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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Three - The Brothers Lesson (Part Two).

The morning sunshine streaming through the windows heralded another hot sunny day, but it was Sunday, which meant Church and a visit to the grandparents. Neymar and Alfonso were side by side brushing their teeth, Mateo was still in bed, it was always a struggle for him to get up in the morning. "You enjoyed it, last night?" Neymar glanced at his brother and took a mouthful of water.

"Oh wow, yeah. You know I did."

"All of It?" Neymar spat out the water and rinsed the washbasin.

"All of it," Alfonso repeated. "Watching you playing with the kid. Wondering."

"Wondering what?"

"If you'd stop or if you couldn't."

"And when I did, you knew I'd have to, fuck you," he whispered the last two words.

"Yeah, and you know how excited I was about that."

Neymar took a towel off the hook and Alfonso took his place at the sink. "I reckon you could do Mateo. He acts like he wants it, like he'd..."

"Like he'd like it, I know, I've been watching. And I sure as hell would love too."

Their conversation was interrupted when a sleepy Mateo wondered into the bathroom. Neymar couldn't resist hugging him and ruffling his hair. "Argh! How many times do I have to say I hate that." Mateo moved to the washbasin as Alfonso grabbed a towel. Neymar smacked his bottom. "And that!" Mateo turned grinning. They left him in the bathroom, "See what I mean?" Neymar said. "He loves it."

"Yep, even when he says he doesn't," Alfonso giggled.

"That's right. He doesn't know what he wants till we show him."

"Then he wants it."

"Exactly," Neymar confirmed.

"Okay, shut up, you're making me hard."

Neymar looked down and sure enough his brother's cock was sticking straight out. "You'll have to wait," he flicked his brother's penis. "Keep it for later."

Their grandparents lived in a large rambling old farm house in the countryside. The house was surrounded by fields, but only a few looked like they had any crops growing. "Be on your best behaviour," Neymar told Mateo.

"That's what my mother told me before I got here."

"Yeah well, especially today. Father hates it if we're not all polite and well mannered. He once took me out into that old stone barn over there," Neymar pointed to the building. "I'd been a pest all through lunch. This was when I was your age." Mateo looked at him, interested to know why. "Hanging up in that barn is an old leather strap. My father unhooked it and sat down on a bale of straw with me in front of him. He laid the strap across his legs and looked me straight in the eyes. `Your granddaddy used this on me whenever I misbehaved. He'd bend me over and beat my arse until I was crying my eyes out and begging him to stop.' When he told that story I started to get really worried. `You don't want me to use it on you, do you?' he said picking up the old strap, and I started to cry. `But you have been really naughty today,' he'd told me, and the tears were falling freely, because I thought he was gonna beat me. Then granddad wondered in saying, `I wondered where you'd got to.' Granddad looked at me standing there crying and he told my father, `I haven't heard you give him anything to cry about yet.' I couldn't look at granddad, I just looked at the ground. Father undid the button of my shorts, pulling me towards him, then the zipper, and pulled them down along with my underpants. I really thought he was going to beat me with the strap in front of my granddad. And granddaddy said, `he deserves a good lesson.' Father placed the leather strap aside and pulled me down over his lap. Then he gave me a sound spanking. I mean really hard. I was crying and bawling out, kicking my legs, even trying to put my hands over my bottom. But he grabbed both my arms and smacked me even harder. After he'd finished I got up and pulled my shorts back up. I was still crying. I always remember how much it hurt, and my granddaddy told my father, `If it was me I'd have used the strap on him, but you know that.' Then he left and father told me to go wash my face and behave myself now or I knew what to expect."

"I never knew that happened," Alfonso looked surprised.

"Because I never told you. You were only six or seven when that happened.

Mateo felt like he was now very much one of the brothers. Neymar had shared something he'd never told before. He sort of had an image in his mind of what happened, but he couldn't easily imagine how much it hurt, his father had only ever giving him a little slap or tap, nothing more. He made up his mind to go in search of the old barn and see if the leather strap was still there.

After lunch with the grandparents the boy's were allowed to go off and play, but told not to get their Sunday best clothes dirty, which kind of limited what they could do. "Let's go look in the barn," Mateo said enthusiastically. He ran off in the direction of the building. Alfonso turned to Neymar who was reluctant to go. "Come on," he said, "there's not much else to do." They caught up to Mateo who was looking around in the gloom of the old barn. "I should never have told you that story," Neymar told him.

"Where is it?" Mateo demanded. "You made it up. I don't believe it happened."

Neymar walked towards the back of the barn, there were no bales of straw there now, but the rest was exactly the same. He found the upright beam, the hook was still there and so was the strap hanging down below. He pointed to it, "There!" he said with some satisfaction. Mateo raced over for a close up look and Alfonso joined him. "Granddad used that on father?" Alfonso wanted to know. "And he would have whacked you with It?"

"Yeah," was all Neymar said. He reached up and unhooked the strap. For the first time he felt the supple old leather. He handed it to Mateo. "Imagine getting strapped across your bare arse with that."

Mateo gulped, the strap felt large and heavy. "It'd really hurt,"

"You bet it would," Neymar replied.

"Let me see," Alfonso took his turn to examine it.

"But he never used it on you?" Mateo looked at Neymar hoping he'd never been hit with it.

"No, he never has."

"But he has spanked us," Alfonso added.

"You both? Like Neymar said?"

"Yeah," Alfonso answered. "Once both together, you remember?" Neymar nodded. "It was at our house, we'd be messing about too much and worse we answered him back. He wasn't having us being cheeky, so he took both of us into his study. We had to remove our shorts of course, it was gonna be exactly like Neymar described in the barn. First he took me, I think he wanted Neymar to see what he was gonna get. He sat on a chair, pulled me across his knees and... well you know."

"Then what?" Mateo asked.

"Then it was my turn," Neymar took up the story. "I thought I was gonna get the same, with Alfonso standing there watching."

"You didn't? I mean, get spanked?"

"Father picked up this long ruler he keeps on his desk, it's called a metre, because that's how long it is, which makes it quite flexible. So as I'm watching and Alfonso as well, he tells me to bend over, rest my hands on the chair. I know what's gonna happen then. He walks around to stand at the side of the chair, `Don't move,' he warns. Then he touches the ruler against my skin, lining it up or scaring me, I don't know which, but whatever, it worked. Next I heard the ruler swinging down cutting through the air and it landed with a loud thwack right across my arse. I screamed out and jumped up. It really fucking hurt like hell. But father wasn't satisfied despite me jumping around and trying to rub my bottom. My eyes were watering, but I wasn't crying like Alfonso. So he told me, `Bend over, I said not to move.' I pleaded with him, but he wouldn't listen. Next I felt the ruler tapping my arse. Before I had time to think or react, whack! It cut across my bottom a second time. And I screamed out, jumped up, hopping around again, crazily trying to rub the pain away. Now tears were falling down my face, father told me to stand still, he lay the ruler down on his desk and I thought he was finished. But he wasn't, he sat down in the chair and pulled me across his knees. He was now gonna give me the spanking Alfonso had gotten. To be sure I didn't move he locked one leg over my own and took a firm hold on my arms, pulling them up behind my back. My arse was hurting like fuck, but he still gave me a damned good spanking. When he'd finished that, I was crying my eyes out, just like Alfonso. I think he spanked me harder than Alfonso, but he probably doesn't agree."

Alfonso made no reply. Mateo now had a bit of a different picture about living here. "Does he spank you a lot?"

"No, not often. But if he does, well," Alfonso spoke up.

"If he does," Neymar finished, "he does it good. You don't forget it that's for sure.

Mateo found his hands touching his bottom, thinking about what the brothers had said, and what his mother had said about behaving. "Better put it back," he told Alfonso, who hung the strap back in its place.

The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully, if a bit boring, but all three boys wanted to be certain not to do anything wrong. Neymar remembered all too well his spankings as did Alfonso, as for Mateo he really never wanted to find out. When they arrived back home it was almost bedtime. That night they still slept together in the one bed, but no one felt like playing around. They fell asleep cuddling up.

In the next chapter Mateo gets to play around with his cousins...

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