I guess it would be best if I start this story out by telling you a tad bit about myself. For all good intentions, let's start out by saying my name is Justin. As of right now, while this story is being typed, I just turned 14. As for a twist of fate as per your normal story here on Nifty, I am, as one can say, an adult molester. I go out and find men, straight, gay, or bisexual, just for the purpose of having sex. I have no desire to be with a girl, none whatsoever! With that being said, let me tell you a little bit more about me. By no means am I your body builder type, or hung like an AOL mule. On my best day, I stand somewhere around 5' 5" and tip the weight scale around 125 pounds. Now, here is the part in which I may sound a bit conceded, but to better describe myself, I have to do it.

I take after my mother having blonde, almost pure white, hair that hangs down just above my shoulder blades. The sides are cut kind of close and I keep it sort of spiked in the middle. My eyes, well I get compliments all the time on account of them, are a bright blue. My eyebrows are the same color as my hair and they are rather thin, but my eyelashes are a little more darker than my eyebrows and are long and curl a little upwards. My face is sort of narrow and I have two dimples that poke my cheeks most nearly all the time. I have a small nose with about four small freckles spotting the top of the bridge.

Ever since I can remember, be it family members, friends, or complete strangers, for whatever the reason, people seem to be drawn to me. Little remarks like, cute, pretty, handsome, and gorgeous seem to flow out of their mouths before their brains have a chance to tell them what to say. Anyhow, I was born this way and have grown quite accustomed to using my looks to my advantage. By the way, I spoke only of my mother since my father left us when I was born. My mother is a natural born fox and if I wasn't so addicted to men, I would more than likely try to tag her myself, but, that's not going to happen!

Finishing up describing myself and how I look, I am virtually hairless. I do have some hair on my shins, but thanks to my hair color, you can't really see them at all. My nipples, well they are nipples. They are tiny and a light pinkish and my belly button is one of those that really don't poke inwards or protrude outwards. It's more like a small line with a mini indention. This is the part I feel like doing what most others do when creating these stories and tell you my dick is 10 inches long and fatter than an oak tree, but to be totally honest, it's closer to 4 " and about as thick as a decent sized adult thumb. I was circumcised at birth and my cock head is just about the same size as the shaft. It looks more like a torpedo with an upwards arch somewhere in the middle hooking upwards at a slight angle. I don't have low hangers for balls, but they do hang down a good two or so inches and I feel they are rather large compared to my cock. Both are shaped like two medium sized eggs, and yes, I can shoot a pretty good sized load many times a day! And, just in case you are wondering, for whatever the reason, I simply don't have any pubic hair, or at least, not just yet!

Since it's just me and my mother, my mother kills herself with work. Our house is just your regular normal sized house in a large subdivision for middle class people. The best thing about our house is that my mother has a tanning bed which I use all year round. I am proud to say that I have a pretty dark tan, all over, all year long. Since my mother works nearly all the time and honestly has very little quality time to spend with me, thus, this is where I will begin how I became an adult molester.

When I was around 6 years old, my cousin, who was 15 at the time used to watch me while my mother was at work. Actually, it was his mother who really watched me, but it was Greg who paid me the most attention. In my eyes, Greg was my hero. His hair was long and a dirty blonde in color and his smile always stole my breath. I thought he was the coolest guy in the world and would have happily followed him straight into the bowels of hell. It all started out innocently enough, but if my recollection serves me right, it was I who pushed the issue.

My mom had to leave town for the weekend and it was already prearranged that Greg was going to stay the weekend with me at our home. Before I get started, Greg had ALL the girls after him! I watched him plenty of times swap spit with some gorgeous girl and heard many of them whisper that they wanted to suck him off, but just by me being there, Greg always postponed that event.

Greg came over and my mom slobbered all over me prior to her leaving. I couldn't wait for just the two of us to play together. No matter what the game, Greg always let me win. We played up into the night when it was time for me to take my bath. We have a single story home, so I was playing/soaking in the tub when I heard some noise coming from the living room. I wasn't afraid cause I knew Greg was in there, but I stepped out of the tub and slowly inched my way down the hallway. Standing right at the corner, my eyes caught Greg sitting on the sofa, legs spread, with his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Some girl was on her knees, between his legs, and her head was frantically bobbing up and down. I couldn't see a whole lot, but from the looks on Greg's face, I knew he was feeling pretty good. At 6 years of age, I had no clue what sex was, but I did get one heck of a rock hard boner watching the girl make Greg moan the way he was moaning.

Greg had his hands on the side of the girl's head and she was bobbing up and down like a maniac. I heard Greg whisper something like he was shooting and watched in awe as he tensed up and then the girl started moaning like crazy. I even heard her slurping and it sounded as though she was choking and swallowing all at the same time. A few seconds later, the girl began to stand, so I quickly tip toed back into the bathroom and slid back into the tub. A few minutes later, Greg came into the bathroom to check on me.

His face looked a bit flustered as he sat on top of the toilet looking at me smiling from ear to ear. The vision of him and the girl made my dick stand up once again. Thanks to the bubbles, I knew Greg couldn't see my little boner, but the thought of him and her forced me to ask,

"Greg, what was that girl doing to you that made you feel so good?"

He smiled even harder and softly said,

"I didn't know you us, but little man, she was giving me a blow-job, you know, sucking my dick."

I shot back,

"She must have liked it too, cause she was moaning like crazy."

Greg fired back,

"Yeah, she sucks me off all the time cause she says she loves my cream, or so she says!"

I was more than a little curious to all of this, so I asked,

"What does it feel like, you know, to have your dick sucked?"

Greg smacked his lips, then said,

"Justin, in time you will know! One day, you will have all the girls lined up just for the chance to suck you off. You may not see it right now, cause you are too young, but Justin dude, you are one pretty hot little guy and if your looks grows even hotter with time, fuck dude, you'll have the world by the balls!"

I had no clue to what all he had just said, so I just sat there soaking in the tub. He got up and went down the hall leaving me to work on the words he had just spoken. I dried off and wore what I always wore, and that is a pair of white little underoo's. Naturally, I didn't think nothing of it, cause I wore those same type of underwear all the time and Greg had seen me in my underwear plenty of times. We hung out in the living room watching television with both of us seated on the sofa within a few inches apart. Greg got up and took a shower. I stayed on the sofa constantly thinking of the scene that had taken place earlier with Greg and the girl. Greg came back into the room wearing just his underwear. His tan gleamed against the dimly lit room and not a speck of hair was on his rather muscular chest. Just below is inward belly button was a trail of light colored brown hair disappearing into the top of his underwear. Greg was wearing a pale blue boxer shorts and I thought my eyes caught his dick swinging as he walked up to me and sat down right beside me. The heat from his right leg resting on my left leg caused my little boner to stir once more.

It seemed he was interested in the movie, but I was more than fascinated keeping my eyes glued on his crotch. I had to ask,

"Greg, you said she loves your cream, well um, how does she get it and what does it taste like?"

Greg put his right arm around my shoulders causing his right hand to touch my right nipple, cleared his throat, then said,

"Little buddy, it's like this. When you get your dick sucked, and you're old enough, it feels so good that your dick shoots out sperm. That's the stuff that makes babies, but when a girl swallows it, she can't get pregnant. As far as what does it taste like, well, I don't have a clue. Once I shoot my wad in their mouth, I won't even kiss them. It must be okay though, cause it seems that they want to swallow my sperm all the time."

I must have followed that up with a trillion of questions and Greg seemed to be getting a bit flustered with my barrage of questioning, cause he looked at me, then softly whispered,

"Justin, the day will come when you are old enough, and believe me, as good as you look, you will most definitely be getting your dick sucked all the time. You are way too young just yet to shoot sperm, but you will."

Without any worry in the world, I asked,

"Greg, have you ever put your mouth on another guy's dick?"

Greg looked at me and with more of a stern look on his face, replied,

"Fuck no! That's gay shit and I aint about any of that crap!"

Greg went on to explain gay stuff and the more he talked, the more excited I became. Though our conversation grew, my eyes remained on his crotch, and the longer I looked, the more intrigued I became. I had one more question to ask Greg, but I simply couldn't find the words. One thing I didn't want to do was spoil our great relationship, but as time went on, the more feverish I became as to pop the ultimate question. Finally, at an all time feverish high, my mouth popped open and the words flopped out,

"Greg, can I suck your dick?"

Greg wasn't pissed of or anything like that, but he just talked to me a bit more about gay stuff and explained in vast detail that he wasn't gay. After his lengthy sermon, I looked up at him with pleading eyes and literally begged,

"Please, I want to. I want to taste your cream like the girls do. Pretty please!"

He smiled while turning his head looking around the room as if someone else was there, got up and went to the door to check the lock, then walked right up in front of me, slid his boxer's off and sat down. His pubic bush wasn't all that thick and it was a blondish brown in color and his cock was soft, but to my eyes, it looked really thick. It was about three inches long, and like me, he was cut. His balls rested on top of the sofa cushion and appeared to be huge with tiny hairs lightly sprinkled around his stretched sac. As if caught in the force of some powerful magnet, I slipped off the sofa and quickly fell to my knees while inching myself in between his spread legs. As my face lowered, I could smell the fresh soapy scent from the shower. His soft cock twitched just as my tongue instinctively slit out of my mouth.

My tongue slid across his huge balls making them jump inside the tightly stretched sac. Greg moaned as my tongue swirled all over his balls, working my mouth up to his slowly inflating dick. My tongue started at the baste of his dick and worked its way to his piss slit. I had no clue what I was supposed to do, but something inside me took control and was guiding my every move. I opened my mouth and purred like a kitten as soon as his cock slipped inside my mouth. Within seconds, Greg's beautiful cock grew to its enormous 6 thick inches. Naturally, I couldn't take it all, but I sure as hell was giving it my very best effort. To me, it seemed so pleasingly natural to suck Greg's cock. The feel of his silky rock hard meat sliding in and out of my mouth excited me to no end.

Though I was lost in my own enriched world, I heard Greg saying things like,

"Yeah, shit yeah! Suck that cock you little bitch! Come on sissy boy, suck that fucking cock like you want it!"

The more vulgarities he tossed out, the better I loved it. I was moaning along with his moans while my mouth relished in the feeling of his thick cock stretching my mouth to the point it began hurting. My hands played with his huge balls, rolling and caressing every square inch of his wonder nuggets. His hands held the sides of my head in place while he began humping his ass off the cushion, fucking my mouth with each forceful thrust. Greg moaned loudly and yelled out,

"Fuck yeah you little gorgeous bitch, suck my fucking cock! Oh shit I'm close, suck it, suck ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

Having no clue as to what to expect, I kept on slurping on his delicious mouth watering cock. I felt it throb, then suddenly, several huge globs splashed the roof of my overly cock stuffed mouth. It was hot and thick and more and more globs flew from his cock by the heartbeat. My own head was still spinning as I got my first taste of my cousin's so called cream. I don't know why it was called cream cause it was kind of salty with just a mild hint of bitterness, but I managed to choke down the thick substance as it constantly erupted inside my mouth. After the first three or four swallows, I found myself rather liking his cream. In fact, I didn't want his cock to stop giving me his thick hot cream, so I sucked and slurped until Greg literally forced my mouth off of his quickly deflating cock.

I raised up onto my butt, still between his legs, giving all of my attention to his now totally flaccid cock. He was breathing extremely hard as I lowered my head and began lapping at his shriveled up balls. Once again, Greg forced me off of him. I just kept on looking at his cock, relishing in the after taste of his super delicious cream when Greg hoarsely whispered,

"Holy fuck Justin, that was the best blow-job I've ever had!"

I gave him my thanks and he got up and put his boxer's back on. We watched television for a little while and went to bed. We both slept in my bed and it didn't take me long to fall fast asleep.

The next morning Greg acted as if nothing ever happened the previous night, though we both walked around the house in our underwear. Around noon time, I looked up at him and asked Greg if I could suck him off again. He looked down at me and peeled his underwear off and I began working on his cock once more until his cream flowed like rain down my throat.

For the next year and half, I sucked Greg's cock nearly every day. He never once tried to suck mine, but wherever or whenever Greg told me to suck his cock, I happily did so. I looked forward to him calling me names and forcing his cock down my throat. Proudly enough, after sucking his cock so many times, I found out how to deep throat Greg's thick cock without ever choking. There were days, mostly weekends, Greg would let me suck him off several times a day. When I was a few days shy of 8 years old, once again, it was I who pushed the issue. We were at Greg's house, and now he was 17 years old, and I was between his sprawled out legs sucking his cock when I literally begged him to show me how it felt to be fucked. It took some pleading on my part, but Greg reluctantly got up from the bed and got some lube. He placed me on my hands and knees which forced my little ass to jut into the air. Greg got in behind me (I now know he really had no clue what to do for anal sex other then to get some lubricant) and I felt his thick cock head touch my butt hole. Just before he tried to put it in, Greg whispered,

"Damn Justin, you sure do have one pretty fucking ass for a dude!"

Just as I was about to say thank you, Greg forced his fat cock into my virgin cherry hole. The pain was unbelievable and it felt like his cock was a hot poker iron burning a hole from within my butt, working its way outwards. I know I was screaming, but I guess Greg was too lost in the moment, cause he just shoved that thick fucker all the way up my ass and began plowing my hole like tomorrow would never come.

Tears were steam rolling from my eyes as I almost passed out from the pure pain rocketing inside my ass. His hands held my hips and he began using my hips to drive my ass onto his thrusting thick pole. I could barely hear him saying something, but my cries drowned out his words by far. Only in my imagination did I think Greg fucking me would be the ultimate in pleasure, but the pain crashing through my butt rifled through my mind like a vivid nightmare that just wouldn't go away. Then, something happened, something snapped inside of me, driving all the pain to disperse and nothing but sheer intoxicating pleasure ravished my entire body. I found myself helping Greg by cramming my butt onto his thrusting cock while clinching the bed covers for moral support.

With his cock blistering away in and out of my ass, my body went into an uncontrollable convulsions as I experienced my first ever orgasm, though be it, it was a dry one. The feeling was like fireworks shooting off inside of me and my mind felt like it was separating from my body. The more ferocious Greg tore my ass up with his pile driving cock, the longer my dry orgasm exploded throughout my entire thrashing being. Just when I thought I was coming back to reality, I felt Greg's cock expand and soon felt his thick sweet sperm shoot even deeper into my filled bowels. Once again, my body shot off into another body jerking orgasm as he fucked his thick fluids harder and deeper up my thrusting butt.

That was the first day that was certainly not to be the last of my ass making accommodations for Greg's thick cock. Literally speaking, I became Greg's bitch! By the time I was nine, Greg was making me, or so he thought, suck his cock and he used my ass at will anytime it met his desires, to which, was almost on a daily basis. I was still unable to produce any sperm, but every time Greg's cock went up my ass, within a couple of minutes, I was having a full blown mind boggling dry orgasm.

This went on until Greg joined the service and had to go away, leaving me with nothing but great memories, a burning desire to suck cock, and a well needed craving to have my ass filled with cock. I was now ten and my mother felt there was no need for someone to watch me while she worked. One day, being home all alone, I rifled through my mother's drawers and closets. I knew what I was hoping to find, but I didn't know if my mother had anything like that. I needed a replacement for Greg's cock, and that was just the plain fact! In her closet, buried under a stack of clothes, I found the mother load. It was a rubber cock with matching balls that actually was able to stand straight up on its own. The thing, which I measured, was 8 inches long and nearly twice as thick as Greg's thick cock. I grabbed the monster fake cock and literally ran into the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of baby oil.

I poured the oil all over the thick rubber cock and squatted over it. The rubber cock head made Greg's cock look tiny compared to the long thick girth of this mammoth rubber pleasure toy. I fought and fought, fighting back the soaring pain to sit on my new found cock, but the pain was just too intense. I got about 3 or so inches inside of me before admitting to defeat. Every day, once my mother went to work, I got my new toy and practiced sucking on it and eventually found myself trying to sit completely down on it. It took about two weeks of constant trial and effort before I managed to take that thick rubber monster all the way up my butt. Just in the case with Greg's cock, within a couple of minutes, I was being blissfully ravished with massive orgasms, one right after the other, and without using my hand on my erect cock to do so.

Greg called me one day out of the blue while being stationed overseas. This is pretty much the way the conversation went.

"Justin, you can have your choice of anyone you so desire. Your beauty is pure and natural and I was the one who was lucky to have had you for all this time. You are not straight, you're gay, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. With your inherent beauty and bubbly ass, you don't ever have to spend one second alone. There are plenty of guys who would kill to be with you and please you in so many wonderful ways. Listen carefully Justin, with your breath taking smile, angelic beauty, perfect body, and sweet little innocent voice, use all of them to get what you want. When you do this, you will be surprised to see just how many guys are more than willing to suck your cock and fuck you like you love. Just flaunt it dude!"

He said a lot more, but once our conversation ended, I went to my bathroom, removed all my clothes and just looked at myself in the mirror. All different angles, I rotated my body in hopes to see what some guy would see in me. The only thing I could really see was that my butt did bubble out some, but my dick was still just nothing more than a little stick. I didn't see the beauty he was talking about, but then my mind kept flashing back in time to all the people who always gave me compliments on my looks. After spending some time in the tanning bed, I soaked in the tub for a little while. I searched and searched for ideas I could get some guy to have sex with me, but not just any guy, a man.

Since my mom was working, I just walked around the house naked. I went into my mom's bathroom and discovered what looked like a hot water bottle with a long hose and a nozzle attached to the very end. I remembered a conversation I overheard with Greg and one of his steady girls and that she gave herself an enema so he could fill her ass with his sweet juice. So, this began the day that I began playing around with this new contraption.

I poured some baby oil in it along with some strawberry shampoo and filled it up with some warm water. I went into my bathroom and wasted no time in hanging the back on the shower rod and inserted the nozzle up my rectum. I was a little nervous at first, but when I flipped the release valve to the open position, the warm contents rushed into my bowels forcing my stomach to swell. I wont go into steady details about this, but once everything was said and done, I felt totally clean and actually felt a whole lot better about myself.

To skip right along, I did what Greg told me to do, be it at the mall, pharmacy, public restrooms, and wherever, but I never once got lucky. Finally, school had ended and now I had the whole house to myself once my mom went to work. My routine really didn't change. I stayed naked, gave myself an enema, and reduced the rubber monster to once or twice a week. The one thing I did add was that my mom had purchased some type of fitness machine that was intended to help shape the buttocks, or at least that was what she told me. Once I completed my workout, I hopped into the tanning bed, then soaked in the tub filled with coconut oil. I was now ten, and hornier than anyone could ever possibly imagine. I really didn't have any friends so to speak, so I would get all cleaned up and ride my bike through the subdivision in hopes of finding someone, anyone.

About two weeks later, and totally frustrated, I did my routine at home and decided to head out again. I slipped on the shortest thin shorts I could find and put on a tank top and headed out on my bike. I wound up at the community park and sat on the bench watching the older kids (14 to 18) play basketball. While I was lost in a dream world imagining them playing naked, some older guy plopped down on the bench beside me. Out of the corner of my right eye, I figured him to be somewhere in his fifties. His hair was balding and what remained was black mixed with some grey. I could see his belly protruding out and from the best view I could manage, it looked like he had stuffed a flashlight in his crotch area. He also had a pretty thick, but well groomed, goatee.

No words were exchanged by either of us, but like I said earlier, I was hornier than ever before. I slid off the bench and pretended to look at the chain on my bike. I intentionally bent over giving the guy a perfect view of my jutting butt, if he so desired to take a look. I squatted and bent way over, changing positions here and there. After running out of ideas, I sat back down on the bench. I wanted to do something, but I had no clue what to do, but finally the man spoke,

"Names Tom and you are?"

I stuck out my hand to greet his while telling him my name. Tom smiled, then patted his left hand on my upper right thigh while saying,

"Well Justin, you might want to be a bit more careful. Them shorts you got on don't leave a hell of a lot for the imagination. Some unfortunate soul might take that the wrong way and try to seduce you."

All I could manage to utter out was,

"Really sir!"

Tom kept his left hand on my upper thigh giving the slightest of gentle squeezes, then offered,

"Don't take this the wrong way, but at first, I kind of thought you was a girl. So Justin, tell me, what's a gorgeous young man like yourself doing at the park all by yourself? I would have figured as good looking as you are, you would have a harem of girls standing at your side."

I just tossed him a smile, gave thanks, then replied,

"I'm not interested in girls. They don't do a thing for me!"

I was nervous, but desperately hoping that Tom was interested in me enough that we could have some fun. I had no clue as to what to say or do to take this to the next level and I was hoping beyond all and any hopes that Tom would be the one who would take this further. He had asked me my age and I told him the truth. We talked casually for a few minutes when Tom broke down and asked,

"Justin, I could get into some serious big time trouble if word of this was to ever get out, but young man, you are just so incredibly gorgeous that I have to ask you this special something. Would you be interested in coming over to my house and allow me to make you feel extra special?"

Like he had to ask! Without having to think I said,

"Yes sir!"

Tom's house was across the street from the park. We walked in with me behind him. I followed him up the stairs with excitement building with each step I took. We walked into his bedroom and he had a huge king sized bed with mirrors all over the walls and the ceiling. When we got to the edge of the bed, Tom politely stated,

"If I do anything, and I mean anything at all that offends you, please tell me and I will stop immediately. I just want to listen to you moan as I pleasure your perfect young body!"

While he was talking, I was stripping out of my clothes. It didn't take me long to get undressed and once that was done, I teasingly crawled up onto the bed on my knees giving Tom a full view of my butt. Before I could get to the pillows, Tom had placed both of his large hands onto my hips and the next thing I felt was his tongue attacking my asshole. I had sucked cock and I have been fucked, but only by Greg, and now feeling Tom's tongue working furiously on my little butt hole was sending my mind into total rapture.

The sensation was tremendous and I was so glad I had given myself an enema prior to going to the park. Tom was slurping like crazy and I could feel his tongue slide up and down my crack and wiggle delightfully right on my cock craving hole. The hairs of his thick goatee sent chills racing up and down my spine as they crawled all over my spread crack. His hands played with my balls and erect little cock as his tongue drilled and swiped at my chute entrance. His tongue had not yet gained entry into my chute, but my body shivered and convulsed as I experienced one dry orgasm, one right after another. With each violent orgasm, Tom pushed harder and harder until his snaking tongue slithered inside me. I was delirious with pleasure as my body shook violently as the dry orgasms forced my body to spasm out of control. I was whimpering and moaning like crazy and the more I did so, the more force Tom applied with his tongue.

I don't know how many orgasms overtook my body while Tom was drilling my butt hole with his tongue, but I was starry eyed and my mind had slipped completely free from the rest of my body. Tom mumbled,

"Oh man, oh my, Justin, you have the sweetest ass known to mankind. I could eat that tight ass of yours forever!"

He went back to work filling my canal with his probing tongue. After some time, Tom sort of rolled me over and quickly shot his mouth on my little erect pole. The heat from his mouth sent me into orbit as I bucked feverishly from all of my wild emotions coursing throughout my body. With his mouth on my dick, Tom slid a finger under me and began drawing little circles right onto my butt hole. This drove me absolutely crazy and I began flopping around all over the bed. Thanks to my flopping, the finger drawing circles on my hole got sucked into my trap. His large finger crawled up my chute and my body exploded with one heck of a powerful orgasm.

Tom pushed my legs over my head, forcing my knees to spread beyond my ears. Without any warning, he drove his tongue as deep as he could all the way up my canal. The feeling of his tongue working in and out of my chute was heavenly awesome. I was yelling and screaming, but doing my best to force my vocal cords to stifle my pleasure. Tom rotated from dining on my ass to sucking my cock and balls for some lengthy time. Somewhere during all of this, I literally pleaded for him to get naked so I could suck his cock.

He slid off the bed leaving me on my back with legs spread wide watching him remove his clothes. When Tom got to his pants and as his zipper was opened, I could see one massive bulge protruding thickly. In one quick motion, Tom yanked down his pants and underwear and his man cock sprang out igniting my eyes to joyfully water. His cock was at least 7 inches long and nearly as thick as the rubber cock I had grown accustomed to. The other thing I noticed was that huge flap of meat dangling over his cock head a good two inches downwards. Tom's balls looked like two huge grapefruits hanging extremely low, contained in one very hairy sac.

Using his hands, he grabbed my ankles and slid me further down the bed. Tom crawled up and straddled my face with his legs. My eyes never once left his massive uncut cock the entire time, in fact, my mouth was already open, patiently waiting for its arrival. Tom lowered his lower body and his man cock slid right into my mouth while he slammed his mouth directly onto my little boner. Tom was trying to be careful, but it was I who shocked him by swallowing his entire rod all the way to the hilt until my nose was buried into his thick pubic bush. His musky aroma mixed with a not so clean ass rifled through my nostrils. Though I probably could have done without the odor, the feeling of his uncut cock stretching my lips made up for everything. Using my tongue like a shovel, it dove in between his foreskin. The flavor was new as it seemed sort of sweaty mixed with what I figured was pee and pre cum.

The odd concoction awakening my taste buds sent me into overdrive and Tom sucking my cock was only adding to my already out of control fire. His finger darting in and out of my ass forced my body to buck, driving my small dick in and out of his vacuum like mouth. Soon, Tom gave way and began fucking my mouth like crazy with deep thrusts once he figured out that I was capable of taking his thick uncut man meat. With each downward plunge, Tom's cock filled my throat ever so rewardingly. A short time later, Tom yanked his body from mine, forcing his thick cock to escape my sucking clutches. It was I who absolutely begged,

"Please Tom, please fuck me!"

He shot me the kind of look as if saying are you sure, but I was definitely sure I wanted his cock up my butt. Tom retrieved a jar of some lubricant from the nightstand and inched his way back in between my legs. Needing no commands, I already had pulled my legs over my head and hooked the break under both knees with my arms. I watched in awe as Tom greased up his thick rod and began crawling on his knees towards my greedy asshole. I groaned a long growl as soon as his uncut thick mushroom head graced my itching butt hole. Tom held his cock with his right hand and pushed while I fought to relax to accept his anal invader.

It took three or four attempts, but his uncut beauty finally forced my anal entrance open and I cried out at the soothing pain as I felt his cock inch further and further up my anal canal. In no time at all, Tom buried his uncut wonder all the way up inside of me and was using slow strokes to tease me beyond this world. It was I who was doing everything I could to push my cock filled ass onto his thick rod, and soon, the anal joys I sought so much crashed through my body like a tidal wave. Tom was plowing my ass like a mad man and I was holding the back of his neck while greeting his violent thrusts with my own. Having no hands on my little dick, and with just the sensations rifling through my body as Tom banged the living shit out of me, my body traveled from one dry orgasm to another. His huge hairy balls slapped my ass crack sounding like thunder and I fought with every ounce of strength in my body to suck in more and more of his pile driving cock. Unlike Greg, Tom definitely had the stamina. Greg would plow me for about three minutes before sending his load up my chute, but Tom was in total control and varied his anal assault, prolonging his climax.

On the other hand, me being the multi orgasmic guy I am, I was in sheer bliss as I encountered one tremendous orgasm, followed up by another and yet another. Tom took his sweet time fucking me doggy style, on my stomach, on my side, and on my back. I even had him on his back with me hopping up and down, impaling my ass onto his steel rod. I don't know how many orgasms I had, but I know I was just about worn out to the point that my asshole was on fire from exhaustion, as well as my entire body for that matter. We wound up with me on my back and Tom drilling his thick cock into my ass with his tongue snaking around inside my mouth. This was the first time I had actually kissed like this, but my mind was too far gone to react other than to stick my tongue in his mouth.

Tom grunted sending his vibrations down my throat and then I felt his powerful jets of thick man cream rocket out of his cock and shoot deeper into my sore bowels. I thought Greg had a large load, but his load was nothing compared to Tom's. Tom banged his cream up my ass while steadily moaning down my throat. He was still humping his thick cock into me when I felt it rapidly start to deflate. Soon, his soft cock just sort of slipped out and slide along my upturned left thigh. He rolled to my left side and fell flat on his back and I quickly rolled over onto my back as well. I could feel his sperm filling my bowels and was fighting like crazy to keep the thick hot substance stuffed inside my ass.

We were both just laying there breathing extremely heavily, but it was I who had to hop up and run to the bathroom. No sooner than I sat on the toilet, Tom's thick cream literally bolstered from my worn out ass. I could hear Tom chuckle as the thick man cream plopped from my ass and into the water, sounding with a thud and a splash. I cleaned myself and laid down beside him. Tom rolled onto his right side and softly whispered,

"Justin my boy, you are indeed, the most incredible boy I have ever met. That ass of yours should have a patent on it and I can't even begin to tell you just how truly lucky I am to have stumbled on such a heavenly angel such as you. Only in a dream, NO, a fantasy, could I have ever been with such a gorgeous young man like yourself. Simple words cannot define your true beauty and give you the justice you so deservingly deserve. Without a doubt, I could make love to you forever and ever!"

We talked for a bit and got dressed. I asked Tom if I could come back again and just like I had hoped, he eagerly replied yes. My legs were very weak as I tried to pedal my bike down the road and even my ass was in some mild discomfort from all the fucking I had just endured, but it was a pleasing discomfort at best! I had just passed the second house from Tom's when this guy who was standing at his mailbox flagged me down. I weakly peddled my bike towards him. I had seen him a few times in the neighborhood and knew he played football for the high school team. To be honest, the guy had to be close to eighteen and was just about as ugly as the day is long. His brown hair was spiked and he was certainly overweight. I just knew his first name was Jeff and he was pretty big by any standards. Jeff had to be at least 6'3" and weighed well over 250 pounds.

Just as I stopped my bike close to where he was standing, Jeff looked down at me and devilishly grinned, then with a rough voice said,

"Hey pretty boy, you must like to have your little dick sucked if you were over his house. I saw the two of you go in about a couple of hours ago and I sure as fuck know what goes on inside his house. I bet he even fucked that pretty little ass of yours too!"

Jeff snickered as he made his last comment and I must have turned four shades whiter of having just been busted. My nerves prevented me from uttering a word as I just looked at the hulking figure lost in a panic stricken daze. Jeff leaned his ugly face close to mine and whispered in my left ear,

"Tell you what you pretty little fag boy, you take care of me and your secret will stay a secret, but if you don't do what I tell you, I'll call the cops and the whole world will know you like peckers!"

The words stuttered out of my mouth,

"What, what would, what would you like me to do?"

Jeff turned while saying,

"Follow me fag boy!"

I hobbled off of my bike and pushed it, following his footsteps into his garage. I must admit, I love cock's, but this guy was simply horribly ugly from head to toe, and besides, I was still a bit numb from the prolonged ass fucking Tom pleasured me with. I followed Jeff into his house, all the way into his bedroom. I was a bit petrified and somewhat grossed out knowing he was more than likely wanting me to suck his cock.

I was standing at the entrance to his room and Jeff began kicking off his dirty shoes and pulling off his socks. He pulled off his shirt and he was layered with thick curly hair from his throat all the way down inside his pants. Jeff yanked down his pants and just stood at his bedside. The hair didn't stop at the band of his pants, in fact, his thick hair went all the way down to the top of his feet and covered his toes as well. He looked more like a gorilla than a human and he began playing with his already bulging cock trapped inside his white fruit-of-the-looms. Just by the way he was grabbing it I could tell it was pretty thick. Jeff snickered at me, then said,

"Since you like sucking dick's so fucking much, you're going to suck mine till I tell you to stop and I sure as shit better not feel no teeth on my cock either!"

Jeff peeled his sweaty underwear off and tossed them to the carpeted floor and fell back on his bed, spreading his thick hairy legs in the process. Initially, I wanted to vomit. Words can't describe just how truly ugly Jeff really is. The poor guy had nothing going for him whatsoever. His looks were horrible and his body was just as ugly. Jeff's teeth, or the ones that hadn't been knocked out, were pretty much all crooked and his nose had been broken so many times that it hooked to the left, then arched back to the right. But, I was standing there looking at him use his right hand to wave his cock towards me as if telling me to come and get it. Jeff's erect cock was probably about five inches long, but it looked like it was just as fat as its length. From my view, his cock was covered in veins and the bulbous cock head was a little thicker than the fat shaft. I couldn't make out the size of his balls due to the massive amount of hair that covered his body, but just from looking, the hair protected his balls to the point that they seemed to be invisible.

He broke my thought by basically ordering,

"Get out of your clothes you little cock sucker and start sucking my cock, NOW!"

It didn't take long for me to get out of the little bit of clothes I had on and the next thing I knew I was between his hairy legs, lowering my mouth on his smelly cock. His aroma was a concoction mixed with sweat and a very unclean ass. Jeff used his hands to guide my mouth onto his steel thick rod and like a drill instructor, yelled,

"Suck that mother fucker you pretty little cock sucking faggot! Shit yeah bitch, suck me, suck my fucking cock bitch!"

I could feel every vein of his thick cock as I began deep throating his fat cock. I decided to go ahead and hurry up and get this over with. My hands found his balls and they were rather small for a guy his size, so I began gently caressing the hard hairy nuggets while sucking feverishly on his thick rod. Jeff constantly called me names, but what he didn't know was that I loved it. The dirtier the names, the more suction I applied.

I was going to town on his cock when Jeff yanked my dripping mouth from his cock and sort of asked,

"You ever been fucked before fag boy? I mean, have that pretty little ass of yours filled with man meat!"

I just nodded my head yes and went back to sucking his thick cock. Jeff used my hair to force my face up and down on his thick teen meat while he gyrated his hips in perfectly timed rhythm. His cock was so thick that the sides of my mouth began hurting a little, but I just wanted to hurry up and get this ordeal over with. After about three or so minutes, Jeff yanked my mouth off of his cock and literally tossed me to his left side. He basically stated,

"Okay you little cock bitch, I'm going to fuck you and fuck you good. Just so you know you pretty little cock sucker, when I'm ready to shoot, I'm going to stuff your mouth with my shitty cock, so I hope you like the taste of your own shit pussy boy! Now, get on your hands and knees and face the headboard so I can plow your girly ass and I don't want to hear you scream or cry like some silly little cunt either!"

I obeyed and was not counting on this since my ass was already way sore from Tom's lengthy ass session. Jeff got in behind me and spat onto his hand. A few seconds later, I felt him push his thick cock head against my sore hole and push hard. Unlike Greg or Tom, Jeff was by no means gentle. Once he felt his thick cock head pry open my anal entrance, he just rammed it all the way in and began humping me like a mad man. His hands held my hips tightly and he was slamming his thick meat into me with awesome force. Though my butt was already sore, my anal muscles took over and began milking the thick beast plunging in and out at a mile per second. Jeff began slapping my butt cheeks rather hard, but instead of feeling the pain that I should have felt, I just groaned and began welcoming his violent thrusts with thrusts of my own.

Jeff yelled out,

"Oh fuck, damn bitch, damn you're fucking tight!"

He said a whole lot more while ramming his cock into me while steadily spanking my thrusting ass. Without any warning from my body, I went into one blissful prolonged orgasm, forcing me to thrash about even more uncontrollably than ever. Jeff continued verbally assaulting me the entire time and not once missed a beat to slap my ass cheeks. My body was still exploding with an orgasm when Jeff yanked his cock from my hole and quickly spun me around and shoved his cock down my throat while pounding it in and out of my mouth. I felt his cock expand and knew what was coming. Jeff's cock exploded, sending globs of thick hot cream all over the roof of my mouth. I began swallowing in earnest and was a bit surprised to find that Jeff's sperm was nothing like I had originally imagined coming from someone as ugly as himself. It wasn't salty a bit, just hot and thick, so I swallowed and swallowed matching his sperm missiles with my gulps.

Jeff fucked his sperm into my mouth until there was no more left. His cock was beginning to deflate as he yanked it from my still sucking mouth. With his limp cock resting in the darkness of his pubic bush hiding his balls, Jeff looked at me and said,

"Fuck boy, you are awesome! I fucked your pretty ass and there wasn't even a sign of a shit trail on it. Holy fuck dude, you do take a shit don't you? Fuck it, it don't matter, cause that ass of yours is better than any piece of pussy I've ever known. Let's get one thing straight pussy boy, I aint no faggot, but holy shit, I'll let you suck my dick anytime you want to just as long as I get to fuck that tight little ass of yours!

My body was still shaking with an orgasm as we both got dressed. Jeff led me out to the garage and made me promise that I would come see him again. I did and as I tried to pedal off, my legs and ass was shaking so bad, I had to crawl off my bike and push it.

For the next few months, I visited Tom and Jeff on a regular, more so, daily basis. No longer did I have the need for my mom's rubber cock when I had to real cocks to play with anytime I wanted to. Tom was always gentle while Jeff was always rough. Jeff never once tried to suck me off, but I always sucked his cock and then he would plow my ass just the way I like it. As time went on, Jeff did build up his stamina and our fucking sessions lasted longer each time. I began giving myself enemas daily, working on the butt machine, getting a tan in the tanning bed and soaking for an hour in the tub with the coconut oil.

As time drew on, so did Jeff. He left to go to college and Tom's house was up for sale. He had to relocate thanks to his job, and that left me with a huge void I just had to fill. Several adult cocks later, I was now 12 years old and still unable to produce any sperm, but my orgasms hit me like a ton of bricks anytime a man touched, licked, or fucked my cock hungry asshole. I had become quite the cock sucker too. Up to now, the largest cock I had the wonderful opportunity to milk belonged to a 19 year old guy. It was at least 8 inches long but not all that thick. I took great pride deep throating his long tool and swallowing his heavy load without spilling a drop. It was a one time thing since we met in the mall and I sucked him off in the bathroom.

Midway through my twelfth year, my mom introduced me to her new boyfriend. She waited till I was old enough to even start dating again and this guy was truly one hunk of a human specimen for any eyes to behold. When my mom introduced us, I was already stripping him of his clothes, but only in my mind. His name is Wayne and he was kind of tall, standing a good 6'6", towering over both me and my mom. Wayne had to be somewhere in his forties, being much older than my mom. His hair was salt and pepper and he kept it combed from front to back. He had a very thick moustache which was the same color as his hair on his head. I can't really explain why I was so infatuated with Wayne, but he was simply ruggedly handsome and I had envisioned him with having a monster cock!

Wayne and my mom became hot topics around the house, eventually leaving Wayne to pretty much stay at our home. I did everything one can imagine to give Wayne clues about me, even to the point of parading around in front of him totally naked, pretending it was an accident, but nothing seemed to work. One day, when both of them went to work, boredom mixed with overwhelming curiosity got the best of me. After all, since Wayne pretty much moved in, I could hear him and my mom having sex ALL the time. I never got to see them, but I sure as heck heard them!

My bathroom bucks up to my mom's bedroom so I drilled a hole through the walls for a peep hole. It took some measuring and walking back and forth from her room to the bathroom, but I managed to find the perfect hiding spot which gave me the best side view of the bed. My mom's bedroom had wallpaper with little black specks all over the place, so I used that to perfectly drill a small hole in it so that I could see why my mother screamed so much, and so loud, when the two of them had sex.

I lay in bed and looked at the clock, carefully listening to any sounds that might shutter from their room. Finally, at around midnight, I heard my mother groan loud. Slipping out of my bed and tip toeing into my bathroom, I leaned close to the wall and placed my right eye up to the hole to spy on them. My mom was on her back and Wayne was between her legs eating her out. The room was dimly lit and I could have spent an eternity not seeing Wayne eat my mom's cunt, but I forced myself to watch in hopes of seeing Wayne's cock. My own cock was in my left hand harder than a piece of steel. After a very long time, Wayne rolled over and my mom got in between in his legs, and this was the sight I had been waiting for. Wayne's cock was sticking straight up into the air with thanks from my mother's right hand and oh what a cock it was. Just like I had dreamed so many nights, his cock was truly a monster. Long and very, very thick, and now I know why my mother screams so much.

From my point of view and just guessing, his cock looked to be at least 10 or so inches long and thicker than ANY cock I had ever seen. As far as the girth goes, Wayne's cock was thicker than my mom's fake rubber cock, and longer too! I watched her suck about 2 or so inches into her mouth and bob her head. I would have given anything to have been in my mother's position right about now. Even my asshole kept puckering at will, begging and longing to feel the pain and pleasure that his cock would surely give. When my mom took her mouth off of his giant monster, she began licking his even thicker cut cock head. I saw what I wanted to see and simply just couldn't watch my mother having sex, so I slipped from the bathroom and hopped back into bed, beating my meat while thinking of Wayne and his giant anaconda looking cock.

As time went on, I continued to do everything humanly possible to get Wayne's attention. Every time I saw him, I saw that huge beast plowing my ass. As the days went on, I became more and more enthralled over Wayne. He was a super nice guy and never once tossed me anything but kind words. In fact, Wayne would do pretty much anything I asked of him. I knew my mother was in love, but it was I who was lost in lust and would do anything, anything at all, to get Wayne in the sack just once.

My luck was going to change the night prior to my thirteenth birthday. I knew my mom had to work late and Wayne would be home early. I gave myself a very detailed enema and perfectly timed his arrival home, wearing nothing but the tightest and skimpiest underwear I had. He came home and did his usual by taking a lengthy shower. I sat in the living room with one very painful erection and nerves that were so uptight that I was shaking like a leaf. I was sitting on the sofa when Wayne walked in wearing his usual cut-off blue jean shorts, and nothing else, and plopped down in the recliner. The hair on his legs even excited me to no end and his muscular chest with just a patch of curly black and gray hairs dashing from one erect nipple to the other. Wayne had a delicious goody trail leading from his belly button to the top of his shorts. We just sat there and I was building up the courage to just blurt out the truth, but Wayne was the first to speak,

"Justin, soon you will be thirteen. What would you like on this once in a lifetime special occasion?"

My mind was drawing a blank, but my voice didn't,


Wayne shot me a glorious smile, then replied,

"Justin, you already have me, but there has got to be something more you really want, so tell me, what is it?"

I sat there with my entire body in trembles, searching for the precise words to use when Wayne got up and sat next to me and placed his huge muscular right arm around my shoulders. Even then, during that trying situation, my eyes couldn't resist the urge to focus on his whopping crotch. I looked up into his deep green eyes and softly whispered,

"Wayne, there's something I have to tell you and you will probably hate me for it, but I got to tell you anyways. I know you love my mom, and she loves you, but there's something you need to know about me, and if it's possible, I really don't want mom to know about it. I'm gay and I've been that way ever since I can remember. When I first saw you, the very first time, I have dreamed of having sex with you. Since everything is out in the open, I even made a peep hole so I can see you have sex with my mom, not really see you and my mom, just see you and your cock. I honestly don't know how to explain it, but if there was anything, anything at all, I could have for my birthday, it would be to have sex with you, even if it's just a one time thing!"

Wayne was rubbing my bareback with his right hand and we both just sat there awaiting for the other to speak. Wayne finally spoke,

"Justin, you are a very good-looking young man and I am beyond flattered that you would ask me such a thing, but even more so, I am honored that you came to me and told me what I already knew, and that is you being gay. You are right about me being in love with your mother and there is nothing in this world, or in this lifetime, I would do to ever harm you or your mother. I am a grown man, and without trying to sound like I have a big head, I do have a pretty good sized cock, one that I know would hurt you beyond repair if ever sex came into play. Justin, hurting you is something I could not bare to do. It took me and your mother over a month before she could adequately handle it. One thing is for sure though, there are tons of guys out there who would make me look small, but we each have to work with what the Good Lord blessed us with. I can't tell you enough just how flattered I am to have someone as gorgeous as you who wants to have sex with me, but I hope you understand that I just can't, mainly out of fear of hurting you!"

Rejection, pride, and fear took a hold of me as I blurted out,

"I bet I can suck your dick better than my mom can ANY day, and as far as hurting me goes, I am not a virgin. Yes, and without a doubt, you have the biggest cock I've ever seen, but I bet I can handle it the first time around and not have to work it for a month like you had to with mom. Wayne, I guess I am asking you to have gay sex and I know you are not gay, but I have had sex with more than a few straight men before and their lives didn't change. I just want to suck your cock and feel that mammoth rod wear my ass out like never before. Trust me, I can handle it!"

Wayne was now the one who was timid and nervous as his voice broke,

"Justin, if you weren't so fucking gorgeous, I'd..."

I cut him off by placing my left hand on his bulging crotch and began kneading my fingers on his semi erect hidden anaconda. Turning to my left and now using both hands on his rapidly growing cock, I sucked in on his right nipple. He began purring like a kitten as my teeth gently grasped his nipple while my tongue flickered just the very tip. His cock became harder than a brick, confined into his tight shorts and my fingers fumbled with the button and zipper to free his mighty anaconda. With increasing pressure on his nipple, Wayne lifted his butt off the cushion and I struggled to slide his shorts down his muscular hairy legs.

Now, his giant beast was free and jutted out like a ladder leaning against a house. My hands searched every massive square inch of his thick and long cock, relishing in its silky smooth texture and knowing that a tremendous challenge lay ahead. There was no way I could get a hand around the thick beast, just barely able to grip less than half of his meaty shaft. In fact, using both hands to go around his cock, left me just shy of being able to touch was that thick! To match his huge cock, Wayne's balls were just as hefty. Thinly covered with hair, they were as large as softballs and hung down a good four inches, resting on top of the cushion while his legs spread even wider than before.

My left hand played with his massive tool while my right hand caressed his hefty low hanging huge balls, and my mouth locked tightly over his right nipple. His breathing became erratic and the hand on my back began caressing my flesh creating a burning friction. My eyes were zeroed in on his massive and angry looking cock head, gazing upon the gaping piss slit which was steadily oozing pre cum by the gallons. With each upwards stroke of my left hand, more globs of pre cum came dribbling out. Unable to waste any more time, I slipped off the sofa and slid in between his spread legs. My tongue lashed out and scooped up some dripping pre cum and moaned as the flavor tingled my every being. Sort of salty, but delicious nonetheless. My tongue swirled around his thick cock head, lavishing in the luxury of absorbing all of his pre cum.

I opened my mouth wider than ever and began stuffing as much of his wonder meat down my throat as humanly possible. Breathing was nothing short of impossible as I struggled to verify my words as to sucking his cock better than my mom. With each downward plunge, I managed to get more and more of his beefy cock down my stretched, and overly stuffed, throat. Wayne was clutching the sides of my head and moaning louder than he did when he was with my mom, or at least that's the way I saw it. I tried and tried, but it seemed that I could only manage to choke down about 7 thick inches and still had plenty of cock left over. Just for the evil necessity of having to breathe, I would back off of his cock and start slobbering all over his huge balls.

I took turns sucking on his impressive cock and tongue bathing his balls, bringing him close to the point of shooting, then backing off. Wayne was going crazy and slumbering words not even in the English dictionary. I had talked a big talk, and now had to live up to all of my words. Without a doubt, I feared that I could not open up my ass enough for his big horse cock to fit, but I had asked for it, and was now petrified of having to go through with it. I continued taking turns sucking his inhuman cock and working on his balls, each time backing off before he could feed me his thick man cream. This went on for what felt like an hour, before finally Wayne must have taken as much as he was going to take and held my head in place with my mouth and throat thoroughly stuffed with his horse meat.

If though it were humanly possible, I felt his thick member expand even wider and soon my mouth was being sprayed with jets of thick and hot man sperm. Huge globs fired from his cock, spraying all over inside my mouth. I started swallowing his cream and just as I had imagined, it was a bit salty, kind of bitter, but tasty nonetheless. And I sure was getting a mouthful at that! Wayne's cock seemed to fire off endless amounts of thick hot cream, one blast right after the other, and I was doing all I could do to breathe and swallow as fast as I possibly could. Still sitting on the cushion, Wayne humped his hips, forcing his huge tool to fuck my, cock and sperm filled mouth, feeding me his apparent endless supply of man juice. Lost in time and overwhelmed in lust, Wayne's cock wound up dribbling thick globs of sperm onto my tongue and like the greedy cock sucker I had become, I swallowed his sweet protein and whimpered with delight with every tasty drop. When the last of his cum slipped deep down my throat, I continued sucking his masterpiece until his cock got too sensitive, then reluctantly backed away, but still keeping both eyes locked in on the rapidly deflating monster.

I was kneeling in front of Wayne, still licking my lips, savoring his stomach filling sperm when he looked down at me, took a deep breath and whispered,

"Holy shit Justin, that was the best blow-job I have ever had. You were absolutely right about sucking my cock better than your mom, but there is one thing I have wanted to do since the first time I laid eyes on you."

I was fixing to ask what, but Wayne reached down and pulled me into his arms and basically carried me to the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen, Wayne placed me on top of the kitchen table on my hands and knees, and using his hands, guided me backwards so that just my knees rested on the very edge of the table. I heard the chair slide out from under the table and heard Wayne sit down. I quickly asked,

"What are you going to do Wayne?"

Wayne cleared his throat, then I felt his hot breath beat down on my spread cheeks and say,

"I have wanted to see this sweet ass since I laid eyes on you, and now, just like I dreamed, Justin my boy, this is the treasure that kings have always sought after, and men have killed and died for! The vision my eyes are viewing now could never hold a price tag, it's certifiably priceless! Justin, this may sound a bit sick and perverse, but in my mind, you are incapable of taking a shit, and if you did, there is no way someone as flat fucking gorgeous as you could produce that odor...there's just no fucking way!"

Before I could say anything, Wayne dove right in and began using his tongue like a shovel, shoveling away at my exposed and outward jutting asshole. He was groaning and whimpering and I was biting my lips at the luxury of having my asshole tongued to perfection. My fingers gripped open air while my head flung to and fro. Wayne was, without a doubt, no stranger to eating ass! His long thick tongue swiped up and down my entire crack and delicately toyed with my asshole causing shivers to race up and down my spine. His gentle hands roamed my butt cheeks, offering gentle and loving squeezes along the way. Wayne's thick moustache tickled every spot it graced, but his skilled tongue sent my mind straight into an orgasmic mind boggling orbit.

My body was trembling, shaking, and bucking as my orgasm rifled through my body, and for the first time, I felt the explosion burn my piss slit as my watery sperm shot out, spreading the piss slit open wider than ever. One of Wayne's hands covered my erupting cock and began jerking it while placing his free hand under my cock head, capturing my sperm as it fired from my cock by the bucket load. His skilled tongue dove into my anal canal, forcing more sperm to shoot from my throbbing volcanic erupting boy meat. My balls felt like they were doing their best to crawl deep into my stomach as my first sperm shooting experience soared to a new level.

Finally, somewhere in time, my orgasm ceased, but Wayne didn't. Between tongue fucking my hiked up ass and slurping my sperm free from his hand, his soft and gentle touches kept bringing me closer and closer to yet another orgasm. When he had licked his hand clean, Wayne joined a finger up my ass along with his drilling tongue. The next thing I knew, I was firing another round of watery sperm into his cupped hand, but this time, Wayne didn't jack my meat, instead, he pounded my hole with three fingers while using his teeth to sink into my flesh between my spread crack. With my cock shooting another volley of watery sperm, I found myself forcing my hungry ass onto his thrusting fingers. I heard Wayne say something, but my mind was too far gone to understand clearly what he had said. All I knew was that my piss slit felt as though it was on fire as more watery sperm bullets shot from my aching and rock hard cock.

Wayne worked my asshole over with his three fingers and kept using his tongue to swipe up and down my crack while taking the time to place soft bites along the way. When the fourth finger joined in, I began bucking like a cowboy on a bull. His fingers dove in and out, twirled in half circles, and periodically spread, forcing me to literally have no control over my own body. I was whimpering, purring, cooing, groaning, and moaning out of pure ecstasy. Every time I slammed my butt onto his fingers, I felt his strong knuckles strike my shriveled up balls, sending more and more sensations coursing throughout my already dazed and bewildered body.

My upper body collapsed on the table and my head was spinning frantically. I felt his large and thick fingers exit my ass and the cool rush of air sent chills racing up and down my spine as it fired into my, what had to be, gaping asshole. Wayne helped me into another position where I was flat on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the table. My mouth was already open as Wayne stepped up to me, dropping his thick semi erect cock straight into my open mouth. His cock grew to its full monster size within seconds as Wayne leaned over my body and I was stunned as I felt his boiling hot mouth swallow my little cock all the way to the bare pubic flesh. He began taking long and slow fucking strokes, driving his massive cock in and out of my mouth and throat, with me taking more and more with each slow thrust.

To me, this was as awesome as it gets, having Wayne fuck my mouth while having my own little dick sucked slowly and feeling his large hands roam my lower body, offering gentle squeezes along the way. After a short period of time, I was almost taking his entire cock down my throat. My own little hands were playing with his muscular butt, ensuring that my fingers touched his hairy hole with each downward thrust of his giant organ. His huge balls squashed my forehead and nose, and as if breathing wasn't already a difficult task, I was doing my best to inhale his manly intoxicating aroma. Wayne's long fingers once again crawled up inside my ass while he was sucking my cock and taking the time to vacuum in my tiny balls. The feeling of his finger snaking up my anal canal sent my cock into another watery sperm shooting frenzy, firing off each round into his mouth. Though my sperm probably wasn't all that much, my orgasm lasted quite a long time.

My mouth ached from being stretched so wide, but Wayne continued with fucking his long pole into my mouth while increasing his speed with each downward thrust. Soon, he was pounding my mouth with a vengeance and I was fighting for well needed oxygen. Without even realizing it at the time, I somehow managed to take his entire fat cock down my throat. He would almost pull his cock all the way out of my mouth to the point my lips clutched onto his massive cock head, then drive that huge hunk of meat all the way down my throat until his pubic mound slammed against my upturned chin. Instead of just a finger up my butt, Wayne managed to slide three fingers, and was working to get the fourth one in when his cock expanded, then globs of man cream came firing out, shooting straight down my throat. The fourth finger mixed with him sucking my dick and me getting more of his man juice, my body bucked and more sperm came shooting, more like dribbling, out of my cock and into his mouth.

Wayne fucked my mouth violently until his sperm was down into my stomach and my own cock grew back to its normal miniature soft size. That didn't stop Wayne from sucking both my cock and balls while finger fucking my asshole to oblivion. When his fingers crawled out of my ass, it was I who craved to feel his massive creature fill my hole with blissful pain, knowing all too well that the pain would eventually go away and nothing but sheer pleasure would be all that remained. His cock began to deflate as he backed off forcing his delicious meat from my mouth and crawl up my nose and forehead, then resting with a thud against his huge balls.

My eyes were watery as I peered up into his as he was looking down at me. Wayne's hands were by the side of my head holding onto the table as he smiled, then lovingly whispered,

"Oh Justin, Justin, you are certainly more than I bargained for. I have never had anyone suck my cock like you, and speaking of sucking cock, yours, well yours is beyond perfect. You are beyond perfect! I could taste your sweet cum forever and ever and never grow tired of its pure and sweet taste. My God, even your tight little ass is a miracle within itself, with a taste that is so divine that words cannot begin to describe it. You are a wingless angel and I am a fool not to have talked to you about us earlier!"

The only words that came out of my mouth was,

"Please fuck me!"

Wayne bent way down and placed his lips over mine and for the first time, I got a taste of my own cum, mixed with his. Our tongues crawled freely into the other's mouth for a long, long time. Wayne's gentle hands roamed all over my body as our tongues collided in the most gentlest of battles. When our lips broke their seal, Wayne stood straight up and said,

"I've already busted two nuts and I honestly don't think I can muster up a third one. Besides, your mom will be home in about an hour."

Taking the bull by the horns, I rolled off the table with Wayne's help and led him straight to my bedroom. I pushed him backwards so that he fell onto my bed onto his back. Wasting no time, I shot between his spread legs and began licking and sucking his cock and hairy balls to perfection. He was moaning, but his sleeping cock only grew to a semi, semi erect state. Knowing time wasn't on my side, with his help, I pushed his legs over his head and quickly slammed my tongue onto his hair littered asshole.

Wayne cried out as I forced my tongue to slide deep into his musky scented hole while fondling his growing monster. I tongue fucked his hole for a brief time before returning back to his awakened cock. After about five minutes of sucking his cock, licking his balls, and dining on his tasty ass, it was Wayne who took control by forcing me off of him and carrying me into my bathroom. I had no clue what he had in mine, but he placed on top of the counter, in a doggy style position with my face peering straight into the mirror. Wayne quickly left me in the bathroom, but returned in a flash and helped me to slide my knees out further while pushing my butt down. With him being so tall, from this angle, he probably didn't even have to bend his knees.

Looking into the mirror, I watched as he unscrewed the lid off a bottle of some kind of lubricant. Then, he stuck his fingers in and soon my jutting asshole was filled with two large fingers smearing the glob as deep into my anal canal as his fingers would allow. A third, then a fourth finger was added to the equation and I was using the top of my head to press against the mirror to drive my butt onto his anal pleasing fingers. What started out as slow strokes wound up into all four fingers popping in and out of my asshole with me doing everything possible to suck his fingers back in. I did manage to ask the question that had been burning in my mind,

"Has my mom ever let you fuck her in the ass?"

Wayne was focused on my butt hole, but replied,

"We tried a few times, but she always tells me to pull it out, and Justin, are you sure you want to go through with this?"

My response was short and simple,

"Shit yeah!"

I watched and felt Wayne remove his fingers from my butt and smear more of the lube onto his angry looking cock. While he was doing that, I was trying my best to relax my anal muscles knowing full well that taking his cock would be my greatest challenge to date. I had been fucked, more than a few times, but never had a cock so long and so thick before. The pain that I knew was coming, was the same pain that I welcomed, so I prepared myself as best I could.

Wayne placed the jar on top of the counter to my right, and soon, I felt his massive cock head press hard against my awaiting asshole. Wayne pushed and pushed and I was doing some pushing myself when my whole world seem to be set ablaze. His giant knob forced my anal lips apart and shot inside, stretching my asshole wider than ever before. I grunted while biting my lips cause I was bound and determined to take his entire cock up my unsuspecting ass. The pain was much sharper than I had anticipated and I was whimpering like a newborn baby as his thick cock inched deeper and deeper into my rectum. It felt like my ass cheeks were being ripped apart and a fiery hot poker iron was being stuck up my ass, inch by inch, ever so slowly. I could hear Wayne mumble something, but the pain had reached the deepest pocket inside my mind. I could tell my body was shaking, but the awesome pain began spreading even to the top of my head, which was still pressing against the mirror.

If there was only one word I could use to describe the pain, it would have to be HORRINDOUS! My mind played tricks, begging inwardly to have Wayne remove his cock from my torn anal canal, but the desire to conquer this beast was just a tad bit greater, so I clinched my teeth together and fought desperately not to burst out in tears. With every penetrating inch of his thick cock, I gasped into the open air, wishing upon every wish for the pleasure I hoped would come, would come quickly. Like an idiot, I thought if I impaled my ass onto his cock, the pleasure would come a little more quicker, but when I shoved my ass backwards, only more pain shot through me like a rocket blasting off into space.

The words sang out into my ears like a convict being sentenced to die,

"Hold on little buddy, half way there!"

Time seemed endless and the pain only intensified as each second ticked off the clock. Tears rolled down my cheeks like a waterfall and my whimpers became cries of mercy. Somewhere through it all, something inside me broke free and Wayne's cock effortlessly slid all the way home. I was gasping for breath as he slowly began to slide his monster cock nearly all the way out, then slowly feed it all the way back up my canal. It felt like his cock was going straight through my stomach and striking a wall somewhere inside my upper chest. Normally, within a couple of minutes of a cock up my ass, I would be shivering like crazy from an orgasm, but not in this case. I was still mesmerized by the pain that seemingly appeared had no intention of ever going away.

Wayne's twisted and distorted face was nothing more than a blur as I squinted my eyes, bit my lips, and started slapping the counter top with closed fists. His large hands now gripped my hips and I could feel his thumbs as they rolled and caressed my butt cheeks. My anal muscles paid no attention to my will as they uncontrollably clamped down on the huge invader with each outward retraction. By doing so, this only magnified the pain that was already at a feverish high. The only thing that prevented me from jumping through the wall was the mirror and Wayne's large hands clutching onto my spread hips. With each deep slow dive into my rectum, his large hairy balls slammed against my shriveled up nuggets with a very mild force. I was literally gasping for oxygen as Wayne started to pick up his pace. The pain was now at an all time high and I fought to keep my butt relaxed, but my anal muscles refused to cooperate.

He wasn't really pounding me, or at least, not just yet, but after a very lengthy five or so minutes of excruciating pain, the pleasure I so desperately sought finally revealed itself and I became lost in my own emotions and began driving my cock filled ass onto his one eyed monster forcing his heavy balls to sound with a thud as they smacked my little balls. As usual, with no hands on my cock, the ultimate mind boggling orgasm crashed through my body sending my thin watery sperm splashing into the sink below. I knew I was blowing a load, but the vast feeling of conquering the unconquerable was simply just too damn powerful.

Wayne knew I was in an orgasmic state so he used my hips and began yanking me backwards while thrusting his body forward with all the might he could muster. My orgasm felt like it would never end and just when I thought I was done shooting my load, another round fired from my cock. Like an animal, Wayne was grunting and slamming his man meat harder and harder into my ass causing me to scream out at the top of my lungs in sheer ecstasy. With each burst of sperm from my cock, my ass muscles attacked Wayne's cock doing their best to strangle the huge beast, or to suck more of the monster deep inside my anal cavity, whichever the case may be!

At this point I was totally oblivious as to my surroundings. My cock was spitting out sperm and Wayne's hefty meat was tearing me a brand new asshole. The only words I managed to hear him say was,

"Oh fuck, shit Justin, you, you are so fucking tight! Oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

He was slamming his meat into me and I was cramming my ass backwards to greet his forceful loving thrusts. When Wayne reached up and took a strong hold of a lock of hair and yanked my head backwards, that's all it took for me to spin out of control with yet another powerful orgasm. My cock was directly over the sink and my sperm was firing into the bowl making a splat kind of sound. With the tension of him pulling my hair and rifling his cock in and out of my chute, my orgasm stole my breath as it was the most powerful and longest I had ever experienced. To speak of stamina, I once thought Tom could go for a long time, but I guess since Wayne had already busted two nuts, the third one was going to take some time, and some time it would take.

Nearly thirty or so minutes of constant anal pounding and hair pulling, Wayne announced he was getting close. To be honest, my ass was more than a bit sore, but I was bound and determined to take his cock for as long as it took for him to blow his thick man cream up my ass. After all, this was my birthday wish! Some fifteen minutes passed since he declared he was getting close and he was still pounding the breath right out of me with every powerful thrust and I was more than ready to feel his thick cream shoot up my ass.

Finally, after all that anal deliverance, Wayne screamed out and soon I could feel his monster cock spray further up my chute by the bucket loads. While he was fucking his sperm deep into me, just the feeling of his hot thick cream sent me into another orgasm, shooting my watery cum into the sink once again. Wayne was yelling and I was screaming as our cocks simultaneously fired off round after round of sperm missiles into their perspective place. I was still seeing trillions of stars flashing before my watery eyes when Wayne's cock, somewhat reluctantly, went limp. Though his huge meat was growing flaccid, he continued wearing my ass out by slamming his softening cock ever so powerfully into my sperm filled anal cavern.

Spent and totally exhausted, Wayne slid his cock from my anal clutches and helped off the counter. I could barely stand as I had to sit on the toilet for obvious reasons. Wayne sat on the edge of the tub while I basically pooped out his massive sperm. Looking into my still watery eyes, Wayne softly whispered,

"Justin, you are so incredibly gorgeous! Never have I ever had the privilege and honor of doing all that we did tonight with someone so flat fucking gorgeous as you. I thought your mother was the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes on, but you, you are totally different. Your beauty is far more superior than she could ever possibly be. Until tonight, I had never sucked another guy's dick, much less taste his sperm. But, I could live forever tasting your sweetness, in fact..."

Wayne stood up and stumbled over to the sink and I watched in awe as he began using his fingers to scoop up my spent sperm and suck it into his mouth while moaning.

Once Wayne scooped up all my spent cream, he quickly ran to his bathroom and took a shower, and so did I, just in time for my mom to come home. Bringing this story up to date, being at the present time. Wayne married my mom and she doesn't have a clue that her husband is plowing her son's ass on a daily basis. Every chance we get, Wayne and I have full blown sex. Proudly enough, I can now just bend over and take his big cock with very little pain at all. Jeff still comes home from college quite often and he uses me to his satisfaction. Greg, come to find out, isn't really my cousin, but when he comes home from the military, I am still his little cock sucking bitch. I haven't seen Tom since he moved away and I am still the cock hound, probably more so, than when I was younger. I hang out at the mall, or wherever, always on the prowl for some good man cock to manipulate. Even to this day, I am multi orgasmic. Just touch my butt hole and I'll more than likely bust a nut. For me, what people see in me with their eyes is just the way it is. To sum it up in a nutshell, the way I figure it is that beauty does have its rewards, just as long as it is not abused.

Here's a quick note for all you guys out there who are my age, be it younger or a little older. If you read this story then you are probably curious or are already just like me, ACTIVE. I tried to have sex with a couple of guys my own age, but that was just too boring. I like men cause they know how to treat you and make you feel that you are the only person on this planet. The laws, well they just suck! One thing I have come to realize is that age is just a number. I figure since youth is on my side right now, I'm going to get as much action as I can get cause the day will eventually come that I might just be that age where I once thought that, that was too old. It's up to you, but that guy down the street, your neighbor, or a complete stranger was once your age too, so always remember, as each day passes, you are one day older!