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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Four - Playing with Mateo.

The whole week passed too quickly between days on the beach and days at home, in the house and around the grounds. Mateo got to see the brothers' hideout and he got to learn more secrets. He loved both brothers and the summer he was sharing with them. Friday night had been given a big build up, they'd spent the afternoon at the hideout talking about all sorts of stuff, naturally that included sex.

Neymar told Mateo he was too young to know everything. It wasn't that he didn't want to tell him or keep things secret, it was that he was not old enough yet to be able to do some things. In his usual fashion Mateo complained, "Aw, come on guys. Please... How come you two know? How do you know I can't? Alfonso's only a bit older." He did kind of whine, but both Neymar and Alfonso loved him and he'd become their little brother, not just another cousin.

Eventually Neymar gave in and told him, "Okay, you ARE too young for some things, but we'll let you discover and play around." Mateo was excited when he mentioned play around, but had no idea what that meant. Neymar and Alfonso had already discussed it between themselves and decided they'd let Mateo do more or less whatever he wanted. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I mean tonight you can be the active watcher."

"Er, okay, but what's that?" Mateo looked dead cute when he frowned.

"Well, Alfonso and me decided you can, do whatever you want. Like touch, play around, be a part."

"Be a part?" Mateo was still confused. Then things clicked into place. "You mean we all do IT, together."

Neymar smiled and Alfonso answered, "He means we do it, Neymar and me, and you can watch and touch, whatever you like. It's kind of learning." Mateo felt excited. He would be right there. What would happen? He'd see.

That evening after supper Mateo couldn't wait to go to bed. He was first in the bathroom and first back sitting on the edge of the bed waiting. Neymar and Alfonso laughed and giggled, emerging from the bathroom together. Neymar went over to the other bed and pulled off the covers, then he took the pillows from the bed Mateo was sitting on. He placed them on the other bed. He stood next to Alfonso and hugged him, pressing his naked body into that of his younger brother. His hands went around his brother's back, gliding over the smooth sun tanned skin. He moved his head close and let his lips touch Alfonso's.

Mateo was starting to feel that tingly sensation through his body. He watched what they were doing, but he could really only see Alfonso's back. But that was exciting as he followed Neymar's hands stroking his brother, gliding down his spine, and resting on those pert round buttocks, highlighted by the lighter skin hidden from the sun by the skimpy Speedos he wore. Neymar had said he could do anything, so he stood up and moved closer.

Neymar glanced at Mateo as his hands came around to his brother's smooth chest and nipples. He reached out and took hold of Mateo's hand, bringing it towards Alfonso and placing it on his stomach. Alfonso watched, then kissed his brother, their tongues wrestled from one mouth to the other. Alfonso's cock moved upwards, becoming hard, as did Neymar's. Neymar moved Mateo's hand onto his younger brother's now hard dick. Alfonso caught his breath, the touch of the youngster's hand so light and tentative, it was wickedly exciting. Thoughts cascaded through his mind, what he might do with the younger boy one day, what he knew Neymar was going to do tonight.

The two hands, Mateo's and Neymar's glided down Alfonso's cock and underneath to touch his balls. Neymar gently squeezed Mateo's hand which in turn squeezed ever so slightly his brother's balls. Alfonso moaned, his dick bounced. Neymar let go of Mateo's hand and he gripped his brother's erection. As he played with Alfonso's cock, moving his fingers and sliding the skin up and down, Mateo started fondling Alfonso's balls. When he found the spot behind, at the same moment Neymar pulled back the hood from the now glistening head, Alfonso moaned with pleasure. A tiny drop of liquid was secreted from the now exposed tip and Neymar spread it around with a finger.

Mateo stood back watching as Neymar took hold of his brother's shoulders and guided him towards the bed. The young boy's eyes were wide in amazement at the sight of Neymar's rigid pole sticking straight out from the small bush of black hair. Neymar let go of his brother as Alfonso lay back on the bed looking up at him. Neymar picked up the pillows and like he had done that night with Mateo, slide them underneath his brother's bottom.

Mateo guessed what might happen and he was fascinated, he moved close to the side of the bed. Neymar positioned himself at the end of the bed. He took hold of his brother's kegs and pulled him up onto the pillows and towards him. He stood between Alfonso's legs and spat into his hand before anointing the exposed head of his rigid tool. Mateo tentatively placed a hand on Alfonso's abdomen. Neymar moved forward. He pushed back and apart his brother's legs exposing the tiny pink target. He watched as he moved in and angled his hips so that the head of his cock touched the spot.

Mateo moved his hand down to take hold of Alfonso's erection, at the same time he watched Neymar push his dick into his brother. Alfonso sighed, exhaling loudly, and his little pink rosebud moved and opened. Neymar's cock head pushed inside and stopped. Mateo suddenly realised how stiff his own little dick was. He gripped Alfonso and began masturbating him. Alfonso moaned and Neymar moved his hips pushing his penis right into his younger brother who sighed with pleasure. He never imagined it would be this good. His brother's large cock filling his arse and the young Mateo jerking him off. His body was receiving sensations from both directions. Neymar was fast reaching that point of overwhelming desire. Seeing Mateo working his brother's dick, hearing Alfonso groaning, moving back into him, his cock inside his arse.

Mateo stopped pumping Alfonso's erection and turned his attention to his balls. He touched them and felt them at the same time watching the reaction of Alfonso's cock, seeing when it jerked and bounced and the silky liquid squeezed out. He also watched Neymar begin pumping his rigid pole into his brother's arse, he noticed how Neymar's eyes rolled in his head, how he spread his brother's legs as wide as he could, and how his cock was sucked in.

Neymar was fast reaching a climax. He thrust wildly into his brother, his balls bouncing off his arse. The sounds of his brother's moaning and the loud slapping as he fucked him, filled the room. Mateo once again gripped Alfonso's cock and started vigorously pumping it in time with Neymar's thrusting. Alfonso groaned loudly, "Oh, yeah, yeah, fuck me! Fuck me!" Neymar felt the contraction of Alfonso's arse which gripped his dick really tight as he pumped into him shooting out semen deep inside. Mateo squeezed Alfonso's throbbing penis which exploded jetting his own boy juice across his chest and into his hair.

Neymar waited, still deep inside his brother, until Mateo finished milking Alfonso's cock and the contractions subsided. Then slowly, gently, he pulled out. Mateo rested his hand on Alfonso's penis and balls, wondering what was going on with his own stiff cock. He finally took his hand away from Alfonso and took a hold of his own penis. Neymar smiled as he watched Mateo rubbing his little dick with some of the sperm from his younger brother. Mateo seemed oblivious, totally consumed with himself and the sensations he was achieving. He continued watching seeing the boy reach probably his first dry climax as his little body shook and vibrated, his legs wobbled and he fell forward halfway across Alfonso.

Alfonso hadn't seen what happened, but his arm came over the youngster and he rubbed his shoulders and ruffled his hair, so content with what Mateo had given him. It was unbelievable being fucked by his brother and jerked off by the youngster, then reaching orgasm at the same time, incredible!

In the next chapter Mateo discovers that not all his family are nice...

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