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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Eleven - Punishment and Perversion.

He'd heard the stories, but Mateo wasn't sure whether he believed them. Kids always exaggerate or even make stuff up. There was one thing he was certain about and that was that if you got caught doing wrong you'd get punished. That had already happened. Pascoal his best friend said that there must be some truth in it all, but that it got used to pick on people and hurt them. That sure was true, because remarks and taunts were often thrown at boys who had been called to the big house Especially if it happened to be in the evening and they didn't get back till late or even not until the next day. But that was only rumour and the only boys who could know were those who shared a dorm.

Mateo had managed to survive two whole terms with only the one incident when he was punished by Father Thomas in front of the class. Since then he'd witnessed other boys getting smacked, but he'd been lucky, and careful. But he'd got pushed into doing something he didn't want to by Beni. Mateo and Pascoal tried to steer clear of Beni, Beni the bully, was what he got called behind his back. And he was, which is how Mateo got caught by Mr Cardoso, the English teacher. Beni threatened them, said he needed his test paper, to just slip into the classroom and take it. It would be easy. They both knew they'd be in for it if they got caught, and that's why Mateo told his best friend, he would do it. Beni just laughed, and he only laughed harder when Mateo failed to get the paper and got found out. Mr Cardoso told Mateo to report to his year head that evening, Mateo dreaded what was to come. He told Pascoal that one day he'd get his own back on Beni.

That evening, after supper was finished, and he'd completed his homework, he left the dorm to walk to the big house and up the stairs to Father Thomas's rooms. Tentatively he knocked on the door, hoping no one would answer, but of course that was only wishful thinking.

"Enter," the voice instructed from within, and Mateo opened the door, stepping inside.

The room was quite large, with a table, desk, small bookcase and two well worn dark brown leather club armchairs. Those ones with round arms and a rounded back. A little coffee table was placed in the middle of the two chairs which in turn were in front of the fireplace. Long, heavy curtains, covered what must have been a large window.

Mateo stood nervously in the middle of the room just behind the nearest armchair. Father Thomas regarded the boy, Mateo thought he caught a grin, before he approached him. "You have a report paper for me, young man." It was not a question, rather a simple statement of the obvious. Mateo handed over the slip of paper. "Let's not waste time," Father Thomas looked at him sternly. "Shoes, shorts and underpants, off." Mateo hesitated an instant before untying first one shoe then the other. When he looked up he saw Father Thomas watching, as if studying him, or was that appraising him. He undid the button of his short trousers, then the zipper, and stepped out of them. Finally, he removed his underpants and stood in front of Father Thomas with only his blazer and shirt which did little to hide his modesty. "Blazer," Father Thomas nodded towards the boy.

Mateo was now wearing only his white shirt and tie, standing in his socks. He watched Father Thomas turn and walk across to his desk. It was then, for the first time, he noticed the short leather strap which they called the Tolly, hanging from a hook on the wall. Father Thomas held the strap by its handle in his right hand, Mateo could not stop looking at it. "Bend over the back of that armchair," Father Thomas pointed with the strap. Mateo felt his stomach going queasy, but he did as he was told.

Next he felt Father Thomas take hold of his shirt tail and pull the shirt up his back, this had the effect of completely exposing his bottom. "Hands in front. Get right over boy," Father Thomas was standing close behind him. Mateo stretched his arms out over the armchair and squirmed up, he was almost on tip toe, standing on the balls of his feet. He waited with apprehension and a terrible loathing, for the inevitable.

Father Thomas admired the site of the young lad prostrate before him, his buttocks laid bare. He savoured the moment , taking his time, before moving to the side and positioning himself with his left hand resting on Mateo's back. This only served to remind Mateo of that first time in front of the whole class. At least this was in private, although that was of little consolation. A whoosh through the air was immediately followed by a loud crack as Father Thomas brought the strap swiftly down and landed it across the boy's buttocks.

For an instant after the impact it was like nothing, as if everything had stopped, and Mateo had somehow escaped his punishment. But a second later he was hit by the searing pain that scorched his bottom and seemed to spread through every part of him. Father Thomas pushed his hand firmly into Mateo's back, keeping him in position, as he smiled to himself. He observed with a certain delectation, the large red band that crossed both buttocks. He noticed how the boy trembled and wiggled, his legs shaking involuntarily as he endeavoured to escape the pain.

Mateo felt his eyes watering as he struggled underneath that large hand that was pressing down on him. He tried to breathe and think of something, anything other than the pain tearing through his body. Father Thomas waited, just the right amount of time for that pain to ebb a little. Another whoosh of air was followed by the strap whacking his bottom for the second time, in almost the exact same spot, just a little higher. He couldn't help crying out this time, and he tried to hop about from one leg to the other, in some vain search for relief. But there was none. The pain in his buttocks built up again to a crescendo that surpassed the heat he felt, as again it racked his whole body.

Father Thomas paused, watching, more than enjoying the sight presented to him. It reminded him of those times from his own childhood. Images wandered through his mind before he returned his concentration to the task at hand. He was also aware of that same delightful feeling that he always got, a stirring in his groin. A rising strength that matched the power he had over the boy.

Mateo felt the tears flowing freely over his cheeks, he was shaking, and still trying to juggle from one foot to the other. "Keep still boy," Father Thomas told him, and an instant later brought the leather strap down hard across Mateo's now reddened buttocks, for the third time. He was squirming and almost jumping in place, moving his head and squeezing his hands into tight fists. Mateo screamed out again and now made no attempt to control his tears which just flooded out. He was bawling like a baby.

Father Thomas noted the third red band which had hit lower across the boy's bottom. He watched him wriggling, and looked at the deep red glow of the strap marks across his buttocks. He was fully erect now and he felt his member pushing out into the cloth of his habit. Considering the scene before him, he decided he needed to act. He bent down closer to the boy and set aside the strap on the far arm of the chair. He allowed his hand to wonder over the lad's bottom, he could actually feel the heat.

His hard member twitched and as if in response his finger slid along the crack between those throbbing orbs. Slid, then pushed in between, seeking and finding that spot. Once there his finger circled and gently tapped, attempting perhaps to unlock the secret door. To open that passageway to ecstasy.

Mateo could hardly think. Of course as the pain began to ease a little he felt what was happening, and it was a strange sensation and mixture of feelings. Anything though was better than another three strokes of the strap. He knew what was written on the report card. Mateo Pereira, attempting to steal test papers. Six strokes. Mr Cardoso. So perhaps the stories were true, he thought, but he didn't care, he'd go with it. Whatever it was.

Father Thomas spoke now, "Perhaps that is enough for you to have learned your lesson?" Mateo looked to his side, but could not really see Father Thomas. "Maybe I can help take away the pain?" The finger resting on that spot pushed its way a little inside. Mateo had almost stopped crying, and shaking, but the pain was still very much there. He thought quickly. "Yes Father," he answered.

The hand came off of Mateo's back and he was allowed to move and rest his feet firmly on the floor. Father Thomas stepped away and moved across to the door. Mateo heard the key turn in the lock, but he dare not move, he stayed still, bent over the old leather armchair. His eyes focused on the leather strap which lay on the arm of the chair. Listening, he heard Father Thomas moving about, he heard the rustle of clothing.

Father Thomas came back to stand behind the boy. He removed his habit and stepped out of his underwear, freeing his raging hard on. For a moment he studied the boy, he admired the sight laid out before him, the smooth rounded globes tanned red, crossed with those three stripes. Involuntarily his hard inches jumped in anticipation and a few drops of liquid squeezed out of the tip. He licked his finger and moved up closer behind the boy, what beauty, he thought, and his cock moved again.

Mateo could sense Father Thomas behind him, although he did not know the father was practically naked, nor that he was erect. He did feel the moistness of that finger moving between his buttocks and resting once more on that spot. He felt the tiny circular motion as Father Thomas moved his finger, then the slight pressure as the moist digit pushed inside him. This time the finger went deeper and continued to move in tiny circular motions. The effect was to take his thoughts away from the pain he still felt intensely from being strapped.

Father Thomas slowly withdrew his finger and his hand wandered lightly across Mateo's cheeks, they were still warm. He licked two fingers now and returned to working them between the boy's buttocks and into his entrance. Again slowly the two fingers pushed inside. Father Thomas's erection was now dripping lubricant and jumping widely in the cool air of the room. He could wait no longer, he had to have the boy, it was simply irresistible.

Mateo still was not too sure what was happening, but he did not resist. The fingers felt odd, but he kept still. Then they were removed and Mateo felt Father Thomas right up at his back. He felt the moistened end of something pushing towards him, guided by the father's hand. He knew now it was the father's penis he had positioned there.

Father Thomas pushed his member into the boy, seeking entrance, at the same time he held the boy's hips with both hands. At first Mateo tensed, but Father Thomas's dick was hard and very lubricated, he pushed more firmly and the head forced its way in. The boy gasped, taking a large breath. Father Thomas paused a moment feeling the boy relax slightly, but he could not resist any longer. Overcome by the intensity of his desire that had built up from the very first instant when the lad was laid bare over the armchair, he pushed in deeper.

Mateo gasped and tried hard not to resist and accept what was happening, but it hurt and it was difficult to relax. He had the sensation that he was being skewered by a hot and very hard pole. He felt his eyes once more moisten up, but he didn't attempt to move. It felt as if Father Thomas was right up inside him, he felt the bush of rough hair against his cheeks. Mateo was surprised at the length and thickness, and how he managed to push all the way into him.

Father Thomas was right on top of the boy now, skin against skin. He halted a moment, moved his hands from the boy's hips to grip his shoulders. Then he pulled back and pushed in again, starting to thrust in and out. The pleasure was intense, his hard cock was gripped tight inside the boy, and he began gyrating his hips and pumping. He gripped the boy's shoulders harder as he increased the momentum.

Mateo felt Father Thomas's fingers digging into his shoulders, he was pulled back and upwards. He could feel the father's rapid breaths and at the same time the hard cock ravaged his arse, Father Thomas's balls slapped against his buttocks. He didn't know how it happened, but he had himself found his groin stirring. The rapid pumping into him reached a climax and Mateo felt an explosion of warmth invading his insides.

Father Thomas had reached that point of no return and he slammed into the prostrate boy one more deep thrust as he erupted in orgasm inside the lad. A few finally movements and he almost collapsed on top of the boy, but managed to support himself with his arms outstretched resting either side on each arm of the chair. He stayed like that for several seconds, still inside the boy, his penis still hard. Slowly, as he recovered his composure, he withdrew and stood back.

Mateo still did not move. He felt the liquid that had been squirted inside him, and strangely he still half felt as if the father was still inside him, even though he was not. Father Thomas wiped himself and got dressed. "Stand up and put your clothes on," he told Mateo. But Mateo was embarrassed as he stood up, because his little cock was quite hard and obviously sticking out. Father Thomas looked at the boy standing there with his hands crossed in front of him. He smiled, "Put your hands at your side and stand up straight."

What could he do? He had no choice and did as he was told, standing up straight with his hands at his sides. Facing Father Thomas the boy's cock poked out in front of him from underneath his shirt. It was a wonderful site although it made Mateo blush, which was even more cute. Father Thomas resisted the urge to wrap his hand around the boy's penis, another time, he decided. "Get dressed then, come on."

Mateo quickly found his clothes and pulled on his underpants and shorts, then shoes and finally blazer. Pulling the clothes over his arse hurt, the pain from the strapping was certainly still there in the background. He didn't think he would be able to sit down, tonight he would have to sleep on his side or stomach.

"Not a word to anyone," Father Thomas said sternly. Taking hold of the boy's shoulder with a strong grip. "Those other three stokes are still in suspension. You don't want me to strap your arse again, do you?" Father Thomas stared at him.

"No, Father," Mateo replied averting his gaze.

Father Thomas moved to unlock the door. "I'll no doubt be seeing you again," he said rather enigmatically as he pushed the boy out into the hallway.

As Mateo made his way back to his dorm several thoughts went through his head. What did Father Thomas mean about seeing him again, he hoped not for another punishment, not for another three straps, perhaps for what came afterwards, maybe. What would the other boys in his dorm think? He had been gone a while. He hoped they would just think he had been punished, and he made up his mind to make sure they got a look at his arse before he went to bed. Then there could be no doubt that he had be given a good strapping.

In the next chapter, a new boy learns the rules receiving a baptism of fire...

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