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Educating Mateo

by Talo Segura.

Copyright - Talo Segura
All rights reserved

Chapter Nine - A New Intimacy.

Saying goodbye to Gualter the boys, despite everything, still felt sorry for him. He struggled to sit comfortably in the car and because he didn't want to tell anyone what happened, he made up a story about falling out of a tree. Gualter most definitely didn't want either his father or his sister discovering that the real cause of his discomfort was that he'd been given a sound spanking with the strap. Life would be unbearable if his sister knew and his father might well be angry to know how he had misbehaved, which might lead to further consequences.

Back home with Uncle Salvino was a sort of escape from the possible discipline of their granddad if not entirely total liberty to do just as they liked. It was more relaxed, and Mateo for one, didn't imagine he could do anything to risk a punishment from his uncle. Although having himself been on the receiving end of his granddad's discipline, he decided he would be careful. He'd been told off at home before, and gotten a very occasional smack or tap, but nothing like lying over his grandpa's knees and getting his bare bottom spanked.

Mateo found a new closeness with the brothers, they had it seemed experienced and shared a lot in a few days away. In a sense it was anticlimactic being back home, although he thought he found something different with Alfonso. It was nothing dramatic, more a feeling, he decided he would ask him.

After supper that evening, Neymar was off helping Gilma with something, Uncle Salvino was busy, and Mateo found himself alone in the lounge with Alfonso. An ideal opportunity to find out if anything was up or if something was going on with him. He shuffled up the sofa closer to the older boy. "Alfonso." The other boy looked at him. "Is there anything wrong?"

"No," he smiled as he answered. "Why would you think that?"

"I don't know, just feels..."

"Like there's something in the air," Alfonso finished the sentence.

"Maybe," Mateo snuggled up.

"Yeah, well there is," Alfonso put an arm around the young boy.

"There is?"


"Tell me what."

"I like you," Alfonso looked him in the eyes.

"Yeah, I know that."

"I like you an awful lot," Alfonso rested his other hand on Mateo's hip. "I've been thinking a lot about stuff."

"What stuff?" Mateo wanted to know.

"Well, before we went to granddad's, that one night when you did stuff with me."

Mateo looked up at Alfonso and wiggled against him.

"That was the most fantastic and ever since I've wanted to do it again. But more, I've been fantasising about doing things with you."

"Oh yeah," Mateo was feeling excited. "What sort of things?"

"Don't get mad, okay. Stuff like Neymar does to me."

"Why would I get mad?"

"Cos maybe you don't want too."

"I'd just tell you Alfonso. If I didn't want to I'd tell you. Like I told Gualter, but he never listened."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry about that. I felt so bad when granddad gave you a spanking. You didn't deserve it."

"Maybe, maybe not. I did break the vase."

"Only cos you were running from Gualter."

"I think I'd like you to do stuff to me," Mateo became shy and started to blush. Alfonso giggled and pushed his fist into Mateo, who looked away, but giggled as well.

"Maybe..." Alfonso began.

"Yeah," Mateo looked up into his eyes. "Tonight?" It was a half question, a half suggestion. Alfonso was exploring Mateo's chest with his wandering hand.

"I'd like that... very much," the older boy was getting hard.

"What would you want to do?" Mateo was teasing, but also wondering, if maybe they were thinking the same sort of thing.

"I'm too shy to say," Alfonso told him.

"Would you want to..." The youngster was beginning to get excited. "Maybe..." He moved very close and turned to whisper into Alfonso's ear. "Maybe," he repeated tentatively. "You'd like to..." Then almost so quiet that it might not be heard, "fuck me." Mateo turned away. Alfonso moved across the boy, and very gently brought his lips to touch and kiss Mateo's. The youngster instantly got that tingly feeling.

"I would love that Mateo," Alfonso spoke very softly.

Mateo's little willy was hard now. "You want to know something?" he looked into Alfonso's eyes.

"Yes, what?"

"You've made me hard and giving me funny tingly feelings."

"Me too," Alfonso hugged the boy and kissed him again. This time leaving his lips a little moment before pulling back.

"Am I interrupting?" Neymar had seen the kiss. Both boys sat back like they'd been caught out. "Hey, relax guys. It's only me. Neymar." He smiled broadly. His younger brother and Mateo both looked so cute together. Those little tentative moves, the finding out about each other. He'd done that with Alfonso, now it looked like it was his little brother's turn.

When they were getting ready for bed that night, Neymar decided he would give his younger brother the space he needed. "I think I'll sleep alone tonight," he told Alfonso as he finished brushing his teeth. "You won't mind that will you?"

Alfonso looked up at him with a grin on his face. "You're saying that so me and Mateo can have some fun."

Neymar smiled, "Yeah, of course, why not. But be nice, and gentle, okay?"

His brother moved closer and gently punched Neymar's arm. "You know, you're the best brother?"

"I love you too little bro." Neymar finished up and left the bathroom.

Mateo was already in bed when Alfonso came back and slipped under the covers. Quickly, he snuggled up close to his little cousin, wrapping an arm around him and nuzzling his head into his neck. The younger boy giggled, "That tickles," he whispered.

Alfonso moved to nibble Mateo's earlobe, "And that?" He asked quietly.

"That's nice," Mateo replied.

"You wanna know something?" Alfonso spoke into the younger boy's ear.

"Yeah, what?"

"I'm hard," Alfonso moved his hand down across Mateo's belly.

Those words and the touch of his cousin's hand started those wonderful feelings in Mateo, the sensations he'd come to recognise and love so much. As he relaxed into Alfonso's touch his little willy stuck out and tingled with the same excitement going through his body.

"Are you gonna..."

Alfonso's hand rested around his little cousin's dick before he could finish his question, and Mateo gasped at the touch.

"Yes," Alfonso answered. "I'm going to fuck you."

Mateo felt his heart beating fast, he was charged up, very excited by the thought. He felt the older boy's penis sticking into his bottom and he wiggled backwards. Alfonso kissed Mateo's ear and neck, then applied some spit to his fingers as he withdrew his hand. Moving back a little he sought and found the cleft between his little cousin's buttocks. Gently probing, he slid his fingers along the crack until he was touching the tiny secret entrance. Again Mateo gasped.

Alfonso rotated a finger around the little rosebud, feeling it, applying a little pressure, and finally wriggling his finger inside. He felt the young boy's grip, but pushed gently inwards and moved his finger in and out slowly. Mateo was becoming lost in his emotions, his focus torn between the sensation in his hard dick, the feelings flowing through his body like waves, and the wonderful motion of the finger in his arse.

With a certain expertise learned from his brother, Alfonso withdrew his finger and applied more spit, slicking the head of his now rampant erection. Carefully he positioned his cock where seconds earlier his finger had been. It was difficult not to plunge right in, but he knew to take it slowly. There were no more words now, the only sound was their quickening breathing. Alfonso pushed his hard penis into the young boy and after a little resistance he felt his cock head enter the boy, gripped tightly, he stopped.

Mateo was now completely lost and overcome. He took a deep breath as he felt Alfonso push inside him, and he recovered as his cousin stopped. He managed to adjust to this new thing, something he knew deep inside himself that he wanted, that it was almost something he needed. He could not understand why, just as he could not understand those feelings and desires, but he knew he wanted it.

Alfonso pushed his penis deeper into his cousin's arse, he felt it slid past the tight entrance as he was gripped by that wonderful hot passage. Snuggling into Mateo's back they were spooned together. Planting little kisses and licking his neck, Alfonso moved his hips, slowly pumping his cock into the boy, and finally ploughing his length right inside, his balls touching Mateo's buttocks. Both boys gasped together at that moment.

Oblivious to anything else, neither boy was aware of Neymar watching them. He however was rock hard observing the shapes that twisted, turned, and gyrated underneath the thin sheet. Neymar gripped his cock with his right hand and slid back the foreskin from the head, massaging the copious juices and moving his fist along the raging shaft.

Alfonso slid across Mateo as the young boy turned, laying flat on his stomach. The sheet slipped down across his back as he positioned himself on top of his young cousin. In the darkness he looked down at his cock as he slowly pushed in and out of the boy beneath him. The pressure was building like nothing he had known before.

Mateo wreathed and moved his arse as they found an uncertain rhythm. He too had not known anything quite like this. He too felt a rising energy that he thought would explode inside his body. He trembled and shivered and twitched about.

Neymar's eyes were glued to the two boys on the bed opposite. He watched the sheet slide off his brother's back and he wanked his cock to the same tempo his brother was pumping his little cousin. Watching the vague shapes in the semi-darkness, he listened to the moans and gasps, he was getting close.

Suddenly Mateo was overcome by an energy which he had felt before, which he had felt building, but which surprised him by its intensity. His body shook as if he were going to ejaculate, but that he could not yet achieve. His muscles contracted and his body vibrated.

Alfonso's penis was gripped tight as he exploded with a force that shook his body. He pushed as deep as he could and his balls contracted against his little cousin's arse as he shot his hot semen.

Neymar's cock shot it's load across the room as he saw his brother plunge into little Mateo and heard them both groan and cry.

That was undoubtedly the highlight of a long hot summer. There were of course more adventures, but this moment was something both Mateo and Alfonso would always remember, and perhaps Neymar too. In many ways it marked a turning point in both Mateo's and Alfonso's lives. In different ways, neither boy was any longer a virgin.

This is the end of the summer Mateo spent with his cousins and the end of the first part of this story. In part two we move forward a little and follow Mateo back to school.

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