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For Science!

                                                by Sam The Ham




"This is embarrassing." Joshua said to his mother in a low voice.

She didn't even look up from her phone, as if keeping a distance from his disapproval. "Honey, we've been through this. It's not that embarrassing. Besides it's for science. The study could have mass benefits for the food industry. Isn't that something you support?"

Joshua wanted to protest further, but he recognized the strict tone in her voice. His parents were very politically active and had strong opinions about seemingly everything. At fifteen, Joshua was starting to get into his rebellious phase. He would sometimes challenge his parents on some of their beliefs but would get nowhere. If he differed, they seemed to take it as an affront. He didn't have strong opinions on organic food over non-organic. Like his teacher had taught him, there were always two sides to everything not just one answer. His parents didn’t see things that way which was the reason they were here.

He had somehow ‘volunteered’ to participate in a study on sperm production in relation to diet. For the next six months his food was going to be provided for him. He couldn't eat anything else. It was of course approved by a dietitian with the only difference being whether the food was genetically modified or not. He had never been very picky about meals unlike his parents. He was just sort of used to the diet. But when he was over at a friend's house, he would grab a snack of his choosing. That was out of the question for a while.

A young man opened the door to the waiting room just then and looked down at his clipboard. "Josh?"

Joshua flinched a bit hearing his name. Reluctantly, he rose to his feet and took a step towards the man when he noticed his mom getting up. " Mom! I have this." He snapped.

His mother frowned at him. "Don’t get upset. I need to come with you in case they give you any additional instructions."

"I'll be fine." He countered, knowing he was overstepping some boundaries.

The doctor cleared his throat. "We just need to take some measurements and things like that. When it comes to final instructions, we can call you in."

The authority of a doctor was enough to stall his mother. She stepped back in her chair and gave a little nod. "I'll be here when you need me."

"Very good, come with me Joshua, we'll get you all set up." The doctor said, walking away at a rapid pace. Joshua hurried to follow him.

It started out normally enough. The doctor took his weight and his height, blood pressure and all those things which Joshua thought doctors didn't do anymore. "So, are you a nurse?" Joshua asked, once he finished answering all the questions about his current health.

The man smiled. "I'm actually a med student. The funding for this project is a little tighter than we would like. A lot of us are doing double duties. You can just call me Rodger."

Joshua nodded. "So, what next?" He asked.

"Well, all that's left is undressing and collecting the sample." Rodger said, typing some stuff into the computer.

"All right." Joshua waited for the man to leave. He had vaguely hoped that they might provide some arousing material, but he guessed that being a minor made that difficult. Maybe once the guy was gone, he could use his phone.

Rodger finished typing and turned. "You can undress now."

Joshua felt his face become a little warm. "Aren't you going to leave?"

Rodger smiled although Joshua didn't think it was sympathetic. "I'm afraid not. I have to make sure the sample is correctly collected and there are no other outside variables."

"Outside variables?" Joshua said, his heart beating a little faster.

Standing up, Rodger went to a drawer and pulled things out. "Well, see when you get an orgasm, the amount of sperm produced can be vary depending on the intensity and technique. So, we have to eliminate these as a factor."

Joshua felt a creeping fear in his stomach. "And how are you doing that?"

Rodger pulled a pair of blue latex gloves from a box. "Partly through multiple orgasms and partly by using the same technique on everyone."

It took Joshua a few seconds to understand what he had just been told. He watched the gloves being pulled on and Rodger’s fingers flexing. "You're going to do it?" He asked.

The soon-to-be doctor nodded. "Yes, I’m going to milk you."

"Milk... Like a cow."

"An apt description." Rodger said, picking up a little tube device. "Please undress, unless you would prefer not to participate in the study?"

Joshua really didn't want too. He wanted nothing more than to get out of the office right then and there. He wondered if his mother would believe that he wasn't suitable for some reason? Even as Joshua pondered that thought, he knew it wasn't going to happen. His mom would want to know why he wasn't chosen and then he would get in trouble. Sacrifices had to be made for the betterment of society. It was his parents’ mantra.

Slowly, Joshua started to undress. He took off his shirt and then kicked off his shoes. Carefully folding his shirt, he put it on the table before reaching down to take off his socks one at a time and stuffing them in his shoes. He wasn't overly developed for his age, but at least he didn't have any baby fat left. His stomach was flat showing just a beginning of muscles. It took a little longer to drop his jeans. He was thankful that he had on clean underwear. That wasn't always a priority of his usually. The doctor watched with little interest. Joshua tried to hide himself with his hands. Having only caught glimpses of his friends in the locker room he wasn't sure exactly how he measured up.

"You're going to have to remove your hands, so I can access the area. Please relax, I assure you I take no pleasure from this. It's just like checking your reflexes."

"Yeah," Joshua said. Just like testing your reflexes only completely different. He slowly removed his hands revealing a rather full pubic bush. The doctor pulled a stool on wheels closer and sat down. Putting his hand on Joshua's hip, the doctor moved the teenager around until his butt was just touching the table. Joshua couldn't help but look down. The young man had particularly long fingers and certainly a nice watch. Trying to distract himself, Joshua tried to figure it out what brand it was. It looked like it was heavy, something like some of his friends would wear to show off.

"Don't worry, I know it's cold in here." Rodger said.

Joshua didn't find it funny and now that it was mentioned, he could feel himself shrinking. He closed his eyes just wanting this to be over. The man's hands touched his balls and he felt the urge to flinch as they were both measured. Just another level of humiliation to go, he thought. Of course, that feeling paled in comparison to when he felt the fingertips touch his shaft. By then, his penis had practically retracted into his body and the little pull startled him.

He opened his eyes just in time to see the latex clad fingertips come to rest on either side of his shaft. The doctor pulled it out just a little before letting his fingers rest on either side. It was very weird to feel somebody else's hand there. It felt different than skin or even cloth. Almost despite his wishes, Joshua noticed he started to become hard. Now, he couldn't tear his eyes away from what the doctor was doing. He could even catch a glimpse of his own face in the protective glass covering up the watch. The young med student cupped his balls giving them a little squeeze which caused Joshua to inhale sharply. The little gasp that escaped Joshua’s lips went uncommented but he could see the man was smiling.

Once he was fully erect, the doctor paused then placed the little tube on the tip of his erection. It wasn't just a regular tube, he could see that now. One side of it flared out a little and when the doctor squeezed it, he felt a little pull on his erection as it was sucked in. It was just the tip though and the rest of his shaft was left at the doctor’s mercy. The man’s hand slid up and down his dick, squeezing and pulling while the other hand fondled his balls. Joshua could hear himself start to breathe heavily.

"Tell me when you're going to climax." The doctor demanded.

Joshua usually liked to tease it, bring himself to the edge and then let it slowly recede back. Sometimes, he would do it quickly but when he had the time, he liked to draw it out. It didn't really matter now. Wanting just to get this over with, he felt the stirring start to come and announced, "I think I'm almost there."

Leaning against the table, he could feel it pushing his butt cheeks upwards and then it happened. For the first time without touching himself he came. It was perhaps more intense than he was used to or maybe he was just unprepared for it because he felt himself shoot once, then twice before dribbling out a third time. Between the suction and force there was just enough cum to cover the inside of the tube. After a second, Joshua rested his elbows against the table catching his breath before heading for his clothes.

"Hold on Joshua, I have to make sure you don't got anything left." The doctor said, examining the contents of the tube.

Joshua looked back at him. "Didn't you just do that?"

"No," you may have to come three or four times.

Joshua felt knots form in his stomach. He knew he was trapped. If it wasn't this doctor, it would be his parents giving him a hard time. He got back into the same position and waited but this time the doctor put his hands on Joshua's hips again and turned him around. It was humiliating but he turned around and placed his hands on the table and spread his legs. The doctor explained. "With your first one it's okay but once liquid gets in these things, they tend to become slippery and break the suction which might cause spillage. We are doing the rest of the day like this."

Joshua had only ever seen a cow milked on TV. He imagined though it was how they must feel having someone pull on you between your legs. The doctor’s hand on his dick gradually made him hard again before fingers were wrapped around it. The tube was placed on the tip again. Four fingers wrapped around the shaft. Every time the doctor moved his fist, he could feel the pushing against his balls as the other hand held the tube. The second orgasm took longer and the third even longer. Not much came out. He hoped it was a sign that it was getting towards the end.

The fourth time was dry and by then the feeling of an orgasm almost hurt. His balls were aching, and his shaft felt like a piece of chewed meat. When the doctor told him to get dressed Joshua did it quickly regretting it when his dick grazed his underwear. As he walked down the hallway to the office, he was pretty sure one of the nurses smirked at him, but by then he just didn't care.

The doctor told him he just had to get his mother and Joshua said nothing to that. He sat there with his legs spread, embarrassed. By the time his mom finally arrived, he couldn't look at either of them.

"I believe he is an excellent candidate." The doctor said sitting behind his desk. "It's just a matter of making sure he will stick to his diet and not masturbate for three days before an appointment. It'll be every two weeks."

"Well sticking to the diet won't be problematic but he's really not good at getting things done on time. I'm a little concerned he might let something happen for those three days prior even if I remind him."

Joshua was still up in his own world and finally looked up. "Mom, I can follow instructions!"

"That's not what your teacher said, and you've missed deadlines for assignments. You need to learn better time management skills and I don't want you messing up the results of this test."

Joshua hadn't missed an assignment since he had started the 7th grade, but that was his mom. She remembered every time he screwed up. "It won't be a problem." He said not caring how his voice sounded.

The doctor cleared his throat. "I'm sure he can be responsible and if we have any concerns that he isn't we always have a chastity device to fall back on."

"What?!" Joshua snapped.

The doctor continued as if Joshua hadn't said anything. "One more thing Joshua, it would be really advantageous for you not to have pubic hair for this test. It can mess with the suction if hair gets in there, so we'll give you something to remove it. Don't worry though, it'll grow back eventually."

"I'll make sure he removes it tonight." His mother said.

Joshua gritted his teeth, then resignation kicked in. There wasn't much he could do since he was not eighteen. Maybe, getting milked every other week wasn’t so bad after all? Nonetheless, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he would get his revenge. And it occurred to him that the best way was to fuck up the study. He was going to eat junk food every chance he got. All the forbidden foods of his diet were going to go inside his body. That would teach them! As his mother chattered on at least he had something to smile about.

The End 

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