Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rick Colter. To quickly get to the story, I will say this about myself. I just recently retired from the military after 30 years of service. I am 51 years old and in excellent physical condition thanks to all those miles having to be ran daily. I am married, or should I say, so to speak, married. My wife of 32 years passed away from a brain tumor two years ago. We live in a small town in the deep south and after my retirement, I decided to just get away from it all. My two sons are both in the military, taking after their old man, and it was just me living in that big house feeling sorry for myself as each long day passed.

After conversing with both of my sons, I decided to move to Arizona; a place where anyone can be free and their eyes can behold the beauty of nature for miles and miles. Via the internet and a very kind real estate agent, I found my little chunk of heaven resting alongside the Little Colorado River. With that being said, I sold everything inside my home in the south, bought a 2005 Z71 Avalanche, and then, sold my home.

Now, here's the part I am sure you have already figured out. I have always been somewhat attracted to boys from the age range of 12 on up. This part of my life was deeply hidden from my wife, and the rest of the family for that matter. The only time I had ever acted on my infatuation was when I was visiting Thailand. I somehow hooked up with a 12 year old boy who knew more about sex than I ever thought possible. Other than that time, I resorted to dreaming about boys while pounding the living daylights out of my meat.

Just to fill you in on the rest of me, I am 6'4" and weigh a very solid 265 pounds. By no means am I a weight lifter, but I do take pride in being in excellent physical condition. I have short (go figure - crew cut) brown hair and very dark green eyes. Since my retirement, I grew a shapely goatee that even my two sons say adds character to my rugged look.

Two days prior to the closing, I went ahead and booked reservations at Motel 6's for my 2200 mile journey. I had it all worked out to the very letter, driving at maximum, eight hours on two days. The other days were 6 hour days of driving. I was in no hurry, because the closing of my new house was on the sixth day. Like I mentioned before, I sold everything but the clothes I packed in my three suitcases. I wanted to leave ALL memories behind me, though many were pleasant, but I truly loved my wife and missed her very deeply.

The house I was selling had been paid for, so I was more than ecstatic to have received the check for such amount of money. I didn't consider myself rich, but I figured I was set for life. The selling of the home, my wife's life insurance policy, and all the money we managed to save over the years, I would be debt free, including the purchase of my new home right on the water. To say I was excited would be putting it rather mildly. Once I deposited the check, I looked back into the rearview mirror to the town I had spent my whole life in and headed down the highway to a new life.

I hadn't been driving a good hour yet when I had to pee like a Russian race horse. The sign up ahead said that there was a rest area 2 miles ahead, so I sped up a bit so as not to wet my pants. I didn't hesitate to pull into the nearest spot and literally jogged straight up to the urinal. If you are reading this story, then you know what it feels like to let out a really long piss that is almost as rewarding as an orgasm. After finishing up and washing my hands, I walked outside in the hot summer air, took in a deep breath, and was interrupted;

"Hey mister, where you heading?"

Upon turning around to where the angelic voice came from, I found a young looking boy standing halfway behind the brick wall. Just from a quick glance, I'd have to say he was somewhere between 14 and 16 years old with wavy jet black hair that was nearly touching his shoulders. His eyes were greener than mine, which only highlighted his narrow facial features. I could also see a very faint, but noticeable, little moustache developing just over his upper cherry colored thin lip. I figured he was somewhere around 5'6" and his weight was nearly impossible to guess, since his short sleeve shirt was about three sizes too big, and so was his baggy blue jeans.

I gathered my thoughts, cleared my throat and answered his question,

"I'm heading to Arizona and where might you be going?"

The boy looked down at his feet, then looked up at me with his entrancing eyes and shyly spoke,

"Amarillo...that's where my dad is. I just need some help getting there, that's all!"

I confessed to the young lad my travel plans while standing within inches of his breath taking face and body. He knew that Amarillo was not going to happen until the third day of my journey. After hearing all that I had to say, he just looked up at me, smiled, then softly whispered,

"I don't have any money, but I promise I wont be any trouble, sir."

The both of us loaded up into my Avalanche and headed down the highway. I had so many questions, but it was I who was afraid to ask them. Every now and then, I would sneak a peek in his direction just to admire his stunning beauty. It wasn't until two hours into the trip, this young beauty opened up and spilled his guts. I found out that he had just turned 13 and was living with his mother and his mother's boyfriend. Come to find out, that both the mother and boyfriend were alcoholics and drug addicts. But, the most surprising part of his story was when he began to tell me about the boyfriend. It seems that when the boyfriend got drunk or high, he would come onto him and the young boy mentioned a few times that he had caught the boyfriend sniffing his used underwear and taking peeks at him when he took his showers. Though his story was heart wrenching, my cock found it to be somewhat exciting and got rock hard!

I was just about to speak, when he continued on with his story. It seems that three days ago, while he was asleep, the boyfriend came into his bedroom and was busted pulling his underwear up off of his body so he could see the boy's sleeping cock. The boyfriend got busted by the boy and when he told his mother about everything her boyfriend had been doing, she blamed him instead and tossed him out of the house. With his last words being spoken, the gorgeous young boy ended his story by adding,

"Fuck that bitch and her fat ass perverted boyfriend...I hate em both!"

Tears had began rolling from his eyes and I wanted to stop the vehicle right there on the interstate and hold him tightly into my arms, but thought better of it. I now knew that the young boy had been pretty much homeless for a few days and was probably hungry. When I asked him if he was hungry, he shot me a frown and muttered,

"I'm sorry sir, but I don't have any money."

I took the next exit and pulled into a Denny's. The young boy ate and ate and all I could do was stare in amazement at his breath taking beauty. As his fork finally rested on the empty plate, I held out my right hand and said,

"My name's Rick and for the rest of our trip, you will not go hungry...I promise!"

Following my hand, the young boy took hold, sending waves of electrical currents soaring through my body and said,

"I'm sorry for being rude, I'm Payson, Payson Williams, sir"

We sat there while he questioned me about the wedding band still on my finger, so I told him the whole story, not missing a part, except my infatuations with young boys. After everything was said and done, we headed back down the highway. We were about thirty minutes or so from the first Motel 6 when I quickly remembered that all my stops I had reserved was just a single bed. I quickly told Payson of this fact and he acted like it was no big deal.

We got to the room and walked inside. The room itself was no big deal thanks to Motel 6, but the thing that had just caught my attention was the fact that Payson had no carrying bag at all. All he had were the clothes he was wearing and they really needed a good washing. He smelled, but not that of a really nasty smell. We headed off to Walmart, which was right across the street and I bought him some clothes and some hygiene equipment.

Payson thanked me profusely all the way back to the room. Once inside, he didn't hesitate to take his new underwear (various colored Fruit-of the-Looms) and headed to the bathroom. He stayed in the shower for a long time, but I certainly didn't have any problems with that. My biggest problem was corralling my sexual emotions. My cock stayed rock hard and was all bunched up in my tight jeans. I heard the blow dryer cut on and knew Payson was close to being done in the bathroom. When he entered the main room, he had the towel wrapped across his lower body. I immediately went into the bathroom, but not before I took a glimpse of his hairless chest. His nipples were small, but a very dark pink in color and he was tanned in a golden bronze from his head to his pretty little toes. At a quick glance, I could just make out some few sparse black hairs spattered across his lovely slender shins.

Once inside the shower, I wasted no time in placing a soap covered hand on my 8-1/2" very thick cut cock and pounded my meat until I shot gallons all over the shower wall and tub flooring. Naturally, my thought process was of Payson the entire time I was jacking off. It was when I finished brushing my teeth that I remembered that I had planned on just being nude, so I really hadn't had anything, other than jeans to wear. After the military, I happily tossed my underwear away because I just like the feeling of natural freedom. Not having a choice, I put on my jeans that I had used that day and exited the bathroom. My eyes witnessed, immediately, the imagery of perfection as Payson was laying on one side of the bed, just in his white underwear with his feet flat on the bed and his knees spread widely. All he had to do was point at his crotch and I would have beaten superman to it, but that was far from the case. He shot me a beautiful smile and returned his attention back onto the television.

I lay down to his right and acted like I was watching the television, but in reality, my eyes were detailing EVERY perfect feature that young Payson innocently offered. I could see no hairs leading under the waste band of his underwear and the few hairs on his shins seemed so perfectly placed into place. My eyes locked onto the precious view before me. Payson's cloth covered cock and balls. From the angle in which he was laying, I could noticeably see the tip of his cock head and his balls. I couldn't tell the actual size of anything, or whether he was cut or uncut, but the teasing view made my cock lump up painfully hard inside those damned jeans. The boy had no clue he was silently killing me with his natural beauty and more than willingness at not being shy.

The next morning, upon Payson getting out of bed, I thought I saw his underwear protruding outward, but his right hand sort of blocked it from my view. We ate breakfast and headed down the highway. This day was scheduled to be one of the eight hour days. Sometime of continuous driving, we both agreed it was time to hit a rest area. I walked up to the urinal, but Payson went into one of the stalls. My hopes of at least seeing his young cock vanished, but then again, our journey was still very early and there would hopefully be other chances somewhere down the road. The rest area itself, was kind of out of the way, heavily surrounded by tall thick trees. I was just about to shake my dick free when to my right, an image appeared at the urinal to my right. Naturally, I strained my eyes to see the image, and low and behold, it was a boy somewhere around the age of 15. He had dirty blond hair neatly cut above his ears with passionate brownish colored eyes. He, himself, was a stunning beauty and to make matters somewhat worse, upon looking down at what was in his hand, I literally died. There in his right hand, was a beautifully hard 5 to 6 inch cut cock.

I couldn't help not to stare at that beauty, but the boy was doing what he wanted to do, and that was see me drooling over his young boy cock. I watched will all the enthusiasm in the world as he pointed that beauty straight up and angled it directly at me, then whispered,

"Let's go into the last stall and you can suck my dick!"

Without me uttering a word, I found myself following this beauty into the stall. Once inside, he turned and latched the lock and in one easy refined stroke, pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. I dropped to my knees and placed both hands on the boy's slender, but smooth butt cheeks and crammed that boy meat all the way until my nose struck his bushy black covered pubic hair. The mixture of sweat and soap rushed up heavily into my inhaling nostrils while my large hands groped his small butt. His balls hung somewhat low and was covered in tiny black hairs as they struck my chin with each thrusting motion he made. Like in a dream, this boy was using his cock to fuck my mouth, and in my dream, I was yearning for more!

My fingers nudged their way into his crack, and it was very moist, probably from sweating. Using the tips of my fingers, I circled his anus with very tender and loving strokes, feeling the little damp hairs which surrounded it. The boy grabbed the side of my head and began literally pounding my mouth with his delicious cock. A slight grunt and his cock expanded and soon my mouth felt the hot thick pellets of his young sperm strike the roof of my mouth. Wave after wave of hot boy cream shot into my mouth and the young boy never missed a beat thrusting his erupting cock heavily into my mouth. With just a trickle of sperm remaining, the boy yanked his cock from my mouth and squeezed the shaft upwards causing my wonder cream to ooze out. Pointing his cock at my mouth, I instinctively reached out with my tongue to retrieve his tasty offering.

When there was no more sperm left, the boy quickly pulled up his pants and underwear, smiled, and whispered,

"Thanks dude, I really needed that!"

He unhooked the latch and walked away with me following him out of the restroom area. I watched with all intent as he climbed into a motor home where I imagined his parents patiently awaited. They drove off and I got into my vehicle where Payson was already seated and buckled up. While on the road, I still could taste the boy's sweet cream filtering around inside my mouth. It was kind of salty, but I really didn't care, because I still couldn't believe that it had really happened.

We got to our next stop and checked in. Payson wanted to go swimming and thanks to it being kind of late and we both were kind of tired, I agreed. I dug out my swimming trunks while Payson was in the bathroom. I put my trunks on since he was taking so long and when he came out, I almost stepped on my perverted tongue. Payson was wearing his white underwear which already clung to his perfect body as if he had been born in them. I figured if nothing else, at least once his underwear got wet, I would be able to see his prized beauty after all.

The water was soothing and we played around for at least an hour or so. I did manage, since we were kind of horsing around, to feel his tight little butt a time or two, but thanks to the pool being dimly lit, I couldn't really see a whole lot. Payson led the way back to the room with the towel draped across his shoulders, leaving me with the utmost pleasant view of his butt and witnessing his little crack line. Plainly speaking, Payson's little butt cheeks look like they each has two perfect sized miniature basketballs implanted in each solid cheek. I almost became sea sick watching those two muscular little globes arch up and down with his every step!

As we entered the room, Payson sort of locked me into a bear hug from behind. Knowing he was in a very playful mood, I played along. Somehow, during our brief friendly struggle, I wound up on my back, with Payson's butt squashing my face. He was facing my feet doing his very best to tickle my sides while I was perversely doing my best to capture the sweet smelling fragrance, mixed with chlorine, radiating from his little butt. Thanks to his underwear still being slightly wet, I could just barely see the image of his little anus. Through our divine struggle, Payson managed to use his slender, virtually hairless legs, to put me in a head lock. My nose was trapped just under his cloth covered balls and I could feel each one rolling as he tossed and squeezed. They were actually rather small but the view of his wet outlining cock was well worth everything. From what I could see, his cock was definitely soft and very slender. It seemed that the shaft was just an inch or two long, but the crown of his cock head was the main object being outlined for perfect observation.

Just as face as it all started, it ended with Payson scampering off to the bathroom. It was then, being in the room still on my back on the bed, that I realized my cock made a very formidable and rather revealing bulge. It was then that I realized that there would have been no way Payson could not have seen my rock hard cock pressing outward against my trunks. I wanted to pull my cock out and jack-off right there, but thought better of it. Payson took his shower, then I took mine. While I was in the shower, Payson knocked on the door, and from the sound of his angelic soft voice, stood at the doorway and reminded me about the dirty clothes needing to be washed. The cock in my hand was just about to unleash the mother load when he politely interrupted me. After showering, I gathered up our dirty clothes and headed out to the laundry facility of the motel.

I was in the dimly lit laundry room placing the quarters in the machine to get the washing liquids when I discovered I wasn't alone in the small room. Turning my head to the left, I saw a slender frame sort of kneeling in the corner. Being somewhat startled, I cleared my throat and asked,

"Do you need some help?"

My question wasn't answered, but the voice in the corner whispered,

"I saw you feeling up that little boy in the pool! I saw you sniff his wet ass too!"

It was true, every single word the voice spoke! I was literally speechless and unable to move. Even if I could have spoke, I had no clue as to what to say after being busted red handed. The voice spoke again,

"You can't deny it mister...I saw you do it with both eyes!"

The crouching frame stood up and I could barely tell that whoever he was, he stood about 5'10". The frame took a few short steps into my direction and the closer he got the easier I could tell he was on the slightly skinny side. I could also detect that he was just wearing a dark colored tight Speedo's and nothing else. Then, the frame walked right up to me, nearly standing within inches of my quivering eyes. It was a boy of all of 15 or 16 with curly red hair and a chest that was absolutely free of any hair life whatsoever. Thanks to light in the laundry room and the dark color of his Speedo's, I was unable to see anything remotely close to a bulge. Finding my nerve, I managed to speak,

"It's true! Everything you saw, I am guilty of. So, with that being said, what's next?"

I was standing there wearing only my tight jeans when the boy's hand reached out and latched onto my growing cock. His free hand began caressing the light downing of chest hairs when out of nowhere, I felt the boy's lips and teeth clamp down on my right nipple. His actions were so quick, I fell backwards and thanks to the washing machine, I didn't fall to the ground. The grip on my cock became tighter and tighter as the boy felt up and down the shaft which was angling down the right side of my pants. The only thought that popped into my mind, my voice uttered out loud,

"We can't do anything in here...we'll get busted for sure!"

The boy took one of his fingers and placed it over my lips, then whispered,

"It's okay, my parents own this shit house! Now, you're going to do everything I tell you to...Got it!"
I didn't say a word, just stood there on trembling legs while the boy's soft hands caressed my cock and chest into a soon to be sexual frenzy. He was very slender and had a slender face to match with freckles darting across the bridge of his little button nose. His hair smelled of fresh shampoo and as my fingers hovered over the flesh of his back and sides, only a silky feeling comes to mind as to describe his soft vibrating flesh. I did manage to drop my hands to his butt and quickly discovered that the boy had a rather bubbly, soft, mixed with firmness butt cheeks. My fingers kneaded into the fabric, churning their way into his little crack. For the very first time in my life, I found myself lost in a deep dark passionate tongue swapping kiss with another male. His soft moans echoed down my throat, sending chills racing up and down my spine. With our lips locked over one another, his hands skillfully unzipped my pants and began lowering them off my hips. His soft hand dug into the open fly area and scooped up my heavy balls in one very smooth and comforting motion. I thought I was going to bust a nut right then and there.

One hand was fondling my cum filled balls, while the other began torturously stroking my harder than a brick boner. The longer we kissed, the harder he shoved his rather long tongue deep into my mouth and I am quite positive, I was returning the favor. His breath smelled fresh of mint toothpaste and the aroma spewing from his body was that of fresh soap. I tried to feel his cock, but the boy had his body tightly pressed against mine that it was near impossible to manage. I did manage to pull his shorts over his butt cheeks and began using my right index finger to explore his anus. Only a few wispy hairs could be felt and his crack and butt hole was completely dry. Every time my finger struck his little hole, the boy arched up onto his toes and groaned heavily into my mouth.

The seal on our lips broke and the boy dropped to his knees in a flash and began using his tongue to circle all around my giant cock head, getting a mouthful of man pre cum all at the same time. The fire firing out of his nostrils cooked the top portion of my shaft as his little mouth enclosed over the thick head. His right hand held onto the base of my cock while his left hand lightly twisted and tugged on my heavy low hanging balls. The boy tried several times to take all of my thick cock down his throat, but each time he found himself gagging. Twice, I nearly shot my load, but the boy knew exactly what he was doing and stopped just before I thought I was going to unleash the load from hell.

He pulled his hot mouth off of my cock, stood up, and walked backwards while yanking down his trunks. I watched him as he stepped out of his Speedo's, backed up to one of the dryers, placed his left foot on top of one of the other dryers, leaned back onto his elbows and said,

"Suck my dick!"

As I walked towards him, I had to ask,

"How old are you?"

The boy replied, "I'm old enough to know what I want and how I want it....So, suck my fucking cock!"

And what a cock it was. Nearly a good seven inches in length and it did have some thickness to it as well. His rock hard boy meat stood out from of his body in an upward angle, then kind of hooked to the left somewhere in the middle. The closer I got, the better I could see. His balls were low hangers and about a medium size covered with brilliant red hair, and so was his perfectly trimmed pubic hairs. Lowering my open mouth to his beautiful cock, I discovered that this boy had an uncut cock with a good inch or two of foreskin dangling downwards. I haven't sucked that many cock's, but the few I had the pleasure of, were all cut just like me.

My tongue slipped into the closed opening of his foreskin and immediately my tongue was electrified with the taste of soap, piss, and tons of pre cum. This was a taste unknown to me, but I soon found myself swarming all over his delicious uncut beauty of boy pride. My mouth had a mind of its own as it greedily slurped up and down on his tasty cock. Just as he did to me, I returned the favor of twisting and pulling on his red hair covered balls. His fingers dug into the sides of my face as he constantly whispered,

"Yeah, that's it...Suck my fucking cock...Shit...Oh hell yeah! Fucking A dude, suck that mother fucker like you mean it!"

I don't know how long I was sucking on his beauty, but he stopped me several times and had me suck and lick his balls. Without a question, this boy was in total control and had no problem telling me what to do and when to do it. I had just finished sucking on his balls when he rolled completely on his back, hooking his toes on the underside of the dryers control panel. His knees were literally behind his head, touching the top of the dryer as he ordered,

"Eat my asshole! I want to feel your tongue inside my ass! Oh fuck, eat my ASS!"

I had done some sick things in my life, but eating someone's shit hole was certainly not one of them. I was standing right there, looking down at his unbelievably small asshole. I know that often times we refer to this thing as the little brown eye, but this boy's little hole was in no way, shape, fashion, or form to be considered brown. More like a creamy pink color was more like it. To make matters even worse, the boy put his fingers on the inside of his little crack and spread his cheeks even wider than they already were. Now, I could see a bright pink interior as his once tightly sealed pucker hole, slightly opened. I was still standing there pondering the sick thought of actually putting my tongue into his shit hole when he barked,

"Don't just stand there looking at it...EAT that mother fucker NOW!"

I felt as if I were going to throw up as I lowered my face to his spread ass cheeks, getting ever so close to his exposed asshole. I held my breath and stuck out my tongue and touched the most private of parts a human being has. The boy began squirming, forcing my tongue to slither all around his anal orifice. Unable to hold my breath any longer, I was forced to breathe. The aroma I figured that would blister my nostrils was not anything that I could have ever possibly imagined. The boy was definitely clean! Even his asshole smelled of nothing but some type of fragrant soap. While my mind was lost in trying to figure out the aroma, my tongue went into overtime and began dining on his asshole as if I were eating at a five star restaurant. He was cooing and grunting and I was more like an animal, lost in a sexual frenzy.

The sides of my cheeks rested on top of his knuckles separating his sweet cheeks while his fingers dug deeper, spreading his tasty little asshole wider, enabling my probing tongue to dive into its fiery hot chamber. The boy was biting his lips, but managed to squeal out,

"Yeah, fuck yes! Eat my asshole! Get it good and wet! Deeper, oh hell yes, deeperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

My tongue dove to its depth and began digging, drilling, and diving, forcing the boy to groan louder than before. My first taste of ass, and by the way I was munching and slurping, it would definitely not be the last! I was hooked and as far as I could see, eating a super clean asshole was far better than tongue fucking some fish smelling pussy! The boy was using his body to literally fuck his tight asshole onto my convulsing tongue. With my tongue lodged deep into his muscle clamping ass, the boy quickly rolled onto his knees and began gyrating his asshole onto my tongue, now in the doggie style position. His left knee was on top of a dryer and his right knee was spread wide, resting on top of another dryer. The boy bellowed,

"Get my ass good and wet! Hurry, use your spit to slick it up!"

Every time I got a mouthful of spit, I smeared it all around his little orifice and slipped the remainder up his chute with the aide of my ass craving tongue. I had been slurping on his tasty treat for some time when he slid off of the dryers, turned around, fell to his knees, and began sucking my raging throbbing cock. My hands fell to the sides of his smooth hairless face as I watched him scoop up his dripping saliva from my cock and reach under him and begin slicking up his asshole with his spit. He would bob up and down a few times, then spit on my cock and use his left hand to lovingly spread his slick spit all over my cock. After about two minutes of this, the boy jumped up, turned around, backed up and leaned forward, holding onto the edge of a dryer. He spread his legs out wide, turned his precious face to the side and ordered,

"Don't just fucking stand there, give me that cock! Just shove that thick fucking piece of meat straight up my ass...NOW!"

I took hold of the base of my cock with my right hand and stepped directly in behind him. Shivers ran up and down my spine as soon as the tip of my cock touched his slick little asshole. After about the fifth or sixth attempt, my thick cock head penetrated his tight hole. I immediately tossed my head back as the fiery heat scorched my cock head and the boy's anal muscles clamped down, literally taking my breath away. I guess somewhere in my mind, I was trying to be careful, cause the boy was the one who shoved his little ass all the way down on my thick man meat in one stealth move. All I could do was latch onto his slender hips and enjoy the ride. The boy used his ass to manipulate my cock with his own thrusting motions. The boy groaned,

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me mother fucker...HARD! Fuck my ass, NOW!"

I somehow managed to time his thrusting and using his slender hips, began forcing my cock deep into his bowels with powerful flesh smashing thrusts. My balls ached from slamming into his swinging balls with each and every pile driving thrust. Never had I felt such a tight hole before, and it was thanks to this boy's asshole that I was fighting between fucking the daylights out of him and breathing. With each upwards delivery, I could hear the air being forced forcefully out of his obvious wide open mouth. He was slinging his head to and fro while clamping his fists, and biting his knuckles. It was I who was struggling not to cum just yet, but never had I kept this sort of pace up for as long as I already had. I was lost in time and frozen in place as I felt my cum boil to the point of no return. I can't remember if I said anything or not, but I do remember doing everything humanly possible to fire each sperm torpedo as far up his anal canal as possible. With each spurt of thick sperm balls, I tried to force more of my cock up his ass. My mind was seeing stars as I pounded my sperm shooting cock in and out of his muscle gripping boy hole. Gallons upon gallons of built up man cream filled the boy's ass as my thrusting cock began to slowly deflate. With one hell of a dead limp cock caught in his asshole, the boy released his anal grip and my choking cock was released. My legs were weak and I stood trembling as the boy fought to stand up, facing me. He looked down at his raging erection, pointed, then pantingly said,

"You got to finish me...I need to cum real bad!"

For the first time since this all started, the boy seemed not so in control as I looked into his pleading eyes. But, with a prized boy cock standing straight at attention, my eyes was forced to relinquish looking into his eyes, and stare at his beauty aiming right at me. I picked him up and gently sat him in between two dryers which had about an eight inch gap between them. I leaned down and began using my tongue to slide inside his foreskin and scoop out all of his mouth watering delicious pre cum while taking two fingers on my right hand and inserted both up his sperm filled asshole. My cum was oozing out of his hole as my fingers darted all the way up his juicy canal. My left hand gently squeezed, rolled, and pulled on his heavy cum filled balls while my mouth and tongue performed luxurious pleasures on his rock hard cock. Adding a third finger up his ass mixed with my mouth bobbing up and down on his silky smooth shaft, the boy grabbed my head, held it, and I felt his cock expand then thick hot sperm missiles powerfully exploded inside my mouth. Globs upon thick creamy globs erupted into my mouth and he was grunting, almost whining, as his continuous orgasm shattered his entire body. His boy juice had just a hint of salt flavoring and the more I swallowed, the more I craved. The boy's cum shooting cock continued to fire sperm treats for some time before slowly winding down to just a tasty trickle. My three fingers pounded in and out of his asshole the entire time and just when I thought he was done, he tensed up, cried out, and his cock shot a few more tasty treats into my mouth. I felt his cock start to deflate and he was now innocently whimpering as my fingers thrashed heavily inside his ass. Using his hands, the boy forced my cock sucking mouth off of his flaccid beauty of an uncut delicious cock. He leaned to his right and I pulled my fingers from his ass. He caught my hand as I was bringing it down to my side and held it firmly with both hands, looked up at me with his entrancing eyes, opened his mouth and began sucking my cum off of my fingers.

Once he cleaned my fingers completely, he hopped down and began getting his shorts back on. I pulled my pants up just as he turned to face me and softly said,

"That was totally fucking awesome! You fucked me really good! Don't worry about your laundry, I'll have housekeeping clean them for you and send them to your room first thing in the morning."

I shook his hand and while still holding his hand, I politely asked,

"Thank you, but will you allow me the honor of knowing your name and your age?"

He smiled a heart warming smiled, licked his lips, then replied,

"Travis and I'll be 16 in a couple of weeks."

Before I could say anything else, our handshake broke and he grabbed my laundry and shot out of the door. The walk across the parking lot back to my room was very difficult thanks to my legs feeling more like rubber bands. Between my legs shaking so bad, his deliciously flavored cum still echoing in my taste buds, and the fact that I just fucked a 15 year old boy, was ALL too much for me to digest, and like a dumb struck fool, I walked straight into an innocently parked truck. The force of my upper thigh striking the tall protruding bumper knocked me off balance, and forward, causing my head to plow right into the side of another innocently parked vehicle. Fear and shame, mostly shame, caused me to limp rather quickly up to my room hoping beyond all hopes that nobody witnessed my stupid antics.

Entering the room, there was Payson, laying on the bed just in his light blue tight underwear, spread eagled as always. Upon seeing the very noticeable lump on my head and the obvious limp, he quickly hopped off the bed and ran to me. After a million or so (what happened type) questions, I limped to the bed and fell flat on my back. Payson quickly got a washcloth with some ice and jumped up onto the bed, squatted on his heels and placed the cold cloth to my head. The next thing I knew, Payson began pulling off my shoes. The pain from my right thigh, head, and the added pleasure of being absolutely exhausted from my episode with Travis, I thought I was going to just fall asleep. Like in one of my dreams, more specific with Payson, I felt his little slender fingers unfasten the top button of my jeans, then felt the zipper being tugged downwards. I know I asked him something like what are you doing, but I don't recall Payson offering any response. The next thing I know, Payson is tugging on my jeans and me lifting my butt off of the mattress, then my pants are being carefully removed, one leg at a time. Now, here I am, flat on my back, and naked as the day I was born while Payson, my ultimate dream lover, stood over me witnessing my total nudity. Payson walked inside the bathroom and I felt a cold towel being gingerly placed on top of my aching thigh. The pain in my thigh was nothing to the feeling of my right leg feeling Payson sitting on it. I could feel his little solid shapely ass clutch my leg with his every movement. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my 4" flaccid cum streaked cock draped across my body, dangling to my right, only a few inches of where his hands held the towel onto my thigh.

I couldn't tell if Payson was looking down at my thigh or was studying every intricate detail of my soft cock. I was hoping for the latter of the two! He was still looking down when he softly whispered,

"Do you feel any better?"

I kind of muttered something like yes, but then he spoke again,

"Rick, I know you're a man and all and I'm just a kid, but um, um, you got uh, huge balls! And, you're dick, it's sort of, I mean it's uh, soft and all, but it's kind of uh, um, fat...not saying you're fat, just your dick!"

I was doing my utmost best not to get an erection and thanks to Travis and our escapade, hopefully there wouldn't be any signs of my cock regaining its rock hard form. I let out a slight chuckle at his comments, then replied,

"Payson, don't worry about it. I'll take your kind words as compliments and offer you my thanks. Besides, the day will come when you meet someone and their going to make your mind spin with all sorts of wild and erotic pleasures. Then, you'll know that there is a lot more you can do with your dick than just pee from it. That day will come, just be patient."

He looked into my eyes and my heart melted right on the spot. With the slightest of grins, Payson asked,

"You mean like sex stuff cause I already know about jacking off?"

My reply was simple, "Yes Payson, sex stuff!"

We spoke in general conversation for a short time until Payson's electrifying little hands began caressing my upper thigh. Not only was his hands doing the trick, but I could feel his little balls roll around under his shorts on my lower thigh. The more he moved and touched my flesh, the more aroused my cock became. I was kind of hoping that now was the time to just let things take a natural course, so I just lay still and let Payson touch me wherever he so desired. His entrancing eyes were no longer holding mine into his power as he was looking, at what I honestly thought, my growing cock. My breathing became more erratic as his fingers kneaded into my thigh's flesh, within a few mere inches of my fairly large balls. What seemed like hours, but only a few long seconds, my cock regained its rock solid life form and was sort of pointing towards my face, giving young Payson a perfect view of my thick cock. He didn't react in any way whatsoever, but continued with his torturous exploration of my upper thigh. It actually felt that Payson was using his little butt to gyrate on my leg while his hands cautiously traveled upwards until I now felt the back of his right hand touching the edge of my right nut. Only my breathing interrupted the quietness of the room, other than my breathing, you could have heard a pen drop on the floor.

Not taking the time to look up, Payson softly spoke,

"Rick, can I ask you something?"

Licking my lips for moisture, I nervously replied,

"Feel free to ask me anything...If I know the answer, I will tell you, if not, then I will let you know."

"This may sound a bit stupid, but why would my mom's asshole of a boyfriend sniff my used underwear?"

I had to take a brief pause to gather my thoughts, then cleared my throat and replied,

"Well Payson, it's like this, or at least this is the way I figure it to be. You are utterly gorgeous, from head to toe, and I guess the guy was just trying to figure out on his own some answers to some questions he was probably too afraid to ask you to your face. It's kind of like this...you see yourself naked all the time and to you, it's no big deal, but for others to see you in your total beauty would be the same as peering into the windows of heaven. You may not think so, but Payson, you are incredibly gorgeous, and just by your innocence of natural beauty, people can do some pretty strange things that they normally would never do. Take for instance, your mom's boyfriend smelling your worn underwear...maybe he was trying to tell his warped brain that you are just like everyone else, by that, I mean taking a shit...or, he was curious as to what your natural odor may be like. I honestly don't know the answer, but I can promise you one thing...there are a hell of a lot more people out there who would love to do more to you than just sniff your underwear, and I mean everything as in pleasure!"

Payson didn't say a word and just kept up his kneading into my flesh with the back of his hand increasing its pleasurable touches against my twitching right nut. My cock began dancing, more like twitching rapidly with his every soft touch. Though I couldn't actually see his eyes, I knew Payson was looking directly at my man meat jutting up into the air. The thought that had been coursing through my mind found its way to my mouth,

"Payson, have you ever had a blow-job?"

Not missing a beat, Payson shot back,

"Not really, but I think the asshole licked it because when I woke up, he ran out of the room, but my dick was kind of wet and hard."

I was a bit jealous, cause the guy not only got to taste this young boy's beauty, but he got to see it standing in all its prize and glory. I wanted so badly to ask him if I could suck his dick, but I didn't want to push him into doing anything he didn't want to do. My eyelids were extremely heavy and somewhere along all of his touches, like a damned fool, I fell fast asleep. It was around four in the morning when my eyes opened and studied the somewhat dark room. Upon looking to my left, I could see Payson laying next to me on his left side. He must have gotten a bit hot during the night because he had kicked the covers off of him. Even in his peaceful sleep, the boy was stunningly gorgeous. With all the devilish and perverted thoughts running through my head, I slowly began inching my body towards the foot of the bed. The taste of Travis's hot tight ass returned to my tongue and all my taste buds as I neared the position where my head was within a few short inches of Payson's perfectly shaped, cloth covered, jutting ass. Placing my nostrils almost into his spread crack, I inhaled heavily. I had no clue what I was thinking, but the freshness of his natural innocense rushed through my lungs, igniting the power of the hidden beast within me.

With having no clue as to what I was hoping to accomplish, I remained in the same position, sniffing like crazy, the sleeping boy's butt. Somewhere in time, my real thoughts of what I was doing popped into my head. Frustrated and horny beyond all beliefs, I went and took a shower, and yes, I jacked-off while thinking of Payson and relishing his wonderful sweet smelling aroma. I slipped on some clothes, checked on Payson who hadn't moved at all, covered him up and slowly opened the door. I decided I would just walk across the street and get some coffee.

I was casually walking across the Motel's parking lot, when out of nowhere, a familiar voice rang out,

"Couldn't sleep?"

I turned and standing there near the front office was Travis. Travis wasn't alone. Standing next to him was a younger boy who looked to be close to 13 or 14. The younger boy was much shorter than Travis, but he was just as slender as Travis was as well. As I walked closer, I could see the younger boy had blond hair that was cut on the top of a crew cut, but the rest of his hair was evenly combed backwards and down the middle, just falling short of his shoulders. Just as I got in front of both of them, I could see the boy had dazzling blue eyes and lips made of pure cherry. I shook their hands and Travis introduced the younger boy as Brian. His soft little hands melted mine as they touched, causing my cock to spring into its rock hard form once again. Travis looked down at Brian, pointed at me, then said with a chuckle,

"This dude's got one thick fucking cock! This is the guy I told you about who fucked the shit out of me! I'd like a repeat, but my asshole is still hurting from that fucking you put on me!"

I was floored by his abrupt comments and just stood there in total disbelief. Brian was looking straight at me with the most devilish of grins dashing across his pretty little face. Travis was acting as if it were no big deal. I tried to mutter something, but no words had the strength to evade my lungs. It was Travis who broke my silence by saying,

"When you go to the store, how about getting us some beer. Here's twenty dollars to get it!" (He handed me the money)

Instinctively I replied,

"Come on guys, neither of you are old enough to be drinking beer!"

Travis smiled, then shot back,

"According to the laws, I'm not old enough for a man's cock to be fucking me up the ass either, but that didn't stop us, now did it? Look dude, fuck the laws! It's not like we are trying to set you up or something. I like to get fucked and Brian here, well, he likes for a man to suck him off. Get us the beer and I am willing to bet you that Brian here will have no problem dropping his shorts so you can suck his dick. So, what do you say?"

The thought of sucking Brian's young cock was intriguing by the second. He just stood next to Travis, keeping that little devilish grin on his pretty face the entire time. Just as I was about to reply, Brian interjected,

"It's just beer! If you get the beer, I got no problem letting you suck my dick, that is, if you want to!"

My mind was still lost in thought, but my feet when into automatic mode and I found myself walking towards the store. I quickly picked up the beer, purchased it, and almost ran back to the motel where both, Travis and Brian, awaited my return. Travis took the bag containing the beer, turned and walked towards the end of the motel, followed by Brian, then me. I was looking at Brian's little butt cheeks dance with joy upon his every angelic little step. We wound up at the very far end of the motel and Travis took out a room key and opened the door. The room was rather large for a Motel 6 and he told me that his parents had this room built for relatives who stopped in, as well as special guests. There were two king sized beds as well as a Jacuzzi, and a full sized kitchen area as well. Travis put the beers into the refrigerator after taking one for himself and handing one to Brian. Both sat on each bed and began guzzling the beer as if they had been drinking for years. Travis wiped his mouth with his forearm, looked at me, then somewhat ordered,

"Thanks for the beer and a deal is a deal! Take off your clothes so you can suck Brian's dick in comfort! Brian, you need to get naked too so this guy can suck your dick! Let's do it, we're wasting time!"

I didn't need to be told a second time and quickly shucked my clothes off. As soon as my rock hard man meat flopped out into the open, Brian looked at me, pointed at my cock, then gleefully said,

"Damn Travis, I can see why your asshole is hurting! That dick is thick!"

Travis forced out a chuckle as I began walking to the foot of the bed where Brian was standing. Brian was pulling off his socks as I approached. Once his socks left his small feet, he turned and walked to the inside of the bed and pulled off his t-shirt, then hooked his pants and slid them off his slender little body. Standing straight up, he couldn't have been no more than 5'3" and weighed 100 pounds, if that. His little nipples were already erect and my eyes scanned his entire body rather quickly and found no life form of any body hair anywhere. Just as he was about to pull his little tight underwear down, I had to ask,

"Brian, how old are you?"

Travis answered for him, "Old enough to know he likes his dick to be sucked!"

Brian sort of shot him a mean look, then looked up at me, smiled a heart warming smile, then softly said,

"11, just turned it! Just in case you're wondering, yes, I can shoot sperm, and plenty of it!"

I was glued to his crotch as Brian just stood there with both thumbs hooked under the band as Travis spoke,

"Dude, I wouldn't do anything too kinky, like eat his ass, cause I don't think he is all that clean, if you know what I mean!"

Brian quickly announced,

"I took a bath last night...remember...that's right, you wouldn't know cause you were too busy having his thick dick up your ass!"

After that statement, Brian slid his underwear all the way down and stepped out of them. Like an angel taking a break to nap, Brian climbed up on the bed, placed his head on the pillow, folding his arms behind his head, and immediately spread his legs wide open, leaving both knees arched high into the air. I was entranced at his rock hard 4 inch slender cut cock and two balls literally glued to the base of his slender young meat. Not even a sign of peach fuzz was on his pubic area and the little line of his crack tore into my eyes like a hot poker iron. His young hard meat pointed towards his little outward belly button and I could see that small slender beauty twitch with his every breath. I stepped up onto the bed, one knee at a time, and quickly crawled to the point that my face was within inches between his spread hairless legs. The aroma attacking my nostrils was a mixture of sweat, soap, and pure BOY! I stuck out my tongue and began bathing his two small nuggets, forcing Brian to groan out rather loudly in pleasure. With each loving lick, Brian humped his little butt off the bed while moaning a long angelic chorus that sank heavily deep into my ears. With his ass being lifted off the bed so high, I managed to taste the area just under his balls that led to his ass. The mixture was mind boggling and took a strong hold over my mind, forcing the animal within me to be unleashed.

I sealed my lips just over the crown of his cock head, which was the same size as the shaft, and began using my tongue to swim across his tiny piss slit. This caused Brian to cry out and hump his little ass faster and higher into the air. Now, he was biting down on his left forearm while letting out constant grunts. Travis was sitting on the other bed making constant comments, like, suck his cock, scream like a little bitch, etc..., but, neither Brian nor I paid a whole lot of attention as to what all he was saying. Tasting more of his young cock, I moved my mouth down to the base of his shaft, shoving my inhaling nose deep into his hairless pubic area. Brian's right hand grabbed the back of my head as his ass began humping like crazy, fucking his tasty cock harder and harder into my mouth. My eyes caught Brian as he stopped biting his left forearm and was now pulling and pinching his left nipple. Taking this as a hint, I reached up with my left hand and began pulling, twisting, and pinching his right nipple. Brian screamed,

"Shit, that's it, YESSSSSSSSS, Oh God yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Travis sort lo blurted in,

"Brian, don't you cum just yet...Hold on so you can give this guy a good mouthful!"

Brian must have been real close and heard Travis as well, cause he forced my mouth off of his cock, leaving my mouth to quickly suck in his little boy balls. His little nuggets were trapped inside my mouth and my tongue began rolling and swarming all over the two small beauties. He stopped pinching his nipple, so I reached up with my right hand and began doing the same as I was still doing with his left nipple. Brian was now whimpering and his bucking motion slowed to a slow crawl. The little devil took his cock and pushed it against my nose and began rolling it across my face, and occasionally, Brian used his rock hard cock to slap my face.

I rotated from sucking Brian's tasty cock to sucking on his balls for quite some time. After about an hour of switching from sucking his cock to tongue bathing his beauty, something inside of me snapped, forcing me to shove his little hairless legs high over his head, forcing his knees to extend way beyond his head, impaling them into the soft mattress. (Somewhere during this time, Travis had removed all of his clothes and was laying on the bed, watching us, and slowly stroking his uncut beauty) I was now looking eye to eye at Brian's tiny, rose colored asshole. The longer I looked at it, the more it seemingly began winking at me. As I was lowering my head, Travis blurted out,

"I wouldn't do that cause it probably smells like shit!"

My nose found itself flush up against Brain's little butt hole, inhaling the pungent aroma spewing from the sealed circle. To be totally honest, Travis was not too far from being wrong. The odor of feces was faint, but present, none the less. My perverted mind was too far gone at this point to really care. I just loved to here Brian's moans and groans! My tongue quickly replaced my nose and began swirling all around that little speck called a butt hole. Brian cried out as my tongue bathed his asshole and he was doing his best to wiggle his little butt as my tongue slithered and probed every inch of his tasty orifice. Within seconds, I was quickly overwhelmed with eating out his asshole, while completely absorbed in listening to his moans, groans, and whimpers.

Somewhere in time, the actual reality of dining on his tasty asshole set in when I cringed in my own pain as I felt two fingers digging their way inside my own jutting asshole. Travis was kneeling behind me, using two of his long slender fingers to fuck my cherry asshole. My grunts were much louder than Brian's as the fiery burning sensation shattered throughout my entire body. To make matters even worse, Travis began using his free hand to slap the cheeks of my ass, sending the loud smacks bouncing off the room's walls. I heard, then felt Travis spit, and more pain crashed into my ass as his third finger painfully joined the other two fingers up my anal canal. Though my body ached with sharp pain, I never once let up on tongue fucking Brian's somewhat unclean asshole. Behind me, I heard Travis grunt and felt globs of his hot boy cream strike my ass crack with powerful force.

By this time, I was now taking turns eating Brian's asshole, bathing his balls, and sucking his young boy cock while Travis continued his finger fucking anal assault on my ass. My tongue was now deep onto Brain's fiery hot anal canal when Travis spoke,

"Yeah, eat that boy's shitty asshole, eat it good! Oh yeah, you made my asshole sore, now it's my turn to return to the favor! Since I just busted a nut, I'm gonna be able to fuck your ass real good!"

My tongue was buried deep into Brian's anal canal and the words Travis spoke was just sinking in when I felt his fingers quickly evade my ass, then I felt the pain of a lifetime as Travis offered no mercy as he slammed his uncut teen meat deep into my bowels, leaving me grunting in misery. His hands hooked my hips and his cock began pile driving into me forcing his low hanging balls to smash hard against my own balls. I could hear Travis speak, but his words seemed to be coming from a million miles away. The sharp burning pain tore through my ass and Brian's anal muscles were literally pulling my tongue deeper and deeper into its hot, tight chamber. I had never before experienced so much pain as the pain I was now being handed. The cock ripping my asshole showed no mercy as it drove into me harder and harder, causing the sickening thud of flesh being pounded by flesh to echo off the walls. When Brian wanted his cock sucked, he would push it into my face. Instinctively, I retrieved my tongue from his asshole and began sucking the flesh right off of that tasty morsel. Each time Brian would get close, he would pull his cock out of my mouth and roll his ass upwards.

Travis never once showed any signs of slowing his fast anal pounding pace, but thankfully enough, my ass was either worn out from the pain, or actually began loving the feeling of his cock rifle in and out of me. It was I who found myself thrusting backwards to greet his powerful thrusts. A teen cock in my ass and a pre teen cock in my mouth...I was in Heaven! Travis reached around me and latched his right hand around my throbbing hard cock and began jacking furiously as Brian howled out,

"Damn Travis, I gotta cum! My balls are killing me...hurry the fuck up!"

Travis pantingly replied,

"Almost there...just a few more strokes!"

My mouth was on Brian's pulsating hard cock, Travis's hand on my own cock and his pounding cock tormenting my bewildered once virgin ass. I was fighting my own urge to spray my load onto the bed as Travis constantly let out loud grunts and non English words. Brian was also fighting back the overly needed urge to unleash his pre teen cream as well. Travis screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

I felt the powerful thick burst of Travis's teen cream shoot further up my rectum, followed by several more thick gobs of teen sperm. Brian cried out and latched both hands around my head, forcing me deep onto his tasty cock. Just before the first of Brian's sperm was to evade his body, I stuck a saliva soaked finger as far up his tight ass as far as it could go. Brian screamed as his cock doubled in size and my mouth was catching his beloved boy juice by the gallons. My own cock began firing sperm missiles everywhere as Travis jacked my man meat fast and furious while his own cock erupted his thick cream up my muscle clamping ass. Brian was hunching his ass higher into the air as my finger struck his prostrate while my mouth hungrily sucked his watery cream and held it into my mouth, awaiting the ultimate taste test. I was more than a bit surprised to find out just how much boy juice Brian could offer. His slender young cock kept its sperm shooting frenzy up for some time before slowly ending with just spurts of cream slipping into my already cum filled mouth. Travis, on the other hand, never skipped a beat as he pounded all of his thick teen cream up my ass until I regretfully felt his cock softening. Brian's cock remained hard though no more of his watery juice spewed out. Keeping my mouth on Brian's cock, I began swallowing some of the watery boy juice, relishing in its divine taste. Actually, there was no taste at all, but just knowing that the sperm belonged to Brian, made it taste better as each delicious portion slithered down my throat. My own cock stopped spurting out my thick cream and was now just a limber log still held tightly into Travis's clutches. Travis finally released my cock and then I felt his flaccid cock slip free from my aching asshole. As soon as his cock slipped free, I felt a cool rush of the rooms air shoot straight into my wide open, once cock filled, now cum filled, asshole. Brian pulled my mouth off of his cock and the three of us just sort of collapsed in the positions that we had been in.

After a short well needed rest, I managed to roll off of the bed, keeping my eyes peeled onto Brian's beautiful little body and cock. My legs shook violently as I began putting my clothes back on. My ass burned from the pounding that Travis put on me as I gave my thanks, opened the door, and headed back to my room just as daybreak was nearing. The walk back to my room was tough thanks to all of Travis's cum building up at my backdoor. Thankfully enough, Payson was still sleeping peacefully like the little angel he really was, and is. I managed to make it to the toilet without soiling my pants as Travis's thick cream exploded from within me. I took another shower and was surprised as I opened the door to find Payson standing right at the entrance of the doorway to the bathroom. He was holding the front of his underwear with both hands, smiled and whispered,

"I gotta pee!"

I was technically, still in the bathroom as he whisked right by me, turned around so that his prized beauty of an ass was aiming at the toilet, slid down his underwear to his ankles, and sat down rather quickly. I was facing the sink, but my eyes strained painfully to witness his total beauty. Thanks to his right arm draped over his right thigh, my view of his tormenting cock was blocked! The only part of Payson I managed to drool over was his crack. He was slightly leaning forward, giving me a great view of the little hairless crack I had sniffed so deeply just a couple of hours prior. I didn't want to ruin anything with him, so I politely excused myself and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

After breakfast and fueling up, Payson and I headed towards Amarillo, the next scheduled stop. According to my travel plans, we should be arriving in Amarillo in about 5 hours. The closer we got, the more excited Payson became. We talked the entire trip, but never once did the subject of sex ever come up. Upon arriving in Amarillo, Payson pulled out a piece of paper from his tattered wallet and began giving me directions to his dad's place. We wound up on a long dirt road filled with tons of worn out small mobile homes. He excitingly pointed at the next driveway and upon pulling in, I was a bit surprised. His father's home was a small worn out camper on cinder blocks with a front yard filled high with miscellaneous trash. The worn out awning was busted on one side causing the eye sore to flap in the slight breeze. I pulled in and shut my vehicle off and stepped out with Payson joining me to my right side. His eyes may not have seen what I saw, cause his smile was telling the story of something of a dream come true, being reunited with his father.

Payson knocked on the door, and a voice from withing bellowed,

"Who the fuck is it?"

Payson responded, "It's me Payson, your son!"

There was some growling going on inside the small camper and we could hear the footsteps, more like stomping, as the man inside was moving about. Soon, the door swung open and I could see the trash build up inside, piled high on the floor. The man was rough looking, about 5' 10" and weighed closed to 200 pounds with a huge pot belly folded over the top of his battered pants. It looked like the guy hadn't shaven in about a month or so and he smelled heavily of alcohol and pure stench. He looked at Payson, then at me, and growled,

"So, what the fuck do you want?"

Payson was looking straight at his father and replied, "Can I live with you?"

The man pointed his right finger while taking turns looking at me and Payson, the fired back,

"Does this look like a mother fucking ranch to you boy? Do I look like I can give you a fucking home? I can barely make ends meet now, and you just want to fuck things up by barging in on me...who the fucking hell do you think you are?"

I could see the puddles of water building up in Payson's eyes and his heart was slowly being yanked out of his chest. My own heart was beginning to build with anger hearing the words Payson's father angrily spoke. His father had fire in his drunken eyes as he stepped closer to Payson while angrily cursing and shaking his finger. I stepped in between them and with fire in my eyes and the look of a serial killer, I roughly put my hand on the back of the man's neck, grinding my teeth together, said,

"Let me talk with you in private for a moment sir! Payson, would you excuse me and your father for a moment?"

I led the stinking bastard behind the camper and literally slammed him up against a broken down car while clamping onto his throat, then with anger high in my voice, I said,

"You cuss at that boy one more time, and I will put you out of your fucking misery! Your son has been through a living hell and I'll be damned if I just sit back and let you yank his heart out of his chest because you are nothing more than a piece of shit! Now, mother fucker, if you think I'm bluffing, just fuck with me!"

I released his sweaty throat and stood right in front of him, silently hoping he would give me some kind of an excuse to beat his ass like he deserves. Cutting off his oxygen must have woken him up a bit from his drunken stupor, cause he actually kind of talked very civil. Through our brief conversation, it was a well known fact that this man had nothing, absolutely nothing, to offer Payson. As we walked back to where Payson was standing, more like trembling, I reminded the useless fuck of my promise I made him.

His father stood a few feet from Payson, cleared his throat then stated,

"Look, I've got nothing to give you. No boy your age should live like this! You'd be better off with someone that can give you a better life, because I sure as hell can't give you one. You need an education and I sure as hell can't afford to send you to school. So, you go about your life and just leave me the fuck alone!"

Tears were rolling down Payson's dimpled cheeks as the man turned his back on us, and walked inside his camper and slammed the door shut. Payson was fighting back the desire to let his tears flow heavily as I helped him into the vehicle. Upon closing the car door, my heart rapidly filled with the absolute need to do something. I walked back up to the camper door, and stupidly enough, the fucker didn't lock it. As soon as I rushed right in, the man yelled,

"What the fuck do you want now...I told the little son-of-a-bitch I didn't want him!"

I don't recall saying anything, just using my clinched fists to pound his pathetic ass into a bloody pulp. I left him laying in his own blood on top of the smelly trash on the floor. I closed his door, got back in my vehicle, and left the area. Payson was as silent as the stillness of a night, but I could see his tears falling like a waterfall. As I drove down the road to the Motel 6, Payson wiped his teary eyes, looked over at me, then with a broken heart and trembling voice, asked,

"Rick, what am I going to do now? Nobody wants me! I'd be better of dead!"

I pulled my vehicle over right away into the emergency lane, placed it in park, unhooked the seat belt and place my right hand on his shoulders, the said,

"Payson, I can't give you any reasons for things that happen the way they do, but I can promise you this. I'm not about to let you walk the streets, or wonder what your life has to offer around some unknown street corner. You'll always have a home with me for as long as you like. I am truly sorry for the way things turned out today, but I am a firm believer that things turn out the way they do for the best. I know you don't want to hear that, but the day will come when you realize that there truly is a better life out there! I know you are hurting in more ways than I can possibly imagine, but I just want you to know, that I will always be there for you, no matter what!"

With that being said, Payson let all of his emotions run free. He hugged me with a death grip as now both, he and I, let our tears fall heavily. We sat there, on the side of the road, for quite sometime. I held this little heart broken angel for a long time until both our tears began to dry up. As our hug broke, Payson entranced me with his watery red/green eyes, then softly whispered,

"Thank you so much! For my parents...fuck em! Fuck em both!"

I checked in to our room and we decided to go get something to eat. While we ate, the conversation of my wedding band came up and I told Payson the entire story, of then to now. I told him about my kids and their military careers and my dreams of my little chunk of heaven in Arizona. We got back to the room and I took my shower first, then Payson. We lay on the bed and simply watched television. I was wearing my pants while Payson was wearing a very tantalizing set of very tight white underwear. I watched his flat stomach rise and fall with his every breath and noticed, or should I say, studied his every angelic intricate detail of his perfect body. His belly button did not protrude outward, nor did it sink in. It looked more like one little line than anything else. From his belly button to the top of his underwear, there wasn't even a single sign of peach fuzz anywhere. While I was studying his crotch, Payson folded his arms behind his head, giving me a perfect shot of his underarms, actually, just his right underarm. I could barely see a few small strands protruding forth from his silk like appetizing pit. It took some straining, but I counted maybe three or four little hairs. His dark eyebrows were kind of thick for his age and his long upward curling eyelashes looked more fake than real. Just the outside of his lower forearms had any signs of light black hair growth, as was the same on his shins. His cute little button nose had about three freckles darting on the top of his bridge and his faint little moustache could make any eye quiver with its pure beauty.

It was I who was the luckiest man alive, just to be laying next to this half naked tranquil beauty! We both fell asleep watching the television and awoke pretty much, the next morning, at the same time. We showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed to Albuquerque, the next scheduled stop. It was there that we would be spending two days. We arrived at the Motel 6 kind of late and decided to just grab some food and eat it in the room. We did our usual, ate, took turns taking a shower, and watched television. Payson had grown quite accustomed to taking the left side, as I always preferred the right side. We were laying in bed, me with my pants on and Payson wearing his pale blue tight fitting underwear. He was watching the tube, while I was gazing at his absolute perfect body. Payson began mumbling that his stomach was hurting him, so I naturally began using my right hand to caress his entire stomach area. His skin was silky smooth and the more I caressed it, the harder my cock grew inside my tight pants. My eyes were more or less peering directly at his crotch hoping to see his hidden treasure respond to my touches, but there was no such luck, or at least not yet . He kept on complaining and then it dawned on me what the problem might be, so I carefully gathered my thoughts and popped the question,

"Payson, I have to ask you this and it might be kind of personal, but it just may be why your belly hurts. When was the last time you had a bowel movement?"

He sort of just lay there and peered at the ceiling, then politely asked,

"Bowel movement...what do you mean?"

I replied, "You know, number two, a dump, take a crap...that sort of thing!"

He smiled, gabbed his stomach just over my exploring hand, the said,

"I think its been since a little before this trip!"

To skip through some drama, we talked about him getting an enema. After a brief discussion, Payson agreed that at this point, an enema just might be the answer to alleviate his stomach pain. I got dressed to go find a store that sells enemas. I rode around for a short time before finding a drug store still open. I got the two pack of Fleet enema and purchased it. Upon walking back to my vehicle, I was stopped by a kid of about 15 or so, just as I was about to get in. He was slender and he looked to be of an Indian decent. His skin was deeply tanned and he stood about 5' 6" and probably weighed somewhere around 140 pounds. He was wearing a tank top and bright yellow swimming trunks that fit rather baggy. When I asked him if I could help him, he looked all around, then whispered,

"I need some beer and some smokes!"

I asked, "How old are you?"

He replied, "15!" Then followed up with, "Look man, I just need this shit, okay. What do you want me to do in order for you to help me out?"

I studied his features and realized his black hair was down to the middle of his back. He wasn't gorgeous, but he sure could make the lips moist with envy. I was a few miles from the motel and through caution in the wind and responded,

"Okay, if you want the beer and some smokes, you got to let me suck your cock!"

The boy didn't act too overly surprised, but he did act somewhat nervous as he kept looking all around. Looking straight at me, he hesitantly asked, "I don't have to do anything but let you suck my dick, right?" I nodded my head yes, and he continued, "I'm not gonna suck your dick and I don't want you to fuck me...just let you suck my dick...Okay!"

He spoke with more of a Mexican accent as I followed him in behind the store. The back of the store had a gate with a busted pad lock. It was dimly lit as he stepped in behind the metal trash bin. Placing his back near the bin, I watched in awe as he unfastened the button and pulled both the trunks and his cotton briefs all the way down to his ankles. He grabbed the bottom of his tank top and lifted it up so that the opening was hooked behind his head. There before me, was one rather thick, still flaccid, uncut beauty. That boy's cock must have drooped over his two rather large, curly black hair covered balls a good 5 inches. The foreskin alone hung down past his cock head a good two inches. The boy's pubic patch was evenly trimmed and it was a solid black in color. I fell on my knees and sunk my nose deep into his pubic area, inhaling the sweaty, somewhat musky, aroma. My left hand softly cupped his heavy hot balls while my right hand reached behind him and caressingly latched onto his slender butt cheeks. While my nostrils were busy inhaling his enriching scent, my tongue began swabbing the base of his uncut beauty. His flaccid cock began to slowly grow, so I backed my mouth up and began using my tongue to dive in between his foreskin. The initial taste was one of shock...pee, sweat, and something of an unclean taste, screamed within my mouth.

His young body began trembling as I began sliding my mouth and tongue up and down on his hardening thick cock. Within seconds, this uncut beauty had grown to its full erect state, a good 7 or so inches, and very thick. My mouth was full with his thickness and his cock felt even better as it slid down my throat with each forward thrust. I released his balls and now had both hands on his soft and slender butt cheeks. My fingers pried themselves passed the muscular clamping cheeks to find his ass crack littered with tiny hairs, not to mention that his crack was basically wet from his sweat. My fingers began probing at his juicy wet boy hole, forcing him to offer soft moans while my mouth went to work on his thick uncut teen cock. His hands fell to the side of my head as his breathing became faster and faster with each loving stroke of my mouth and each touch of his juicy anus. The boy stood still and not once tried to fuck my mouth, instead, let me do all the work, which was just fine by me. My mind thought about tasting his ass, so like many of us have done in the past, I brought my right finger under his legs while I was sucking his cock and sort of gave it a sniff test. After the initial sniff was over, I decided it was best to just reward myself with his cream, if you know what I mean.

Keeping my right hand on his cheeks, allowing my fingers to explore his hole, I used my left hand to fondle his heavy hairy balls while increasing the pressure on his cock. My right middle finger accidentally slipped inside his juicy hole, causing the boy to stand up on his toes, lean forward and grunt heavily as his cock expanded, then fired off rockets of hot cream into my awaiting mouth. Spurt after thick spurt gushed into my mouth and I soon heard the boy whimper as his cock continued to use his firing sperm to assault my mouth. His anal canal felt like it had collapsed on my middle finger, sucking it in deeper with each powerful contraction. The boy would shoot gushes of sperm pellets, then slow to a trickle, and start firing more hot pellets. I fought the urge to start swallowing, hoping that I could contain all of his teen cream inside my mouth and do what I like best...slowly sample his hot cream without any interruptions from his thick cock, be it flaccid or rock hard!

Soon, I felt his cock start to deflate and his entire body was shaking like a lead caught in a wind draft. I had to force my finger from his anal canal as my lips parted his uncut cock head, hearing it slap against his cum drained balls. While the boy was leaning against the trash bin, I took the time and began sampling his teen cream. It was salty and somewhat bitter, but I found myself moaning as morsel by morsel slipped down my throat until the last bit was traveling down to my stomach. I stood up and watched him struggle to get his underwear and pants back up. We exited the gate and I went inside to fulfill my end of the bargain. Still inside the store, I forced myself to smell my middle finger once again, and just like before, quickly took my finger from within smelling distance and decided best to just wash my hands. After washing my hands, I bought the items the boy wanted, and after a mutual thank you, he walked away and I drove back to the motel.

Payson was still holding his stomach when I walked in, still laying on the bed wearing just his underwear. I explained how the enema was used, but Payson looked more confused when I told him how he could do it himself. After a little discussion, Payson wanted me to give him the enema. This was his choice, not mine, but I sure as hell wasn't going to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime either. I was standing at the edge of the bed, nearest Payson and said,

"At first, this may feel somewhat uncomfortable, but once the fluid is inside you, you have to hold it in for as long as you can. Well, I guess there's no better time than the present. Payson, you'll have to take off your underwear and get on your hands and knees so we can get this started!"

Payson was too fast for my eyes to witness, but he somehow yanked his underwear off and placed himself near the foot of the bed, head facing the television. His knees where kind of close together and he was holding himself up in the doggy style position, waiting for me. I took the enema out of the container and crawled up on the bed. My heart was pounding furiously at witnessing this perfect angel naked for the first time. His little jutting ass was sealed ever so tightly and I wanted to just cram my tongue between those silky smooth cheeks and taste his purity, but figured it would be best just to stick with giving him the enema and be thankful for the memories he innocently was offering me. I had him place his face flat on the mattress, on his left side, then had him spread his legs a bit wider. My eyes immediately began to water as his little boy hole popped into my view. Even his butt was tanned, be it naturally or he likes to lay out in the sun naked. Either way, his little hole was completely hairless and virtually transparent.

To call Payson's butt hole a hole, is more or less a rather inaccurate description. It looked to be nothing more than a meager indentation hiding inside his smooth crack. I had the enema bottle in my right hand, the protective covering for the tip already off, and decided since he couldn't see me to do what my devilish mind was telling me to do. I leaned down and placed my nose right over that little indentation and began inhaling ever so deeply. I was enthralled as to the gracious aroma spewing into my lungs. Like a never before found aphrodisiac, lost in the jungles of some unexplored jungle, I was trapped into Payson's dynamic energy. No musk, no faint aroma of feces...just pure soap and natural intoxicating freshness!

Taking my wildness one step further, I whispered,

"I'm gonna put a little lube on your butt hole to help the enema tip go in just a bit easier!"

Payson replied, "Okay!"

Gathering a wad of saliva on my tongue and holding my breath, I began dabbing his speck of a boy hole with my tongue. Payson quickly giggled, and announced,

"Rick, Rick, that tickles!"

His little butt was squirming as my tongue increased its pressure. Every now and then, I had to force my tongue off of his prized treasure to get some air, then return to his tasty treat. After about thirty seconds of tonguing his little hole, I thought I heard Payson moan a time or two. My thumbs were hooked inside his silky smooth crack, spreading them open as far as I could without ripping his crack from his perfect body. I had the wonderful luxury of letting my tongue explore a part of Payson no man, other than a doctor perhaps, had ever explored. Had I not been trying to be so sneaky, I would have crammed my entire face between those silky cheeks and ate his asshole out properly, but that wasn't the case and I was more than thankful for the offerings I was blessed with.

Every now and then, my ears captured soft angelic moans while my tongue bathed lovingly on Payson's mouth watering little tasty hole. Realizing I had to stop so as not to get too carried away, I removed my tongue and replaced it with that lucky fucking tip of the enema. Placing the tip at his tightly sealed and saliva glistening hole, I gently pushed forward. Payson's little butt jutted higher in the air and he growled,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel it in me Rick!"

I said something to help soothe him somewhat and managed to get the entire tip up his sweet rectum and began squeezing the contents into his bowels while twisting and turning the tip at all angles. Like the pervert that I was, I noticed I had literally started using the tip to gingerly fuck his beloved little hole while squeezing the fluid into his gorgeous body. Payson must have noticed as well cause he was wiggling and humping his ass onto the penetrating tip. The sight of all of this could never carry a price tag...priceless was the view my eyes were now witnessing!

The entire contents of the enema was now up his rectum and I reluctantly withdrew the tip from his anal canal. Before placing the empty bottle on the bed, I was mind fucked into smelling the lucky tip that was once in a location no other foreign object had ever been lucky enough to be. Maybe it was all just in my head, but the tip smelled just as sweat as the outer portion of his little asshole. I took my time smelling the tip until Payson blurted out,

"Rick, it's bubbling up inside me!"

I tossed the container onto the bed and grabbed his lovely butt cheeks and squeezed them together, while constantly telling him to hold it. I was on my knees directly behind him and took full advantage of everything I could see. His gorgeous hairless balls, though be it they were small, were perfectly rounded and evenly shaped. If measuring each one, you could probably place a quarter up against it and they would easily coincide with one another. Lowering my head even lower, my eyes caught the one thing I had been infatuated with ever since this whole thing with Payson started. I could now see his perfect cock! It was dangling freely towards the mattress, thanks to the position he was in. Just like the rest of his bronzed body, his dick too, was tanned. Totally flaccid, his beauty was slender and couldn't have been no more than an inch long, but this gorgeous boy was uncut as well. His foreskin covered his slender cock head and formed a perfect missile, causing the mouth to instantly water. From my viewpoint, I couldn't see any hair near his soft cock. My own cock was tenting out like a sledge hammer in a plastic bag!

I don't know how long he held it, but it had to have been close to thirty minutes. When he couldn't hold it any longer, he hopped off of the bed, holding his butt cheeks with both hands, and basically waddled to the bathroom as fast as he possibly could. I watched in joyful awe as his little cock sort of bounced up and down, from side to side, with each shuffling step. He was now in the bathroom taking care of urgent business and I knew I had some time, so I grabbed a used towel, pulled out my throbbing cock and beat myself off while thinking of Payson and his perfect body!

Payson was in the bathroom for over an hour and he took another shower as well. Once he departed the bathroom, I went and took me another shower as well. Once I was done, I lay down next to Payson, who was watching the television. We did our normal, him glued to the television and my eyes glued to his body. I asked him how he felt and he responded by saying,

"That enema thing really works. I thought I would never get done! My stomach doesn't hurt anymore."

He cut the television off and scooted up, placing his back against the wall of the headboard, looked down at me, smiled and angelically whispered,

"Rick, uh, I got to ask you something and it's kind of personal."

I nodded my head as if to say go ahead and Payson began speaking,

"Earlier, you know when you were putting that lube stuff on my butt hole, I was wondering just how you did it, cause I uh, could feel both your hands on my butt? It tickled at first, but then it really started to feel good...I mean real good! I'm just curious that's all as to how you did it!"

I was floored after knowing that I had been busted red handed. The one person in the world I would never hurt, I was now confronted with having to be forced to telling him the truth. I scooted up into the same position as Payson, cleared the frog in my throat and doing my very best to recapture my breath, replied,

"Payson, what I'm about to tell you has been a secret, a deep dark secret, one in which nobody knows about me. Embarrassingly enough, I am what you can call a pedophile. I like young boys in a sexual manner. Up until just recently, I have only acted on this one time, but that was years ago. Since the beginning of our trip, I managed to hook up with a few young boys behind your back. The perverted monster that I held at bay for all of these years has escaped. Payson, I hope you can believe me, but I never once tried to hurt you, but each second we are together, I find more beauty in you. You have been through enough hell in your short life, and I certainly don't want to put you through more. To answer your question about the lube, you are right...both of my hands were on your butt cheeks and I relished in the feeling you gave me, but the lube was actually my spit which was attached to my tongue. I can only hope and pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and I will swear to the heavens above that I will never do that again!"

My heart was breaking and the water in my eyes burned. Payson sat there and listened to every word with a more graceful, yet serious, look. With all the love in the world and looking me straight into the eyes, he asked,

"Why? What could you possibly see in me?"

My answer was simple, "You are gorgeous beyond any word descriptions! It is you who all dreams and fantasies are derived from and it is I who is the beast who has lied and who has been deceitful, and for that, I am truly sorry!"

Payson was twiddling his thumbs, looked down towards his feet, then back to entrance my eyes and stated,

"You aren't the only one who has lied. Remember me telling you about my mom's boyfriend. Well, he really never did any of those things to me. I didn't lie about them being drunks and drug addicts, but to be honest, my mom kind of walked in while I was touching her boyfriend's dick. He was passed out as usual, but it was me who was doing those things to him. She was doing some drugs at the time, but she kicked me out of the house and told me never to bring my faggot ass back. Rick, I don't know if I am gay or not, but for whatever the reason, I don't have any thoughts to be with a girl, or at least for right now. So, we both have come clean, but I still can't get over the fact that you really did stick your tongue up my butt. That felt awesome!"

I couldn't get over the fact that he had lied to me about the boyfriend, but I was truly thankful that it was he who was curious as to the gay scene and not the boyfriend, so I had to ask,

"What all have you done, sexually that is?"

Payson smiled and replied, "I felt his dick a few times, but he was so messed up it never got hard. I did lick it a few times though. That's pretty much it!"

I responded, "Surely you have some close friends you could have explored with!"

Payson shook his head from side to side, keeping that precious smile on his face and stated,

"Rick, you just don't get it do you! Just like you prefer younger boys, I like older men! I'm not interested in boys like me with sissy bodies and little dicks...I dream of men and their big dicks!"

I was there in a total daze, just watching the beautiful expressions on his gorgeous face, still baffled by the words he had just spoken. Without any other words spoken, Payson grabbed me in a loving hug. He was on his knees while I was still sitting on my butt. My hands instinctively roamed his near naked body, feeling the luxury of his smooth back and sides. To say that he startled me would be an understatement when Payson began nibbling ever so softly on the left side of my neck. My hands slipped down and began tenderly squeezing his solid little butt cheeks while maneuvering down the back of his thighs, then back up to his tight butt. I was absolutely lost in the feeling of his flesh when, without any warning, Payson shot his slender little tongue deep into my already open and panting mouth. His breath and tongue tasted like fresh toothpaste as my tongue retaliated and slipped inside his over heated mouth, colliding with his slithering tongue. What started out to be a very gentle tongue bathing kiss, turned into a grunting forceful tongue battling lips sealed on lips kiss!

We were both grunting and moaning with our lips still tightly sealed to one another. Payson dropped his left hand and I almost shot a load into my pants when his hand began stroking my cock through my pants. I could feel the heat from his hand as it carefully felt every square inch of my rock hard cock. The dream I have dreamed for just a few short days, was now a mind boggling reality. Me and Payson, alone, kissing and feeling the other's shivering body! As our lips broke their tight seal, Payson used his tongue to bathe my entire face area while I used my teeth to nibble on his lower neck area. My right hand was on his smooth silky thigh while my left hand had wondered between his smooth legs and began caressing his crack and two little rolling balls. I could feel his cock as it poked at my hand through the underwear and took the time to sort of roll my hand along the short slender shaft, gently squeezing the uncut cock head in the process. With each stroke of my hand on Payson's cock, he let out a moan, almost sounding like a kitten when purring.

My ears captured his words as he spoke, "Rick, I want to suck your dick!"

He lowered his body from mine and his fingers trembled as they unbuttoned the button of my pants, then lowered the zipper. I arched my butt off of the bed to allow Payson to remove my pants. His eyes were locked onto my crotch area and I watched him lick his lips as my boner popped into view. He yanked my pants off and now I was laying in the bed completely naked with one heck of a throbbing boner pointing directly at my face. Payson crawled in between my spread legs and my heart just about sprang from my body as his little loving tongue began licking all over my heavy hairy balls. The heat from his nose was like fire spewing out of a dragon's angry mouth as it blistered my balls and my cock. While he was licking my balls, Payson used both hands to stroke my cock very slowly. I could see the pre cum as it oozed from my piss slit by the gallons. He did manage to slip one large nut into his mouth, release it, and work on the other one. My head was on the pillow and my eyes were glued to him and his actions. Payson stuck out his tongue and began slithering all over and around the shaft of my cock, working slowly towards the pre cum gushing head. In no time, I watched Payson gather globs of pre cum on his tongue, then watched in awe as I could see his throat bounce up and down as he began swallowing my pre cum in earnest.

His tongue slid all around my giant cock head before the sudden heat from within his fiery mouth took my every breath. Payson had stretched his little mouth over my thick cock head, along with about three inches of my thick shaft. His eyes peered deeply into mine, capturing me in their trance. His cheeks were bloated from the man meat filling up his entire mouth. The view of watching this gorgeous little angel sliding his overly stuffed mouth up and down on my thick cock was absolutely priceless. While his little mouth engulfed about four inches of my cock, his left hand was caressing my tightening balls, while his right hand was squeezing and stroking the base of my cock. I warned him several times that I was close, but all he did was squeeze, stroke, and suck that much harder. My mind exploded as so did my cock, sending what felt like gallons upon gallons into his precious mouth. My body stiffened harder than a board as rockets of man seed fired from my erupting cock, and to my surprise, Payson not once gagged from his first taste of man seed. Though my mind was spinning, I could hear this young angel gulping down my thick heavy cream.

The last of my seed slithered down his throat and Payson resorted to wrapping his lips around my cock head, and sucked, while licking whatever remainder might exist. Though I was completely spent, my cock, surprisingly enough, remained rock hard. I let Payson suck on my cock head for some time before it became painfully too sensitive and asked him politely to stop. When his lips left my cock, Payson sat back on his heels while looking ever so beautiful into my eyes, then pantingly whispered,

"That's what I've dreamed of doing! Oh man, Rick, I could keep my mouth on your dick forever! Thank you, thank you so much!"

My arms had a mind of their own as they reached out and brought this beauty to my lips. As out tongues met, I instantly got a taste of my own spunk. We kissed for a long time, using our hands to explore the other's body. I could feel his hard cock stab my stomach with his every loving little breath. When our kiss broke, I rolled Payson onto his back, slid in between his legs and grabbed his underwear and began pulling them down. My eyes trembled as they witnessed his gorgeous uncut erect cock. Just like I had felt, it was very slender and about 3-1/2" long with the loose foreskin enveloping the head, dangling downwards a good inch. On either side of the base of his cock, just a few, not more than eight, little black pubic hairs were starting their new life. His little balls nearly shot back into their sockets as I spread his silky legs out further. Just as I was about to lower my head, Payson spoke,

"Rick, wait, there's something I need to tell you. When I cum, it hurts, cause my balls disappear and when I shoot, it hurts really, really bad!"

Knowing exactly what he was saying, I slipped off the bed, grabbed one of his shoes and yanked the soft cloth shoestring right out of it. Kneeling between his legs, I used the shoestring to carefully tie his balls just under the base of his slender hard cock. I knew by doing this, that when the time came for him to feed me his nectar, his balls were now prevented from going back into their socket. With his balls tied comfortably, I began using my tongue to bathe his tiny feet, ensuring to capture the areas between each curling toe. His soft angelic moans tormented my ears and my eyes savored his little perfect body wiggling with each lash of my tongue. My tongue traveled up and down each leg, making it a point not to miss any part of this delicious boy's legs. With the last swipe of my tongue on his inner right thigh, my tongue circled his hairless tied balls, sending his moans echoing off the walls with splendor. His little butt arched itself high into the air as my mouth sucked in his tiny beauties into my mouth, and began slow baking them with all the love in the world, using my tongue to bathe each one ever so properly.

His hands fell on the sides of my head as I increased my sucking pressure on his boy balls, listening to his loud whimpers and feeling his silky smooth body quiver all over the bed. Once I released his balls from my mouth, I slid my face lower and began licking that sweet little line leading from his balls to his super clean butt hole. Payson, instinctively, arched his legs higher into the air, giving me more room to taste his heavenly body.

I'm not too sure how it happened, but somehow Payson had his knees over his head, both impaling the mattress on either side of his ears. His juicy speck of an ass was jutting up towards the ceiling with my greedy perverted tongue lapping away like a thirsty dog. His little hole was so tight and smelled so fresh. I applied pressure to his anus, but the little muscular seal never gave way for my tongue to journey within his perfect inner region. My eyes were glued onto his gorgeous angelic face, admiring all the beautiful contorting facial gestures he was inadvertently making. He was cooing and whimpering and every now and then, my ears would capture his panting words,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssssssssss...that feels soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood!"

Payson's mouth was wide open as his lips formed a perfect circle, and ever now and again, his pointy little tongue would snake out and rapidly swipe, both upper and lower, cherry colored lip. Not only could my taste buds delight in his mouth watering body, but my eyes and ears could see and hear all of his precious gestures and sounds. With the assistance from Payson's fingers, which were now digging inside his crack, spreading his smooth cheeks further outward, my tongue managed to unlock his sealed orifice and the delight of a lifetime was now at hand. My tongue slithered into his anal canal, feeling Payson's ass muscles converge around my tongue as if we were in mortal combat. His body bucked wild and rapidly and he was tossing his head from side to side while slapping both hands very heavily onto the mattress.

His anal canal was fiery hot and tongue crushing tight to say the least, but nevertheless, I was in pure heaven and sexual bliss dining on this gorgeous boy's butt hole. It wasn't too long before I had my entire thick tongue darting in and out of Payson's tasty asshole, listening to his purrs and whimpers as his body shook with never before mind thrilling chills. My hands softly traveled up his contorted shivering body until my finger tips gently took hold of each tiny perky nipple and began teasingly pinching, pulling, and twisting, sending more unfamiliar pleasures crashing through his perfectly created body. As time went on, I began tongue fucking his asshole, taking a break only to suck on his golden tied nuggets. Payson was literally fighting back his screams of tormented pleasures, begging me to go ahead and suck his cock. Though my ears captured his every word, his every angelic moan, I was content on sucking his balls and eating his ass out thoroughly before quenching my perverted thirst with his wonder juice.

I did all I could do with my mouth and tongue on his balls and his ass until I felt like my tongue was going to fall off, so I backed my mouth off of his asshole, somewhat reluctantly, used my left hand to close around the base of his throbbing shaft, and used the fingers of my right hand to peel back his foreskin and stare at the marvel before me. I could see tons of pre cum smeared all over the shiny purplish pink cock head that was almost the same thickness as his slender shaft. The crown was like a helmet and his tiny piss slit was gaping open, oozing more clear pre cum right before my very eyes. At the sight of his mouth watering cock head, my tongue instantly regained its energy. Upon natural instinct, my head lowered and my tongue began basking all over his shiny cock head, absorbing his unnatural sweet flavored pre cum. The clear slimy liquid tasted more like melted candy as I soon found myself using his foreskin to trap my shoveling tongue between his pre cum soaked foreskin and cock head.

I was moaning so loud that I was unable to hear Payson's moans as my mouth slid down his juicy slender shaft, burying my nose into his soft and smooth pubic area. With his entire cock inside the realm of my mouth, my tongue began slithering outside, swarming all over his freshly sprouted pubic hair, stabbing his balls in the process. Payson began gyrating his jutting hips, forcing his cock to fuck my mouth, greeting my thrust with his. I managed to let some saliva drip onto my left index finger, tossing caution into the wind, and applied some pressure to his tightly sealed asshole. Timing his thrust, I slipped my finger into his muscle gripping ass just as his cock exploded, sending spurt after watery spurt of his hot cream gushing into my anxiously awaiting mouth. There was no way to count just how many powerful jets of sperm missiles fired out of his erupting cock into my mouth, but it seemed to be, thankfully, endless. Payson was jerking his hips higher into the air while grunting and whimpering, driving his sperm shooting cock in and out of my suctioning mouth. My finger fucked his muscle clamping anal canal causing more of his cream to spew its fiery hot bullets harder and harder into my mouth. Just when Payson thought his climax was near to an end, his body would convulse into, yet another, sperm firing spree. I could taste the sweetness from his watery sperm and feel the heat burning a tasty desire to greedily sample his divine semen.

As his second massive orgasm came to an end, Payson's cock oozed out more of his watery sweetness which I hungrily sucked into my mouth awaiting to the very end to slowly swallow his sweeter than chocolate cream. His once rock hard cock slowly began to deflate and his once thrashing body slowly began to sink into the comforts of the soft mattress. His now soft cock was at rest peacefully inside my mouth as Payson lay perfectly still as if he were sound asleep. His smooth hairless chest and tight stomach rose and fell sharply with each heaving breath. The eyes of an angel were closed and his mouth rest partially opened. It was then that I began the dream of a lifetime by only allowing a small portion of his watery sweetness to slip down my throat. As the first sample tingled my taste buds, I know I was groaning loudly at the flavor that sent shockwaves coursing throughout my body. Payson's sperm was just as I thought it would be...sweeter than any chocolate known to mankind. In reality, there wasn't much of a taste at all, but in my mind, just knowing that the sperm I was swallowing was Payson's, made it seem that much more sweeter!

After swallowing ALL of his delicious boy juice, I untied his cum drained balls and lay beside him. He was laying flat on his back and I was leaning on my left side admiring his total and complete beauty. Somewhere between his beauty and my exhaustion, I fell fast asleep. I woke up first the following morning to find my naked angel snuggled up next to me with his left arm around the top of my chest and his sleeping angelic face within a mere inch or so from my own. His left knee rested peacefully across my left thigh and I actually hated to have to get up to take a piss, cause I sure as heck could have stayed in bed for the rest of my natural born life as long as Payson remained in this same position. I forced myself to get out of bed and thankfully enough, Payson never once stirred.

I decided it was best to take a shower, so I was letting the mildly hot water soothe my body when out of nowhere, Payson stepped into the shower behind me. At first, his soft embrace startled me, but when I felt his hard cock crash against the back of my left leg, causing my own cock to immediately grow to its full erect state. His little soapy hands reached around my body and he began lathering my cock with slow deliberate strokes. I had to use both hands to brace myself to the wall as he was triggering emotions causing my body to tremble in sexual ecstacy. He kept his right hand on my man meat while he used his left hand to soap up my heavy balls. His touch was so gentle, as if they were the touch straight from the heavens above. I was shaking like a falling leaf caught in a hurricane as he released my tightening balls and began lathering my butt while continuing his painstakingly slow and deliberate strokes on my raging erection. As if my mind couldn't handle any more, Payson slid two of his soapy fingers straight up my ass with a slow, but steady, pressure. His teeth were gently nibbling all over my back and I could feel his thin lovely lips kiss the area he once nibbled. Between his small hand caressing my cock, his lips parching my back, his teeth sinking softly into my flesh, and his fingers tormenting my ass, my cock went crazy as it shot one thick string of sperm, one right after the other. I shot so much man cream that I thought I was going to pass out.

Because of my powerful orgasm, I was somewhat bent over, still dazed at such a powerful explosion. Payson's hand left my cock and his fingers departed my anal canal, only to be quickly replaced with his cock. It felt like a hot poker iron crawling up my anal canal as Payson shoved his slender soap lubricated cock straight up my ass. Before I could say or do anything, the little devil grabbed onto my shaking hips and began to pound my ass like a maniac. Once the initial shock of his cock sliding up my ass was over, I began to graciously meet his powerful thrusts while clinching my ass muscles together. It didn't take long before I felt Payson's cock throb, then his hot cream fired deeper into my rectum by the bucket loads. He humped the remainder of his seed into my ass before pulling his cock out. When I turned around, the first thing I noticed was that he had tied his balls back up and the second thing I noticed was the devilish grin dashing across his gorgeous face. Payson sort of forced out a chuckle, then laughingly said,

"That was awesome Rick!"

I was soaping up his chest looking down at his beautiful face and body, and replied,

"You wont think its so awesome when I stick my cock up your little ass!"

His angelic smile never left his face as he smacked his lips, then said,

"No way dude, I got a little dick, and yours, well yours, is huge! (He pointed at my soft dangling cock) Besides, your dick wont fit up my butt, it's too big!"

I now was soaping up his soft cock that had just shot its load up my burning ass while massaging the soap all over his still tied balls. Payson leaned his gorgeous face onto my chest as my fingers and hands performed a sudsy miracle on his delicious jewels. We inched ourselves into the opposite position so that the shower head would rinse Payson's perfect body off. My hands still massaged his rapidly growing cock and tightening balls while my raging erection was lost in the feeling of snaking up and down his little crack. I released his jewels and soaped up his crack with my right hand while my left hand was busy sliding all around his gorgeous face. While soaping his little crack, I snuck my index finger into his tight hole and pushed. Just as my finger gained entry, I stuck two fingers inside of Payson's mouth. He grunted and immediately began sucking my fingers for dear life. Now, it was his turn to use both hands to steady himself on the wall while I pleasured him once again. His canal was ever so tight and his anal muscles converged around my intruding finger. Looking over his left shoulder, I could see his slender uncut beauty sticking straight out at a 45 degree angle, just a throbbing. The soap made a great lubricant as I inserted my middle finger. With two fingers in his mouth and two fingers dancing joyously in and out of his tight ass, Payson was literally dancing on his toes, grunting and groaning as each second ticked away.

I slowly backed him away from the shower head and turned him all the way around so that the water was striking my back. Now, I was in front of him, still sliding my two fingers in and out of his muscle clenching ass. I lowered my head and sucked on his left nipple while using my left hand to slowly stroke his boy beauty into a body bucking frenzy. Payson had placed his left foot on the side of the tub, giving me an easier access to finger fuck his tight ass. I sucked on both nipples, gingerly biting each one, forcing soft angelic moans to gush out of his contorting mouth. Dropping to my knees, I slowly inserted his entire cock into my mouth, taking the time to add a third finger up his little butt. Payson grabbed my head and anomalistically began driving his throbbing hard cock in and out of my mouth, crushing my nose with each forceful thrust. Thanks to him just recently shooting his load up my ass, my cock sucking adventure lasted a little longer. After about five or so minutes of steady sucking and finger fucking his ass, Payson screamed while literally using his hands to crush my face as his slender boy cock erupted, sending several watery shots of his candy like cum into my suctioning mouth. I didn't trap his nectar inside my mouth until he was completely done. This time I began tasting his wonder juice immediately. The more of his cum I tasted, the more I moaned with desire to taste more. For a second load in just a few minutes, Payson gave me quite a load, and I greedily swallowed every tasty morsel. His cock went totally limp inside my mouth, so I let it slip free, then fought with his anal muscled to retrieve my fingers.

We finished taking our shower, taking time out to kiss like two young lovers in the meantime. We went out, got something to eat, then went shopping for some more new clothes for Payson. One thing I did notice was that every place we went, men, women, and children, all seemed to stop what they were doing to take a second glance at the boy beauty who was always by my side. We went back to the motel room, changed clothes and went swimming. We swam for a long time then got out to lay on the lounge chairs. No matter what, my eyes couldn't keep from not looking at Payson the entire time. Mere words could not do ANY justice as to his natural born beauty. Even all the intricate details of his perfection, the words simply have not been created or defined as to his true beauty. Even at the pool, I saw all the other people taking secret glances at his perfect body and being entranced with his hypnotizing eyes.

I guess from all the shopping and swimming, we both fell asleep on the lounge chairs. Payson woke up first, then he woke me up. It was just about to get dark so we ran to the room, showered, got dressed, and went to a local steak house. We ate and talked for a while, but Payson looked at me with the most serious of faces and asked,

"Rick, so what's going to happen to me now? My mom don't want me and my dad doesn't either."

My response was simple, "Like I told you earlier, you'll always have a home with me!"

I saw the water in his eyes as he took the napkin and wiped his cherry little lips. Nothing further was said as we went back to the room. Still fully clothed, we lay on the bed and he twisted his body until he was on top of me planting the most luxurious of kisses on my lips. His tongue was like a little snake as it slithered inside of my mouth and mine was more like a bulldozer pushing inside of his. We fell asleep that way! Upon waking the next morning, Payson was still on top of me as both of our eyes flickered open, peering into the other's drowsy eyes. Today was the day that I was going to my new chunk of heaven in Arizona. A short four hour drive was all that remained. Nothing happened this morning as we both shared the shower. I did manage to give Payson a blow-job in the shower, but he must have been real horny cause it only took a minute or so in order for his sweet cream to gush down my throat. It seemed that each time I tasted his sperm, it got sweeter and sweeter.

The closer I got to my new home, it seemed that the road miles got longer and longer. Payson seemed excited at the scenery as we drove through the beauty of Arizona and all its beautiful splendor. As I pulled down the dirt road to my new home, I reached over with my right hand, patted Payson's left thigh, and said,

"Just around the bend, is our new home!"

His left hand fell on top of mine as I drove around the sharp corner, and the house along with the river, popped into view. It almost seemed that Payson was more excited than me. I parked my vehicle and we walked up to the house and I opened the front door. We took our time and inspected the entire house before walking the few short feet to the edge of the river. Payson acted like it was Christmas day as he was all over the place, running and falling, rolling around in the grass. When he finally ran back up to me, he gave me a hug, looked up to my face, smiled, then whispered,

"This is a dream! Is this really all yours? Oh God Rick, this place is beautiful...more like perfect!"

I took the time to correct him, "No, this is our place and there is one piece of the puzzle left to make this place perfect!"

As inquisitively as he could look, Payson looked at me, then asked,

"What could possibly be left to make this place perfect?"

I was basically kidding when I replied, "My tongue up your perfect little beautiful butt!"

Payson broke our hug, backed up, grinned from ear to ear, turned around, unhooked his pants and dropped his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles, then devilishly replied,

"Well then, let's make it perfect!"

Payson bent over to the point both of his hands clutched onto his ankles with his head directly under his legs, looking up at me, upside down. His little ass mixed with the background of the river was an image no artist could ever duplicate. Like a magnet, my face was being pulled to his spread little cheeks while my tongue was doing its utmost best to stab the air. Not a second was lost as my tongue immediately began stabbing his tiny boy hole. It tasted as if he had just gotten out of the shower...clean and super fresh! Between the water rippling over the rocks and my tongue slurping away, all the sound in the world was lost to our piece of heaven in Arizona. My thumbs found their way inside his crack and began peeling more of his smooth cheeks wider apart. My tongue began sliding in and out of his tiny chute like a runaway pile driver. Payson's body was shivering and bucking as my tongue showed no mercy or any signs of tiring. While I was delighting myself with tasty ass, I had to pull my restrained hard cock from my pants. Payson was so limber, he somehow reached out with his hands and began stroking my boner.

Time was not an issue, but the aching position I was in, was. I picked his little body up, keeping my tongue inside his ass, and his hot little mouth wasted no time in covering my pre cum spewing cock head. Walking up to the front porch on weak knees was tough, but I managed, somehow. Payson's little fingers fought with my belt, then my pants, and soon I was now standing on my new front porch, eating his delicious asshole for all I was worth, with my pants all the way down to my ankles. Payson's small delicate little fingers were kneading their way into my heavy swinging balls while his tiny mouth stretched ever so wide to work on about two and half inches of my thick cock.

I ate his ass for a long, long time until his soft angelic voice burned an everlasting impression into my already bewildered mind,

"Rick, Rick, I uh, I need uh, I want you to make love to me! I want to feel your dick in my butt! Please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

Using very little effort, I spun him around and sat him on the porch railing, facing the stream. The little angel hooked his slender little legs under the top rail and wrapped each leg around the support rails, forcing his gorgeous little hole to pucker straight out at my hip level. He, somehow, was so limber, he wound up with his entire upper body dangling to towards the flooring, hooking both of his hairless thighs with his hands. I was totally baffled at this awkward position, but definitely intrigued at the same time. I ripped off my shoestring and gingerly tied his balls into one beautiful knot. Now, his rock hard boy cock and shining boy balls were both angled downward, trapped by the top railing. Before I go any further, the front porch was not made out of wood, but some kind of plastic/wood that does not rot, weather, or splinter.

After tying up his little balls, I ran to the Avalanche and retrieved my emergency lube from my shaving bag. I literally ran back up to the porch and watched his eyes, upside down, following my every movement. Once I stepped in behind him, Payson latched on to my raging boner and began slowly working the flesh back and forth. I opened the lube and squirted a huge amount onto my right fingers and began the joyous task of inserting my middle finger up his muscle clamping tight rectum. Payson was cooing and moaning as my middle finger slowly traveled to its farthest depth, smearing my greasy finger all around his boiling hot anal canal. In time, I worked three fingers up his chute, listening to his angelic moans and audible echoes of passion. In the position that he was in, I knew I would be able to get every square inch of my thick cock up his ass, unless he begged me to stop from the pain I knew he would be in. Applying more lube, I worked the fourth finger in his ass while massaging his entire reachable body with my left hand.

I could feel his anal muscles clutching for dear life around my anal penetrating fingers, like an anaconda starving after a fresh kill. His body was shaking uncontrollably at the feeling of four fingers dancing inside his rectum. Payson would take the time to stab my pre cum oozing piss slit with his tongue each time he saw a drop of pre cum oozing out. With each stab of his tongue, my legs got weaker and weaker. The dream of a lifetime was now at hand. Payson sort of yelled,

"Now Rick, fuck me now!"

I replied with the most loving voice I could manage,

"It's going to hurt at first, but if the pain is too much, just let me know and I will stop immediately!"

Payson licked my cock, then whispered,

"I know, I know it's gonna hurt, but this will make it all perfect! No more talk...just fuck me...make love to me Rick!"

I smeared some more lube on his well finger fucked asshole, as well as a bunch on my throbbing cock. My left hand was on his smooth left butt cheek while my right hand held the base of my cock as I aimed it at the little, already sealed, hairless speck of a butt hole. I almost cried out as the head of my cock touched his slimy slick rosebud. I applied pressure and all my cock would do was ride up and down his hairless crack. I continued my anal assault by increasing the pressure, but no matter what, my cock would not gain entry into his never region. After numerous failed attempts, I backed up a short inch and shot in, pressing my cock head up to his anal entrance with some force. Payson screamed at the top of his lungs as I felt my cock shoot up his piping hot ass, totally being constricted by his choking and coiling ass muscles. The head and about two thick inches was inside his ass and I stopped all movement to see if Payson wanted me to pull it out. I could tell by his painful grunts, he was doing his best to fight back his screams. I constantly tried talking to him, but his only audible response was a few whimpers and forceful blows (huffs and puffs) from his mouth.

After a few seconds, I squeezed in another inch or two and stopped. His reaction was the same as the initial penetration. A loud scream, followed by grunts, ensued by several loud huffs. To get through the drama of the entire penetration process, I was finally all the way inside him. My cock felt like it was in the grips of a vice as his anal muscles attacked my entire cock, doing its best to crush the anal invader. Both of my hands now had a solid grip on his smooth butt cheeks as I began a tediously slow pulling almost all the way out, then going just as slow, pushing it all the way back in. His whimpers and grunts got louder with each stroke of my thick meat up his tight chute. After about two or so minutes of slow fucking, Payson yelled out,

"Rick, Oh God Rick, it feels sooooooooooooooo, soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!"

That was music to my ears and I increased my pace, but I still wasn't plowing his ass like I eventually hoped I would. His ass was like a vacuum, each time sucking hard on my cock as I tried to pull out. I soon found my hands letting go with light slaps to his beautiful little butt cheeks, which caused Payson to scream out even higher in pleasure. Just like I had dreamed of since first laying eyes on him, I was now fucking his tiny boy hole like a bull tearing up some cow's ass. The harder I pounded his hole, the louder Payson screamed with pleasure. My heavy free swinging balls crashed hard onto his tied up nuggets with each and every violent thrust. Payson screamed,

"Oh fuck, fuck Rick, I'm, I'm cum inggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!"

Right after that, I felt his hot fiery sperm missiles shoot upon my shins and feet. His anal muscles contracted even tighter, forcing my own nuts to explode my thick man cream even further up his mind boggling canal. I was pounding his once virgin ass like tomorrow would never come, grinding my beefy cum shooting cock up his ass with every powerful thrust. Payson was screaming, almost at the top of his lungs, as his tremendous orgasm crashed throughout his body. His hot boy cream was splattering all over my feet, shins, and the floor with each tick of his rapidly pounding heart. My own mind was going blank from delirium as my cock fucked his super tight hole until all of my man seed was up his muscle clutching rectum. Even after being completely spent, my cock remained rock hard, continuing the anal assault from hell. Payson's lovely cock had went limp, exhausted from shooting so much hot boy cream as I began to slow my animalistic pace. Payson screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

I felt, then watched, his golden piss flow like a heavy rain, down my shins. Payson was bucking wildly so I started plowing his ass like a mad man. He was screaming, whimpering, and moaning as his hot piss fired out of his soft cock by the gallons. It didn't take me long to realize that Payson had no clue he was peeing. In his mind, he was having another mind boggling orgasm. His ass muscles coiled around my cock and soon, it was I who was sending another wave of man cream up his butt. We, both, were moaning as he was pissing and I was popping another powerful nut. I had never used my cock to fuck anyone as I was now doing to Payson. The heavy thud of flesh striking flesh waved through the open air, as I began to pile drive my cum spewing cock in and out of his tight little asshole with a frenzy unknown to mankind.

Some minutes later, my legs were just too weak to stand as I withdrew my still rock hard cock from his well fucked asshole. Using every ounce of strength I could muster, I helped Payson down from his contorted position. I sat on the floor, with Payson breathing heavily on my lap. Neither of us could speak as my nose fell on top of his sweet smelling head, relishing in the flavor of his boy scent. My arms were tightly holding him as his folded on top of mine. The silence was broken as Payson spoke,

"Rick, this place is beautiful and I never want to leave! Besides, I love you, I honestly love you!"

My eyes were already a little watery, but I cleared my throat, hugged him a little tighter, then replied,

"You make this place beautiful! This is our home now and you will never see the day my love for you will ever stop, and that's just the simple fact!"


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