"How It All Began"

Many would consider Timmy's introduction to sexual activities to be a form of molestation, mixed with a touch of possible incest. When Timmy was just 6 years old, he began playing sexual games with his step cousin, Greg. At that time, Greg was a strapping young good-looking man of 16 years of age to whom young Timmy worshiped.

Greg stood a good 5'8" and weighed a slender 135 pounds with flowing locks of golden blond hair, and crystal like blue eyes. Even at the young age of 6, Timmy found his step cousin to be simply gorgeous. So, when Greg began introducing Timmy to sexual type games, he was readily agreeable to anything.

Timmy would find himself standing before Greg stark naked and his tiny pencil dick was bone yard hard. He thoroughly enjoyed the way Greg's fingers manipulated his dick, feeding his spinning mind with all sorts of wondrous pleasures. When Greg began introducing his fingers to Timmy's tiny bung chute, Timmy went absolutely wild with spine tingling feelings.

Eventually, Greg worked their games to the point he had begun sucking on Timmy's tiny cocklet, and dining ever so lavishly on the younger boy's microscopic butt hole. Timmy's body bucked and jerked every time his older step cousin sucked on his tiny pecker, and when Greg started slobbering his tongue around his butt hole, Timmy really went crazy with various emotions.

Within a couple of months of playing their games, Timmy began learning how to suck on Greg's 6 inches of cut teen meat. Naturally, to Timmy, Greg's cock was freaking huge. Timmy liked roaming Greg's light brown pubic hair with his fingers while his mouth worked its way up and down the velvety smooth teenage pole.

The first time Timmy sucked on Greg's hard cock, bringing it all the way to a volcanic like explosion, Timmy was mortally shocked when all the strands of creamy hot fluid came pouring into his shocked little mouth. Thanks to Greg's hands holding his head locked onto the teenager's cock, Timmy had no other choice but to contain the weird substance. It wasn't until after Greg's cock fell limp, when his step cousin instructed Timmy to swallow the gooey cream.

When the first trickle of Greg's cum swam down his throat, Timmy felt like he was going to vomit, however, the slightly salty fluid, upon the second or third sample, actually began to taste rather good. From that moment on, Timmy always looked forward to swallowing Greg's creamy teen load.

By the time Timmy was 10, and now Greg was a strapping 20 year old gorgeous looking adult, their sexual appetites grew even more rapid. It was during this time frame that Timmy began allowing Greg to shove his adult cock up his 10 year old poop chute. The first time was a time Timmy would never forget. The pain was almost unbearable, but, after that first initial episode, Timmy actually couldn't wait for Greg to plow his tiny hole with his man cock. It was Greg who also introduced Timmy on the proper ways to clean his butt out.

When Timmy was 12, and Greg had his own place, Timmy used to spend nearly every weekend staying over at Greg's. The entire weekend was filled with raw blissful sex, and the more sex Timmy had, the more he craved.

Everything in Timmy's life was perfect, thanks to Greg, but when Timmy turned 14, Greg went and got himself married, and moved to another state, leaving Timmy to fend for himself.

Being 14, and with hormones soaring at a feverish height, Timmy stared at his body in the full length mirror located inside his bedroom. What he saw pleased him! Standing a good 5'3", and weighing a fairly slender 115 pounds, Timmy began admiring his body and all that he could offer someone. His natural blond hair, virtually white, flowed subtly beyond his shoulder blades. Cut just above his ears, and feathered back, Timmy shuffled his head back and forth to watch the blond locks flow against the forced wind.

His thin eyebrows offered a blond, light brown, coloration which simply dignified his sparkling emerald green eyes. Timmy noticed his eyes lashes as they curled upwards, flashing themselves in a dazzling, elegant, sort of way. Looking at his small nose, Timmy could just barely make out the light dusting of about three tiny freckles as they flashed themselves at the bridge of his nose.

Folding his arms behind his head, Timmy could just barely see the fine, ever so light, dusting of hair under each armpit. Sticking out his chest, Timmy flexed in front of the mirror. He could easily tell he wasn't muscular, but he was ever so proud of the definition his reflection offered him. He crunched his abdominal muscles, eyeing intently at all the wrinkles his abdominal muscles offered.

Rubbing his left hand down his hairless body, Timmy toyed with his tiny belly button. It didn't protrude inward, nor did it poke outward. It was just a couple of little lines twirling together as one. Looking upwards, Timmy used his fingers to tweak each erect pink nipple, sending goose bumps popping up all over his nude body.

Staring down, peering at his faint dusting of dark blond pubes, Timmy actually thought, if he had wanted to take the time, he could count each nearly transparent hair fiber. Timmy turned sideways to see his erect boy cock protrude outwards from his slender body a good 5 1/2 inches, arching itself at a solid 45 degree angle upwards. Using the fingers of his right hand, Timmy lifted his cock towards his on-looking eyes, paying close attention to his mushroom shaped cock head. It was pink and was just barely thicker than his shaft. Speaking of his shaft, Timmy judged it to be as thick as a nice sized carrot stalk.

Using his left hand, Timmy picked up his balls and guided them upwards, taking a closer inspection to see if there was any signs of hair life yet, but after several close inspections, Timmy ascertained that his ball sac was void of hair, or at least, for right now. Twirling each baby maker around using his fingers, Timmy guessed his balls could be compared with perfectly rounded ping-pong balls. Though, in his opinion, they weren't that big, they did offer the pleasing sight of low hangers. Spreading his legs a bit, Timmy figured they swung down a good 4 or 5 inches.

Releasing his balls, he looked at his muscle toned thighs, realizing quickly they too were void of hair life, however, he had to smile when he saw a light dusting of tiny curls litter each of his shins.

Turning around, Timmy bent way over, and now greeted his wandering eyes with his asshole. Using both hands to widely spread each cheek, Timmy began studying the view of his crack and butt hole. The crack itself was the same color as the rest of his creamy body, however, his butt hole had just a hint of brown coloration, and Timmy could see the actual beginnings of a few light blond hairs forming all around the entrance of his asshole.

Standing straight up again, and angling his body sideways, Timmy looked at his body noticing how his shapely butt jutted from his backside, offering a rather pleasing appeal. Speaking of his butt, by looking at his own body, Timmy began thinking of ways to find someone to cram their cock up his ass.

Living in a rather large neighborhood out in the suburbs, Timmy had tons of neighbors. Though that was true to form, and yes, he did have plenty of buddies to hang out with, none of his friends seem to tolerate the notion of fooling around with another guy. Around his friends, Timmy always played the part of a heterosexual guy who was always on the prowl for some pussy. The last thing he needed was to be labeled a "homo" due to the inevitable consequences. With the truth being known, Timmy wasn't even interested in having sex with his buds who were the same age as himself. Timmy preferred older guys, guys who were much older than himself.

The one thing Timmy never realized about his facial appearance, was one simple fact. Those eyes who saw him from a short distance, immediately would have mistaken him to have been a girl. By all rights, Timmy was simply downright gorgeous! Elegant dimples graced each unblemished smooth cheek, forcing innocent eyes to water upon first glance. Many times, unbeknownst to Timmy, men had to adjust their cocks as they became engrossed at his ultimate and powerful beauty.

Today, being Saturday, Timmy got up early and cleaned himself out thoroughly. He showered and could only think about having a cock pounding his mouth, and a cock plowing his ass. As he lathered his body, his mind took him back to many years, remembering all the things Greg had told him.

Greg would often say, "Timmy, you got to keep that butt of yours cleaned at all times. With your great looks, some folks will actually swear to it that you can't take a shit, and if you do, it certainly can't smell like it. Brush your teeth and tongue always. Nothing worse than a good-looking person with bad breath. When you get older, flaunt that ass of yours to get some attention, believe me, you'll get it!"

Finishing up in the bathroom, Timmy slipped on some super tight, and rather short, short pants, intentionally forgetting to wear underwear, then put on a short, but baggy, pull over shirt. After tying his shoes, he gave his mother, who was standing in the kitchen, a tender peck on the cheek.

Timmy's mom did question where he was fixing to go, and Timmy replied, "Nowhere special mom. Just going out to have some fun, that's all."

His mom shot back, "You just be careful young man!"

Timmy knew precisely where he was heading to. Rumor at school had it that an older man who lived across from the school liked having sex with young boys. Timmy had also heard that the man sometimes would offer them money for sexual favors. Though the money sounded good, Timmy was far more interested in just the sex part. Be the rumor true or not, nobody in his circle of friends had admitted anything close to the rumor being anything remotely true. However, Timmy's young hormones were soaring at a heightened level, and he was setting out to do something about it.

Timmy arrived at his school, and was now sitting on a park bench facing the row of houses across from the school. Being that it was still rather early, not a single person was in sight. Sitting on top of the bench, Timmy felt a surge of devilish energy surge through him. Intentionally easing up the bottom hem of his shorts left leg, Timmy marveled over the fact that his flaccid cock now presented itself to anyone who dare look.

15 minutes later, Timmy saw a front door open, and a man, somewhere in his 50's walk out wearing just a robe. The man walked down his driveway, bent down, and retrieved the morning newspaper. As he stood up, Timmy felt the man's eyes burn holes into his body. For a few short heart pounding seconds, the man stood there, staring intently at Timmy, then turned and walked back inside his house.

To say the least, Timmy was a bit let down realizing the man showed no signs of interest in him, so he continued sitting on top of the bench, making sure his now semi flaccid pecker was on display for all eyes to view. Within seconds, Timmy's throbbing cock was fully engorged, poking defiantly out of the short's leg opening. Blind to his surroundings, and lost in a world of pure burning desires, unconsciously, Timmy's left hand began gingerly stroking his rock hard chunk of boy pride.

Completely engrossed with pleasuring himself, Timmy's body lurched as every single strand of hair on his little body stood up when his ears caught the shocking sound of someone clearing their throat.

Stopping immediately jerking his boy boner, Timmy turned his head to his left, slightly upwards, coming eye to eye with a man in his early to mid forties, wearing a bright red robe, looking back at him. The man's thinning hair was a mixture of salt and pepper, and his big brown eyes were wide, capturing everything before them. The other thing Timmy's quivering eyes detected was that the man had both hands inside the pockets of the robe, and the robe was partially open, revealing the man's thick fur of salt and pepper hair covering his chest, disappearing thickly towards his stomach.

Timmy's best estimate placed the man close to being at least 6'3" and weighing a proportionate 200 or so pounds. The robe just covered the man's knees, and Timmy could see the massive surplus of black curls littering the man's shins. For whatever the reason, seeing all the man's fur ignited some form of never before experienced energy, forcing his cock to go into uncontrollable spasms.

The man, after having cleared his throat, sat right down, to Timmy's left side, resting his body close to where Timmy's feet were resting. From this angle, the man could clearly see directly into the short's open pants leg, and stare intently at Timmy's throbbing teenaged boy cock without any obstructions whatsoever.

Not a single word was spoken, and Timmy could clearly see where the man's eyes were glued to. It was right then and there that reality sat in and Timmy realized that the stranger was, without trying to hide the obvious, looking directly at his exposed throbbing cock.

As if in a mild trance, the man extended his right hand to Timmy while saying, "Name's Ted, and you are?"

Swallowing repeatedly, Timmy's mouth quivered as his soft voice broke the stillness of the air, "Timmy. My name is Timmy sir!"

Ted forced his eyes off the mouth watering view of the gorgeous boy's cock, trickling upwards, feasting themselves onto Timmy's vibrant green eyes, then softly, in an almost whisper like fashion, said, "That sure does look like a delicious problem you have there. If you're up to it, I'd be honored to assist you with that!"

Almost bordering a naive response, Timmy flashed back, "What, what problem would that be sir?"

Ted scooted closer towards Timmy, keeping his eyes locked onto the boy's sparkling eyes, then whispered, "Now, now young man, you and I both know what that might be. After all, you have been sitting on this bench here for a good while now putting on quite a spectacular show. And I must say, it was truly a show of a lifetime."

Timmy had no clue how to respond after knowing he had been rightfully busted. So, he just sat there, still with his boy cock out for Ted's eyes to view. Timmy knew what he wanted to say, but he simply didn't know how to go about and say it.

Ted spoke once more, "Timmy, if I may be so bold as to say, but, if I had to state why you are here, I would bet the farm that you are seeking someone to suck that beautiful cock of yours. Am I wrong to suggest such a thing?"

Ted was right, for the most part, and Timmy decided to go ahead and tell the truth. Taking a few deep breaths, Timmy replied, "Yes sir, I guess you're right, but, I uh, well I uh, I want to get fucked too! There, I said it!"

Smiling as if he had just won the lottery, Ted nervously wiped his mouth, then replied, "Young man, that too can be dealt with, however, you mustn't tell anyone of our little encounter. Is that understood?"

Timmy replied, "Yes sir, and besides, the boys at school would beat my ass if they ever found out I was gay!"

Ted shot back, "That's good to hear that we mutually agree to keep this a secret, but you'd be surprised as to how many of those boys visit me on a regular basis, not to mention, what all they are in to."

Forcing his eyes off of the most precious cock his eyes had ever graced themselves on, Ted stood up and motioned for Timmy to follow him. As all four feet took them closer and closer to Ted's house, both had various thoughts coursing throughout their brain cells.

Timmy was a bit nervous, and somewhat overwhelming excited. He knew it would now be only a matter of a short time before he would be able to taste a man's cock, not to mention, feel it plow his ass into subliminal submission. With each of his steps, his cock throbbed and his asshole continuously puckered.

Ted was still in somewhat of a disbelief. He recalled peering out of his window, initially thinking that it was a girl who had been sitting on top of the park bench. It wasn't until he located his binoculars and took a more magnified look that he realized the angelic vision was not a girl, but all boy, a boy stroking his boy pride for all to see. As his hand fumbled with the doorknob, Ted's legs trembled with anticipation, as well as his aching cock, completely erect, and yearning for some well needed attention.

As they entered the house, Ted literally had to pinch himself to see if he was wide awake or lost in a world dreaming of such an angelic beauty. By no means was this boy the first young one to have entered his house for sexual endeavors, but this boy however, was indeed, the utmost gorgeous he had ever encountered.

Ted, from their brief conversation leading up to being inside his house, learned that Timmy was only 14. Had Ted been a gambling man, he would have bet everything he had that this boy was no older than 12, at the most. Even now, in the serenity inside his living room, he was lost in the vast array of Timmy's mystifying beauty. Ted knew that even in his most wildest fantasy, his perverse mind could have never concocted such profound and dignified beauty as in the case of the gorgeous blond haired beauty now standing before him.

As both were facing one another, standing just a few short feet apart from one another, Ted smiled at the young boy, then softly whispered, "This is your day young man. What would you like to do?"

Timmy needed no other words of encouragement as he stepped forward, easing his tiny body upon his knees, reached out with both hands, and unfastened the robe's cloth make shift belt. His small hands brushed the robe to either side of Ted's body, now giving the boy a full inspection of all he had to offer.

Timmy was in awe as he now was glaring at the man's hair covered body. His eyes twitched in their socket as he studied the one eyed snake staring back at him. At best judging, Timmy quickly realized that Ted's man cock was a lot longer, and a hell of a lot thicker than his step cousin's, Greg's, cock. To Timmy, it had to be tipping the 7 or 8 inch scale and was about as thick as a good sized cucumber. The large mushroom head was just a fraction thicker than the veiny shaft, and the large piss slit was spewing gallons upon gallons of gooey pre-cum.

Taking just a second or two, Timmy's eyes feasted on the man's low hanging, hairy, super large balls. There was just something about seeing all that hair that ignited some sort of wildness coursing throughout every square inch of Timmy's body, not to mention, his already spinning mind.

Ted held the robe behind him by placing his hands on his hips while looking down at the young angel in anticipation of what next would happen. Ted didn't have to wait long as he felt the boy's mouth engulf his cock head and a good 4 thick inches. Ted moaned as he felt the boy's slithering tongue swarm all over his cock with a ravishing style frenzied lust.

For Timmy, having a cock sliding in and out of his mouth was something he truly missed. He loved to suck cock, and he loved to get fucked. All those times with Greg trained him to be a good little cock sucker, and one hell of a vocal bottom. Without a doubt, Timmy was very passionate about having sex, and sex was all he ever thought about.

Ted's eyes were closed, embellishing in the pleasures the boy's mouth was offering him. Ted also was counting his blessings. About 99.9 percent of the boys who frequented his home, all just wanted their cocks sucked. Only on the rarest of occasions, did any of them reciprocate. Only two of the boys had his cock ever graced their anal chambers. As for the rest of the boys, they pretty much just wanted to deposit their teen loads down his throat. However, Ted was never about to start complaining. Beyond his wildest dreams, here he was, having his cock sucked by the most gorgeous boy his eyes had ever witnessed.

Timmy was grunting and groaning, basking in the joyous pleasures of feeling Ted's thick man pole glide in between his flesh sealing lips. Even the man's slightly salty pre-cum sent his mind racing with wild thoughts and unexplainable pleasures. While his little mouth performed magic on Ted's one eyed beast, Timmy's hands cupped Ted's balls and began passionately caressing them both.

Ted had just enough sense to slide the robe from his body, leaving him standing there with his cock riding in and out of Timmy's flesh baking mouth, now placing both hands just behind the boy's head for extra support. Ted's legs buckled more than a few times as he felt the boy's commercial grade vacuuming skills increase over a short period of time. Just by the way the young angel sucked his cock, Ted instantly knew that the boy had been trained, and trained very well indeed.

Using just his left hand to fondle and caress Ted's hairy cum makers, Timmy slid his right hand around and latched onto Ted's hair covered butt cheeks. Sliding his slender fingers through the man's butt fur forced more groans to evade his cock stuffed little mouth.

Timmy did his best to shove the man's thick veiny cock all the way down his churning throat, but settled for swallowing just enough to ease his nose into Ted's bushy pubic patch. With each downward motion of his hot mouth, Timmy swirled his tongue all over Ted's pulsating hard cock.

Ted felt his orgasm building, seemingly traveling from somewhere in between his curling toes. Never in his adult life had he ever experienced anyone who sucked his cock like the way this 14 year old was now doing. With that being said, it didn't take long, and Ted tried to warn Timmy, but the words spewing from his contorting mouth made no sense at all.

Feeling the adult fuck pole expand, Timmy was experienced enough to know what next to expect. Just as he had done so many times with Greg, Timmy eased his mouth to the point that his lips glued themselves around Ted's bulbous cock head, and moaned in succession as the ropy strands of thick man juice began pelting the roof of his mouth.

Timmy began swallowing the thick gooey cream, discovering it had just a mild trace of saltiness for flavor. Relishing in the taste, Timmy wasted no time in swallowing Ted's man seed as fast as it flew into his hungry little mouth. Timmy whimpered and moaned as his mouth milked the last morsel of man juice from Ted's rapidly deflating cock.

Ted almost lost his balance when his orgasm tore through him like a searing hot bullet. His body shook violently while his eyes steadily watered. Never, not once, had anyone sucked his cock and brought him to an orgasm that quick. Ted's body jerked once more as he felt his limp cock slide out of the boy's breath stealing mouth.

Timmy wiped his mouth while smacking his lips, looking up at the man he had just sucked off, angelically whispered, "How was that?"

Taking a short time to catch his breath, Ted peered downward at the little beauty and replied, "My boy, you are truly one of a kind! That was the best damn blow-job I've ever had. Now, it's my turn to return the favor!"

Wanting things to escalate, Ted had Timmy follow him into his bedroom. Once inside, Ted eased the boy's shirt over his head, slinging it into a chair setting of in a corner. Seeing the boy's hairless bare chest, and pale tiny pink nipples made Ted moan with a fiery hot hungry passion. Raising Timmy's left arm over Timmy's head, Ted leaned in and began sniffing the tiny patch of hard to see hair gathered up at the base of the armpit.

Timmy cried out as the slithering tongue raced into his outstretched armpit. Ted basked in the fresh scent rapidly deploying itself into his expanding lungs. The taste of the boy's armpit was pure heavenly delicious. Ted took turns licking each armpit, properly ensuring that both received the same loving attention.

Ted kissed, sucked, and nibbled all over the boy's sweet tasting neck, stopping in short to cram his meaty tongue inside both appetizing ear canals. Timmy was swarming with all sorts of pleasures. Even all the times having sex with Greg, never had he experienced all the pleasures that Ted was now giving him. In his encounters with Greg, they all pretty much started and ended the same way. They would suck each others cocks, and then Greg would finish up by blowing his creamy load up Timmy's butt. There was never any "romance" so to speak with Greg and Timmy.

Ted slowly worked his lips to Timmy's left nipple, enclosing softly around it, then slithered his tongue over the tiny pink rosebud. Timmy's moans and grunts grew louder as all sorts of weird and powerful emotions scorched through his body. Soon, Timmy was arching his body upwards, using his toes to propel him higher into the air. Ted rotated from one nipple to the other, never tiring of tasting this gorgeous angelic creature created from a single mold by the heavens above.

Hearing Timmy's passionate sounds only drove Ted into a more frenzied, pleasing, state. Somewhere deep in Ted's mind, he knew if he played his cards just right, this lovely young angel just might return for some more. Taking his time, Ted pleasingly worked every inch of the boy's upper body while his fingers journeyed the task of untying the boy's tennis shoes.

Slipping off one shoe at a time, Ted lavished as he cordially removed the boy's socks. His tongue swarmed all around the boy's beautiful belly button, forcing elegant sounds spewing freely out of Timmy's mouth. Both of Timmy's hands grasped onto the back of Ted's head, keeping himself steady while being engrossed in the pleasures ravishing his young body.

Ted eased open the top button of Timmy's shorts, then carefully lowered the zipper. From his earlier sightseeing affair, Ted already knew that Timmy wasn't wearing any underwear. Once the zipper was all the way down, Ted slowly peeled the short's opening as his eyes now feasted upon the few blondish brown strands of soft, and elegant, pubic hair. Having opened the short's all the way, Timmy's 5 1/2 inches of circumcised boy pride pronounced itself with all of its magnificent charm and glory.

Sitting slightly back on his haunches, Ted began taking several deep breaths in total awe of the boy's erect love organ. In Ted's mind, this boy truly had the most perfect cock in all of mankind. It wasn't too thick, nor was it too slender. It was perfect for sucking!

Eyeing the boy's ping-pong ball sized baby makers resting peacefully within their hairless sac, only made Ted cringe with the utmost perverse delight. Ted carefully placed his nose directly under Timmy's ball sac and began inhaling ever so deeply. The fresh aroma shooting into his lungs was pure intoxicating. Feeling the boy's little cum makers glide effortlessly across his nose and cheeks sent Ted's mind reeling in agonizing lust.

While Ted was lost in a world smelling the young boy, Timmy managed to carefully step out of his short's, still holding Ted's head for support. Timmy's body jerked and twitched once he felt the man's mouth engulf both of his balls, feeling the thick tongue manipulate his balls like never before.

Timmy, standing on his toes, rocked his feet from side to side, grunting and whimpering at the way Ted was working on his balls. Ted could feel the boy's steel like, yet satiny, cock rub up against the left side of his cheek while his mouth and tongue passionately worked on Timmy's perfectly rounded cum nuggets.

Ted's hands reached behind Timmy, and latched themselves onto the two satiny feeling muscular globes of Timmy's butt. His large fingers dipped into the boy's butt crack, exploring the sides as well as the smooth depth. Still sucking on the boy's tender balls, Ted let out a loud bear like growl once his fingertips touched Timmy's most hidden and most prized possession. He could feel the soft peach like fuzz surrounding the satiny outer edge of the boy's asshole.

Using just his fingertips, Ted drew miniature circles all over Timmy's constantly puckering little poop chute entrance. Having been in this very same position numerous times with a vast array of boys, Ted eased his fingers from the boy's bung chute and sneakily raised them up to his inhaling nostrils. Ted knew all too well that many boys were not all that conscious about their hygiene. Many countless times, having done this very same thing, Ted, somewhat unfortunately, got the distinct whiff of poop. This time however, the aroma rocketing up his nostrils was nothing less than a minty freshness.

Once satisfied with the pleasing aroma, Ted returned his wandering fingers back to the boy's ass crack, and moist little bung hole. When Ted's fingers began toying with his butt hole, Timmy's angelic vocal chords went into an uncontrollable rage. With each gracious touch, Timmy screamed out his emotional pleasures. The fingers pressing against his asshole was doing something never before felt, and Timmy was truly loving every heart pounding second of it.

Ted eventually released the boy's delicious balls, then slowly snaked his tongue upwards, traveling full length up Timmy's throbbing erection. Timmy moaned with a fiery passion as the tongue slithering along his cock caused every microscopic hair on his body to rise. His breathing was very erratic and his fingers began caressing through Ted's hair.

Unfortunately for Ted, Timmy's hard cock offered no pre-cum, but he opened his mouth and easily swallowed the boy's organ to the hilt, burying his nose into the soft sparse patch of aromatic pubic hair. Between knowing that the boy's cock was inside his mouth and the intense fragrance spewing from his gorgeous young body, to say the least, Ted felt as though he truly was in heaven.

In less than a minute or two, Timmy cried out, "I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, gawwwwwd!"

Ted, being the experienced cock sucker he was, grabbed the boy's balls somewhat tightly while forcing his mouth from Timmy's cock. He didn't want Timmy to spill his load, or at least, not just yet. There was a whole lot more to do, and Ted wanted to ensure himself that when the time was just right, he would in fact, be the recipient of the boy's mother load.

Timmy felt his cum literally surface to his cock, but thanks to Ted's hand pulling on his balls, it suddenly seemed to vanish, though his body felt like he was experiencing some type of volcanic orgasm, shaking ever so violently.

Ted twisted and pulled down on Timmy's balls, satisfying himself knowing he had just prevented the boy from shooting his teen load. Using his hands as a guide, Ted gently pushed Timmy onto the bed. Timmy scooted his body so that he was laying on his back, head on a pillow, laying directly in the center.

Seeing the boy naked, legs spread wide, was utterly a vision that no price tag could ever be able to grace. This boy, this angelic work from the heavens above, was simply speaking, perfect in every single way humanly imaginable.

Ted crawled in between the boy's satiny smooth legs, using his tongue to lick his way up Timmy's legs, now feasting on the young boy's hairless cream makers. Ted quickly engulfed both balls while allowing his fingers to travel the short distance up Timmy's body, graciously resting upon the boy's perky little nipples.

Timmy bucked his lower body high into the air as the fingers on his nipples began pinching and pulling, sending shivers of blissful excitement exploding everywhere within his convulsing body. Timmy's hands once again found the back of Ted's head, holding on for dear life as his emotions began swarming at an all time high.

A long cum building time had passed, and Ted took turns sucking on the boy's beloved little balls, and perfectly shaped cock, always stopping just short from allowing Timmy to unleash his ball aching load. By now, a good hour had passed, and Timmy was literally begging Ted to let him cum, however, his innocent pleas were heard, but not fulfilled.

Using his adult strength, Ted pushed Timmy's legs over his head to the point that both of Timmy's knobby knees were pressing sharply into the mattress, just above his head. From this vantage point, Ted could now stare, unobstructed by nothing, at the boy's breath stealing little poop chute. The valley in between those creamy muscular mounds was just as creamy, and nearly void of hair life whatsoever. Ted did see the light dusting of tiny, nearly transparent, hair forming just on the outer edge of the boy's asshole.

With Timmy's bountiful crack spread, Ted made out the bright pink interior that coated the boy's anal walls. As if caught in some type of powerful commercial grade magnet, Ted's face was being drawn in to the object of his perverse passion, and that is, the boy's love entrance.

Before Ted knew what he himself was doing, his nose was buried into the boy's bung hole, smelling like some deprived drug addict. The mild minty aromatic fragrance spewed heavily into his lungs, sending his animal desires into a frantic overdrive mode. His long thick tongue lashed out, smearing itself onto Timmy's fruitful treasure, lapping greedily like a thirsty dog gulping down a fresh bowl of water.

Timmy screamed, "Yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss. Thaaaaaaaaaat feeeeeeeeeeeellllllllsssssssssss soooooooooooooooo goooooooooood!"

Ted heard the boy cry out, but his passionate focus was on dining on the boy's sweeter than sweet bung hole. The more Timmy cried out, the harder Ted worked his tongue onto Timmy's puckering treasure. Eventually, Ted managed to ease his snaking tongue into the boy's ass, grunting heavily as he began feeling the searing hot heat, as well as the boy's anaconda like anal muscles.

Nearly thirty long ass eating minutes had passed when Ted was forced to remove his tongue from the boy's delicious anal canal. Between the scorching heat, and the boy's convulsing anal muscles, Ted's tongue had gotten too sore to pursue his ass eating affair.

Ted lowered Timmy's legs and immediately went back to sucking the boy's cock for all he was worth. In short, Ted still refused to allow Timmy to blow his extremely built up load. Now, Ted began taking turns sucking on Timmy's cock, then his balls, then go back to dining on Timmy's addictive asshole.

Timmy needed to cum so bad that tears steam rolled out of his eyes. His balls actually felt like they were going to explode any second now. More than ever before, Timmy desperately needed to unleash his load.

Ted, sensing the time was just right, went back to work on sucking Timmy's throbbing boy boner. This time, Ted couldn't hold out any longer. He just had to taste the divine nectar that this young gorgeous angel offered. Timing it just right, just as Timmy cried out, Ted jammed his right middle finger all the way up the boy's butt.

Timmy's body hiked itself into the air just as his cock exploded, firing off a rapid succession of sperm strands directly into Ted's more than willing mouth. Timmy went blind as his cock rifled off one right after the other, feeling as though his cum started its journey from somewhere deep within his curling toes.

Ted counted each thick powerful shot. Once he reached ten, Ted quit counting and patiently trapped the watery liquid inside his mouth, awaiting for the time to being the loving task of actually tasting Timmy's life giving seed.

Each time when Timmy thought he was close to being through, the finger plowing his ass kept on hitting some magic button, forcing his cock to fire off more sperm globs. In the end, Ted's mouth was bloated from all the boy's gooey cum. It wasn't until Timmy's cock went soft did Ted decide to go ahead and begin swallowing.

No sooner had the first tasty morsel trickled down his throat, did Ted realize that Timmy's cum actually offered no taste whatsoever. It was hot, definitely gooey, and he had lots more to enjoy. With each and every taste of Timmy's teen seed, Ted bellowed out loud growls and deep grunts. Without a doubt, Ted determined that out of all the boys he had tasted, this young beauty was by far, the absolute best.

Timmy's body was still shaking with a wild convulsion as Ted aimed his thick man pole in line with the boy's saliva coated asshole. Using just his saliva for lubrication, Ted pushed and pushed until the head of his veiny cock gained entry.

Timmy was still consumed with his recent orgasm, but when the thick cock head penetrated his ass, reality set in all too soon. He felt the fiery sharp pain explode in every bone in his body as inch by thick inch dove into his ass, deeper and deeper. Ted truly wanted to use more patience, but it felt as though the boy's bone crushing ass muscles kept on sucking his cock deeper and deeper into its strangling, slow baking, trap.

This time, it was Ted who cried out, "I'm innnnnnnnnnnnnn! Ohhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit your tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!"

Timmy was unable to reply for the pain was simply too intense. Timmy knew enough to try and relax, to which, that is what he is now trying to do. On one hand, the adult cock hurt like hell, but on the other, Timmy wanted this so very much.

Then, just as sharp as the pain tore through his body, it disappeared, and now the resounding pleasure of feeling a cock inside his ass felt totally awesome. Ted slowly began using his cock to work itself in and out of the boy's anal convulsing canal. It was Timmy who was hiking his butt up to greet the man's cock.

Timmy screamed, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck my assssssssssss haaaaaaarrrrrrrdddddddd!"

Ted obliged the boy's plea and began forcefully slamming his man meat in and out of Timmy's tight hole as if tomorrow would never come. Every time Ted jammed his cock into the boy's ass, his free swinging balls smacked Timmy's ass crack with a loud and profound sound.

Only on the rarest of occasions did Ted get to enjoy fucking some young boy, and now, now he was fucking the most gorgeous boy in the world, and the boy himself was loving every ass pounding second of it.

At this point, Ted was pile driving his cock in and out of Timmy's ass while he had both hands locked onto the boy's wrists, locking them down on either side of Timmy's head, while intensely staring into the boy's watery entrancing eyes. The look on the boy's twisting face was utterly priceless!

Ted, knowing he was drawing close to blowing his own load, and not yet ready for that to happen, rolled Timmy onto his stomach, position the boy into a doggy style position. Placing both large hands onto the boy's hips, Ted began forcing the boy backwards while thrusting his manly cock forwards.

Timmy was doing nothing short of screaming at the top of his lungs as the ass pounding pleasures filled every void he had ever possibly known. By now, Timmy began pushing his body backwards, timing Ted's thrusts with perfect flesh smacking thrusts of his own. For more self giving pleasure, Timmy began clamping down with his anal muscles, feeding his shaking body with more overwhelming pleasure.

Ted felt the boy's anal muscles as well, and all he could do was fling his head backwards and scream at the ceiling. While Ted was jack hammering his cock fast and furiously into the boy's rectum, Timmy eased his right hand onto his rock hard cock and began jerking it frantically.

For Timmy, it only took a few strokes to bring his cock into a volcanic like eruption. Timmy had enough sense about himself to cup his left hand over his sperm shooting cock in order to prevent a mess from happening on Ted's bed.

As Timmy's cock sprayed his watery cream, his anal muscles aggressively began attacking Ted's thrusting fuck pole. This was just a bit much than Ted could handle as his own cock began spewing its thick wads of man sperm up the boy's ass. Now, both boy and man were crying out as their mind boggling orgasms exploded violently within their bodies.

A few cum pounding seconds later, Ted's cock became totally limp, and eased itself out of the boy's commercial grade vacuuming ass. Ted gave a quick inspection of his cock for it actually felt like Timmy's ass had stripped the flesh right off of his cock. Seeing that his limp noodle was still intact, Ted lay down next to Timmy, on Timmy's left side.

Once Ted's cock slipped out of his ass, Timmy instantly felt a void inside his butt. Holding the man's cream inside him, Timmy flipped over on his back, eyeing in awe at the man's bodily fur. His left hand still contained the pool of his own watery seed. Timmy held it away from his body, angling it slightly upwards. Not knowing what he should do, he decided to go ahead and dine on his own teen cream.

Ted rolled onto his right side, seeing the puddle of Timmy's cum swimming around in the boy's left hand. Just as Timmy's tongue reached out to dab itself in the puddle, Ted joined in. Their two tongues graced one another as both began slowly lapping up the watery tasteless nectar.

With Timmy's hand now clean of his own cum, Ted and Timmy found themselves locked into a deep passionate tongue swapping kiss. Their hands slid over the others body while their tongues lavished in the others mouth. Timmy loved the way all the man's fur felt as he slid his fingers through Ted's massive chest and stomach hair.

A short while later, Timmy had to really use the bathroom. Once he was done, he got dressed and met Ted back into the living room. Ted looked lovingly down at the gorgeous angel, then whispered, "Timmy, my door will always be open for you!"

Timmy smiled back, then replied, "I'll be taking you up on that!"

Timmy stepped out of the front door to see all the kids playing in the park. His legs were trembling something awful, yet his sexual thirst had only just begun!