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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Eighteen - A Place in the Country.

The Thomas family had a large house on an huge estate in the middle of rolling countryside. The largest group of buildings were the farm and it's out buildings, stables and barns. Light grey stone gave the impression of a country house that had stood for centuries, which indeed it had. The main facade was impressive, with curving stone steps and ornate balustrade leading majestically to solid oak doors.

Mateo had never given too much thought to Father Thomas' family, his background or the now obvious wealth. For him Father Thomas was simply a priest, albeit one with certain tastes, that for his well being, if not survival, he had been obliged to accommodate. Even impressed as he was by the house that was Tavaris' home, and his, for the half term, his main concern was the presence of Father Thomas. A disquietude enhanced when he discovered that Tavaris' adoptive parents would be absent. It would be Tavaris, himself, and Father Thomas, alone.

Father Thomas led the way into the library where he stopped, turning to face the boys. "Let me make a few things clear," he looked from Tavaris to Mateo. "It may be half term, but there are still chores to be done. I will leave you a list tomorrow."

Tavaris glanced at Mateo, but neither boy spoke. They simply nodded and continued listening to Father Thomas.

"I have a lot of work to do, so I expect you both to plan out your time and get the work I'm leaving for you done." He moved across the room towards the window. Turning back, the boys had not moved, but stood side by side. "I don't want any playing around. Do you both understand?"

"Yes, father," they replied almost in unison.

Father Thomas studied the boys for a moment. "Tavaris knows very well what will happen if you are not sage. I have had to use the strap, haven't I, Tavaris?"

"Yes, father," Tavaris looked down at the floor.

"Yes. And Mateo has also been on the receiving end. If I'm not mistaken, the first term you arrived at Saint Bart's?"

"Yes, father," Mateo looked at Father Thomas. "It was when I was in the first form."

"Well, I expect you remember it. Tavaris certainly does, because it was only, what?" He regarded Tavaris. "Last month." Father Thomas' attention returned to Mateo. "I tanned his backside for him and I am sure he remembers that, don't you Tavaris?"

Tavaris looked up, "Yes, father."

"Good. Well, no playing around, means," Father Thomas emphasised the word, "behaving yourselves, getting your work done, not disturbing me, and... just so we understand no playing with yourselves or each other." He glanced from one to the other of the two boys. "Right, well, Tavaris, show Mateo to your room and I'll see you both for supper." He regarded his watch. "In two hours."

Tavaris tugged Mateo's arm, turned and left the library with the other boy following him. Once inside Tavaris' bedroom Mateo decided now was the time to confront him. "You never said your parents were away."

"I know," Tavaris went to sit on the edge of the large bed. For a palatial mansion his room was quite basic, bed, desk, old armchair and wardrobe. A small rather tatty Indian or Persian rug was on one side of the bed, the rest of the floor was dark polished wood. In fact the only impressive thing was the bed, a rather ornately carved four poster complete with tied drapes at each corner. The bed echoed the dark floorboards and leant a sort of gothic atmosphere to the place.

"You manipulated things to get me here and you knew we'd be alone with Father Thomas. And you know darned well what he's like." Mateo didn't mince his words, he was angry with Tavaris and glared at him.

"If I'd told you everything you wouldn't be here and I need you," the boy looked up at Mateo standing there.

"Why do you need me?"

"Sit down," Tavaris patted the mattress next to him. But Mateo ignored him, instead preferring the old armchair. "Can't we at least be friends?" He was almost pleading with Mateo now.

Sitting in the armchair Mateo looked around the room, taking in what little there was to note, two paintings, the cross over the bed, the heavy curtains at the windows. He didn't reply, but stayed silent. Despite the tone in Tavaris' voice, he wasn't ready to forget and forgive, not yet anyway.

Tavaris bent forward resting his chin in his arms and looking across at Mateo. "I'm sorry, okay. We both know what Father Thomas is like, and..."

It looked to Mateo like his friend was thinking hard about what to say. Friend? Was Tavaris really a friend? He wasn't sure. He'd been cajoled into spending a week here. Tavaris had lied, and it hadn't escaped his notice there was only one bed. Yes he knew about Father Thomas. They'd both been on the receiving end of his attentions and his discipline. Okay, no doubt Tavaris suffered more, he didn't know, but was that justification for manipulating him to get him to share his half term at his house. No, there was something more going on here.

"Look Mateo, I need you here."

Their eyes locked as they stared across the room at each other. "Why?"

"It's selfish, I suppose, but I just didn't want to be alone all week here with Father Thomas."

"Why?" Mateo wasn't going to make this easy for Tavaris.

The boy lifted his head up, dropped his arms, and sighed. "You want me to spell it out?" Tavaris was in turn getting angry. "Alright then," he raised his voice. "Because I can't take anymore of the bastard beating and fucking me. Okay!" That last word he spat out like venom.

"Yeah, well, sharing might be good for you, but it ain't for me."

"I don't want to share. I'm gonna end It!" Tavaris stood up and started pacing around the room.

Mateo followed him with his eyes, watching, wondering just what the hell was going on here. "End it?"

"Yeah. I got a plan." Tavaris stopped pacing and stared once more at Mateo. "I just need you to go along with it."

Mateo wasn't sure. What was the plan? He wanted to help, but he didn't want to be used.

"I can see what you're thinking," Tavaris told him.

"You can? I don't think so."

"Yeah. You're thinking you want to help, but you're not sure what I'm planning."

Mateo smiled. "Alright then clever dick."

Tavaris sat back down on the bed. "You see that crystal light?" he nodded up to the ceiling rose.

There was a sort of multi-faceted odd glass light in the centre of the bedroom. The only thing in the room Mateo had not paid any attention to. Now he looked at it. "I see it. So?"

"He spies on me. It's a mirror. Like a kind of spyglass. Gives roughly a view of the whole room."

"Sure. How do you know that? Even if I believed you."

"I've been in the attic. Above here. I've seen it. Pretty elaborate device."

"Why would anyone want to watch you in your bedroom?"

"Not anyone," Tavaris learned forward. "Father Thomas."

"Well, why? What for? Why would he want to do that?"

"Because he gets off on stuff like that."

"What? Watching you in your room?"

"You know what he said when we arrived?" Tavaris sat back now, studying Mateo, trying to work out if he was convincing him.

"Of course, although the last bit about playing with ourselves or each other was, like, weird."

Tavaris frowned. "Not really. You know he warned us, right?" He didn't wait for Mateo to reply. "When he told you he tanned my arse last month, he never said what for." Tavaris looked intensely at Mateo and made a sign shaking his hand. "Jerking off! And how did he know? That's what I finally discovered. He'd seen me. Watched me. Probably got off himself. Then the bastard called me out and... well I'm not gonna spell it all out."

"Yes, okay. So you somehow found the attic spy thing cause he whacked you for jerking off in your bedroom."

"He did more than whack me."

Mateo stood up and walked over to Tavaris. "Okay, he did other stuff."

"He made me do it in front of him."

"What!" Mateo couldn't quite believe what he was being told. Did he miss something?

"He made me wank in front of him."

"Jeez, man. That's... I mean, how did you? No, never mind. I'm sorry."

"You believe me then?"

"I believe you."

Tavaris was relieved. Perhaps things were beginning to work out for him. Maybe he had found an ally. He needed Mateo for his plan to work, but he wasn't going to tell him everything. It was like getting him here, if he'd told the whole story it wouldn't have worked, and this had to work. He would tell Mateo enough to keep him playing along.

"We better go downstairs. It will be time for supper."


Father Thomas was quiet during supper, asking if they had settled in and reminding them he would be busy tomorrow and probably the next day, so he was expecting them to get their chores finished and not disturb him. After eating they bade goodnight and went back upstairs leaving Father Thomas in the library.

"So we're sharing a bed," Mateo remarked whilst finishing up in the bathroom.

Tavaris spat out the water from brushing his teeth, then looked up grinning. "Looks like it."

"You planned that as well?"

"Never thought about it," Tavaris touched Mateo on the shoulder. "Does it bother you?"

"I don't know... yet." Mateo half smiled and exited the bathroom, walking down the hall.

Tavaris turned off the light and followed him.

"Which side is yours?" Mateo was standing next to the old carved four poster.

"No preference," Tavaris told him.

So Mateo climbed in and slid across. Tavaris got in after him. Lying down he reached over to flick off the light.

"So tell me what happened with Father Thomas," Mateo turned on his side to face Tavaris.

The other boy had his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. "You really want to know?"

"I asked didn't I?" Mateo figured the more he knew about things here, the more he knew about Tavaris, the better for him.

"So, like I told you before, he wanted me to jerk off. But I didn't really do much until..." Tavaris faded into silence.

"Until?" Mateo was pushing for the story.

Tavaris sighed. "Until Father Thomas came around behind me. He passed his hand between my legs and fondled my balls. When he did that, I got instantly hard. And he kept playing with my balls and I started pumping my cock. I was getting very excited."

So was Mateo, listening to Tavaris' story. He had an erection of his own pushing out into the thin cotton of his pyjamas bottoms. "And what happened then?"

"I hadn't watched him, but he had gotten naked, I guess. Next I felt his finger pushing into my hole."

Mateo was himself excited now. He shuffled up next to Tavaris and his hand went over onto the other boy's stomach. He felt the muscles contract at the touch and Tavaris exhaled a little gasp. "Are you getting hard?" Mateo's hand slid inside Tavaris' pyjamas and started sliding down lower on his abdomen.

Tavaris didn't reply, but squirmed in a little closer to Mateo. "Then Father Thomas' hand moved up between my legs and touched my stiff dick."

Mateo's fingers crept down and found the boy's penis, which was pointing straight up. "Guess you are," he whispered, "wrapping his hand around the erect shaft."

"You know what Father Thomas said? No playing with each other."

Mateo slid the foreskin down exposing the head. "What like this you mean?" Tavaris gasped. "You was telling me what happened." Mateo squeezed the boy's penis.

"Ah...uh... yeah."

Mateo started to move his hand slowly up and down, exposing and covering the bulbous head. He felt a little juice which he spread around the tip with one finger. Tavaris was breathing hard now. "Go on, what happened?" He urged.

"Next thing he did," Tavaris took a breath as Mateo slid his foreskin down again. "He put his hard cock where his finger had been. His hand fondled my balls again. My dick was jumping about as he pushed into me."

Mateo stopped moving his hand and moved halfway across Tavaris. "I want to fuck you," he said softly.

Tavaris was very turned on, retelling the episode with Father Thomas and having Mateo rubbing his hard on. It was so exciting his heart was beating fast. This could work out, he thought. In every way. "Okay," he replied.

Mateo removed his hand and slid off of Tavaris. The other boy rolled over on his stomach. Mateo pushed back the sheet and climbed over Tavaris, kneeling with one leg either side. He took hold of the boy's pyjamas and with both hands pulled them down exposing a wonderful naked bottom.

Tavaris helped by lifting his hips, then he lay still, his erection pulsing and pushing into the mattress beneath him. He felt Mateo's hands parting his buttocks and the sound and wetness of him spitting into his crack.

Mateo was hyper excited, his cock was rigid and oozing. He rubbed the spit in between Tavaris' cheeks, then pushed a lubricated finger inside the boy. Tavaris gasped. Mateo moved his finger in and out a little.

Tavaris turned his head to one side. "Go on then. Fuck me."

Mateo needed no more encouragement. He guided his hard rod to that secret spot, then he lowered himself down on top of Tavaris, pushing his cock into the boy. He felt the tight grip of the entrance, paused, then pushed inside. The boy beneath him groaned into the pillow. Mateo was on fire, an energy was building deep inside him and he buried his prick up to the hilt. Tavaris' moans and grunts were muffled by the pillow as Mateo pulled back and ploughed in again. He could not stop the force. He pumped his stiff cock into the warm tight passage and literally pistoned into the boy banging his balls up against Tavaris' buttocks.

Hot spunk shot into the boy beneath him and Mateo continued two or three more times ploughing his dick into that tight young arse, before collapsing on top of him, still buried deep inside. After a few minutes he pulled out and rolled off of the boy.

Tavaris turned once again onto his back. "Like that did you?"

Mateo was grinning from ear to ear, but in the dim light even with their eyes having adjusted, that was not very visible. "Yes," he replied. "Did you?"

Tavaris was also smiling, "You've got a nice cock."

Mateo reached a hand over, found Tavaris' twitching erection and gripped it. "So have you."

"Will you..." The boy was pleading.

"Of course," Mateo started pumping his hand up and down the slick hot penis. If it was lighter he would have seen the red hot juicy tip.

Tavaris moaned and moved his hips, pushing up into Mateo's fist and rolling around. "I'm gonna..." He gave a soft deep cry as he ejected a strong spurt of semen, some of which hit his chin and landed in his hair. Mateo pumped the boy's penis two or three times more as a second lesser spurt followed the first.

After Tavaris had recovered he surprised Mateo by leaning across and moving his head very close, so that their lips briefly touched in what could only be described as the lightest and gentlest of kisses.

"I don't think you finished the story?" Mateo joked.

"Haha, you know Father Thomas, he told you himself. He tanned my arse."

"You mean after he..."

"Yeah," Tavaris interrupted. "After he'd fucked me he said it was evil and wicked to masturbate and it was his God given duty to discipline me."

"That man is a sadist."

"Yep. He took his strap out, had me bend over and... ha, maybe he was tired, I only got two stripes. But they still bloody hurt."

"Yeah, I know how much it hurts."

Next: Tavaris needs to satisfy Father Thomas...

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