Doc Johnson's Puppy


During his senior year in high school, Davey's family moved next door to old Doc Johnson, the town vet. That meant that outside Davey's windows, he could always see a few dogs leashed to posts or running around the yard. Davey liked dogs. He also liked Doc Johnson, who was very friendly, and used to pet Davey on the head when he saw him and call him his favorite puppy.

Davey spent a lot of time watching the dogs. He loved seeing them chase each other around. He also loved watching Doc Johnson with the dogs. His favorite thing was when Doc had to pick up a really big dog, like a Labrador, in his arms. The old man had huge hands and big muscles in his arms, and Davey thought watching Doc dog lifting was even better than watching the guys at school lift weights.

The only times Doc Johnson was stern with Davey were when Davey hopped the fence into the vet's yard. Davey only did that when Doc had a Great Dane leashed up back there. Davey loved Great Danes, so whenever he saw one, he felt the need to go and introduce himself and pet the dog. A couple of times when he did this, the other dogs started yapping really loud, and Doc Johnson came out to discover Davey petting the Great Dane. He asked Davey not to go into the yard because it clearly disturbed the other dogs and made too much noise.

One summer day, Davey got out of bed to watch Doc Johnson and the dogs. Soon, the old vet came out. He unleashed two big German Shepherds. One at a time, he squatted to the ground, wrapped the big dog in his arms, and lifted him into the bed of his pick-up. Davey really liked this because he thought Doc's sturdy leg and arm muscles looked especially big as he wrestled with each big dog. "Those dogs are bigger than me!," Davey thought.

He also thought that he now had an opportunity to play with the Great Dane, the only remaining dog leashed up in Doc Johnson's yard. Clearly, the vet was delivering the German Shepherds to their owner, so he'd be gone for a while. Davey dashed out the back door so fast, he forgot he hadn't dressed yet for the day. Only as he was hopping the fence into Doc Johnson's yard did he realize he was only wearing his tighty whities. "Oh, well," he thought, "there's no one to see me but a dog."

Davey approached the Great Dane, enjoying the sight of the big dog as well as the feeling of the morning sun on his skin. He began to pet the dog, running his hands all over the Dane's big body. He leaned in close, and could feel the dog's fur against his thighs. As the dog panted, he could feel its rib cage expand and contract against him. It put him into a dreamy state.

He was brought out of his doggy dreaminess by Doc Johnson's big, calloused hand on his shoulder. "I thought I asked you to stay out of the yard, Davey." Davey's mouth went dry. He couldn't speak.

"You're a good boy," Doc Johnson said, "but sometimes you just don't behave. Kind of like a puppy." Davey stammered an apology.

"You've apologized before, Davey," Doc Johnson said, "but here you are again. I think sterner measures are required for you to learn a little obedience."

With that. Doc Johnson swooped up Davey in his arms and began carrying him across the yard. Davey felt completed wrapped up by the big man. He could smell Doc's after shave and also the German Shepherds he'd just been carrying. He liked that. But where was he being taken, he wondered.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson, puppy," Doc Johnson said, "but first I have to bring this Dane inside and then examine old Mrs. Henderson's tabby cats. When I come back, you're up for a little obedience training."

With that, Doc Johnson stopped next to one of the leash posts in the yard. He squatted down in the grass, holding Davey tight in his arms. With one hand, he reached over and took a collar that was lying there, attached to a leash posted into the ground. He adjusted himself a bit into a sitting position, dropping Davey's butt on to the grass between his thighs, clenching him tight.

It felt so weird. Davey's butt, clad only in tighty whities, felt a little chilly on the ground. But Doc's thighs were warm as they held him, and his leg hair tickle-scratched in a nice way. Davey got a little dreamy for the second time that morning.

A moment later, Davey was once again jolted out of his dreaminess as Doc Johnson wrapped a dog collar around Davey's neck and clasped it. He left Davey sitting on the ground as he walked back into his office with the Great Dane. "You stay here and think about your behavior for a bit, puppy. I'll be back soon."

Davey started to wonder just how long Doc Johnson was going to leave him out there, but, with the sun warming him all over, he began to enjoy the feeling of being practically naked outside. The sun felt good, the soft breeze felt good . . . even the feeling of the rough leather collar around his neck gave him a tingly feeling that spread throughout his body. So, of course, it was inevitable when Davey's tighty whities started to get a whole lot tighter.

Davey sat there, enjoying his swelling boner, and decided to jerk off. He didn't think anyone could see him back there, and the way he was feeling, he knew it would only take a minute or two of playing with his dick to shoot a big load. He began to think how hot it would be to pump put some jizz and the grass and leave it for Doc Johnson (and the dogs) to investigate.

Davey stated rubbing himself through his briefs, and he thought he should just check to see if the coast was as clear as he was hoping it was. But when he tried to stand up, he realized the leash wasn't long enough. He could do no better than standing up about three-quarters of the way. So back down to the ground he dropped, a little deflated in more ways than one.

As Davey lay there considering his options, idly pulling on his dick to give himself a full stiffie once again, Doc Johnson appeared out the back door. "Having fun, puppy?," Doc asked, with a smile, as Davey pulled his hands out of his underwear, quickly, but not quickly enough to escape notice.

"Time for your obedience lesson," said Doc. "First thing for you to learn is how to heel. On all fours now, puppy."

"That's crazy," said Davey. "Can't you just let me loose?"

"Not till you learn your lesson," said Doc. "And one more thing: no speaking unless I order you to do so."

It was just about now that Davey began to realize that he had no choice but to play along. So he got up off his butt, got on his hands and knees, and looked up smiling at the old man.

"Good boy," said Doc Johnson, and he began to stroke Davey's body all along the back--from his head, down his spine, and all the way to his butt. "Good boy. That's a good boy," the old vet repeated, as he stroked Davey, again and again and again. Davey felt himself slightly arching his back up into Doc's hand to increase the warmth and pressure on his body. The old man's hands were large and calloused, just rough enough to make Davey's body tingle in the same way the leather of his collar did.

"Ok, puppy," said Doc, readying to give Davey a new order. "Roll over." At Doc's command, Davey dropped to the ground, lay on his belly, and stretched out his arms and legs. Then he rolled over onto his back, and smiled up at Doc.

"Good boy," said Doc, and he began scratching Davey's belly. Davey loved the feeling of the man's hands making circles on his belly. The circles got wider and wider, and closer and closer to the waistband of Davey's briefs. With every circle, Davey waited for Doc's hands to get closer and closer to his now fully engorged boner. But the Doc got no closer than a few scratches just under the waistband, tickling Davey's treasure trail and almost touching the head of his now dripping dick. Almost, but not quite.  

"Roll over again and heel, puppy," said Doc, stopping the scratching that was driving Davey wild. "Now, time to sit up. Sit up, puppy," said the wicked old vet. So Davey pushed himself up with his hands, got into a squatting position, and brought his hands up to his chest. "Good boy," said Doc, and he began stroking Davey's head, running his fingers through Davey's hair as the boy looked up at him adoringly.  Once again, Davey found himself pushing his head into Doc's hand to intensify to only thing he wanted right now: the old man's loving touch.

Time for a new trick. "Wag your tail, puppy," said Doc. With that, Davey got on his hands and knees again, and began wagging his butt back and forth. "Good boy, good boy," said Doc, as he began to stroke Davey's wiggling butt. Doc's hand lovingly rubbed one cheek, then the next, and then back again. He found Davey's butt crack through his tighty whities, and traced the cleft with his fingers, from the base of Davey's spine to his ball sack. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Davey began to shake; he worried that he might fall off his hands and knees to the ground. And he thought for sure that his boner was going to pop right through his underwear. He had never been so horny in his whole life.  

When Doc Johnson stopped stroking Davey's wagging tail, the boy let out a slight whimper. "Poor puppy," said Doc. "You've been such a good boy, and you've learned all your lessons. But I still think there's one more thing we can do that will help you behave. A special trick of mine to help my puppy relax."

With that, Doc Johnson reached from behind and put his hand and forearm between Davey's legs. And he began fumbling with the fly of Davey's briefs. Davey whimpered again, even more loudly. Doc's fiddling with his dick felt so good, he was afraid he was going to spurt before the old man got his dick out! It took all his concentration not to come, and he began to take deep, long breaths, exhaling through his open mouth, his tongue hanging out.

Finally, Doc freed the panting boy's dripping dick, and began stroking. Slowly. Slowly. He held Davey's hard on firmly in a fist, pulling straight down as if he were milking it.  Down, up, down, up. On the downward strokes, Doc's rough hand would slide over Davey's cockhead. On the upward, he would pause for a moment, gripping the boy's entire cock in his hand, and squeeze. As the minutes passed, Doc's milking produced a steady flow of pre-cum, which dripped to the ground beneath Davey's dick.

Doc Johnson had years of experience training puppies just like Davey, so he knew exactly when to stop to prevent the boy from cumming. And each time he did, he began to pet the boy on the head again. Craving the touch of the Doc's hand, Davey repeatedly pushed his head and face into Doc's stroking palm. And then, all of a sudden, as Doc's hand wandered over Davey's face, Davey found himself licking it.

Doc let Davey lick the back of his hand a bit, and then he turned his hand over, and Davey obediently, lovingly, devotedly licked the old man's palm. "Good, boy. That's my good boy." Doc said, as Davey licked and licked.

When his palm was slick with Davey's licking, Doc returned to stroke his puppy's boner. The feeling of Doc's hand back on his dick, now dripping wet with his pre-cum and his spit, pushed Davey to the edge. And Doc knew there was no holding back now.

"Is my puppy ready?," said Doc, even though he knew the answer.  Davey whimpered, louder than ever. "Ok, puppy: Speak. Speak!"

"Woof," Davey barked. "Woof! WOOF! Wooooo . . .  aaaagh. . . . " Doc's milking fist brought shot after shot of cum to the ground beneath Davey's spurting cock. Davey felt his whole body turn to quivering jelly; it was all he could do to remain on his hands and knees as his cock exploded again and again and his grunting gave way to deep, panting breaths.

As the boy regained a tiny bit of composure, Doc removed his cum-slicked hand from Davey's dick. He brought it to the boy's lips. "Now eat, puppy," he said, but the words barely escaped his mouth before Davey began to devour his own jizz, licking Doc's hand completely clean.

"Good boy, puppy. You did exceptionally well for your first lesson," said Doc.

"Do you mean we can do this again sometime?," said Davey.

"Absolutely," said Doc. "Obedience training requires multiple lessons."

"OK!," said Davey, thinking this had been the best day ever. "I can hardly wait for our next lesson!"

"Me too," said Doc, "but we're not quite done today. You've been so good, you deserve a final reward."

"What's that?," Davey said, eagerly. His hands and knees were a bit sore, he was covered in grass and cum, and he was sitting on the ground in his neighbor's backyard with his dick sticking out of his underwear, but he was pretty sure by now that any of Doc's ideas were going to be awesomely good.

"One last treat," said Doc, standing in front of Davey and spreading his legs wide. He began to unzip his fly. "Puppy want a bone?"

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