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Getting Caught
Andy Mann

Tonight was the night I was finally going to do it! I'd been working myself into a frenzy over the last few weeks, my cock always screaming for attention every single time I thought about Davey. Everything about Davey. The way that his short black hair needed cutting once again. His brown eyes that looked like the darkest chocolate you could imagine. His sweet red lips that were begging to be kissed. I know that he wants me to. Every time I'm with him alone, he craves my hands on his body, making me touch him, hold him, feel him through his pyjamas.

I've been wanking my six inches ever since it was only two inches long, about four years now, ever since I saw my Dad pulling on his own dick to a porno dvd that he was watching after I had gone to bed. That was when I was eleven, and now at fifteen, I was ready to take the next step, or several actually, wanting to skip over the several bases that you always hear about in those bad American teen movies. I wanted to sink my cock into a warm, tight arse and fuck it until I spunked.

Yeah, I'm gay! Well, maybe a hint of bisexuality lies within me as I do think about some of the girls at school, but my main focus of attention has been Davey, the boy next door. Cliché? I guess if he was the same age as me, but he isn't. He isn't the older lad that I look on as a brother cum mentor type either. He isn't even an older guy who is ready to teach me what I'm desperate to find out.

At the age of fifteen, and at the request of my father, I babysit twice a week for Harry our next door neighbour, looking after his son while my Dad and Harry go out drinking on a Friday and Saturday night. Now I know what you're thinking!! Why would a hot, sexy fifteen year old like me, and let's face I am hot and sexy, be prepared to spend the best two nights of the weekend sitting in a house looking after some other bloke's son?

And I do get ribbed by my mates at school, who have no idea that I'm gay by the way!! Oh no. That little secret stays firmly between us okay! I haven't even told Dad that me, moi, Callum Riley, star footballer of Westbrook Grammar School is one bent stud. I am every girl's, gay boy's and queer man's wet dream. Five foot ten, a hundred and sixty pounds of ripped tanned body, blonde hair that I keep fairly short and the bluest eyes that make the most expensive sapphire want to break into a million pieces and hide away.

So who is this boy that is keeping the panting groupies at bay? The slags that would drop their girlie knickers if I breathed in their direction, the emos and closeted boys who barely keep their erections hidden as I walk past, smiling at their feeble attempts to string together even a `hello' as I pass and nod at them in the school corridors?

Davey. My little Davey. David Henry Masters. All three foot eight and forty two pounds of gorgeousness. At the age of seven, his innocence in life contrasted with his devilish streak that so enamoured him to me. Mr Masters was a good Dad, always hugging him, giving him cuddles, even more so after his wife left him with my mother, the bitch. Talk about screwy! Whether I got my gay gene from my lesbian mother I guess I'll never know, but my Dad and Mr Masters consoled each other at first and now, five years down the line, are best buddies, drinking partners and each other's wing men as they bring home slut after brainless slut to bang. I know exactly what they do, as even though they think they're being clever, bringing the women back to our house while I'm over at the Masters', they forget that if you don't draw the curtains, our houses look straight in to each other. Many times I wanked myself off watching the free, live action porno that my Dad and Harry unwittingly put on for me.

So Friday night had come round once more, and with the pizza having been delivered, three two litre bottles of full fat coke on the side and a huge tub of hazelnut and praline ice cream softening up in the fridge, our respective fathers bade us good night as they headed out in the taxi to go into the city.

Ever since I had turned fifteen last month, the Dads were more trusting of me, to the extent that they now left Davey and me alone all night long. Of course it meant that they could have all night with their latest pick ups, but I didn't mind as it meant spending more time with the little sexy guy in front of me.

"Can we watch Incwedables again Callum?" Davey asked in his sweet high pitched voice.
"Well it all depends on what time your bedtime is," I replied, knowing full well that we had two and a half hours before the boy should be in bed.
"We've got time!" he crowed at me, jumping up and down on the spot. I watched him as his loose t-shirt bounced in a different plane to his body exposing his brown tummy. As the friendly, big brother type of guy that I portrayed myself as, I had spent all summer long outside with the little lad, teaching him football tricks, how to shoot a hoop with the basketball set that his dad had bought and generally being around him. With the sun out, I encouraged him to go shirtless, and where I could, I got him into Speedos as well as I spent a hefty amount of my pocket money on an inflatable pool that was a cross between a paddling pool and a swimming pool. Oh the memories of having my hands on his skin, getting crafty feels of his bum cheeks through the flimsy material of the swimming trunks that I had bought him.

We settled down to watch the Incredibles, a film which I found entertaining the first hundred times I watched it. I knew the words off by heart, and so at a guess did the little fella bouncing on my lap as we ate the pizza and drank too much pop. Davey wasn't supposed to have more than a couple of glasses due to a tendency not to make the bathroom in time, but there lay another sneaky plan of mine. If I could get him to wet himself, I could strip him and clean him up, washing his little boy cock. I wanted so desperately to see it, having traced the outline of it many times through his Speedos while he was asleep in the sun.

As the film neared its climax, I felt that I would soon be approaching one myself as the wiggle bum of a boy was constantly squirming on my lap, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.

"What's up Davey?" I asked.
"Need to pee but I don't wanna miss the end," he moaned.
"Well, just try to hold it in," I told him, not mentioning that we could always pause the dvd. I glanced at the timer on the display and was pleased to see there was around ten minutes to go. There would be no way he would last that long. I knew all the habits of the boy, having studied him constantly for the last three years.

I sat still, slipping my arms around the boy's midriff, pulling him back towards me, and in the process trapping him on my lap. I slipped my hands underneath his t-shirt, making it seem natural and stated to gently run my fingernails down the sides of the boy, making him squirm even more.

"Callum, I really gotta go bad," he begged.
"Hush, it's nearly finished," I whispered into his ear, taking the chance to smell his hair. His Dad, not the best at shopping or on computers, paid me to do his ordering on line for his groceries and the like so I always made sure that I got strawberry flavoured shampoo for Davey.

My cock strained in my underwear and I could feel dampness dripping around me. It wasn't Davey, it was my precum! Shit, I was so horny that I knew that Davey was going to have my cock in his ass tonight and he was going to love it. I mean, I liked it when I played with my hole as I wanked myself silly each night, sliding in a thin candle that I'd found that was roughly two inches in circumference. I'd done a little research and found out that should be roughly how thick Davey's cock should be.

After another couple of minutes, Davey started making little whiney noises as he clamped his lips together in concentration of not wetting himself. Unable to resist any further, I ran a finger around his belly button, knowing it to be the most ticklish point on his body and with a squeal, he unleashed a flow of piss upwards, soaking his groin and I paused, as if unaware of what was happening until I felt the hot liquid start to soak into my own jeans and underwear. It felt heavenly and a sudden thought of getting my cock, soaked in Davey's own urine, sliding into the boy's luscious lips nearly made me cum in my underwear. I heard faint snuffles from the boy and decided to play the innocent.

"What's wrong Davey?" I asked.
"I've peed my pjs!" my cherub sobbed.
"What?" I said, shocked, and lifted him off me, exclaiming that he had messed my jeans up as well. A fresh round of tears erupted from the boy and I pulled him to me. "Look, it's not your fault okay, why don't we go get you cleaned up and then get you into bed eh?"
"You're no no not mad at me?" he stuttered.
"Oh sweetie, how could I ever get mad at you?" I asked him, pecking him on the forehead. He may as well start to get used to me kissing him tonight cos my tongue was going to explore the inside of him mouth later. "Come on, let's get these wet pjs off you and put them in the washer so that your Dad don't find out and then let's get you washed up eh?"

Receiving a big hug from the boy, who's trust in me I had garnered over the last two years, I put my hands on the slim waist of his blue superman bottoms. I could see a massive darker patch where he had finally given in to his need to piss and I bit my lip as I fought with my desire to push my face into the sodden material and smell and lick and drink it. Nasty? Maybe, but such a turn on!

I pulled them down, helping him step out of the wet bottoms and finally I got to see my prize. His cock was hairless, of course, and quite limp, something I would work on later. It was pencil thin, and looked to be just longer than the nail on my thumb. He wasn't cut, which was no surprise really as most British boys aren't and he had two little nubs of flesh underneath his cock where the start of his yet to descend balls lay. Davey put his hands in front of himself, covering my view and I looked up at him.

"What did you do that for?" I asked.
"Daddy says I shouldn't let anyone other than him or Doc Peters see me like this," he replied, wisely as there are some horrible dirty perverts out there who would just grab him and abuse him. The bastards! If anyone ever did that to my Davey, I'd, I'd kill them AFTER cutting off their cocks with a blunt knife!
"Well your daddy is right, but this is me, Davey," I reassured him. "I'm gonna have to see it cos we're gonna have to go and get you all clean for bed so I'll need to wash it for you."
"Oh yeah!" Davey giggled and moved his hands from the obstructive view allowing me to look at him once more.

Telling him to go upstairs and wait for me in the bathroom while I put his bottoms in the washing machine, I grabbed him back and told him he had got some pee on his top as well and that needed to go in too. He simply held up his arms and I fully unclothed him, pausing as I pulled his t-shirt off so that I could store into my memory the sight of him fully naked.

With a light smack on his bum, I sent him on his way and moved into the kitchen. Knowing that I had freedom, I quickly put his top in the washer before holding the wet bottoms to my face. Taking a deep sniff, I savoured the smell of his piss. It was intoxicating and knowing that I was pushing my own limits of what I wanted to try, I opened my mouth and pushed some of the material inside. I bit down on it, squeezing the liquid from the cotton and savouring the sour taste of Davey's piss as it filled my mouth. I unzipped my own wet jeans and slipped a hand inside to stroke my uncomfortably hard cock as I sucked on the seven year old's urine and within minutes I was struggling to find any more juice from the pjs.

Sighing to myself, and wiping my mouth on the leg of the bottoms, I placed it into the washer and added in a few other items to make up a full load. Feeling my own wet jeans, I quickly stripped out of them and chucked them in as well, thinking it was a great excuse to start getting myself out of my own clothes and started it up. I headed upstairs and found Davey in the bathroom, a bath overflowing with bubbles. He looked around guiltily at me as I gasped out a string of swear words.

"DAVID HENRY MASTERS! What the fuck are you doing?" I yelled at him, nearly slipping as I reached for the still naked boy, who had been giggling as the bubbles spilled over from the bath onto the floor.
"Making bubbs Callum!" he grinned at me, not realising he was in trouble.
"You're only supposed to put a little in, not half the freaking bottle," I admonished him.

Seeing no hint of regret in his eyes, I knew that I needed to establish an authority with him, otherwise he might rebel later. Not only tonight but when he gets a little older. Pulling him towards me, I knelt down on the wet floor.

"You've been bad Davey, and I'm going to have to punish you," I told him, trying to add in a hint of sadness into my voice but knowing that it was just going to be the first golden chance to get my hands touching his boy flesh.
"I'm sowwy Callum," he started, but I wasn't having any of it and placed him across my legs, his bum staring up at me.

His bum, the most perfect lily white globes of flesh that you could ever wish to drool over. I ran my hand over them, feeling the softness of them. I was very tempted to ignore the spanking I was about to deliver and just shove my fingers into his little hole but I knew that I needed to work him up to that.


My own hand stung as the little boy squealed out in shock as I hit his pale bottom.


A faint red hand print remained as I delivered a second spank. The boy howled in pain as I continued his punishment, spanking him twenty times in total, his bum now a delightful shade of red. Picking him up off my legs, I felt my cock straining at full mast, pushing against my blue briefs that I always wore to hide my constant erections whenever I'm around the sexy boy. I turned him to face me and could see tears leaking from his eyes. I pulled him into a hug to comfort him.

"I'm very sorry that I had to do that Davey, but you left me no choice," I cooed into his ear as I wiped away his tears. I allowed my hands to stroke his back, running them around in circles getting lower and lower but I stopped myself before I cupped his bum cheeks as I knew they would still be sore.
"I know, I'm bad," the boy mumbled, his face downcast.
"Hey, you did something wrong and you took your punishment," I said cheerily. "It's all forgotten now so let's get you bathed."

His smile reappeared as he figured I'd forgiven him, not knowing how much of a hold he had on my heart anyway and I picked him up, tickling his sides causing him to squirm and I placed him into the water, noting with interest how hard his little pricklet had gotten in the last few minutes. It looked like a little stick of candy, maybe a lollipop and one I was going to suck before the night was out.

As he settled into the bath, the thought crossed my mind that as he had pissed on me, I could say that I needed to clean up as well and why waste water when I could be in the same bath as him. Telling him this, I quickly stripped, exposing myself to the boy for the first time. I was pleased to see his eyes widen and stare at my six inches of hardness and my small bush of pubes as I stepped into the bath, seating myself behind his small frame.

I picked up the soap and lathered my hands and washed his smooth neck and shoulders before moving them down the front of his chest, pulling the boy backwards into my body.

"You've got a stiffy!" he giggled as he felt my cock press against his lower back.
"Well, it's cos it's happy to see you," I murmured to him, fighting the urge to hump myself against the soft skin of his back.
"It feels funny," Davey announced before gasping as my hands reached the long sought after prize, his dick.
"I need to wash it Davey," I whispered to him. "You did piss all over yourself so I have to get it clean, or you will smell, and you don't want to be the smelly kid do you?"

It was wrong, I know, to make him think that he would smell, but as I took hold of his two inches of hardness, I gave it a little rub back and forth. I felt Davey's head rest back against my chest as I wanked the little fellow's prick and I looked down at his face. His beautiful brown eyes were staring up at me, his mouth open in a small `O'. I moved my left hand and started to rub his smooth chest, circling around his little nipples that felt rock hard. My right hand concentrated on its jerking of the little pricklet.

"Callum! I'm gonna pee again!" Davey yelped, but knowing that I was about to bring my little sweetie to his first ever orgasm, I just keep pumping the boy's dick.
"Hush baby, just enjoy it!" I told him.

I watched in awe as he squealed in shock, in pleasure and in joy as I brought him to his first dry cum. He flopped back against me, his eyes rolling in their sockets. I couldn't resist any longer and I picked his body up easily, his small frame weighing nothing in my arms, and as I turned him around, his mouth was open slightly and I placed his lips on mine and I kissed him gently.

I wrapped my arms around him, one cupping his delightful soft cheeks, no longer sore after being in the water and the other holding the back of his head in place so that my tongue could enter his mouth. I felt him begin to enjoy the embrace as he squirmed against me, his legs rubbing against my hard cock. I pulled away from his mouth for a moment.

"Take my cock and rub it Davey," I whispered into his ear, giving it a lick and a nibble, causing him to squirm once more in my arms.
"But we shouldn't," he whimpered.
"Hush now sweetie, and just do as I ask," I told him.

I moved my hand off his head and took his right hand in mine and traced it down the front of my chest, revelling at how soft it felt against my skin. I felt a little resistance but continued pushing it downwards into the bathwater and placed his fingers around my shaft. I moaned loudly as I started to move his hand up and down, jerking my cock.

"Cal, I don't" Davey started before my mouth found his once more, my tongue slipping inside his lips.

Again, I felt him squirm in pleasure as his body wriggled in my embrace and I knew that he wanted more from me. I certainly knew that I wanted more from him so holding him tightly, I picked him and myself up from the bath, struggling over the side of the tub, placing him safely on the floor. I grabbed a towel and quickly dried both of our bodies, raising his sweet little face that was looking down at his chest, kissing it and tickling his sides and belly, causing him to giggle. I loved the sound of his laugh, the sound of him enjoying himself and I was going to make tonight the greatest experience he had ever had.

"Callum, I wanna," I heard him start and knowing what he wanted, I put a finger on his lips.
"I know sweetie and I'm going to give you what you want," I told him, picking him up, his legs automatically wrapping around my waist as he always did when I carried him to his room.

I walked into his bedroom, always loving how funny his wallpaper looked with all its different cartoon characters on it, and how messy it always was. I walked through two pairs of little cotton pants and his jeans that were screwed up on the floor. I laid my little lover on his bed, face down and got on besides him. I traced my hands over his naked body, loving the feel of his smoothness causing my cock to strain even harder. I ran a finger into his bum cheeks, sliding it up and down, over his small hole, a hole I now had to see.

I got on my knees in between his legs and put my hands on his still pink cheeks and eased them apart. There it was. It looked like the best treasure pot I had ever seen.

"Oh my god Davey, you look lovely," I whimpered.
"Callum, I don't want," my little cherub started.
"I know that you don't want me to stop," I finished for him, and I leaned in and licked his hole. I knew it was clean having just washed it moments earlier. I heard Davey whimper in delight as I probed and licked him. I actually felt his little pucker quiver as my tongue pushed against it and for a moment I thought I was actually inside him.

I needed to be inside him. I needed to sink my cock inside his bum hole but I knew that I needed to loosen him up a little first otherwise I'd hurt my little angel. I raised myself back onto my haunches and licked a finger.

"I'm gonna put a finger in you now honey to get you ready for me," I told him.
"But," Davey said.
"Yup, I'm putting it in your butt," I smiled at him and pushed it into him.

I felt his body squirm underneath my ministrations as I search for the little nub of his prostate. I wasn't sure if a seven year old could be pleasured that way, but I was determined to find out. Moans filled the room as Davey had grabbed one of his pillows and had buried his face into it to stifle his groans of pleasure. I felt his hole tighten around my finger and I couldn't wait to get my cock in him.

I pulled my finger out, sucking it into my mouth so I could taste his insides. It tasted wonderful. I added a second in my mouth before easing both of them back inside my sexy boy. More muffled moans came from the pillow and I had to hold his legs for a moment as he writhed in pleasure and I had to push fairly hard to get my digits moving in and out of his tight little hole.

I looked around the bedroom and spotted the lotion that his Dad, and I, had to use on him occasionally as he suffered from rashes on the back of his knees and it helped to soothe him. I grabbed the bottle and squeezed some into my hand and quickly coated my cock, using it as lube. I pulled his body down the bed slightly so that when I laid myself on top of him, I wouldn't hit my head in the headboard.

"I'm going to make love to you now honey," I whispered into his ear as I positioned my cock against his hole. I held his hips tightly so that I wouldn't hurt him if he moved around too much and I pushed forward. I felt resistance, big resistance and Davey's body tried bucking against me. That was a sure sign he wanted my cock, I knew it. I knew he was a little boy bottom so I held him down and with a big push, I forced myself past his tight sphincter. I wrapped my arms underneath his shoulders and laid on top of his small frame, perfectly positioned to make sweet love to him.

I heard his cries of pleasure and felt his body shudder underneath me as I began my humping of his insides. I could not believe how tight his arse wrapped itself around me. No girl's snatch could ever feel this good and I was determined to enjoy it. Knowing that I was always good for three spunks in a short space of time, I fucked him without fear that I would shoot and then that would be it. It must have been only eight or nine thrusts into him when I felt my balls tighten and I creamed the insides of my little lover.

I whimpered and cried into the bedclothes of Davey's bed and held my boy tightly against me. I felt him shiver under me and wondered if he was close to his own climax, wondering if I was rubbing his little prostate with my cock. My cock that was still rock hard. Catching my breath, I began to slide in and out of his body once more, loving how his bum squeezed the life out of my dick.

I pumped into him, gripping him as I picked up my pace, thrusting hard into his lovely boy cunt. I know that he was loving it as he was writhing uncontrollably, his body squirming in pleasure, his cries of joy small whimpers as I made love to my cute little sexpot.

"Cal," he whimpered out. "Make it stop."
"I will honey, I'll make your climax come," I promised.

I fucked him faster and harder, trying to angle myself to hit his pleasure spot. I snaked a hand underneath his waist and found his cock which was surprising limp for a boy who was enjoying it so much. I took it in my fingers and started to jerk it in counter motion to my thrusting of his body. I heard him whimper louder and with a loud squeal into the pillow, I felt the whole of his body shake as his climax ripped though him.

His hole tightened and spasmed around my cock and I as much as I wanted to make my second time last longer that it had, I felt my spunk get ready to erupt.

"Oh fuck Davey," I gasped out. "I love you so much."

The first shot of my spunk pulsed out of my cock deep inside him. My mind must have started to trip as I felt hands grip my own waist.

The second shot felt even better as my cock dragged outwards along his chute. I heard voices in my head, loud deep voices, swearing and cursing at me.

The third shot creamed the boy's pucker as my cock left the warm tunnel of love. I couldn't wait to see what it looked like, that little pink pucker with my white juice dripping down. I felt a pain on the back of my head, which I hoped wasn't my brain shutting down from the pleasure of finally fucking my boy.

My fourth and fifth shot hit the carpet as my body felt like it was flying. I felt a pain on my knee as I crashed into Davey's school desk. I looked up and was shocked to see Harry Masters standing over me, a look of intense anger on his face.

"I was making love to Davey, like he wanted me to," I answered numbly, wondering why he was interrupting Davey's best moment of his life.
"WHAT?" he yelled at me, moving to Davey's bed, and I saw him run his hand over the exposed love hole of my little buddy. Surely he didn't want to fuck his son as well?
"What's going on in here Harry?" I heard my Dad's voice say as he entered the room, stopping in his tracks as he saw me nursing my injured knee, still entirely naked. Now ever since my Mum left, Dad was very relaxed about the state of dress in our house, and with being used to the showers after games and training, I was always comfortable being naked in front of him, but not straight after I'd just shared my juices with my little lover.

Oh my little lover. I gazed fondly at Davey, now in an embrace with his Dad. Oh how I wanted to be in Harry's place, hugging my Davey, kissing him gently, soothing him after his first time. Uncomfortably I felt myself harden again as I thought of the boy's silky, smooth skin and embarrassingly I found myself at full mast in front of my Dad and Mr Masters.

"This little pervert has just fucked my boy," I heard Mr Masters hiss at my Dad.
"He WHAT?" Dad said, closing the distance between him and myself. I yelped as he grabbed of my hair, dragging me across the room. "You did what?"
"I made love to him, unlike what you do with those sluts you bring home," I snapped back at him. "I love Davey okay. I'm gay! There! You happy I've said it now?"

I winced as I fell back to the floor as my Dad let go of me, looking stunned at what I'd told him. He looked across at Mr Masters, who was still rubbing Davey's back. Davey's brown eyes were wide as he must of heard my confession of love for him. I guess there was no taking it back, not that I would anyway. After all, I DO love the little guy.

"Harry?" Dad said.
"I want this pervert locked up for what he's done to Davey!" Mr Masters snarled at Dad, and at me, and I suddenly felt like someone had chucked a bucket of ice cold water over me. He misunderstood what I'd done, that I hadn't forced Davey, I'd made love to him hadn't I? Yet he was saying I was one of those nasty pervert child molesters that I've read about. He was going to call the police on me!
"Maybe we can find another punishment for him?" Dad pleaded with Mr Masters on my behalf. I nodded in agreement, knowing that my life hung in the balance.
"Please Mr Masters, don't call the police on me," I begged. I knew that I could hold my own in a fight so it wasn't that part of going to prison that scared me. It was that my life would be ruined, my hopes of becoming a footballer, or a teacher, they would be over before I even started.
"Well, what type of punishment is fair?" he asked, and I was pleased to see that the redness of his face had gone and he was speaking a little calmer.
"Whatever you think, Mr Masters," I offered, knowing that a beating I could endure. After all, I was young and fit and always recovered fairly quickly from any knocks I picked up on the pitch.
"How about him going through what David has just done?" Dad asked.
"That sounds fair to me," Mr Masters replied, looking at me. Unsure exactly what they meant, but knowing it would keep me out of the hands of the police I readily nodded my agreement.
"Okay, Davey, what did he do first to you?" Mr Masters asked my little fellow.
"He, um, he made me," Davey stuttered, stopping with a tremble in his voice.
"It's okay son, no matter what happened, none of it was your fault," Mr Masters told him. How wrong could the man be?? After all, it was Davey who asked, nay begged me to continue didn't he?
"Well, he made me pee all over myself and some got on him too," the boy sighed.
"So you like watersports do you boy?" Mr Masters asked me.

Watersports? I guess swimming and waterpolo are ok so I nodded, wondering why he was changing the subject.

"Okay then, into the bathroom!" Dad commanded me.

I got up and limped into the still steamy room, getting into the shower cubicle as they instructed me. I was told to sit on the floor, looking at them, so I did. I was stunned as both men fished their cocks out of their flies and let loose with two streams of piss all over my face, my hair, my chest, my crotch which was achingly hard for some reason.

"Open up son," Dad told me and I shook my head, knowing what he wanted me to do.
"Well, I guess it's the police then," Mr Masters sighed. "I so didn't want to ruin your life by having you committed as a sex offender, one who molested a child as well."
"Wait!" I nearly yelled. "I'll do it!"

Mr Masters smiled at me, moving towards me, his cock pinched to stem the flow of urine. He motioned me to him.

"Wrap your lips around it and swallow, boy," he told me, and knowing I had no choice, I did.
"Ew!" I heard Davey say, not realising that my sexpot had followed them into the bathroom. "Callum's drinking pee!"
"And he'll drink mine next," Dad explained. "Do you need to go again soon?"
"Um, yeah, I think so," the boy said.
"Then he can drink yours as well," Mr Masters confirmed with a smile as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, allowing the last few spurts of piss to hit my nose.

It actually hadn't tasted too bad. I had loved the taste of Davey's wet pj bottoms earlier, so why I thought that his Dad's would be horrible, I guess was just my natural instincts kicking in. As Dad moved into position, I actually licked my lips in anticipation of more of the warm fluid.

"Looks like he's a right little piss whore," Mr Masters laughed, causing me to flush red as Dad held my head still, pushing his cock inside my mouth. Instead of just holding it still, he actually started pushing back and forth and as I felt his warm offering start to trickle down the back of my throat, I realised he was almost fucking my mouth. I reached down to grasp my dick that was just begging for release and gave it a couple of strokes before I felt my hands being taken off it.
"Oh no," Mr Masters whispered into my ear. "You don't get off until we say you get off!"

Finally Dad grunted as he finished peeing inside me and Davey was led in front of me. He looked at me, a confused expression on his face. I motioned him to step closer, which he did with the okay from his Dad and I leaned forward to swallow his little two inch prick. I moaned in delight as I tasted Davey pee for the second time that evening, this time it was even more intoxicating as I was drinking it straight from the source. As I gulped the large flow of boy piss, a testament to how much cola I had gotten the boy to drink earlier, I felt my body shudder and a couple of shots of my spunk flew out of my cock.

"Would you look at that shit!" Dad gasped out.
"Certainly looks like he's enjoying this too much," Mr Master told him. "So what did he do next Davey?"

Uh oh! Figuring out that they were going to run through the evenings events, I quickly ran through them in my head. I had stripped the boy next, but was already naked myself, so the following event was when I had caught him covering the bathroom in bubbles.

"He spanked me for being bad," Davey snuffled.
"But you put too many bubbles in the bath, sweetie," I consoled.
"Well, there's no bubbles here, but you did make a mess of the floor just now!" Mr Masters told me, pointing to my cum by Davey's feet.
"How many spanks did he give you, kiddo?" Dad asked my little lover.
"I lost count cos it hurt," the boy confessed.
"In that case, I think we'll spank him until he loses count," Mr Master grinned at me, a grin I didn't much like. He picked me up by my arms and led me back into Davey's room. "Bend over Davey's desk."

Knowing it was my dues, I did so. Pain wracked through my bum as a hard smack landed on my left butt cheek, quickly followed by one on my right. I glanced over my shoulder to see both Mr Masters and my Dad in place, one each side of me.

"Time to count out pervert!" Mr Masters instructed me and dealt me another smack on my left cheek.

I hardly had the chance to call out `one' before my Dad hit my right cheek. Over and over, with no respite, my bum felt like it was on fire. As a so called prank, Nicky Johnson had once sprayed the inside of my briefs with `Deep heat', unknown to me and when I put them on, my cock and balls felt like someone had taken a blow torch to them. However, by the time I remembered counting `forty', the heat in my bum was beyond that.

"Daddy, he didn't hit me that many times," Davey whimpered, bless him for coming to my rescue.
"Okay then son, we'll stop," Mr Masters told him. "Besides, my arm was beginning to hurt."
"I told you he had quite a high pain threshold," Dad reassured him, a hint of pride in his voice. At least he still liked some part of me!
"What came next?" Mr Masters asked his little boy, who had reached forward and touched my sore arse. His little hand felt like a soothing ice cube as he stroked my cheeks that must be scarlet.
"Well, he baffed me and he, um," Davey stammered once more. I racked my brain trying to remember but my bum was taking most of my attention at the moment. "He kissed me before bringing me back into here."
"Kissed you eh?" Dad chuckled. "You like kissing boys do you Cal?"
"I like kissing Davey cos I love him," I stated proudly. I figured if I'm going to be hung out to dry, I would get all my confessions out of the way. No point in having something else come out later that Mr Masters may then want to call the police still.
"Well, let's see it then shall we?" Mr Masters said.
"Huh?" I asked confused.
"Go kiss Davey," he told me. "It's okay son, kissing another boy isn't that bad." He prodded Davey towards me, and not knowing if this was a trick or not, I still wasn't going to miss a chance to kiss my favourite boy in the whole world.

I wrapped my arms around the still naked seven year old and gently kissed his lips. This time, I felt the boy respond, having been told to by his Dad I guess released his inhibitions and for a couple of wonderful minutes, I French kissed the boy I was head over in heals with.

"Okay, our turns," Mr Masters announced.

Surely not? But as I was brought up to a standing position, having been on my knees to make me a better height for Davey, Mr Masters took me roughly in his arms, pulling me to his body. It was a body that was now shirtless and trouserless. His hairy chest tickled my own smooth one as he held me against him, one hand on my back, the other in my hair, leaning my head to one side as he mashed his lips against mine. At first I struggled against him before a smack to my still sore ass stopped my movements. I could feel the roughness of his stubble on my cheeks as he pushed his tongue against my lips. Not wanting to take it in, I resisted until I felt his hand pinch my side. Sighing to myself, I opened up and then couldn't help but groan as I started to lose myself in the feelings of being kissed.

After a couple of minutes, or hours as I had lost track of time, he pulled away and turned me towards my Dad. My Dad who was now completely naked. I looked at my Dad's body and was surprised to see that his cock was at full mast, a similar situation to one I found myself in. I whimpered in pleasure as he reached forward and held my cock in his hand, pulling me towards him. Dad was going to kiss me? He did and it was even more sensual than Mr Masters. I allowed my hands to roam over my dad's fit body, cos even though he was in his late thirties he still kept himself fit and buff at the gym.

"So what came next Davey?" I heard Mr Masters whisper into the giggling boy's ear.
"He put his hand inside me," Davey answered.

I squirmed in my dad's grasp, as that wasn't strictly true.

"Well then it's only fair that you do the same to him," Mr Masters told him. "Would you like that?"
"Uh huh, yes please," the boy gushed.
"Okay then son, but one more question," Mr Masters started. "Did he use any lotion?"
"Yes sir, he used my knee oil," Davey replied, grabbing the lotion.
"Well get some on your hand," his father told him. "Brad, why don't you bend the boy over the desk and hold him down."
"Of course," Dad replied, breaking our kiss. "Now then Cal, do I need to tie you to the desk or are you going to take this like a man?"
"I'll be a man!" I told him, not liking the idea of being tied down.

I got back into the position where I had been spanked but this time felt weight on my back as Dad moved his body over mine to make sure I didn't move. Not that I would have anyway! After all, I was about to be fingered by my little lover.

"Okay son, start with three fingers and see how it goes," Mr Masters told Davey and I groaned in pleasure as the little digits of my boy eased into my hole. My virgin hole that had only ever had the thin candle inside it. I now had Davey's fingers inside me. I moaned even further as I felt my pucker stretch further as he added a fourth finger.
"You going to go for the whole fist?" I heard Dad asked, and I tried to buck off the desk. NO WAY!
"Oh yeah! Come on Davey, let's get some more oil on you and you can fist his hole for us," Mr Masters panted.
"Okay Daddy!" the boy happily said.
"NO! PLEASE!" I begged. "Not the whole fist."
"Shush, once it's in, you'll be begging for him to get his whole arm inside you, slut boy," Dad almost purred at me.
"Here it comes, grit your teeth boy!" Mr Masters laughed.

I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated on pretending I was having a dump. I'd read that it was supposed to help. Pain started to tear into my bum, but at the same time, there was a mix of pleasure in my head as I knew that it was my little, wonderful Davey, giving me his hand. My arse begged for mercy until suddenly with a slurp, my hole swallowed his hand upto his wrist.

"Fuck me it's in!" Mr Masters cried.
"Would you look at that!" Dad cooed, feeling my widely stretched hole, causing my dick to start to throb.
"Now then son, remember what we talked about," Mr Masters said to Davey. "Start slowly until his bum is used to it and then go further and deeper. Let's see if we can get you in upto your elbow."


I couldn't help but let out small cries and yelps as I felt my inners stretch to try to accommodate the intruder inside me. I thought I saw stars at one point as I felt his rolled up hand scrape past my prostate. As the boy pulled and pushed his arm inside me, I shook in joy, in pain, in ecstasy as I felt an almighty orgasm rack through my body. My cock spurted creamy load after creamy load onto the carpet.

"Okay I think he's ready now," Dad said to Mr Masters.
"Always the sure sign, spunking up like that!" Mr Masters chuckled.

Dad lifted his body off mine and the pair of them carried me to Davey's bed as my knees were so weak that I could barely stand. I was placed face down, in the same position that I had placed my little lover not so long ago. I guess I knew what was coming. I'd known, I suppose, ever since my punishment had started so it was no surprise when Dad and Mr Masters were arguing over who would be the first one to fuck my ass. Unbelievably though, they were arguing offering the other person the chance to go first, Mr Masters claiming it should be a Father's prerogative to take his son's cherry, while my Dad counter claimed saying that as I had taken Davey's virginity, the least he could offer was to give mine to Mr Masters.

I guess Davey had gotten bored of the arguing because while the two men weren't looking, he climbed on top of me and slipped his thin two inch pricklet inside me.

"Is this okay Cal?" he whispered to me, bless him, as he wrapped his arms around my body.
"Sure Davey," I replied. "Make love to me, please!"

And he did. With all the enthusiasm of a boy in a toy shop, he was soon whimpering as he thrust back and forth inside me. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't really feel that much, but knowing he was enjoying it was more than enough for me. The Dads had stopped their discussions and as I glanced at them, I could see them stroking themselves, watching Davey bugger my arse. After a few moments, I heard Davey's wonderful high pitched squeak and his body shook as he had a dry climax inside my bum hole.

"That was so fucking hot!" Dad moaned out, before picking the now limp seven year old from my body.
"My turn," Mr Masters said softly into my ear, easing his body on top of mine. He wasn't that much taller than me, maybe only two inches so we seemed to be in perfect position and I grunted as I felt his cock squeeze inside me. All thoughts that I had that I was the top alpha dog, the ultimate male, left my mind in that instant as my dick shot back to its glorious stiffness and I knew that I would be at least a willing bottom to these men.

As he drew himself back out of me, popping out before pushing back inside me, stretching my hole back and forth, I whimpered into the pillow.

"That's it my little bottom boy," he licked into my ear. "You like cock up your bum hole don't you?"
"Yes sir," I confessed. "Please, fuck me good."

And boy did he! He held my body tight to his, holding it still so his thrusts inside me were as deep as he could go. Grazing past my love spot with each push, he soon had me panting and gasping as I began to rise in climax. I half expected him to pull out or stop, to punish me further, but I guess that side of the evening was now over and all that was on the minds of them was the mutual pleasure of a lovemaking session.

I cried out in joy as I felt myself seed Davey's bed, guilt immediately running into my head as I thought of my little lover having a wet spot to sleep in, before my mind went blank as Mr Masters grabbed me roughly as his own climax hit him and he pumped himself hard into me, shooting his man spunk as deep into me as I must have seeded inside Davey earlier. He collapsed on top of me, catching his breath, kissing my neck and cheeks. As he rolled off my sweaty body, I felt my ass become empty, a feeling I didn't like. Seeing my frown, my Dad chuckled and climbed onto the bed.

"Okay then son, you ready for Daddy's cock?" he asked me.
"Oh fuck yeah Dad," I mumbled out, knowing that I sounded like a slut, a whore, maybe one of those women that they normally fuck.
"It's okay son, I know you want this, and I've wanted to give it you for so long now," he cooed into my ear, nibbling it, licking it. His hands roamed underneath my body, scraping my nipples with his nails before I felt his cock press against my already used hole. This was it! My own Daddy was gonna fuck me, and I was wanting it more than anything! Well, with the exception of my Davey!

I sighed blissfully as I felt my pucker stretch around his thicker cock and groaned as he inched his way inside me. I knew that Dad was seven and a half inches, as he had explained how to measure a cock a couple of years ago when I had my first wet dream and we had the whole birds and bees talks. I just wish now that we had had the bees and bees talk instead! I could have been having Dad screw my ass for a couple of years!

Dad showed that he was an experienced lover, although where he got his male experience from I don't know, as he kept up a steady rhythm of fucking me, teasing my cock back up to firmness and then keeping me on the edge of what would be my sixth orgasm of the night, something that would be a record for me. He kissed and petted my body, and somewhere in the midst of his lovemaking, I felt another pair of smaller hands on my body. Dad, sensing that Davey had come back into the fold to play, dragged my hips upwards, allowing the young boy to snake his hands onto my cock. As Dad fucked me, every thrust forward caused my dick to push through the slick grip of the seven year old hands. It was like I was fucking his hands.

Of course, this added stimulation sent me hurtling off the top of the cliff and once more, I spunked all over Davey's bed, my arse twitching and gripping Dad's cock, causing him to finally shoot inside me.

We rolled to one side, my body exhausted with the sexual punishment, punishment yeah right!, that I had just endured. Hands petted me, my body, and soft lips found mine. I opened my eyes to see my gorgeous boy gazing into my eyes.

"Well, I think that we should let the boys rest up and go sleep don't you Brad?" Mr Masters asked my Dad.
"Certainly do," he replied. "Shall we go grab a beer from the fridge and watch it all again?"
"Huh?" I asked, struggling to keep my eyes awake.
"Well, you don't think we just came home randomly, do you?" Mr Masters laughed.
"We'd both seen how much you were lusting after Davey, and by the way next time you want to feel him up through his swimming trunks, make sure he's asleep and no-one else is watching!" Dad sniggered. "Well, we knew that with a little encouragement, you would finally get round to having some naked fun with him sooner or later, so it was just a case of waiting it out."
"But how did you know it was tonight?" I asked.
"You really ought to check for webcams," Mr Masters grinned. "The old one on the shelf, well it's wired up and linked into my i-phone so we could check when we were out."
"And Davey here did his job superbly," Dad smiled, ruffling the grinning seven year old's hair.
"I did, didn't I!" he gushed. "You said that I could make him big and hard and it showed that he loved me."
"So you planned all this?" I gasped out, incredulous, especially that they would let me have sex with Davey just to get me.
"Well, we needed to make sure one hundred percent and that it wasn't us just mis-reading, but as soon as you made love to Davey, we knew you were gay," Mr Masters confirmed. "That also gave us the ammunition to get you to try bottoming, something you probably wouldn't have agreed to otherwise."
"No I guess I wouldn't have," I confessed. "So what now?"
"Well now, you and Davey, who does love you, can be partners, spend time together in either of our houses without fear of being discovered by your Dads!" Dad explained. "Just remember to love each other and be gentle with each other."
"But what about you two?" I asked.
"Well, now we have both tasted your body, we definitely want more, but only if you are willing," Mr Masters replied. "I know that we tricked you tonight, but as I said earlier, we wanted you to experience it for yourself."
"And when I'm big enuff, I can play with you as well?" Davey bounced.
"Sure thing kiddo," Dad smiled, roughing the boy's hair once more.

I let out a big yawn as the events of the evening had taken a huge toll on my body and mind, and the Dads bade us goodnight and headed downstairs for that beer. I looked at Davey, who had a sad pout on his face.

"Are you mad at me, Cal?" he asked softly.
"Why would I be mad?" I countered.
"Cos I helped trick you," he mumbled.
"Davey, I'm pleased you did, cos it now means that I can love you openly," I told him. "Come here!"

He scooted over to me. I pulled him up to me, so that we were face to face. I kissed him. And kissed him. And kissed him some more. I felt a yawn from his body, and released him so that he could wiggle down slightly. He snuck an arm over my chest and rested his head on my shoulder. I watched as his lovely chocolate eyes fluttered shut. I was exactly where I wanted to be. In bed with my lover. My Davey.


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