Catching John Michael

By: Jim Carter

Legal Stuff:
In the story that follows all the sexual parts are pure fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the author promotes or agrees with sexual relationships between  teenage boys. Please understand that this story is pure fiction/fantasy, don't try to make it anything else.

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© 2000 Jim Carter


This morning has not started as one of my best days. My new truck has developed an oil leak. The dealership said it would be fully covered under warrantee, but I still had to take off work to get it fixed. I really couldn't afford to buy this new truck, but what the heck, I don't have a wife to support any more. They say it will take all day to do the repairs, so I decide to accept their offer to a cab ride home.

I have a weird feeling, I am not exactly depressed, but something has me a little down. I guess having to take a day of vacation for something like this doesn't help. Being stuck at home with nothing to do is also a bummer. Hell, I might spend the day reading on nifty. That always puts "Little Jim" into an exciting mood.

My cab pulls up and I start to get in the back seat. The driver is in his early twenties and gorgeous. This guy is beautiful. I decide to at least try to get a better look at him. "Hey guy, mind if I ride up front?"

"Nope, up front is fine with me."

I am surprised I can speak. I know I must be drooling all over myself. He has sandy brown hear cut short and the brightest blue eyes. His facial features are basically perfect. Everything about him is in wonderful proportion. His long lean legs are covered in tight jeans. His forest green corduroy shirt is open several buttons and his smooth chest looks so inviting. I can't help but steadily glance in his direction. I am almost staring as we talk about nothing in particular.

I am hard as a rock; this guy has me so excited. Just then he starts talking about his new bride. Seems they have just been married for three weeks. I congratulate the guy and tell him how happy I am for him and his wife, but inside I am churning with guilt for hating the woman. How stupid and silly. Just another reason to think this day sucks.

I don't know why I even gave it a thought. It is not like I would have tried to pick the guy up. My wife divorced me three years ago and I have not had the guts to do anything about my sexual frustration. My wife and I finally figured out that I am really gay. I always get excited around cute guys, but with my wife and other women, I have to make myself perform. She was actually pretty cool about the whole thing, but I might as well be a priest. I don't know what is making me so hesitant about actually trying to do something about my lack of sexual gratification. I read gay stories and get so hard I can't do anything until I stroke myself to gratification. Just once I wish I could find a loving boyfriend and find sexual satisfaction other than by hand. The guys I work with at the factory are all rednecks and would shit if they knew how I really am. I won't even think about how miserable they could make my working life, but it would be worth it to come home to the loving arms of a beautiful man.

I am quickly brought back to reality when the cabby hands me a clipboard and says. "Sign this for me please."

I sign the reimbursement slip from the truck dealership and reach in my pocket for a five spot.

"Thanks for the ride, good luck to you and your wife."

"Yeah, man, thanks for the tip." Damn that was one good-looking man.

I remembered that I needed move one of the big potted trees that my wife had on the right side of the house around to the south so that it could get enough sun with fall and winter getting close. I moved the tree and went into the back of the house. I heard the washer running.

I didn't leave the washer running. I opened the washer. I know whose shirt that is. What on earth is it doing in my washer? Then I spot the briefs. I pull them out all wet and soapy. Oh, wow, even wet and soapy I put them to my nose to see if I can detect any hint of his smell. Nope, only the smells of the laundry soap. Then I begin to think about all the times he and I have worked on a project together.

Those clothes are unmistakable; they belong to John Michael. John Michael is my paperboy has been for the past five years. He is a beautiful boy and very hard working too. During the summer he would spend hours with me in the shop working on one of my woodworking projects. I loved having the boy around, but I found myself becoming attracted to him. Since he has just turned fifteen, he is so beautiful and sexy he is in all of my jack off fantasies. I start off trying to think of someone or something else, but I always cum with John Michael being the center of my fantasy.

A few minutes ago I was thinking about how my fellow workers would ostracize me for being gay, just think what they would do if they knew I was gay and fantasizing about a fifteen-year-old boy.

I don't know what is going on, but I think I will quietly investigate. I slipped upstairs. I heard moans that sounded like they were coming from my bedroom. I crept to my open bedroom door. I couldn't believe the site before my eyes. John Michael, that vision of perfection was naked in the middle of my bed. His body was even more beautiful than I had imagined. My cock is throbbing so I have to let it out. Just the view of his feet gets me excited. I would love to go over and suck his toes. His legs are still tanned from wearing shorts during the summer. They are very dark and have just a dusting of silky dark hairs. His legs meet where his beautiful balls, his left hand was playing with those lovely orbs and also stroking his hot asshole. His right hand was slowly stroking his beautiful cock. Looks to be about six inches of powerful boycock. Damn I wish that was my mouth stroking his hard cock instead of his own fist. His chest is hairless. His nipples begging to be suckled. I couldn't see his beautiful face; it is covered. His face is covered with my dirty briefs. He has them stretched over his face with part of them in his mouth.

When I realize he is smelling and sucking on my briefs, my knees become weak. It may be that mine are all that are available, but at any rate, he seems to be getting off on the taste and smell of the briefs I wore yesterday. Is he fantasizing about me as he is stroking his dick? What would a beautiful boy want to be fantasizing about a man almost twice his age?

I don't know if this is a dream or not, but I am not going to let guilt or anything else prevent me from a chance to live out one of my fantasies. I quietly remove the rest of my clothes until I am just as naked as John Michael. With my hard cock leading the way, I go over to the bed and lean down and start to lick and suck one of his hard nipples. When he finally realizes he is not alone he jerks the briefs from his face and attempts to get up. I hold him down and smile as I look into his beautiful emerald eyes. "Jim I am sorry, I thought you were gone to work. Please.... Oh, that feels so good. Hmmmm, I can explain. Oh, man, I can't believe this is true."

I moved from his chest to his beautiful lips. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me into the bed with him. As our kissing slowed to a gentle loving kiss, I broke out kiss and looked into his eyes. "John Michael, I don't know what you are doing here, but you have made me very happy."

"Jim, I am sorry I broke into your house. I will explain later, but right now I need you before something spoils this moment." He spun around and started licking my cock. I moved us around more so that I could take his beautiful cock at the same time. This boy tastes wonderful. I could spend a lifetime worshiping his hot cock and lovely balls. We made sweet love to each other with our mouths. I savored his hot boy juice as he fired his volley into my hot sucking mouth. This was enough to push me over the edge and I fired my seed into his sucking mouth.

When we finished and regained our composure, John Michael pushed me onto my back and climbed atop me and started kissing me passionately. "Jim, I have wanted to do that for the last three years. All I could do was go home and jack off, but I always dreamed that one day we would make hot love together."

"I did the same thing, but never dreamed it would actually happen. I can't count the number of times I have stroked myself to orgasm visualizing your beautiful face and body next to me. The real thing is so much better than my fantasy." "Yeah, it is for me too. I wish I had known you really liked me. I knew you liked me, but I mean really, really liked me, I would have made love with you much sooner."

I held John Michael in my arms as my hands moved down to caress his cute butt cheeks. "Not that I ever want this moment to end, but tell me about the clothes in the washer and what you are doing here."

John Michael rose up and rested on his elbows, while tears started down his cheeks. "It is okay John, don't cry. I want to help." I took my hands off his butt and with my thumbs caressed the tears from his cheeks.

"I don't know why I am crying. I thought I was over that. I guess I am crying because I can see love in your eyes. I will tell you the whole story, and then I want us to suck again. I really am happy."

"This started off as a shitty day, now it seems as the best day of my life. Now, tell me what is going on."

"Well, I am here today, because I didn't have to go to school. Most of my clothes were dirty, so today was perfect, I could get them washed and dried all in one day. I usually only have time to wash one day and dry the next." I guess he could see the confusion on my face. "I have been living here for over a month. I have been sleeping in a sleeping bag in the bedroom all the way down the hall. When you cut it close for work, I almost miss my bus to school. After you leave for work, I take a shower and get ready for school. I usually get finished with my paper route before you get home, but sometimes I have had to hide in the shop until you go to sleep. You sleep so sound nothing wakes you up. I even sneak in here and kiss you goodnight and you never wake up."

"I wish I had." I grinned.

"I couldn't chance it. I knew where you kept the spare key and I would be safe and warm and close to the man I loved. I didn't know if you felt love for me, but I couldn't chance loosing your friendship. When my dad hit me and threw me out, I didn't have anywhere to go. I hid in your shop then when it started getting cold I came in and started sleeping in my bag between the bed and the wall. I always put the bag under the bed so that if you ever went into that room, you would have to look under the bed to see anything."

"Wow, I had a beautiful young man living with me for over a month and I didn't even know it. Why did your dad throw you out?"

"He caught me like you did, but was mean and nasty instead of gentle and loving."

"All boys masturbate. I don't understand why he would throw you out."

"Well, I had a pair of your underwear over my face, just like today. Don't worry; he doesn't know they were yours. I also had a homemade cock I was stroking in and out of my butt. He said he wouldn't have a damn fucking queer under his roof and threw me out. I just managed to grab a pair of shorts while he was hitting me. I came back later and stole the rest of my clothes."

"You were sniffing my underwear? Why mine?"

"I have dreamed of loving you for a long time. Your smell makes me so hot. I love you so much, I wasn't sure you were gay, but I could tell you liked me. I also saw you were hard several times when we were working in the shop and I just hoped and prayed that it was me that was making you hard. I wanted to touch it so bad. I couldn't help it, I wanted you so bad, I stole your briefs so that I could smell your sex. Since I knew where your key was, I would change them for fresh ones when I chewed all your smell and taste out of a pair. I know it sounds weird, but I was desperate for you."

"I am flattered you wanted me, but why me?"

"You are the most loving man I have ever met. You are always eager to show me how to do something, not tell me to get lost. You explain what I did wrong when I don't do it right, you never yell. Your smile makes me want to melt, and your eyes show your love. The few times we have hugged, I almost came in my pants. Something about you, I can't explain has always turned me on. The first time I remember jerking off, I thought about what it would feel like if you were doing it for me. I have jerked off with a couple of my friends, but I still dreamed it was you doing it while they were playing with me. All I know is I love you. Why can't that be enough?"

"It is more than enough reason. You have captured my fantasy world too. I would never let my guard down and admit to myself that I was in love with a teenager, but I have loved you too. We are together now, maybe we can make up for lost time."

"Yeah, lets get started." He wheeled around quicker than I can say sixty-nine and gobbled down my hard cock as I lovingly licked his. We took our time and savored the smell, taste, and feel of our lovers cock.

His cock feels perfectly natural in my mouth. My senses are almost in overload. I love the smell of this boy's musk. The feeling of his loving mouth on my cock is giving me pleasure beyond description. Sucking and being sucked by John Michael is so much better than even my hottest fantasy. My hands are all over his beautiful body. His hands are warming my body as well. I wanted these sensations to last forever, but we reached the point where holding back was no longer an option. Our orgasm seemed to go on and on. We were both exhausted, but we managed to make it back to have a loving kiss before falling into a blissful sleep.

I woke up about three hours later to wonderful kisses from John Michael. He stopped kissing and said. "Good afternoon. Sleepyhead."

"Good afternoon. Beautiful." He blushed deeply and grinned.

"Are you hungry? I made us some lunch." I looked over and saw a plate full of sandwiches.

"Thanks, I believe I am hungry."

"Good, I made a lot. I am really hungry. I have been eating canned meat and stuff, so that you wouldn't know I was here. I like it that you know now."

"I'm glad you're here. We are going to have to do something to make it legal, but since you dad has thrown you out, we should be able to make it work."

"I never want to see him again. Why can't we just forget about him?"

"Because, I don't want you to have to hide and sneak in and out. I want you to be a big part of my life now. I love you and I never want anything to spoil our love. I am surprised you want to be with this old man, but since you do, I am one happy camper."

"Me too, now let's eat."

We sat on the bed and ate naked. About time the food was almost gone, we heard the dryer buzz. "My clothes are ready to come out of the dryer." He took off in a run. He must not have slept very long at all while I was worn out from out sex play earlier. He threw his clean clothes on the chair. "I will fold them later, I don't have to hurry anymore." He kissed me and pulled me on top of him. "Jim, I have been dreaming about this for a long time. Please make love to me now." He put his arms behind his knees and pulled them to his chest, offering his beautiful butt to me.

I was filled with desire for this boy. I started kissing and licking his balls, down his crack as far as my loving tongue could reach. I was kissing and gently biting his buns. I went back to his hot hole and rolled my tongue so that it would enter his hot hole. I worked on him until his pucker was not longer wrinkled with puckers, but relaxed and smooth. He was ready for a hot cock, but I suddenly stopped. I went up and kissed his sweet lips.

"Oh Jim, please give it to me now. I want you in me so bad."

"I want it too, my sweet prince, but I just thought of something. When we try to make it legal for you to live with me, I am sure your father or someone else might ask if we have had sex. It is too late for sucking." I grinned. "But we can honestly say we have not had sex. Our president has assured us that sucking is not sex. I will take his word for it this time." I grinned.

I could see the disappointment on John Michael's face. "I have waited this long, I guess I can wait some more. I have not even had my fake cock since I was thrown out. Your tongue sure got me horny. I guess we will just have to keep being presidential for awhile." Man, I love the way that boy smiles when he is being sly. "When can we get started on this legal shit? I want you in me, part of my fantasy has come true, I want the rest of it."

"John Michael I love you more every second. We will go call a friend of mine right now."

I went to the little area I used for my computer and other office like equipment. I called the only attorney I knew. He was not a real friend, but we went to High School together and he was really the only person I knew to call. I dialed the number. "Hello, may I speak to Brett Taylor? My name is Jim Carter, I went to High School with Brett and I need some legal advice and he is the only attorney I know." We had a little wait. "Hi Brett, I need some legal advice and I thought of you. Well, it is true, you are the only attorney I know, and so it was logical I think of you." We both laughed. "May I put you on the speaker so that my friend can hear this conversation as well? Thanks Brett."

"Brett, I am here with John Michael Davis. Here is the legal problem we need help with. John Michael's father found out that he is gay and hit him and threw him out of the house. He is my paperboy and has been for the last five years. He helps me in the shop in the spring and summer. Anyway, he knew where my spare key was and has been living in my spare bedroom without my knowledge for over a month. He didn't have school today and I am having my truck worked on, so I came home unexpectedly and found him. I like him and want to help him, but don't know how to go about it. I have a spare bedroom that he is already using." We laughed. "Can you help us?"

"Jim this sort of thing is not my specialty, I am guessing that with a good attorney that knows his stuff about child abuse and abandonment law we could make him pay out the ass. It is not my specialty and I don't know for sure."

"Brett, I don't have a lot of money to hire people that specialize or anything like that, we don't want his father's money. We just need to know that I can let him live here and make sure he is safe. I will take care of him; I don't want to run into a brick wall if he gets needs hospital treatment or something. I want to put him on my medical insurance at work and stuff like that."

"Jim, I just don't know let me make a few calls to some friends and call you back."

"Brett, remember, I don't have a lot of money."

"Hell, Jim, I am not going to charge you anything. You got me through Chemistry, without your help, I might not have made it out of High School. I owe you bud, now let me make some calls and see what we need to do next."

"Okay, thanks Brett. I appreciate it man."

"Mr. Davis, you haven't said anything. Do you want to stay with my friend Jim?"

"Oh, yes sir! Jim has been very nice to me. He didn't even get mad when he caught me this morning. I would love to live with him."

"Okay, I will call back as soon as I know something."

John Michael sat on my knee. He is almost as big as I am but I loved him being close. We are still naked he turns and kisses me. "I am scared something bad is going to happen and they will make me live in some group home."

"I hope not, but I know for sure it will be better to take action initially than wait to see what happens."

"I hope so Jim."

The phone rang and we both jumped. It was the dealership calling to tell me my truck was ready and that a cab would be here to pick me up in less than five minutes. I told John Michael to wait by the phone in case Brett called back and I dressed and went to get my truck.

No cute hunk this time. It was a big woman that could barely fit behind the wheel. She attempted to strike up a conversation a couple of times. I finally apologized and told her I had some legal issues that were on my mind and she shut up and drove to the dealership in peace.

I made it back and rushed into the house. John Michael wasn't in the living room or kitchen. I went into my bedroom and he was dressed in jeans and polo shirt folding his other clothes. "You look great even with your clothes on." I teased.

"Yep, I could always tell you liked what you saw when you looked at me." Oh, that sly grin was making me hard.

"Did Brett call while I was gone?"

"No, I am getting more nervous."

"Don't worry about what we can't control. We have to stick it out." With that he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out.

I had a look of not understanding on my face. "You said we have to stick it out. I am sticking it out." He laughed a hearty laugh. I am glad he is still able to use his sense of humor to relieve his stress.

About an hour later the phone rang. We rushed to answer it. John Michael was first to get there. He hit the hands free button. "Carter residence, John Michael speaking."

"John, this is Brett, is Jim with you?"

"Yeah, Brett, I am here."

"I have some good news and some not so good news. Which do you want to here first?"

"Good news of course."

"Well, if you can get John's father to sign over custody, it will be a piece of cake."

"If not, it will take a battle and most likely John will be put in a detention center while the court battle is taking place. I know that is unacceptable. No way a good kid needs to go to a detention center just because he is gay. I have a gay brother that I love very much and I am determined that you won't be shuffled off to a detention center. John's father can be held responsible for all his expenses if we go to court and win. He can also be charged with abandonment and reckless endangerment, but the burden of proof will be on us to prove those charges. Actually it will be the DA that has to prove those charges, but believe me it really boils down to us coming up with the proof. That will be hard to prove, so I think we really only have one option and that is to get the father to sign over his parental rights. To give him an additional incentive we will give him a document releasing him from all liability for John and releasing him from legation from us for abandonment and reckless endangerment. We can release him from prosecution only the DA can do that, but just because we can press charges to begin with doesn't mean we can't release him from that. I guess I am saying our best hope is to get him on our side and wanting you to take responsibility for John. It will be much better if you talk with him than an attorney. We tend to make people more nervous and defensive."

"Yes you do, I will be glad to talk with him. Do you have some forms for me to get him to sign?"

"Yes, they should be in your email now. I have an `X' beside where he and his wife should sign. If he signs all three places, you will be the legal guardian of John Michael Davis and adoption should be a simple matter from there. When they sign, they have given up any parental rights they have to John."

"Sir, I don't want to be rude, but please call me John Michael. My father's name is John and I don't want to be confused with him. Besides he is the only one that ever calls me John, everyone else calls me John Michael."

"It is not rude at all. I am sorry I shortened your name without asking. It was actually rude of me."

"No problem, thanks for all your help. I really do appreciate all you are doing for me."

"You're very welcome John Michael. I have enjoyed putting this together. Let me know what happens. We will need to file those papers; it will be even better if you can get the Davis's to sign before a Notary, but get them to sign even if they refuse the Notary."

"Thanks Brett. I will try to meet with the Davis's tonight. If this works, I owe you big time."

"If this works, a dinner will be more than enough payment. Oh, I forgot. You might want to play the injured party of John Michael's breaking into your house and staying for over a month. They will know it was a ruse when you ask for custody, but it will give them something to think about when you first sit down to talk. Don't hit them with it like a brick. Let them think it but don't say it yourself. I wish you luck my friend."

"Thanks again Brett."

"Yes, me too!" John Michael shouted.

"You're welcome guys." Brett hung up.

Since his mother and father work in together, John Michael and I decided not to put it off and so I called his father's office. I had him on the speakerphone so that John Michael could hear the conversation.

"Mr. Davis, my name is Jim Carter. I came home unexpectedly this morning and found John Michael in my home. It happens that he has been living in a spare room for over a month. I would like to come down at talk to you and your wife."

"I was afraid of something like this. Okay, you can come anytime. We will be here until about five."

"Oh, I will be there in fifteen minutes." I figured the quicker I could get there the better our advantage of surprise. At John Michael's request I took a tape recorder with me so that he could hear the conversation.

When I got to the office, I didn't like the asshole immediately. Of course, I knew that before I ever left the house. We shook hands and we sat around a table. I notice they both looked nervous. This was definitely to our advantage. I had the documents I had printed out that Brett sent in a folder. I just laid the folder on the table. They were both eying it like it was the last piece of candy at a weight watchers convention. "Let me begin by saying I was very surprised when John Michael told me he was gay and that you had beat him and thrown him out. He has delivered my paper for five years and even helped me in the shop when I was building. I would never have guessed he was gay." Might as well sound like I was one of them to some degree.

"I caught his with some guys shorts in his mouth and him fucking himself with his homemade dildo. That doesn't leave a lot for interpretation. I blew up and hit the little faggot a couple of times. Then told him I didn't want a queer in my house. He didn't deny it; he broke into our house and stole his clothes. Mr. Carter, I guess legally I am responsible for any damage the boy has caused. I swear if I get my hands on the little bastard, I'll beat ever cent he owes you out of him."

"I don't think that will be necessary. Although I was surprised to learn John Michael is gay, I don't think that makes him any less a person. I have always liked him because he is attracted to other boys shouldn't change that. I might have a solution to your problem and also let John Michael become a member of the community again instead of hiding in my spare bedroom, only coming out to deliver his papers and go to school. Since I didn't know what to do, I called a friend who is an attorney and he called some people. They were talking about suing for child support and charges of abandonment and reckless endangerment of a minor." When I saw enough concern in their faces, I continued. "I don't want any of that crap. Damn lawyers get rich by making everyone suffer." They both were nodding their heads. "I said make it simple, is there a way I can assume responsibility for the boy and make sure he is safe. I have room to keep him and he won't be any trouble for me."

"Look, Mr. Carter. I will be honest with you. We know we can get into trouble for just throwing John out. My attorney said we were still responsible for the boy even if he wasn't living with us. He said he was sure he could have any charges reduced to fines unless the boy got hurt or killed. We don't want the boy hurt, but we don't really want to live with the boy either. I guess what I am trying to say is if you take full and I stress full responsibility for the boy we are agreeable."

"I am willing to take full responsibility for John Michael. I have some papers the lawyers drew up, they need to be signed in front of a Notary."

"We have a Notary in the office." Davis pressed the intercom. "Shelly call Clarke and ask him to come down and bring his stamp."

We signed the documents made copies and I was ready to leave.

"Let me ask one question?"

"Okay, what is your question?"

"You like fucking his hot little ass?"

"You worthless piece of trash. If you thought for a second I was fucking his hot little ass, how on earth could you possibly sign custody over to me? You make me sick. I hope our paths never cross again."

"I notice you didn't deny it."

"I have not had sex with your son. I like John Michael and I want the best for him. I have no words to describe pathetic a human I think you are."

"Fuck you, you have the little queer to deal with now. I don't care if every queer in the world fucks him."

"You disgrace the term father. All you are is a sperm donor. You are no better; donating an egg doesn't make a mother either. I am leaving before I puke all over the place." I was so mad at these two. I should have known when they agreed to what we wanted so quickly that it was too good to last. I should have just be happy for what we accomplished, but I let these two vermin get to me. "If I didn't care so much about how it would make John Michael feel, I think I would sue your sorry asses just to let the world know just how sorry and useless you are."

"Get out of here and make sure you keep that faggot away from us."

"No problem there. Neither one of us goes around looking for horse shit. No on second thought that is too good an analogy, make that goose shit. It is much more slimy." I was so mad. I decided I didn't want John Michael to hear what those two had to say after it was over, but I couldn't lie to him. I would try to talk him out of listening to it.

When I got home, I showed John Michael the signed papers. He flew across the room cheering then make and gave me a huge bear hug. He started kissing me passionately. "Did you have any trouble out of them?"

"Not until after the papers were signed and I was about to leave. Then they got nasty. I think they are just bitter people. The made me so mad, I lost my temper and I can't think at all when I get mad. It bothers me I got caught up in the name calling and let them get to me. The good news is we have the papers. Let's call Brett."

We told Brett the good news and he was happy. He told me to bring the papers by his office and he would have them filed with the courts. I told him about the nasty comments at the end. He just said some people don't deserve to have kids, but thankfully John Michael doesn't have to be part of that environment any more. John Michael seems like a wonderful kid to me. Just be happy he is blessing your life and let those people suffer the loss. They are not worth loosing sleep over."

"I am so happy, I can't quit bouncing around. I think Jim might have to tie me to the bed so I can sleep."

"Now don't start talking kinky." I whispered just so John Michael could hear it. Or at least I thought it was soft enough not to be picked up by the phone.

"I heard that. No comment. Remember you owe me dinner; I look forward to meeting you John Michael. Keep big mouth under control." He laughed big and hung up.

We were both laughing so hard we were almost crying. John Michael grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. He pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me. "Now play the tape for me." He was kissing me gently on the lips.

"John Michael, we have the documents. I don't really want to hear that crap from them and I don't think you need to hear it either."

"Jim, I know they hate me. They didn't like me much before they found out I was gay. I think I was a mistake; they sure didn't include me unless they had to. Heck, I was let along for a week or two at a time since I was nine. I was always jealous of my friends that had parents that cared. Just once I wish I had heard them ask where I was and them tell me they were worried about me. They never were. I figured out when I was ten or so that I needed to learn to take care of myself. I got the paper route and I horded my money until I really needed something. As soon as I had my paper route, I knew I could take care of myself if I had to. That way I didn't need them as much and them not caring about me didn't matter as much to me. You have made me so happy today. I feel so free and yet so secure. Plus I have a boyfriend or should I call you my man friend." He giggled. "Now play the tape."

I played the tape for him. He thought it was funny when we started the name-calling and nasty innuendoes. "You should have told them that I wanted you to fuck my hot little ass, but you wanted to be presidential." He really giggled over that one. I had to admit it was funny. "Your right Jim, you don't make as good of arguments when you're mad as you do when you're not. You still let them know you thought they were shit and I like that. It is funny, I know they hate me, but I can't really hate them. I don't exactly love them, but I appreciate them bringing me into this world. I don't know what I feel. They are just there. I wouldn't walk across the street to piss on them if they were on fire, but I wouldn't light the match to burn them either. They are history, we have each other."

"You got that right."

"I have dinner in the oven. Let's eat and then we can become very un-presidential." He gave me his beautiful sly smile as he took my hand and led me to the kitchen.

He made a chicken casserole that was fabulous. "John Michael, that was wonderful. You are a great cook."

"I told you I had a lot of time alone. I learned to take care of myself, including cooking. I actually enjoy it most of the time. Now that I have someone to brag on my cooking, I might get the big head."

"You don't have to work around the house and cook and clean to stay here. I think you know that, but I want to say it to make sure. I love having you with me." I was not crying but starting to tear up.

John Michael stopped that my kissing my eyes. "I know Jim, but right now I only have one thing on my mind." He started up the stairs. "Now come on lets get to bed. My hot little ass needs a good fucking."

By the time I got to the bedroom, John Michael was already naked in bed and playing with his big cock. John Michael grabbed me as soon as I got on the bed and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Between kisses he said. "I know we will be making love, not fucking. I just wanted to use his term. I have dreamed about this night since I first learned how to pleasure myself. Let's get under the covers and make this last all night long if we cum ten times or none at all it won't matter. The man I love will be in me or me in him. We will be one."

We stayed connected one way or another all night that night. Who knows how long this relationship will last, but two lonely people have found companionship and love for a time. Both boy and man are more happy than they thought possible. Who can find fault with that.

The End

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