Howdy all, my name is Justin. To tell you a little bit about me, I am 36 years old, 6'2" and weigh a whopping 185 pounds. I have wavy short brown hair and like most people, I had a pipe dream. Actually, it was more like a dream come true. Being born and raised in the big city, I had always dreamed of being a cowboy. To make a long story short, I sold my home in the city and moved out west. Arizona to be precise. I purchased a 36,000 acre ranch already equipped with horses and cattle. The only thing I brought with me, other than my clothes, was my fascination in the fantasy world over young boys. The closest I had ever been with a young boy was in my mind while pounding my meat, dreaming of their hot little bodies and their inherent intoxicating aroma.

To skip thru all the boring details, I was out on my ranch riding my quarter horse and saw a young boy riding a light brown mustang up to the main gate. Naturally, my heart pounded in sheer delight as I headed my horse to greet the young lad. The closer I got, the more impressed with his natural beauty I became. He was a stunning beauty to say the least. His Stetson cowboy hat hung low squeezing his jet black hair under the brim, flapping at the movement of his horse. I could easily tell that his beautiful hair had been closely trimmed just above his ears, falling freely just below his shoulder blades. His natural smile stole my every breath. As we neared one another, his elegant voice sounded, "Hey mister, I'm your neighbor down the valley. Sorry, my name is Cody." His small right hand reached out and millions of sparkles of electricity flourished throughout my body as our hands met. I said my name and was guessing his age to be somewhere in the neighborhood between 12 and 14.

Cody's skin was deeply tanned as if he were of mixed origin. His teeth were perfectly straight and dazzling white. Precious little dimples sparkled upon each slender cheek. His nose was small, appearing to be in similarity with a button, but the most noticeable of all of his astonishing traits was his eyes. They were a deep enchanting emerald green, highlighted with his thin, dark eyebrows and perfectly curled, long eye lashes. Cody, was indeed, a vision way beyond any of my lustful masturbating episodes.

After speaking with him while both of us were still sitting on top of our horses, I found out that he was 12, soon to be 13 in a couple of months. He had no girlfriend, and really had no friends, other than his 10 year old brother. He only knew ranch life and probably forgot more about ranching in his 12 young years than I will ever know. While we sat on our horses, I could literally feel my mouth drooling just at his mere sight. His short sleeve pale blue shirt hung tightly only allowing my mind to crave the desire to someday hopefully see him shirtless. He wore Wrangler cowboy cut jeans and lightly tanned chaps. Even the boy's boots were a marvel for sore eyes. Black with an amazing design, pointed tips, and spurs that glistened in the light of the warming sun. Just to hear him speak sang sweet envious songs to my ears.

We talked for quite some time and I was a bit surprised to actually see how friendly this young western Adonis literally was. Every question I asked, Cody responded quickly and with so much ease, as if we had been friends for years. It came to the point that he wanted to do some work for me to earn some extra money. That part was the hardest thing for him to ask of me. Indeed, I could use his know how on many things to make my life as a rancher easier. I invited him to the main house for some drinks and further conversation. Cody joyfully excepted my invitation and I followed him as he took the lead. Many, many times while sitting on my saddle behind Cody, I wished upon the heavenly stars that I could replace his saddle. His legs were stretched widely around his thickly muscled Mustang and the dark fabric of his Wrangler jeans formed a skin tight outline of his spread butt. Occasionally, Cody would turn around in the saddle to glance in my direction. The more I saw, the more excited I became. He was so beautiful in every way. His delicate and soothing smile tore through my heart forcing my cock to become severely hard and cramped. Periodically I had to let my left hand slip free and readjust my hardened tool. On more than two occasions, Cody busted me while I was adjusting my man tool. He never uttered a word, just smiled.

Once we arrived at the main house, Cody refused to enter the house for refreshments. He wanted to sit in the rocking chair on the porch and look at the view. My eyes were stealing glances of a view of a different sort. Thanks to the tightly secured chaps and wonderful cowboy cut Wrangler jeans, Cody was either blessed with a huge basket or the mixture of the two formed a nicely impressive pouch for all to see. I got our refreshments and sat in the rocking chair facing him. My eyes dwelled on his crotch like a Hawk stalking its prey. The conversation at first was pretty much the same old thing. He wanted to know a little bit more about me, and I, him.

Cody pretty much told me everything I asked without any signs of hesitation or embarrassment. Up to this point, I never asked anything close to any sexual questions. Just a quick note to the reader. I have been gay for all my life, but I am one of those gay guys you can meet on the street and never know that I was gay. It wasn't that I tried to hide my sexuality, I was simply just being me. Other than my secret passion for young boys, my gay life was pretty much out in the open.

One thing developed into another when Cody asked, "Are you gay?" This question came up after he drilled me about a wife or a girlfriend and I had replied no to both. I looked into his eyes and smiled while replying, "Yes!" He sat in his chair slightly rocking back and forth and after a short few seconds, I asked, "Cody, does that bother you?" He took off his hat and placed it on the hat rack to his right, then said, "No, not really. I, I was just, I was just curious, that's all." Once his hat was off his head, I almost flipped over in my chair. His hair was brushed straight back and it was just like I had assumed earlier. The sides had been trimmed so that his hair was cut just above the sides of his ears and flung preciously freely beyond his shoulder blades. The top was kind of short with a mild spike like appearance. The boy was breathtakingly gorgeous, and my cock, which never lost its erection, began to twitch and jerk sporadically.

His little smile never once left his face as if it were permanently indented that way. We sat out on the porch for a long time and I told him many times I would pay him for any help he could offer. It was at the tale end of our conversation that I found out that his mother was full blooded Navajo and his father was a true blooded cowboy. This explained his complexion. I also found out that school was about to let out for summer in a week. Cody had to leave and I followed his every graceful movement with my wandering eyes. Once his back was facing me, I stole long penetrating shots at his jutting butt. He was about 5' 5" and couldn't have weighed no more than 120 pounds soaking wet, but he looked delicious in every single way. I watched him mount his horse and my tongue slithered out of my mouth as his right leg extended outward and over the saddle causing his butt to spread widely. Once again, I found myself wishing I was the saddle he was now sitting on. After saying our goodbyes, I had no other choice but to run in the house, tear off all of my clothes and pound my aching cock into a sperm shooting submission.

Just a quick note to all the readers. I have read numerous stories and many people seem to slightly exaggerate about the size of their man tools. To describe myself, or should I say my cock, it is a tad over 7", uncut, and quite thick with the head slightly thicker than my shaft. When erect, it sticks straight out with a slight upturned arch in the middle. I have had the opportunity to shove my uncut meat into plenty of butts and to the best of my knowledge, never had any complaints, or at least, not to my face. My balls are not the biggest and I keep them shaved simply out of comfort. I have never met anyone who couldn't put them both inside their mouths if that will help you out with the size. The one thing I was most noted for with all my lovers was my ability to shoot one hell of a powerful thick load. I can't explain how or why, but when I shoot, it slings out far and with a tremendous quantity to boot.

It had been a couple of weeks since I had last saw Cody. Everyday, I rode the range in high hopes of seeing my cowboy Adonis. It wasn't until two weeks later, on a Thursday morning when I was sitting in the living room drinking a cup of coffee when I heard a horse galloping towards the main house. I had no curtains and turning in my chair, I saw that the rider was Cody. My cock stiffened as my eyes zeroed in on him. I opened the front door just as he was getting off his horse. This time, Cody wasn't wearing chaps, but his Wrangler jeans formed a body tight outline of his fantastic physique. His butt was smaller without the aide of chaps, but it definitely had the shape going for a perfect small bubble butt. With both feet on the ground, I shot a quick glance at his crotch. There was a definite bulge as if someone only thought that they were carrying a concealed weapon. He was wearing a faded black t-shirt and had his hat on as we both stepped inside the house. Cody was standing still at the entrance of the living room and for a brief second, I could easily see daylight spewing from between his thighs. I couldn't believe it as if he wasn't already perfect enough, but now after seeing him stand straight up and with his feet together, he had about an half inch gap between his closed legs.

I gave him a glass of lemonade and I continued on with my coffee. Cody sat in the chair while I took the opportunity to sit directly opposite of him on the edge of the sofa. He had hung his hat up as he entered the house and all I could do was stare at this magnificent work of human art. I asked him how he did at school and he replied that he had passed, then turned the subject of conversation completely around. Cody asked, "Have you met any other gay guys here yet?" My response was simple, "No, not yet." Then he asked, "What's the youngest guy you've ever been with?" I told him about a guy I met in the city who was 19. My eyes darted up to his eyes and in between his spread legs during the length of our conversation. Every time I tried to change the subject, Cody would always manage to go back to gay topics.

Listening to him speak caused my cock to throb in absolute misery. His voice was so angelic and his physical appearance was simply astonishing. Here I was sitting in my own house ogling over a 12 year old boy. The same boy I had jacked off to more than five times a day since I first met him. He didn't act nervous whatsoever, but it was I who was sitting there with palms just a sweating and a hard cock twitching and jerking as if it had a mind of its own. We talked for some time before he said he had to get back to his own ranch. Just before he was getting ready to leave, Cody turned and said, "Justin, my dad wants to meet you. He wants to know if you can stop by sometime today." I shook my head yes and found myself pondering over the fact if Cody had told his father I was gay. I was so absorbed thinking about his father, I failed to watch him ride away.

Later that day, I rode my horse to Cody's father's ranch. Upon riding up to the main house, a man hailed me over to the barn. As I got off of my horse, the man introduced himself as Buster. He was Cody's father indeed. My cock once again grew hard while looking at this real life cowboy. Buster was somewhere in his thirties with jet black hair and a muscular physique. If I had seen him at a gay bar, I would probably been all over him. While we were talking, Cody walked up behind me and stood to my side. His father asked me some pretty basic questions, mainly about my ranch. He had been using some of my property for grazing his cattle and this he owned up to, but after I told him that was all right with me, instant friendship developed. He did ask me if Cody was pestering me about doing odd jobs for money and I never had to hesitate in denying such a foolish claim. I stayed for about two hours then headed home. The ride alone took about two hours and just like always, I stripped out of my clothes and masturbated while thinking of Cody.

Two days later, it was hotter than all get out and I was out in the barn loading hay. I had taken my shirt off and sweat poured from my body and Cody's angelic voice scared the living shit out of me from behind. I never even heard him ride up. I dropped the bail of hay and climbed down the wooden ladder to greet him properly. I saw him stare at my naked chest and stomach area. It wasn't until I had a ranch of my own that my body became quite developed from all the heavy lifting and hard work. As I stepped firmly onto the ground, Cody asked, "Need some help today?" I was still in the process of catching my breath when Cody stated, "My folks went into town and I told them I was coming over to work for you today." I thanked him and told him about what I needed to do with the hay and without any hesitation, Cody began unbuttoning his shirt. As per the case, my cock grew harder and harder as each button pulled free. With the last of the buttons unbuttoned, Cody gracefully pulled off his shirt and draped it over one of the rails. My mouth had to have been wide open while my eyes absorbed his naked upper body.

His tan was natural thanks to his mixed heritage and his little boy nipples looked like tiny freckles with a pinkish blend. His chest was well developed for his age thanks to the ranch way of life and his stomach muscles rippled with his ever move. Even his belly button looked to be like a small piece of muscle. It didn't poke in, nor did it protrude out. It looked more like two small perfect circles overlapping one another. >From the scenery I was drooling over, my eyes couldn't detect one single shred of peach fuzz, not even on his arms.

Cody stepped passed me and began climbing up the ladder. I quickly got in behind him with my nose just a few inches from his climbing butt. His butt danced back and forth as he stepped one wrung at a time. My eyes glued onto the seam that separated his perfectly shaped butt. His back muscles rippled as he took each step as well. Like a dog sniffing in the wind, I found myself doing my best to inhale any fragrance his tight butt may offer. Just my luck, no fragrance of any kind was offered and unfortunately, we arrived at the top of the loft way too soon. I was a bit surprised to see how easily Cody handled the large bales of hay. After about an hour, we finished the task with the hay and headed back down. Cody helped me for a straight two more hours with miscellaneous chores. Thanks to his know how, I finished with all I had to do for this day.

We were standing out behind the barn when I brought out my wallet and asked, "So, how much do I owe you today?" Cody looked down, still shirtless, and looked straight ahead, not at me, and replied, "Justin, let's not talk about the money okay. What I want..." He had paused for quite some time without making any eyes contact when I said, "Come on now, Cody you can ask or say anything to me without being afraid." He turned his head towards me for the first time since this conversation evolved and took a deep breath, then said, "I know you're gay, besides you already told me and I know the youngest guy you've been with was 19, but I, I uh, I would really like to know what it feels like to get my dick sucked." I almost fainted because I was not even close to being prepared for what he had just said. Thinking of the precise words, I replied, "Cody, you are absolutely gorgeous and if you were a bit older, I'd go down on you in a split second. Our ages are worlds apart and since the age is the issue, it would be highly illegal and I would go to prison if anyone ever found out."

He looked down in a sign of defeat, licked his thin pinkish lips with his bright pink tongue, then pleaded, "But, but what if no one ever knew. I know I wouldn't ever tell a soul. I'm tired of jacking off all the time wishing it were someone else doing it for me. For Christ sakes, now I am starting to sneak peaks at my little brother. Justin, I think I am gay cause all I can think about is some other guys dick. I've tried to think of girls, but a guy always winds up in my head when I'm beating off." I really didn't know what to say so we both kind of stood there leaning on the rail. He had no clue just how badly I wanted him and how hard it was for me to turn down his plea for a blow-job. Lord knows, I would have gladly dropped to my knees and devoured him from head to toe. We both had our hats on and I was searching in vain for something to say when all of a sudden with the quickness of a cheetah, Cody grabbed the sides of my face with both of his small hands and the next thing I knew, his tongue was drilling away inside my mouth. Our hats fell to the ground and my sexual hunger conquered my common sense with ease. I could taste his fresh saliva as our tongues slid over and under each others. Our bodies collided and formed a perfect seal as our heads turned for more penetration. His soft eloquent moans vibrated down my saliva slurping throat as my hands roamed his naked back area. Cody's hands squeezed and tugged at the flesh on my back, gripping with the gentlest of grips. His sweaty aroma shot up my nostrils and triggered off a vast array of sexual spasms.

The only aroma my nostrils managed to capture spewing from his perfect body was a mild hint of what I believed to have been equaled to baby powder. My hands trailed down his back and rested on the tight formation of his twitching butt. Not only did it have a bubble shape, it felt solid as a rock. I could barely squeeze the hidden flesh due to its muscularity. My tongue slipped free from his wide open mouth and began to lovingly lick the fresh sweat from the boy's upper lip area. He tasted just as great as he smelled. With my right hand firmly gripping his entire solid butt, my left hand traveled upwards until it reached the boy's beautiful hair. Like a spider forming a web, my fingers traveled throughout the black lair relishing in the smooth texture while my ears graced his every soft moan.

Cody's soft, eloquent moans told a story of their own. His eyes were tightly sealed and his tongue made constant swiping motions over his succulent lips as my own tongue licked and swabbed his entire facial area. I was lost in a world of lust and oblivious to the legalities of what I was now doing to a 12 year old boy. The same boy I had pounded my man meat daily just thinking about. My ears ignored my own moans as my tongue darted in and out of his left ear, only absorbing the sounds escaping from this precious young cowboy.

After cleansing both ears and completely devouring his entire neck region, my knees buckled forcing my tongue to travel quickly down the boy's chest and muscular stomach area. Cody groaned in sheer ecstasy as my snake like tongue massaged his unbelievable perfect belly button while both of my hands now kneaded into his steel butt structure. I could feel Cody's body shutter as tiny volts of electricity coursed throughout his young body. He was shaking and used both hands to reach out to his sides and fasten onto the top railing of the corral for support and balance. My hands reluctantly left his hot little tight ass and began fumbling with the top button of his jeans. The under side of my right hand rested on top of what I already knew was a 12 year old super hard cock. I could feel it twitch with the slightest of my touches.

It seemed that the lower my nose and tongue traveled down his delicious body, the heavier the baby soft scent became. By no means was it over powering, but his natural fragrance was not that of someone who had been outside sweating profusely for some time. My fumbling fingers finally managed to unlock the tricky top button and my fingers began slowly sliding the zipper downward. I could easily tell the boy was wearing blue boxers as the zipper slid down to its final destiny. The treasure that was hidden under the boxers tented the thin material to the point that even a blind man could easily tell that there was something impressive inside.

I had managed to slip his jeans down to the point that they were all bunched up around the top of his boots. Now, I had this magnificent creature nearly naked leaning against a rail just wearing his boxers. My tongue slid along the band of the boxers lost in a world that tasted so heavenly as my hands slid under the loose leg openings and began caressing the hard flesh of the boy's super silky, yet extra tight, butt. The top of his hard cock twitched and jerked under my chin while my hands toyed with his wonderful ass as my tongue played ballerina on his lower stomach area.

The world we both were lost in suddenly came to an end by the sound of three rapid horn blows. I jumped to the standing position as Cody slung his jeans back up, tucked his hard boy cock to a more comfortable position, zipped up and struggled to slide his shirt back on. As we walked back to through the barn, we both could tell that it was his father parked at the main entrance of the barn sitting in his 3500 Silverado Dually. Upon getting a little closer, I saw for the first time Cody's little brother. After viewing this spectacular work of art, I now could understand why Cody would take sneak peeks at his little brother. If you put Cody and his little brother side by side, it would almost be looking into a mirror. The younger boy was just as gorgeous as his older brother. Same hair cut, style, and color, as well as the same piercing emerald eyes. As I walked right up to the driver's side door, Cody's father smiled and said, "Hey Justin, this here little tyke is Mark." I shook the young boy's hand as he stretched over his father. The same tingling fingers ricochet through my body as when I first touched the hands of Cody. His father needed Cody to come home and help out on their ranch, so I was forced to watch Cody mount up and ride away. Just as in all the rest of the instances, I wasted no time in hauling out my meat and pounded the sucker into a spitting and spewing frenzy.

Two long days later, I heard a horse coming up the dirt drive. Peering out my window, I saw it was my dream lover, Cody. I was just wearing my pants and no shirt as he knocked on the door and walked right in. He immediately hung his hat up, rifled his fingers through his lovely hair, smiled, and tossed himself into the chair opposite the sofa. No words had yet been spoken and neither of us even thought to mention what all had happened just a couple of days earlier behind my barn.

Silence was broken as Cody asked, "So, what do you think of Mark?" I had just sat down on the edge of the sofa and replied, "I can see why you would want to catch a glimpse of him naked. He's the spitting image of yourself." Cody smiled then softly said, "Yeah, that's what people say all the time. But, uh, it's hard to see him naked. He always locks the door." Then I quickly asked, "Do you think your little brother has ever tried to catch a peek at you?" Cody let out a little laugh, then softly whispered, "Not really, but I did catch him with my underwear in his bedroom. I can't figure out why in the world he would be sneaking my dirty underwear out of the clothes hamper and hiding it in his bedroom." After chuckling, I responded with, "Well Cody, there is probably a real good explanation for that. You see, your little brother might just be like a lot of people. More than likely, he is sniffing your underwear." Cody tossed up his nose and made a priceless face, then inquisitively asked, "Sniffing for what?" Taking the bull by the horns, I fired back, "Let's see, he is more than likely sniffing for a couple of reasons. One, he is smelling the area your dick sits up against. You know, stuff like your piss and if you jack-off, you're pre cum or better yet, you're left over sperm. He might just be checking to see if you have any pubic hair yet. The other reason he probably is sniffing your underwear is your butt. He probably is smelling the area of your bung hole."

Cody snorted up his face then asked, "Why in the world would anyone want to smell another persons poop chute?" With a raging hard-on and a smile, I responded, "Let me explain this in another way. A way that you will more than likely understand. Cody, it's like this. You see yourself naked all the time and really don't think nothing of it, but for others, you are down right flat fucking gorgeous! You are one of those guys people look at and say to themselves, damn, I wonder if that guy even takes a shit, and if he does, there is no way in Hell it could smell like shit. What you see when you look into the mirror and think nothing of it, for someone else to see the same image would be a dream come true."

He sat in the chair and absorbed my every word. After sitting a spell, contemplating all my words, he cleared his throat and replied, "I didn't know guys could be gorgeous, just girls. Justin, do you think I am gorgeous?" Without having to hesitate, I fired back, "Cody, my eyes have never seen a more beautiful vision. I have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of guys in my time, but none could even come close to a comparison with you." Cody asked, "What do you think of my brother?" Responding back, "He is the spitting image of you. You are both unbelievably gorgeous."

Out of the blue, Cody said, "Justin, I never did get to thank you for kissing me the other day. That was the best and I'm sorry my dad kind of screwed things up. I was sort of out of line by asking you to gibe me a blow-job. After all, you trusted me by telling me you are gay, and I was just kind of wanting to feel what something like that would feel like. I'm sorry!" I immediately said, "Please, don't be sorry for anything that happened. I wanted it to happen more than you'll ever know. The age thing just sort of scares me. I really don't think I could handle prison and if anyone were to ever find out, that's exactly where I'll be going." Cody licked his lips, then replied, "I know and understand, but let's get one thing clear, okay? If something like that happens, I would go to my grave with it without ever telling a single soul. It would probably be different if I was forced to do something I didn't want to do, but Justin I can't tell you enough that I am almost 100% sure I am gay."

In the midst of our conversation, one of my ranch hands knocked on the door to tell me that they were heading to the south area to round up some cattle. After the ranch hand left, Cody looked more depressed than ever. I invited him to go for a walk with me and he eagerly agreed. We chatted, mostly about gay stuff, for quite some time. We had walked down a path leading up to the pond. During our walk, we both peeled out of our shirts and toted them in our left hand. My eyes strained to see his perfection as the sun beat down on his slightly panting chest. I watched his muscular abdomen ripple with each precious footstep.

We had reached the edge of the pond which was surrounded by Juniper trees. The ground was hard due to a lack of rain and somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that this was an area in which anyone riding up could be heard from off in the distance. There were some hitching posts right on the edge of the pond in which I draped my shirt over one of them with Cody following my movement. A slight trickle of sweat began rolling down his chest and splintering off into his muscular ravine of his stomach. We were facing each other, and this time, it was I who slammed my tongue deep down his milking throat.

While our tongues were embarked into a bitter battle, I had maneuvered his perfect body to the point that he was leaning against the rail of the hitching post. I sucked his tongue, licked his entire neck and face area before descending down his gorgeously tanned chest. As soon as my lips attacked his right nipple, Cody moaned ever so loudly. As my teeth applied a little pressure, Cody wrapped both hands around my head and damn near screamed, "Oh Justin, Oh Justin, yes, God yessssssssssss!" I took devoted turns sucking, licking, and nibbling on both tiny erect nipples before working my way down his chest and devouring his precious sweat from his heaving stomach.

Now on my knees, looking up and seeing his glassy eyes, I graciously whispered, "Are you sure you want me to do this?" Cody was panting as his solid little body shook and coarsely said, "Please Justin, please suck my dick. I won't ever tell a single soul, I swear!" My nose pressed against his lower stomach as my fingers skillfully unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. The baby powder scent was prevalent as my tongue toyed with his amazing belly button. After undoing his top portion of the jeans, I began to strain to slide them down to the top of his boots. Once again, he was wearing white boxers, and just like the first time, the side of my hand brushed up against his already erect boy cock causing it to severely twitch and jerk. My hands slid to the side of his boxers and I began slowly dragging the freshly washed underwear free from his profound erect treasure. As the fabric slid down just above his hard boyhood, my tongue worshiped the area called his pubic region which was completely void of any hair life whatsoever. I could now barely see the base of his cock and like the rest of his body, sported the same natural tan.

My right index finger slid between the top portion of his crack and discovered it damp with his mouth watering sweat. Unable to wait any longer and feeling my heart lodged in the middle of my throat, I pulled the underwear towards me while sliding it down. His boy cock sprung free slapping me on the nose. Just like the rest of my young cowboy Adonis, his cock was just as perfect. Completely naturally tanned, sticking straight out a solid 5 " and as thick around as a banana. Directly in the middle of his shaft, it bent downwards and forced the top half of his heart pounding boy cock to hook slightly to the right. The other impressive art form to his cock was that he was uncut. His dangling foreskin completely covered his cock head and the sweet piece of meat dangled a good 1 to 2 inches. Just a few tiny black hairs could be seen growing on both sides of the base of his lovely boy cock. Looking further between his legs, I witnessed two of the loveliest set of balls known to mankind. They were completely hairless and dangled a solid two inches shaped like two lemons, but the actual size was just a tad smaller than lemons. Even his nut sac matched the rest of his natural tanned complexion.

My left hand slid over and along each leg and not a single sign of peach fuzz could be felt. It was though I was caressing a silk sheet and not a 12 year old boy God. The fire from my nostrils blistered the top portion of his jerking cock while my right fingers of my hand fought desperately to open the tightly sealed entrance to the boy's extra muscular butt crack. Raising my mouth from his lower stomach, I began to slide my tongue just under the base of Cody's twitching foreskin covered cock. He groaned and moaned at my slightest of touches. His body shook as if he were going into convulsions. I licked the entire shaft before sliding my tongue into his dangling foreskin. His natural scent, delicious sweat, and fresh piss graced my every taste bud.

I am no stranger when it comes to sucking a cock, but very few of my former lovers were uncut. Most, if not all, were cut. It was a pleasure to see a perfect cock suck as Cody's and now I had the golden opportunity to actually taste this uncut marvel. Cody moaned and said a lot of strange things as my lips and teeth close around his hanging foreskin. My tongue had traveled the short distance through his foreskin and began gingerly stabbing the boy's piss slit. Cody's knees buckled as my mouth slid over the covered cock head while my tongue graced his super tasty piss slit. With the most slowness of a stalking cat, I worked my mouth all the way to his hairless pubic area. Now, I had his entire boy cock lodged inside my mouth while my tongue snaked its way over and under the boy's throbbing shaft.

With my mouth slowly working up and down on his tasty cock, my left hand began fondling his rock hard nut sac while my right fingers dug their way in his crack to the point that my index finger was pressing against the tightest and had to be the smallest butt hole I had ever encountered. His crack was wet from his sweat and his butt hole was doing its best to keep the finger from penetrating into its virgin depths.

Cody's fingers rifled through my hair while he moaned loudly and without even realizing it, he began to drive his hard boy cock in and out of my mouth. I hadn't been sucking on his cock for a minute when I felt it expand. Not wanting this moment to end, I pulled my mouth off of his cock and swallowed both of his tasty nuggets in one stealth like motion. His right hand instinctively went to his cock, but I managed to catch it before it made any contact. Cody was trembling like a leaf trapped in a storm and from the corner of my eyes, I could see his lovely cock twitching and jerking wildly. My left hand grabbed the base of his cock and began to slowly slide the tasty foreskin over his unseen cock head. As soon as the thin skin slid over his cock head, my mouth watered even more at the mere sight. His mushroom head was kind of round, yet mildly flat compared to his shaft, and a dull pinkish in color. His piss slit was small, but slightly open. My tongues swarmed the uncovered head like a bear finding honey. Drinking straight from the source sent my mind exploding with animalistic lust.

After completely swabbing his cock head, my mouth shot back onto the tasty Adonis treat, bobbing my head while increasing the suction. With the most devilish of thoughts screaming in my head, the finger that rubbed the boy's wet anus slid free and darted under his spread legs, resting just under my inhaling nostrils. The divine scent was like nothing I had ever encountered in my life. Slightly musky, but smelled nothing like from wince it came. Like some sort of drug addict, my finger began pressing inside each nostril for a better and more personal fragrance sampling. Cody brought my wondering and confused mind back to reality when he literally screamed, "Justin, um, ahhhhhh, I'm, I'm, gonna shoot, oh God yessssssssssss!"

In the heat of the moment, I quickly backed my sucking mouth off of his cock and held my open mouth just at the entrance of his gaping piss slit. His hips buckled a few times, then he kind of calmed down. I was still inhaling my finger watching his every move. If he was going to spray any load whatsoever, I sure as hell wasn't about to let any of his precious semen hit the dirt. I anxiously awaited for a few seconds and watched as his already hard nuggets become even more tighter in their smooth hairless sac.

Once sniffing the fragrant scent completely off of my finger, my right hand went back to his tight butt and once again fought its way between the muscular bubble valleys to strike gold; his hot little boy bung hole. Tears or sweat, most likely tears streamed from the corners of his eyes and the facial expression on Cody's face told the story of the ever present need to bust a nut. Opening my mouth, I swallowed the boy's cock all the way to the hilt and began sucking while my tongue rolled over the sensitive exposed cock head. My left hand cupped his hard nuggets and began slightly squeezing and tugging on them while my right index finger increased the pressure on the boy's unwilling bung hole. Cody's hands gripped the sides of my head with surprised pressure as he began to piston his boy pole in and out of my cock sucking mouth.

In less than two minutes, Cody screamed while tossing his head to and fro, "Um, ah, yes, yes, shoot, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I felt the boy's cock expand larger than before and with just the boy's cock head trapped inside my mouth, I felt the first watery hot splash of boy cream as it splashed against my more than willing tongue. Just as his first volley traveled through his cock, Cody's uncooperative asshole opened and just the fingertip of my index finger slid inside. Applying a little more pressure to his spewing testicles, Cody shot a good 7 to 9 stringy sperm missiles into my mouth. His little body bucked and he aggressively began driving his spitting boy boner hard into my mouth. His hairless pubic area slammed hard into my nose with each of his powerful thrust. After the last of his watery spurts, his cream sort of began to trickle onto my sperm covered tongue. Several large globs fell heavily onto my tongue and to my absolute amazement, the young boy fired 4 to 6 more sperm missiles striking the roof of my mouth. His sperm oozed out in globs onto my tongue and from the way he no longer slammed his love stick in my mouth, I could tell he was almost done. I shoved my mouth back onto his still rock hard cock and began allowing the smallest of his watery cream to slide down my throat. As if I were a judge in a wine tasting contest, I did my best to compare what Cody's sperm actually tasted like. It was hot, watery, and unlike the many others I had sampled, completely salt free.

I had milked the boy's cock free from his super delicious boy cream and had allowed the rest of his watery seed to join the rest of his wonder cream in my stomach. I was just about to pull my mouth off of his cock when Cody reached back behind him with both hands and jerked his tight butt cheeks apart, arched his back and made sort of a deep growling noise while clinching his teeth together. I had intentionally kept my finger in his ass still, but thanks to his recent motion, my finger slid up his canal and lodged itself while being literally strangled by the boy's ass muscles. Four heavy spurts shot inside my mouth followed by a slow, but steady, trickle of more boy cream. With the last of his sperm sliding down my throat, I felt his beautiful cock begin to rapidly deflate. My mouth regretfully plopped off of his now soft cock and my eyes looked upwards and saw my young cowboy Adonis clinch his eyes in the closed position. I had to force my finger from his tight asshole and watched as his young face grimaced as my finger slid from its hot tight chamber.

Once my finger slipped out of his rectum, the same devilish thought crossed my mind to sniff it. His eyes were still closed and I quickly raised my finger up to my nostrils and began inhaling like crazy. Just like before, but with a slightly more stronger musky odor was prevalent. My finger still not smell like what I thought it should have smelled like considering where it had just been, but nonetheless, I absent mindedly stuck my finger into my mouth and was instantly rewarded with a new profound appetizing delicacy.

Cody stood motionless with the exception of his heavy breathing and his eyes were still tightly sealed. After sucking and licking my finger to completion, I allowed my tongue to strike his shriveled up testicles one more time. Cody groaned as my tongue slithered up and all around each marvelous one. His soft cock danced across the bridge of my nose and I followed his movement as he slid to the second rail and squatted on it for more of a relaxing support. After licking each nugget with all the love I could muster, I stood up and sat down right next to him, next to his left side. His head hung low and his mouth was flung open. Periodically, I watched as his precious tight little body uncontrollably shivered with mild spasms. We sat there for a good five or so minutes, and I was still sitting as he stood up and bent over to pull up his underwear and jeans directly in front of me, giving me a splendid view of his breath stealing spread ass crack. The object of so much sniffing and offering such a mouth watering delight sprang into full vision of my binocular like eyes. His hole was tightly sealed and the color matched the rest of his tanned complexion with only the slightest offering of a pinkish color directly in the center of what has to be the smallest asshole in the world. It looked more like looking into an eye of a needle it was so small. I watched in absolute wonder as Cody struggled to pull up his clothes and maintain his balance at the same time. I knew his legs were still weak and he sought desperately to regain his normal breathing.

Once he was fully clothed, he turned to face me, as I was still sitting on the second rail, and softly uttered, "Justin, that was awesome. I can't thank you enough. I wish my dick was bigger for you, but..." I cut him off to say, "Your dick is just as gorgeous as you, so please don't ever wish anything more foolish as a bigger dick. It's more than perfect just the way it is." He smiled a heavenly smiled then asked, "So, how uh, how did my cum taste?" Licking my lips and smacking them together, I stated, "Um, um GREAT! Better than any Campbell Soup and more sweeter than Frosted Flakes!" Giving him a slight blush, we began walking back up to the main house.

Halfway to the house, Cody stopped, looked up at me and said, "Someday, when I'm ready, I'd like to do that to you, that is if you don't mind?" I placed my right hand over his right shoulder and silently whispered, "Only when you are ready!" Once we arrived at the main house, Cody hopped up on is horse, looked down at me and sluggishly asked, "Justin, one more thing. Did you, um, I mean, uh, when your finger was in my butt, did you uh, did you smell it?" Nodding my head yes, I spoke, "Yeah, I sure did and before you ask, I stuck it in my mouth too." With a smile as broad as Texas, Cody turned his horse completely around to face me once again, then curiously asked, "Well, what did it taste like?" I know my smile had to be wider than his as I stated, "Finger licking good!" I watched with a massive aching hard-on Cody riding his horse down my dirt drive. Once I stepped foot inside my house, I hauled out my hard man meat and pounded the day lights out of it, shooting the biggest load I had ever shot.

For the next week and half, Cody and I kept up the same routine. He'd come over and I would gladly milk him free of his boy wonder juice. In the barn, in the middle of a clump of Juniper trees, the pond, the corrals, the wood line, and pretty much, wherever. The scenario was basically always the same. He would pull off his shirt and his pants and underwear was pulled down to the top of his boots. We would kiss for a little while then I would take my time sucking his cock and working on his balls while my right index finger always found his extra tight bung hole. The only thing that became different was his stamina as well as his asshole didn't fight me as much to gain entry. Other than that, everything was always pretty much the same. As bad as I wanted to bend him over and devour his tasty asshole, I always managed to back off so as not to scare him. I had already decided that if we were going to take this to another level, it would have to be on his terms, and his terms alone.

It was a Thursday morning and I heard a horse coming up to the house. This was about the same time every day for Cody to ride up. Naturally, I opened the front door and sort of plopped down on the sofa just wearing my white see through bikini briefs. My cock was already as hard as a rock and besides, Cody had already seen me wearing these. I wanted so badly to feel his hot little lips on my man meat, but I decided today I was going to beat off while I sucked him off. I was laying on my back with my legs spread and my rigid cock was pointing straight at me when I heard the footsteps walking on the porch. My heart no longer thumped as heavily knowing I was going to get a stomach full of Cody's miracle cream.

When the figure of the boy darted in front of my eyes, I witnessed Mark standing where Cody normally stands. The younger boy stood his ground, all of about 5'2" weighing no more than 90 pounds, wearing the same kind of jeans as Cody. Mark had a huge smile on his face and just by a quick glance, I could easily detect the young boy was sporting some wood in his crotch. I could see his eyes transfixed on the outline of my erection through the thin see through material. My heart bounced all the way into my throat as I lay there thinking of what to say. Mark stepped a little closer to the point that he was standing closer to my feet with his body in between the sofa and coffee table. The huge smile on his face not once disappeared. Finding the courage to muster some words, I spoke, "Uh, Mark, um, I wasn't expecting you." His soft voice was just as angelic as his older brother's, "Yeah, I know. You thought it was Cody." After saying that, Mark sat on the very outer edge of the sofa nearest my right thigh, still making eye contact with me.

My eyes flickered as his lips moved when he spoke, "Justin, I know what you and Cody are up to. I see you guys all the time. I've watched you suck his dick nearly every day, but I have not seen Cody suck yours yet. How's come?" The thought of being caught red handed froze me dead in my tracks. The little boy knew everything and there wasn't anything I could say that would ever make any of this go away. Mark must have seen my eyes begin to haze over from the tears I was doing my utmost best to fight back, cause he stated, "It's okay, I won't tell anyone. So, what does my brother's spunk taste like? I know you must like it cause you groan every time he shoots it into your mouth." I gave up on the fear factor thanks to this kid being so damn smart and finally said, "Cody's sperm is delicious and as far as him not sucking me off, he simply is not ready for that step."

He was looking straight into my fluttering eyes then said, "Cody, nor my folks no about me, but I've been gay since I was born. Since school let out, I don't get the chance to fool around any." He opened the door on this topic as I fired back, "You are only 10 or 11. There is a lot to know about sex and Mark, you really are too young for such a thing." He tossed his head back while mimicking a fake laugh then softly said, "I'm a year younger than Cody and as far as too young for sex goes, I've probably sucked on more dicks than Cody has jacked-off. I've done a lot more than just sucked a guy off before." I was just about to ask like what when Mark leaned across his body and yanked my underwear down and over my small balls and slammed his little mouth on my uncut meat. My breath escaped my body as the heat from his hot mouth tore through the thin layer of my shaft. Before I could say a word, Mark had already swallowed a good five inches in his mouth and I could feel his tongue massaging my cock head through my foreskin.

His small right hand cupped my balls as he increased his cock sucking pressure. I couldn't believe this was happening. Mark's mouth was very skilled in the art of cock sucking and the technique his small hand was using on my cum filled balls was masterful. I took the opportunity to place my right hand on his scrunched up crotch. Due to the position he was sitting in sucking my dick, it was extremely difficult for me to get a decent feel of the young boy's cock. Mark didn't bother changing his position, he just kept up his moaning while slurping all over my erect man pole. When he took his mouth off of my dick to get some air, his tongue immediately fell onto the shaft as if he were licking a Popsicle. His fingers found my underwear and he began sliding them off of me. Naturally, I had to lift my butt off the sofa to allow the material to glide free. Now, I was completely naked and in total shock watching this young gorgeous cowboy Adonis work a miracle of perfection of oral pleasure on my rock hard cock. I was getting ever so close when Mark pulled his mouth off the thick cock and adjust his body while pushing my leg over him. Now, my right foot rested on top of the coffee table while my left leg rested on top of the sofa. He began using both of his small hands to gently torture my nuts while his little head bobbed up and down on my throbbing dick.

He must have felt I was getting really close to spraying my load cause he stopped sucking my dick and began rolling his tongue all over my balls while his little fingers sort of pinched the area between my sac and nuts forcing them further down in their already tight sac. The heat from his mouth and the fire blowing from his nostrils literally blistered my balls as he managed to place both nuts in his mouth without any signs of his teeth whatsoever. Mark took turns sucking my cock and inhaling my balls into his mouth for quite some time. To say he could suck a cock would be the understatement of the year. He showed no signs of his jaws bothering him or even tiring for that matter. He had skillfully built me up numerous times just to back off causing my agony of busting a nut to be prolonged to the point that I was almost in tears. He was sucking on my balls when his next move caught me way off guard. I felt his mouth release my nuts and the cool morning air cooled them off thanks to his saliva all over them when I almost jumped off the sofa when his tongue screamed up my ass chute.

His little hands pressed against the back of my thighs as his tongue showed no mercy violating my anal canal. Once the initial shock went away, I was all his to do with as he pleased. Mark's tongue snaked up my butt canal and I could feel its every motion. I heard him making his slurping noises and his gentle moans caused waves of spasms to scurry all over my body. I have no idea how long the boy drilled my asshole with his tongue, but it was not a short time, I promise you that. Withdrawing his tongue from my well eaten ass, Mark shot his mouth back onto my foreskin covered cock. I felt one, then two fingers shoot up my ass and by this I hit the point of no return. I tried to warn him but he refused to take my soon to be erupting cock out of his mouth. I had reached the point that I was too far gone. His little fingers inside my ass were dancing a song while his mouth performed surgery on my cock. Wave after wave of explosive man juice shot out of my dick and I could hear the young boy gulp down my juice as fast as he could.

I always shoot a big load, but I already knew that this one would be a whopper. My sperm exploded showing no signs of mercy and no sign of letting up, or at least not any time soon. I was looking down my body, staring at the top of his head when he sort of leaned up and strained to make eye contact. This vision was priceless. I was still shooting while his eyes were looking into mine and he was still graciously gulping down my heavy load. Thankfully enough, my sperm quit firing torpedoes and began to spew out a steady gob of thick cream. It seemed to never end as my body contorted from the orgasm spasms rifling all over me. Some time later, my once rock hard cock slipped into a slumber state inside Mark's still suctioning mouth. With the grace of an antelope, he reached up with his right hand and slid the foreskin over my cock head for the first time since this ordeal began and started to slowly lick the mushroom head clean. He withdrew his fingers from my ass as he raised his head up from my sleeping cock.

Mark was now sitting straight up and my eyes caught him licking his lips. Looking straight at me and with a huge grin, he said, "Christ, Justin, you shoot a huge load, but I'm not complaining. That was the biggest load I've ever took. Thanks!" I was still too busy trying to catch my breath as well as still being lost in the moment. I mumbled the word naked and that's the best I can recall saying as my eyes watched the young boy stand up and begin shedding his clothes. With his shirt and boots off, Mark wasted no time in shoving his underwear and jeans all the way down and off of his body. When he stood straight up, he was the spitting image of his older brother, Cody. His boy dick was rock hard standing straight out in front of his body a good 4-1/2" with no visible signs of hair life whatsoever. His balls hung low and were just a tad smaller than his brother's, but both nuts were equally sized. Just like Cody, he sported the same natural tan all over his precious body. His dick was uncut as well, but the foreskin didn't hang as far as Cody's. I could just barely see the boy's bright pink piss slit as it snuck just barely out of the boy's beautiful foreskin.

His hard dick had a slight bend in the middle of the shaft forcing the upper portion to bend downwards. Mark stepped to my side and stepped onto the sofa placing his small feet on either side of my ribs. Not a word was uttered as he lowered his boy cock straight into my already open mouth. Not to sound like the bragging type, but his cock was as thick as a Cuban cigar and I easily swallowed it to the hairless pubic region. Mark preciously yelled, "Shit yeah Justin, suck it, suck my dick!" Compared to Cody who was virtually the silent type, other than the moans and groans, Mark was definitely more the verbal type. I really didn't have to suck the tasty treat as he plowed his hard boy cock in and out of my mouth with a pile driving speed. Both of my hands reached around his small frame and latched onto the boy's tight muscular ass. It was just like touching Cody, Mark felt like silk. He had the same natural body odor as Cody as well; a faint hint of mild baby powder.

It was a awesome feeling having Mark fuck my mouth while his hairless balls bounced off my chin with each downward thrust. His ass was smaller than Cody's, but just as tight as my fingers fought to pry the muscular mounds apart. It took some doing, but my fingers managed to strike his little boy hole forcing Mark to arch his back as the first index finger pressed hard up against the tightly sealed orifice. His crack was dry as my index finger struggled to roll around the tiny bung hole. Mark leaned further forward and practically yelled, "Suck my nuts, suck em hard!" Without any need for hesitation, I swallowed both balls and sucked as hard as I could, rolling my tongue all over the silky smooth sac, caressing each lovely nut in the process. His hands fell on top of mine on his ass as my finger dug into the tiny hole, finally forcing it open enough to allow minor penetration. Mark's body locked up as he screamed, "Yes, yes, that's it, shit Justin, suck my nuts harder, suck em out of the sac!"

I have never met anyone who actually liked to have their nuts sucked on real hard, but here I was, flat on my back, completely naked with this gorgeous young creature begging me to suck harder on his balls, with a finger up to the first knuckle buried inside his anal clamping ass. I could feel my pre cum oozing out so I slipped my dry finger from the boy's ass as he pleaded with me not to take it out. With a huge glob of pre cum on my finger, I placed it back at his poop chute, and this time, very little resistance was met as my finger slid all the way in. Mark groaned as each inch of my finger climbed up his super hot and unbelievably tight ass. My mouth began aching from the pressure it was using trying to please Mark sucking on his smooth balls.

Mark raised his body upwards forcing his balls from my mouth and he quickly shot his cock back inside my mouth where he wasted no time in fucking the shit out of my mouth. My finger was rifling in and out of his asshole a mile a minute to match pace with his face fucking technique. His mouth was open, head flung back, and he was groaning in absolute ecstasy. No warning was offered as the first bolt of super watery boy juice erupted from his cock, landing flat on my tongue. He was cursing and screaming as shot after watery shot sprang from his spitting cock and into my mouth. Mark was flinging his head all over causing his beautiful long jet black hair to fly in the air. He didn't have a lot to offer, but I was more than thankful for what I was receiving. As far as the taste goes, had I not known he just shot his load and it wasn't warm, I would have never known I was swallowing boy sperm.

I was still sucking away on his dick and it must have gotten really sensitive caused he jerked it out of my mouth. His chest and solid stomach were heaving very heavily as he braced himself with the armrest of the sofa while looking down at me. Just to show me that he liked what was going on, the young boy sort of grinded his ass with my finger still literally locked inside it. I felt his anal muscles as they coiled around it and began breathing their muscular strength as a sign of victory.

Mark basically inched his body off of me forcing my finger to escape from his anal clutches. I watched him stand by the sofa and look at my cock. It was rock hard again though I hadn't paid much attention to it. He licked his lips, then asked, "You got some lube?" I nodded my head yes and he fired back, "What you waiting for? Go ahead and get it. From the looks of things, you're not done yet." He was smiling and pointing at my erection as he made his last statement. I struggled to my feet and wobbled to my bedroom for a jar of Vaseline. Upon returning back to the living room, the sight that mesmerized my eyes was seeing Mark already in the position of his choice.

He had placed himself in the single chair with both knees resting on the armrest with his head smashing into the cushion in which you would sit on. His gorgeous ass was poking out for any and all to witness. Stepping behind him, I had to take a moment and stare at this beauty. It was like looking at Cody's asshole for the first time. The hole was tanned like the rest of his body with the only exception of a slight pinkish color about the size of a micro dot. His asshole looked too small for a man sized cock to even think about going in it. With a slight hesitation, I asked, "Mark, I don't think it's going to fit. Are you sure you want me to even try this?" I was looking upside down to his face and he angelically replied, "Hell yes I'm sure. I wanted you to fuck me when I first saw you, just take it a little easy at first though."

As per the case with Cody, a devilish thought crept through my mind. I bent forward just within inches of his exposed asshole and began inhaling. I really wasn't sure as what I had hoped to be smelling, cause I'm not into rimming some guys butt. I have been know to do it a time or two, but it was only after I knew for a fact that the guy had a deep cleansing enema and a long shower, or soaked in a hot bath. The aroma that filtered through my nostrils was a concoction of a mild musk and a hint of baby powder. I slipped to my knees for a better access and with no rhyme or reason, my tongue instinctively fell onto the boy's gorgeous asshole. Mark groaned loudly as my tongue swabbed his anal area. It seemed like the more I tasted, the more I wanted to devour this young gorgeous boy's love hole. I was amazed as my tongue slid through the tiny opening and swam up his anal canal to its farthest depth. Mark was wiggling his ass onto my tongue as I forced my tongue to swipe the depths and charm his anal canal walls. In the process of dining on his sweet tasty ass, I was smearing the Vaseline all over my angry erection.

Mark began pleading with me to fuck him, but I continued my oral assault on his ass while my left hand squeezed, yanked, and pulled on his balls. I had enjoyed tasting his ass to the point I thought my tongue was going to fall off so I backed off and smeared some Vaseline on and in his hole. One, two, then three fingers began lubing up his anal canal. Mark was the one shoving his ass onto my anal plunging fingers. As soon as I removed my fingers, I watched in astonishment as his once finger filled asshole closed right before my very eyes, back into its tightly sealed position. Forcing myself off my knees, I guided my lubricated cock up to the boy's glistening asshole and applied some pressure. Mark pushed back while I was pushing forward. I felt the head pop in and immediately I could feel the scorching heat blistering my cock. Mark was besides himself with emotion as he yelled and shoved his little ass backwards, slipping a good four inches in at one time. His breathing became erratic and his body shivered from head to toe.

Waiting for the young boy to get acclimated with my cock up his tight young ass, I inched a couple of more inches up his chute to the point that Mark began shoving his little rump all the way onto my anal stretching butt poker. My trimmed pubic hairs smashed up against his delicious butt cheeks and to my amazement, Mark began gyrating his butt onto my cock. He screamed out, "Yes, yes, God this feels soooooooo good! Fuck me, fuck me HARD! NOW!" Placing each hand on his slender silk like hips, I wasted no time in pounding his ass like a runaway freight train. The sickening sound of flesh pounding flesh echoed off the walls, mixed with his angelic pleas and heart warming moans.

It had been far too long of time since I had my cock up some hot guys ass, must less an 11 year old cowboy God. After just recently releasing my load into his experienced cock sucking mouth, I figured I had some heavy ass plugging to do before I would even get close to busting another nut. After all, he was begging me to fuck the living shit out of him, so what's a guy to do? My swinging balls slapped his swaying balls with each and every animalistic downward thrust. Mark's right hand latched onto his apparent hard boy cock and he began jacking his young meat, matching my every thrust. His left hand found my balls and he gently started caressing them while pulling them towards him in the process. One of his fingers intentionally discovered my puckering butt hole and upon the slightest pressure, forced me to drive my steel like cock that much harder into his pulsating, muscle gripping asshole.

Mark shifted his upper body to the point that he positioned his open mouth directly below his boy boner while I continued my endless assault on his rectum. Upon each withdrawal of my cock from his lovely glory hole, I could feel his cock jacking hand strike my shaft. Mark was begging me to cum, but the urge to satisfy his panting request was not close to being present. His ass walls caved in around my pile driving cock and I heard him moan as his boy cock shot spew after spew into his own sperm drinking mouth. Just the fact that he was busting a nut and shooting it into his own mouth raised my desire and need to fire my own deserving load up his ass, but I could only feel it building up, not yet ready to explode. His whisperings for me to hurry up encouraged me to realize he must be getting a bit sore, so I increased my pounding technique, knocking the wind out of his little body with each powerful thrust.

I was getting really close until Mark shoved a thumb straight up my bucking ass. The thumb began twisting, turning, probing, and plunging causing my inner emotions to unleash gallons of man cream up his angry chute. With each shot of sperm shooting up his canal, Mark cried out in loving ecstasy. My mind went completely blank feeling like my piss slit tore open to allow the mass quantity of sperm to be set free. In a rage of defiance, I pounded the last drop of man cum up his convulsing ass until my once steel like member fell defiantly soft. As my cock slipped out of his completely sperm filled butt, Mark fell onto the seat of the chair and curled himself up into the fetal position. I stepped back and collapsed on the sofa.

From my vantage point, I could see his shiny crack and watched as his tiny asshole sealed itself back up to its original extra tight position. His little body heaved with each and every breath and I sat there watching him trying to catch my own as well. A short time later, Mark inched himself up and stood on very wobbly legs as he staggered to the bathroom. Upon re-entering the living room, still totally naked, Mark stopped right in front of me and almost whisperingly said, "Christ Justin, you shoot the biggest load I've ever had, not to mention, I aint never been fucked that long before!" To see and hear him talk the way he talks, he looks so damn innocent, but from his most recent performance, I could easily tell that this young cowboy was more than used to sucking cock and getting fucked, and not just by other boys his age, grown men as well.

I struggled to my feet and lowered my upper body so that our lips met. We kissed for only a short time, but the taste of his saliva, mixed with his own sperm, was well worth it. We both got dressed and he stood at the doorway, turned to face me and said, "I can't wait till Cody lets you fuck him. He's a virgin you know! Shit, I'd fuck him if he'd let me." He giggled then stated, "Hell, I jack-off all the time thinking Cody was fucking me. He wont even let me see him naked. But, I have watched you suck his dick and I can't wait for the time he'll let me do it to him." I tried to speak, but Mark cut me off by saying, "Justin, can you talk to Cody and ask him if he'll let me suck his dick? Oh yeah, see if he would be interested in fucking me too!" All I could say was sure and watched him walk out of the door and ride away.

Cody did come by later that day, and we did the same routine as usual. One thing was for certain. Although they were spitting images of one another, Cody was more of the sensual type, preferring cuddling and kissing compared to Mark. Mark was and is a sexual monster. He wants to get right down to busy and he aint the touchy, feely type at all. Suck and fuck, get dressed and leave. That's the way Mark likes it. Cody is a moaner while Mark like to cuss a lot. As for me, as long as they were willing to allow me to enjoy their bodies, I didn't care what they did or what they said, just as long as I knew they were completely satisfied when they rode away.

It had gotten to the point that Cody would come by most every morning and Mark would visit some time after mid day. This activity went on without any complaints from me for a solid two weeks until it was a muggy Saturday morning when Cody rode up. He always wore a smile and in my eyes, as well as most anyone who laid eyes on him, he was the most gorgeous sight their eyes ever viewed. My cock was already hard just seeing him ride up the road and got even harder as he got closer. I was standing at the entrance of the barn and watched him dismount and tie up his horse. With the ranch hands being off today and Cody knew it, I watched him step barely inside the barn and begin shedding his clothes. My mouth watered just thinking of taking his delicious hot sperm again. It always tasted the same as if it were just warm chunky water. Standing in front of me naked as the day he was born, Cody stepped back leaning against one of the rails on a stall. His beautiful cock was already bone hard as I dropped to my knees before him.

Today, I figured I wasn't going to simply just get his rocks off then we go do some work. I wanted to try something a little extra to break up the routine so to speak. I had sucked his cock and balls to the point that he was begging me to let him shoot his load. His intoxicating aroma was always the same with the only variance being sometimes he was more musky than others. Today, if there was any musky odor prevalent, I must have found away to psychologically block it out, cause there wasn't any odor like that, just the faint hint of baby powder. My hands had played with his solid bubble butt the entire time with just my finger tips rubbing the outer portion of his mind boggling butt hole. I did my best to stretch my tongue as far up underneath his hairless balls I could to taste his tiny rosebud, but my tongue just wasn't long enough.

By this time, I had sucked him to the point that today had been the longest time yet I had brought him nearly to orgasm, then backed off. Cody was almost crying as he pleaded with me to let him bust his overly deserved nut. Still on my knees, I looked up at his dazzling eyes and almost childishly asked, "Can I, can I eat, I mean, can I lick your butt today, please?" I didn't know how he would react. A finger was one thing, but I am almost positive he never thought of a tongue licking at his most hidden of treasures. He didn't say a word so I swallowed his cock once more and increased the pressure. When he got close, I backed off and started working on his nuts. I must have done this for nearly 15 or so minutes before my ears caught the magical words, "Justin, Justin, yes you, you can do it!" I knew what he meant, but I needed to hear him say it, so I innocently asked, "Do what?" Since the first time we met and started doing what we were doing, I saw him blush.

Cody hesitated then barked, "You know, lick my butt." I gave his gorgeous cock a loving kiss while using my hands to guide his body completely around. Both of his hands reached out for the upper rail as his butt was within inches of my soon to be ass eating face. From his standing position, almost straight up, his ass crack was too tight, but my tongue lathered his juicy sweet crack to my own frenzy. Cody just stood there offering no reaction to my gliding tongue on his muscular crack. I inched backwards on my knees and asked him to step back a bit. He did forcing his hands to latch on to the second rail. Using my hands, I applied a little pressure on the insides of his shins, and instinctively, Cody slid both feet wider apart. His ass cheeks separated giving me the view that no price tag could ever be placed on. His tiny hole was in clear view as my head began inching itself closer to the desired target.

My nostrils flared angrily as it touched his most hidden treasure. I really don't know what I was trying to achieve from by doing this, but I knew I wanted to shove my nose right up his gorgeous little rectum. After all, as pretty as it may seem, this was still an asshole and I knew it. My mind was in total control and although I knew what this was, it was indeed the asshole of the most gorgeous boy anyone could ever possibly hope to dream of. The smell was addicting in every way. No foul odor and no musky aroma, just heavenly innocent intoxicating Cody ass! I was still in my sniffing state when Cody questioningly remarked, "I sure don't know what you are going to get by doing thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" His last word was drawn out thanks to my tongue digging at his virgin hole like a miner panning for gold. His legs buckled and his body began shaking as my tongue mercilessly shoveled at the entrance of his vice like tightened backdoor.

His smooth silky butt cheeks warmed my face as my tongue drilled itself into his super hot anal cave. While my tongue was charming his inner most anal canal, absentmindedly, I had begun kicking my boots off and tearing out of my pants. Cody was groaning louder than ever although he must have been trying to silence his emotions by clinching his teeth. Mark's ass was the best ass I had ever eaten, but the ass strangling my tongue now, was by far the absolute best ever. Cody was so absorbed in the pleasures shooting up his ass, he didn't realize he was shoving his butt harder onto my face, driving my tongue up to the hilt inside his tasty rectum.

My thumbs pried at the nearest flesh of his tongue filled chute and apparently I was trying to stuff my hold head up his tight ass, but nonetheless, I couldn't get enough of Cody's five star ass. Cody released the rail and had bent over to the point that he was now clutching both ankles using the back of his head to lean up against one of the rails. His body shook violently as I tasted the uncharted territory that much farther up his glorious trail. Now, completely void of any clothing, my rock hard man meat danced awkwardly in the open, begging just like I was for a sample of the most tastiest ass on earth. Cody was groaning, moaning, and whimpering all at the same time as my tongue simply couldn't get enough of whatever it was I had hoped to find while probing up his anal chute.

Somewhere in time, my tongue slipped from his anal highway as my right hand maneuvered his uncut beauty between his spread legs, sliding it between my lips. His gorgeous cock tasted even that much better after having dined on his buffet like ass. Cody was shivering from head to toe as his cock throbbed inside my mouth while the tip of my nose pressed firmly on his saliva drenched asshole. Cody reached back with both hands and grabbed his own butt cheeks and began tearing at the silk like flesh to spread those precious buns of steel even wider. From his innocent body motions, Cody was stuffing his spread ass onto my nose while his cock slid in and out of my mouth with his every antic.

All was going perfect, but it was Cody who raised up and stepped forward, causing his hunk of meat to slip free from my cock sucking mouth. Taking one of the freshly cleaned horse blankets, Cody tossed it to the floor of the barn, looked at me, smiled, then pleadingly said, "Justin hurry, I want to taste your cock!" Nothing else needed to be said. I lay on my back with my legs spread widely for his dining pleasure. For the first time, his hand wrapped around my shaft and just from the heat of his hand, my nuts wanted so very badly to spew man seed. He was between my legs and I watched as he opened his mouth while staring intently at my foreskin covered mushroom head. The fire blowing out of his nostrils baked a line on my cock, then my body convulsed as his sweet tongue penetrated the foreskin and began swabbing my piss slit with the most angelic of touches.

By no means was Cody anything like a cock sucker like his little brother Mark. Cody had about four inches in his mouth before his gag reflexes kicked in, as well as the constant scraping of his delicate teeth. My eyes were closed absorbing the rewards of my young lover sucking on my cock for the first time in his life. It's a proud feeling to be with someone you know who has never tasted a cock before, much less had anyone dine on their ass. True virgins are out there, but there certainly aren't many.

Both Cody and I were moaning and groaning and all I could do was use my hands to massage his head through his velvety hair. Wanting more of Cody, I managed to guide his little frame into the 69 position, with him still on top. His cock found a home inside my mouth as my hands caressed his rock hard ass cheeks. My eyes hazed over at the tightness of my young cowboy's sweet aromatic asshole as it puckered as if doing its best to wink at me. His smooth hairless balls danced on the bridge of my nose as Cody began to slowly and unconsciously slide his cock in and out of my vacuum like mouth. I was in sheer Heaven knowing that Cody was sucking my cock for the first time, and from the sound of his groans, was loving it.

Cody screamed a muffled groan as I felt soft cheeks grace the sides of my hands spreading Cody's adorable little ass. Opening my eyes, there was Mark, on his knees behind my head, swabbing his own brother's flavored asshole. Whether Cody was that naïve or simply past the point of caring, he was gyrating his luscious ass all over Mark's ass dwelling face. Cody began working over time on my cock and I was doing my filthiest best not to drown the boy with my abnormal amount of sperm. Cody's gentle fingers taunted my cum filled balls while one of his fingers caressed the rosebud of my anus. I could feel his sweet saliva dripping down towards the base of my shaft, splattering gracefully onto my bewildered aching balls.

Just by looking up, I could see Mark shoving his tongue in and out of Cody's convulsing bung hole. I could also tell that Mark I had taken the time to remove all of his attire before joining us. Two beautiful boys, both brothers, both completely naked, one apparently unaware of the others presence, and then there is me; the luckiest man on the planet earth. Cody's hot little mouth slipped off of my cock just for a second to say, "Shit yeah Justin, lick my ass. God, that feels so gooooooooooooooooooood!" I still had the boy's cock in my mouth and he wasted no time in returning his own mouth back to my near erupting cock.

Mark shoved one finger up his brother's ass to join his shoveling tongue causing Cody to buck wildly and clamp down on my cock with his suctioning hot little mouth. Cody began humping his ass onto Mark's tongue and finger, driving his proud boy boner into my mouth violently. I had reached the point of no return due to all that was going on and did my best to warn Cody of the exploding inevitable. Cody didn't back off whatsoever, instead, he grabbed onto the shaft of my cock and began caressing the shaft while continuing to suck the daylights out of me. Just as my cock was fixing to explode one hell of a load, Mark went and shoved two more fingers up Cody's already befuddled asshole. Cody grunted as I grunted just as the first powerful thick wave of milky white thick cream erupted inside his mouth.

I could faintly hear Cody gulping down the thick man seed while continuing his moaning thanks to his little brother tongue and finger fucking his ever so sweet butt hole. I had just started to unleash my man cream when Cody's delicious cock began spewing its watery yummy load into my mouth. It tasted just as delicious as the rest of his sweet loads, but he wasn't able to offer me as much this time. Slowly, I sipped his boy nectar down my throat while my cock effortlessly sprayed the inside of his hot mouth with thick man cream. It seemed like forever and a day until my cock stopped shooting its load and began to ooze the remainder of the thick cream. Cody never once stopped, although he did gag a couple of times while swallowing the heavy juice.

With then last of both our seeds drained into the others mouth, I had Cody basically stay in the same position and slid out from under him. Mark continued his anal assault on his brother's tight ass while I scooted far enough out from under Cody to have Mark squat right on my face. More delicious bung hole for me to partake in as Mark began smashing his little bubble butt on my tongue for deeper penetration. To my surprise, Cody started sucking on my cringed toes while doing his own butt bucking maneuver on the tongue and fingers exploring his sweet ass. Mark's left hand fell on top of my soft cock and he began lovingly caressing the exhausted member doing his best to bring it back to its rigid state.

Unlike the other times I had been with Mark, he was fighting back his sexual urges to say anything that might cause Cody to stop what we were doing. By the way he was twisting his tight ass on my face, I knew it must have felt pretty good to him. Occasionally, I would let my tongue swab his rock hard little testicles whenever Mark would rise his ass off my face just for a split second. It was Cody who yelled, "Yes, yesssssssssssssssssssssss, eat my ass, fuck, it feels soooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!" Cody went back to work running his hands all over my quivering legs while sucking in as many toes he could on my right foot.

My right hand was slowly jacking Mark's super hard boy cock and I fought to lower it between his smooth legs and place it directly inside of my cock hungry mouth. Taking the opportunity, I shoved my left index finger all the way up Mark's saliva coated asshole and began twisting and turning it causing Mark almost to collapse. I must have been riding his prostrate, cause it didn't take Mark long at all to shoot his watery sperm inside my mouth. He fought back the desire to scream, but did however let a low subtle grunt escape his ass covered lips.

Unbeknownst to me, Mark had managed to slip three of his little fingers in Cody's well eaten asshole. Cody was humping and bucking like a runaway bull while slinging his head all over causing his long jet black hair to fling in the wind. I began inching my body from underneath both boys, resting directly under Mark. My rapidly growing cock began inflating just under the boy's spread ass cheeks. Cody was on all fours enjoying the feeling of having his asshole penetrated with three of his little brother's fingers, not to mention, Mark was still slamming his tongue as far up his brother's chute as far as he could get it. Mark's right hand grasped my hardening cock and just as I figured it, he started to shove the foreskin covered mushroom head up his rectum. It took some doing, but my cock entered his backdoor while still growing back to its rock hard state. The harder it became, the thicker it swelled. Mark was mumbling low audible grunts as my cock grew to its full thickness inside his tight hot rectum. I just lay there with my hands on the inside of his smooth hips while he started bouncing up and down, impaling his own asshole onto my man meat.

With the slightest of whimpers and thanks to Cody getting louder and louder with his every moan, Mark jerked his little body while slamming his young hot ass harder and harder onto my full grown man cock. I heard Mark spit a glob of spit onto his brother's asshole and felt him try to adjust himself into another position. By the time I realized what Mark wanted to do, I began shifting with him so my cock would not slip out of the boy's muscle restricting anal canal. By now, Mark was on all fours with me kneeling behind him riding his asshole for dear life. Mark began slowly walking on his knees to the point that he was now kneeling directly behind Cody's bunked up ass. Mark spat into his hand and smeared his sweet saliva all over his steel like boy cock. In one super stealth motion, Mark slid his fingers from Cody's asshole and immediately replaced it with his saliva glistening slender cock. As soon as the head penetrated Cody's rectum, Cody screamed, "FUCK, no, NO, I'm, I'm, it hurts, it fucking hurts, oh fuck it hurts.!"

Mark held his position and so did I. I felt Mark lean forward and Cody's head lowered all the way to the dirt floor while groaning from the anal invader prying his virgin anal canal wider than ever before. Once Mark had shoved his entire slender cock up Cody's ass, he began slowly fucking his brother while forcing my own hard boner to slide back and forth up his restricting asshole. As for Mark, he was in absolute Heaven. He was getting the chance he always wanted to fuck his own brother while having another cock rifling up his own cock starved asshole. Cody began moaning louder than ever as Mark picked up his fucking motion. He was feeding his own brother his cock while my cock was splintering up his chute with his every move.

I watched earnestly as Cody raised his gorgeous head and cried out, "What, what's happening, it feels, it fucking feels good, God yes, YES, fuck me, fuck me HARDER!" With that being said, Mark began blistering his brother's asshole like tomorrow would never come. With each of his forward thrusts, Mark's tight ass muscles clamped down on my own thrusting cock. I could see Mark's little hands digging into Cody's hips, using them as a weapon, driving Cody's body onto Mark's anal plunging cock. My own hands had locked onto Mark's hips for support and as a weapon as well. The smashing of skin crushing up against flesh flowed freely through the barn and dispersed somewhere out on the vast range.

All three of us were drowning out the other with our grunts, moans, groans, and unidentified words. Mark tensed up and leaned heavily against his brother's body as his cock began squirting his load up Cody's once virgin chute. While Mark was spraying his load, I was pounding his young ass into submission. For whatever the reason, I was not even close to building up another nut, or at least, not just yet. Mark had finished his orgasm and sort of used his hands to pry me from his choking asshole. Once I backed out of him, Mark inched away from Cody's still bunked up butt and sat down on his left side. My cock was angrily still hard and without rhyme or reason, I leaned down and tried to do my best to suck Mark's sperm from Cody's rapidly sealing asshole.

The taste was overwhelmingly delicious as globs of stringy sperm slipped from Cody's beloved boy chute and into my mouth. After Mark had just finished fucking Cody, my tongue made easier access to the young boy's inner anal canal. Cody was cooing and awing at every swipe of my tongue and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mark trying to stir around to rejoin back in on the fun. I realized Cody's knees must have been giving him some discomfort after being on them for such a long period of time. I picked him up with his back in the air and his head facing the ground and carried him over to the table in front of the horse trough, and gently placed him on his back. This was a short, but long table and from the position, I knew I would be able to fuck the boy without having to get into any kind of awkward position. Our lips met as my body pressed firmly on his. His rock hard cock dug into my flesh as our tongues collided. Relishing in his sweet fresh saliva, I was angling my rock hard cock up against his slick asshole.

Cody's tongue was deep into my throat when I pressed just the very tip of my cock into his bung hole. Once the initial entry was made, Cody shot a huge gust of fresh air down my throat along with one long and vibrating grunt. Although Mark had just fucked him, my cock was three times as thick and almost twice the length. Cody's body shook violently as my cock sank deeper and deeper, ever so slowly. My fingers brushed the skin of his closed eyes while my cock descended to its deepest depth. My balls rested firmly against his smooth crack and his tongue became frantic inside my mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began easing my cock almost all the way out, just to the crown of my mushroom head, then slowly sink it back to its hottest depth. His asshole was so fucking hot and so damn tight, I thought I was trying to shove my dick through the eye of a needle.

Mark had climbed up onto the table and replaced my fingers on Cody's eyes with his own. Their lips met as I leaned back and started cautiously increasing my rhythm. While their tongues did battle and my cock was beginning to feel more at home up Cody's chute, Mark sank his well fucked asshole onto Cody's erect cock. Cody's hands were roaming his little brother's back while I started to slam my man meat hard and furiously up Cody's muscle clamping ass. Cody's legs were pushed far up over his head and it was Mark who hooked them under each arm while creaming his asshole onto his brother's gorgeous love pole. Mark continued to use his fingers to aid in keeping Cody's eyes closed, but that probably wouldn't have matter due to Cody screaming muffled cries deep into his own brother's more than willing mouth.

Heavy thuds of me slamming my meat up Cody's chute echoed off the old barn walls, mixed with Mark's groans and Cody's rapid grunts. Some where in time, Cody let out one long grunt and I could tell by his sound and Mark's reaction that Cody was shooting his watery candy up Mark's greedy ass. The muscles inside Cody's already extra tight ass coiled around my cock like a python as the young boy was shuttering from his orgasm. This caused my own cock to explode with a vengeance up Cody's chute. I pounded every last drop up the boy's restricting and coiling asshole. Mark was gyrating his ass onto Cody's cock doing his best to milk his brother's cock from his delicious boy cream. Mark went to work on his own cock pounding the daylights out of it still holding Cody's eyes closed with one hand. My cock was still buried and oozing cream into Cody's ass when Mark slid up and guided his cock up to his brother's lips just in time for me to watch as the first wave of watery seed shot into Cody's open, but panting, mouth.

After the first two shots, Cody shoved his head on the spewing piece of meat and began sucking the watery juice directly from the source. Mark leaned back and I took the opportunity to slam my tongue deep inside the boy's heavy breathing mouth. Mark's body started shaking violently as the last of his boy seed slipped down Cody's gulping throat. My own cock was dead as a door knob, but lay lifeless inside Cody's still milking asshole. All three of us were panting and heaving for air as our bodies glistened from each others sweat. Little stars flashed before my very eyes and I felt extremely light headed. Mark still had Cody's eyes covered as I leaned forward and shoved my face into the valley of Mark's spread ass cheeks. No matter where it came from, I never would be able to get enough of Cody's sweeter than sweet sperm. I slurped and sucked for quite some time until I thought I had devoured all of Cody's boy cream from Mark's appetizing asshole.

I crawled up on top of Cody and our tongues met one more time. Mark inched off the table and leaned down and began gnawing on Cody's definitely sperm overloaded asshole. Soft angelic groans shot down my throat as Cody was in sexual bliss having Mark eat his asshole out and my tongue lapping inside his saliva drenched mouth. As our lips broke their seal, the story his eyes told were beyond priceless. His eyes were glassy and the smile he wore would melt any heart on this planet. One last gentle grace of our lips and I leaned up off of him so he could get a look at the person he more than likely had no clue it actually was. As Cody's eyes adjusted and saw Mark standing next to me, his facial expression was more of a look of confusion. Mark was smiling brighter than ever and I awaited for Cody to say or do something.

It was Mark who broke the silence, "Well big brother, how'd you like it?" Cody took a deep breath, then replied, "I didn't! I fucking loved it!" Mark inquisitively asked, "Do you uh, think we can uh, do this again sometime?" Cody smiled and fired back, "We'd better!" A short pause then Cody stated, "Now, you don't have to steal my underwear anymore." Mark replied, "Yeah, now I can suck your sperm out straight from the source." We all laughed and then Cody looked straight at me with more of a serious look and stated, "Justin, this may sound wrong, but I love you." Tears began sweltering in my eyes and Mark reached out and grabbed my hand and said, "I love you too, Justin." Cody scooted off the table and the next thing I knew, all three faces were being smashed together with tongues roaming the others mouth wild and freely.

I stood there at the opening of the barn door and watched my two young lovers mount their horses. Once they were on their horses, Cody looked down at me and asked, "Justin, can we come by tomorrow morning?" Smiling, I whispered, "My home is your home!" Tears rolled down my eyes as I watched the two most gorgeous boys in the world ride off knowing that tomorrow would not get here soon enough.