Cody's Road Trip


Adult-Youth, oral, rimming, interracial, b/M


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This story is drawn from a true account and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a boy discovering

his sexuality and a young man. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and an adult

male. If this type of content offends you, if it is illegal to read where you are, or if you are under the age of 18

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Cody's Road Trip

My introduction to sex was totally unexpected, a chance encounter that has influenced my sexual activities and preferences

to this day. In the late 1980s when I was barely 11 years old my dad decided that we would all pile into our old car and drive

out to California to see the ocean and have a family beach vacation. My 8 year old sister, Lizzy, and I were so excited we could

hardly stand to wait until summer vacation started in June. All we could talk about was the lure of California beaches and fun in

the sun. Maybe, we schemed, we could talk our parents into taking us to Disneyland, too.


As the weeks before the trip dragged on anticipation was at a fever pitch. We had never had a real vacation before, and the

whole idea of actually going on one made us giddy with fantasies of glamorous California where we would probably see movie

stars frolicking on the beach with us. We were comfortable enough as a family, but we were used to not having a lot of money

for extras especially things like vacations. Some of the other kids at school were better off, and had been on lots of vacations.

Now it was my turn to brag about our luxury beach adventure. I couldn't wait!


Finally the day arrived. School was out, and Dad had packed the car with everything we could possibly need for a beach holiday.

Our mom roused us up before dawn so we could get an early start. My sister and I gulped a hasty breakfast, and we bounded

into the back seat, our eyes still bleary from a restless night of anticipation. It was a long way from our house in Texas to Los

Angeles, so my dad had figured on taking three days for the trip. To save money he had loaded our camping gear in the trunk

so we could stay in state parks along the way. But once we had reached our goal in California we would get to sleep in a motel,

Lizzy's and my first time ever. I have to admit that the scenery as we rolled through west Texas was definitely not thrilling, but the

idea that we were finally on the long-awaited vacation definitely was. Mile after mile of scrubby plain seemed almost like an endless

loop, playing over and over again. For our first night we had barely made it out of Texas. It was already close to dark when we

stopped at Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico to set up our camp. It was actually pretty fun. My parents and Lizzy were going

to be in a family tent we had borrowed from our next door neighbors, and Dad said it would be OK if I slept out under the stars. The

tent had like a thousand poles but we finally managed to get it set up. I blew up an air mattress, and spread my sleeping bag on it.

I guess the whole thing was pretty basic, but lying there gazing up at the Milky Way clearer than I had ever seen it made me feel

like I was in heaven.


After jamming everything back in the trunk we took off through the Great West. For a special treat we got to stop for breakfast at

an iHop in Demming. So far all we had eaten on the trip was cold sandwiches. Back in the car my sister and I bickered, drew an

imaginary boundary line on the back seat, and dared each other to cross it. "Mommmmm," Lizzy whined, "Cody's licking his hand

and touching meeee."


Dad, of course, yelled, "Don't make me have to stop this car." We settled down and peered out our windows at the barren scenery.


At Lordsburg Dad decided that the Interstate went too far out of the way, so we turned off onto Hwy 70 toward Phoenix. It was a

decision that would change my life forever. Somewhere along the way, on a desolate stretch of road our old car broke down. Dad

tinkered with it for a while, but finally gave up and told us he was going to hitch a ride for help. "Stay with the car," he warned us,

"Don't go wandering off. If anyone stops keep your eyes open, and get in the car and lock the doors if it's somebody creepy." Within

a few minutes a minivan stopped and the old man driving asked if we were OK. Dad talked to him for a minute, and then turned back

to us and said, "He says it's only about 10 miles to the next town. He's gonna give me a ride to a garage there. I should be back in

just a little while. Sit tight, and remember what I told you." Then he hopped in the van and rode away in a cloud of dust.


He had been right: Dad was back in about half an hour, riding shotgun in an ancient tow truck. It had been a hot wait for us, but not

too bad. Right behind the truck was an old Chevy station wagon driven by a frowsy-haired dark-skinned Indian woman. Dad got out

and told us that the woman, Mrs. Yazzie, would drive us to the garage where they could work on our car. We climbed in and the old

woman gave us a steely look, said nothing, u-turned the station wagon, and took off with a spray of gravel. All the windows were down,

and hot wind blasted our faces as we careened up the highway.


In the middle of nowhere near the San Carlos Indian reservation we turned into a dusty parking lot next to a ramshackle service station

and auto repair garage. The place looked like it was practically in a ghost town. There were some scattered building around, the remnants

of what may have been, at one time, a small settlement. The roofs of most of the other structures were caved in, and the whole place

including the service station - had an abandoned look. About a block or so from the garage was a tumbled down motel with a rusty sign

out front reading "Sundown Motel", but it looked like to me that the sun had already long since set on it.


The tow truck showed up right after we did, and my dad and the driver unhitched our car and opened the hood. I could see the mechanic,

a big Indian man with graying hair, shaking his head. After a few minutes Dad called us together and looked relieved. "Well, it's not too bad,"

he began, "Mr. Yazzie says he can get the part we need back down at Lordsburg. He says it's slow around here today, so he doesn't mind

driving down to pick it up. Looks like we're stuck here most of the rest of the day, but he thinks he can get us back on the road by this

evening. He told me that there's camping at Lost Dutchman State Park not that far from here. I'm sorry, but I guess it could be worse."


Mrs. Yazzie turned out to be pretty nice, and invited us to wait in her sad-looking house behind the garage. Dad said he would ride into

Lordsburg with Mr. Yazzie. I wanted to go, too, but he told me to stay there, and that he'd be back soon. Mom, Lizzy, and I followed Mrs.

Yazzie back to her house and showed us into the living room. We sank so deep down into a rumpsprung old sofa that I wondered how we

would ever get out of it. The whole place stank of cats; and, in fact there were several cats draped over the tatty furniture and seeming to

be watching the flickering TV in the corner. The woman offered us drinks and then went into the kitchen to get them. I took a cold Coke,

and swilled it down. It tasted so good.


All this hospitality was driving me up the wall, and I was getting very antsy to be somewhere else. I went into the tiny bathroom to pee, and

while I was in there I checked myself out in the mirror. What I saw was a tousle-haired blonde kid with bright blue eyes and a nice smile.

I made some faces at myself and then drew closer to the mirror. "Not bad," I muttered to myself, "You're pretty cute, aren't you?" Back in

the living room I felt like I wanted to bolt. "Mom," I asked quietly, "Can I go outside and look around?" Recognizing my discomfort she smiled

and nodded.


"Don't go very far. Stay close enough by that I can call for you if I need you for anything. OK?" she cautioned.


"Can I go with Cody, too?" Lizzy begged. But I had been riding cooped up with her for so many hours I needed some space. I was shaking

my head and pleading with Mom not to let her tag along. My mother told Lizzy she needed to stay with her, and motioned me off with a tilt

of her head. If my sister had gone with me that day, my life might have taken a different course. I made my way out into the bright sunshine

and tried to get the lay of the land. I ambled around, kicking rocks and cans, and ended up at the Sundown Motel. It was one of those old

style tourist courts with a central office and manager's residence and a U-shaped line-up of one-story motel rooms behind. The place was a

wreck. Two tire-less junk cars sat perched on cinderblocks behind the office, growing orange with rust. Tumbleweeds were piled up in both

corners, and more than a few of the windows were broken.


Randomly picking up a rock I threw it at one of the unbroken widows and watched it shatter. I was just about to throw another one when the

door of one of the units flew open. I froze, the rock still in my hand. A lanky black-haired, dark-skinned teenager burst out, yelling at me,

"What the fuck?" Running at me he kept screaming, "What are you doing, kid? This is private property." He was obviously an Indian, maybe

18 or 19 years old, and very buff. He grabbed my skinny arm with an iron grip and ushered me over to the widow I had just broken. "You gonna

fix this, you little shit? Where the fuck did you come from anyway?"


I was so shocked that I couldn't speak. I stammered, "Sorry, I...uh...I'm...uh." But I couldn't get anything out. After the initial shock wore off

I managed to say, "Our car broke down...we were on our way to the beach in California."


He spun me around and got right in my face. "Listen to me," the handsome Apache teen snarled, "You whiteys think you can do whatever the fuck

you want. You just come here and mess up everything. You're gonna pay to fix my window or I'm calling the sheriff to report you for vandalism."

I was scared shitless and very confused. Who was this guy? And the whole place was so fucked up what difference would one more broken window

make? I couldn't help it, but I started to cry. "Hell yeah, he went on, "Sheriff's a friend of mine. He'll lock your skinny white ass up." I was panicked.

What if the sheriff really did show up? Oh my god, Dad would be so pissed. My thoughts raced ahead, and I thought my chance to go to Disneyland

might be shot. Dad hadn't said for sure that we were going there. "So what you gonna do?" he sneered, "You gonna pay to fix my window, or am I

gonna get your butt locked up?"


"I don't have any money." I sniveled, "Please don't call the sheriff, and please don't tell my Dad." The tall Indian teen straightened to his full height

and glared at me. Then he grabbed my arm again and steered me into the room with the window I had broken. I was surprised that it was in pretty

good shape compared to the rest of the broken-down motel. It was clear that someone I guessed the Indian teenager had been living there.

The room was messy, but had an OK bed and some other mismatched furniture. There was an old air conditioner mounted in a window on the back

wall, working hard to pump out a little cool air. It felt good after the intense heat outside. There was an old fashioned dial phone on the nightstand.

He roughly sat me on the bed and reached for the phone. I could hear the dial tone. "Please," I begged, "Don't call the sheriff." He fixed me with a

steely glare, and hung up the phone.


"You don't want me to call the sheriff, and you don't want me to tell your dad," he hissed, "And you ain't got money to pay for my window; so what the

fuck am I supposed to do, white boy?" I shook my head helplessly, tears starting again. I stood there shivering from fear as he continued to stare at

me. After what seemed like forever he lowered his tone and asked, "Where are your folks?" I told him that my dad and Mr. Yazzie had gone into town,

and that mom and sister were up in the house behind the garage. "They know where you are?" he asked. I shook my head, and told him I hadn't said

where I was going. "Hmm," he rasped, and then muttered, "I guess I could let it go if you give me a blowjob."


My eyes flew open wide at this unexpected proposal. I knew what a blowjob is from dirty talk from other kids at school, but the only actual experience

I had ever had was messing with my cousin when I was about eight years old. He was visiting us with his family from Kansas, and shared my bed during

their stay. He was nine, and a little bigger than me. We got naked under the covers and fiddled with each other's hard little dicks before we fell asleep,

but that was about it. Neither of us knew how to masturbate, and definitely didn't know about blowjobs; but rubbing our penises together gave us little

kid hard-ons. My thoughts were racing. I knew blowjobs meant putting another boy's dick in your mouth and sucking on it. (So why do they call it a blowjob

if you suck instead of blow?) How bad could it be? I didn't know it at the time, but my pubescent hormones were starting to kick in, though my experience

with sex was practically zero.


"You ever give a blowjob?" he asked softly, breaking into my thoughts. The big teenager had calmed down and was being much nicer. He reached over

and pulled me into a gentle hug, and put his hand right on my crotch. I had only heard vague talk that some older guys like playing around with little boys.

A kid at my school told me that his uncle had gotten in trouble for feeling him up, but I didn't get any details. "You're a cute kid, you know it?" he said,

putting his big hand on my head and ruffling my blonde hair. Without asking he reached down, took hold of my t-shirt, and pulled it off over my head.

I was frozen in place. I couldn't move or speak. I just stood there feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioner on my bare back. I guess when I didn't

resist or run off he took it as a sign that he could do more. With his eyes fixed on mine he unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped my fly.

Hooking his thumbs in my underpants he yanked them down along with my jeans. I stood there naked in front of him, my pants puddled around my ankles,

and my tiny white penis sticking out, already getting hard. He smiled at that, and took it between his finger, rubbing it gently until it stiffened even more and

angled upward.


Then he lifted me under my arms, and laid me back onto his bed, my legs dangling off the side and my feet still entangled with my pants. The tall Indian

then knelt down and took off my shoes, allowing the bunched up jeans and underpants to slip off over my feet. Still beside the bed he leaned over and took

my stiff little cock into his mouth. I had never felt anything like it. I moaned and hunched my hips upward to press against his lips. My hands went to his long

black hair, grasping his head and pulling it harder against my hairless groin. I gasped when he opened his mouth wider and took my small ball sack into his

mouth along with my hard dick. "Fuck!" I thought, "So this is a blowjob..." I could feel his tongue massaging my little nuts and my rock hard boy dick. There

was a tingling in my stomach like no sensation I had ever experienced, and I loved it.


As if getting my first blowjob wasn't enough, the dark-skinned teen let my boy meat slip from his mouth and got his hands behind my knees to push my legs

up. Then he lowered his face into my sweaty butt crack and started licking my hole. He was actually licking my asshole; and it wasn't even all that clean, but

he was licking, nipping, and sucking on it like it tasted delicious. I felt his tongue push into the tight opening like a slippery fish swimming into my ass. My mind

was totally blown. I wiggled my little butt around in response to his tongue-fucking, and he went even deeper with his long tongue. I had never even thought

about anyone kissing my butthole; but now I was loving it.


After a few ecstatic minutes he raised up and let my legs down to hang over the side of the bed again. Suddenly he stood and unbuckled his pants and started

undressing. His massive dark cock sprang out like an angry snake. It was no less than 8 inches long, and very thick, and it looked almost as big around as a

coke can. There was a sheath of dark skin over the head of it, like a hoodie with the drawstrings pulled tight, and around the base of it was a forest of dense

kinky black hair. I had never even seen a picture of a man's penis before; and I instantly wondered how he could hide such a big thing in his pants. The Indian

took the massive dick in his hand and started working it up and down as I watched, fascinated. My own little boy cock was as hard as a spike as I watched him

pull back the foreskin to reveal the shiny purplish brown head of his man-sized penis. Since my own boy-sized dick was circumcised, as was my cousin's, I had

never seen or even heard of an uncut cock and now I was looking at one close-up.


Once more the big teenager lifted me under my arms and slid me off the bed. I let him ease me into a kneeling position as he stood up straight and looked down

at the apprehensive look on my young face. I don't know what force kept me there, helpless and unable to turn away or resist. As he moved forward an invisible

cloud of heat and an irresistibly sexy aroma emanated from his steamy groin to assault my senses. I breathed in that musky, indescribable fragrance which I have

recalled countless times since that day. Instinctively I leaned in and opened my mouth. The tall Indian teen said nothing; but I knew from what he had done to my

own miniature dick what to do. The big plum size head slid over my tongue, and my mouth was instantly filled with a burst of new tastes: salty, sweet, musky, funky,

and pissy all at the same time. My mouth was too small for much of the shaft to fit in, but I reached around to hold his firm ass cheeks to try to pull him deeper in.

My lips closed over the flaring cock head and met with the looser skin below it. From that instant I knew that I was destined to always crave hard cocks in my mouth.


As he had done to my little dick I used my tongue to stimulate his manly cock, swirling it around all over the massive head and shaft. I wanted to please him as much

as he had done for me. I was a fast learner. He cradled my blonde head in his big hands and tried to pull me further onto his cock shaft, but it was just too huge to

go any deeper. He reached down and guided my small hand to the massive column still outside my mouth. My fingers could not reach all the way around the shaft.

Still controlling my hand he started working it up and down the brown flesh. I loved the way the looser skin covered the firm, throbbing muscle underneath. I was so

inexperienced that I didn't understand that I was masturbating him into my mouth, but I kept up the rapid movement on my own. Then I wanted to do more; so I let

the monster cock out of my mouth and started licking it up and down like an ice cream bar. Maybe I was pushing my new-found skills too far; but I was kissing and

licking it all the way down to his pendulous balls. The heavy wrinkled skin of his scrotum had a sweaty, musky taste, but I was drawn to it like a bee to a blossom.

I tried to take one huge ball at a time into my eleven-year-old mouth, and finally managed to do it. At the same time I continued to stroke the thick cock with one hand.


Turning us around, he was able to lie back on the bed and spread his legs. I pushed up his muscular thighs until I could see his winking pucker. I was in such an

aroused state that I wanted to do something that, just one hour ago, I would never have even dreamed of doing; but I was anxious to give this big Indian teenager

the same special feelings he had given me. Working my way down, the funky odor of his manly ass crack filled my nose. Strangely, it didn't turn me off, but seemed

to make my little dick twitch even more. I knew I could do it. I kissed and licked my way down his trench to his brown asshole. I let go of his cock shaft and spread

his butt cheeks wide with my small hand. As he had done to me I teased at the pucker with the tip of my tongue. Deciding that it tasted deliciously sexy I plunged my

pink tongue in as deep as I could. The young man moaned as I worked my small tongue in and out of his hole. I was on such a sex high that I didn't care that what

I was doing was so nasty. Noisily I worked on his butthole like a starving calf at his mother's teat, my blonde hair flouncing with the effort.


"Ooooh, fuuuuck," he groaned, "I gotta cuuuum. Get back on my cock!" His heavy legs draped back over the edge of the bed as I scampered up to take his throbbing

cock into my mouth again. I had no idea what "cum" was, but I was just ready to suck his dick some more. The funky taste of his anus still lingered on my tongue.

Plunging my mouth onto his massive cock shaft again my drool coated the head and let me slip a little more in. I remembered about using my hand to make him feel

good, so I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and started going up and down on it as fast as I could. He was moaning like crazy and sort of humping his hips up

to force more of his dick in my small mouth. The rough thrusting made me gag a little bit as I felt the bulbous dick head try to push into my throat. I felt his big hands

holding onto my head. I could taste something kind of salty leaking out of his pee hole, and for a few seconds I thought he might be peeing in my mouth. I wouldn't

understand that I was tasting pre-cum until I learned about it later.


My limited experience hadn't prepared me for what was going to happen next. My little dick was raging hard, but I had never even masturbated before; so I didn't

understand about orgasms...or semen. The Indian humping my face was hammering his fat brown dick faster and faster into my virgin mouth. With one last guttural

gasp he froze, holding my head firmly on his cock, and started shooting his cum load right into my eleven-year-old mouth. I didn't know what the fuck had happened.

I was afraid his dick had burst open or something. The taste was sharp and acrid as it pumped again and again into my mouth. Reflexively I gulped once, then twice,

inadvertently swallowing the slimy discharge as it surged out of his pulsing cock. There was so much I couldn't possibly swallow it all, so it ran past my sucking lips,

ran down the massive shaft, and began to puddle in his thick pubic bush. My eyes were watering and snot was streaming out of my nose as more jets of his cum

pulsed out. I couldn't tell if part of the snot running out of my nose was more cum or snot. Finally he let go of my head and let me up. I heaved myself up and then

slid down to sit back on my heels beside the bed, and tried to catch my breath. His cum was running down my chin and dripping in strands down onto my undeveloped

chest. He raised himself up on his elbows and looked down at me, still between his muscular legs. I was in a state of shock, but my little boy dick was still as hard as ever.


The Indian teen he later told me his name was Ben patted my blonde head and very briefly tried to explain what had happened. He told me about orgasms and

ejaculation and cum. "I guess I shoulda warned you," he said in his clipped Indian speech, "You did real good." He tossed a hand towel to me and I used it to wipe off

my face and tongue.


"It's OK," I said in a faint voice, "I was just surprised is all." I suppose he took pity on me, because again he lifted me up under my arms and laid me on the bed. Then,

moving up between my legs he took my wilting little penis into his mouth. In a second it was fully erect again. I felt one hand slide under my slender butt and work its

way into my crack. One thick finger began teasing at my hole as he started moving his head up and down on my dick faster and faster. I squirmed when the finger slipped

into my asshole just a little. Ben tightened his lips around my little ivory rod and began a steady rhythm. More of the finger pushed into my hole and an indescribable tingle

intensified in my dick. As his head bobbed on my little boy cock an ecstatic rush swept over my whole body, and I was breathing as hard as a track runner. Just as he had

done with me I grabbed the sides of his face and hunched my groin up against his sucking lips. It was like nothing I had ever felt before; and I wanted it to never end.


The climax was electrifying. My dick pulsed and pulsed, but nothing could come out. That dry cum was the best feeling I had ever had. "Fuuuuck," I wheezed, "That was

so fuckin' great." When I had settled down I asked him, "So when I'm older, like thirteen, that stuff will shoot outta my dick, too. Right?" Ben just nodded.


"Too bad we ain't got time for me ta fuck you," he muttered, "But you better get your ass back over to the garage before somebody comes looking for you." I got up and

started getting dressed, and Ben did the same. "And, hey," he went on, "don't worry about the window. I'll fix it." I smiled and nodded, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious.

"Uh," he said in a confidential tone, "We gotta keep this a secret. I won't tell on you, and you don't tell anybody what we did. OK?"


"I'm not that stupid," I shot back as I walked out the door, "Be seein' you." And I didn't even look back. My hands jammed in my jeans pockets, I ambled down to the

service station where my dad and Mr. Yazzie both had their heads under the hood of our car.


Dad looked up, saw me coming, and said, "Hey, Cody, you're just in time. Grab that hose for us so we can top up the radiator." I went over and handed the hose to him,

and then ran back to the faucet. "OK," Dad said, "When I tell you, turn it on." He got the cap off the radiator and stuck the hose in. Water gushed out of the hose, and it

made me think of me taking Ben's cum in my mouth. When Dad signaled again I turned the tap off.


After a while Mrs. Yazzie, my sister, and Mom came around the corner from the dilapidated house. "There you are Cody!" she exclaimed, "We were wondering where

you had gotten off to. I'm glad you've been helping your father." It's a good thing she could never guess where I had been. In short order the men closed the hood and

started up the car. Dad paid the mechanic, and we all piled in to continue our adventure. Mrs. Yazzie waved as we drove away. Luckily the drive wouldn't be very long,

as the sun was already low in the western sky.


I sat close to my side window and was lost in thought as we rolled along. Lizzy poked and teased me, but I wasn't interested in taking the bait. I was in the mood for

riding in silence. It was too much to take in. I could still faintly taste Ben's cum, and it made my dick fatten a little in my jeans. We made it to Lost Dutchman State Park

well before dark, and got our camp set up a little more efficiently than the night before. I said I wanted to sleep out under the stars again, so I blew up my air mattress

and carried it with my sleeping bag about thirty or forty feet from the family camping tent. Mom saw what I was doing and asked if I didn't think that was a little too far

away from them. "Nah," I said in a cheery voice, "I can see the stars better from here." She just nodded, and muttered something about hoping the wolves wouldn't

carry me off. "I'll be fine," I assured her, "Good night."


It was a cool night and nice enough that I could lie down on top of my sleeping bag. When I was comfortable that the others were asleep, I got naked and stretched out

in my full boyish glory. Being naked outside flooded me with new-found sexual urges, so I took hold of my already stiff little dick. While thinking of sucking Ben's huge

cock I used my thumb and forefinger to jerk off, jiggling my tiny hairless nub furiously. I was really hoping it would work, and that I would be able to get that great feeling

again. As my thoughts locked on the Indian's cock flooding my mouth with cum, the tingling started, and I arched my back to experience the rush of the first dry orgasm

on my own. I fell asleep almost instantly. Sometime in the night I got cold and managed to rouse around enough to put on my pj's and snuggle into my warm sleeping bag.

My family never had a clue that little Cody would never be the same because he had discovered S-E-X...



Years later and many dicks sucked, I still thrill at the memory of my introduction to sex. Hunky Indian, Ben, to this day is like the ultimate sex object for me.

That one random encounter determined my sexual preferences for the rest of my life.


We continued on our vacation that summer, and I never saw or talked to Ben again though I wish I had. And we did get to Disneyland.


-       Dan Price


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