The characters portrayed in this story are familiar to me, but the story is entirely a figment of my imagination, and has no bearing to real events of any kind.


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By John T. S. Teller. 


For sweet Drewy. Happy dreams. XXX. LOL.

As I sit in the classroom, I look at the schoolteacher, Drew, as he sits at his desk, his arm and hand propping up his head; his long dark hair, hanging down to one side (because he's leaning over so far), as he flicks through a book. He seems miles away, and I know he's not looking at the book. I giggle, inwardly. Perhaps he's thinking about me. I've given him enough reasons to think about me since I first arrived on this student exchange visit from England to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, almost three weeks ago. I noticed him the first day we came to this school - all six of us – one boy from each school in my borough - all rough-necks, who needed a boost in life; that was the selection criteria. Being a `shit-guy' has its positives. I'm not a shit-guy, really; I'm just misunderstood. I'm not a bully; I'm not into the drugs scene; and I don't go stealing other people's gear. I'm gay, and I just beat the shit out of those who try to take the piss out of me. I reckon the deciding factor to get me on this way-to-a-better-life, was that I put the last bastard, who called me a `fucking queer', into the A&E department with a broken nose and two black eyes. Most likely, he won't try it again.

Drew is the sports teacher, but now he's taking us for a geography lesson. He's about five-nine, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, and he's got gorgeous, strong legs, what I can see of them, below his shorts (which he's always wearing), and he's the perfect age for me -thirty-ish. Every time I look at his legs, I get a hard-on. (I've got one now, just looking at his legs.) I wanted to fuck with him the first day I saw him in the school gym, where he was trying to teach us how to play basketball properly. I'm staying with a lovely family. Three weeks I've been with them, and I've been the perfect guest, and given them no shit, and this is my last week here. Well, I have four more days, and then we fly back on Sunday afternoon. I don't want to leave Boston for my home back in England. I don't want to leave this gorgeous man, who makes my heart and cock flutter at the same time.


Scotty has not taken his eyes off me during the lesson. Every time I glance at him, he's ogling me. Although he's only fifteen, he's a sexy young man. Blond hair, twinkling blue eyes, cute nose, full lips, slim and gorgeous looking...a real Anglo-Saxon beauty. Every time I look at him, I want to take him in my arms and make love to him. I've seen almost all of him when he was in my sports lesson, but I can only dream of what he's got below his shorts, and, now, in his Wranglers, as he sits with his legs sprawled under the desk. I know what's beneath the GAP t-shirt: a small, but well muscled upper body, with gorgeous, small tits that I want to suck on, and arouse him enough for him to beg me to take him completely.  But, I'm a schoolteacher, so it's out of the question. However, I can dream, and this boy has been the stuff of my dreams since I first laid eyes on him. He's been in my dream-bed every night, and we've made dream-love so many times, that every morning, when I get to school, my balls are empty. It's a good job I'm single, and live on my own. If I had a partner, he would swear that I'm two-timing him. How would I explain that away? I'm not, but I am?! I need to be near him. I'll check out the map he's supposed to be drawing.


Drew is coming towards me. He smiles at me, and I know he's coming to check on my work. Good! The only thing I've done is draw a map of England, an arrow pointing exactly at the spot where I live, and written my full name, home address, Gmail addy, and cell-phone number at the top of the page. He gets to me, stands slightly behind me, rests his left hand on my desk, puts his right hand in the centre of my back (which makes me shudder, and my cock ratchet up another notch of hardness), and leans down, so that his cheek is by the side of mine.

"Is that the best you can do, Scotty?"

His voice is soft, warm, and my cock loves it, because I can feel pre-cum oozing out of me. Fucking hell, he only has to speak to me to get my hormones raging! I grin, inwardly. His head is so close to mine, all I need to do is turn my head, and we would be kissing, and there's nothing more I want to do than to lock my lips on his. Apart from locking my lips around his cock, that is. Now, my cock is throbbing!

I turn my head slightly to the left, (not enough to kiss his gorgeous lips), and smile my best smile at him. "I'm not very good at Geography, Guv."

I see the twinkle in Drew's eyes, and I know he's not going to rollock me. He almost whispers, "No, you're not. But you're good at some things."

I give him my cutest, puzzled look. "Good at some things, Guv?"

His eyes are twinkling even more now. "Yes; Information Technology."

The moment he's said it, he takes the paper from my desk and walks away with it, places it on his desk, and then returns, and puts a blank paper on my desk to replace it.

I give him another cute, puzzled look. "What do you want me to do, Guv?"

"You can draw a map of the British Isles, but without the information technology. This is purely a geography lesson."

He grins, and walks back to his desk. I pretend to look at the new piece of paper, but really, I'm watching what he does with the old one. He looks at it for a while, and then puts it in his desk. Yeeeesss! Gotcha, my beautiful, sexy, gorgeous man, who I want to fuck me!


How I don't burst out laughing is a mystery to me. My sexy little English boy has just provided me, quite deliberately, with his all his personal details. Oh, yes, he knew exactly what he was doing! He's a clever young man. Three days...that's all I've got left to see him. He flies back on Sunday, and I won't be able to see him on that day. I'm depressed at the thought. The only saving grace is that I will certainly see him twice more before he leaves. He's in my gym class this afternoon, and then tomorrow, he's in the group of six boys who have come on the exchange visit that I'm taking on a one-night camping trip twenty miles upstream of the Charles River; his second-but-last night here.

It's the last lesson of the afternoon, and I've not taken my eyes off Scotty during the gym class. When he's stripped to his shorts and vest, he's even more delectable. He's not tall; small even, about five-four, and, even though he's slim, he's a powerful young man. He's enjoying the exercises and games as much as anyone is, and everything is done with that lovely grin on his face. He's a popular boy, and gets on well with everyone. I've not missed the fact that he's showing off to me, too.

The lesson is over; the boys run off to shower.

My heart is thumping. Usually, I stay clear of the showers when the boys are in there, though I've sneaked a look before, when some of the older boys were in there. I've fancied quite a few during my two years here, and I've even meandered in there to hurry them up, and tell them to not mess about, when all I really wanted to do was run my eyes over some wanking material. But it has always been a brief visit, and I've hidden my real intentions very well.

I'm nervous, as I make my way to the showers, not because of paying a quick visit to hurry the boys up, but because Scotty has gotten under my skin so deep, that I urgently need to see him naked, if at all possible. If nothing else happens, which I'm not expecting it to, before he leaves, I need to have an unadulterated vision of his loveliness. That's why I'm shaking with nervous tension.

The noise from the showers intensifies as I get nearer, and my nervousness matches it. I peer around the corner, and there they are...boys doing what boys do: laughing, bum-slapping, and every other conceivable naked-boy-fun. Scotty is standing directly under a shower head, his hands clasped above his head, and his lovely cock is erect, and he's pretending to hump an imaginary something. The other boys are laughing at his antics. My cock rises to its full height, and I have to put my hand over it, and press it down to hide what's happening to me. Eventually, when I've devoured enough of his beauty (and also to eliminate further risk of me being seen ogling the boys), I step out into the corridor where they can all see me.

Everywhere goes quiet, as I glare at them all. Scotty doesn't move; he's staring at me. His arms are above his head, and the erection hasn't abated one bit. His blond hair is flattened, and the water is running down his beautiful face and body in rivulets; over his perfect chest, curved midriff, and down to the gorgeous erection that sprouts from a small tuft of boyish, blond hair. His legs are apart, and his large balls are dangling between them. Even in this tiny moment that I look at him, I notice all these things; and even that he is, unlike most American boys, uncut. Never, in all my life, have I seen anything so beautiful!

"Less noise, and get a move on! You haven't got all day!"

I turn, and begin to retrace my steps, still as nervous as hell that I've dared to perv on Scotty. And then I hear a voice:

"Guv! Guv!"

I turn, and look at Scotty, standing, naked and easy, his arms at his side, at the corner of the corridor leading to the showers. He's looking into my eyes with a look that is fierce. He still has an erection.

"Yes, Scotty?"

He steps forward a pace, so that he's out of sight of the other boys, puts his hands on his hips, and displays his body in a perfect, inviting pose. My voice is loud. "Yes, Scotty, what do you want?"

"Guv, I was wondering if you could borrow me a sleeping bag for the camping trip. I haven't got one."

I grin at him. "Lend! Lend me a sleeping bag, Scotty; not `borrow'! And, yes, I have an extra bag. I'll bring one to school tomorrow. Now get back and finish your shower!"

The grin on Scotty's face is enormous . . . from ear to ear, and there's a devilment in it when he replies in that English colloquial accent that I have come to love since he arrived, even though I have to strain my ears, and think hard to decipher what he's saying. "Thank you. I knew you'd do it for me; I just knew it, Guv!"

And then he's gone, and I'm left in a state of nervous exhaustion, but I grin. There was innuendo in his last words. I knew you would do it for me. I just knew it, Guv! The reason I'm grinning, is because this is just another in a long line of subtle innuendos he's used on me, and, also, his use of the term `Guv' - which he pronounces as `Gav' – an abbreviation of the word Guv'nor, meaning `boss'. Scotty is from London's East End; a Cockney boy, which, as he explained to me when he first came to the school, means that he was born within the sound of the Bow Bells. I continue walking, and thinking. All I have to do now is to get through the camping trip without ending up in jail. Phew! That won't be easy!


I've positioned myself perfectly in one of the seats in the mini-bus that Drew is driving to take us to the campsite. He can't look through the rear view mirror without he looks into my eyes, and every time he does, I give him the look. I knew all along that I was right about him; that he fancies me. The only barrier I had to break down is the `schoolteacher' one. Well, that fell flat on its arse when he came to the showers. Oh, yes! Drew came there just to see me; I know it, and that's why I posed for him. He's on my hook, and I intend to catch him, and, if all goes to plan today, I'll reel him in good and proper!



My mind is in a whirl as I drive. Scotty has gotten me dead to rights in the rear view mirror. I can't even glance at it without he's giving me the eye. The sexy little devil! I'm not sure whether I'm pleased, or angry. Do I want to fuck him? You can bet your life I do, but the consequences of getting caught are enormous. My whole life will be ruined. But, and this is the problem, he's got me just where he wants me. I'd thought about pretending that I was ill this morning, and phoning Harry Devine to take the boys; but the lure of Scotty was greater than my fear of being with him. I want to be with him, because, by now, I know that I've fallen head over heels in love with him. I want to do things to him. I want us to do things to each other; but, most of all, I want him in my arms - to love him and kiss him. I'm thirty-two now, and this is, really, the first time in my life that I've ever fallen in love. I've had crushes galore, but they all fizzled out. In fact, before Scotty, I had given up on the idea that I would ever fall in love. But now I have, and the awful dilemma is that he is a pupil, and he's only fifteen – under-age. Well, only just. I've looked at his records, and he's sixteen in two months time. I'll have to wait and see what develops during the day. It's tonight when I'll have to be on my guard. I know what the setup is: three double tents for the six boys, and one for me – also a double – with a double air bed. I'll have to put a padlock on the zip door. Or, maybe it might just slip my mind?



The day goes brilliantly. Drew is a super athlete, as well as a super teacher, when he's away from the confines of the school. The first thing he did, when we got to the campsite, was to tell us that we should all call him Drew, and not address him as `Sir', even though I've refused to do that, and have called him `Guv' on purpose, to get his attention. We put the tents up by the river, and then get the kayaks off the top of the mini-bus, and spend hours having great fun on the river. In between, we have a packed lunch, and go for a long walk along the river. It's beautiful here, and I love the place. Drew must be wondering what's going on, because I've pretty much ignored him all day. That's part of my plan; I don't want the other lads to have even a hint of what's going on. The day wears on. We get in the mini-bus, and drive to a diner, and we all fill ourselves with burgers and stuff, and then drive back to the campsite. A game of football; a crap; swimming in the river; another pretend crap, where I smear loads of Vaseline on my bum hole, and then, although it's a very warm night, we build a fire. This is proper camping. The sun goes down, and the stars appear. We all go off to collect some firewood, and, when we return, I make sure I'm lying next to Drew (who is now wearing a yellow poncho decorated with lightening strikes, and he looks gorgeous in it), almost head to head, leaning on our elbows, and staring into the blazing fire.


I lie back, and study the stars. Drew's body is in front of me now, and I can see the back of him, silhouetted against the fire, as he's chatting, and laughing with the other lads. The glow from the fire lights up the front of everyone, but Drew's back is in the dark. I stretch out my hand, and rub my fingers on his back. He doesn't stop me. Circles; long round ones; and then I increase the pressure. Still he doesn't stop me. I slip my hand under a loose part of his poncho, onto his hip, and work my way up to the contours of his lower back, enjoying the feel of the man I love; and tears form in my eyes, because, not only do I want this gorgeous man to fuck me, I'm terribly fond of him. Still, he doesn't stop me. I squeeze my bum to check that the Vaseline is still working, and when I discover that it is, my cock begins to swell, because of the thought of why I've applied it so liberally.


One by one, the other boys are becoming tired, and one by one, they disappear into their tents. I pretend to fall asleep, and wait until every last one of them is gone. It's just Drew and me now.


He gets up, and puts some more wood on the fire. I watch him, stooping in front of it, poking it with a stick. I know what he's doing: weighing up the situation. Will he; won't he? I hope he does, because I want more than his body, I want his love, because he has mine.



I stare into the fire, and weigh up my options. Behind me is the boy of my dreams. His fingers and hands on my back have told me that he wants me. I had to ignore the sensuality of what he was doing, but his caresses went deep; not only to my cock, but also to my heart. The age-of-consent laws say he's too young. My position of responsibility says that, under no circumstances should I have a liaison with a pupil. Well, I've been through all that, and kept their trust in me. I've wanted sex with a lot of the boys I've known at school, yet done nothing. But I've never been as tempted as I am right now. Scotty wants me, as much as I want him, and I know he has real affection for me. His hands on my back were not those seeking only sex. Had he wanted to, he could easily have felt at my butt, but he didn't. No, his caresses were loving ones, and not just sexual ones. Their rules and regulations don't cover emotions.



Drew gets up, and turns to me. Now I open my eyes, and he looks right into them, and I stare into his. The moment of truth – decision time; and my heart is pounding. He puts his hands behind his back, warming them on the fire, but still he stares into my eyes. I need to help him. I smile, and nod. He walks towards me, kneels down beside me, and strokes my face. I smile up at him. And then I see a tear in his eyes. That alarms me, and I remember the tears that fell from my eyes when I was stroking his back: tears of love, and I know Drew's tears are the same. I raise my hand, and wipe away the tears that have rolled down his cheek. "You know that I love you, don't you, Drew?"


He nods. "Yes. And you know that I love you, don't you?"


I smile a crooked smile. "I thought you did, but hearing you say it is pure magic. I don't want to go home. I want to stay here with you. I want to come and live with you."


Now, Drew is having real difficulty, and the tears are flowing even faster. I get to my knees, and we face each other. His arms open; I go into them, and he locks me in an embrace that is almost painful. I return the embrace with equal passion, and the tears start again. They roll from my eyes in rivulets, down my face, and down his neck and back, and I sob like a child. We both sob like children.


And then Drew breaks the embrace, gets to his feet, holds out a hand, and I reach up and take it. He pulls me to my feet. I go into his arms, and put my arms around his neck. His head comes down to mine, and our lips meet. The moment is electric, and I close my eyes. His lips are soft; warm; gentle, as I knew they would be. I pull his head down harder, and the kiss becomes firmer. Our mouths open, and our tongues meet, performing the dance of love. His hands caress my shoulders, and then my back, and then slip down to my buttocks, and he draws me into him. I push into him, and we begin mock fucking movements. I can feel his hardness on my belly, and I roll myself on it to stimulate him. Suddenly, he breaks the kiss, takes my hand, and leads me around the fire, away from the tents, and into the darkness.




As I walk, holding hands with Scotty, I look at my watch: almost 1am. It's very unlikely the sleeping boys will get up, but if they do – to relieve themselves – I can't take the chance of them seeing us, and I need to take us to a safe place. I know exactly where I'm going. During the day, I had planned for this moment. Oh yes; although I had been deep in thought about the situation by the camp-fire, my mind was already made up. This beautiful boy, whom I love, has been the only thing I saw this day. His laughter; his gorgeous grins; his teasing looks; the sexy legs protruding from his shorts; the perfectly rounded buttocks within them; they belong to me, because he wants me to have them . . . his gift to me. And, after today, I will never again have the chance to hold him, and kiss him, as I've just done. But before he goes, I need to accept his gift. Not to do so, would be intensely cruel to both of us.


We reach a clearing by the river; the one I had chosen, and, in the bright starlight, I hold him close again. His arms lock around my neck, and we continue the kiss we had by the camp-fire, but, now, the kiss is more urgent. I break the kiss, and go down to my knees, slipping my hands under the legs of his shorts, and onto the soft, warm buttocks, pulling him to me, and I press my face against his hardness. His hands come behind my head, and he pulls me to him, and gyrates his hips to rub his swollen cock against my face. I look up, and he's staring down at me. He smiles. I press my mouth against his cock, and rub my lips along its length; he moans at the pleasure it's giving him. I reach up, and grasp the hem of his shorts, and pull them, along with his boxer underpants, down to his ankles. He kicks off his trainers, and steps out of the shorts and underpants, and spreads his legs. I hold his soft buttocks again, and kiss his balls, and then run my tongue up the length of his swollen cock. His hand comes to it, pulls back the foreskin, pushes it to my lips, and I take him in my mouth, and begin to suck him.


While I'm doing it, my fingers pull his buttocks open, and I search for his anus. He helps me by pulling himself apart, and then I'm on it. I'm surprised that it's already greased. So, he had planned for this, too! Good; good boy! My finger slips in easily; so I use two of them, and I search for his prostate, and begin to milk it, whilst I suck him. I feel him begin to tense, and his cock begins to jerk more urgently in and out of my mouth. The pulsating cock explodes with passion, and he fills my throat with his semen. It fills my mouth, and, even though I swallow much of it, he produces so much, that it runs from the corners of my mouth, and down onto my chin. And all the while, my lover is making stifled animal noises. When it's over, I remove my fingers from his anus, squeeze every last drop of his boyishness from him, and swallow it. And then I remove my poncho, place it on the grass, and lie down on it on my back, and stare up at him.



I look down on Drew, the man who has just given me the most fantastic sexual experience of my life, and I need to reward him. So I slip off my t–shirt, straddle his chest, and stand above him, naked, and he stares at the boy who loves him. His hands stroke the back of my calves; the back of my thighs; my buttocks; my balls; my still erect cock; my inner thighs; and then he holds out his hands to me. I take them, and he pulls me down to him, and kisses me. He breaks the kiss, pushes my face away, and looks into my eyes. "I love you, Scotty."


I smile at him, give him the look, and kiss him again. Then I sit on his belly, and begin to pull off his t–shirt. He helps me, and soon it's off. I grin at him, and get up. I grab his shorts. He lifts his body, and I pull them off, along with his trainers. Now, I stand and look at the naked man who has just made me feel so wonderful. His erect cock is circumcised, and is about three inches longer than mine – about eight inches – and it's thick, and hairy; and although I've never had one before, it's just how I like them. I've dreamed of cocks like this since I was a boy. But one thing worries me . . . sexual disease. I stumble out the words, "Don't, we... err... need any protection?"


He smiles. "Have you ever done this before?"


I shake my head. "No, I wouldn't have let you do it without protection if I had."


Again he smiles. "I took a chance. I was hoping you hadn't. Well, my special little man, neither have I. So we're absolutely safe."


I stare at him, puzzled by his words. "But you're thirty! And you've never done it before?"


Now, he's grinning. "I'm thirty-two, actually; but I've never met a `Scotty' before. You're quite a rare species, you know!"


I sink to my knees, straddling his chest, and kiss him on the lips. "I know I am. And so are you, my lovely Drew. So, can I do you now?"


Drew pulls a face at me. "It depends on what you want to do."


"I want you inside me."


Drew shakes his head. "It will hurt."


"I know it will. I'm not daft, but I still want you in me. Not all of you; just the end of you will do. I want you to be the first."






"Because of what?"


"I'm not telling you. Will you? Please?!"


Drew stares at me, and then nods. I give him a grin to reward him, and then I begin to slip down his body. I kiss each nipple, until they're rock hard, and then I rub my nose through his chest hairs, and reach behind me to grasp the throbbing cock that's resting against my bum crack, and begin to work it up and down, pushing harder each time I do. The Vaseline I'd put on earlier is doing its job, and I get his knob right by my hole, and manipulate it to try and get it in, but it's too thick. Drew helps me; he puts his hands around my bum cheeks, and pulls them apart. I push back, and feel my hole being stretched. I grit my teeth, and push harder, and I'm rewarded when his knob slips past my ring, and my anus closes around it. I've read about doing it, and I try to relax and push out. It gets easier, and the pain recedes to a dull ache. I know exactly where I want it to be, on the spot Drew was fingering before. Now, I begin to push back. Drew strokes my head, which is resting on his chest. He doesn't try to stop me; I don't want him to stop me. Tiny movements: that's all I can do; but, very gradually, he gets deeper. I'm beginning to sweat. And then he's there! But it's still painful. I don't know what to do now. I thought the pain would go when he reached `there'. Drew understands.


"Just stay as you are," he says.


He reaches round me, and grasps his cock, and begins to wank himself with the parts that aren't buried inside me. I keep still while he's doing it. Now, the pain is going, and the tiny movements inside me, over my prostate, are beginning to do their work, and I feel the pleasure beginning to build. Drew puts his other hand under me, and begins to wank me. That's nice, and the pain is even less. Now, Drew is talking to me.


"Slowly, Scotty! Take it slowly. That's it. That's beautiful. Yeeesss! That's it. Wow! You're good! Is it getting easier?"


I moan a, "Mmmmmm."


"I'm cumming, Scotty. I'm cumming!"


Drew's hand on my cock tells me that he is, because it starts to wank me harder, and when he's flogging my cock, and his cock, like a madman, I know his spunk is filling my insides, and the thought that it is, sends the spunk from my balls shooting up my own cock, and onto his belly. Drew is wailing at the pleasure of the moment, and I'm almost choking with the dual pleasure of his big cock rubbing on my prostate, and my own spunk spurting out as he wanks me, and I actually feel my balls disappearing inside me. Then I collapse onto him, totally shattered by the experience.




We're lying side by side now, on the poncho, holding hands, staring up at the stars. I look across at Scotty. "Are you ok now?"


He turns his face to me, and grins. And then he giggles. "I'm fucked."


I can't help it; I burst out laughing. Scotty begins to laugh. Soon, we're in hysterics, and it only stops when Scotty rolls on top of me, and grins down into my face. Then he kisses me. I kiss him back. He slumps onto me, and I hug him close. "What did you mean earlier when you said, `because'?"


"Because I love you, Drew. And I always will, no matter what happens. Do you want to go back to the tents?"


 "Not yet, Scotty. Can we talk?"




"Yes, talk. Shall we sit by the river and talk for a while? I want to know more about you."


Drew gets up, holds out a hand, and I take it, and he pulls me to my feet. We dress, and then he picks up his poncho, throws it over his shoulder, and we walk to the water's edge, his arm around my shoulder, and my arm around his naked waist. He drops the poncho, arranges it with his feet, and we sit side by side, watching the gentle flow as the river brushes the reeds below us. I lie back, and look up at the stars again. Drew lies back, too, and I feel his hand groping for mine. We clasp hands, and lie, silently, looking up at the stars. I turn and look at the beautiful man beside me. "What do you want to know?"


"About you; about your life; about your parents; about your home."


"There's not a lot to tell, really. I haven't got a father. My mum brought me up. I'm a proper bastard. I live in the East End; a shit hole. Drugs and knives and all that shit. My mother has a boyfriend who's a drug pusher. He's black. I don't mind him being black, but I don't like drugs, or drug pushers. If I'd got the dosh, I'd be out of there like a shot."


"The dosh?"


I giggle. "Money; ackers; brass. Are you Yanks really this thick?"


I hear Drew giggle. "I love the way you talk, although, most of the time, I don't understand a word you say."


I turn my face towards him, and he's staring at me. "You understood me when I said that I loved you, though, didn't you?"


"Yes. You're sixteen on the 12th of August. Are you going to get a job when you leave school?"


I laugh; a sarcastic laugh. "A job! There's no bloody jobs where I live!"


"What will you do then, Scotty?"


"I dunno. I really don't know. Knock about with the kids on the estate, I suppose. That's what everybody else does."


"Getting into trouble?"


"I suppose so. What else is there to do?"


"Don't you want to go into higher education?"


"Not really. I know a lot of the kids off the estate who've done that, and still they can't get a job when they've done it."


Drew's face is sort of twisted now, and I can see the sadness in him. He squeezes my hand. I squeeze his back, and then the tears come. I just can't stop them, because here I am, lying beneath the stars with a bloke that I love, and who has just given me my first ever sexual experience, and I know that in a couple of days, I've got to leave him, and go back to my shit hole. Drew pulls me to him, and I sink into his wonderful, warm embrace. Life is fucking awful! We lie in each other's arms for a while, saying nothing, and then I ask, "Drew. Tell me about you. Everything, please?!"


I feel the hug tighten, and then he begins to speak.


"I was raised in Colorado, in a nice, small, conservative town, where everybody went to church on Sundays, and everybody pretended they were normal. But I wasn't normal; I was gay, and I had to hide it from everybody. I might have been a rebel, but I had little choice other than to be a good boy. My parents are well-off, and my grandparents were very well off. In fact, they were filthy rich. They left me an annuity of $5,000,000, but only if I had graduated with honours before the age of twenty-five. So, I graduated with honours before I was twenty-five. And then I moved to Cincinatti, and then Texas, and then up here to Boston."


I hug him again. "Why did you move about so much, and why are you still a teacher when you've got that much dosh?"


He leans over, and kisses me gently on the lips. "I was searching."


"For what?"


"For a `Scotty'.


"And you never found a single one?!"


"Nope. And now that I have, I'm going to lose him. But at least I know now that he exists. I'll always love you, Scotty, no matter what. I think we'd better go back to the tents now, before we're discovered."


"Would it bother you if we were discovered?"


"Despite my wealth, my life would be ruined. What we've just done would pretty much end it. You won't tell anyone, will you?"


His comment makes me angry. "Tell anyone?! Are you mad!? They could put me on the gallows, and I wouldn't tell anyone! What do you take me for!?"


Drew wraps me in his arms, and hugs me tightly. "I'm sorry. I've never been in this situation before. I'm still learning, just as you are. I'm sorry."


I mellow. "Sorry, Drew. I thought you'd know by now that I wouldn't kiss and tell. I'm not like that. Anyway, thanks for telling me everything. At least, now, when I get back home, I'll know all about the man I love. Can we go back now, please? I'm getting tired."


Drew gets up, pulls me to my feet, picks up his poncho, slips it over his head, and we walk back to the tents, holding hands. The fire is almost out now, and the place is in darkness. I stop, and pull Drew to me. "Can I have one more kiss, please, Drew? Just one more kiss. It's got to last me all my life."


Drew's arms come around me, and we come together in a long, passionate kiss. I break it, and stare into his eyes. "Although I want to, I'm not coming to your tent. There's no way you're going to get in trouble, and if Smiffy wakes up in the morning, and I'm not there, he'll put two and two together. I think he already suspects that I'm gay, and that I've been eying you up. I don't want to leave with him floating down the river, and he will if he so much as makes a comment about you! But, one last thing tonight?"


"What's that, Scotty?"


"Can I have your poncho? Please?"


Drew laughs. "I'll give it to you when we get back." He turns me, and slaps my bum. "Go on now, before I get into serious trouble!"


I walk away to my tent, and open the zip quietly. I turn, and see Drew's bum disappearing into his tent. Smiffy is snoring. I zip up the tent, and, very quietly, manage to get myself into my sleeping bag. And then I break down into tears. The pain starts deep inside, and works its way out, and the sobs are hurting, and I cry myself to sleep, knowing that I have just tasted the most beautiful love in my life, and that it's over as quickly as it was consummated.



On the drive back, I notice that Scotty has not sat in the same seat. Instead, he has sat in another where our eyes cannot meet every time I check the rear view mirror. But I can see him. He's staring out the window, deep in thought. I know what he's thinking, but there's no way I can help him now. Like me, he will have to `grin and bear it'. But it's horrible. The sadness I'm feeling is soul destroying. We reach the school, and the families who are looking after the boys are waiting to pick them up. We unload the bus, and I watch Scotty avoiding me. He's about to get in the car, when I shout him. "Hey, Scotty, you forgot this!"


He turns, and looks straight into my eyes. I take out the poncho from my gear, and throw it to him. He catches it, and then grins a sad grin. A last look into his beautiful blue eyes, and then he's gone. And I feel completely empty; drained of life. I park the school bus in it's usual place, make my way to my car, get in, and drive away, and I don't stop crying all the way home.



I've got a window seat, and as the aircraft takes off, I watch Boston getting smaller. It's like my love . . . disappearing; and when we fly through a small cloud, everything is blanked out. It's pretty much how I feel; blanked out; lost, and wishing I was dead.



I didn't tell Scotty that I was going to the airport, but I couldn't resist being there as my boy was leaving. I stand on the airport perimeter, and watch the British Airways plane take off, pull steeply up, and bank into a small cloud. He's disappeared. My love is gone, and I just want to curl up and die.


*****   *****   *****   *****   *****


I switch on my PC, and open my Gmail account. There's a load of stuff in there, and I delete most of it. And then I grin. One mail is from `DlovesScotty@******.com.' I open it and begin to cry.


My dearest Scotty, I will always love you. Your D. XXXXXX


And then my tears turn to smiles, and I begin to type...


hey my sweet hot Drew,

i just read your mail. I look forward to reading some more. i'm still hibernating from the cold, I'm glad your warm. lol. you are a awesome amazing hot wonderful guy like i have said, kisses and hugs, stay warm since I'm not there to cuddle with you, lots of love,

 love your Scotty. xxxxxxxxxx write back. please. lol. i love you. i love you. i love you. lol


I press `send', and I wonder what the future will hold for me and Drew, the man I love. Maybe it's not over after all. With all my heart, I hope not.


*****   *****   *****   *****   *****


I'm in my bedroom when I open the birthday card. I know it's from Drew. I don't know anybody else in the US who would send me one. I read it.


To Scotty, with all my love, Drew.


And I break down in tears, and fling myself on the bed, and sob my heart out. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I hate this fucking world! But I love you, Drew! Oh, my God, I love you, Drew! I've now reached the age-of-consent, and the one person I want in my life is 7,000 fucking miles away! Life is fucking shit!!!!


It's seven thirty in the evening, and they're at it again, in the other room. Mum and him, arguing. I didn't even get a birthday card off her. I might as well fuck off out, and get drunk for my 16th birthday. I get my coat, and my mobile phone, and go into the other room. They're watching TV.


"It's my 16th birthday today. Can I have twenty quid?"


Mum looks at me. She's smoking a spliff, and is spaced out again. "I haven't got any money, sweetheart. Happy birthday." She looks at her bloke. "Can you lend him some money, Jerome, and I'll pay you back when I get my Family Allowance?"


He looks at me. "You could earn your fucking own if you'd do some drop offs for me, you lazy, queer bastard!"


I give him a hateful stare. "Stick your fucking money up your fucking arse, and get one of your fucking Bruvvers to do your fucking pushing!"


I hear him swearing and cursing as I walk out of the flat, and slam the door. Fuck him! I look around the estate. It's too early. Most of the lads won't be out until about nine. I decide to go over to Gerald's, and watch some TV there. At least his mum and dad are not too bad. And then my mobile rings.


I look at the number who's calling me. I don't recognise it. I press the green button. "Hello."


"Happy birthday, Scotty."


I almost faint, and my breath comes in short bursts. "Drew? Drew?"


"Yes. It's Drew."


"Where are you?"


"Sitting in the silver BMW, across the street from you."


I look up, and see the car, and I can see Drew in it, looking at me; and I lose it, big style. I run like a madman, to him, and, as I'm getting there, he opens the car door, and steps out, and his open arms are waiting for me, and I fling myself into them, and he crushes me to him, and I'm crying like a baby.



It's almost midnight, and I'm lying in his arms, in his car, parked up on The Chelsea Embankment. I brought Drew here because I adore looking at the beautiful sculpture, `Boy with a Dolphin'. Drew had asked me where we could go so that we could talk, and there was only one place I wanted to go with him: here.


Drew likes it, too, and, after we've walked around it, holding hands, and studied it, we go back to the car, and Drew pulls me into his arms. I look up at him. "Do you like the sculpture?"


Drew kisses my hair. "Yes, it's wonderful. Why do you like it so much?"


I squeeze the hand that's on my chest. "I've always loved it since I was a small boy. I want to be that little boy. He's happy; he's carefree; and he's got no shit adults in his life telling him what he should do, and who he should love. He can do what he wants, when he wants. When I was really little, I used to dream that I was him, and me and the dolphin used to travel all over the world, popping up wherever I wanted to be. That little boy has taken me everywhere, and I love him to bits. I've even given him a name."


Drew squeezes my hand again. "What do you call him?"




"And the dolphin? Does he have a name?"


I giggle. "Willie. He's my Willie."


Drew squeezes me, and there's amusement in his voice. "I should have known what the dolphin's name was. Silly me! Freedom... that's a beautiful name, Scotty. Why did you choose that name?"


"Because he gives me freedom. With him, I can be what I want. When I came back from Boston, and I was feeling horrible because I'd lost you, I came here and spent hours talking to him. He said he would take me back to you, but I told him that I had no chance of ever seeing you again."


Now, Drew's hug is almost crushing me, and he rests his head on mine. "Freedom was almost right, Scotty. He just got the bit wrong about you coming to me. I've come to you instead." He pushes my head away, tickles my lips with his finger, and asks, "Do you have to go home tonight?"


I kiss his finger. "No. I never have to go home again if I don't want to. I'm sixteen now, and I can do what I want. Why do you ask?"


"Do you want to come home with me?"


"Home? Back to Boston?"


Drew pulls my head to his, and kisses me again. "Yes, home; but no, not back to Boston. I've given up my job in Boston, and I'm going to take a tour of the world. I've started by renting a place in Canterbury. A nice cottage in the suburbs. For three months. So, do you want to come home with me? And, then, if you want to, we can do the world tour together. It's up to you. You, me, and Freedom can really get away from it all, and do what we want."


I look deeply into the eyes of the man who I fell in love with the first time I saw him; the man who gave me my first, and only, sexual experience; the man who has filled almost every waking moment of my life since I returned from Boston; the man who I know I will always love. "It depends."


"On what?"


"I want plenty of loving."


"What kind of loving?"


"The `in bed' kind of loving."


"I think I can arrange that."




"And what?"


"You've got to do it up my bum."


"I think I can arrange that."


"Every Day?"


"Except on Sundays."


"Why not Sundays?"


"I'm religious. I rest on Sundays."


"Okay. It's a deal." I pinch his cheek.


"Why have you pinched my cheek?"


"I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming."


Drew giggles. "You're supposed to pinch yourself!"


I giggle. "I know that! I'm not daft!" I kiss him on his cheek. "I just wanted to touch you. Can we go home? Wait a minute; I need to go to my place first."


"What for?"


"I need my passport, Guv!"


Drew laughs. "Yes, you do. I'll take you back. Give me the directions."


We reach my place, and I'm about to get out of the car, when Drew takes my arm. He looks worried. "What are you going to tell your mother?"


I grin. "Just that I've got myself a proper boyfriend. I'll be about twenty minutes. Can you wait that long?"


"Yes. I'll be waiting for you. Don't pack too many clothes. I'm going to buy you a whole new wardrobe."



I watch Scotty walking to the communal door of the massive block of tenements, and then he disappears inside, and, while he's gone, I sit and reflect. Life is truly amazing! There I was, living a nondescript, well-to-do, schoolteacher life in a great part of the world, but not happy, and then out of the blue, literally, a young man from a deprived background comes into my life, and my whole world changes. After Scotty had gone back home, I felt empty; hollow; a nothing; a nobody. I wasn't depressed; I was heartbroken. And then I realised that I had the means to change everything. I had the wealth; and all I had to do was make a decision. It wasn't hard. I thought through all the things that could go wrong... even the fact that Scotty might not want me. But I was in the wrong place anyway. Being a schoolteacher was just about as wrong as it could get for somebody like me, who likes males younger than myself.


So, I packed it all up. A month's notice to quit at the school; then time to sort out my financial affairs; time to explain everything to my family, even that I was gay, and that I was moving away to save them from any fallout from it. Although my parents were understanding about it, I also felt that they disapproved of my sexuality, and my going away met with no protests. A place to rent in the UK was not too difficult, but a minimum three months lease was the best I could get. It didn't matter. If Scotty wanted to join me on my travels, we could go as soon as we wanted, and I would forfeit any remaining weeks or months left on the tenancy.


And all this against the background of our emails to each other. I grew to love Scotty's unique way of writing in his emails. In fact, at times, I had as much difficulty deciphering his crazy emails as I did understanding what he said. I never mentioned my plans to Scotty. I did that for a reason; I wanted Scotty to love me for what I am, rather than for what he might see as a free jaunt around the world. I knew that at the age of sixteen, he will have reached the age-of-consent in most countries, and that wouldn't be a problem to us cohabiting. Even in the UK, the age-of-consent is sixteen, as it was in Boston, but the `schoolteacher' part had precluded us from cohabiting there. Well, morally, at least, and I am a moral person, even though I had sex with Scotty. And, maybe, subconsciously, that was another reason I wanted away: I had been immoral.




When I let myself into the flat, Mum and Jerome are spaced out on the sofa, watching porn, both smoking spliffs. I don't speak to them; I just go to my room, get a large holdall out of the corner of the room, and begin to throw things in it. The first is my passport. I'd never had one until I was picked to go to The States; so, it's almost new; a ten-year one. I ponder what else to take. My photo album? Definitely! It's got me in there since I was a kid, and Drewy will laugh at some of the pics when I show them to him. Drew said not to take any clothes, but the ones I've got on are not what I want to take, and so I strip naked, and put on new underwear and the clothes I wore in The States, and my best sneakers. I look around. My poncho. I mustn't forget that. It's in my bed, where I've slept with it every night since I got back from The States. I fold it carefully, and place that in the holdall. That's it. There nothing else I want, so I zip it up, and go back to the living room.


"I just wanted to give you some good news. I've met a bloke, and I'm going to live with him. I'm not coming back home."


Jerome looks at me. "Good. Fuck off then."


Mum stares at me through her drugged haze. "Are you really going?"


"Yes, mum; I'm really going. I'll send you a postcard."


"Ok, sweetie. Have a good time."


I look at her; at Jerome; at the shit-hole that is my `home', and then I walk out. I don't slam the door; this is not a time for slamming doors. I walk down the steps, and out to a new life. Drew is waiting for me. I open the car door, throw my holdall in the back seat, and close the door.


Drew takes my hand. "Are you okay, my love?"


I nod. "Yes. Can we go now, please? But, can we just go back to Freedom first?"


I don't even look back, as he drives away and follows my directions. We reach `my' sculpture, and Drew parks the car. I open the door, and Drew starts to get out. I turn to him. "No, Drew; please. I want to be alone with him."


Drew nods, and smiles at me, and I get out and go to the sculpture. I look up at the boy, and at the dolphin, and tears begin to flow. I look at `Freedom', and my heart is almost breaking. "Thank you, Freedom. We're off now. You'll always be with me. I love you."


I still haven't stopped weeping when I get back in the car. Drew pulls me to him, and hugs me tight, and holds me for a long time, saying nothing. It takes me a while to gather myself, and then I turn my face up to Drew. He kisses me softly. I nod. "Can we go now, please?"


Drew starts the car, and follows the directions on the car navigator. I settle back in the seat, and stare out of the window as The City disappears, and, as it does, so does my melancholy. I turn, and grin at Drew.


He smiles at me. "Are you feeling better now?"


I give him a really cheeky grin. "I'll feel better when we're in bed. I'm glad it's not Sunday, and I hope you've got some Vaseline."


Drew laughs. "So am I, but I've not got any Vaseline... just half a dozen tubes of KY."


I laugh. "I think you're going to need them."




Scotty is lying on the bed. Every time I take off one of his garments, I kiss him. Slowly, the perfect beauty of the boy I have loved, since the first day I saw him, is revealed to me in all his glory. Although he'd filled my every waking moment, and many of my dreams, since we parted two months ago, I'd forgotten how truly handsome and beautiful he is. I'm a sucker for blond hair and blue eyes, and Scotty's hair is gorgeously blond, and his eyes are brilliantly blue, and when the light catches them right, they sparkle like blue diamonds. And their sparkle is at its most brilliant when he is completely naked, and I run my hands over his body, and I feel an overwhelming urge to kiss every part of him. I play with his lips, and ask, "Can I kiss you... all over? I need to!"


Scotty smiles, rests his head comfortably on the pillow, spread his arms wide, opens his legs, and waits.


I rub my nose in the softness of his hair, devouring the scent of the shampoo that he's just used when he was taking a shower. I kiss his forehead, and he closes his eyes. The long lashes are caressed by my lips, and then his perfect nose, and each cheek in turn. His lips are partly open, and I sink my own into them. His mouth opens, and I delve deep inside him with my searching tongue, and suck the saliva from his. Reluctantly, I leave the hot mouth, and suck on the long neck, and then lift each arm in turn, and kiss my way along the length of them, and kiss every finger. His nipples are firm and protruding when I get to them, and I suck and nibble each of them. He moans softly as I do. Down to his tummy, soft and curvaceous, and I spend a long time there, exploring, but my caresses are not too soft to tickle him. This is not a time for tickling. I desperately want to suck the erect cock that's sticking up from his boyish tuft of blond pubic hair, but I deliberately bypass it, and go down to the silky thighs that are soft and pliable to my caresses and lips. Down to his knees, and then his strong calves, and then his feet, and every toe on both feet. When I've kissed the last of them, without asking, Scotty turns over, and spreads himself again.


My senses are reeling at what I see: perfection. This time, I start at his toes and feet, and work my way up. When I get to his thighs, he pushes his legs wider to allow me access to the completely hairless inner thighs, and I suck and chew at them, and bury my face deep at the top of them to lick his ball sac, and his perineum, and follow the contours of it to his two perfect globes of joy. I part them, and lick between them, and my tongue finds his sweet rosebud. He pushes back to me, and I insert it as far as it will go, and I play with his insides. My own cock is raging, because it wants to be buried inside my boy, but that is for later, so I continue my loving journey up his back. And it's now that I remember the muscular young man who played basketball; but now his muscles are relaxed and soft, as I kiss them up to his quite broad shoulders. Finally, I kiss his neck, and rub my nose in his hair again. I sit up, and gently tug at his waist, and he rolls over onto his back again.


I spread his legs wide, and nestle between them. My eyes are no more than a few inches from the throbbing cock that is oozing pre-cum, and I wipe it around my face, and sniff it up my nostrils. This is the part that I've been waiting for. Deep inside my boy are billions of live spermatozoa waiting for me; the very essence of what he is. It's those I want to satiate my love for this gorgeous creature. I need him inside me. I want him to be part of me. It's primeval. I need to eat my boy.


I grasp his swollen cock, and lick the end of it, and he gives me his purple knob when his foreskin rolls back completely. I'm lost now in the sea of sexuality – deep sensual feelings that are taking over every sense in my own body – and I devour his cock greedily. My tongue is like a viper's, as it darts around his fraenum and deep into his urethra, and, as I make long licking movements along his rock hard shaft, like a lion licking his fallen prey before he devours it, it's all too much for Scotty, and he surrenders to me. I grip his hard shaft, and enclose my mouth over the swollen knob to receive my rewards, and Scotty shoots all of himself; his very being; deep into my throat. I gorge myself on the hot, sticky fluid that is pumping out of him, swallowing every single spermatozoon, and every drop of the fluid that carries them; and, as I do, so great is the sexuality of the moment, it makes me climax into my underpants; and as Scotty is pumping into me, I also am humping myself dry.




Drew is now snuggled into my neck, which is unusual, because, normally, it's the other way round. But I know why. Even though it was me that was on the receiving end of his ministrations, I also know that he had achieved what he wanted to do . . . take me completely. The reason I understand, is because I wanted to do exactly the same to him. I will achieve that; but, for now, giving myself to Drew makes me feel wonderful. I don't have much except myself to give, and having given `it', I feel a greater inner peace than I've ever before felt in my life. No longer am I worthless. Tears fall from my eyes at this deep thought, and I hug Drew closely to me. He lifts his head, and I can see that he has also been crying. I pull his head to me, and crush my mouth to his, and we kiss passionately – almost madly – for a long time.


When the raw emotions recede, Drew comes up the bed, and takes his normal position: him holding me, and me snuggled into him. And he's the first to speak. "Have you had enough sex?"


"No. It's not Sunday. It's bum-time. You said you would."


Drew giggles, gets off the bed, and strips naked. His cock is rock hard, and he fondles it in his hands. Then he goes to the chest of drawers, takes out a tube of KY, and shows it to me. "Is this what you want?"


I giggle, and nod, and lift my legs back to my shoulders, and grip them tightly. "Yes, please."


Drew smears my hole with KY, inserts two fingers, and works it deep into me. Then he smears it over the head of his cock before he puts the tube on the bed, and sets himself below my bum. I pull harder at my legs to pull my bum well off the bed, and he pulls my cheeks wide, as he pushes his big cock at my hole, and it slips in quite easily this time, but he doesn't push into me. He's got hold of his cock, and he begins to work it around inside me to get me used to it. I relax and let him do the controlling. We don't say anything, but Drew is looking at my face, and doing what my face is telling him. As soon as he sees that I'm comfortable, he pushes in a bit more. Maybe it's the position I'm in that makes it easier, because, in no time, I feel his big cock slide onto my prostate, and I smile, and nod at him. He places his free hand over my head, onto the pillow to steady himself, and begins to fuck me. Not hard, just gentle fucks, backwards and forwards, and the sensation is totally amazing. My head is against his wrist above my head, which stops me from being pushed up the bed; and the knowledge that I'm trapped between his wrist and his cock, and completely at his mercy, is highly sexual. This is exactly where I want to be . . . being owned and being used by my man, and I close my eyes and give myself to him completely.


I'm not sure where they begin, in my heart, my throat, or my teeth, but the sensations I'm feeling begin to build deep inside me, and travel down to everything, where Drew is pumping away. Even though Drew is not touching my cock, it feels as if he is. My balls feel as if they're being sucked inside me, and I begin to quiver and shake, and my throat goes dry, and my breathing is coming in short gasps. Drew's cock -slipping and sliding inside me, is magical, and it brings me to a tremendous climax that has me yelping and squealing at the extreme pleasure, and Drew pumps at me even harder. I open my mouth and eyes wide, and stare at him. His mouth is wide open, and he's gasping, too, and I know he's going to shoot his load deep inside me, and he gags and chokes as he does, and I feel the warmth of his spunk, as he unloads into me. Never, in all my wildest dreams, could I have imagined such a fabulous feeling - that of being fucked by the man you love; his gorgeous cock stimulating my most intimate part. And when it's all over, and Drew has collapsed onto me, I hug him for dear life.




Scotty is in my arms, playing with the hairs on my chest. He looks up at me, and smiles. I kiss his soft lips. He returns the kiss. I grin at him. "Happy birthday, Scotty."


He giggles. "That was yesterday, Guv!"


I kiss him again, push him onto his back, go over him, and stare into his smiling eyes. "I'll get it right next year."


He gives me one of his cute looks. "I think my birthday is on Sunday next year."


I grin. "Then I'll have to work on Sunday."


Scotty pulls my head down to him, and kisses me softly on the lips. "I reckon you will, Guv. But that's next year. You haven't finished today, yet."


"You want more?"


"Yes, please, Guv."


I begin to laugh. Scotty begins to laugh. And then we're in each other's arms, laughing and rolling around on the bed, both supremely happy to be in the arms of the person we love more than anyone on earth, and knowing that our new lives together begin now. Not only was it Scotty's birthday yesterday, it was also mine. We are both reborn, and `Freedom' will be our guide.


Drew smiles. "Good. Then let's build a life together. Happy birthday, my love."


The End.


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