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English Boyhood




        My mother was fortunate enough to inherit a lot of money from her family, so it was no inconvenience for her to be a single parent to a boy. As soon as I was school age I was sent off to a very reputable school. I came home during the school holidays.

        Mum relied on her stockbroker for a lot more than just investment advice. She trusted him implicitly and sought out his advice for a lot of personal matters. When she introduced me to him she made a point to tell me to obey him in all things. His name was Mr. Stoneham. She must have hoped that he would be the father figure in my life. She thought he was an upright gentleman. I even think she asked him to tutor me on the facts of life or the birds and bees’ as she would have called it. If only she knew just how he was planning on educating me.

        I was impressed by his appearance. He was 50-years old, well dressed. He looked like a typical stockbroker, but sure didn’t behave like proper businessman.

        The first time he drove me home from my boarding school on holiday I was a lad of 12. He started talking about what I thought about school. He told me he had fond memories about getting to know his professors and chums at school. He was asking me things like; had any of my profs had ever talked to me about sex, did they ever touch me on my private parts, did I enjoy wanking, if I enjoyed seeing my mates naked in the shower, and did my mates play any sex games at night. I was too shy to admit to having sexual thoughts, or that I pulled on my Willy 3 or 4 times a day.

        Rather than drive me straight to mum’s country home, he pulled off the main road and pulled his car into a secluded spot where the car was protected from sight by a stand of trees. His big black Rolls Royce was very roomy. He reached over and placed his big warm hand on my bare thigh below my school short pants. I had never had a man touch me like that before. He wrapped his left arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer so that he could kiss me on the mouth, while his right hand ran up the inside of my shorts.

        I can only describe myself as an average boy for my age; light brown hair, hazel eyes, average height and weight for a boy just entering puberty. I had not been circumcised and there were beginnings of a few brown pubic hairs growing above my Willy. When Mr. Stoneham’s hand reached my tidy whities and pressed against my Willy. I had a painful little boner. When I didn’t resist the kiss or his hand rubbing my boner he got bolder. He withdrew his hand. I regretted the removal of his hand. I was thinking he was going to stop playing with me. Instead he fumbled with the fly of my shorts until he had the zipper down and reached in to pull my tidy whities down and under my little tight ball sack. When he had my Willy and balls exposed he used two fingers and thumb to start pulling my foreskin up and down. My little knob was wet. He was telling me what a nice cock I had for a boy my age. I was more than a little impressed that he thought so highly of me.

        When he leaned over and put his head in my lap so that he could suck on me, I almost pissed in his mouth. I sat there dumbfounded. I rested my hand on the back of his graying hair while I moaned my pleasure of what he was doing. He eventually sat up and unfastened his pants and pulled out a nice circumcised cock. He took hold of my hand and had me grasp the shaft. I started pulling the skin up and down just like he had been doing to me. He stopped me after a short while.

        He reached over the seats and pulled out a rolled up car blanket and got out of the car. He came around to the left side of the car and spread the blanket on the damp grass before opening my door and led me to the blanket. He undressed me and laid me on the blanket. It was thrilling to feel the cool breeze on my naked body, while I watched him remove his three-piece suit. I saw that he was well hung the moment he pulled down his boxer shorts. It was obvious that he wanted to fuck me. It must have been all he could do to restrain himself. He didn’t want to spoil his client’s wet dream of being the first to person to give a virgin western boy the sensation of a steel hard brown prick penetrating the young colon.

        When he was as naked as me, he mounted my head like a motorcycle and dangled his cock over my head until I understood that he wanted me to suck his cock. When I opened my mouth, that large knob filled my mouth. He resumed sucking my Willy again. We sucked each other for a long time before I felt his cock swell up and squirt something in my mouth. I thought he had peed in my mouth at first. I almost chocked on it before I knew it was not pee. When I spit the stuff out around his cock I saw that it was white and too thick to be pee. I had never seen a man’s cum before. He had continued sucked my Willy until I had my first dry cum. I was shaken by the feeling. Eventually we got dressed and he took me home. Nothing more was said about that we had done other that he asked me if I was alright. I answered him by kissing him on the mouth. I worshipped the ground he walked on after that. I would do anything to please him.

        One day mum agreed that I needed the company of a man and let me accompany Mr. Stoneham to his London flat for a few days, to see the sights. While I was visiting him we saw all the sights during the day. At night we relished taking off out clothes and playing with each other’s cock and sucking each other. I learned to enjoy the taste of his cum. He even bought me some very tight and sexy girl’s panties that he enjoyed seeing me wear around the flat. He would take a moist finger and tickle my asshole while he sucked me. He never actually stuck the finger in though. He had plans on what to do about my cherry.

        I was completely under Mr. Stoneham’s control there was no doubt that I would do anything he told me. To my mortification one afternoon he invited some friends over. He had cold bloodedly used my innocence to prepare me for his plan to bribe a rich Japanese tycoon. To prepare me he had me parade around in my sexy panties in front of the men. They took great delight in playing with the bulge in the panties and stuffing them between the cheeks of my round bum. I was instructed to kneel between one man’s lags and suck his cock while jacking off the two men sitting on either side of the one I was sucking on.

        Mr. Stoneham must have planned every detail of my seduction before he introduced me to a Japanese businessman Tycoon. The man was looking into investing in a business in the UK. I was used as bait to entice the man into investing with Mr. Stoneham. He had measured my physical development carefully before buying a schoolgirl uniform without my knowledge. I was to be presented to the man like a succulent piece of meat so that the old man could indulge his lifelong fantasy and every fetish he had ever dreamed of.

        I was taken by limousine one evening to a country estate that was very impressive and introduced to a Mr. Segura. He was an elderly Japanese electronics firm mogul. The man was not much taller than me, but he was a very well dressed man. His hair was black and cropped rather short. It was brushed to one side. His face didn’t look like he had any facial hair at all. Mr. Stoneham assured me that he would be around the rest of the evening but I never saw him again until the next morning.

        Mr. Segura was the perfect Japanese businessman. He bowed at the waist when we were introduced. He was very polite to me. We got to see the estate in full before I learned that he had a strong desire to seduce a fresh faced comparatively innocent young English schoolboy like myself. He was taken by my schoolboy shorts. He was very excited to feel my white thighs. His hands slid up them to feel my boner and bum.

        He certainly was going to get his money’s worth. He lay on the floor and had me stand over him so that he could look up the baggy legs of my shorts. He had a very expensive Nikon digital camera that he used to take pictures of my Willy hanging out of the side of my tidy whities while I was standing over him. When he had enough pictures he sat up and stuck his big round face in the leg of my shorts while he sucked on my little dick and mouthed my little ball sack. After sucking me He wanted me to suck him.

        I was taken through a huge gamut of sexual experiences. The man took off his clothes. Under his business suit he and on a white strip of cloth wrapped around his waist and between his legs like a Sumo Wrestler. When he removed that I saw that he had a dark brown cock not much bigger than my own and his black pubic hair was very straight.

                I was on my best behavior because I had been coerced by promises of a huge reward afterwards. I knew that I had been practically been blackmailed by my mentor into doing whatever the man wanted. I sucked his cock like the obedient boy 69I was. He methodically rimmed my bum hole while I was still wearing my white virginal undies by pulling them aside.

        When Mr. Segura brought out the brand new schoolgirl uniform that had been bought specifically for me, I had to put it on. The uniform consisted of very tight little French panties that barely contained my little package, a plaid pleated skirt that barely covered my bum, a white blouse with frilly collar, a gray tie, white knee socks and little Mary-Jane flats. I had no option to change, as ordered into the schoolgirl’s uniform. The rest of the evening I was subjected to the man’s ruthless demands.

        He had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth. He felt me up and pulled on my Willy for a long time before he sucked my Willy. He was thrilled that I was un-cut. He drove me crazy with his tongue under my foreskin. At one point he stood face to face with me so close that we were almost touching. He pulled my cock end to end with his and pulled my foreskin over his own cock. He told me that was called docking, as he wrapped his hand around my foreskin and jacked us both off at the same time. It was so strange to feel him cum inside my foreskin. The shin actually swelled up like a little balloon before his cum squirted all over his straight pubic hair. There was some extensive playing before he was ready to continue using me. He even spanked my bare arese, demanding that I beg him to fuck me like a dirty little whore of a schoolgirl.

        After I pleased with him to fuck me he eventually he positioned me over what looked like a gym exercise padded horse. He stuck the nozzle of a plastic bottle up my bum and squirted something in me. Then he coated the same liquid all over his stiff cock. When he shoved it into my arese it hurt like hell, but there was no place for me to go. I had to endure the pain until he squirted his cum in my arese. I was fucked three more times before I actually started squirted cum all over the leather horse. I could not believe all of the things he did to me. I had swallowed his cum, had him stick three fingers up my ass, and fucked me until my asshole was raw. I had been photographed and videoed from every angle by a servant while he used me. It was even more embarrassing to be aware that another man was watching and recording every nasty detail of my deflowering. I knew that I had lost my virginity at the age of 12. I was sure I could taste his cum the next day.

        Considering the man’s age, his staying power was unbelievable. In the morning he dressed me in my clothes and gave me a garment bag with my schoolgirl uniform in it. Mr. Segura said goodbye by kissing me on my bruised lips and gently fondling my sore sphincter. He even gave my flaccid member and little massage. I still had on those sexy little French panties under my school knickers. They were soaked with his cum and my own.

        When the limo delivered Mr. Stoneham and me back at the flat, I was overwhelmed with warm hugs and kissed. I had to sit on his lap and tell him every detail about what had taken place. He was so excite about seeing my new school uniform, I had to put it on. He felt me up and pulled down my panties before he had me lay over his tea table so that he could fuck my arese too. It was a good thing Mr. Segura had fucked me so much or I would have died when Mr. Stoneham stuck his cock in my arese.

        That was the start on my carrier as a drag queen for older men. I was an adventurous creature and have a built in nature like a fawns feeding in the forest. I was quick to learn that when old men stare at my crotch that the men desired me even if they didn’t have the nerve to proposition me. It was obvious when their elderly fingers brushed gently on my haunches or a quick feel of my bum. Any time they did that I would get a boner.

        We had two masters at school that would grasp my bare thigh to emphasize a point. Until that holiday I had not realized that they in fact wanted to do the same thing Mr. Stoneham had taught me. The next time I had to visit their rooms during office hours for instruction in conjugating Latin verbs and the other master for help with trigonometry I deliberately left my underwear in my room so that when they squeezed my thigh the felt my naked dick. Both of them could not resist kneeling in front of my wooden chair and pulling the baggy leg of the shorts aside so that they could take my Willy into their wet mouths and suck on me. I just loved the control over the two elderly predators after that. The old dears even let me deposit my youthful cum in their old worn bum cracks.

        I induced them into supervising field trips, so that my friends and I could frolic naked in the wooded countryside. Sex was starting to consume me.

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