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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Two - The Brothers Lesson (Part One).

As the light peeked through the curtains Alfonso stirred and stretched. He slid out of his side of the bed and glanced back at his brother and their new accomplice. Smiling he made his way quietly to the bathroom. The two other boys opened their eyes and Mateo blinked at the dark outline of Alfonso disappearing from the room. He felt both excited and lazy. Mateo thought what happened yesterday was fantastic and he could hardly wait to see how things would develop. But like always he didn't want to get up and snuggled back under the covers. Neymar held the youngster with his arm around him, he gently kissed the boy's neck, his penis was hard like nearly every morning.

Mateo turned over and looked at Neymar. With a sleepy voice he announced, "Yesterday was fantastic." Then he rubbed his eyes. Neymar smiled, "Hello sleepy head," he brushed his hand through Mateo's hair. "We should get up," he told him, but Mateo just blinked and smiled back. Neymar turned around and slipped his legs out from under the covers. Standing up in the cool air of the morning, he stretched both arms reaching up into the air. Mateo watched glued to the vision of teenage boyhood standing before him. The naked body becoming clearer as Neymar moved to half draw the drapes.

Mateo's eyes were fixed on the older boy's tanned body, a tan broken only by the pale skin across his buttocks, which served to highlight those beautiful round globes. Mateo gulped as Neymar turned around, walking back towards the bed. He followed the boy, turning over, fixated on the rigid pole and watching him open the bedroom door. At the same time Alfonso returned and for a moment the two brothers stood together. They kissed.

Alfonso sat down next to Mateo on the edge of the bed. "Your eyes are popping out of your head," he joked and Mateo blushed. "Its okay Mateo. Actually it's a compliment."

"A compliment?" Mateo repeated as a question.

"Yeah, it shows us just how much you like us."

Mateo was quiet a moment, thinking. "I love you, both of you. I wish I could stay here forever."

The emotions tugged at Alfonso's heart. He knew exactly what the ten year old was feeling. He'd been there, young and innocent, wearing your heart on your sleeve. He knew how sincere Mateo was being and how the young boy had just opened his heart. His eyes became a little damp, he leaned over and hugged the boy, kissing his cheek. "Come on get up. I think we're going to the beach today."

Alfonso stood up and went over to the window, he fully opened the curtains and the room filled with a warm glow. "Looks like being a nice day." He turned back and Mateo was once again stunned, looking at the silhouetted naked body, which seemed perfect to him. Reluctantly he tore his eyes away and got out of the warm bed. Neymar came back as Mateo stood up. He smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. "Argh, yuck," Mateo scrunched up his face and dodged to one side. But Neymar was too quick for him and as Mateo skipped past he turned and gave the youngster a playful smack on the buttocks. Mateo yelped and hurried off to the bathroom giggling.

After breakfast Uncle Salvino announced that he was busy today, but he would take the boys to the beach and drop Gilma at the theatre. Their older sister was studying acting and taking summer classes. The boys collected what they thought they needed for the day, swimwear, towels, a ball, two plastic rackets and sunscreen, plus hats, three caps. There wasn't time to change they would put their trunks on at the beach.

Once they arrived, Uncle Salvino gave Neymar some money for lunch and said he would be back around four and to make sure they were at the car park. They watched him drive away and made their way on foot to the end of the road and the sea. You could both hear and smell the ocean as they arrived at the cafe/bar on the dunes that led down to the beach. It was almost empty this early in the morning, soft deep sand spread out in both directions between the dunes and the sea.

The boys walked along the almost deserted beach until Alfonso decided they were at a good spot. Taking the towels they laid them out on the sand in a little cuvette where the tall grass of the dunes met the beach on either side. The two brothers began to strip off their clothes. Mateo stood watching until Neymar glanced over smiling, "Haven't you already had an eye full? Come on, get changed."

Mateo followed suit and pulled off his clothes. He was pleased to see the brothers like him had chosen tiny Speedos, Neymar wore black, his brother red, and little Mateo was in white. The bulge and outline of Neymar's swim wear left nothing much to the imagination, and even Alfonso sported a vague outline of what lay just about covered. It made Mateo a bit conscious that he didn't have much in that department.

No sooner were they changed than Neymar went charging off towards the sea with Alfonso not far behind, leaving Mateo to bring up the rear. The boys went splashing through the waves and Neymar once deep enough dived into the water, breaking surface some way further out, lifting his head and shaking off the water.

They swam and played, splashing and tumbling over each other. Neymar repeatedly lifted little Mateo into the air and dumped him back down in the ocean. There were screams and cries and laughter.

Looking back along the beach Mateo noticed there were a lot more people now than when they arrived. Making his way out of the water accompanied by Neymar he saw a few family groups, some couples and a few other teenagers. Reaching their towels Mateo plonked himself down on his stomach, with Neymar next to him lying on his back, he had his cap pulled down covering his eyes. Alfonso joined them, lying like Mateo face down the other side of him.

"When you've dried off we'll put some sun screen on," Neymar told them.

Mateo turned on his side, propping his head up with one arm, he looked across at Neymar. "Neymar, can I ask you something," he said rather timidly.

"Of course you can. What?"

"Well..." he paused. "It's just that..."

Neymar gave him a reassuring smile. "Come on, just say it, I don't mind. You should know you can talk to me." Neymar studied the youngster. "You know like I'm an older brother." That was almost true, anyone looking at them would see three brothers. It gave Mateo a warm feeling of belonging, he loved having older brothers, even if it was only for one summer.

"Well," he seemed to have plucked up the courage to say what was on his mind. "I was wondering. You know yesterday when I touched you."

Neymar of course knew what he was talking about. He didn't interrupt, only nodded.

"Did you want to do it to me? I mean you stopped. You said to stop. Then after..." he trailed off.

"As you grow up Mateo you'll start to understand. The feelings can get so strong they reach the point where you can't stop. It builds up and you kinda lose yourself, you lose control. That's why I had to stop."

"But did you want to do it to me?"

"Of course I did. You're so cute. Who wouldn't? But I would never hurt you Mateo, and you are young and well, I'm too big for you. You understand?"

"Is that why you did it with Alfonso?"

"Sort of."

"And you said like I was centred somewhere else. What do you mean?"

Neymar smiled. "It's better if I show you, but not now. Tonight maybe."

"Why not Now?"

"Coz it's not very private here. I would like to teach you some things, but not here, not right now. Okay?"

"Sure, I can wait."

"I'm not so sure about that, but you will have too," he chuckled. "Now come here and stand up. I want to put the sun screen on you."

Neymar pulled the canister from their backpack and kneeled down next to Mateo. He sprayed a little cream on each of the boy's legs and massaged it all over. Mateo really enjoyed the attention, especially when Neymar's hands moved right up to the top of his legs, and his hands moved around from the back and up the inside, gently brushing his balls. The youngster's reaction was noticeable by a stiff little cock pointing across the front of his Speedos. But Neymar ignored that and moved up to his stomach, chest, and back. When he'd finished his shoulders he tapped one finger on Mateo's nose, "You can do your own face," he laughed.

Mateo, now covered in lotion, laid back down and watched from underneath his cap as Neymar did the same to Alfonso who returned the favour, massaging the cream all over his brother. When finished it was obvious both boys sported solid erections. Neymar and his brother lay down on their backs not at all concerned about displaying their manhood, not that anyone other than the three of them could see.

By the time they arrived home after collecting Gilma everyone agreed they had a great day at the beach. The day was not yet over and Neymar had not forgotten what he had told Mateo earlier, that maybe he would show him what he meant about being centred somewhere else. As the boys got ready for bed, brushing their teeth and taking a shower, Neymar began to reflect on what he would do. The more he considered things the harder he became. The two others noticed and Alfonso was half hard with his own thoughts, Mateo was all smiles.

The three of them walked back into the bedroom stark naked. "I sort of promised you something," Neymar told Mateo.

"You're gonna show me," he jumped excitedly.

Neymar glanced at his brother and winked. "Sure. Come here." Mateo walked next Neymar who wrapped him in his arms, and the boy felt the warmth of his skin as well as his hard inches. Neymar took him over to the bed and pulled off the covers. "Lie down. On your back." Mateo did as instructed. "Alfonso, come around here," he indicated the head of the bed.

Leaning over the young boy Neymar took hold of his ankles. "Bend your legs," he smiled. Mateo bent his legs and Neymar pushed them up towards his head. Nodding to Alfonso he told him to take hold of Mateo's ankles. Then he went to get two pillows from the other bed and pushed them underneath Mateo's bottom. With Alfonso holding Mateo's legs up above his head and the pillows raising him up, he was now lying there with his arse sticking up and completely exposed. Neymar moved in closer and licked his forefinger, making it wet. "Now this is where you are centred," he told Mateo. "Relax and enjoy."

Mateo couldn't take his eyes from Neymar. He was staring at his rigid dick and wondering if the older brother was going to do it to him, although he had said he wouldn't. But he'd also said it builds up and you get carried away. Alfonso knew what his brother was going to do and he gently spread the young boy's legs totally exposing the little puckered pink entrance. Mateo felt the wet finger of Neymar touch him there and move lightly around in circular motions. He sighed and let out a long breath, it felt strangely nice. Neymar was slow but firm as he wiggled his finger into the young boy. Mateo gasped, his cock stood up straight. Alfonso smiled, knowing exactly what the youngster was experiencing. Neymar pushed his finger gently in and out of the boy, enjoying watching the expression on his face and feeling his own dick becoming wet with pre-cum. If only the boy was older, he thought, then he would not hesitate to take his virginity. Because it would most definitely be Mateo's first time and he was so beautiful. So cute and inviting, lying there completely ready, or almost. Neymar's cock was raging hard and bouncing about, Alfonso could see what was happening. He wondered if his brother would do the boy, but he thought not, he was too big. But he was so excited he knew Neymar would fuck him, and that idea brought his own dick bouncing up.

Neymar stopped, he had that much control. "Okay," he breathed heavily. "Can you get up please." Mateo thought he knew what would follow and he slipped off the bed and stood up. Alfonso saw Neymar's almost pleading eyes and he moved around the bed. The two brothers looked at each other, Neymar stepped back and Alfonso lay face down over the pillows.

Both brothers thought there own thoughts, Alfonso feeling the warmth of the recently vacated bed and pillows imagined being Mateo. His cock grew even harder thinking that his brother was about to fuck him and he spread his legs apart, he really wanted it. Neymar watched, hardly able to keep control. He imagined Mateo watching, the thoughts that might be going through the young boy's head. He saw his younger brother bent over the pillows his arse sticking up, begging to be taken. He knew his brother, he knew he wanted him inside him. He could resist no longer. Moving in between his brother's legs his hard cock pressed against the spot. Then he sunk deep inside his brother, now wild with desire he pistoned into his brother's arse, his balls slapping against his buttocks. He grabbed hold of Alfonso's hips and plunged his cock one final time, shooting into his arse.

As he recovered he turned Alfonso over exposing his throbbing erection. The intense desire had not left Neymar as he bent down over his brother, taking his cock into his mouth. Widely sucking and licking the head of Alfonso's penis, it did not take long before his brother exploded into Neymar's mouth. Mateo was amazed, he'd been intimately touched and played with, he'd seen Neymar repeat the performance of last night and fuck his brother. Now he'd seen him sucking his brother to an orgasm.

No one had anything to say after they finished. Neymar fetched the pillows and they lay down one after the other on the other bed. Alfonso on one side, Mateo in the middle. Neymar couldn't resist a playful slap across the youngsters buttocks before reaching down to pull the covers over them. Mateo fell asleep dreaming fantasies inspired by the scenes he had witnessed. Alfonso drifted off feeling a stiff little cock poking him, and Neymar smiled as sleep took him.

In part two Mateo hears about the consequences of misbehaving...

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