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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Fourteen - Vicente.

The start of a new school year was always a little chaotic. Mateo was concerned to find out who he would be sharing his dorm with and whether, as he hoped, his plan had worked out. Amidst the hustle and bustle of boys and their families, he went in search of the room allocation notices which were always posted on a board in the entrance hall of the big house.

He rushed through the crowded hall and quickly found the board, but couldn't find the third year allocations because there were too many other boys in front of him. Then he found them, but his view was still blocked by a smaller boy who was also looking at the allocations. He put his hand on the boy's shoulder, certain he wasn't looking in the right place, because he was too small to be a third year.

"Hey! Don't push," the boy said turning around. Their eyes locked, the younger boy looking angry. Mateo could not take his eyes from the boy, it was as if he'd entered a hypnotic trance. The angry expression disappeared from the other boy and was replaced with a beautiful smile. Mateo melted, his heart missed a beat. "I know you," the youngster announced. And then it hit him, their paths had crossed at Father Thomas' rooms right before the end of last term.

"You were seeing Father Thomas," Mateo was still staring at the boy.

"Seeing, I wouldn't put it quite like that. He was strapping my arse when you knocked."

"Yeah, I know. I saw that and..." Mateo hesitated.


"And heard you bawling." Mateo was replaying the scene in his mind, remembering every detail.

"Bet you thought I was a real cry baby."

"No I didn't," Mateo replied like he had to refute that idea.

"You would have been right. I bawled my eyes out, couldn't help it. It was the first time. Right at the bloody end of the year. " He whispered the swear word.

"I know what it's like. My first time I was your age. The teacher's slip said six strokes." Mateo noticed the shock on the youngster's face. "He gave only three, but by the time that third one hit, I was bawling worse than you."

The boy smiled again. "Why did he only give you three when it said six?"

"I'll tell you later. I need to check my room allocation."

"Me too, but I can't find year two."

Mateo looked, found it, and pointed with his hand whilst at the same time finding his room. "Yes!" he was sharing with Pascoal and Duante, plus another boy called James, who he didn't know. He moved behind the youngster peering over his shoulder. Squeezing both the boys arms he asked, "You found it?"


He seemed a little disappointed. "Not what you wanted?"

"Nah, but never mind. Guess it's okay."

"Come on. Let's get out of here."

Mateo put his arm around his new friend and they walked out together into the September sunshine. He took the boy around the house and down towards the sports field, then sat down on the grassy bank. It was much quieter here, away from all the people in the entrance hall.

"What's your name?" Mateo asked, again staring at the boy.

"Vicente, and you?"


"So, Mateo, two questions. Why are you staring at me? And, why did you only get three when you were down for six? I guess you was lucky. Because even three, well. I got two that evening and it hurt like hell."

"Yeah, I know how much if hurts."

Vicente laughed.

What a beautiful laugh he's got. "Staring, was I?" Now Mateo started laughing. "Because you're beautiful," he announced as if he was saying the sun is shining, like it was common place conversation.

Vicente blushed, he felt his cheeks growing hot. He couldn't hide it, so he looked away. Mateo thought that was so cute. As if he was under a magic spell, he leant across and gently kissed Vicente on the cheek. Which made the boy sit bolt upright like he'd just received an electric shock.

"Wh... why... di... did you..."

"Sorry," Mateo told him. "Didn't mean to freak you out. Sorry."

There was a long silence when neither boy seemed to know what to say.

"I've never been kissed before," Vicente confessed.

Mateo smiled, relieved. "I'm glad you didn't run off. I got... ah... I... I don't know."

"It's okay. I liked it." The youngster snuggled up closer. "Just wasn't expecting it."

Another silence, but this was comfortable. Mateo was enjoying feeling the boy next to him and Vicente knew he liked Mateo. Actually they both knew it the very first time their eyes met, it just takes a while to realise how things are.

"Can you keep a secret?" Mateo asked very seriously.

Vicente nodded.

"If you tell anyone it will be like killing me. Do you understand?"

"I won't tell anyone. Promise. Cross my heart," and little Vicente made a cross over his heart.

"I didn't get all six straps because I let Father Thomas do stuff." Mateo looked at the boy next to him. It felt like they'd been friends forever. Do soul mates exist? Looking confirmed what he already knew, he could trust this boy with his life. "That evening when we met, I went to ask a favour. I wanted Father Thomas to make sure I would be sharing a room with my friends. I knew what would happen, it wasn't the first time. Father Thomas said it's about giving and receiving, which is a funny joke for him. You weren't the only one who got whacked, but I volunteered."

"You mean you asked him too?"

"No, I never asked him to whack me. I took your place bent over the back of the old armchair. I knew he would do me. You understand?" Vicente nodded. "He was already turned on from beating your arse. He told me it was the end of term so he wouldn't be mean. He whacked the strap across my arse and then he," Mateo whispered, "fucked me."

Another long silence surrounded them. Finally, broken when Vicente this time leant across Mateo and touched his lips ever so lightly against Mateo's in the most beautiful loving and sexy way. Mateo cried.

"Don't cry," Vicente eyes pleaded.

Mateo sniffled, then pulled a hanky from his pocket and blew his nose. "I feel like I've known you forever, but we really just met, and all I know about you is your name."

Vicente lay back on the grassy bank, "What do you want to know?"

Mateo looked at his mop of unruly brown hair, those wicked green eyes, his school uniform with those shorts he was so pleased he no longer had to wear. "I don't know. Nothing and everything." He smiled and rolled over on top of the other boy, sitting back on his legs. Mateo wanted to explore every inch of his new found friend, but for now he just looked. He looked at the smooth pale legs which disappeared into those little shorts. His cock responded to the thought of sliding his hand along the top of those legs and under those shorts. Sliding inside to explore.

"I know what you're thinking," Vicente tilted his head up to look at Mateo.

"Oh Yeah?"

"You're thinking about how you'd like to strip me naked and touch me all over."

"Ha, ha," Mateo giggled. "Actually, I was thinking how I'd like to slide my hand up under those shorts."

"Go on then. Who's stopping you?"

Mateo for the briefest of moments considered how provocative this kid was. But only for a moment. He touched Vicente's leg, rested the palm of his hand on that pale skin, before sliding into the opening of those shorts. He felt the warmth of the boy's groin and his fingers brushed against the youngster's stiffy. Then he pulled his hand away and leaned back, once again studying Vicente, there was an obvious bulge in the front of the boy's shorts.

"We have to stop," Mateo looked into his eyes.

Vicente smiled back, "I suppose, if you say, but..."

"Yeah, I know, me too."

They both laughed. Mateo stood up and stretched a hand out to pull Vicente up. The simple clasping of hands did something to Mateo that affected him in a way he couldn't explain. "Just touching you does things to me," he told him.

"And me too," Vicente replied.

"I don't know what we can do?" Mateo's heart was beating in his chest. "I don't want to lose you, but here at school..."

"I know, I know. Maybe we can find a secret hideout?"

That made Mateo think about the summer he spent with his cousins at his uncle's house, but this was school, no big gardens, not much free time, it seemed impossible. Mateo regarded Vicente longingly, "If only," he said.

"I have an idea," Vicente smiled as he thought of it. "Jordao and me volunteered last year for cleaning duties at the sports ground. You know, after the matches are finished on Saturday, we stay on to clean everything up. Well, anyway, I reckon he'll want to carry on this year, so I could easily tell him, when we've nearly finished that he can go, I'll finish the rest and lock up. We have the keys."

"But doesn't anyone check or anything?"

"No, what's to check? Once someone came back 'cause they forget something, but no, no one checks. We clean, lock up and go, and we get one hour extra free time Saturday afternoons."

"Okay, I trust you."

"So on Saturday, around twelve you wait by the side gate. You know the little gate next to where the bins are?"

"Yeah, okay... it's a date," Mateo laughed and so did Vicente.

Next: new boys, new questions...

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