This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.
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Before I can get to the "meat" of the story, I must first tell you a little bit about myself. By no means am I a narcissist, but in order to get a better understanding of things, I have to let you know who I am and how I got to this point in my life. My name is Mark, and at the present moment, I am 26 years old. When I was in high school, I was a jock so to speak. During that time, I was the state wresting champion 4 years in a row. Wrestling came easy to me, and I love the sport, so naturally, I went on to college with a wrestling scholarship.
In college, I had won 4 National Championships, and proudly enough, represented the United States in the olympics, and am a gold medal recipient. However, in my junior year in college, and being somewhat of a computer guru, I created a business on-line. It actually started out for just some extra spending money, but by the end of my junior year, I found myself to be a millionaire. By the time I graduated, my internet business was on auto-pilot, and I was making more money than I knew what to do with.
After college, I bought some land close to where I was raised, and had a very nice home built. Although I was what anyone could consider nasty rich, I was also a very simple country boy at heart. As I already mentioned, I am 26 right now, and in very good physical condition. I stand a good 6'2", and weigh a very muscular 225 pounds. I have short brown wavy hair, green eyes, and I keep my goatee neatly trimmed at all times. By no sense of the word am I a die hard weight lifting maniac, but over the years, and without even trying, my body sort of developed into a body builders physique.
Here's another thing about my life you may as well know about. When it comes to sex, I am a sexaholic from the word go. I enjoy the companionship of women, but I also enjoy being with guys too. When it comes to having sex with guys, I too have my own preferences. One thing I don't do is discriminate, but if I am going to be sexually active with a man much older than myself, then I am a total bottom. If the guy is younger than me, then I am a complete top.
At the present moment, the oldest man I have ever been with was a super nice man who just happened to be in his mid 70's. Disregarding his age completely, that guy fucked me into a world beyond oblivion. The youngest guy I have ever been with (as an adult) was a hot looking twink who was 18 at the time. So, without trying to brag at all, but with my wide open range of sexual delights, I always seem to have someone wanting to spend some "quality" time with me.
Here is where I'd honestly love to say that I am the proud owner of 11 inches of horse meat, but I'll go ahead and be truthful. When erect, which is always, my cock strains itself from my body a solid 7 1/2 inches. Having no choice in the matter, but at birth, I was circumcised. I would have to say, describing my cock, it is somewhat irregular, or at least to me it is. My shaft is creamy color and not veiny at all, and it certainly isn't the thickest by no means, but it is about as thick as a regular sized cucumber. Here is where the dimensions get out of whack. My cock head is shaped precisely like that of a mushroom, however, it is almost double in girth in comparison to my shaft, so at first sight, one would think I was packing some seriously thick beef.
Since I have no body hair to really speak of, I prefer to keep my balls shaven at all times, and my pubic hair closely trimmed. My balls aren't that special at all with both being equal in size and shape. I guess they are probably best compared with a couple of regular sized chicken eggs. Keeping them hair free does make them appear to be a tad bit larger. Unlike most men, I don't have low hangers at all. My balls always seem to be tightly trapped in my sac at all times.
Okay, now you have a pretty good idea about me, so now, on with the "meaty" portion of the story. My old high school wrestling coach was still the school's wrestling coach. I ran into the coach while in town, and he told me he was searching for a new place to conduct wrestling practice. The old gym had been torn down and the school was in the process of having a new gym built. I had my own gym at my house, and it was more than large enough to accommodate the coach and his wrestling teams practice, so I didn't hesitate to offer my place, in which he graciously accepted.
When I had my home built, I also had my very own gym part of the structural design. It contained a full size basketball court, another separate room which contained a butt load of exercise equipment and a vast array of weights and weight lifting machines. Also, there was a large shower area which contained a changing room, and the shower area itself has 12 shower heads. In the changing room, there was a restroom which has 4 urinals and 4 toilets with privacy stalls. Like I already said, I am rich, so I had my home built according to my dream.
The first day of practice, the coach introduced me to the team. I have to admit, seeing all those young boys, and hearing the coach brag about my accomplishments in wrestling, did sort of swell my head up a bit. Those boys eyed me as if I were the king of all kings. Upon the coach's request, I walked around giving some pointers here and there.
It wasn't until I went to offer some help to two of the guys working out at the far end was when something strange swarmed throughout my entire body, including my mind. Standing there, preparing himself to takedown his wrestling buddy, was a God. The boy looked like he couldn't be no older than 12, but I knew since he was here, he had to be at least 14, 15, or 16 years old, if not 17. His hair was a brilliant strawberry blond, offering a pleasing waviness throughout its short style. I could see his ears without any obstructions. They were small and looked delicious! His face, oh my God, his face was absolutely the precise definition of astonishing perfection.
I walked close, so close that I was standing just a few inches, staring in utter awe over this boy's ungodly beauty. I marveled over his medium thick eyebrows that revealed a gorgeous strawberry blond tint that was only enhanced by his majestic crystallized bluer than blue eyes. Even the boy's upwards curling strawberry blond eye lids made my mouth water with envious desires. The boy's nose was just as perfect as the rest of his breath taking beauty. It was small and perfectly shaped, and I could barely see about 3 or 4 lovely small freckles bordering the very bridge.
On each of his mouth watering slender unblemished facial cheeks, I had no choice but to see precious twin little dimples impaling each cheek ever so astonishingly, regardless if the boy smiled or not. His lips were so cherry colored, and oh so kissable. Seeing the breath taking beauty stand erect every so often, I figured him to be close to the 5'6" mark, and even with him wearing baggy sweats, I'd say the gorgeous boy weighed in at around the 135 pound range.
Watching this boy wrestle with his buddy provided me many opportunities to check out his concealed lower half, both front and back. Studying his crotch, I could just barely make out a small lump, mainly due to him probably wearing a tight fitting jock strap. However, I did get to see the boy's shapely outline of his protruding hot little butt. Damn, this boy has a butt that was meant to be eaten and made love to, over and over, and time after time. Each of those jutting butt cheeks afforded me the privilege of comparing them to a pair of small footballs. Though his baggy sweat pants concealed his butt's flesh, it sure as hell couldn't hide that mouth watering perfect shape that it offered.
Come to find out, I was told by the coach that the boy's name is Thad. Believe you me, I tried everything imaginable to see Thad take a shower, but each time I was trying to make my way to the shower area, some boy would stop me and ask me questions. After the first practice, without having to mention it, but I had no choice but to jerk off while fantasizing about Thad. I did feel bad as to the way I felt over the young beauty, and no matter how hard I tried to erase his beauty from my mind, my thoughts simply wouldn't allow it.
6 practices later, and many jerk-off sessions later, the coach approached me and asked, "Mark, I hate to ask you this, but I don't want to see great talent go to waste. I would consider it a huge honor if you spent some extra time with Thad. That boy has the talent, and determination, to be a great wrestler, possibly even a state champion. I know if you help him, on a one-on-one basis, you can make him championship material. Will you help me out with Thad?"
After I said yes, hoping that I didn't sound a bit too overly eager, the coach called Thad over to us. The coach looked at Thad, then spoke, "Thad, I've asked Mark to work with you on a one-on-one basis. You do everything he tells you and he'll make you into a champion. This is gut check time son, and now it's time to see just how bad you really want to be a champion. Do you want Mark here to whip your little butt into a champion?"
I damn near fainted as soon as I heard his soft voice crack through my ears, "Yes sir coach. I'll do whatever he says. I want the state title more than anything coach."
With that agreement being mutual by all, Thad and I made arrangements for him to come to my home the very next day. The rest of the team had a day off, and my perverted mind was reeling with high hopes of seeing this overwhelming gorgeous young beauty naked. Upon his arrival, I made sure he stretched his muscles so as not to get a muscle strain. Then, we spent some time lifting weights. The boy was doing everything I was telling him without a single shred of objections coming to light.
While he worked out with the free weights, I did find out that he was 15, and he didn't have a girlfriend. I also found out that it was just him and his mom, and that he had never met his father. Through our conversation, I was guessing, due to his innocent honesty, that the boy was a virgin. Believe you me, if not for my own jock strap, my erect cock would have tore through my own sweats.
As each one-on-one practice came and passed, Thad and I became a bit closer. Each practice, I would try and get the boy to remove some form of his clothing. Today, while he was working out with the weights, I had him remove his sweat shirt. Now, I was able to admire his upper body without any obstructions whatsoever. The boy's chest was sheer muscle and his six pack abdominal muscles rippled with his every breath. Much to my savoring delight, I couldn't help not to notice that his chest and stomach area was completely void of any hair life.
His tiny pale pink nipples looked mouth watering at best, seemingly always on the perky side. Thad's small belly button slightly dipped inside the tanned solid flesh, and another juicy treat was now knowing that this little beauty had no hair life such as a "goody trail." When he lifted the weight bar off of his chest to arch it high into the air, I was blessed with a birds eye view of each tongue stiffening armpit. Inside each armpit was a light gathering of strawberry blond hair.
One thing I did notice about Thad was that after each of our practices, he would never go and take a shower. Since he didn't drive, he rode his bike everywhere, and with that in mind, he waited till he got home to freshen up. Oh how I tried to get him to take a shower, many, many times. Alone in my home, my thoughts were devilish in nature as I tried to figure out a way to see this heavenly beauty naked.
I just have to interject this. Although I was definitely sexually motivated with Thad, I was still devoted in enhancing the boy's wrestling ability, and at this point, the boy was on his way to being a champion. I had made him stronger, faster, and ten times more aggressive. Now, the boy was on his way to being the state champion. All I was doing at this point was polishing up some of his skills.
It was a hot summer Saturday morning when Thad arrived. By now, I was a bit mentally exhausted fantasizing about him, after having jerked off several times a day, every day, with just him being my sole jack-off material. Today was going to be the day I was going to see this utter work of pure perfection naked. I had made up my mind, and I wasn't going to allow anything or anyone to alter my goal. Also, just as a confession, and although it may be embarrassing enough, but there hadn't been a practice gone by that I didn't steal a deep whiff of the boy's butt. Not once, not one single time, did I ever smell anything foul. And, several times here and there, while practicing moves, my hands managed to "accidently" grope the boy's crotch. I could just barely make out his flaccid boy cock, but didn't have enough time to really get a clear judgement as to its size, nor its thickness.
I took Thad out to my back patio area, and as we stood close to my large pool, I peered into his heart stealing blue eyes, then stated, "You have come a long ways Thad, and today we are going to do what's called "Free Movement." (just for the record, I made that up) We'll start off by stretching, and once you are completely stretched, I'll have you swim a few laps."
Without saying a word, Thad immediately began doing his stretching exercises. When he was finished stretching, he looked at me, then nervously spoke, "Coach Mark, I wasn't expecting to swim today sir, so I uh, I don't have any swim wear on."
Trying not to look as though I was some sex craved maniac craving the desire to see him naked, I hesitantly replied, "That's fine! With "Free Movement" means free of clothing. You see Thad, by allowing your body to be free, your mind will follow. Once you've done some laps, then we'll take the rest of the practice into the gym. But, today Thad, I'll need you to follow my instructions to the letter, okay?"
I sat in one of the lounge chairs, zeroing both perverted eyes on the boy who was somewhat displaying a bit of reluctancy as he began taking his clothes off. All too soon, the object of all of my cum blowing fantasies stood before me wearing just his jock straps. Just as he was taking a step towards the pool, I blurted, "No sir young man, those have to come off too!"
He turned once again to face me, and my eyes widened as I watched Thad lower his jock strap revealing a tiny patch of strawberry blond pubic hair. Now, I saw the boy's soft teen cock for the first time. It was a marvelous creamy color and about an inch long with a beautiful pale pink mushroom shaped cock head. It was about as thick as an adult thumb, and the surgeon who cut off his foreskin should have received some kind of award for being a perfectionist.
I damn near had to take a long deep breath in seeing Thad's teen cum makers. The boy's balls looked like twin pecans in a creamy sac that appeared to have been created using the purest silk known to mankind. If there was any hair on his sac, then they were transparent to the human eye. Unlike my own closely contained nuggets, Thad's identical nut twins dangled a breath taking 4 to 6 inches between his muscular legs.
When he spun around to walk to the other end of the pool, I damn near choked on my own saliva as my eyes peered onto the most majestic of butt's ever to have been created. Creamy in color, untouched by the scorching sun, the boy's unblemished chiseled shapely butt danced before my very eyes. Even the little line separating the shapely mouth watering cheeks was simply priceless. I could only wonder if this boy knew just how flat fucking gorgeous he truly was.
I made him swim several laps before allowing him to get out of the pool. Walking side by side, we walked through my house and into the gym area. While he worked out with the free weights, I worked out by watching his naked body. As time trickled on, Thad seemed to have completely forgotten that he was naked, but I sure as hell didn't. The more I looked at his nude body, the harder my own cock seemed to throb.
At some point during his free weight workout, I had to come up with some kind of way so that I could see the treasure that lay hidden in between those miraculously sculptured butt cheeks. After all, I had stole countless sniffs of his butt, and still, not once did I ever detect anything closely related to being foul. Then it hit me! I had Thad place his right knee on top of one of the benches while his left foot remained on the floor, but far out from his body. Now, I had him use one of the dumbbells to work his right arm out with. In doing so, every time he let the dumbbell go towards the floor, I stood behind him in utter awe at what my eyes were now being privileged to view.
Between those chiseled creamy valleys, right in the center, rested Thad's little butt hole. Around the hole itself was a light gathering of hard to see strawberry blond hairs. The crack itself appeared to be hairless with the only exception of those hairs protecting that creamy looking speck of a poop chute. By no means at all could anyone declare Thad's asshole as a little brown eye, cause there wasn't a brownish tint anywhere to be seen.
Trying to be devilishly sneaky, I knelt down behind Thad, pretending to offer some pointers, and in doing so, and why I honestly don't know, but I placed my nose directly over his asshole and breathed in deeply. Chlorine, and a soft scented soapy aroma flooded my sense of smell. Over and over again, I breathed in the boy's anal scent, and still, nothing remotely close to being foul. While he rotated from one side to the other, I repeatedly consumed myself in smelling the boy's anus.
After he completed his weight lifting workout, we went into the gym and began going over some moves. Up until this point in time, and much to my disappointment, Thad's teen love muscle never once contemplated revealing itself in its natural erect state. However, since we were now practicing moves, this was definitely more of a hands-on activity. An activity in which provided me with constantly groping his cock and balls. And yes, in doing so, his teenage hormones finally kicked in.
While we were standing, squaring off at one another, Thad looked down at his erect cock, then softly whispered, "I'm sorry coach, I'm really sorry!"
Just as quick as he was apologetic, I shot back, "Don't worry about it! Let's practice!"
Before my venturing eyes stood one erect sweet piece of teenage love muscle. Thad's stomach churning erect cock jutted proudly from his muscular body a good 6 inches with a slight upwards arch. The flared mushroom head was equal in girth as to his creamy colored shaft. Both about as thick as the bottom portion of a regular sized carrot. With both his cock head and shaft being equal in thickness, the boy's cock looked like a perfectly shaped torpedo. A torpedo that made my mouth water profusely!
The first time I "innocently" touched his hard cock, electricity seared through my body. I felt its steel like hardness, yet it also felt like pure silk. I desperately wanted to shove that beauty into my mouth and suck for dear life, but I forced myself to satisfy my perversion with mere touches here and there. Even the boy's balls felt like nothing I had ever touched before, and believe me, I've cupped many a man's balls in my time. They too felt silky soft and rolled around in my fingers like little marbles.
To make matters oddly enough worse for me, but Thad's heavy breathing breath smelled minty fresh. Even stealing a few long whiffs of his sweaty armpits smelled heavenly. What was it about this boy that he simply offered no foul odor whatsoever. This boy had no clue he was driving me flat fucking insane with wild and delusional perverted thoughts. Soon, I was completely intoxicated over this boy's beauty, and awesomely perfect naked body, not to mention, his natural sweet smelling body scent.
A couple of hours of hard practice later, our practice session was over. I had asked Thad what his plans were for the remainder of the day, and he pretty much confessed he had no plans at all. After a very brief discussion, it was decided that Thad would stay at my house and spend some time playing around in the pool. Also, it was mainly my idea that he remain naked since he'd been naked for a good 4 hours at this point.
We walked back out at the pool and I made mention that I needed to go get some swimming trunks, and it was Thad who teasingly shouted, "Hey coach, that don't seem at all fair to me. I've been naked for hours now, and since it's just us, maybe it's time for you to do some "Free Movement." Don't you agree sir?"
I began ripping my clothes off, and as soon as I tore my jock strap off, I saw Thad's reaction as he stared with full intensity at my manly erection. Showing off just a bit, I turned to show Thad my muscular ripped backside. I heard the boy's voice, "Holy cow, your, your ripped coach!"
We swam around for a bit, and it was during our "swim time" in the pool was when I discovered Thad was in fact a virgin. I know because I came right out and asked him. I do recall making this statement though, "Thad, it sure is hard to believe nobody as of yet hasn't slung you down and sucked you bone dry." I went on to elaborate on his devastatingly great looks and exceptional muscle rippling physique. The boy thanked me for each and every compliment, but when I made mention of someone tonguing his butt, he did make sort of a facial expression as if indicating that that was rather too disgusting.
I spent a good 30 minutes talking about his butt, the joys of stimulating a prostate, and keeping that area super clean. During our conversation, I couldn't help not to notice that young Thad maintained his mouth watering erection the entire time. While we were drying off, Thad asked, "When you wrestled, and had to drop a few pounds fast, how did you do it?"
I was drying my back and standing upright when I provided him my response, "Oh yeah, I remember having to shed a few pounds to make weight. What I did was give myself an enema. Most people don't realize that your bowel system can hold up to 5 pounds of fecal matter. So, I'd give myself an enema, and in most cases, I always made weight."
One thing led to another, mainly his curiosity concerning enemas. So, seeing that his interest had been sparked quite a bit, I cordially asked, "You wanna try one? Believe me Thad, once you've cleaned out your butt, you're definitely going to feel much better. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt at all."
Thad almost jumped at the idea, so we walked inside my home, and the boy followed me into my bedroom. I had him get on the bed on all fours while I prepared his Fleet Enema. I unscrewed the top and added in some baby oil and some mint flavored mouth wash, filling the contents all the way to the top, then screwed the cap back on.
Standing behind the sprawled out beauty, witnessing his tiny bung hole and free dangling twin nuggets, I damn near busted a nut. As I slowly inserted the nozzle, I was inwardly dreaming that the nozzle was my tongue, I sank it all the way to its depths. Thad did make some wincing and hissing sounds as the nozzle dove deep into his uncharted anal region. Watching his shapely little butt wiggle as the nozzle eased itself into virgin territory set my inner soul on fire.
I slowly squeezed the bottle until the enema concoction was now dispensed up his rectum. Thank God I did have a mirror on the headboard so I could take turns ogling over his voluptuous little ass and admiring his gorgeous face. Within a very short time, Thad began making a various array of facial expressions and I could see that his little butt hole started to pucker more on a steady basis now. I knew the enema was doing its job just by the way Thad was lightly grunting and clamping down with his butt cheek muscles. I helped him by placing both of my hands upon Thad's silky smooth butt cheeks, and gently pushed them shut.
The boy fought bravely, but after 10 minutes or so, the pressure that had been building within his rectum was now on the very edge of an explosion. I pointed towards the bathroom, and Thad held onto his butt cheeks with both hands as he hurriedly tip toed, shuffling his little feet, out of my vision as he whimpered his way into my bathroom.
While he was handling business on the toilet, I thought best to go ahead and take a shower. I walked right passed Thad on the toilet and stepped into my shower. I knew the boy was watching me as he unloaded the contents of his bowels. My cock throbbed enviously as I could not get the boy's beauty and perfect naked body out of my mind. Even during my shower, my cock was rock hard and was craving to unleash a bucket load of man juice. Just applying soap to my pulsating cock almost made me bust a nut.
Thad was still on the toilet when I stepped out of the shower. I was standing directly in front of him as I slowly began drying off. As I looked down, I could see Thad stare at my dancing erection, paying no attention as to the wandering eyes above, the very same eyes watching him. I guess I was hoping that Thad would have reached out and latched a firm hold on my manhood, but when he didn't, I kept on with my devilish perverse show.
I could clearly see the boy's erection trapped just under the rim of the toilet. I had to inwardly fight as to not drop to my knees and give that work of heavenly perfection a good oral loving. Before I finished drying off, I made sure Thad saw my entire body, including my cleanly shaven butt crack along with my puckering winking butt hole. Prior to leaving, I did let Thad know he could take a shower if he wanted to. I even placed a brand new toothbrush on the sink's counter if he wanted to brush those pearly white teeth of his.
After having left Thad alone in the bathroom, I went over to my bed and laid down. Still, my cock throbbed endlessly and I was constantly scooping up wads upon oozing wads of my pre-cum. I heard the shower activate so I knew he was cleansing his body. A short while later, and after he had dried off, Thad brushed his teeth, then walked into the bedroom only to find me still naked, still with an erection, and now laying on my back with both eyes locked onto his breath taking naked body.
I wasn't the only one who was sporting a boner either. Young Thad's teen missile jutted from his body in a pure elegant fashion. I broke the silence, asking, "So, what to you think about the enema?"
Sounding a bit eager, Thad replied, "It felt kind of weird at first, but to be honest, it felt pretty good. I know I definitely feel better about myself now after having cleaned out my butt really good."
Thad sat on the very edge of the bed, twisting his body around so that our eyes could meet, then he ever so softly, yet somewhat nervously, began speaking, "I uh, uh, I was wondering something. I know this isn't none of my uh, my business, but do you um, uh, remember the first time you had uh, uh, sex?"
I folded my arms behind my head, flashing the gorgeous young beauty a smile, then the words just began flowing from my mouth with effortless ease, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God yes, I can remember that as if it had just happened yesterday. When I was 9, I had an older step-cousin who was 15 at the time. His name's Greg, and back then, in my eyes, Greg was my hero. God, there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for Greg. He had long blond hair and entrancing blue eyes, just like yours, and it all started when he and I went camping in his back yard. I'm not too sure how it started, but it began by us taking turns showing each other our dicks. When I first saw Greg's boner, something wicked came over me and I recall that all I wanted to do was taste it. To me, back then, Greg's teen meat looked enormous, but, appetizingly delicious all at the same time. We went from showing to touching, and when I touched his cock for the first time, something electrifying surged throughout every part of my body. To make a long wonderful story short, it was Greg who taught me how to suck a cock, swallow cum with a passion, and learn to take his teen organ up my butt."
Thad swiped his pink tongue over his cherry colored ever so kissable lips, then blurted, "So, you were kind of molested then, right?"
I shot back, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell no I wasn't molested. You can't molest the willing! Heck, I went way out of my way to suck Greg's cock until his cum fired down my throat. It got to the point that I was literally begging Greg to fuck me, damn near every day, and sometimes, several times a day at that. It was also Greg who got me my first experience with pussy. I was around 10 at the time, and he had talked one of his regular fucks into having a threesome. So Thad, Greg never molested me, no sir, in fact, it was I who basically molested him."
Thad smiled, then nervously asked, "What was it like, you know, the first time you tasted cum and took a pecker up your butt?"
Recalling that special moment in time, I smiled as I spoke, "Well Thad, I know I wasn't really prepared for it when it happened. Greg's cum was thick, gooey, and kind of warm. But, since it was Greg's, I quickly found myself enjoying the taste. Whoa, when he fucked me for the first time. We were out in the woods, and I had just drank down his delicious cum when he spun me around. Up to that point, the only thing I knew a butt was supposed to do was take a shit, and nothing else. Damn, when he shoved his tongue up my butt, my head exploded with bright flashing stars. I know it hurt something awful at first, I mean, when he popped my anal cherry, but it didn't take me too long to get accustomed to it. It's kind of hard to talk about the pain when the only thing I can honestly remember is the pleasures I got when Greg fucked me, or anyone else for that matter."
I went on to confess to Thad my sexual appetites, and in doing so, I didn't hold anything back. I spoke openly, and I spoke freely, letting the boy know everything there is to know about me. Every now and then as I spoke, I did toss out subtle hints as to my sexual desires concerning him, but either he didn't pay any attention to them whatsoever, or he simply wasn't interested. Either way, neither of those stopped my prowess as I pervertedly used him as examples while I spoke about me and my sexual activities.
One example I indicated and described was, "Thad, to you right now, as far as you know your butt is used for sitting on and taking dumps, but I can guarantee you that once you feel a probing tongue work on that hole, you'll have different thoughts about your butt. Besides, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to eat your hole while staring passionately into your utterly gorgeous face. The problem is that you see yourself naked every day so you are totally blind as to what others see. You stare at yourself in the mirror while you brush your teeth, totally blind as to your breath taking beauty. You see Thad, right now you are blessed with the miracle of youth, and that youth only comes around once. Only time will tell how a person will age, and while some age gracefully, others completely lose their once God given appeal. With you being young, and stunningly gorgeous, don't let life pass you up. So, if someone comes along who only wants to satisfy you in every way possible, don't be foolish and let something that could possibly be a wonderful experience pass you by."
Thad rubbed his chin softly with his right hand, then spoke, "Yeah, your probably right. I am a virgin, but it's not because I want to be though. I've just never had the chance before. I do know that sometimes, when my mom has one of her boyfriends sleep over, I've been woken up out of a deep sleep. I can't swear to it, but many, many times, I thought that somebody was smelling my butt. I sleep on my left side, and my butt faces the door. I've never said anything about it until now though cause I didn't know if it actually happened, or if I had been dreaming. So, I honestly never paid it much attention. I do know I caught one of her boyfriend's sniffing one of my dirty underwear. He told me he thought they were his and didn't know if they were clean or not, so I shrugged that one of too."
I interjected, "Thad, you were probably not dreaming, and that guy wasn't searching for his underwear either. Letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak, but many people look at your beauty and see beyond someone who is human. By that I mean, some of these people literally tell themselves that you are incapable of taking a dump, and if you do, then there's no way it could smell bad. Why? It's all on account of your gorgeous looks and absofuckinglutely perfect chiseled body. That's why, so instead of taking it as an insult, take it in more like a complimentary type of manner. If someone thinks your shit don't stink, then that truly has to be the ultimate compliment known to mankind."
After a brief pause, allowing him to absorb all that I had just said, then I politely asked, "Okay Thad, I've told you all about me, so now it's your turn to tell me all about you, don't you agree?"
Thad eased his body around so that his back was resting up against the headboard and his solid little hairless legs sprawled out, both widening about shoulder width apart. Being more obvious than anything else, I focussed my eyes on the boy's erect teen missile. Thad smacked his lips, then began honoring my ears with his soft angel like voice, "Well uh, I'm a virgin. It's just me and my mom and I love wrestling. I'm a straight A student cause I want to get into a good college or university. As far as being sexual with anyone goes, I'm pretty much confused in that category. I jack-off, and a lot too, and when I do, I always start out thinking of some girl in school, but as I get kind of close, the girl vanishes from my head, and some guy takes her place. I don't know why, but it just happens that way. I don't know if I'm gay, bisexual, or whatever. That's why I said I was a bit confused."
Taking the bull by the horns, I proceeded on, "When you think about some guy, is there anyone in particular, and what all do you fantasize about?"
Thad folded his arms behind his bed as he took in a deep breath, exhaled, then resumed, "Nobody in particular, but there is this one guy as of here lately that seems to be in all of my jack-off sessions. I met him a while back and he has no clue that I've been beating my meat thinking about him. In my dreams, we kiss and cuddle. We take turns sucking each others cocks, and in my dreams, I seem to love the taste of his cum. However, it's my cum I'm sucking down while pretending it's his."
I could only think that whoever this guy is was truly indeed one lucky mother fucker! Had that guy been me, I'd have eagerly been all over this mind boggling beauty without a shred of hesitation. Trying to get him to divulge the lucky bastard's name weighed heavy upon my mind, so with that being said, I began talking, "Sometimes in life, we often have a crush on a person, and if we don't tell them, then we can only entertain ourselves with our thoughts and fantasies. Who knows, the guy just might have the same thoughts about you. You'll never know until you tell him, wouldn't you agree?"
That pondered my question for a short time, then peered into my eyes, stealing the very breath from my body, then softly began showering me with his angelic words, "Yeah, I guess so! The problem is the age thing, and with that comes the law thing. Under the eyes of the law, I am considered a minor. To me, that is the most dumbest law to have ever been written. I'm 15 years old and have a brain that functions properly. It's not like I don't have a choice who I want to be with, but the guy I keep dreaming about is older, so he might not want to break the law. I know I wouldn't ever tell anyone if we were to ever do anything sexual, but his only guarantee is my word, and that's it. Besides, he has way to much to lose messing around with an inexperienced 15 year old like me."
Firing right back, I said, "I agree, the laws sucks rotten ass! However, you never know how he might feel unless you tell him how you feel. In either case Thad, in all reality, you actually don't have anything to lose. If he says no, then you can keep on dreaming about him, but if he says yes, then a brand new door opens up in your life. This is kind of like rolling the dice, but in this instance, the dice are in your hands. You can either roll them and see how things turn out, or keep them tucked away in a closed fist and never know. Only you can make that choice!"
Thad was digesting all that I had just spoken, and I could see a more serious look dart across his gorgeous young face. Also, I could see his chiseled chest rise and fall sharply, breathing heavier as if he had just ran a mile. With lightning speed and amazing agility, Thad shifted his body so that he was now sitting on my lower stomach, and my throbbing cock was pinned under his low hanging hairless balls and tight little butt. His erect cock was pointing in my direction, and so was my pinned manhood. The boy was looking downwards, straight into my totally shocked eyes.
Then he spoke, "At first, I used to dream about me and the coach having sex, but then you came along. My God, you are a legend at school with all of your accomplishment. When I saw you standing next to the coach, something strange overtook me. Ever since that time, you Mark, have been in all of my fantasies. It was my idea to talk with the coach and see if you would personally train me. Yes, I want to be a champion, but I also wanted you. Whatever happens today, or down the road, just remember this. I want it to happen! I will never ever tell anyone, and that's my word, and that's all I have to offer."
Hearing the boy's passionate confession melted my heart like never before. My hands went on auto-pilot, embracing the back of his head, drawing his lips and my lips closer and closer together until they touched. I shot my tongue deep into his hot moist little mouth as his own pointy little tongue darted into mine. As we kissed, and sucked each others tongues, my hands caressed the silky flesh of Thad's muscularly chiseled back area. His hairless balls rolled sheepishly upon my own aching balls, sending shivers racing up and down my spine.
Soon, both of my hands had drifted all the way down at which point they were now squeezing and rubbing his shapely tight little butt. Even those creamy cheeks felt like pure sheets of silk. I couldn't stop myself from bellowing out a continual array of moans as our bodies became one and his saliva tasted so ungodly delicious.
Eventually, my fingers couldn't resist the temptation to explore the realm between those solid butt cheeks of his. I could barely feel the tiny curls of hairs as they were all bunched up as if protecting the boy's virgin anal orifice. Upon my fingertip gracing his butt hole, Thad's long angelic moan tingled my throat as it vibrated within my now shaking body. Our erections were touching, riding the flesh back and forth as we both were lost in one of the most intense kissing sessions I had ever had the honor in being a part of. Although this was his first time kissing in such a passionate manner, Thad had quickly picked up on things and was now a natural.
Using just the very tip of my fingertips, I drew tiny circles all over the boy's puckering little hole. The harder I pressed, the louder Thad's moans grew, and the faster my fingertips raced around his hole, the more body movements he began to uncontrollably conduct. Both of our breathing was erratic, and without having to think about it, I knew that the boy was now putty in my hands.
With just one quick toss of my hips, I now had Thad flipped over on his back, and our lips never contemplated breaking their seal. I knew I had to taste this gorgeous young angel, and I mean every delicious square inch of his tight little perfect body. Forcing my lips away from his, my tongue wasted no time in darting inside Thad's left ear canal. That must have been some sweet spot for the boy, cause as soon as my tongue dove into his ear canal, he literally began screaming at the top of his lungs.
From left ear to right ear, back and forth, I spent a good little while dining on the boy's ears before swabbing, licking, kissing, and nibbling all over his neck area. His body was exploding in pleasures he never thought existed as I continued to make love to his entire neck area with my lips, tongue, and teeth.
To say the least, the boy was absolutely delicious beyond any explanation. Using both of my hands, I locked onto his wrists and pushed his arms high up over his gorgeous head. Initially, my eyes focussed on the tiny patch of strawberry blond hair resting ever so peacefully in the crevice of each pit. As if captured by some powerful magnetic energy, I quickly found my nose buried deeply inside his right armpit. The smell was simply divine! A powerful aromatic concoction of natural boy scent mixed with a soft soapy fragrance.
After several long worshipping sniffs, my mouth opened and I sunk my teeth into as much of the boy's scented armpit as possible. Thad's lower body propelled itself into the air, only being stopped by my own hovering body. The boy went wild as he thrashed about while screaming and whimpering as my teeth and tongue made fiery love to his highly sensitive armpit. In time, I began taking turns, rotating from one delicious armpit to the next.
When I was temporarily done dining on his armpits, I went back to work on his ears, then returned to his neck area. While enjoying the tender sweetness of his neck, I could see that Thad's eyes were partially closed, and the part I could see was marvelously glossy. Seeing that, I already knew that the boy was slipping into a special place, somewhere only he and his mind knew of.
My tongue slithered itself from the boy's neck to his heavy rising chest, swarming all over with wild and rampant abandonment. Thad's angelic moans spilled from his partially open lips as my lips sank over his right small perky pink erect nipple. His entire body lurched upwards as my teeth tightened their grip while my tongue angrily flickered over the very tip of his nipple. His left hand grabbed the back of my head, pushing me more deeply into his silky smooth flesh.
As per the case, I began taking turns working on each nipple, making damn sure I spent equal time in sensuously making oral love to each one before making my way downwards. His six pack hardened abs rippled as my tongue explored the tender deliciousness of each rippling crevice. The words, if that's what they could be called, shot from the boy's mouth, and none of which made any sense to me whatsoever. The only thing I knew for certain was that young Thad was enjoying every passionate split second.
My tongue worked its way down to his incredibly tiny belly button. The boy's belly button neither poked inward, nor did it expel outwards. It was really nothing more than a couple of tiny lines at best, but once my tongue performed its magic, the boy's bucking body exploded in a thrashing rage. From my angle, I watched in pure splendor as his erect teen organ flopped all over the place, and directly oozing out of his precious piss lips was a bubble of clear mouth watering pearl drop of pre-cum. Just seeing the nectar made my mouth water in utter delight.
Going even further south, my tongue trailed the area that might one day be referred to as his "goody trail," but as of this very moment, that particular area was even void of peach fuzz. As my tongue slithered about, lapping up his mind boggling deliciousness, I knew that the boy could feel my hot breath shooting from my nostrils, bearing down on his flaying cock. I could see his teen flute throb with my every exhale, forcing out more of his pre-cum to enlarge the bubble of honey.
Using just the tip of my right index finger, I carefully placed it under the soon to be dripping bubble of pre-cum, making sure as to not touch his cock in anyway, then eased my finger upwards until I now owned his slimy pre-cum offering. Wasting no time at all, I dipped my finger inside my mouth and every taste bud within my perverted being came wildly alive. I heard myself moaning like a bear in heat as the texture soothed the interior of my mouth, and the taste was unlike any I've ever dined on before. By no means was Thad's pre-cum salty, nor could anyone claim a bitterness taste at all. It was as pure as pure can get, and in my spinning mind, the boy's pre-cum was absolutely the sweetest I've ever enjoyed.
Using the left side of my facial cheek, and nose, I pushed his throbbing erection to his right side while my tongue began probing and prodding within the small patch of his strawberry blond pubic hairs. Even the smell was intoxicating, but in a distinct sweet smelling aromatic fragrancy sort of way. While my tongue lapped at his pubic region, my left hand gently cupped Thad's hairless balls. They felt so incredibly soft, yet vulnerably hard all at the same time. The twin nuggets enchantingly rolling around inside my hand provided me with even more lust than I already had. This boy was driving me sexually insane!
Though be it I honestly wanted to refrain my actions, I simply couldn't prolong my own personal agony any longer. My mouth instinctively swallowed the boy's cock until my nose was pressing lovingly deep within his soft pubic hairs. Thad bolted his hips upwards, thrashing his young body ever so wildly, and forcing his teen meat to fuck my mouth with a fiery passion.
Thad cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, yessssssssssss, suck it, suck it Maaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkk!"
This was his first ever blow-job and I for one wanted to make this an everlasting memorable one. The boy's cock fired in and out of my mouth with rapid speed. My left hand gripped Thad's balls a bit tighter, and periodically pulled down on them while offering a gentle squeeze. More words of profane language flew from his open mouth, and I was fully aware that he wouldn't be able to last too long, especially since this was the first time he'd ever had his beautiful cock sucked.
About 30 to 40 cock sucking seconds later, I forced my mouth off of his thrusting cock and immediately swallowed both of his hairless jewels into my mouth in one stealth move. Thad quickly shouted, "No, noooooooo, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I was uhhhhhhhhhh, sooooooooooo close, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddd that feels soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooddddddd!"
The boy was using his heels to thrust his lower body off of the bedding while my mouth held onto his balls, using my tongue to properly inspect each delightful and tasty inch. After a short time, I returned back to sucking on his mouth fucking cock. In short, I continuously and intentionally kept on rotating from sucking on his cock to dining on his lovely balls. I figured I couldn't actually count on him to warn me if he was getting close, so I only spent about a minute sucking his cock, and about 3 to 5 minutes working on his tender eggs.
After about the 5th rotation, and now sucking his cock once again, I began to gently use my fingers to tweak each of his nipples. By me pinching his nipples seemed to only enhance his emotions, forcing the boy to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth even harder and with more ferociousness. This action went on for just a little over an hour and Thad was constantly begging me to let him cum. However, I wanted, no needed, to have more!
I had just released his aching cock once more, but this time, instead of dining on his swollen cum makers, I pushed his legs upwards, and quickly stabbed his sweet smelling asshole with my ass hungry tongue. Thad, once feeling my tongue assault his unprepared asshole, immediately began screaming at the top of his lungs, "Fuck, fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwdddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, yessssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssss!"
Not only could I see his body literally explode in a steady rage of convulsions, but I could feel it too. I was lapping at his delicious asshole while my eyes were locked onto his gorgeous angelic face as he was making all kinds of facial expressions while basking in the vast pleasures of feeling his butt hole dined on.
A few minutes later, my tongue coerced the boy's anal lips to unlock, allowing my tongue to enter uncharted territory within the boy's anal kingdom. The deeper and wider my tongue penetrated, the more audible Thad became. God, this boy's anal cavern was scorching with heat, and the deeper my tongue traveled, it seemed the more hotter it became. Within seconds, my tongue was rudely introduced to the boy's anal muscles as they retaliated with a vengeance, coiling and clamping down on my feasting tongue.
Just to keep things in check so to speak, but while I was eating the boy's ass, my left hand began slowly stroking Thad's teen muscle, paying close attention as to not jerk the boy off and into a cum firing frenzy. The boy's ass was just as flat fucking delicious as the rest of him had been, and the more of his ass I dined on, the more I became highly addicted.
A good while later, and in dire need of giving my tongue a brief rest, I started rotating from sucking his cock, gnawing on his young cum swollen balls, to dining splendidly on his virgin butt hole. The boy was begging, pleading, and crying for me to allow him to cum, and I was planning on it, but all in due time. Like I already mentioned, I wanted his very first blow-job to be one he would never ever be able to forget.
Thad cried, "Please, please, paaaaaaalllllllllllleeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee let meeeeeeeeeeeee cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!"
My own burning desire to drain my dragon was a pressing event as well, and I knew that if Thad touched my cock, I probably would explode man juice everywhere. Using my strength, I latched onto his silky smooth hips and dragged him forwards, then quickly plunged my anal dwelling tongue to its farthest depth back into his anal cavity. My mind was spinning rapidly out of control, and even while dining on his delicious ass, all I could think about was tasting the boy's, what would most certainly have to be, one hell of a huge and delicious load.
Another 5 or so minutes passed before I retrieved my tongue from his anal clutches. Again, using my strength, I flipped the boy over so that we were now in a 69 position with me being on the bottom. Now, I could suck his cock while eyeing his festive little bung hole, and now, if he wanted to, the boy could get his first taste of man cock.
When I flipped him over, the first thing that hit my mouth was his low hanging hairless jewels, so being the greedy pervert that I am, I didn't hesitate to engulf both lovely beauties into my mouth and let my tongue perform its magic on each tender swollen nugget. I heard Thad's elongated angelic moan as soon as my mouth swallowed his balls, but then I also heard my own howling groans as soon as I felt his oven like mouth glide down my cock. It was all I could do from not choking the boy on my man goo as my soaring emotions exploded throughout my entire shaking body.
The boy gagged as he tried to deep throat my cock, and though he struggled through it, Thad was only able to manage about 4 good inches. Nonetheless, the boy's mouth was so incredibly hot, and just knowing that it was Thad's little mouth slobbering on my pole, made everything from that point on so much more exciting.
He was bucking his hips back and forth as if he were fucking his balls in and out of my mouth while never letting up on his own cock sucking adventure. His fingers kneaded my balls, sending more electricity shooting throughout my body with his every elegant touch. Needing more of his cock, I released his balls and quickly replaced the void with his throbbing teen organ. Now, with his cock safely tucked away inside my mouth, Thad began royally thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth while constantly pleasuring my ears with his parade of moans, purrs, and bellowing grunts. I could feel my own orgasm building, seemingly starting from my curling toes.
Thad had just slammed his teen cock into my mouth when I felt it expand rapidly, and by feeling that, I knew the boy was getting ready to feed me his pent up load. While his cock hammered my mouth, I had enough common sense remaining to ease my right middle finger up to my mouth and let some of my own saliva dribble onto it.
Waiting, patiently waiting for that split second to reveal itself, I cautiously waited. His cock expanded once more as it plowed itself deep into my mouth, and then that split second I had been diligently waiting for presented itself to me. Thad's whimpering grunts also told of what next was to happen, and in perfectly timing this, and just as his teen cum was just about to depart through those awesomely kissable piss lips, I shoved my saliva coated right middle finger all the way up his unsuspecting ass.
The boy immediately tightened every muscle in his body, including his anal muscles, as his voice echoed a solid screech as to the sudden anal intrusion, but by this point, it was far too late as I too began moaning as his boy honey came rocketing out with a violent burst. Long thick ropey strands of boy goo pelted the interior of my mouth, one right after the other in a continual parade of explosions.
Feeling the power of Thad's cum as it jetted into my mouth, and feeling his own whimpering mouth slide up and down on cock, was far more than my emotions could possibly handle. My orgasm hit me so hard that I didn't even have time to offer a shred of warnings. While my cock began firing man seed into the boy's mouth, I was literally crazed in feeling my own mouth filling up with Thad's boy juice.
Though I wasn't too surprised at all the cum the boy was serving, however, I was smart enough to realize I had to start swallowing just to make room for more. Thad wasn't even aware that he was using his cock to fuck his cum into my mouth with explosive thrusts. I didn't even know if he was swallowing my cum, and in fact, at this point I honestly didn't care. All I wanted at this very moment in time was to taste the boy's thick and creamy offering.
I began swallowing Thad's teenage cum, and it was just as I imagined. It was as sweet as I had fantasized about, if not sweeter. Yes, there was a slight trace of salt flavoring, but nevertheless, knowing it was Thad's cum made it all that much more sweeter. I have certainly tasted a few that was more saltier, and even a few that was actually downright bitter, but Thad's boy honey was almost salt free.
Somewhere in time, both of our cum shooting cocks dispensed with its cum assault, and both were now deflating rapidly. I eased my prostate caressing finger from his ass, and then allowed his lifeless cock to slip from my mouth. The boy simply rolled to his left, crashing onto his back, breathing as though he had just ran a marathon. Using every ounce of remaining strength I could muster, I twisted my shaking body so that I was laying next to Thad, on his left, and now both of us were flat on our backs, breathing harder than ever.
I was trying like hell to get my eyes to focus so I could stare at his naked body, but at this moment in time, that wasn't about to happen. All I could do was lay there and sheepishly smile while I relished the aftertaste of his highly sweetened teen cream. Still, the boy's cum tasted so delicious! I'm not sure how long we were silent, but it was a short time later when Thad's soft voice purred, "Oh Mark, that was uh, uh, fucking awesome! Shit, oh man, your cum, wow, I didn't know a guy could shoot so much. Damn!"
I heard what he mumbled, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my voice to cooperate. Then, he spoke again, "Your cum kind of tastes like mine. I wasn't too sure I could go through with it, but when you started blowing your load, I started swallowing without having to even think about it. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it was sooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddd!"
Finally, my voice came back as I replied, "Thank you, but yours is mighty sweet, and the best I've ever tasted by far."
The boy leaned his body to face me, propping himself up on his left arm. Looking me into the eyes, Thad softly spoke, "Mark, I was uh, kind of wondering something. Do you um, um, do you think you can uh, you know, um, fuck me?"
I could hardly believe my ears. This gorgeous Adonis had just asked me to fuck him! I probably sounded way too eager as I fired back, "Ohhhhhhhhhh hell yeah I'd like to fuck you! Shit, and you being a virgin too, fucking A I'll fuck you!"
Yeah, I was probably way too eager sounding, but can you blame me? Only in a wild dream could anyone ever imagine someone as gorgeous as Thad actually begging them to fuck his virgin ass. But, this wasn't a dream, no sir! This was reality!!!
Taking a few well needed deep breaths, and trying to think through all of my perverted thoughts, I mustered up the wording for my question when I asked Thad, "So, you really want to have your cherry popped? (he excitingly nodded his head) Okay, but since this is your day, have you been thinking, more so fantasizing, about how you want it?"
Thad appeared to be thinking of his response, so I kept my mouth shut and waited for his response. He kind of looked as though he was a bit embarrassed to answer my question, but after a short time, the boy finally began to reply, "Well uh, I've uh, it's kind of weird. (I nodded my head for him to go on talking) You see Mark, ever since I saw you, and my dreams kind of went wild, I've uh, um, been kind of dreaming about uh, well um, you know, um, being all tied up."
I smiled as I whispered, "There's no shame in what you just said Thad. There's plenty of people who enjoy being tied up, having their bodies restrained and at someone's complete mercy. I know I've done it a few times, and in all honesty, I can say it was definitely exciting. Other than being tied up, is there anything else you've been fantasizing about?"
Feeling a bit more refreshed after hearing my response, the boy smiled that glowing heart thumping smile of his as he whispered, "Yeah, kind of. I don't have any, but I've read about how some people use toys to uh, you know, um, for up the butt."
What Thad didn't know was my absolute addiction towards anal play, nor did the boy know that I had a wide collection of toys that I strictly use for such an occasion. Being a sexual freak that I am, I try my best to always be prepared for that special someone who wants to take our sexual activity to the next level. And now, here I am with a virgin God who wants to take things to a much higher level, and who am I to deny such beauty his wishes?
After my devilish mind concocted a scene for the two of us, I inquisitively asked, "Are there anymore things you have fantasize about? You know Thad, some folks actually get off on being talked dirty to. There are tons of people who only want to be submissive, and by that I mean, they want to be completely dominated. So, now is the time to spill the beans cause I want this day to be one you'll never forget, so don't hold anything back."
Thad thought about that for a few seconds, then his soft voice chimed in, "Yeah, I guess so. In my dreams, you kind of took charge of everything. In one dream, I was all tied up and you uh, uh, kind of spanked me for um, being bad I guess. Oh yeah, in one dream, and again I was all tied up, but you started peeing all over me, and some of it, I uh, had to swallow."
Hearing all that he had just spoken about, I knew precisely what Thad wanted. Thank God for being filthy rich, cause I was going to introduce Thad to a special room in my home that only a chosen few have ever had the honor of being in. Some folks would call my "special" room a basement, but for those few who have been allowed in it, all would agree that it is more like a medieval dungeon.
Sliding off the bed, I had Thad follow me. We went down the hall, and ended up at the doorway leading into my dungeon. Upon opening the door, I switched on the lights. The lighting in my basement (dungeon) looked just like medieval torches with the low flames just a flickering as if they were caught in a warm summer breeze. We walked down the steps, but this time, I had Thad go first. As the boy walked down the stairs, I had to be careful where I stepped because my eyes were locked onto the boy's tight little chiseled butt.
Once we reached the bottom, I stood to Thad's right, watching the boy as he took in the entire room and all of its contents. It was as if watching a little boy run around inside a candy store. Thad made sure he touched every item as his little feet carried him from one item to the next. Then, in a voice with pure glee, Thad softly whispered, "Holy cow Mark, this place is awesome. Just look at all of these torture devices you have. Wow!"
The other thing I had with my medieval looking lighting was each one contained a metal ring that encircled over the bulb. Inside each of the metal rings was a rim, and I had previously filled them up with some leather scented liquid. The hotter the bulbs became, the more leather scent flowed through the room.
Though be it I live deep in the woods, my dungeon was completely sound proof. The walls and ceilings were heavily padded, and unlike most basements, there were no windows. Without the lighting in place, this room would be totally dark, and that's just the way I like it. For me, this kind of sets the mood, and once the leather scent starts adding to the equation, then I really get into it.
After the brief tour was completed, I had Thad lay face down on one of my special benches. The boy was all too eager to comply as he flopped down on the thickly padded leather bench. It certainly didn't take Thad long to realize that his cock and balls had slipped through a well placed hole, and once he discovered this, the boy seemed to get even more excited.
I stepped to Thad's left side and gently placed the padded leather cuff around his left wrist, securing it tightly, but not so that it would be painful. I pulled the latch from under the bench, and in doing so, his left arm swung out from his side and locked into place, aligning itself perfectly with his shoulder blades. I repeated this step with his right arm before moving down to his solid little legs.
With each ankle now secure, I reached under the bench and unlocked the latch. Using very little effort, I slid the detached portion of the bench that secured his ankles towards his outstretched arms. Now, each ankle was close to his perspective arms, and secured tightly. Stepping back in behind the gorgeous beauty, I marveled over my work. The boy was now in a modified doggy position and his hot sweet ass is jutting itself directly towards me, and open for business!
I sat down on a rolling stool and couldn't stop the urge to shove my tongue deep into the boy's sweet smelling butt. My tongue swabbed at his hole prior to plunging itself into the boy's anal oven. He could move his head from left to right, and that was about it besides curling his toes and balling up his fists. Thad's soft voice shot through the air as my tongue wildly began twisting, turning, and rapidly plunging in and out of his over heated ass. I dined on the boy's tasty treat of a butt for a good 10 minutes before easing my ass addicted tongue out of his boy booty.
I knelt down to his left side and retrieved the items off of the floor that had previously already been in place. First things first! I placed a rubber adjustable cock ring around his balls, then made sure it was properly tightened. Once I had his hairless nuggets properly secured, I picked up a small ball gag and placed it into his mouth, then made sure the strap was tightened behind his head. Now, the boy could moan, groan, grunt, and do whatever, but he couldn't talk. Once the ball gag was in place, I attached the long adjustable leather strap from the ball gag to his cock ring. Now, as long as he was perfectly still, the boy wouldn't feel anything. However, if he decided to roll his head in either direction, he would quickly discover that he would be yanking his own balls upwards, and towards his face. So, I guess you could say he had his own balls in his own hands.
Once that was completed, I placed the open end of the vacuum pump over his now erect cock. It was one of those cock pumps that was automatic, and holding it in place with my left hand, I flipped the switch with my right. As soon as the vacuum applied pressure, Thad immediately began grunting. The vacuum always maintained some kind of pressure, but just enough to keep it in place. It was set on 8 second intervals, and having pleasured myself with this many, many times, I knew that the boy would soon be discovering a new sexually charged thrill.
I rolled myself back in behind his perfect ass, and sat there, admiring the world's most incredibly sculptured shapely butt. With a voice of pure dominance, I barked, "Yeah baby, you want daddy to fuck this pretty little ass of yours, don't you? (unable to talk, Thad grunted) Yeah, I know you want me to fuck you, and fuck you real good, but first, I got to make sure you are worthy of my cock! Are you worthy of my cock boy? (another grunt) No, I don't think you are just yet, but you will be, you most certainly fucking will be!"
With my right hand open, I delivered a quick and sharp slap to the right side of his vulnerable butt cheek, followed with a swat from my left hand to his other perfectly unblemished cheek. The stinging forced him to sling his head to his right, and in turn, the boy jerked his balls, forcing a long boyish groan to rush through the room. I watched carefully as he didn't quite learn too quickly because once he felt the pain of his balls being yanked, he flung his head to his left, adding even more fuel to the burning fire on his tender restrained jewels. All he had to do was keep his chin tucked into the thick cushion of the leather bench to avoid yanking his nuggets, but that was something he would have to figure out on his own.
One steady slap after another, Thad flung his head to his right and to his left, steadily feeding himself with tugging on his balls while groaning immensely. Instead of striking him with my bare hand, I picked up a leather riding crop and began delivering deliberate well placed blows to each of his reddened butt cheeks. With each swat, I watched as the boy's toes curled constantly and his hands had balled themselves up into a tight fist.
Switching things up just a bit, I stopped spanking his butt. I picked up a large feather and began gently caressing his lower back area and ended up using the feather to grace his parted butt cheeks. By now, Thad had figured out that he had to have his chin in place in order to not yank on his balls, however, being tickled in the manner that I was now providing him with, the boy was torn in a vast array of wild and frantic emotions. Using the very tip of the feather, I began stroking his puckering butt hole, and the boy couldn't help not to fling his head wildly, and in doing so, he sharply yanked on his balls in the process.
A short time later, I put down the feather and simply sat back in order for Thad to regain his breath. While I sat patiently, I began spewing, "That's a good boy! Uh huh, I'm gonna fuck that ass real good! Long, deep, powerful thrusts, in and out, in and out. Yeah baby, daddy's gonna take your cherry once and for all. By the time I'm through, your gonna be my little fucking bitch to do with whenever I want, and however I want it. Aint that right bitch boy? (a long vibrating grunt from Thad) After today boy, you'll be sucking daddy's cock every time I want you to, drinking down my cum without spilling a single fucking drop. After today bitch, this ass of yours is mine! You got that boy?" (Thad produced an elongated moan and a few short grunts)
I poured some lubrication on my right fingers and slowly began using just my right index finger to crawl deep within his anal canal. Thad moaned constantly as my finger slowly descended to its deepest depth, and started to twist and turn. Once I felt he was accustomed to one finger, I added my right middle finger to the equation. Within a very short time, both fingers easily darted in and out of his muscle clamping butt. The heat from his anal canal was like nothing I had ever felt before, not to mention, the way the boy's anal muscled joined in on the activity.
Removing my fingers ever so slowly from his butt, I got a clear shot of the bright pink interior of his anal canal. As soon as my fingers vacated his ass, the boy's asshole quickly sealed itself shut. I picked up a medium sized Aeros Prostate Massager, applied some lubricant, and then slowly pushed it inside the boy's rectum. Thad once again, feeling his anal walls expanding themselves outwards, started slinging his head from right to left and left to right, constantly jerking his balls in the meantime.
Sensing I had the prostate massager in the correct location, I flipped the switch to low, and listened as the boy's whimpers shot into my ears as he now was feeling something he had never knew was possible. The vibration from the massager pressing up against his prostate sent goose bumps popping up all over his back area. Having been in this very same position myself, several times, I knew exactly what Thad was feeling. Your entire body implodes with nothing but mind boggling pleasures. If the boy wasn't restrained, he sure as hell would be flopping all over the place at this point, but since he was restrained, all he could do was curl his toes and ball up his fists.
In time, I had went from low to the medium setting, and now at the present moment, it was locked onto fast. And man oh man alive was Thad doing a shit load of moaning, whimpering, and grunting. Not only was his prostate being aggressively manipulated, but the vacuum on his cock was performing a magic trick on its own too. And even now, especially now with his prostate being savagely attacked, Thad was jerking his balls harder than ever.
Just by the way he was making noises, I knew he was soon going to be blasting another load of pure boy honey. Knowing that fact, I got down and quickly removed the pump from his now very swollen cock, and immediately twisted my body so that I could start sucking his delicious teen beef. Just as predicted, it wasn't long after I had my mouth on his teen meat was when I felt the warm gush of boy juice as it pumped furiously into my welcoming mouth.
While I myself was moaning in pure bliss as to feeling his cream dive into my mouth, Thad was besides himself with an intense orgasmic explosion. Unable to see what was going on on top of the bench, I could see his bloated hairless balls being stretched, and harshly yanked, to no end. Nevertheless, I was glowing joyously while I sipped down Thad's awesomely delicious honey.
I hungrily had swallowed every last tasty drop of Thad's cum, and by now his boy cock had fallen into more of a lifeless shriveled up state, but still, even knowing his cock was super sensitive, I kept on sucking on it and using my tongue to caress his silky smooth cock head. I watched as his balls shot upwards, time after time, again and again. Now, Thad was doing more whimpering than anything else, yet I knew that the prostate massager was still feeding his body with endless pleasures.
Finally, I forced my mouth off of his limp noodle, and had to struggle to stand on my own two feet. My mouth still swarmed with the tasty after treat of his loving juice. I sat back down on the stool and removed the prostate massager. Again, no sooner had it departed his ass, Thad's asshole resealed itself rapidly. It was then that I removed all of the restraints, with the exception of his cock ring.
Thad seemed completely unaware that he was somewhat free to move about. He simply laid there, breathing frantically with both eyes tightly closed. His legs were straightened back out, and that shapely ass of his tormented my every thought. Never had I ever seen such a more shapelier ass before, especially on a guy, but nonetheless, here I was staring straight at it.
I did have a refrigerator in my dungeon and I kept it well stocked with bottled water. I retrieved two and handed one to Thad. Slowly, the boy forced his body into a now seated position. His face was completely flushed as if all the blood had departed his body. He didn't want to, but I made him drink the water so as to prevent any form of dehydration.
After a few swigs, keeping his head lowered towards his knees, Thad whispered, "Damn, whatever that thing was up my butt sure as hell felt great. I don't know what it was hitting inside me, but whatever it was, was.... wheeeeeeewwwwww, mighty goooooooodddddd!"
I explained to him about the prostate, and once he acknowledged he now understood, I felt it was time for something a bit different. I had him follow me over to another restraining device, and this one was one of my absolute favorites. Thad sat down on the padded bench facing me. The actual padded seat was small and his tiny butt just barely fit. It did have a narrow topside to support the back area as well as a heavily padded head support.
There were two metal poles on either side of the bench, and the boy's eyes widened as he watched me strap each wrist to the top of each pole. Now his arms were in more like a widely spread "V" form. Using the handle on the side of the bench, I began rotating it so that Thad soon found himself slightly turned upwards so that his head was now slightly dangling towards the floor. For added support, there were two well padded shoulder supports to keep a person in the perfect position.
I placed a thick padded leather strap around the bend of his knees, and strapped them tightly around the top of the poles, drawing his legs high into the air while making sure they were both equally spread wide. In doing so, the vast portion of his perfect butt was fully exposed for my pleasure. Though his head was angled downwards, I knew that Thad could see everything, or most everything, I had in-store for him.
Now that he was restrained, I placed a mouth stretcher to his mouth. Once that was in place, Thad's mouth was stretched wide open and there wasn't anything he could do about it. Then, another devilish idea popped into my head. I took a thin leather rope and tied it around each of his already swollen balls. I attached the other end of the rope through a pulley, tying it in place around his middle fingers. His right nut was now secured to his right middle finger, and the left one was attached to his left middle finger. If Thad tried to make a fist with either or both hands, he would inevitably pull one or both balls directly towards his hands. Yeah, that's just downright evil!
I stepped back to marvel over my handy-work for a few seconds. Once I was satisfied, I walked over to my right and retrieved two metal nipple clamps. I could see Thad stare at me with bewildered anticipation. As my right hand approached his muscular chest, I smelled his sweet breath and heard a loud moan as the teeth of the clamp bit down on his tiny erect left nipple. Thad's voice rang out, "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Then, the other clamp latched onto his right nipple creating more long winded chimes of expelling moans, "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
His eyes filled with water and rapidly blinked as the pain shot through his body like a volcanic eruption. Also, I could see the confusion written all over his gorgeous face as to the wires attached to the bottom end of the nipple clamps, but he would find out sure enough, all in due time. With my gorgeous young beauty in place, all there was left for me to do was smile.
I stepped behind Thad and with his mouth locked wide open, shoved a good 5 inches of my man meat straight into his mouth, and began face fucking the little beauty. While I face fucked Thad, I kept a close eye on the boy's hands. His fingers were stretched outwards so as to not curl them in anyway, knowing full well the repercussions if he did.
The heat from the boy's mouth mixed with his twirling tongue sent my body into a face fucking frenzy. I made sure I didn't slam all of my meat down his throat as I committed thrust after thrust after thrust. It wasn't too long there after when I felt my own orgasmic explosion, and now, I was really fucking the boy's mouth while blasting his throat with my man juice. When the last of my cum dribbled out into his mouth, I started squeezing the remainder while watching the gooey globs fall into his moaning mouth.
When I was completely spent, I sat back down on the stool, positioning myself so that I was now facing his voluptuously tasty asshole. I picked up a slender 5 inch metallic vibrator, greased it up, then eased it deep into the boy's butt. Thad grunted, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, awwwwwwwwwwwwww!" As the vibrator plunged to its deepest depth, I stared into Thad's partially closed eyes while my ears captured his breath taking groans.
I flipped the switch, and the vibrator began doing what it was designed to do, and that was vibrate. However, there was a little wicked twist to the vibrator, and Thad was soon going to find out what that wicked twist was. I cut the vibrator on max speed, and began sliding it in and out of his tiny little dung hole. Over and over again, I fucked the vibrator in and out of Thad's ass while listening to his angelic soft purrs.
At the very base of the vibrator was a protective shield so as to protect the vibrator from being mistakingly sucked into the anal canal. Holding the vibrator in place, I attached the connecting metal cock ring around Thad's swollen hairless balls. While I was fiddling with the metal cock ring, Thad was obviously lost in his own world thanks in all to the vibrator performing its magic inside his ass.
With everything now in place, and the wires from his nipple clamps, the wire from the vibrator, and the wire from the cock ring now all centrally located in the control box, I was now ready to take things to a much higher level. Looking down at the control box, I depressed the button that triggered the nipple clamps. Wherever Thad's mind was at the time, he became fully aware at the moment at hand. His eyes flung wide open and his vocal chords spewed their angelic vocal array as the surge of electricity ripped into his nipples, sending electrical pulses every 3 seconds.
I watched as he clinched his fists, yanking on his balls, and each one flying into their own separate directions. Then, I activated the flow of electrical current now surging upon his crushing anal muscles. Just by the noises he was now making, I almost could feel what he was now feeling. In fact, I have, many, many times. His body was trying to buck, but he was too well restrained. I knew his anal muscles were now exploding into an uncontrollable seizure like torrent of convulsions. Next, I introduced his balls to the surge of electricity. The boy moaned, "Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwww, ummmmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Once all three electrical devices were in place, and working properly, I set them on 10 second intervals. Every 10 seconds, Thad would feel the voltage surge on his nipples, inside his ass, and on his balls. The electrical current was set on 3 seconds so as to not do the boy any harm whatsoever. Knowing everything at this point was functioning automatically, I stood up and hovered over the boy, standing at his left side, peering down upon his perfect naked body and utterly gorgeous face.
Every now and again, I would dangle my soft cock into the boy's mouth and moan as I felt his swirling tongue lap at it all over. While I was letting the boy's tongue manipulate my soft noodle, I saw Thad's semi flaccid cock spray a watery stream of boy juice all over his chest and stomach. Damn, the boy just blew a wad of boy honey as the electrical current shot through his body. From all the noises he was making, I could easily tell that the orgasm that he was now enduring was most definitely highly intensified.
Each time the electrical current shot through his body, I watched in awe at the spectacular sight as his puffy piss lips gushed out streams of watery juice. 6 long streamy shots splashed onto his chest and stomach area, and the watery honey dribbled down the sides of his boy like a free flowing tropical waterfall. It was absolutely priceless!
When his orgasm finally subsided, I waited a good 5 minutes before shutting off the electricity. I removed the metal cock ring, and eased out the vibrator from his ass. Also, I removed the wires attached to both nipple clamps, but left the nipple clamps in place. Thad looked almost lifeless at this point and his breathing was very erratic. Although he appeared to have been completely lifeless, he did have enough sense to keep his fingers stretched upwards so as to not yank on his young nuggets.
While he rested, I began taking the restraints off of his legs and wrists, including the strap that was attached from his middle fingers to his balls. Carefully, I unstrapped each leather strap that separated each of his brilliantly swollen hairless jewels, leaving the leather cock ring fully intact. When it was all said and done with, I couldn't resist the temptation to taste the puddles of honey that were teasing my taste buds and eyes to no end. Like a dog lapping at a fresh bowl of water, I lapped up the watery goo, and heard myself moaning as the taste shocked my taste buds. To me, it was nothing short of pure sweetness!
Thad's cock lay completely flaccid at this point, and I could see him trying to force his eyelids open. The mouth stretcher still forced his mouth wide open and he tried to produce some kind of sound, but it was nothing more than a slight gargle noise at best. Standing over him, looking down at his precious face, I commandingly stated, "Oh no, not yet my little bitch, this aint over just yet! I'm gonna fuck that hot little ass of yours into next year and your gonna love every second of it! You got that bitch?"
Thad grunted and he was still fighting against all odds to force his eyelids open. I picked him up into my arms like a parent would a young child and carried Thad's lifeless body over to where my sling was already in position. I carefully placed Thad into the sling, then secured his wrists and ankles into the sling's padded cuffs. Turning the lever, I positioned the sling so that I could stand perfectly, and fuck his ass just the way I wanted to without any obstructions whatsoever. In place, now Thad's arms and legs were being restrained high into the air and his beautiful young ass was positioned properly, aiming itself directly out in front of me.
My cock was harder than a chunk of steel as I smeared the lubricant up and down. Now, now I was going to take something from Thad he will never be able to get back forever more, and that's his virginity! Just as I stepped up and placed my thick cock head up against his glistening asshole, Thad's eyes opened. Seeing him stare at me, I blurted, "Yeah baby bitch boy, your gonna feel every throbbing inch of daddy's cock sliding up this sweet ass of yours! Go ahead bitch, go on, scream as loud as you fucking want, cause there's not a fucking soul around who can hear you!"
Jabbing my hips forwards, my cock head forced itself into his anal chamber. Thad's voice chimed, "Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, aghhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww!"
I only had the head of my cock inside his ass, and oh my God was I feeling it. The exasperating heat and the crushing power of his anal muscles attacked my invading cock like a group of cannibals. I had two choices right now. Either pull out or push some of my shaft deeper into his rectum. Retreating certainly wasn't in my plans, so to relieve myself from some of the pain, I shoved a good two inches of rock hard shaft up his ass.
Thad grunted, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
As my cock inched its way deep into his muscle crushing anal oven, Thad grunted and groaned as my entire cock eventually dove to its deepest depths. I held onto the leathery sides of the swing, making sure I was standing perfectly still in order for Thad to get used to having my entire man meat lodged inside his rectum. The vast feelings my cock was feeding my brain was relentless at best. The scorching fiery heat along with those bone crushing anal muscles of his continuously ravished my cock.
When his grunts of pain began to subside, I began to slowly fuck the boy's ass, making sure that my cock never fully departed from his delightful anal clutches. In and out, in and out, I slowly fucked him until I could see his eyes fill with a pleasure he had never known before. His pain riddled grunts ended, and now, now a steady flow of soft vibrant purrs flowed graciously from his stretched out little mouth.
Knowing the boy was now feeling the pleasures of having his anal virginity taken away forever, I used the sides of the sling to slam his body forwards as I was thrusting my cock as hard as I could into his butt. The gut wrenching sound of flesh smacking flesh shot through the room as I fucked his ass in a violent rage.
Nearly ten long ass pounding minutes later, I had to slow down just a bit cause I thought I could feel my own orgasm working its way through my body. Thad's once flaccid cock was now harder than a brick, and each time I slammed my ass packer into his butt, I could see his teen meat throb with excitement.
I varied my fucking motions, going from teasingly slow to speeds equivalent to a runaway locomotive. 15 or 20 minutes later, and with no hands on his beautiful cock, Thad's body exploded, and so did his cock. I witnessed the watery juice fire from his teen organ, and saw the first 3 ropey strands shoot straight into his open mouth. I also watched as his throat eagerly sipped down his own boy honey as his cock continued to spurt out watery strands, one right after the other.
With his body convulsing the way it was, his anal muscles were doing some convulsing and restricting of their own. As their muscular action ravished my thrusting cock, my own orgasm was more like a volcanic explosion. I literally went blind as my man seed began erupting inside his rectum, and I was probably doing some yelling as to my cum propelling itself out of my cock. Never had I ever felt such an intense orgasm ever before. It was like my cum was firing from my curling toes, shooting up my body, and exploding out of my cock.
Some time later, I was gasping for some well needed oxygen, completely soaked with sweat, and still thrusting my limp meat in and out of his miraculous ass. When my eyes managed to focus just a bit, and looking down, Thad's teen meat was also just as limp. His chest and stomach area was saturated from his own sweat and recent delivery of boy juice. Just like me, Thad was also breathing extremely hard.
My limp noodle sort of plopped out of his grasping asshole, and it was all I could do to find the stool and take a seat without collapsing on the floor. I was still shaking furiously from head to toe thanks in all to the most intense orgasm I had ever endured. I reached down and grabbed my bottle of water and took several big swigs. Then, I removed the cuffs from Thad's wrists and ankles. Once the restraints were off of his wrists and ankles, and while he appeared to be sleeping, I unhooked the cock ring, and as soon as it was released, Thad's eyes shot wide open.
The blood rushing back into his cock and balls sent his moans flying into the air. I reached into the sling, and once again, scooped him up as though he was just a baby, and walked him over to the bathroom. The bathroom was just an open area that contained a toilet, sink, and a bathtub/shower. I lowered Thad into the bathtub, but had him get into a kneeling position with his hands behind his back. Seeing the boy, who was almost lifeless, stare up at me with those entrancing eyes, was simply priceless.
I placed my right foot on top of the side of the bathtub in front of Thad, and using the fingers of my left hand, eased my limp cock upwards, and waited. The wait wasn't too long as I felt my bladder juice initially start out with a few trickles, but soon, my bladder valve opened and my piss rushed out of my cock. Aiming my pissing cock, I intentionally began shooting my hot piss directly into Thad's wide open mouth. I could see his pink tongue lash out as I saw, and heard, the boy doing his best to try and swallow my gushing bladder juice.
The pissing I was now doing damn near felt just as good as an orgasm, and seeing the most beautiful boy in the world drinking it down, only made this moment that much more special. Like all good things must end, so did my piss. I shook the final droplets all over his face, and while he was still moaning, I removed both nipple clamps simultaneously. Thad's harsh moans sliced through the air as the blood rushed back into each nipple. While he was now enduring that, I took the time to remove the mouth stretcher. Although he was now free to close his mouth, the boy just stood there on his knees, moaning like crazy.
Later on, after we both had showered and brushed our teeth, and were now back inside the main portion of my home, it was then when I asked Thad about all that he experienced. In his own words, this is what he stated, "Oh my God Mark, I had a blast. Everything I had ever fantasized about, came true. I know I for one can hardly wait to experiment with some of those other things in your dungeon. God, that was awesome!"
***Thad got permission from his mom to spend the night, and he and I damn near spent the entire night making love. I don't recall how many times I fucked the boy, but now that he no longer is a virgin, the boy is more like a cock whore.
Thad went on to become the state champion in his weight division, and although I have taught him all I know about wrestling, I still coach him all the time. By the time he graduated from high school, Thad received a wrestling scholarship and is well on his way to become a national champion. All throughout his high school years, Thad and I became lovers. Now that he is far off attending a major university, it's my honor to assist the high school coach with "helping out the team" any way I can.