By Joe Gardner in Authors section

Gosh I don't think I can make it until I get home. Can't cross my legs and drive. I need gas anyway I'll just stop. So I pulled into the cheapo station and told them to fill it up. I was so glad this wasn't one of those stations that used a key to get into the restroom as it was always out and I would have to wait hoping I wouldn't leak while waiting for the key. But I went right to the men's room. It was one of those bad cricket seasons here in Fresno and there were crickets litterally everywhere. I could take a step without killing at least one. As I entered the bathroom they were all over the walls and ceiling and occasionally one would loose it's grip and fall. I pulled my collar tight to my neck, like it was going to help, and went to the urinal which was also full of the drowned crickets. I glanced over to my right just realizing I wasn't alone in here. There was a boy about 11 standing there taking a leak. I couldn't help but look at his dick and it was semi hard. I started going myself as I really had to go when a cricket fell down the front of my shirt. I said, "God I hate these things."

"Yea Mr. I feel like I'm crawling alive with them."

"I know what you mean one just fell down my shirt here in front. I am going to have to hunt for him as soon as I get through pissing."

He was through as I could see but just standing there rubbing himself almost hard. Then he stepped back and zipped up. By then I was through and I ask him if he would help me find the darn thing.

"Sure where did he go down your shirt?"

"Here in front." I started loosing the buttons on my shirt and he reached in and felt around for it. He finally found it and pulled it out and stepped on it. There that ought to do.

"Gee thanks, my name is Joe."

"I'm Randy." he said.

Randy turned to leave and what an ass. He was about average height for his age and had a swimmers thin body. His hair was almost brown but it was easy to see that he had been blond when he was younger. He had no hair on his arms which also gave that indication. His face was, I guess you would say cute. Not handsome. Anyway he certainly wouldn't chase any girl off. I started getting hard.

Just then a cricket fell and went down his neck in back. I saw it but he didn't feel it. "Hey Randy one of the little boogers just went down your back."

"Shit, would you get him out for me?"

"Sure let me pull your shirt out of your pants and he should just fall out." I thought this would look funny if someone walked in so I told him to lock the door while we looked. Then I pulled his shirt out and nothing fell. "Man I think the little thing went on down. Loosen your belt and unbutton your pants so I can see."

He didn't hesitate, so I pulled out on his pants and looked down his butt but no cricket showing on his white briefs. But, Oh what a butt. "I don't see it why don't you step into the booth to give you some privacy even though the door is locked. He did as I ask and then I pulled out his briefs and told him, "I think I see him but I am going to have to slide down your pants to get him. Will that embarrass you?"

"No I don't embarrass that easily."

So I slid his pants down and still didn't see him. I told him it probably got between his legs. I would feel for him. I knew if I messed around his perineum area he would get hard. So I wet my finger and started rubbing back and forth on it. He let out a moan. "I don't feel him do you feel anything?"

"No but keep looking I don't mind."

I pulled his pants to his knees and spread his cheeks. "HM I wonder if those little boogers could...."

"Could what?"

"Well I have heard they can crawl up inside a guy do you feel anything at all?"

"No but I sure don't want one of those things inside me. Is there any way of knowing?"

"Well yes if you want I can wet my finger and feel there." I saw he had a raging hard on from the perineum procedure.

"If you don't mind getting your finger smelly."

"It washes off." So I wet my finger and pushed it slowly clear up into his colon. "Do you feel anything?" I said as I went in.

"No did you feel anything yourself?"

"No but I can check further if you want. I see you have a hard on is this feeling good to you?"

"Yea that is why I want you to keep looking." I wet two fingers and went clear up in him again. I started probing his prostate and boy did that make him moan. I reached around and took hold of his hard on and said, "Does that feel even better."

"Yea I hope you never find him."

I started finger fucking him really good now and rubbing his dick at the same time. He was starting to sweat as his forehead was beading up. All of a sudden he let out with "Ahhhhhh.....Man.....Ohhhhhhhh...I don't me....ahhhhhhhhh...Oh God.."

I could feel his dick in orgasm and also on my fingers inside as they were being squeezed like mad as he had his orgasm.

I pulled out my fingers and told him if he were in there he was surely dead now.

"Yea man I wouldn't mind killing more crickets that way. What happened to me?"

"Well you had an orgasm. That is what happens to me but I squirt out sperm that makes babies when I do it."

"I have never felt that way before. Man that was so awesome."

"Where do you live Randy?"

"About four blocks from here on Lassen Street."

"I live on Lassen Street about 6 blocks from here, but I have never seen you before."

"We just moved there about 2 weeks ago."

"Would you like to do that orgasm thing again later?"

"Yea that would be awesome."

"Well you are welcome to stop over after dinner if you want. I live at 2244 which is easy to remember. It is a white two story house with a long driveway."

"I'll just tell my mom I met a new friend and I'm sure she will let me go out. What if I came down around 7 or are you busy?"

"No 7 would be fine with me if you really want to."

"WANT, I would be crazy not to want to."

"Well I do know we better get out of here. I'll give you a ride home if you want."

"Sure it will save me a walk."


The doorbell rang. I dried my hands as I had been working finishing the dishes in the kitchen, and went to the door.

"Well hello Randy. You are right on time. Come on in the kitchen I was just finishing a few dishes I used for dinner."

"Do you want me to dry for you?"

"Only if you want to. Your my guest and I usually don't have guest do anything."

He grabbed the dishtowel and started drying the few dishes I had washed. I took them and put them away. "Well would you like a tour of my house."

"Sure Joe."

I showed him outside the sliding doors my in ground pool. I took him out so he could see it better.

"Wow! This is some pool."

"Thank you Randy I keep it heated to 83 year around so I can always use it to exercise. Over here is my hot tub. It is over a hundred degrees and always steaming when I don't have the lid on it like now."

"Man this is like a castle compared to where I live."

"Well there are a lot of pools in Fresno as the climate is nice most of the year."

"Yea I guess your right there. Sometimes too hot."

"Well my house is air conditioned so I really don't suffer. Besides here in Fresno there is no humidity so it really isn't all that bad."

I took him in the house and sat in the living room on the couch. The TV was going just for noise so I just left it on. "So did you ever feel that cricket after you got home."

"No I never did. I guess you either killed it or it got away somehow."

"Yea we could have missed him OK."

"Joe could we pretend I have a cricket down my back again?"

"You little rascal you liked that didn't you?

"Yea Joe especially that feeling you gave me."

"Well if you want me to look again lets go in the bedroom you can be a lot more comfortable there." I got up and he followed me. When we got to the top of the stairs I turned into the master bedroom which was quite large and had mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling. I turned on the light which was indirect lighting and it made quite a beautiful scene.

"God Joe this is beautiful. I never saw so many mirrors anywhere."

"Yes just about anywhere you look you see yourself and anyone else too."

"Here come over here and let me loosen your pants if you want to cricket hunt again." He came right to me with those white teeth just glistening as he smiled. I undid his pants and told him, "Why don't you just step out of them if you want to."

He pulled down his pants and took them off. Then I told him to lay on his stomach and I would look for him. He did as I asked. I was glad he hadn't taken off his pure white briefs yet as they really showed up his butt nicely. I also liked cloth on the perineum so I could run it without having to wet my finger. So I started rubbing his back and quickly was down rubbing his butt.

"Oh I really like that Joe."

"Good. Just relax and enjoy." I put my finger in an up down position and started in on the perineum. It was soft at first but within seconds it started hardening up. When it was hard as it could get I said "Would it be OK to take your briefs off so we can look for the pretend cricket better."

"Oh Yea."

I slipped them off reaching under him to release his dick from the waist band. Boy was he hard. "You really like this don't you Randy?"

"Yea man it is so awesome. No one has ever touched me the way you do before."

I reached over for the KY and put some on my fingers. Then I spread his cheeks and looked at that perfectly clean pink ass hole. "Randy I'm going to show you something new OK?"

"If it feels good like everything else sure."

I spread his cheeks wide with my left hand and the thumb of my right hand as my other fingers had KY on them and went down and started licking his ass hole.

"Oh God Joe that feels so good. I can't believe it."

"Push out like you had to take a crap real hard."


I folded my tongue and started working it up in him. He was really pushing hard so it made it easy. I tongue fucked him for about 5 minutes until my tongue could take no more. The whole time he was moaning and groaning.

"You liked that didn't you Randy?"

"Man that was the best yet, except when I had an or.. what did you call it Joe?"

"An orgasm. In a little bit I will make you have another one if you want to."

"Oh man do I ever want to."

I took my middle finger and pushed it fast all the way into his hot wet colon. I could feel the juices up in there and just wanted to stay there forever. I couldn't believe how good an ass this kid had. Then I finger fucked him for a while and while I did I reached under him and played with his dick. By the sounds of things he was really enjoying this. Then I went in with two fingers all the way up in the colon.

"Boy that feels big and tight just like in the restroom. But the hurt goes right away. Then it feels good."

"Yes Randy your anal muscles are made to stretch to any size. That is how you are able to pass a big turd when you have to."

"Yea I never thought of that. I have passed some mighty big logs."

"Everyone has Randy. That is just normal. Now I'll add one more finger and you can see it will accept it too. After hurting a little at first."

I put the third finger in a little slower and boy did he moan."

"Oh God Joe that hurts some. But you say it will get better?"

"Yes in about 20 seconds or so the pain will go away."

"Yea it already has. I feel like I could have one of those orgasm things again when you push like that."

"Turn on your side facing me Randy."

When he did I took all of his dick into my mouth. It reached to the gag point but didn't go beyond it so it was no trouble at all. I started giving him the best head I could. Tonging the under side of his dick as I sucked and bobbed.

"Oh Man that feels good."

I started probing his prostate to get him off and it didn't take long. All of a sudden my fingers were being squeezed like crazy and he...

"'s.....happening.....again....I'm turning inside out... I think....Ohhhhhhhh...ahhhhhhhhhhh....OH God."

"You like that huh."

"Oh Joe LIKE isn't the word for it. Can we do it again?"

"Well a man can't until he recharges a little but someone your age can do it as much as your dick will stand. We will let it rest for a while OK?"

"OK. Joe could I find a cricket on you and make you feel good too?"

"If you want to Randy I don't care. But it would feel good with you doing it."

He reached over and undid my pants and pulled them from the cuffs until he had them off me. Then he pulled my boxes off and I lay there with just a shirt on. He came up and unbuttoned my shirt like he was really enjoying himself and took it off too. He had me stark nude.

"Wow Joe, You have a beautiful body. So many muscles. And I don't know how to say it but your dick is so nice too. What's this stuff on the end he asked touching it and tasting it. Gosh that taste kinda sweet and good both."

"Yes Randy that is called precum. You will have that when you get older too."

"Really? Is that the stuff that makes babies?"

"No Randy I have to have an orgasm for that stuff, called sperm to come out."

"Can I make it come out like you did. But I want to play with your butt like you did me. Would that be OK with you?"

"Sure, use this to make your fingers slippery. It is called KY."

Boy was Randy excited. His dick was sticking straight out. I could tell that he was really enjoying himself. I turned over so he could reach my ass.

Randy put KY on his fingers just like Joe had. Then he put his middle finger up inside Gary. "Gosh, I didn't think I would ever do something like this but it's fun. It is really hot, and smooth in here." He started finger fucking Joe like he had him. He was loving it and so was Joe. Even though Joe didn't get a whole lot of feeling from his little finger it was Randy and he was really getting attached to the little guy. Randy put two fingers in and kept fucking. Joe could feel this but it still didn't hurt.

"Randy if you reach just inside and push up toward my dick you will find a lump about the size of a walnut. That is my prostate gland and you know how it felt when I hit yours. Try finding mine."

Randy went right to that area and found the walnut size bump. He started pushing on it and massaging it. Joe started moaning as it was really feeling good. Joe was leaking like a fire hose and he knew it.

"You found it Randy I am making precum like you wouldn't believe."

This interested Randy so he asked Joe to turn on his side so he could see. When Joe turned on his side Randy took his left hand and started pushing it all around the head of Joe's dick. Joe was coming unglued that was feeling so good. He was trying not to cum yet but wasn't sure how long he could hold off. Randy licked his finger and liked the taste of the precum. "This stuff taste really sweet." Then Randy licked the end of Joe's dick really setting Joe to moaning. Since the moans meant Joe was enjoying what he was doing he started rubbing the prostate more and licking the dick as more precum oozed out. The he got brave and took the head of Joe's dick in his mouth. Not bad he thought.

"Oh Randy that feels so good. Better than anything you have done for me."

That was all Randy had to hear he slipped on down the shaft and gagged.

"Randy to keep from gagging relax your throat and swallow as my dick goes down. It will go right down your throat if you want it to."

Randy tried and after gagging about 3 times it finally slipped on down. Randy felt so proud of himself. He started really working on Joe's prostate now and felt the leaking get more and more. He was really liking the taste by now. He pulled it back into his mouth and started using his tongue on the under part of Joe's dick as he knew that felt good to him. Joe was going ape shit.

"Oh Randy I'm geese"

Randy got the first load in his mouth and decided he better swallow when the second load hit. He wasn't going to let any get away. He liked this a lot. After about 8 or so spasms which he could feel on his fingers inside Joe it stopped. He pulled his fingers out and smelled them. They really didn't smell that bad. In fact he kinda liked the smell. "Did I do good Joe?"

" did remarkable....that puff was so good....puff puff...thank you so much...."

"Man if I can make you feel that good I love doing it for you. And you know Joe the taste of what you call cum isn't bad either. It has a little salt in it but not bad. Boy did I swallow a lot."

"Come here you little angel." Joe grabbed him and started hugging him so hard he could hardly breath. He returned the hug and loved every minute of it. No one at home ever hugged him any more. This was so cool.

Joe had recovered and looked up at the clock. "What time do you have to be home Randy."

"Well since school isn't running now she lets me stay out until 9:30."

"Whew the way time flys. It is 9 now. Let's have a drink and I'll run you home."

So they went into the living room after dressing, and both had a Pepsi. When they finished that it was time to head home. "Do you have everything Randy we have to go."

"Yea I have everything I came with. You know Joe this has been the most fun night of my entire life."

"Well don't think I didn't enjoy it too. I still have some things to show you but they can wait."

"Really more good stuff?"

"Yea but lets go get in the car and get you home." Joe gave him another big hug and got one in return before they opened the door.

"Joe I know I am taking up your valuable time but could we get together again tomorrow night?"

"Sure if your mom doesn't object you seeing a 22 year old guy."

"I didn't mention age just your name. She wouldn't care anyway as long as I didn't tell her you were mean to me. And I certainly could never say that. Of course I have to say we watched TV if she asked."

"Yes I think that is a good idea." As I pulled up I stopped one house short so he could walk the rest of the way in.

"See you tomorrow night at 7, OK."

"You bet dude I really enjoyed you."

"Me too." and he got out of the car and headed home. Joe just pulled right on by and made a U turn at the corner to go back home. Boy did he love that kid."

7pm next evening, (Friday)

Joe had a hard on just waiting for Randy to show up. It was only 5 minutes until 7. The news had just finished and they had a commercial on. There it was the doorbell.

I went to the door and Randy was standing there all smiles. This of course made Joe smile right back. "Come on in dude. I was hoping you would be able to come over."

"No trouble at all I just told her I was going to Joe's house and she said be back at 9:30, and I was gone."

"Well it sounds like you have an easy mother to deal with Randy."

"Yea she is pretty nice I guess."

"Would you like a Pepsi to drink?"

"Sure Joe I would love one."

Joe got two Pepsi's and sat by him on the couch. He was wearing real loose shorts tonight showing of those hairless, smooth legs. They were showing a nice tan too. "Boy you sure got a good tan this year."

"Yea I am outside most of the time in just my shorts. I don't even wear a shirt outside, here let me show you my back and how dark it is."

He pulled his T shirt over his head revealing the most beautiful tan and smooth back. I just had to touch him. So I reached over and rubbed his back around the shoulders and then on down to his shorts. I pulled out on his shorts to see his tan line and could see all the way down the crack of his ass. God, what an ass. "Boy you sure have a nice tan line here Randy. Lets see how your legs are." Joe went to the legs and slid his hand up those smooth legs and since he had already touched all parts of him he wasn't afraid to keep going. He rubbed his leg up and down and said, "Does that feel good?"

"Everything you do Joe feels good."

So Joe went on up and found he wasn't wearing any underware. He had come prepared. So Joe started rubbing his balls and then went on to his dick and found it hard as a rock. "I see you like this huh Randy?"

"God yes can we do one of those orgasm things again tonight"

"Sure you want to do it here or go in the bedroom?"

"I like your bedroom better. All those mirrors are kool."

Joe got up and he followed him up to the bedroom. Randy pulled his shorts down and took them off leaving him only shoes and socks which he quickly took off. Joe was really hard now looking at this beautiful tan boy standing there in the nude. "Why don't you lay down on your stomach and spread your legs, Randy." Randy was down on his stomach and spread his legs wide and waiting. Joe got down and spread his cheeks and saw how clean he was. So he went down on him with his tongue and started tongue fucking him. Talk about moans. "Push out hard Randy." When Randy did his tongue sunk deeper with each push and the moans got louder and louder. "You really like this don't you?"

"God yes no one has ever even touched me there but you and your tongue is really hot and slick. I love it."

Joe kept going until his tongue got tired after about 10 minutes so he reached for the KY. He pushed his middle finger all the way home and held it there as he loved the colon and the feeling in it.

"I thought you said you were going to do something new tonight Joe?"

"I am you'll see." Joe didn't want to tell him just yet that tonight he was going to loose his cherry. He wanted to use a big dildo on him before he let on to that. So Joe went ahead and put in two fingers and twisted and spread them to loosen him up. Randy was moaning big time. He did this for about 5 minutes and then entered him with the third finger. He twisted and turned all three fingers for another 5 minutes and the moaning and groaning sounds kept getting louder. "Now Randy I am going to show you something new." Joe went to the drawer and got out a dildo and a butt plug. "Randy these are things that some adults use for pleasure instead of finger. This is called a dildo and it is about the size of three fingers so it should go in without much trouble. Want to try it?"

"I ...don't know Joe...wouldn't it hurt?"

Well it is like the three fingers it hurts for about 20 seconds and then it feels OK, even good.

"Well I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me deliberately so I'll try it."

Joe lubbed up the big dildo really well. Then he put more KY inside Randy. "OK now Randy push out like you had a giant turn to pass."

"Now Randy grit your teeth as this may hurt for about 20 seconds remember that. OK push out now." When he grunted Joe pushed hard and fast to launch the big missile.

"Ouch, Damn, that hurts...Oh shit....Is it all the way in?"

"Yes Randy it is all the way in now. Just let it stay there for a little bit and the hurt should go away."

"It's starting to get a little better now Joe."

So Joe started slowly pulling it out and pushing it in. He was fucking him with it to get him use to the feeling. "How's that now Randy?"

"Better. It starting to feel a little good now."

Joe knew he had him now. So he started pushing it in and out more rapidly. Soon he was really fucking him with it. He turned on the vibrator in it to take the feeling away of the big thing that was inside him. Joe knew his dick wasn't quite this big around and so it shouldn't be hard on him. "Have you ever heard the kids at school talk about corn holing Randy?"

"Yea, I hear it all the time. What do they mean?"

"Well it means sticking their dicks in each others butt. My dick isn't as big as what you have in you now so you really could take it easier than this dildo if you ever wanted to."

"Gosh, If it isn't any bigger then sure I would. I would love to feel you inside me Joe."

"OK then I will take the dildo out and replace it wit my dick then. My dick is hard as a rock now." Joe jacked off with KY real quick and then pulled out the dildo. Randy's ass hole stayed open so he just put his dick in the hole provided. It was tight but not really as tight as it would be without the dildo. He pushed it all the way into the colon and passed the first turn. His dick was over 7 inches so it made a path as it went. "How ya doing Randy?"

"Oh your dick is much easier to take than that dildo was. And it feels so hot and good too."

Joe started short stroking him. And soon went into long stroking. The sounds coming out of Randy were amazing.

"ahhhh....umph....umph....Oh God...ppush harder...umph umph..."

Joe knew he was enjoying it and now he was going to get to have another orgasm. So he started fucking against his prostate on ever thrust. He could hear Randy change to really good sounding sounds. After about 2 minutes of prostate attack it happened.

" shit....Ohhhhhhhhh......God....I'm tuning inside out.....ahhhhh...Ohh hhhhh...that feels so awesome... ahhhhh."

When he started his spasms it through Joe into cumming. And he came and came and came. He must have dumped at least 8 ropes into the upper colon. "Oh Randy I came too."

" ...puff ....Joe..."

Joe collapsed on top of him putting part of his weight on his elbows. They lay there panting for about 5 minutes and then Joe rolled over and took him on top of him and gave him the best hug he was capable of. "Dude that was awesome thank you."

"No thank you Joe. I never felt that good in my entire life."

"Stick out your tongue Randy." When he did Joe was sucking on it like a pig sucks it momma. Randy caught on and started doing it to Joe too this went on for about 8 to 10 minutes and they both ran out of breath and just lay back and panted. "You know Randy I never thought I would grow to love crickets."

"Yea me neither Joe but I love them now. Can I keep coming over."

"Any time you can. I am sure we can always look for crickets."

"Awesome Joe."