This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.

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Hi, my name is Bill, and this is my story of how my life changed. Before I go on to the actual story itself, please allow me the time to tell you a little bit about myself. At the time of this story, I am 48 years of age. There once was a time I was in pretty good physical condition, but over the years, that too has seen various changes. Now, I am 6'2", and weigh close to the 190 pound mark. Like some, and unlike others, I was either blessed, or cursed, with tons of body hair. Unfortunately for me, my brown hair, mixed in with a few gray hairs, is thinning, and receding, all at the same time.

By no means do I consider myself good looking, though, in all honesty, I'm not all that bad on the eyes either. After several long years, I have worked extremely hard to earn the position of office manager for a rather large, and distinguished, medical firm. I am openly gay and simply refuse to hide who I am. I do have a lover, and his name is Mark. Mark and I have been together going on 12 years now. Up until the time of this story, I never really considered myself as a lover of boys. Yes, I would notice some good looking boy, mentally applauding him for his beauty, but other than that, that was pretty much it.

In my relationship with Mark, Mark is the bottom, which to be honest, is the way I prefer. To be honest, Mark is versatile, whereas, I am not! Without trying to sound narcissistic, but I was blessed with a fairly large cock, or at least, that's what everyone I had ever been with said. To me, having grown up with it, well, it just seems normal. When it is fully erect, which is nearly all the time for some unexplainable reason, it measures 10 1/2", and is rather thick too. Mark never took the time to measure my cock's girth, but he does say it is about as thick as an oversized cucumber. To go with my uncut cock's size, I do have a large over flapping foreskin that completely covers my cock head and dangles downward, even when hard, a good inch and a half. My extremely low hanging balls are about the size of an average medium sized chicken egg, and are very, very hairy. Heck, other than the hair on my head, I'm vastly covered in man fur.

That's enough about me for now, and on with my story. The first time I saw this little angel was at the supermarket just down the road from where I work. I was just picking up a few items when my jaw literally hit the floor. Being that we were experiencing warm weather, this young breath taking wingless angel was wearing a pair of cut-off shorts, a tank top, and white tennis shoes.

As he and his, from what I suspected, mom strolled from aisle to aisle, so did I, directly in behind them. I gathered the boy to be somewhere around 13 or 14 years old. Just guessing, but I'd have to say he stood close to 5'3" and couldn't weigh no more than 100 pounds soaking wet. Just by staring at him, I could tell that his lean body reflected a quite bountiful swimmers build, with his boyish muscles just now beginning to show evident signs of development.

The boy's hair offered numerous mixtures that made my mouth water in the most perverse manner. The color was a dark brown with natural black tint. It soothingly crossed the borders of being curly and wavy all at the same time. From looking at his backside view, the boy's hair flowed angelically just below his small neck line. His hair covered half of his tiny ears while his frontal bangs hung down just far enough that they could actually touch the boy's dark, fairly thin, eyebrows.

Stealing glances from the front, I trembled in delight at seeing his large entrancing brown eyes, being accentuated with those abnormally long, upturned eyelashes. Just by walking by him, pretending to retrieve an item, even his small button nose was absolutely perfect. His unblemished slender cheeks offered, on both sides, the most mouth watering cutest little dimples ever to have been graced upon any human being. Even when the little angel was focused on reading the ingredients from a can good, those dimples punctured his cheeks with nothing less than sheer royalty.

The boy's chin offered the tiniest little cleft, forcing my eyes to water in shameful delight. To me, the boy was simply awe inspiring! Glaring at his thin cherry colored lips, I could only come to the conclusion that this boy would be one hell of a kisser, not to mention, just seeing those perfect lips on a cock would certainly cause the recipient to blow his load rather quickly.

When he spoke to his mom, even the boy's voice captured my breath, being only compared as angelic in nature, soft, and ever so spine tingling soothing. For the life of me, I couldn't understand why I was doing what I was doing, but nevertheless, I was everything I could to mentally study this boy's every heavenly intricate detail, and then some. As he spoke to his mother, I couldn't help not to notice how perfectly straight his teeth were, not to mention the absolute astonishing whiteness. I even had to take the time to ask myself if there was anything about this godly creature that wasn't pure sculptured perfection. Well, you probably guessed it. Nope, in my mind, I had already predetermined that this angelic beauty was nothing short of being angelic in astonishing perfection.

My eyes widened further as I witnessed my young gorgeous cloud of heavenly beauty reach his left arm towards the top shelf directly in front of me. Instinctively, my eyes fell immediately onto his outstretched armpit. My legs damn near buckled as I saw the creaminess complexion offering no tall tale signs of hair growth whatsoever. In my spinning mind, I wanted to smack my mouth right in the middle of his armpit and suck in every ounce of his purity, but thankfully, I did have enough common sense remaining somewhere in the back of my mind not to go through with it.

It wasn't until I was almost face to face with him that my eyes magnetically was drawn on those nipples of his that were literally poking through the fabric of his pale blue tank top. I stood in confused awe, knowing that this truly was a young boy, however, those nipples offered the everlasting impression of being rather large, and defiantly, quite erect. Standing close to his side, when the boy leaned forward a bit, the top portion of his tank top feathered outwards, giving me a clear view of those cock hardening nipples of his. Yes, I was right! They were overly large for a boy his age, and yes, they were erect as hell. Though his chest was a creamy complexion, the boy's large nipples were a deep brown, and must have been poking out a solid half an inch or so.

My own cock was proudly tenting my pants, not to mention, I could feel my pre-cum spitting out in conjunction with my heavy thumping heart. While my cock throbbed to no end, my eyes and mind never once strayed from this mind boggling beauty. I strained my eyes to study the boy's crotch area, but much to my perverse dismay, I wasn't able to detect even a slight bulge. However, this certainly didn't stop my mind from being curious as to what perfection lay hidden under that cloth either.

As we moved from aisle to aisle, the boy innocently enough gave me first hand sight of his tantalizing little young butt. When he stood erect, looking at the grocery items on the shelves, I was busy ogling over his jutting little butt. It was definitely small, but offered a splendid shapeliness. Those cheeky plump mounds gave me the impression that some lucky doctor slid a softball into each luscious little cheek, making them stand out so defiantly. To be honest, I've never really been much of a butt man, but this boy's bubbly hot butt was having quite the effect over me. Heck, most women would pride themselves if they could have a sculptured butt like this boy proudly displayed. I know I would!

Many, many times while walking behind them, eyes fixated on that magnificent glorious ass of his, I found myself wishing my tongue was where the seam was, darting directly in between those mouth watering bubbly cheeks, dining on what would have to be the most delicious bung hole of all times.

If things couldn't get any better for me over this boy, damn if he didn't go and bend over directly in front of where I was standing. While he was bent over, the bottom of his tank top shirt rode up, and his short pant's slid down from his backside, giving me the most tongue hardening view of the top portion of his crack line. My body actually shuttered, and I almost shot my load right into my pants. The flesh now present for me to drool over was just like the rest of him, pure creaminess in color. Oh how I wanted so bad to shove my nose and tongue directly into the boy's visible tiny crack. I know that this boy's actions were innocent enough, but he had no clue what he was doing to me. Hell, I didn't even know why myself!

I fought with my hard cock the entire time, doing my best to force it not to reveal itself, and believe me, that was a task all on its own. As the three of us walked down one aisle, and up another one, I studied the boy's slender, yet soon to be, muscular legs. His thighs were creamy color and showed no signs of hair life, not even peach fuzz. The boy's shins did however have a few wisps of tiny soft curls here and there, but even those were kind of hard to see.

Being that it was summer, I could easily ascertain that the young beauty spent a lot of time out in the sun. The deep tan covered his perfect body from head to toe, leaving me with fantasizing about where his tan lines begin, and where they end. By seeing the darkness of his deeply tanned flesh, my mouth almost began drooling while thinking of what that butt must look like if that splendid part of his body was untouched by the scorching hot sun.

It wasn't until we got to the last aisle and the boy's mother asked him to retrieve something. Fortunately for me, the item was on the top shelf. Neither the boy or his mother could reach it, so naturally, I stole the opportunity to retrieve the item and hand it to the boy. It was a can of something, but more so, as I handed it to the boy, my fingers touched his, sending a body shuttering chorus of sharp shooting electrical current spider webbing itself throughout my entire body.

The boy looked up at me, smiled that priceless smile of his, then ever so softly said, "Thank you sir!"

Hearing him even speak to me sent chills racing up and down my back. In response, I replied, "No problem young man. Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

My perverse mind wanted him to say something like yeah, you can suck my cock, or, yes, shove that big tongue of yours up my ass. Well, those were my perverted, hoping thoughts, but in all reality, the boy just shook his head as if saying no. However, I did hear his mother call out his name. Finally, I now know that this heavenly chunk of magnetic perfection is named Colin. Thanks to my passionate eavesdropping as well, I found out that Colin is 13 years old, and in less than a week, would be celebrating his 14th birthday.

Without having to ever mention it, but as soon as I got home, I wasted no time in jacking my cock until I fired off one hell of a messy round of thick goo all over the place, thinking of Colin and all of his powerful beauty. For the first time in my life, I was torn having wild sexual thoughts over a boy, a young 13, soon to be 14 year old boy. For the next few days, Colin was my every thought. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep the gorgeous young boy out of my head.

Now I've never been all that lucky in anything, but three days after I first laid eyes on Colin, our firm was hiring a new doctor, a family practitioner. Low and behold, who was the new doctor now seated in my office before me was none other than Colin's mom. As I helped her out with all the documents for a new hire, our conversation naturally strayed off to Colin. Through our conversation, I found out that Colin's dad slipped out of the picture when his mom was pregnant with him. Per his mother, Colin is far more advanced intelligently than his true age.

We must have chatted for nearly two hours before she eased herself out of my office. I also discovered that we were sort of neighbors. It seems that we both reside in a gated community, and their home is just two streets over from mine. Colin's mother's name is Carol, and to be honest, it's easy to tell where the boy got his great looks from.

Over the next few days, Carol and I shared lunch together at a nearby eatery. By now, she was already aware of me being a homosexual, and she seemed not to care in the least bit about it either. Each time we dined together, our conversation eventually landed on Colin. I could easily tell she loved him with all of her heart, just by the way she proudly spoke of him.

During one of our conversations, Carol leaned over to me, and whispered, "Bill, I've got kind of a problem. Colin's school is putting on a career day, and being that I'm a family doctor, it's not like I can bring him with me to see a patient due to the privacy act, but, do you think it would be possible for him to spend the day with you? You know, show him all that you do in running the place."

I didn't have to give that a single thought as I happily agreed. Just by knowing I could spend the entire day with that lovely young beauty already had my cock hard, spitting out wads of pre-cum.

As if things couldn't get any better for me, Carol interjected, "Bill, there's one other thing I must warn you about."

I sat there with what would have had to have been a puzzled look on my face when she continued, "Colin had never had a father figure in his life, and well uh, he can become somewhat over affectionate when it comes to being around an adult male. I know he's at that age where is hormones are soaring, and I am forever having to clean up his "mess", if you know what I mean. Bill, if he gets on your nerves, just tell him to stop. And, there's just one more little thing you should know about Colin. He hasn't come right out and told me yet, but I honestly believe that he's gay. (I must have really looked puzzled) Well Bill, I'm his mother and I just know these sort of things. I don't care if my son is gay, that's not what bothers me. It's just knowing that he's wanting to experiment sexually that does. I love Colin, and I don't ever want him to get hurt. That's my problem, so now you know!"

I must have choked on my food after hearing all that she had just said. Maybe it was in my mind, or possibly, it was the way I reverted her words, but it sounded to me that she was actually giving me permission to have sex with Colin. As we sat there, I wanted to know a bit more about precious Colin, so I simply stated, "Well, it's okay if he's gay, but like most boys his age, hygiene is probably the last thing on his agenda."

Carol chuckled, then fired back, "Oh no, not my Colin. That boy loves to take baths. I don't think there's a day go by that he doesn't soak in the tub for at least an hour. He takes a shower first thing of a morning, bathes right after school, then showers again right before he goes to bed. That boy is a clean freak! (Carol leaned closer to me, then continued, this time in a much lower voice, almost whispering) I do my best to give Colin his privacy, but I did sort of accidentally discover his stash of Fleet enemas, along with an enema bag inside his bedroom closet. Lord only knows what he's doing with all those things. I didn't mention it to him, cause I know he would have been embarrassed, but I still have to wonder a bit. It's a mother thing you know!"

God, I wonder if this woman had any clue as to how stimulating her words were having on me. The more she talked, the harder and harder my cock became, not to mention, all the pre-cum steadily oozing out. While she spoke, my left hand inadvertently began softly stroking my throbbing erection.

Trying to do my best to sound more concerned than excited, I shot back, "Maybe, it's just a phase he's going through. I know when I was a boy, I used to experiment with my best friend. That sort of thing is just natural, especially amongst boys Colin's age."

Carol quickly replied, "Uh, I don't think it's just a phase Colin's going through. For some odd reason, he doesn't interact with boys his age. I've seen too many times while we are out somewhere how he constantly stares at some grown man's crotch. I've never, not once, ever saw him check out some boys package. It's always been men! I guess he gets that from me! Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been attracted to older, much older, men. Men my age, or younger, just doesn't do a thing for me. I guess Colin got that trait from me as well. Oh well, only time will tell for my little angel."

Within a few short days, Carol and I had become quite close, not romantically mind you, but more in a friendship sort of way. I had introduced her to Mark, my other half, and from the look on her face, I would have to say that she was somewhat startled to see that Mark was a bit older than me. By now, she already knew that I was the top in the relationship, however, Mark was the one who told her that he liked to top as well, but I wouldn't have any part of it. You see, Mark is exactly the opposite of my physical appearance. Mark is 59 years old, stands a good 5'10", and weighs 150 pounds. Unlike me, Mark has a full head of hair, to which, is a bright reddish orange in color. Whereas I am extremely hairy, Mark isn't. To be perfectly honest, he keeps his pubic area, balls, and butt crack cleanly shaven at all times.

In Mark's eyes, he always says I have an elephant sized cock, but his isn't bad either. When Mark is erect, which is ALL the time, it projects itself from his smooth body a solid 7 inches, however, it is rather thick, just not as thick as my own. Unlike me, Mark's one eyed snake is circumcised. A while back, I did try and satisfy his "top" urges, but I simply couldn't handle the tormenting pain. I guess I'm a sissy when it comes to anything but a finger going up my ass.

The day of his 14th birthday found young Colin in my office per his school career day. As he sat in the chair facing me, across my desk, I was completely stunned, and overwhelmed, by his breath taking beauty. Seeing him smile the way he was doing, simply stole my very breath. As if he couldn't torture me any more with his priceless beauty, Colin began twirling his long flowing hair that swam just above his eyes with the fingers of his small right hand. Even my aching hard cock wanted to free itself and witness first hand the angelic vision flashing before my very eyes.

Colin was wearing another pair of cut-off shorts, but these ones left the leg openings a bit baggy. He had on a yellow pull over t-shirt and wore the same white tennis shoes I had seen him with the very first time. This time, I could see that he had on white ankle socks to correspond with his white shoes. As he sat in the chair facing me, both pant legs openings pushed themselves upwards. All I could see was the creaminess of his thighs as they traveled towards, what would have to be, the most prized cock anyone could ever possibly hope to possess.

Naturally, being the office manager, I had on thin slacks, a shirt, and a tie. You know, the professional look! I held out my right hand while saying, "You must be Carol's son, Colin. It's an honor to meet you. Your mother has told me a lot about you."

When his small hand graced mine, I almost passed out in my chair. The smoothness, yet electrifying heat, raced through my hand and shot straight into my brain. Colin smiled at me, once again taking my breath, then, in the most precious soft voice any ears could ever behold, said, "Hi Bill, mom's told me about you too."

After that heart stopping introduction, I had Colin place his chair next to mine, so he could oversee what an officer manager actually does. As I held up one sheet of paper after another, explaining things to him, my flaring nostrils kept on detecting the ever so softest fragrance of coco-butter. When he leaned his beautiful head over closer to me, I stole the devilish opportunity to get a good whiff of his sweet smelling hair. The smell alone caused my cock to continuously throb, gushing out globs of pre-cum.

About 30 minutes had passed, and I could easily tell that Colin was getting kind of bored. Honestly speaking, I was also bored, but not by being next to Colin, just the paperwork. Tossing the papers on top of my desk, I looked the boy right in the eye, which was a huge mistake on my part, then said, "I don't know about you, but this stuff here is boring. How about me and you just talk. You know, dwell into each others life a bit."

Colin seemed to get excited after hearing my offer as he fired back, "Sounds good to me, besides, I got all day here."

There was a moment of brief silence. I guess we both figured the other would start off first. Breaking the silence, smiling at him, I piped in, "Well Colin, how bout you starting off by telling me a few things about yourself. Today is your day, and oh by the way, happy birthday."

Colin was sitting in the chair immediately to my right and began slightly fidgeting. He looked up at me with those large sparkling brown eyes, then softly whispered, "Bill, since it's just me and you in here, and since we're just gonna talk, would you mind if I ask you a few questions, kind of personal question?"

By agreeing to his question, I honestly had no idea of the door I had just opened. Anyway, once I agreed, Colin placed his left hand directly on my right thigh. Even through my slacks, I could whole heartedly feel the scorching heat firing from his cock stirring hand. Now, it was my turn to do a bit of fidgeting in the chair.

Colin went on, "Bill, mom has told me about you and your lover, Mark. What's it like being with him, you know, being gay and all?"

To say I was a bit surprised by his directness would have been the understatement of a lifetime. Gathering my thoughts a bit, I replied, "I guess it's okay. We both love one another if that's what you mean. We do pretty much everything a heterosexual couple does."

Once again, being a bit straight forward, Chris asked, "Yeah, yeah, I figured that much, but in your relationship with Mark, who fucks who?"

Now I was feeling a tad bit uncomfortable, however, I did respond, "I must say, that's a bit straight to the point, but if you must know, I am what you could call a top, and Mark is the bottom in our relationship. In other words Colin, I am the one who does the penetration while Mark is the one being penetrated. I hope that sort of answers your question."

I felt the boy's fingers tenderly dig themselves into my thigh once hearing my response. Still, smiling from ear to ear, melting my heart in the process, Colin added, "That's cool! I bet Mark loves it when you bang his butt! How come you don't let Mark put it up your butt?"

The boy had me going, and I was using every ounce of inner strength I could muster to not rape the boy right then and there. Looking into his facial beauty, I responded, "Mark does seem to enjoy it, however, I'm just not into having a man's penis up my butt. That's just not my thing!"

Almost immediately, Colin fired back, "Why? Are you scared of a cock?"

Just as fast, I replied, "Hell no I'm not scared of a cock! I just don't get off on all the pain of having a cock go up my ass, that's all! Colin, I know you are curious, but you just got to believe me. Having a cock, especially the first time, enter your butt is very, very excruciatingly painful. It doesn't matter if it's a guy or a gal's butt, it's painful none the less! I know you might be curious as to what it really feels like, but when it comes to doing something like that, especially the first time, you really need to be with someone who will have your best interest at heart."

In almost snickering sort of way, Colin shot back, "Okay, okay, I'm not stupid. I know it'll hurt a lot! I've read things on that matter, so I am fully aware that going in is painful, but, from all the literature I've read, once it's in, then there's this weird sort of pleasure that overcomes you, quickly replacing all the pain. That's what I'm talking about!"

I had no response, and could only sit there, finding my eyes glaring at the boy's crotch, which offered no bulge, or at least, none that I could see. Colin continued, "Bill, I'm 14 today and I am not a kid. I've got a bunch of questions about gay stuff, well uh, since your gay, I was hoping to get some answers, that's all."

Taking in a deep breath, now it was my turn to ask a question. "Colin, be honest with me please, but have you ever done anything, and I mean anything at all, with another guy?"

As if awaiting my question, Colin quickly replied, "No, not a thing, but it's not like I haven't wanted to. Bill, you were my age once so you got to know where I'm coming from. Each and every day at school, all I hear about are guys bragging about how they got their dicks sucked. They talk about how great it feels, especially the part when they blow their sperm into the persons mouth. Like I already said, I'm not stupid, and I know that most of the guys are lying about it, but to be honest, I'm sick and tired of hearing about it and want to find out for myself what it really feels like."

Quickly replying, and wanting to hear his response, I stated, "Well Colin, that's all fine and dandy. I'm quite sure there are some guys at your school who would be more than willing to orally satisfy you, you know, guys closer to your own age."

This time, it seemed the boy was at a lost for words, or temporarily that is. Taking a brief interlude to gather his response, and once doing so, Colin spoke, "Bill, here's the deal. I can't explain it so please don't ask me to, but the boys my age either have big mouths or they act too childish. Ever since I could remember, I've always been attracted to guys. For whatever the reason, girls just don't do a thing for me. Your right, I'm sure there are some guys at my school who I could fool around with, but in all honesty, I don't find any of them remotely attractive. My attraction to guys leans a bit more on the older side."

If my cock wasn't twitching and throbbing before, it sure as hell was now, especially after hearing his very last sentence. My very breath seemed to have evaded my body and now I was feeling a bit light headed. Swallowing hard, I managed to push out, "Just how much older are we talking about?"

Without skipping a beat, Colin chimed right in, "Older, way, way older than me Bill! If you are asking me to place an age range, I guess I would have to say guys that are in their forties on up. Yeah, that sounds about right!"

This angelic creature was ripping my soul from my body each and every time he spoke. Sitting there, listening to him speak while my lungs filled to maximum capacity with his sweet aroma. There were times, while he spoke, I could smell his minty fresh breath, and believe me, that was only adding more rocket fuel to an already soaring fire. If he couldn't do any more to torture me, Colin began twirling his front bangs with his right fingers.

Trying to be the adult here, I blurted out, "I understand Colin, but you really should wait until you are a bit older to experience the bountiful wonders of having sex, besides, a young man your age probably hasn't even began puberty yet."

I threw that last statement in hoping he would fill my mind with some well needed facts, and when he spoke, I listened, "Bill, my age shouldn't be such a big deal. I know what the laws say, but in my opinion, those laws suck, and need to be changed. I'm old enough to know what I want, and to whom I want to do it with. As for puberty, I've got some hair now (pointing at his crotch), well uh, it's just starting, but it's there, and growing. Just so you don't have to ask, I'll go ahead and tell you that I can sperm up. See, I'm old enough!"

My mind was rapidly being filled with all sorts of fantasies, all of which had this young angel buck naked, and with me passionately sucking away on his young cock. I could actually feel my hands caress those majestical butt cheeks of his, using my fingertips to probe his butt's glorious interior.

During all of this, I was pretty much trapping my erect cock under the edge of my right thigh. Since I had on boxer shorts, my cock was nearly free to roam about. Thanks to my awkward fidgeting, my thick boner eased itself a bit upwards, and was now resting along my right inner thigh, just a few short inches from where his tiny hand was caressing on my thigh.

We spoke a bit more, but then Colin told me of his fantasies, saying, "Yeah Bill, sometimes I beat off while thinking about having a grown man tie me up and have his way with me. Other times, I dream about having my butt spanked. Sometimes, like most people, I fantasize about being with two men. But, no matter what I dream, my mind always has me bent over, and some grown man is fucking my ass with his big horse cock. Well, those are some of the things I dream about when I'm whacking off."

I had to clear my throat several times in order to speak after having listened to what he had just said. Unknown to Colin, Mark and I share the same passion for mild S&M, and bondage. Mark is in to pain, not much mind you, but he does like it. Since we both, Mark and I that is, enjoy sex so much, we have spent years collecting all kinds of gratifying toys.

Virtually without thinking, the words flew out of my mouth, even catching me a bit off guard, "Colin, when was the last time you uh, um, jerked off?"

He looked at me with those big brown eyes, smiled gleefully, and with the sexiest softest voice ever caught by any human ear, whispered, "It's been five days now since I last jerked off. I was uh, I uh, I was saving it!"

As he spoke, I felt his tiny fingertips inch their way and was now glorifying my throbbing cock with their elegant gracing. My breath became even more harder to catch as those tiny fingers slowly traveled their way up and down the entire length of my man meat. My body slipped into a mild convulsion each time Colin's boy fingers traced the outline of my pre-cum, foreskin, covered cock head.

Then, I asked the ultimate question, "Saving it? For who dare I ask?"

Colin's palm stretched itself onto my aching shaft and gave a few tender squeezes, sending me further into a blissful orbit. Turning his head to and fro as if to see if anyone else was in my office, and once being satisfied that it was just the two of us, Colin whispered, "You Bill, that is of course, if you want it!"

Oh my God, that was all it took for me to forget all about the legality issues. My hands reacted without any effort from my brain as they latched onto the boy's shirt and peeled it off of his perfect creamy colored body. My hands guided him to stand up as I scooted my office chair back a bit. Now, Colin was standing in front of me shirtless, and my eyes zeroed in on those brown, fully erect, half inch nipples. While my eyes feasted on his rather thick nipples, my mouth began watering with pure sexual envy.

Holding onto either side of his lower ribcage area, I pulled him forward as my lips sank sharply onto his left jutting nipple. Fireworks seemed to have exploded inside my head as to the first touch of my lips on Colin's abnormally large boy nipple. Colin's hands immediately latched onto the back of my head while his precious little mouth began singing out a soft rhapsody of angelic choruses.

I wasn't biting his nipple all that hard, but my tongue sure as hell was frantically ravishing that tasty rosebud. Colin squeezed my head harder, then in a low soft manner, cried out, "Yes Bill, harder, suck my nipple harder! Yessssssss, that's it! Yessssssssss!"

It didn't take me long to realize that Colin got off on having his nipples bit, so with that being said, I was really applying the pressure with my teeth. It seemed as though the harder I bit down, the more pleasure he derived from it. And I was all about pleasing this heavenly beauty any way he so desired.

Soon, my lips, tongue, and teeth, began rotating to each nipple, ensuring each one received the same equal loving time. While I was energetically feeding off of his delicious nipples, my hands busied themselves trying to remove his cut-offs. I do recall fumbling with the top button, but once I fought my way through that, the rest was easy. While my mouth was frantically working on his nipples, I kept both of my eyes focused on his pleasure riddled face.

Once I had his cut-offs undone, I recall how easily they fell to his ankles. Using my head as a support, I felt Colin kick his cut-offs to the side. My hands scoured the boy's silky smooth back, gripping and gliding, up and down while I continued devouring both nipples. As my hands lowered, I realized Colin must not have been wearing any underwear, for my hands slid down his back and began groping the most magnificent butt known to mankind. It was small, yet defiantly bubbly! The flesh felt velvety soft, however, the solid muscles gave proof of their solidness as well.

Colin's fingers dug into my scalp as he moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Biiiiillllllllllllllll! God yesssssssssss!"

I was biting down extremely hard, however, Colin was truly loving every second of it. Come to think of it, so was I! My fingers pried themselves in between Colin's tightly closed butt cheeks. At first touch inside those beloved butt cheeks had my mind swarming feverishly. I could feel the smoothness mixed with the utmost electrifying heat that had ever graced my probing fingers.

The deeper my fingers descended between his luscious butt cheeks, the harder his fingers plowed themselves into my scalp. Suddenly, my seated body savagely shook as my fingertip touched his most hidden of all his prized possessions. You got it, his asshole! I guess I was expecting to find his crack and bung hole to be moist, but to my wondrous delight, that area was sparkling dry.

As my fingers graced his anal love button, they also dwelled within the crack area. I have no clue what I was actually searching for, but I did discover that my fingers felt no hair, not even a speck of peach fuzz, anywhere within those heavenly valley's. Using both of my middle fingers, I began lightly rubbing miniature circles just over the welcoming point of his butt hole.

I knew the boy was loving my fingers caress his young poop chute due to the fact that he quickly propelled his body upwards, now steadying himself on his toes. I had just released the boy's left nipple, looking up into those big brown watery eyes, and politely asked, "Would you like me to suck your cock?"

His hair flew wildly as if caught in a powerful wind storm, then fired back, "God yes, please, please suck me Bill!"

All I can say is that I became immediately breathless as my eyes trickled down his perfectly tanned body, taking in all the vast beauty this young angel had to offer. Even his tiny, inward, belly button made my mouth water to no end, however, it was the boy's cock that stopped me dead in my tracks.

There, right there before my very eyes, stood the most dignified masterpiece of all time. Four glorious inches of rock hard jutting boy meat greeted my eyes. Colin's teen meat jutted from his body, offering a touch of an upwards arch. Yes, he was right! He did have the makings of some pubic hair, all 12 of them that dignified the base of his cock like a crown on a king's head. Though his boy boner may have only been around four inches, however, it was mystifyingly thick for a boy his age. Many would refer to Colin's cock as being fat, but as for me, seeing this first hand, it truly was, and is, impressively thick. Judging by its thickness, I could only compare it with the thickness of a medium sized chicken egg.

The boy's foreskin offered a priceless view all of its own as well. Fully erect, the boy's foreskin had peeled itself back, showing the pinkness of his cock head, and a mouth watering bead of clear pre-cum bubbling at the very entrance of his small piss slit. Staring at his dancing cock, I could easily tell that the boy's cock head was just a tad thicker than his impressively thick shaft.

Eyeing further down, I began literally drooling on myself as I studied the boy's pea sized, totally hairless, cum makers. Even the creamy colored sac was a breath taking spectacle as they trapped Colin's precious nuggets, hanging about three magnified inches between those delicious legs of his.

I couldn't take it any longer as I opened my mouth, and began flickering my tongue directly on the tip of his cock head. Colin moaned a feverish chorus as my tongue lavishly lapped at the bead of pre-cum while my middle fingers continued their anal exploration. The taste was simply divine! The boy's pre-cum swarmed my taste buds, sending shivers racing up and down my spine. It could have been just in my mind, but to me, Colin's pre-cum tasted sweeter than the worlds finest chocolates.

My mouth opened, and then I slid my sealing lips all the way down Colin's rock hard, satiny smooth, shaft, burying my flaring nostrils deeply into the soft dark curls that scarcely present themselves onto his pubic region. Though, for a boy his age, his teenaged cock was profoundly thick, but not anywhere as thick as Mark's, so I easily was able to slide my mouth up and down that glorious teen stalk while using my tongue to roam ever so freely.

While I was lovingly sucking Colin's cock, being ever so on the sneakiest side, I eased my left middle finger, the same finger that had been toying with his bung hole, up to my nose, and inhaled deeply. My body shuttered as the fresh scent exploded into my lungs. Once again, I got the distinct aroma of coco-butter, but other than that, there honestly wasn't any other aroma prevalent. While I was sucking his cock, sniffing my left middle finger, my right middle finger constantly caressed his now steadily puckering little butt hole.

Realizing fully that Colin's bung hole was amazingly clean, my left hand cupped his pea sized hairless jewels, and began caressing, while pulling down on them. In doing so, I came to the realization that Colin found more pleasure when I clamped down on his balls, and really pulled sharply down on them.

The boy really did like to feel some pain, just how much I wasn't aware of, but he did, and there was no mistaking that fact. It probably sounds as though I had been sucking his cock for a while, but in all reality, I had only been pleasuring my mouth with his boy cock for about a minute when I sensed he was getting close, so, being the devil I am, I pulled my mouth from his cock and immediately sucked in both of his balls. Once again, the more pressure I applied, the more Colin seemed to love it. While I was gnawing on both of his hairless nuggets, my left fingers reached up and began taking turns pinching both of his oversized nipples.

Colin softly cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddd yesssssssssssss! Yeah, yessssssssssss, bite myyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaallllllllllllssssssssss Biiiiiilllllllllll!"

I couldn't believe this was all real. Everything I enjoyed doing to Mark, Colin seemed to love as well. To be honest, I have always been into kind of rough sex. I can't explain it, not in the least, but I guess that's why Mark and I love each other so much. Now, I'm in my office with a 14 year old boy, who, if not for the fact he still had his shoes on, would be stark naked. One finger played with his hairless asshole, other fingers pinched his nipples, and my mouth, teeth, and tongue feverishly was working on his young cream makers. How ironic is this?

Colin was doing some moaning, grunting, cooing, and whimpering as I basked in the worshiping task of devouring his angelic delicious body. After some time had passed, I went back to work joyously sucking that prized cock of his while using my left hand to aggressively squeeze, and yank down, on those beloved little balls of his. Still caressing his asshole with my right middle finger, I dare not attempt to make any entry whatsoever, or at least, not at the present moment.

In less than a minute and a half of passionately devouring his creamy boy pole, I again sensed Colin was nearing the very edge of blowing his boy cream. Once again, I forced my mouth off of his teen love pole, and this time, for whatever reason, I physically picked him up, placing that magnificent butt of his on top of my desk. Using my hands as a guide, I pushed him backwards so that his back was resting on top of my desk, and then I slowly began pushing his silky smooth legs over his head. Once I had him in position, I grabbed onto the inside of his thighs, reaching around from the outside, I scooted his appetizing body closer to the edge.

Now, I dropped to both of my knees, and the boy's asshole was staring back at me with the most precious of puckering little motions. My exploring fingers had been correct. Not a single life form was visible anywhere in his splendid little crack. Now, my eyes feasted on the boy's virgin speck of a poop chute. For one thing, nobody could ever mistake Colin's tiny bung hole by calling it a little brown eye, cause the fact is that there wasn't any brownish tint whatsoever. In contrast with the rest of his olive tanned complexion, Colin's butt cheeks and asshole had been untouched by the sun's tanning effect, making my mouth water profusely, as they brightly displayed their profound whiteness.

The other noticeable fact about the boy's butt hole was that it only displayed a tiny dot. A miniature perfect circle if you dare call it that. Nothing more and nothing less! Without any further hesitation on my part, I shoved my nose directly onto that spectacular tiny orifice, and began breathing in the most aromatic, the most enriching, the most enchanting aromas that could ever grace the lungs of any human being, dead or alive.

Out of sheer instinct, my tongue slithered out and slapped that tiny beauty square on, sending another wave of angelic choruses to spew out of Colin's mouth. Colin, fighting back the urge to scream, squeaked, "Wowwwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddd Biiiiiiiilllllllllllll! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt thaaaaaaaaat feeeeeeellllllllllssssss sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooodddddddd!"

This wasn't my first rodeo, so I already knew just how much pleasure Colin could experience with me dining away at his sweet smelling, divine tasting, asshole. Though this wasn't my first time, I did have enough sense about myself to know that this was Colin's first time. So, I wanted to make this special for him, and for me as well.

The sensations my tongue was feeding me by lapping at his asshole was unexplainable. Was I in heaven? You bet your butt I was! I couldn't get enough swabbing away at his young anal entrance. The more of his aphrodisiac taste I sampled, the more addicted I became. Colin was rolling his head from side to side, and I watched in awe at seeing his precious hair fly out against the force of his head's movement.

I guess I lapped at his asshole for a good thirty minutes or so, still making no effort to actually penetrate. After all, we were inside my office, and though we were alone in here, the building alone had tons of people milling about. Besides, it had come to that time that I wanted, more than ever, to feel his boyish sperm flood my mouth.

With that being said, I pushed his throbbing teen erection towards my mouth, and happily engulfed it to the hilt. While my lips ensured their sealing embrace, my left hand cupped his balls while my fingers began squeezing on them. My left middle finger strayed, easing its way back to the boy's saliva slick butt hole where it began once again caressing the tiny dot with a fiery hot passion. My right fingers reached up and latched onto his left nipple, and began pulling and pinching like never before.

Colin's breathing was very erratic, and he was thrusting his butt up off the desk top, unknowingly humping his boy boner in and out of my vacuuming mouth, graciously accepting my own thrusts in return. I watched as he placed his left wrist up to his mouth, then watched in awe as his teeth clamped down on his own flesh while spewing a precession of angelic like grunts.

Within a minute and a half, Colin's muffled words came spewing forth, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt, hummmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Being the skilled cock sucker I am, I felt the boy's cock expand, and anxiously awaited my reward. Colin mumbled something, then I felt the first power jet of watery cream come crashing onto the roof of my mouth, followed by a good eight more powerful jets. I too was doing some moaning. I couldn't help it! Feeling the way the boy's nectar shoot sharply into my mouth was pure heavenly!

Colin's body bucked up and down off the top of the desk as wave after delightful wave of boy juice came gushing into my welcoming mouth. I had already told myself that I wouldn't taste the boy's cream until I had it all safely tucked away inside my mouth, and I was bound and determined to do just that.

Once his sperm jets subsided, Colin's cock began oozing out thick watery globs onto my cum snatching tongue. I have to confess that I was a bit surprised to see just how much this lovely young angel could produce, but then again, I sure as heck wasn't going to complain! It seemed that his young cock continued to pump out globs and globs of watery boy nectar, and I was busy scooping up the boy juice, feeding it into the already ample pool of boy cum inside my mouth.

When my suctioning mouth forced out the last cum drop, then and only then did I partake in the divine pleasure of dining on the boy's fresh honey. The first sampling was all that I had thought it to be, and a hell of a lot more. Colin's boy honey offered just a tiny hint of salt, and that was it. It was watery as expected it to be, profoundly hot as to my anticipation, and delightfully gooey as I have grown to love!

I held his semi flaccid teen meat within the overheated confinements of my mouth as I slowly drank down his most refreshing pool of boy spunk. Believe me, it was utterly delicious up to the last tasty ever loving drop. Even after the last tid bit trickled down my throat, I desperately craved more.

Colin's now flaccid teen cock became too sensitive for my vacuuming mouth, and with both his hands, the boy eased my mouth off of his teenage power tool. Without standing up, I inched my butt back onto my chair, keeping both eyes on the near naked wingless angel, inwardly moaning as to the boy's natural spell binding beauty. Mere words could never accurately describe this boy's intoxicating, and addicting, beauty, there's just no way humanly possible.

The front side of my right pant leg was soaking wet from all the pre-cum my throbbing cock had been pumping out. I watched in awe as the boy scooted himself into an upright position, then eased that perfectly shaped, and wonderful tasting, butt of his off of my desk. Now, Colin stood before me, almost squarely looking deep into my eyes. He placed both of his small hands behind the nap of my neck, then slowly leaned into me, planting both of his cherry colored lips upon mine. It was I who stole the moment to penetrate his minty fresh mouth with my thrashing tongue.

Being that this was more than likely his first kiss of this type, Colin, after a short time, slid his tongue into mine. My hands couldn't stop roaming that profound butt of his, even during our mutual moaning, tongue swapping, kiss. My moans and grunts shot down his throat as my fingers, once again, began exploring the inside of his tight little crack, eventually toying with that dot of a tiny bung hole.

While we were both locked in one heck of a passionate kissing embrace, Colin's fingers moved to my belt, undoing it, then proceeded to lower my zipper all the way down. I felt his hand as it dipped inside the front of my pants, easing themselves into the opening of my boxer shorts. When the boy's hand touched my aching man pole, I almost jumped right out of the chair. When he softly squeezed the shaft, a rip roaring rippling effect shot through every nerve in my shaking body.

A short while later, Colin removed his hand from inside my pant's, and I could feel him using both hands to attempt to yank my pants off of my seated body. In a helping manner, I arched my butt off the chair, and gasped pantingly as the boy began pulling my pants, and boxer shorts, off of me, allowing my adult man meat to protrude itself proudly on full unrestrained viewing. Somehow, Colin wound up shoving my pants and underwear all the way down to my ankles, and now, now the boy was literally torturing me by having both of his hands feeling up my cock.

Our loving kiss was still in full stride as Colin now had his right hand gently soothing my cock while his left hand began cupping and caressing my rather large, extremely hairy, balls. The longer his hands touched my cock and balls, the more closer I felt I was becoming to having a sperm shooting orgasm. Of course, having my fingers dance on the exterior portion of his tight little poop maker wasn't helping matters any, but then again, I simply couldn't stop touching it.

Colin forced his lips from mine, leaning himself back just a few inches, then, while looking deep into my eyes, softly whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, I've been more than ready to do this!"

As he backed away, so did my fingers inside his beloved little butt crack. He stood just a few inches in front of me, staring down, looking directly at my beefy erection, then whispered, "Wow Bill, you got a huuuuuuuge one! It's even way bigger than I had dreamed about."

Replying, "Come on Colin, you have dreamed about my cock?"

Colin shot back, "Yeah, ever since you followed me and mom at the grocery store. Okay Bill, let's think about it for a sec. Everywhere we went, you went. Heck, I knew something was up when I caught you staring at my butt. Then, when I saw that big bulge you were sporting, then I knew! At first, I kind of thought you were interested in my mom, but when I saw you were watching me, then that's when I started bending over, you know, intentionally putting on kind of a show."

Initially, I was a bit mortified after finding out that I wasn't as sneaky as I thought, but then Colin spoke, "When I first saw you, yeah, I did check out your package. You weren't hard then so I really did pay a whole lot of attention, but, later on, I clearly saw that weapon, and I've dreamed about it ever since!"

Before I had a chance to serve up a comment, Colin leaned forward and shoved the head of my foreskin covered cock into his mouth. Actually, at first, the boy's teeth was the first thing I can recall, but within a very short time, the boy had skinned back my foreskin and was lapping at my exposed cock head as if it were some sort of popsicle. When he began moaning, I knew he was getting a mouthful of my pre-cum, probably mixed with a few piss remnants as well. Either way, Colin, though he couldn't get all of the head in his mouth, worked on the head of my cock like a skilled pro. That boy's tongue was causing my body to twitch and jerk as it slithered freely upon every inch of my overly thick ass filler.

I could hear the faint slurping noises as he defiantly made love to my cock while his right hand began fondling with my huge, hairy, cum makers. Being that it was Colin eagerly working on my cock, or the fact that I was intently watching the way his little mouth and snake like tongue worked on me, any how, I did my best to warn him, but he simply wouldn't take his mouth off.

My fingers dug into the armrests of my chair while my ass flew up off the seat as my cock exploded, and I mean exploded. When the first thick goo flew from my cock, striking him somewhere inside his mouth, I watched as his head flew slightly backwards, then battle itself back into position to capture the upcoming onslaught of thick man juice. I could faintly here young Colin has he gulped profusely, grunting and groaning as the thick gooey man seed furiously rocketed into his mouth.

I have no idea how much man spunk I fed the boy's mouth, but he eventually allowed his lips and magical tongue to depart my cock. My eyes were watery, but I could see my cum as it covered his entire mouth area. Like a pro, Colin reached up with his right fingers and began teasingly scooping up huge wads of my cum, then slowly inserted his finger inside his mouth while making wild slurping sounds.

My heart was thumping a mile a minute and my legs trembled something awful. His voice shot sharply inside my ears, "Wow, that was awesome! Can we do this again Bill? Can we?"

I was having enough trouble trying to breathe, much less talk, but I just nodded my head as if saying yes. As my eyes began to start refocusing, it was all I could do to sit there and breathe in this boy's blistering beauty. Tanned from head to toe, with the only exception being his pubic area and his butt. The whiteness in contrast to his deep tan was purely profound in every breath taking way.

Before I could catch my breath and utter a single word, Colin chimed right in, "Bill, I was wondering, if uh, well um, if you and I um, shiiiiiittttttttt! Will you fuck me!"

My initial, and thoughtless response would have been happily screaming hell fucking yes, but after a short careful deliberation, I replied, "Colin, I know you want to experience this, but there's some problems with that, at least, right now there is. For one thing, I am in a relationship with Mark. The other thing is that we are in my office. Believe me, this is no place for something like that. Colin, no matter how patient, or careful I am, you will feel some pain. Oh Colin, I would never do anything to hurt you!"

The boy was quick witted as he chimed right in, "Okay, I understand not being able to do it here. But, what about me, you, and Mark going to your place? Bill, I've dreamed about this very moment for a long time now. Please allow this to happen, please! Please forget about hurting me Bill. I know it's going to hurt at first, but this is something I honestly want to happen, besides, adding in Mark, well uh, that's just another fantasy of mine that would come true. Come on Bill, pleeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee!"

I couldn't believe any of this was really happening. Here I was, still with Colin displaying that gorgeous cock of his, and with the most gorgeous boy I had ever laid eyes upon begging me to take his virginity. My mind filled with various thoughts, mostly about getting out of work and taking Colin home and honoring his fantasy.

As I sat there, Colin began putting his clothes back on. Still, I could not force my eyes off the young beauty, gasping each time he flashed that voluptuous creamy colored tight little butt of his. While my eyes were transfixed on his breath defying perfection, my right hand reached out and grabbed the phone. Without looking, I dialed Mark's number.

The phone rang two times before Mark answered it. When he did, I, with a very shaky voice spoke, "Babe, remember that young boy I was telling you about?"

Mark said, "Hell yeah, how could I forget? You talk about him all the time!"

Firing right back, I said, "Well, I hope you're sitting down, but he's here in my office and I just sucked the most perfect cock known to mankind, and, ate the most delicious ass anyone could ever hope to possibly dine on!"

Mark replied, "Well, did you at least get to taste his cum?"

I said, "Oh yes, and it was heavenly, but, there's a bit more. Is there anyway you can get away? Young Colin here wants to have a threesome!"

Mark thought I was playing a joke on him, so per his request, I handed the phone to Colin. I don't know what Mark was saying, but I heard Colin as he spoke, "Yeah, Bill does have a big cock, more like huge!"

Mark was speaking, then Colin piped in, "No sir, I've never done that before. In fact, Bill's was my first one."

Once again, Mark was talking and Colin was just mumbling uh huh, and yes, but then Colin began to actually talk, "No sir, I'll never talk about it to anyone. I know the law says it's illegal, but you can trust me when I say nobody will ever know."

A few seconds ticked by as Mark was talking to Colin, then Colin's soft voice conquered the volume over my pounding heart, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, yes sir, that sounds good to me. I'd love to try that sir! No sir, I'll be the one looking forward to it sir. Yes sir, I understand sir. Here's Bill."

After saying hello, Mark eagerly fired off, "Holy fuck Bill, that sure is one horny young boy you got there. I don't care if it pisses my boss off or not, but I'll be leaving my office in about ten minutes. I'll see you both at home. I love you!"

I was busy formulating a plan to get away as well when Colin picked up the phone and dialed a number. At first, I was a bit clueless, but once he spoke, I knew he was talking to his mother, "Mom, Bill and I are bored. We're going over to his house to watch some movies. (a brief pause) Yes ma'am, I will, love you to."

He handed the phone to me, and Carol spoke, "Bill, don't let Colin pester you too awfully bad. Make him listen to everything you say, okay? And Bill, if you don't mind, could you make sure he gets home around 9 tonight. Doctor Williams called in so I'll be working late dealing with his patients as well as my own. (I replied, then she resumed) Great, you boys have fun!"

Somehow, I managed to get my pants on properly, then called my secretary and lied, and lied big time, but at this point, I was pretty much thinking with my little head and not my big one. Once I lied to her, Colin and I walked out to my car. My home is, depending on traffic, not more than 10 minutes driving distance away.

Years back, Mark's parents gave us 4 lots in which we decided to build our home in the very back, with the back of our house facing the woods. For one thing, the property behind us belonged to the historical society, so we knew that there would never be anything built on that property. Having four lots, our 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home sat on 1 acre, whereas our neighbors, only had .25 acre.

Mark and I are no strangers in threesomes. Due to the fact that Mark is a professor at the local university, on rare occasions, Mark would bring home one of his students. Though I certainly could never validate it, I am quite positive Mark would give the young student explicit details about my cock, wetting their taste buds so to say.

Since we live in the same gated community, Colin knew exactly where we were going, although, at that time, he didn't really know how close we lived to one another. As we entered the gate, and turned down a couple of streets, Colin pointed out his home. Two streets later, I was pulling into the garage, closing the garage door behind me once inside.

After a brief tour of our home, I offered Colin a bathroom to freshen up while also giving him a new toothbrush. While Colin went into that bathroom, I basically ran to mine to shower up, and wait for Mark to come home. In the middle of taking my shower, Mark stepped in, joining me. Naturally, he was all too interested to hear every intricate detail about Colin. Both of our cocks were harder than bricks, and I reminded Mark, several times, that Colin is still a virgin. Mark was all too excited to be able to fuck somebody, much less, a 14 year old virgin who just so happens to be a heavenly breath of refreshing beauty.

Once Mark and I finished up in the bathroom, per Mark, we decided to walk around naked. The two of us were sitting in the living room when Colin joined us. I couldn't help not to snicker as I watched Mark's eyes immediately attach themselves to Colin, and his magnificently perfect nude 14 year old body. Colin teenaged meat was semi flaccid, and I have to confess that his foreskin dangling over his cock head made my mouth water in sheer delight.

Mark's mouth was slightly open, almost as if he was held in some type of mystifying trance. Just like me, he did not have the strength to remove his eyes from Colin. Seeing the whiteness of his pubic region in contrast with the rest of his body's suntan sure did make the boy that much more breath taking, and profoundly delicious I might add.

Both of our cocks were rock hard now, and I could see Colin's eyes as they peered upon my throbbing man meat, then onto Mark's 7 thick cut inches of pure beef. As Colin stood there, he too must have been lost in another world of sorts. His mouth was partially open, offering the most pleasing of grins.

I'm not sure if Mark meant to say what he was thinking or not, but he mumbled, "Oh my fucking word, this boy is amazingly gorgeous! Oh my, oh my God, he's beyond perfection in every fucking way! He's so, he's soooooooo beautiful!"

Chuckling slightly after hearing my lover stumble with the words, I simply looked at Colin, and blurted, "Okay Colin, this is your special day. Tell us what all you'd like to experience, and please, believe me, there's nothing you can say that neither one of us hasn't already done, or at least tried."

Mark and I were seated on the sofa, and Colin sauntered over and flopped down in the recliner. Flickering those big brown eyes at both of us while twirling his frontal bangs, Colin softly replied, "Well, for one thing, I know I want to get fucked! Oh yeah, I want to suck some cock too! And uh, well um, I'd like to uh, uh, get tied up and be talked down to, you know, kind of dirty talk. Heck, I'm up for anything you guys are into!"

Mark quickly interjected, "Be cautious as to what you ask for young man. Bill and I can be very kinky at times! So, you want to get fucked do you? Well, you've already seen the size of Bill's mammoth cock. Can you honestly ask yourself if you are ready to handle such a beast? Shit, when we first met, it took a while before my own ass excepted that goliath ass spreader. Colin, I've seen many a young man brag about how they can take a cock up their ass, but only a few have ever been able to deal with Bill's over sized pudding packer. So, keeping that in mind, do you, and please take some time to think about it, but do you feel you still want to be fucked, especially by Bill and myself?"

Like a kid in a candy store, Colin eagerly replied, "Yes sir, I know he's got a big one, and from the looks of things, you got a pretty big one yourself. Like I already told Bill, I know it's gonna hurt, but this is something I just got to do, or at least, give it my best shot! Hopefully sir, you can understand that!"

Mark and I looked into one another's eyes simultaneously, then after a mutual nod, Mark stood, then I stood up, and Mark said, "Okay, we all now understand one another, but Colin, if at anytime you feel you don't want to do something, or you want it all to end, just say stop, and it's over. Now, come with us!"

The one thing Mark and I never allowed was sharing our bed with another person. When we conducted threesomes, we used one of the other bedrooms. This bedroom was by far different from the rest. Like our own, this was also a master bedroom, but since both Mark and I are into mild S & M, and some light bondage, we sort of made this our little dungeon of sorts. Also, this bedroom was located in the very back of the house, facing the woods, and offered the utmost in privacy, both in viewing, and in hearing.

One other factor about this so-called dungeon was that when we built the house, we made this one huge room, instead of another bedroom. Initially, the design of our home called for 5 bedrooms, but since it was just Mark and I, we made the contractors build one gigantic room. Now, we still had a queen sized bed, but along with the bed, we have numerous other contraptions that we sexually partake in, be it with each other, or adding a third person.

As we entered the room, Colin's eyes got ever so wide. His gorgeous little head roamed the room, feasting themselves upon our various toys and sexual contraptions. We had toys and stuff hanging up on the walls, as well as various other toys, bondage type toys that is, attached to the hardwood floor.

I stood by the side of the bed while Mark gave Colin the grand tour of the room, and an explanation of some of the vast toys inside. As Colin took a step, from one angle I could see that thick 4 inches of boy pride leading the way. Other angles, I drooled while ogling over that tiny, creamy white, mouth watering bubbly butt of his.

One thing I kept seeing Colin flash his eyes upon was Mark's erect cock. Like I already said, Mark's got reddish blond hair and he keeps his balls cleanly shaven at all times. However, that fiery red pubic bush of his is kept neatly trimmed. Unlike Colin and myself, Mark's cock is circumcised. His thick mushroom shaped bulbous cock head flares itself considerably thicker over his already impressively thick shaft.

I can only imagine what must have been going through Colin's 14 year old young mind. Here he is, buck naked, in a room with two older, much older men, both naked, and both sporting raging erections, lost in a room that was designed to inflict bodily, and mental, pain. However, Colin's bodily reactions to all that befell before his eyes was that of sheer excitement.

Mark took Colin into the bathroom, and I heard Mark say, "Colin, before we get started, we must ensure your cleanliness."

Colin replied, "I'm already clean sir!"

I already knew what Mark had in mind, and it was clearly apparent that young Colin had not a single clue. Mark proceeded, "I'm sure you are clean, but I'm going to assist you with cleansing your bowels thoroughly. Please do not be embarrassed!"

I could hear the two of them as Colin must have stepped into the shower's tub. I think Mark calls this a "shower shot." It is attached to the shower's head and has a long metal tube with a good sized nozzle at the very end. I've used this once, but really didn't care too much for it. All I know is that when the water is activated, it shoots deep into your bowels, and if you have anything, and I mean anything at all, it will come shooting out. When Mark inserted the nozzle up Colin's butt, I clearly heard Colin gasp, then echo a breath taking moan.

A few minutes later, Mark joined me in the bedroom. Looking at me smiling from ear to ear, he softly whispered, "Damn Bill, he was right! I don't think anything but pure water shot out of that boy's hot little ass! Oh fuck me, fuck me to mother fucking tears! That boy's ass is a one-of-a-kind. I almost busted a nut just touching those chiseled little buns, not to mention, when I parted those cheeks and saw that scrawny little speck he says is his asshole, holy mother of all beings, I thought I was going to pass the fuck out!"

Just as Mark finished his last sentence, Colin stepped into the bedroom. For a short entrancing moment, we all stood perfectly still. Mark's eyes, along with my own, glorified Colin's elegant nude body, while Colin's eyes traveled from one naked man to the other.

Mark, always the one being the leader type, hopped onto the bed, inching his head towards the headboard, laying on his back. He looked at Colin, then said, "Come here boy and sit that pretty little ass right on my mouth. Bill, you suck the boy's dick, but don't let him cum! You already got a taste, now it's my turn!"

Colin crawled up onto the bed, stood, then stepped one leg over Mark's body. Colin was facing the foot of the bed as he began lowering that juicy ass of his over my lover's all too eager ass eating mouth. As I was getting into position on the bed, I watched as Colin's eyes flared up, sensing that Mark wasted no time in diving right in and lapping at the boy's damn near microscopic asshole.

Colin's mouth flew open, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt yessssssssssssss!"

Just as my mouth neared the boy's throbbing teen pole, I looked up at Colin as he was flinging his lovely head from side to side, and whispered, "Don't hold nothing back. If you feel like screaming, then go for it!"

With that being said, I slid my mouth onto his thick boy cock and began my own chorus of moaning. My left hand squeezed Colin's young hairless baby makers rather hard while pulling down on them, forcing the boy to scream out the pleasures racing throughout his young body. My right hand latched onto Mark's balls, and knowing what pleases him all too well, began doing the same as I was doing to young Colin.

I heard Mark's muffled words, "Come on boy, tell me what you want. Spit it out boy!"

Mark got into dominance and name calling, and we both learned very quickly, Colin rather enjoyed, more so, got off, on being talked to as if he were nothing but simple white trash.

Colin screamed, "Eat my ass, eat it, yes, yes, shit yesssssssssssssss!"

I too had to admit that by hearing the way Mark spoke to Colin, and by the way Colin was firing right back, turned me on like never before. I was busy sucking Colin's delicious cock, but my ears effortlessly captured their every word. The more they spoke, the more animal like I became.

Thanks to me, I already mentioned to Mark just how much Colin loves for his nipples to be pinched and pulled. While having a face full of Colin's ever so delicious ass, Mark reached both hands in front of Colin and began pinching both super sized brown nipples.

Colin immediately cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss! Harder, harrrrrrrddddddderrrrrrrrrrrrr sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh hell yessssssss, that's it, that's it, yessssssssss gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddddd yessssssssssss, eat myyyyyyyyy assssssssss siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

I could hear the slurping sounds Mark's ass eating tongue was making mixed with my own cock milking slurps, and the constant angelic moans evading Colin's quivering little lips. All too soon, I sensed Colin's orgasm was drawing ever so close, so I slid my mouth off of his thick teen tool, then stuffed both of those hairless baby makers inside my mouth while clamping down tightly with my teeth, using my tongue to explore the satiny smooth surface.

Once again, Colin screamed, louder than before, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiitttttttt, shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt, ummmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss, yesssssssssss, eat myyyyyyyyyyyyy balllllllllllllssssssss!"

And eating them I most certainly was! I kind of figured Colin prided himself on being able to use profanity in front of two adults, but then again, those same two adults were completely ravishing his naked 14 year old body with pure unadulterated lust. I know I couldn't get enough of tasting the boy's natural deliciousness, and from all the sounds that Mark was making, he couldn't either.

A little while later, I stopped eating his baby makers, and once again, began feeding my desires by sucking on his teen boy meat. As my mouth slid up and down on his beautiful rock hard pole, my left hand latched onto his nuggets, and began squeezing while pulling down.

Be it Mark's tongue lapping away at Colin's asshole, Mark's fingers pinching his nipples, my hand squeezing and pulling on his balls, or even my mouth vehemently sucking Colin's prized beefy organ, whichever one it was, or a combination of all the above, Colin's body slipped into a rapid seizure like convulsion.

Colin cried out, "shhhhhhhh, shhhhhiiiiiiiittttttttt! Yes, YES, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hellllllllllllllllllllllllll yesssssssssssssssssssss! Oh fu, fu, fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk, his, oh shit, his tongue is in, is in, oh fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, is in myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss!"

Putting two and two together, I figured by just from hearing what Colin was yelling out that Mark had managed to work his tongue up the boy's virgin anal canal. By hearing the way Mark was feverishly grunting, I knew was absolutely loving it. Knowing this, I could now feel Colin's thick teen boy meat throb like never before.

Somewhere during all of this, I heard Mark squeak, "Switch, switch positions Bill!"

At that time, I didn't know how much longer Colin could hold out, but I already knew that Mark wanted to taste the boy's creamy richness. As Mark and I were getting in position, Mark boldly announced, "Bill, get you a good taste of this boy's delicious ass. Drive that tongue of yours up his asshole so I can get me a whopping mouthful of his honey!"

Words simply couldn't express how I was feeling as my eyes watched as the boy straddled me, and was lowering that torturously tantalizing ass of his onto my already erect tongue. Once Colin had his tiny butt smashing softly into my face, my tongue immediately swarmed all over that speck of a bung hole. Colin's hands reached behind him, and yanked those creamy cheeks open a bit wider. By doing so, my tongue pried into his asshole, and was immediately greeted with searing hot heat, and the most aggressive coiling anal muscles I had ever had the honor of feeling.

Mark had already begun sucking on Colin's cock, and now, the boy began actually humping his ass, up and down, onto my anal thrusting tongue. Colin's angelic voice blistered the air, "Ohhhhhhh gaaaawwwwwwdddddddd, ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiittttttttt, fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk thiiiiiiiiisssssssss feeeeeeeeelllllllsssssss soooooooooooo gooooooooodddddd!"

While Collin was assisting me with my ass dining pleasure by jamming his butt onto my thrusting tongue, my fingers reached to his chest where they began savagely attacking his large erect brown nipples, sending an explosion of pleasures firing off into every nerve ending within Colin's wildly convulsing body.

Colin screamed, "I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm cum, I'm cum....Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssss!"

When I heard Mark's familiar series of grunts, I almost could feel his pleasure knowing that Colin's boy cock was now feeding him huge gooey watery globs of boy nectar. As Colin's orgasm tore through him, I stuffed my tongue harder and harder up his super tight anal highway while pinching rather sharply upon each pleasure feeding nipple.

As the boy's cock spewed cum, his body shook ever so violently. The words flying out of Colin's mouth were definitely audible, but way too garbled to make out any sense of what he was trying to say. So, I continued my oral aggressiveness while clamping on each nipple with my fingertips, and pulling down on them extremely hard.

I was still happily dining on the boy's asshole when I heard Mark announce, "Oh my God Colin, your cum is just as sweet as you are!"

Then I felt Colin ease his face crushing butt off my face. Looking down towards the foot of the bed, I could see Mark sitting on his knees, his hard cock pointing right at me, and Colin was now sitting on his butt to my immediate right.

Mark eased off the bed, and went over to the far wall and retrieved something. When he returned, I saw he had a thin leather cock, and ball, ring. He had Colin lay down next to me and I watched as Mark applied the ring over the boy's still hard cock, then attached another thin strip of leather in between both of Colin's little balls. I had to admit, seeing the way the ring tightly held itself onto the base of the boy's cock looked awesomely appealing, however, seeing that leather strap separate Colin's little baby makers, well now, now that was utterly priceless!

Once the ring was applied to Colin's genitals, both Mark and I agreed to try something a bit different. We had Colin follow us to a small bench, the one we always referred to as our "butt play" bench. The bench itself was actually small, just long enough to support a guy's back. It was definitely heavily padded for extra comfort. Anyway, we had Colin lay down on his back, positioning his body just the way we wanted it, then, Mark took one side of the boy while I took the other, then we proceeded to apply the large leather, extra padded, cuffs to each of his wrists, securing them down to the floor, and over his head, behind him.

Before I continue, for one thing, Colin was certainly a more than willing participant to all of this. He may not have been aware of what we were doing, or what our intentions were, but seeing that heart stopping smile dance across his gorgeous face told wholeheartedly of his overall approval.

Then, we cuffed a leg spreader, attaching the 3 foot, extremely light, bar to each ankle. Using the welded eye located in the center of the bar, we attached a long leather strap, attached to a pulley on the floor, behind the boy's head. Once it was attached, I began turning the lever, forcing the boy's restrained legs to go high into the air, stopping just short of making them extend beyond his head. His knees extended close to either side of his rib cage area, as we then proceeded to apply two leather padded straps around his upper chest and lower stomach area, securing them somewhat tightly to the floor.

Now, Mark and I stood back, down at the boy's spread butt area, breathing in deeply at the profound glory presenting itself before our very eyes. Colin was allowed enough room to raise his legs, but not allowed to lower them at all. This action was planned! His head was now angling itself towards the floor, resting the back of his head against the makeshift extra padded headrest.

Colin's bottom half of his butt was completely off of the bench, spread wide, and open for the taking. Colin's eyes widened as he saw Mark step to his left side, and I had stepped to his right. Mark and I both held a large metal clothespin in our right hands. I've tried these things once, but to be honest, the teeth on these things really clamp down. As for Mark, he absolutely loves them. Keeping that in mind, as if acting like one, Mark and I placed the metal clothespin on each of his over sized perky nipples.

Once we released the clothespins, and the teeth bit down, Colin's mouth flew open as he cried out, "Owwwwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck yesssssssssssssssssss!"

I watched in awe as his mouth twisted and contorted to the sharp burning sensations hovering on each of his boy nipples. I interjected, "Colin, Colin, don't forget! If we do something you do not want done, or you want this end, just say the word "STOP", and it's all over."

Colin was making a loud hissing sound, and shaking his head as if saying he understood. Mark shot in, "Colin, in our home, you don't have to bite your tongue. Be free my little angel, and spit out whatever you feel like saying!"

Colin shouted, "Yessssssss, yessssssssss siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk these um, these huuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttttt soooooooooooooo gooooooooodddddd!"

Mark then applied a large padded blindfold over the boy's already watery eyes. Once the blindfold was safely secured, Mark stepped up to the boy's dangling head, pushing his thick man meat towards the boy's lips, then forcefully shouted, "Here boy, here's my cock! Show daddy how much you love sucking his thick cock. Suck it boy! Suck it NOW!"

I was already sitting on a pull up stool directly in front of the boy's spread ass cheeks. From my view, I could barely see, but I did see Colin's mouth open, his tongue flicker out, then Mark shoved his thick, pre-cum spitting, mushroom shaped head into the boy's mouth. I saw Mark fling his head backwards, then he shouted, "Yes boy, yessssssss, suck daddy's cock, suck that mother fucker gooooooooddddddd!"

Hearing Mark, then hearing the slurping sounds Colin was making, only enhanced by the boy's own soft angelic moans, I instinctively went back to work running my tongue up and down Colin's creamy ass crack, paying particular attention to that tiny speck of a poop chute entrance.

Being that bench itself was about 4 feet off the ground, whoever was not restrained didn't have to do a whole lot of bending. Since Mark and I are the same height, we built this bench according to our own standards, to prevent a whole lot of bending, especially when it came to royally fucking a super hot ass, and by all rights, we certainly had one here today!

While my tongue was wildly frolicking inside the boy's ass crack, I reached down with my right hand and retrieved a small leather riding crop. The leather tip was about 3 inches long, and about 3 inches wide with a long skinny stalk, and a thick leather handle. Not knowing just how much pain Colin would like, I began issuing a rather soft swat upon each of his separated balls. With each swat, Colin's body jerked, and he poured out a subtle, yet loud grunt.

Mark blurted out, "Tell us how you like your balls spanked, boy!"

Colin was in between a grunt and a groan, but then his angelic voice rose up over the smacking of the riding crop on his tender nuggets, "La, la, love it sirrrrrrrrrrrr! Harder Billllllllll, hit mmmmmmmmm harrrrrrrrderrrrrrrrrrrrr siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr!"

And so I did! My tongue was now savagely snaking up inside that muscle clutching anal canal of his, while my right hand began issuing more sharper swats with each and every delivery. Soon, the riding crop was landing on his tender cum makers with blazing speed and heavier blows. Even throughout this, I could see his teen organ standing at full attention. Colin was grunting louder than ever, tossing in a vast array of hissing noise, and mixing it in with lengthy angelic moans.

I was lost in my own pleasing world, but looked up when I heard Mark speak, "Eat my ass bitch! Tongue my hole like you fucking want it! Yes, oh hell yesssssssss, that's it boy, that's it, tongue that hot ass!"

Mark had turned his body so that he was facing the wall while slamming his butt into Colin's face. Due to the headrest, Colin's face was now trapped within my lover's gripping butt cheeks while lost in a world of pure lust as the boy's tongue began flickering out, striking his love button. While Colin was tongue fucking Mark's asshole, Mark was busy jerking on his own thick man organ.

Mark continuously talked to Colin, and I could hear Colin do his best to offer a muffled response, but then again, I was rather enjoying the way my tongue felt as it crawled deeper and deeper up the boy's anal oven. Still, I continued to spank the boy's balls with the riding crop, relishing luxuriously in the way his body was responding, not to mention all those angelic vocal choruses he was profoundly making.

Once again, I looked up when I heard Mark shout, "Oh fuck, fuck me, here, ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiitttttttt, here it comes boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Mark was now standing in front of the boy's face, jacking his cock while just the head of his cock was stuffed inside Colin's mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off as I watched my lover's orgasm explode, knowing now that Colin's hot little mouth was being filled with one hell of a large, copious supply of man spunk. Mark was steadily hammering away at his own meat, and I could hear Colin as he began gulping furiously at the thick gooey wads of sperm chunks firing away inside his mouth. Adding in the fact that I was still swatting his balls fast and furiously couldn't have helped Colin all that much with trying to swallow one healthy huge load.

Within a few seconds, Mark said, "Yeah baby boy, suck it all out! You're a good boy! Aghhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss, get it all!"

Knowing Mark was at the end of squeezing out the last tasty morsel of his thick man juice, I eased up on spanking Colin's tender cum makers. I was offering light swats as my tongue remained intoxicated at being inside the sweetest, and definitely the tightest, ass that had ever graced this earth.

Once he had no more cum to offer, Mark eased himself backwards a few inches, looking down at Colin, smiled, then barked, "Yeah, you like sucking daddy's cock don't you? Yeah boy, you are in the makings of being a good little bitch. Tell me, do you want to be our little bitch? Yeah boy, tell me just how much you want to be our little cock bitch!"

Colin was still swallowing profusely, and although I wasn't in the position to see his face, I did hear him as he replied, "Yes sirrrrrrrrrrr! God yesssssssss, I uh, mmmmmmm, I want to uh, I want to be your bitch sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Make meeeeeeeeee your cock bitch sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! God yesssssssssssssss!"

This is where Mark and I are kind of different. Though I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it, I wasn't all that into talking that way, however, it sure did seem to me that Colin was truly enjoying everything, especially the way Mark was talking to him.

Mark leaned down and sank his mouth over Colin's. Just by hearing, I could tell that the two of them were locked into a tongue sucking, lip sealing, embrace. Now, I focused my undivided attention back to dining on the boy's miraculous ass. This time, I gave Colin's balls a break, and began landing some pretty heavy blows to his rock hard jerking cock. With each heavy strike, Colin's grunts shot down Mark's throat, forcing Mark to groan and grunt louder and louder.

A few minutes later, I saw Mark stand up. His cock was semi flaccid and he was smiling at me from ear to ear. Then Colin screamed, "Bill, Bill, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss, spank my dick, spank it Bill, ohhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Eat, eat, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddd Billllllllllllllll, eat myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssss!"

And so I did! The riding crop began falling on his erect boy cock harder and harder, tossing in blinding speed. The harder the riding crop slapped his cock, the more Colin groaned and grunted. With each of his inspirational vocal teasers, his anal muscles coiled around my cock, sending me the impression my tongue was in the clutches of one huge, pissed off, starving, anaconda.

Once again, it was Mark who took control. This time, he had me stand in front of Colin's face while he sat down before the boy's well eaten asshole. Prior to Mark sitting down, I saw him retrieve the bag that we refer to as "the butt play bag." The bag contained a vast array of anal toys, along with several different types of lubrication.

I looked down, and though Colin couldn't see me thanks to the blindfold, he must have sensed I was there. His mouth opened, and the words came flying out, "Bill sir, give me your cock. I wanna suck it sirrrrrrrrrrrrr! Feed me your cum sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Make me your cock bitch sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Mark wasted no time in slamming his tongue straight up the boy's breath taking anal canal, and as for me, well I, uh, I was leaking pre-cum like never before. I stepped up in front of Colin, peeling back my foreskin flap, allowing my pink cock head to be exposed, and pressed it up against the boy's cherry colored lips. My legs nearly buckled when Colin's tongue flashed out and began lapping up the huge globs of my pre-cum. While he was mopping up the huge amount of my pre-cum, he was steadily moaning.

From my vantage point, my eyes caught the single strand of pre-cum as it attached itself from Colin's piss slit, forming a single strand just above his pubic area. Now that was utterly fucking priceless! Just seeing that made my mouth fill with saliva. I'd love to brag, but I can't. Within a few short lived minutes, the boy's tongue and fiery hot mouth made my own climax erupt, spewing huge globs of thick man goo power propelling straight into the boy's mouth.

I have no idea how many thick spurts shot from my dick, but in all honesty, it felt like my cum shooting was endless. Colin was doing his best to swallow as fast as my cock fed him, and that was evident by his audible gulping sounds. Just like Mark had done, now I was doing. My right hand was stroking my shaft, squeezing and squeezing until the last pearl drop of man seed was safely deposited into the boy's more than willing mouth.

With no more cum to offer, and my cock rapidly deflating, I simply couldn't take any more of Colin's mouth and slithering tongue, so I backed off, and just stared down at the beauty before me. His tongue circled his lips, offering the most spine tingling view of all times.

Colin, in almost a whispering manner, said, "Thank you sir! Thank you for feeding your cock bitch your tasty cum sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Mark was still tonguing the boy's ass, so seeing that he was somewhat busy, I rushed my face to the boy's erect, pre-cum oozing cock, and greedily devoured Colin's honey. Oh how delicious his pre-cum is! My taste buds ignited with a surge of well needed energy. I found myself moaning as the last portion trickled down my throat. Being unable to resist, I began flickering my tongue, striking just his tiny piss slit. Colin grunted with each strike, sending long waves of soft cooing sounds firing from his little mouth.

The next thing I knew, Mark was standing opposite of me. Using his eyes as a guide, simultaneously, we both attacked his outstretched armpits. I had my teeth cinched down oh his left armpit while Mark was doing the same to his right pit. Colin immediately cried out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, shit sir, shit, shit, shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!"

His body began jerking and twisting as his legs only was able to rise up higher. The boy's armpit was beyond delicious, feeling almost as if my teeth and tongue were clamping down on a chunk of pure satin. Mark and I snacked on Colin's armpits for sometime, feeding the boy with pleasures he never knew existed. That too was evident from his constant spewing of garbled words, and singing a steady chorus of angelic moans and passionate groans.

When we ended our armpit session, Mark quickly ran into the kitchen and came back with a large glass of ice cold water and a large flexible straw. He held the straw up to Colin's lips, allowing the boy to drink the well needed refreshment. Once Colin got his fill, Mark placed the glass on a shelf, then walked straight to the bag.

I already knew what Mark was going to do, and stood there watching him pour some lubricant onto his right fingers. Mark reached around himself with his right hand and began coating his asshole, preparing himself for what was to happen next. Once Mark ensured himself he was properly greased, he stepped over to Colin's right side, flung his right leg over, now facing Colin's dangling precious head, using his left hand to pull Colin's beefy teenage meat forwards, then slightly grimaced as he began impaling himself onto Colin's thick 4 inches of boy wonder.

Seeing my lover stuff Colin's thick cock up his ass was quite the view. I sat down on the stool and grabbed one of my favorite toys from the bag. It's called an "anal wand". It has a 6 inch long rubbery handle with an 8 inch thin rubbery shaft. At the very end was a small rubber ball that was covered with various lengths of rubbery strands. The other good thing about this one toy in particular, is that it runs on batteries as well. With three speeds being offered, just watching that thing as it spins around wildly is rather intriguing. Now, I have been the recipient of this toy many, many times, and I can honestly declare, that it feels awkwardly awesome, especially when the ball and the rubbery hairs pound away at the prostate.

Knowing that Colin is a virgin, I made sure the entire toy, except the handle, was well lubricated. By now, Mark was gyrating his hips, pleasuring himself by fucking his ass onto Colin's cock. For young Colin, this was his first time at having his cock up another guy's ass, and from all the wild sounds he was making, he was having a blast. Mark hooked each of his arms around Colin's spread legs, then leaned forward, spreading the boy's creamy muscular ass cheeks much, much wider.

I placed the rubbery hair covered ball up against Colin's tightly sealed anal orifice and began applying a steady, but slow, pressure. Due to his overall tightness, I had to place my right fingers just underneath the ball's circular underside for added strength. By doing so, my mouth dropped open as I witness the balls penetrate Colin's virgin asshole.

Once the ball dipped inside of his anal chamber, Colin screamed, seemingly at the top of his lungs, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwww fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk it buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnsssssssssss!"

Mark, still humping his ass onto the boy's meaty teen organ, yelled, "You wanna be our bitch! Relax your ass muscles and take it, that's right my little angelic bitch, take it! You wanted to get fucked, well, now you little cock hound, you're gonna get fucked! Yeah boy, come on now, tell us how you like having that gorgeous ass of yours violated! Tell me bitch! Talk to me nowwwwwwww, or I'll tell him to stop!"

Colin screamed, "No, noooooooooooooooo, pleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeee don't uh, don't stop! Please, please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddd it, it fucking buuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnssssssss!"

Once the small ball disappeared inside Colin's anal canal, slowly, ever so slowly, I worked it all the way up his pain riddled ass. Either Mark or myself constantly asked Colin if he wanted this to end, but the boy's courage simply refused to allow it. Just by hearing the way he was making a hissing sound, I knew he had his amazingly white teeth clamping down on one another. After all, this toy was the first thing that have ever ventured into this magical uncharted territory.

I dare not activate the switch just yet, just offering patience as I slowly inserted the anal wand up his gorgeous hot ass. When I had worked the wand all the way up Colin's bowel system, I slowly began pulling it out, stopping just short from pulling it all the way out, then slowly slid it all the way to the hilt, back inside his beloved anal chamber. I kept this up for a short period of time, making sure Colin as getting accustomed to having an object inside his anal cavity.

I really began thrusting the wand in and out of his ass when Colin, catching me a bit off guard, screamed, "Oh fuck meeeeeeeeee Billllllllllll, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, yessssssssss, take myyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss! iiiiiiiiiiiitttt feeeeeelllllllllsssssss sooooooooooo gooooooooooooddddddddd! Harder, harrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddeeeeerrrrrrrr!"

And so I did! I began thrusting the wand harder and harder, deeper and deeper, slamming my bare knuckles into his satiny smooth butt crack. Mark was in a world all of his own as he rocked his body, back and forth, gyrating his hips, basking in the pleasures of having Colin's 4 inches of thick teen meant ravishing his ass triumphantly. Colin was busy cooing, whimpering, grunting, and groaning as both his ass and his cock were being joyously stimulated like never before.

Hearing Colin's overjoyed excitement, I positioned the ball, just guessing, where I thought his prostate was hiding. In doing so, I flipped the switch to the middle speed selection, completely bypassing the slow speed. Oh my God what a reaction Colin provided me with.

Colin shouted, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiitttttt, oh fucking shiiiiiiiiiiittttttt! Oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwddddd I'm, oh fuuuucccccckkkkkkk, I'm ummmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh christ, here, here, oh fuck, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!"

Hearing the boy announce he was fixing to blow his load, Mark really began bouncing on the boy's cock like some freaking maniac. I, on the other hand, quickly flipped the switch to its maximum speed, and held on for dear life. By now, at this point, Colin was screaming words that were not even listed in the English dictionary. Mark was fucking his ass on the boy's cum shooting cock, and I was using the wand to electrify a part of his body that Colin never knew existed, his prostate.

Mark felt that Colin had fired the last remaining droplet of cum into his ass, and being the devilish creature he truly is, reached it up and quickly removed the metal nipple clamps off of Colin's thick nipples. Colin had already been screaming, but once the clamps had been removed, his screams got louder and louder. His young restrained body was bucking frantically, or at least as much as the restraints would allow.

I continued to use the anal wand to not only stimulate his prostate, but I found my hand holding onto the handle, forcibly slamming the ball, and thin rubbery stalk, in and out of his tiny hole fast and furiously. Mark held his asshole onto Colin's cock, and from seeing my lover's back muscles at work, I knew Mark was using his anal muscles on the boy's organ of passionate perfection.

Then, I saw Mark adjust the metal clamps, making sure the teeth and pressure was at least twice, if not more, harder. Upon placing one clamp on Colin's left nipple, Colin really began flinging his head while spewing out garbled words of pure profanity. Then, Mark reapplied the second clamp on the boy's right nipple. Just as so when the first one was reapplied, Colin's soft voice bellowed out the feelings his clamped nipples was now feeding his already spinning brain.

Mark eased his body off the boy, and once off, had to hold onto the side of the bench for extra support. With a nod of Mark's head, I pulled the anal wand out of Colin's butt, deactivating it in the process. Colin's body, though no hands, or any toy, was touching him, was bucking as if caught in a wild whirlwind, sending his body into a series of body shuttering convulsions.

While Colin's body was wildly convulsing, Mark and I stole the opportunity to seal our lips to one another. Our tongues passionately dwelled within the interior of the other as our loving hands caressed the other's panting body. Mark's hands fell onto my cock where they began offering long tender loving strokes as my own hands manipulate his own.

Colin's angelic voice unlocked our lips, "Holy shit guys, that was fucking awesome, but we're not done yet, are we?"

Mark and I both stepped in front of his downward dangling face, then Mark snickered, then spoke, "No my young angel, we are not even close to being finished. I, believe it or not, are in a slight dilemma. Possibly, you might be able to correct this. You see Colin, my ass is full of your delightful cum, so I was wondering where I should deposit such precious seed. I first thought of allowing your cum to run free in the toilet, but then I thought, that would be a total tragedy to defile such godly nectar. Young man, do you have any ideas as to where I should deposit your creamy gift of life?"

Colin, though his face was upside down, illuminated the most heart warming smile to date, then in the most incredible sexiest of tantalizing whispers, Colin replied, "Since I want to be your cock bitch sir, please allow me to rectify your dilemma sir!"

Then I spoke, "Colin, did I hear you correctly? Do you want to suck your own cum out of Mark's ass?"

Still smiling that beaming glow, Colin shot back, "Yesssssssssss siiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Mark nodded his head at me, then I watched, opened eyed, as Mark turned around, facing the wall, then shoved his butt onto Colin's face. Almost immediately, I could hear the sucking and slurping sounds spewing from Mark's face covering butt cheeks. A slight chuckle evaded my partially open mouth while thinking of how young Colin is turning out to be quite a little pig.

Seeing that both of them were busy, I casually walked back up to the boy's spread butt cheeks, sat down on the stool, and proceeded to ease my right index finger up Colin's slippery, but super tight, and scorchingly hot, anal canal. I could still hear the slurping sounds coming from Colin, but now that he was feeling my finger probe his anal interior, he began grunting while cinching down on his anal muscles as if attempting to strip the flesh right off of my finger.

A short while later, Mark was now facing the boy, feeding Colin his hard cock while I began working in a second finger. Mark barked, "That's it, that's fucking it you little cock whore, suck daddy's cock, bitch!"

If Colin was saying anything, his words were being stifled by Mark's man meat pumping away in and out of his mouth. Though the addition of a second finger had now been completed, I was a bit overwhelmed, and concerned, of the overall tightness his anal canal offered. The boy wanted to be fucked, but in my mind, his anal canal was just way too tight for either my cock, or Mark's ass filling man meat. I was in the process of inserting a third finger when Mark had me stop.

After a brief discussion, we thought it would be best to give young Colin a break, so we began removing all the restraints, with the exception of the cock, and ball, ring, and those super biting metal nipple clamps. Once the restraints had been removed, I carefully removed the blindfold. Colin's eyes immediately began to flicker, doing all they could do to adjust to the dim light in the room.

Now, the three of us stood in the room, each sipping on ice cold water. Colin was still breathing somewhat heavy, but that angelic smile of his never once left his gorgeous face. I took the moment to inquire, "Well Colin, has everything so far been up to your approval and satisfaction?"

He had just gulped down a mouthful of water, flashed his eyes to Mark, then me, then softly replied, "Yes sir! Everything has been perfect so far, and I'm ready for more. I still want to get fucked though!"

Mark shot in, "And fucked young man you shall, but all in good time. Now, is there any fantasy that Bill and I could assist you with. You know, is there something that's been on your mind to try, other than having a cock up your butt?"

Now, Colin's eyes began roaming the room, then he fired back, "Well uh, I guess I'd like to get spanked sir! I've been thinking about that for a while now sir!"

Mark shot me a quick wink, and I winked back at him, both of us keeping our eyes zeroed in on Colin's impressive bone hard cock. Mark had turned his back on both Colin and myself as he asked, "So Colin, did you like being restrained?"

Colin quickly replied with the utmost excitement, "Yes sir!"

Seeing where Mark was going, I watched him as he unhooked our homemade sling from the ceiling, allowing the restraining device to dangle. This wasn't a regular sling at all. The sling was attached to eye hooks screwed into the beams of the ceiling. Instead of going ahead and explaining, I'll do so as Mark and I were in the process of placing young Colin in the fabricated device.

We had mark lay down, on his stomach, on the heavily padded leather flap. Just imagine the device used by veterinarians to lift sharks out of a holding tank. Mark's chest, all the way down to his lower stomach, was resting on this flimsy padding. Once he was inside, the flimsy padding surrounded his sides as if he were trying to fly. Then, Mark on the boy's left side, and me on the right, placed a flimsy padded homemade leather sleeve on each arm. The thin material went from his wrists, all the way past his elbows, forcing his arms not to be able to bend. Once his arms were in the sleeves, Mark adjusted the lever so that Colin's arms were stretched downwards, nearly being able to touch the floor.

Mark and I proceeded to Colin's rear where we each took a smooth satiny foot and proceeded to insert a well padded homemade sleeve over his foot, ensuring ourselves of proper positioning. Now, the padded material went from Colin's ankle, all the way up to the bend of his knees. I attached one side to a lever that was in front of Colin's downward angled face while Mark attached the other side. Once the straps were attached, Mark and I both began turning the lever so that Colin's shins were being forced to project themselves forwards, stopping to the point that his knees were now widely spread, as if he were in an upside down fetal position, or a secured doggy style position, whichever way you want to look at it.

Once Colin was properly secured, I walked over to retrieve the toy bag. When I came back, Mark knelt down underneath Colin's secured body, attempting to fish out the boy's cock and balls, and place them through the hole in the material. I was kneeling myself, watching in awe as Mark's fingers pulled Colin's cock and balls out of the hole, allowing them to dangle freely towards the floor.

Mark proceeded to fish out the boy's nipple clamps from the small openings. Since this was kind of a new toy, we sort of screwed up by not getting the boy's nipple, and clamps, out the openings first, but Mark didn't give up until he had both nipples through the openings.

While Mark was preparing for the next thing, I went ahead and attached the extra padded cuffs to Colin's right ankle securing it to his right wrist, and completed the left side in the same manner. Mark got back on his knees and began to apply a small "peter pump" over Colin's left nipple, and nipple clamp, activating the machine to automatically begin its pressurized vacuuming. Colin instantly began grunting and groaning once the machine began milking his perky, well clamped, nipple. While Mark applied the pump to Colin's left nipple, I applied another "peter pump" over the boy's right nipple, and activated the switch. Colin really began sputtering a vast array of moans, garbled words, and long growling grunts.

I handed Mark the other, bigger version, of a "peter pump" and watched my lover insert the opening over Colin's cock, and swollen hairless nuggets. Normally, as a rule, when we've used this in the past, we've just inserted the other guy's cock, however, being that Colin's cock is 4 inches long, and considerably thick for his age, Mark determined that the boy's balls would be a nicely added fit to the equation. Once Colin's cock and balls were safely tucked away inside the vacuum, Mark activated the switch.

Colin screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt, mmmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssssssssss!"

Most people would use these things to make their cocks appear longer, and much thicker, but Mark and I have discovered that these vacuums, mixed with various sexual activities, enhance the overall excitement of the person to whom they are being applied to, and that beloved person right now, is none other than Colin, a 14 year old breath taking beauty in every sense of the word.

Mark blurted out, "Tell daddy who's ass this is boy! Tell us what you want to feel!"

Colin's face was slinging from side to side, and back and forth, as he cried out, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt siiiiiiiirrrrrrrr, myyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss, holy fuck, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiitttttttttt, aghhhhhhhhhhh, your assssssssssss siiiiiiirrrrrrrrr! Spaaaaannnnnnnkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr! Haaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddddd, oh fuck, shit, haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddd siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr!"

I was standing off to Colin's right side while Mark was on the boy's left side. I was holding a leather strap that is about 10 inches long, and Mark was holding a small, yet very effective, leather paddle with several holes in the flat section. Mark struck Colin's left butt cheek with a mild force, causing Colin's head to rise up as his mouth spewed, "Yesssssssssss, yesssssssss, fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg yessssssss siiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"

Due to his restrained position, Colin's body could do very little as any movement was concerned, but each time those unblemished jutting butt cheeks were struck, he'd manage to arch his butt slightly into the air. As I delivered my thunderous blows, my eyes were more intent on staring at his puckering speck of an asshole. It glistened elegantly from the previous lubrication, offering my eyes a show all on its very own.

I'm not sure how long we spanked his butt, however, those once creamy cheeks were now a bright glowing red, and the more we struck him, the more he begged for more. He just didn't want us to hit him, the boy actually cried out for us to go harder. The sickening sound of those spanking devices as they came crashing down on his voluptuous ass cheeks echoed from each sides of the walls.

Mark had just delivered one hell of a shot to the boy's ass, when he loudly asked, "You love this ass of yours spanked, do you boy? Tell us what you want you little cock whore? Do you want us to end this now?"

Colin screamed, almost at the top of his lungs, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssss siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr! Give, ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt, give your mmmmmmmmmmmm, your booooooyyyyyyyyy, aghhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, take myyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssss pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr!"

Mark rebutted, "Okay boy, and since this is your day, which cock do you want to take that virgin ass of yours? Which one?"

Though his mind was spinning from his pain riddled ass sending waves of mixed pleasures to his brain, all Colin could apprehend was now being the moment of truth. True, he wanted to feel what its like to be fucked, however, here he was with two grown men. Mark, without a question of a doubt, was way smaller in cock size compared to Bill, and both had extremely thick cocks, but once again, Bill's was much more thicker. As Colin took the time to determine which man cock was going to take his cherry, his ass cheeks sent a torrid of pain to his brain, as Mark grew impatient and began landing some heavy handed blows.

Colin squealed out, "Bill sir, Billllllllll'sssssss cooooooocccccccckkkkkkkkkk siiiiirrrrr! Bill, Bill, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee take, mmmmmmmmm, take myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"

I for one would have certainly picked Mark over me, but I must confess, I did feel a surge of majestic honor knowing that Colin selected me, more so, my cock to take his anal virginity. While I was greasing up my cock, Mark increased the volume on all three "peter pumps" to its maximum level. Colin was already grunting and groaning as the devices began really vacuuming away on his nipples, cock, and those beloved hairless baby makers of his.

After Mark had increased the speed, I watched him scoot a stool so that he could sit directly in front of Colin's downward dangling face. For some odd reason, knowing that I would soon be taking this boy's cherry, my entire body began shaking severely. As I stroked the slippery lubricant all over my cock, my eyes still remained glued to the boy's incredibly tiny asshole. I knew, I just knew that the boy's ass hadn't been properly stretched, but somehow, the growing knowledge of just thinking about my cock traveling where no-one had ever gone before, prevailed as my only benevolent thought.

Just as I stepped up directly in behind Colin's widely spread amazingly red butt cheeks, Mark cupped Colin's face, then in an almost whisper like manner, said, "Colin, please don't forget to say "stop" if you want this to end. I know, believe me I know, you want to experience this, but, believe me, that big dick of Bill's can deliver some awful pain. I know you want this, but Colin, neither Bill or myself ever want to hurt you. Do you still want Bill to go ahead and take your cherry?"

I couldn't see his face, but Colin's words came crashing through my head, "Yes sir, yes sir, I want this more than you'll ever know."

Mark shot me the final wink, and that's when I shoved my cock head up against Colin's tightly sealed speck of a poop chute. I honestly don't ever recall my cock ever being so hard as the way it was now, but the harder I pressed, the more my cock head slid either up, or down, his creamy crack. Mark kept telling Colin to try and relax, and I for one was not about to give up on my anal invading pursuit.

I held onto the base of my cock with my left handed, squeezing sharply, while my right hand held onto my shaft, just under the crown of my cock head. With more pressure being added, and within a flash of a split second, the head of my cock was being crushed while the searing heat felt as though it was baking the flesh right off.

Colin felt it too, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, oh shit, oh fuck, aghhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwww ittttttttttttttt buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnssssssssss!"

Colin was screaming for dear life, and I must have been doing some howling as well. My cock head sent sharp pains straight to my brain as to the crushing force and the blazing heat. I tried, Lord knows I tried to remain perfectly still, but it soon got to the point that I simply couldn't take any more of this boy's cock crushing pressure. With just a tad more force, I pushed forwards, feeding Colin's anal canal my entire cock head.

Still, even after the head of my cock entered into the searing hot, cock crushing, interior of his anal canal, the pain I once was enduring, seemingly, only intensified. Now, both Colin and I were pretty much screaming. I couldn't hear what all he was screaming thanks in partial to my own verbal obscenities. Yes, I had graced the interior of many a man's anal chamber with my cock, but never, not once, did I ever feel this awesome, gut twirling, intense pressure ever before. Words simply cannot describe the unbelievable fiery scorching heat, nor the breath taking, bone crushing force that this boy's ass was now offering.

Both of my hands now fell onto both of his recently spanked, fiery red ass cheeks. My thumbs hooked the inside of his crack, and dug into his flesh, preparing themselves for the battle of a lifetime. Everything in the room seemed to be spinning, thanks to me not being able to keep my head still. As I took a breath, about another half inch crept inside his anal cavern, stretching the thin walls to the point the boy was now hollering like never before.

Colin yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ittttttttttttttt'sssssssss biiiiiiiiggggggggg! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt! Owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwww it'sssss, it'ssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiittttttttttt huuuuuuurrrrrrrttttttttsssssss soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!"

I could feel his pain, although be it, my cock could. The half inch of my shaft and my cock head were being crushed with devastating power, and brutal force. Mark constantly asked Colin if he wanted me to stop, and pull it out, and each and every time, being ever so defiant, Colin screamed out NO!

Then, his loud audible screams of pain seemed to have been muffled. Seeing the expression on Mark's face, I knew he had stuck his cock inside of Colin's mouth. Now, just long, and steady, grunts and whimpers filled the air, while I did my best to ease my cock into his ass, allowing him some time to get somewhat accustomed to its length and girth.

Mark softly said, "Yeah boy, that's it, suck daddy's cock. Yeah, I know that big ass cock is feeding you plenty of pain, but boy, soon enough, that huge cock will be giving you nothing but pure fucking pleasure!"

By now, seemingly forever, I had inched a good 4 inches of thick meat into the boy's ass. Still, just by hearing Colin screech, I knew that his pain was excruciating. I inched my feet forwards a bit, then pushed a good 3 more inches into his rectum. Once again, even with a thick cock stuffing his mouth, I could hear the pain as his garbled moans flew out of his overly stuffed mouth.

With knowing I had only another 3 1/2 inches remaining before having my entire cock up his flesh crushing ass, I went ahead and shoved my hips forward, sending the remainder of my meat plowing up his anal highway. His overly aggressive anal muscles immediately began their attack, coiling around my cock as if captured in the clutches of a pissed off, and hungry, anaconda.

All I could do at this point was fling my head all over while lost in the admiration of having my cock squeezed and slowly burned from the awesome searing heat within his magical anal kingdom. Colin began grunting long high pitched grunts and growls while Mark made sure the boy's mouth worshiped his rock hard man meat.

I must have remained perfectly still for a good two minutes before I couldn't take having my cock sit still any longer. I pulled my cock slowly out of his anal cooker, stopping just short of pulling completely out, then slowly, I pushed it all the way back inside of him. I'm not sure just how long I kept this extremely slow pace up, but eventually, I heard those magic words.

His mouth must have temporarily strayed from Mark's cock, cause the still of the air was filled with Colin screaming, "It, it, ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss Billlllllll, it mmmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, yes, it uh, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddddd biiiiiiiiitttttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhh!"

And so I did! From my angle, every time I pulled my cock out, I watched as his anal ring fought to yank it back in. My thrusts became flesh smacking as I drove it into him as hard as I possibly could. With each powerful thrusts, I could hear him moan, but this time, not from pain, but pure never before experienced pleasure.

Mark eagerly shouted, "Damn boy, that's it! Take that big cock! Yeah, yes, you like feeling that big mother fucker fill that hot ass of yours, don't you?"

Colin's voice rang out, "Yesssssssss siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, yessssssssss siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr! Damn, shit, fuck, ohhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddd yesssssssssssss, haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr, much haaaaaarrrrrrrdddddddeeeeeerrrrrr Billlllllllllllll! Fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck meeeeeeeee like you mean it siiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

And so I did! With two handfuls of plump boy ass within my tightening hands, I slung his body backwards as I slammed my cock forwards, repeatedly, over and over, and time after time. The thick gut wrenching sound of flesh pounding flesh rose above the noise both Colin and I were making. The harder I plowed my cock into his ass, the more young Colin seemed to love it.

With each violent flesh slapping thrust, I could feel Colin's anal muscles as they latched onto my cock as if they were trying to pull my man meat deeper into the boy's cock cooking anal oven. It was I who was spitting out garbled words, one right after the other, totally consumed with the sensation my anal plugging cock was sending straight to my brain. Mark had even said something to me, but I was simply too consumed at thrusting my cock into the most incredible ass I had ever had the privilege of plowing.

By now, several long ass pounding minutes later, I was sweating profusely, and still savagely hammering my thick cock in and out of Colin's once virgin ass. Once again, I heard Colin scream a vast array of something, but I was too far gone to clearly hear what the little angel was saying.

I did see Mark quickly hop up and dart to the floor, his brick yard cock leading the way. Mark got on his back, raising his head and upper body up to greet Colin's boy pride, just in time as Colin's cum faucet opened, shooting creamy globs of his heavenly nectar straight into Mark's mouth. Though I couldn't see what was taking place, I certainly could feel it as Colin's anal muscles went into a bone crushing convulsion, tightly squeezing my cock harder than ever before.

Now, I heard Colin clearly, "shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiiittttttttt, fuck meeeeeee, I'm, I'm, uhhhhhhhhhhh, damn, damn, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddd, I'm cu, cu, cummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg!"

If only there was a way for me to accurately describe just how aggressive his anal muscles really were. My God, it felt as though his anal walls had collapsed, tightening their strangling grip on my entire cock. Never, and I honestly mean never, have I ever experienced anything like this before.

With that being said, that was all it took to uncork my own cum spewing spunk. I felt my breath evade my body as the first cum ball exploded out of my piss slit. It felt as though my piss slit had been split wide open as my cum began firing massive thick strands deeper and deeper up his breath defying anal canal. My entire body, still thrusting heavily, began violently shaking as the most intense orgasm rocked my world.

As my cum explosion began subsiding, I could still feel the boy's miraculous anal muscles grip, and vacuum, milking my rapidly deflating cock of all my thick man spunk. A few short moments later, even now with a limp noodle wedged inside the boy's ass, those anal muscles of his constantly kept on pulling at the flesh, sucking my cock deeper into its cock crushing trap.

Eventually, I had to step back a bit in order to yank my limp cock from the boy's aggressively clutching butt. My entire body was trembling as Mark stepped right up next to me on my left. Placing his right arm around my shoulder, he looked at me, then opened his mouth, showing me the pool of Colin's cum swimming around inside. Just out of sheer instinct, I placed my lips on Mark's, and the two of us embarked in a tender cum swapping, tongue sucking, passionate kiss.

As some of Colin's boy spunk trickled down my throat, with Mark and I still deeply locked into a kiss, the flavor alone sent my echoing moans shooting down Mark's cum gulping throat. Without exaggerating, the boy's cum tasted only of pure sweetness, mixed hand in hand with Mark's own saliva. The two of us remained embraced, sharing equally Colin's most recent supply of teenage boy nectar.

It wasn't until after Colin's boy cream had been completely devoured by both of us that we began freeing Colin. As Mark and I worked on freeing Colin, Mark looked at me, then softly whispered, "So, how was it? What did it feel like taking his cherry?"

I was still panting rather heavily, but returned Mark's look, peering lovingly into his eyes, then hoarsely said, "Incredible! Absolutely fucking incredible! This boy's ass should have a patent on it. His anal muscles, which you'll find out for yourself, well uh, let's just say has the awesome power to literally crush your cock!"

Finally, Mark and I freed Colin, and we now had him standing up, both of us holding him due to his overall weakness. The look in those big brown eyes told it all, not to mention that ever so heart melting smile dancing ever so elegantly. Colin was breathing heavy as well, and I couldn't help not to look down and see that gorgeous semi hard cock of his as it pointed straight forwards.

I looked at the young angel and whispered, "Colin, how was it? Was being fucked everything you thought it would be?"

The boy turned his head, meeting eye to eye, then ever so softly whispered, "Holy shit, that was the most awesome thing in the world! Man, it felt like that big dick of yours was jamming something inside my stomach at times. Whew, I knew it would hurt going in, but Christ Almighty, I never thought it would hurt as bad as it did. It felt more like someone was shoving a fucking telephone pole up my ass, and the damn thing was on fire too! But, then something inside my butt snapped, and I can't explain it, but all the pain vanished, replacing it with the most incredible sensation. Yeah, yes sir, I loved it, and want to do it some more."

We took a short break so that we all could get some water. As we finished replenishing our thirst, as agreed upon by Mark and myself, we quickly pulled the nipple clamps off of the boy's nipples. Colin immediately dropped to the floor on both knees, mouth wide open, with a priceless look of pure shock written across his gorgeous face. As he was kneeling there, Mark quickly got down, and onto his back, shoving his cum hungry face in between those glorious butt cheeks of Colin's, and began milking my cum from the boy's cum filled ass.

The look on Colin's face as Mark began sucking away at his asshole, while still feeling the effects of having the nipple clamps removed, was nothing less than priceless! Colin's little mouth formed a perfect circle as I could clearly hear the slurping sounds Mark was making, sucking my man juice from the boy's mystifying ass.

While Mark was enjoying dining straight from the boy's tasty butt, I knelt down and began removing the cock ring, and ball separator. As soon as his young baby makers were freed, Colin's body began immediately convulsing while those big brown eyes of his constantly were feeding onto my own eyes. As the angelic chorus of endless moans softly poured out of his mouth, I leaned forwards and sank my lips over his. Now, the boy had become quite the natural born kisser as our two tongues played and frolicked inside our mouths.

A short while later, Mark scooted his body out from underneath Colin, and was now standing. It was then that our lip sealing, tongue sucking, embrace unsealed itself. Once our kiss broke, Colin softly whispered, "I got to pee!"

Mark and I shot one another a look of sincere approval in anticipation of something else we had been looking forward to. Mark looked at Colin, and in an ordering type tone of voice, stated, "Yes, yes, time to take a piss! Follow me young man!"

Mark led the way, followed by Colin with me bringing up the rear, and speaking of rear, I couldn't force my eyes off of Colin's bubbly ass. It was still a bright red from all the spanking, but more so gorgeous now than ever before. I already knew where we were going, and as we drew near to our next location, Colin began squeezing his boy pecker, doing all he could, to hold back his piss from prematurely flowing.

We went straight into the bathroom, and Mark stepped into the large tub, followed by me. As I knelt down next to Mark, I could clearly see the puzzled look on Colin's face. It was I who whispered, "Colin, don't be shy my wingless angel. Just aim and piss, but do your best to equally share that divine hot pee!"

Both Mark and I were kneeling in the tub, mouths wide open, looking at Colin who was standing right at the edge of the tub, still squeezing his soon to be pissing boy pride. Smilingly in somewhat of a devilish grinning gesture, Colin whispered, "You uh, you want me to, ummmmmmmmm, pee in your mouths?"

Almost in unison, Mark and I shook our heads as Colin fired back, "Oh man, this is way cool. I've wanted to try this too! Here it goes guys!"

In a blink of an eye, the first piss jet splashed inside my mouth, then he yanked his pee maker, and shot into Mark's wide open piss drinker. As Colin was pissing into my lover's mouth, I swallowed the boiling hot liquid, and could only moan, as to the nonexistent taste of his bladder juice. It was hot, fucking incredibly hot, but didn't have a taste whatsoever. By the time I swallowed his beloved bladder juice, Colin was pissing some more into my mouth. I heard Mark groan as he lavished at the tasteless hot juice.

Naturally, due to Colin having to equally distribute his piss between Mark and I, our bodies were wet from his misfires, but then again, nobody will ever hear either one of us complain in the least bit. As his piss began trickling, Mark and I took turns sucking on his piss dribbling boy stick. In doing so, Colin's cock became engorged, and preciously rock hard.

When the last of Colin's pee had been expertly milked from his cock, Mark and I walked with Colin towards the bed. Just as we approached the bed, Mark turned to Colin and then asked, "Do you think that ass of yours is ready for another cock?"

Ever so eagerly, Colin, smilingly from ear to ear, shot back, "Yes SIIIIIIIIRRRRRRR!"

Hearing that, I unhooked the homemade swing that had been secured to the ceiling. Colin's eyes got wide as he saw this new item being offered. Once the seat was dangling at the center of the bed, Mark and I helped Colin slide into the thickly padded seat. Actually, there really wasn't a seat, just a thick leather padding that supported the underside of a persons thighs. However, it did offer a heavily padded back support.

Colin was now in position! His ass was widely spread for the taking as Mark flipped onto his back and inched his body downwards to the point his thick erect man meat was aiming itself directly under the boy's greeting asshole. I was behind Colin, on my knees, and in between Mark's spread legs, holding Mark's cock with my right hand for a guide.

With Colin's asshole, and Mark's cock aligned just right, I asked, "Colin, are you ready?"

His voice chimed, "Yes siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr, give it to me sir!"

I had already greased up Mark's thick cock and pushed it directly into Colin's asshole. Colin gasped at the sudden anal intrusion as Mark bucked his hips, sending a good five inches shooting straight up the boy's ass.

I thought Mark was a bit too eager, but then again, Colin was the one who screamed, "Yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddddd yessssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuucccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooodddddd siiiiiirrrrrr!"

From times past, I knew just how much Mark loved the swing. Being on his back, it allowed him total control, and he could use his heels to drive his hips upwards as hard and as fast as he so desired, and this is precisely what he was now doing. I sat on my knees and watched in sheer awe as my lover's thick cock darted in and out of Colin's gripping little bung chute.

Colin's hands clutched the leathery ropes that held the swing to the eye hole in the ceiling while Mark had both hands on Colin's widely spread thighs, forcibly slamming his man pole in and out of the boy's butt with blinding speed. Once I got an eyeful of the way Colin's asshole locked itself around my lover's cock, I began walking on my knees towards the front of Colin.

I stepped my left leg over Mark's upper body, and now had both knees on either side of Mark's ribcage area. Initially, I stood on my knees looking into Colin's eyes, seeing them water with pure loving pleasure. The way his little mouth twisted and contorted while Mark's hammering cock plowed his tight ass offering no mercy, was yet again, absolutely priceless.

Being unable to control my urges, my mouth magnetically engulfed his erect cock while the fingers of my left hand began taking turns pulling, and pinching, each thick nipple, and my right hand cupped, squeezed, and pulled sharply onto his hairless tender balls. While I was working on Colin, Mark's hands gripped my hips, pulling me backwards. My body began shaking as Mark's tongue dove in between my hairy butt cheeks and began shoveling at my asshole with the utmost of eagerness.

Now, all three of us were groaning, grunting, cooing, whimpering, and moaning like crazy. I must confess that my lover's tongue drilling away at my hairy asshole felt pretty awesome mixed with my mouth making oral love to one of the most perfectly molded cocks known to mankind.

Colin cried out, "Aghhhhhhhhhh Billllllllllllll, I'm, oh fuck me, yesssssssssss, I'm uh, uh, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiittttttttt, I'm cummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!"

I felt his thick boy meat expand, then felt several small droplets fall gracefully onto my tongue. Colin was tossing his head all over the place as his orgasm tore through him like a double edged sword. Having already experienced first hand for myself the way the boy's ass muscles constrict and attack when he experiences an orgasm, I knew precisely what Mark was now faced with.

Mark's ass eating face dug into my asshole like a maniac as his cock was now dealing with the boy's convulsing anal muscles. Mark's long grunt seemed to have shot straight up my anal canal, and by the way he was grunting and eating my ass, I knew his own cock was firing rockets of man spunk up the boy's cock hungry ass.

While Mark was lost within his own orgasm, and Colin too for that matter, I was moaning like all get out as to the rich texture of the boy's most recent cum offering. It wasn't much, but the taste alone was well worth the self pleasing effort. With just a couple of small gulps, I swallowed all the boy cream Colin could muster.

Shortly, Colin's limp noodle was still being milked by my cum loving mouth, and Mark's now completely flaccid cock was easing itself out of the boy's cum milking anal canal. When I felt Mark working his body from underneath the boy, I knew what my next task already was. Quickly, I jumped off of Mark's body and hurriedly got in behind Colin, placing my back on the bed, and was now staring at his tiny speck of a poop chute.

When I saw the first of Mark's recently deposited cum begin to work its way out of Colin's asshole, I quickly slammed my mouth directly over the boy's bung hole, and now found myself sucking desperately for all I was worth. Just knowing where my lover's cum was, and to whom I was feeding from, made everything that much more picture perfect. I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, until the boy's anal canal had nothing left to offer my vacuuming mouth.

It was then, and only then, that Mark and I helped Colin out of the makeshift swing. The three of us were laying on the bed, somewhat intertwined, each gasping for some well needed oxygen. I felt it, and so did Mark. Though we both were exhausted, the urge to drain our bladder grew to a more painful state. I fought to roll myself out of the bed, and it was Colin who questioned my action. When I informed him I had to take a leak, Mark blurted in he had to as well.

So, the three of us went walking towards the bathroom, and as we entered, Mark and I stopped dead in our footsteps as we witnessed young Colin step into the tub, place himself on both knees, and with his right index finger, point at his wide open mouth.

For a brief, very brief, second, Mark and I looked at one another, then simultaneously stepped to the side of the tub's edge, both holding our flaccid cocks with our right hands. I was standing to Mark's right side, looking down at Colin who had his mouth wide open, flaring those tantalizing big brown eyes at both of us.

Then it happened, both mine and Mark's bladder bloated cocks began unleashing their boiling hot bladder juice, both landing directly into the boy's mouth. Once I began pissing, there was no way in hell I could stop. I couldn't stop looking at Colin either as I watched in all glory as to the way his throat quickly moved, as he worked himself into a frenzy to swallow as much man pee as he possibly could.

Naturally, with two grown men blasting off jets of hot bladder juice, Colin's swallowing efforts just couldn't keep up. The boy's face was literally covered with piss, piss that was now running down his chest, dripping like a waterfall all over his young cock and hairless balls.

Our streams of hot pee seemed endless, and being the true sport about everything, Colin gulped down as much as his throat would allow. When our jets of piss slowed down to a constant dribble, Colin began taking turns sucking our cock, doing his utmost best to drink down every last goblet of bladder juice. Even after all of this, I had to question myself if there wasn't anything this gorgeous creature wouldn't do? I couldn't come up with any defined answers, but then again, with his little mouth slurping away at my cock, who the fuck cares?

When we had no more piss to offer, I knew I was completely drained, and knowing Mark the way I do, I knew he was just as spent. Standing inside the bathroom, in my mind, I figured we would just go ahead and get cleaned up, but Mark was the one who asked, "Colin, is there any other fantasy Bill and I can help you fulfill?"

Colin looked at me, then at Mark, then back at me, then with that fucking sexy voice of his stated, "Well, I uh, I was kind of hoping that I could uh, could fuck Bill!"

Instantly, I rebutted, "My dear sweet Colin, why on earth would someone as gorgeous as you want to fuck someone who is as hairy as me?"

Just as fast, Colin shot back, "Well, it's all that hair! I love it and I've though about it ever since we met. Sure, I fantasized about you fucking me, but I also fantasized about me fucking you as well."

For one thing, I was truly flattered hearing a 14 year old breath taking beauty talk about fantasizing about me, but I for one, do not enjoy having a cock, any cock, blister my ass. As I stood there thinking to myself, my beloved other half boldly spoke, "Well Bill, seems only fair! You did take the boy's cherry, and just look at him. How in the fuck could you not open that furry ass of yours up to him? He's done everything we've asked of him, and was a true sport about it, now it's your turn to give something up!"

Colin looked at me with those big puppy dog brown eyes while twirling that fucking frontal bangs again with his right fingers, then softly whispered, "Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee Bill, let me fuck you, pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee!"

Without me even tossing out any form of an agreement, Mark asked, "Colin, in your fantasy, what position did you dream about as you fucked my darling Bill here?"

Colin shot back, "Doggy style sir! I was fucking his hairy ass doggy style!"

Mark, not even looking at me said, "Then young man, doggy style it is!"

The next thing I knew, as I seemingly was in more of a zombie like state, Mark had me bend over one of our other homemade toys. It was nothing more than a saw-horse like stand with a soft padding that supported the person's lower stomach area. Here I was, bent over, and now the both of them began cuffing my ankles to the stand's legs. My legs were widely spread none the less, and then Colin and Mark proceeded to strap my wrists behind my ankles.

I swallowed hard knowing all too well that my asshole was fully exposed, ripe for the taking, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to prevent the evadible from transpiring. I heard Mark say, "First things first Colin, we got to grease up his ass!"

Then, the next thing I felt was Colin's finger shoot up my anal canal. I knew it was Colin's just by the slenderness of his digit. Though the boy had no clue what he was doing, but as he wiggled his finger around inside me, his fingertip constantly kept on striking my prostate. My pleasing moan must have been some type of an indication to add a second finger, and believe me, I sure as shit felt it. My ass felt like it was on fire as his two fingers explored my anal regions.

I heard Colin say, "He sure is tight!"

My sneaky piss ant of a lover fired back, "Yeah, tight for the taking!"

While the boy's two fingers worked ferociously in and out of my ass, I could vaguely hear them talking, but couldn't understand what was being said. Then, the boy's fingers quickly pulled out, sending a gut churning impression that he pulled out a needed organ in the process. Before I had time to contemplate things, I felt the boy's cock head press up against my unsuspecting asshole. Then, the fireworks exploded inside my head as my asshole felt like it was being torn in half and somebody poured rocket fuel inside me, then set the damn thing on fire.

Inch by thick throbbing inch of eager teen meat descended into my anal canal. With Colin's every breath, I could feel his thick cock expand with agonizing added thickness. I could feel my body shaking and the pain seemed to only intensely magnify as his cock tore into me, lodging all four thick inches to the hilt.

Breathing became a task all on its own, but Colin offered no mercy as he began to thrust his meaty organ in and out of my ass with heavy sharp thrusts. Once again, I could hear the two of them speak, but their voices seemed like the were millions of miles away. With his every inwards thrusts, the 14 year old slammed the very wind out of my lungs.

By having my head forced to hang all the way down, I could somewhat see what was taking place from their knees down. While Colin was fucking the living life out of me, Mark was fucking Colin. Within a few short pain riddled minutes, just as Colin described, something inside my ass snapped, rapidly sending the stomach churning pain free from my body, quickly replacing it with the most intense pleasure I personally have ever known.

During all of this frantic ass plowing excitement, another surge attacked my body. With no hand on my cock whatsoever, I felt the huge thick globs of my man seed fly out, and start making plopping noise as it sharply struck the floor. I also discovered, that as my orgasm ripped through me, my anal muscles began convulsing out of control, feeding me more extreme pleasure.

I heard Colin scream something, then felt his pile driving cock expand even more, as several watery droplets of sweet boy cum began pelting away inside my ass. The harder the boy plowed his teen beef into my ass, the more cum my cock spewed out. Then Mark cried out, and though I couldn't tell for myself, but he must now be in the process of fucking his load up the boy's ass as well.

Several cum slinging, ass pounding, seconds ticked by before everything went sort of still. I found my anal muscles doing everything they could do to keep a stronghold on Colin's soft boy pride. His own ass must have been doing the same thing to Mark's cock too, although, I could only guess at that point.

A short time later, much to my dismay, Colin's soft cock flopped out of my ass. I was still restrained as we all did our best to catch our breaths. Eventually, the two of them freed me, and all I could do was sit on the floor, in total awe of all that had just happened.

My lover spoke first, "Well Bill, seems to me that you rather enjoyed Colin's cock up your ass!"

Panting feverishly, I replied, "I did! I sure as fuck did!"

A little while later, we all three got into the shower and cleaned each other up. Though there wasn't any more sex taking place, Mark and I sure did take our sweet time washing Colin.

For the next four years, Colin was a steady fixture at our home. To say the least, Mark and I loved our sexual sessions with Colin. Even after time had moved on, to us, Colin was still, and will always be, the most gorgeous boy that had ever graced this planet. Colin, at the age of 18, went off to college to further his education. In time, his visits became less frequent, and by the time he reached the age of 22, Colin began living his own life, leaving Mark and myself with the fondest of memories.

From time to time, when I see Colin out somewhere in the public, even then, that angelic smile of his steals my heart. For some lucky guy, whoever is lucky enough to win his heart, and embrace his sheer beauty, will truly have to know that he has found the pot of gold at the very end of one magical rainbow!

PS: This story is told by Bill, a real person, from his eyes through my words. Bill, I honestly hope I gave your story with Colin the true justice it so deserves!

Best wishes,