This story involves consensual sex between an adult and minors. If this offends you, please utilize your backspace key. This is a work of some fiction and some fact. I hope you enjoy!


I am nobody special, just your average mill of a guy who works for a living. I work at a large surveillance firm and have access to all its products. Being married with no children is hard to do for a guy who enjoys same sex relationships. My wife of 6 years has no clue of my hidden sexual desires. At the time of this occurrence, I am 28 years old and stay physically fit. I am also the coach for our local Dixie Youth Baseball League.

We had just won the first half championship and a pool party was scheduled the following Saturday at my home to celebrate. My wife, unexpectedly, had to leave the state due to her employment occupation. She would be gone for approximately 2 weeks. Here is where my problem begins. I have had gay sex with guys plenty of times, but the youngest was a guy in his early twenties. There were two boys, aged 12 and 14, who I had a strong yearning for and always masturbated while thinking of them.

Brad, age 14, is my best pitcher, as well as, the best pitcher in the league. He has short, medium length, golden blond hair, crystal blue eyes, lean and somewhat muscular. His face is narrow and he has the whitest teeth I had ever seen. This kid was simply gorgeous. Brad is about 5'6" and weighs a solid 120 pounds with a very small, yet perfectly shaped butt. I could tell that he had very little hair on his legs during practice while wearing shorts. His legs were slim, but he had some muscular definition. Brad's eyebrows are a light blond as well as his eyelashes.

Michael, age 12, is my catcher. He has a short (spiked) jet black hair and greenish/blue eyes. His face is narrow with cute little dimples outlining his cheeks. Michael is a picture of heaven on earth. He is pure and perfect in every way. He is about 5' 3" and weighs a muscular 105 pounds. His skin is always a golden brown as if he was American/Asian mixed. I know that he is an only child and his parents are divorced, where as Brad has a younger brother and two very loving parents.

During practices, I always managed to find a way to put my hands on these two angels butts. Brad's butt seemed firm and muscular and Michael's butt had some firmness, but soft to the touch. Michael always wore some sort of shorts to practice and it was clearly evident that he had no hair on his legs whatsoever. I also checked out their packages as frequently as I could. Brad definitely had a package that always seemed to fluff the front of his pants out quite a bit. Michael's package was smaller, but you could definitely see this boy had some meat down there.

I frequently held pool parties for my team and this one would be no exception, but my devious thoughts started to make its way into a full fledge plan. Now, I had never seen anyone on the team naked, or any part (good parts) worth while for that matter. I obtained, from my company, a large wall clock that held a miniature camera. It was fully video and audio and came in color as well. I installed the clock in the master bathroom, since it was the largest bathroom in my home. We had one other bathroom, but I was remodeling it for my wife and it certainly could not be used. It was no longer a question of wanting to see Brad and Michael nude; I had to without a question. I tested the clock to get its best vantage point and installed some more mirrors so I would be able to see everywhere in the bathroom. I hooked the cable from the clock to my VCR and was more than ready for Saturday.

This had to have been the longest week in my life. I was dying in anticipation for what ever may happen while being filmed. I had called each player and informed them to bring their swimming trunks and they would be able to change later.

Saturday morning finally arrived and the kids started showing up. The parents, as usual, could never stay. They had other things they needed to do. Brad's parents dropped Brad and Michael off and went on their way. Michael and Brad are the best of friends and appear to be inseparable. If you see one, the other is not far behind.

I had previously set up snacks and drinks near the pool, so the kids wandered around a bit keeping themselves amused. I, in the mean time, checked and rechecked the clock. The VCR tape was in and I was nervous with excitement. The boys begged and pleaded to go swimming and I finally gave in. I paired them up right outside my bathroom and instructed them to go inside and change. When two boys left, two boys should enter and change. I intentionally paired Michael and Brad together and saw to it that they would be the last to enter and change into their swimming trunks. It was all agree upon and I made up some excuse to go to my bedroom. There were two entrances into the master bathroom, one from the bedroom and the other from the kitchen. The boys were standing in the kitchen.

I sat at my desk and pulled my already hard 8 inches of thick meat out and was stroking it as the first two boys showed me everything. There were 12 boys on the team and by the time Brad and Michael's turn to go change came around, I was fighting back the temptation from shooting my load.

My two little angels stepped inside and locked the door. Brad was wearing shorts and a tank top and so was Michael. Brad lifted his tank top and revealed tiny little blond hairs under his arm pits. I was really stroking my cock at this point. Michael took his off and as suspected, he was totally hairless on his upper body. They kicked off their sandals simultaneously and unfastened their shorts. Michael's shorts was the first to hit the floor, then Brad's. Both were wearing very short and tight bikini briefs. Brad's cock was definitely a winner as the thin material was unable to hide. It was all bunched up but I could see he was circumcised with two medium sized balls begging to hang free. Michael's package was more compact. His dick was tucked downward over his balls, but it had some thickness to it. Both boys stepped out of their underwear and the moment I had been masturbating about was finally at hand.

I first saw Brad's cock. Completely soft, it hung down about 3 inches over two perfectly rounded hairless balls. I saw that he had a perfect small V shaped patch of light blond pubic hair at the base of his lovely cock. His cock was slender and his mushroom head already flared. Brad's muscular butt rippled as he took each step.

Michael's cock, now free, dangled over his two egg shaped hairless balls, about 2 inches. He was uncut and the meat hung an additional 2 inches over his dick head. He was tanned all over, but a little lighter around his crotch and butt area. His butt was definitely bubbly and my tongue craved the opportunity to dive into it. He had a few strands of soft black hair on both sides of the base of his cock.

I was pounding my dick like a mad man when the unexpected took place. Michael turned away from Brad, bent over and spread both cheeks, showing me a tight little brown hole that caused me to drool. In a very faint whisper, Michael said, "Come on, put it in me. I need it now." "We don't have time for that now stupid, we gotta go swimming, besides my dick is not hard now." With that being said, Michael turned back around and in one quick motion had Brad's cock deep inside his mouth. Brad had both hands on Michael's head and Michael was going back and forth at a very rapid motion. In the mean time, Michael had his right hand wrapped around his own cock and was pounding it. I could see his missile like head when he pulled his foreskin over it. His dick had to be at least 5 " and getting thicker. I was unable to see Brad's dick because Michael kept the entire cock in his mouth and throat. I couldn't believe my eyes, or ears as to what was happening in my bathroom. Michael's left hand was gripping Brad's solid ass and then I saw his finger dive right into the center where Brad's ass hole was being protected. "Yeah, yeah, suck my cock Michael." I could hear the moans coming from Brad, as well as from Michael. They were soft and faint, but I could clearly hear everything.

"I'm ready to fuck you. Stop sucking. I'm getting close." Michael quickly hopped up and moved over to the bath tub. He placed one foot on the side and bent way over. I could now see Brad's perfect erection. It was 7 inches long and shaped like a torpedo. He stepped in behind Michael and in motion, inserted his cock all the way inside Michael's tunnel of love. I saw the expression on Michael's face as Brad's cock wasted no time invading his sweet tunnel. His mouth was in an "O" shape and I heard the moans coming from his mouth. Brad was plowing Michael's ass like tomorrow would never come. He was literally ramming his torpedo back and forth. "Tonight, its your turn to fuck me." "Yes, yes, I will, give it to me." It seemed impossible, but Brad started slamming his cock faster and faster. "Ahhhhh, feeel it?" Brad moaned. "I, I can feel it, give me all of it, pleaseeee." After a few seconds, Brad's pace slowed to a crawl and his soft dick slipped out of Michael's hungry ass. "Brad, I need to bust a nut before we go swimming." "No problem, dude." Brad got on his knees and started sucking Michael's cock. Within 30 seconds, Michael cried out, "I'm cummin, oh, ah, yes." Michael was shooting his load inside Brad's mouth and Brad was swallowing as fast as he could. A couple of times, Brad actually choked, but never missed a drop. I shot my own load all over my stomach and desk.

They quickly got into their swimming trunks and went to the pool. I did the same, but what happened earlier burned an impression in my mind that will never go away. Throughout the course of the day, some of the kids had to go, but Michael and Brad was still here. There were about 5 boys remaining when their parents started to arrive. It was not late, but now there was just me, Brad, and Michael left.

We played in the pool with me tossing them all over. My erection returned while touching their bodies. The boys decided to get out and I had no choice but to join them. One part of me wanted to hide my erection and the other wanted to strip down and screw both of them right there. I decided to stick with the first plan. My trunks tented out no matter what I tried to do. I was just hoping that neither one of the boys would notice. Both boys said they had to go to the bathroom and went off towards the kitchen. I quickly ran to the bedroom to see them again.

"Man, Brad, did you see the coach's hard on?" "Hell yeah I saw it. You reckon its because of us? Michael said, "I think so, what else could it be?" "I dunno, but I sure would like to feel that thing inside me." "Michael, you always want to get fucked. I'd like to feel his cock in my ass too." I was stroking my cock and was totally honored that my two little angels were thinking of me, or my cock. "Hey, Michael, I got a plan. When we go back out to the living room, we can wrestle with him and grab his cock. At least we can feel it." "Yeah right, what if he tells our parents?" "Tell them what, that we touched his dick!" "OK, I see what you're saying. Let's do it."

Knowing their little plan, I played along. What else could I have done in that situation? I could feel their hands grab and squeeze my cock and my hands were doing the same to each of them. All three of us sported hard-ons. We were still in our swimming trunks, though they had been dry for some time, when I felt Brad's hand go up my trunks leg opening and grab a handful of my hard cock. Michael's hand went up the other leg opening and I felt his soft grip on my cock. I in turn, did the same thing to each of them. Both cocks felt hot and hard in my hands. Michael's uncut cock was stiff as a board and I slowly moved his skin back and forth while gently squeezing Brad's missile like cock. There was no more wrestling, just cock jerking. Michael broke the silence, "Coach, your cock sure is big." I could only respond saying thanks and that his was great too. Brad spoke, "Will you fuck us with it? I responded, "Yeah I will, but let's go into the bedroom."

I didn't have to say anything once we got into the bedroom. Both boys had already removed their trunks and was on the bed completely naked. I removed my trunks and my cock sprang forward. "God, coach, its gotten bigger," replied Brad. Michael was smiling and licked his lips as he spoke, "Yeah, and I can't wait for that big thing to be inside me." It did not take a brain surgeon to realize Michael loved cock, especially when it is buried in his asshole.

I laid on my back and said, "Now what fellas?" My cock was sticking straight in the air and Brad took the bull by the horns. He got in between my legs, took a firm hold of my cock with his left hand, and slammed his opened mouth on my cock. He was unable to swallow all my meat, but at 14, he could suck dick better than my wife ever could. His right hands were playing with my balls. I looked at Michael and motioned for him to stand up. He placed both feet next to my ribs and I swallowed his uncut cock to the soft, little patch of his pubic hair. My tongue traveled over his shaft while my mouth rocked back and forth on his stiff pole. I only stopped sucking his delicious cock long enough to lick and suck both his balls into my mouth. Brad was doing everything imaginable to milk my cock with his hot mouth. I returned to Michael's cock while my hands kneaded his soft delicate buns. Out of sheer instinct, Michael reached back and spread his cheeks while my finger poked, but not entered, his little hole. "Oh yes, coach, suck my dick, I'm getting real close now." I guided Michael to turn around and helped him squat over my awaiting tongue. 6 hours earlier, Brad had rammed his cock in his little hole and shot his load deep in his rectum. My tongue plunged forward and dove in as far as it could go. "Oh, oh, ah, Brad, coach has his tongue in my butt hole." Brad looked up but never said a word. He was too busy sucking on my dick and playing with my balls. The flavor of Michael's hot ass cannot be described in words. The room was filled with moans and groans of pleasure, including my own. My tongue was exploring where my cock will soon be invading. Michael was stroking his boyhood and groaning all at the same time. Brad was playing with his own cock, which up to this point had been unattended, but not forgotten. "Oh God, Oh God, I'm gonna shoot," screamed Michael. I withdrew my tongue from his ass and told him to turn around. Brad's mouth released my cock and said, "Watch out coach, he can really shoot a lot!" Michael had just turned around and put his cock in my mouth when I felt the first hot blast hit the roof of my mouth. Michael was ramming his cock in and out of my mouth while he was moaning and grunting. Blast after blast of hot, thick and creamy, boy juice filled my mouth forcing me to swallow a little at a time. My own balls was sending my juices up to my shaft. My mouth was full of cock and I tried to warn Brad by tapping him on his head. He started sucking with more suction and soon I was sending jets of my own man cream into his mouth. Brad was gulping like crazy to keep up and I was still getting more boy juice from Michael. Michael's cock soon went limp as it plopped out of my mouth. He laid down beside me and Brad was still holding my now soft cock in his mouth while beating his meat feverishly. I gently grabbed Brad by the shoulders and laid him down on his back. His 6 " torpedo was ready for take off as it jutted towards the ceiling. I got in between Brad's legs and spread them. I gave his medium sized balls a good tongue bath and sucking. My tongue traced his shaft and soon my mouth was filled with his perfect cock. I was sucking away on his cock and Michael got up and shoved his cock into Brad's mouth. From my position, I could see Brad's mouth working on Michael's cock and Michael's bubble butt was inches from my face. Brad was moaning and his body was shaking as my mouth worshiped his cock. Michael was face fucking Brad and I lubricated a finger with my own saliva and inserted it into Michael's eager ass. His butt muscles immediately gripped my finger. Brad was getting close, but I wanted to eat his muscular ass out before he shot his load. With Michael sitting on top of him, I tried to raise Brad's legs high enough to allow me to get my tongue in his sweet ass. My finger was still in Michael's ass and he saw what I was trying to do. Michael reached back, hooked both of Brad's legs and leaned forwards. What a shot. Brad's tight, pink asshole was in plain view. I wasted no time licking around his hole, I just dove in. Brad tried to say something, but Michael had his cock jetting in and out of Brad's mouth. My free hand was wrapped around Brad's cock moving at an ever so slow pace, but my tongue was plowing and digging at his sweet hole. Brad was moaning, groaning, and whimpering at this new found sensation. I felt Brad's cock get harder and quickly put it in my mouth just in time for his first load of boy juice to fall onto my tongue. His first three shots dribbled onto my tongue, then 5 rapid bursts hit the back of my throat. He was bucking his body and I was enjoying and savoring his delicious 5 star quality honey. His sperm tasted like honey with no added ingredients. Michael started shooting his own load down Brad's hungry mouth. Brad is a natural at sucking cock. He never spilled a drop of Michael's seeds.

We laid there on our backs to catch our breaths. My own cock was rock hard again. Michael, still gasping for air, said, "Coach, fuck me now, please. Please put your dick in my ass!" How could I resist such a plea. I put him in a doggie-style position, lubricated my cock and was about to lubricate Michael's hole, but he yelled, "No, just put it in. Put it in me now coach!" I leaned forward with a firm grip on my cock. Brad got up on both knees beside me with an evil grin on his face looking at my cock getting ready to plow Michael's greedy ass. I met some resistance as the head of my dick forced its way in. Michael was throwing his head from side to side and mumbling. Brad said, "Go ahead coach, shove your cock in his ass. He loves it!" No need for any more encouragement, I rammed my cock to the hilt and stopped. Michael was clinching the bed spread and panting for air. "Coach, fuck him, fuck Michael hard. He wanted this now give it to him." I placed both hands on his juicy bubble butt hips and started slamming my thick meat into his ass. Michael now had a mouth full of bed spread in an attempt to muffle his screams. Brad got up and lowered himself in front of Michael. When Brad sat down, he had Michael's head in each hand and lowered himself and put Michael's mouth on his cock. "Suck my cock while the coach is tearing up your ass. Yeah, that's it, suck my dick Michael!" I looked down at Michael's ass and saw my cock plowing it with no mercy. I could see the little flab on his ass ripple as I rammed my cock deep inside him. Within a couple of minutes, Brad was sending his sweet honey down the throat of Michael. For a split second, I wish I was Michael drinking Brad's sperm. Oh well, I was deep in the caverns of Michael building up another load. Michael was moaning very loudly and I was getting ready to bust another nut. Looking at Michael's sweet ass and Brad's precious face brought me to a heightened climax. Load after load, I pounded my seed deep into Michael. Brad still had his hands around Michael's head forcing him onto his cock. With the last of my seed deep inside Michael, my cock slipped out of his now well plowed ass. Michael was unable to say a word. He sort of fell on his side and was panting and gasping for air.

I rolled Michael onto his back and started working on his cock. I pulled his foreskin back and gently sucked on his head allowing my tongue to roll across it from time to time. Michael was unable to speak, but he tossed his head from side to side. Within a minute, I tasted his cream as it exploded from his tiny piss slit. It was mildly salty, but mouth watering none the less. As his last little droplet went down my throat, his cock deflated and slipped from my mouth.

I rolled Brad over to a doggie-style position and went to work on his ass with my tongue. It was a musky, but clean odor that was driving me crazy coming from Brad's ass. Michael finally caught his breath and said, "Coach, ram your big cock up Brad's ass. He loves to be fucked. Just put it in and start tearing his ass up." Brad nervously spoke, "Coach, coach, I don't know if I can take your cock like that. Michael's dick is way smaller than yours." Michael replied, "Shut-up and take it. You told the coach that I loved it like that and you're right, I do like it and you're gonna like it too."

While the two were talking back and forth, I put some more lubrication on my now erect cock and centered it with Brad's pink asshole. One hand was on his hip and one on my cock and the head was only a half an inch away. Michael yelled out, "Brad, you love it when I ram my cock up your ass." Yeah, but look at the coach's big, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" With one quick shove, I buried my cock inside Brad's tight asshole. Both hands on his solid hips, I started ramming and ramming my cock. His ass muscles were gripping my cock with forceful suction, but I continued my pace. "Oh shit, oh God, I feel it way in me. Oh, ah." Now it was Brad's turn to grip the bed spread with both hands and get a mouthful of bed spread as well. Brad's whole body was shaking, trembling, and bucking. It was as if he was trying to shove his ass on my cock when I was slamming it in him. One thing is for sure, Brad is much more vocal than Michael. Brad's ass is tight and I could feel our balls collide with each mighty thrust.

Without taking my cock out of his tight hole, I rolled Brad onto his back. I pushed his legs forward and his knees went past his ears, flat on the bed. I could look directly into his angelic face as I plowed his ass with my man meat.

"Feel, oh, ah, oh, its deeper." I continued to pound his sweet ass with a savage vengeance. Both pf these boys are gorgeous, but there is just something about Brad that drives me wild. While I was sending my pole deep into his bowels, Michael got up and went behind me. I felt his hands on my butt and soon felt his hot breath on my crack. Michael put his tongue right on my butt hole. I kept up my pounding pace on Brad's ass and Michael was trying to penetrate my hole with his tongue. Michael's hand soon found my balls and he started massaging them. The heat from his hands and his tongue inside my ass sent me over the edge. It was my turn to grunt, moan and groan as I shot my load deep in Brad's bowels.

I rolled Brad onto his back and his cock was as hard as a rock. Michael's tongue was still exploring my butt hole as I inched backwards to better suck Brad off. I finally got into position and Michael was relentless with his tongue. His tongue sure did feel good. I lowered my mouth onto Brad's stiff cock and started sucking like crazy. My focus was on milking Brad's cock and enjoying the pleasure I was getting from Michael's hot tongue. Lost in the moment, I was soon awakened from a very sharp and piercing pain. I was already in a doggie-style position, and Michael took the opportunity to slam his boyhood in me as far as it could go. No warning and very little, if any, lubrication was applied. As soon as he entered me, he was riding me like a horse. I continued to suck on Brad's pole and the pain was starting to dwindle. All three of us were moaning when Michael screamed, "Oh, oh here it comes, I'm cummin!" I could feel his thick jets as it bolted free and coated the lining of my bowels. That was all it took for Brad, "Oh coach, ah coach, shooten!" His pure honey tasting sperm filled my mouth. I was stroking my own cock and building yet another climax. Michael had withdrew from me and quickly got in front of me. I was getting ready to shoot when he placed his mouth on the head of my dick and inserted a finger deep inside my asshole. Globs of sperm sprang from my cock into Michael's mouth. He had one hand on my cock pumping it up and down milking my cock free of its sperm. I was finally spent and Michael was slowly drinking my sperm.

The doorbell rang and I quickly, but very shakily, put my trunks on to answer the door. It was Brad's parents coming to pick my two angels up. Brad's father spoke, "I hope they were good for you coach." My response, "They were great!" As they were getting in the car, I realized Michael's sperm was running down my leg leaking from my butt.