This story took place in a little town, located in the deepest section of the South, where a young boy grows into a sexual curious state. His name is Tommy, but all the folks call him Lil Tommy. When standing at full attention, Tommy is only 5' tall and when soaking wet, weighs 75 pounds. He is twelve years old with light brown hair that is short and spiked on top. Tommy's eyebrows are extra thick and a deep dark brown in color. The eyelashes are long and brilliant and thus, illuminate his sky blue eyes. All his life he has been cursed with such nicknames as; pretty-boy, girly-boy, sunshine and many other names in which he finds offensive. Tommy's teeth are perfect and bright white in color enclosed by thin succulent lips of cherry wine. Tiny dimples on either cheek sparkle when his radiant smile steals your every breath.

Many people would kill for the opportunity to have the physical appearance of Tommy, but Tommy wished upon the Heavens that his looks and physical characteristics would disappear. He was tired of being teased, and sick of being alone. As an only child with workaholic parents, left him with too much vacant time on his hands. His only means of extracurricular activity was reading. Tommy's parents were poor, but worked long hours to make ends meet. The kids his age was much larger than him and never allowed him to socialize with any of their playful games. He often cried himself to sleep wishing he would never wake up.

His only outing in life was the short trip to Sunday school. Even at church, the kids called him names and the adults, unknowingly, embarked on his beauty. Even his parents did not see the depressive state that their young and only child had fallen into. They were much too concerned on their employment to open their eyes and see the look of fear and depression in his godly like eyes.

Tommy wanted a friend so badly to share in his life, that he chomped at the bits to create an imaginary friend. It only took a few minutes to discover that he was far too old to have such a friend, so he decided to go into the woods, as he always does, and spend his lonely time near the lake.

He was sitting on an old stump that leaned over the water, lost in his imagination and grief, when a voice startled him. "Howdy, young friend." Tommy's eyes gazed up and saw a very large man standing just to his left. With his sweet soft voice, he replied, "Hi, sir." The man approached even closer and said, "I come here most every day to do some fishing. What do you come here for?" Tommy gulped and said, "Just thinking, sir!" The man sat down on the bank and put a worm on his hook and threw the line out, then said, "You should be out playing with your friends, instead of being here just thinking." Tommy looked down between his knees and whispered, "I'd love to, but I don't have any friends. They say I'm too little to play with them." The man put his pole down, wiped his mouth and softly said, "Son, those kids are full of crap. The biggest man I ever knew was way shorter than most folks. Size ain't never got nothing to do with anything!"

Tommy's head was still hung low and he felt like crying. The man placed his right hand on Tommy's bare knee and said, "Son, a wise man once told me to cheer up, things could be much worse, so I cheered up and he was right. Things got worse! The damn thing worked." Tommy couldn't help but to crack a smile and slowly raised his head. He looked into the man's eyes and held out his hand and said, "My name's Tommy, pleased to meet you sir." The big hand engulfed Tommy's small hand as the man replied, "Chuck's the name and pleased to meet you young man."

Chuck was way older than Tommy's young twelve years, being in his mid forties. To Tommy, Chuck appeared to be large in frame. He stood 6' 2" and was physically fit weighing 185 pounds. Chuck's hair was salt and pepper in color, kind of wiry as he combed it straight back. His eyes were a deep emerald green and his soft smile is what broke Tommy out of his trance like depressive state of being.

What Tommy didn't know about Chuck, was that Chuck was just as lonely as him and they both desperately sought out a friendship. The two sat on the bank and log and talked for hours enjoying the other's words of encouragement. Chuck had lost his wife three years ago in an automobile accident and moved to the woods of the deep south to get away from it all. Prior to his marriage, while in the service, Chuck did engage in one homosexual act with a fellow serviceman. For some odd reason, Chuck could not keep his eyes off of Tommy. Tommy wore cut-offs and a short tank-top and sandals. Chuck's eyes stared at Tommy's crotch area, bewildered at the sight between Tommy's legs. He could see the makings of Tommy's red underwear in the leg opening of his left leg. His own cock stood massively proud although being in such tight and restrictive quarters.

His eyes studied Tommy's deeply tanned legs and saw no evitable traces of hair, including peach fuzz. As Tommy's slender arms rested on his knees, Chuck snuck a peek under Tommy's underarms. No hair whatsoever. His eyes traveled Tommy's slender arms and only was able to see a small amount of peach fuzz on his forearms. Chuck tried to squeeze the ever lasting, burning impression of Tommy out of his head, but his efforts were over matched from his long over due loneliness.

The two continued their conversation and Chuck finally managed the courage to ask, "Hey, since you aren't doing anything, why don't you come over to my place for awhile?" Tommy's initial instinct was to decline the offer, but his overpowering desire to have a friend over powered his instincts. "Sure, I'd love to sir."

It was a short walk through the woods to Chuck's home and Tommy was amazed at the size and beauty of his home. To Tommy, it was a mansion beyond his wildest imaginations. For Chuck, it was a step down from where he used to live. They walked inside and Chuck gave Tommy the grand tour. Tommy was impressed with it all and the longer he stayed around Chuck, the more comfortable he grew being around him.

Chuck walked into the kitchen, with Tommy following, and made them some refreshments. While sitting at the breakfast nook, Tommy's piercing eyes fell upon the crystal clear pool. Chuck observed the smile that careened across Tommy's brilliant perfect face and said, "Anytime you want to go swimming, just jump in." It may sound strange, but Tommy had never been in a swimming pool before and his mouth watered at the thought of jumping in the cool, clear, refreshing water.

They sat at the table for a little while telling the other about themselves. Tommy's heart went out to Chuck for the loss of his wife, as well as being so lonely, especially in such a big home. Chuck listened intently to Tommy's dilemma as well. He had to bite his tongue many times, because he too, wanted to tell Tommy just how beautiful he is. The one statement that Tommy had made stuck into his mind like the combination to a safe. Tommy had said that some of the guys tell him all the time that he was too pretty to be a guy and if he was a girl, they would fuck him. Chuck's straining erection reminded him of his perverse train of thought. Tommy might have been twelve, but he looked like he was seven or eight instead.

Chuck even tried to open the conversation up by throwing out some sexual terms, but quickly discovered that Tommy was a virgin and had no clue of any sexual terminologies. Tommy was as pure and as innocent as a rainbow, but Chuck was far from being a virgin and frothed at the mouth over the beauty of this angel. The breakfast nook table was clear glass and Chuck sat opposite of Tommy and his eyes glued on Tommy's crotch. Chuck found it difficult to look Tommy in the eyes, because Tommy's blue eyes enhanced his every perverted and erotic emotion. Throughout their conversation, Tommy reiterated numerous times about the pool. Chuck asked him again, "Would you like to go swimming?" Tommy immediately sprang up with a smile while saying, "I'd love to, but I don't have anything to wear."

Chuck's hand were clasped together on top of the table and he softly replied, "Around here, nobody can see you and they sure as heck never comes by to visit. You can swim naked if you like, but that's strictly up to you." The one thing Tommy didn't mention to Chuck is that he quite frequently goes into the woods at a special place and sunbathes. The only problem Tommy was pondering over was that nobody has ever seen him naked, or at least, since he was a baby. The thought of swimming in a clear pool while being naked aroused his curiosity.

Nervously, Tommy spoke, "Do, do you swim naked?" Chuck fired back, "Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood I guess." Chuck then said, "What about you going on and swim while I make us something to eat. How's that grab you?" Tommy felt much better knowing that he could at least get out of his clothes without being watched. Tommy quickly agreed and darted out of the sliding glass door to the pool. Chuck's heart was pounding out of his chest and felt like it was lodging in his throat. His hands began trembling and his legs felt mighty heavy as he ran and retrieved his video recorder from his bedroom. Chuck looked out of his bedroom window and there was Tommy standing at the side of a table closest to the window he was looking out of.

Chuck put the recorder in place and began filming. Tommy kicked of his sandals and lifted his tank top over his head and placed both on the table. Tommy's back was facing the recorder as Tommy looked around and began unzipping his shorts. The shorts fell to the ground and Tommy stepped out of the legs and placed the shorts on the table along with his other stuff. Chuck felt as if he were going to faint as his heart pounded faster and faster. Tommy was standing there only in his faded red bikini underwear. His butt mesmerized Chuck. It was voluptuous, tear drop shaped, and appeared to be rather firm. He zoomed the lens in closer as Tommy hooked his underwear and slid them off of each foot.

Chuck's cock pulsated, twitched, and jerked creating a huge pre cum puddle on the side of his right pant leg. Tommy's butt was tanned just like the rest of him, a golden bronze color. The crack began at the base of his lower back and curved outward, before curving downward between his legs. It was mouth watering and heart stopping. Chuck had never before put his tongue in someone's butt, including his beloved wife's, but he imagined licking Tommy's to perfection. Tommy folded the underwear and stepped to the side to place them on the table. Wide lens and full zoom in action, Chuck saw Tommy's hairless cock in plain view. It too was tanned. His dick was cut and dangled downward a good two inches. His mushroom head was a bright pink in color and was slightly thicker than his tanned two inch shaft. Tommy's balls were perfectly round in the shape of a bright and shiny new nickle, encased in a hairless sac that dangled freely about two and a half inches between his golden smooth legs.

Chuck focused the recorder on Tommy as he walked to the side of the pool and dove in. Tommy's firm, appetizing butt offered very little wiggle validating Chuck's thought that Tommy's butt was well formed and solid. Chuck couldn't stand the pressure no longer as he slid his zipper down and fished out his massively erect eight thick inches of cut man meat. It only took about five strokes before he sent gallons of sperm flying all over the wall and carpet. He cleaned his mess up, washed his hands and made them some sandwiches. He brought them out to the pool and sat the tray on top of a table, then sat down facing the pool. Chuck wanted to see if Tommy felt comfortable enough to get out of the pool revealing his nudity.

Tommy hesitated at the side of the ladder thinking what best to do. He finally had a friend and enjoyed Chuck's company, so he decided to go for it. Tommy climbed up the ladder that was farthest from where Chuck was sitting and once again, Chuck's dick grew hard and firm and the sight of Tommy's nudity. Chuck became entranced watching Tommy walk over to him. His two inch cock swaying back and forth in unison with his nickel sized balls. Tommy's flat stomach moving in and out as he stepped closer. So this is Heaven, Chuck thought to himself.

Chuck was wearing shorts and nothing else and he stared at Tommy's cock and balls while the two were eating. He decided to gamble and thought of some form of sexual questions he could ask Tommy so he could see Tommy's dick grow to full length. Chuck sat back, wiped his mouth with a napkin and politely asked, "I bet you get plenty of invitations from people wanting to give you a blow-job." Chuck felt his heart jump into his throat as he said that to Tommy and sat there anxiously awaiting his response. Tommy leaned up in his chair, swallowed the food, cleared his throat, and asked with the purest of innocense, "What's a blow-job and I don't recall anyone ever asking me for before?"

The two sat there with their eyes locked on one another when Chuck nervously said, "Let's see, a blow-job. Well, the best way for me to describe it is not beat around the bush. A blow-job is when someone puts their mouth on your penis and hopefully, sucks the cream right out of it." Tommy nodded his head in disbelief at what he had just heard. His parents never really told him anything about sex and since the kids around him avoided him, he was clueless. Chuck stared at Tommy's cock, but it stayed the same.

Tommy shook his head and said, "No sir, nobody has ever done that, or ever asked that of me and besides, the only thing that comes out of mine is pee." Chuck had to laugh at Tommy's innocent comment. Tommy didn't understand why he was laughing and a curious look strained his face. Chuck noticed this and quickly said, "I'm not laughing at you, but the day will come when you realize that, that the thing between your leg is used for more things other than to pee. You may not know it just yet, but you probably can already shoot sperm, but just haven't tried it as of yet. You'll know when you do because your whole body will tell you so."

As Chuck glanced down through the clear table top, he noticed that Tommy's dick had swollen and was now semi-hard. Chuck pursued, "Have you ever heard the phrase, jacking-off, masturbating, busting a nut, and playing with your self?" Tommy nodded his head at each one of them indicating a solid no. Chuck came to the conclusion that Tommy had been born here and had never encountered any sex talk, much less, sex activity.

Chuck dove into the mind of Tommy and drained him with all the information he needed or desired to know. By the end of the conversation, Tommy's cock stood proudly erect from between his legs, a good four and a half inches. His mushroom head was the size of a good sized big toe and the shaft was as thick as a handle belonging to a broom. Tommy was curious about a blow-job and asked, "How does a person go about getting a blow-job?" Chuck leaned back in his chair while still looking at Tommy's masterpiece between his legs and said, "That's the hard part. Most people won't just come right out and tell you that sort of thing, especially at your age. If an adult was to say that to you, must less do that for you, if someone found out, they would go to jail for an awfully long time. Sometimes the risk just ain't worth the pleasure." Chuck paused briefly then spoke, "You see Tommy, I know you don't like people telling you how pretty you are, but the truth of the matter is that you are pretty, and pardon my expression, you're flat fuck gorgeous. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want to climb in between your legs and service you prim and proper like. You ought to be honored that someone would want the opportunity to treat you like a smorgasbord, and by that I mean, devour you from head to toe." After his statement he watched as the water dried off of Tommy's bronzed flesh and managed to keep one eye on Tommy's precious love stick that was as hard as a rock.

Tommy enjoyed speaking with an adult, especially Chuck who he rapidly grew fond of. Tommy realized his dick was hard, but there wasn't much he could do about it and remained seated. Chuck perversely asked Tommy to come next to him. Hesitantly and reluctantly, Tommy scooted the chair back and slowly stood up. There it was for all the skies to behold. His cock was brick hard and stood firmly and solidly against his lower stomach. Tommy slowly walked over to where Chuck was seated and Chuck placed his left arm around Tommy's waists. As Chuck's left hand rested on Tommy's left rib cage, he became lost with emotions from the silky smooth flesh and the pure aroma steaming from his delightful body. Tommy's hard cock was just a few inches from his face as he looked up and into the eyes of the angelic God that stood before him.

Chuck's forearm rested on the smooth, tight skin of Tommy's mouth watering butt cheeks. He felt the thin crack as it pressed against his arm. Chuck threw caution into the wind and began to hoarsely say, "Tommy, there is something I must say to you, but I beg of you to hear me out. Before I met my wife, I had experienced a sexual act with another man. After I married, I never once did that again. Until today, I never thought about another guy in a sexual manner, but you are driving me crazy with an unexplainable passion. I would love the opportunity to make you feel special from head to toe, but that is a choice I will not, or never pressure you into. We can still be friends and whatever your wishes are, I hope that we will always remain friends. The choice is now yours to make and I apologize if I sound like I am rushing you."

Tommy's hands were down at his sides and he was looking into the eyes of a man who he now considers to be his one and only friend. Tommy inquisitively asked, "You want to put your mouth on my dick?" Chuck never said a word, but shook his head up and down several times. Tommy looked around as if to see if anyone was watching and simply said, "Okay."

Chuck just about passed out as he turned in the chair to best please Tommy. His left hand was shaking tremendously as he reached out and softly held the base of Tommy's cock. He lowered his head and began licking all around the mushroom head and Tommy began moaning in delight. Tommy's legs began to tremble as Chuck impaled his mouth onto Tommy's stiff cock. Chuck scooted the chair to be directly in front of Tommy. His right hand slid over the smooth, muscular butt cheeks of this pre teen Adonis while his left hand gently played with Tommy's smooth nuggets.

Tommy placed his hands on the sides of Chuck's head as his eyes tightly closed from the sensation that spread throughout his entire body. The sounds of Tommy's moans, along with what he was doing, created goose bumps on top of goose bumps as he continued to slowly worship his rigid four and a half inches of precious and delicious meat. Chuck's fingers slid across Tommy's crack, inevitably sinking into the muscular hidden flesh. Chuck's index finger found and began to caress Tommy's little bung hole while his mouth worked frantically on the cock inside his mouth. Tommy's knees buckled and he cried out, "Pee, I, I'm gonna pee, ah!" Chuck held the cock in place and felt the hot splash as it coated the roof of his mouth and fell onto his tongue. Never before had he ever dreamed of swallowing a man's sperm, but Tommy was different, he was special. Chuck's fingers grinded and dug into Tommy's crack, slightly pressing at his little anus while Tommy was experiencing his first orgasm. Chuck continued to work his mouth onto Tommy's cock while his mouth was being filled with Tommy's young sperm.

Chuck swallowed some of the sperm and he almost shot his load inside his trunks just at the taste. It was gooey, creamy and sweet. Chuck craved more and began to slowly drink the sperm that Tommy had so innocently offered him. Tommy's young body shook as his cock was being milked from the fluid that had been built up in his naive body. Black speckles darted before him as he was panting for oxygen. His toes supported his body as he looked down and saw his new friend going up and down on his dick.

Tommy's cock remained extremely hard even after he blasted off his load. Chuck frantically and feverishly continued sucking on this gorgeous boy's cock. Chuck placed both hands on Tommy's butt and began to spread the delicious cheeks apart. His hands kneaded into the flesh that was once concealed by Tommy's global butt cheeks. Fingers began circling and pressing at his tiny closed back door entrance.

Chuck's mouth and tongue serviced the young hard flesh and was soon rewarded by another blast from Tommy's loins. Chuck felt Tommy's cock expand and praised the fluid that blasted off inside his mouth. Chuck milked Tommy's cock free of sperm and began to slowly swallow the sweet, protein filled honey. Tommy was out of breath and his body was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Chuck's mouth slipped off the now softening boy cock as Tommy almost collapsed in the chair next to where he had been standing. His face was flushed and his eyes were barely visible as he sat slumped over, begging for air.

The two sat there for a brief spell. Tommy needed to catch his breath and Chuck began to replay the whole thing in his head, including the wonderful taste of young Tommy's sperm. Tommy was the first to speak, "Oh man, that was awesome. I've never felt anything like it in my life. Is there more to this or is that it?" The words that flowed out of Tommy's mouth was music to Chuck's ears. Chuck said, "Yes, there can be a lot more if you like, but first, I must thank you for allowing me to give you a blow-job." Tommy cheerfully said, "Shoot, I should be the one thanking you. I didn't do anything but stand there. You did all the work." Chuck smiled at Tommy's unknowing innocense.

Tommy was all too eager when he asked, "What can we do next?" Chuck happily replied, "The next thing is called tossing the salad, eating ass, tongue fucking, and many more glorious terms." Tommy sat there looking somewhat puzzled when Chuck directed him on top of the table. With Chuck's assistance, Tommy got up on top of the table and Chuck sat down in the chair directly in behind Tommy. Chuck didn't know whether to eat it or just stare at it. Tommy's butt hole was almost invisible other than a pink dot in the center of a hairless perfect crack. Chuck helped Tommy spread his legs wide apart and had Tommy lower his upper body so that Tommy's left side of his cheek rested on top of the table, his hands out by his sides.

Chuck scooted forward and ran his nose along the glorious ass crack of Tommy. It felt as if he was walking through a garden of roses as the fresh smell of Tommy's butt coursed through his every awakened senses. Chuck began to run his tongue along the edge of Tommy's crack. Tommy began to softly giggle as the tongue traced his every curve. Back and forth, up and down, Chuck took his time to lick every spot on Tommy's butt, excluding his pink tiny hole. As Chuck's tongue wallowed all over Tommy's poop chute, initially Tommy began to chuckle. His chuckle soon faded and loud audible moans flowed freely from his mouth as Chuck's thick tongue pressed hard against the closed opening. Time meant absolutely nothing to Chuck as his tongue darted and drilled at something he never thought possible. Eating an asshole! He found that he loved every juicy second of it and wanted to run his tongue inside little Tommy's hole and savor the hidden flavor trapped inside his tight wonderful ass.

Tommy's cock grew hard and twitched at the sensation of Chuck's tongue slobbering at his butt hole. Without thinking or being asked, Tommy reached back with both hands and stretched his butt cheeks farther apart. Chuck reached between Tommy's spread legs and pulled Tommy's hard cock towards his butt hole. Chuck masterfully tongued Tommy's hole and swabbed his tight hairless balls for a rather long time.

Tommy began to grind his hips and moan loudly from the pleasure he was receiving from behind him. While Chuck was licking Tommy's balls, he lubricated his left index finger with his own saliva. Chuck's tongue would occasionally slide over Tommy's hard cock sending chills up and down Tommy's spine. Chuck could see the goose bumps that covered the boy whose ass and balls he was eating. While licking and sucking on his cock and balls, Chuck pressed the saliva lubricated finger against Tommy's extra tiny pink hole and twisted and turned it until Tommy's hole opened up enough to allow the finger to creep in. Tommy let out a loud gasp as the finger slid in his never before invaded asshole.

Chuck was overly amazed at the tightness and searing heat that enveloped his finger. Tommy softly cried out, "Oh, oh I feel it, yes!" Chuck began to slowly move his finger in and out of the tight ass before him, taking the time to constantly lick the hole and his finger while enjoying the fresh fragrance of Tommy's hot ass. Tommy's upper body was no longer flat on the table. His body began sliding from side to side while his head flayed about. The finger in his ass was creating and causing him to do and say things he never before dreamed. Chuck inserted a second finger. Tommy gasped and his cock exploded with more sperm. Chuck was trying to jack Tommy's dick while it was spraying cum and do his best to catch it in his right hand. The boy was screaming at the top of his lungs while ramming his own ass onto the invading fingers. When the last of Tommy's sperm fell free from his proud cock, Chuck brought the palm of his cum filled hand to his lips and began to lick and suck on the juicy, tasty life forming nectar.

The fingers were still being impaled by the ass that so tightly clutched them as Chuck cleaned the remaining sperm off his hand. Tommy's cock swam around as soft as could be in motion with his butt ramming onto two stiff fingers. Chuck removed his fingers and immediately rammed his tongue where his two fingers once had been. His tongue penetrated the tight hole and explored Tommy's anal canal as far and as wide as his tongue would allow him. He licked and sucked at the hole for all he was worth, savoring any and all ass juice Tommy could serve up. Chuck simply couldn't get enough of Tommy and that's all there is to it.

Tommy's legs began to hurt him being in this stretched out position for such an expanded time frame. Reluctantly, Chuck removed his tongue form the boy's sweet asshole. Chuck leaned back in the chair and watched Tommy crawl up into a fetal position facing him. Tommy's eyes were glassy as he stared into the bewildered and amazed eyes of Chuck's. This time, it was Chuck who spoke first, "Tommy, I don't know just how to say this, so I'm gonna shoot straight from the hip. You got you one fine, delicious ass there and it was my honor and a privilege to have eaten your sweet ass."

Tommy leaned up resting his head on his left hand and said, "I can't believe you put your tongue where I go poop out of." Chuck giggled and said, "Son, there's more to the butt than just poop. You seemed to enjoy the feeling you got when I put my tongue back there, not to mention when I stuck two fingers in it." Tommy smiled and said, "Yes sir, it did feel really good, but the finger thing kind of hurt at first, but then it felt really good." There was a brief silence before Tommy asked, "Is there more we can do?"

Chuck contemplated for the proper words before speaking, "Yeah, there's a lot more, but I don't really know if you're quite up to it just yet." Tommy asked, "Like what?" Chuck took a sip of his drink then said, "Well, what most guys do is that one of them will put their dick in the other guy's bung hole, you know, poop chute. Before you say anything, I'm gonna be the first to tell you that it is a bit painful at first, but from my understanding, it feels pretty good after awhile. I've never put my dick in anybody's butt before and I sure as hell ain't never had one in me. It's your call, whatever you want to do."

Tommy really enjoyed the fingers inside his ass and just knew that Chuck's cock, whatever it looked like, would have to feel much better. Tommy said, "Okay, I'm game if your game." Tommy rolled over and bunked up without being told and Chuck took a deep breath and said, "I think it would be best if we go in for this one."

Chuck's dick was hard as rocks as they walked into his bedroom. Once again, Tommy got on his stomach and quickly got into the doggie-style position. Chuck went to his drawer and obtained his lube and began to undo his shorts. Tommy's eyes followed Chuck's ever movement and his eyes became even wider as Chuck's eight inch thick cock plopped into view. Tommy announced, "Oh my God, it's huge!"

Chuck lay on the bed on his back and slicked up his impressive organ with the lubricant. He had a needless syringe and filled it to the top and had Tommy roll over. With the slightest of ease, Chuck inserted the syringe up Tommy's butt and slowly squeezed the content into his canal while moving the syringe up and down and from side to side. Being extra careful, Chuck applied two more doses of lubricant up Tommy's hot, little tight ass.

While laying on his back, he instructed Tommy to go at his own pace and for him to sit on his cock. Tommy quickly straddled Chuck and their eyes entranced one another. Chuck held the base of his slippery cock still as Tommy lowered his butt until his hole was being met with Chuck's large mushroom head. Tommy looked priceless while attempting to impale his virgin ass onto the thick pole that so desperately wanted inside. He was straddling Chuck's side, holding his body up with just his legs and continued to try and shove the thick monster up his ass. Numerous attempts eluded Tommy, but he was not about to give up.

Tommy leaned forward onto the stomach of Chuck, using his left hand pressed the large cock head at his hole and screamed as his hole was pried open. Tommy leached forward at the pain that racked his young body. The cock head slipped out and Tommy lay on Chuck's stomach in what Chuck believed to be excruciating pain. A few seconds passed and Tommy took hold of the monster cock and pressed it into his hole once more. His back arched and he was biting his lips, while grunting as the intruder's thick cock head slipped in. Tommy held fast his position and a few seconds later, slid down on the steel pole another inch or two. "Oh, oh it really hurts. Oh God, it hu-------rts!" Chuck quickly asked, "Do you want to get off of it?" Unable to speak, still biting his lips, eyes tightly sealed, Tommy shook his head violently with a silent no.

A few minutes passed and Tommy managed to bury the stiff cock up his ass. It felt like it was lodged inside his throat and had split his ass wide open. Tommy lay on top of Chuck praying against all prayers for the intense pain to go away. Chuck lay motionless admiring Tommy's courage, as well as his complete beauty. The searing heat from Tommy's ass and the clinching muscles squeezing the life out of his cock was beyond any description or feeling he had ever experienced. Tommy began to inch forward and slowly sit back, feeling every vein on Chuck's cock. Slowly ever so slowly, Tommy would lift himself off of the cock, but not all the way, and slowly slide back down on the rigid pole. Tommy cried, "Ah, yes, it's kind of starting to feel okay!"

Not long after that, Tommy began bouncing on Chuck's man meat. In turn, Chuck would meet Tommy's downward thrusts. The banging and slapping of flesh careened off the walls and their moans of ecstacy splashed through the hallways. "Oh God yes, yes, it feels so, so good!" Tommy managed to speak with his teeth clamped onto his lips. Chuck was lost in his feelings but was aware he would not be able to last much longer at this pace.

He pulled all the way out of Tommy's ass and held onto his throbbing cock. Tommy looked more surprised than anything with his own cock jutting straight up as proud as ever. Chuck put Tommy back in the doggie-style position and quickly rammed his meat all the way in. Tommy gasped at the feeling of his ass being stretched from another position. A sharp pain startled his intense emotion, but he began ramming his ass onto the thick monster that was knocking the wind out of him with each thrust.

Chuck varied his pace in an attempt to prolong his orgasm. It was Tommy who was madly slamming his own ass onto the hard cock. Chuck continued to feed little Tommy his cock until he could hold back no longer. He quickly withdrew his cock out of Tommy's ass and fell back onto his heels. Tommy looked back at him with pleading eyes as if to see if there was something wrong. Chuck bit his lips not to blow his load just yet and he was ever so dangerously close. When the feeling of his orgasm subsided, he had Tommy lay on his back.

Chuck, hooked Tommy's smooth legs and guided them over Tommy's head. By the time he was done, Tommy's knees were just above his ears. With a strong hold on his cock, he pressed it against Tommy's tiny pink hole and moved his hips forward. His cock slipped in and Tommy's mouth fell wide open as the cock snaked its way deeper than ever before. Before his cock got all the way in, Chuck began to pound Tommy's ass like a mad man. His thrusts were hard and brutal as he stared into the eyes of this gorgeous boy. Chuck leaned forward, still maintaining his animalistic thrusts, and placed his mouth over Tommy's. The taste of Tommy's saliva filled mouth and slick tongue drove him insane with lust and desire. He sucked the spit right out of Tommy's mouth while licking his tongue clean from any watery fluid. Tommy's grunts echoed inside the mouth of Chuck's, as he pounded the boy's ass like an animal.

This was way more than Chuck could handle as his cock erupted sending fiery splashes of sperm deeper inside the boy's rectum. Tommy's eyes opened wide as he could feel the hot sperm spring into action and travel up his ass. Their mouths still locked tightly, Chuck's cock pounded the sperm free, deep into Tommy. Chuck never had such an intense and gratifying orgasm like this ever before. His body shook uncontrollably as his semen sprayed Tommy's anal canal. Somewhere in the action, Chuck had reached under him and was pumping young Tommy's erect cock.

The last of Chuck's sperm released and pushed deep inside Tommy, his cock began to deflate. Out of breath and completely drained, he slipped his cock out of the boy. Tommy's eyes were closed because Chuck was still masturbating the hard young cock. Chuck lowered himself between the boys legs and shoved his cock inside his oven like mouth. His mouth had only worked on Tommy's cock for a few seconds before Tommy cried out and numerous watery jets of hot delicious sperm flung free. Tommy's little body jerked violently as his cock spewed his hot semen into Chuck's sucking mouth. After numerous volleys of sperm being sprayed out, Tommy's cock began to soften into a sleeping state. Chuck swallowed the delicious fluid and found that he had began to whimper while savoring the taste of Tommy's wonderful sperm.

Chuck crawled up next to Tommy and lay down beside him. Both were breathing heavy, and their cock's lay silently in place. Several minutes elapsed and Tommy asked, "Do you think we can do this again sometime, and maybe, something else?" Chuck smiled between heavy breaths and said, "My friend, you will always be welcomed in my home."