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    Two of the world's most beautiful people had split the sheets. Their action was causing a tremendous amount of pain for everyone that knew them. What really hurt me the most was the fact that each of them had taken a son to live with them. The two youngsters were growing up a hundred miles apart from each other. That is just not right. The kids needed to be together, especially now.
    The boys were thirteen and fourteen years old. They had always been extremely close. It had always done my heart good to see the pair playing quietly together. They never argued around me. I had mentioned this to other members of the family and they agreed. No one had ever heard the boys get cross with one another.
    There was one point that made the entire separation even more difficult to understand. My brother and my sister-in-law are deeply in love with one another. I guess I better fill in a few details so that you can understand my state of mind.
    It was the Christmas holidays of 2006. The entire family had gathered at my home for a holiday reunion. Over the past several years it seems that we had gone to our in-laws only seeing our own family at various times throughout the year. Our mother missed having her babies around her. As a special treat I gathered the flock to my home.
    Dad's health had taken a drastic turn for the worst. The man is only forty five years old but long difficult hours and chain smoking had caught up to him. Dad was a workaholic poster boy. Throughout my life I only remembered dad being so tired that he could hardly move about. I am the eldest of five so I guess that dad felt he had to work himself to death to feed us.
    Looking back I feel as if we could have lived a lot less large than we did. We had a huge home in the middle of a very large estate. That is probably not the right word for it but I don't know how else to describe it. Our home was a house with twenty rooms in it. It sat in a very exclusive part of town. All of the homes around us sat in the middle of a ten to twenty acre piece of land. We had servants to do everything. I have more money than my dad ever had but I live modestly, by comparison.
    My home is a bit prestigious I suppose. It is seven thousand square feet of warmth and love. I built my home with my family in mind. I took a job opportunity straight out of college and made a fortune quite rapidly. My only regret is the distance that my job put between me and mine. I wanted my brothers and sisters to visit me, often. I had room for them. With ten bedroom suites there was a place for my siblings, their spouse, and children to stay. I have a lush garden around my very large swimming pool. The rest of my three acres is very low maintenance desert landscape.
    My college sweetheart gave me one child. That effort destroyed her. We had been told not to try to have children until she grew up. She was twenty one when we married but she was tiny. Her body was in slow motion. I am a very well put together man and I was unable to penetrate her. We had some of the best doctors work with us, but they always feared the damage I could inflict if we weren't cognizant of our actions.
    At twenty five my sweet Sue had the body of a fifteen year old school girl. She was growing, finally. Sue was the most intelligent person I have ever known. We first met at a MENSA meeting during our freshman year. Somehow we were drawn to each other and became a couple throughout our undergraduate years. Sue was a declared math major from the outset of her college days. I didn't pin a major down until my junior year. I had so many varied interests that I could not choose one over another.
    Sue and I took every math class together. She helped me to find a true love for pure mathematics. I carried a few more hours than she did as I pursued my love of computer science. In my freshman year alone I had eight hours of the top computer language studies of the era. The combination of the two has served me well. I am sought after by hundreds if not thousands of companies wanting me to build them one of my award winning programs.
    Sue worked at my side as we took up with a fledgling company in 1988. We helped them develop software programs that changed the course of the way the world does business. All of the time Sue wanted children. She complained that her biological clock was ticking away. I chided her as I told her that her clock had not started yet. Her body was so young that we could wait until we were forty to start a family. That upset her much more than I knew. She quit taking her pills. She gave me a perfect young son on my twenty sixth birthday. But she did so at the cost of her health.
    She never regained what little strength she had. Carly, my pet name Charlton Everett, never knew a vibrant mother. She doted on the boy but she couldn't do what she felt a mother should be able to do for him. Carly never knew any different and loved his mother for what she was. He was devastated when she passed away in his eleventh year. The two of us have a very strong and healthy relationship and get along quite well. I was truly proud of him when he sat down to a face to face with me and explained why he thought that he might be gay. He is only thirteen years old. I don't think that he should put any kind of a title on himself until he has a few more years on him.

    Now back to the present. Mom and dad were at my house. Both of my brothers were there. One sister and her family was due to arrive the next day. The other sister would fly in Christmas eve. My youngest brother had arrived with mom and dad in tow. Donny and his family live at home with mom and dad. Don has a boy, Will, who is Carly's age and a daughter, Crystal, who is eleven. David flew in two days earlier with fourteen year old Pete. His wife and their youngest son, Lonnie, arrived the morning of this story. These two boys are central to this story.
    The kids were running about the grounds enjoying their youth. Carly came in with tears on his face and a bloody knee. I dote on the boy. I caught him up and led him to the hall bathroom where we have our emergency kit. I didn't think anything of the closed door. We leave all of the doors in the house shut. With a houseful of guests I suppose that I should have considered the possibility of someone being in the bathroom. I walked in at the very peak of the action and Carly was in front of me.
    Pete and Lonnie were totally naked. Well that is no problem. What I was trying to shield Carly from seeing was what the pair was doing. Pete was in his orgasmic throes in Lonnie, who had himself well in hand. Lonnie was hosing down the lavatory and the mirror on the wall behind it with a very large load of boi juice. Pete pulled back in fright but his impressive cock was still delivering its load. Two large shots spanned the short distance to Carly, covering his face and chest in thick, young nectar.
    At that point I knew that I could not send Carly away. Bandages and peroxide were in this bathroom so I played the situation off and pushed Carl on inside. I shut the door behind me but I had the good sense to lock it. I wet a wash cloth and turned to wash Pete's juice from Carly's face. He had scooped his surprise treat to his fingers and moved all of it to his tiny mouth. "Taste's better than mine." I had a hard time maintaining my composure as all three boys began to laugh.
    I took up the role of the responsible adult and washed Carly's face. I pulled Lonnie to me and washed his perfect little ass. He had the ass to drive an old perv like me crazy. Carly and I have never shared our bodies with one another. I take my role as father very seriously. I was wearing loose fitting cargo shorts with a Mexican style shirt and sandals on my feet. The shorts rid nothing as I became super aroused at the sight of two spectacular stud muffins before me. I pulled Peter to me and hefted his deflated cock.
    That is where I lost it. I will never again have the authority over these three lads that I once held. Pete's softened cock felt like the richest dessert in the world as it lay in my hand. I looked into the boy's eyes. He was partly scared but also intrigued as he waited to see what I would do next. His heart pumped two gallons of blood into his main member. It twitched in my hand and began to thicken. I went down on him.
    Yeah, I am such a perv. I sat on the edge of the bathtub with my legs spread. I nearly always freeball except when I have to don business clothes. I am sure that you already know that cargo shorts have a limitation to their modest ability to cover an aroused male completely. As I stated earlier, I am well put together. One leg of the shorts had ridden up as I moved about in my seated position. I was unaware that my secret jewel box was on open display.
    Carly slipped to the floor and crawled up under my legs to fondle Mr. Happy while I drifted to a point long missed with Pete's meat snaking its way down my throat. For a fourteen year old lad he was endowed. I pulled Lonnie to us so that his cock was between my face and Pete's abs. I had a firm grip on Pete's butt as I pulled him in to take every foot of him inside my throat. My finger found his pucker. It was slick and wet. I didn't even have to push for my finger to slide all of the way inside of him.
    I touched his hard prostate and began to swallow quickly as the boy gave up another load of my favorite food in all of the world. Somebody keeps leaving the cream of some young guy off of the major food group lists. I had felt for sure that it would appear in the new food triangle, so far I haven't seen it.
    Lonnie was super hard and humping against my face as I drained his big brother's balls. When Pete winced with his sensitivity I turned and engulfed Lonnie. The boy had his pump primed and filled me with a sweet load of his own juice much too quickly. I was not sated. I looked down at my life. He smiled up at me as he had his lips locked on about three inches of my thick cock. His face was distorted. I guess a two inch wide cock would distort any face, but the boy that only stood four foot six inches tall had meat that was larger than his thigh in his mouth.
    I placed my hand under his chin and lifted him. He caught on and stood up. The look of fear on his face stirred me. I think that he believed that I would scold him for what he had just done. To the contrary. I pushed his tiny shorts to his mid-thigh and took hold of his near five inch bone. My finger was still slick with the cum and butt juice I had found in Pete's butt. I pushed against Carly's virgin hole.
    As Carly became animated from my suction on his pride and joy his ass relaxed and my finger slid in. Suddenly I had much more than five inches of cock in my mouth. Carly shoved two or three feet into me as he began to slam against my face. I pressed against his virgin butt nut and let my finger circle about the entire surface. Carly had a very impressive orgasm.
    Now that my shields are down I would have to learn more about all three boys. I pulled Carly's shorts back up and reached behind me to turn on the water in the tub. I rinsed the warm wash rag that I had cleaned his cousins with then turned and washed the dried blood and bits of sand and rocks from Carly's injured knee. I know that my ministrations hurt Carly. I watched his little face distort in pain. I saw a tears gather along the bottom of his eyes. Carly puffed himself up and bore the pain. He was not going to cry in front of his cousins. I finished cleaning the wound then poured a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide over it. I wiped the excess as it ran down his leg. Every eye in the room watched as the medicine did its foamy work to kill any bacteria that had gathered.
    With a large bandage in place I led Carly and my two nephews down the hall to my bedroom. I locked the door and told all three of them to get comfortable. I wanted to talk. I asked leading questions and learned the reasons behind the separation of their parents. I teased with the boys for a bit to help them to relax. Within a half an hour I had the entire story. It was almost time for lunch so the boys followed me back to the den. Dad and my brothers were glued to the TV while their wives were busy helping mom prepare a meal. I walked straight up to David and bent close to his face.
    "You fucking hypocrite. I want to knock the holy shit out of you," I was livid. The entire house went silent. I told Carly to join Donny's two younger children outside. He looked me square in the eye and told me his place was at my side. I had to smile at his tenacity. The boy is strong. He will be a fine man someday, too soon.
    David was up on his feet to answer my threat. I let loose on him in front of the whole family. "How dare you put your boys away for doing the exact same thing that you did all through your adolescence. You never could get enough cock in you but you punish your boys for being boys."
    David reddened and fell back to the couch. "David, these boys are typical hormone driven adolescents. They are learning about their bodies as you learned about yours."
    "Excuse me for butting in. Are you saying that the reason that David and Beth are separate is because the boys are having sex?" Donny is bold and plain spoken. "You were down on Chris at every chance you could find. You started in on me when I was twelve. As soon as my dick got long enough you had to have it up your butt all of the time. You loved to suck Chris while I fucked you before bedtime every night. And you have yanked your boys apart for doing the same thing. I don't even know you, David."
    Donny got up and went to the kitchen to pour himself another cup of coffee. The women busied themselves with the lunch preparations. Dad looked at David and let his mouth turn to a sneer. "If that is the reason for you and Beth are separated I am ashamed of you. I knew that you boys were playing around with each other, so did your mother. It is just part of growing up. I didn't have a brother to help me through those years, but I had a best friend." We all knew Uncle Clem. He and dad were the very best of friends until a boating accident took him and two more of dad's old buddies when I was still in highschool.
    Mom got into the act when David started protesting how it was against God's law and unnatural and a bunch of pure garbage. I knew that it was Beth talking, David was not like this. David and I had shared sex together most of our early adult lives, and even after Sue died he had turned his butt up to me. "I want to tell you something David Leroy Turner, you are the most pussy whipped man around if that is why you have split your family in two. And Beth, I have loved you from the first day I met you but this is going to far. I love Jesus with all of my heart, but I can find nothing wrong in young boys discovering themselves. They will outgrow this phase. Look at my three boys, they did it together for most of their highschool years. David and Donny both had boyfriends, dad didn't know about that, but a mother knows.
    "Now I wonder about little Carly and Willy, they are just at the right age, but they don't have a brother to learn with. Dad had Clem so I guess boys will find someone. Girls are no different. No, girls aren't as physical as boys and sex hardly ever enters into their friendship, but girls find a close friend to share with. Kids need someone that they can confide in. Maybe it is not always good because they can get some wrong ideas in their heads that might take years to get around, but it is the natural way of things."

    Everybody settled down as we ate our lunch together, but I could see that something was on Carly's mind. We would make eye contact and he would look at Will and duck his head, as if he were guilty of something. After lunch I suggested that we take a long ride up the mountainside trail. I had purchased a larger ATV for Carly the past summer, but his small Honda was still there. I knew that my brothers and brothers-in-law would want to ride so I had rented three more larger ATVs for the holidays. It may have been a bit unfair to the other boys, but they had no training on the vehicles and I was not ready to teach them to ride safely. I wanted to get all of the male members off for some serious boy talk.
    Carly rode solo on his old quad. I took Pete on my quad while David took Willy and Donny took Lonnie. I broke the family up so that the boys would have more fun and the dads would relax a bit. Backing on the northern edge of my property is a steep rise up the side of the Catalina Mountain range. The large mountains are a few miles back, but the foothills near me are quite tall enough. This end of the range is too steep and uneven for development and it is only seven hundred feet from my property line to the beginning of the national forest land. I have been trying for several years to get the old man that owns the narrow stretch of land adjoining mine to sell to me. He can't develop it, but he bought it as an investment for his old age, he is eighty two, he should cash in and spend his investment while he still can.
    Over the years Carly and I have cleared a series of switchbacks to climb the steep hills to get to the nearest ridge. That ridge is at the forty one hundred foot level, some fifteen hundred feet above the city, and what a view. In warm weather Carly and I sleep on the topmost ridge. I have permission from the old man to ride on his property, but I have never told him that Carly and I have a campsite on the highest peak. We have dug a ten foot hole to use as a latrine. I am sure that some environmentalist will have a problem with that, but we need a place to shit when we sleep over. We don't want to leave anything for the wild animals to eat now do we?
    On one of our trips Carly showed me a huge flat stone that took two of my strong buddies and I to pull to the top of the peak with our ATVs. Carly and I had stacked stones and my buddies and I manhandled the six hundred pound slab up to form a pretty decent table top about six feet by four feet in size. The slab is almost four inches thick and we set the legs more to the center, with no long spans. Carly and I have both gotten up on it and jumped around to make sure that it isn't going to fall on us and break our legs. Over years we have dragged large boulders over to use as seating and we have a nice fire pit with the flame shielded from view from below.
    It was around this table that I gathered the most important people in my life. We need to talk, now. "Carly, you have something on your mind. Would you like to share it with us?" I knew that I was putting him on the spot, but from the way he was looking at me and at Willy during lunch I had an idea that he had something to say.
    "My knee."
    "You promised!" Willy sang out.
    "Yeah, I did, but this is important." Willy began to cry, he was sitting next to me and Carly was across from me. I placed an arm around my nephew and told him that no matter what Carly said he was not going to get into trouble. I made him look straight at Donny as I said that. Donny smiled at his son and nodded. I told Carly to say what he wanted to say.
    "Willy and I were kissing…and well, we had our hands down in each other's pants and all when he… He stuck his tongue in my mouth. I never done that before and it startled me. I jumped back and fell and that's how I hurt my knee." He was in full blush and so was Willy.
    "Gee, I guess we got a whole family of healthy young boys here. I hope we can get these four grown up and into girls before the other two boys grow up." I was talking about my sisters and their sons, then only four and six.
    Our sons were unsure of what was going to happen. I knew that the first thing that needed to happen was to get David and Beth back together and get their sons back together before any permanent psychological damage was done. We had a solution, now we had to go talk to Beth and Edie.
    My brothers did not know the terrain and they were carrying precious cargo on the quads so we had to break off our meeting before it got to dark to get down the hillside. Arizona has very short winter days and very long summer days. In the winter time it doesn't get light enough to see until after seven in the morning and it is dark a little past five. In the summer time it is day light from four thirty until after eight thirty.

    Mom and dad had their two daughters-in-law deep in conversation when we walked back into the house. Mom looked at me and smiled her all knowing smile, "I hope you are up to it. You have a long stretch with this one." Edie had been the first to say what was on mom's mind from the beginning. Well she lives in the woman's house so I guess she pretty much knows how the thought processes work. Beth needed to be coaxed, but she agreed in the end. This was the best thing for her marriage and her sons also.
    I didn't want any secrets at this point so I looked at Willy. He was shaking like a leaf. His father picked him up and held him in his lap and told the boy that he was there for him, always. Willy looked at his mother and told her what had happened with Carly. He told her that he, "sorta thought that he was gay cause he liked to look at boys in the showers after P.E. class."
    The three boys went off to another room for some private time with their mothers. Some twenty minutes later the five of them sat around my large living room and waited. Edie smiled and told us the plan. I was asked if I would take my three nephews in for the coming semester of school and keep them until the end of summer. Beth and Edie said that they would drag their husbands out for a week or two during the summer and then take their boys back home with them. That was pretty much what my brothers and I had decided on the mountain top. I am just afraid that it may be hard to separate the boys after that much time together.
    I asked Beth if she was alright with the arrangement. I told her that she could rest assured that her sons were going to be having unnatural sex with each other and their cousins. "And with you, if I know my sons," she told me. That hit me hard. I wasn't to sure about what I was setting myself up for. I am to young to go to jail and live with Bubba for a husband.

    We had the best family Christmas that I can recall. My sisters and their husbands took to the idea of me hosting a training academy for the boys much better than I would have thought. Well, maybe. Louis had used Sam to get to me when we were in school. I know, it is usually the boys getting to be buddies so that the one can meet the good looking sister. Louis had a very cock hungry ass and he had seen me in the locker room and had even seen me get a hard on when we were fifteen.
    When he started dating my sister some of his friends told me that maybe he was not going to be a queer after all. They told me that he loved to get fucked and that he did two of them at once, one in each end. I was all hormones at that age and I was excited about the prospects. It was several blocks out of his way, but I asked Louis if he wanted to ride his bike home with us after school one day. He jumped at the chance. I went straight to my room to change clothes and Louis followed me. I did a sexy strip for him and slapped his face with my hard cock. I had never fucked anybody at that point, but I learned how that day.
    I fed Louis my cock and let him taste all of what I had to offer. I was disappointed because I wanted to know what it would be like to get shit on my dick. Louis did not disappoint me, he looked up at me with my cock still poking at his face and asked me if I would fuck him. I pretended to be shocked, but only for a moment, about as long as it took for him to get his pants down and turn around. With his jeans around his ankles and his shirt pushed up over his head I bent him over the side of my bed with his knees on the floor. I was already a big boy, down there, but I pushed inside in my lust without a thought for him. I was much bigger than he had ever known and I hurt him, but he never let on until he was ready to leave.
    I had to check him out to be sure that I had not made him bleed as he told me how rough I had been. I had to apologize so I sucked his cock. He turned around and we did a sixty nine. David found us like that and he got to fuck his first piece of ass. That did it. He was fucking Donny every day there after.

    Carol's husband is a wimp. Franklin came to me and asked me if he could marry my sister. He was eighteen, I was twenty one. I told him that he could suck my cock while I thought about it. It was his first time and his teeth worked against any pleasure I might have gotten. Over the years I have made a decent cock sucker out of him. I only do it to usurp my authority over him. I am pretty sure that I am the only guy he has ever been with. I have him intimidated. I tell him each time he kneels in front of me that if he mistreats Carol or makes her cry that I will bust his cherry ass. He is a model husband and father to two sweet little ones, five year old Trudy and four year old Frankie.
    I keep my brothers and my brothers-in-law apart from each other when we have sex. David and Louis did a ménage à trois for the first few months of our first meeting, but I like sex to be sort of private. I quit doing my brothers together by the time I was sixteen. We still got together, alone, but I like the romance. I loved Sue, but I missed cock. I didn't know how much until I walked in my bathroom three days before Christmas.
    Before everyone left I was up in Louis four times. I had Franklin slobbering on me so that he could remember who was the boss. I gave David quality time alone, but Donny surprised me when he came to my room and wanted to spend a couple of hours with me on Christmas evening. He had been disappointed one Christmas when he was sixteen. I slept with him and we had the best sex that we ever shared. It was not long after that that he told me that he was through with boy sex. I always honored that statement, but he came to me, who am I to tell my baby brother

    Here we are. It is Friday morning, January 5, 2007 and I am looking at four very fresh young faces around the table with me. Everyone else has gone back home and I have four sweet cum filled boys to play with for at least six months. I am not sure what they want from me or what I want to share with them. I am most worried about Carly. This is a learning time for him and then he will be alone. Then again Willy is the same way, they both have a lot in common. At least Pete and Lonnie have each other.
    The boys wanted to lay down some rules so I let them talk while I sat back and admired the view and drank another cup of coffee.

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