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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter One - All Boys Together.

Mateo had only ever made one or two short visits to his uncle's house in the south of the country, but the summer when he was ten years old was different. Things had changed and he would be spending the entire summer there, two whole months. He didn't know it yet, but this would be a time filled with new emotions, discoveries and in some part revelations. But before all that could begin, his mother was helping him finish packing his suitcase.

"Now I know I can count on you," she smiled at him. "I am certain you will enjoy yourself, but remember to be on your best behaviour."

"Of course, mother," he replied, eagerly pressing the lid of the case and trying to close the clips.

His mother helped and pushed with both her hands, then he managed to close the clasps. She brushed her hand through his hair. "You will be good won't you?"

"Yes, mother, I already said I would."

"Well good. Because I wouldn't like to hear otherwise."

Hmm, he wondered why she was making such a big thing out of him behaving himself. It was the holidays, he was allowed to enjoy the summer, wasn't he?

With everything packed and Mateo dressed in his smart summer suit, short navy blue cotton trousers, white, button and collared t-shirt, light brown sandals and little white socks, he looked really cute. To move the suitcase he had to use both hands and drag it, it was way too big and heavy.

"Leave that, Mateo. Your father will put it in the car."

His dad was going to drive him to Uncle Salvino's house, drop him there and drive back all in the same day. Mateo was eager to get going and was bouncing around like a boy turbo charged on sugar. He didn't have too long to wait, and then they were on the road heading towards Porto, then Lisbon. It would take about four hours, which gave him plenty of time to imagine how things would be when he got there. He'd met his cousins before, but not for long enough to get to know them. Gilma would be about sixteen or seventeen, her brothers Neymar and Alfonso, fourteen and twelve, which meant he was the youngest, but Alfonso was only a few years older.

When they eventually arrived his dad stayed a while chatting to his brother, Gilma wasn't there, and it was Neymar who lugged his case up to their bedroom. Both boys had greeted him warmly, smiling and joking. Now he got his first look at the bedroom he would be sharing with the brothers for the summer. What he noticed was that there were only two beds, although they were large beds. Before he had a chance to ask, Alfonso plonked himself down on the furthest bed, just as Neymar managed to drag the suitcase in.

"You have to share with me," Alfonso announced smiling up at Mateo.

"Wow, what have you got in here," Neymar finally hauled the suitcase over next to the bed.

"Just about everything we managed to fit in," Mateo joked, and sat down next to Alfonso.

"Your whole bedroom," Neymar laughed.

"Except the bed!" Mateo leaned back on his arms looking up coyly.

Neymar moved closer and ruffled the boy's hair.

"Argh! I hate that," Mateo lay back to avoid Neymar's hand. "My mum does it all the time."

Neymar just cocked his head and stared at the boy, thinking that his little cousin was quite a cutie dressed in his tight fitting navy shorts. Those were the first thing he noticed pulling the case upstairs behind him. They just showed off the boy's bottom to perfection, you couldn't help but notice. He wondered if the youngster was at all aware of that, probably not.

The rest of the afternoon Alfonso and Neymar spent showing Mateo around the house and grounds. He met Gilma at supper time, and she seemed just as nice as her brothers. The evening passed watching a film on television and when it was finished his uncle said he thought perhaps they should get ready for bed.

Back in the bedroom Mateo couldn't help himself from looking at Neymar and admiring the older boy. He was tall, slim, tanned, with short black hair and you could see some muscles. But apart from that Mateo's eyes were inexorably drawn to Neymar as he sat on his bed in just his white underpants, with a distinct bulge that made Mateo imagine all sorts of things.

Neymar smiled to himself when he caught the youngster looking. He glanced up and looked straight at Mateo, who getting embarrassed at having been found out, blushed and quickly looked away. "Its okay to look," Neymar said. "We're all boys together. It's only natural you are curious." Actually having the young boy watching he found exciting and the bulge in his underpants was starting to get bigger. When Mateo looked back, he tapped the bed beside him, "Come and sit here." Hesitantly, Mateo moved across the room and sat next to Neymar, who moved his knee to tap the boy's leg.

Mateo felt an odd sensation and mixture of emotions. He was curious, excited, and scared, all at the same time. Neymar reached across to take hold of Mateo's hand. He brought the boy's hand across and rested it on his groin. Mateo gulped, he could feel the warmth and size of the package contained beneath the cloth. His eyes followed his hand and he had an overwhelming desire to see what lay for now covered.

"You want to see what it looks like?" Neymar was enjoying the game. He moved Mateo's hand away and hooked both his thumbs under the elastic waste band. Mateo was spellbound, his own little willy was getting stiff. Neymar lifted up and pulled his underpants down, kicking them off onto the floor. Mateo stared wide eyed, studying Neymar's cock, which was much bigger than his own. He took in the small bush of black hair and the neat balls.

Neymar once more took hold of Mateo's hand and brought it towards himself, resting both their hands on his growing inches. "Do you ever play with yourself?" He asked Mateo.

"You mean, like touch my willy?"

Neymar chuckled, "Well you will soon start to, as you get a bit older. For now you are centred on something else."

Mateo didn't understand what Neymar meant, but he was very interested in what he could see and feel.

"Take hold of it," Neymar spoke softly and Mateo gently gripped Neymar's dick. "Would you like to learn how to make me very happy?"

Mateo wasn't sure what that would mean, but he didn't want to refuse. "Okay," he replied timidly.

"Well just start to move your hand up and down slowly."

Mateo looked at the older boy and started doing just that. Moving his hand gently up, he felt the skin sliding and noticed how warm it was. When he pulled back he started to expose the bulbous head and again he was fascinated. Neymar was really enjoying the youngster's tentative explorations. "You can gently touch the top if you want."

So Mateo pulled the skin down a little further and then moved his hand to touch the purple head. It felt wet and actually bounced up when his finger touched a certain spot underneath. Neymar leaned back on the bed. This was almost too good, he was getting really turned on. His brain was flooded with endorphins, a single immense desire invaded his mind.

The slick sticky wetness surprised Mateo and he started playing with it, moving it around. Then he noticed a tiny drop of the liquid pushing out of the tip. He rubbed this with his finger, around to that spot underneath. Once more Neymar's dick bounced up in the air and he heard the older boy moan. "You alright?" he wondered if he had done something wrong.

"Yeah, yeah, you're doing great, but stop now." He hated to say stop, but if he didn't it would be too late and he'd go over the top.

What neither of them had noticed was Alfonso, who was standing behind Mateo watching the action. When Neymar sat up he smiled seeing his brother standing there. "Look we have a watcher." Mateo turned and seeing the other boy behind him he blushed, obviously Alfonso had seen everything. It was then he noticed the tenting of the fluffy white towel he had wrapped around his waste. Neymar also saw that and stood up, moving across to his brother he whipped the towel off him, exposing Alfonso in all his nakedness and a state of full erection.

"Remember I told you, you are centred on something else Mateo?" The youngster nodded. "Well I'm gonna show you what that means." Neymar turned his younger brother around and gently pushed him towards the other bed. Alfonso did not object, he moved and lay face down on the bed, his legs sticking over the edge and his toes touching the floor. Mateo stood there watching and Neymar felt his eyes on him as he stepped between his brother's legs.

He spat into his hand, dropped to the floor, and anointed his cock with the spit. Seeing his brother spread out naked in front of him he had only one desire. He positioned himself, guiding his raging hard on to the spot he knew so well, that place hidden between those two rounded orbs.

Alfonso stayed perfectly still, feeling the wet silky head pressing against his entrance. He prepared himself, trying to relax. Then his brother pushed into him. He moved, spreading his legs further apart, to open himself up to his brother. How many times had they done this? The head pushed inside and stopped. He gulped in a deep breath, his heart racing. Then Neymar pushed deeper and Alfonso sighed and spread his legs as wide as he could. His older brother was well endowed.

Mateo was stunned, he had never witnessed anything like the scene enacted here and now. His small cock was trying to stand to attention and pressed hard into his tight shorts. His heart was beating a mile a minute, his mouth was dry.

Neymar knew it wouldn't be long. He pulled back and pushed in slowly, trying to make the moment last as long as he could. But he was overtaken be the rising sap within him and he pulled back again then slammed his cock into his brother's arse. He loved the feeling of his balls bouncing off his brother's bottom, his dick buried deep inside, griped tight. He loved the moaning of his brother just as much as he loved his brother spreading his legs apart. He knew he was pretty big and the idea that he completely filled his little brother excited him.

Alfonso felt his rock hard penis squashed under his stomach, pressing into the bed. He felt his arse filled up with his brother's penis, just as he felt crazy with the pounding his brother was giving him. He felt the warmth and the jerking of Neymar's cock as he orgasmed inside him.

Neymar rested a minute on top of his brother, he'd satiated his desire, but he was not a selfish person. He stood up and pulled his brother up off the bed and backwards into his embrace. Wrapping both arms around Alfonso, his right hand sought and found his younger brother's cock. He gripped it and started pumping the hard cock, still holding him tight, skin pressed against skin. But he knew what his brother liked and whilst still working his dick he stepped back and brought his left hand back. Passing his hand between his brother's legs he touched and flicked his balls. Neymar could feel Alfonso getting close, he knew that touching his balls would send him over the edge. His little brother absolutely loved it when he did that.

Mateo watched it all, his eyes were glued to Neymar, watching his buttocks pumping into his brother. Now he moved so he could see better what was happening and he saw Alfonso arching his body back into his brother as Neymar's hand masturbated the boy's cock and his other hand played with Alfonso's tight round balls. His mouth dropped open as he witnessed the explosion of a stream of milky liquid shooting out across the room. His own body felt in some way electrified, sensations seemed to wrack his little body, from head to toe.

The whole drama was capped by Neymar turning his young brother around to face him. Then he kissed him passionately on the lips. Mateo had never seen two boys kiss, he was stunned. After a pause and some cleaning up, Mateo went to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth standing next to Neymar, who kept nudging him with his elbow, and tickling him.

Finally ready for bed, Alfonso was already lying between the sheets, Neymar looked at Mateo who had just picked up his pyjamas. "We both sleep in the raw," he announced smiling. "And I thought it would be nice to share one bed." Mateo gulped, but his eyes sparkled and he grinned shyly. "Come on, scoot in behind Alfonso." And he did. Alfonso smiled to himself and reached back to take hold of Mateo's hand, pulling his arm over him. Neymar slipped into bed, turning off the light. He shuffled up behind the youngster, who now found himself spooned into Alfonso and sandwiched between the two brothers. He could feel Neymar's big cock pressing into his bum, it was nice. He fell asleep exhausted and dreamt contented dreams.

In the next chapter things progress with his cousins and Mateo discovers more about himself...

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