The story being told comes not from me, the author, but from the heart of the young man I have been asked to write this for. Numerous email and telephone conversations took place in order to place these words in the accuracy in which this story is to be described. The real author is not me! It is the young man who honored me enough to ask me to portray his words/experiences in writing. His name is Caleb Daniels, a fourteen year old young man who reached out and touched my heart with his revealing story.

As far as the categories in Nifty, this story could easily fit into gay adult/youth, gay incest, and/or gay young friend's. Hopefully, for you the reader, just like me, you will find young Caleb to be the truth behind most of our fantasies. I have written numerous stories, but this one stands out as to the reality of one hell of a harsh and cruel world!

Caleb Daniels, at eight years old, sat in the rear seat of a police cruiser as his young eyes watered profusely as he watched the police escort his mother and his step father, in handcuffs, from their rented worn out mobile home. His younger sister of only six was seated in another police cruiser somewhere out of Caleb's sight. Unknown to Caleb, this was to be the last time he would ever see his parents or his sister ever again. His step father entered their lives when Caleb was five and his sister was three. He never knew who his real father was, nor did he really care. Mark was the name of his step father and all Caleb knew was the lifestyle he would eventually grow up to know. They moved a lot, from trashy mobile homes to another, getting evicted, and more often times than not, slept in the family car, a beat up two door cavalier.

Caleb's parents were die hard drug addicts and would do most anything to get their fix. Caleb recalls the night his life would eventually change forever. His mother was at some crack house and he and his sister were left alone with Mark, the step father, who was probably in his late twenties at the time. Caleb thinks he was close to six years old when this all happened. His sister was already in bed, fast asleep, when Mark insisted that Caleb take a bath. From numerous other previous experiences, Caleb knew not to question Mark, who had a very short temper and had no problem in grabbing a belt and beating the living starch out of him. Mark sat on the toilet and watched Caleb undress as the bath water filled. When Caleb was completely naked and standing at the side of the tub, just getting ready to step in, Mark grabbed him and sat Caleb on his lap.

Mark was only wearing cut-off shorts and Caleb could smell the raw stench steaming off of Mark's near naked body. Mark had positioned Caleb on his lap so that Caleb was facing him and using his adult legs, forced Caleb's little legs wide apart. Caleb remembered the foul breath beading down onto his nostrils as Mark peered down at him with an expressionless non caring face. Mark's mouth opened, then bellowed, "You sure are one pretty little fuck...boy! Hum, I'm gonna talk it over with your whore ass mom and see what we can do!" While Mark spoke, one of his fingers probed at Caleb's butt hole, causing inadvertently, Caleb's uncut two inches of boy cock to stand at full attention. Mark noticed Caleb's erection, then with an evil smile crossing his face, said, "Yeah boy...I see you like something touching your little stink hole...Feels good, don't it?" Caleb knew not to say anything that might cause Mark to beat him, so he nervously replied, "Yes sir!"

Mark stood up while lifting Caleb up and sat him in the water of the tub. Mark whispered, "You fucking little shit, I'm gonna clean you and you'd better not say one god damn word!" Caleb sat in the water shaking from head to toe, hoping against all hopes for his mother to hurry up and come home. After Caleb was thoroughly rinsed in the eyes of Mark, Mark made Caleb stand. No wash cloth was used, just the soap and Mark's bare hands. Mark lathered Caleb's entire body, including his soft dirty blond hair. When Mark got to Caleb's hips, he told Caleb to turn around and face the wall and bend over.

For fear of retaliation, Caleb did as instructed and soon felt Mark's soapy hands course all over his hiked up butt. Mark blurted out, "I'm gonna show you how to clean your little shit hole and then I'll expect you to keep this mother fucker pearly clean all the fucking time. Don't say one mother fucking word boy, just hold still so I can clean your boy pussy!"

Caleb had no clue as to the words piping out of Mark's mouth, but he did feel the finger as it greased its way up his canal, setting his inner soul on fire, giving him the sudden urge to go poop. Mark roughly slid his soapy finger all the way up Caleb's canal, twisting and turning until he brought it back out. Applying more soap, Mark stuck his finger back inside Caleb's little hole and began finger fucking Caleb, causing Caleb's head to bounce off the wall. Mark reached around Caleb's shaking left leg with his left hand and grabbed Caleb's two inch uncut hard cock and began stroking it, fast and furiously.

For whatever the reason, Caleb fought back the desire to moan as feelings he never knew existed blistered his young mind. Only Mark's voice brought Caleb's mind back into reality as the adult spoke, "Yeah boy, yeah...You like that now don't you boy? Fuck, your god damn asshole is fucking tight...oh yeah! This is how I want you to clean your asshole for now on...yeah boy...clean your little puny fucking dick this way too!" Caleb was biting his lips as the finger inside his rectum pounded away and the hand on his little boner teased him in a way he never knew could happen.

Mark added one more finger to Caleb's anus while clamping down a little harder onto his young cock. A slight grunt evaded his lips and Mark heard it. "Mother fucker, I told you not to say one mother fucking word! Take this you little shit!" Caleb almost cried out as Mark crammed a third finger up inside him. His butt felt like it was on fire and being pried apart. Caleb felt the three fingers as they twisted, turned, and spread, as well as darted rather quickly in and out of his canal. He fought against time not to accidentally say or mutter anything. His teeth clamped down on his lips with a vengeance as the fingers pounded away inside his bewildered butt.

Something ravished Caleb's mind as his entire body went limp and the strangest, most weirdest feeling erupted throughout his entire body. Mark knew the young boy was experiencing his first ever orgasm, so he jacked the little dick faster while finger fucking the boy like a pile driver. Caleb's mind was like the Fourth of July as fireworks erupted in his head, and for whatever reason, he found breathing to be extremely awkward. Mark let go of the boy's cock and retrieved his three fingers from Caleb's soapy asshole. He rinsed Caleb off and tossed the boy a towel while saying, "That's how you are to clean your nasty little body from now on...You here me boy?" Caleb whispered, "Yes sir."

For the next two or so weeks, Caleb bathed himself just like Mark had instructed him to do. He jacked his hard dick while slipping three soapy fingers up his rectum. Not really knowing he was jacking off, Caleb always managed to bring himself to a dry orgasm, though he had no clue what it was called. He just liked the feeling that conquered his body. During that same time period, Caleb could hear Mark give his sister a bath. He knew that Mark was teaching her how to clean herself as well. During this same time frame, Mark changed the rules that when he was home, they, Caleb and his sister, were not allowed to wear any clothes. Their mother didn't seem to care one way or the other, and just like always, whatever Mark wanted, he got.

Just like always, Caleb's mom was gone from home doing whatever she was doing, leaving them alone with Mark. His sister was already in bed and Caleb had just finished giving himself a thorough bath, just as he was taught. The only television in the small mobile home was in his mom's and Mark's bedroom. As per the rules, Caleb left the bathroom naked and asked permission to watch television. Mark was laying on the left side of the bed and Caleb crawled up onto the right side and placed his head on the pillow.

Whatever was on the television was nothing like he had ever seen before. Some man was sticking his dick into a woman and uttering all sorts of things. In any event, Caleb's young cock sprang to life as he tried to put things into perspective. Mark growled, "You clean yourself like I fucking told you?" Caleb nervously replied, "Yes sir." Mark shot back, "You'd best not be lying to me you little fuck...Stand the fuck up and put your ass in my face and you'd best pray to God that your stink hole smells like soap!" Caleb immediately jumped up and stepped over Mark with his right foot and squatted his butt down onto Mark's face. Caleb could still see the television and saw the lady put the man's dick in her mouth. To Caleb, it really didn't look like the man's dick would fit, but the lady had no problem shoving her mouth all the way down to the man's pubic hair.

Caleb was squatting and could feel Mark's nose press against his butt hole. He knew he had cleaned himself just the way Mark taught him and prayed that everything was okay. Mark angrily spoke as he hooked his thumbs inside Caleb's butt cheeks and literally yanked them wide apart, "Don't you fucking move boy...Don't even say a god damn word!" Caleb's skin almost leapt from his bones as he felt Mark's tongue slam up against his butt hole. A strong tickling sensation coursed through his body as the tongue applied even more pressure as so did the two thumbs spreading his butt cheeks. Caleb bit down on his right forearm to suppress the built up laughter drowning his body. In a matter of seconds, the ticklish sensation evaporated as Mark's tongue slipped inside Caleb's chute. Caleb wanted to moan, but thought better of it. Whatever Mark was doing with his tongue, Caleb honestly didn't want the man to stop.

After a few short minutes, Mark just sort of tossed Caleb to his left on the bed in his original position. Mark peered down at Caleb, who was laying on his back looking up at Mark, and angrily said, "You got a clean ass boy! Keep it clean if you know what's good for you! You little fucking turd, (Mark pointed at Caleb's erection) I see you liked me checking out your boy pussy!" Caleb didn't respond, instead, his wandering eyes glanced down at the raging bulge tenting up inside Mark's fruit-of-the-loom white underwear. Caleb saw the woman in the video suck on the man's dick and he was just a tad curious if he could do the same thing to Mark. At this point, all Mark had to do was tell him to suck it, and Caleb already told himself that he would.

Mark grumbled, "Your whore of a fucking mom is out fucking around on me and I am getting a little fed up with this shit. Hey shit head, you ever seen one of these mother fuckers before!" Mark reached down with both hands and lifted his underwear up so that his adult cock popped directly into Caleb's view. Caleb swallowed hard as his eyes witnessed Mark's man sized cock. At the time, Caleb thought it was the biggest thing ever, but in real life, it was probably six cut slender inches pointing straight up to Mark's hairy belly button. Mark had jet black hair and Caleb could see the mass of curly pubic hair surrounding the man's super hard cock. At the time Caleb had no clue what pre cum was, but he could see the shiny liquid oozing out of Mark's wide open piss slit.

Mark used his right hand to hold the base of his cock while his left hand held his underwear down, aiming his hard cock towards the ceiling. Mark snickered, then said, "Your bitch ass mom loves to suck on this, and for that fucking matter, your sister does too. Go ahead boy, let me see if you can suck cock better than your fucking mom or little sister, but don't you let me feel your god damn teeth!" Caleb was laying on his right side peering straight at the enormous dick throbbing with Mark's every heartbeat. Mark slid his underwear all the way down past his thighs and folded his hands behind his head, keeping both eyes on young Caleb. Caleb slid his body closer to Mark's and reached out with his left hand and touched the hard flesh of Mark's pulsating cock.

Caleb inched his body up on all fours and lowered his face close to Mark's cock. His tongue flickered out and scooped up a mouth full of the shiny liquid steam rolling from Mark's piss slit. It seemed a bit salty, but not too awfully bad, so Caleb opened his mouth wide and began mimicking the woman who was doing what she was doing in the video. Mark forced his head further into the pillow while moaning, "Yeah boy, that's it, suck my cock you pussy mother fucker!" Caleb tried to ignore the way Mark spoke to him, not to mention, he really enjoyed the feeling of having Mark's adult cock bobbing in and out of his mouth. Caleb used both hands to fondle Mark's hairy egg sized nuts while his mouth slurped up and down on the veiny man cock.

Caleb continued sucking on Mark's cock while he inched his little body between Mark's spread legs. It took some doing, but Caleb forced his mouth nearly all the way down on Mark's throbbing cock. He felt like he was going to gag a few times, but he realized all he had to do was relax. Mark was yelling his normal obscenities, but Caleb blocked Mark out completely as he lost himself in the luxury of sucking a cock, his very first cock. Caleb had no idea what was about to happen, but Mark had locked both hands on Caleb's head, forcing his mouth to sink further onto the man's dick. Mark screeched out, "Oh yes, yes, you cock sucking faggot! Oh fuck, here it comes boy! Drink that mother fucking juice like your whore of a mom and your little slut of a fucking sister does!"

As the first jet of the hot and thick cream struck the roof of his mouth, Caleb instinctively tried to lurch his head backwards, but Mark held onto his head too tight. More and more of the shooting stuff rapidly spilled into his cock filled mouth. Mark was pumping his hips up and down while his cock kept shooting the hot cream by the bucket loads. Caleb could barely breathe through his nose as Mark literally fucked his erupting man cock in and out of Caleb's mouth. Having no other option, Caleb swallowed some of Mark's sperm. Initially, Caleb almost gagged as the stuff seemed salty and kind of bitter. Fighting for breath, Caleb swallowed more and more of the stuff still firing off inside his mouth. After about the fourth throat full, Caleb admiringly told himself that the stuff wasn't really all that bad, so he began swallowing as the cream continued to flood his mouth.

Mark's cock eventually went limp inside Caleb's mouth and Caleb still continued to suck the limp noodle like a runaway vacuum cleaner. Mark yanked Caleb's head off of his cock and angrily said, "You cock sucking faggot, leave the mother fucker alone!" Caleb returned to Mark's left side and lay on his back while Mark reached down and pulled his underwear back up and over his cock. A few minutes passed with nothing but the groans from the video filling the room when Mark laid his left hand on Caleb's stomach and sort of whispered, "Caleb, you suck dick better than your mom or sister! Was this your first time sucking a cock?" Caleb responded, "Yes sir." Mark whispered, "Holy fuck, boy, you sure as hell know how to use your hot little mouth. We just might be onto something here!"

It became a nightly ritual for Caleb to suck Mark's cock and swallow his man seed. Caleb knew his sister was sucking Mark's cock in the mornings by the familiar slurping sounds and faint moans. Neither Caleb or his sister talked about their private activities with Mark to each other, nor their mother. In fact, Caleb was smart enough to know his mother didn't care and on numerous occasions, he knew his mother was in on the activity with Mark and his sister. It finally got to the point, that Caleb was sucking Mark's cock while his own mother was there egging him on.

It was during one of their nightly rituals that Mark made Caleb remove his mouth from his cock and made Caleb watch him fuck his mom in the ass. By this time, Caleb looked forward to sucking Mark's cock and worked furious to feel the man's hot thick cream slide down his throat. It was also during this night that Mark and his mom had set up a video recorder in their bedroom and was filming the action going on. From where Caleb was kneeling on the bed, he could see Mark's cock dart in and out of his mother's butt. Caleb thought it would be really painful, but from the sounds his mother was making, she must have been loving every second of it. This night was even extra special for Caleb, because today was his seventh birthday.

Mark stopped pounding his mother, but held his cock deeply rooted inside his mother's butt, looked at Caleb, grinned and with a raspy voice said, "You hot little fucker, I want to feel my dick up your ass! It's your fucking birthday and I'm gonna give your asshole a birthday fucking! Yeah, you pretty little son-of-a-bitch, I'm gonna fuck you real good!" Caleb's mom shot in, "You're gonna love it just like you like to suck my man's cock!" Caleb could almost feel the pain inside his butt as he sat on his knees in total awe. His mom hopped off the bed and in a few seconds came back into the bedroom with his sleepy eyed naked sister. She looked down at her and said, "Your brother, the little cock sucker, is gonna get my man's dick up his ass and I want you to watch cause, the day will come, real soon, when you feel it too. Now stand over there and watch and listen as my man fucks your brother's asshole!"

Mark made Caleb get on all fours facing the foot of the bed. Caleb could see his mom and his sister standing near the foot of the bed, at an angle, watching Mark's every move. Caleb felt something extremely cold probing at his widely spread crack and butt hole. Mark loudly whispered, "Don't you scream like some fucking little bitch either. Take my cock like a man, boy!" Fingers darted inside his butt hole, smearing the cold substance deep inside his anal canal. Caleb's sister looked on with wide eyes as Mark's slippery fingers crawled around inside her brother's butt hole. Caleb looked at his mom, but she was looking straight through him.

Caleb felt Mark's left hand dig into his left hip area as he harshly stated, "Get ready you pretty little mother fucker...I'm gonna fuck your boy pussy!" Caleb felt the head of Mark's cock poke at his butt hole, but it kept sliding up and down his crack. Mark angrily growled, "Tight little shit hole!" Caleb's breath evaded his little body as Mark shoved his cock past the sealed entrance, stretching Caleb's anal canal to the point Caleb thought his butt was being torn apart. He sank his teeth into the dirty bed covers as the pain inside his ass ricochet throughout his entire shaking body. Mark offered no time for relief as he sank his adult meat all the way up Caleb's anal canal. When the last of his cock was deeply implanted, Mark grabbed onto Caleb's right hip and began sliding his cock in and out of Caleb's pain riddled butt hole. Caleb was held too tight by Mark's hands as with each thrust, his body wanted to lunge forwards, but was trapped by the adult burying his cock into his rectum. Caleb stole a teary glance at his mother who was smiling from ear to ear, and who was now holding the video at different angles to get better shots.

Mark screamed, "Oh fuck, fuck yes...this pretty boy has got one fine mother fucking ass...Fuck, he's tight!" Caleb thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets as Mark began really humping his man meat in and out of his butt a mile a minute. Caleb's hands were clutching the dirty bed covers while his mouth swallowed the dirty sheets to stifle his silent cries. What seemed like an eternity, but was probably a couple of minutes, something inside Caleb snapped. The pain that once tore through his body, now departed, and the cock plowing his asshole began feeling really good. In fact, Caleb began helping Mark to shove his ass onto the thrusting cock. Mark was shouting his usual obscenities, but Caleb's mind was spinning into a world he had never dreamed of. The harder his step dad banged his ass, the more cock Caleb wanted and yearned for.

Sometime a short time later, Mark grunted and Caleb felt the man's hot cream fire out of his cock and shoot further up his bowels. Silently, Caleb would have rather for his step dad to have allowed him to swallow the cream instead of shooting it up his butt. Mark pulled his cock out of Caleb's butt and Caleb held his cum filled ass high into the air awaiting further instructions. Mark hoarsely barked, "Oh shit, that tight assed little pretty mother fucker is a goddamned gold mine! Fucking hot and tighter than hell!" Caleb was still in the same position when his mother instructed, "The two of you go on to bed now and keep your little fucking mouths shut! Go on, get the fuck out of here!" Caleb's sister walked down the short hall to her tiny bedroom and Caleb curled up on the blanket, on the floor, inside the living room, to which, was his bedroom. He lay there feeling like his ass was void of something. The pain he endured never crossed his mind, only the pleasure he felt from Mark ramming his hole with his man cock.

From that point on, every night, or mostly every night, he sucked Mark's cock and Mark routinely fucked him. This went on for nearly a month when things, sexual things, got a little wilder. Caleb had taken his bath and was told to sit with his sister in her bedroom. A man had come over and Caleb already knew he was his parents drug supplier. He could hear them arguing, but couldn't really make out any words to form a complete sentence. Everything got all quiet and he could hear someone walking towards his sister's bedroom. The thin door popped open and it was his mother. Caleb could easily tell from his mother's looks and actions, that she was in dire need of a drug fix. She looked at both of them, pointed at his sister and told her to get dressed and come with her. Caleb's mom pointed a finger at Caleb and harshly said, "You'd better take care of Tom, or else, you little shit!"

Caleb was told to stay in the bedroom and he teary eyed watched his mom and sister leave the tiny bedroom. Only a mattress on the floor was in the bedroom and Caleb sat there, both heels to his exposed butt and arms clutching his knees. His parents drug dealer, Tom, was probably somewhere in his forties. He was balding and had a large belly and a full dark black beard with cold dark eyes. Caleb, from the very first time he saw Tom, feared the burly looking man.

The bedroom door flung open and there Tom stood, larger than life, with one heck of an evil grin on his face. After clearing his throat, Tom growled, "Boy, your folks need their fix and aint got no money. Depends on how you do, your fucked up parents get supplied. Now, they tell me you like to suck dick and you also liked to get fucked. Whew, you sure are one pretty little boy...I've always had a fancy for you and thanks to your useless folks, now I got my chance with you. Stand up and let me get naked so I can lay on that filthy mattress!"

Caleb obeyed the command, but for whatever the reason, his fear escaped his body. Both Tom and Caleb looked down at Caleb's skin covered erection. Tom smiled while he removed his clothes off of his large beefy body. All Caleb could think about was what Tom's dick looked like and the possibility of having it rifle up his anal canal. The longer the man took to disrobe, the higher his unexplainable emotions swam. When Tom peeled off his shirt, Caleb saw the mass of curly salt and pepper hairs covering the man's entire upper body, darting all the way over his massive shoulders. Even Tom's belly protruded further outwards than it appeared when he wore a shirt. Tom kicked off his shoes and peeled his socks off. Caleb licked his lips as the man unhooked his belt and pants and slid them down his beefy body. Standing only in his white underwear, Caleb saw that even Tom's legs were nothing more than a mass of hair. The tenting of the man's underwear was giant to Caleb's eyes as he watched Tom hook the inside of his underwear and quickly peeled them off, tossing them to the dirty carpeted floor.

Tom's cock was aiming slightly upwards and it was, or looked, to be longer than Mark's by a couple of inches and it was nearly twice as thick. Just like himself, Tom had foreskin covering the head of his cock which dangled a good inch or so passed the thick skin covered cock head. Caleb snuck a peek at Tom's low hanging hair covered nuts. They were at least three times the size of Mark's and Caleb watched in awe as the beefy man crawled onto the mattress and lay on his back with his hairy thick legs widely spread. Tom took his thick cock in his left hand, pointed it at Caleb, smiled and soothingly whispered, "You want this boy? Come on and get it!"

Caleb crawled on his knees between the man's hairy legs, keeping his wide open eyes on the massive cock before him. His mouth watered the closer he got to the massive thick cock pointing straight at him. Just as he was as in between Tom's spread legs, his nostrils detected a very foul odor steaming from between the hairy man's legs. It sort of smelled as though he had just stuck his head into a toilet that had just been freshly used. It was kind of disgusting, but the sight of the man's thick and long cock was too much and overpowered his sense of smell.

Caleb cupped the huge hairy balls while his tongue slithered all over the hood head, slipping inside the skin, pressing up against the man's hidden piss slit. It was salty, bitter, and had a weird kind of taste, but Caleb pressed on with his devoted efforts. Stretching his mouth wide, Caleb shoved a good four inches into his mouth while teasingly caressing the man's heavy hairy balls. Caleb had been so aquatinted at sucking Mark's cock, he had mastered the art of deep throat, but Tom's cock was too long and definitely too thick. Caleb relaxed his throat the best he could and managed to allow a good six or so inches to fill his mouth and throat. Tom's large beefy hands softly held the sides of Caleb's head while moaning, "Oh my God, oh shit, oh Caleb, you are sooooooooooooooo good!"

Caleb slowly milked Tom's thick cock, and for the first time, no longer feared the man. His touches were soft and gentle and his voice was inherently soothing. Unlike his escapades with Mark, Tom didn't curse him, but actually praised him. When Caleb needed air, he'd slip his mouth off the thick cock and used his tongue to swim all over the man's huge balls. Caleb skillfully worked on Tom's cock and balls for quite a long time. Tom nearly exploded his man cream numerous times while he basked in the luxury of a seven year old boy, who's beauty could only compare to that of a fantasy, who was sucking his cock like no other person had ever done.

Tom howled, "Oh Caleb, you sweet child! Oh, you do this so well...You need to know what being loved feels like!" Knowing he couldn't take anymore of the boy's mouth action, Tom literally picked Caleb up and shoved Caleb's ass straight onto his already erect tongue. Caleb was literally resting on top of the man's huge belly while he closed his eyes as Tom's tongue began swimming in and around his pucker hole. Tom groaned heavily as he used his tongue like a shovel, digging all over Caleb's widely stretched butt hole. As time progressed, Caleb found himself squatting over Tom's bearded face, humping his body up and down on the man's tongue slipping in and out of his cock hungry asshole.

Tom pushed Caleb up passed his head and dropped the boy down so that his young hairless tightly enclosed nuggets fell directly into his mouth. Caleb cried out as the heat from Tom's mouth encircled around his balls. He could feel Tom's nose press against his butt hole as the tongue swirling all over his tiny nuggets, sending rockets blasting off inside his already spinning head. The tiny dirty bedroom was filled with noises of pleasure rolling out of both Tom and Caleb's panting lungs. Tom sucked and licked on Caleb's balls until he let them slip free and quickly pushed the two inches of hooded erect beauty into his lust filled mouth. Caleb managed to stretch his body to the point the could use his tongue to swirl around the man's hooded cock head.

Caleb felt his emotions stir as he knew what was about to happen. Tom felt the little cock expand and increased his sucking as one hell of a dry orgasm crashed through Caleb's emotionally spun body. Instinctively, Caleb began humping his dry shooting cock in and out of Tom's sucking mouth while caressing the man's heavy balls and sucking the foreskin covered cock head like there was no tomorrow.

Caleb had not quite an orgasm that powerful before and as he lay on Tom's belly, almost drained of energy, Tom picked him up and lay Caleb on his back as he struggled to get to his knees. Caleb glassy eyed watched Tom open up a jar of Vaseline and began smearing the cream all over his thick cock. Tom scooped up a thick glob and stuffed it up Caleb's asshole with the utmost of carefulness. Tom looked feverish as he questioned Caleb, "Did that hurt? Caleb, you are so beautiful! I have dreamed of this for such a long time...Please let me know if this hurts you!" The finger sliding all around inside his hole felt pretty good. Tom kept on applying more Vaseline, adding a finger with each application. When the fourth finger was added, Caleb felt a little discomfort, but he desperately wanted to feel Tom's cock up his ass.

Tom looked down at Caleb with the most passionate of eyes and asked, "Caleb, we don't have to do this. Be honest with me please! Do you want to go through with this?" Caleb was lost in lust as four of Tom's fingers filled his butt and with each lustful breath, whispered, "Huh, huh, please, huh, yes, hum, give, hum, huh, it to, huh, meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Tom withdrew his fingers and gently raised both of Caleb's smooth hairless legs high into the air and softly guided them to the point that both of Caleb's knees were past his head, deeply implanted into the mattress. Tom smiled as he peered eye to eye at Caleb's tiny little pucker hole, glistening from the Vaseline, outlined in a dazzling bright pink.

Using his left hand to apply a little pressure to the back of Caleb's right thigh, Tom held his slippery thick cock with his right and positioned it to Caleb's hot little butt hole. Using a little downward pressure, Tom tried to break the outer ring to gain entrance. Caleb had learned a while back that if he strained as if he were going to take a poop, that the cock going up his butt would be less painful. He strained and felt the hood head slide into his ass. Initially, due to the thickness of Tom's cock, Caleb felt his anal walls stretch wider than ever before. It hurt, but he also knew that somewhere down the road, the pleasure would come and he would be lost in his own little world of having a cock rifling in and out of his asshole.

Tom tried to take his time, but it was Caleb who actually shoved his ass all the way onto the thick invader. Caleb just wanted to get the pain over and done with and he knew if he just slammed his ass onto Tom's thick cock, he would feel pain, but the pleasure he sought would also come a lot sooner. Caleb's mouth fell open as the pain ripped through his body and it was Tom who was a little baffled at the young boy's actions. Tom held his cock in place, resting his low hanging balls on the smooth silk surface of Caleb's butt crack.

Just as Caleb knew would happen, he felt the pain begin to slip away, so he began doing his best to drive his ass onto the cock filling his entire butt. Tom got the clue, so he began fucking Caleb slow and very methodical. Tom was doing his best not to hurt Caleb as he whispered into Caleb's right ear, "Are you okay? Do you want me to pull it out?" Caleb almost screamed, "No, no, please no! Fuck me sir...Fuck me please!" Tom heard the words as they filtered through his ears. Tom jerked his head back and began thrusting his fat cock causing the sounds of flesh striking flesh to slap against the walls, sending echoes of thuds waving into the damp air.

With each and every downward thrust, Caleb lost air from his lungs, but the feeling of Tom's cock sent his mind racing into orbit. Tom pounded his cock heavy and hard, feeling every slap of his heavy balls against the young boy's silky ass crack. Releasing his right hand from the back of Caleb's left thigh, Tom grabbed onto Caleb's rock hard missile and began jerking the young cock in unison with his own thrusting manhood. Unable to control himself any longer while watching Caleb's twisted and contorted face, Tom leaned down and sank his mouth right over Caleb's open mouth. Caleb had not been kissed before, especially like this. Tom's tongue was swirling around all inside his mouth, absorbing his every breath. Caleb stuck out his tongue and was a little shocked when Tom's tongue slid all over it. Soon, Caleb managed to slip his tongue inside Tom's mouth while still lost in this never before felt world of loving bliss.

The cock pile driving his ass and Tom's hand jerking his boy meat, Caleb moaned inside Tom's mouth as yet another powerful dry orgasm rippled through his body. Tom began grunting furiously, sending the chilling vibrations shooting down Caleb's throat. Caleb felt his anal canal expand a bit wider, then heard Tom moan as Caleb felt the sperm missiles shoot higher up into his bowels. When Tom finally stopped shooting his sperm, he still continued to drive his cock ever so hard into Caleb's churning asshole. A short time later, Tom's limp cock slipped out of Caleb's butt and Tom just rolled off onto the side while looking straight up at the ceiling.

Once Tom managed to catch his breath, he leaned over onto his left side, held Caleb's left cheek, smiled then whispered, "Caleb, you are so beautiful. Life is so fucking cruel to have cursed a child with the two lowest forms of whale shit like your mom and step dad. You need to be loved, not abused! I can't thank you enough for the time we shared tonight, though I know you didn't plan on it, or really have anything to say about it. But, I honestly wanted you from the very first time I ever saw you. From this day forth, if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me!"

Caleb watched as Tom got dressed and stood at the open door of the bedroom. Tom reached back and retrieved his wallet, took out some money and extended it to Caleb and said, "Here son, take this. Buy you and your sister some food, clothes, or whatever! One other thing, if your fucked up parents takes this money from you, you just let me know and I'll personally take care of it. Hopefully, you might just visit me on your own...I'd like that very much!"

Caleb took the money and watched Tom sway down the hall and walk out the front door. Caleb counted the money and he thought he was rich as he was now holding sixty dollars. He already knew he was going to buy food for him and his sister, since it had been nearly two days since they last ate. Caleb walked down the short hall and overheard Mark ask Tom, "So, did the little shit perform as I told you?" Tom replied, "Yeah, and here's your shit as promised! You two worthless fucks need to get off of this shit and try to be something you have no idea to be...and that is parents!"

Caleb stood before Mark and his mother and the two of them just looked at him in pure disgust. Mark bellowed, "Go wash your cum filled ass you little faggot! Thanks to you and your fucking sister liking cock so fucking much, me and your mother came up with a great plan...Now go get your ass cleaned and go to bed!"

The next week, Caleb watched his sister go into her bedroom with various men. By the sounds going on in the room, he knew all too well that the grown men were plowing his sister, be it in her vagina or her asshole. Mark still let him suck his cock and he always fucked Caleb before having to go to bed. Sometimes his mother was present, sometimes she was out doing her own drug thing, either way, Caleb enjoyed his step dad ramming his hard cock in and out of his always hungry asshole. Caleb and his sister never spoke about their sexual endeavors, instead it was more like taboo to mention anything about what all was going on inside their rundown small mobile home.

Beginning of the second week, Caleb found himself being literally used so that his parents could get their drug related fix. In one weeks time, he had been the soul desire of nine men, all various in cock size and shapes. Some were kind, while others were down right mean. He had been spanked, leaving large whelps all over his slender butt cheeks then fucked without any lubrication by one mean drug pusher. As each day passed, Caleb actually looked forward for some stranger to invade his ass and use his body at will. He loved to suck cock and he absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, loved to get fucked.

On many, many occasions, his sexual encounters with strangers had been video taped. In the middle of his eighth year all hell broke out. Two men had propositioned his parents to have sex with both Caleb and his sister at the same time. For this was all too knew for Caleb or his sister. The video camera was set up inside his parents bedroom and both Caleb and his sister sat on the bed while their mouths was filled with two very large and thick cocks. Both his mother and step father were in the bedroom, but they were nothing more than bystanders getting off on the show that was unveiling before their very own eyes. Caleb's sister was already sick with something like the flu and after coughing numerous times, was sent to her bedroom, leaving Caleb alone to handle the two huge cocks.

Both men were way taller than Mark, one being charcoal black in color and having the longest cock of the two. The black man's cock was the longest Caleb had ever seen, cut and sort of slender considering the more than impressive length. The white man's cock was about seven cut inches, but it was the thickest cock Caleb had ever encountered. The black cock was in his left hand and the white cock was in his right and his mouth was rotating from one to the other. The black man moaned, "This pretty white boy can suck some cock!" The white man countered, "He's better than any fucking bitch I've ever had!" Just the slurping noise Caleb was making as he tried in vain to swallow as much of the lengthy black cock as possible while jacking on the fat meat his right hand couldn't even go around.

Caleb rotated from one cock to the next, doing his best to satisfy the two strangers. The white man stated, "Holy fuck, this kid can suck a mean cock! I wonder if his ass can handle what his mouth can!" The black guy jumped in, "Fuck him, the little pretty mother fucker is ours for the taking! You bet your ass he's gonna take these cocks up his pretty little ass!" Caleb was now on the black long pole fucking his mouth hard and deep. The black guy put his large hands behind Caleb's head and was now fucking his mouth, shoving the long black cock down his throat with each powerful thrust. The white guy stepped up onto the bed and got in behind Caleb, by now who was on all fours sucking the black man's cock. The white man snickered as he looked at Caleb's tiny asshole and sarcastically said, "I'll be a mother fucker...this boy's asshole is prettier than any pussy I've ever seen...not a fucking hair anywhere to be seen!"

Caleb felt the white man's fingers as they began probing at his butt hole. The man was in no way passionate as he forced a dry finger up his rectum. Caleb let out a slight grunt as the dry finger of the white man climbed all the way up his chute and began twirling all around. The black guy, still holding Caleb's head, tossed his head back and mumbled, "That's it cock boy, suck that big black mother fucker...yeah, shit yeah, suck that shit white boy!" Caleb's little cheeks were bloated as the black guy rotated his slender hips while driving his long slender cock to the depths of Caleb's throat.

As the second finger of the white guy entered his anal canal, Caleb was a little more relieved that the guy had lubricated it with his own saliva before shoving it up his butt. Now, with two stubby fingers crawling inside his anal canal, the white guy reached under Caleb and wrapped his hand around Caleb's hard young cock and began jerking it roughly. The white guy who was finger fucking him snarled and said, "The little fucker has a hard-on, either that, or this little bitch has got the longest clit I've ever seen!" Both the white man and black man laughed at the last remark and Caleb stole a glance at his mother who was now holding the camera to his side to film him sucking the black man's cock, being finger fucked by the white guy behind him, and his cock being yanked up and down.

As the black cock slammed in and out of his mouth, Caleb heard a lid being opened up behind him. In just a few short seconds, Caleb felt the thick knob of the white man's cock slip up against his jutting asshole. The white man growled, "You gonna take this thick mother fucker, boy!" The white man pulled back on Caleb's hips as his cock forced it's way up his canal. He had lubricated his cock a little, but didn't take the time to lubricate Caleb's rectum. The thick cock shot all the way up Caleb's ass in one very painful motion. Caleb was unable to do much of anything as the black cock slid down his throat and the thick white cock began blistering in and out of his asshole.

Neither man offered any signs of passion as they fucked, both Caleb's mouth and asshole, with undying vengeance. The white man yelled, "Oh fuck, this boy is soooooooo fucking tight! Shit, fuck me man, this boy's ass is hotter than hell!" Caleb had been in this sort of position before, but not with two men. He had learned some time ago on how to control his anal muscles to choke whatever object invaded his asshole. Meeting force with force, Caleb began pile driving his ass onto the white man's thrusting fat cock. The pain of the sudden invasion had slipped away and Caleb was now overwhelmed with lust as the cock rifling in and out of his asshole filled his mind with sexual desires.

The black guy screamed, "Gonna cum, boy! Oh fuck, here, here it assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" The black pole in his mouth had exited up to the point that the mushroom head was just enclosed with his succulent lips. Caleb felt the powerful strike of the black guy's hot thick cum splatter on the roof of his mouth, followed with more numerous sperm torpedoes. Blast after blast, fired on the roof of his mouth and Caleb held his position and kept on sucking the man's cock while relishing the feeling his asshole was granting him. The black guy pulled his sperm shooting cock out of Caleb's still wide open mouth and began jerking his long black pole ensuring that his thick white sperm flew into Caleb's already cum filled mouth. The black guy screamed, "Take this you white little punk mother fucker! Catch my shit, boy!" Caleb held his mouth open while continuing his effort of cramming his ass onto the fat thrusting cock.

As the black cock subsided in firing its thick sperm, the black guy began smearing his aftermath sperm all over Caleb's cherry wine lips. Caleb's mouth was still open as the camera his mother was holding came nearer and filmed the sperm swimming around inside Caleb's mouth. The black guy said, "Oh yeah, sip it boy, sip my shit boy! Let me see you swallow that shit!" Caleb opened his throat and some of the thick cream slid down his throat. It was a bit salty and a tad bitter, but it was cum and Caleb loved the taste of sperm. He swallowed and swallowed until all the black guy's cum had slipped down his throat. Only the after taste of the bitter tasting sperm remained in his still wide open mouth.

The white guy who was feeding Caleb his thick cock yanked his cock free and quickly hopped off the bed. The black guy took the white guy's position and shoved his still rock hard cock all the way up Caleb's chute. Before Caleb realized what was happening, the black guy had latched onto his little hips and began fucking his ass like crazy. The white guy forced his thick cock inside of Caleb's mouth, locked his hands around Caleb's head, and began skull fucking him. Caleb felt another sensation as no other cock had ever swam to the depth of his ass like the black guy's cock was now doing. With each downward thrust, a tingling of fiery pain shot inside Caleb's stomach.

The white guy slung his head to and fro and cried out, "Take this load mother fucker...oh fuck, I'm uh, shittttttttttt!" The fat cock erupted sending wave after wave of hot thick sperm into Caleb's mouth. Caleb was now into the fact that the long black cock shooting in and out of his asshole went way beyond his anal canal...It now stabbed somewhere inside his belly with each and every long thrust. He began contracting his anal muscles, intentionally doing his best to skin the flesh right off the black pole blistering away inside his ass. Caleb thought the black guy had a huge load, but even his could not compare to the fat cock spraying sperm inside his mouth now. Endless shots of thick sperm flew out of the fat cock and struck his mouth with devastating power. The hands holding his head prevented Caleb from doing anything, but take the load, and hopefully, begin swallowing.

Just like the black guy, the white guy pulled his still sperm shooting cock from his mouth and began coating his upper lip with the hot thick cream. Caleb held his mouth open while his mother filmed all the sperm trapped inside his mouth, as well as filmed the white guy spraying his upper lip with the white creamy spunk. The black guy yelled, "Oh fuck...this boy has got one fine ass! Tight and super mother fucking hot!" Though he loved the feeling of having a cock work in his ass, the mixture of the two cocks began giving him more of an irritating feeling, rather than the pleasure he once experienced.

The white guy's cock finally stopped shooting sperm and all the sperm that he coated his upper lip with began dribbling into his mouth. The white guy smiled and ordered, "Swallow it boy!" Caleb opened his throat and began swallowing the bitter cream by the bucket loads. The white guy continued to rub his fat cock all over Caleb's face as Caleb swallowed and swallowed the huge spunk inside his mouth. The black guy fucking Caleb blurted out, "You in for a real fucking boy! You aint gonna be able to shit right for a month, mother fucker!" Caleb felt each swing of the black man's free swinging low hanging balls as they crashed onto his shriveled up nuggets.

With the last of the white guy's sperm departing his mouth, sliding down his throat, the white guy spun around, bent over, spread his hairy ass cheeks apart and shoved his butt right into Caleb's face. The white guy humiliatingly said, "Eat it boy! Shove your fucking tongue up my ass!" Caleb could smell the foul odor steaming from the man's hairy butt hole, as well as feel the fiery heat spewing from it as well. The white guy was gyrating his large butt onto Caleb's face and Caleb was literally unable to move thanks to the black man's large hands restraining his hips. As soon as his tongue slipped passed all the hair and stabbed at the dark hairy hole, Caleb got something like a metal taste in his mouth. As instructed, Caleb used his tongue, hoping against all hopes he didn't gag or throw up, and began bathing the white man's stinky asshole. The white guy moaned, "Yeah, that's it boy...tongue my asshole real good...oh fuck, yes, shit yeah boy!"

Between the white guy shoving his smelly ass onto his face and the black guy doing power strokes with his long black cock in his ass, Caleb was nothing more than a sandwich...or better yet, the meat between two pieces of bread! The odor shooting up his flaring nostrils no longer played a part as his tongue swirled all around the white guy's butt hole and the black guy didn't skip a beat as he rammed his long black pole like a runaway locomotive in and out of his butt. Caleb clamped down on his anal muscles with each and every stroke, causing the black man to blurt out constant obscenities. The white guy groaned, "Oh yeah, that's it boy, eat my ass, tongue that mother fucker!" Caleb did what he thought was natural as his tongue slipped inside the smelly orifice while he jammed his little butt onto the long thrusting cock rifling inside his asshole.

Caleb had been fucked by many men, but never had he been fucked for as long and as hard as the back guy was now doing. The pile driving from the black guy must have been for over thirty minutes or longer, and the man showed no signs of tiring. Caleb's mind was spinning wildly as his tongue was wiggling freely inside the white guy's butt and his own ass was on fire from the fucking he was now enduring. With each long and deep thrust, the black guy used Caleb's hips to drive the boy onto his cock. Caleb really needed no help as he was slamming his ass as hard as he could while straining his ass muscles on the black anal invader. The harder he squeezed, the more pleasure he obtained.

After a very lengthy time, the black guy harshly stated, "Get your ass out of his face...I'm gonna fuck my cock through his ass and out of his pretty little mouth!" The ass smothering his face inched forward, giving Caleb cleaner air to breathe, but the black guy roughly picked him up, keeping his long cock inside his butt, flipped him over onto his back, and quickly shoved his knees way behind his head, deeply implanting the bed's mattress. Without any hesitation, the black guy began bucking like a bull, driving his long cock ever so hard, and ever so deep. With each thrust, Caleb felt it was more like a stab. His body was pinned under the huge black guy and his ass was free for the fucking!

"Feel that mother fucker...I'm gonna fuck your hot little ass real gooooooooood now, boy...Take that white boy...Yeah, uh huh, that's a good little bitch!" Caleb could tell he was making all sorts of faces as the hard long cock went deeper than ever before. There was no mercy as the black man pounded his ass relentlessly. Caleb could barely breathe as with each powerful downward thrust seemed to have crashed through his lungs, forcing what little air he had inside of him to explode out of his contorted and twisted mouth.

It seemed like an everlasting eternity, but was probably something like over an hour of having his asshole blistered feverishly by the black guy when the man grunted, then yelled, "Oh shit, oh fuck, damn this boy's ass is fucking hot, yeah bitch, here it comes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Caleb was still trying to breathe as the black guy fucked his ass while his cock exploded a massive quantity of man seed deep inside him. Hot thick globs of the black man's cream fired up his rectum, but the guy showed no signs of slowing down. A long time later, the black guy blurted out, "You want some more of this little bitch's ass?" The white guy answered, "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna fuck my load up his tight ass too!"

Caleb saw and felt the white guy grab his legs as the black guy inched backwards on his knees. Even though the black guy's cock had just fired a powerful load, it still seemed pretty hard to Caleb. Once the long black cock popped out of his ass, the white guy got in between Caleb's overstretched legs and shoved his fat cock hard and heavy all the way inside of Caleb. Just like the black guy had done, the white guy immediately began pile driving his fat cock in and out of Caleb's cum filled ass. Twenty or so minutes of hard anal plugging, the white guy's cock erupted, spewing it's thick load inside of Caleb. Just as the white guy was pulling his now limp cock out of Caleb, the front door burst open and before Caleb knew what was happening, their small mobile home was quickly filled with cops.

Caleb was too weak to stand, much less dress himself, but one cop picked him up, draped his sexually drained body with a bed sheet and carried him outside to one of the cruisers. At this point in time, none of this made any sense to Caleb, but he saw his sister being carried out of their home by a female police officer and placed into another cruiser somewhere out of his sight. Both of his parents and the two men were escorted out in handcuffs and the police began toting out numerous boxes from their home.

Unknown to Caleb, this was the last vision he was ever to see of his parents, or his sister, including the run down mobile home he called home. To make a long story rather short, for the next year, Caleb spent most of his time being shuffled from one foster home to the next. After hundreds of sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists, Caleb already knew what he was being informed of...that is he is gay! What people thought of his molestation, Caleb constantly dreamed of. Each night, be it in some strange house, Caleb always jacked-off thinking of having some man's hard cock rooting inside his ass.

Sometime at the tail end of his eleventh year, Caleb was relocated to yet another foster home. As soon as his social worker introduced Caleb to his new foster family, Caleb was silently making plans to get more acquainted with the "men" side of the family. His eyes looked up into his new foster father's and fell madly in lust. His name was Jim and to the eyes of Caleb's, the man stood at least 6'4" and was solid with a muscular build from head to toe. Jim's hair was dirty blond and his eyes were emerald green. His goatee was neatly trimmed and the man looked to be in his late thirties or early forties. Caleb guessed his weight to be around 220 pounds or so, but the bottom line for Caleb was the simple fact that Jim was down right drop dead gorgeous.

Caleb was introduced to his foster mom, Mary, who had already prepared some hot food for him. The other person present who captured Caleb's eyes was his new foster brother, Darin. He guessed Darin's age to be around fifteen or sixteen, but unlike his father, who was a man's man, Darin was more of the boy next door type. Curly blond hair with a slight faint of a moustache fighting against all odds to show signs of darker growth. His eyes were a ocean blue color and he stood close to 6 feet and couldn't have weighed no more than 160 pounds. Darin's face was slender and Caleb strained both eyes to capture his astonishing beauty clad only in a tank top and cut-off jeans. Darin's skin was tanned from the burning sun and his arms and legs had speckles of blond hair spattered all about.

Darin was told to show Caleb his new home. Not only was Jim and Darin a sight for Caleb's sore eyes, but out of all the homes he had been in, this one here takes the cake. It was huge and cleaned beyond immaculate. Darin showed Caleb his new room and Caleb almost fainted as he realized he no longer had to share a bathroom or a bed with another young boy, cause his new bedroom had its own private bathroom. The house was huge, having a pool table, game room, a large Jacuzzi, and a great big swimming pool in the back yard. Temporarily, Caleb lost interest in Jim and Darin, thinking he must have died and gone straight to heaven.

It was summer time and there was no school. Caleb had been in his new home for a little more than a week. For the first time in his life, he really and truly felt like he belonged. Everyone was so nice and even the rules that were outlined were not rules Caleb thought to be overbearing. Jim and Mary both were attorneys and Darin and Caleb were left alone to make the best of each day. Caleb still had the utmost desires for Jim, but thanks to his new living conditions, he thought better against making any stupid moves. Caleb now focused his attention on Darin, who by each passing moment, looked better each time. Caleb did find out that Darin was 17 and from the way Darin treated Caleb, he had no problem hanging out with someone Caleb's age. They swam, played pool, video games, and watched television during the days.

One hot sunny day, Darin had to go to the store and Caleb decided to stray at home. Peering through the curtains, Caleb watched Darin drive down the long driveway and turn onto the street. Once Darin and the car were out of sight, Caleb literally ran into Darin's bathroom. He had fired off many dry orgasms while thinking of Darin and now he had no clue as to what he was searching for, but he was nervously standing in Darin's bathroom looking around. Caleb could find nothing of interest, so he ran into Darin's bedroom. Everything was spotlessly clean, even under the bed. Caleb opened up the closet door and the first thing that caught his eyes was the clothes hamper. He lifted up the top and there in plain view was Darin's pale blue bikini underwear. Like a thief in the night, Caleb picked up the cherished item and involuntarily raised it up to his inhaling nostrils. Having no idea what he actually was doing, Caleb sniffed the dirty underwear which only revealed a slight sweaty musky fragrance.

His heart was pounding heavily inside his chest as his nostrils flared out to capture the intoxicating fragrance. Instinctively, Caleb shoved his left hand into his shorts and began stabbing his butt hole with two fingers. For whatever reason, Caleb began licking the interior of Darin's used underwear. If the mind boggling fragrance wasn't enough, the taste sent him over the edge. By now, most of the underwear was inside his mouth as he yanked his shorts off and began pounding on his now four and a half inch uncut hard cock. With two fingers shuffling around inside his ass and his right hand choking his hard cock, not to mention a mouthful of Darin's dirty underwear, Caleb began sending his mind into one heck of a dry orgasm, body squirming climax.

Caleb had just finished his orgasm and placed the saliva soaked underwear back into the hamper, when he heard Darin stirring around downstairs. Caleb snuck out of Darin's room and on very wobbly legs, staggered downstairs to greet him. As Caleb rounded the corner, only wearing cut-offs and nothing else, he found out that it wasn't Darin, it was the police officer who brought him and his social worker here. The officer who introduced himself as only Rusty looked down and into Caleb's eyes, then softly spoke, "Hey little buddy...just stopped by to check on you."

The officer, wearing his full uniform, was sitting on the sofa and Caleb was sitting on the same sofa about a foot away. Initially, their conversation was harmless, but the officer who was somewhere in his thirties with bright red hair, changed the topic rather drastically by asking, "Caleb, didn't it hurt real bad to have those two guys fuck you the way they did?" Caleb was caught off guard, but was still ever so horny as he replied, "No sir, not really! I'm gay and I like to be fucked...It's that simple sir!" Rusty smiled, then offered, "But, but you are so incredibly gorgeous! Did, um, they make you suck their dicks?" Caleb returned the smile and cheerfully said, "Swallowed their cream too!"

Caleb knew what the officer was implying but was too nervous to just come right out and say or ask it, so he scooted over right next to Rusty and placed his right hand on the visible bulge inside the man's uniform pants and said, "How about we knock off the crap, Darin will be home soon. Let me suck your cock, okay...This will be our little secret!" Rusty didn't utter a word, instead began unhooking his gear and immediately slid his pants down to his thighs. Caleb got off of the sofa and knelt down between Rusty's hairy legs and gazed at the protruding tent in Rusty's white underwear. Caleb began rubbing the officer's hairy legs up and down while Rusty began sliding his underwear down to his thighs, arching his butt up to get them to his thighs.

The first sight Caleb's eyes witnessed was the ton of bright red curly hair just below Rusty's inward belly button forming a huge hairy patch of fiery hair. The hard cock that heavily bounced free made Caleb's mouth water in delight. It must have been a good seven uncut inches and was thick, more so, beefy. The covered head was thicker than the pale cream colored shaft and the foreskin dangled about an inch from the hooded head. Two huge and hairy balls rested on top of Rusty's hairy thighs as Caleb leaned forward and in one stealth gulp, swallowed the officer's cock all the way to the fiery bush. Rusty fondled Caleb's head while softly moaning as Caleb used his mouth like a bobbing vacuum and his tongue like a hungry snake.

Time was not on Caleb's side as he increased his bobbing motion and used his hands to caress and fondle Rusty's hairy huge nuggets. If more time was present, Caleb would have slobbered all over the hard cock and impaled his hungry ass onto the officer's super tasty weapon. Being that time was a major issue, and it being so long since his mouth had been granted man cream, Caleb gave into the fact that all he was going to do at the present time was suck on Rusty's cock and be rewarded with his man seed.

Rusty began bucking his hips and his soft moans grew louder as Caleb skillfully milked the hard cock darting in and out of his pressure sucking mouth. Rusty cried out, "God, oh God, here, Caleb, here, oh shit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The beefy cock inside his mouth expanded and Caleb felt the rewarding flow of man cream as it spurted in globs, splashing powerfully to the roof of his mouth. Both Rusty and Caleb were groaning as Rusty showered Caleb's mouth with gallons upon gallons of thick creamy man seed. Caleb kneaded his fingers into the man's balls as more hot cream flowed freely into his mouth. As the last of Rusty's seed was drained from his piss slit and the once hard cock deflated inside Caleb's mouth, Caleb began slowly allowing samples to slip down his throat. The taste brought back many fond memories as the slightly salty sperm trickled down his throat.

Once all the thick cream left his mouth to enter his stomach, Caleb released the officer's cock from his mouth. Rusty was panting as if he had just been involved in a foot chase, but had a smile as huge as China dashing across his freckled face. Rusty struggled to pull up his underwear and pants and reattach them. After doing so, he looked down at Caleb who was still on his knees and softly whispered, "My God, you do that so well, but I uh, I um, I want to feel your dick in my mouth, that is if it is okay with you."

Caleb stood up and yanked his cut-offs down to his ankles, then stepped out of them. Caleb stepped up onto the sofa, straddling Rusty and shoved his uncut cock straight into Rusty's already open and quivering mouth. Caleb grunted loudly as the heat from the man's mouth encircled around his cock. Rusty reached up with both hands and began fondling Caleb's little butt cheeks. One of Rusty's fingers found Caleb's butt hole and began drawing mini circles right on top of it. Out of instinct, Caleb began fucking his cock in and out of Rusty's slurping mouth.

The finger on his butt hole and the mouth on his cock felt too good for Caleb as his body shook violently at yet another dry orgasm. Rusty groaned in delight as the young cock inside his mouth repeatedly expanded and the boy butt cheeks gripped at his caressing fingers. Just as his body slowed down, Caleb and Rusty both heard the car door shut. Caleb almost fell in a feeble attempt to put his shorts back on. Rusty stood up, made sure his uniform was in order and quickly darted to the front door. Darin walked in, almost running into the officer. Rusty immediately announced, "Howdy young man, just checking on Caleb here. Everything seems to be going just fine and you guys have a great day." Rusty got into his cruiser and drove away.

Once Darin and Caleb put the food up, they began to wrestle while in the living room. Nothing remotely to sexual activity erupted, but when the two came face to face, Darin sort of raised his eyebrow while looking into Caleb's eyes and said, "Dang Caleb, your breath smells just like cum!" Darin was laying on top of Caleb, who was smashed on his back on the floor. Caleb smiled and quickly shot back, "Okay smarty, so how do you know what sperm tastes like?" Darin got off of Caleb and Caleb figured he had hit the wrong button. Darin flopped down on the sofa, flashed his bright dashing eyes, took a deep breath, then offered, "Caleb, I know all about your past. You've been though some serious shit dude and I can't even begin to imagine what all that was like. I just want to be more like a big brother to you, but there is one thing, I, no matter what, can't get off my mind. Shit, my parents don't even know! Caleb, what I'm about to tell you can't ever go no farther than your ears!"

Caleb got up off the floor and sat right next to Darin, intentionally shoving his right hairless leg up against Darin's left lightly hair splattered leg. Darin cleared his throat, the stated, "In a way, you and I are no different, other than the fact that you are the most gorgeous guy I've ever laid eyes on. You see Caleb, no matter what I do, or what I think, I can't stop thinking about you, and the sickest part is, it's all sexual. Every time I see you, I pretend you are naked and your hard cock is motioning for me to suck it. I know, I know I'm no better than the guys who molested you, but it is time for me to come clean, and be totally honest with you. I don't want you to hate me, but I just had to tell you the truth. I not only want to love you as a brother, but I want to love you as a lover too! You can go ahead and hit me if you feel like it or cuss me out. Whatever you do, I've earned it!"

Caleb placed his right hand on Darin's silky left thigh and with both eyes locked on the other, Caleb broke down for the first time in his life, "Darin, I may have had a rough time, but the things that were done to me, for the most part, I wanted to happen. Something inside of me explodes when I have a cock in my mouth or in my butt. I love the feeling and I really can't explain it. I only can curse my parents for not showing me any love, but they opened the door to my sexual freedom. Even before any sex ever happened, I always looked at men's crotches. I really can't explain it, but now, for the first time in my life, I feel loved, and I don't ever want to give that up. Even now, as I look into your eyes, I go back in time when I first saw you. It was then that I dreamed of having you all to myself. I wanted to taste your sperm and feel your cock as it drilled my ass. So you see, we both kind of share the same feeling and now the question is what do we do about it!"

Darin's mom walked in just as Caleb finished his last sentence. The hugging and kissing on the cheeks were a strange thing for Caleb, but he kind of liked it. They all went into the kitchen and just chatted about everything in general. Later that evening, once Jim arrived home, all four of them went swimming. They played, laughed, and swam until it was time to eat. Later that night as Caleb prepared to go to bed, Jim knocked on Caleb's bedroom door and entered. Caleb was already under the covers as Jim walked over to the bed and sat down next to Caleb's right hip area. With the most love in his voice, Jim soothingly asked, "Caleb, is there anything I can get for you?" Caleb responded, "No sir, everything is just great!" Jim whispered, "I just want you to know one thing, if ever you need me for anything, please don't ever hesitate or be afraid to approach me." Jim's right hand was rubbing Caleb's bare chest and stomach as he spoke. "Your past is your past and neither one of us can do anything to go back in time and change it, but together, we can pave the road to your future. This is your home for as long as you like and all we want is for you to be happy."

Caleb took a deep breath and said, "Sir, my life couldn't be any better than it is right now." As Caleb offered his response, he thought of Darin and kept sneaking a peak at Jim's oversized package all bunched up in his pajama bottoms. What he felt more like saying was if you really want to make me happy, you'd give me your cock, but Caleb thought much better as to say anything remotely close to that. Jim leaned down and planted a tender kiss right on Caleb's lips. Caleb fought back the desire to squeeze his tongue inside Jim's mouth, instead relished the thought his lips just had graced Jim's.

Early the next morning with both Jim and Mary off to work, Darin and Caleb met up in the kitchen. Darin had asked Caleb how tall he was and how much he weighed and Caleb really didn't have a clue. Darin retrieved his mom's measuring tape and had Caleb stand straight up. From head to the back of his heel, Caleb measured a good 4' 9" and weighed a slender 86 pounds. Caleb couldn't keep his eyes off of Darin's exquisite rock hard body. Every time Darin turned away from him, Caleb stole a peak at Darin's rather bubbly jutting butt. What Caleb didn't know was the fact that Darin was doing the same thing to happen.

They were standing in the kitchen planning their days events when Darin snuck in the question, "Caleb, can you cum yet?" Caleb smiled and replied, "Sort of...I can feel it, but nothing comes out just yet." Before Darin had a chance to pop off another question, Caleb fired, "What about you? Do you have a pretty good load?" Darin snickered, then said, "Oh hell yeah! I've only had one person let me shoot it into their mouth and they couldn't handle it all. The shit was running out of their mouth and oozing out of their nose. It was kind of funny though, seeing all that shit." Darin blasted Caleb with yet another question, "Do you got any hair down there yet?" Caleb sort of forced out a laugh, then replied, "Not even a hair stubble just jet! It just wont start growing!"

Darin stretched and said, "Man, fuck this, let's go swimming!" Both Darin and Caleb walked outside into the hot sunlight and Caleb became glued in a trance as Darin slid down his shorts and stood in front of him with his butt in view, bare assed naked. Caleb licked his lips as he saw the two protruding flawless orbs jutting out, tanned from the sun just like the rest of his perfect body. The crack of Darin's butt was thin, but made Caleb's mouth water in luxurious delight. When Darin turned around, Caleb's mouth fell even more open as his eyes rested on the most perfect cock known to mankind. It was cut and soft, shrouded with a dusting of fine curly blond hair in the form of a perfect small V. It sort of looked like a thumb hanging down as it curved over Darin's slightly low hanging egg sized balls. From Caleb's vantage point, he couldn't tell if Darin's balls had hair on them or not. The cock dangling towards his feet hung down about three inches and was kind of slender. Darin's stomach and chest was completely void of any hair growth whatsoever.

Darin backed up and stepped into the shallow end holding on to the side of the pool and eagerly said, "Come on Caleb, just toss off those shorts and get some sun on your ass!" What Darin was about to find out was something Caleb already knew, and that is, his cock was already bone hard from seeing Darin's perfect appetizing body. Caleb yanked down his shorts and stood up letting Darin eye him for the first time naked. Darin cordially licked his cherry colored lips as he stared breathlessly at Caleb's 4 and half inches of uncut beauty. The uncut hard cock rose straight out from Caleb's tight little body arching upwards at a 45 degree angle giving all who looked upon it, a birds eye view of the hairless dime sized nuggets in their beginning stages of dropping.

Caleb politely asked, "Is this anything like what you were hoping to see?" Darin quickly replied, "Oh hell yeah Caleb, and a lot more to boot!" Just as Caleb was about to step into the cool refreshing water, Darin hoarsely asked, "Caleb, before you get in, would you uh, would you turn around so I can see your butt?" Caleb turned himself around so that Darin got a good shot at his butt. Caleb momentarily paused there while Darin stared at the most beautiful butt his eyes had ever witnessed. Darin eagerly and lovingly peered into the soft creamy colored mounds that were so small, so muscular, so mouth watering unbelievably gorgeous. He couldn't understand how anybody could want to hurt Caleb after seeing his entire beauty. Darin imagined all the adult cocks that had darted in between the miniature crack line and savagely ravish Caleb's most treasured delicacy. Silently, Darin cursed all the men who had abused Caleb and his body.

If Darin's view couldn't get any better, Caleb decided to bend over and grab his heels, revealing what lies between his little butt mounds. Darin felt light headed as his eyes watered at the bright pink rosebud which was outlined in a creamy color just as in the same color of his mind boggling butt cheeks. Darin questioned how a man's cock would even fit into something so small. Even after straining his eyes, Caleb's butt hole looked more like a little pink colored freckle than an asshole. While Caleb was bent over, he inched his feet backwards to the edge of the pool. The closer he got into Darin's eye shot, the hornier Darin became, and the harder his cock grew. In the flash of an eye, Caleb launched into a back flip and splashed into the water.

There was an occasional touch here and there while they swam, but nothing really sexual. Neither Caleb nor Darin graced the other by touching the others cock. They horsed around in the pool for a little over an hour when both grew tired of swimming. By now, both cocks had returned to their flaccid state. As they toweled themselves dry, Darin eagerly said, "Caleb, since mom and dad are gone, why don't we just keep our clothes off, you know, go around naked." Caleb was used to walking around naked, after all, he had grown up that way. Instead of replying, Caleb just picked up his shorts and slung them over his right shoulder. Caleb followed Darin up the stairs, locking both eyes on Darin's jutting butt as he took each step. Caleb's uncut beauty got harder than steel admiring Darin's swaying butt cheeks and stealing a glimpse or two of Darin's bouncing balls.

As soon as they got upstairs, Darin entered his bedroom with Caleb hot on his heels. When Darin turned around, he couldn't but not to notice Caleb's uncut beauty standing straight up at attention. As if he were a piece of metal drawn into a powerful magnet, Darin dropped heavily to his knees and sank his mouth over Caleb's boner. Caleb tossed his head back while locking onto the sides of Darin's bobbing head. Darin stretched his fingers and placed them on Caleb's trembling butt cheeks, carefully kneading his fingers into the silky solid flesh.

Darin moaned in heavenly ecstasy as he lavished in the divine feeling of having Caleb's hard little uncut beauty bobbing in and out of his mouth. The dreams, the fantasies, and his prayers were all coming to reality as the cock belonging to the boy he so lovingly longed for was now ripping at his every emotion. Darin's tongue stretched out to swab both of Caleb's hairless jewels as his mouth literally devoured the tasty cock. Caleb was so used to keeping his mouth closed that he was clamping down on his lower lips to blemish his moans of joy. Darin backed off the saliva glistening cock just to say, "Today is your day, just let me know when you feel you are getting really close!" After he finished with his sentence, Darin sank his mouth back over the throbbing piece of uncut boy meat. With his mouth devotionally sucking the fragrance off of Caleb's cock, his fingers danced around inside Caleb's hot little ass crack. One of Darin's fingers landed on Caleb's butt hole, sending a shockwave of chills racing up and down Caleb's spine.

Keeping his mouth firmly on Caleb's cock, Darin picked Caleb up and gently laid him flat on his back on the bed. Darin lowered his body between Caleb's spread legs and began to get lost in a world of his own while sucking on the precious piece of meat forcing his mouth to water with devotional lust. Caleb was groaning and moaning as Darin slowly and teasingly bobbed his head up and down while using his hands to caress his rock hard hairless nuggets. Just as Caleb was about to tremble with an orgasm, Darin lifted his cock sucking mouth off of Caleb's throbbing cock, lifted his legs high up into the air and sank his mouth on both hard tasty balls.

Darin sucked on Caleb's balls forcing loud moans to evade Caleb's cherry lips. Caleb was clutching the bed covers with both hands as Darin pressed both hands on Caleb's legs, forcing his little butt higher into the air. With the lust of the devil, Darin released Caleb's balls and slammed his tongue between Caleb's hairless silky crack. Caleb came unglued as Darin's hot slithering tongue traced up and down his crack, hovering over his puckering little butt hole. Using his right finger, Darin pulled Caleb's uncut missile to his mouth and began sucking o n it like crazy. Just as Caleb was about to cum, Darin yanked his mouth off and shot his tongue directly onto Caleb's butt hole. Caleb cried out as Darin's tongue pressed and pried its way into his anal canal. Darin was grunting as his tongue reached its deepest depth inside Caleb's hot anal interior.

Darin took his time and repeated sucking on Caleb's cock until he got really close, then swabbed his balls and tongue fucked his cock begging asshole in delirious delight. Caleb had small streams of tears rolling out of each eye as his balls ached with the awesome urge to unleash his dry load. He begged Darin to let him cum, but Darin was relentless with his effort to show Caleb the love he so dreamed about since their eyes first gazed upon the other.

Each time Darin slipped his tongue up his rectum, Caleb cried out to be fucked, but Darin continued on with his oral pursuit. Caleb lost control and yelled out, "Your cock, I need, um, suck your cock!" Darin looked up between Caleb's wide open spread legs and sort of smiled, stood up on his knees and Caleb got a great look at Darin's hard cock for the first time. To Caleb, Darin's cock was gorgeous as it impressively stood straight out from his solid body a good seven inches and the head was just a tad thicker than the creamy colored shaft. Caleb could see the globs of pre cum running down the shaft as well as the large bubble of pre cum oozing out of the opened piss slit.

Darin crawled on his knees towards Caleb's face, turned around to face his feet, hiked up his left leg and draped it over Caleb. Caleb came eye to eye with Darin's spread butt cheeks and peered straight at Darin's lightly hair covered asshole. It was a pale brown in color that looked something like a freckle. Darin's balls looked to be hairless as they swung down, inching closer to Caleb's already open and panting mouth. Caleb reached up with his right hand and guided Darin's velvety feeling cock to his lips. Sticking out his tongue, Darin's pre cum dribbled into his mouth giving him his first real taste of Darin. Just from the initial taste, Caleb became delirious in lust and shoved Darin's slender seven inch beauty all the way down his throat.

The two sucked the others hard cock until it was Caleb who almost went blind as his dry sperm worked its way up his shaft. Darin yanked his mouth off and swallowed both of Caleb's balls, preventing Caleb the luxury of shooting his endless dry load. While Darin was sucking and licking on Caleb's swollen and shriveled balls, he used his fingers to probe and tease Caleb's hot little butt hole. With Darin's hard cock shooting in and out of his mouth, Caleb reached up and lightly spread Darin's bucking ass cheeks apart. His eyes zeroed in on Darin's little pucker hole. Thanks to Darin's balls flopping over the bridge of his nose with each of Darin's downward thrusts, Caleb couldn't get his nose where his eyes were focusing on.

By this time, Darin was sucking on Caleb's throbbing cock again. Needing to breathe a little easier, Caleb sort of forced Darin's cock out of his mouth. In one stealth swoop, Caleb slammed his little tongue onto Darin's winking asshole. No stranger to having his tongue up a guys butt, Caleb greedily swirled his tongue all around inside Darin's anal canal. Unlike the rest of his ass eating episodes, Darin's hole seemed different. Not as hairy as most of the men he had been with and it offered no foul odor, nor did his tongue seem to sample the normal iron sort of taste. The more he used his tongue to trigger Darin's emotions, the harder he pressed to get all of his tongue deep inside the sweet tasting canal.

Both Darin and Caleb rotated on their cocks and assholes, leaving both with the mind boggling urge to release their built up loads. Caleb was torn between sucking Darin's cock and eating his delicious asshole. Darin, on the other hand, mixed his time up equally, sucking, licking, fingering Caleb's asshole while servicing Caleb's cock and balls. Caleb had never before lasted this long, nor did he ever have sex for this amount of time before either.

Darin whispered, "I want to fuck you!" Caleb yelled out, "Fuck me Darin, fuck me good!" Darin spun around and got between Caleb's legs, holding his bright red cock up to Caleb's asshole. Darin's cock was slippery from Caleb's saliva so Darin pressed his cock head against Caleb's hole and pushed. Caleb clamped down on his lips as the cock slipped inside of him. Darin eased all seven inches up Caleb's ass causing Caleb to scream from lust. Their lips met and their tongues swirled around inside the others hot mouth as Darin slowly arched his hips and gyrated his cock in and out of Caleb's muscle clinching asshole.

Caleb was used to being fucked, but he was certainly not used to making love and making love is exactly what Darin was doing to him right now, not just fucking. Darin bucked his hips to the point that he was making long, slow, methodical strokes causing Caleb to groan deep inside Darin's mouth. Darin pulled his mouth off of Caleb's and arched his back straight up and slowly began pumping his juicy cock in and out. As their eyes were locked on one another, Darin smiled and softly said, "Caleb, you are so beautiful! I can make love to you forever and never get tired!" Caleb was panting heavily, but managed to force out, "You are the one who is beautiful and it is I who could love you forever!" A sparkle seemed to have appeared in Darin's watery eyes as he picked up his thrusting pace. Caleb used his anal muscles to squeeze and latch onto the thrusting cock pile driving his anal canal.

After a little while, Darin had Caleb flip over on to all fours and began really cramming his cock in and out of Caleb's muscle clinching asshole. Caleb's head was striking the head board with every powerful thrust. Darin's hands held onto his hips, using them to slam Caleb backwards onto his thrusting cock. Caleb was helping Darin out by shoving his ass onto the hard cock blistering away at his butt. Darin screamed, "Oh yes, oh my God, um, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Darin's thrusting pace increased as his cock exploded his youthful cream deep inside Caleb's rectum. Caleb felt the massive heat wave of fiery hot sperm as it shot up his ass in what felt like by the gallons. Darin pounded his cock until all of his juicy sperm slipped into Caleb's cock choking asshole.

Caleb's mind was spinning, but he'd a rather of been allowed the privilege of having Darin's load in his mouth, instead of it going up his butt. Even though Darin's cock became flaccid, Darin continued to slowly pump his cock in and out of Caleb's sperm filled butt. Darin's hands roamed all over Caleb's outstretched back lost in the luxury of the silkiness of Caleb's texture. Caleb tried to reach under him and grab onto his own cock, but Darin stopped him each time.

As if things couldn't get any better for Caleb, he felt Darin's cock get thicker and longer while still inside his butt. While Darin continued to pump his cock in and out, Darin whispered, "You know I'm adopted right? Yeah, they adopted me when I was your age. You're gonna love mom and dad, especially dad. He's got the biggest cock I've ever seen. I bet you would fall in love with it once you saw it. Oh Caleb, we could have so much fun together, just the three of us. Would you like dad to show you his big cock?"

Caleb didn't have to think about that question, but he was still trying to put the puzzle together while getting his ass plugged. Caleb lifted his face up off the pillow and replied, "I wanted Jim as soon as I saw him, then I saw you, then I wanted you both!" Darin fucked his cock back to its full erection inside Caleb's hot ass and while grabbing Caleb's hips one more time, he softly said, "I know dad wants you...I saw it in his eyes, but you can't tell mom...she wouldn't understand! Caleb, if dad was here right now, what would you do?"

Caleb was a bit busy with Darin's cock pounding his ass, but he blurted out, "Make love to me!" Using his strength, Darin picked up Caleb and repositioned him so that now he was facing the edge of the bed, still on all fours. As Caleb's eyes opened, there sitting in the chair straight in front of him, was Jim, starch naked, holding the biggest abnormal cock he had ever laid eyes on, and he had seen a lot of cocks at this point. Jim was smiling while slowly stroking the mammoth cock that was pointing straight up into the air.

It looked longer than the black guy's and thicker than any other cock he had ever been with. The head was a helmet and thicker than the already enormously thick shaft. Caleb could see Jim's huge hairy balls as they rested on the chair's cushion. The longer Caleb stared at the massive cock, the more he craved to touch it. Jim smiled and soothingly whispered, "Caleb, you don't have to if you don't want to! I will never ever hurt you!" Caleb was getting the breath pounded out of him by Darin who was literally fucking the daylights out of him, but he forced a smile and shouted, "I want to!"

Jim stood up and no matter what he tried to do, Caleb couldn't take his eyes off the monster cock that was standing straight out from Jim's muscular body. The monster cock had an arch somewhere in the middle, forcing the mammoth beast to curve downwards. Caleb could see the huge glob of pre cum straining out effortlessly from the huge gaping piss slit. As Jim stood up, his huge hairy balls swung down freely. Caleb wondered why the man didn't walk bowlegged from the size of Jim's huge balls.

As Jim stood before Caleb, he used the palm of his left hand to hold the heavy large cock upwards. Caleb immediately opened his mouth and fought with lust filled desire to get his mouth over the thick head. His tongue swiped up the huge pre cum glob and savored in the taste that only Jim could provide. It was slightly on the salty side, but down right mouth watering delicious nonetheless. Caleb gagged as the huge head finally stretched his mouth enough to pop inside. He couldn't get any more of Jim's cock inside his mouth and his throat couldn't open up enough to allow for anymore room.

Jim used his right hand to lovingly caress the side of Caleb's bloated cheek. Jim said, "Oh Caleb, my son, do only what you want...never do what you don't feel like...love is all I can give you now my gorgeous son!" While Caleb was literally choking on Jim's fat cock, Darin was relentless in fucking his ass like an animal. Caleb had to keep remembering to squeeze his anal muscles as Darin's cock rifled ramp idly in and out of his ass while his mouth was completely filled with Jim's huge abnormal sized cock.

Caleb pushed his mouth off the massive cock and began using his tongue to lick up and down the massive organ. Both Jim and Darin were talking, but Caleb's mind was a million miles away. Using his hands to shove his ass onto Darin's thrusting cock and tantalized by desire with Jim's huge cock, Caleb was on fire with agonizing lust.

Time meant nothing to Caleb as he was being pleasured by Darin's ass drilling cock and his mouth and tongue were pleasing Jim's massive cock. Caleb heard Darin say, "Dad, you got to feel Caleb's tight ass!" Jim responded, "In due time my angel, in due time!" After what seemed like hours, Darin pulled his cock out and was breathing extremely hard. Jim pulled his cock away from Caleb, who was arching his mouth forwards to get the fat cock back inside his mouth. Darin stepped in front of Caleb, smiled, and whispered, "Wait to you feel dad's cock inside of you! Oh shit Caleb, you are awesome!"

Darin turned around and scooted his back on the bed, positioning his mouth over Caleb's hard throbbing uncut beauty. Caleb screamed out as the heat from Darin's mouth overwhelmed his cock. Caleb looked at Darin's cock, the same cock that had been pounding his aching ass and quickly sank his mouth until his nose pressed firmly into Darin's soft pubic bush. Caleb heard the top being opened to something behind him and he knew that Jim was on the bed somewhere near his jutting sperm oozing ass. Darin reached around Caleb and lovingly spread Caleb's already spread butt cheeks. Caleb felt something cold and slimy being tenderly slipped inside his rectum. By the way it felt, Caleb knew it was one of Jim's long thick fingers.

In a matter of time, lost in the feeling of having his cock sucked on by Darin, Jim had managed to apply four slippery fingers up his butt. By the time the fourth finger was up his butt, Caleb had nearly sprang his load three times, but Darin always knew before hand and pulled his mouth off just in time. Caleb thought his balls were going to fall off from the burning desire to shoot his invisible load. Jim worked his four fingers diligently, applying more lubrication as time dragged on. When Jim pulled his fingers from Caleb's butt, Caleb felt sickening empty inside, but couldn't say anything, just a grunt, cause Darin was humping his hard cock in and out of his mouth.

The next thing Caleb felt was something he was slightly afraid of, and that was Jim's thick cock head poking at his asshole. Jim whispered something and Darin slammed his cock all the way down Caleb's throat. A sharp deep burning pain splashed all over Caleb's body as Jim's thick cock head pried his asshole open and began its endless painful decent. Jim slipped just the cock head inside and paused long enough for Caleb to get somewhat used to the girth. Caleb felt each extremely thick inch of Jim's cock as it took its graceful time in stretching his anal walls with each inward shove.

Caleb's ass was on fire as Jim's long thick cock inched itself deeper and deeper inside of him. As each inch stretched deeper, Caleb felt his ass increase with a burning pressure, one in which he felt like he would explode at anytime now. At one point in the long thick plunge inside of him, Caleb actually thought that Jim's beefy cock was barging its way past his rib cage, aiming somewhere inside of his throat. His throat was already making a home for Darin's humping cock and he felt bloated and full as Jim pushed more and more of his enormous cock up his chute.

What felt like a lifetime later, Caleb felt Jim's huge balls press against his spread crack. Jim had fed Caleb all of his cock and held it there for a few long seconds. Caleb managed to hear Jim blurt out, "For Christ's sake, his ass is hotter than hell and tighter than a rusty bolt!" Darin continued plugging his cock in and out of Caleb's mouth and Caleb gagged once, causing his ass muscles to clamp down on Jim's thick cock. Jim must have mistook that by feeling that Caleb was ready, so he began his lengthy withdrawal and deep plunge, increasing his pace with each long thrust.

Caleb felt like his ass was being ripped apart while a hot poker fresh from a fire tore through his ass. Now that his ass was stuffed with Jim's cock, a cock that was by far thicker than any other he had encountered, as well as longer...Caleb's ass muscles involuntarily went into convulsions. This only added to the misery Caleb was feeling and all he could do was suck Darin's cock and await the pain to hopefully go away so that the pleasure he sought would ravish his body.

Nearly ten long minutes of slow long strokes by Jim and Caleb was still in total agony from the huge cock terrorizing his rectum. Darin sucked harder onto Caleb's cock, stopping only when he felt like Caleb was getting close to shooting his load. Between Darin sucking his cock, his balls swollen from not being allowed to empty, and Jim's monster cock bearing down on his ass, Caleb tried something new. He was already in a lot of pain from Jim's cock so he began smashing his pain riddled ass onto Jim's cock while straining to clinch his ass muscles. Jim held onto Caleb's hips and began to really fuck his pole in and out of Caleb.

Something inside of Caleb snapped, sending his mind reeling into orbit. The pain vanished and only the thought of feeling the huge cock tear up his ass was prevalent. Between Jim slamming his cock hard and heavy inside of him and his own action of greeting each thrust while using his ass muscles as a weapon, Caleb sucked on Darin's cock while goose bumps popped up all over his lust filled body. Jim's heavy free swinging balls collided with Caleb's swollen shriveled up nuggets, sending a dull ache to Caleb's brain, only feeding in to the lust of emotions swarming throughout his head.

Darin grunted and Caleb felt his cock swell inside his mouth. Within a split second, Darin's cock unleashed the load from hell, spurting hot, thick cream all over Caleb's mouth and tongue. Darin was arching his hips, driving his sperm shooting cock further into Caleb's mouth. Caleb greedily sucked harder, lost in the sperm swimming inside of his mouth, his own cock being sucked on, and Jim's cock pounding and plowing his ass. A drop of Darin's cum slipped down his throat and Caleb became more excited as the taste of sweetness, unlike any other sperm he had tasted before, crooned through his body as his taste buds danced with joy.

Jim was getting close too as his pace was no longer a pace, it was a mad thrashing of a long thick cock, pounding with envy in and out of Caleb's muscle gripping ass. Caleb could feel his own cock getting really close as well and Darin increased his sucking skills. Caleb's body jumped forwards as the powerful burst of Jim's sperm caught him off guard. Caleb felt each burst of sperm bullets spray deep into his gut and the thick cock inside his ass got even thicker as it throbbed and pillaged away inside of him. Caleb's mouth was full of Darin's sweet sperm and rock hard sperm shooting cock and his ass was completely filled with Jim's nonhuman like cock, blistering his anal canal with fiery hot globs of man cream.

With each powerful sperm shooting thrust, Caleb's breath was being forced from his body. Slurping on Darin's thick sweet juice and relishing the awesome feeling his ass was given him, thanks to Jim, Caleb felt his own cock throb, and without any warning, his slender uncut beauty began pelting Darin's mouth with his first real life sperm shooting orgasm. Darin was a bit surprised as to the force of Caleb's cum rocketing out of his cock, but just like Caleb, he held the watery semen in his mouth and increased his cock sucking pressure. Caleb was out of control with intense emotions as his ass overflowed with Jim's thick man seed and his mouth full of Darin's sweet sperm. Jim rammed his massive fuck pole in and out of Caleb's ass, milking his cock in the process of his still shooting a large load. Spurt after huge spurt of boy juice shot into Darin's mouth and he favored the thought that he was the first person to ever taste Caleb's cream. Caleb didn't realize he wasn't shooting blanks...all he knew was that this orgasm was the most intense he had ever experienced. Still sucking on Darin's cock, Caleb's mind literally went blank as his cock erupted into an endless mind shattering array of multiple orgasms.

Darin's erupting cock ended and Caleb began the divine luxury of swallowing the sweet honey while still sucking on Darin's rapidly shrinking cock. Jim had never fucked so hard, or better yet, been fucked so hard. The muscles inside Caleb's ass retracted to the point that they latched onto his cock and squeezed any remaining sperm from his balls and cock. Jim didn't stop his fucking motion although he could feel his cock going limp. The pressure inside of Caleb's ass kept on sucking his cock deeper and harder into its heated darkness. With very little strength left and knees implanted into the mattress, Jim literally fell back onto his butt to force his cock from Caleb's tight little ass.

Caleb was still shivering from head to toe and his young uncut cock spewed its very first cum by the bucket loads, feeding Darin with its watery protein. Darin's cock had gone completely limp inside Caleb's mouth and Caleb had eagerly swallowed all of Darin's hot thick sperm, but still craved for more. Caleb was still shuttering from his massive orgasm, though his sperm had slowed to merely a steady trickle. Darin opened his throat for the first time to taste what no man had ever tasted before...Caleb's sperm. The loud groan spouting out from Darin told Jim exactly what he was doing. Jim was breathing from sheer exhaustion, but mumbled, "Darin, don't take it all, leave some for me!"

Caleb's uncut hard dick was more of a noodle inside Darin's mouth, but Caleb was unable to remain on all fours and sort of fell to his right side, forcing his cock to snap out of Darin's mouth. Caleb lay on his right side, eyes literally seeing darkness, yet wide open, breathing as if he had just ran in a marathon. Jim crawled over to Darin and Caleb, blurry eyed, watched as Jim sank his mouth over Darin's. The two began moaning and groaning as they shared Caleb's sperm. As their kiss broke, Jim looked up at Caleb and softly said, "My God son, your sperm tastes just like melted chocolate...NO...sweeter than that!" Darin piped in, "I can't wait to get more of it...you taste fantastic, and by the way, you don't shoot blanks no more!"

All Caleb could do was crack a smile and flop back onto his back. Darin curled up next to Caleb on his right side while Jim curled up on Caleb's left side. Both Darin and Jim's hands were all over Caleb's heavy panting body and their lips traced every square inch of his neck, chest, and stomach area. Jim's lips found Caleb's and they kissed ever so passionately for about ten minutes. Once their kiss broke, Jim smiled and whispered, "Welcome home son!"

Now, at the present day in which Caleb is 14 years old, he still resides with Jim, Mary, and Darin. Jim and Mary went through the legal process and adopted Caleb. The search for Caleb's sister continues with hopes that one day Caleb and his sister are once again, reunited. Caleb, Jim, and Darin are still the best of friends, and still pursue their love, without Mary having the slightest of clues as to just how close the guys really are. As far as Jim's enormous cock goes, according to Caleb, he now has no problem whatsoever in riding that monster on a daily basis. Just as their love began years ago, their love has only bonded them closer together. Caleb now attends a private school and has no desire to fool around with anyone other than Jim and Darin, his true loves.

Caleb often thinks about his mother and wonders how she is doing. The last he heard about her was that she was still serving time in some prison somewhere. As he looks at the huge house he now lives in, and the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to, Caleb has no remorse on his earlier childhood days. As far as his stepfather goes, Caleb wonders how he must be feeling being some convicts bitch now...taking it up the ass, or better yet, his man pussy!

Just to give you a little idea as to what Caleb looks like now, at 14, he stands approximately 5'3" and weighs approximately 125 pounds. He now has dirty blond hair that he keeps feathered back and it dangles just below the neck line, cut a little close over his ears. Each facial cheek is dented with a tiny dimple, setting off his small button nose. Caleb just recently began to sprout some pubic hair. Little curly black hairs have sprouted on either side of his now 5 and " uncut cock. His butt is more shapelier than ever as it juts out from his small body with definitive outlining curves.

A note from Darin, Caleb's adopted brother. "Caleb is beyond the breath of beauty and seeing him is a vision of pure perfection. His skin is tanned and silky soft and no words I could ever describe could ever begin to explain just how beautiful, inside and out, he really is. He is my brother and my lover! I will always love him forever!"

A note from Caleb without any words being edited. "Thanks Shawn for writing my story and hope everyone who reads it, likes it. I'm happy with the way my life turned out and I now know the true meaning of love and all that it represents. I have a family now and hope one day I can find my sister. There is a lot more to this story but due to the length of it already, both me and Shawn agreed to delete some things. Thank you for taking the time to read this and just to let some of you guys know, there are a lot of "kids" my age who only seek the affection that someone older can give them. I can't explain why that is so, but only speaking for myself, I don't get turned on by someone my age. The laws suck!"