This story contains scenes of a sexual nature involving an adult male and boys under the age of eighteen. The characters and events portrayed are totally fictional and any similarities to genuine people or events are entirely coincidental.

The title of this story is similar to one by another, far better, nifty author, the identity of whom will become evident early on. For a bit of fun I've referenced, at least partially, the titles of another twenty seven of his stories in the text of this one. If my writing bores you, you can always amuse yourself by seeing how many you can spot!




Detective Sergeant Tom Painter was extremely uncomfortable and, since the cause of his discomfort was indirectly attributable to paedophile boy-fuckers, he was cursing that particular group even more than usual. Painter was lying in a clump of bushes observing the comings and goings at the public toilet which served the town's largest park. The toilet had once been well known as a place where gay men met to have sex and was still occasionally used for that purpose. It was one of the old-fashioned buildings with a pitched roof which had led to the slang term `cottaging' for that type of behaviour. In the not so distant past the pursuit of gay men in places like this for `gross indecency' was common practice but, as long as no-one else complained, the police today had better things to do with their time than hassle guys having a bit of fun. Why some men still felt the need to meet in such a place, fifty years after homosexual acts between consenting adults had been decriminalised in England, he neither knew nor cared but a complaint had been made so action had to be taken.

The complaint hadn't been about consenting adults, however. Someone had reported that an underage boy had been seen hanging around and that he was probably being sexually abused in the toilet. Child abuse made it a much more serious matter and a full scale operation was now underway to catch and, prosecute the adult perpetrators and to protect the boy. In fact there had been two separate reports and while the descriptions of the boy had been similar, there had been sufficient discrepancies between them for the police to consider the idea that the complaints were about two different boys. However, since witness descriptions were notoriously inaccurate and the likelihood of two boys being involved was considered to be low, the operation went ahead under the assumption that only one child was being abused. For three days all that had been observed were people using the facility for the purpose for which it had been built and certain adult males, who were using it for other purposes which didn't interest the police as long as there were no kids involved.

Painter checked the time; he had about half an hour remaining before he was relieved and it couldn't come quickly enough, he suspected that the operation was a waste of time and that some gay haters had made the complaints out of spite. He adjusted his position to try and get more comfortable and as he settled into place he saw the boy for the first time. The lad couldn't have been more than ten or eleven years old, about four and a half feet tall and around seventy pounds in weight. Although Painter had no sexual interest in young boys, even he could see from thirty yards away that the youngster was very good looking.

The boy went over to a bench about ten yards from the toilet and sat down, swinging his legs as he looked around in a seemingly bored manner. After a few minutes the boy stiffened as someone else approached, a man this time; tall, slim and probably around thirty. He gave the lad a brief glance and headed into the toilet but the boy had gone back to swinging his legs and looking bored. Shortly after the man emerged from the toilet and headed away without a backwards glance. Painter relaxed, it had been a false alarm.

The minutes ticked away with the detective now hoping that something would happen before he was relieved, all thoughts of a false complaint now well and truly dispelled. Again the boy stiffened as a man walked past; older this time, in his fifties probably and shorter and stockier than the first guy. The man slowed down and looked the boy over while the lad smiled up at him; they might have exchanged a few words but Painter couldn't be sure as the man passed between his place of concealment and the bench at that moment. The man headed into the toilet but this time the boy watched him go and didn't go back to his `bored boy' routine. When the guy has disappeared inside, the lad looked around as if checking that the coast was clear, then stood up and followed the man into the toilet.

"Stand by, we've got a live one," Painter spoke into his radio urgently. Timing was now of paramount importance; if he moved too soon he might interrupt them before anything illegal had taken place. If he left it too late they might finish before he could witness their activity and in this day and age he wasn't going to perjure himself to get a conviction. Twenty years ago it was common practice for policemen to lie to ensure the conviction of a known offender but those days were gone now and, thankfully, most of the dinosaurs who regretted their passing were gone with them. Modern officers like DS Painter operated in a very different manner.

Minutes passed and neither man nor boy reappeared; sexual activity was almost certainly happening or was about to happen. Painter stood up, brushed himself down and headed towards the toilet. "OK, I'm going in now," he said into his radio. "Back me up but keep it quiet," he added unnecessarily; the team all knew their jobs.

The detective stepped silently into the park toilet, at first sight it appeared to be deserted. The entrance was in one corner of the building, the wall that ran away to his left had three sinks and a hand dryer. The wall that adjoined that one had three urinals, two normal sized and one set lower for boys. Opposite him were three stalls, two had doors that were ajar; the nearest, the disabled one, had its door closed. Now he could hear noises from the occupied stall, a rhythmic sucking noise, interspersed with occasional moans. He was dressed casually with a pair of training shoes on his feet which allowed him to move quickly and quietly. He moved to the empty stall adjacent to the disabled one and eased the door open, praying that it wouldn't squeak; for once his prayers were answered. The seat was already down, he placed his left foot on it and with one swift movement stepped up and looked over the dividing partition into the disabled stall; two pairs of surprised eyes looked back at him.

The man was sitting on the lowered seat with the boy standing in front of him. The lad's trousers and underpants were lying at his feet and his groin was pressed against the man's face. His genitals couldn't be seen but were presumably in the man's mouth; that would account for the sucking noises. The man was reaching between the boys legs to get at his bum and the middle finger was inserted in the lad's anus; no doubt the boy was responsible for the moans. The twosome seemed to be frozen in position and at first they didn't move.

Painter had a police issue digital camera ready to go and he pointed it at the pair and pressed the button. When he looked at the photograph later it was perfect, the man had pulled back to the point where only the tip of the boy's penis was in his mouth but his finger was still fully inserted in the lad's rear. Both were looking into the lens and were easily recognizable, the guy wouldn't be able to talk his way out of this.

The flash going off spurred the man into action; he pushed the boy aside, stood up, opened the door and ran off. Painter let him go, he knew that his back-up team would be right outside and the sound of raised voices confirmed that. He turned his attention to the boy who was standing in shock, totally stunned by the events of the last few seconds. His three inch erection had wilted but otherwise he was standing just as he had been when Painter had first seen the pair.

"Come on, son. Let's get you dressed and then we'll see about contacting your mum and dad." He placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled as reassuringly as he could and either the words or the touch broke the spell. The lad's angelic face crumpled and the tears began.




Gary Hammond hit `save' and pushed the laptop away in frustration. He was trying to write his third story for the Nifty Archive and he was finding it a lot tougher than the first two. He'd written those from personal experience and they'd almost written themselves but now he was attempting to write something that was one hundred per cent fiction and for the first time he was suffering from writer's block. "About as frustrating as an unfinished Ganymede story," he chuckled to himself. The guy wrote some of the best man-boy stories on the site but had a nasty habit of leaving them incomplete. Now Gary tended to wait until they were finished before he started reading them but that could entail a very long wait.

He pulled the computer back over, logged onto the internet and was soon looking at the Nifty `adult-youth' index, if he couldn't write a story he might as well read one. Gary was a boy lover, although at forty years of age he'd only ever made love to two boys and only one of those was as an adult. Between those relationships he'd also had casual sex with a couple of young boys and one underage rent boy but those brief liaisons weren't what really interested him and hadn't proved to be very satisfactory; as a result he'd been celibate for a number of years now. The one true man-boy relationship of his life had ended in tragedy and left Gary distraught but a love affair with a pre-pubescent boy wasn't something he could discuss with a therapist, so he'd bottled things up for several years before he'd come up with the idea of writing it all down. That had worked very well as therapy and he'd been so pleased with the result that he'd fictionalised the story and submitted it for publication on the Nifty site.

He didn't feel like starting a long story, so he looked for a single chapter one amongst the latest posts. There wasn't anything that really interested him so he switched to the `young friends' section. He didn't usually read too many of the stories in that section but the first relationship of his life had been with another boy when he was in his teens and he'd turned that experience into his second Nifty story; since then he'd taken more interest in similar tales.

He read one story and had just started on a second when the phone rang.

"Hi Gary, it's David."

"What's the emergency?" Gary replied, surprised by the caller.

"Oh come on, can't an old friend just make a social call?"

"Yeah, I'm only pulling your leg," Gary responded. "It's always good to hear from you."

"We've let things drift for too long, Lucia and I were talking the other day and your name came up during the conversation. We thought you might like to come over for dinner some time."

"Sure, that would be great. When were you thinking of?"

"How about Friday? I know it's short notice, if you've got something else on we can make it another night."

"Friday's OK. I've got nothing planned that can't be cancelled."

"In that case why not stay overnight? We can have a few drinks, talk about the old days and you won't have to worry about driving home."

"Thanks David, I'll do that. What time?"

"We usually eat about eight when we have guests so any time between half six and seven will be fine. You can look around the place and we can have a drink before dinner."

"Sounds good to me, I'll see you then."

Friday was only two days away but the truth was that Gary had virtually no social life and had nothing planned. He was intrigued about the reason for the invitation, however.

Gary had grown up in a fairly small village where there were relatively few children; as a result his best friend had been a boy who was three years younger than himself. Like many boys, he and David Robinson had messed about with each other sexually; masturbation leading to mutual pleasure and then oral sex. When Gary reached puberty at twelve things stepped up; he could still vividly remember the first time he attempted to put nearly four inches of hard boy cock into David's tight, nine year old hole. Neither of them had any idea what they were doing so it was very much a case of trial and error, with error being the predominate factor. Eventually they worked it out and Gary spent the next five years fucking his friend at every opportunity.

David was a later developer and didn't hit puberty until he was fourteen but when he did two things happened, although by now Gary couldn't remember in which order they occurred. One was, that as David matured Gary realised that he found the younger boy less and less attractive. At seventeen he'd just about come to terms with being gay but now he had to reappraise that and accept that it was boys and not men that interested him. The other thing was that David became interested in girls and so, although they remained friends, the sexual side of their relationship quickly died out.

The following year Gary went away to university and, when he returned three years later, David did likewise. When Gary was twenty four, David came home with both a degree and a fiancée, a British born Italian girl named Lucia; a year later they married. The wedding wasn't a happy experience for Gary; he'd expected David to ask him to be best man but that honour had gone to one of the groom's new friends from university. The two families and a large group of these new friends took centre stage and Gary found himself relegated to the background.

The bride did speak to him briefly at the reception, "David's a wonderful lover," she'd said, "I suppose I've got you to thank for that. Not many straight guys know what it's like to be on the receiving end but that's what he is, straight. His days of experimenting with other guys are finished." It was both a thank you and a warning, she had effectively told Gary to stay away, even though the sexual part of his relationship with David had been over for years.

It only took a year for the first child, Lucy, to arrive. She was followed three years later by Luke with a further four year gap to Louise, the baby of the family who was known as Lulu. Although they only lived ten miles from one another, a mere quarter of an hour drive, Gary and David drifted further and further apart. Their relationship was now reduced to Facebook and Christmas cards and they hadn't met in person for about five years.

Now this invitation had arrived completely out of the blue. During the call David had made a point of mentioning his wife and Gary knew that she'd never liked him. If she wanted him to come to dinner, there had to be a very good reason indeed.




The suburb was probably the best area in town, very much true blue Tory territory and Gary let out a quiet `wow' as he turned off the leafy avenue and drove into the gravel driveway. It was the first time that he'd seen their current house and there was no doubt that it was impressive; it certainly put his two bedroom cottage in the shade. Both David and Lucia had obtained good degrees and had subsequently gone on to have well-paid jobs. The six bedrooms meant that there was plenty of space for the couple and their three children, with room for guests on top.

Gary and David shook hands at the door and then, after a brief pause, embraced warmly. Despite several years of estrangement their friendship was deep and, although neither realised it, they still loved one another, even if it was now strictly a platonic love. Gary and Lucia greeted each other in a rather more restrained manner although he did give her a chaste kiss on the cheek and she certainly seemed friendlier towards him than she had on previous occasions.

The kids had all changed considerably from the last time he'd met them. Lucy, the eldest, was fourteen now and very much a young woman as opposed to a girl; she bore a strong resemblance to Lucia and was definitely pretty. She remembered Gary and greeted him with a hug and a kiss which was significantly less chaste than the one he'd given her mother.

The youngest child, seven year old Lulu, didn't remember him at all but that didn't stop her trying to monopolise his time; she was a little bundle of energy who expected to be the centre of attention and assumed that Gary's one and only purpose was to keep her entertained. She looked like a younger version of her sister and cute was probably the best description of her.

He didn't know whether eleven year old Luke remembered him or not. The boy was clearly sulking about something and barely acknowledged Gary's arrival at all; in fact his vocabulary didn't seem to extend beyond grunts and monosyllables. Like his sisters, he had inherited his mother's Italian looks with lightly tanned skin, dark, tousled, collar length hair and brown eyes and, although he was an extremely attractive boy, Gary decided that he didn't like him very much.

David gave his old friend a tour of the house while Lucia prepared dinner, she might be a career woman but the kitchen was still her private preserve. The two elder kids disappeared to their rooms while Lulu trailed along behind the two men chattering away non-stop. After the tour they sat in the lounge, enjoyed a pre-dinner drink and discussed old times, although their conversation was inhibited somewhat by the little girl's presence.

When dinner was ready they went through to the dining room and encountered the first problem of the evening. The circular table was set for six, although it could easily have accommodated ten and Lucia had arranged the settings with Gary between herself and Luke. Lulu objected to this vociferously and insisted that she wanted to sit next to Gary. It seemed that the spoilt baby of the family usually got her own way, so Lucia swapped places with her youngest child. Then Lucy decided that she wanted to sit next to Gary as well; Lucia initially said no to that but when Luke made his longest speech of the evening, "I don't mind," Gary found himself sitting between the two girls. The eventual seating arrangement saw Gary opposite Lucia with Lucy to his right and Lulu to his left. David was between his wife and elder daughter while the almost silent Luke sat between his mother and younger sister.

The food was excellent, Lucia was a superb cook and the company turned out to be entertaining to say the least. After a couple of glasses of wine Gary and David relaxed and their old friendship was soon re-established. Gary also made sure that he gave plenty of attention to Lulu who had decided that he was her favourite guest of all time and, when she discovered that he lived alone, demanded loudly that he come and live with them.

Lucy had been allowed a small glass of wine but had managed to sneak a refill and had become a little tipsy and extremely flirtatious. A game of cat and mouse ensued, as she pressed her leg against Gary's and at one point managed to get a hand on his thigh but he was able to fend her off before things got too out of hand. While this was going on Gary and Lucia had made eye contact and she'd smiled at him. It wasn't exactly the beginning of a beautiful friendship but it did seem to signal a thaw in their relationship.

Normally Lucia wouldn't have let her daughters behave as they were with a guest in the house but she was curious to see how Gary reacted. She had been responsible for the breakdown in the relationship between her husband and his friend. Initially she'd resented the fact that it had been sexual at one time, after all no woman likes her husband's ex-lovers. David's assurance that Gary only liked younger guys hadn't made things any better; she'd branded him a paedophile and a pervert and hadn't wanted him anywhere near her kids. Now he was sitting at her dinner table, getting on extremely well with her daughters and all because she had decided to invite him. She only hoped that it had been the correct decision.

The only fly in the ointment was Luke; he hardly spoke during the meal and ate virtually nothing, merely playing with his food. After a time his parents gave up trying to cajole him into joining the conversation and left him to sulk. On a couple of occasions Gary looked in his direction and got the impression that the boy had been watching him out of the corner of his eye but he couldn't be sure and put it down to a boy lover's wishful thinking.

After dinner they retired to the lounge, although Luke immediately decided that he was going up to his bedroom. He grunted goodnight to his parents and then turned to their guest. For a few seconds his countenance changed out of all recognition; with his back to his parents the glower and pout that he'd worn all evening disappeared and he smiled coyly at Gary, wished him goodnight and then turned and left. Gary's heart seemed to turn cartwheels and his cock twitched. With one shy smile the attractive but moody boy had turned into a stunningly beautiful and, in the boy lover's expert opinion, an extremely sexy one.

It was soon Lulu's bedtime, much to her disgust but she managed to persuade Gary to come upstairs and read her a story before she went to sleep. Once that was done she demanded a goodnight kiss before he was finally able to leave. As he closed the little girl's bedroom door he noticed her elder sister standing in the open doorway of the room across the hall.

"It's my turn now," she whispered in her most seductive voice. "I think you should come in and give me a goodnight kiss too."

"I don't think that would be a very good idea," Gary responded with a laugh.

"Why not? Do you think I'm too young? I'm not a virgin you know," she replied.

Gary decided that he had to nip this in the bud before things went any further. "You're a very attractive young lady and I'm extremely flattered that you like me. Nothing's going to happen, though. It's not because you're too young, it's because you're too feminine."

It took a second or two for Gary's words to sink in.

"Do you mean that you're gay?" she asked in a surprised tone.

That's right," Gary replied. He didn't think that this was the time for a philosophical discussion on the differences between homosexuality and pederasty.

"You don't act gay."

"How do you think gay guys are supposed to act?"

"I don't know, like my brother I suppose."

"Miserable you mean?"

"No," she replied, laughing. "Luke's a nice boy normally but he's had a few problems recently and is feeling pretty low. Now he's sulking because Mum and Dad have grounded him, that's why he's acting like a brat. If he'd spoken more you'd know what I mean about the way he talks and acts, he's more like a girl than a boy sometimes."

"It sounds like he's a bit effeminate; some gay guys are like that but not all."

"Well, I've been wasting my time tonight, haven't I?" She laughed again and then continued, "Luke will kick himself when he finds out that you're gay and that he ignored you all night. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Lucy."

As Gary descended the stairs he thought back to dinner and wondered how he would've reacted if Luke had been the one sitting beside him flirting, instead of Lucy. It would certainly have been much harder to ignore and he suspected that Lucia wouldn't have smiled the way she did at her daughter's antics.

When he returned to the lounge and settled into one of the well upholstered settees, David brought him a large brandy and said, "There you go, you've certainly earned that tonight."

"Thanks," Gary replied. "It's been fun though; exhausting but fun."

"You were very good with them," Lucia said, "but then I suppose you have to be good with children."

There was a moment of awkward silence.

"You mean because I like boys?" Gary eventually enquired.

"Yes. I'm not trying to be insulting or to embarrass you; it's just a statement of fact. It's impossible to have a relationship with someone if you don't get on well, so if you have relationships with boys then you must get on well with children."

"I never really thought about it that way but I suppose you're right," Gary replied. "The truth is I've only ever been in a relationship with one boy other than David, so I wasn't really aware that I was good with children."

"Do you mind telling me a little about that relationship?" Lucia asked. "As long as you don't mind of course. It's just not something that gets discussed very often and I'm rather curious how a man and boy meet and start, well you know."

Gary considered whether or not he minded. He'd never spoken to anyone else about his relationship with Steve and, before he'd written about it, his answer would definitely have been no. Writing his feelings down on paper had helped him enormously, so possibly talking about them would be even more therapeutic. He took a sip of his brandy and began.




It had been an unusually hot spell for England, over 80°F for several days and today it was expected to be above ninety. The company Gary worked for employed a flexible working policy and he'd taken the Friday off work to enjoy the good weather. He'd simply make up the time by working a couple of Saturday mornings when the normal cool and cloudy British summer returned. He ate breakfast alfresco and then decided to mow his grass in the morning before it got too hot. After he'd done the back lawn he moved to the front but before starting he removed his T-shirt, even at 10:30am he was feeling the heat. Gary looked good dressed in just shorts and sandals; he kept himself fit and at thirty-one was in excellent shape, 5'11" and just over 175 pounds. He was a handsome man, he'd been told recently that he resembled Pierce Brosnan in his Remington Steele days (minus the 80's haircut of course) and he attracted a lot of attention from women; which was unfortunate given his own preferences.

After going back and forth across the lawn a couple of times he was heading away from the cottage when he spotted a boy cycling past. Gary thought he knew most of the neighbourhood boys but this one was a stranger to him so he gave the lad a good looking over as he went by. Gary estimated him to be about twelve or thirteen years old with a slim build. His height was difficult to judge as he was sitting on his bike but he looked to be about average for his age. He had blond hair, cut very short at the sides but longer and spiked on top. Like Gary he was shirtless, his extraneous T-shirt tucked into his shorts which were considerably shorter than was fashionable. The boy's torso and legs were tanned a very pleasant golden brown which suggested that his present state of undress was not a rare occurrence. As Gary watched him, the boy glanced over at him and flashed a quick smile before continuing on his way with the man's eyes following him until he turned the corner at the end of the road and disappeared from view.

A few minutes later, with about half the lawn completed, Gary noticed the boy going past a second time, having obviously ridden around the block. This time he went by more slowly and he was clearly looking at the man every bit as intently as he was being watched himself. Again Gary continued to stare as the boy headed towards the end of the road but this time, instead of disappearing round the corner, he turned around and came back towards where the man stood by his now stationary lawn mower.

Gary smiled at the boy as he went past for the third time, which brought a broad grin to the lad's face; man and boy were blatantly eyeing one another up with each fully aware that the attraction was mutual. A few yards past the end of Gary's property the boy turned around again, pulled over to the side of the road and stopped opposite where the man was standing. Up close Gary could see that the boy had blue eyes to go with his blond hair and that he was extremely attractive although he had a definite masculine air about him; he was no pretty boy.

After a few moments of silence Gary said, "Hi there. Are you lost or something? I don't recognise you as being from around here."

"No, I'm not lost. I live a couple of miles away but I was dropping something off at a friend's house for my mum. It's hot today and I forgot to bring a water bottle, any chance of a drink?"

Gary was surprised by the boy's confidence, in this day and age kids were programmed not to talk to strangers but this lad was sending out strong signals that he wanted more than just a drink of water. "Come round to the kitchen," he replied. "I'm sure I can give you something that you'll enjoy."

The boy giggled, clearly the double entendre hadn't gone unnoticed and he followed Gary up the drive, pushing his bike as he went. As they entered the kitchen, Gary indicated a chair by the table and the lad sat down while the man looked in his fridge to see what cold drinks he might have that would be suitable for a young boy.

"I'm Gary by the way and I've got beer and Coke, so I suppose that means you're stuck with Coke."

"I'm Steve and beer's fine by me," the boy replied with a cheeky grin.

Gary laughed, "I think you better stick to soft drinks, I don't want your mum to think I'm corrupting you."

"You can corrupt me any way you want," Steve replied, "believe me, I won't tell her anything."

Gary nearly dropped the Coke he had lifted out of the fridge and turned and stared in amazement at the boy. He had recognized a certain amount of mutual attraction outside but hadn't expected the lad to express his desires quite so openly.

"You obviously like what you see," the boy continued in response to Gary's stare. "Do you want to see more?"

Recovering from his shock Gary replied, "Oh yes, I want to see everything!"

Steve wasted no time; he stood up, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down below his knees in a single movement. He wasn't wearing any underpants and his uncut penis, which was already semi-erect, was expanding rapidly to its full four inches.

The boy was clearly close to starting puberty, his balls were no longer tight against his body and although he didn't yet have any pubic hair, his cock looked more like a smaller version of an adult penis than that of a little boy.

"I think I'm ready to be corrupted now," Steve said with a lascivious grin.

Gary placed the unopened Coke can on the table, knelt down in front of the naked boy and took the lad's cock in his hand, peeling back his foreskin as he did so. He then licked the exposed glans, eliciting a moan from the boy, before taking the first couple of inches of boy cock into his mouth and working the head with his tongue. After a few moments he took the rest of it as well, until the head was lodged in his throat and his nose was pressed against the lad's body. He pulled back up slowly, applying suction as he did so and heard the boy groaning in ecstasy, clearly close to climax already. He pulled off completely, the boy's cock exiting with an audible pop and the groans changed to ones of frustration.

"Turn around," Gary instructed the boy, using his hands to guide the lad to the table and bend him over it. Still on his knees, Gary found himself faced with a pair of perfect round buttocks, pale in comparison to the boy's golden tanned torso and legs. Taking one in each hand he parted them and got his first sight of Steve's most private part. What he saw wasn't quite the tight, puckered anus one would expect from a lad of his age; instead the skin was wrinkled and protruded slightly, so that is resembled a little rose bud. That and the slightly darker ring around the rose, attested to the fact that the boy was no virgin. Gary pushed the lad's legs further apart, pulled his cock back between them and suckled on it for a few moments longer. Then he moved to the boy's balls and sucked one and then the other before licking up his perineum, into the crack of his arse and finally across his anus. Steve moaned again and pushed back demanding more, a demand that Gary was happy to comply with. He licked and sucked on the boy's hole and probed with his tongue until the lad's anus relaxed enough for it to push into his rectum.

For several minutes Gary rimmed the boy while Steve writhed and groaned with pleasure. Eventually the boy could take no more and demanded, "Fuck me now, please."

"Shit!" Gary exclaimed, "We need lube and a condom."

"I've got condoms in the pocket of my shorts," Steve replied, "This is a kitchen; you must have some oil or something."

Gary rummaged in the pockets of the lad's shorts which were lying next to his feet. He found two condoms and ripped open the package of one of them. Then he looked around and spotted a bottle of olive oil, stood up and grabbed that as well. He rolled the rubber onto his cock, poured plenty of the oil onto his hand and applied a liberal amount to his sheathed member. Next he poured out a little more of the oil onto his fingers and ensured that the boy's hole was equally well lubricated.

He bent his knees to account for their difference in height, placed the head of his cock against the lad's hole and pressed forward just as the boy relaxed and pushed back. The glans slipped home remarkably easily before Steve's sphincter clamped down on the shaft and Gary stopped to allow him to recover.

After a few moments the pressure reduced and Steve said, "OK, you can carry on now."

Gary gripped the boy's waist, gently pressed forward and watched as his cock slid steadily into the youngster's anus. It was a totally different experience from his first attempt with David, for one thing Gary knew what he was doing this time and secondly it was obvious that Steve was no stranger to being buggered.

Once his penis was fully inserted, Gary paused for a few seconds and then slowly withdrew until only his glans remained inside the boy. Then he pushed forward again with considerably more force, causing Steve to gasp and then demand more. Gary began to fuck the lad properly, mixing up long, slow stokes which allowed his glans to rub across the boy's prostate with short, fast ones which jabbed into the sensitive gland and caused him groan in ecstasy.

After several minutes of this Gary's legs were aching from the uncomfortable position so he withdrew completely, turned Steve around and lifted him onto the table. He then raised the boy's legs and pressed them back until his knees were close to his ears, took a firm hold behind each knee, pushed his cock back into the lad's rectum and began to pound away with long, hard strokes.

"Faster," the boy demanded, followed soon after by "harder." The man happily complied with both demands and switched back to short, fast strokes accompanied by the unmistakeable slapping sound of skin against skin. Meanwhile Steve took hold of his cock between two fingers and his thumb and began masturbating furiously.

Gary knew that he wasn't going to last much longer and gave two or three more powerful thrusts before he felt his balls tighten and then he came harder than he had in years, spurting into the boy's body before slumping down on top of the lad. He supported his weight on his forearms to avoid crushing the lad and, without thinking, pressed his lips to Steve's and kissed him passionately.

The boy pushed him away, "What did you do that for?" he demanded angrily.

"I'm sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away," Gary responded sheepishly. "I didn't realise that you didn't like kissing."

Steve grinned back at him, "Actually I quite liked it," he admitted, "I've just never done it with a man before and you surprised me. That was an amazing fuck by the way; I've never cum that hard before."

"That's great, I was so engrossed in my own orgasm that I didn't realise that you'd had one as well."

"Well, if you can make me feel like that, I suppose I could let you do it again some time."

"I'd love to do it with you again, just give me a little time to recover. What about the kissing though? Are you willing to give that another go?"

"Yeah, I reckon so. Like I said it wasn't that bad, just a surprise."

The relationship developed over the rest of the school holidays, becoming more loving without losing any of the passion. Gary discovered that the boy was nearly thirteen, his birthday was in October and that it was an uncle visiting from Australia who had taken his virginity. That family affair had awoken the boy's sexuality and now that the man had returned home he needed someone else to satisfy his hunger. With his uncle, sex had consisted of quick fucks whenever they had a few minutes alone together but with Gary he learned to enjoy kissing, foreplay and relaxing in the man's arms afterwards.

Unfortunately the summer days seemed to race by and before they knew it September had arrived and Steve was back at school. They managed to spend the odd day together but their plans for the October half term were dashed when Steve's parents took the family to Spain for the holiday as it coincided with their son's birthday. They did manage to have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, especially the boy who was allowed to top for the first time; something he obviously enjoyed but which the man was less keen on. By the time the holidays were over, Gary realised that the relationship was nearing the end of the line; Steve was developing rapidly and the puberty blues were clearly just around the corner.

By Easter it was obvious that changes were happening in more ways than one. When David had reached puberty he had discovered girls; Steve it seemed had discovered boys. He started making excuses not to visit Gary and his Facebook page had lots of pictures of him with a cute lad who appeared to be nine or ten years old. Gary was happy for Steve and made a point of liking all the pictures; at least he didn't have to end the relationship and break the boy's heart.

When the summer holidays rolled around the relationship was over and although Gary tried to maintain the friendship through social media, Steve's responses became less and less frequent. The boy wasn't destined for happiness, however; in the words of the song, it was about to be "summer dreams, ripped at the seams."

The first Gary knew of the problem was the arrival of the police at his door. They were reluctant to tell him exactly what was wrong but he picked up enough to eventually work out what had happened. Steve's father had discovered the boy and his young friend having sex and had `flipped out'. After several blazing arguments Steve had left home and, when his parents had looked at the boy's computer, they had found their son's link to Gary and had pointed PC Plod in his direction.

The police questioned Gary about his relationship with Steve and removed his computer and tablet for analysis but, fortunately for him, Gary didn't have any child pornography. Some of his online conversations with Steve pointed to them having a sexual relationship but there was nothing that would stand up in court without the boy present as a prosecution witness and that wasn't likely to happen. Eventually his property was returned to him and Steve became just another government missing person statistic.

For nearly eighteen months Gary heard nothing of the lad until he saw a TV news report of the death of a rent boy in London that the police were treating as murder. After a couple of days the boy was named and, to Gary's horror, it was Steve's name that they gave. He hoped that it was only coincidence and that it was another boy with the same name but when the local newspaper carried an article about the boy's death it confirmed his worse fears.

Apparently Steve had gone to London as soon as he'd left home and had started working as a rent boy shortly after, selling his body for a few pounds a time. Unfortunately he'd also developed a heroin habit and, in order to finance this, he'd begun turning BDSM tricks as they were willing to pay more money. Eventually and inevitably he'd picked up a guy who wanted to inflict genuine harm on a boy and the result was a painful and undignified death in an east end dive. According to the autopsy he had died malnourished and HIV positive, he hadn't even reached his sixteenth birthday.

The local newspaper carried a second article about it, in which Steve's father stated that his son had been abused by a paedophile and that the boy had been traumatised by the abuse which had led to him running away from home and ultimately to his demise. Gary was sure that he was the target of the man's invective, suspecting that the boy's parents knew nothing about the uncle's involvement.

In fact Gary did feel guilty; not for the reasons that Steve's father had given but because he had allowed the relationship to die out. The boy's parents had sent the police to Gary because they believed that the boy might have gone to him when he left home and in Gary's opinion that is exactly what the lad should have done. If he had maintained contact with the boy, he might have come to him rather than going to London, becoming a rent boy and developing a drugs habit. No matter how often he told himself that it was the refusal of the boy's parents to accept their son's sexuality that was the root of the problem, he kept blaming himself for not maintaining contact and swore that if he was ever fortunate enough to have another boy as a lover, he wouldn't allow the friendship to die out, even when the sexual side of the relationship ceased.

Many times since then he had wished that someone had invented a time machine or that he could step through some sort of portal or worm hole and return back and change history. It would never happen, of course, so he had written his Nifty story and learned to live with his guilt but he had been celibate ever since.

"So it was the boy who initiated the sexual relationship?" Lucia enquired.

"Yes, if he hadn't approached me I would just have watched him cycle past and dreamed about what might have been," Gary replied.

"Is that usual?" she asked. "I always thought it was men who pursued boys rather than the other way around."

"Everyone knows that there are men like me who like boys but it is equally true that there are boys who like men, society just refuses to accept the fact. Steve was a little unusual in that he was very upfront from the word go, most boys wouldn't act like that even if they had the desire but one of the main differences between a pederast and paedophile is that the former allow the boy to decide what happens rather than trying to get him to do what they want. A true boy lover won't try to persuade an uncertain boy and will never coerce an unwilling one."

David and Lucia exchanged glances and she gave her husband a nod of assent. "Gary, we've got a bit of a problem and we're hoping that you might be able to help us out," he said.

"What sort of a problem?" Gary responded.

"About half a mile from here there is a public park which is very popular with local families. However, in the evening the park toilet becomes a meeting place for gay men. That's not a problem normally because the kids are usually home by then but recently it became apparent that underage boys had also been involved in sexual activity. The police carried out a covert operation and discovered a man involved with a young boy; that boy was our son, Luke.

"Lucia and I think that kids today are overprotected and have always given our children more freedom than others of their age. We believe that they will develop into more rounded adults as a consequence and trust them to respect that freedom and behave themselves accordingly. In this case it appears that our trust was misplaced.

"It was a terrible experience for our family, the police were fairly sympathetic but the people from social services were awful. They practically accused us of being unfit parents and threatened to take all three of the children into care. Fortunately we have an excellent lawyer and she was able to sort things out but the incident certainly shook us up. It turned out that he'd been going there for several weeks and had been involved in sexual activity with a number of men, although he doesn't seem to have gone as far as anal sex with any of them.

"Lucia and I had a long conversation with Luke afterwards and the upshot was that he insisted that he was gay and that he liked older men. I told him that I'd had a relationship with a guy when I was his age but that I was still straight and that he should wait until he was older before he made a definite decision about his sexuality. He dismissed that idea immediately and reasserted that he knew that he was gay and that my experience was totally different.

"Eventually he promised not to go back there and we thought that was the end of the matter. Luke had an in depth medical including blood tests and everything is alright, thank God.

"Then last week he was supposed to be at a friend's house when it started to rain extremely heavily. I called the friend's parents to say that I'd pick Luke up in the car but he wasn't there. After an initial panic, I guessed that he might've gone back to the park and I headed up there. I was right; he was back at the toilet trying to meet men for sex. Thankfully with the bad weather no-one had turned up who was interested in him, so I brought him home for another emotional family talk.

"What he admitted to this time shocked us both. It's not just a case of him being gay and liking older guys, he claims that he has a compulsion to have sex with men and although he knows it's wrong and he promised not to do it again, he just can't help himself."

Now Lucia spoke, "Luke's sexuality is not a problem for us nor is it a surprise, we've suspected for some time that he was going to be gay and we don't care one way or the other; we just want him to be happy, healthy and safe. The thing we can't understand is this desperate need he seems to have to have sex with men when he's only eleven years old. Until a few weeks ago I wouldn't have believed that a boy of his age would've been interested in sex with a man. As a mother, the idea of my eleven year old son doing that doesn't exactly thrill me; but I could tolerate it if I knew he was with someone who cared for him and wouldn't hurt him. The problem with this park toilet is that he's putting himself in extreme danger and he just doesn't seem to realise it"

David continued, "All communication between Luke and ourselves seems to have broken down, we've grounded him and he doesn't go anywhere without adult supervision. You've seen for yourself what he's like now, he's absolutely miserable and has cut himself off from us; we want to understand him but how can we when he won't even talk to us. Most of all we're worried that he might do something stupid and harm himself. It was Lucia's idea to call you, she thought that you might be the one person that we knew who could relate to our son. We really hope that you can help us."

"What exactly did you have in mind?" Gary asked.




Luke woke and immediately looked at his bedside clock; it was nearly eight thirty and he knew that if he wasn't up by then one of his parents would soon be knocking on his door to chivvy him along. The family had a set routine on a Saturday morning and it was based around his sisters' ballet lessons. Lulu was in the beginners' class which ran from 10am until 11am, while Lucy was in the advanced class which ran from 11am until 12pm. They needed to be on their way by nine thirty in order to get Lulu to her lesson and eight thirty had been deemed to be the time by which everyone had to be out of bed.

Until a few months ago, Luke had also taken ballet lessons and had actually enjoyed them. However, when he'd moved up to the advanced class, a girl from his school had informed the rest of the students of his attendance and he'd been subjected to name calling and even one or two threats of a physical nature. With his looks and occasionally effeminate speech and body language the other boys already had him marked down as gay so ballet dancing had been the final straw.

He'd refused to continue with the lessons but his parents had insisted that he take up some other form of exercise and had suggested tae-kwon-do as it would have the additional benefit of training him to defend himself against bullying. He'd initially been reluctant, as he had a natural aversion to physical sports but had been surprised to find that the poise and balance that he'd learned in ballet class had transferred well to martial arts and he'd advanced quickly in his new sport. His tae-kwon-do lessons were midweek and to begin with he'd been allowed to spend Saturday mornings on his own. Since he'd been grounded, however, he'd been forced to accompany the rest of the family to watch his sisters' ballet lessons, so he knew that he would be called to get up very soon.

He decided to lie-in a little longer and let them come for him; it would be part of the non-cooperation strategy that he was using to protest against being grounded. His parents had wanted him to be polite while they had a guest in the house but he had managed to maintain his sulk for the most part; the exception being one moment when he'd smiled at Gary when he said goodnight. He vaguely remembered the man from years before but hadn't recalled that he was so good looking, having only developed his interest in older men over the previous couple of years. During the meal he'd spent most of his time surreptitiously watching Gary and it had taken a great deal of willpower not to laugh at Lucy's antics. He almost wished that he'd sat next to the man and flirted with him; that would certainly have pissed his parents off.

Later, when he'd gone up to his room, he had gone online and watched a couple of gay porn movies involving twinks with older guys but his mind kept returning to Gary. Afterwards he'd jerked off while fantasizing that he was being fucked by the man and it had led to one of the best climaxes he'd ever experienced.

Luke glanced at the clock again and was surprised to see that it was gone eight forty five and no-one had yet come to get him up, although he could hear people moving around in the house. He must have dropped off to sleep again because the next thing he was aware of was the car starting outside and driving away; when he checked the time it was almost nine thirty and the house was silent. They must have decided to trust him again and had left him on his own.

He rose and went downstairs to confirm that he was alone but when he entered the lounge he was surprised to find Gary sitting there reading a book on his Kindle. He had forgotten that the man was staying overnight and certainly hadn't expected him to still be here when everyone else had gone out.

"Good morning," Gary said with smile, when he noticed the boy standing in the doorway in his pyjamas.

"Hi," Luke replied, "where is everyone?"

"Your parents have taken the girls to their ballet lessons. I hear you used to take ballet classes as well, why did you stop?"

The boy scowled in response, "The other boys at school made fun of me when they found out; they called me the Sugar Plum Fairy."

Gary had to force himself not to laugh; he knew that would only offend the boy and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He did think that the choice of abuse was indicative of David and Lucia's decision to send their kids to a private school; he suspected that the boys at the local comprehensive would have been more hurtful and less witty.

"Why didn't they wake me?" the boy asked, annoyed at having been ignored by his family even though he didn't really want to go with them anyway.

"Perhaps they didn't think that watching girls was something that would interest you," Gary replied with a grin.

"Oh, I guess they've told you all about me then."

"Yes, we had a fairly long conversation last night and you were a major part of it."

"How come you didn't go with them? I bet Lulu wasn't best pleased."

Gary laughed, "You're not wrong there. She threw a mini tantrum but for once she didn't get her own way. To be honest, I don't like watching girls any more than you do."

"Do you mean you're gay like me?" the boy asked, becoming more interested in the conversation.

"Not really, I'm more the opposite of you."

"I don't understand," Luke replied, with a puzzled look on his face.

"You're a boy who likes men, whereas I'm a man who prefers younger guys."

"My parents would never have left us alone together if they knew you were gay," Luke responded with a grin, forgetting for the moment that he was still supposed to be sulking.

"I've known your dad since we were young kids; believe me your parents know exactly what I am and who I like."

"Wait a minute; Dad said that he'd done sex stuff with an older boy when he was my age. That was you, wasn't it?"

"That's right and that's why I'm here. Your parents want me to have a chat with you about sex stuff."

"You mean get me to agree with them and promise not to have sex with men." The scowl had returned to mar the boy's pretty face.

"No Luke, I'm not going to try to persuade you to do anything. You and your parents simply don't understand each other and they hope that I might be able to help bridge the gap. Last night I tried to explain to them how you're feeling and they listened to what I said because they want to understand. Now I want to discuss their worries with you and I hope that you'll listen and at least try to understand as well. Why don't you get showered, dressed and have breakfast and then we'll talk, OK?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," the boy replied with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

It was close to ten thirty when Luke was ready, dressed like the man in T-shirt and shorts. They finally settled down to talk and Gary tried to explain to Luke how his parents thought.

"The idea of an eleven year old boy desiring to have sex with men is something that is totally alien to them. The fact that you seem to have an overpowering need for that type of sexual contact is something that they will probably never fully understand."

"My life sucks," Luke responded miserably. "I don't mind being gay, I've known that for ages now but I just can't understand why I've got these uncontrollable desires. I'm just a freak, aren't I?"

"No you're not; you're just a little unusual, that's all. Nobody chooses their sexuality and while most men are straight and some are gay there are also men who like boys. Nature abhors a vacuum, however and always attempts to create balance in the world; so the fact that there are men who like boys, it stands to reason that there should also be boys who like men, one without the other would create imbalance. In other times and cultures, man-boy love was perfectly acceptable but in our culture today it's taboo even though that mutual attraction is as natural as any other.

"Unfortunately the sexuality of pre-pubescent boys hasn't been properly studied scientifically, so we're reliant on anecdotal evidence but nature's influence shows up in a number of ways. Although boys who like men make up a very small proportion of the overall population, if you take boys who're extremely attractive to the point of being considered pretty or even beautiful then the proportion of that group who like men is significantly higher than normal. It makes sense when you think about it; nature has made these boys interested in men and has therefore responded by giving them looks that make them attractive to men rather than women.

"Most people don't become genuinely interested in sex until they reach puberty, which in boys usually occurs between the ages of twelve and fourteen, although it can start earlier or later. Occasionally pre-pubescent kids become interested in sex beyond the usual childhood curiosity and most of those who do are young gay boys. Again this makes sense; a straight boy couldn't possibly satisfy a mature female at that stage of development but a young gay boy can give and receive pleasure with an older male lover.

"Then there is the issue of sex drive. As with everything else in a natural population, people have varying levels of sex drive with most being clustered around the mid-point with smaller numbers being extremely high or low. No sensible person would criticise someone for being unusually tall or short but for some reason if a person has a very high sex drive they are viewed as being abnormal or even perverted. It also seems that a high proportion of guys with a high sex drive are gay and possibly that happens because gay sex is purely for pleasure whereas straight sex is also about procreation. There are times when most women lose interest in sex; during her period or in late pregnancy or when she has recently given birth and a partner with a high sex drive would have problems dealing with such a situation. It probably also explains why so many gay guys are promiscuous.

"Luke, nature has made you gay and has responded by making you beautiful so that certain men will find you attractive. It has also given you an interest in having sex with men at an early age and an exceptionally high sex drive. All these things are uncommon in themselves but in combination they're extremely rare. You're not the first boy to be like that though and you're certainly not a freak, everything about you is natural; in fact you're a very special boy, one in a million."

"So it's my sexuality that makes me desire men and my high sex drive that turns the desire into need?" Luke asked.

"That's right. If you had a lover who could satisfy you, everything would be fine but because you don't, you find yourself craving what you don't have and you lack the maturity and experience to cope with that craving. The age of consent is supposed to protect kids, to prevent them from being pressured into sexual activity before they're ready but for a boy like you it has the opposite effect. Rather than being pressured into sex, you actually desire it but you can't find a lover legally so you're forced into seeking sexual satisfaction in a public toilet."

"Why can't my parents understand that?"

"Last night I said much the same things to them and I think they're starting to get their heads around it. Your Mum said that she wanted you to be happy; she also said that she could tolerate you having sex with a man who cared for you as long as she knew you were safe and that's the problem with the park toilet, it's not safe for you there."

"Why not? It's only sex after all."

"The men who like boys can be separated into three groups. By far the largest group contains common paedophiles. These guys are only interested in their own sexual pleasure and a boy like you is merely a vehicle for that pleasure. They aren't interested in whether or not you enjoy what they do to you and while they might not actively try to hurt you, they aren't overly concerned if they do. The men you've met in the park are almost certainly like that; I'll bet none of them gave you an orgasm, did they?"

"What's an orgasm?"

"Do you masturbate, wank I mean?"

Luke nodded in the affirmative and smiled, remembering the previous evening and the part Gary had played in his fantasy.

"Do you do it long enough to get the incredibly good feelings at the end?"

A second nod.

"That's an orgasm, when you're older you'll produce semen when you get those feelings. Did any of the guys in the park toilet make you feel like that?"

"No, they just got me to wank or suck them off and then they left. I'd finally decided to let a guy fuck me when I got caught. He was sucking and fingering me at the time so he might've given me an orgasm if we hadn't been interrupted."

"Possibly but I doubt it. Most likely he was just sucking you for his own pleasure while he got your arse loosened up enough to get his cock inside you. If he'd gone through with it he would probably have rushed things and most likely caused you a lot of pain."

"Does anal sex always hurt?"

"There is always some pain to start with but if a guy cares about you and is careful that pain is limited and the pleasure you feel later makes you forget that it hurt at the beginning."

"How do I find someone like that?"

"The second group of men who like boys is a lot smaller; they're called boy lovers although the technical term is pederast. Paedophiles who like boys often consider themselves to be boy lovers but most of them aren't really. A true pederast loves boys just for being boys and views them as the epitome of human beauty. He enjoys their company and simply looking at and talking to them. If the boy isn't interested in sex a boy lover won't push the issue whereas a paedophile will try to talk the boy into a sexual situation and might even coerce him if persuasion doesn't work."

"But I want to have sex with men," Luke responded.

"Then a boy lover will be very happy to oblige but he'll want to make love with you, not just have sex."

"What's the difference?"

"I'll come to that in a minute. One other thing about boy lovers; you'll be very unlikely to meet one in the park toilet. There might be one or two in the park `boy watching', that's a popular pastime but they don't tend to pick up boys in public toilets."

"Why not?"

"A pederast wants to have a meaningful relationship with a boy whereas those who frequent public toilets are only interested in quick, casual sex."

"I still don't understand why it's so dangerous for me there."

"That's where the third group come in, they're the least numerous but the most dangerous. There are people who get their sexual kicks from inflicting pain on others, they're called sadists. To balance that nature has also produced those who enjoy being on the receiving end of their actions, called masochists. As long as what takes place between them involves consenting adults then there's no harm done; they have limits and safe words to prevent things getting out of hand and no-one should be seriously hurt.

"For some sadists, however, a consensual relationship doesn't satisfy their needs, they want to inflict genuine hurt on an unwilling victim and a child makes the perfect target. When a boy is in a relationship with a man his lack of size and physical development pretty much forces him into a submissive role but this type of sadist can take advantage of that and a young boy doesn't have the experience or strength to deal with such a situation. These warped individuals are perfectly capable of inflicting extreme pain and serious damage on a boy. Occasionally it can be enough to require hospital treatment which in turn leads to police involvement and these guys want to avoid that like the plague, so they solve the problem by permanently removing the only witness."

"Do you mean they actually kill boys?" Luke asked in amazement.

"It's rare but it does happen occasionally. Even without things getting to that level, some of these guys can make life extremely unpleasant for a boy"

"I think I'd rather meet someone who wants to make love with me. What is the difference between that and sex? You said that you'd explain."

"Sex is purely physical while making love is both physical and emotional; the two elements combine to make the pleasure much greater. Making love involves kissing, caressing and sometimes just holding your partner. Do you know what an analogy is?"

"I think so; it's when you explain something by comparing it with something else."

"That's right, so think of sex as food. Making love is like having your favourite five course meal with the best wine and coffee and liqueurs to finish. It takes place over an extended period of time and when it's over you feel completely satisfied. Casual sex is like McDonalds."

"I like McDonalds," Luke protested.

"So do I," Gary responded, "and I like casual sex too but neither of them is fully satisfying. Two or three hours after a Big Mac and you're ready for another one and it's exactly the same with casual sex. The more you have it, the more you want it."

"My parents would never allow me to have McDonalds twice in the same day," Luke grumbled. "They think once a week is enough."

"McDonalds or sex?" Gary asked and, for the first time that weekend, the boy burst into uninhibited laughter. In this mood the boy was both beautiful and extremely likeable and Gary realised that he was starting to fall in love with the lad.

"Seriously though," he continued, "if you meet men for casual sex it might give you a few moments of pleasure but it won't satisfy you. All that will happen is that you'll want more of it and that longing will become addictive. Eventually you'll meet the wrong kind of guy, someone who wants to hurt you and who knows how that will turn out."

"What should I do then?"

"It's not for me to tell you what to do. You have to decide for yourself, although at your age your parents will also have a major input. For what it's worth I think you have three options.

"Number one, you could promise not to go back to the park toilet and your parents could take your word for it and allow you to come and go as you did before. Unfortunately I don't think they trust you that much and, if you're honest, you probably don't trust yourself to stick to that promise either. If you did go down the casual sex route it might provide you with short term pleasure but not long term happiness and it certainly wouldn't do anything for your safety or health. I can't see your parents agreeing to that option, can you?"

"No, there's no chance of that happening," the boy replied glumly.

Option two is to carry on as you are. As long as you're a minor you'll be under close adult supervision with no freedom to do anything that you want. It'll keep you safe but your parents also want you to be happy and that's a recipe for misery if ever I heard one."

"Yeah, but it's what they'll do though. They still don't really understand me. Wait a minute; you said there were three options, what's the third one?"

"It probably seems a bit far-fetched but it's possible that your parents know a boy lover. Perhaps they could introduce him to you and leave you both alone together to get to know one another. You might get to like the man, maybe even fall in love and start a relationship."

"Yeah right!" Luke scoffed, "As if my parents would ever . . ." he tailed off as he saw Gary looking at him with an odd smile on his face. The boy stared back, eyes wide like saucers, his lower jaw slack and his mouth gaping open in stunned disbelief. "They . . . they wouldn't." he eventually stammered. "Th . . . they haven't. Have they?" the last two words were barely audible but the hope contained in them was unmistakeable.

"Well they've certainly brought us together and given us a bit of space and time to get to know one another."

"Are we really going to have sex, I mean make love?" Luke asked in a voice that was almost desperate.

"The first question is; do we actually like one another? I have to admit, last night I wasn't impressed with how you behaved and I didn't really like you all that much. When I was told about your circumstances and realised why you behaved that way, I decided that you deserved a second chance. I've seen you smile and laugh now and when you do, you're way beyond just attractive; you're truly beautiful and you're also a very pleasant young man. I could definitely fall in love with you; in fact I think I'm half way there already. What about you though? Last night you didn't seem very keen on me. If it's just the idea of sex that interests you then I'm not the man for you."

"I do like you really," Luke protested, "and I did last night as well. My parents wanted me to be polite, so I did the opposite just to annoy them because of everything that's been happening. I wasn't ignoring you because I didn't like you; in fact I spent most of the meal watching you. And I was thinking about you last night when I . . ." he stopped suddenly and blushed a deep shade of red as he realised that he'd gone further than he'd intended.

Gary couldn't help laughing. "What did you imagine I was doing?"

Luke managed a sheepish grin, although his cheeks were still burning, "You were fucking me, if you must know."

"I hope I was good."

The boy's grin changed from sheepish to cheeky, "Well, I had one of those orgasm things and it felt amazing; so I suppose you were OK."

Gary grabbed the lad, pushed him onto his back on the settee and started to tickle him. "OK! I gave you an amazing orgasm and I was just OK."

Luke squealed and squirmed as the man's fingers attacked his ribs. He tried to fend off the attack but Gary was able to grab both of the lad's hands with one of his own which left the other free to go to work on the laughing boy. After a few minutes he stopped and glared down with mock seriousness. "Care to change your opinion?"

"Hmm, I suppose you were above average," he replied with another cheeky grin, which was quickly replaced with more giggling as the man resumed his assault.

"OK, OK, I give up," the boy said eventually. "You were brilliant, the best imaginary lover I've ever had."

Gary stopped tickling and they paused, the man leaning over the supine boy as they stared at one another, basking in the afterglow of their first physical contact. Gary casually stroked a stray lock of hair away from the boy's forehead, "Can I kiss you?" he asked.

"If you want to," Luke replied nervously.

"It's what you want that counts. I'm not going to do anything to you unless you're one hundred per cent happy with the idea."

"In that case I want you to kiss me."

Their lips met, the man's slightly parted while the boy's were puckered as if he was kissing his mother. Gary pulled away and gave some gentle instruction. They tried again and this time Gary's tongue slipped into Luke's mouth before rubbing against the boy's tongue. When the man withdrew Luke copied his actions, prodding tentatively until Gary took over and sucked the boy's tongue into his mouth and massaged it with his own.

When they broke the kiss Luke grinned up at Gary and said, "That was great, I've never kissed anyone like that before."

"Little things like that are what make love better than mere lust," Gary replied. "They create an emotional bond that makes the sex so much more enjoyable."

"Are we going to have sex now?" Luke asked.

"Do you think you're ready for it?" Gary responded.

"I'm always ready for it," the boy replied, "Don't forget, I'm a pervert with a high sex drive." He laughed as he spoke; it seemed that he was already coming to terms with what he was and was able to joke about it.

Gary checked his watch and, seeing that it was nearly twelve thirty suggested that they have lunch first. The boy looked totally distraught, "Oh no, the others will be back any minute. We haven't got time."

"Don't panic, your parents are taking the girls out for lunch. In fact, they're going to take them away for the whole afternoon. They don't intend to be back until dinner time and your dad said something about phoning before they returned to make sure that we were ready for them."

Luke was incredulous, "Do you mean that they're actually allowing us to have sex?"

"They're simply giving us space and time to get to know one another better and if that leads to us making love, then so be it."

Lucia had left a salad in the fridge for them, so they were able to eat lunch and clear up fairly quickly. By one fifteen they were standing in the kitchen having dried and put away their dishes.

"Now can we make love?" Luke asked in a rather demanding manner, although the grin that accompanied his demand robbed it of any offence.

"I don't know," Gary responded with an affected yawn, "an old man like me likes to have a snooze after lunch. I think I'll just lie down on the settee for an hour or so."

"Oh no you don't!" the boy exclaimed with a laugh. "You can come up and lie on the bed but I don't intend to let you do much snoozing." Then, taking Gary by the hand, he led the `reluctant' man upstairs to the bedroom.

As they climbed the stairs Luke said, "I don't know what you're complaining about, you're not that old."

"I was forty, two weeks ago; believe me I feel ancient when I'm with you."

The boy did a quick calculation then announced, "You're Gemini then, that's great because I'm Aquarius so we're very compatible."

"Do you really believe in that stuff?" Gary asked.

"Only when it's good news," Luke replied with another grin.

They went into the guest room that Gary was using; somehow he didn't find the décor in an eleven year old boy's bedroom conducive to sexual activity. They closed the door behind them, even though there was no one else in the house and then stood and looked at one another. The boy's confidence had waned and Gary realised that he would have to take the lead, although he intended to do nothing that Luke wasn't comfortable with and to encourage the lad to be as assertive as possible.

He placed his left hand on the boy's shoulder and caressed his face with the other. Luke stepped closer, wrapped his arms around the man's waist and pressed himself against him, with his head on Gary's chest. In response the man slipped his left arm around the lad's shoulders while dropping his right hand to rub his back. They stood like that for several moments, Luke simply enjoying the feeling of being in a loving embrace with a man for the first time; his father didn't count of course, that was a different type of love completely.

Eventually they stepped apart and Gary led the boy over to sit on the bed. He sat down to the lad's right, facing him with his left leg tucked underneath and slipped an arm around the Luke's shoulders. He lowered his head and the boy responded by raising his and they kissed again, open mouthed with battling tongues while the man caressed the lad's left arm.

Gary broke the kiss and moved his lips around Luke's face, planting small kisses on the boy's jaw and neck before nibbling on his ear lobe causing him to giggle in response. The man dropped his right hand to the boy's right knee then moved it slowly up his leg, allowing his fingers to run up the lad's inner thigh.

"Mmm, that feels nice," Luke practically purred.

The man returned to kissing the boy's lips while moving his hand to the lad's chest and applying a little pressure to which Luke responded by lying back on the bed. Gary then slipped his hand under the boy's T-shirt, caressing his stomach before moving up to his chest and rubbing first one and then the other nipple with his forefinger. With lips clamped over his own and the man's tongue in his mouth, the only response Luke could muster this time was a moan.

Again Gary broke the kiss and this time sat back and removed his own T-shirt before asking Luke if he was ready to do likewise. The boy grinned, nodded enthusiastically and sat up to allow the man to do the honours. As Gary lifted the garment Luke raised his arms and the man slipped it off and gained his first view of the lad's bare torso as he lay back once more. As with the parts he had already seen, Luke's skin had a Mediterranean hue inherited from his mother and was smooth and blemish free. Only two small, dark nipples and a small, innie navel provided any contrast and Gary feasted his eyes on the beautiful sight before easing the boy onto his back, leaning forward and licking his left nipple.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good," Luke responded. Gary switched his mouth to the lad's other nipple and began sucking it while simultaneously taking the first between his forefinger and thumb and tweaking it, eliciting another moan from the boy who was squirming with pleasure. Continuing to caress the boy's nipple, Gary licked up his chest, neck and chin before giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Are you ready to lose the rest of your clothes?" he asked.

"Too right I am!" Luke exclaimed before adding cheekily, "Just get on with it!"

Gary `punished' the lad's cheek by drawing out the moment, returning his mouth to the boy's nipple before working his way slowly down his chest and belly, planting small kisses as he went. Eventually he sat up and grasped the top of Luke's shorts with a hand on each side, slipping his thumbs inside to get a hold of the boy's underpants as well. Luke raised his hips and Gary pulled downwards removing both garments together, the boy's erection springing up and slapping against his belly as he did so.

"Very nice," the man said as he looked at the slim, uncut, three inch boy cock. Luke's foreskin completely covered his glans and created a little nozzle on the end. Below it two small testicles sat in a dark, wrinkled bag which was tight against the boy's body; there was no sign of any hair whatsoever, clearly he was still a long way from starting puberty. "Very nice indeed," he reiterated his approval.

"You don't think it's too small?" Luke asked with a concerned tone.

"No, I think it's perfect," Gary replied honestly. As far as he was concerned the boy's genitals were the ideal size for a four foot seven inch, seventy three pound, eleven year old boy. "Anyway, the best things come in small packages," he added with a reassuring smile.

"I've seen the other boys in the showers after PE at school and mine is definitely the smallest."

"What are you doing looking at other boys? I thought it was men you liked."

"I only look for research purposes," Luke replied with a grin. "The PE teacher's a bit of a hunk though, I wouldn't mind seeing his cock but he never showers with us."

"I'm glad of that. I don't like the idea of you lusting after another naked man."

"Don't worry, now that I've got you I don't need another guy. Why do you think I like men but not other boys?"

"Like I said earlier, it's just the way nature made you. As the Americans say, you prefer playing in the major leagues."

Luke laughed at that and then said cheekily, "Talking of which, isn't it time you started playing with mine?"

Just as he had when the boy was cheeky earlier, Gary responded by taking things very slowly. He went back to Luke's nipples and sucked on each of them for a few minutes before gradually working his way down the lad's body. Just as Luke thought his boy cock was finally going to get some attention, the man bypassed it and started kissing down the boy's right leg, eliciting a frustrated groan from his young partner. Gary smiled to himself as he continued down Luke's thigh, past his knee and onwards to the lad's foot. He was unaware of any hair, there wasn't even a sign of the peach fuzz that many young boys had.

When he reached the boy's foot he lifted his leg, pulled his sock down to his heel, took it between his teeth and deftly removed it without using his hands; a move which caused Luke to giggle again. Gary kissed and licked the boy's foot before sucking his big toe followed by the other four digits; licking between them as he did so. All of this elicited further giggles from the lad, music to the man's ears as Luke's enjoyment was his primary goal.

After several minutes of pedicural pleasure, Gary lowered the boy's foot, lifted the other, removed the second sock in the same manner as he had the first and proceeded to lavish the same attention on the left foot as he had on the right. Luke had never considered feet to be erotic but now had to reconsider that, given the intense pleasure he was receiving from Gary's actions.

The man felt that he'd delayed long enough; it was time to start the real fun. He worked his way up the boy's left leg, kissing lower down before licking the lad's inner thigh. At long last his face came within inches of Luke's still rock hard cocklet and, after teasing the boy for a few more seconds by licking his groin either side of his genitals, he took his scrotum and both testes into his mouth and suckled them. Again Luke moaned loudly as his little balls were orally stimulated and his equally small penis demanded the same treatment.

It didn't have long to wait. Gary released the boy's scrotum and licked up the length of his achingly hard three inches before taking the little spike between his thumb and forefinger and gently peeling back the lad's foreskin, exposing his small but perfectly formed, crimson glans. Luke gasped as the man's tongue passed over and then around the sensitive tip of his penis. It then disappeared into Gary's mouth where it was sucked briefly before being released bringing an even louder gasp from its owner. Next the man took the entire three inches inside and with a combination of suction and tongue work brought the boy to a dry climax within two minutes of first exposing the lad's glans.

"Oh wow," Luke finally managed to say when he'd recovered his breath. "That was the best ever, it's so much better than wanking."

"That was just the start," Gary told him. "There's a lot more to come."

The boy giggled and replied, "I bet there's more to cum, get it?"

"Yeah, very good," the man chuckled at the lad's response to his unintentional double entendre.

"Right, it's my turn now," Luke said eagerly, looking down at the prominent bulge in Gary's shorts with a gleam in his eye.

Gary found the boy's words extremely heartening and wished that those who didn't believe that someone as young as Luke could genuinely enjoy sex with a man could hear them. Most people refused to accept that young boys could enjoy sex with adults at all; others reluctantly accepted that their bodies could respond to stimulation and therefore they could receive pleasure. Very few believed that some boys genuinely enjoyed providing a man with pleasure through acts like fellatio. Luke's eagerness, together with his use of the words `my turn' rather than the more usual `your turn', indicated that sucking the cock of an adult male was something that he wanted to do and, importantly to Gary, actually enjoyed.

"How do you want me?" Gary asked, letting the boy take charge.

"Stand up," the boy instructed him, "at the end of the bed."

Gary complied, while Luke moved to sit on the edge of the bed with the man standing in front of him. Unlike the boy's football (soccer) shorts, with their elasticated waistband, Gary's had a button and zip for the lad to undo before he could remove them. The man's shorts dropped to the floor and his briefs followed immediately after, revealing an erect adult penis, six and a half inches long, with a slight upward curve. Like the boy he was uncut but in the man's case the foreskin only partially covered his glans, which was the broadest part of his organ, the shaft being fairly slim. Gary always thought that it was an ideal cock for a boy lover, once the head had passed through a boy's tight anus the rest followed more easily, limiting his partner's pain.

Unlike most boys his age, Luke had enough experience to realise that the man's cock wasn't especially large but he didn't appreciate it any less for that. He grasped it in his right hand, a couple of inches from the end and pulled back the foreskin, fully exposing the glans. A bead of pre-cum glistened as it seeped from the slit and the boy leaned forward and licked it off. Gary moaned and Luke glance up at him, smiled and then opened his mouth and took the head in, clamping his lips around the shaft just beyond it. He applied suction and slowly pulled back until it popped out bringing another moan from the man. He switched down and sucked on first one and then the other of the man's testicles before licking back up the length of the shaft.

The boy sat up, pointed to the bed and said, "Lie down." It was the first time that he'd been the one in charge and he thoroughly enjoyed giving instructions and having a man obey them. Gary lay down and spread his legs while Luke knelt by his right side, half lying across the man, grasped his cock again and returned to licking and sucking it. Gradually he worked more of it into his mouth until the glans hit the back of his throat. He paused, relaxed his muscles and continued on, remembering to breathe through his nose, until the entire length was ensconced within him. After a few moments he pulled back again, applying suction as he did so until he'd removed it completely. He turned and grinned at Gary saying, "Not everything that happened in that toilet was bad, at least I learned how to deep throat."

"I'm just glad I'll be the first man to fuck you, assuming you want me to."

"Of course I want you to," Luke replied, looking at the man as if he was crazy, "but not until I've finished here." He returned his attention to Gary's cock, licking sucking and deep throating in turn, while not forgetting to take an occasional trip down to the man's scrotum to give his balls some action as well. Meanwhile Gary stoked the boy's flank, moving his hand down to his backside and cupping one and then the other of the two little globes. He kneaded them for a short time, then moved his middle finger between them and rubbed the boy's crack causing him to twitch as it grazed his anus.

Gary brought the finger up to his mouth, wetting it thoroughly with saliva before returning it to Luke's arse and rubbing it around the boy's entrance. He pressed the tip against the puckered opening but then paused and asked the lad if it was alright for him to continue. Luke mumbled his assent as best he could with his mouth full and emphasised it by pushing back causing the finger to enter to the first knuckle. The boy had been fingered before and the man found that his digit slid inside with little difficulty and it was soon fully inserted. At the current angle curling it would take it towards the boy's back, so his prostate was out of reach at this stage. Instead he moved the finger in and out, stimulating Luke's anus, which was probably for the best as it allowed the boy to concentrate on the blow job he was so expertly giving.

That expertise soon had an effect and Gary felt his balls tighten as a prelude to his orgasm. Out of courtesy, he warned the boy that he was about to cum but didn't really expect him to pull away. He wasn't disappointed; the lad bobbed his head more quickly than before, concentrating on the top couple of inches while rubbing the bottom half with his hand. Gary had avoided humping Luke's mouth, partly to make it last longer and partly because the boy was in charge but, as he came, he naturally thrust upwards sending the first couple of spurts directly down the lad's gullet. Luke pulled back and took the rest into his mouth swallowing everything that the man had to give. When he'd licked up the final few drops he turned and straddled Gary's torso, leaning in to share a cummy kiss with the man.

When he eventually broke the kiss he sat up, placed his hands on the man's shoulders, taking his weight on his arms and grinned down at him. "Now I'm starting to understand what you meant earlier. Doing that with you here was so much nicer than doing it in a stinky toilet with men that I didn't know or particularly like."

They kissed again and this time Gary was able to use two hands to massage the boy's buttocks while they did so. Luke, being a pre-pubescent boy, was still rock hard and horny and started to hump against the man's belly. Gary had other ideas about the lad's next orgasm, however and flipped him over onto his back and assumed control once more, cooling things down again.

A few soft kisses and some gentle caresses later, Gary felt that Luke had calmed down enough to move on to the next stage. He pulled a pillow down and laid it lengthways on the bed before directing the boy to lie on it with his head down and legs pulled up underneath him. In this position his little backside was presented to the man who knelt behind him and proceeded to lick up the lad's perineum and the crack of his arse, passing over his anus on the way. Luke had seen rimming on internet porn but this was his first experience of it and, not surprisingly, he loved every minute of it.

Taking one little orb in each hand, Gary separated them and got his first proper view of the entrance to paradise. Unlike Steve, Luke hadn't had anything larger than a finger inside him, so he still had the perfect pucker that would be expected on an eleven year old boy. Gary licked around the boy's anus, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings and eliciting a groan from the lad. He pressed his lips to the boy's hole and kissed and sucked on it before pressing the tip of his tongue against it. Luke pushed back it in the same way as he had with the finger and the man's oral organ pushed its way past the boy's anal muscle despite the latter's best efforts to repel the invader. Gary tongue fucked the boy for several minutes, reducing the lad to a squirming, squealing, gibbering wreck in the process.

All good things must come to an end, however and Gary was out of practice and tired quickly. He pulled his tongue out, much to the boy's disappointment but quickly replaced it with his forefinger. This time he had the correct angle to curl his finger towards Luke's prostate and as soon as the tip grazed the peanut sized gland he felt the boy's sphincter clamp down as he arched his back and emitted a loud moan.

`Like father, like son,' Gary thought, smiling to himself as he remembered his days with David. He too had possessed an extremely sensitive prostate, which probably explained why he had enjoyed five years of anal sex even though he wasn't gay. Luke on the other hand was gay and, although he was still too young to be certain, with a fairly small penis and a sensitive prostate, he would most likely end up as a confirmed bottom.

Gary removed his finger, leaned over to the bedside cabinet, opened the top drawer and removed an unused tube of KY. Luke frowned as he did so and asked, "You came prepared, did you know this was going to happen?"

"No, your dad gave me this last night, `just in case.'"

"Really?" the boy exclaimed, still struggling to come to terms with the idea that his parents had set up this whole situation, in the full expectation that their son would have anal sex with a man.

"Yes really. I told you, your parents want you to be safe and happy."

Gary turned the pillow through ninety degrees and positioned Luke on his back, with his legs raised and using the pillow to raise his backside to a comfortable level. He wanted to watch Luke's eyes as he penetrated him for the first time, in order to accurately judge the boy's level of pain. He'd fucked Steve from behind but he hadn't been a virgin and Gary's cock had slipped in easily. His first attempts with David had been `doggy style' as that was the only position that he'd been aware of at the time but it had taken several goes before they got it right and he was determined not to make the same mistake again.

He lubed his forefinger and pushed it into the boy's hole. It slid easily into an orifice which was already accustomed to a single digit and he concentrated on lubricating the lad's anus. One finger was swiftly followed by two and this time Gary went more slowly. Luke gasped as his hole stretched to accommodate the increased girth but he only felt some mild discomfort rather than pain and smiled his encouragement to the man who'd stopped at the first sound. Gary continued, stretching and lubricating, preparing the boy as best he could for what was to follow. He considered using a third finger but then dismissed the idea. There was little difference in the circumference of his penis compared with three fingers and, since either would cause the boy pain, he would be as well using his cock; at least then Luke would have some reward for his suffering.

Gary coated his cock liberally with KY, shuffled forward to get closer to the target, placed his glans against the boy's anus and pressed gently. The hole which had been so relaxed and welcoming to the man's fingers now seemed to be tense and tight and he made little or no progress. He stopped and said, "Relax Luke, you're far too tense."

"I'm trying to push out as if I'm crapping. I read that that's what you have to do."

Gary laughed; he'd written the same thing in one of his own stories. "You're trying too hard. Just relax like you did earlier and you'll be fine," he assured the boy.

Luke complied and the man tried again; this time his cock head immediately started to push into the boy's anus, stretching it as it went. For the first time the boy felt a stab of pain and his resulting gasp caused the man to pause again. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"No! Don't you dare!" the boy practically spat the words out.

Gary chuckled to himself. He hadn't expected an affirmative reply but the vehemence of the negative was pleasing to hear nevertheless. He pressed forward once more, looking into the lad's eyes as he did so, watching for signs of distress. Although the boy was clearly suffering from some pain it didn't appear to be anything he couldn't handle and after a few moments the glans passed through the boy's sphincter which then clamped onto the narrower shaft behind it. The man paused yet again, allowing the boy to become accustomed to the adult penis which was lodged in his anus.

"Is it in now?" Luke asked, in a quivering voice.

"The head's in and that's the thickest part, so the worst should be over," Gary responded with as much reassurance as he could manage. "I'll wait for a few minutes before continuing." He caressed the boy's chest and played with his nipples while they waited, trying to take his mind off what was happening lower down.

"It doesn't hurt so much now," Luke said a little later, in a stronger voice.

Gary applied pressure again and his cock slid inexorably, inch by inch into the boy's rectum. As the glans rubbed over Luke's prostate, the boy gave a little squeal and tensed up again briefly but before too long Gary felt himself bottom out with about an inch of penis still protruding from the lad's anus. He had no intention of forcing the rest in and causing unnecessary pain, so he stopped, leaned over the boy and kissed him.

"That's it all the way in. How do you feel?" he asked when he broke the kiss.

"A bit sore," the boy admitted, "but it feels really good too. It feels much bigger inside than it looks on the outside," he added, with a giggle that was music to the man's ears.

Gary returned to a kneeling position and gave a tweak to the boy's hard little nail to remind him that he hadn't forgotten it. David had never had an erection during anal sex, while Steve had lost his during penetration but had regained it by masturbating when they started fucking. Luke's penis, on the other hand, had remained hard throughout and it showed no signs of softening anytime soon. It was further confirmation, as if any were needed, of the boy's enjoyment of sex.

Gary slowly pulled back until only his glans remained inside the boy and then pushed back in, equally slowly. On each stroke the boy gave a strong reaction as the head of the man's cock grazed the sensitive gland inside him. He continued with long, slow, deep strokes and the boy responded with moans and gasps.

"Oh my God, that's amazing," he finally spoke. "Do it faster."

"Are you sure?" Gary asked, with concern in his voice. "I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm sure. Please do it faster." There was an almost desperate tone to Luke's plea that made it impossible for the man to ignore. He gripped the boy's legs behind the knees and speeded up his thrusts while trying desperately to keep some kind of control and avoid pounding too hard or too deep. Within a minute or two the boy began to call out, "Oh God! Oh God!" over and over again. Shortly after, he yelled, "Oh yes!" his sphincter clamped Gary's shaft tightly and his little penis twitched and jumped as if it had a life of its own.

Gary stopped thrusting as soon as the boy climaxed and looked down as he lay with his eyes closed and a dreamy, happy look on his face. He was amazed that Luke had had such an intense orgasm so quickly during his first experience of anal sex. Gradually the boy came down from his orgasmic high, opened his eyes and grinned at the man. "That was brilliant, can we do it again?" Gary couldn't help laughing; he realised that he was going to have his hands full satisfying the insatiable boy.

"What's so funny?" Luke asked, with a puzzled expression.

"Nothing," the man replied. "I'm just happy that you enjoyed it so much."

The boy's erection showed no sign of wilting, indicating that his words were more than mere bravado. Gary, having cum once already that afternoon, still wasn't close to an orgasm so he was more than happy to continue. He gave the lad another quick kiss, got back into position and began the long, slow strokes again. Just as before the stimulation of his prostate brought the boy towards climax and he demanded that the man speed up. This time, however, Gary only went faster for a few moments before stopping briefly and then returning to the slow thrusts. This brought some frustrated tutting but the man ignored this and carried on at his own pace. It was time that Luke learned the pleasures that came from a delayed orgasm.

By this time the boy's anus had loosened up considerably and Gary found that there was significantly less restriction to his strokes. Several times he stopped when he sensed that Luke was nearing another orgasm before continuing again when the crisis had passed. Finally he began to speed up again as his own climax neared and this naturally brought the boy towards another orgasm as well. Having been on the edge for some time, Luke came first; the delay worked as Gary had intended and the lad's second anal orgasm was even more intense than the first. Seeing his boy experience such great pleasure pushed the man over the edge too and, with two or three more thrusts, he was soon filling Luke's rectum with semen.

After he came Gary leaned over the boy, taking his weight on his arms and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Luke had slumped into a semi-conscious state following his climax and it was only when the man broke the kiss that he seemed to recover. The boy slipped his arms around his lover's neck and returned the favour; the pair enjoyed another tongue wrestle for a couple of minutes. Eventually they separated and smiled at one another, "Well, was that OK?" Gary asked.

"No, it wasn't `OK'," Luke replied. "It was absolutely fantastic; the best experience of my life by a mile."

At that moment the boy's anus ejected Gary's softened penis and he let out a little groan of disappointment at the emptiness he then felt. The man sat up and asked the lad to turn over so that he could check his arse for damage. Semen dribbled out of Luke's no longer tight hole and Gary was a little perturbed to see a fair amount of blood mixed in with it. There hadn't been any blood the first time he fucked Steve but that boy hadn't been a virgin. There had been a little after David's first time but he didn't remember it being as much as this; although he now realized that there was a more significant size difference between him and Luke than there had been with David twenty eight years earlier.

There was a box of tissues on the bedside table and Gary picked one out, wiped the boy's backside and looked more closely. He was relieved to see that the bleeding had stopped and that the damage appeared to be relatively minor.

"Is there a problem?" Luke asked anxiously.

"No, you're OK. I think you'll be a bit sore for a couple of days though."

"I don't mind, a bit of pain is worth it for the amazing feelings I've just had."

Gary checked the time and was surprised to see that it was just after three thirty; the last two and a bit hours had flown by. "Come on," he said, "let's get cleaned up, we can relax downstairs afterwards and be ready when your dad calls."

All the bedrooms were en-suite but Luke suggested they use the main bathroom as it contained a large shower which they could share. Gary readily agreed, they had plenty of time and there was no reason why they shouldn't continue their fun while they showered. The shower had six heads and was electronically controlled, Gary took one glance at the control panel and left Luke to operate it. The boy selected the program he wanted while the man stepped into the stream, turned and waited for the lad to join him. He laughed when he noticed that Luke was hard again; the recuperative powers of young boys never ceased to amaze him.

Serious washing took second place to enjoyment as they lathered one another up and concentrated their efforts on some areas to the detriment of other, less interesting parts. Gary ended up on his knees in front of the boy's hard cocklet and naturally sucked him off again. Luke insisted on returning the compliment by which time he was hard again and the man fellated his young lover one final time before they reluctantly left the shower, dried and dressed. Just before four forty five they settled down on a settee with a mug of tea apiece and snuggled up together.

"What happens now?" Luke asked.

"That's up to you and your parents of course," Gary replied. "If you want to have a loving, sexual relationship with me and your mum and dad are prepared to allow it, then I'd be more than happy for that to happen."

"I definitely want it but do you think they'll let us?" the boy asked with a certain amount of trepidation in his voice.

"I'm fairly sure that when they see how happy todays experience has made you, they'll be in favour; but I reckon you'll also have to convince them that casual pick-ups are a thing of the past. That goes for me too. I don't mind you playing around with other boys if you want but I don't want to share you with other men."

"That's a no-brainer," Luke said with feeling. "As long as we're making love the way we did today there's no way I'm going looking for anything else."

"Good," Gary replied, kissing the boy on top of his head.

At that point the phone rang and Luke jumped up to answer it. "Hi Dad . . . We talked and stuff . . . You know what kind of stuff, I can't say it on the phone . . . OK, I'll put him on, see you later."

He passed the handset to Gary. "Hi David, how was your day? . . . You've been bored, what about me? I've been stuck in the house all day trying to keep your son entertained. Where's the fun in that?" Luke made a face at him and Gary made one back while, on the other end of the phone, David laughed. "Seriously though, things couldn't have gone any better . . . He says he won't and he seems genuine to me . . . We'd both like to, so it's up to you and Lucia now . . . I understand. We'll see you when you get back, bye."

"What did he say?" Luke asked anxiously.

"He's happy for us to have a relationship, so it depends on your mum now."

"Do you think she'll say yes?"

"Well, she's never liked me but I think she'll put your happiness and well-being ahead of any animosity she might feel towards me."

"I hope you're right."




For Lucy it had been an extremely odd day, which merely continued an extremely odd few weeks for her family that had begun on the evening when her brother had been brought home by the police. She and Luke had always been close; probably more so than most brothers and sisters when there was a three year age gap. They had spent years discussing their favourite pop stars and other celebrities, most of whom were good looking young men. It wasn't until she reached puberty at twelve that she realised that her nine year old brother had never described any girl or woman as pretty or attractive but had expressed his appreciation of good looking guys on numerous occasions.

The following year she was surprised to find that Luke's taste had advanced to older guys like David Beckham, while she was still interested in the teenage members of boybands. When she'd gently pointed out that boys who liked men rather than women were gay, her brother had merely shrugged and replied, "I must be gay then." That was Luke's `coming out', to his sister anyway; although his parents weren't exactly ignorant of their son's preferences.

Despite their closeness and shared confidences, Lucy was still shocked when the details of Luke's behaviour in the park came to light. The evening that the police brought her brother home, she and Lulu had been sent to their rooms and it had taken her a couple of days to persuade the boy to tell her all about it. When their dad had brought Luke home a few weeks later she'd refused to go to her room, "Luke told me what's going on," she'd said, putting her arm around her brother's shoulders. "I want to help if I can." As it turned out she was only able to offer moral support and she almost regretted that at one point.

A few months earlier she'd been involved with an eighteen year old boy and, to her great surprise, her parents had allowed him to stay over and had turned a blind eye to the fact that the couple were having sex. Their rationale was that the pair would probably have sex anyway, so they would much rather that it happened in the comfort and safety of their home, where safe sex was more likely to be employed. During the emotional family discussion, Luke had protested that it was unfair for him to be grounded for meeting men for sex when Lucy was allowed to bring her older boyfriend home for the same reason. For a horrible moment Lucy feared that her parent's response would be to prevent her from bringing another boy home but thankfully her mother had different ideas.

"Don't be so ridiculous Luke," she'd retorted. "Meeting strange men for casual sex is not the same thing at all. If you bring home a boyfriend who your father and I like and trust then he'll be welcome to stay over just like Lucy's was."

"How can I meet someone like that if I'm grounded?" Luke had whined.

"You'll just have to regain our trust first, won't you," had been the reply, although it hadn't exactly mollified the boy.

Gary's arrival the previous day had merely added another degree of oddness to the ongoing situation. Lucy remembered the man from her younger days as a friend of her father's but one whom her mother disliked. She had always been a `daddy's girl' and had been able to twist David around her little finger and it had been Lucia who'd been the disciplinarian as far as her eldest child was concerned. The opportunity to flirt with the good looking man and annoy her mother had been too good to resist and it had been hugely disappointing to discover that he was gay. She hadn't even managed to irritate her mother who seemingly had been entirely unmoved by her daughter's behaviour.

That morning things had been very strange, starting with Luke being allowed to remain at home and not accompany them to the ballet lesson. Then, when Lulu had moaned about Gary not coming either, Lucia had been extremely curt with her, the baby of the family not getting her own way for once. Lucy couldn't believe that her parents would knowingly leave Luke at home with a gay man but when she tried to express her reservations she received the same response as her sister. It was obvious that both her parents were under stress but the cause of that stress was unclear to her.

The ballet lessons passed without incident although during Lulu's class, Lucy was aware that her parents seemed nervous. After the ballet, instead of returning home, the four of them went to a nearby pub for lunch. Again Lucy noticed that her parents weren't their usual confident, in-control selves. They both appeared to be distracted and continually gave one another reassuring smiles.

After lunch they went to a local equestrian centre, where the girls received basic riding lessons before going on a two hour pony trek. Lulu loved the whole experience and, while Lucy also enjoyed herself, she couldn't help wondering why her parents had suddenly decided to give their daughters a day out and leave their son at home with a man that they hadn't seen for five years.

There was a café attached to the equestrian centre and by four thirty the girls had returned from their trip and the family were enjoying a late afternoon drink. Lulu chattered away as usual but Lucy sat silently and observed her parents as they shuffled nervously in their seats and checked the time every few minutes. Eventually five o'clock arrived and David stood up and announced rather loudly that he was going to phone home to see how Gary and Luke were getting on.

He returned a few minutes later with a large smile on his face, "Everything's fine," he said to his wife. "In fact, from what Gary said, things couldn't have gone any better. I said we'd be home by six and then we'll all go out for dinner."

The tension seemed to disappear instantly and Lucy noticed that her parents suddenly seemed much happier than they had at any time during the day. When Lulu went to the toilet accompanied by her mother, Lucy took the opportunity to ask her father what was going on.

"You know the issues that Luke's had recently and how unhappy he is," he replied. "Your mother and I are struggling to deal with it and don't seem able to communicate with him. We asked Gary to talk to your brother because we thought he'd be able to relate to him better than we can. From what Gary said on the phone, it sounds as if things have gone fairly well."

"Does that mean Luke will be back to normal now?"

"I'm not sure about that but at least it's a start."

They arrived home just after six and Lulu ran into the house in order to tell Gary all about her day. Lucy followed her sister inside and immediately encountered Luke who smiled and said "Hi." She turned and watched as her mother entered next and to her astonishment Luke embraced her and said, "Thanks, Mum. Sorry I've been such an idiot recently but I've got my head sorted now, so things should be fine from now on. Mum would it be OK if Gary and I . . ."

His query was cut off when Lucia hugged him again. Then she kissed the top of his head and said, "Yes, of course you can." The boy responded with a huge grin and headed off in the direction of his father.

David was a little way behind, so Lucy didn't wait to see Luke greet his dad but instead entered the living room with her mother. Lucia approached Gary and said, "You seem to have given our son back to us Gary, grazie."

"Prego," he responded immediately in the same language and they smiled warmly at one another for probably the first time.

Finally David entered the room with his arm around the shoulders of his son, "OK, we're going out for dinner," he said. "Where do you want to go?"

"Let's have Chinese," Luke replied immediately. "We haven't been to the Dragon for ages."

No one objected to that idea so, just after seven, the six of them entered the Robinson family's favourite Chinese restaurant, The Azure Dragon. For the second evening in a row they were sitting around a circular table although this one had a revolving centre and on this occasion Gary found himself seated between Lulu and Luke. Lucy watched the man and her brother throughout the meal and noticed that, in between coping with Lulu's demands for attention, Gary continually exchanged smiles and whispered comments with the boy. Luke's right hand spent considerable periods of time under the table which reminded her of her own efforts to seduce the man the previous evening. Gary appeared to make no attempt to fend off a straying hand, so she assumed that nothing similar was taking place. She would have been surprised to find out that she was wrong on that score and shocked to discover that the man's leg was not the only appendage to be receiving attention from her brother's errant hand. It took all of Gary's self-control to keep a straight face and act as if nothing untoward was happening.

There was one small incident during the meal that she considered to be extremely interesting. They had ordered several different dishes which they all shared, one of which was king prawn in chilli and black bean sauce. They always had this when they came here because it was Luke's favourite and it had become something of a family tradition that the last prawn was always left for him. The only one who might have objected to this arrangement was Lulu but thankfully she didn't like chillies and avoided this particular dish. Lucy had observed her father eat the second to last prawn and then the table revolved towards Luke. The dish passed Lulu but was stopped by Gary who, unsuspectingly, picked up the last prawn with his chopsticks.

"Oh," a gasp of disappointment escaped from Luke's lips.

Gary stopped, the prawn halfway to his mouth. "I'm sorry, did you want it?" he asked.

"No no, it's OK. You have it," the boy immediately responded.

"Are you sure?"

"I don't mind, really. You have it if you want."

Gary looked at the lad and noticed that the expression on his face didn't match the words that he spoke. The prawn remained in mid-air, gripped by the chopsticks at its broader end. The man paused for a few moments, then brought the prawn to his mouth and bit it neatly in two. He then reached across and offered the remaining, larger part to Luke, who also paused before accepting the morsel. They each swallowed and then gazed into one another's eyes and smiled.

The only word that Lucy could think of to describe the moment was `romantic' but surely that couldn't be the case. She was well aware that both Luke and Gary were gay but forty year old men and eleven year old boys didn't fall in love, did they? She looked questioningly at her parents but they were chatting happily with one another, more relaxed than they'd been for several weeks.

Nothing else of note occurred before they completed the meal and returned home, where Lulu was sent to bed with Gary once again being roped in as story reader. While he was thus occupied Lucy observed her brother stretched out on one of the settees, hands clasped behind his head with a very contented look on his face as he watched the TV. When Gary returned, Luke sat up and made room for the man to sit next to him. When he had done so, the boy scooted over until they were touching, put his head on the man's right shoulder and his left hand on the man's right thigh. Gary put his right arm around the boy's shoulders and the pair settled down in this position to watch TV.

Lucy fully expected one of her parents to make a comment, to point out that their behaviour was inappropriate but nothing was said. Her mother must have noticed the look on her face, however, because a few minutes later she headed for the door and signalled for Lucy to follow her.

"I know what you're thinking," she said when her daughter had joined her in the kitchen. "A relationship between an adult and a child goes against everything that you've been taught. It's extremely difficult for your dad and me to come to terms with it as well, believe me. I've known about Gary's preferences for almost as long as I've known your dad; it's why I never really liked him and why we've had very little to do with him over the years.

"Things are different now. You were there when Luke told us about his desires, the desperate need he has to have sex with men. If it comes down to a choice between Gary and the park toilets then there's only one winner. If he can make Luke happy and keep him safe then we're not going to stand in their way.

"It has to be a secret, though, no-one else can be told about it and that includes Lulu; she wouldn't understand the requirement for secrecy and would almost certainly let something slip. After this weekend I would imagine that they'll spend most of their time together at Gary's place rather than here but if anyone asks then Gary is acting as a mentor to your brother while he comes to terms with his sexuality, OK?"

Lucy pondered what she'd been told and then replied, "I want Luke to be happy and safe as much as you and Dad do. I can't think of anyone better for him than Gary; so don't worry, I won't tell anyone else." The pair hugged briefly before returning to join the others in the living room. As she passed her brother she gave him a reassuring smile and received one in return that indicated his relief that she appeared to accept the relationship. She didn't expect to be able to spend much time alone with Luke that weekend but once Gary had returned home the pair would have plenty to talk about.

For the sake of appearances Luke went to his own room at bedtime but within a few minutes Lucy heard his door open and close and then heard his footsteps receding down the hall as he headed to Gary's guest bedroom. The two guest rooms were separate from the family rooms and she knew from her own experience that they could be as passionate as they wanted without worrying about being overheard.

Gary was sitting up on his bed reading when Luke knocked lightly on the bedroom door and entered without waiting for an invitation. While the man was closing his Kindle and placing it on the bedside table, the boy was advancing across the room, discarding his pyjamas as he went. By the time he'd reached the bed he was completely naked and leapt onto it, immediately climbing on top of Gary and kissing him.

"Can we make love again?" the boy implored when they eventually separated.

"First things first," the man responded. "I want to have a look at your bum, to see how things look back there."

Luke grumbled but turned over as he was asked and presented his backside for inspection. The boy's anus had closed up but it was still inflamed from the abuse it had received that afternoon. Gary touched it with his finger and the boy winced slightly.

"No anal sex tonight I'm afraid," he said. "I think we overdid things earlier. We'll just have to make do with oral. How about a sixty nine, we haven't done that yet?" The boy wasn't best pleased with Gary's assertion but agreed reluctantly to forego anal sex that evening.

They manoeuvred themselves into position; the difference in size made things awkward but not impossible and began to fellate one another. Luke quickly put his disappointment behind him and decided that he enjoyed oral nearly as much as anal, so he might as well have as much fun as possible. As usual the boy climaxed first and, as pre-teen boys do, recovered almost immediately and they carried on. By the time Gary finally came, Luke had orgasmed four times; the final one being coincident with the man's. Afterwards they snuggled together in a `spoon' position and whispered endearments before Gary drifted off to sleep.

Luke remained awake for a while, thinking over the events of the most exciting day of his life. It had been almost perfect but one thing now worried him. The man had been right about how much better sex was when you were with someone you loved and he was sure now that he loved Gary. Part of his enjoyment, however, had also come from the pain he'd felt during their lovemaking. Somehow that had heightened his senses and he realised that there was a submissive and even masochistic side to him that needed to be satisfied. He was concerned about Gary's assertion that they had overdone things that afternoon. If he meant that in terms of Luke's first time, then that was OK; but if he meant that they wouldn't repeat the experience again, then the boy wasn't happy at all.

Much as he enjoyed making love, he also wanted to be dominated; to be taken hard and fast and even made to hurt a little. If Gary couldn't or wouldn't do that, then he'd have to look elsewhere. He'd promised not to return to the park but he knew from experience that his urges would overcome his willpower when push came to shove. He decided to give the man a couple of weeks; if he agreed to give Luke what he needed all well and good. If he didn't, then the boy knew that, promise or no promise, he'd be back in the park, whatever the danger might be.




Detective Sergeant Tom Painter walked through the park, almost three months to the day since he and his team had arrested the paedophile for abusing a boy in the toilet. It looked very different today, with police incident tape surrounding the site and a SOCO team carrying out a fingertip search of area while a small group of civilians watched with a morbid fascination.

Painter showed his ID card to the uniformed PC who was guarding the perimeter and passed under the tape. An older man intercepted him and introduced himself as Detective Chief Inspector Sullivan.

"I'm in charge of the murder inquiry," he said. "I asked for you to be attached to the team because you know the boy and his family from the previous incident."

The junior detective looked up sharply, "Is it the same boy then?" he asked, "Luke Robinson."

"We think so, he certainly matches the description. He's been pretty badly beaten though, so we don't have a definite ID yet. Perhaps you could take a look."

When he entered the toilet he found the corpse had already been placed in a body bag in preparation for transfer to the mortuary. He unzipped the bag and looked at what remained of a young boy. As Sullivan had said the lad had been badly beaten and he wasn't able to make a positive identification, although the size and build matched the boy he'd met three months before. The hair was shorter but he could easily have had it cut in the meantime so that meant nothing. He went back outside and passed his observations to the DCI.

"We'll have to talk to the family," the man replied. "Do you mind doing the honours; a familiar face might make things easier for them."

"Sure," Painter replied, without any enthusiasm.

Lucia answered the ringing bell and her face registered shock as she recognised the man at the front door.

"Good evening, Mrs Robinson. I'm DS Painter," he said unnecessarily as he proffered his ID card.

"Yes, I . . . I remember you," she stuttered. "What's wrong?"

"Is your son at home?" he asked, avoiding her question.

"N . . . no, he's at his tae-kwon-do lesson this evening."

"Did he definitely go there today?"

"As far as I know, I've got no reason to suspect otherwise. He goes himself by bus and my husband collects him and brings him home afterwards in the car."

"Are you able to confirm his whereabouts?"

Lucia pulled out her mobile and called Luke's number. As she did so, David and Lucy joined her at the door, having heard the worry in her voice. Lulu, oblivious to other people as usual, had remained in the living room watching TV.

"There's no reply," she said after a while.

"Try the instructor," David suggested.

"It's gone to voice mail, wait there's a message. Tonight's lesson has been cancelled due to illness, he's not there. What's this all about, sergeant?"

"I'm afraid the body of a young boy has been found in the park toilet and he's of the same size and build as your son. We don't have a positive ID yet but it would be quite a coincidence if it was a different boy."

"It's not him!" Lucy exclaimed and the others all looked at her.

"I know you don't want to believe that it's your brother but I think you better prepare yourselves for bad news," the policeman replied.

"It's not Luke," she reiterated.

"How can you be so sure?" the detective asked.

"My brother and I are very close; we discuss things with one another that we don't talk about with anyone else, not even our parents." She turned to them and continued, "Introducing Luke and Gary was the best thing you could've done. Luke is head over heels in love with the guy and he's never been happier. At the start he was worried that Gary was being too gentle with him; he wanted things to be a bit rougher. They had a chat about it and sorted things out. I asked him last week if he ever thought about going back to the park and he laughed at the idea. He said that he's got everything he needs with Gary now and never even thinks about other men these days."

"Where is he then?" her mother asked, close to tears.

"Duh, at Gary's of course."

Lucia was back on the phone instantly. It seemed to ring forever before it was finally answered. "Gary, it's Lucia, is Luke there?" she gabbled. The look on her face told the others the answer to the question even before the words "Thank God" had passed her lips. "Put him on, please."

As they waited for Luke to come on the line, Lucy stood with her arms folded and a smug, `I told you so' look on her face.

"Luke, what are you doing there . . . I know the lesson was cancelled but you should've let us know . . . Oh, hold on."

"David dear, will you check your phone for messages."

David pulled out his own phone and, after checking for text messages, said, "There's one from Luke, it must've been sent while we were having dinner. It says, `Lesson cancelled. No bus home for an hour. Getting one to Gary's instead. I'll see you there.'"

"Yes Luke, Dad got the message but why didn't you call? . . . It was very thoughtful of you not to interrupt dinner but call next time, OK? . . . What's that? You want to spend the night there. I don't know if that's a good idea . . . I know it's the school holidays and you don't have to get up early but Gary's got to go work in the morning. Are you sure that he's happy for you to stay over? . . . Don't take that attitude with me young man or you'll be coming straight home. You might think it's a stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway. Put Gary back on."

Lucy started to snigger but stifled it quickly under an icy glare from her mother.

"Hi Gary, are you sure you want him staying over on a weeknight? . . . I forgot about your flexible working . . . So you'll drop him off in the morning and have a later start at work . . . What do you mean Luke was right?" She laughed. "Yes, I suppose it was a stupid question but I don't want him to take you for granted . . . Goodnight Gary and thanks again."

"Who's Gary?" DS Painter asked when she ended the call.

The three Robinsons looked startled as they realised that they'd been discussing Luke and Gary in front of a policeman.

"He's an old friend of mine," David eventually replied. "In fact he was my best friend when we were kids. Lucia and I have found Luke's situation very difficult to understand and impossible to deal with. Gary seems to understand Luke much better and he's been a great help to him as a sort of mentor."

Painter had heard enough to realise that there was much more to the relationship between Luke and Gary than David was suggesting. In fact it was obvious that the boy was involved in a sexual relationship with the man, not only with the knowledge of his parents but with their active collusion. As a parent the situation horrified him; the idea of his own young son having sex with a man sickened him and he couldn't understand how Luke's parents could allow such a thing to happen. It wasn't only morally repugnant, it was also against the law and as a policeman he felt that he should demand Gary's address, go round and arrest the man and have the boy removed to a place of safety.

However, he did none of those things. While the boy would probably be having anal sex with an adult that night, at least he'd be doing so in the comfort of a bed; safe in the arms of a man with whom, according to his sister, he was head over heels in love.

Meanwhile Painter and his colleagues would be attempting to identify the remains of another, very similar little boy. All too soon a different set of parents would receive the devastating news that their son would never return home because he'd been brutally beaten and strangled by a perverted psychopath. Had the circumstances been slightly different it could easily have been Luke's cold corpse lying on the mortuary slab. When considered from that perspective, it could be argued that the boy's parents were indeed acting in their son's best interests.

Although Painter didn't believe David's story, it did give him an excuse to ignore what he'd heard and return to the murder inquiry. "For what it's worth I liked your son when we met and I'm glad he's safe and well," he said. "I hope this mentor thing works out and keeps him that way. Goodnight."

Lucia closed the door behind him and turned to her husband and daughter, "For the last few weeks I've been extremely worried about Luke and continually questioned whether introducing him to Gary had been the correct option or if we'd merely opened Pandora's Box and started him on a journey for which he wasn't prepared. Tonight for the first time all the doubts have gone and finally I know that we've done the right thing."

There was a tear in her eye as she spoke and David took her in his arms and hugged her until she regained her composure. Then Lucy joined them in a three way embrace as the tension of the last half hour drained away.

Ten miles away their son and brother was being held in an embrace of an altogether different nature. Luke was lying partly on his back and partly on his left side, with his left leg bent on the bed beside him and his right across Gary's thighs. The man's left arm was holding the boy while his right was free to caress his body. Gary was curled below his lover and his penis was fully inserted in the boy's rectum. Over the weeks they had been lovers Luke had gradually taken more of the man's cock and was now able to admit its entire length. This ability had allowed Gary to introduce a different way of making love. With his cock fully inserted, his glans was beyond the boy's prostate and, by limiting himself to short stokes, he was able to avoid overstimulating the sensitive gland. The feelings that were generated from the cock in his anus and the man's caresses kept Luke close to the edge but weren't enough to push him over it. Every so often Gary would either fondle the boy's hard penis or lengthen his stokes in order to rub his prostate. On most occasions he would stop when he felt the boy near an orgasm and then return to the short strokes and caresses. Every now and then, however, he would continue until Luke climaxed and then, after a short pause to allow the boy to recover, he would continue to make love to him.

Making love wasn't all they did now; not since `The Conversation'. Two weeks after they had become lovers, Luke had sat down with Gary and explained that he needed more from him.

"Making love with you is wonderful and I don't want it to stop," he'd said to the man, "but sometimes I'd like you to just take me roughly."

"Are you sure?" Gary had asked. "The last thing I want to do is hurt you."

"That's the thing, after the first time I realised that I like a bit of pain. I've started having rape fantasies and, although I wouldn't like to be raped for real, I'd love you to pretend sometimes. If we make love gently four times out of five then perhaps on the other occasion you can just grab me and do it hard and fast."

That type of sex wasn't really to Gary's taste but he was a boy lover and therefore pleasing his boy took precedence over his own enjoyment. There had been an upside to it, however. Whenever they had quick, rough sex, they always finished up lying in one another's arms, then making love; and those lovemaking experiences had proved to be the most fulfilling.

When Luke had called that afternoon to explain that his lesson had been cancelled and ask if he could come over, Gary had said yes but told him to let his parents know. When the boy had arrived the look on his face had told the man what he wanted even before he'd said "Take me!"

The boy had barely had time to lay down his sports bag before Gary had grabbed him, slung him over his shoulder and carried the lad to the bedroom. He threw Luke onto the bed, pinned him down and started to pull his shorts and underpants off. He had to balance being rough enough to satisfy the boy's fantasy with avoiding ripping any of his clothing; he suspected that Lucia was having second thoughts and knew that, while she might tolerate her son making love with him, she would soon put a stop to the relationship if she found out about this.

With Luke's arse bared and his own erection protruding from his open fly, he pinned the boy face down on the bed, grabbed the lube from the bedside table and quickly applied some to the boy's anus and his own cock. Then he lined up and pushed his entire length home with one thrust. The boy squealed, a noise that very recently would have ended things there and then but Gary was used to it by now and the way Luke was pushing back reassured him. When he was fully inserted the man lay down on top of the prone boy and started to pound his tight hole.

For all that he preferred making love, Gary found this oddly erotic; after all, there is a dominant in every boy lover just as there is a submissive in every man loving boy. Unlike their lovemaking, there was no way to extend this for any length of time. When he was in the mood for this type of sex, Luke was always extremely horny and with his hard cock rubbing against the bed and Gary's cock pounding his prostate he approached climax rapidly. The boy's excitement had an effect on the man as well and, with his penis moving in and out of the boy's tight hole at speed, he too was soon nearing his orgasm. As usual Luke came first, the pain of the hard sex and intense pleasure of orgasm forming an exquisite combination that the boy loved. The lad's response to his climax pushed Gary over the edge too and it only took a few more thrusts before he was filling his young lover with man juice.

They were lying on the bed, spooned together in post orgasmic bliss, when the phone rang. "Ignore it," Luke said.

Gary rolled over, looked at the display on the bedside extension and replied, "Shit, I can't, it's your mother."

He had almost died when Luke had said, "That's a stupid question," to his mum. The last thing they needed was an angry Lucia but when she'd said, "I don't want him to take you for granted," he knew that everything was going to be alright. After the call they disrobed and resumed their previous position which, as usual, had gradually developed into love making.

Gary had lost track of time and also the number of orgasms that Luke had enjoyed; he thought it was four, or was it five? He tried to count them in his mind as he gently fucked the boy and concluded that it was five. His own climax was now coming close so he lengthened his strokes and began to fondle the boy's cocklet at the same time. Normally he did one or the other but he knew from experience that doing both would induce a mind-blowing orgasm in the lad. His actions also told Luke that Gary was close and he responded by working his internal muscles to help stimulate the man and increase his pleasure.

For once it was Gary who came first, ejaculating into his boy and giving one final, hard thrust as he did so. That was enough to trigger Luke off as well and his dry climax was every bit as intense as the man had intended. In fact the boy passed out and it was a good ten minutes before he recovered. When he did so he was wrapped in his man's arms, the place he enjoyed being more than any other. They were spooned as usual and Luke turned his head so that they could kiss.

"I love you, Luke Robinson," Gary said when they broke the kiss.

"I know you do," the boy replied, "and I love you too."

They kissed again, relaxed into their embrace and finally drifted off to sleep.




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