Before I can get on with my story, I must first tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Timmy and I am thirteen years old. Sorry, I'm not a blond hair blue eyed adonis. Instead, I have short (small spiked) brown hair and green eyes with the tiniest hint of a moustache that I'm sort of proud of. I am about 5' 6" and I weigh a slender 105 pounds. Grown-ups say I'm cute, but the guys at school just say I am a dork. Unfortunately or fortunately, I have dimples on both cheeks.

So, now is the time in my life that I get more confused than ever. I know how to masturbate, but never can manage to focus on the girls at school, nor the boys. I didn't know if I was gay, or just what was wrong with me. Guys my age didn't do a thing for me. But men, just the thought, I could tear the meat right off of my five inch shaft. Speaking of my shaft, like I said, I got about five inches and I am circumcised. I've got a little patch of black hair directly above the base of my shaft. My balls are almost transparent, embarrassingly enough. I guess they are about the size of a nickel, but they do hang down a good inch or two. Hair hasn't started to grow on my sac just yet, as well as my underarms. Other than the hair on my head, my faint moustache, and the little bit on my pubic area, I am sort of hairless, sad to say.

Like I said earlier, when hard my dick grows to five inches. It sticks out straight from my body with a slight downward bend. From some of the photos I have seen on the internet, my dick looks like more of a torpedo, with my head being just as thick as my shaft, to which, is not very thick at all. On a good day, I jack-off five to six times. On a bad day, it's about the same. I don't have many friends or someone really close I could call my best friend. I am an only child with my uncle raising me. He is a truck driver and he is gone most of the time. What happened to my parents is another story. I love my uncle dearly, and sorry to say, no we have never done anything like sex together.

At thirteen, I knew I was more than a little different from most guys my age. I was embarrassed about my body, was not interested in girls, and kept pretty much to myself. My uncle was gone on another out of town trip and I was left alone for the weekend as usual. Here is where I was totally confused. I had heard about grown men molesting guys my age, but it was I who wanted to be molested, or at least find out what it is like having sex with an adult. My idea of having sex was swapping blow-jobs and I always dreamed of doing that with a man.

It was a Friday night around seven in the evening when the doorbell rang. Since I was home alone, I always walked around naked. I threw on some shorts and answered the door. It was one of my uncle's friend, named Tom. He had been drinking cause I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Tom is a big man and sported a huge beer belly. I guess he is in his mid forties with a scraggly beard and a deep raspy voice. Tom walked on in and sat down in the livingroom, after going to the refrigerator and getting another beer.

The shorts I had put on was short, but the leg openings were kind of baggy. Tom was sitting in the love seat across from me and I was sitting on the sofa. He is definitely not the kind of man I always dream about while jacking-off. Tom is your first class, grade A redkneck. He was doing the talking and I was sitting there just listening. He had a big fight with his girlfriend and was using my ears to blow off some steam. Tom caught me by surprise when he did a complete 360 when he asked me, "Boy, you ever fucked a girl?" I just nodded my head no while turning four shades redder. Then he hoarsely barked, "You ever had a blow-job boy?"

"No sir!"

Then he howled, "You do got a dick, don't you boy?"

I was shaking my head yes and said, "Yes sir."

Tom scratched his scraggly beard and told me to fetch him another beer. I did what he told me to do and I handed him his beer. He took the beer with his right hand, but his left hand grabbed my butt and started squeezing my cheeks kind of hard.

Tom said, "Damn boy, your ass is tight and firm; you sure you're a boy?"

"Yes sir, I am a boy."

He released my butt and I sat down opposite him. I watched him as he adjusted his dick in his pants and he saw me looking.

"Shit Timmy, you done got my cock all flustered from your tight little ass!"

I didn't say a word and remained seated just starring at him. He kept on with his barrage of questioning and I blamed it pretty much on the alcohol. Tom had polished off about seven beers along with how many other beers he had finished prior to coming over. He got up and went to the bathroom, but when he returned, he sat down on the sofa next to me.

"Timmy, you mean to tell me as cute as you are, you ain't never had your little dick sucked?" His left hand grabbed my right thigh and was rubbing them kind of gentle.

Nervously, I responded, "No sir!"

His left hand got closer and closer to my baggy leg opening and I could tell I was as hard as a brick and if he looked down, he sure would see my dick tenting against my shorts. Neither of us spoke as his hand crawled under the opening and when his hand touched my balls, I almost jumped out of the chair. I felt his finger as it outlined my balls and my sac and my dick was jumping and throbbing at his gentle touches.

He looked into my eyes and asked, "If you want, I'll be more than happy to suck it for you, that is, if you want me to?"

My brain was saying no, but my head was shaking yes.

"You can't tell anyone I did this for you, you know that, right?"

"Yes, yes sir."

He crawled his large body off of the sofa and was kneeling between my legs. His fingers grabbed my shorts and started pulling them off. I raised my butt to help him slide the shorts off. When my dick came free, my natural instinct was to cover it up with my hands because I was more than embarrassed about the size. Tom tossed my shorts to the other end of the sofa and grabbed both of my wrists and removed them from my aching erection.

"Shit Timmy, you got a pretty cock!"

My legs were partly spread as he started lowering his head. I could feel the heat from his breath causing chills to spring up all over my body. Tom licked the inside of my thighs and my body jerked and twitched uncontrollably. With one sucking motion, he swallowed my little balls into his hot mouth. I thought I was going to die from the burning sensation of my balls inside his mouth as well as his fat tongue rolling over each one of them. He forced his hands under my butt and he was squeezing them while sucking on my burning balls.

Tom was whimpering and moaning as he released my balls from his mouth and I watched as his tongue played with the little bit of pubic hairs I have. After washing my pubic area with his tongue, he began to slowly lick the base of my skinny hard shaft while I felt a couple of his fingers grip the inside of my crack. I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I left them on the cushion and watched Tom with total fascination. His tongue was driving my body to do things it had never done before. I was shaking and jerking as his tongue traveled up the shaft and began gliding over my piss slit. One of his fingers rubbed my butt hole as he opened his mouth and swallowed my cock to the base.

Tom lifted my balls up with his thumb and he sucked them inside his mouth along with my cock. I tried to grab the cushion, but my fingers slid off the fabric as his mouth started going up and down on my cock and balls. I was groaning and moaning as the excitement in my loins was building up. The finger against my butt hole was circling it a mile a minute. The words just sort of spilled out of my mouth without me even thinking,"Oh shit, shit, I, I, I'm ugh, ah!"

I bit my lip as my sperm erupted inside his mouth. My body was bucking and my cock was spewing. Both of my hands grabbed onto his oily hair and held on for dear life. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm while jacking-off. Just when I thought my dick was finished spitting out my sperm, it erupted some more. Tom was making all sorts of noises as my sperm rapidly shot into his mouth. Finally, the intense pleasure subsided and I watched Tom as he leaned his head back and started swallowing my sperm. I couldn't believe he was drinking my spunk, but from the look on his face and the sounds he was making, it seemed that he liked the stuff.

In one fast motion, Tom yanked me forwards and threw my legs over my head. I felt his nose as it popped against my butt hole. Now, I was more embarrassed than ever. I could hear him sniffing like crazy and felt the hot air as he breathed out. I really couldn't believe he was sniffing my bung hole, my poop chute. It felt like he was trying to stick his big nose inside me as he continued to inhale rather deeply. His cell phone rang and it was his girlfriend.

Tom dropped my legs and said, "Timmy my boy, I gotta run, but boy your spunk is sweeter than any pussy juice I've ever tasted, not to mention you got one hot ass. Damn, I can't believe the bitch wants to make up. I was just fixin to eat me some salad!" He got up and walked out of the door. I just sort of remained in that position with my body still shaking and my mind confused due to him sniffing my butt hole.

I fell asleep on the sofa and when I awoke the next morning, I already knew what I wanted to do that day. I wanted to be with a man so bad, I could taste it. I refused to do my morning ritual of jacking myself off, although my dick was harder than ever. I was kind of hoping for Tom to come back over, but I still wasn't sure why he sniffed my bung hole like he did. I put on the same shorts that were very short with the baggy leg openings and intentionally left my underwear off. Our next door neighbor was a nice man probably in his early fifties. His name is Fred and I knew his wife was out of town for family reasons. I always thought he was good-looking. He has salt and pepper hair, about 6' 2" and a slender 180 pounds. Mr. Fred has always been extremely nice to me since I moved in with my uncle. Since his wife was gone, he always drinks his coffee and reads the paper in the sun room directly in front of my bedroom window. After seeing he was there, I darted out of the door.

"Morning Timmy."

"Good morning Mr. Fred."

He was wearing his blue robe as usual as I sat down in front of him, diagonally to his side. I wanted to see if he was wearing any underwear and I positioned myself so that he if wanted to, he could look straight up my puffed up leg opening and see my little dick. I wasn't hard just yet, but I could feel it growing. I could see his hairy legs and his thick, salt and pepper hair on his chest and grew even more excited. His legs were crossed, but I watched and hoped that he would uncross them and allow me a sneak peak of his grown up dick. Mr. Fred always has a smile on his face and we just chatted for a short time. I knew in the back of my mind, that he had looked at my cock several times while we talked. My eyes followed his as they trailed from my face, down to the tented opening.

Just as luck would have it, Mr. Fred uncrossed his hairy legs and my eyes almost popped out, because now I was starring at his extra huge man size cock. The thing must have been, at least, seven or eight inches soft with the foreskin dangling down another two or three inches. It was bigger than any I had ever seen on the internet. I could only see his left ball, and from what I could see, the thing was huge and hairy. Even soft, his dick made up ten of mine in the girth department. Now I know why his wife kind of walks bow-legged! I stared at the mind boggling cock that brought water to my eyes and forced my tongue to swell.

"Timmy, what plans do you have for this fine Saturday?"

"Nothing planned yet sir."

He continued smiling as he replied, "One things for sure, whatever you do, you might want to put on some underwear, cause your pee-pee is kind of on display!"

He gave me a wink after making that remark and I didn't know what else to do. I sat there and put my hands over my lap and pressed my erect cock down. This only forced my little dick to be on display that much more, cause now it was staring straight at him. Mr. Fred didn't say a word, but I saw him take even more glances at my cock. I watched as his dick started to swell and grow. His legs were still slightly spread and the cock became bigger and bigger as each second passed.

In less than a couple of minutes, I watched as Mr. Fred's dick stood out an amazing ten or so inches and was thicker than anything I could ever describe. It looked like his dick belonged on a horse, not a human. I couldn't see his cock head because the foreskin covered it with about an inch or two overhang. I was amazed and fascinated at looking at such a man sized cock. Without noticing it, Mr. Fred was staring at me while I was foaming at the mouth over his enormous dick.

"Timmy, your dick is pointing right at me. Are you aware of this?"

I looked up and he was looking straight into my eyes. "Sir, I uh, no, ugh, sir."

Mr. Fred lifted his robe and brought the flap over his hip revealing all his glory to me and asked, "Is this what you wanted to see?"

Unable to speak, I just nodded my head yes and I think I was licking my lips as I was nodding. I couldn't believe how huge his dick was and I really wanted to touch it to make sure the thing was real. Both of his hairy balls were huge and my eyes jerked as his cock leaped and twitched.

"Go ahead Timmy, do whatever you feel like doing. It's okay!"

I got up out of the chair and my legs felt like I was carrying some heavy weight as I slowly walked over to him. My heart was pounding in my chest and my throat felt mighty dry. Mr. Fred scooted up in the chair and spread his legs wider apart. His big balls dangled freely as his huge cock jumped up and down. I knelt down between his hairy legs and ran my hands on each leg. His hair felt good on my hands as I rubbed my hands through his manly hair on his legs.

Remembering what Tom had done to me, I lowered my head between his legs and started licking on his big balls. There was no way I could get one of them in my mouth, so I just licked them like a lollipop. His big cock rested heavily on my cheek while I took turns licking his balls. I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted my first taste of cock. I ran my tongue up form the base of his thick shaft to his foreskin covered cock head. I could barely put the very tip in my mouth, but I used my tongue to properly bathe it. When my tongue slid under his foreskin, my taste buds were immediately shocked. Pre cum, piss and some sweat flooded my taste glands. At first, I wanted to jerk my mouth off, but something else took over. It was salty and kind of bitter, but soon I either got used to the taste, or I simply ignored it.

Mr. Fred was moaning as I ran my tongue over his covered cock head while using both hands to jerk his rock solid shaft. Not ever having sucked a dick before, I really didn't know what all I was supposed to do. Mr. Fred pulled his skin back and his cock head popped into view. Tons of salty pre cum started flowing from his wide open piss slit, so I slid my tongue over and in his piss slit and readily swallowed all of his pre cum. I shoved a small portion of his thick cock head inside my mouth and gagged before slipping some of it back out. Mr. Fred was pumping his cock while I was playing with his enormous balls. His legs were shaking and he yelled out, "Oh Timmy, oh shit, yes my boy, yes, here it is!" I felt the first gush hit the roof of my mouth, followed by several more thick jets of his hot man sperm. I didn't know if I was ready, willing, or able to swallow his sperm, mainly because I thought it to be disgusting, based on just seeing my own.

His right hand held the back of my head while his cock sprayed my mouth with his hot fluid. I fought back the urge to swallow any of it, but his cock kept shooting more and more and soon my mouth was going to overflow with his semen. Something caused me to gag, and some of his sperm slipped down my throat. It was salty and mildly bitter. After my gagging stopped, more of his thick cream slipped down my throat. Realizing it was not really all that bad, I began swallowing the remainder of his now oozing sperm. After Mr. Fred was done firing off his huge load of sperm, I licked his cock head until he grabbed my head and said it was too sensitive.

He leaned back in his chair and was panting with a large smile on his face. He said, "Hot damn, Debbie (his wife) doesn't even let me bust a nut in her mouth. Oh boy, ah man that felt great." I was still on my knees and as I stood up, I almost fell because my knees were so weak. I was excited I had just sucked a cock and was proud of myself for swallowing a man's load of sperm.

I kind of fell back into the same chair I had been sitting in when he softly said, "Wait my boy, now it is my turn to satisfy you." He tossed the newspaper onto the floor and told me to come to him. I stood next to him and he lowered my shorts and out popped my little five incher. The breakfast table out in the sunroom was made of a heavy wood and he asked me to sit on the edge with my legs on the armrest of his chair. I did as he instructed and my small balls were hanging down over the edge with my cock throbbing right in front of him. He reached out with his right hand and began massaging my balls. The heat from his hand was like an electric current traveling up and down my body. He was so gentle and so kind as he rubbed my thighs and balls ever so lovingly. He licked his lips and lowered his head. I watched as he placed his tongue right on top of my piss slit and kind of rolled it back and forth.

I was in a heavenly ecstacy as his tongue blistered my pulsating cock. He licked my head and took his time washing my shaft with his saliva dripping tongue. His hands pried my already spread legs further apart and he began licking at the crevice inside my thighs. Fred was whimpering while I was moaning and my cock was jumping in quandaries. He raised his head and placed his mouth over my left nipple and I could feel his teeth as they gently clamped down and his tongue teased the very tip while he was applying a great deal of suction. Instinctively, I reached down with my right hand and was going to start jacking-off, but he politely stopped my hand prior to me ever getting that close to my throbbing hard cock.

Fred took turns sucking and biting each nipple before engulfing my cock while gently rolling my balls. His finger slid under my balls and was caressing the area between my sac and my butt hole. My eyes were closed as I leaned back on my elbows enjoying the sensations that completely overwhelmed my body. I was shaking like a falling leaf as his mouth and devoted tongue were performing miracles on my hard cock. It wasn't too long before I felt his finger poke at my poop chute, and by doing so, chills ran up and down my spine.

I felt my sperm as it began to rise and warned him, but Fred was lost in his own little world sucking on my five inches of slender hard meat. His finger dug at my hole just as the first shockwave of my sperm jetted out of my piss slit and into his hot oven burning mouth. I know I was probably screaming as blast after blast of my hot spunk flew out. His finger dug harder as my sperm kept shooting. This was more intense than when Tom had sucked me off. I didn't think I would ever stop shooting, but finally I was down to nothing more than a little dribble. Fred continued to suck my cock, milking the sperm that was left inside my shaft. After he was finished, I looked into his eyes and they were very glassy and he was still whimpering. I could tell he was swallowing my stuff by looking at his Adams apple as it raced up and down with each gulp.

I was fixing to get off the table when Fred placed both of his hands on the backside of my thighs and pushed my legs forward. By the time he was done pushing my legs, my knees were flat on top of the table, just above my head. Just like Tom, Fred lowered his face and shoved his nose right onto my butt hole. I could hear him sniffing like crazy and moaning as he exhaled. Personally, I couldn't come up with any reason for anyone to sniff someone's poop chute, must less find it exciting. I felt somewhat embarrassed and sort of disgusted by someone sniffing my hole. I couldn't do anything but lay there and watch his nostrils flare as he inhaled.

He sniffed for a few seconds and when he slammed his tongue on my hole, I almost jumped out of my skin. It tickled and I thought it was rather disgusting. After all, I had taken a shower last night and had used the bathroom this morning and didn't take a shower after doing so. At first, his tongue tickled me like crazy as I tried to wiggle my body and hold back from giggling. His tongue ran up and down the length of my crack and dug at my hole once it got into the middle. Sometime shortly after the tickling went away, my hole body shook something bad as his tongue on my butt hole was causing me to scream out in pleasure. I tried my best to bite my tongue, but I was screaming, grunting, moaning, whimpering while his tongue twisted and turned on my butt hole.

His finger joined his tongue and it began to press against my hole with a lot of pressure. A slight pain shot through me as I felt his tongue expand my hole, accompanied by his long probing finger. I didn't know whether I was in pain or dying from pleasure as his finger and tongue traveled deeper and wider than anything ever before inside my butt. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has ever gone up my butt before, only departed, so this was a whole new experience for me.

I could feel every twist and turn his finger made up my butt and the burning sensation increased the farther and wider his finger traveled. My hands covered my eyes and mouth as I began shouting and grunting as his finger and tongue journeyed deeper and deeper up my poop chute. My world of emotions were one of mixed feelings. It hurt like hell, but felt really good as well. I bit my knuckles as I felt his finger start ramming in and out of my bung hole while his tongue explored my anal canal. His hands tore at my cheeks to spread them farther than ever so his tongue and finger could have more room to invade my anal cavern. I was screaming into my hands as he plundered in and out of my burning hole. The pain was intense, but the pleasurable feeling seemed to do battle with the pain.

Just as the pain of his finger was about to dwindle, Fred shoved a second finger inside me forcing me to scream out in agony. It seemed the more I screamed at the burning and searing pain, the more animalistic his behavior became. It felt like a hot poker iron had been shoved up my butt and something was tearing me up, starting from the outside of my body, working its way inside. I was being split in two, or so it seemed. Sometime later, something inside my butt gave and his fingers started feeling really good and my own cock was spewing out pre cum by the bucket loads.

Mr. Fred's eyes were closed and he was moaning and whimpering as I watched him repeatedly shove his tongue in and out of my butt. No longer disgusted or embarrassed, I reached down and grabbed my cheeks and yanked them outwards so more of his delightful tongue could penetrate my rectum. His nose was pressed against my balls and every time he moved his face in any direction, my balls got a blast of his hot breath and the skin to skin contact was massaging my balls to the point that they were on fire. Never had I ever imagined someone actually putting their tongue up my butt hole, but now, I was delirious with emotions as my sperm began to boil in my balls.

He used his hands to guide me to roll over onto my stomach. Fred guided me into the position he wanted me to be in and I followed his guidance like a boy scout. By the time I was in position, my upper body was flat on the table and I was on my knees with my legs spread extremely wide apart. Immediately, his tongue re-entered my butt hole sending my mind into another state. His hands massaged my butt cheeks before he sank two fingers deep into my bowels. In no time, I found myself rocking my butt onto his thrusting fingers and lapping tongue. The familiar pain at my rear entrance shot through my body as his third finger plunged deep inside my anal canal. The pain was not as bad as the first two and my butt never missed a thrusting moment. I was screaming in pleasure as Fred worked my butt hole over with his thick tongue and long fingers. I could feel his fingers as they spread inside my anal cavern, often times twisting and turning in the process.

Mr. Fred removed his fingers and said, "Let's take this to my bedroom!" I jumped up off the table and fell against one of the chairs. My legs were so weak and my body shaking violently. I was no longer scared, but I definitely had no control over my body as I tried to carefully take one step at a time. Mr. Fred held me tight and helped me inside his home, down the hallway and into his bedroom. He gently lay me on my back and stood up and just stared at me for a short while, then he softly whispered, "Christ all mighty, I have dreamed of this moment since you moved in next door. Oh my, sweet, young Timmy, you are more than I envisioned. I have made love to my wife hundreds of times just thinking it was you, and not her. Ugh, your ass is sweeter than my dreams allowed me to taste and your sweet precious sperm is more delicious than anything I have ever savored. Timmy, Timmy, you are so beautiful, my innocent young angel.!"

He lowered himself onto the bed and slammed his mouth onto my twitching cock. His left hand gently squeezed and rolled my balls while his mouth was rifling on my cock at a rapid pace. Mr. Fred's right hand reached up and started tweaking my left nipple. I stifled a scream as my balls sent my juices stream lining out of my cock and into his sucking mouth. My body was bucking as the sperm felt like bolts of electricity shooting out of my piss slit. He inserted two fingers up my butt hole and I lost all, if I ever had any, control. Tears began to roll across my face as his fingers darted in and out of my bung hole while his mouth ravished my cock, along with his snake like tongue. Blast after electrifying blast fired from my cock and into his sucking mouth. I was crying and he was whimpering as my hot fluid rapidly filled his mouth. Thanks to his fingers pounding at my hole, I had no idea when my sperm explosion had finished. All I knew was that I was driving my hips onto his stabbing fingers, enjoying every square inch of his exploring long fingers. I must have finished, because Fred took his mouth off of my now deflated cock, smiled and slowly drank my sperm.

He removed his fingers from my bung hole and squeezed his tongue between my crack and began licking all over, striking my hole from time to time. He raised his lips up and started to lick my small patch of pubic hair and bare skin on my pubic region. His tongue traveled upward and his body began to press onto mine. I felt his enormous cock as it slid against my mid section, leaving a trail of pre cum in its wake. His hands reached out and pushed mine over my head and held me there while his tongue licked my underarms. It tickled, but it felt extremely awesome as he licked and sucked each armpit. I almost jumped off the bed when he rammed his thick tongue into my right ear. The feeling was tremendous and his tongue in my ear caused my own little cock to rise back to its hardened state. Fred worked on both my ears with his darting tongue and his hot breath.

I was making all kinds of noises and my mouth was wide open as his tongue traced my top lip, then my bottom lip. I felt his tongue as it entered my open mouth and began lapping at my teeth and rested tongue. His tongue slid under mine, raised it and he wrapped his lips around my tongue and sucked my saliva rather eagerly. After he released my tongue with his sucking mouth, our tongues collided. My cock was bouncing up and down and side to side as we lay there in a passionate embrace and deep heart warming kiss. As our lips broke their seal, he looked into my eyes and softly asked, "Will you let me make love to you?" Unable to speak due to my heavy breathing, I shook my head yes.

My eyes were already filled with water as I tried to watch him as he went to a dresser to get something. I was still shaking and trembling and my mind was dazed and confused. Not being able to focus my eyes properly, I felt him kneel on the bed. He used his hands to roll me over onto my stomach. Thinking of the position I once was in, I got onto my knees, lowered my upper body so that my face was resting on its left side on the soft mattress and spread my legs wide. There was a mirror directly to the side I had my face pointing and I watched as he lowered his face back to my butt. I saw his tongue stick out, then I felt it as it poked my butt hole. I saw him pour something onto his horse like cock and he began to stroke it up and down its entire length.

When I saw Fred stand up on his knees and grab his thick pole with his right hand, I knew then that he wanted to stick that thing up my butt. While watching him stroke his cock, I felt three fingers slide up my hole. There was no pause with his fingers as they began slamming in and out of my jutted butt hole. Then I felt the fourth finger as it pried its way inside. The pain tore through me like a firecracker exploding inside my butt. I bit down hard on the mattress in a feeble attempt to relieve some of the pain. My hands grabbed the bed cover and held it firmly in my clutches as the four fingers plundered inside my butt. I vaguely heard Fred say, "Oh Timmy, oh Timmy, your ass is real hot and tight. It's been so long since I have had a virgin ass. Ugh, ah yes, I'm going to make love to your sweet asshole for a long time!" I cried out, "It's gonna hurt real bad, I know it's gonna hurt!" Fred responded, "Shush my sweet little angel. It will only hurt for a short time, then you will feel like you have conquered the world. This, I promise you!"

I was about to say something, but then he quickly withdrew his fingers and my eyes opened wider than ever as I looked into the mirror and saw him inch closer on his knees holding his massive weapon in his right hand. I felt the head of his foreskin covered cock as it pressed against my hole. He applied more and more pressure to my puckered tight bung hole. I must have blinked, cause the pain of his thick cock head penetrated my hole and I screamed out, "Ah shit, no, no, please, I, I, I'm bleeding, oh God, it hurts real bad, ugh!" I felt like I was being torn in half, as well as a tremendous urge to go take a poop. His left hand held my left hip in a tight grasp as he inched a little more of his inhuman cock up my splintered hole. I was on fire as wave after wave of painful man meat punished my anal canal as it crept upward, stretching my anal canal farther than ever before.

The pain was so intense, I thought I had blacked out, but I knew that I had no such luck. The more I screamed, Fred slipped another inch or two deep inside my bowels. My head began butting the mattress as if I would be able to knock myself out. I bit my lips, my hands, and the mattress in an attempt not to scream out at the top of my lungs from this mind bursting, intense, tearing, fiery pain. The tears rolling from my eyes were not tears of joy; they were tears of pain as his huge cock tore further and wider, inch by massive inch. I tried to leap forward to avoid the penetrating monster, but his grasp on my hip was too strong. My legs were shaking and it felt like was blood was dripping from my bung hole as his thick and long cock journeyed to its depth.

What seemed like hours later, I felt his large balls as they rested next to my own shriveled up balls. His hair was smashed against my spread butt cheeks. My head felt like it was going to bust as he held his cock firmly implanted, buried to the hilt, inside my rectum. Fred's voice cracked as he said, "Oh sweet heaven, your asshole is tighter than any ass I've ever had. Timmy, oh my beautiful Timmy, shit yes!" He began to slowly withdraw the monster, inch by inch, then slowly shove it all the way back in me. What seemed like an eternity had passed and the intense burning pain started to slowly fade away. I reached back with both hands and aggressively tore at my cheeks to tear them open so I could get all of his man meat up my ass. My hips began bucking back to welcome his driving thrust.

I shocked myself by yelling what I was thinking, "Fuck me, oh please, please fuck me, give me all your cock, shit yeah, ugh, ah, oh shit, fuck me hard!" His pounding thrusts started to knock the wind right out of me, but the pleasure I was feeling from inside my asshole was driving me delirious with a confusing passion. I started slamming my ass onto his pole, enjoying the pleasure I was getting from his huge cock deeply rooting inside my anal canal. With both hands on my butt cheeks and his massive cock ripping my ass chamber, my cock erupted, sending gallons of my sperm flying onto the bed spread. The harder he pumped, the harder I shoved my butt back, and the more sperm I shot out. I was crying from joy and whimpering from delusion as my cock sprayed my thick juices everywhere on the bed. Fred now had both hands on my hips, driving me hard onto his invading pole. The sound of flesh crushing against flesh echoed throughout his home, along with my pleas to fuck me.

Fred alternated paces, but my ass wanted the harder pounding of his animal size cock. He tried to slow down, but I continued thrusting my ass onto his weapon. The harder he slammed his pole into me, the more I wanted, or should I say, the more I needed. Fred started to pull his cock all the way out of my greedy ass, pause for a second or two, and then slammed it all the way home. As his cock left my asshole, I felt awkwardly empty, but as he slid it back inside me, I felt full again.

Something strange, more of a good feeling, controlled my every emotion. He reached under my right thigh and pulled my leg off of the bed and held it high while he assaulted my hole with his deadly weapon. He tore me up from that position for a short while before he pulled his cock all the way out. "Roll onto your back and lift your legs!" I did as he instructed and he pushed my legs over my head so that my knees extended over my head and rested firmly into the mattress. My previously shot sperm was all over my back as he inserted the enormous cock into my puckering pucker hole. I felt every square inch of his man meat as it ripped its way through until his balls began slapping against mine. The weight of his body trapped my body as he pounded the thick beast in and out of my asshole.

His hands dug into my thighs as his thrusts became heavier and harder. I squeezed my anal muscles as hard as I could, and as soon as I did, my cock shot sperm into my open mouth. Several thick, gooey, white globs of my sperm fired off into my mouth. Some struck my nose and top lip, as well as my chin and throat area. I grabbed a hold of my dick with my right hand and pumped my cock free of all its sperm. My own sperm started to slide down my throat and the taste was much more different than that of Fred's. It wasn't salty, nor bitter. It was just warm and chunky with little to no flavor at all. I darted my tongue out and swiped the glob of sperm stuck to my top lip. Fred was pounding my ass and I was pounding my cock. I did my best to jack-off directly over my mouth to catch all of my spewing sperm.

Fortunately, several volleys of my sperm landed directly into my mouth. Fred began to ram his horse meat into my ass with a fiery vengeance and my cock twitched and jerked a few more times while I continued to stroke the meat right off of my shaft. The ass plowing cock was doing a number inside me as my cock spit up one more time. I pumped my own sperm directly into my mouth, savoring the taste as each splat corroded my mouth. Fred began changing paces with his anal assault and I literally thought I died and went to heaven. Both of us were sweating, moaning, grunting, and whimpering. I kept screaming, "Fuck me, fuck my asshole, oh yes, please give it to me!" Fred's eyes were closed rather tightly as he thrashed his huge pole in and out of my sucking asshole.

My dick was completely soft, but I still pounded it like tomorrow would never come. Fred released his digging hands from my thighs, held the back of my head and shot his tongue straight inside my moaning, sperm drinking mouth. We were swapping tongues as he grunted and I felt the first forceful blast shoot out of his dick and travel farther than before. Several tremendous thick sperm torpedoes shot up my ass as his cock continued to plow me. I could feel each of his blasts, as well as the sensuous feeling of his cock as it slid in and out of my needy bung hole. Fred's body twitched and jerked as the last of his man size load left his cock and found a temporary home up my poop chute.

He fell onto me with our tongues still locked in a bitter battle. His cock was rapidly deflating inside my butt as I did my best to constrict my butt muscles. Both of us were gasping for breath as his slick cock slipped out and dangled between his hairy legs. Fred rolled off of me and fell onto his back on my right side. He just stared at the ceiling, kind of starry eyed as my eyes stared at his thick tool. The foreskin did not hide the fact that some of his sperm was still oozing out, so I quickly got on my hands and knees and shoved the head of his foreskin covered cock inside my mouth. Using my hands, I carefully unsheathed his head and began licking and sucking his excess sperm right out of his gaping piss slit. I tasted the lubricant, his salty sperm, and my own ass juice as I sucked the man dry.

Fred's cock never got hard, but he was moaning like crazy as I continued my oral assault on the cock that had busted my virgin ass wide open. His cock became too sensitive so he politely grabbed my head and removed my sucking mouth from it. I was looking him straight into his eyes and he smiled and whispered, "Christ Timmy, you're a better lover than my wife.!" Smiling back, I asked, "Thank you, but when will she be coming back home!"