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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Seven - The Truth Always Outs (Part One).

Monday morning Mateo was up early and in the bathroom brushing his teeth when Neymar came in. "Stupid question, but does it still hurt?" Neymar could see the boy's bottom was looking a little pinkish when he was bent over the sink.

"Nah, it's alright," Mateo told him whilst sticking his head under the tap, swallowing some water, and spitting it out. "But it hurts when I sit down."

"I bet. Ah, Mateo, why are you like, half naked?"

"Oh," Mateo looked down at himself. "Well..." It was still early and the other two boys were asleep. Mateo looked shyly at Neymar, but remembering that he'd told him they were brothers now, he decided to tell him. He explained what happened in bed last night, what Gualter did and his own mixed up feelings. Neymar reassured the youngster that those feelings were all part of growing up, but he cautioned him about rubbing his cock too much. "You don't want that as sore as your arse," he smiled and Mateo grinned back. "Thanks bro," he said, pleased to have talked to Neymar. He went to get dressed and decided he would go and find his grandfather, he wanted to talk to him. What Mateo told him, made him dislike his older cousin even more. It wasn't playing around with the kid, but pushing himself on the boy when Mateo had only ever wanted to get away from him. He also hated how much his cousin had enjoyed seeing the youngster smacked.

Mateo found his granddad in the kitchen. "Grandpa, can I talk to you?" he asked timidly. It really did take all his courage to speak to his granddad.

"What is it?" he was wondering if a confession was about to follow.

"Grandpa, I... I just wanted to tell you." He shuffled his feet. "I never lied." His grandfather looked at him, trying to workout what was coming. "I mean, about what happened." He took a deep breath. "You spanked me for breaking the vase thing. And I did. It was a accident. But I broke it and you gave me a lesson for breaking it." Mateo rubbed his bottom, "And it still hurts. But everything I said. How it happened. Well, grandpa, it's true."

His grandfather regarded the boy intensely. "Mateo, I was very angry. Even later when I came into your bedroom. I thought I'd allowed time to cool down. But now I think about it. Perhaps I hadn't. Which meant that you were on the receiving end of a bloody good spanking."

Mateo had never heard his grandfather use a swear word before. "I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh. As for believing everything, we'll see." He smiled at the boy. "Do you want some breakfast?" Of course he did, he was always starving. His granddad went to the fridge for some juice and milk. Then he put some cereal on the counter. "Would you like some toast? I'm making some."

"No thanks, grandpa. This is fine for now."

His granddad ruffled the boy's hair and turned to get the bread. He popped the slices into the toaster and refilled his mug with coffee. "Sit down," he told Mateo, seeing him standing up at the counter.

"I prefer to stand," Mateo replied.

Then his grandfather realised. He must have given the boy a pretty sore bottom.

Monday was spent around the house and as they finished lunch their grandfather turned to Neymar and told him he wanted to see him in his study when they'd done the washing up.

"What's that about?" Alfonso asked him as he was drying the dishes.

"I bet you done something," Gualter laughed.

"Shut up," Neymar told him.

"Yeah, done something. He don't call you into his study for nothing. I bet you're down for a whipping."

Neymar ignored his cousin. "We'll see," was all he said, and he left them in the kitchen to go find his granddad.

"I hope he's not," Mateo whispered to Alfonso.

Gualter laughed again and left the two of them to finish the drying and put the dishes away.

"Not what?" Alfonso regarded the youngster.

"In for it."

"Oh no, don't worry. That's just Gualter saying that." Alfonso watched the boy putting away the dishes. He hoped they'd get another chance to do stuff together, maybe when they got home.

Neymar knocked on the door. "Come in," his grandfather called out. He walked in and saw his granddad sitting behind his leather topped desk juggling with a ruler, turning it over. His eyes became glued on that ruler. It was exactly the same as his father had, a metre long, the one his dad had once punished him with. He remembered that day, bent over in front of Alfonso, getting whacked, and how much it hurt. He racked his brain to think of what he could have done to deserve the same from his granddad. Neymar was convinced Gualter was right, maybe he even knew something, he was certain he was about to get a spanking with that metre rule.

"You look worried," his grandfather looked at him. "Sit down," he nodded at the chair in front of his desk. Then he noticed Neymar looking at the ruler he was turning over and he set it aside smiling. "I haven't called you here to spank you if that's what you're thinking. Neymar breathed out and sat down.

"I was trying hard to think if I'd done anything wrong," he told his granddad.

"And have you?"

"No, but Gualter. Well, he said, he bet I'd get a whipping."

"Hmm, actually it's Gualter I want to talk to you about. Gualter and Mateo."

"You mean what happened?"

"More what you think. You don't know what happened, you weren't there. Mateo came to see me this morning."

"I'm not sure what I can tell you."

"Start with Mateo."

"Well, he's a good kid. He tells the truth. He's got courage. After all, grandpa, he admitted to you he broke the vase. He also said that if he deserved to be punished for it, he understood." His grandfather nodded, but didn't interrupt. "He tried his best to keep still and take the spanking you gave him. You know, he respects you, your authority. Maybe he didn't quite say it, but that's what he meant. He meant that if you decided he deserved to be spanked for breaking the vase, then he did."

"Yes, Neymar, I agree with you. Anything to add?"

"Well, he said it was an accident. He never tried to blame it on Gualter. I really don't think he would break something on purpose. He's not like that."

"And Gualter? What do you think about your other cousin?"

"I don't trust him. It isn't that I dislike him. Sometimes I do. Because he seems to enjoy other people's misfortunes."

"What exactly?"

"He liked it when you spanked Mateo. Why would he like that? Either just because he's weird, or... or maybe because if you've punished Mateo, then he's in the clear. I'm not saying he did anything wrong. Except I do believe Mateo. If Mateo was running away from Gualter and locked himself in the bedroom, it wasn't for nothing. So you see, I don't really think Gualter's version of how the vase got broken is true. Sure Mateo broke it, you punished him, but Gualter, what was he doing? Mateo wouldn't have been running around out of control like he said. I don't believe that."

"So you think I was too harsh on Mateo?"

"No grandpa, I can't say that. I respect you too. Maybe, for accidentally breaking the vase, you were pretty tough, but... you believed he was playing around. So I understand that. Anyway, it's over. I bet he never came to see you to tell you he didn't deserve it."

His granddad smiled. "No, you're right again, he didn't. Alright, thank you for being honest and open. Would you go and ask Gualter to come and see me."

Neymar stood up and walked out of the study, closing the door behind him. On the way to find Gualter, he wondered what might happen now.

In the next chapter, pay back time for Gualter...

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