My name is James, but nearly most everyone calls me Doc, simply because I am a doctor, the only doctor, in a small western town. I am a happily married man with three beautiful children, two boys and a girl. Their ages range from 6 to 12 with my daughter being in the middle at 9 years of age. Before I go any further, I have never, nor will I, have any considerations of committing incest with my children. That thought has never crossed my mind!

I am 34 years old and do not consider myself the Adonis type. My hair is light brown and I stand around an even six feet and weigh close to 180 pounds. I do work out with weights periodically, but I am certainly not a gym addict. I am not blessed with an overly large cock either. At full attention, it is just over 6 inches and arches upwards in a 45 degree angle. As far as the thickness is concerned, I would have to say that it is about average. My balls are medium sized and I keep my pubes trimmed and my sac cleanly shaven.

Being the only doctor in this small town has its many rewards. Some of those rewards is having to give all the kids their physicals prior to any regulated sports activities. As you may have already guessed it, I am attracted to young boys. That attraction has only been initiated in a world of dreams, but not ever really acted upon. My other addiction to young boys is their butts. Yes, I am a butt man! I have been practicing in this town now for four years and have given many boys, and girls, their physicals, but not until the high school baseball team contracted me to perform the physicals did my hidden perverse addiction to boys go far beyond the normal.

I have had the privilege and honor of groping many boys and spreading their butt cheeks for their rectal exams. Some were embarrassed and some showed no shame whatsoever. Many a young cock grew proudly while in the clutches of my skilled hands and my nose inhaled their sweet backside scent, some so clean you wanted to dive right in, while others, well, let's just say that hygiene wasn't on their agenda.

My office is nothing more than a remodeled house with four examining rooms. The baseball coach informed my secretary of the teams need for their physicals so she scheduled each boy at various times around other appointments. The one thing I probably should say is that youth sports, especially here, is a hot topic. Whatever the sport, the entire town literally shuts down to watch the kids play. Now, it's baseball season and I had the heavenly task of giving 15 young boys their physical. One of the mandatory requirements of the sports league is that all boys must have a crew cut in order to play. That is the directive from the Athletic Director.

I will not bore you by going into detail with each player, but the fifth youngster who graced my examining room was a 15 year old Adonis. His name is Mark and he has jet black hair with deep brown eyes. He looks like he is crossed between a Mexican and white, but his natural born beauty is breathtakingly stunning. I don't have a nurse, so I have to do everything myself. We shook hands and his skin felt like silk as I had him step onto the weight scale. Mark stood 5' 8" and weighed 146 pounds. I did my normal by talking to him about baseball, trying to relieve his noticeable tension.

He removed his shirt so I could listen to his breathing and his heart beat. In the meantime, I used this obstruction to rub my hand along his chest and smooth mouth watering stomach. Mark was sitting on the examining table just wearing his baggy pants and socks. His nipples were larger than most boys his age, and the longer I checked his upper body out, the more erect his perky nipples became. After torturing myself with his silk like flesh, I had him remove his socks. Technically, checking his small feet out had nothing to do with the physical, but I just loved the feeling of touching his feet while watching him squirm a bit on the table.

Then, I had Mark stand and remove his pants. I rolled the stool underneath me and sat directly in front of his bulging crotch. He was wearing blue boxers and my eyes watered at the beefy content appealingly grow inside them. I began with his shins, gently squeezing them working my way up his thighs. Mark's shins had scattering of little black hairs just barely protruding from his silk like skin. By the way his muscles reacted, there was no doubt that this boy was healthier than a horse, but I still had a full physical to perform.

The moment of truth was at hand when I informed him to drop his shorts. Mark peered down into my eyes, hooked the band and pulled them down, stepping out of them, one foot at a time. My own cock was harder than a slab of steel as my eyes strained to see the perfection that nestled into a soft patch, perfectly shaped in a small V, of his pubic region. Before me rested a 2" flaccid young cock, cut to admiration, slumped over two very good sized cum filled balls. The sac had just barely began to sprout little hairs, but I would soon have my hands cupping and caressing both of those tasty jewels.

Using my profession for deceit was not something I was proud of, but having such a beautiful young specimen stand before me, naked as the day he was born, always led me to do things that was not so professional. And this boy definitely fit into that category. I could tell Mark was thinking of things so that his young proud cock would stay fast asleep, but I knew by experience just how to awaken his prized beauty.

I slid my stool closer to his crotch and gently took hold of his flaccid cock with my left hand while cupping his somewhat heavy balls with my right. Just like every youngster before him, Mark stood perfectly still while the good Doc performed his sworn obligations without uttering a single word in defiance. Gently, I squeezed his piss slit open and basically pretended to check it out, and checking it out I most certainly was. My right hand slowly caressed his balls while I applied just a little pressure to his shaft while examining his pee slit. The sensation of my hands working on his cock and balls did exactly what I intended them to do and Mark's flaccid cock began to pump life, growing to its maximum length within seconds.

In my left hand was now a good 6 inches of boy meat, slightly slender and just as my luck would have it, untouched by any scalpel. His foreskin completely covered his mushroom shaped cock head and the thin sheet of protective meat hung down a good inch. I massaged his hard cock while checking out each testicle, asking him to turn his head and cough. Mark did everything I asked him to do without any hesitation. As I gently massaged his cock, a clear bubble of pre cum came popping out of his normal sized piss slit.

The longer I prolonged his exam, the more hornier and deceitful I became. We talked about sports while the exam continued and I just loved his gentle soft voice, in fact, pretty much everything about Mark as well. I had his foreskin peeled all the way back and was asking him questions while licking the inside of my mouth looking at his pre cum oozing out by the gallons. Knowing I had to release his cock and balls so he would not get too suspicious, I allowed my fingers to slide up his shaft and soak up as much of his pre cum as I could without showing any real signs of my perverted intentions.

I had Mark hop up onto the table on his stomach and as he was doing so, I took the liberty of slamming my pre cum covered fingers into my mouth. It was a bit salty, but charmed my taste buds into believing that it was sweeter than a box of chocolate. Mark was laying flat on his stomach and I was frozen in my shoes peering into his beautiful little upwards turned, naturally tanned butt. To say it was a bubble butt would be a drastic understatement. Just by looking at those tanned mounds, I could tell that Mark's butt was solidly created and perfectly sculptured.

I played doctor and listened to his heart and breathing until the desire to see his delicious butt prevailed. While Mark was still flat on his stomach, I carefully spread those two solid mounds and peered into his little anus. His little speck of a butt hole was the same coloration as the rest of his naturally tanned flesh. Had I taken the time, I probably could have counted the tiny hairs sprinkled up and down his little crack, but the hairs was the last thing on my mind.

As soon as my forefinger graced his tiny chute entrance, Mark did what every other boy in his position did, let out a slight moan and his body displayed a rewarding tremble. I spoke to him while gently and teasingly rubbing his treasure with the utmost of careful and deliberate strokes. Incapable of controlling my hidden urges, I had Mark get onto his hands and knees, telling him to stare at the wall in front of him. I stepped back and pretended to full with something on the counter behind me while taking deep breaths in total awe at this beauty all bunked up on my table. His cum filled balls dangled freely under him and his gorgeous little butt was ever more breathtaking.

I stepped up to the table and began massaging his butt cheeks with my left hand while pressing my nostrils within a fraction of an inch from his puckering little pucker hole. Mark's aroma shot though my nostrils like a missile. He was basically clean, but the hint of being at school all day, then coming for his physical was certainly present. Nevertheless, Mark's most hidden treasure was definitely a true treat for me and my lungs. Ensuring not to breathe on his hole, I kept on turning my head to capture my breath, then return back to his lovely hole and inhale ever so slowly. Mark had no clue as to what I was really doing, but just by taking quick glances, I could clearly see his cock was still as hard as a hunk of metal.

In many cases, I would wear a glove, but in others, such as Mark's, I wasn't about to obstruct my pleasure with any foreign material. I informed him I had to check his prostrate and from his shy remark, I understood he had no idea what a prostrate was, in fact, not a hint of what I was fixing to do either. I dipped my middle finger of my right hand into the lubricant and smeared some directly on his quivering little butt hole. I knew the cream was kind of cold, but seeing his butt wiggle was more than worth the surprise of what next would happen. Using my left thumb to squeeze and spread his left butt cheek further apart, I pressed my greasy finger against his out ring and almost shot a load in my pants as he moaned rather loudly as my middle finger began the struggle of diving deep into his never before felt anal region. According to Mark, this was his first full blown physical, and from the feel of his anal canal and its muscles coiling around my finger, this was the first time anyone had ever explored his nether region.

Lying through my teeth, I apologized for such a lengthy time searching for his prostrate. Mark was okay with it, and in fact, I was more that relieved to see him start to time my motion and rock his little ass back onto the invading finger. It never fails! Once they get used to the finger searching their anal cavern, in almost every case, the boys do the same thing Mark is doing right now, fucking their hole onto the soothing finger without any thought process whatsoever.

I handed Mark a plastic jar and informed him I needed a semen sample. Without offering any further instructions, I watched as Mark took a strong hold on his steel pole and began jacking it like crazy, whimpering and grunting in the process. My finger was pressing his prostrate and gently massaging it. Mark almost cried out as his cock erupted his thick sperm into the jar, one huge spurt followed by more huge spurts. He was pumping his cock like crazy, feeding the jar his thick and pure white cream without any shame as to a man literally finger fucking his tight ass. His anal muscles coiled and basically felt like they were doing their very best to crush my finger as Mark cried out, continuously firing his thick semen into the jar. Mark's body was shivering and he began driving his ass onto my thrusting finger while pounding the hell out of his beautiful cock.

Watching in total awe, Mark began squeezing out the remainder of his sperm onto the edge of the jar. As the last driblet slid along the edge of the jar, Mark's cock began deflating very rapidly. With the utmost reluctance, I slid my finger from his bone crushing ass and took the time to quickly place my finger up to my inhaling nose. Yes, he was certainly normal, and the lubricant mixed with his anal juices was a very rewarding scent. I handed him a warm wet towel and he began cleaning himself up while I washed my hands. He handed me the jar filled with his fresh cream and began to get dressed. Once Mark was dressed, I walked him out of the examining room telling him he was healthier than a horse. Once Mark left, I returned back to the same examining room and quickly unscrewed the lid of the jar which safely contained his thick cream. Just like in many cases previously, I placed the edge up to my lips, and without thought or hesitation, began the luxurious task of sipping from the heavenly content.

It was still hot and super fresh as I relished my first taste of Mark. I had never sucked a cock before, but I have followed this same process and drank plenty of youthful life giving cream plenty of times, and this time was certainly no exception. His thick cream was kind of salty and just a bit on the mild bitter side, but I was more than thankful he offered such a huge load. I found myself moaning and whimpering as I struggled to lick and scoop up every drop of his delicious seed. Only in my perverted mind did I suck his cock until he shot his thick load down my throat, but not one to complain, I was more than happy to sip from the jar in a world of complete deceit.

By all means, there were two or three boys I could easily place in this story, but getting on to the meat of the story and the true object of my desire and deceit, came a boy named David. I opened my office up on a Saturday morning to give the final three boys their exams. The first two was nice looking boys, but when I saw David seated in the waiting room, I literally fainted from his intoxicating beauty. I had read his chart that the school provided me and already knew he was 13 years old and was the subject of a single mother, as well as being the only child. He and his mother had just moved to this small town for whatever reason was unknown to me, but after seeing his overwhelming beauty, I didn't care. From across the room, my eyes were drawn like a magnet to his crystal clear, deep penetrating, sparkling, blue eyes.

David was dressed in all white. White shorts and a white tank top with white tennis shoes and short white socks, all to which perfectly matched his sun bleached blonde hair. From across the room, I could clearly see his little button nose and cheek piercing dimples with a slight cleft on the bottom of his chin. Never before had my eyes ever witnessed such breathtaking beauty. I had seen many boys in my time, but David topped the chart as being a wingless angel. I thought Mark was gorgeous, but on a scale of one to ten, compared to David, Mark was nothing more than a one at best, leaving David to stand alone being a perfect ten. Transfixed by his heart stealing beauty, I was glued to the floor and my own breathing became sporadic and difficult.

Knowing that there were no more appointments for the day, I finally mustered up the strength to walk to the front door and twist the dead bolt to the secured position. Why I did this, I haven't a clue. It was as if I was doing this out of thoughtless reaction, oblivious to any mind control. As I finished locking the door, I became fixed on his hair and other facial features. David not only had blonde hair, but his perfectly shaped eyebrows looked to be a mixture of a bright blonde with light brown content. Even his long upwards curled eyelashes were the same coloration as his eyebrows. My only thought at this time was of his pubic hair. Curious to know if he had any just yet, and if so, what color it was.

Every perverted thought known to mankind was rapidly running wild through my mind over this boy. I held out my hand and introduced myself and as soon as his small hand struck mine, I became extremely weak in the knees and began perspiring from sheer intoxication. His hand filled my hand like a baseball in a glove, a perfect fit at best! When he spoke, my heart literally flopped over as his sweet angelic voice burned into my absorbing ears like the sweetest music ever heard.

I led him into one of the examining rooms and had him sit on top of the table. When he turned around to step up onto the table, the little angel gave my perverted eyes the view of a lifetime. His perfectly formed solid little taunting bubble butt shot around my eyes as if it were in slow motion. Even with his shorts on, his solid mounds appeared to be created from the molds of perfection, setting off the profound teardrop impression. As he was now sitting upright, I took the time to study his legs. They were normal sized for his age being slender and perfectly smooth. I couldn't even detect any hair life on his shins, much less any hair on his tanned thighs. His forearms had the smallest sprinkles of blondish/brown hairs just in their very beginning of life. One would have to strain the eyes to see the little hairs on his forearms.

David's seemingly natural breathtaking smile remained on his gorgeous face as I spoke about sports. His voice was ever so soft and pure angelic to all ears who had the honor of hearing him speak. My cock was already as hard as steel and my palms began sweating as my perverted mind began taking control. Clearing my voice, I said,

"David, I have to check your weight and accurately measure you for the team records. I will need you to remove all your clothes so we can get it right the first time around."

The little angel flashed me a healthier smile and hopped off of the table, within a few inches of my straining boner and angelically replied,

"Whatever you say Doc!"

David peeled out of his shoes and slipped his socks off of his tiny feet, the yanked his tank top over his head. While he was doing this, I was watching his every profound movement. With his arms extended over his head to get his tank top off, I peered into his armpits as if my eyes belonged to superman. They were as smooth as the rest of his deliciously tanned body and as he tossed his shirt onto the chair, my eyes pivoted to his pale pink nipples. They were tiny at best, but I could clearly see the perky ends beginning to rise for the occasion. His head was pointing down towards his shorts and I gazed with nervous delight as his little fingers began unzipping his shorts as if life itself slowed down to a pathetic and torturous crawl. I watched as David slung his shorts onto the chair and now this heart stopping gorgeous creature was standing before me wearing nothing but a skimpy super tight white bikini underwear.

As his thumbs hooked the band of the skimpy underwear my knees grew even weaker. Showing no shame or embarrassment, David slid his underwear all the way down to his ankles and stepped out of them, tossing them onto the chair as well. As his little underwear crawled down his tongue hardening smooth legs, I zeroed in on the area that covered his most hidden prized possession. Unlike many boys his age, and often times I had seen, there was no signs of stains at all. Now, David stood before me completely clothes free and I could do nothing but stare in total shock, looking at his beautiful flaccid cock. His pubic region was totally void of any hair and his creamy colored cock dangled freely a good inch or so in between his perfectly shaped ping pong sized balls, to which where held securely in a creamy hairless sac. David's cock was about the size of a man's sized thumb and his cock head, which he was circumcised at birth, was about the same thickness as his shaft, forming a perfect helmet.

My eyes traveled up his body, landing on his belly button. It wasn't one of those that protruded out, nor did it sink inwards. It was more like a tiny line, or a speck of an indent. Nothing more, or nothing less! His stomach was as flat as a washboard, and with each smooth inhale, his stomach muscles danced in the waves of perfection, revealing his solid six pack appealing abs. Without a doubt, David could have easily been the object of many artists creating a masterpiece either on canvass or a sculpture. Going beyond words, David is truly the creation of pure perfection from his gleaming hair to the bottom of his little feet.

Fighting to keep my thoughts under control, I led David to the weight scale. I placed my right hand on the small of his smooth back and helped him steady himself on the scale. In the meantime, my eyes locked onto his jutting, lightly tanned, muscular butt cheeks. Two solid teardrops ripped into my eye sockets and completely devastated my brain. The thin line called his crack shot out from the top of the solid globes and arched defiantly under those mouth watering orbs with the essence of utmost beauty. Having his back towards me made it that much easier for me to perversely sink to a knee and place my inhaling nostrils within a fraction of an inch to his delicious looking crack. Like a dog sniffing a fresh bone, I inhaled deeply, relishing in the fresh aromatic scent of fresh soap and pure boy. Though I couldn't spend too much time entertaining the mind boggling aroma from his sweet butt, I spent enough time sniffing the essence and feeling the heat radiating from his eye popping butt to get my hormones working in overdrive.

Taking his measurements was probably the most difficult thing I had ever done, thanks to my eyes constantly flashing onto his flaccid cock, and muscle ripping ass. Finally, I managed to get his height. David stood 5'5" and weighed a solid 117 pounds. After recording his height and weight, I asked him to go back into the examining room. This time, David was in front, leaving me to be intoxicated while gleaming at his solid little ass dance before my very eyes with each step he took. I was in pure bliss and my cock was harder than ever, tenting my pants, making it painfully obvious for any eye to see.

David was laying on the table and I had him place both arms above his head. With him on his back, and totally naked, this made it easier for my deceit and perversion to take over. I rubbed the sides of his head and acted like I was checking for something, but in reality, it was I who was pretending to make love to this object of utter perfection. David didn't react or respond in any negative way. He just laid there and allowed me to caress his precious gorgeous face at will, and at will, I was perversely doing. This boy didn't have a blemish anywhere, not on his face, nor anywhere else for that matter. My thumb rubbed his thin little cherry colored lips, and if my eyes had deceived me, David parted them ever so slightly.

After thoroughly checking his gorgeous face to completion, I let my hands roam under his underarms. David giggled as I gently stroked his hairless pits and I had him lean his head to the far right so I could get a whiff of his left armpit. I didn't tell him I was going to sniff his armpit, but I did act like I was going to take the stethoscope and do something professionally with it. Just like his perfect butt crack, David smelled of pure fragrant (strawberry) soap. By this time, I was completely overwhelmed with every square inch of this perfect boy, and the more I examined, the more I became deceitful in my ways and actions.

I was looking into his entrancing eyes while listening to his heartbeat. Unlike most who were in his position, David was calm and relaxed. While I was listening to his heart, pretty much all over his chest, my left hand rested ever so softly on top of his muscular stomach. My left pinky was skillfully toying with his tiny line of a belly button as my eyes were zeroed in on his eyes. His breathtaking smile never once left his face as I continued on with my perverted antics. Knowing all to well the effect I was hoping to have on him by gently caressing his silk like flesh, I let my hands roam his upper body at will, relishing in his vibrant silk like tanned skin.

My eyes left his and I used the stethoscope as a tool to proceed further down his perfect body. As I listened to his stomach area, my eyes watered at the precious vision of his rock hard cock dancing upwards to greet my deceitful eyes. Taking a good guess, I'd say his beauty of a hard boy cock stood close to 4 " and was about as thick as the base of a carrot. His helmet of a cock head was a tad thicker than his shaft and his piss slit was sort of on the tiny side. As I roamed his stomach, My left pinky rested just under his straining cock. Periodically, David's throbbing young cock would twitch, forcing his erect member to grace my well placed finger.

Lowering the stethoscope, I placed the end right on his smooth mound, just under his cock, allowing more of my hand to feel his rock hard youthful boner. David didn't complain, nor act embarrassed in the least. He just lay perfectly still and allowed me to drain his beauty with my sight and touch. Now, I had the edge of my left hand directly under his cock, resting on the base of his tasty treat. His cock danced joyously under my hand as I placed the stethoscope in between the area of his right testicle and inner thigh. Out of instinct or pleasure, David slid his legs further apart. I could feel his smooth balls begin to shrivel in its hairless sac, tightening up at the sensations I knew was coursing throughout his young body.

While I was deceitfully checking out his lower half, I asked,

"So David, what brings you and your mom to such a small town like this?"

Without shame or any reluctance, David embarked on his journey,

"My dad died in a car accident right after I was born and my mom remarried a guy when I was 8. He was a pretty cool guy, but my mom busted us fooling around so here we are."

Out of natural response, I mumbled,

"Busted the two of you fooling around!"

David cheerfully replied,

"Yeah, we had been messing around for quite sometime, but my mom came home from work early and caught us. She freaked out and tossed James, my step dad, out of the house and she found a job here."

To say I was floored, would be the understatement of a lifetime, but to say I was now more intrigued as ever, would be straight to the point. I had to ask,

"So your step dad pretty much seduced you I take it. It's really none of my business at this point, but what all did he do to you, that is if you don't mind me asking?"

David quickly announced,

"Yeah right, it was more like me seducing him. It took me over a year for him to even try anything with me, but he never did anything I didn't want to do. To be honest Doc, we really didn't do all that much. Just the touchy feely sort of things, but my mom still got all freaked out about it."

Knowing I had to proceed with the physical, I had David get off the table and stand before me. I cupped his over heated balls, maneuvering my left hand to fondle his right one and had him turn his head to the right and cough, not just a couple of times, but a few times. Standing straight up, David's rock hard boy missile arched straight from his body with a mild upwards bend. I could have easily stayed in this position forever, holding his balls into my hands and peering straight into his gorgeous cock. I checked his thighs and shins before having him get back onto the table for the absolute ultimate luxury.

David crawled up onto the table, rolled over onto his stomach and inched his knees onto the table surface. I was standing in behind him the entire time drooling over his unbelievable beautifully shaped ass. When he managed to hike his muscular ass up into the air, my eyes were already in position to stare at his little asshole. And oh what an asshole this perfect boy has! Protected from the sun's rays, it was a pure and creamy color without any signs of a brown tint, nor hair growth whatsoever. I thought Mark's butt hole was the smallest I had ever seen, but David's seemed to be almost transparent. Just a small perfect little dent formed in the shape of a miniature circle was all that was prevalent.

Being the he devil that this boy had innocently enough forced me to become, I lowered my perverted nostrils strategically hovering within a fraction of an inch over his mouth watering butt hole and began inhaling as deep as possible. The fresh strawberry scent shot up my nostrils, exploding deep inside my lungs. I don't know how many times I absorbed his anal scent, but with each time, my aggression became more intense. For the first time in my life, I thought about doing something not even my wife would ever allow me to do. Up until now, I had done nothing more than sniff young boys asses, and sample their cum from a jar, but inhaling David's aphrodisiac sweet smelling ass and completely devastated over his total and complete natural spine tingling beauty, I concocted some form of a lie to do the unthinkable.

With David being so compliant and me being so obnoxiously horny, I dipped my tongue straight onto his asshole. I don't actually recall my lie, but I think I told him I had to prep his anus for his rectal exam, or something along those lines. Anyway, the feel of his hole gracing my bewildered tongue was more than I could have ever bargained for. I did have enough thought process to raise my face from his butt cheeks and breathe, then as natural as taking a breath, used my tongue to probe his sweet little, strawberry aromatic hole. I didn't try to force penetration, but I was using my tongue like a shovel, scooping as much of his beauty as humanly possible. As silent as the still of the night, my ears captured his soft angelic moans as he pressed his delicious ass harder and harder onto my wiggling and exploring tongue.

I forced my face from his sweet ass and politely asked,

"Did your step dad ever try to place his finger or his penis up your rectum?"

Having the most precious sounding voice mixed with pleasingly pants, David quickly stated,

"Uh, no, not really! He sometimes would rub it with his finger, but he mostly just played with my dick."

As he finished his statement, I slipped my tongue back onto his tiny hole and began wiggling it all around his orifice frantically. I now knew he had never been penetrated and he had no clue that the object making him moan in pleasure was actually my tongue. Having my tongue glued to his anus, I felt David's hole gasp for breath, allowing my tongue to penetrate enough to relish in the warmth and security of his rapidly closing hole. His asshole collapsed around my tongue, using its mighty strength to attack and strangle the invader. It was almost as if my tongue was trapped into its mighty force, unable to withdraw or proceed deeper. David gasped and sang out,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Docccccccccccccccccccccccccc!"

His voice was not that which was one sounding out in pain, but one in which was in a resounding pleasure. David gyrated his ass from side to side and up and down, and somewhere during all of his movements, his anal canal sucked in my tongue, drawing it to its furthest boundaries. David's small hands clutched the edge of the table and his voice began purring like a kitten as my tongue sweltered in the heat of his anal cavern. Basically, my tongue was stuck, but I could feel his anal muscles coil around my tongue as if it were being slowly milked.

Forcing saliva onto the base of my tongue, I fought to slowly withdraw it from his anal clutches. Adding more spit, I was able to convince his anal cavity to expand, allowing my exploring tongue to carefully fuck his hole without being crushed. Time seemed not to matter as I dined on his delicious asshole forgetting about turning my head to breathe. In fact, most of the time, my nose was pressed hard against his crack while both of my hands caressed his trembling upturned thighs and butt cheeks.

Lost in a world of perverse lust, and absorbed with his beauty, I no longer thought of my professional obligations, just my desire to quench my animalistic enraged hormones. At first glance, I longed for David, and now, I was eating his asshole, my very first taste of asshole, like a maniac. I became greedy and used both hands to spread his tiny butt cheeks farther apart. No longer caring about getting busted, just tasting as much of this heavenly angel as possible. I dove my tongue deeper and deeper, listening to him moan as my tongue darted in and out of his asshole like a runaway pile driver. David used the edge of the table to drive his tongue filled ass onto my thrusting tongue. Neither of us spoke a word and my joyous whimpers had to have reached his ear drums, because his sure did penetrate mine.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had smelled a lot of boys assholes, but not once considered actually sticking my tongue there, but doing this to David was far better oral sex than I had ever experienced with any woman, including my wife. It was hotter, tighter, and for more exciting, and in David's case, tasted a hell of a lot better too! I had enough sense to know where my tongue was, but believe me, there was no foul taste and certainly nothing remotely close as to the natural aroma of what one may consider to be the normal asshole. David offered no such feces aroma whatsoever and the more I plunged in and out of his ass, the stronger it seemed that the strawberry scent flared.

Seemingly as natural as the day is long, I reached under his spread legs and began fondling his throbbing erection. David only began humping his hips and forcing his ass harder and harder onto my aching tongue. Touching his young hard cock sent shivers racing up and down my spine. It pulsed in my hand as I slowly began jerking on his boyish masterpiece. Once again, David offered no signs of rejection, so I pursued my perverse course of deceitful action.

David screamed out,

"Doc, Docccccccccccccccccccccccccc! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss!"

Needing to give my tongue a short break, I spat onto my right index finger and slipped it inside all the way up his extra tight and super fiery hot chute. David moaned as my finger crawled to its deepest depth and began slowly working its way in and out. He brushed my cock filled hand away giving me the knowledge he was getting close to an orgasm, so I temporarily backed off while continuing to finger fuck his muscle crunching asshole.

Using his right foot, David hooked the inside of my thigh and was basically guiding me to walk up in front of him, My finger was still darting in and out of his asshole as I now stood directly in front of him. Offering no words, David reached up and unhooked my belt and quickly slammed the zipper down. His small hands began yanking my pants down while fighting to get his fingers inside the hem of my boxers. The little angel shot me a quick glance, licked his lips, and yanked my boxers to my knees. My throbbing erection slapped against my stomach with quite the force as David reached up with his small right hand, grabbed the base of my straining hard cock and forced it downwards. To say I had pre cum would be an understatement! My entire cock was covered with pre cum and more of it was oozing out by the gallons. Feeling his little hands grip my man tool was far more than I had bargained for, but when David began licking all over my cock head, I almost fainted from obsession.

As if he were licking a lollipop, David tortured the head of my pre cum spewing cock ever so teasingly. Then, the unexpected took place. David opened his small mouth and shoved about five inches deep within his boiling hot mouth and began to bob his head while increasing the suction like a vacuum. Instinct took over and I began to buck my hips back and forth, slowly driving my entire cock in and out of his unbelievable cock sucking little mouth. With each forward thrust, I could feel his tiny nose pressing against my trimmed pubic bush. His right hand cupped my free swinging overly cum filled balls while his left hand grasped onto my right butt cheek.

David was gently caressing my balls and gently tugging down on them while his left hand kneaded into my ass crack. My finger plunging in and out of his tight asshole increased its speed as if in a frenzy. With my cock stuffing his mouth, David defiantly groaned while I bit my lips from delirious pleasure. I was frantically fighting the urge not to cum, but when his finger dug into my bucking asshole, I pretty much lost it right then and there. All I could do was bend over and fuck his little mouth while whimpering like a baby as my cock unleashed the mother load from hell. It was as though I went blind as the cum spurted from my cock like bolts of electricity. David bobbed his head up and down on my sperm shooting cock while swallowing my man seed as fast as it shot out. Just when I thought I was close to ending my load, the finger pounding inside my ass forced more sperm to torpedo out. If not for my thighs hitting the edge of the table, I would have probably collapsed onto the floor.

My balls ached tremendously from shooting so much man seed, but David hungrily sucked my cock as if I could produce much more. Though be it I had just finished shooting the biggest load in my life, my cock refused to go down. The damn thing stayed painfully erect with David still sucking the flesh right off of it. With each upwards bob of his head, I could feel his tongue swarm all over my cock head and shaft, then he would slam his mouth all the way down on it until his nose felt like it was impaling my pubic bush.

Slipping my finger from his tight rectum, I carefully inspected it while David happily continued sucking my cock. My finger was not stained and it appeared just as clean as when I first shoved it up his anal chute, so like the pervert I had become, I raised it up to my nostrils and inhaled. The strawberry scent was mild as the more I smelled, the temptation to shove it in my mouth gave way. David was sucking my cock and I was sucking my finger, both of us making loud slurping noises. David's miraculous little mouth slid off of my cock and he began licking my aching balls, performing such a magic act making my balls dance to the beat of his slithering tongue.

I stepped to his left side and carefully guided this lovely young beauty onto his back. David was one step ahead of me as he draped both of his slender legs alongside the table's sides. His gorgeous hunk of precious cock was harder than the table's stainless steel surface as it throbbed in the still of the air. Only in my dreams had my mouth ever touched another males cock, but there was just something about David as though he was a magnet drawing me to do things that I normally would never consider. Taking one slow glance into his perfect angelic face, my own bedazzled face slid from his upper body and lowered itself onto his beloved rock hard boy boner. My lips quivered as they placed a ginger kiss directly onto his little piss slit. David's cock jerked and twitched as my lips felt the heat blistering from his young meat, leaving a strand of his pre cum attached to my lips like glue. With a mind of its own, my tongue shot out and licked my lips, scooping his pre cum into my mouth. It wasn't salty, not salty at all, in fact, it pretty much had no taste.

My mouth opened all on its own and David's young cock slipped into my mouth's confinement. It felt so natural sliding my mouth all the way down his gorgeous tasty meat until my nostrils graced his bald pubic region. It was David who began bucking his hips, forcing his young torpedo to rapidly dart in and out of my unskilled mouth. His hands clutched the sides of my head, running his little fingers through my hair while I was lost in the rhapsody of sucking my first cock, and not just any cock, a cock belonging to the most perfect gorgeous boy to have ever graced any eyes.

Draining spit onto my right index finger while ensuring his cock remained inside my mouth, I slipped it back inside his boiling hot rectum while managing to massage his ping pong sized hairless balls. David let out a loud moan once my finger darted inside his rectum and began timing his bucking motion with thrusts of its own. His young balls seem to easily roll into my probing hand as my left hand reached up to his smooth chest and began tweaking each tiny nipple, bringing more audible moans from his contorting cherry colored lips.

It didn't take long, in fact, not long enough, when I felt David's boy cock expand and soon I felt the fiery warmth of his youthful cream splash onto the roof of my mouth. My initial reaction was to yank my head back, but his eyes held me in place as his mouth twisted and contorted with each spurt of his fiery hot cream. David was still bucking his hips and his anal canal felt as though it had collapsed, crushing my finger in the process as his sperm bolted from his cock, landing inside my mouth with fiery force. Feeling his sperm shooting inside my mouth was far better than sipping cream from a cup, but for whatever the reason, I held off swallowing, bound and determined to savor every last drop this gorgeous angel offered. David shot 7 to 9 powerful jets of boy cum, followed by a steady ooze, then his cock fired off another round of 5 to 7 sperm volleys before ending with a constant overheated dribble.

As the last of his boy juice was vacuumed from his still rock hard cock, I began the overly perverse task of sipping his cream ever so slowly. The first taste was the one that sent my body over the edge. It was certainly hot and somewhat watery, but unlike my previous tastes, there wasn't a hint of salt to be tasted. By no means could David's cum be considered bitter either, in reality, it really didn't have a recognizable taste to describe. I found myself whimpering as my throat opened to allow more of his watery juice to slip down. While I was basking in the divine taste of his watery sperm, my hands now roamed this lovely angel's trembling smooth thighs. My finger had since been removed from his bone crushing ass and lathered itself, along with my other fingers, with his silky satin smooth flesh.

Without any thought process whatsoever, my hands pulled his slender legs over his head while my tongue swarmed all over the insides of my mouth searching for any of David's tasty sperm remnants. Before I knew what was happening, David's knees were behind his head, extended beyond his ears, and my tongue was drilling once more inside his magical asshole. His piercing blue eyes held me into their trance as my tongue slid in and out of his vacuuming anal canal. Joining the companionship of my tongue, I slipped my right middle finger up his canal and listened as David groaned ever so loudly in such pleasurable bliss. To aide my ass eating frenzy, David hooked both arms around the break under his knees and spread his legs further outwards, forcing his ass cheeks to spread even that much more.

The position I was now in was absolutely priceless! Peering into this beauty's unblemished contorting face while having my tongue twisting and turning inside his ass was beyond any fantasy I had ever created. I have always been addicted to butts, but David's butt was truly magical and refreshingly super clean. I simply couldn't get enough of is hot ass! I tongued his ass for a long time while fingering it as well, then I began taking turns sucking his hard cock and bathing his boy balls with my mouth and tongue. By now, I had graduated with two fingers filling his tight anal canal and had his young cock inside my mouth, bobbing my head up and down frantically. David was doing his best to hump my anal plunging fingers, but when I added a third, his electrifying cock erupted more of his watery sperm into my greedy cock sucking mouth.

His second load wasn't anything like his first, but I whimpered as my mouth felt each and every violent burst of boy cream. I don't recall how many times his cock fired off sperm bullets, but I do remember tasting his pure protein, and just like his first load, it had no taste at all either. I hungrily sucked his cock until the last of his juicy cream slid down my throat. My own cock was still rock hard, but after David's second load, I pretty much figured we were done for the day, so I struggled to reclaim my fingers from inside his suctioning ass. Once they were finally free, I just began massaging his thighs as I guided his legs back down onto the table's top. David was lightly tossing his head from side to side and I watched as his unbelievably super tasty cock began to go flaccid and fall onto his bald pubic mound aiming towards his precious face.

I was standing to the right of David just gawking at his total beauty, still in somewhat of disbelief as to all that had just happened, when David looked directly into my eyes and softly whispered,

"Doc, please fuck me!"

I lowered my lips onto his and our tongues connected for the first time. This too was my first time kissing someone of the same sex. His breath smelled ever so sweat and I groaned as his saliva entered my throat. Unlike kissing my wife, our kiss was the most passionate I had ever experienced. Our hands groped the others trembling body as we embarked on a long tongue sucking ordeal, and not so much an ordeal, plainly speaking, heavenly.

When the time came for our lips to unlock their seal, David once again softly whispered,

"Please Doc, I want this to happen! I want to feel you inside of me! I want you to take my virginity! Fuck me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

Still entranced by his flashing eyes, I replied,

"It will hurt and I don't ever want to hurt you!"

David licked his lips ever so slowly with his slithering tongue, smiled a breathtaking smile, then offered,

"I know, I know it's going to hurt, but Doc, this is what I've been wanting for, for a long time now. Please Doc, I need to feel you inside me! I will handle the pain cause I know there will be pleasure. This is my dream! Please!"

Looking into his pleading eyes and hearing his angelic soft voice, I tossed out reluctance and proceeded to take David to another examining room. This room was for the women who were pregnant or in need of a physical. The bed was short and at the base of the bed was stirrups. David hopped up onto the table with me offering a single word and placed the heels of his feet into the stainless steel stirrups.

My rock hard cock pointed the way as I stood by each of his feet and began adjusting the sides to spread his legs. With David's legs spread extremely wide, I adjusted the length of the bed until most of his jutting ass was extended beyond the table's edge. Once this was done, I raised the table to its perfect height enabling me to feed his tiny asshole my cock without me ever having to bend my knees. David looked on with pure beauty and total comfort as I retrieved a tube of Vaseline and began squeezing the slippery content onto my fingers. Using my left hand, I slipped one, then two fingers up his greasy chute. David tossed his head to and from as my fingers performed a ballet inside his ass. When I added a third finger, David literally came unglued, bouncing his body up and down frantically. As the fourth finger slid up his chute, David became delirious with pleasure, mumbling words not even in any English dictionary. His anal muscles attacked my probing fingers, using their strength to crush and suction deeper and deeper.

While I was using four fingers of my left hand to prep his anal canal, the fingers of my right hand was busy greasing up my throbbing rock hard cock. David was panting and shouting in bliss as I forced my fingers from his tight chute and quickly replaced them with my cock. As my cock darted inside his anal entrance, David screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The wall of his anal canal came crashing onto my cock as I pushed deeper and deeper into his bone crushing canal. David's hands reached around my neck and forced me to shove the rest of my cock up his tight ass. His mouth formed a perfect circle as he began slinging his head from side to side while using his top set of perfect white teeth to clamp down on his quivering lower lip. The heat bursting all over my trapped cock felt as if I had stuck my cock in a blazing fireplace. Doing my best not to move, David's magical ass was vacuuming my cock beyond its realm.

Not really knowing when I should start my fucking motion, I held my position in total disbelief as to the feeling of his anal muscles slowly, but surely, milking my cock. His hands locked behind my head offered the signal for me to start, so I began the tedious task of fighting against his anal muscles to withdraw my cock from its fiery hot depth. David was grunting and gritting his teeth as I managed to pull my cock nearly all the way from his convulsing ass. To see his outer ring clutch onto my cock was like watching a hungry python cling to its prey.

As time pressed on, so did my cock. I was now holding his thighs and ramming my aching cock in and out of his slippery tight ass a mile a minute. My rapidly cum filling swinging balls slapped his smooth nuggets with a thudding force and the sounds of flesh striking flesh bounced off the walls with echoes left in its wake. His young cock grew ever so hard from me pounding the living hell out of his cock milking ass. Taking a firm hold of his gorgeous hard cock, I began jacking his boy meat while plowing his ass like a wild maniac. His stomach muscles rippled with each violent thrust and his cock literally pulsated in my hand as I savagely fed my man meat into his asshole.

In a very short time, David's cock expanded and I watched in awe as his boy cream just oozed from his piss slit onto my jacking hand. His anal muscles became angrier as his cock dribbled out his watery juice, crushing my rifling cock with a vengeance. David was screaming and I was fighting back the urge to hold off as long as possible, but feeling his hot cream sliding onto my cock filled hand and his ass muscles attacking my cock was just too much. I slung my head back and cried out as my cock burst into a sperm shooting free-for-all.

David was screaming and I was screaming as both of our cocks were erupting. Never had I ever felt such an intense orgasm as the one coursing through my body. I was still spewing man seed up his tight rectum, but David's spent cock went flaccid in my hand. Having no need to think, I quickly shot my hand up to my mouth and I began sucking and licking until all of his boy cream was safely confined inside my mouth.

My cock throbbed as I pounded my sperm remnants deep into his rectum, torn by the feeling of my cock inside his ass and the vision of his incredible beauty. Even with a now flaccid cock, my natural desire to pillage his anal canal was at a feverish high. David moaned like the wingless angel he is while using his little fingers to dig into the scrape of my neck, while his gorgeous face twisted and contorted from the girth feeding his cum drenched asshole.

As if life itself stopped, so did my ability to thrust my flaccid cock into his rectum. Completely exhausted and drained of any further orgasm, my flaccid cock slipped from his vacuuming anal canal and flopped against my aching cum free balls. All I could manage to do was lean on top of David as we both just lay there, with me on top of him, panting heavily into the others face. Even after all that had just happened, his breath smelled cleanly fresh, causing goose bumps to shutter across my body. The light touches gracing my back traveled freely in a wondering carefree manner. In a last ditch effort to show this gorgeous young angel my appreciation, my lips puckered as they began placing gentle kisses all over his heaving chest and rippling stomach.

My kisses started at his upper chest and now my mouth was taking each little foot and ensuring that a not a spot was missed by either my lips or my tongue. Hearing David purr as I kissed and licked all over his feet and watching his young body jerk and twitch made life itself that much more rewarding. As I was working back up his left leg, my eyes fluttered a bit as his young lifeless cock began to dance as if leading a choir. With very little effort, his hairless perfect balls wound up inside my mouth with my tongue going crazy exploring each one. David was moaning extremely loud while humping his little butt up and down on the table. I pressed my left index finger against his well fucked asshole and felt my own sperm doing its best to escape.

My finger shot inside his cum soaked anal canal and buried itself into its tight, fiery hot, cavern. My right hand found his left nipple and I began lightly pinching it and pulling on it forcing louder moans to evade his contorting lips. By now, David's missile shaped cock had once again grown to its throbbing erect state, quivering and bouncing off of my nose. Letting his silky smooth balls fall from my mouth, I slid my tongue upwards from the base of his cock and began playing with his piss slit while locking his mushroom head with my lips.

Within a few short seconds, I now had three fingers up his ass and was sucking his cock like a runaway freight train. I was still tweaking his nipples, rotating from one, then to the other, ensuring both received equal treatment. David's feet used the stirrups to aide in his humping up and down onto my anal diving fingers while passionately shouting obscure words from pure ecstasy. The feeling of his cock sliding between my sealed lips was nothing of this world. The warmth his cock gave my mouth and lavishly loving every square inch of his boy tool only forced me to increase my sucking pressure.

David was shouting as I was yanking and pinching his nipples, finger fucking his asshole like a pile driver, and sucking his cock while he fucked my mouth to oblivion. His rifling cock expanded and soon my deceitful mouth was filling with his boy cream. There wasn't no powerful jets of cream, just his watery sperm dribbling from his erupting boy pride, falling directly onto my shoveling tongue. The walls of his anal canal attacked my thrusting fingers while his orgasm rocked his perfect little body. He was thrashing about as his cock spewed his watery life giving seed into my awaiting mouth. His body shook violently and he moaned steady and long as I swallowed his sweet honey with one small gulp. Though his orgasm appeared to have been a long one, his boy cream had reduced itself to almost nothing, but I was more than thankful to have received the gracious amount I had the honor of obtaining.

I pulled my cum streaked fingers from his ass and leaned back against the opposite counter behind me, pleasing my eyes with his sheer perfect beauty. I couldn't help not to notice my sperm dripping from his well fucked asshole, splashing onto the floor below. He lay almost in a lifeless state, with only his muscular stomach and heaving chest showing signs of breathing. His sweet boy juice still offered the most gracious remains to my taste buds as I leaned against the counter panting for well needed oxygen.

Moments later, David forced his feet from the stirrups and slipped off the table, holding the table for security, trying to stand on very shaky legs. He turned towards the door gripping both butt cheeks and sort of tip toed towards the bathroom with me following close in behind. Watching his little ass constrict and using both of his small hands to force his sweet cheeks together was definitely a priceless view. No sooner than David sat on the toilet, my sperm exploded from his butt, sending my thick man seed splashing into the water below. David looked up at me with those piercing and entrancing eyes, let out a long breath, smiled ever so graciously, then said,

" Doc, that was awesome!"

My only reply was,

"How's your butt?"

David licked his lips, smiled even wider, then shot back,

"It's sore, real sore, but it also feels real good too!"

I shot him a smile back and replied,

"I guess this means you passed your physical!"

He forced out a chuckle and whispered,

"Yeah, I guess I did, but when can you give me another one?"

It was then that I started thinking like I probably should have from the very beginning and asked,

"Anytime, but David, how did you know I would have done this with you? I mean, you know, sex!"

David cleaned himself and flushed the toilet, washed his hands, then stood directly in front of me holding my flaccid well spent cock into his hands, then fired back,

"It was simple! Mark had told me about his physical and he thought that you had smelled his butt hole. He also told me about the sperm sample you took. By the way he described everything and me being the way I am, you know, gay, I just put two and two together and decided to give it a try. Mark doesn't know I am gay, so when he told me everything, I decided to give you a try, and I sure am glad I did. I've wanted to get fucked for a long time, but nobody would ever give me the time of day. It hurt at first, but I already knew that. I figured with you being a Doc and all that it wouldn't hurt near as bad. So, when can we did this again?"

I was floored and ashamed from the obvious fact that Mark had thought he had busted me. To answer David's last question, the words "anytime" flowed freely from my lips, but I was still in deep thought about David and everything he had just told me. I thought I was the one who was deceitful, but with those final words being offered, I realized it was I who was the one on the other end of a deceitful ploy. David used his natural born beauty to force my hidden animal instincts to surface and satisfy his sexual hunger, but feeling ashamed no longer was in the picture. Proud and honored to have such a gorgeous young boy welcome me into his arms was worth all the deceit either of us could have ever imagined!