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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Sixteen - Rendezvous.

The skies were dark and foreboding, the pavement wet, it had been raining practically all morning, but had finally stopped, perhaps only briefly. Mateo's nerves were on edge, suffering a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Twelve o'clock Vicente had said, by the side gate of the sports field, and he was there already, waiting. He hated hanging around, not because it might rain again, but because he didn't want to be seen. As these thoughts and others played through his head, he saw a door to the building inside the grounds swing open. Vicente ran across smiling and opened the gate. They headed back inside where it was warm and safe. Vicente closed the door behind them and led Mateo along a short corridor to the changing rooms.

Once there Mateo knew where they were. It was the rear part of the building which he'd never seen before. They stopped inside the now empty space. Vicente still smiling turned and looked at Mateo. The younger of the two, it seemed to Mateo, was full of expectations. In that brief moment Mateo forgot all his turmoil of thoughts, and felt engulfed by a warmth that invaded his whole being. He leant forward and reaching out with his right hand, pulled Vicente into a gentle embrace. Their lips touched lightly, before the two boys pulled back and simply stared at each other, reading each other's souls through their eyes.

"I... was," Mateo started to speak, but the words wouldn't come out.

"I know, me too. All morning..."

"I've never... I mean I haven't ever," Mateo stopped and hugged Vicente tight. The other boy returned the hug with equal force and enthusiasm. "You've finished cleaning and everything," Mateo finally recovered some composure.

"Cleaning, yeah," Vicente announced, "everything, no." He gave a mischievous grin. "You wanna take a shower... together?" He started pulling Mateo by the hand.

"But you just said you finished cleaning all this," Mateo looked around at the changing rooms and shower entrance at the far end.

"This you haven't seen," Vicente started walking towards the office. Mateo was pulled along. "There is a separate shower for the adults, the referee and lines men to use." Through another door they entered a small room with a little low bench on one side and a shower at the end. "Come on, it'll be great!" Vicente started to shuck his clothes and Mateo did the same, leaving them in a heap next to Vicente's on the bench.

He followed after the younger boy and joined him just as he turned on the powerful overhead jets. Water cascaded over both of them as they giggled, jumped, and played about. Both boys were touching each other, looking at each other, smiling, happy, and becoming very hard.

"I wanna show you something really great. You trust me?" Vicente asked.

"Of course." Mateo watched as Vicente took hold of a hand spray and turned a knob directing half the water to the jet.

"Mateo, stand at the back," Mateo moved to the rear of the cubicle. "Okay, turn around and face the wall." Mateo obliged, wondering exactly what this game was. "Now move your legs a bit apart," Vicente waited. "That's it." Vicente pointed the hand jet at Mateo's back. He smiled and his heart started beating faster as he admired the boy in front of him. The delicate curve of his back that ended at a thin waist where the spine finished and the boy's glistening wet buttocks stuck out invitingly. Vicente's cock vibrated.

Mateo felt the tiny jets hitting his skin like a bunch a tingling needles. The jet moved around his back then down over his buttocks, the sensation was like being massaged, but by hot jets of water. Then Vicente positioned the spray to shoot between Mateo's legs and he played the water on his balls. "Oh wow! Fuck!! That's good!" The tiny hot jets playing across his balls were sending shock waves to his cock that was now rigidly hard. In his head he was rapidly moving to that place where sexual desire became an almost animalistic urge. "If you keep doing that," he turned to look back at Vicente. "Let's swop."

Vicente gave Mateo the jet, then they change positions. Mateo pointed the spray to hit the youngster across each buttock. He gulped, taking in the sight of this gorgeous naked boy standing under the shower, leaning forward, legs spread apart. His dick jumped, he felt a tiny dampness slicker than the water moistening the tip of his penis. Mateo directed the spray to play on Vicente's balls, and he watched as the other boy wriggled, and moved his legs. He knew Vicente's cock was just as hard as his. A feeling fluttered through his stomach and he moved closer, he realised what he wanted. His hard dick was telling him to fuck the boy, to push it into him and ravish that beauty, but he stopped himself. Leaning forward he kissed Vicente on the neck. "Let's..." It was as if there was no need to speak. Vicente turned and cut the water, they stepped out of the shower, grabbing two big towels.

Mateo's hands rubbed and stroked Vicente's body as the other boy did the same to him. Both cocks were hard and ready, both boys had waited all week. Each boy avoided those two very hard tools, but everywhere else was felt and squeezed. Mateo placed little kisses here and there, wherever he fancied a little bare skin presented the opportunity. They touched their lips, kissed, and moved in a passionate dance.

Vicente then led Mateo to the back of the main changing area and into another room which contained a couch used for massage or injuries. It was adjustable, just like a hospital trolley and it was set up just right. Unbelievably Vicente even had a candle lit, so there was no need for the bright neon tube lights.

"You thought of everything," Mateo smiled and kissed the boy again.

Their tongues played and wrestled from one mouth to the other. Their hands roamed across naked skin, touching, caressing. The dance of the boys continued.

"It's my first time," Vicente confessed. He looked shy admitting that. Mateo was sure the boy blushed, but the candlelight hid his embarrassment.

"Me too," Mateo kissed him again. "I really want to though, if you want?"

Vicente looked at Mateo. He reached out and took hold of the older boy's cock. "Will it hurt?"

"We don't have to. If you don't want."

Vicente went over to stand next to the couch. "Which way?"

Mateo moved close to hold him again. Their dicks touched and moved like duelling swords.

"I think it will be easiest if you lie on your stomach." Mateo watched as Vicente got onto the couch and lay face down. He climbed on top, but there just wasn't enough room. "These things are too narrow." He got back down. "Let's put the mattress on the floor." Which is what they did and it was more comfortable, more room to move.

Vicente lay on the mattress. For a few moments Mateo simply stared at the most beautiful picture of boyhood in front of him. Then he began passing his hands all over him, feeling his shoulders, his back and along his wonderfully curved spine. Finally, he positioned himself kneeling over Vicente's legs and he began kneading those beautiful round orbs. His cock twitched and a tiny droplet squeezed out of the tip.

"You're sure?" Mateo asked.

"I'm sure," came the reply, "but go easy."

Mateo spat into his hand and anointed the head of his cock. He had that weird feeling in his stomach again and a building desire that was now almost impossible to stop. How many times had he fantasised this moment. He paused, looking at the boy stretched out naked beneath him. His eyes once more took in the sheer beauty. He had to catch his breath, in that moment he wanted to take the boy. His hands spread the firm buttocks, pushed them apart to expose the secret entrance. Mateo leant down and dropped some spit onto the little pink rosebud. With one finger he touched the boy on the spot.

Vicente could feel the wet and Mateo's finger as it moved in little motions. At first he clenched and retracted, but with Mateo's gentle pressure he finally opened and felt the finger twist gently inside him. For a moment he feared he might not be able to do it.

"Just say to stop if... Okay?"

"Okay," Vicente replied.

Mateo leaned down, he hoped he could control his desire, it was difficult. He guided his penis with one hand so the tip rested in exactly the right place. Lying on top of Vicente, supporting himself with both arms, he pushed forward with his hips against the tightness. He kept prodding, his cock was as hard as steel, but Vicente was not relaxing. Mateo moved back to sit on the boy's legs, moving up so his cock was still lying between Vicente's buttocks, just resting there. He massaged the boy's arse, kneading and pulling, then pushing his hard on in between, towards the spot.

"Relax," he whispered.

Moving back to lie over Vicente he pushed his cock into the boy harder. This time the head forced entry, opening the flower. Vicente gasped, breathing heavily, it hurt. He tried to relax, but he couldn't. "Mateo, it hurts."

Mateo kept still, not sure what to do. Then he pulled back. He heard Vicente breathe out a huge sigh. But not to be defeated he spat onto his fingers and pushed one back inside the boy. He moved it around and made little movements in and out. Mateo's cock was leaking profusely, he didn't want to hurt the boy, but jeez, he really needed to fuck him.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked Vicente, hoping the kid would say to continue.


Mateo pushed two fingers inside. The boy was very tight, but he started to get used to the finger fucking. Vicente wanted this to be special, his first time. The idea of the virgin being deflowered, not without pain, fixed itself in his mind.

Mateo spat into his hand and rubbed the spit with the juices all over the head of his dick. The urge was reaching the point inside him when he thought he might explode. He placed his cock in between Vicente's buttocks, found the boy's entrance, and slowly pushed in. He stopped as Vicente gasped, gritted his teeth, dug his nails into his hands, and tried to let go. Mateo pushed his cock in further, he could feel the tight warm passage, nearly yielding, gripping him. He held himself inside the boy's arse and waited, massaging Vicente, touching, feeling. Finally Vicente was able to adjust and although he felt like he'd been filled up, the initial pain was less.

Mateo slowly withdrew back a little, then pushed in, he began to build a gentle in and out motion, but he was getting very close. Vicente was beginning to enjoy this and he reached back with one hand to grab Mateo's arse. Now encouraged, Mateo pushed his cock deep into the boy, until his balls touched Vicente's buttocks. Vicente made strange sounds, "Argh! Ooh! Oh!" The pleasure made his dick press hard into the mattress.

Mateo became lost somewhere between lust and desire. He pumped his cock into the boy's tight hole, rapidly building to a volcanic explosion. He cried out as with one final thrust he shot powerfully right inside Vicente. Then he collapsed on top, lying there, his body pressing down, trying to recover. He almost cried with the pleasure that permeated his whole body. The sheer ecstasy of having buried his cock completely inside the other boy. Slowly he withdrew and lifted himself off of the youngster and Vicente sat up. They looked at each other.

Mateo brushed a hand through Vicente's hair. "You okay?"

Vicente smiled.

Mateo leaned forward and kissed Vicente, a long deep kiss, his tongue playing inside the boy's mouth, then across his lips. "I want to do something for you now," he reached out to touch and take hold of Vicente's cock. It was hot and hard.

"You don't have too. I wasn't expecting..."

Mateo touched a finger to the boy's lips. Then he stood, reaching out a hand to help Vicente up off the floor. They stood a moment facing each other, reading each other's expressions. Mateo crouched down, kneeling in front of the younger boy, he was determined this would be special. The boy's hard inches were begging for attention. Mateo circled Vicente's penis between his thumb and forefinger, he slid back the skin exposing the purple head. Moving closer he opened his mouth and touched the tip with his tongue.

Vicente's dick bounced widely at the touch and he found it difficult not to push forward, but he stood still, legs slightly apart, looking, watching Mateo. When his tongue licked across his glans and the older boy's lips closed around his erection, he thought he might cum, there and then. He'd waited for this encounter so long, he'd prepared everything, he'd been fingered and he'd been fucked. Now Mateo took more of his cock into his warm, wet mouth. His lips moved down the shaft and back, sucking on his dick. It was unbelievable. He knew the feeling, but this was nothing like jerking himself off. He had no control. Desire and instinct forced him to grip Mateo's head and thrust his hips. Mateo reached between Vicente's legs and touched his balls, then held them in his hand, feeling them. Vicente looked down at Mateo who at the same time raised his eyes. The youngster watched Mateo's head bobbing backwards and forwards, his rock hard manhood disappearing between those pouting lips. A gentle squeeze on his balls and his toes curled up, the energy streaked through his body.

"I'm gonna..." Vicente shot a powerful ejaculation into Mateo's mouth.

Mateo swallowed as much as he was able, still sucking, he moved both hands to grip the young boy's buttocks and squeeze them. One or two final little spurts hit Mateo in the face as he came up for air. He looked up at Vicente and licked the boy juice around his mouth. Standing, he moved close and kissed Vicente, who tasted his own essence. The youngster went limp in Mateo's arms as he hugged the boy.

"I'm sorry," Vicente looked a little sad. "I didn't mean... It just..."

Mateo brushed the boy's hair. "It's okay. I love you."

Vicente's heart leapt, he was close to tears. "I... love you too." He hugged Mateo tight.

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