Fly Boy Dylan
By: Jim Carter

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© 2000 Jim Carter

This was one of the strangest Sunday afternoons I have ever spent at our flying field. I fly radio-controlled airplanes as a hobby and one of the club members' wives is a social worker and organized this activity. She twisted about twenty arms and got us to volunteer to teach some kids to fly. These kids were not dangerous or violent, but were kids that would soon be in the 'system' if someone or something didn't cause a change in their lives. She didn't know if teaching them to fly model airplanes would help or not, but she thought it was worth a try. She really cared about these boys, which apparently their parents didn't.

Looking over at the boys most were dressed sloppy and acted like they could care less what happened to them or to the world for that matter. I really didn't want to be here and didn't really want to try to teach any of these boys. Then I saw a boy that looked like his smile was just for me. I swear that every time I looked his way, our eyes made contact. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt both looked to be several sizes too small. Until we finished our little air show, the kids were kept behind the pits for safety.

The real purpose of activities today was to let the boys get to know us and then match a boy with an adult to teach him to fly. As soon as the demonstration flying was over, the boys were allowed in the pits to talk with the pilots.

The boy that had caught my attention made a beeline to me. Smiled, stuck out his hand and said. "Hi, I am Dylan, will you teach me to fly?"

I shook his hand. "I am Jim, I will be happy to teach you." I wanted to ask him why he picked me without talking to any of the other pilots; I am not the best pilot nor is the plane I brought the best looking.

"Great, I wanted to make sure I got to you before someone else grabbed you."

"Why did you pick me?"

"I like your smile. I just knew I would like you and thought you would like me too."

"Thank you Dylan, I like your smile too."

"Do you think you will like me too?"

When he looked up and grinned at me, I could only grin back and say. "Yes, I am sure of it. Who could not like that wonderful smile?"

"Thanks Jim." He hugged me so tight I thought I might need some oxygen. I hugged him back and he just beamed his smile.

We were officially signed up as pilot and student. I hooked up my transmitter for an old trainer to the buddy box and gave Dylan his first lesson. He did well and listened to every instruction. On his second flight, I didn't have to take over the plane but once after take off and before landing. He was catching on quickly and was so excited that we flew until it was almost dark.

I told Brenda (the social worker that arranged this experiment) that I would take Dylan home. Brenda told me he was a good boy and tried to take care of his mother who was a drug user. Brenda said Dylan had gotten into a little trouble, but it was basically just being in the wrong crowd. He was also skipping a lot of school and his grades were not too good, but he wasn't failing or anything like that. She said he was a very bright boy that tried to hide it.

Dylan and I stopped to grab a bite to eat before going home. My wife was with a group of her friends, so I knew she wouldn't be home for a while. We usually ate separately on Sundays anyway.

"Jim flying is awesome, thank you so much. Dinner too, thanks."

"You're very welcome. I enjoyed our day too."

The closer we got to Dylan's apartment, the quieter he got. He told me bye in the truck, but I insisted on walking him inside. I wanted to meet his mother. He opened the door with his key and his mother was nowhere to be found. He again told me thanks and he had a wonderful day.

When he saw that I was not going to leave until his mother came back he became embarrassed and said. "She may not be back for a few days. Please don't tell the social worker. The last time I was in a home where they beat me. Besides I just found a new friend that is teaching me to fly." He looked at me with such sad puppy dog eyes; I didn't want to think about this kid being put in some home. I knew that I couldn't just leave him either.

I went to Dylan and hugged him. "Dylan, I can't leave you without your mom being here. I am sure it is against the law or something for me to take you home with me, but do you mind staying with me until we can get this worked out?"

"Heck no, I would love to stay with you. Are you really going to let me stay with you?"

"I will have to talk it out with my wife and then talk to Brenda, but I don't want you to have to go to some home where you will be beaten."

"Thanks Jim, I knew I liked you."

"Get your school clothes, I will take you to school tomorrow."

He laughed. "School has been out for two weeks. My friends are going to summer school, but I don't have to."

"Sorry, I guess you can tell we don't have any kids of our own."

"Its okay, I am sure my mom doesn't know school is out either and she has a kid." He looked very sad when he said that. I just hugged him.

After a couple of minutes, I held him away from me; I could see he was fighting back tears. "Tell you what. I will take tomorrow off and we will get this straightened out and we might even get some flying in. Would you like that?"

His eyes brightened and he got the biggest grin. "Would I! I would love that." He grabbed me harder than before and just held on.

I gave him a squeeze and patted him on the butt. "Go get some clean clothes and we will leave a note for your mother."

"You have been so nice to me. Thanks! I'll be right back."

I suddenly realized that I didn't know anything about Dylan, but was quickly beginning to think of him as the son I never had. I also realized that this was not something that my wife would like much. We had basically tolerated each other for the last couple of years. We were not what you might consider a happy couple. We didn't argue and fight, we just stayed out of each other's way most of the time.

I wrote a note for Dylan's mother and let him read it. I watched him as he read. He got a big grin on his face as he gave it back to me. "Do you mean it? I will be staying with you?"

"At least until your mother gets back or the social worker says no."

"Why do we have to tell her?"

"For one thing, she cares about you very much. For another, I want to keep teaching you to fly and if we did something behind her back she might stop that. Also, it is the right thing to do."

"I just like being with you and I don't want them to take me away."

"I like being with you too and the best chance of us being able to enjoy being together is to do it with Brenda's help."

"Okay, I know you like me, I can tell. I hope you're right about doing it with her help."

By this time we were back to the truck. Dylan hurried in and as I was buckling my seatbelt he gave me kiss on the cheek and grinned as he buckled himself in. Dylan is so cute he is almost pretty. He has brown hair that is almost shoulder length. His body type can't be called anything but skinny. You already know that his grin can get him anything with me. He looks to be about five feet tall.

"How old are you Dylan?"

"I just turned twelve last month, but I can do my share of work. I will work hard."

"You don't have to work, but if you want to help with something around the house you can, but you won't be expected to do anything."

"I want you to want me to stay. Usually if I work really hard, the people don't hate me as much."

"I could never hate you. You just be a twelve year old boy."

"Thanks." He turned away, but I could tell he had tears in his eyes. I assume they are tears of joy.

When we got home, Joy hugged Dylan and made him feel welcome. Of course later, she gave me a hard time about not taking to her before bring home a street urchin. I told her to not worry about Dylan that she wouldn't be expected to provide anything for the boy. I showed Dylan around the house told him to make himself at home. I told him if he got hungry during the night to come make himself a sandwich or anything else he wanted. The cook came in about then and asked him if there were any foods he didn't like or didn't want to eat. He said he didn't like green peas. Cook and I both had a big laugh.

Dylan looked puzzled and I said. "I told him when he came to work here that we would get along fine as long as he didn't put green peas on my plate."

Dylan gave me that killer grin. "You too huh?"

"Me too bud."

We went into the den to watch some TV. Joy was in there and left quickly when we sat down.

"I don't think she likes me much."

"Since I do like you, she probably doesn't. Don't worry about it, she hates everything I care about."

"That sounds sad."

"I guess it is. Sometimes I think we stay together just to make each other miserable. We don't spend much time together."

"I'm sorry if I make it more difficult."

"You don't, you make this house livable. I usually just spend my waking hours in the shop working on my airplanes or what ever else I need to do. I have about everything I need out there."

"Do you sleep with your wife?"

"No, we have not slept together for a couple of years."

Dylan gave me a sly look like he wanted to ask something else but didn't.

After the movie we were watching was over, I notice Dylan was fighting to stay awake. "I know you're too old, but since it is a strange house. After you take your shower, I will be in to tuck you in."

"I am not too old. I know my mom did it when I was younger, but I don't remember being tucked in. I think I will like it."

I heard the shower stop and gave him time to get in bed before I went in to tuck Dylan in bed. I sat on the side of his bed and looked into his beautiful green eyes. "We have had a full day. I hope you sleep well in a strange house."

"I am sure I will sleep good. I have had a lot of fun today. Thanks for taking such good care of me. Nobody likes me like you do, not even my mom."

"I am sure your mom loves you. Sometimes we forget what is really important to us. Thank you for picking me."

"I knew as soon as I saw you, I was going to pick you. I just had to make sure no one else got there first."

"You were quick. We will have a lot of fun together. Now close your eyes and get some sleep." I kissed him on the forehead.

He brought both arms from under the cover and hugged me around the neck. He kissed me hard on the lips. "Good night Jim".

"Good night sweet Prince."

I went to my bedroom and I was asleep almost immediately. All of my dreams had Dylan as my son and we did all sorts of things as father and son. I woke with a smile on my face ready to take on the day.

It was about 7:30 when I knocked on Dylan's door. I had to knock again a little harder before I heard a sleepy come in. As I opened the door and looked at Dylan he gave me his best grin. "Good morning. I had good dreams all night last night. Thanks again for taking me with you."

"I had good dreams too. I kissed his nose and pulled him into a hug. I am sorry to wake you so early, but I thought we would get an early start. Flying early in the morning before it gets hot is one of the best times to fly."

He hugged my neck again and gave me another big kiss on the lips. "Kewl, I will be ready in a second." He jumped out of bed at the speed of light. I didn't notice until he was at the dresser picking out his clothes that he was naked. His little butt cheeks were so cute. I caught myself getting excited. I said. "I have to take a quick shower, I will meet you at breakfast."

I had to hurry out of there before my excitement showed.

We talked at breakfast and decided to go see Brenda rather than call. When we got to her office, I noticed the note I left for Dylan's mom on her desk. Brenda said. "I was just about to call you, I am glad you came in." She saw me looking at the note and the worried look on my face. "Yes, we have been to Dylan's house. His mom was arrested yesterday she has agreed to rehab and will be there for at least a few months this time. When I read your note, I got to thinking you might be willing to take Dylan in while his mother was in rehab. I am afraid we don't have a foster home available to send him to."

"Of course I will take him. That is exactly why we came by was to see if I could be his official or unofficial guardian when his mother was out of pocket."

"I was hoping so and so I have started getting the paper work together. I have never seen Dylan so happy, so I know he is willing. Am I right Dylan?"

"Yes ma'am, I forgot to thank you yesterday. Thank you very much."

"Okay, be in Judge Digby's court at 3pm this afternoon."

We spent the day flying. Dylan was quickly becoming a pilot. He was able to land a few times on his own before we left for the courtroom. It was a pretty quick hearing. He asked both of us a few questions and then granted custodial guardianship of Dylan to me. Brenda said it was unusual and she was surprised. She said she figured a temporary guardianship at best, but was pleased. I told her that Judge Digby and I had been playing golf together for several years, so he knew me very well.

"I should have known that old goat wasn't just taking my recommendation after all these years."

"I see you have known him for a few years yourself." We all laughed.

When we went to the judge's chambers to pick up the papers. Judge Digby said. "Brenda, you didn't tell Jim I was an 'old goat' did you?"

"Would I say something like that judge?"

"I figured as much. Well, I am glad two of my most favorite people are on the same side here. Dylan, you have two very good people working to help you, I hope you take this opportunity and make the best of it."

"I will do my best sir."

"Good, I believe you will young man."

Dylan was beside himself with joy that only a twelve year old can generate. I was just as happy, but as an adult have forgotten how much fun it is to just laugh and be happy. We were both in such a wonderful mood, but Joy soon caused us to retreat into our little world.

All during the summer Dylan progressed in his flying. He was considered a pilot now and got his pilot's license. He was very careful and I trusted him flying any of my airplanes. We had been building on a new plane just for Dylan. He loved working on his plane. He did all the work, I just helped with questions and made sure his first effort was a success. I would also show him tricks and tips to make his building project easier. We were almost inseparable.

As the months passed Dylan and I became closer. We loved working together in the shop. We didn't miss any opportunity to hug. When we found out that Dylan's mother was to be released from rehab, we both felt a sadness knowing our time together was going to be curtailed.

"Jim can I stay with you even after my mom gets out? I don't want to go live with her, nobody loves me like you do."

"I will always be here for you. I love you too. I am sure your mother wants to be with you." Then I got the bright idea that maybe we could take kill two birds with one stone so to speak. "Dylan, do you think maybe your mother might like to come to work here?"

"Would you do that for me?"

"I will do anything for you, but actually I am doing it for both of us. I can tell you like the idea, now if we can convince your mother."

"I think that will be easy. She never keeps a job for very long and this way we can make sure she stays sober."

Dylan's mother liked the idea and it didn't seem to bother her that she was living in the maid's apartments and Dylan was living as part of the family. She didn't really seem that interested in Dylan. That part bothered me more than just a little. How could a mother not seem to care about her son?

When school started, I decided to talk to her about how she wanted to handle checking his homework and the like. I was very surprised when she said. "I don't care, you can check his homework if you want. It is all over my head, besides I get off at 5pm."

I really didn't understand that comment. "I will be happy to check his homework. I like working with him. He is such a good boy and a lot of fun too."

"You didn't have to change his shitty diapers. I am glad you keep the kid out of my hair. You can take care of the little faggot any way you want."

I was so mad; I didn't want this woman in my house. I didn't loose my temper and just walked away. I had noticed that mother and son didn't spend any time together, but the faggot comment took me by surprise. I wanted to find out what she meant by her comment, but I couldn't talk to her just now. I was too angry to talk to her without loosing my temper.

We settled into a routine after that. Dylan's mother did her job, but was using drugs again, or at least we suspected that she was. Dylan and I would work in the shop every day. He would do his homework then help me with the projects I was working on. Joy left us alone for the most part. Dylan brought his grades up and was making all A's after about a year. I couldn't have loved him more if he were my son. One of the few times Joy was with us watching television, I said. "Dylan, would you like to have a party or something for your thirteenth birthday?"

"Well, can I have a pool party and then have a campout back in the woods behind the house?"

"That sounds fine with me. What do you think, Joy?"

"I don't care whatever you two want to do is fine with me. You two take care of it."

"We will take care of it."

"Whatever." She got up and left us alone.

Dylan came and sat in my lap. "Why doesn't she like me? I have tried to make he like me, but she just doesn't."

I wiped a tear from his cheek. "I think in some ways she may be jealous that we have so much fun. It's really me that she hates, it isn't you." I kissed him on the nose and he hugged me tight.

I had a surprise when I found out about thirty boys were coming to the party. I had to change the size of the cake. I had to clear more space for more tents where they were going to be camping as well. The boys were well behaved, but I did go out and tell them it was time to get some sleep at about one in the morning. I could tell they didn't sleep much; most of them looked pretty bushed the next day. Dylan slept until almost five that evening.

"Thanks Jim, that was my best birthday ever."

"You're welcome, I had a good time myself."

Dylan got a very serious look in his eyes. "I forget to tell you sometimes, but I don't forget how good you are to me. I love you more than anything. My friends even said I have a cool dad. I didn't tell them that you weren't my dad. I wish you were you know."

"I love you too. I couldn't love you any more if you were my real son."

"Do think it would be okay if I called you dad?"

"I would like that very much." I got to thinking his mother might get upset at that. "I think we should talk to your mother about it, but if she doesn't mind I think it is a wonderful idea."

"Let's go talk to her now."

We found his mother mopping one of the downstairs bathrooms. "Is it okay with you if I call Jim Dad?"

"I don't give a fuck, just stay out of my way." Damn that woman could piss me off.

It didn't seem to bother Dylan. "Yippee!" He jumped into my arms. "I love you Dad."

I carried him into the living room. "I love you too son."

Joy was sitting there. "What a tender moment. I think I will go throw up."

"Just don't get any on the rug."

She left in a huff.

Dylan and I grew closer, for his fourteenth birthday he had a boy-girl party. It was funny to watch for the first hour or so; it was boys on one side, girls on the other.

The DJ was doing his best to get the group dancing, but it wasn't working. I called Dylan aside. "Dylan, if you will go ask one of the girls to dance, your friends will get the hint and do the same."

"I don't want to be the first on out there."

"You are going to have to or your party will be flop."

"Okay Dad."

Dylan walked up to the prettiest girl there and asked her to dance. She went with him to the middle of the floor and they started dancing. One by one the dance floor started filling up.

I am not sure but before the night was over, I think Dylan danced with every girl there.

When all the kids had gone Dylan said. "Thanks dad, it was a great party. Will you tuck me in tonight?"

"Sure go get your shower and I will tuck you in."

When I got there to tuck him in, he was naked sitting on the side of his bed and looked to be deep in thought.

I touched his shoulder. "A penny for them."

He looked at me. "A penny for what?"

"Your thoughts, you looked deep in thought."

"I was just thinking how good these last two years have been. It is like two separate lives. You have made me so happy. I feel so special. I love you so much."

"You have made me just as happy. I love you too. I didn't know giving flying lessons could bring me so much joy." I pulled back the covers on his bed. "You better get some sleep, you look pretty tired."

He climbed in bed, I noticed he was starting to get an erection, but he didn't seem to notice or care. "I am a little tired." He pulled me down into a kiss. "Thanks for being my Dad and thanks for loving me so much."

"I love being your Dad and thanks for being such a good son. Now get some sleep and I will see you in the morning." I kissed his nose and got up and went to bed myself.

There were three other boys still participating in the flying program and all that were still participating were doing much better in school and staying out of trouble. All seemed to be much happier boys too.

Just after Dylan's fourteenth birthday, his mother came to me and told me that she wanted to go out of state, but she didn't want the boy with her. She said she had some information that should be worth something to me. She wanted ten thousand dollars for a stake at a new life.

I asked to be allowed to adopt Dylan and she agreed if I would give her the ten thousand. I wanted to talk with Dylan before I agreed.

"Dylan, your mother wants to move to Washington."

"I am not going. I will not live with her ever again. I want to stay with you."

I didn't feel it necessary to tell him that she didn't want to take him. "I want you to stay. I asked her to let me adopt you and she has agreed if I will give her some money to move on. I want to know for sure that you want me to adopt you before I agree."

"Are you crazy? I have already been telling my friends you're my dad. Yes, fucking A yes I want you to adopt me!" I have never heard him use such language. He was grinning bigger than I thought possible. He jumped into my lap, hugged me around the neck, and kissed me very hard. "I love you dad."

"I love you too son."

Once the papers were signed, I gave Dylan's mother a check for a hundred thousand dollars. "This is way more than I was asking. You must really like that little bastard."

"I do love Dylan very much and if I ever hear you talk about my son like that again, I will not be responsible for my actions. I gave you more money so that you will have a chance at a decent life in Washington, no other reason."

"Don't you want to know the information I was trying to sell you?"

"Whatever, tell me and then we can part ways."

"Your wife is fucking her tennis instructor every Tuesday and Thursday at two o'clock in the pool changing cabana."

I was pretty sure she was having sex someone, but didn't really care enough to find out whom. Now that I knew whom and when, I decided to do something about it.

I set up a hidden video camera in the cabana and came home about ten after two the next Tuesday. I went in with my digital camera and fired off a couple of shots before they knew someone had come in on them. Then I said smile for the camera whore, I want to make sure I get your best side. Joy got up and said, "You bastard how dare you. I will divorce you and take everything."

"That just shows what a dumb cunt you really are. What makes you think you will get a dime from me? Maybe your whore boyfriend will support your expensive habits, but most whores only fuck when they are paid."

"Don't call me a whore mother fucker." The dumb jock took a swing at me. I decked him and then stepped on his cock that was still covered in pussy juice.

"You want me to crush this slimy cock whore boy?"

"No please don't. Man I was just trying to make a buck."

"Get the fuck up and get out of here." He grabbed for his clothes. "No, I think I will keep those for evidence. You drive home naked whore boy." I threw him his wallet keys and change. He took off naked to his car. I laughed wondering how many stares he got in his convertible.

Joy tried to slap me. I caught her hand. "Now cunt, you grab your purse and get the fuck out of my house. Oh, by the way, I cancelled your credit cards this morning."

"How am I supposed to live?"

"Don't know and don't give a fuck. I just want you out of my sight."

Just as I figured she had an attorney contact me about an hour later. I told him to deal with my attorney. I instructed my attorney to offer her a settlement if she would leave town never to return. Not a penny until the divorce was final. It was not enough for her to live on, but she was educated and could get a job. She made her bed, so to speak; now let her lay in it.

When Dylan got home from school and heard the news, he couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry Jim, I know it isn't funny, but I think we will both be happier without her and my mother around. Neither of them liked either one of us. To be honest I didn't like them either."

"You know son, you're right. We need to celebrate tonight. Let's dress up and go out for dinner, just us guys."

"Great, I hated that suit when you bought it for me, but now I like it."

We had a fantastic dinner and we both laughed so much we were sore. We got in pretty late. "You better get your shower big boy, it is pretty late."

"Will you tuck me in?"

"Yes, I will tuck you in. It's been a couple of years. Now wanting it twice within a week. What brought this on?"

"Nothing, I want to you to tuck me in though." The more I thought about it the more I wanted to tuck in my boy. I couldn't love him anymore if he were of my flesh. Maybe it was because he did without loving for so long or maybe it is just his nature, it doesn't matter, he is a sweet and loving boy. I am so proud of him.

I took my shower too and when I was finished I put on some warm-up bottoms and went to tuck in Dylan. He had his I am up to something grin on. I sat on the side of his bed and brushed his hair. He wears his hair short now, not quite a buzz cut, but almost. I didn't think it possible, but he is even better looking with short hair. "What are you up to? I know that grin and it says I am up to something."

"No, not this time. I am just so happy it is just you and I. I used to be a bastard, but now I have the best dad in the world. I love you so much."

"I love you too. I think I knew when you smiled at me that first day at the field that you had captured something in me. I am pretty sure I loved you then."

"I knew then that I wanted you, I mean I liked you and wanted you to be my teacher. It took until that night when you took me home with you that I knew I loved you. I knew you loved me too that same night." He grabbed me around the neck so tight and kissed me on the lips. It almost felt like he was testing to see if I would allow his tongue in. I would like to, but I can't go there.

I kissed both his eyes and we said our good nights.

When school was out, we were planning an Alaska cruise for our vacation. We were both looking forward to this vacation and we were both getting anxious waiting for our departure date. The night before our flight I suggested we get to bed early so that we would be refreshed for the early morning flight.

I thought I was having a dream of getting my cock sucked, but as I became more awake I realized that it was not a dream. I threw the covers back. "Dylanů What?"

"I'M SORRY!" He screamed and ran out of my bedroom. I ran after him. He ran into his room and was sobbing.

"I'M SORRY! You have been so good to me. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me! Please don't hate me! I'm sorry. Please don't hate me!"

I held him and rubbed his back. "I could never hate you. I love you Dylan. Don't cry. I love to see your sweet grin, not those sobbing tears."

"I'm sorry. I've tried to tell you a thousand times, but I was scared I would loose my best friend, then my dad. I love you so much. I never wanted to hurt you. I am just so perverted and you usually sleep so sound. I have done this a lot of times and you never wake up. I used to worry that you would when you cum, but when you didn't I got to taste your sweet cum. I can't help it, I love it."

When he realized that I was not mad or shouting at him he slowly stopped crying and looked into my eyes. "You're not mad at me?"

"Well, a little. You should have woke me so that I could enjoy it."

"Oh you did." Then he looked a little worried again but when I grinned he did too.

"Dylan, I am not sure this is a good idea, but I want you too." He looked down and saw my erection. As he reached for me I saw his starting to fill. By the time I touched him; he was at full mast. We looked into each other's eyes and we kissed. This time, we kissed with plenty of tongue. We lay back on the bed and I pulled him on top of me. It felt so good to have his naked body next to mine.

As our bodies continued to grind together we seemed to be kissing with our souls, it was a much deeper kiss than words can explain. Just before we were about to explode cum all over each other, Dylan turned around on my chest offering his sweet cock to my hungry mouth. "We have to taste each other!" He moaned just before taking my cock into his hot mouth. I knew I was about to cum. I wet my middle finger and found his little hole and hit his hot button a couple of times sending him and myself over the edge. I would have loved to suck him all night long, but I couldn't wait and wanted us to cum together. When we regained our composure we came back together for a long loving kiss.

"That wasn't your first time, was it Jim?"

"No, but it was the best I have ever had."

Dylan hugged even tighter and returned to kissing like a man possessed. We settled down into a loving embrace, no longer in a fit of passion. Dylan's breathing became even and steady he was almost asleep. "I want to wake up every morning in your arms. I love you so much Jim."

"I love you too, but I have to go back to my bedroom or we will never make the flight in the morning."

Dylan got out of bed and grabbed my arm. "Okay, let's go to the other bedroom and sleep there." I got out of his bed and we walked arm in arm into the bedroom with the alarm clock. I couldn't help but grab a handful of boy butt as we walked. "I love your hands on my butt. Tomorrow it will be yours, but if you don't stop now, we will be awake for awhile longer." Dylan took my hand from his butt and kissed it.

As we got into bed, we found a position where we could maintain as much body contact as possible. Dylan put his cock and balls on my side and had his thigh touching my cock and balls. He laid his head on my chest and was soon asleep. I knew I should be asleep too, but it just felt so good holding Dylan, I didn't want to miss any contact at all. I finally managed to get to sleep.

I seemed like I had just gotten to sleep when the alarm shattered my dream state. I shut off the alarm and enjoyed the bundle I held in my arms. My first thought was 'Life Is Good'. I really didn't want to wake my sleeping angel, but today there is not a choice. Dylan's hair smells so fresh, and his body feels so good against mine, I could stay this way forever. Our erections feel good together, but alias I must wake my boy. I started massaging Dylan's body starting at his cute little butt and working up his back. When I reached his neck, I could feel his eye lashes on my chest.

"Good morning Dad!"

"Good morning Son! We have to get moving."

"Hummm, okay." Dylan came up and started kissing me passionately. We were grinding our erections together. I knew it wouldn't be long. I don't know which of us shot the first volley, but it triggered the other and we were pumping vast amounts of cum between our bodies. We never broke our kiss. Between kisses, Dylan said. "That was the best. I love you."

"I love you too, now we better hit the shower."


"Yes, but we have to make it quick, we don't have a lot of time to spare. We will have other showers to play."

We had so much fun washing each other in the shower. We both had erections when we were finished. While drying each other we our kisses started to get passionate. We had to get moving or miss our flight. We made it to the terminal just in time to board, so we were fine with time. The flight was uneventful and so was the bus ride from the airport to the dock.

When we found our cabin, there was an irate customer in the corridor arguing with the purser. Seems they had their daughter and son in the same room, but the room only had one queen bed in it instead of 2 full sized beds. Our room was on the other side of the parents and had 2 full sized beds in it. Dylan poked me in the ribs and said. "We can trade with them and all will be happy." He gave me that 'I am up to something' grin that I loved so much. I spoke up and offered to switch and really did make the purser's day. It pleased his customer too.

We went into our room and lay back on the bed. "I don't know why I wanted to switch rooms, one of those smaller beds were plenty big enough. I want to stay close to you and never let you go. If I had known you wanted to do sexy things too, I would have been caught months ago."

"I am not sure I would have been ready months ago. Let's just enjoy being with each other now." Dylan crawled on top of me and started kissing me passionately. Soon there was a knock on the door. Dylan adjusted his erection so that it didn't show too much and answered the door. The purser gave us a certificate for 50% off our next cruise for rescuing him earlier.

Now it was getting close to our dinnertime. We cleaned up and went to dinner. Since we saw nothing special about our dinning room partners, we left as soon as we finished our dinner. I wanted to have a little talk with Dylan, but I was not sure I wanted to talk as much as I wanted to worship my boy. As soon as we got into our cabin, Dylan wrapped his arms around my neck and started kissing passionately. "Dad, let's not do anything but make up for lost time tonight. I don't really want to do cruise things, I want to be naked with you."

Dylan gave me that look that he knew I couldn't or wouldn't refuse. Of course, refusal wasn't on my mind anyway. "Sounds wonderful to me, I can't wait to be naked with you." The biggest grin came on his face and he started to remove his clothes. "No, let me, besides it is my turn to make up for all the times you have pleasured me in my sleep."

He giggled, "Ok, dad, go for it."

As I would take a piece of clothing off him, I would also take it off me. Dylan tried to touch me several times, but I made him lie back and wouldn't let him use his hands at all. I had both his nipples hard and standing proud. My hands would precede my loving mouth to every inch of his chest. I licked his armpits where his only bit of hair was a tiny bit of brown fuzz. Licking and kissing his pits had us both worked up pretty well. I knew we both need a bit of a breather and I took off our shoes and socks. His feet were so sexy. I took his big toe in my mouth and sucked it tenderly. I took each toe individually into my hungry mouth. Dylan was moaning with great pleasure. I took all his toes in at once. I used my teeth to lightly scrape his heels. I liked his whole foot, then moved to the other one and did the same.

I removed Dylan's slacks and left him in nothing buy his bright white Jockeys. What a beautiful site to behold. It was all I could do to remove my own pants. We were both hard as rocks and our briefs were straining to keep our cocks inside that thin cotton.

I kissed and licked his legs. When I got close to his crotch I had to turn him over, I was about to cum just from smelling that sweet boys crotch. Licking the bend of his knees caused Dylan to moan loudly, or was that me. Try as I might to hold out and make the worship of this boy last, I was so turned on I was about to cum. I quickly moved up to his back and shoulders. The little downy hairs where his spine goes into those jockey shorts was so soft and wonderful, I was about to loose it all. I put my hands in the waistband of his shorts to let him know I was going to remove his shorts. He raised his midsection off the bed to allow me to pull down his shorts. "Hurry dad, I'm so hot. I can't stand it, I'm about to cum."

"Me too, me too. It won't be long now. I can hardly wait to taste your sweet cum. Just hang on." I quickly got out of my shorts too. We were both finally naked. The beauty of his bubble butt was driving me nuts. They felt marvelous in my hands, I couldn't wait to taste them. I kissed each cheek with loving kisses all over those beautiful globes. I let my teeth lightly scraped each of those wonderful globes. I have waited as long as I possibly can. I kiss the top of Dylan's crack and start my trek down. Dylan's butt smelled so clean and inviting, I loved kissing his tight hole. I worked my tongue in and out of his hot hole.

"Dad take me now. Please!"

"Just a little longer son. Turn over now. Hold it for a little longer. Don't cum until I tell you to." I went up and kissed his sweet lips to allow us both to calm down just a bit. I soon couldn't wait any longer and started kissing down Dylan's chest. Stopping at all the points of interest along the way. I didn't touch his beautiful cock, but I got most of his pubic bush wet with my loving tongue. Then I liked the inside of his leg where it joins his body. His boy smell was filling my senses with lust and I was about to loose my load. By the time I was licking and sucking his hot balls, Dylan was about to bounce off the bed. I licked up that perfect boy shaft and all around his purple head. The moans were so urgent. I wanted to suck his cock for much longer, but I knew he needed to cum. "Okay Dylan, give me your sweet juice."

I took him into my mouth and got a couple of strokes in before I felt his cock swell, preparing to fill me with his cum. I came up to where only his head was in my mouth so that I could taste every drop of his sweet juice. The first shot hit the back of my mouth with such force I almost pulled off that hot cock. His cum was so hot and it was filling me so fast, I had to work to swallow fast enough. I cleaned Dylan's cock with my loving mouth and then just held him while he softened.

"That was wonderful, Dad! I have never felt anything so powerful. I thought I was going to die." He gasped breathlessly. I left his cock with a kiss and went up to kiss my sweet boy.

Between kisses I said. "I love kissing your whole body. You are so beautiful."

"Thanks Dad." He saw I was still hard and managed to keep from shooting my own load when he did. He moved down and took my cock in his hungry mouth and used his tongue to stimulate the head of my cock. I let out a gasp and filled his mouth with my overdue load. Dylan kept my cock in his mouth until it became too sensitive. I had to lift him off.

We were both tired and we cuddled up ready for sleep. "Dad, that was fantastic. You have had sex with guys before, where did you learn that?"

"I was pretty sure I was gay in high school, but the only sex I had was with my best friend. We learned how to pleasure each other and did so every chance we got. We managed to keep our activities secret and in college we continued our special loving making. I knew I was gay, but my friend wasn't, we both knew it. After he would go out we would have sex when he got back in. Then he found the girl he truly loved and has been true to her ever since. I tried to suppress my desire for the love of a strong man by marrying Joy. I managed to hide my desires until I caught this wonderful bundle of man flesh sucking my dick. My friend and I are still friends. He has two sons and they are still very happily married."

"Your friend is Uncle Tom. Right?"

"Yes, but you must never let him know you know about our younger days."

"Okay, I won't. You want to know something?"

"Yes, tell me something."

"Tommy and Sean like to fool around. We all messed around a couple of times. Tommy and Sean like to do each other best. They also have a fantasy of doing you and Uncle Tom. I admitted to them that I wanted to do you so bad, I could taste it. I didn't tell them I secretly tasted it."

"Just be careful, we don't want to spoil their wonderful life."

"I thought I had a wonderful life, before. Now it is so much better, I want to scream to everyone that I have a wonderful lover. I know I can't, but you have made me so happy just being my dad, now all my dreams have come true."

"Me too Dylan. I hope we are always friends. Even if one day we are no longer lovers, I hope we will be best of friends. I like you as much as I love you. I am happy you are my son, my friend, and now the love of my life. I love you Dylan."

"I promise friends for life. I am shooting for lovers too, but you might find someone you love better." He flashed his winning smile.

"I love you so much."

"Dad, I want to tell you how I started having sex with boys, but I am so sleepy now, it will have to wait until tomorrow."

"Okay, good night sweet Prince."

"Good night dad."

Dylan snuggled into me with as much body contact as possible. We were both soon sound asleep.

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