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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Six - Crime and Punishment.

After supper their granddad told the boys to get ready for bed and wait for him to come upstairs. "I want to find you facing the wall Mateo," he reminded the boy. When they had changed into their pyjamas and were in the bathroom, Gualter told Mateo, "I will enjoy seeing you get whacked." Mateo glared at him. "Yeah," Gualter whispered, "that old man sure hits hard." Mateo walked away, but he couldn't hide his apprehension. Alfonso told him to pay no attention to Gualter. "He's just trying to make it worse." Neymar didn't want to say anything he remembered how his granddad was and hoped for Mateo's sake his temper had cooled down. Mateo went over and stood facing the wall with his hands on his head. The other boys stood around waiting, it was an odd feeling, like being in an empty space knowing something would happen, but not exactly what.

They heard footsteps, the door opened and their grandfather walked in. He looked at Mateo, then the boys and went to sit on the edge of one of the beds. "Mateo," he called out his name, "come here." Mateo turned around and walked over to where his grandfather was sitting. "Closer," he said, and Mateo moved to stand between his grandfather's legs. He felt queasy, as if he had butterflies in his stomach. His grandfather leant forward and taking hold of the boy's pyjamas bottoms, he pulled them down. He then turned Mateo around, and the boy bent down over his grandfather's left leg. His arms stretched out, finger tips touching the floor. His grandfather closed his legs around the boy's. Mateo took a deep breath. He felt his grandfather's hand pressing on his back. His granddad didn't wait long, the palm of his right hand slapped across Mateo's bottom. This was followed by a rapid succession of smacks alternatively on each buttock. Mateo cried out little sounds, "Ow! Ouch! Urgh!" He tried to keep still, but his grandfather didn't ease up and Mateo felt the pain getting worse and worse. He couldn't help wriggling and the tears started to flow. His bottom was on fire.

The other boys watched silently, the bedroom filled with the sounds of loud smacking as their granddad spanked the youngster. Neymar glanced at Gualter who was grinning, looking like he was enjoying watching what was happening. Gualter had moved to stand behind Alfonso and Neymar noticed that his pyjamas were tented out. It was obvious just how much Gualter liked seeing his young cousin spanked.

Mateo was really crying now, they all heard him as his grandfather paused. But he only shifted his position, moving the boy further over his leg. Then he continued spanking the boy and now Mateo was crying out loud. Finally, the ordeal was over. His grandfather stood the boy up, lifting him with both hands. The other boys each got a good look at his well spanked arse, which was a bright rosy red. Mateo reached behind with his hands to rub his bottom and he danced around trying to ease the pain. His grandfather looked at the boy, "Into bed now," he told him. Mateo moved over to the other bed and slipped beneath the covers. Their grandfather stood up, "And the rest of you, in bed."

Gualter turned and followed Mateo into bed, crawling in behind him. Neymar and Alfonso got into the other bed as their grandfather walked over and drew the drapes. He turned back and switched off the light. As he was doing this he told them, "Not a word out of anyone tonight... or else." He left, closing the door behind him.

Gualter got really turned on watching the boy getting a spanking. He had a raging hard on and a wet spot on the front of his pyjamas bottoms. Mateo was facing away from him, lying on his side, his head buried in the pillow, sobbing quietly. Gualter reached down to lower his pyjamas bottom, freeing his cock, and spooned up behind the boy. Mateo could feel his breath on his neck and most definitely the large dick poking into his very sore arse. He tried to move away, but there was no more room. Gualter whispered into his ear, "I bet that really hurt." Mateo didn't answer, he was more concerned about what the older boy was doing. Gualter would have loved to fuck the boy, his cock was seeping more and more liquid from the tip. But he knew if he did, the boy would scream out, he was pretty big for his little cousin. Instead he reached down and pulled Mateo's pyjamas down his legs exposing the boy's bottom and tops of his legs. He raised Mateo's leg, just enough so that he could slide his dick between the boy's legs. Mateo felt the dampness on his skin and he also felt the large penis sticking through his legs and almost touching his little balls. "Keep your legs together," his cousin whispered. "And keep still." It hurt having Gualter pressing into his sore bottom, but he didn't move. The older boy started sliding his cock between Mateo's legs, right at the top, just underneath his arse. As Gualter`s pushes became quicker and more forceful, his hard on banged at the back of Mateo's balls.

Despite hating his cousin for being the cause of the spanking his granddad had given him, and despite him not wanting his cousin doing stuff to him, despite it all, Mateo started getting feelings. He hated having no control. He couldn't stop his cousin, he couldn't jump out of the bed, he couldn't stop the feelings building in his body. His cousin's cock whacking into the back of his balls was building something up inside him and his cousin pressing into his sore bottom was both painful and pleasant at the same time. Gualter, of course, didn't care what the boy was feeling, he was focused on one thing only, getting his rocks off. The feeling he was getting from sliding his cock between the boy's legs was bringing him close. Slapping into the little kid's balls was massaging the sensitive head of his dick and the idea that it might be uncomfortable or hurt the boy was exciting him. What Gualter wanted to do was both hurt and fuck his little cousin. The more he thought about that as he banged against his arse and balls the more excited he got. Until his semen shot out the tip of his cock with the force of a rocket, and smeared all over Mateo's balls and between his legs. Mateo felt all of that and also the tingly feelings all over, but centred around his own little package. He was aware his own dick was hard.

Gualter pulled his cock from between the boy's legs, turned over, pulled his pyjamas up and settled down to sleep. Mateo slid his pyjamas bottoms off and used them to wipe between his legs, then threw them on the floor. He lay down on his back, but was instantly reminded of the spanking he'd been given, quickly turning on his side because his bottom still hurt a lot. It was difficult to sleep. He kept thinking about what just happened, how excited he'd got, and his little dick was still hard. He started feeling it with his hand. Then moving his hand, sliding it up and down his penis. He moved to lay on his stomach and started moving his hips and rubbing his cock against the mattress. Those feelings were building again, but he didn't want to wake Gualter. He turned back on his side and began madly rubbing his dick. The sensation was amazing, the more he rubbed it, the better it got. He started to shake and then it happened again. This most amazing feeling right through his body , but very much centred down there, between his legs. He was very tempted to carry on, but touching his cock it was a little sore. So he left it. He already had a very sore bottom, that was enough.

In the next chapter Neymar confronts his grandfather...

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