My name is Chris Reed and I have been married for over 16 years to the same beautiful woman. We have two boys, age 8 and 10. I work as a salesman at a local large automotive dealership and have been doing so for the past 18 years. My problem has been my little secret ever since I can remember. When I was 10, I played around with a neighbor boy who was 8 and when I was 14, I fooled around with another boy who was around 10. For some odd and unexplainable reason, I have always been attracted to boys who were younger. Now, as a grown man in my late thirties, I am still attracted to young boys around the 12 year old age group and up. I have no desire to begin an incest type of relationship with either of my sons, but I have banged my wife on more than a few occasions while thinking of their friends. As an adult, I have never acted on my super duper hormones regarding my infatuation with young boys, or at least, until the day the heavens smiled upon me.

It was a hot summer day and as usual I was doing my best to sell some cars, after all, if I don't sell anything, I don't get paid. I was standing in the lot tagged for pre owned cars when one of the sales managers called me on the PA system. I reported to him and he informed me to help out one of the other sales people by basically babysitting his son. As I walked through the showroom, I almost dropped dead with lust as my eyes gazed upon the most gorgeous specimen my eyes had ever witnessed. I was about twenty feet away and watched this boy, a boy who looked to be around 12, stretch. He was wearing a tight camouflage T-shirt and really tight camouflage pants with matching camouflage tennis shoes. His hair was a magnificent blond and his eyes were a golden brown. As I stepped closer, I could detect a small, almost invisible layer of light blondish/brown hair under his right armpit. My mouth instinctively fell open and I became utterly speechless.

The salesperson introduced me and I soon found out that his name was Ryan Dupree. His father looked to be a total professional without a hint of a sense of humor. After making a rapid excuse, Ryan and I walked out of the side door in which we began talking. I was totally stunned by his magnificent beauty and gasped for wind with his angelic soft voice. Ryan was probably 5' 2" and weighed no more than a hundred pounds, but none the less, he was a sight of overwhelming beauty. As we walked through the layers of cars, my nearly eight inch rod stood visibly out of my pants, forcing the stretchy fabric out like a tent. I walked behind this gorgeous creature, my eyes following his rather small, but definitely bubbly butt. The material he was wearing clung to his skin as if he had been born in them. I could detect each curve and muscular move as his little feet stepped one in front of the other. To say I was speechless would have been the understatement of a lifetime.

Ryan was very knowledgeable about all the various vehicles on the lot and I stopped at nothing to interrupt his precious angelic voice from speaking out. We walked the whole lot twice and was heading back towards the rear, near the fenced wood line. Building up the courage, I finally managed to ask, "Hey Ryan, so what's your girlfriend's name?" He stopped walking and leaned against one of the cars, placing both elbows on the hood. His smile was breathtaking as he nodded his head from side to side while saying, "I don't have one yet." There was a momentary silence before the air was interrupted by him saying, "The girls at my high school are stuck up!" My ears fluttered like the wings of a butterfly when he mentioned high school. Naturally, my next question was how old he was and he simply replied, "Fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in a couple of months."

I couldn't get over the fact that he was 15, must less getting ready to turn 16. He didn't look a day, no, a second, over 12. My mind was rambling in complete confusion, but my heart pounded like it was in a marching band playing at the Super Bowl. We were so close, no more than a foot away from each other, with me looking into his entrancing eyes. His cute little button nose blistered my eyes along with his thin layer of blondish/brown eyebrows. From head to toe, this boy, Ryan, was indeed, an artwork from the Heavens above, a miracle of perfection! He folded his arms over his head which gave me a clear shot under his arms as well as the tight shirt rose up slightly above his outward poking belly button. Each armpit had an equal amount of light blondish/brown hair which you almost had to strain your eyes to behold. The portion of his lower stomach that was now exposed revealed a rather nice tanned area mixed with the smoothness of being void of any hair, not even peach fuzz. His little belly button poking out mad my mouth water and my eyes flutter. I thought to myself if this kid had any idea what he was doing to me by giving me these torturous sneak previews of his glorious body.

Without any uncertainty, I believe my mouth was wide open and drool was oozing out. Ryan broke my concentrated thought of his gorgeous young body by adding, "Man Chris, the girls at my school won't give me the time of day. Besides, I'm really shy when it comes to even talking to a girl. The ones I did muster enough courage to talk with, all said I was either too young or too little. I'll find the right girl someday!" Smiling at him, I replied, "Apparently the girls you tried to talk with are blind and stupid. I know people who would kill to be with you for a second, must less a full day. Shucks, the same people would crave for the chance to scratch any itch you may have, not to mention anything else." Ryan looked at me still wearing his gorgeous smile and asked, "Really, like what else Chris?" By opening my big mouth the way I did, I already knew I put both feet in it and put myself in a corner as well. I was just about to speak, when Chris almost whisperingly said, "I got to pee!" There wasn't a single person in sight and before I could tell him where to go to take a piss, I heard the water splash onto the ground. I turned my head and there Ryan was, standing less than two feet away from me with his back facing me and his pants (no underwear) around his ankles.

I liked to have died right there. His butt was a creamy milky white in contrast with the rest of his golden tanned skin. Fro the top of his crack to the top of his thighs were a complete precious white, while the rest of him sported a beautiful tan. His little butt was just as I had called it earlier. Small, but absolutely bubbly. The thin line that separated each cheek rose off his lower back and rounded to a perfect cue just dipping down under his hairless legs. As he strained to force out the remainder of his piss, his ass muscles rippled causing my eyes to bounce in complete unison with his muscular flesh. My once calm cock grew back into its rather embarrassing state and I was doing my best to swipe my right hand over it to bring it to the side when Ryan bent over to grab his pants, power balling my eyes with his pale pink bung hole, completely free from any hair whatsoever. His motion was quick, but not quick enough for me not to memorize every outline, and every intricate detail of his appetizing butt.

Not to gross anyone out, but up until this point in my life, my tongue had never touched anyone's butt hole other than my wife's. And even at that, it was right after a long Calgon bath. But, I completely lost any inhibitions and realized if Ryan gave me a chance, I would have tongue fucked his hot little hole to perfection. After he buttoned back up, he turned and walked back to his position he once was in. I had completely forgotten to cover up my rock hard excitement and just stared at him in obvious lust. Ryan smiled and stated, "Chris, what did you mean by people would kill to be with me?" Coming back to reality, I responded, "Uh, it's like this, uh, um, well, I really don't know how to explain it. You see, there are a lot of people who would find you drop dead gorgeous and would do anything to please you." The smile never once left his slender beautiful face as he spoke, "You mean like sex stuff?" Shaking my head up and down was all I could achieve. Ryan shook his head from side to side and said, "Nope, that's never happened to me. Nobody would want to do anything with me because of my size, let's not forget I look younger than I actually am. But, these are things I have no control over."

In an earlier conversation, I had already informed him of my marriage and my two sons. Ryan was simply breathtaking beautiful and I would have eagerly dropped to my knees and worshipped his youthful fuck pole, but he offered no signs and I sure as hell wasn't about to tell him how I felt. By his next statement, I was literally floored. "Chris, I've never had sex before and all I here at school is blow-jobs and guys bragging about some girl they got lucky with. I wish some girl would want to suck my dick, I sure as heck would let her. I wouldn't even care what she looked like as long as she was willing to do it."

It was then that I stole a long shot question, by asking, "What if it wasn't a girl, but a guy who wanted to give you a blow-job and asked nothing of you in return?" I didn't know what he would do or how he would react to my question, but I did see a puzzled look smear across his face. Angelically and innocently, Ryan softly said, "I don't know about a guy doing that to me. That sounds a lot like being gay if I let him and I don't think I'm gay." I heard every word he said, including the part in which he said "think I'm gay." My heart pounded heavy in my chest and lodged somewhere in my throat, but I knew I had to keep this road of travel in the same direction it was heading without any alternate routes to escape to.

Looking down and into his eyes, I said, "Shucks, I know a lot of straight guys who would let another guy suck on their dicks, especially since they don't have to return the favor. One of my friend's told me one time, and I guess it makes sense, if you close your eyes and dream about someone really special, you'd never realize it was a guy giving you a blow-job. A mouths a mouth!" He folded his arms along his chest and nodded his head while saying, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense. But, I, ugh, I've never had no guy who wanted to do that, or at least to my knowledge anyways." I almost shouted out I will, but thought better of it at that particular moment. Kind of jokingly, I tossed out another question, "You mean to tell me nobody has ever sucked on your dick before? Come on now, you can be honest with me." He fired back, "Really, not ever, no-one has ever touched my dick other than the doctor, but that was just a check-up, and that's the truth."

Going for the gusto, I snapped out, "If, let's say a guy, walked up to you right now and asked to suck your dick, what would you do?" Ryan still bore his wonderful smile, but I could tell by the look on his precious face he was pondering the question with the utmost of serious responses. Looking up and into my eyes, Ryan softly said, "I'd, I'd say, okay!" Bingo, jackpot, I almost fainted in a feverish state. Those words, those simple little words he uttered, were like music to my ears. I fought back the words to find the exact phrase, but my heart and mind failed to cooperate. Before I even had the words, my mouth opened, flinging out, "I'd love to suck your dick!" His only response was, "Where?" My mind went blank trying to figure out the best location where we would surely not be seen and left utterly alone. Having been at this dealership for so many years, I had been entrusted with all the keys to the entire facility. I turned to walk back to the rear of the dealership where I had keys to a vacant office that was being remodeled. At least I knew we would have privacy as well as air-conditioning. We walked right up to the door and for the first time in years, I was so nervous my fingers fumbled with the lock trying to open it. Finally, I managed to get the damn door open and we both walked inside quickly. The room was small, being just a single office, but the air was cool and there wasn't a single window inside. I cut on the lights to look around and the only thing inside the office was an old wooden desk and a leather high-back chair.

Ryan was the first to speak, "So, um, Chris, how do you want me?" All I could say was, "Naked!" Ryan was standing between the door and the desk, which I was leaning on, watching with envious intent. He untied his shoes and kicked them to the side, removing his socks, one at a time. He stood up and slid his T-shirt over his head and oh what a site it was. His chest and stomach were marbled with tanned flesh and his stomach rippled with quality defined six pack abs. I watched his fingers unbutton each button of his pants before he hurriedly stepped out of them. His precious cock was nervously soft and it nestled beautifully between two small egg shaped nuggets in a smooth sac that had no signs of hair growth whatsoever. His little perfectly shaped "V" blondish/brown pubic patch looked absolutely delicious. Ryan's gorgeous cut cock head jutted out less than an inch from his toned body.

Without a word being said, Ryan spun around kind of slowly, completing a circle, then asked, "So, how do I look?" All I could say was, "Ryan, you are flat fucking delicious!" With my right hand, I tapped on top of the table and I walked around to the other side. At first, he sort of just looked at me, but when he saw me sit in the chair and draw it closer to the desk, he hopped onto it and slid his body forward until the break under his knees rested on the side of the table closest to me. His lovely muscular hair free legs were already spread and I watched with anticipation and heightened lust as his soft cock began to grow before my very eyes. In less than five seconds, Ryan's cock grew to its fullest size of about 4 beautiful inches. As he lay on his butt with his arms holding his back up, his cock rested against his stomach with the greatest of ease. It may have only been 4 ", but it was sort of thick for the size as well. His cock looked like a shiny torpedo ready to spring into action. His loose ball sac began shrinking, forcing his balls to look like they were going to explode any minute.

The look on his face was priceless as I lowered my head between the smooth valley of his spread legs. The aroma, oh my gosh, what an aroma it was. The closer my nostrils dove between his spread legs, the more intoxicating the sweet fragrance became. My hands slid along each smooth legs, resting on top of his smooth tanned thighs. My eyes glued on his twitching cock as my nose inhaled the sweet sweaty, musky aphrodisiac spilling out from between his muscular legs. Opening my mouth, my tongue snaked out and splashed upon his small egg sized balls. My head felt light as I began lavishly tongue bathing the smooth balls, placing one, then the other, inside my mouth. His cock sprang upwards, striking my nose. I could see the mushroom head as it expanded before my very eyes. A single clear drop of pre cum came oozing out and slowly began trickling down his tiny piss slit. Ryan's balls felt at home inside my mouth and I felt like an angel just graced with my very first set of wings.

The precious sounds escaping his vocal cords were absolutely priceless. This was his first sex act and it was I who was giving it to him. After completely bathing his balls with my saliva, I slowly snaked my exploring tongue upwards to the base of where his pre cum had stopped dripping. In one deliberate slow motion, my tongue managed to swipe up the pre cum and I quickly shot my tongue back into my mouth where all my taste buds became alive like the fourth of July. Warm and sweet, like heated honey is the best I can describe it. My body shivered in delight at such an angelic bodily expression and soon I found myself craving more, much, much more. His cock steadily pulsed and expanded as my tongue licked the smooth mouth watering shaft, from bottom to top, then top to bottom. My fingers of my left hand left his smooth leg and nestled against his shriveled ball sac, where they began rolling and caressing the small delicious balls.

He could no longer support his body weight on his elbows as he completely lay back onto his back, biting his forearms in obvious delight. Having not the strength to prolong the inevitable, I opened my mouth and his cock easily fell into my mouth. Ryan immediately grunted and whimpered his approval as my head began its slow journey up and down on the delicious five star rated cock. My fingers could feel his ball sac shrink even more as his balls appeared to have swollen to a state that was twice its normal size. His little hips began humping up and down as the rest of his body shivered in a passionate delight. My mouth was going up and down on his wonderful cock while his own actions drove his cock in my mouth frantically. Ryan almost screamed, "Oh God, oh God, oh, oh!" Feeling his cock expand beyond its regular thick size, I knew he was on the verge of releasing his load. I pulled my mouth off of his ready to burst cock and resumed tongue bathing his small nuggets.

Naturally, his left hand fell onto his cock to attempt to jack his sperm free, but I gently brushed his hand away while peering into his seemingly begging eyes. While having both of his wonder nuggets into my mouth, I decided to try something I thought I would never do to another person. Releasing his balls from my mouth, I used both hands to gently raise this gorgeous boy's smooth legs while brining him closer to the edge nearest me. The final move was when I guided his legs far apart leaving his gorgeous little pale pink bung hole exposed and ready for a proper tonguing. His only words were, "What are you getting...Oh shit, ah, ugh, oh my God!" My nostrils inhaled deeply as my tongue landed full cue onto the little sealed entrance. The smell was overwhelmingly intoxicating. I knew exactly where my tongue was and I knew he took a shit from that hole, but the taste splintering my tongue was unbelievable. His crack was sweaty and he spewed a slight musky odor, but the taste was nothing like the mixture previously described. It didn't take a brain surgeon to realize he had probably taken a shower sometime this morning, as well as taking a healthy dump, but the faint smell of poop barely reached out into my nostrils. Other than that cold hearted fact, little Ryan was as clean as clean could get for a hot summer day.

The harder my tongue pressed against his poop chute, the more audible he became. His little body wiggled frantically as my tongue slipped inside his extra tight and super hot bung hole. Ryan quit biting his forearms and now had both hands over his mouth as he screamed into the palms of his hands, leaving only a muffled echo in the room. It took some doing, but my tongue managed to bury itself to the hilt up his hot ass. Ryan was cooing and whimpering and constantly tried to latch onto his rock hard cock with either hand. Each time, I was able to brush his hand away. I dined on that hot ass for quite some time before returning to his twitching hard cock. I took turns sucking his dick, licking his balls, and eating his ass for a good little while. Ryan was literally pleading with me to let him cum, but glancing at my watch, I knew the moment of ultimate truth had arisen. I had never tasted sperm before, nor had I ever dreamed of doing so, but I knew I had to take his gorgeous load in my mouth, one way or the other.

Ryan had almost shot his load about eight times and now my mouth was rocking up and down, savoring his silk like flesh. The heels of his feet dug into my lap while my fingers toyed with his balls. I placed my right index finger against his saliva slick asshole and gently guided it in, just up to the finger nail. Apparently, that was all Ryan needed as he bucked his hips violently up and down, forcing my finger to penetrate and travel all the way up his hot teen hole to the last knuckle. He cried out but his hands covered his mouth as I felt the first wave of sperm torpedoes strike the roof of my mouth. It must have been eight to ten forceful strikes before his thick sperm sort of fell out of his sperm shooting cock. At this point in time, I didn't even think of trying to swallow, I just held it inside my mouth. I thought he was about finished shooting his sperm when I felt another series of forceful blasts shoot into my mouth. It was only about five to seven, but they were very fast and had quite a bit of quantity behind it.

Thanks to his bucking motions, his asshole was fucking my finger while his cock exploded one hell of a heavy load. My mouth was filled to the brim with his sperm and cock and it continued to ooze out thick chunks of sperm cells by the bucket loads. A short time later, Ryan's cock finished delivering his sperm and fell quietly asleep inside my mouth. His body was still shivering and shaking as I opened my throat to get the first taste of sperm in my life. To my surprise, it had just a hint of salt, thick and gooey, but nothing remotely close to being considered bad or revolting. The more I swallowed, the more I craved. It wasn't too long before my mouth was void of any of his super delicious sperm and I did my best to suck the life back into his sleeping cock. Apparently, after releasing such a load, Ryan complained his dick was too sensitive so I had to reluctantly stop.

His little muscular hairless chest heaved heavily and his eyes had been glassed over. I helped him get dressed after he took a short break and prior to us departing the office, Ryan looked at me and softly said, "Chris, that was fucking awesome. I'll be getting my drivers license in a couple of months, maybe then we can get together on more of a regular basis. Would you like that?" All I could do was smile and respond, "No, I wouldn't like that. I'd give my life for that!" We both smiled and headed back up to the showroom to meet his father and the other salesman. His father quickly asked, "He didn't give you any problems, did he?" What else was I to say, but, "Heck no sir, he is a pleasure to be around." Ryan and his father drove off in a new truck and the sales manager gave me half the deal for watching Ryan.

For the remainder of that afternoon, I was trapped inside my own world surrounded by Ryan. Hours later, I could still smell his enriching odor of youth and taste the purity of his heavy load. His naked body was forever embedded in my mind and the angelic voice still rang clearly in my ears. Whether or not I sold anything this day would not matter, thanks entirely to Ryan and his glorious angelic body. I was more than thankful that the girls at his school for whatever reason disliked him, cause the doors of his lost virginity had been forever unhinged.

It was getting rather late and we had two more hours before we closed. This was our down time cause nobody ever showed up this late to buy a car, well at least, almost never. I was walking through the back lot when a soft voice caught my attention. I looked around but was unable to see anybody. When I heard it again, this time it was a lot closer and the voice was coming from the new trucks area. I zeroed in and saw someone approaching me. Naturally, thinking it was a customer, I began walking up to him/her. From the distance I was at, I was unable to tell whether or not it was a male or a female, but thinking it might be a sale, I walked quickly to where I saw the person. We both rounded the truck at the same time, and me being much larger almost knocked him to the ground. Our chests collided and I immediately grabbed him so he wouldn't fall onto the pavement.

By far, this was no female. It was a boy wearing a baseball hat with his curly brown locks surrounding the bottom of the hat. He looked to be around the age of 12 or 13 years old. Holding out my hand, I introduced myself. I found out that his name is Seth and he works next door at a neighboring dealership. His only interests was seeing whether or not we needed a lot porter. After telling him he was simply too young, he quickly informed me he was 16. Just like in Ryan's case, I grossly misjudged his age as well. He only stood about 5' 5" and couldn't have weighed no more than 120 pounds. His lips looked as though they were constantly moist with a brilliant cherry color surrounding them. His nose was as cute as it possibly could be with small little freckles darting along the bridge. Seth's eyebrows were thick and evenly shaped and his eyelashes were beautifully long as if he had just had a professional shape them. His eyes were emerald green with a bluish tint shining through. By shaking his hand, I could easily tell his hands were small, but hands belonging to someone who will work to earn a dollar.

Seth was wearing a dark colored tank top and a bright yellow extra baggy blue jean cut-off shorts. Just in the case with Ryan, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Ryan was gorgeous, but Seth was absolutely good-looking. His mouth was narrow and from the look of the skin that was visible, he too was well tanned and virtually hairless. His lower arms had covering of light brown peach fuzz and I did my best to catch a peek at what his underarms might just look like, but that wasn't going to happen just yet. We talked for a short while and I found out he hated his boss and wanted to come work for us. After a short time, I raised the question about a girlfriend.

To skip through a bunch of conversation, I found out that he goes to the same high school as Ryan and just like Ryan, the girls don't like him for whatever reason. I discovered that he had never had a girlfriend, nor had he any sexual involvement with anyone. Just like Ryan, Seth was still a virgin. The one thing that really set Seth apart from Ryan was his demeanor. He acted older than his age, and definitely way older than he looked. Seth was very smart and a hard worker; a young boy who had to earn extra money to buy his own school clothes. As if a powerful magnet had been activated, there was something strange attracting me to Seth. Yes, he was good-looking, but I think it was more of the way he was conducting himself. I hit him with everything I had, just like I did with Ryan. Seth didn't act like there was no big deal when it came to sex talk. He openly told me he was a virgin and that he was taking hormone shots to aid his growth. To my vast surprise, Seth even went as far to tell me he just now was getting pubic hair.

The more we talked, the hornier I became, and the longer I stared at this good-looking Adonis, the more I envisioned him stark naked. In my mind, his naked form was fabulous, but I knew I would do just about anything to see him in the nude for real. We were standing near the same vacant office that Ryan and I had been in when I asked Seth the same question, "Seth, what if a guy walked up to you right now and asked you to let him suck your dick, would you let him?" He looked straight at me and replied, "Probably, but I worked all day and I'm not all that clean." Adding to his statement, I went on by saying, "What if the guy didn't care if you were clean? Maybe, he wouldn't care if you were sweaty. He just might like that!" Seth looked to his right, then to his left, and with a smile only graced by the heavens above asked, "What if that guy were you? Do you want to give me a blow-job even after you know I'm not really all that clean?" There was no doubt that Seth had read between the lines and had already figured me out. I was standing before him speechless when he further asked, "Do you swallow, um, uh, you know, my sperm?" I managed to force out a simple yes while looking this boy wonder straight into his miraculous eyes.

I had already had the keys in my hands when Seth innocently and angelically asked, "So, where can we do it at?" Without answering his question, I unlocked the door to the office and invited him in. As soon as Seth walked in, he turned around and locked the door, then turned to face me. I was frozen in time, frozen in my tracks while he stood there with his gracious smile. He walked the few short steps to where I was standing and embraced me, wrapping his small arms around my back while staring up at me. His hot breath seemed so naturally fresh as it rifled up my nostrils. His lips parted and my head instinctively lowered. It seemed like my mind exploded with fireworks as soon as our lips touched and my tongue penetrated his hot little mouth. My left hand swam across his back while my right hand caressed his taunt little butt. I could feel his hard cock press against my thigh as his hand clutched my butt and offered a gentle, yet, firm squeeze. The baseball hat he wore fell to the floor during our passionate and loving embrace and constant mouth to mouth tongue battle. Seth's tongue was so slender, but acrobatic, as it snaked around under and over my own tongue while I slopped up his sweet honey dew saliva.

Like long lost lovers, we kissed long and hard. I was so engrossed in our kissing, somewhere, somehow, I had removed his tank top and dropped it to the floor. As our lips broke their locked seal, I ran my tongue directly into his right ear, forcing Seth to moan in utter ecstasy. My right hand never left his solid little butt, and my left hand roamed freely upon his back, lost in the feeling of the texture of his satin like skin. Seth's fiery hot breath splashed upon my shoulder and neck as I cork screwed my tongue in and out of his right ear. Before savoring his left ear, I took my time to suck, nibble, and lick the area just under his lovely chin. Seth was alternating on his tip toes as my tongue sent chills racing up and down his gorgeous spine. He was softly moaning and whimpering as my tongue journeyed into his left ear, slobbering its way through his canal. My left hand traced upwards along his back until it reached his bushy hair. My fingers climbed through his brown locks, fingering the skull of this young Adonis. His lips puckered, placing soft moist kisses all over my neck with a gentle stab of his tongue in certain little places.

As my tongue departed his left ear, I licked all over his delicious forehead, savoring the salt from him working out in the sun all day. For someone who said he wasn't as clean as he preferred, the salt from his body was mixed with his morning shower, leaving the flavor to be absolutely favorable. Seth's breathing became rampant, as so was mine, as our tongues battled before our lips in mid air. This boy was HOT, even if he didn't think so! Eagerly, I swiped and sucked his saliva straight off his darting tongue before I resiliently entered his hot little mouth once more. While we were kissing, my fingers found his draw string and began fumbling with the knot. His little hands tugged at my shirt, bringing my shirt over my pants. My heart pounded with no mercy as his little fingers crawled under my T-shirt and began playing with the hair on my stomach and chest.

My fingers untied the elusive knot and I eagerly stretched the waste band, allowing the bright yellow shorts to fall to his feet. I felt Seth kick out of the shorts as my hands dropped to his butt cheeks. He was wearing some type of Speedo shorts which were a light blue in color. Since our bodies were so close to one another, I was unable to check out the true object of my relentless desire. I felt Seth's hands travel lower and he began to unbuckle my belt and pants. Soon enough, I was standing there with my pants down to my ankles, locked in a passionate embrace doing a tremendous tongue battle with this sweet tasting and fragrant young boy. My hands had a mind of their own, not knowing which part of this hot-looking boy they wanted to feel and grope. I almost fainted when Seth shot his hand under my briefs and latched onto my pre cum dripping pole. His fingers teased my large hairy balls as the palms of his hands tortured my cock. He was groaning and I was the one who was whimpering.

Within a split second, I felt the cool air on my cock as Seth lowered my briefs allowing my cock and balls to fall free. His gentle hard working hands caressed the shaft ever so lovingly, forcing me to rise up on my tip toes. Before I had a chance to do something else, Seth dropped to his knees and immediately crammed his little mouth over my enlarged uncut cock head. His snake like tongue swam under the foreskin and began lathering up my sheathed cock head. My knees buckled as his left hand cupped my cum filled hairy balls, sending a massive heat wave throughout my body. I could tell he was doing his best to avoid using his teeth, but every now and then, I felt his teeth on my cock, but I never uttered a single word, just an on going moan. His mouth was so fucking hot as he tried to cram more of my man meat into his oven like mouth.

What came as an even more of a surprise to me was when his tongue slipped off of my cock and he started to tongue bathe both hairy balls. He even licked the underside of my nuts getting dangerously close to the point darting to my butt hole. My whole body trembled as he licked and sucked on my nuts while running his hands over and in between the crack of my butt. The young boy gagged several times, but managed to put about four thick inches into his mouth. His tongue rolled all over my shaft and swam freely under the foreskin, striking the most sensitive gland of all, my cock head. He had sucked my dick to the point I felt I was getting ready to explode. The episode with Ryan sure didn't help out much either. My balls were heavy with sperm and I sure as hell knew it.

Gently guiding him to stand up with just my fingertips, Seth raised his young frame off the floor. My body still quivered as I hooked his left arm and gently raised it over his head, folding it behind his head. I looked into the crevice of his armpit and saw nothing more than his smooth flesh. Like a vampire thirsty for blood, I lowered my face to his armpit and began inhaling his fragrance ever so deeply while licking the sweet/sweaty pit. The mind boggling torturous odor steaming from his armpit was more like an aphrodisiac sending me into a shark fiesta frenzy. I had become drunk with lust, blind with passion.

I licked, sucked, and chewed on both armpits until I was completely satisfied I had cleaned his armpits thoroughly. Seth was shaking all over as I dropped my mouth over his left nipple, and oh what a nipple he had. It was small, a bright pink, but it was solidly erect. As soon as my mouth enclosed over his nipple, Seth bellowed a loud moan while standing up on his toes, arching his back backwards. His hands locked around my head with a firm hold, pushing my face harder into his sensitive nipple. I had found his most hidden love spot. Seth became wild when I began sucking and gently biting his nipples. I licked, bit, and sucked each nipple, bringing Seth to a fuck fest frenzy. His Speedo covered cock was striking out upon each and every thrust from his slender hips. As my tongue trailed south, I savored the sweet sweat, licking his chest and stomach area all over. My hands felt his legs all the way to his ankles and back up to his thighs. Not a single hair was felt. His body was as smooth as a baby's ass all over.

Lowering my body onto my knees, I visually studied the tented fabric. A large wet spot had formed at the center of the distinct bulge. It looked as if his cock had been folded up, unable to straighten itself out. I could feel his body shaking as my tongue traveled the outline of the wet spot. My tongue deliriously absorbed the sweat from his Speedos as well as the mouth watering taste of his soaked up pre cum. As my tongue traced the outline of his cock head, his cock twitched and rolled under the tight fabric, straining against time to be freed. Both my hands enveloped his little butt and I could easily feel the muscles in each cheek work over time as his cock pulsated and twitched while my tongue lapped up the sweat and pre cum from his shorts.

Unable to control my hormones any longer, my fingers ducked in under the tight band and slowly began lowering them from his rippled little body. The sea of abdominal muscles rolled, wave after wave, as his shorts began falling down his body. Stretching the tight material away from his body so as not to hurt his rock hard erection, I tugged on the shorts and they slipped down to his thighs. His cock and balls sprang free, and oh my God what a cock he has. Seth had about ten strands of little black hairs sprouting at the base of his cock and the rest of him was as smooth as the day he was born. His hard teen cock jutted out, slightly upwards with a downward bend in the middle. It was almost in the shape of a stretched out "U." The base and about two inches started out upwards, but right at the middle, it began pointing down. Seth's cock was a good six inches and sort of slender, not too thick, but not too skinny either; just perfect. His cock head was a bright pink and was a tad larger than his silk like shaft. The piss slit was small, but wide open, revealing a ball of pre cum.

Looking further down, his balls were good sized, about the size of a small egg. They hung low a good three inches in a sac that was completely void of any signs of hair. His left nut was a little smaller than his right one, but they were both just as beautiful in their creamy colored hairless sac. Just by looking at him, I could tell he spent a lot of time out in the sun. Every part of his body was tanned except the very top of his thighs leading up to the area two inches below his inny belly button. This boy was HOT in every sense of the word!

Using my head as a tool, I lifted his hard cock and immediately began licking his swinging balls. The aroma spewing from between his legs was musky, dashed with a hint of sweat, leaving my mind swimming in a dazed state. The sweat from his balls lingered into my mouth as my tongue went on a nut craved rampage. Opening my mouth wide, both of his lovely balls easily slipped inside my mouth. Seth grunted and groaned as the heat from my mouth baked his young balls. My fingers slipped inside his sweaty ass crack with just the tip of my finger touching his moist bung hole. Seth was just a humming as my mouth and tongue worked on his balls and my fingers toyed with his voluptuous ass. I lingered on his balls for some time before releasing them. My tongue worked up the crooked/bent shaft, savoring the sweat and pre cum to the max. I couldn't believe myself and what I was doing. I always preferred cleanliness over someone who was even remotely close to being sweaty. Now, here I am with a young boy who had worked out in the sun all day, lost in the admiration of his fragrant sweet tasting sweat and more so, the fact that his slim muscular body is clearly unclean.

I could easily tell by running my fingers along his super moist crack and teen butt hole, that this area was free from hair as well. While playing with his butt hole, the tip of my finger snuck inside causing Seth to arch up on his toes and let out a loud long moan. While he was on his toes, I shot my mouth onto his rigid member and became overheated at the abundance of taste shocking my every taste bud. In another surprising move, Seth reached behind him and grabbed his butt cheeks and yanked them wider apart, causing my finger inside his tight little bung hole to slip in even further, up to the second knuckle. The only words since all this began that I could clearly understand coming from him was when he almost yelled, "Oh God yes, yes Chris, finger my ass, fuck yes man!"

His hips began gyrating while plunging his cock in and out of my cock sucking mouth. Here I was thinking I was just going to give him a blow-job, but he had turned the table on me by sucking my dick first and now here he is slamming his hard cock in and out of my mouth while I've got a finger rocking up and down inside his never before explored asshole. By this time, my finger had plunged to its depths, riding his bucking frame while being face fucked by this young Adonis. His balls were slapping just under my chin upon each of his forward thrusts. It was clearly apparent that I was not in control, Seth was. Within a couple of face fucking minutes, Seth grunted as his cock erupted, sending shot after shot of thick cream into my mouth. Just like in the case with Ryan, I held it inside my mouth while his cock blasted his thick teen load. Seth fired about eight hard blasts, paused for a second or two, then five more sperm missiles fired into my mouth.

Seth was truly unbelievable and I had never imagined anyone could shoot such a load. Each time he would take a short pause, then several hot blasts of more cum erupted from his sperm shooting cock. Between his cock and his sperm, my mouth was soon overloaded to the point my cheeks were bloated. He was still firing off round after round of hot sperm and I guess my finger slamming in and out of his tight asshole wasn't helping matters any. I had thought Ryan shot a huge load, but my God, Seth shot three times as much as Ryan did and made my best load seem weak. I was in an uncertain dilemma and feared his sperm would soon be dripping out of my mouth, but his sperm shooting cock seemed relentless firing off sperm, blast after blast. Opening my throat, the first slimy thick sperm wad slid easily down, setting my inner soul on fire with such a divine taste. It was I who began whimpering as more of his delicious cream fell down my throat. It was pure protein with no trace of salt to be found. It was almost void of any flavor whatsoever. The more of his heavenly teen sperm I drank, the harder I sucked on his cock. Reluctantly, only dribbles of sperm slipped out of his piss slit and I eagerly and hungrily drank from his sweet fountain of youth.

Seth's cock remained harder than ever as I slipped my finger from his muscle gripping asshole while continuing to lavish his cock with my mouth. Something inside me forced me to slide my finger that once slid in and out of his tight bung hole, up to my nose. Never one to be involved with anything related to scat, I found the scent exciting, as well as intoxicating. It smelled of ass, but not shit, if that makes any sense at all. My finger was clean of any debris that normally lingers in that particular area of one's body. I simply can't explain the smell lingering on my finger, but it was taking control of my every thought and my every emotion. Keeping my finger up to my nose, I sucked harder than ever on Seth's tasty cock. He continued his face fucking assault, driving his hard cock into my face at a fast and pounding pace. Both of my hands clenched his little muscular butt cheeks while his cock slammed in and out of my slurping mouth. Seth may have been a virgin, but he certainly knew what, and how, his first sexual experience would be.

His hands swam through my hair and soft moans sprang forth from his quivering lips. Within a minute later, my mouth filled with more of his tasty hot cream. It certainly wasn't near as big as his first, but absolutely breath taking delicious none the less. His fingers clutched the back of my head and drove my mouth hard onto his cum spewing cock while he was biting his lips to prevent his inner screams from lashing out. As his sperm dwindled, his breathing was extremely heavy and way out of control. Slipping his saliva glistening sperm free cock from my mouth, Seth turned slightly to his left and grasped the front of the desk with both hands. He was panting and I was delirious with lust. Still on my knees, now with a perfect view of his bubbly ass, I became faint with intoxicating passion.

I inched myself up to his backside on my knees and by this time, Seth had rested his upper body on top of the desk with his forearms covering his precious panting face. Using my right hand, I guided his wobbly right leg on top of the desk, shifting Seth to his left side in the process. He was basically laying on top of the desk with his left leg still on the floor and his right leg curled up facing the back of the desk. The view of seeing Seth in this position only heightened my already feverish state. His bubbly butt looked more like a medium sized basketball with a slender line running perfectly down the middle. Even with his smooth legs widely spread, his crack still managed to conceal the one part of his body my finger once penetrated. The same area I once thought to be rather revolting is now the same area that the mind bending scent still lingered deep within my nostrils, leaving me stranded with the thought of dining on such a delicacy.

My hands trembled as they ran their course over his smooth unblemished butt cheeks. His back was heaving in a muster and futile attempt to catch his breath. Without any hesitation, I lowered my face to his ever so sweet creamy cheeks and began giving both muscular orbs a prim and proper tongue bath. His little body shook as I showered his ass with long licks and tender nibbles. He moaned and whimpered as sensation after sensation echoed through his sexy body. Starting at the top of his crack, my tongue disappeared inside the tight moist crevice and became instantly overwhelmed with the overabundance of pleasure, only enticed by the vibrant taste. The lower my tongue traveled, the wider my thumbs began spreading the muscle restricting cheeks. Taking a quick peek at the object of my unknown craving, I instantly fell in love at the beauty of Seth's almost invisible butt hole. It wasn't pink, nor brown, but the same creamy color of his cheeks. The wider I spread his cheeks, the seal of his almost transparent hole opened. Inside was the color of a brilliant amazing pink.

The scent, odor, or aroma, seeping from within was like a magnet bringing my face even closer than ever before. Whatever thought process I thought I could control, evaded my senses as my tongue began swirling in and around his backdoor peep hole. All Seth managed to say was, "Oh shit, shit, that's, that's my...Oh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" By this time his mind was being tortured with insurmountable pleasure as my tongue slipped inside the pink darkness and began crawling up his mouth watering canal. His body shook even more wildly as my tongue swam to its farthest limits. Seth's left leg arched, forcing his lower body higher off the desk, while using his right arm to hook his right leg and draw it closer to his face. His head bounced from side to side, taking the time to raise it up while cooing in mad pleasure. I was out of control eating this teen boy's magnetic ass, listening to the angelic sounds of delight coming from within his golden lungs.

Seth shifted his precious body from my ass eating tongue, sliding off the desk top and standing on shaking legs. Looking up and into my eyes, he softly said between breaths, "Get on your back!" Kicking the remainder of my clothes free, I crawled up on top of the desk and anxiously awaited the young angel's next move. He climbed up and straddled my chest, aiming his delicious ass into the direction of my face, and shoved his mouth onto my pre cum over loaded hard cock. The heat from his mouth and the vision of being able to see directly into his sealed asshole almost caused me to shoot my load. His fingers played with my heavy balls while his gorgeous little head bobbed up and down on my hard as steel boner. Unable to just look at his ass no more, I guided this teenage beauty backwards until I was able to cram my tongue back into his seal of perfection. As soon as my tongue entered his butt hole, Seth immediately began working frantically on my cock while whimpering his sounds of vast approval.

He was sucking my cock while I was tongue fucking his ass and I became aware of his body movements. Seth was using his body to fuck his ass onto my tongue. In no time at all, Seth released my cock and arched his body straight up and began bouncing on my tongue lodged inside his poop chute. He had shifted his body, holding his weight with his heels while resting both hands onto my stomach. My nose felt like it was going to break from his bucking motion as he drove, repeatedly, his firm little ass onto my face. Not a word was said as he quickly stood up and turned around facing me. Again, he straddled my body, this time his gorgeous face was facing me. He lowered his body while spreading his legs. His hard cock slid up my lower stomach as our bodies made contact. Our lips met and our tongues collided. I felt him squirm a bit, then felt his left hand grab my cock. My hands roamed his back while our tongues battled one another. Seth held my cock and was guiding it in between the valleys of his ass.

I lay still, only my trembling motion could be detected as I realized Seth was trying to put my thick cock inside his hole. I could feel the wetness of his saliva coated asshole's entrance and the pressure of his little body trying to force it in. With our mouths locked, Seth grunted and groaned as the head of my cock pried the muscular ring open and snuck inside. Without having to be told, I knew he was feeling a lot of pain. His body shook violently and his precious groans shot into my mouth. His right hand slapped the flat side of the desk as if he were an athlete trying to conquer the ultimate win. Seth's eyes tightly closed as he forced another thick inch up his pain driven ass. My cock sent the sensation of all his heat and tightness crashing through my body as this HOT-ASSED teen sank his butt onto my man sized cock. Only his saliva and my pre cum, as well as my saliva in and on his asshole, was the only lubrication being utilized. The harder he fought to achieve his personal goal of sitting on my cock, the more of his sweet saliva drained into my greedy mouth.

His groans mounted as he sank his hot little ass onto my stiff man sized pole. His left hand grabbed the top of my head and he began squeezing as inch by thick inch stretched his anal canal wider as each inch sank into his never before explored bowels. I could feel his stomach as he breathed heavily, arching his back to try an alleviate some of the pain his ass was feeding him. My cock felt as though in was in the coils of a starving anaconda, strangling its prey in preparation of an overdue meal. My tongue swam around inside his saliva soaked mouth, as his in mine, while his precious grunts and groans echoed down my saliva drinking throat. Seth was more than determined to swallow my cock with his asshole and he fought back every urge to remove the thick object causing all his pain. The moment of truth and the thrill of conquer came to an end as my balls crashed against the smooth texture of his sweet ass cheeks.

Once Seth realized that every square inch of my cock was buried inside his ass, he held himself perfectly still, adjusting to the pain that filled every corridor of his anal canal. His hands slid from above my head and clutched my hairy chest as our lips broke their restrictive seal. Inching himself straight up, Seth began slowly riding the cock filling his ass. The look on his face could never hold a price tag. The look of a king after a long hard battle prized his innocent face. Adjusting to his rhythm, I started gyrating my hips, driving my meaty cock harder up his once virgin boy ass. His little mouth formed a perfect circle as soft faint sounds bellowed from within. His fingers tore into my chest as our rhythm changed into a flesh pounding pace. Soon, Seth was bouncing on my cock like a cowboy on a wild enraged bull. His cock was sticking straight out like a piece of metal, dripping pre cum madly.

I wrapped my right hand around his teen meat and began jerking the hard meat in unison with our fucking motion. My left hand reached up and began toying with his left nipple. A soft pinch of his nipple forced Seth to groan louder than ever while biting his lower lip and flinging his head wildly. In the midst of jerking his teen meat, I felt his cock expand rapidly and knew he was getting really close to busting another nut, so I reluctantly released his hard cock and began playing with his swaying hard nuggets. Seth inched his knees up and got on his heels where he really went buck wild. The hot little teen started slamming his precious little ass on my cock like a runaway pile driver. The words coming from his contorted mouth were unclear and not in the English vocabulary, but the grunts, groans, and whimpers told the story of his elated pleasure.

The heat surrounding my cock inside his ass, along with his choking anal muscles, caused me to almost shoot my wad up his ass numerous times. My balls were heavy and getting rather sore from his ass cheeks striking them, repeatedly. Clutching his slender hips tightly, I held him down for a second. Once I was able to get him to stop riding my cock, I rolled the both of us over, with Seth laying flat on his back and me on top of him. He was so flexible that it was incredible. Without much effort, his knees went beyond his head and rested flat on top of the desk. I could tell from this position that my cock traveled deeper than before. He bit his lips in order from screaming out loud as I drove my cock to the hilt, lodging it as far as it could possibly go inside his boiling hot bowels. His own cock was being aimed directly over his open and heavily panting mouth as I began slamming my man meat inside his boy butt like tomorrow would never come. Seth slid his right hand between us and started pounding his sausage with blazing speed.

Seth's eyes were glassy, but he was looking into mine as I drove my cock in and out of his ass causing a heavy thud upon each plunging stroke. His mouth twisted and twitched as I lowered my face closer to his. His fiery hot breath raced up my inhaling nostrils as our tongues collided in mid air. We had no longer began tongue battling when I heard him grunt and felt hot splashes of sweet thick teen cream strike the underside of my chin and bottom lip. Blast after thick teen juice flowed like a heavy rain, sending some into his own hot mouth. The harder we tongue battled, the more juice sprayed us both. Some of his boy cream struck our tongues and we battled to see just who would get the wonder juice down their throat first. Like a thief in the night, my tongue stole the lovely ball of cream from his tongue just in time for my cock to unleash its furry into his muscle restricting ass.

Gallon after gallon of my thick man juice shot deep inside his bowels and his own teen cock sprayed more jets of thick cum onto the both of us. We were grunting, cooing, whimpering, and moaning as our sperm thundered from within our loins. Seth's sperm gushing cock was the first to finish its heavy thick load, but mine was still pumping load after load inside his tight little ass. Our lips aggressively sealed one another and we both enjoyed the savoring flavor of his thick cream as our tongues frolicked inside the other's mouth. Once our lips unlocked from the other, our tongues immediately began cleaning each other's face. Seth quickly licked the sperm from my chin as I eagerly cleaned his face from his sperm debris.

Both cocks silently fell soft, but our licking continued. My spent and sleeping cock easily slipped from his cum filled asshole as I slid down his body and wrapped my lips around his sperm covered cock. The taste was heavenly as I wasted very little time in licking his glistening cock clean. Amazingly enough, I gazed at his asshole and was more than surprised to see that it had already sealed itself shut, back into the gorgeous little closed seal I simply craved. The urge to place a tender kiss on his beautiful, once cock filled asshole, caught me by surprise. Seth moaned softly as my lips puckered and began kissing his hole with the utmost of delicacy. Once I had finished kissing his hole, I slid off the desk and attempted to stand on very wobbly legs. Seth rolled off as well and had the same difficult time as I.

We got dressed and while dressing, Seth, with a smile as broad as China said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I start working here tomorrow." I was still panting and could only offer a smile. Seth softly whispered, "Hey Chris, I had a blast, do you think we can do this again sometime?" This time, I quickly replied, "Anytime you feel up to it, I'll be ready!" We had fully dressed and I was about to open the door when Seth inquisitively asked, "Chris, did you do the same thing earlier today with Ryan? He's in a couple of my classes and I would have never guessed anybody as pretty as him being gay or doing anything remotely close to gay." I had been busted and my heart raced deep inside my throat, but it was Seth who made me feel more at ease by adding, "It really doesn't matter, cause I wont say anything to nobody. I had fun tonight with you and I really don't ever want to do anything to spoil this with you, okay. I just think Ryan is a pretty boy and was curious, that's all."

Once again, our lips met with our probing tongues leading the way. He was just as delicious as when all this first started. Our kiss wasn't long, but it was definitely powerful. My trembling hand opened the door and both of us stepped out side into the cool air of the night. Seth walked towards the other dealership and my eyes followed his graceful steps. While he was walking, my cell phone rang and it was my wife. She informed me that my oldest son had a friend sleeping over and when she said it was David, my cock pumped life back into every growing vein. This boy had been the force behind many powerful orgasms and I quickly went to the main office and clocked out, and I couldn't wait to get home to see this lovely boy!


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