This story is in my words, but only after consulting with the main character, who asked me to write his fact based story using his words mixed with mine. Though we only corresponded through email, this my friends, is the story of a fourteen year old boy finding himself while seeking the facts of life. Through his eyes, I bring you his story!

To begin with, I will tell you something about myself. My name is Dustin Gaskins and I am fourteen years old and at the brink of this story, just turned it. My hair is a dirty blond color which lightens up in the summer sun and I keep it combed down the middle, just over my ears, and just above the neck line. It is kind of wavy mixed with some curls. My eyes are blue with a hint of green. I am, so to speak, petite! At best, I stand 5'3" and upon the last weight inspection, weighed only 88 pounds. To go along with my small frame is the way I look. The fact being fourteen has nothing to do with me looking like a ten year old. The guys my age rag me about looking so young and being so small. Nicknames like dwarf, pretty boy, and cutie-pie has been my life story ever since I could remember. I do have a ten year old sister, but she is the one who looks like she is fourteen, with larger breasts than most normal girls her age. Now, you know a little about me, so on with my story.

About three months ago, I discovered Nifty while playing on the computer. Before I go on, I must first say that I have been interested in girls for quite some time, but none found any interest in me. Not once have I ever closed my eyes and fantasized about a guy, nor looked at a guy in a sexual manner. Naturally, I jack-off pretending some girl at school is having sex with me. But, you probably have already read between the lines and figured out I'm a stone cold virgin.

Not really knowing anything about Nifty, or the stories in which it contained, I began reading some of the stories. The one section that caught my attention was under Gay - Adult/Youth. At first, I couldn't believe what I was reading. A guy my age or younger having a grown man drive his penis up his rectum, and in the story, the young boy seemed to always like it. Many of the stories I read contained grown men spreading some boys butt cheeks apart and licking out their butt holes. This activity seemed to me to be strange, gross, and somewhat, weird. Let's face the facts here, a butt hole is a butt hole. The purpose of that area is to have a bowel movement. No matter who you are or what you look like, everybody does it. Miss America all the way up to the President of the United States - it's NORMAL! I couldn't comprehend why any guy would want to put his tongue up anybody's butt. What in God's name could anyone get from that is what I had to ask myself. Surely the smell alone would make anyone turn their heads, so, at least I thought. My readings continued, and soon and oddly enough, I found myself massaging my penis through my pants. The more stories I read, the more intrigued I became. The boy who was getting his poop shoot licked out was always in some type of absolute ecstasy.

I soon found myself bent over in front of a mirror looking at my own anus. To me, it looked way too small for anything to penetrate. With my head aimed toward the floor and both of my hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them apart, I gazed at the object of so much fascination in the majority of the stories. To me, it looked exactly like what it was, a butt hole. I've heard it described as the little brown eye, but mine was not, or is not, brown in color. It is more like the same color of my butt cheeks, a creamy white. The more I looked at my own anus, the more intrigued I became at what all I read. Grabbing the inside of my cheeks and spreading them even wider, my anus popped open just a bit and all I could see was a bright pinkish color. Even spread wide, the hole itself still looked way too small for anything to ever go inside it.

Having only one computer in the house and it was located in the living room, I always had to be careful for my sister popping up at the most inopportune time. As I read each and every story, I soon found myself hurrying to the bathroom to jack-off, pretending I was the boy in one of the stories. It never took long, but it always felt real good. Just so you'll know, just as life played a trick on my small body, and younger looking face, my dick wasn't left out either. When I stand straight up with my hands down to my side, it sticks out from my body with more of a 40 degree angle pointing upwards. I do have some pubic hair, but not a whole lot. It is black in color and it really just started to grow so there is only a small patch at the base of my dick. Speaking of my dick, when fully erect, and lately, it always is, it is a pathetic 4-1/2 inches long and about as thick as an adult's thumb. The other thing about my dick that baffles me is that I have extra skin. Foreskin, that even when I am rock hard, it hangs down another inch and a half. Just to pee, I have to literally roll up the skin so I wont piss on myself or spray the walls. The head of my dick is bigger than my shaft, but not by much.

My balls, if you want to call them balls, are puny. They don't hang down like in the stories I've read. When I look at myself in the mirror, my nuts look like one golf ball enclosed in a cream colored hairless sac. Though my dick and balls can be considered rather small, the one thing I am most proud of is my ability to shoot sperm. If I lay on my back in my bedroom, I can shoot my sperm completely over my head, and often times, splatter the wall over the bed's headboard. Before anyone asks, I'll go ahead and say that my sperm is not really watery. I have cleaned up globs of white cream many, many times. Up to this point, I have not once ever tried to taste my own spunk. I have struck my lips several times while ejaculating, but always wiped the stuff off.

This is the part of my story when things begin to take a wicked change. At school, I tried looking at other guys, but nothing really turned me on. It wasn't until the day my mother, sister, and I went to the grocery store that life as I once knew it would change forever. As my mother and sister were getting the groceries, my eyes involuntary was checking out the crotches of all the men who passed by me. It wasn't until then that I noticed that some of the men actually took a second, and sometimes third, glance at me. For the first time I could ever remember, I felt pretty good about myself knowing that grown men looked at me and I could easily tell that they were looking at me as if I had been walking around naked. Though my eyes traveled on numerous crotches, there was this one guy who I almost knocked down a display while groping at. He had to have been in his forties with salt and pepper hair. It wasn't his crotch that caught my eyes, it was the bulging hair coming out of his shirt that snatched my eyes right out of their sockets. Though I was burning holes right through him, he never paid me any notice.

Later that night at home, I read some more stories and one of them explained how a young boy gave himself an enema. Now, I was eagerly curious as to give one to myself as well. Not only was I intrigued by the stories I read, I began masturbating while pretending I was with a grown man. It didn't take me long to discover that guys my age did nothing for me. Just like in the stories, I wanted to be with an adult. But my only question now was who. As far as personal hygiene goes, I was raised to be a clean freak. Right after school, I would soak in the bathtub. After dinner, I took a shower. When I got up the next morning, I was back in the shower. It wasn't that I thought I was anyone special by taking so many showers and baths, it's just the way we did things around our home.

The next day, right after school, I stopped by at the local pharmacy and made up an excuse to the cashier while purchasing a Fleet Enema, a twin pack. I pretty much ran all the way home, the entire two blocks. My parents were at work and my sister would be playing with her friends next door. After almost ripping all my clothes off, I took one of the enema's, after hiding the other in my room, and ran to the bathroom. Following the directions, I inserted the tip up my rectum while in the doggy-style position. It said that the tip was already lubricated, but I felt some pain trying to get the thing in me. Once I got the entire tip in, I squeezed out the content and waited for whatever next was supposed to happen. I'm going to skip through all of that, but I thought I was releasing my entire insides, guts and all.

This went on for quite sometime and I continued my reading of the stories. It started happening! When I went to the store for my mom, I would always wear extra short shorts with no underwear. If I saw a man walk by, I would do something silly like bend over or squat with my crotch facing his view. If some guy would have stopped me, I would have probably passed out or died. I really don't know what all I was expecting, I just basically wanted to feel noticed, I guess. In the stories, all these grown men were finding all these young boys, and here I was, trying my best to find a man, any man. This went on until school let out for the summer. My sister went to my grandparents for the summer while I stayed at home. Being at home by myself only added to my frustrations. I'd walk around naked once my parents had gone to work and I would spend hours reading the stories until I spewed my load all over.

Many times, I walked out into the backyard wearing nothing, hoping beyond any hope for someone to see me and take notice. At first, I was nervous, but after about the fifth time, it became a natural ritual. I even began laying out, soaking up the sun's rays buck naked. This went on daily for about three weeks. The only thing I managed to accomplish was a pretty good suntan with no lines. My sandy blond hair turned blonder and I was jacking-off as much as ten times per day. If I saw anyone outside on the street, a man, I would stand in front of the big bay window starch naked, hopping up and down, hoping he would see me. I did this too many times to count.

My thoughts no longer contained any girls, only some man. Even though it was summer, I had no friends who I could enjoy their companionship with. I was alone and pretty much feeling sorry for myself. The only thing that ever made me happy was when I would go to the store and try to get some guys unwilling attention. It was on a Wednesday morning, the same day that would inherently change the rest of my life. For no reason whatsoever, after waking up and double checking to see that my parents had gone to work, I gave myself an enema, then soaked in the tub for quite sometime. I read about three stories and became hornier than I ever had been. My mom left me some money to eat that day so I went up to my room to try and find the skimpiest thing to wear I had. Under all my clothes, I found a yellow Speedo shorts and struggled like hell to get them on. Looking at myself in the mirror only caused me to bet all boned up. My dick was pointing up to my belly button and my balls produced a golf ball sized pouch. Now, if anyone were to look, they would have to see what I wanted to show off so desperately.

I tossed on a yellow tank top and stepped into my sandals and headed for the grocery store. I had nothing really on my mind to purchase, other than hoping to catch some guys attention. Once inside, my evil plan began to unfold. Both men and women, boys and girls, looked at my very noticeable cock and balls. Like a peacock on display, I was proud and at times, very nervous. I walked slowly up and down each aisle, squatted and paraded each time some guy got near me. Some guy in his fifties walked right up next to me and he was holding a can of beans, or something. I turned and bent over to grab whatever was on the bottom shelf and pretended like I was reading the label. He didn't move, nor did I. Due to the situation, as I was standing to my feet, my cock became rock hard in an instant. I saw his eyes look right down onto my boner standing at attention and on a wicked display. My heart was pounding in my chest like a drummer in a marching band. This was the moment I had waited for, but wasn't smart enough to know what else I should do. In the stories, everything seemed so easy. Now, real life, I was scared and motionless. I picked up another can of something, but my eyes were doing their best to focus on the gentleman to my right.

Like I said, he was probably in his fifties. He was tall, definitely over 6 feet and must have weighed over 200 pounds. He did have a slight belly and his hands looked huge. He had a thick black moustache and the hair on his head was a dark brown in color. Speaking of his hair, it was cut like he was in the military. Then my eyes trailed down to his package, and what a package this man had. Either he was rock hard, or he had to have folded it up to shove it inside his pants. Still, neither one of us moved. In my mind, I was hoping he would speak. Then, I wondered what I would say or how I would respond. My mind was racing with tons of thoughts, none of which, made any sense at all.

Out of the blue, he spoke, "Jim." Catching my breath and like an idiot, I said, "No sir, my names Dustin." He chuckled, the replied, "Oh no, my name is Jim." He held out his right hand and I followed. His huge hand engulfed my little one rather easily. Once our hands met, I replied, "Nice to meet you sir." He replied something, but I was lost in his touch. Though his hands were huge, his touch was ever so gentle. Once our hands released the other, my mind came back to present day. Jim squatted down as if he were looking for something on the shelf, but I could see his eyes bearing down on my dick. His face was just a few inches from my crotch and I stood perfectly still on trembling legs.

As he placed the can back on the shelf, his left hand accidentally, or intentionally, brushed my raging erection. His soft touch sent shockwaves after shockwaves crashing all over my body. My knees buckled and he literally had to catch me. His large right hand cupped my butt and I thought I could feel him squeeze my cheeks a little. Oddly enough, he asked, "For heaven's sake, what happened?" My response was plain enough, "I don't know." His smile was reassuring, and for whatever reason, I felt terribly comfortable being around him. Just as fast as it all happened, Jim thanked me and walked down another aisle.

Self pity overwhelmed my every emotion and I brushed back the tears sweltering from the corner of each eye. Like a puppy just having been spanked, I walked, with head hung low, out of the grocery store. My mind was filled with sorrow as I staggered down the paved sidewalk area leading to the crosswalk. I don't know what I was expecting or hoped to have happened, but being utterly rejected was certainly not in any of my plans. A voice shot out from somewhere behind me, "Can I give you a ride?" Turning around, I tried to see the one person to which the voice belonged. There were several people milling about and upon trying to see each one, not one single person hailed me. I turned back around to walk across the crosswalk and the voice bellowed, "Do you need a ride somewhere?" Just like before, I spun around and glanced at everyone who was nearby. Out of the blue, some guy, probably in his mid to late thirties, was walking up straight to me. His hair was light brown and cut just above the collar. Just like me, he was real slender. I figured he weighed close to about 160 pounds, give or take a few pounds. This guy was a little taller than Jim, standing well over 6 feet tall. His face was clean shaven and I could see his green eyes sparkle as he got closer.

The man walked right up to me, held out his right hand and said, "Hey kid, my name's Rusty." I shook his hand and told him my name. For the life of me, I couldn't figure who this guy was. He certainly wasn't anyone I spotted inside the store. Standing toe to toe, Rusty towered over me leaving me a clear eye shot of his rather impressive crotch area. He was wearing blue jeans that looked more like he was born in them. The distinct bulge in his crotch smacked my glassy eyes extremely hard. He leaned down and his face was within inches from my own and whispered, "Having any luck?" I had an idea what he wanted me to say or at least I thought he did, but I replied like any normal kid after being busted red handed, "What, what do you mean sir?" Rusty forced out a sheepish laugh, then replied, "Dustin my boy, you know how you are dressed. I've seen you bend over to show some guy your hot little ass and squat to tease any wondering eyes. Heck, you've done everything but come right out and ask someone to suck your cock. If you're not careful, the wrong guy is going to take those signals and may even go as far as do things to you that you don't want to."

To say I was ashamed would be putting it mildly and Rusty must have noticed my shameful appearance and demeanor. He spoke, "Dustin, you shouldn't rush things. My God, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to climb between your legs and worship your hot young cock for hours upon hours. By the way, just how old are you?" Choking back, I whisperingly replied, "14, I, I just turned it the other day." Rusty placed both hands on both of my shoulders, then said, "You got to be shitting me! Holy shit dude, you look more like you are about 9 or 10 years old." Before I could say anything, he added, "Look, my offer still stands. I'd be happy to give you a ride home." I asked him the only question that was raging in my head, "How do you know me?" Once again, he forced out a laugh, the replied, "I don't. But, being the store manager, I watch the cameras all the time. I've seen you on more than one occasion try to seduce some guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with that, but being that you are so fucking gorgeous and so damn young, I just don't want to see you hooking up with the wrong character."

Looking into his eyes, I simply asked, "You've been watching me?" Smiling wider than ever, Rusty said, "Yeah, every time! Shucks, I even busted a couple of nuts watching your mouth watering hot little ass prance around each aisle." I couldn't believe what all this guy was saying. He had called me gorgeous, and gave me a butt load of more than welcomed compliments. The more we talked, the more at ease I felt with Rusty. Finally, I gave in and accepted his ride.

Once in the car, I noticed his eyes burning a hole in my crotch. Just the fact knowing he was looking caused my boy sperm shooter to get rock hard. I wanted so badly to cut through all the crap and ask him to make love to me, but I was simply too chicken. While his eyes were on my crotch, mine were on his man package, pretending he was sitting in his car wearing no clothes. Just before he put his car in reverse, he politely asked, "So, to be so young, how often do you get a guy to service all of your needs and desires?" I thought of what his question was and must have hesitated a bit, cause Rusty chuckled, then stated, "You know, suck your dick and whatever else you wanted!" Hit by a brick, I said, "Uh, oh, I um, I'm kind of curious, that's all." He was now driving the car through the parking lot when he inquisitively stated or asked, "You mean to tell me that someone as HOT as you aint never had his delicious cock serviced, by anyone?" No need for a response thanks to my head nodding back and forth.

We were cutting through a neighborhood, and this time it was Rusty who nervously asked, "Dustin, look um, I'd uh, I'd be happy to uh, shit, um, you know, help you out sort of, service you if you want me to." I had to put all the scramble words together and realized that this guy, a grown man, wanted to suck my dick. Not being nervous any longer and with excitement rifling out of my throat, I almost yelled, "Sure, that would be okay with me." Rusty kept his eyes on the road, but managed to state, "You can't tell anyone, okay? I'd get into a lot of trouble." I already knew the risk he was taken, and besides, this was something I wanted. As reality of getting my dick sucked for the very first time began to sink in, my heart thumped heavily causing my legs to tremble. Answering him, I replied, "I wont tell anyone, I promise!"

As we pulled into another subdivision, Rusty asked me to scoot down into the seat as he pulled on his street. I felt the car stop and heard the garage door open, then the car pulled slowly forward. He placed his right hand on my head and gently massaged my hair for a few seconds, the said, "Okay, this is my home." I watched him fumble with the key and the lock as he tried to open the door. I think he was just about as nervous as I was. The moment of truth was now staring me in the face, and I was scared to death as we walked into his living room. Rusty excused himself saying he needed to take a shower so I sat on the sofa getting more nervous as each second ticked away.

Several long minutes passed before Rusty walked back in wearing nothing but a blue bath robe. It was tied around his waist, but from the way the front was tenting out, not for long if his man cock has anything to say about it. Clearing his voice, Rusty asked, "Dustin, would you feel more comfortable in the bedroom?" I was absolutely speechless, but my head shot up and down saying a silent yes. I followed him down the short hallway and entered his bedroom. His bedroom was like most I guess and we ended up next to it as he turned around to face me. Rusty placed his hands on my shoulders and I had to arch my neck to look up at him. Softly, almost in a whisper, he said, "Dustin, this is your day! I know you are nervous and believe me, I am too. I've never been with anyone so young and so incredibly gorgeous before. This being your first time, it will be my honor to make this day, a day that will be with you forever."

His hands slid down my bare arms as his face closed in on mine. His knees began lowering to the carpet as his fiery hot breath blasted my forehead and nose. His soft cherry lips puckered and began placing gentle kisses through my hair. My body shivered from his kisses and gentle strokes of his hands. It felt like my heart dropped to my ankles as his adult kisses began softly teasing the bridge of my nose while his hands slid up and down the outer region of my legs. To say that my entire body was on fire would have been the understatement of a lifetime. His soft touches and his passionate gentle kisses were driving me into a horrid frenzy never before encountered, much less, experienced.

His tongue traced the outer edge of my closed lips while his hands now roamed upon my back and butt. The hand on my butt was so soft, it sent a mixture of pleasure and a tickling sensation all over my already trembling body. The adult pink tongue began poking and swiping at my tightly sealed lips. Within a flash, his man sized tongue slid inside my mouth and began exploring, swabbing my shocked and baffles tongue. His soft moans shot down my throat, only adding fuel to my already over flowing emotions. Though he was freshly shaven, his whiskers poked into my flesh as his tongue snaked around inside my mouth. With both hands now firmly on my butt, I could feel Rusty caress each cheek through the tight thin material. My cock was, and had been, rock hard and in a way, I wished he would hurry up and let me yank my shorts off.

Rusty helped me by using his tongue to dram my tongue into his mouth. Soon, our tongues were rolling freely in the others mouth. For balance, I held onto the side of his face relishing in our kiss and basking in his caressing of my butt. When our kiss ended, Rusty began licking, nibbling, and gently sucking all over my neck area. It was I who was doing the moaning now. It was like he had turned on a switch to my body I never knew I had. When his tongue delicately swabbed my right ear, my legs quickly buckled. Thanks to his hands on my butt and his body up close to mine, I didn't fall to the carpet. I was lost in a world I had never been before, but a world I inwardly prayed would never go away. He licked in both ears, causing my moans to become louder by the second. His hands slowly began sliding my tank top upwards until it cleared my shaking body. As soon as Rusty placed his lips over my already pointed nipple, and his tongue flickered over the very tip while his teeth gently clamped down on the base, I screamed in a pleasure I never knew was there.

Rusty took turns, rotating from one tender nipple to the other. Though his hands and body kept me still, my legs inadvertently kept going up and down as if I were in a marching band. After taunting my nipples, his tongue and lips worked themselves all around my chest and stomach area. When he got to my small outty belly button, my world almost came unglued as he licked and sucked on it. I was panting and moaning louder than ever. Rusty was also moaning, but not near as loud as I was.

In one stealth scoop, Rusty cradled me in his arms and softly lay me on my back in the center of his bed. His lips and tongue immediately went back to work on my hairless goody trail. I was scooting all over the bed like a snake that had just been cut in half. I felt his hot breath burn through my shorts and blister my pulsating little dick. It twitched and jerked as if it were about to go into a violent convulsion. His lips and tip of his nose slid down the short length of my cock causing me to almost bounce off the bed. I felt his nose press against my tight balls and watched in earnest as his back rose heavily as if inhaling the lint off of my shorts. I did my best to bite my lips in a feeble attempt to stifle the noises bellowing from my lungs. Rusty went to work on the inner most portion of my thighs. I screamed like a little girl as soon as he nibbled this most sensitive area. By no means did I encounter any pain, just a body shocking emotional roller coaster ride of sexual bliss.

He licked and nibbled down each leg and when he got to my feet, he removed each sandal and began licking and sucking on each and every toe. Both of my hands had clutched onto the bed cover as my body convulsed uncontrollably. He began working his way back up my legs, but now he gently raised them upwards. When he got to my jutting butt, just from reading all those Nifty stories, I knew he was smelling it cause his nose was pressed hard between my cloth covered crack. Though I knew what he was doing, I didn't care thanks to the blistering heat shooting all over my crack and scorching my hole. At this point, I probably wouldn't have cared what he was doing to me or planning to do. I was completely at his mercy and willing to do so.

After getting his fill of smelling my butt, Rusty enclosed his scorching hot mouth over my rock hard cock. My body immediately began humping as his lips completely sucked in the shaft that was visible through the cloth. His hands went up to my nipples where he began to gently pinch and twist them. My moans and groans flew from my mouth at will. His lips released my dick and quickly sucked up my pathetic little nuts, cloth and all. I was pleasingly being tortured ever so slowly. Soon, the words just flew out of my mouth with no thought process whatsoever, "SUCK MY DICK, PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE!" Little trickle of tears rolled freely out of the corner of each of my eyes.

The next thing I knew, Rusty had rolled me onto my stomach. His larger frame separated my legs and I felt his body on mine as his lips, tongue, and teeth gingerly went to work on the back of my neck. My hands latched onto the large pillows while my teeth sank heavily into the bed cover. His hands caressed my back while he drove me crazy with his mouth. Rusty worked all over my back and slowly licked and sucked up and down each leg. Several times, I felt his nose press into my crack, sending fire balls burning into my crack. Often times, his tongue slid up and down my crack before returning to a leg.

I felt his fingers dig under the tight shorts at the base of my back and he fought to tug them down just a little. As soon as his tongue struck the top portion of my crack, goose bumps sprang up all over my body. His tongue stretched as far as he could get it, but it wasn't ever really close to my hole. Rusty's whiskers dug into my bare flesh, but his tongue added the necessary ingredient to make everything pleasurable. Just like before, in an instant, Rusty had turned me back on my back. We kissed for some time and I felt his fingers as they located my shorts draw string. I felt him untie the string and shorts being pulled outwards from my body. The very tip of one of his fingers began teasing my foreskin. Somewhere in my mind, I hoped he wouldn't throw me out of his house once he found out how little my dick was and that I wasn't circumcised like most people was.

As his lips left mine, he looked into my eyes and whispered, "God, you are so beautiful!" I was panting too heavily to respond, but apparently there was no need for anything else to have been said. Rusty's fingers slid under my shorts and instinctively, I raised my butt off the bed. He began sliding them down towards him and the moment I feared the most was getting ready to pop into his view. My foreskin covered cock sprang out as soon as the cloth cleared it enough to do so. Rusty slowly continued to remove the shorts. My balls plopped free and he took his time sliding the shorts off and tossing them onto the carpet. He knelt between my legs staring at my little foreskin covered cock and puny little nuts. He was motionless and I was now embarrassed. With a large frog somewhere in my throat, I said, "I'm sorry." Rusty's eyes slowly slid upwards until he was looking me straight in the eye and asked, "Sorry for what?" Naturally, I said, "My little dick and all that extra skin." He shook his head from side to side, then heart warmingly whispered, "Dustin, my little angel, you have nothing to ever be sorry about. Holy shit, your dick is perfect, it's flat fucking gorgeous! Please don't ever apologize about the size or your foreskin. What I'm looking at right now, you may never understand because it's yours, but believe me, there could be wars started over this."

I was about to speak when Rusty's tongue began swimming all over my tightly drawn up nuts. My body went crazy and to add to the sensation, Rusty sucked in both of my balls into his mouth. My hips immediately began arching up and into the air. My head began tossing all over the place and my sounds of joy became increasingly louder. He worked my nuts over for quite some time and when his mouth released them, the cool air pounced on them like a cat on a mouse. Before my body had anytime to adjust, Rusty used his tongue to play with the few small pubes and the rest of the hairless pubic area. My throbbing dick was brushing up against the side of his right cheek and if I hadn't been loud before, I certainly was now.

My world became lost when his lips sucked in my extra skin and his tongue slithered its way up to strike my pre cum oozing piss slit. Rusty groaned as I knew my pre cum had to have struck his tongue. Either he didn't care, notice it, or he must have liked the taste, cause his groans became just as loud as mine. When his mouth fell over my dick, I almost lost it. Every ounce of breath I had in my body, flew right out of my mouth, followed by a lot of weird noises. In one motion, Rusty had literally swallowed my dick. His nose pressed against my pubic region and I almost died when he slowly worked his mouth up and down the short length of the shaft. His tongue slid and danced around my foreskin covered cock head sending all sorts of wonderful chills racing all over my already pleasingly tortured body. He probably only bobbed up and down about ten times before I felt that familiar sensation right before I am about to cum. Rusty must have sensed it too, cause he stopped and yanked his mouth off of my cock.

He looked up at me, keeping his mouth ever so close to my cock and whispered, "Don't cum just yet. Please don't cum. Let me know when you get real close, okay!" I nodded my head although my vision was very blurry at this point. His mouth fell back onto my dick and it wasn't too much longer when I screamed, "I'm close, I'm close!" He pulled his mouth off and slammed it onto my aching little balls. After about three or so long minutes, I had to warn him again. Just by sucking and licking on my balls, I was getting ready to shoot. Rusty sucked on my dick and balls for a long, long time. Every time I got close, I warned him, but I was past the point that my balls started hurting.

Rusty dug his face in between my legs and began licking and softly biting the area between my balls and my crack. My legs were already raised high into the air and his tongue and teeth were giving my body a new and sexually exciting thrill. After some time, he released my legs and went back to work on my dick. Just like in the many previous cases before, once I got close, he backed off. Now, he was taking turns sucking my more than throbbing dick, sore nuts, and tender meat between my balls and crack. I was literally begging him to let me shoot my load, but it seemed as though all of my pleas fell upon deaf ears. One more time his mouth engulfed my dick, and one more time he stopped just before I was fixing to cum. I was panting for air when he rolled me onto my stomach. I felt his hands as they pushed on my legs for me to spread them. His voice sounded as if it came from somewhere in outer space, "Dustin, normally I don't do this, but I, I just got to. You are so fucking beautiful!"

Using all the strength I could muster, I screamed, "Please, I, I need to cummmmmm...aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" In less than a split second, his hands pried my cheeks apart and his face smashed tightly into my crack and his tongue torpedoed onto my exposed butt hole. It tickled for about two seconds, but then after that, I now could understand all those boys loving for some man to tongue their butts. My hands slung the pillows off of the bed and gripped the bed cover while I bit down on the mattress. I was grunting like crazy, lost emotionally, as Rusty dug his tongue into my hole. My back arched and my legs spread even wider. Unlike the enema tip, his tongue offered no signs of discomfort whatsoever. I felt it slither up inside of me and his fingers dug into my butt cheeks forcing them beyond its previously wide spread state. He was moaning, but I was screaming as his tongue twisted and turned up my anal canal. Without even realizing it, I had managed to get up onto my hands and knees and was basically shoving my ass onto his anal diving tongue. I was doing the same thing those other boys were doing in all of those stories. The more tongue up my butt he offered, the more tongue I wanted. I felt one of his fingers sneak inside as well and I really began screaming. With a finger up my chute and his tongue diving in and out, I began bucking my ass harder onto his ass eating face.

Rusty used his tongue and his finger to drive me insanely audible as my screams of ecstasy rippled throughout his home. I had become delirious in sexual bliss and it seemed Rusty was too. When the second finger went up my chute, a sharp searing pain blistered up through my anal canal and lodged somewhere deep inside my guts. Though, the pain was sharp, my emotions countered it, by me still driving my little ass onto the man's face, tongue, and fingers. It was an exciting pain, one I was no longer fearful of. Rusty's ass digging tongue and fingers explored my anal canal like a lost coal miner seeking his way in and out of unfamiliar tunnels.

In one quick motion, Rusty flipped me onto my back and used his shoulders to pin my right leg high up in the air. He continued his oral assault on my ass while his two fingers dove to their inner most depth. The next thing I knew, both of my knees were over my head and they were impaling the mattress above me. His tongue and fingers dove even deeper causing my already loud screams to become enhanced and intensified. My eyes were teary and blurry and I could see my own cock pointing straight at me. It violently twitched and jerked and my own pre cum had began drooling out between the dangling foreskin. If I could have contorted my body just another two inches, I would have been able to have sucked my own little cock.

One single teardrop of pre cum slithered out from under the skin and was starting to drip towards my heavily panting mouth. The sensations coursing through my ass had my soul on fire and my sexual energy at its highest peak. Watching the single strand of pre cum drip closer to my mouth only excited me that much more. Like a baby bird waiting impatiently to be fed by its parent, I opened my mouth and held out my tongue as if it were a shovel. All too soon, my pre cum dripped a puddle onto my extended tongue. It was hot and slimy, but offered no real distinguishing taste. Just knowing the fact that I was swallowing my own stuff while Rusty performed a symphony on my ass caused me to scream, "Let me suck your COCK!"

The fingers ripping inside my asshole quickly departed leaving a sickening empty feeling deep inside me. Wasting no time, Rusty stood up on his knees before me and I watched with all the anticipation of a lifetime as he untied his robe. This would be my first vision of man cock. My knees were still implanted in the mattress over my head and his eyes never once left my puckering asshole. Thanks to the position I was in, I could only see his the area from his mid stomach region all the way up to his face. He had tons of hair all over his chest and stomach and he used his large hands to scoot me further down the bed. As Rusty rotated his body to his left, my right, his man cock blasted into my vision. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as the sight of this man cock ravished my curious being. Unlike me, he was circumcised. To me, his cock looked to be nearly 10 inches long, but in reality, it was more like 7 inches long with one hell of a thick shaft. The mushroom head looked like a helmet nearly double the size of his thick veiny shaft. The piss slit was long and gaping wide open with his pre cum bubbling out all over.

Rusty's man nuts hung low into one hairy sac. The size of those nuts looked like two tennis balls wrapped in a fur blanket. As more of his body came into view, I could see that Rusty was heavily layered with thick folds of black man fur. He inched his body, more so cock, closer to my face and my eyes widened as he lifted his left leg high in the air to straddle my contorted body. His butt crack was littered with fields of black hair and his hidden butt cheeks wore a fur coat as well. Even his back was covered with hair. Though I took the time to see all of this, my eyes constantly went back to his thick man cock dripping like crazy with pre cum.

Just as his cock was sliding across my forehead, leaving strings of pre cum in my hair, Rusty slammed his tongue back up my hole and shoved two fingers deep inside my rectum. My ass naturally humped upwards, forcing my shocked wide opened screaming mouth to cram itself onto his thick mushroom head. My mouth and tongue quickly filled with his pre cum and as the first dribble slid down my throat, I discovered the taste to be a little salty, but nothing anyone could ever complain about. His cock head flared even wider as my tongue rolled freely over its huge girth while stabbing at his gaping piss slit. It seemed the more my tongue traveled on his cock head, the faster Rusty stabbed my asshole with his tongue and his two anal probing fingers hastened their in and out pace.

It felt weird having Rusty's big cock in my mouth, but I found myself wanting to swallow more and more into my gagging mouth. There was a heavy musky scent steaming out of his hairy ass cheeks, but it was a scent that was drawing me closer, not pushing me away. The more of the manly musky scent I inhaled, the heavier I found myself breathing in deeper. I could only suck about two or three inches of his thick cock in my mouth and the straining of keeping my jaws wide open began to be rather painful. I sank my head further into the mattress and Rusty's thick cock bounced free. My tongue began swirling around all over the thick veiny shaft while my right hand reached around and latched onto the fleshy metal man meat. It was so thick that my hand was fully stretched and couldn't even get around it half way. I licked as much of his shaft as I could while rubbing his low hanging huge balls with my nose. I licked all over his balls, getting hair all over inside my mouth. Rusty was moaning loudly while my tongue danced a passionate melody on his large swinging bull balls.

I heard and felt his spit several times on my asshole and my tongue had worked its way behind his balls. My nose was being drawn to the center of the musky mind boggling odor when a sharp, but pleasingly torturous pain tore through my body. He had shoved a third finger up my chute, forcing me to arch my head and drive my own tongue, inadvertently, onto his hair covered asshole. I tried to release my tongue from his man hole, but the fingers twirling around inside my confused butt hole only made me dig at his backdoor that much harder. The two of became lost in one heck of an ass eating session.

Rusty continued driving his three fingers in and out of my hole, but his mouth inhaled my cock, sending my mind straight into orbit. I took turns eating out his hairy ass and doing my best at sucking his thick pre cum spewing cock. Each time I got close to busting my nut, Rusty would pause for a few seconds, then continue working on my ass and throbbing little cock. In between sucking his cock, licking his balls, and rimming his asshole, I cried out for him to let me cum, but as per the case, many, many times before, he never once paid any attention to my pleas. Rusty took turns bringing me close to orgasmic death, sucking my cock and swallowing my cum filled balls while plugging my ass with his three fingers. My balls hurt ferociously like never before and I was besides myself with the necessary desire to blast my young load.

Either I was doing something wrong, or he was close himself, cause Rusty yanked his body from mine and returned back to kneeling between my spread arched up legs. Several more times of near shooting my load passed by and I was actually in tears, begging with each breath, to shoot my load. I felt the fourth finger probe at my three finger full ass and with one slow inward push, my ass was on fire. His thumb had fell in between my aching balls, spreading them while gently rubbing in between them. My balls were in agony and my ass was at an all time fiery high. I continued feverishly to beg for the chance to cum, but only a devilish grin appeared on Rusty's face. Once an eternity of pain slipped away, his four fingers that shot in and out of my quivering hole felt pretty awesome. Rusty's voice fell onto my ears, "Yeah baby, tell me how you like my fingers inside your hot sweet little ass. Tell me what you want me to do! Tell me how you liked my cock inside your little mouth! Tell ME!"

I cried out, "Yes, yes, your fingers, your fingers feel great! Fuck my ass with your fingers! Oh Shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! I, I love your cock! I love all your pre cum! Fuck, your fingers fell sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood! Please, please let me fucking cum! I need to, I need to cum so fucking bad, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I was having a whole lot of difficulty talking thanks to his fingers ripping in my ass and his mouth shooting back and forth on my cock and balls. I was tossing my head all over the place while panting like crazy. Rusty devilishly whispered, "You are so fucking gorgeous! I could eat you from head to toe! Tell me, WHAT do you want to feel next?" With tears rolling from both eyes, biting my teeth, panting, and tossing my head, I screamed, "To CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Rusty chuckled, then said or asked, "Besides you shooting your hot sweet cum, what else would you like to feel? I have plans for your tasty cum, so there's no need to beg me anymore for that. Your load is for me!"

My mind was already too far gone to think of anything else other than to bust a nut. The longer I hesitated to respond, the faster his fingers shot in and out of my asshole. He'd shoot his mouth onto my cock for a few seconds, then take turns sucking on each painful cum filled nut. I was in agony mixed with confused pleasure all at the same time. I tried to think really hard what else there was to do, but my mind only fell onto the pleasures being applied between my legs. After two more times of getting really close and his fingers blistering away at my overheated hole, I screamed, "FUCK ME!" The words fell out of my mouth and to the best of my recollection, I never even thought of his cock going up my ass. It was too long and definitely way too thick.

His fingers departed my asshole for only a split second, but when they returned, I could feel something cold accompanying them. His fingers rolled and twisted inside me while he sucked in each nut, one at a time. His tongue splashed onto my stretched nugget while the heat from inside his mouth slowly baked them. More and more of the cold substance was being applied to my butt and my heart pounded knowing I was about to feel some real pain. I still couldn't believe what my mouth shouted out, but the word NO wouldn't fly out either. His fingers left my ass and his mouth left my nuts. I was trembling all over and watched as he leaned up and saw him apply a glob of lotion all over his shiny cock. All I could think to say was, "It's too big! It wont fit!" I watched him as he lowered his cock and I could actually see my own asshole as it puckered at the thought of the thick man cock wanting to rip its way inside. I watched Rusty as he shoved the large mushroom head at my hole and then I felt pressure, a lot of pressure. I said, "It wont fittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! Shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

My ass felt like someone poured gasoline inside and lit it as his big head opened my closed anus and snuck inside. I was screaming for all I was worth as each thick inch sank deeper and deeper, wider and wider, up my tearing canal. Rusty did take his time, but it seemed every time his heart would beat, his thick cock would expand. Rusty cried out, "Dustin, oh my Dustin, your ass is tight, really fucking tight! Oh shit, fuck man, your ass is crushing my cock! Fuck, fucking A! Do you feel it?" By all means he didn't have to ask me if I felt it. I could have drawn out a precise diagram of every rippling vein on his anal invader. Nothing in the stories had ever come close to prepaing me for the excrusiting pain I was feeling now.

My ass was being torn apart and my guts felt like they were going to explode out of my mouth at any time now. As each square inch tore up my ass, more and more pain soon followed. I wanted so badly to tell him to pull it out, but those words never spilled out of my twisted and contorted mouth. Rusty kept telling me how beautiful I was and how he was the luckiest man on earth. Though his voice was somewhat soothing and I really did like hearing those things he was saying, the fact of the matter was that I had a thick cock splitting my virgin asshole wide open. I fought just to be able to catch a breath while the tears streamed out of my eyes. He did ask me several times if I wanted him to pull out, but my head only shook from side to side. The pain I was encountering was of my own doing. The excitement somewhere in my head of having a grown man shove his adult cock up my boy ass was my idea. Afterall, I wanted this to happen!

A lifetime of painful agony raced up my anal canal until I finally felt his huge hairy balls press firmly against my widely spread ass crack. I really don't know what I was doing, but after a few seconds, Rusty started to slowly withdraw his thick cock out of my ass. I felt the pressure build as he began his slow removal of his cock from out of my ass. I felt his large mushroom head as it forced my asshole to expand to release it. Just when I thought he was pulling it all the way out, he slowly slid it back up me. I don't know how long he repeated this step, but sometime later, much later, Rusty picked up his pace. Soon, his heavy balls began slapping with a thunderous thud against my crack as he delivered a breathtaking downward thrust. His large hands held the top of my head as he began drilling my ass with his thick veiny cock. Somewhere in time, somewhere in my mind, I began jutting my hips to greet his downward thrust. With each hard thrust, my cock jabbed my stomach while my ass muscles fought with his cock to keep it all the way inside of me. The only thought croosing my mind was the pleasure his adult cock was giving my every new found emotion. It was I who was screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard Rusty! HARDER GOD DAMNIT!"

Like a wild animal, Rusty obeyed my command. His cock dove fast and furious in and out of my breathing asshole while my fingers dug sharply into his hairy flesh on his back. Words I never thought I would ever be able to say, like profanity in front of an adult, just flew from my wicked little mouth, "Give me your cock! Yeah, that's it, fuck me! Fuck my asshole! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tell me how much you like my ass!" Rusty was grunting, panting, and trying to howl, "Oh shit, fuck your tight! Oh God! I love your ass! Fuck, I love youuuuuuu!" The room caught our every word and echoed with the heavy thudding of flesh pounding flesh. Rusty was whipping his hard man muscle in and out of my cock craving asshole at a mind blistering speed. My anal muscles clinched tightly with my every breath. We both were doing a lot of shouting, screaming, groaning, and moaning. My entire stomach was saturated with my pre cum and the fallen hairs from his chest and stomach littered my entire upper body.

I thought Rusty had shot his load and unlike in the stories, I never felt his sperm torpedoes shoot up my ass. He was panting like crazy and he lowered his head to my cock. His tongue began licking up my pre cum and flicking at the foreskin. My ass craved more cock and I felt completely empty. My body was shaking violently, and now, more than ever, I needed to cum. My legs were sore as Rusty began lowering them back onto the comfort of the mattress. I watched in earnest as he straddled my upper body and instinctively I placed my mouth on the cock that had just pummeled my asshole without the slightest hesitation. His mouth fell onto my cock and we were in the middle of a 69. Rusty shoved a couple of fingers up my asshole and I returned the favor sticking my middle finger up his. He grunted several times and all of a sudden my mouth filled with his hot seed.

I began drinking his thick salty sperm, embellished with the odd flavor. It was thick and very salty, but the more I swallowed, the more I yearned for. With his mouth on my cock and fingers digging inside my asshole and a cock spraying one hell of a load inside my mouth, I had no time to warn him. My little cock erupted and my whole entire body felt like it had just locked up. My piss slit felt like it tore with the gush of sperm shooting out of it. Never, and I mean never, had I ever unleashed this type of angry load. Between my gulping I could hear Rusty gulping. His cock managed to slow to a steady trickle before softening inside my mouth. I eagerly drank every ounce of sperm he could possibly have offerd, but it was my cock still spraying his mouth full of my cum. Rusty swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and my cock continued shooting one string of sperm right after the other.

I felt like I had shot so much sperm I was just about to pass out from exhaustion. Rusty was moaning as his throat fought to keep pace with my sperm shooting cock. Finally, my sperm ceased and my cock began to deflate. Rusty used his fingers to pull down my foreskin and washed my sensitive cock head with his tongue. He kept that up for a short time, but it became way too sensitive. I was on my back with my legs still spread and Rusty climbed up next to me on my left side. Both of us were breathing heavy and neither uttering a single word, or even capable for that matter.

Shortly a little later, Rusty asked, "So, how'd you like it?" You probably couldn't have wiped the smile off of my face as I replied, "Like, I loved it!" He chuckled, the asked, "Dustin, do you think you would want to come back and do this again, I mean, with me?" I leaned up on me left side using my left elbow for support, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Heck YEAH!" He smiled, then replied, "Thank you, but do me one little favor?" I didn't say anything, but just waited for him to say it. Rusty smiled then stated, "Look out of that window next to you." My legs were awesomely weak and trembled as I fought to maintain my balance. I pulled back the curtain and peered into his backyard. After looking around, I asked, "So, what am I looking for?" He rolled off the bed and fought for balance as well, walked up behind me and pointed while saying, "That house there, looks familiar don't it!" As I studied his neighbor's adjoining backyard, only being separated by a small wooden fence, I saw my sister and her friend's. Speaking what I was thinking, "Holy shit, that's my house!"

Rusty softly massaged my butt as he whispered, "Please, by all means, continue to lay around naked! I've sat here and jacked-off hundreds of times while watching you lay naked. Now, all you got to do is hop over the fence!"


Authors note: Thank you Dustin for allowing me the opportunity to express your story and giving me the information necessary to place your experience in my hands. As Dustin so figured out, there are a lot of guys his age who would rather seek the affection of someone older. I know, I was a kid once! The laws of our country are in place to protect the innocent, but often times, it is the willing who are punished. Should it be legal for an adult to make love with a minor? That's a question the courts are not willing to face. It seems that we are still living in the age of the pilgrims. Present day, our elected officials are not smart enough to realize that today's youths already know more about sex than most of us adults. So be it! Guys like Dustin and Rusty, separated only by their age difference, still find themselves, and often times, true love! More on a personal note. I condemn those adults who pray on today's youth while manipulating their innocence. It's one thing when two people are willing, but it's another thing when drugs or alcohol, or any other means of coercion has to be used to fulfill your fantasies.

Dustin and Rusty, I wish you the best and it was my honor writing your eye opening experience.

Thank you,