This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.

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First and foremost, before I can get on with the meat of the story, I must first give you a bit of details so you can better understand me, and what I am all about. My name is Cody, and presently, I am 38 years old. I stand a good 6'2" and weigh a solid 235 pounds. By no means am I overweight either. My hair is light brown and I keep it cut in a short military fashion. My eyes are green and I have a neatly trimmed goatee. Without trying to sound like a narcissist, or over exaggerate by any means, but I do have 9 3/4 inches of thick man meat, and to go along with its length, as for what many have said, it is thick, cucumber thick. It is also cut, and I had no decision in that matter whatsoever either. When my cock is erect, it juts out from my body like an upwards turned banana.

Okay, on with it now. Several years ago, I started a small business working from my father's old workshop. Today, that business has elevated into a large manufacturing plant that employs over 2500 hard working people. The plant itself sits on over 60,000 acres, and at the far end, is where my story takes place.

You see, once I became financially successful, I had built two homes at the very end of the property. Both homes are large, and the one I live in is much larger. The second home is used to rent out to employees. This way, by means of payroll deduction, I am guaranteed to get my rent money on time. Here is the devilish twist to my odd story. The second home has two master bedrooms, one of which, is much larger than the other. Oops, just in case you missed it, I am in fact, a die hard boy lover! Naturally, nobody knows of my deep dark secret, and that's the way I prefer it. I do have a girlfriend that frequents my home quite a bit, and that alone throws even my closest of friends way off track as to my true passion.

Speaking of the second home, here is the meat, so to speak, regarding the smaller of the two master bedrooms. This bedroom is equipped with hidden cameras allowing me to view whatever takes place inside the bedroom and the bathroom. These are color cameras that also allows me to listen in on whatever is taking place. Keeping that in mind, naturally, any employee who submits an application to rent this home has to be approved by me. Not only must they complete an application, but recent photos of their family must be submitted as well.

Now, you know! Keeping that in mind, I just approved for an employee, and his family, to rent the home. Once I held the family photo up to my eyes, I immediately approved it. My new tenants would be the male employee, his wife, who also works for me, and their son. Once I saw their son, my jaw almost hit the floor. The boy was absolutely, positively, without a shred of doubt, the most gorgeous boy I had ever laid eyes on. Just seeing their family photo caused my cock to immediately swell to its rigid hardness.

Reading their file, I now knew the boy's name is Alex, and he had just celebrated his 13th birthday two days ago. Looking at the photo, I could easily describe his breath taking facial features. His hair is blond with a light brownish tint, leaving me with the toe curling question as to what color his pubic hair might be, that is of course, if he has any just yet. Those mesmerizing blue eyes of his captured my heart at first glance. They were bluer than blue, and sparkled immensely in the confinement of the photo. That smile of his sent chills racing up and down my spine, noticing the sheer whiteness of his teeth, not to mention, the appearance that even they were just as divinely perfect. The two dimples impaling each unblemished cheek caused my toes to curl rapidly, and that small cleft in the center of his chin made both of my palms start sweating. Alex's tiny perfectly shaped little button nose was blemish free and offered such a mouth watering delight all on its own. Oops again, his blond hair looked wavy, perfectly feathered back in the middle, cut just above his tiny ears, and I could see the length as it ducked below his shoulders.

To say the least, this boy was amazingly gorgeous, and by that fact alone, I didn't have to hesitate to approve their occupancy into my rental home. And, here is even the better part. Being that it was summer, school was out! Being the owner of the company, I very rarely frequent the plant. Everything and everyone is in order so I don't have to. So, I pretty much stay home and exercise. In one of my rooms, I have a complete ensemble of weights. I'm no body builder, but I thoroughly enjoy pumping iron, and by my physical appearance, that could easily be justified.

I do have a swimming pool as to where the rental home does not, and that was not done by mistake, rather, being perversely intentional. So, the stage is now set, and you now know! Skipping through some boring details, Alex and his parents have moved in, and much to my suspected delight, Alex was given the smaller of the two master bedrooms.

The day of their moving in, I held the traditional "meet the owner at his home" barbecue. As scheduled, the new tenants arrived at my home at 7 in the evening. I will not go into boring details, but now that I was graced with seeing Alex in person, well uh, let's say I was at a total loss for words. The boy was even more gorgeous in person than what his photo offered. He was smallish in size compared to most 13 year old boys, standing a good 5'3", and soaking wet, couldn't weigh no more than 90 pounds. He was wearing dress slacks, and though I tried, I mean desperately tried hard, I was unable to distinguish his priceless crotch package.

But, and I do mean but, when I got a good look at his backside, I was floored. Alex's butt was absolutely incredibly shaped! Just like his body, it too was small, however, defiantly bubbly. Yeah, you guessed it, I was as hard as a brick, and even my tongue felt hard just by staring at that magnificent work of sculptured heavenly perfection. The boy's butt was far too perfect to be worn by any boy. Those jutting mounds of pure boy flesh looked almost as if he was toting around two small basketballs. They were that shapely!

The evening went well, and I could tell that they were a loving family. However, just hearing Alex's soft, angelic, voice made my knees weak every time he spoke. I could also tell he was well mannered, not to mention, extremely polite. That heart warming smile on his face seemed to be a permanent fixture, for not once, not one single time, did I ever see him when he wasn't smiling, and believe me, I was doing a lot of looking.

Once they left, I damn near broke my neck to run to my room so I could sit in front of my large screen computer monitor to spy on Alex. Naturally, I was running while stripping out of my clothes too. I wanted to be totally naked while spying on this gorgeous angel in hopes of seeing all that this young beauty had to offer. And, I wasn't disappointed either!

Alex was now in his bedroom taking off his clothes. God, my cock throbbed like never before, spewing out gallons upon gooey gallons of pre-cum. My eyes widened as I saw him slide his shirt free from his body. Whew, now I could see the boy's hairless chest and stomach. His little pink nipples poked out from its hairless confinement ever so elegantly. Alex's stomach displayed a priceless washboard abs, rippling with his every movement. Leaning my face closer to the monitor, I couldn't even detect a tiny freckle anywhere on the boy's upper body. Lowering my eyes, I licked my lips once I began staring at his tiny speck of a belly button. It looked like nothing more than a tiny dimple dipping inwards.

My cock throbbed even harder as he slid his slacks down those creamy smooth, mouth watering, legs, then graciously stepped out of them, neatly folding them and placing them on a chair. Now, my little gorgeous angel stood at the foot of his bed wearing a pair of blue, snug fitting, tight bikini underwear. My heart jumped into my throat as I watched him dip his right hand into his underwear, adjust his boy package, then bring his hand back out. I thought to myself that that was the luckiest hand alive, and I would have given anything at that very moment to have been Alex's hand.

He then turned to go into the bathroom. Much to my liking, he then proceeded to brush his teeth. As he did so, thanks to a well positioned camera, I could clearly see the outline of his prized boyhood. I could ascertain that he too was circumcised, as I could now see the makings of a cock head befitting only the greatest of kings. It was small, but priceless! Staring, and zooming in, I could just barely detect Alex's cloth hidden boy balls. I wasn't able to judge their size, however, I could see their pronounced definition.

Once he was done brushing his teeth, he began brushing those lovely locks of golden hair. In doing so, I got a birds eye shot of each of his creamy armpits. Once again, zooming in, I jerked my cock as I saw a few, and I do mean a few, tiny whisks of light brown, almost blond, hairs in the beginning stages of growth inside each armpit. Naturally, without having to say anything more, I blasted my thick man seed all over the place.

As I was jacking out one huge and healthy load, Alex placed his hair brush on the counter, then slid into his bed, offering me one more last shot of that cock hardening ass of his. I did get to see a small portion of those glorious mounds, and I suddenly realized that he must lay out in the sun wearing just his biking underwear. Through all of my spying observations, Alex sported a beautiful, breath taking, summer's golden tan.

Skipping right along, I'll tell you what I discovered about Alex that took place over the last couple of days. While both of his parents were at work, Alex walked around wearing only bikini shorts. Also, I did get a good look at him bare ass naked, and this is what I devilishly discovered. His cock, being that it is a boy's cock, and I have yet to see it erect, sticks out about an inch from his perfect body. The pink mushroom shaped head is small, yet perfect. It is the same thickness as the small tanned shaft, thus allowing me this newfound knowledge that Alex likes to lay out in the sun naked.

Oh yeah, that chiseled bubbly ass of his is just as tanned, and looks even more mouth watering without anything covering it. Just like I had initially envisioned, those bubbly mounds look like two small rounded basketballs. That thin line separating those tanned heavenly mounds adds even more of a gracious, rather chilling, cock hardening effect. To say the least, I jacked my cock so much over these past two days that I was starting to get a friction burn.

The other noticeable thing about Alex was his hygiene. The boy was nothing less than immaculate. Each day I watched him, like clock work, he would soak in the large garden jacuzzi tub for an hour, and sometimes, even longer. I'd watch him pour in some various oils to the bath water, and though I couldn't see, I was well aware that he was jacking off, just by seeing the way his arm was moving back and forth. Thanks to the foaming suds, his jacking off was hidden by my view, but anyways, I blasted a load each and every time I watched him jack off.

I'm not about to go into details about Alex using the toilet, but, let's just say, he's very, very clean about it. To be so young, he is very conscious about his overall cleanliness. Yes, I even watched him take a poop! Sorry, but the boy, in any manner, is utterly gorgeous in every way imaginable, including, using the toilet. The faces he makes is absolutely priceless!

Many, many times, Alex would walk around their home and do nothing but sing. Even while he was singing, I was busy skinning my cock. But, on the third day, or better yet, that afternoon, Alex's father installed a computer in his room. This is where things began to get heated up, or at least, for me anyways. On the fourth day, once his parents went off to work, and after completing his bathroom rituals, I watched as Alex sat down at the computer chair and began surfing the internet.

Once gain, he was wearing a bright pink bikini, but this one was a thong. By now, I had to use a split screen in order to see where his little fingers were taking him on the internet, and the other screen to show me a view of his heavenly frontal regions. At first, he wasn't really doing a whole lot, but then I saw a man plop up onto the screen sporting a large erection. Photo after photo, Alex was gleaming at grown men, all holding their massive erect cocks up for his viewing pleasure.

I could see him clutching onto his cock with his left hand, but couldn't see his cock at all. I could easily determine Alex was rubbing and squeezing his prized boyhood while his eyes were fixated to the screen filled with adult men, each sporting large cocks. As each photo filled the screen, his left hand on his cock increased its motion. I was already pumping my cock, as usual, but was only interested in seeing Alex's cock, and not the photos he was now admiring.

Ten minutes later, I had to zoom in when Alex searched "" Naturally, I followed his suit and went to the same site. Mimicking Alex, I clicked on the "Gay" section, then onto "Adult/Youth." I watched him scroll through the various stories, clicking on the same story he was now engrossed in reading. He would read a portion of one story, then move onto another one. He did this for a short time, and finally found one story in particular that stole his attention.

It was this one story that gave me the view I had been dreaming about since I first laid eyes on his feasting beauty. He stood up, then quickly peeled off his bikini thong underwear, giving me the view of a lifetime. His tanned boy cock sprung out, arching itself upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Matching his overall physical appearance, Alex's perfect cock was about a good 4 inches at best, and was on the slender side. It looked like a perfectly shaped torpedo. I saw his boy nuggets for the first time as well. Clearly, they had already dropped, and even the sac, which showed no signs of hair life, was just as tanned as the rest of his total perfection. They appeared to be evenly rounded and in equal size to a regular sized grape. They gracefully hung down from between his smooth legs a good 3 or so inches. Just above the base of his cock, on either side, there was a few tiny blondish brown hairs just in the beginning stages of sprouting.

Now naked, Alex sat down, (lucky chair seat) grabbed a hold of his erect boyhood, slowly jacking while being totally consumed by the story. I too began reading the same story. The story was about a young 13 year old boy who literally worshiped his next door neighbor. The boy was a virgin when they first met, and the man owned a massive cock. The story went on to how they first had sex, and then went into great detail explaining the pain the boy went through having his virgin ass entered by a long and thick man cock. I had to admit, I was getting over heated reading the story, and just as I couldn't hold back any longer, I watched Alex arch his back backwards, then proceeded to pump spurt after spurt of watery boy goo, with the first three jets striking him on his chin, all over his chest and stomach.

To say the least, I was in pure heaven after seeing Alex blow his youthful load, then what he did next, excited me even more, not to mention, make me feel a tad bit jealous. Once he was finished pumping out the last watery morsel, and almost in a teasing like manner, he began using his right index finger to scoop up his spent boy honey and shove it into his mouth. When I saw this, followed by his long angelic moan, I shot another load all over the place. I couldn't believe this, the boy was actually eating his own cream, and loving it. Not that I could blame him, but seeing him do this, only made my mouth water with envious delight, after all, I'm the guy that would eagerly drink this boy's dirty bath water!

Over the course of a week, I followed Alex's every move on the internet. Each and every time he wanted to blow his load, he always went back to the "Nifty" site. Every story he read, I read! Every time he blew his mouth watering boy honey, Alex always dined on his boy juice, moaning ever so gleefully. As each day passed, I'd watch Alex jack off, then as time proceeded, I watched in awe as he began shoving a finger up his butt while engrossed in one of the "Nifty" stories.

It was during one of his (ours) jack off sessions that I decided to write a story. So, using Alex and his perfect bodily description as the main character, I let my mind free and my fingertips pound the keyboard. I used my own-self, with my own accurate physical description, as the other character. Naturally, I didn't mention a lot of the facts, such as his parents working for me, but I did describe the homes we live in, and how I went about spying on this young angelic beauty. I did envision, after reading numerous stories, how young Alex went about giving himself an enema and how painful it was for him to take my 9 3/4 inch thick cock up his virgin ass.

Once I was done with the story, and after proofreading it, I nervously struck the "send" button. I kept checking my email all day to see if my story would be accepted, but nothing was sent that day. It wasn't until the following morning when I clicked on my email and anxiously read that it had been added to the "Gay - Adult/Youth" section. Now, all I could do was hope that Alex would click on my story and find it interesting enough to read it in its entirety.

As I patiently awaited my fantasy lover to check his computer, to say the least, I was a bit depressed to discover his mom was home and the two of them were going into town. I waited, and waited, and waited, and hours later, they returned. Sitting in front of my monitor, I watched as Alex entered his bedroom and placed a brown paper bag somewhere inside his walk-in closet. Other than watching him take a shower, brush his teeth, and brush his hair, nothing happened this day.

It wasn't until the very next morning, Alex was naked in front of his computer. I was mixed with nervousness, as well as being overly anxious when he finally went to the "Nifty" site. I could see the title of my story as his cursor waved across it, then went further down, searching other story titles. 4 stories later, finally, the boy clicked on my story. His left hand was busy stroking that delicious chunk of boy pride as his eyes stayed fixated on his computer monitor, reading my story.

I was extremely grateful to see him engrossed within the story. Every so often, his cherry colored lips would form a perfect circle as a spin tingling moan chirped deeply within my ears. Yes, he was getting into the story just as I had hoped he would. In the story, I even went as far as mentioning about the swimming pool. It was at that point in the story that his jerking motion increased and his precious mouth sang out an angelic chorus of elegant moans. I too was busy jerking on my own thick man meat while intently staring at this angelic beauty.

I followed his eyes as they read the story while watching in earnest at him shucking away at his masterpiece of a boy cock. His jerking motions varied at various parts of the story, building what would have to be one heck of a cum shooting explosion. As he read further, he became even more enthralled at the scene where I was now placing my thick mushroom cock head up to his tiny poop chute entrance. In the story, I went to great lengths to be as accurate as humanly possible, after all, I've been fucked a few times, and I'm not a total stranger of fucking some hot young boy either, so I know what to expect in both the giving and receiving departments.

As if time stood still, I watched Alex stick his right index finger into his mouth, then quickly watched it disappear into his ass. Though I couldn't see his lucky finger shoot up his ass, I knew it! His face began making all kinds of facial expressions as his ass diving finger plunged in and out of his asshole while his left hand jerked away on his boy stick.

Naturally, I didn't use my real name in the story. I used Brent. It was at this beloved part that Alex's body convulsed, arching his back in the process, then literally screamed at the top of his lungs, "Yes, yes, yesssssssssss Brent, fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwdddd fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!"

I saw several ropey jets of watery boy cum explode from his gaping tiny piss slit, landing squarely inside his mouth, and even a ropey strand splashing onto his forehead. Oh God, what a sight for any eyes to behold! I couldn't believe my eyes at the quantity of boy juice flying from his 4 inch boy missile. His face, chest, and stomach were glistening from runny boy honey, and he was still pumping frantically for all he was worth, and I guess, so was I for that matter.

When he was done jacking, I too moaned when I saw him ease his right index finger, that same lucky finger that had graced his ass, up to his nose. He was smelling his own ass juice while his left index finger began shoveling his boy cream into his mouth. Constantly, and I mean constantly, Alex was whimpering and moaning as he dined on his own boy honey, and smelling his own butt juice. Once he finished eating his own spunk, my jaw hit the floor as Alex inserted his ass juice anal probing finger into his mouth and began sucking on it as if it were a popsicle, making louder moans in the process.

Whoa, this boy is way too much, and after seeing all that, I now wanted to ravish this boy's perfect body more than ever. It was one thing to be able to kick back and spy on the boy, but knowing what I now know, I wanted to feel him, to taste him, to totally devour every delicious inch of his heavenly molded perfection. But, how? The few young boys I had encountered in my lifetime were all in other countries, and I paid for them, so that was easy. Now, I am faced with a boy who actually fancies himself to be in the arms of a grown man, living right next door to me, and who just so happens to be the most gorgeous boy the heavens ever created.

The next couple of days found Alex reading my story over and over. Each time, he fingered that ass of his and drank his boy goo, moaning louder and louder each time his cock blew his magical load. Still, even now, I never once got the opportunity to actually see Alex's asshole. I could only see his finger as it pried itself in, but that was it. Each time he sniffed his finger, my saliva swarmed my mouth big time.

It was the weekend, and since both of his parents were home, nothing happened, other than I got to see him bathe and shower, to which, I was grateful for. As Monday morning rolled around, and both of his parents were off to work, Alex mixed up his daily routine. This time, I wanted to take advantage of this. Alex was wearing cut-off blue jean shorts and nothing else. I already knew he wasn't wearing any underwear. He was out in the front yard watering the plants, and though it was morning, it was already hot. Seeing him outside, I put on my black bicycle stretch shorts, intentionally leaving my underwear off.

Why would I do this you might ask, well it's rather simple. When flaccid, my cock is a good five or so thick inches, and by wearing the tight stretching material, my cock now lay down the right side of the shorts, in full display for any, and all, eyes to lay witness to. Not only could my cock be seen, but the stretchy material also displayed my large low hanging balls as well. So, I had reached a point to interact with Alex out in his front yard.

The tight snug shorts were all that I had on and I could see Alex's eyes as he stared me up and down as my footsteps carried themselves towards this heavenly angel. At first, I could see his eyes stare at my muscular chest and rather muscular arms, then proceed to trail downwards. I'm not real hairy, but I do have a goody trail stemming from my belly button to my neatly trimmed pubic hair, and I could see his eyes fall lower and lower as I got closer and closer.

Just as I had hoped for, the boy's eyes locked onto my bulging man package. His pink slithering tongue exited his mouth and brushed both cherry lips before darting back inside. I walked within a foot from where he was standing, and even at this close range, thank goodness, his eyes were buried onto my equipment.

I softly spoke, "Good morning Alex, it sure is going to be a hot day today isn't it?"

Without mumbling a single word, the boy just shook his head in agreement. It was as if though the boy was being held deeply within a trance, unable to move, and unable to utter a single word. Naturally, because of the height difference, I towered over the boy, and now was pleased by seeing a puffy bulge where I knew his golden cock to be.

So, speaking a bit louder, I restated, "Good morning! Sure is hot out here today isn't it?"

Alex's crystal metallic sparkling blue eyes slowly greeted mine as he hoarsely, whisperingly replied, "Uh, um, good morning Mr. Cody sir, and yes sir, it's going to be a hot one today sir, that for sure."

Oh, the boy's voice could only be described as a fairy tale enchantment. Soft to the tone, yet so elegant and angelic to the ears. I lowered my voice this time as I replied, "So, do you have any special plans today?"

Alex, still sporting that heart warming permanent smile fired back, "No sir, not really. Kind of bored!"

Just as he finished his last word, I watched as his eyes trailed down my body, falling directly onto my meaty package. Unfortunately, the one thing I didn't plan on was getting an erection, and that's precisely what was happening now. I did my best to will my hardening cock back into its flaccid state, but the damn thing had a mind all of its own, and continued to get throbbingly hard. Now, I was standing in front of the most breath taking boy no mind could ever possibly imagine with one hell of a throbbing erection. All 9 and 3/4 thick inches was on full prominent display for young Alex's eyes to absorb, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it, but just stand there looking a bit stupid.

After clearing my throat, I tossed out, "Well Alex, you know you can use the pool anytime you want. You don't need my permission at all, just enjoy yourself, and who knows, I just might join you sometime."

Alex gave his thanks, still keeping both eyes on my uncooperative erect cock. However, his own bulging little basket was providing my eyes with its own prominence as well. Once I made my offer and he accepted, I bid farewell and began walking back to my house. Out of my peripheral vision, I could still see his glorious eyes glued to my backside. My own butt is kind of shapely, but not anywhere close to his juicy sweet ass.

Once inside, I went up to my bedroom to find Alex already in his, buck naked, sporting a solid erection. I watched as he walked into his closet, then after a brief second, reemerge holding the brown paper bag. Low and behold, I saw his right hand dip inside the bag and bring out a 6-pack Fleet enema package, then reach inside and retrieve another box containing an enema bag.

His fingers tore into the Fleet enema package, grabbing one of the full bottles. As he was doing this, I was steadily whacking away at my pulsating hard cock. He got down on all floor next to the bed, pulling off the protective top, then proceeded to insert the nozzle up his bung hole using his right hand. He was so fast in doing this that I failed to catch a glimpse of his butt hole, but, I did see the tanned interior in between those bubbly mounds, and from what I could see, it was as smooth as a newborn baby's bottom. I watched him squeeze the vast majority of the content up his rectum, then slowly ease the tip out of his asshole.

When the nozzle departed his bung hole, it was then that I got my first real shot at his most hidden and prized possession, his asshole. Yeah, yeah, I know, an asshole is a asshole and they all look the same right? Nope, not this one, not by far! Alex's asshole was just as tanned as the rest of his perfect body, however, looking at it, and believe me, I was certainly looking, the boy's virgin sweetness almost was transparent. I had to zoom in steadily just in order to make out the intricate details. To say it was tiny would be an understatement. Saying it was damn near microscopic would be more like it! It, none the less, the boy's asshole, was just as gorgeous as the rest of his heart stopping, elegant, natural born, beauty.

Just by the expressions on his face, I could tell he was fighting off the urges to relieve himself, but somehow, he managed to hold on for close to twenty minutes. Seeing him hold those bubbly butt cheeks with both hands as his feet drunkenly scurried towards the toilet was beyond priceless by any and all account. Alex had timed it just right, cause as soon as his butt cheek struck the toilet's seat, well, you can imagine for yourself the explosion. I guess it was about 30 minutes before Alex finally felt like he was done. Once he wiped himself and washed his hands, he walked back towards his bed rubbing his now empty stomach.

He picked up the box containing the enema bag, then proceeded to read the directions as he assembled it. Once he put the bag, and all its few parts together, he walked back into his bathroom. There, I watched as he poured in some minty fresh mouth wash, followed with some sort of bath oil, then filled the bag with warm water. Once he finished with his concoction, he placed the hook of the enema bag on another hook next to the toilet, then proceeded to insert the nozzle up his rectum. Once the nozzle was in place, and the enema bag extended by the hook higher than his head, Alex hit the release valve.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, yes, yes, yes Cody, fuck me, fuck me, take my ass Cody, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh hell yessssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee goooooooooooood!"

Well, I blew my load right then and there! Who wouldn't? Hearing my fantasy boy blurt out my name was way more than any one man could ever possibly wish for. Now, now that he did, I had every intention of fulfilling both of our fantasies. I don't know if he wants me as bad as I want him, nonetheless, I now knew how he felt, and better yet, what Alex wants.

After a lengthy time sitting on the toilet, Alex finally was done. He inspected the contents, and though I was more than grateful I couldn't see inside the toilet, he must have felt pretty good over his total cleanliness. He washed his hands after flushing the toilet, then proceeded to fill the large tub with water and a mixture of bath oils. Once the tub's water was filled to his satisfaction, Alex submerged his body and began soaking.

He didn't activate the jacuzzi as he began speaking. With the jacuzzi not being on, I could clearly hear every single word he uttered, "Cody, you don't know it yet, but I'm going to get you. I'll have that cock of yours if it's the last thing I do. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, damn it's fucking huge! Ahhhhhhhhh man, I can't wait to feel it up my ass, fucking me senseless, just like in all those stories. Oh shit, oh man, I've got to get that cock, I just got to! Fuck, what if he's straight? What if he doesn't want to fuck me? Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Well, just think about stupid! He was standing there in those tight shorts showing you his erection. He didn't try to hide it! Dumb ass, he wanted you to see it! That's why he wore those shorts so you could get a good look at it. In that one story, the boy fit me to a tee, and the man fits Cody to a tee too. Holy fuck, even the houses described match these houses perfectly. Maybe Cody is Brent in the story, and I am myself, after all, our descriptions are a spitting image of one another. What about the hidden cameras I wonder, mmmmmmmmmmm!"

I had beaten my meat till I could beat it no longer as I listened to every angelic word he had just spoken. One thing's for sure, the boy is on the right track. I did describe ourselves to the actual letter, missing no intricate details whatsoever. I may have screwed up by describing the two houses to the letter, including the swimming pool, and tossing in the part about the hidden cameras. Now, I could tell Alex was pondering things over in his mind. Regardless of this fact, I know that the boy wants my cock, and he wants me to take his virginity. This fact is way more prevalent than him knowing the truth about the story.

Alex rambled on, speaking to himself for over an hour while basking in the vast array of the bath oils. Every now and then, I saw him as his eyes roamed the room, possibly searching out for the hidden cameras. That breath taking smile of his never left his face the entire time he soaked in the tub. I heard the plug release, then the water began shooting down the drain. Alex stood, grabbed a large brown towel and began toweling that gorgeous body of his dry. I almost became dizzy as I watched his magnificent soft boyhood dance in sync with his body's motion as he dried himself off. He then proceeded to brush his teeth thoroughly, then brush his golden hair while using a blow dryer to dry it.

I watched this young heavenly perfection as he began roaming through his dresser drawers, steadily mumbling something to himself. Holding up a skimpy, white, fish net, thong bikini underwear, I heard the boy exclaim, "Oh yeah, this ought to get Cody's attention!"

Seeing the young beauty slip into the skimpy underwear made my cock throb severely. His priceless basket displayed itself in all its wondrous glory. I already knew that once his underwear got wet, it would inevitably not be able to hide anything, but then again, I was busy trying to come up with a way so that I could get Alex to swim naked. As my mind rambled with all sorts of devilish and perverse ways to get the boy to shed all clothing, Alex stood up in front of the full length mirror in his bedroom, giving himself a long lavishing once over look. I knew he was hot, and Alex knew he was hot as he posed in various styles in front of the mirror.

When I saw him exit his bedroom, I quickly opened up my dresser drawer containing my swim attire and selected something just like the one's Alex was wearing. Mine was white, low cut, and made out of a fish net material. I liked to have broke my neck as I ran down the stairs, through the winding corridors, out onto my patio, then quickly entered the warm refreshing pool water.

Two minutes later, Alex came sauntering through the gate, heading right for me with the king of all smiles gracing his breath taking face. He stepped up to one of the tables, holding onto the top, then kicked out of his flip flops. I had both arms folded onto the side of the pool, both eyes zeroed in on this angelic heart throbbing beauty, using both eyes to deeply inhale every single ounce of his majestic perfection.

Alex looked down at me, then with a rather sexy soft voice whispered, "Well, what do you think of my bathing suit?"

What could I say, other than spewing out the truth, so I replied, "Alex, those look so good on you that it would almost be a crime to get them wet!"

He bellowed out a soft chuckle, then fired back, "It's your pool! If you don't want them to get wet, then I'd be naked, right?"

This was almost too good to be true, but then again, we were both wanting one another. I knew he wanted me thanks to the hidden cameras and microphones, but as far as Alex knew, he wasn't aware of my salivating obsession with him.

Responding to him, I said, "Yeah, it's my pool alright, but if you'd rather swim naked, then that's a choice only you can make. Believe me, you wont be the first one to have ever swam naked here. Besides, I do it all the time myself. So, it's really no big deal to me. If you want to swim naked, then be my guest!"

Alex responded by easing those skimpy bikini underwear down his totally smooth, golden tanned, completely hairless legs. I couldn't even see any hair growth on his shins. Even the boy's small feet looked absolutely delicious, and I don't even have a foot fetish, but for some odd and unexplainable reason, all I could think about was sucking on those little curling toes.

Then, he ran towards me, catapulting himself through the air, diving into the pool. One thing was for sure, and that was, the boy was like a fish in the water. I was doing my best to lock my eyes onto his body as he propelled himself under the water, swimming from one side, then to the next. When he started swimming some laps, my cock damn near exploded through the material of my swimming thongs while my eyes feasted on those two glorious, profound, defiant, solid chunks of bubbly boy butt.

For about 30 minutes, all I did was watch Alex frolic in the pool, occasionally diving off the diving board. Seeing him jump up and down, bare ass naked, marveling over the view of his semi flaccid boy stick as it waved up and down as he jumped, sent goose bumps popping up all over my slightly trembling body. It was when he was at the other end of the pool that I decided to slip my own trunks off.

I was sitting on my knees, at the shallow end, when Alex made his way up to me. Though I was sitting on my knees, and Alex was standing, it was almost like magic when our eyes met one another. By now, Alex was within a foot of me, neither one of us speaking, just staring into the other's eyes. It was as though we were both locked in a powerful trance, and the sound of my heart thumping was the only sound echoing out and into the open air.

Then, Alex spoke, "I think I'm ready to get out of the pool for now, are you?"

Unable to speak a single syllable, I just nodded my head in agreement, and followed him up the steps that took us out of the pool, standing on the tiled patio floor. My mouth had to have been open as my eyes exploded onto those heart stopping bubbly mounds of boy butt. Walking behind Alex, we stopped at one of the tables that had some towels on it. It was then that Alex turned to face me, and I immediately grew weak as I witnessed that 4 inches of pure boy pride extended towards me. Of course, Alex's dick wasn't the only one that was hard, cause mine was harder than ever before, aiming its massive thickness and length straight towards him.

I saw his eyes trail down my body, falling directly onto my erect hunk of manhood. His mouth was partially open, and he softly said, "Wow Cody, you sure do have a big one! Mine is small, more like a baby's dick!"

I shot right back, "No Alex, yours is absolutely perfect in every way imaginable! For that matter, you are perfect, heavenly perfect for that matter!"

It was then that I simply couldn't contain my affection for Alex as I walked up right in front of him, holding the sides of his unblemished slender face, then sealed his cherry colored lips with my own. His small hands reached around my hulking body, fingers digging passionately into my back's flesh. My tongue invaded his fiery hot mouth, and I was immediately greeted with his minty fresh taste. Soon, Alex's slithering tongue snaked inside mine, and together, we both began moaning as the fiery passions within our very souls erupted with sexual bliss.

Releasing his silk like face, my hands started caressing the top portion of his back, working their way to those muscular plump butt cheeks. Every inch of the boy I touched felt like a mix between silk, satin, and velvet. The scent spewing sharply into my lungs from his body was heavenly. The pool's chlorine was present, however, Alex smelled of strawberries, and the strawberry aroma was nothing less than intoxicating.

As my mouth swarmed with his minty fresh saliva, my hands searched every smooth crevice of his tantalizing splendid butt. Oh, those mounds were so soft, elegant to the touch, and pleasing from every angle. As his toes swayed his body, his butt cheeks danced within my hands, sending my already spinning mind into a full blown rage.

My trembling fingers slid in between those luscious ass cheeks of his, gracing his silky smooth crack, easily detecting that no hair life had yet begun. When my fingertip struck his most hidden of prized possessions, his asshole, my heart seemed to have immediately propelled itself somewhere inside my throat. A soft elegant moan shot from his mouth and straight into mine as my fingertip gently probed the outer edge of his anal ring. Each time I touched his asshole, those soft lips puckered to kiss my finger, sending more shivering chills racing up and down my body.

Wanting more of this stunning beauty, I scooped him up into my arms as if he were a baby, carrying him into my home, straight to my bedroom. In doing so, the boy's right hand reached down and latched onto my throbbing boner while our lips still tightly sealed one another and our tongues excitingly probed the others mouth.

Walking past my king sized bed, I carried the little angel straight into the bathroom where I slowly eased him into a standing position. Wanting to taste only him, every square mouth watering inch of his maddening perfection, and not the chlorine, I activated the shower. We both stepped inside the open shower stall and began soaking our heavy breathing bodies, allowing our hands to freely roam the others hot body.

I grabbed the soft scented soap and began lathering his slender unblemished face with effortless ease, while mesmerized within the glow of his entrancing crystal blue eyes. While my hands graced his gorgeous face, Alex's hands busied themselves by stroking my throbbing man organ, and groping my cum bloated balls.

Alex looked up and into my eyes, and with the softest, most sexiest tone to have ever graced the realm of any ear, whispered, "Cody, I uh, I've never done this before, but I uh, um, I want to uh, uh, um, I want you to fuck me!"

With my hands slick from the soap, I slid them down his elegant silk like shoulders, resting along his back as I leaned down and sank my lips over his succulent cherry colored thin lips, driving my tongue deep into the boy's saliva drenched mouth. His hands never stopped toying with my cock and balls as our tongues ever so passionately embarked on a long, and loving, embrace.

As we kissed, I lathered his entire back, working slowly until my soapy hands smeared and caressed the soap all over his bubbly, well defined, muscular butt cheeks. With his butt cheeks now covered in soap, my trembling fingers slid in between those tight juicy mounds, gliding inwards until they struck the outer edge of his virgin butt hole. As soon as my fingertips touched his young bung hole, Alex's long angelic moans trickled from his mouth, flowing graciously into mine, vibrating all the way down my throat. As my fingertips drew miniature circles over his hairless orifice, Alex unconsciously arched his body upwards using just his little toes.

Using the soap as a lubricant, I eased my right index finger into his super tight, and fiery hot, anal canal. His toes propelled his heavy panting body further upwards as my finger slowly crawled to its deepest point. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began easing my finger out of his rectum, stopping just short of vacating it all together, then slowly eased it all the way inside of him.

By me now finger fucking him, his little mouth began vacuuming my tongue inside his mouth even harder while his steady flow of moans and grunts exploded down my throat. Picking up the pace a bit, my finger began darting in and out of his clutching anal canal, sending his body into a wild and frantic convulsion.

When I added my right middle finger to this anal bliss, Alex really began to go buck wild, spewing a chorus of grunts, groans, and whimpers flying into my mouth, shooting rapidly down my throat in a frenzy. It was then that he forced his mouth from mine, flinging his head backwards, then from side to side, yelling, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwwdddddd, yes, yes, fuck yesssssssssssssss!"

My two anal invading fingers felt like they were being crushed within his anal cavity, AND, being slowly rotisserie cooked, all at the same time. He spread his legs a bit wider, making all sorts of precious facial expressions, and began blowing the air out of his lungs a mile a minute.

With two man sized fingers plowing his tight ass, I reached down in front of us with my left hand and began caressing his 4 rock hard inches of pure boy treasure, sending more crashing waves of sheer pleasure racing throughout every delicious inch of his convulsing body.

Alex screamed, "Co-o-o-o-dyyyyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccckkkkk, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm gonna, gonna, cuuuuummmmmmmm!"

Naturally, I stopped working on his cock, and gently eased my fingers from his crushing rectum. All I could do was stand there and watch his body convulse while being overly entranced at his precious facial expressions. I could clearly see his pink mushroom shaped cock head flare itself angrily as his tiny piss slit lips blew a steady soft kiss into the air.

He leaned against the shower wall, lost somewhere in a world he never knew existed. I had to reach out and brush his right hand away several times as he instinctively tried to jerk his cock into a cum shooting explosion. It was then that I stole the time to lovingly work the lather onto each of his tiny feet, working the soap all the way up to his hips, then slowly work all the way down to his appetizing tiny feet.

Once I had lathered his feet, I gently placed his right foot under the water to rinse it off. Once the soap cleared his foot, the urge to milk each of his curling little toes was simply too much for me to handle, so I began stuffing his toes into my mouth, one by one, using my tongue to embrace the silky smooth area in between them.

Alex was now cooing as I sucked on his toes, however, I still had to keep protecting his torpedo shaped cock from his hands. Once I dined on his right foot, I took the time to equally match the attention to his left one. After thoroughly treating myself to his curling little toes, my tongue traveled up his silky smooth legs, followed by my soapy hands. The boy's smooth flesh felt like silk, both on my tongue and my hands. I licked, nibbled, and kissed my way until I reached his small round cream makers. In one easy gulp, I managed to suck in both tightening beauties, forcing Alex to exhale a long growling moan.

The base of his boyish steel rod felt like heaven as my nose graced its searing hot electrifying flesh. As my mouth made love to his tiny hairless nuggets, my hands lathered some more soap all over his jutting muscular butt cheeks, taking the needed time to penetrate in between his crack's superior tightness until resting once again on his puckering tiny bung chute entrance.

Alex's angelic voice cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd Cooooooooo-dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ohhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss, shit, shit man, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that feeeeeeeellllllllsssss soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooodddddddd!"

My tongue graciously circled each majestic round nugget as my right middle finger eased itself all the way up his bone crushing anal canal, twisting, and twirling, prodding, and probing. Now, Alex was making a steady hissing noise, arching his perfect body upwards upon his toes, using both hands to hold my head for added support.

As my right middle finger began fucking his vacuuming asshole, I could see Alex's body begin to meet my thrusts, so I snuck in my right index finger, now adding two fingers to this anal exploration. With the addition of the second finger, Alex was shouting and moaning louder than ever. I could feel the way his anal muscles coiled around my fingers, using some kind of mind boggling power in trying to vacuum them deeper and deeper into his scorching hot love oven.

His arching toes had him dancing while his soft precious voice echoed sharply off the bathroom walls. His smooth delicious body began convulsing as if caught in the winds of a powerful hurricane. Seeing this, I simply couldn't take it any longer, so I let his young cream makers slip free from my mouth, only to be quickly replaced by his throbbing boy boner. The sensation of feeling his flaring mushroom shaped cock head upon my sealing lips sent shivers racing up and down my spine. Even the flesh of his shaft felt as though it was from the finest of silk.

I slid all four delicious inches all the way into my mouth, smashing my nose into his sweet little soft curls of scant pubic hair. It was then that I added a third finger on my right hand, and upon entrance, that was all it took for Alex to reach his boiling point.

Alex screamed, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, cu, cu, cum, cum, cu-miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!"

And did he! I felt his young slender cock expand, then was a bit surprised at the high powered velocity in which the first gooey glob coated the back of my throat, followed by at least eight to ten more creamy jets of boy nectar. His hands on my head felt as though they were trying to crush them as his boy cock unleashed jet after ropey jet of pure boy honey straight into my awaiting mouth.

My fingers inside his ass felt as though they were being crushed as his orgasm tore through his body like an erupting volcano. When the last of his explosive boy jets shot into my mouth, I was being rewarded with numerous mini jets splashing upon the roof of my mouth. One large glob, followed by countless others struck the roof of my mouth before ending with a steady drizzle of boy juice.

I greedily sucked Alex's cock, milking the last morsel of boy honey straight from the source. His young cock stayed rock hard, steadily riding in and out of my flesh sealing lips. My mouth was swarming with his gooey teen cream, and I patiently waited to ensure myself that I had succeeded in draining the boy temporarily dry.

Alex's body shook and trembled and he was constantly cooing and moaning. Sensing he had fed me all of his creamy teen seed, I decided to sample just a small portion of his gracious offering. Now, my moans accompanied his as the divine taste from the heavens embraced my taste buds in all of its profound glory. There was only a slight trace of salt, but not enough to actually dignify itself. Upon the second sampling, the boy's inner cream soothed my devilish soul with its unremarkable sweetness. The third sampling validated the sweetness, causing my cock to spew out glob after glob of thick pre-cum.

Keeping his young cock trapped inside my mouth, I savored Alex's copious load, becoming ever so addicted to its miraculous sweetness. Even after the last morsel had trickled down my throat, I so inwardly craved more of his electrifying sweetness. I sucked on his cock until he simply couldn't take it any longer. Upon allowing his still rock hard to slip free from my cum craving mouth, I watched as Alex's body sank to the floor, resting angelically on his butt with his chin lowered to his chest.

It was then that I took the time to soap myself up, doing so rather quickly, however, using extreme caution on my aching, throbbing ass plugger. I was more than ready to drain my cum filled balls, but I didn't want to shoot my load in the shower. This load would be for my gorgeous young angel, Alex!

As I rinsed myself off, Alex slowly fought to get back on his feet. Once he stood upright, still using the wall of the shower for support, his eyes sparkled as his soft heart melting voice spoke, "Holy shit Cody, that was awesome! I've never shot a load like that before! Whew, I didn't think it would ever end. That was better than I ever imagined, and I know this will be way better too!"

Right after he finished his last word, Alex dropped to his knees and placed his hot little mouth over my enlarged mushroom shaped cock head. His right hand caressed the base while his left hand groped my heavy hanging bull balls. His little mouth could just barely manage to get the enlarged cock head into his mouth, but that flickering tongue of his was performing some kind of magic trick. Now, it was my turn to dance on my curling toes as the fiery heat from his mouth sent waves of volcanic explosions throughout my entire body.

The boy's mouth hadn't been on my cock for 30 seconds when I did my best to warn him, but seeing that he wasn't going to take his mouth off of my soon to be erupting cock, I arched my back backwards as I felt the first cannon ball of man goo explode from my cock, followed by a shit load more. Faintly, I heard him gag several times, but the little guy never gave up as thick man cum shot into his mouth, one right after the other.

My head was spinning and all I could see was stars as my cock pumped out globs after globs of thick man seed directly into his young inexperienced mouth. Occasionally, I felt his teeth, but I was not about to complain, not in the least. Even after the last of my thick goo had been milked from my semi flaccid cock, Alex continued milking away, or at least, until my cock became too sensitive and I backed away.

When my semi flaccid man meat plopped out of his mouth, I was already looking down and watched him swipe both lips with his tongue, smiling as if he had just conquered the world. Flashing those entrancing blue eyes up at me, Alex energetically said, "Mother of all loads, that sure was a shit load of cum, but I like it, I like it a lot!"

Naturally, I didn't have the energy to utter a single word. All I could do was nod my head, fighting against the odds to catch my breath. Alex spoke again after smacking his lips, "Mmmmmmmmmm, not bad, not bad at all! Shit Cody, I wouldn't mind getting some more of that! Mmmmmmmmmmmm gooooooooooddddd!"

Still weak, very weak, I cut off the water as we both walked out of the shower. As Alex toweled himself dry, I kept both devilish eyes on his perfect hot little body. Clearing my throat, I asked, "Alex, have you ever thought about, you know, finding out what it would feel like having a cock up that hot ass of yours?"

Still drying off, he shot back, "Kind of, I guess. You don't have a dick! You have a weapon! It's freaking huge! I don't think it would even fit to be honest with you!"

I already knew that he wanted me to fuck him, after all, I've been spying on him for quite sometime now. With that in mind, I cordially replied, "Yeah, I guess you're right. That sweet little hole of yours couldn't possibly take my cock! Damn, I don't know what I was thinking. The pain alone would probably be more than you could ever withstand."

Alex fired back (smiling), "I can't believe you called my asshole a sweet little hole. You know what it's meant for, right? (giggling) I'm not stupid, and I'm not allergic to some pain. Heck, I've been reading up on it so I already know it's gonna hurt, at first that is. Yeah, yeah what the fuck! The least I could do is give it a try, right?"

My cock was already brick yard hard, especially hearing him accept the so-called challenge. However, I did have another slight fetish I wanted to introduce him to, that is of course, if he was willing. Now, we were both somewhat dry, and chlorine free, standing bare ass naked in the bathroom. Alex shot past me as if heading towards the bed.

Just as he neared the edge of the bed, I softly said, "Wait a sec Alex, there's something special I want you to see first."

I walked out of my bedroom with Alex following close in behind me. We walked through the winding corridors and into my study. I walked up to the built in bookshelf, and pressed a button, forcing the bookshelf to the right. Intentionally designed, the mock medieval lights began flickering, dimly illuminating the wooden steps leading down into the basement.

Alex, once seeing the bookshelf retract, whispered, "Holy fuck!"

I walked down the stairs and stopped at the base with Alex standing to my immediate right. The walls of the basement was heavily carpeted, more so, being totally sound proof. This was my pride and joy, my playroom, my dungeon, fully equipped! Alex began slowly walking around the large room, eyes steadily studying all the vast torture, and restraining devices, and equipment.

Alex's soft voice rang out, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

As he walked around the large room, his cock was standing straight at attention. To me, this was a good sign for I didn't know how he would take it after seeing all the "goodies", so to speak. With each question, his voice became more and more excited, and once again, that was a good sign.

Alex walked up to one of my contraptions, pointed, then inquisitively asked, "What's this here thing used for?"

Answering, I replied, "That device is one of my favorites. I call it the ultimate butt muncher."

Naturally, Alex fired back, "A butt muncher? How does it work?"

I shot back, "Well, instead of explaining it to you, why don't I show you how it works. I got a pretty good idea you're going to love it."

It was nothing more than a modified table, extending close to four feet in length, and the height could be remotely controlled to go up or down. There is the main bench, then there are two additional smaller bench positioned on either side of the longer one. I had Alex get up on the table, placing both knees on the smaller cushioned benches. In the front, there are two 3 foot heavily cushioned rails that intentionally blocks the shoulders for going forwards. I had Alex place his shoulders up against the rails, then proceeded to place heavily cushioned ankle restraints around each of his ankles, securing them tightly to the bench where his knees were on.

Once his ankles were secured, I unlocked the sliding knee bench, and pushed the left knee bench all the way to the point that his left knee was close to his shoulder, then secured it in position. Then, I repeated this step to his right leg as well. I then placed a padded strap around the small of his back, securing it tightly to either side of the main bench. With his hairless arms dangling downwards, I placed a soft padded wrist restraint around each of his little wrists, securing them to the floor, allowing him very little room for arm movement. Now, here he was, tightly secured, unable to move his body, with his delicious ass spread wide open for the taking.

With a light slap on his butt cheek, I asked, "What do you think so far?"

Alex replied, "It's kind of comfortable, but I sure as heck can't go anywhere, that's for sure!"

I pulled up a stool and remotely raised the table to the proper height. As the table was moving, Alex asked, "So Cody, why do you call this thing the ultimate butt muncher?"

Having just stopped the table at the precise level, zeroing both eyes upon his creamy speck of a poop chute, I replied, "Oh, my sweet little angel, you will certainly come to realize why the name is so appropriate!"

He was just fixing to ask another question when I slammed my tongue directly on his widely exposed speck of an asshole. Alex immediately cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, yessssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddddd yessssssssssssssssssss!"

I could hear myself actually growling as my tongue thwarted its sealing efforts by penetrating into its fiery hot depths. While my tongue dove deep into his asshole, both of my hands fondled, caressed, and squeezed the silky smooth plump flesh of his tantalizing butt cheeks. He was so astonishing delicious! The texture within his anal canal opened the door to the animal lust filled creature I had never known existed.

Alex's angelic soft voice purred, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, that feeeeeeelllllllssss sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddd!"

His body tried to buck as my tongue dug defiantly into his super hot anal oven. The more he tried to wiggle, the harder I filled his ass with my anal loving tongue. Reaching slightly under him, my right hand began massaging his rigid 4 inches of pure boy love muscle. His whimpers and moans really hit a feverish high when I added caressing his young cock to the equation. My left hand easily cupped his hairless young cream makers, embellishing themselves with the satiny smooth texture his ball sac provided.

Within 30 or so minutes, I had managed to bring Alex dangerously close to orgasm 8 times, but stopped each time just short of allowing him to spew his precious load. My own cock was spewing gallons upon gallons of pre-cum as my face was lovingly squashed in between his widely spread butt cheeks, and my tongue steadily dined in his heavenly anal canal. Once every so often, I would gingerly give each of his bubbly butt cheeks a passionate swatting, sending the boy's vocal chords smashing into the heavily carpeted walls.

Nearly an hour had passed, and my tongue was beginning to royally ache from basking within his magical anal kingdom. Many, many times, Alex found himself on the very edge of orgasmic bliss, however, being the perverted devil I am, I always stopped just short, preventing his young cock from exploding his mouth soothing, super rich, boy juice. To say the least, Alex was damn near crying, begging me to let him blow his load, but, that would certainly happen, all in good time!

With a burning need, more so, a well needed break, I removed my tongue from the boy's tasty treat, formerly known as his asshole. I spat some of my spit onto my right index finger and pressed it up against his saliva soaked tiny pucker. With a little bit of pressure, my finger eased itself inside, and slowly descended all the way up his bone crushing rectum. Alex was shouting words of mixed origins as I began wiggling my finger around while slowly easing out, then slowly dipping back in, deep inside his scorching hot, python crushing, canal.

My left hand returned back to his throbbing, rock hard, man pleaser while my lips, and teeth, began making love to his silky smooth butt cheeks. I wasn't biting hard, however, I was biting hard enough to get a positive response from Alex.

Alex screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhh fuck Cody, yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh sheeeeeeeeyyyyyyuuuuuuutttttttttt, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwddddd yesssssssssssss, dooooooooooooooo it, yesssssss, yessssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, haaaaarrrrrrddddeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!"

Within seconds, I had to stop all activity, for once again, his built up orgasm nearly snuck up on both of us. Once he settled down a bit, I eagerly resumed all I had been doing, but this time, I added my right middle finger to the anal exploration. It almost sounded as though Alex was trying to howl at the moon once the second finger was added to the equation. His anal muscles seemed to have strengthened, coiling around both fingers as if they were going to crush my fingers into ashes.

I guess I had spent close to, if not more, than twenty minutes finger fucking the boy's extra tight ass. Not once, did his anal canal feel as though it was going to except my two fingers, always giving me the feeling of its overall superior tightness. By now, my only thought was how my cock would feel up this boy's defiantly tight butt. Also, I was fully aware that he was well overdue to release his sweeter than sweet nectar.

So, keeping two fingers plowing his ass like a runaway lawn mower, I position myself so that my head was resting flat on the bench, positioning myself in such a way that his 4 inch swollen love missile easily slid in between my flesh locking lips. With my mouth feverishly working on his young organ, and two fingers ramming away at his asshole, I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a hold of his right nipple and began pinching it while pulling downwards.

Alex's verbal reactions went into a buck wild audible frenzy as I felt his cock expand, then numerous watery jets of precious boy honey began shooting sharply, splashing contently, striking the roof of my mouth. My anal probing fingers caressed his prostate, sending Alex into a world he never knew existed. He was cursing into the open air while I was moaning in sheer bliss as his boy honey continuously exploded enriched jets of watery cum, one right after the other.

In due time, Alex's cock fed me all of his most precious gift, at which, I was able to contain every delicious ounce inside my mouth until he was completely finished. Only when the last drop of his semen was milked from his cock did I passionately begin dining on his watery seed. One soft gulp after the other, I slowly sipped down the boy's tasty treat until the last gulp left nothing but a sweet aftertaste tingling my savoring taste buds.

I sucked his cock until it went into a semi flaccid state, still holding my anal dwelling fingers up against his prostate. Though he was securely restrained, I could feel his body as it convulsed rapidly, as if he was going into some kind of seizure. Letting his cock slip from my mouth, I eased out from my position so that I once again was sitting back on the stool. Still, the glowing aftertaste of his honey like cream swarmed, and soothed, my taste buds to no end.

I literally had to pull my fingers from his commercial like vacuuming ass, but once they were free, I simply sat on the stool admiring his precious little pucker as it quickly sealed itself shut right before my very eyes. I was smart enough to know that if I tried to stick my thick cock up his ass, I would probably explode long before I had the honor to feel my cock buried up his virgin ass. So, still sitting down, I rolled the chair across the floor, positioning myself directly in front of his dangling face.

Once in the proper position, I didn't ask, nor did Alex hesitate. The boy's mouth immediately enclosed around my cock head and his loud slurping sounds were clearly evident of his desire to suck my man meat. I ran my fingers through his golden hair, moaning and grunting as to the heat baking my cock. I knew I was too worked up to last, and with the way his mouth and slithering tongue performed magic on my throbbing fuck pole, my orgasm ripped through me like a tidal wave, flooding the boy's mouth with my thick man juice.

I could hear Alex gulp down my thick cream as fast as my cock exploded it into his little mouth. I know I was doing some moaning, however, Alex's angelic grunts dominated my orgasmic explosion. Wad after thick wad, the boy eagerly gulped down my man juice until I had nothing left to offer. Still, his powerful sucking action was energetically focused on my sensitive cock. I let him suck on my cock for a few seconds more before scooting me, and the chair, backwards, just to get away from his cum hungry, cock milking, mouth.

Sitting on the stool, I was gasping for air, trying to regain my thoughts. Alex's soft sexy voice broke into my ear canals, saying, "Cody, Cody, for God's sake fuck me! Fuck me Cody! Take my ass! Fill me with your big cock! Please, pretty please, please Cody take my ass now! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck I want more! C'mon Cody, please pop my ass, I'll take the fucking pain! Just fuck meeeeeeeeeeee NOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!"

Hearing that, I mustered up enough strength to wobbly stand on my feet. Taking a few steps to my left, I rolled the mirror up to where I had been sitting in front of Alex. Oh, I wanted to see his face when I popped his cherry. I wanted to see his every facial expressions as I pushed my cock where no other has ever been before.

Now, I lifted his head up and placed a padded strap around his forehead and secured it to the shoulder blockers. Walking back in front of his ass, holding the remote control, I raised the bench up into the proper position so I could give this boy a proper plowing. Once I had the bench in the perfect position, I walked back around and adjusted the mirror so I could see everything.

I was greasing up my boner while looking into his eyes through the mirror. I gave one last offering, "Are you sure you want to do this, after all, it will hurt like hell at first, but I promise you, the pain will go away and you'll love getting your pretty little ass fucked?"

Alex's lips parted as he eagerly replied, "Yesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwddddd yesssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, just go ahead and fuck meeeeeeeeeeee! Make me your ass whore Cody, pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeee!"

Having already felt the boy's superior tightness, I poured some lubricant into a syringe (needle-less of course), then eased it up his rectum, slowly dispensing the lubrication up and down his soon to be non virgin anal canal. The look on his face, feeling the syringe up his butt, was purely priceless. I made sure that his canal was coated with the lubrication, dispensing all of its content up his virgin butt.

Grabbing my cock by the base with my right hand, I pushed my bulbous cock head up against his glistening tight chute, and pushed. With each push, I increased the pressure, but each of my attempts resulted in my cock flying up his crack, or darting down his crack. Even from where I stood, Alex's tiny asshole looked too tiny to accept the thickness of my man meat. However, I sure as hell wasn't about to give up!

My eyes caught Alex's mouth open, shouting, "C'mon Cody, put it in meeeee - OW, OWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWWW!"

Naturally, just by having read that, you now know that I managed to shove my thick cock head into his ass. Alex was shouting all sorts of things as I held fast to my position. The boy's anal canal collapsed onto my cock head, giving me the impression that if I soon didn't do something, my cock head would be crushed, so, I pushed forwards until my entire cock head was inside his virgin ass, leaving the rest of my cock desperately wanting to join in.

Alex screamed, "Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk, fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it, it, iiiiiiiiittttttt huuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrttttttttssssss soooooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg baaaaaaaaaadddddddddd!"

This time, though I was in mild discomfort from the gut wrenching pressure, I held perfectly still, allowing him some time to get accommodated of having my ass loving cock inside his uncharted ass. Just by looking into the mirror, seeing his reflection, I could easily tell that the boy was going through a living hell, wanting to quench his thirst to feel his first cock up his ass. And he certainly was feeling it, every thick throbbing inch!

A half an inch at a time, I slowly sank my cock deep into the boy's bowels. I have no earthly clue how long it took, but eventually I was rewarded with having my entire 9 and 3/4 inch thick cock buried to the hilt up his breath defying ass. Both of my hands latched onto each of his bubbly butt cheeks, gripping for dear life as I slowly began inching my cock from his searing hot, bone crushing, anal kingdom, all the way to the point to where I could see the pinkness of my thick mushroom shaped cock head, then slowly slid it all the way home.

I was in heaven, feeling a bliss I have never felt before. Alex's ass was so fucking tight that it was almost unbearable. With his every breath, I couldn't help not to feel his anal muscles clamp down on my ass invading cock. Never, and I mean never, had I ever felt this awesome pressure from a butt before, and I have fucked plenty of butts in my time, but none could ever come close as to the feeling I am now being blessed with.

Seeing his face, and watching him blow the air from his lungs, I knew he was still reeling in torturous pain. His choice of words was also a good indication of the pain crashing throughout his body. I knew it, but I simply couldn't resist the urge to slide my cock in and out of the tightest ass to have ever graced this planet.

I guess I had been slowly fucking his ass, grunting and groaning like crazy in the process, for about a couple of minutes. I watched as Alex squeaked out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhh gaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, owwww, owwwwwww, shit, ohhhhhhhh shit, damn, it, it, ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, feeeeeeelllllllllsssssss like itsssss, itssssssss in myyyyyyyyyyyy stomach! Ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwddddddd you're sooooooooooo fuckinnnnnnngggggg biiiiiiiiiiggggggg!"

Even as he was speaking, I was still slowly plowing his ass, basking in the most incredible fucking pleasure of my life. Also, as he spoke, it felt as though his anal canal was vibrating, sending its vibrating chorus crashing all over my anal thrusting cock. To me, this was also a knew and welcoming pleasure, one in which, I had never felt before.

In short, another few heart pounding minutes passed when I saw Alex's facial expression go from one of pure torturous pain, to one of pure awesome pleasure. He cinched his teeth together, making a long hissing sound while locking his eyes closed. One I saw that, I no longer held my pace to turtles crawl. Gripping his muscular butt cheeks even tighter, I started driving my cock into his ass, forcing my free swinging balls to smack his tiny nuggets with quite the velocity.

After a few ass pounding thrusts later, Alex's eyes opened as he screamed, "Yeah, that's it, ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh helllllllllllllll yessssssssssss! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me baby, fuck my asssssssssssssss!"

Hearing that, my cock went into orbital overdrive, slamming into his ass like two pissed of rams colliding into one another. Then, I yelled, "You like this boy? Yeah, tell me how you like having your pretty little ass fucked by my man meat! Yeah bitch, take it, take all of it! You wanna be my little ass whore, then tell me how bad you want it!"

Alex, panting through his open mouth, yelled, "I, I, ohhhhhhhh gaaaawwwwdddddd howwwwwwwww iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii waaaaannnnttttt to, to, tooooooooo beeeeeeeee yourrrrrrrrr asssssssssss whorrrrrrrre daaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyy! Gimme that, ohhhhhhh shit, that, ahhhhhhh fuck, thaaaaat biiiiiiiiiggggggg coooooocccckkkkkkk daaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyyy!"

The sound of my balls walloping his tiny baby makers made sort of a thud each time I delivered a powerful inwards thrust. The sound of flesh as it collided with one another shot through the room like a hurricane. My ass jabbing thrusts were violent and hard, and to be perfectly honest, I simply couldn't help it. Although I was besides myself with frantic lust, Alex also was being overwhelmed by raw, never before experienced, sexual passion.

I'm not sure just how long I pounded my ass plugging man meat in and out of the boy's ass, but it was a long time, and now I could feel my cum start to boil. Wanting something completely different, I began unfastening the restraints. Once Alex was completely free, I helped him to his feet. Even now, barely able to stand, his 4 hard inches of boy pride jutted out from his perfect body with profound dignity.

His eyes were glassy as I helped him walk just a few short feet to another section of the room. I had him lay on his back, and at that point, I began preparing him. His upper back was resting on a thin material that was covered with a fine sheet of silk. I placed each wrist in a thick, well padded 5 inch wide cuff. His ankles were placed in the same mannered restraints. Once his wrists and ankles were cuffed, I placed each hook of the cuffs to the overhead hook attached to the beams on the ceiling, supported by a pulley. Lowering the chain, Alex's perfect hot body was being lifted off the floor. Once he was off the floor about four feet, I reached up and pulled the slide bar that controlled the cuffs to his ankles towards his gorgeous face.

Thankfully for me, Alex was so limber that I was able to slide the bar controlling his ankles past his head, leaving me a direct shot at his beloved little bung hole. The thin silk material supporting his upper back was attached to the ceiling's eye hook as well, but this was only for his comfort, not a restraining device. Once I was finished, Alex looked like he was in a modified fetal position, but facing straight up towards the ceiling. His head was intentionally not supported, and that was the way I wanted it. I wanted to see how he reacted when I, in this new position, fucked the living daylights out of him.

My cock was as hard as a chunk of steel, and just for something a little different, I retrieved two wooden clothespins. His eyes opened wide as he saw me direct the first one to his right nipple. Using my left fingers, I pinched his tiny rosebud enough to place the clothespin on the brilliant pink tit. Upon releasing the teeth of the clothespin on his nipple, Alex literally howled and his body began bucking wildly. While he was still feeling the effects of the teeth of the clothespin on his right nipple, I quickly applied the left one.

Seemingly, at the top of his lungs, Alex screamed, "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt, fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk, ahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, owwwwwwwwwwwwww----EEEEEEEEEEE!"

Just as he was ending his "ow" chant, I shoved my thick beastly cock straight up his miraculously tight ass. Showing no mercy, none whatsoever, I began slamming my ass buster in and out of his ass faster than a runaway locomotive. Holding onto his smooth satiny thighs, I used his own body, within the restraints of this modified swing, as a weapon against him. Alex's gorgeous head gyrated all over while he constantly spat out a vast array of unidentified words.

Even in this new position, the boy's ass felt awesomely tight, and his anal muscles continued their revenge by grasping my cock, using its strength to clutch and crush, all at the same time. My thrusts seemed to get harder each and every time I slammed my ass banger into his one-of-a-kind butt. Within a couple of minutes of hard ass pounding I watched as Alex's cock began shooting jets of watery cream all over his face, chin, throat, chest, and stomach.

While he was lost in his own orgasm, his anal muscles really began doing their thing, bringing me to the most intense, the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced. My orgasm tore through me so suddenly that I didn't even have enough time to catch a breath. Now, I was thrusting my shooting man juice in and out of his ass with blinding speed.

My own eyes fell into darkness as I steadily pounded my man cream up his choking butt. I could faintly hear Alex yelling something, but his soft angelic voice seemed to be coming from somewhere way off in the distance. In time, my pace simply stopped, still keeping my cock lodged within the fiery depths of his high grade vacuuming ass.

With his every breath, I could feel his anal muscles literally try to suck more of my semi flaccid cock deeper into its deathly vice like crushing chamber. Barely able to breathe, and feeling the flesh of my cock being yanked by his anal muscles, I had no choice but to reach down with my right hand and free my cock from his ass.

My legs were extremely weak, but I couldn't resist the urge to lick his watery boy goo from his heavy panting body. Alex's eyes were closed as I ravishingly licked the sweet honey from his face, chin, and throat area before moving on to his heaving chest and rippling little stomach. No matter what, the more I tasted his sweet cum, the more I devilishly craved. When I had completely cleaned his body of his own cum, I used the chain to lower him to the floor, then released him.

His body was nothing more than a limp noodle, offering the appearance he was lost in a deep, deep sleep. I lay down next to him, on his left side and softly planted my lips over his. At first, even though his lips parted allowing my tongue to grace the heated wetness of his mouth, he initially didn't react. Within a few heart felt seconds, I felt his slithering little tongue sneak into mine.

While kissing him, I slowly removed the clothespins from his nipples, one at a time. His long vibrating grunts echoed down my throat once the blood to each nipple began running their course. Our kissing wasn't fast, nor was it wildly passionate, however, it was slow, soft, and ever so gentle. We must have kissed one another a good ten or so minutes before I peeled my lips from his.

Looking into his entrancing eyes, I softly whispered, "You are so beautiful in every way imaginable. Thank you, thank you so much for allowing all this to happen!"

Alex's eyes fluttered, and that heart melting smile of his creased across his slender face as he spoke, "Oh God Cody, I've wanted this sooooooo bad and you have no idea just how bad I wanted you!

As he spoke, his right hand was groping my now limp cock. Just as he finished, I saw his eyes gravitate towards my cock, then he lowered his face as a pearl drop of man goo oozed out of my piss slit. All I could do was moan as he sank his mouth over my cock head and felt his tongue swarm all over the head. After about a minute, he freed his mouth from my cock, smacked his lips, the made a humming sound while smiling joyously.

Naturally, with a butt full of thick man juice, Alex had to go and use the restroom. Once he was finished, we showered together, then we both got dressed. I walked him to the door, where we both stopped and began feeding our tongues into the others mouth.

When our lips unsealed themselves, Alex looked up at me, then ever so softly, whispered, "Cody, can we do this again?"

Without having a need for thought, I quickly replied, "I'd love to! Any time you want to, believe me, I'll be in the mood for you!"

He walked out the door and I couldn't help not to smile noticing the way he was walking after having just been given the fucking of a lifetime. This wasn't his normal canter to say the least. Walking with a sore, no longer virgin ass, was devilishly priceless! As soon as he stepped inside his house, I went straight to my bedroom to see what he was going to do next!