men who are sitting on lawn chairs drinking beer and watching the players with big smiles.  Both of them appear to be in their mid to late thirties and are also the stereotypical biker types.  Both have shaggy beards.  One has a bandana on his head and the other has a black leather vest and a big gut.  Their clothes look like they’ve seen better days.  All of the men are wearing heavy black leather biker boots.  They are like something straight out of my fantasies.  I do my best to take in the scene and commit these men to memory.  When I go home later they will be using me quite rudely in my imagination while I beat off.

One of the men sitting to the side spots me and a big grin lights up his face and he waves me over welcomingly, so I walk over to him.

“Hey, I’m Chet, this is Dave,” he said.

“Pleased to meet you guys, I’m Jake,” I said.

“Jake, I haven’t seen you around before, are you a neighbor?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, I moved in a few houses down across the alley a couple months ago,” I replied.

“Why don’t you take a load off and have a beer with us,” Chet offered.

“Absolutely, thanks,” I replied and sat on an empty lawn chair next to them.

“What do you think of our band Jake?” Chet asked as he handed me a beer and cocked his head toward the people playing the game.

I watched the TV for a few moments.  I could see by the waves of skittles running down the screen at relentless speed that they were in expert mode.  These people are really good.  They were not missing a lot of notes.

“They’re awesome!” I exclaimed, “Expert mode is not easy.”

“You know something about the game?” asked Dave.

“Yeah, I play it at home.  Drums mostly,” I replied.

“Chet and I have no skills on the instruments.  Sometimes we’ll take a turn singing songs we know that our voices more or less fit, that’s about all we can handle.  The guy who usually plays the drums owns this house.  He’s off doing some work.  I don’t think he’d mind if you played the drums.  Why don’t you jump in on the next song?” Dave said.

“Sounds great,” I said, “as long as the others are fine with it.”

Chet smiled and said, “They’ll be fine with it if we tell them to be.”

Dave chuckled.

The song the others were playing came to an end.

“Listen up you guys!  We got a new drummer to fill in for Rick till he gets back.  Say hello to Jake,” Chet said.

“Hey, I’m Chris,” the oldest boy on lead guitar said.

“Chris is my cousin’s boy,” Chet said, “he’s on summer break and bored so he comes over a lot.”

“I’m Derek and that’s my mom Gale,” said the younger boy on bass.

I waved hello at them.

“I’m Nick, Dave’s brother,” said the guy who’d been singing so well.

“Nick, your voice is awesome.  It sounds a lot like Boston’s lead singer,” I told him.

He grinned.

“All of you are really good,” I said with conviction, “you must be doing this a lot.  Expert is not easy but you guys almost nailed the whole thing.  You got gold stars for Christ’s sake!”

Derek laughed, “That song’s not that hard.  We should have hit every note, but this setup has some lag in it.  Do you play expert on drums?”

“Yup, I do.  I can hold my own fairly well if we stay off the fast punk or thrash metal stuff,” I said.

“Cool, go ahead and take a seat,” Nick said, pointing at the drum throne.

I went and sat down at the drums.  The kit was great.  A Roland TD-12K with a mesh kick head that had dual pedals attached, a realistic hi hat that opens and closes with a pedal, a snare, three toms, two crash cymbals and a ride.  All of the toms and the snare had mesh heads.  This was some serious hardware.

I grabbed a couple of sticks from the holder attached to the frame and wacked all the drums and cymbals to get a feel for the height and reach.  The guy who plays them normally must be pretty big.  I have long arms and yet everything seemed to be at a pretty comfortable distance.  I raised the throne slightly and moved it back a few inches but that’s about all the adjustment I would need to make.

“Can you guys put it in practice mode for a sec so I can check the color assignments?” I asked.

Derek used his guitar controller to flip it into training mode.  I whacked at the drums and cymbals again.  The color codes were pretty much as I expected; the same as my small kit at home.  Red for the snare, blue for open hi hat and yellow for closed, green for the main crash, blue again for the ride and orange for the kick.  It was pretty much the only way to go given the way the songs are coded.

“Cool, I got it thanks,” I told them, “go ahead and queue something up.”

Chris set the game to quick play mode and started building a small set list.  He simply let the game choose random songs.

It came time to choose individual difficulty levels and everyone chose expert except me, I set it to expert-pro mode.

Derek looked back at me and smiled, “Pro mode, really?  Rick usually just plays expert.”

“I need a challenge to keep it fun,” I said.

He shrugged and said, “Good luck man.”

Pro mode on the drums simply means that in addition to colors, the note shapes will differentiate between snare, toms, hi hat and cymbals and you have to play pretty much like the original drummer did.  If someone watching you didn’t know, they’d swear you were actually playing the drums for real.  It’s not as hard as people think though.

The first song that came up was Rage Against the Machine’s “Guerilla Radio”.  It should have been a cakewalk to ace this one.  I love the song and played it often at home.  I was right in the groove but I still missed a few notes.  Everyone seemed impressed but I wasn’t.

“Hey, do you guys mind if we make some adjustments?” I asked, “Derek’s right, this system has some serious lag.  I can hear a loud hum too so you’ve got a ground loop somewhere.”

“Knock yourself out,” Nick said, “It would be great if you could figure it out.  None of us is that good with electronics.”

“I’m an electronics engineer,” I said, “so this stuff is not much harder than breathing for me.”

I noticed that Chet and Dave looked at each other with raised eyebrows at that statement.

I had a look at the setup.  They had an HDMI cable going from the Xbox into the TV and the Xbox was set to 5.1 surround, and then the TV was sending the audio in stereo to the sound system through its aux output.  Not good.  The TV would add a lot of audio lag in the decoding process.  The sound system is strictly a set of analog stereo amps they used for whatever actual band had been practicing in here.  Surround sound is useless with this setup, as is the digital conversion and both add unnecessary lag processing the signal.  I also saw that the TV was set to a movie mode that did a lot of processing to the picture which would also add video lag.  I popped through the menus and located a game mode setting that turned off all of the features and made the LCD as fast as it could be.

I found some cables and moved things around so the audio was unprocessed analog stereo straight out of the Xbox and I turned off the surround sound setting on the console.  I also discovered the source of the ground loop and corrected it.  The annoying hum disappeared immediately.  I got Derek to use his guitar controller’s built in photo detector and microphone to automatically recalibrate the system while I went back to the drums.  Then he built a new set list and we were off and running again.

The next song that came up was “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction.  I love this song on drums.  It keeps me very busy and it has an awesome beat.  Everyone did well.  This time I aced it with no notes missed.  Both Derek and Chris looked back at me at the end of the song when they saw the “100% Flawless” indication on my score.  They smiled and nodded.

“That was awesome!” Derek exclaimed, “I don’t think I missed any from lag, just a couple dumb mistakes but they were my mistakes not the system cheating me.  Thanks for fixing it man!”

“Yeah, it felt way better.  I don’t think there’s lag at all anymore,” Chris said.

I looked over at Dave and Chet.  They had their heads together and were talking about something.

Chet nodded and looked up and asked, “Hey Jake, you feel like smoking some weed?”

“No, thanks,” I said, “normally I’d be all over it but I just quit smoking cigarettes a month ago and if I smoke a joint I’ll fall off the wagon for sure.  If you guys want to light a spliff go ahead.  I could at least enjoy the smell.”

“So you’re OK with weed then?” asked Dave.

“Hell yeah, I love it normally,” I replied.

“Cool,” said Chet, “we might light one later.  I just wanted to see if you were OK with it.”

We got rolling on the next song, “The Collector” by Nine Inch Nails.  This song is actually too easy on drums to be any challenge but at least it’s a fun beat.  As we were playing, an extremely loud Harley came down the alley and pulled in to park just outside the garage.  I was trying to focus on the drums while sneaking peeks at whoever it was that just showed up.

A very big and sweaty biker came in and sat at the chair I’d been in a bit earlier.  He was impressive.  He had to be at least six three and around 260 pounds or so.  Not exactly fat but very solid and thickly built.  He looked to be around 45.  He had a rugged, weathered face with a trimmed full beard.  He was wearing some loose fitting style jeans that were very dirty and very snug in the crotch due to what appeared to be something exceedingly large stored in there.  He had large black leather boots on.

I added him to my mental sex video that I would be playing out later when I got back home.  I got really distracted while I was checking him out and I started messing up pretty badly on the easy song.  He seemed to notice and got a crooked smile on his face.

When the song ended he spoke up right away and said, “Who the fuck is that playing my drums?”

“That’s Jake,” Chet said, “we told him you’d be OK with him playing until you got back.”

“What made you think I’d be OK with that?” the big biker said.

“Awww c’mon, he’s pretty good.  He even fixed that stupid hum and changed the setup to get rid of the lag we had.  He works in electronics and he’s OK with weed,” Chet said.

There was so much emphasis on that last part that he may as well have added a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” at the end.  It was obvious that for some reason being OK with pot was important, as was the fact that I had some skill with electronics.

The big biker raised his eyebrows.

“I was just kidding around, play all you want man.  I’m Rick by the way,” he said and raised his hand in a hello gesture.

I nodded.  I had trouble keeping my eyes away from his crotch.  His basket was huge.  He was packing some serious genitals in there.  I tried to keep my eyes on his but they kept darting back down between his legs.  I think it was obvious because that crooked smile came back on his face and he seemed to slide slightly lower in his chair and spread his legs just a bit more.

“Are we talking or playing?  Next song is up,” said Derek impatiently.

It was another easy one.  Blur’s “There’s no Other Way”.

Again I kept getting distracted glancing over at Rick’s crotch and missing notes I shouldn’t have.

“He’s not all that good,” Rick said loudly.

Rick started scratching at his balls and then rearranging the anaconda he seemed to be keeping in his pants.  He stared right at me while he was handling himself and winked.  I missed several more notes.

“He must need some sort of incentive to do better,” Rick said, “Hey Jake, if you don’t get five stars on this song you gotta suck my dick.”

Chet and Dave laughed.  The boys playing the plastic guitars looked a bit nervously at each other and missed a few notes of their own but then got back on track.

I valiantly tried to rescue my own performance but the thought of being lucky enough to release the Kraken that Rick was keeping in his pants made me miss a whole lot more notes.  Unbelievably, I got only four stars by the time the song finished.

Dave laughed, “Holy crap, I think he didn’t have quite enough incentive Rick.  He failed even with the threat of sucking that smelly fire hose of yours hanging over his head.”

“It’s not fair,” said Derek, “You distracted him by talking so much.  He really is good.”

“No, I think I’ve got him figured out,” Rick said, “Let’s change the game a bit.  Jake, I’m letting you off the hook.  You don’t have to suck my dick for that last screw up, but if you can get gold stars on the next song, not only will I let you suck my dick, but I’ll also be nice enough to cram it in your ass for you and I’ll shoot the biggest load you’ve ever had right into your guts for you to keep and take home with you.  Of course, if that’s not what you really want you can just ease up on your playing and not get gold and you’ll be free and clear.”

Holy fuck, I thought, is this for real?

Chris and Derek snickered.

Gale rolled her eyes and said, “I think I’ll leave you boys to your little game.  I’m gonna go in and start working on supper.”

Nick was watching me with a faint smile on his face, wondering which way I’d go.  Dave and Chet just stared at me and grinned, waiting to see what would happen.

“Next song’s up,” said Derek.

It was “Funk #49” by the James Gang.  Shit.  I had a decision to make.  This song has a complicated looking beat that’s actually very simple.  I can gold star it at will.  I looked over at Rick.  He had a wicked grin on his face.  I looked down at his crotch.  It seemed to be getting a bit more crowded in his pants.  Something that was already quite large was growing even bigger in there and was likely to breach containment before long.

I came to a decision.  I’d give it my all to get the gold stars, and see if he was serious or not.

“There’s no way he can gold Funk #49,” Derek said, “it’s way too hard.”

“Yeah, I doubt it,” Chris said, sounding disappointed.

“You guys just drop out of the game.  Let him play the drums alone,” Rick said.

They complied.  It was only me now.

The song began.  I really wanted to gold this.  I was really feeling the pressure and missed a few notes right up front that I would never miss normally, and then mistakenly glanced at Rick’s crotch again as if to see what I was going to miss out on, which caused me to miss a few more notes.  I gave my head a shake and looked back at the TV.  I let the rest of the world drop away and pretended like I was the only one there.  I relaxed into the zone and began hitting every note.

Rick wasn’t going to make it easy for me.  He seemed to really want to test me to see how bad I wanted this, or more likely given what I’d already surmised about his personality, he wanted to show everyone else just how badly I wanted access to his sweaty crotch.

“See, he’s doing great,” he said quite loudly, “Here I sit, sweating like a pig after a long shift at work.  I can’t remember if I showered the day before yesterday or maybe the day before that, but it sure wasn’t today or yesterday.  My crotch is gonna stink something serious when he opens up my pants and buries his face in there.  Even knowing how much sweat and funk I’ve got saved up for him he’s still hitting every note.”

I might have actually missed a note or two but I was too busy thinking about all that sweat and funk he was advertising to notice. I nervously glanced down at the multiplier.  No, it was still at 4x so I hadn’t missed any more notes yet.

“Man, I haven’t shot a load in weeks.  I must have a gallon of cum built up by now in my big, sweaty, hairy balls,” Rick said, “There was no T.P. in the fucking port-a-potty at work again today either.  I think I’d better get him to lick my ass clean while he’s down there.  You hear that Jake?  The ante’s been upped.  You get to clean my asshole with your tongue and suck my cock and have it crammed in your hole if you can manage gold stars.”

Holy fuck.  I had to get this right.  The big solo came and by the time it was done and the rest of the song continued I was greeted with the message “Perfect solo!” popping up on the screen.  My arms were flying like they were pre-programmed to play this beat.  On I went hitting every note.  I made it to four stars, then five.  I knew there were still a lot of points left so I had a good shot at gold even though I’d messed up right at the beginning.

Towards the end of the song it gets a bit more complicated and I usually miss a few notes here and there and screw up the multiplier.  This time was no different.  The end of the song was fast approaching and I began to wonder if I would make it.  Just as the last few notes came down the screen the five stars shifted from white to gold.  I’d done it.

When the music stopped there was silence.  The two boys on guitar looked at each other and then at me with a look of surprise.  I could have intentionally flubbed it at any point to get out of the deal.  They must have realized how badly I wanted this.  Nick was grinning from ear to ear.  Dave and Chet were chuckling.  Rick was simply smiling knowingly and did not look the least surprised.

I guess I’d made it quite obvious what my interests were.

“See, I told you.  He just needed the right incentive,” Rick said and chuckled.

He got up.

“Follow me Jake,” he ordered.

I got up and did as I was told.  I was getting really aroused and excited at this point.  This was going to be really, really good.  I wondered if I should ask him if the other men could come and line up behind him to use me, but I wasn’t sure if that would be a good idea.  He didn’t really seem like the sharing type.

He led me into the house and down the stairs to the basement.  There was a very strong and familiar odor down here.  Rick opened a door and a blast of heat and humidity hit me along with the powerful smell of pot plants.  He waved me through the open door and I went in.

The whole basement appeared to be a small grow op.  There was one open area just at the entrance where there was a work table against the wall with some equipment on it and the rest of the basement was rows of plants under lights.  There appeared to be a fairly sophisticated automated setup to control heat, light and water and to pull in fresh air and filter the air from the basement before pumping it back outside to cover the smell.  The plants didn’t really seem all that healthy.  I don’t know anything about growing, but I could tell that these looked a bit stunted and weak.

“We could use your help Jake,” Rick said, “we’re trying to grow down here, not to sell of course but for our own use and a bunch of friends and family, but we’re having problems with the electronic system that controls the heat, water and light for the plants.  It’s flaky as hell.  We keep coming down here and finding that the system locked up and the plants are being over watered or the lights will be off when they shouldn’t be or something.  It’s a custom setup but the guy who built it is sort of indisposed doing a stretch in prison right now.  Do you think you could take a look at it?”

I was deeply disappointed.  I thought he was bringing me down here to fulfill his promise and use me for his entertainment, but all he wanted me for were my electronics skills.  What a letdown.

“Sure, no problem,” I said.

He pointed to the plastic box with several cables running in and out of it that contained the controller.  I popped the lid off the box and looked the circuit board over quickly.  Whoever had built this thing was pretty sloppy with their soldering.  It was most definitely not a professional job.  I saw they had used an Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller to control the system.  At least they’d done one thing right.  They were using a pretty standard SPI bus to connect automated pumps and heat regulation and triacs to switch the lights and fans.  It was a pretty routine process control and automation system.

“There’s not much I can do without my bench equipment.  The board is pretty messy and there just might be a cold solder joint somewhere.  It might be hard to track down.  I could probably more easily design a new one for you and have it put together on a protoboard by the end of day tomorrow.  I can check the program on the microcontroller, if it looks good I can reuse it.  If not I’ll need details about the schedules for light, the moisture levels you’re after and the heat you want, and so on,” I explained.

“Great.  Why don’t you talk to Chet about it?  I need to go back and do another shift at work pretty soon,” he said.

“OK,” I said and turned to leave.

“Hold on there, where do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“To talk to Chet?” I replied questioningly.

“Not quite yet.  I get to fuck your ass, remember?” he said with a wicked grin.

Yee-haw was all I could think.

“On your knees over here by the table,” he said.

I went over and kneeled down facing the table.

“Back up a bit, I need to get in there,” he said.

I backed up to put a few feet between me and the table.  He got in front of me and undid his pants.  He turned away from me and hiked his pants and underwear down to his ankles and bent over to lean on the table and presented his huge ass to me.

“Lick that fucker clean,” he ordered.

Oh hell yes I will, I thought.

His ass was covered in hair.  His glutes were heavy and muscular under an additional layer of body fat.  He had a dark trough of hair running along his butt crack down to a small bush around his asshole.  His balls hung big, heavy, hairy and sweaty.  Just past them I could see the big head of his cock hanging down in front of them.  His cock was not fully erect yet but it continued to thicken and lengthen as I watched it.  It was uncut and very thick.  The whole sight was one of the best things I’d ever seen.  I tried to burn it in my memory so I could play it back for further pleasure in the future.

I put my hands on the back of his massive thighs and ran them up to his ass cheeks and spread them slightly apart.  I dived in and began to thoroughly wash the area.  The taste was incredible.  He had indeed been sweating a lot.  The smell heightened my senses and colored the strong taste of his salty sweat.  He had most definitely not cleaned himself all that well.  It was tangy and rich around his big asshole.  I washed furiously with my tongue.  I couldn’t get enough.  The taste started to fade from things getting too clean.  I made a point with the tip of my tongue and jabbed it at his asshole to see if he’d let me in to get some more but he apparently didn’t feel he had time for that.

He pulled away and turned around.  His big cock was still in the process of growing and it was already quite impressive.  His big loose foreskin was still covering part of the head and a lot of precum was oozing out of the large piss slit.  Even as well practiced as I was, I would not be able to take more than a few inches of this monster in my mouth.  He leaned back against the table and waited for me to service him.  I wrapped my lips around his big cock head and used my tongue and lips to push the skin back and lick up all of the cheese and funk he’d been hiding in there.

“I don’t have a lot of time, get it good and wet so I can cram it up your chute,” he said.

There was a shuffling sound to the right, back where the stairs were through the door.  I looked over and saw the twelve year old Derek on the stairs watching us.

“What the fuck are you doing down here?” Rick growled at him, “Get upstairs!”

Derek started to go back up the stairs then decided to try his luck and stopped and said, “Aww, c’mon Rick, can’t we watch you fuck him?”

“We?  Chris, you there too?” Rick asked.

Chris popped his head out.  He’d been hiding right on the other side of the doorway.

Rick chuckled.

“OK boys, you can watch.  You may as well learn how to use a man for your pleasure.  You gotta pay the price though, and help out,” Rick said, “Come over here and take turns spitting on his asshole as much as you can.  Push as much as you can into his hole with your finger too.  Get it good and wet so I can fuck him.  Jam some of your fingers in to loosen him up too.  Your hand’s pretty small Derek, you should work him to where you can cram the whole thing in.  Then he should be just about loose enough for me to fit.”

Derek’s eyes went wide at the idea of jamming his hand into a guy’s rectum.  I don’t think he was quite bargaining on this.  He was so young he probably had no idea what sort of strange things people could get into when it came to sex.  He had only wanted to watch.  After some hesitation he came down the stairs and both boys came into the room.  Chris did not seem quite as taken aback so chances are he’d had some sort of experience with sex before.  They made their way behind me.

“Jake, stand up for a sec and take your clothes off, all of them.  You’re gonna get a lot of cum shot in your direction today.  I think I’m gonna tell Dave, Chet and Nick to come and have a go at you when I leave.  You don’t get to leave until everyone’s done.  You might be here a while,” Rick said.

I grinned and got up and stripped as ordered, and then I got back in position but instead of going back down on my knees I bent forward to put my face back in Rick’s crotch while exposing my asshole at a good height for the boys.  I set to work on Rick’s massive cock again.  Derek and Chris got in behind me and started spitting on my asshole.  Derek had seemed a bit tentative at first, but his curiosity overcame him.  He put his finger against my anus and pushed it in.  My asshole has been well conditioned over many years of activities like the one I was about to undertake.  It could stretch to very wide proportions and yet the muscle had a lot of strength.  Just for fun I flexed my anus hard to grip his finger to make him work to get it back out.

“Holy fuck, he’s got my finger!” Derek exclaimed, “He’s really tight back here.”

Rick chuckled and said, “He’s probably been working that muscle hard all his life so it’s pretty strong.  Derek, you ever fucked a man?”

“No,” said Derek.

“Well, it’s about time you did.  He’ll be pretty loose and wide by the time I’m done using him so you’d better just fuck him first while he’s still tight.  Chris, you can go after.  Work him hard so he’s loose enough for me by the time you’re done,” Rick said.

“How do I do it?” Derek asked.

“I would think it would be pretty obvious, boy.  Is your dick hard?” asked Rick.

“Yeah, really hard,” Derek replied.

“Mine too,” said Chris.

“Just pull your fucking pants down and jam your cock into his asshole.  Slam away at him until it feels really good.  Don’t worry about him.  You gotta understand that a guy like this wants to be told what to do.  He wants you to just do to him whatever disgusting things cross your mind.  Don’t ask his permission, just do whatever you want.  It doesn’t matter if he enjoys it or not.  It’s just important for you to feel good.  For now just stick your pecker in  him and hammer away until you bust a nut into him, and then pull up your pants and walk away without a word.  That’s how it’s done,” Rick explained.

That was all the explanation they needed.  I bent my knees to crouch down some so the little boy’s cock would line up with the target.  It was an uncomfortable position but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to need to hold it for long.  Derek quickly whipped his pants and underwear down and slammed his little cock into me.  I flexed my anus hard to give him a good tight fit.  He started grunting and thrusting and fucking like a rabbit.  It took less than two minutes before he was moaning through his orgasm.  He’s only twelve so chances are he wasn’t even leaving anything in me but it was still one hell of a turn on just knowing this kid was getting his rocks off for the first time by using the dirty hole of a 250 pound hairy bear of a man he didn’t know from Adam.

He pulled out with a big grin on his face and hiked his pants and underwear back up and stepped aside to make room for Chris.  “That was awesome!  I’m gonna do that again!”

Rick chuckled again, “You can do it as often as you want, but you’ll have to wait till after Chris, and me too.  I’m gonna need to leave soon.”

Chris stepped up to bat next.  His cock was much thicker and longer than Derek’s but still just the cock of a young boy.  He slammed the length of it unceremoniously and without warning into my rectum and began to hump away.

In the mean time I continued to work at Rick’s cock licking the length of it all over to coat it with saliva.  It had grown into a huge thick nine incher that was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum out of its large piss slit.  I wanted it in my ass so badly.  I began to quickly flex and relax my anus to get Chris more excited so he could hurry up and shoot his young load into me.  It didn’t take long at that point.

“Holy Fuck!” he shouted and then he started grunting and bucking against me hard as the orgasm crashed into him and he shot his spunk into my tunnel.

“You done now?” Rick asked.

“Yeah,” Chris said as he slowly pumped the last of his jizz into me.

“Get the fuck out of the way then, I’m in a hurry!” Rick told him.

The boy pulled out and got out of the way and Rick moved around and behind me and pushed me forward so I could grab onto the table.  He pushed his huge cock head against my anus and began to put all of his weight behind it.  I pushed to open my hole as much as possible but he was still stretching it right to its limit as his head finally cleared the ring of muscle and popped inside me.  He then pushed hard while letting out a long grunt and slid the full length right up into me.  Normally I’d do my best to clamp the muscle tight but in this case it was so stretched I couldn’t add much force, nor did I need to.

“Fuck this hole is nice and tight!” Rick exclaimed, “I’m glad you showed up Jake, I’m gonna need to use this thing a lot from now on.”

He pulled the full length back until the head almost came out then grunted and slammed it back into me again.  He began to build up a rhythm and fucked me so hard the table was banging against the wall and things on it were toppling over.  I had never been used quite this hard in my life and it felt incredible.  My anus was stretched to its limit and the myriad of sensitive nerve endings in it were all firing their pleasure at me at once as the length of his cock slid against them.  His giant cock head was slamming its way past my prostate repeatedly driving my own pleasure higher and higher.  My head started to spin and I realized I was about to orgasm without even touching myself.  His rhythm was getting faster and faster and I could sense that he was about to blow his huge wad into me.

Rick grunted and slammed me against the table as his orgasm hit him like a freight train.  I could feel his huge cock head swelling as cum gushed out of it in one long powerful stream after another.  He was filling me more than I’d ever been filled before.  I swear I could almost feel the weight from the volume of cum he shot into me.  The swelling cock head hit my prostate even harder and I slipped over the abyss myself and my cock start bobbing up and down and shooting jets of cum out on the floor on its own.  I was in ecstasy.

Rick grunted several more times as the last of the shock waves hit him and he ejected the last of his juices into me.  Finally he began to slow down and then he stopped.  He was breathing heavily with his cock still deep in me.  I could feel his hand go between my ass and his pubic area.  He was squeezing the base of his cock to coax out every last drop of cum into my rectum.

He then unceremoniously pulled out with a sucking popping sound.  He pulled up his underwear and pants and zipped them up.

I noticed Chris coming back into the room.  I wasn’t aware he’d left.  While I was waiting for the OK to stand up again, I looked down at the floor and saw several puddles of my own cum.  I was amazed how much there was.

“Check that out boys, I treated the fucker so nice he shot his load without even touching his dick,” Rick said, “I probably pumped half a gallon of spunk into his ass too.  He should be good and lubed up now but you’ll probably have to wait a while for his hole to close up again before you have another go.  I nearly ripped it apart.”

The boys chuckled.

Rick looked at his watch and said, “Shit, I’m gonna be late.  Get that fucking board put in by tomorrow Jake.  I’ll have more time to use you then so stick around and wait for me.  Make your ass available to the other guys too.  They can use you as much as they want and you’ll still be tight enough for me after.  You’re gonna be our cum dump from now on.”

He turned to leave but was interrupted by Chris.

“Hey Rick, I called a couple of friends and invited them over.  They never fucked anyone either and they want to come over and try it.  That’s cool, right?” he asked.

“It’s cool, but obviously not down here.  I told you before, you can’t show any of your friends from school our plants!”

“No, it’s not kids from school, it’s Rod’s boy Shane and his cousin Rocky from down the street.  They’ve been down here before while Rod was working, remember?”

“Hell yeah, I remember them.  They’re good kids.  You may as well keep it down here then.  With the drains all over the place, the floor is easier to clean if you make a mess.  Do me a favor and have Shane remind his dad we’re still waiting for him to change the water lines along the back wall.  That leak is starting to get worse.  Rod’s not gonna get his share of the crop if he doesn’t pitch in,” he said and started heading for the door.

“OK boys, have fun with your new toy.  If his ass is still too loose don’t forget he has a mouth too,” he said.

He left without a word of thanks to me.  He wasn’t wrong earlier when he said he thought he had me figured out.  I smiled.

Chris grinned wickedly at me and said, “You heard Rick.  You’re gonna be here a while.  Get on your hands and knees so Derek can use your mouth.”

I complied with the young up-and-coming dominator’s command.

Derek quickly stepped up and slammed his already hard cock into my mouth until his pubic bone mashed into my nose.  He began humping hard at my face oblivious to whether he was being too rough on me or not.

“This guy’s so nasty Chris.  I don’t think I could ever take someone’s wiener in my mouth,” Derek said while he humped my face, “It sure feels great to put mine in though!”

“I played with Rod’s friend one time but never told anyone.  He’s pretty nasty too.  I bet this guy would do all the same things.  Watch this,” Chris said.

He stood to the side of me and took his cock in hand and began to grunt a little and piss started to come out.  He pressed more with his bladder and the flow increased.  He aimed the stream right at me and got it all over my back and moved up to piss a bit on my head then back down to cover my ass and legs.  His dick slowly started to harden again while he pissed.

“Oh man that’s so gross!  Can I try that?” Derek asked.

“You don’t need to ask, that’s not how it works.  Just do it.  Look at his cock, it’s starting to get hard again.  He really likes it.” explained Chris.

I was indeed starting to get hard again as the warm yellow fluid dripped off of me.  These boys were going to be a lot of fun in the days to come.  I couldn’t wait till their little friends arrived.

“OK,” said Derek and he stopped humping.

I expected him to pull out and start urinating on my face but instead I felt the stream erupt right in my mouth.  The acrid taste was fantastic and I began to gulp down my treat.

“What are you waiting for?  Piss on him.” Chris said.

“I am, stupid, right in his mouth,” replied Derek.

“Holy shit!  I never thought of that!  Damn, I used mine all up.  Pull out though so I can watch you pee on him.”

Chris’s cock had hardened right up and he was now stroking it eagerly as he watched the scene.

Derek did as he was asked and pulled his little dink out of my mouth.  It was a sight to see.  His little member was still hard as a rock and sticking straight out and slightly upward.  The little guy had to push really hard to get his piss through it but it was coming.  The hot yellow stream was already weakening though.  He managed to get my face good and wet but it was running out fast so I opened my mouth wide and he moved his cock right to it and rested his dick head on my tongue.  The stream died off shortly and he pulsed his pelvic muscle a few times and the last squrts of piss shot across my tongue into my mouth while Chris watched.  Derek then pushed his little cock back into my mouth and started humping really fast again.

“Fuck, that’s awesome!” said Chris, “I hope Shane and Rocky need to pee when they get here.  I want to see that again.”

The excitement of having done something so nasty seemed to push Derek over the edge and he began bucking against my face and grunting as his body experienced its second orgasm.  I slipped my hand up and pulled his ass hard into me to let him know I wanted him to go as deep as he could.  I slid my tongue out and wrapped it over his little nut sack and used a finger to massage his anus to heighten the excitement for him.  He pushed hard as the spasm hit and his little cock head expanded and I could feel his butt cheeks tighten up and his body tried to pump his load of cum into me, but he was a bit too young yet.

The orgasm was powerful and I could sense Derek’s knees start to buckle as he groaned.  I used my hand on his butt to keep him from falling over.  After his bucking slowed to a stop and he’d regained control Derek pulled out and rubbed his softening cock around on my piss covered face seemingly enjoying the sight of himself debasing a grown man this way.  I’d never been used so rudely by someone quite so small before.  These kids were in control and could do whatever they wanted and they knew it.  Needless to say I was having the time of my life.

Chris was jacking his own cock faster and faster and suddenly he said “look out” and he pushed Derek to the side as he moved in front of me.  He aimed his cock at my face and groaned as his orgasm hit him and his cum spurted onto my nose and cheek.  He jacked furiously while moaning and moved closer and shot another spurt right at my lips.  I immediately licked them to get the sweet nectar.  He moved forward and shoved his still gushing cock into my mouth.  He slowly humped at my face with his two hands on the top of my head while the last of his orgasm wound down and the last of his cum oozed out onto my tongue.

“That’s so neat.  I wish I could shoot cum at him like that,” Derek said.

The doorbell rang.

“That’s Shane and Rocky,” Chris said, “go let them in Derek.”

Derek pulled his pants back up and did as he was told.

Seems it was already time for round two.  I was in heaven.  To think, all of this began simply because I had practiced playing the drums in Rock Band so long and hard.  I never thought my video game skills would ever pay off to this extent.

It also occurred to me that without knowing it and quite by fluke, I had moved into what appeared to be the single best neighborhood in the city.  Things were going to be a lot more interesting for me from here on out.


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