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Category: Gay - Adult/Youth
"I Can't Help The Way I Look"
By the time Colt turned all of 12 years old, he knew he was blessed with some of life's most golden treasures. Ever since he could remember, he was always getting endless compliments about his vast overall good looks, be them from family members, family friends, or complete and total strangers. He was being raised by his mom, and since he was the only child and his mom worked all the time, Colt was offered plenty of free time. They lived in a large mobile home park, and it was here that Colt truly began to learn life's little lessons.
Although he had never actually had any kind of sex before, Colt was no stranger at all as to the subject of sex. Since his mom was gone pretty much all of the time, Colt used the computer to educate his young mind on sexually charged topics. However, his most favorite topic was that of gay sex. He didn't care too much to watch the videos pertaining to those of the "twink" variety. No sir, not Colt! Colt loved to see men, big hairy men with all sorts of various sizes of man meat plugging another man's hairy hole fast and furiously. He loved to see some big hairy man dominate another man and have his way with him. To Colt, that was what sex was all about!
Many, many times, Colt sat in front of the computer, bare ass naked, gingerly jerking his 3 and 1/2 inches of slender boy pole while fantasizing that it was he who was being fucked, fucked ever so savagely. Often times, more times than not, Colt would ease his middle finger into his tiny butt hole while jerking on his preteen boy stick frantically.
Oops, here's the best way I can describe Colt. Like I already mentioned, he's 12, and just turned it two days prior. On his best days, he probably stands close to 4'9" tall, and probably doesn't weigh no more than 75 pounds soaking wet. Many would consider Colt to be the offspring of "trailer trash," but all forget about his living conditions because of his awesome beauty. He has long, jet black, hair that flows well below his shoulder line, and the sides are trimmed so that his tiny ears are visible to any onlooking eye. In fact, when eyeing the boy from behind, most everyone mistakes him for a girl. No, he doesn't swish and sway like some girls, but with his long hair and shapely butt, he's always mistaken for a girl initially.
Colt's black hair sometimes flows into his eyes, but he mostly tries to keep it feather back. His black eyebrows are of medium thickness, and his long upturned black eyelashes almost gives off the impression that they are fake, but they're not! The boy's eyes, ah yes, his piercing, heart throbbing eyes are the deepest of emerald green. No matter what, the boy's eyes seem to sparkle with blatant lust. Adults and children alike can't help not to notice the glowing magic in Colt's eyes.
His nose is small, and freckle free. His face is slender and centered in each smooth unblemished facial cheek are twin dimples. Even when he's not smiling, which is very rare, the twin dimples still embark their embracing impression on anyones glaring eyes. His dime sized nipples are a dark pink in color, and constantly rock hard. Flowing down his smooth chest, one can't help not to stare at the boy's sea of rippling stomach muscles. His little belly button slightly protrudes inwards, and as eyes dip even lower, only an ocean of creamy smooth flesh reveals itself.
There, nestled in between his smooth silk like thighs is his magnificent preteen boyhood. When soft, it is probably a good inch, but when hard, which is all the time, his little boy beauty proudly arches itself at a solid 3 and 1/2 inches in length. The girth is probably as thick as a man's thumb. When he stands upright, and his boy cock is hard, it kind of looks like an upturned banana. The cock head looks like a mushroom, pale pink in color, and slightly puffing itself a tad thicker than the shaft itself.
Colt's twin nuggets are completely void of any signs of hair life, and appear to be the size of an American quarter, and equally just as round. The sac itself can make any mouth water as it shines with a satiny hairless glow. By now, his balls no longer can conceal themselves back into their sockets and have dropped a good inch and a half. Oh yeah, and it just happened, but bordering the side of his boy stick is a total of 3 little soft black hairs. 2 on one side and 1 on the other.
From all the running he does, his legs are slender, yet muscularly defined. However, much to Colt's disgust, he doesn't have any hair on his legs, arms, or even his shins, not even peach fuzz. Colt's infatuation with body hair didn't seem to match his own body's development, or at least, not at the present moment.
Looking at his backside, it can easily be determined that the boy has no signs of body fat whatsoever. His back is solid, yet still boyishly smooth and small. Now, onto what many would consider his "feminine" feature. Colt's butt doesn't seem to match your typical 12 year old boys butt. It provides more of a curvier nature, one that typical belongs to a mid to older teen girls butt. It's overall size is small, but the shape and contour has some kind of powerful magical appeal. It kind of looks as though each cheek contains a football, kind of like two identical perfectly shaped tear drops.
The trailer park that Colt and his mom lived in was huge. There must be close to 300 mobile homes. Though Colt knew some of his neighbors, there were plenty more he didn't know. His best friend is Trayson, and Trayson is a year older than Colt. Colt just called him Tray as did most of the other kids within their small circle. Since it was summer and school was out, Tray spent a lot of time with Colt hanging out, and mainly enjoying the porn on Colt's computer.
Today wasn't any different than the rest, but Colt had been suspecting Tray of smelling his butt every time they wrestled. This time, Colt placed a mirror in the small living room that would allow him to see Tray. Since Tray was a lot bigger, and a heck of a lot stronger, Colt would always find himself in Tray's arms, upside down. That was when Colt suspected Tray of smelling his butt. As in the usual case, they started wrestling and one thing led to another and Colt soon found himself in the very same unique upside down position. This time, he was looking at the mirror as he watched his friend place his nose up to his crack. His suspicions were now confirmed, but Colt didn't do anything to stop Tray whatsoever.
A little while later, while both were sitting on the sofa, Colt looked over at his friend, glaring that heart pounding smile of his, then softly asked, "Tray, why do you keep smelling my butt?"
At first, Tray looked like a ton of bricks had just been dropped on him, but seeing that Colt's eyes were not straying from his own, Tray opened up and confessed, "Man, I don't honestly know! It's just that, uh, that um, every time you go out to get the mail or something, uh, you know those older boys, the fucking bullies, well I um, I hear them say all sorts of weird shit about you."
Colt didn't even blink an eye as he quickly replied, "What sort of weird shit Tray?"
Tray took in a deep breath, then spoke, "They sometimes say that you are too fucking pretty to be a boy, and sometimes they make comments like they'd fuck your ass to smithereens if you were a girl, and then I've heard them actually bet that you don't, can't, take a shit cause you're too fucking pretty. And, just yesterday, that big son-of-a-bitch Jason said that if you did take a shit, there aint no fucking way in hell it could smell like shit."
Colt softly fired back, "Tray, I can't help the way I look, but honestly, betting on whether or not someone actually takes a crap, and saying it can't smell is fucking absurd."
After a brief pause, Colt tossed in a question, "Sooooooooooo Tray, did you find whatever it was you were smelling for.... Smelling my ass?"
Tray's voice sounded, "Uh, well uh, I actually didn't smell anything accept the washing powders lingering on your pants."
Colt knew his friend was a bit embarrassed, so he decided to drop the subject altogether. The two went about playing as usual, more so, watching porn on Colt's computer. The longer they watched the porn movie (straight porn), the harder both cocks seemed to grow. Colt stood to Tray's left side while Tray sat in the chair. Colt couldn't help not to notice the small bulge protruding in his friend's crotch area. By this point, all Tray had to do was give Colt some kind of signal and Colt would have eagerly jumped on Tray's cock and sucked it. Though he had never sucked a cock before, Colt already knew that was something he longed to do.
In all honesty, Tray did absolutely nothing, sexual wise that is, for Colt. Colt just wanted to have sex, sex with any male at this point. If he could have his preference, Colt would have gladly had Tray change places with some man, an older man at that. As the day progressed, nothing sexual ever happened between Colt and Tray, but when they went outside to walk the streets, Colt paid more attention to the older guys milling around all over their mobile home park. He saw a couple of grown men who were raking their small yards stop as he walked passed. Colt could feel eyes lurking on his body with each and every step he took. Instead of feeling uneasy like most normal preteens would have, Colt found all of this eyeing exciting. His little boy cock throbbed with eagerness, beckoning in vain to be set free from his clothing's confinement.
The two boys walked up to the community playground and sat down at one of the eight picnic tables. Initially, their conversation was nothing more than mere gibberish, but when one of the older boys, a boy in his upper teens named Brandon, walked up to them, the conversation quickly changed.
Brandon placed his right foot close to Colt's left butt cheek, glaring deep into Colt's mystifying eyes, forced a light chuckle and a smirk, then softly said, "You know something little man, if you was a girl, I'd fuck the hell out of you!"
Colt was not one to back down from anything or anyone, and as he stared right back into Brandon's eyes, Colt fired right back, "Yeah, but if I was a girl, what makes you think I'd even give you the time of day, much less a piece of ass?"
Brandon's facial features swarmed a mood of pure anger as he stepped back, flipped up his right middle finger, then blurted, "Fuck you bitch!"
Colt, again not settling until he got the last word in, yelled, "NO, fuck you! Besides, in order to fuck someone, you'd better grow a dick you punk bitch mother fucker!"
By now, Tray was trying his best to get Colt to stop with the slurs. Tray knew Brandon well enough to know that he wasn't going to keep walking away. With a bit of pleading, Tray managed to get Colt to let it go, and once Colt settled down just a bit, Tray leaned over and whispered, "See, I told you that's the kind of shit those bullies talk about you. I wasn't lying!"
Colt had his head lowered so that it was facing the top of the picnic table when he heard a sharp voice sound heavily into his ears, "Well, well, well, look what we got here boys. If it isn't Tray and his little girly friend."
Colt reared his head up to see 5 older teens milling around the picnic table. All of them were in the 17, 18, & 19 year old age range. The leader of the pack, the one who spoke, is Nick. Colt didn't have to be told about these boys reputation, especially Nick's. Nick was well know to be a guy you didn't fool around with. In Colt's eyes, Nick stood about 6'3", and weighed a pretty solid 220 pounds with a mop of curly brown hair.
Nick sat down on top of the picnic table, directly in front of Colt, peering sharply into Colt's eyes. Nick was grinning as he started looking all around to see his pack surrounding the table, then bravely spat out, "Damn, you sure as shit is one pretty mother fucker, you know that right?"
Colt nervously replied, "I can't help the way I look."
Nick chuckled briefly, then more of a stern look crossed his face as he resumed speaking, "I don't give a flat fuck! Boy, if you keep wiggling that pretty little ass of yours, I can guarantee you the fucking of a lifetime! Hell, Marty here swears up and down that your little boy pussy can't stink. Jim there, that sick fuck, actually believes something as pretty as you can't take a shit. See that big fat fucker there? (Pointing to his left) That's Tim, and he's betting the farm that if you do take a shit, there aint no fucking way in hell it'll smell like shit. Me, well I uh, I wouldn't mind looking at you while I cram this big fucking cock straight up your ass and listen to you scream in fucking agony. Would you like that pretty boy, huh, would you like to be our little bitch? Yeah, I bet you would! I bet you would love to suck our cocks, and let us fuck you any mother fucking time we want, wouldn't you?"
Colt wanted to say something, but his mind raced to find the precise wording. He knew that Nick was the kind of guy who hit first, then asked questions later. Apparently, Colt must have taken too long, cause Nick reached out with both hands and grabbed the front of Colt's shirt, raising his entire body of the picnic table's seat.
Colt could see the fire in Nick's eyes, but before Nick had a chance to speak, another voice sounded from somewhere behind Nick's back, "Why don't you grab me like that?"
Nick released Colt, and when Nick spun around, Colt saw a man quickly walking towards them. The man had on a tank top, and Colt could see the mass black curls of chest hairs proudly presenting themselves for his eyes pleasure. The man, a man Colt did not know, walked directly up to where Nick was standing. It was then that Colt studied the man's physique with intricate details. The man was taller than Nick, barrel chested, standing a good 6'5", and had to have weighed a muscularly 250 or so pounds. He had a thick, yet trimmed, jet black mustache and deep brown eyes. From the shorts he was wearing, the man's thighs were thick and hairy, yet booming with muscle solidarity. Even the man's shins was thickly layered in jet black hair, all of which was doing something to Colt's wild emotions. If Colt had to guess the man's age, he would have guessed him to be somewhere in his mid 40's.
The man stood in front of Nick, and with anger in his voice, and teeth clinched, said, "You guys think you are tough picking on boys you know you can intimidate. Why don't you try that shit on me and see where it will get you? (Now, it was Nick's turn to look petrified) Here's the deal boys, I heard everything you said, but here's your one and only warning. If anything happens to either of these two boys, I'll be bringing the hounds of hell to your front door. And if I come a calling, you'll be meeting your maker! Understand?"
Nick's voice cracked as he chirped, "Uh, yes, um, yes sir."
One by one, the man made each boy acknowledge his warning, then once the last boy nervously agreed, the man made all of them leave the area. The man's back was facing Colt as he made sure that the bullies departed the area. Colt saw the mass of black fur displaying itself from the top of the back of the man's tank top. Colt's mouth watered profusely and his little boy cock not only was reenergized, but now it was throbbing like crazy.
The man spun around and took a seat opposite of Colt and Tray, sitting directly across from Colt, held out his right hand, then said, "Name's Josh Walker, but my friends just call me Josh."
Colt felt the power of the man's grip, and so did Tray as they politely told Josh their names. After the initial greeting, Josh asked, "So, what was all that about?"
Tray quickly piped in, saying, "They got a thing for Colt here. And it's not just them either, there's another group of bullies that kind of hang out at the front of the park. They think that Colt is pretty, too pretty to be a boy, and they want to fuck him. Heck sir, some of them are betting whether or not Colt even takes a dump, and some of the others bet on whether or not it would smell. You know, stuff like that. The bullies you just ran off wanted to make Colt their personal little bitch, um, making him suck their cocks and take it up his ass whenever they wanted."
Josh listened carefully, and while Tray spoke, he simply couldn't resist admiring the little boy beauty seated across from him. Though he didn't condone those bullies actions, he did however understand their infatuation over young Colt. Josh had always been a lover of young boys, but in his lifetime, only had the opportunity to actually make love to a young boy twice. One boy was 14 and the other was 17, but both times were unforgettable events. In fact, when he moved into the mobile home park, he intentionally waited until a space became vacant across from the community park so he could pervertedly spy on young boys as they played in the swimming pool, or simply played in the grassy area. Now, he was seated across from the most beautiful boy his eyes had ever seen.
Through general conversation, Josh found out both of the boys ages. Just when their conversation was winding up, Josh made a profound statement, "You know guys, you two are very lucky in many, many ways. At your age, you have the whole world at your fingertips. You both have been blessed with beauty, and right now you both have the beauty of youth on your side. Damn, if only I could go back in time. When I was your age, there was plenty of people foaming at the mouth to suck me off, but I was too chicken shit or close minded to go through with it. Yeah, I can even remember a guy who lived three houses down from me who literally begged me to let him suck my cock, but I didn't let him for whatever the reason. Uh huh, if I could go back in time, I wouldn't give a crap who sucked me off, cause there's nothing like a good old fashioned blow-job!"
As Josh spoke, he eyed both boys to see the reactions on their faces. Both boys were smiling and Josh could see Tray reach under the table, obviously readjusting his boy cock. Seeing the boy's arm movement, Josh blatantly asked, "C'mon now, I'm sure two studs like yourselves must be getting your peckers sucked on a regular basis, now aint that right?"
Tray, not known for being shy, quickly replied, "No sir, aint nobody ever asked me to suck it."
Josh looked over at Colt, and Colt kind of hesitated, but managed to squeak, "No sir, not just yet!"
Josh broke out into a loud bellowing laughter, and once it subsided, he stated while standing up, "Oh man, you boys must be pulling my leg. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to worship your cocks. Well, anyways, thanks for pulling my leg, but if ever you want to come over and chat, I live right there in lot #165. You don't need no invitation, just come on over anytime you feel like it."
Colt had no problem eyeing the profound huge bulge all balled up inside Josh's shorts as he stood up. In fact, Tray saw it too. Both boys sat silent, and both of their young minds raced with a wide variety of thoughts. After a short while, they started walking back towards the area they live in. Tray went to his home while Colt walked the short distance to his own.
After his supper, Tray went and took his shower. While he was soaping himself up, all he could think about was having his cock sucked. Tray, a boyish 13 years of age, stood 5'6 and weighed 135 pounds. He has shaggy bright red hair, a slender face covered with freckles, in fact, his entire body is a mass of tiny freckles. He has a small tuft of bright red pubic hair and when erect, his creamy colored boy cock stands straight out a good 5 inches with a mild downwards arch. His cock is about as thick as the stalk of a normal sized carrot, and both of his hairless balls are egg shaped, and about the size of small chicken eggs. Right now, his cock throbbed constantly, and the longer he soaped his freckled body up, the more his mind replayed everything Josh had said much earlier.
Just like Colt, Tray was being raised by his mom. Once he was done with his bathroom routing, Tray became even more hornier, so he slipped on a pair of baggy shorts, intentionally leaving out the need for underwear and a  shirt, put his small feet into his flip flops and darted right out of the door. Once outside, Tray peered over at Colt's just to make sure his best friend wasn't watching, then quickly proceeded to head towards Josh's home. With each and every step, Tray was becoming more and more torn with varied emotions. He was nervous as hell, yet excited to possibly get his dick sucked for the first time.
The 8 minute walk ended when Tray opened up the gate and walked on the sidewalk up to Josh's front door. It was dark outside and he could see a dim light in what he believe to be the living room area. His right hand shook feverishly as his bare knuckles lightly tapped on the front door. Within seconds, the door flung open and Josh and Tray's eyes met. Josh looked around for any possible on-lookers, then politely invited Tray inside. Tray immediately walked over and sat on the sofa, followed by Josh who was only wearing shorts. Tray got a harsh eyeful of the man's hair covered body.
Josh softly spoke, "What brings you over Tray?"
Tray's eyes roamed the room, as his nervousness kicked into high gear, "I uh, I um, um, I was kind of uh, uh, I was thinking about what you said, and I uh, um, was hoping to uh, uh..."
Josh had a pretty good idea what the boy was trying to say, so he quickly interjected before the boy had time to change his mind, "Let me help you out and guess. You'd like me to suck you off, is that right?"
Tray nodded his head, acknowledging that Josh was right. Josh slid over so that he was now just a few short inches from Tray, then whispered, "You know Tray, if I do this for you, you know you can't ever tell anyone, not even Colt. You understand that right?"
Tray again nodded in agreement, then Josh whispered, "Okay, I'd love to, but first, I want you to look me into my face and tell me exactly what you want. You don't have to be nervous around me, so loosen up a bit, okay?"
Tray eased his face to look into Josh's manly face, taking in a deep breath then exhaling, nervously whispered, "Okay! I'd like for you to suck my dick!"
Josh slid down off of the sofa, resting his body on both of his knees, then reached out, latching his fingers onto the top button of the boy's shorts, unbuttoning it, then proceeded to lower the zipper until the fly area was completely open. Josh swallowed hard as he saw the creamy colored hard shaft and the brilliant bright red tuft of boy bush guarding its mouth watering treasure. Hooking the sides of Tray's shorts, Josh began easing them towards them. Tray instinctively hoisted his butt upwards, allowing the man to remove his shorts with very little effort.
Josh stared at the boy's five inches of glorious teen pride, then whispered, "My God Tray, you have yourself one hell of a beautiful cock. And those balls look mighty full too. Can you cum yet?"
No longer feeling uneasy about things, although Tray was now bare ass naked, he proudly shot back, "Hell yeah I can shoot cum, and its been a good two days since I last jacked-off too!"
That was music to Josh's ears as he lowered his face and easily sucked in both of the boy's hairless balls. Tray immediately slung his legs upwards and wider apart as the sudden rush of overwhelming ecstasy shot through his body. While Josh's mouth toyed with the boy's balls, he allowed his left middle finger to dance freely in between Tray's slightly spread butt crack, pondering the area directly onto the boy's asshole.
Tray was besides himself with wild never before felt emotions. It felt like his balls were being slowly baked and the finger touching his asshole was doing something even extra special to his already wildly bucking body. Josh soon released Tray's balls and starting at the very base, began licking all over the boy's pulsating shaft until finally reaching the very tip of the circumcised mushroom shaped cock head.
The boy cried out in pure rapture as Josh easily slid his lips all the way down the boy's shaft, burying his nose into the small tuft of fiery red pubic hair. The smell alone sent chills racing up and down Josh's hairy back. A slight musk mixed with a faint aroma of scented soft soap shot up into each of Josh's inhaling nostrils as he moaned at the texture of Tray's teen stalk. His mouth had only been on Tray's cock for about 45 seconds when he felt the boy's cock rapidly expand. Knowing the teen was on the very verge of blowing his load, Josh peeled his suctioning mouth off of the boy's cock, pushing the teen's legs higher into the air, and quickly began jabbing his tongue directly on Tray's hairless lightly brown tinted tiny asshole.
Feeling the man's thick, super hot, tongue slashing at his asshole sent Tray shooting off into another world. Yes, the boy's immediate reaction was one of pure disgust, after all, this was his asshole, but just as quick, maybe even faster, nothing but pure pleasure exploded throughout every pore of his shaking young body. While Josh prodded, licked, and probed Tray's virgin anus, he was using his left thumb to gently caress each of Tray's cum bloated balls. Using just the fingers of his right hand, Josh slid his hand upwards, marveling over the boy's baby soft texture, until his fingers grasped the tiny pale pink left nipple, where he began tweaking, pulling, and lightly pinching... Sending more electric pleasures shooting throughout Tray's already uncontrollable shaking body.
Within minutes, Josh worked his mouth back onto Tray's cock, knowing full well that the boy wouldn't be able to last long. Just as he predicted, Josh hadn't sucked the boy's cock for 30 seconds when Tray screamed, then Josh felt the rapid gush of watery nectar explode inside his mouth. Blast after watery ropey cum shot into Josh's mouth, and Josh sucked harder and harder until the last of Tray's teenage cream had been successfully vacuumed from the boy's still rock hard teenage chunk of heavenly meat.
Keeping his mouth firmly implanted on Tray's hard cock, Josh sampled the boy's cum for the first time. Josh could hear himself moan as his taste buds detected a salty taste, and a very mild bitterness, more so tart, glowing taste. Nonetheless, the cum he was now swallowing belonged to a 13 year old boy, and to Josh, that made all the difference in the world.
After swallowing the last of Tray's teen cum, Josh backed his mouth off the boy's cock, then simply asked, "So Tray, how was it? How'd you like your first blow-job?"
Tray's young mind was still reeling from the most intense orgasm in his young life. After a few short seconds, Tray finally managed to offer a reply, "Oh my God, that uh, um, that was the best feeling in the world. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and when you put your tongue on my butt hole, shhhhhhhhhhh, I can't even begin to describe how that felt."
Josh smiled, then stated, "I'll take that as you liked it. Hopefully, you'll come around more often now so I can drain those lovely balls of yours!"
Firing right back, Tray said, "Ohhhhhhhhhh hell yeah I'll be back!"
Taking the bulls by the horn so to speak, Josh inquisitively asked, "Tell me something Tray. Have you and Colt ever done anything like this together?"
Tray replied, "Nope!"
Josh retaliated with yet another question, "Okay, but I'm sure you've seen Colt naked a few times. What does he look like naked?"
Tray made a smacking noise, then said, "I aint never seen him naked."
Tossing caution out the window, Josh then softly stated, "Who knows, maybe in time he'll want to enjoy the same thing you've just enjoyed, and will be enjoying from now on. Maybe you can talk to him a bit, you know, kind of hint around at things and see what his reaction is, but just don't go and tell him about what we just did. Just give him some hints about this sort of thing and see what his reaction is, okay?"
Tray agreed, put his shorts back on, and just as he was about to open the door and leave, turned to face Josh, then softly asked, "Josh, did my um, butt taste okay?"
Josh smiled, patted Tray on top of his head, then replied, "Tasted great and I look forward to dining on such a splendid treat again!"
During the time Josh and Tray spent together, Colt was home, sitting in front of his computer, stark naked, whacking away at his throbbing 3 1/2 inches of rock hard preteen boy meat while watching with dire intent at some hairy man fuck another hairy man using what looked like about 9 inches of pile driving bull meat. What Colt liked to do was just when he got close, he would stop jacking and patiently wait until the "feeling" subsided, then go back to jacking away.
The porn movie ended faster than he had hoped, so Colt clicked on another video. This time, he watched this big hairy man lay on a bed, resting on the flat portion of his head and the top of his back while his feet was touching the wall behind him. The man was jerking off fast and furiously, and finger fucking his own asshole with his left middle finger, but Colt's eyes widened when he saw the man shoot his cum directly into his own mouth, and moan loudly as he gulped his own goo down his throat. Seeing this gave Colt an idea, so he found a much longer video, clicking on it, and once it started, Colt got on his bed and got into the same position as the man he had just watched get in.
Being much limber, Colt found it a bit easier to simply curl his body up so that his knees were far behind his head, allowing him easier access to his young cock and butt hole. He spat on his left middle finger, making sure it was good and slimy, then proceeded to insert his finger up his ass for the very first time. While he grimaced and winced from the sharp burning sensation caused from his finger's slow descent into his super hot anal canal, Colt was hammering away at his cock like tomorrow would never come.
The only other time he had tasted his own cum was when he accidentally had his mouth open and some of it shot into it. He swallowed it before he had time to realize exactly what he was doing. All he could remember was the gooey texture as it slid down his throat, but now, now after seeing this hairy man shoot his man juice into his own mouth, then moan loudly as he swallowed it, all of this made Colt want to taste his own cum.
His left middle finger was now buried to the second knuckle, moving vicariously in and out while his right hand blistered his preteen joystick. Colt felt his anal muscles constrict around his fingers, and he clamped down even harder, and upon doing so, his orgasm exploded with a gut twisting vengeance. Colt held his mouth wide open as long ropey cum strands flew into it, one right after the other. He didn't count just how many powerful spurts he shot, but he knew that his average was somewhere in between 7 to 12 long spurts. What Colt didn't realize at his young age is that he is what we refer to as being a "heavy cummer."
Simply speaking, the boy has the ability to produce a huge amount of boy juice at any given time, and this time was certainly no different, except the fact that his asshole was feeding him even more unexplainable pleasures. Now, spurt after spurt, Colt fired rocketing shots of creamy boy juice straight into his open mouth. He could feel his own puddle of cum swimming around inside his mouth, and it didn't take him long to realize that this was by far the best orgasm he had ever had.
Squeezing out the last bubble of cum, and feeling it splash into the already puddle of his own cum, Colt decided to go ahead and taste his own cum. He removed his finger out of his ass and lay flat on the bed while he opened up his throat and sampled a small portion. The taste wasn't something he could detect, although the texture was slick and kind of gooey. Gulp after gulp, Colt drank his own cum, still trying his best to detect what his cum tasted like. With the last of his cum now gliding down his throat, Colt just figured that his cum really didn't have much of a taste at all. He was really expecting it to taste salty, and like many of the stories he had read, kind of bitter too, but none of that was what he tasted.
With his eyes closed, and for whatever the reason, Colt placed the finger that had just been inside his ass up to his nose and gave it a couple of good whiffs. He scrunched up his nose as to the aroma firing up his inhaling nostrils. He looked at his finger and didn't see any signs of poop, but the smell alone indicated exactly where his finger had just been. He smiled from ear to ear as his mind raced back in time to those bullies and their sick ideas that he couldn't take a dump, and if he did, there was no way it could smell like it. Only if they could smell his finger now, that would certainly bring them back into a world of common reality.
That night, Josh was laying in his bed, still recanting the events leading up to him sucking Tray's teenage cock. Still, he could taste the boy's cum and his refreshingly clean asshole. Now, more than ever, Josh wanted Colt! The boy was just so absolutely fucking beautiful! Tray was your average nice looking 13 year old, but Colt, that boy was completely out of this world. Josh already knew that if he ever got the chance to get with Colt, he would do whatever he could to suck that boy's, what would have to be, a beautiful cock, and dine on that awesome shapely ass of his for hours and hours at a time. It was Josh's mind that was now playing tricks on him, indicating that Colt's ass could never possibly produce anything foul. The boy was just too damn gorgeous for anything like that. Somewhere in his perverted thoughts, Josh's eyelids became too heavy and he fell into a deep sleep.
Colt had long been fast asleep, but something startled him in the early morning hours. Easing his naked body out of bed, Colt eased opened the bedroom door and stared down the hall. His mom's bedroom was at the opposite end of the mobile home, and as he stood perfectly still, Colt heard a rather familiar noise. As usual, his mom must have brought home some guy cause Colt could clearly hear his mom moan from the man's cock slamming assault. The light in the small kitchen area had been turned off, so Colt tip toed into the kitchen to get himself something to drink, making sure not to make a sound so as to not disturb his mom's sexual episode.
He had just finished gulping down a glass of water, and had just placed the glass on top of the counter when a voice from the adjoining living room area scared the living daylights out of him, "That sure is one pretty little ass you got there!"
Colt, forgetting all about the simple fact that he was naked, spun around to where the voice had just came from. Colt could just barely make out a large shadowy form sitting on the sofa and while he was doing his best to gather his thoughts, the man's voice softly sounded once more, "Step on over here so I can get a better look!"
By the way the man was slurring his words, Colt knew that the guy was drunk or pretty darn close to it. He did take a couple of steps towards where the man was sitting, then whispered, "Who the fuck are you and why are you here?"
The man's slurred words quickly shot back, "For one thing, you best not be cussing at me! Secondly, my friend's in there fucking the snot out of that pretty little whore we met tonight."
Colt was angered by the man's words as he fired, "Don't be calling my mom no fucking whore!"
The man stood up and within a blink of an eye stepped in front of Colt, towering over him like a monumental statue. The man's whispering slurred words replied, "Mom or no mom, you ought to know she's a damn cockaholic. Hell, everybody knows her all too well, and besides, with Hank in there fucking the piss out of her with that horse cock of his, there aint no use for me calling sloppy seconds. Shit, I'd have to put my fucking foot in her cunt and wiggle my toes just to feel anything after he's done wearing that pussy out."
Though Colt didn't appreciate what the man said, he knew his mom liked sex, and she wasn't all that picky when it came to who her sexual partner was. Still, she was his mom! The man had to place his left hand on top of the counter to hold his weaving body up, and in doing so, Colt took the time to measure the drunken man up. Colt figured the man must be in his early 30's, a good 5'10", and weighed somewhere around the 180 pound range. From the poor lighting in the room, Colt thought the man was bordering more on the ugly side of things when it came to the "looks" department.
That's when the man stepped back, and in more of a whispering surprising sounding tone, said, "Holy fuck, your a damn boy! I thought you was a fucking girl! Shit! Fuck! And here I was thinking I just might get my dick wet, and turns out your a mother fucking boy!"
Colt fired right back, "Why don't you just go sleep it off on the sofa, and we'll both just call it a night?"
The man sounded a bit angry as he gritted his teeth while speaking, "Look punk, I came here tonight to get my fucking dick sucked and to fuck. You keep running your mother fucking mouth, and you'll be the one sucking my cock and taking it up straight up your shitter... Got it bitch?"
Those words kind of put things in a bit more perspective, so Colt clearly understood that he had best keep his big mouth shut. However, the drunken man took one step forwards, paused, then took two steps backwards, smiled, then whispered, "Hell, I wonder if you are just as big a cock hound as that nympho mom of yours. I can see you are a boy, but hell, you sure as shit is a pretty little fucker, and that ass of yours already caused my cock to act up. Hum, I'm thinking of something. I've already fucked your mom plenty of times, but I'm betting you'd be a hell of a hot fuck. What do you say? You wanna suck my cock and let me fuck you?"
Colt stepped backwards, then replied in a whisper, "Why don't you go fuck yourself!"
The man grabbed Colt's left upper arm with his right hand, snatching Colt directly in front of the man, then the man barked in a low growl, "Look punk, there two ways we can do this. One way is I can be kind of gentle, or the other way is I'll just take it. I aim to get my cock sucked, and I aim to do some fucking. Which one is it gonna be cause either way you look at it, your pretty little potty mouth is gonna be working on my meat, and that hot little ass of yours is gonna be taking my cock? Make up your fucking mind, cause I'm too mother fucking horny to give a flying rat shit right now!"
Colt, implementing more of a boyish pleading tone, softly spoke, "Sir, I'm sorry, but don't you think it would be best if you just went to sleep on the sofa and I'll go back to my bed, and we'll just forget that any of this ever happened?"
The man hoisted Colt up by his arm, gritting his teeth once again, and in a whispering slur, barked, "Fuck that! It's been eight long mother fucking months since I got my dick wet, and be it a pussy or an ass, I'm gonna do some fucking. (While he was talking, the man was guiding Colt backwards, towards Colt's bedroom) I aint no faggot, but I got just enough liquor in me to not give a shit. I want my cock sucked, and I want to fuck something, so last chance. You want me to be kind of gentle, or do you want me to just go ahead and take it? I don't give a horse shit which one you pick, but you'd best go on ahead and pick one, and I mean right mother fucking now!"
Colt thought about calling out to his mom, but knowing his mom as well as he does, she's probably high on some drug and wouldn't do anything. The upside to all of this, and way beyond his own personal control, Colt's cock became rock hard. He was truly petrified, but in some weird kind of way, sexually excited. Looking up at the man, while still being pushed backwards, Colt whispered, "Okay, okay, I'll do it, but I aint never done anything like this before."
The man had guided both of them into Colt's bedroom and he had just pushed Colt backwards hard enough to cause the boy to fall in a sitting position onto his bed. He closed the bedroom door and locked it, then turned back around to face Colt, then smirkingly said, "I got me a damn virgin here! Hell fucking yeah! Boy, you sure as shit are pretty enough to pass for a fucking girl, so I'm gonna treat you like a girl. I aint never fucked a virgin before, but by the time I'm done wearing that tight little ass of yours out, you're gonna love cock more than your mom."
Colt sat on the side of the bed and watched as the drunk man stumbled all over while trying to remove his clothes. His body was shaking and his boy pole was throbbing something awful. Though he wanted to have sex, he had never imagined it would go down like it was about to. Colt's eyes glared at the man's out of shape body as he struggled to remove his well worn t-shirt. His chest was kind of hairy and he had a beer gut, but Colt didn't turn his eyes away at all.
When the drunk finally got down to removing his boxer shorts, Colt's body shook even harder as he watched the boxer's fall to the man's feet, revealing to Colt his man cock. It was hard, obviously hard, as it jutted from the man's pubic region with a slight downwards angle. At best guess, Colt guessed the man's cock to be around 6 inches long, and about as thick as a banana. The large plumb shaped cock head was a dark pink in color and just a bit thicker than the shaft. Colt could already see precum oozing out of the man's piss slit. Below the jutting cock was a pair of rather smallish egg shaped balls, swinging well below the man's moderately hairy thighs, contained in a sac completely consumed with black hair.
The man was now completely naked as he stepped past Colt and slung himself onto Colt's bed, placing himself flat on his back, and already spreading his legs wide. The man barked, "Here's your treat bitch, so gone on and suck it good, but watch out for your fucking teeth!"
Colt crawled on all fours, positioning himself between the man's legs. As he lowered his face towards the man's cock, Colt could smell a strong musky scent filling his lungs. The closer his face got in between the man's legs, the stronger the scent became. Initially, having never smelled this scent before, Colt thought it to be kind of gross and unclean, but the more he smelled, the more turned-on he seemed to be getting.
Instead of diving on the man's cock, Colt flickered his tongue, striking the man's small right ball, then the left. The man moaned, then hoarsely whispered, "Yeah bitch, work those balls, work em good you little cock sucker!"
Colt placed one ball at a time in his mouth, basking in the feel of the hairs and the ball itself, and just by hearing the way the man was moaning and grunting, Colt knew he was doing a pretty good job. Colt's plan of action was rather simple. He thought that if he sucked the man's cock really good, and add in his drunken state, the man would more than likely pass out and forget all about fucking his virgin ass. That's Colt's plan of action!
After several long minutes or working on the man's balls, the man growled, "Get to work on my cock bitch!"
Colt started working his tongue at the very base of the man's pulsating cock, working it graciously until he began swirling it all around the flared plumb shaped knob. It was there was when Colt got his first taste of a man's precum. It was slimy, and kind of salty, but in some unexplainable form, set his inner soul on fire.
The boy opened his mouth and did his best to sink his lips all the way down the shaft, but after about 4 inches, Colt's gag reflexes kicked in. The man barked, "Take it bitch! Suck that big mother fucker like you want it! Yeah, yeah, suck it you pretty little shit!"
For the next 15 minutes, Colt worked on the man's cock feverishly. His jaw was killing him, but he figured he'd conquer the pain in his jaw in order to save the pain from his asshole. The man had Colt switch from sucking his cock to working on his balls, and vice versa. It certainly didn't take Colt long to discover he thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock. Though he still couldn't get the man's cock all the way into his mouth without gagging, he still enjoyed feeling it inside his mouth.
This action went on for at least 30 to 40 minutes, and at this point, Colt was sweating profusely as his mouth bobbed up and down on the man's steadily throbbing meat. The man fought his own words from screaming out as he cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, yes, yes, here it, it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! Get it bitch! Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!"
The man's hands aggressively latched onto the back of Colt's head, holding his mouth tightly down, as Colt felt the hot gooey eruption explode harshly into his mouth. The first swallow almost made Colt gag and throw up as the salty, bitter tasting goo clung to his throat. More hot man goo fired into his mouth, one right after the other, and all Colt could do was struggle to swallow the thick substance. After about the third gulp, Colt's taste buds provided a second opinion. No longer did Colt find the man's cum nasty and disgusting, in fact, it was Colt's soft purr that sounded within the small room's walls. With each rapid spurt, Colt purred louder as he eagerly swallowed the thick glob of man cum.
When it was all said and done, the man pulled Colt's mouth off of his cock using the boy's hair while whispering, "Whoa bitch! Ease up on the cock sucking! ( A short pause) Holy fuck, damn bitch, that was the best mother fucking blow-job I ever fucking had! Daaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn!"
Colt was standing on his knees, still in between the man's spread legs, relishing in the aftertaste of the man's cum, and peering down, saw his own rock hard cock throbbing with proud glorified dignity. Colt stood perfectly still hoping beyond any and all hopes that the man would pass out. Initially, it appeared that his plan was working perfectly as the man's breathing slowed and it kind of sounded as though he was on the very edge of drifting off into a drunken deep sleep.
After about 5 minutes of perfect stillness, Colt started easing himself out of bed. His feet had just hit the floor when the man's voice sounded, "Go fetch something for me to grease up my cock so I can fuck your ass, and bring a towel so I can wipe the stuff off my hands!"
Hearing his words sent Colt into a reality shock. His plan failed, and failed miserably. The man was still dead set on fucking him, and Colt's only other choice would be to run out of his house bare ass naked. Then he thought, if he did, for one thing he had no place to go, and then the other thing was that his mom might get into some serious trouble. In a defeated type of walk, Colt stepped into his bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby oil and a towel. He came back into his bedroom, and the man blurted, "Shut the fucking door and lock it!"
Colt placed the items on the nightstand and stood patiently in place, body shaking rather violently for what next was about to happen. All Colt could do was watch the man struggle to roll over on all fours, then crawl out of the bed. Now standing to Colt's immediate left, the man barked, "Get your ass up on the bed on all fours. Normally, I like to see what I'm fucking, but since you aint no damn girl, I'll have to pretend just a bit, cause I don't want to fuck your ass and see your fucking pecker or balls swinging. For fuck sake, I aint no damn faggot, and seeing that shit would cause me to forget all about fucking. (He was smearing the baby oil on his cock while he spoke) Just so you don't yell or scream, stuff some of that pillow into your mouth. We don't need no threat of getting fucking busted, so hop to it!"
The moment of truth was now facing Colt square into the face as he positioned himself on his bed as instructed. He stuffed as much of the pillow into his mouth as he possibly could and now could only wait for whatever next was to happen. He felt the mattress sink as the man got onto the bed behind him. He felt the man's hairy legs touch his own, then felt the man's hands guide his legs even further outwards.
The man's voice sounded behind him, "Damn, you sure do got yourself one mighty fine ass! Hell, just by looking at your tiny asshole, it don't seem at all possible for my pecker to even fit. (Hearing that, Colt thought the man might give up, but then the man continued) Shit, I'll make this mother fucker fit! Alright now, I'm gonna give you some pipe, so you just watch the noise level!"
Colt felt the plumb shaped knob apply pressure directly onto his asshole. Just the pressure alone caused a mild burning sensation to scour all over his shaking body. The pressure kept on increasing, but once it reached a certain level, Colt felt the man's cock either slide up his crack, or slide down, poking his scrunched up balls. Colt was hoping the man would give up, but then he heard his voice again, "Damn, this is one tight mother fucker, but don't you go and worry none, cause I'm gonna get this bitch in there one way or another!"
Several futile attempts later, the man barked, "Fuck this shit!" Colt felt the flared knob vacate his sealed asshole, and before he had a chance to take a breath, he felt the pressure, the stab, and then the invasion. Colt's little hands immediately clutched a handful of bedding while he couldn't help from grunting due to the searing pain from his overly stretched asshole. Thanks to the pillow stuffed in his mouth, his cries and grunts were heavily muffled. However, the cock now expanding his anal entry point was quickly darting inside his virgin anal canal.
The pain was far beyond excruciating, and it was so painful that Colt knew he had never felt this much, nor this type, of pain before. The pain was so intense that Colt immediately began crying, but no matter what, the man's diving cock had quickly dove to its deepest depth. The voice behind him sounded as though it was coming from some place far off, "Mother of all sweet fucking pearls, whew, damn bitch, ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is fucking tight, real fucking tight! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, your damn ass is some kind of mother fucking hot! Oh yeah bitch, now I'm gonna fuck you, and fuck you real good!"
Colt felt the man's hands grab onto each of his hips, and within a split second, the man was yanking Colt backwards while his cock violently thrust itself inwards. With each inwards thrust, Colt got a sickening feeling within his stomach due to the man's hairy balls slapping his own hairless nuggets. Still, the pain only seemed to intensify with the man's harsh pounding of his ass. In and out, the man's cock assaulted Colt's ass with a fiery aggression. Even trying to breathe sent rippling waves of more pain throughout Colt's entire pain riddled body.
There were times when Colt felt like he was going to faint from the sheer pain, but just as he got close, his pain shattered body instinctively prevented him from doing so. Just when Colt thought he was about to die, something inside his body snapped, immediately slinging the pain from his mind and body. Now, now the cock hammering away in and out of his no longer virgin ass felt like something no words could even begin to describe. Now, the man no longer had to yank his body backwards to greet his thrusting cock, cause Colt was now jamming his ass backwards with a never before experienced violent rage.
Every part of his body was tingling, and electrifying surges of profound pleasures shot through his body with his every breath. The man growled, "Yeah bitch, take this big cock, take it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck your ass feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddd!"
Colt was no longer crying, and by now, he had used his tongue to push out the pillow that once was stuffing his emotional pleads. Never skipping a single backwards thrust of his ass, Colt fired back, "You wanted my ass, well here it is, so fuck me, fuck me like you mean it... Bitch!"
Another thing that Colt discovered that he found to add to his already overwhelming pleasures was by clamping down on his anal muscles, his entire body was fed more gratifying pleasures. So, with that being said, Colt began timing his clamping effect every time the man's cock entered his ass, and tried to depart. Even the man felt the added equation to his pile driving cock. He even questioned himself as to who was actually fucking who.
A solid 20 minutes had passed, and both boy and man, were sweating profusely. Then, something strange happened to Colt. While he was clamping down on his anal muscles, and while the man continued slamming his meat in and out of his ass, Colt's body literally exploded. Colt felt his boy cock expand and he had just managed to place the palm of his left hand over his cock head as gallons upon gallons of ropey hot boy cum violently began spurting into his palm. Colt's mind raced from his body as his entire body shook violently, more now than ever before, as this powerful never before felt, intensified orgasm claimed his body and soul.
With Colt enduring this powerful orgasm, the trickle affect sent shock waves to the man's thrusting cock. He could feel the boy's anal muscles as they gripped and choked his cock, fueling his own orgasm to rush through his body. Within a split second, he began lightly howling and whimpering as his cum came spewing out, pumping globs upon globs deep into the boy's anal highway. Both man and boy humped their bodies, both fighting back the urge to scream their over all pleasures, while both cocks spit and spat globs of protein filled cum.
The man's pace slowed, and it was then that Colt took the time to ease his left palm closer to his mouth. He could see the river of his own cum all puddled up in the palm of his hand, so without any hesitation, Colt placed his lips in the cum puddle, and eagerly began sucking down his own boy honey. Colt had just licked up the last tasteless remnants of his own cum when he felt the man's cock plop out of his ass. An immediate void, more so, a starving vacancy was instantly felt by Colt.
The man plopped down onto the bed, flat on his back, and was breathing as though he had just ran some kind of marathon. Colt collapsed on his right side, with his backside now facing the man. Within a flash, the man could hear the boy sleeping, so he got out of the bed, gathered his clothes, then proceeded to go into the bathroom. After closing the door, he flipped on the lights, and gave his soft cock a quick inspection. Much to his surprise, and much to his liking, he saw no signs of shit anywhere on his cock. He even went so far as to swipe his right index finger on the shaft, then raise it up to his nose, and gave it a quick once over. Still, no sign, and no odor of where his cock had just been.
The man had just sat down on the sofa when his friend walked out of Colt's mom's room. The two walked out of the door, and just before getting into the car, the man who had just fucked Colt's mom said, "Sorry you didn't get any of that pussy."
The man, the one who was with Colt shot back, "Huh, I might not have gotten any pussy, but who says I didn't get me a shot at some ass?"
The man who was with Colt's mom looked puzzled, then he stated, "Don't tell me you went and fucked her son. That boy aint but 10 or something like that."
The man, the one with Colt, snickered, then with a smile said, "Fucking A I did! And let me tell you this before you go and shoot off your fucking mouth. That boy used to be a virgin, but he aint no longer. And, and that ass of his is something else. He's as pretty as any girl I ever seen, and the boy gave me the best cock sucking I've ever had. And hotshot, not only did I fuck his cherry ass, but when it was over with, there wasn't a trace of shit anywhere on my meat. Hell, not even a fucking smell either!"
The man, the one with Colt's mom, chuckled, then replied, "Don't you go and get your damn feathers all ruffled up. Hell, if I had the chance, I'd a fucked that boy's hot little ass myself. He's a hell of a lot prettier than his mom anyways, in fact, I agree with you. That boy is downright flat fucking gorgeous! To be honest with you, I'd eat that boy's ass out like it was some sweet tasting pussy!"
They continued talking as they got into their car and drove away. Close to around 7 in the morning, something caused Colt's eyes to flicker open. It was the need to use the bathroom that woke him up abruptly. No sooner had his butt cheeks greeted the toilet's lid, an explosion from his anus sent goose bumps all over his body. Taking a quick peek, Colt saw the man's cum and remembered all that happened as if it had just taken place seconds ago. His butt hole had a dull ache, but now, all he could think about was sex.
After dealing with his toilet duty, Colt put on a robe and went to see if his mom was home. As usual, she was already gone, so he went back and took off his robe, and sat down at his computer. As he checked his email, all Colt could think about was whether or not the man's cock was "dirty" after having been inside his ass. With that in mind, Colt began doing a bit of research. As he searched, the familiar statements from the bullies kept on repeating themselves in his mind, "He's too pretty to take a shit!" - "I bet his shit don't stink!" - "He's got a pretty little girly ass!" Those were just a few remarks that kept on repeating themselves, over and over.
After a bit of scrolling from one site to another, Colt finally found one that explained proper techniques to cleanse ones bowels. He took some notes, then stepped inside the shower. After brushing his teeth and putting on some old baggy blue jean cut-off shorts and a tank top, Colt bolted out the door, hopped on his bicycle, and peddled as fast as his little feet would peddle, heading straight to the local pharmacy some 8 blocks away.
Arriving at the pharmacy, Colt picked up a hand cart and went about his merry way getting the items he had researched. The entire time shopping, Colt's preteen cock throbbed joyously and endlessly. Even the woman at the checkout counter kind of eyed Colt with a sneaky suspicion. After paying for his items, Colt hurried back home.
Once inside, he quickly got naked, and darted into his bathroom. Since his mom wasn't home, there wasn't any need to shut, or lock, the bathroom door so he just left it open. Colt had purchased a "enema" hot water bag with an 8 inch attached nozzle. He activated the hot water on the bathtub, and once it got luke warm, he began filling up the bag. Just before he completely filled the bag, he poured some minty flavored mouth wash in, then added a bit of baby oil. He shook up the bag, then filled the remainder with luke warm water.
Colt hung the bag on to the shower curtain railing, then held the nozzle over the sink and poured some baby oil on it. Sitting over the toilet, Colt grimaced a bit as he slid the 8 inch nozzle all the way up his anal canal. Holding the nozzle deep inside his butt with right index finger, Colt reached up with his left hand and activated the bag's release valve. Instantly, he could feel the rush of the warm concoction shooting deep inside his bowels. Per the instructions, Colt fought and fought to hold as much of the concoction inside him as humanly possible. He had to cut the bag off when it was almost half empty. His mouth twisted from the pressure increasing within his body, and he could feel a slight stinging effect probably caused from the mouthwash.
To cut to the chase, it took Colt four attempts before the contents from his ass was pure and clear. Knowing that his bowels was now fully cleansed, Colt felt more sexier than ever. Now, if the chance presented itself, not only did he not have to worry about poop, but he didn't have to worry whether or not the other person might smell it. Now that his insides was squeaky clean, Colt proceeded to take a long soapy shower to ensure that his exterior was just as clean.
While Colt was busy with taking care of the interior of his own ass, Tray was already over at Josh's, and Josh was on his knees, greedily sucking away on Tray's five inches of teenage pride. Just as in the case with the first time, Josh was taking turns sucking Tray's cock and lapping at the boy's freshly washed asshole. The only difference being was that this time, all Josh was wearing was a robe.
Tray was completely enthralled at having a grown man suck his cock and licking his asshole. There was several times while Josh was pleasuring Tray that Tray fantasized that it was Colt who was providing such divine oral pleasures on him. This morning, Josh tossed in an added treat as he used his tongue to pry open the boy's tight anal entrance, and push his tongue deep inside. Tray couldn't help himself as he cried out once he felt the man's thick probing tongue dive into his anal chamber. It stung a bit, but the vast overwhelming pleasures conquered the stinging rather quickly.
Once again, Josh was rewarded with a delightful round of boy cream as Tray's cock erupted, spurting a good 5 long watery strands of salty flavored boy juice before subsiding to a slow, yet steady, dribbling. Josh moaned in boy loving delight as he drank down the precious cream, inwardly begging for a hell of a lot more. When Josh released the boy's softening cock from his lips clutches, Tray issued his thanks and started to get dressed.
Josh sat on the sofa admiring the boy as he was dressing, then said, "Tray, don't forget to work on Colt for me."
Tray was putting on his shoes as he replied, "Oh, I won't, but I can't make a promise that he'll want to do this or not.
Before Tray left, the two of them had already made plans for later on in the day. Now that Tray found someone who loved sucking his cock, he wasn't about to pass up on this golden opportunity. Heck, he even toyed with the idea of seeing whether or not he could try and suck Josh's man pole, but for now, he was more than happy to be getting his own cock serviced, and his asshole too.  
Tray was walking towards Colt's home while Colt was busy taking a shower. When Tray arrived at Colt's, the door was locked, but he knew how to turn the doorknob in such a way that it would open. Stepping inside, Tray walked into the small kitchen area and heard the shower in Colt's bathroom. His cock sprang to life knowing that his best friend was in the process of taking a shower, so Tray walked lightly down the small hallway and carefully, and silently, stepped into the bathroom.
The shower curtain was one of those cheap almost transparent plastic kind so Tray had no problem seeing Colt standing under the shower spray, soaping up his hair. Even though the shower curtain was almost transparent, all Tray could make out was Colt's form. Inching, more like, tip toeing his way at the far end of the shower, Tray eased the very end of the curtain open with his left fingers, while inching his face forwards so that he could see Colt's body without any obstructions.  Tray's cock throbbed with renowned energy as his eyes lay witness to Colt's incredible ass. This was the first time he had ever seen Colt naked, and now that he was feasting his eyes upon Colt's bare butt, Tray now witnessed perfection, first hand.
Colt's butt was shaped like twin tear drops and that tiny little sideways crack looked more like a permanent smile than anything else. Tray had to swallow several times because his mouth kept filling up with water as he treasured this very moment as he spied on Colt's backside. Colt glanced up enough to see if he could see any underarm hairs, but with one very quick inspection, he knew that there wasn't a sign of peach fuzz anywhere to be seen. Now that he got an eyeful of Colt's cock stiffening shapely butt, Tray wanted to sneak a quick peek at Colt's frontside, and see what perfections it had to offer.
Timing now meant the difference of being sneaky or getting busty, so Tray waited until he saw Colt start to rinse the shampoo out of his hair, then just as quickly, he eased back the curtain, poking his head just far enough inside, and was immediately greeted with Colt's flaccid circumcised dick and twin hairless, perfectly rounded, nuggets. Tray did spot what appeared to be one tiny little black curl on the side, at the very base, of his friend's cock. Just looking at Colt's cock sent chills racing up and down Tray's spine. Finally, he now had seen his best friend bare ass naked! Seeing such beauty caused Tray's cock to throb violently.
Seeing Colt naked, especially that well developed muscularly and shapely butt, Tray pretty much convinced himself that Colt was different than everyone else. In his young mind, Tray told himself something so beautiful couldn't do anything that could result in doing something so natural as having a bowel movement. At this point in time, there wasn't anything anyone could say or do to change Tray's mind regarding Colt. Now he had a birds eye view of his naked friend, and saw for himself what all the fuss was about concerning Colt's sculptured butt.
Tray knew he was probably spending too much time gawking at his naked friend, so he quickly and quietly, exited the bathroom, taking a seat on the sofa and cut on the television. When Colt stepped outside of the shower, hearing the television, he already knew it was Tray. Colt put on some clothes and sat down at the opposite end of the sofa.
A short while later, Tray hit the mute button on the remote control, bladed his body so that he was looking directly at Colt, then hesitantly asked, "Colt, we've been best friends forever. Can I ask you something without you getting all pissed off or telling anyone else?"
Colt smiled at his friend, then replied, "That's a pretty dumb question. Sure you can ask me anything, and you already know I'm not the one who can't keep a secret. So, whatever it is that's on your mind, just go on and spit it out."
Tray was fidgeting, his mind scrambling for the right words as if it were in a frantic race. Taking in a deep breath, Tray nervously began to speak, "Okay, here goes nothing. We both met Josh and I was kind of thinking about the stuff he said, and I was uh, um, wondering if you had the chance, uh, uh, would you let a grown man suck your dick?"
Colt could literally see that there was a lot more than just this one question, so he smiled, then replied, "Okay, I'll be completely honest with you if you come clean with me. Agreed?"
Tray nodded his head in anticipation of what Colt was about to say. Being true to his word, Colt began talking, "Look, we're both old enough to know certain things, and we've been friends long enough not to be able to trust one another. So, to answer your question, and the way I see it is that I know I wouldn't want any rumors flying about me being gay, and the man certainly has a heck of a lot more to risk than guys our age, so yeah, I'd probably wouldn't have any problems with that whatsoever. To take things one step further, and being completely honest, I'd probably want him to fuck me. Now bud, it's your turn to open up."
Tray could hardly believe his ears as to the words his best friend had just said. Not only would Colt let a grown man suck him off, but he'd want the man to fuck him too. Wow! A short few seconds ticked by, and Colt slung up his hands to silently let Tray know it was his time to be truthful.
Tray looked down into his lap, then turned his head to look Colt into his entrancing eyes, then responded, "Yeah, I'd let him suck me off, but I don't know about him fucking me though. I'd let him lick my asshole if he wanted to, but I don't think my hole is big enough to let some grown man's pecker get inside there."
Colt smiled knowing something was up with Tray, but he didn't know exactly what it was, so he followed Tray's sentence with, "To each his own I guess. I can only speak for myself that I would want to get fucked. Believe me, your hole, my hole, can handle a man's cock. Heck, I personally don't see nothing wrong with any of it, including the sucking part. How about you Tray, would you suck a cock?"
Tray shrugged his shoulders, then responded, "Maybe! Colt, I don't know what the fuck has been going on with me lately, maybe it's my hormones, but my freaking pecker stays rock hard all the time. Heck, I can see a leaf falling out a tree and get a hard-on. I might be gay or just curious, hell I just don't know. It's uh, it's frustrating!"
Colt piped in, "Don't worry about it! You just have to let things run their course. I'm in the same boat as you it seems. All I can think about these days is sex, and not just any sex, but male on male sex. I've tried jacking off thinking of some girl, but no matter how hard I try, my fantasy always has the girl being replaced with some hot guy. So, I simply said fuck it and I'll take whatever comes my way. You and I don't need to hide any secrets from one another. Speaking of secrets, did you like what you saw?"
Tray looked a bit bewildered by Colt's last question, and after a bit of a hesitation, he inquisitively asked, "What I saw?"
Colt started giggling, and once he was done, he softly said, "You know butt wipe, me in the shower. Did you like what you saw?"
Tray was thinking how in the hell did he get busted after he tried to make sure he was so careful. Issuing his response, Tray openly began to speak, "Okay, okay, busted! Yeah, I peeked at you while you were in the shower. It's just that, damn Colt, you are so fucking lucky! I mean, shit dude, you are drop dead fucking gorgeous and I was going out of my mind to see what you look like naked. So, you busted me looking at you."
Colt nodded his head back and forth, then in a teasing like manner reiterated, "Answer the fucking question without a novel attached to it, okay? Did you fucking like what you saw?"
Tray's voice sounded higher as he spoke, "Yes, yes, fucking yes piss ant, I fucking loved what I saw. That fucking ass of yours is perfect, and just in case you ask, it even made my damn mouth water. Hell, you've already busted me sniffing your ass. That alone should have given you some fucking clue. Every day, all I ever hear from those older boys is comments about your ass, so I had to inspect things on my own. Yes, I've sniffed your butt, and yes, I snuck into the bathroom just to look at your body while you were showering. Do you need me to confess anything else to you, or will all that shit do Mr. Smart Ass?"
Colt busted out laughing and once he was able to catch his breath, he looked at his best friend then snickeringly whispered, "Chill moron, it's okay! Calm the fuck down! Let's make a pact just between us. We are best friends and it seems we are both wanting to do pretty much the same thing. Me, I'm more into older guys, preferably older hairy guys. Don't even bother asking me to explain why, cause I can't, cause seeing some hairy man just does something to me. Since you'd rather be the one doing the fucking, and I'm the one who wants to be fucked, feel free to fuck me whenever you want. Hell Tray, we can have a lot of fun sucking each other off and fucking. There's no need to sneak around no more! That is of course, if that's something you would be interested in. Are you?"
The anger no longer was present in Tray's face as he smiled hearing Colt's words. Feeling a lot more at ease, Tray responded, "Hell fucking yeah that's something I'd be interested in. I aint never sucked no pecker before, but I got to admit, I've been thinking about it a lot here lately. Shoot, to be honest, I'd like to fuck you right now if you are up to it!"
Colt got up off of the sofa, walked into the small kitchen area and proceeded to slowly walk down the hall towards his bedroom. Just as he entered his bedroom, he yelled, "Unless you got a 50 foot pecker, you can't fuck my ass in there dip shit!"
Tray bounced off of the sofa and damn near ran all the way into Colt's bedroom. Colt had just removed his cut-offs and was standing near the edge of the bed buck ass naked. Tray's teen boner throbbed as if it had a mind of its own. Colt crawled up onto the bed, placing himself on all fours, reaching under his spread legs with his left hand, pointed at his hairless little asshole, then devilishly whispered, "Is this what you've been wanting?"
Tray's eyes locked dead on Colt's asshole, making his mouth water profusely. To Tray, Colt's tiny asshole was nothing more than a tiny dot, centered in a sea of creaminess. As he glared passionately at Colt's asshole, his fingers fought to remove his own clothes. Finally, Tray managed to shuck out of his clothes and his 5 inches of jutting boy pride was more than ready to handle the assigned task.
Colt anxiously said, "Don't forget to grease up your cock with that baby oil there and you can wipe off your hands on that towel. Do me a favor though. Don't just cram it in me in one motion. Kind of ease it inside me, okay?"
Tray had just poured some oil in the palm of his left hand and was beginning to grease up his teen missile. As if caught in some powerful magnetic ray, the next thing Tray knew was that his nose was hard pressed directly on Colt's asshole, and he was steadily inhaling the most sweetest scent his nostrils had ever sniffed. With each deep inhaling breath, Tray's body shook feverishly. He had fantasized about this very moment, and soon, his fantasy would be a reality.
Looking under his own body, Colt whispered, "Dude, you sure do have a nice cock!"
The next thing Tray knew was that his tongue was probing at Colt's asshole. Colt's soft purring moans quickly sliced through the room as the tongue flickered wildly on his butt hole. Tray's own boyish moans and grunts soon followed suit as he pushed his tongue into Colt's anal corridor, relishing in the immediate onslaught of fiery heat and powerful anal muscles gripping at his probing and exploring tongue. Tray was more or less running on instinct as he slurped and sucked on Colt's sweet smelling, sweeter than sweet tasting asshole.
Colt's voice rang out before he himself knew what he was saying, "God yes, yes Tray, eat my asshole, eat it baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, yessssssssssssss, that feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddd!"
This was Tray's first time eating away on an ass, and it was Colt's first time being the recipient of having his ass dined on. Just from the sounds both boys were making, it is plainly obvious that both are being mutually pleasured. Colt could feel Tray's pointy tongue lap at his anal interior, sending his body into seizure like convulsions. As if things couldn't get any better for Colt, Tray slid his left hand under Colt and quickly found Colt's, harder than a brick, 3 1/2 inches of throbbing preteen boy meat.
15 ass eating passionate minutes later, Tray forced his face from between Colt's butt cheeks. His body shook knowing he was just about to fuck his best friend who just happens to be the most gorgeous boy ever to have walked this planet. Tray was standing on his knees, aligning his 5 inch missile up to Colt's glistening little butt hole, when all of a sudden both boys were startled when someone started banging on the front door. Colt leaped off the bed, quickly slipped his cut-offs back on, then hurriedly walked to the door to see who it was.
Colt opened the door and it was Tray's mom. She looked at Colt, then said, "Hi honey. Tell Tray that he needs to be home in two minutes because he must have forgot we have some errands to do today. Thank you baby!"
Tray had heard his mom, and though he sure as heck didn't want to, he got dressed, then went into the bathroom to wash the baby oil off of his hands. The two talked briefly before Tray stormed out the door and went back to his home. If it was ever humanly possible, Colt was more horny now than ever before. Just to make sure his body was clean, he retook a shower and rifled through his dresser drawers, dead set on finding some kind of revealing clothing with full intention of going on the prowl for some cock, and at this point, Colt didn't give a rats ass whose cock it was, just as long as it was a cock!
Colt found some old cut-off jean shorts, using the scissors, cut them in such a way that some of his butt cheeks would be visible and if he decided to spread his legs just a bit, whoever was looking would have no problem seeing his boy package. It took him several attempts to get the shorts cut the way he wanted, but once he was satisfied, Colt kept them on and decided to go shirtless. Feeling no need to add extra clothing, Colt left his underwear in the drawer, slipped on his flip flops, then walked outside.
The one person that came to his mind was Josh, so Colt headed towards Josh's mobile home. The few people who were already outside did stop what they were doing, and Colt could feel their eyes roaming his near naked body. This only made his boy cock that much harder and throb that much more. When he got to Josh's, his heart sank a bit to discover that Josh's car was gone. Taking a chance, Colt knocked on the man's door just in case he might be home. After waiting a minute or so, Colt backed away and walked back out to the main street, looking all over in hopes of finding someone, anyone.
Still hornier than ever, and bit on the depressed side of things, Colt sat down at one of the picnic tables, cupping his chin with both hands, contemplating his next move. He had been sitting for about two minutes when a voice from behind him sounded, "Mind if I join you?"
Colt twisted his head to face the voice, and saw one of the older boy's that he recognized, but did not personally know. Colt, being polite, replied, "Yeah, sure, no problem!"
Before the older teen sat down, Colt did measure him up. The guy was probably 17 or 18 years old, close to 6 feet tall, and guessing his weight, Colt figured he weighed close to 160 pounds. The teen had curly brown hair and rich blue eyes. Since the teen was wearing shorts, Colt did get a bit excited seeing his hairy thighs and legs. The guy was wearing a tank top, and from what Colt could see, the teen's chest was defined, but offered no signs of hair. The electrifying part was the teen's crotch. Though Colt couldn't see his cock, the bulge in the crotch area indicated that the guy was apparently packing some pretty good beef.
The teen spoke, "I've been seeing you around quite a bit lately. How's it been going?"
Colt replied, "Yeah, I've seen you too. You always hang around those bullies that hang out over here."
The teen quickly fired, "Yeah, I do, but those dweebs aren't my friends. Out of boredom, I sometimes hang around them, but that's about it. Oh yeah, my name's Travis."
Colt was shaking his hand, and out of politeness, told Travis his name. Initially, their conversation was about life in general. The more they talked, the more comfortable Colt became. In fact, the longer they talked, the more intrigued Colt grew. Travis was definitely a good-looking guy, and from their conversation, Colt found out that Travis is 19 years old.
Many, many times throughout their conversation, Colt wanted to blurt out his cock finding mission, but was too chicken to follow up on it. Out of nowhere, Travis let out a long bellowing moan, then followed that up with, "Fuck, let me cut straight to the point! (From their earlier talk, Colt did tell him he was 12) I'm about as straight as they come, but fuck me, you got to be the prettiest thing I've ever seen. Shit, compared to you, my own girlfriend, who is a knock-out by the way, is a 3 compared to you. Man, I know this shit aint right, and I've fought with my own fucking head over this, but dude, I'd give my right fucking arm to be able to fuck you. It's not just how damn pretty you are, but it's that fucking ass you got there. Fuuuuccckkkk, it drives me absofuckinglutely crazy! I don't even believe I just said all this shit, and I don't fucking no if you are even...."
Colt cut him off, and with an overbearing excitement in his voice, blurted, "Yeah, let's do it!"
Travis almost fell of the seat trying to get our from under the top portion of the picnic table. Without any words being offered, Colt followed Travis to his home. Once inside, Colt followed Travis to the far end of the mobile home and entered a very messy bedroom. There was clothes everywhere, even on top of the bed. Travis simply scooped the clothes that was on top of the bed, flinging them to the floor at the foot of the bed.
While Travis was removing the clothes off of the bed, Colt was so eager he had already removed his flip flops and shorts, and was standing in place as naked as the day he was blessed into this world. Travis turned around to say something, but his mouth fell open, and he was frozen in place, eyes glued to the naked 12 year olds perfect body. A few heart pounding seconds later, Travis nervously asked, "Uh, by any chance, do you suck dick?"
Colt didn't answer, but he did step directly in front of Travis, and quickly unbuttoned the top button, then eased the zipper all the way down. Reaching his little hand inside, under Travis's boxer briefs, Colt latched his fingers onto the teen's throbbing sausage. With a little effort, Colt managed to push down both shorts and underwear, freeing Travis's hard throbbing cock. The palm of Colt's right hand slid alongside the under portion of the teen's cock, making it throb constantly. At best guess, Colt guessed Travis's cock to be a good 6 1/2 to 7 inches long and from what he could tell, a little bit thicker than the man who took his cherry.
Colt's eyes feasted on Travis's large mushroom shaped cock head. The head itself was considerably thicker than the rock hard veiny shaft. Streams of flowing precum steadily oozed from the gaping piss slit as Colt leaned forward, using just his tongue, began licking up the dripping fluid. After lapping all the mildly salty precum up, Colt tried to stuff the cock head into his mouth. The head was so thick that all Colt could sufficiently manage was about 3/4 of it into his mouth. Nonetheless, Travis's hairy legs shook and buckled, forcing him to back away and yank off the remainder of his clothing.
Travis lay on his bed, flat on his back, legs already widely spread, then nervously said, "Here it is baby, come and get it!"
Colt wasted no time in getting in between Travis's legs, and resume working on the teen's impressive cock. While Colt's mouth and tongue were busy, Colt put his fingers to work manipulating Travis's huge hairy balls. Just from feeling them, Colt already knew that he wouldn't be able to even get one of those whoppers into his mouth.
Travis was bucking his hips upwards while slinging his head from side to side. He began whimpering more and more as Colt sucked on the huge cock head and kissed and licked the veiny shaft, up and down and all over. In less than two minutes, Travis cried out as Colt felt a long powerful strand of cum fire off into his mouth. Not wanting to spill a drop, Colt tasted the teen's cum. It didn't taste bad at all. It tasted like it had a hint of salt and nothing else. Colt felt a good 5 to 7 long spurts before the piss slit began pumping out huge thick globs of teen cream. Just as eager, Colt purred as he swallowed each and every tasty drop.
With no more cum to vacuum out, Colt leaned upright on his knees. Travis was still flinging his head all over the place while blurting, "Holy fuck! Oh shit, shit, fuck that was the best fucking blow-job I've ever had, and you even drank my shit. My own fucking girlfriend spits that shit out. Damn! Whew, that was amazing!"
Seconds later, both still in the very same position, Travis looked at the little boy beauty, then stated, "I aint never thought about putting my tongue in no asshole before, but fuck me, I've got to get some of yours. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, I got to taste that for myself. Get on over here and squat that mighty fine ass of yours directly over my face so I can eat it properly."
Colt reacted before he thought, and the next thing he knew, he was facing towards Travis's twitching feet, lowering his butt over the teenager's face. Travis helped out a bit by placing his hands on the insides of Colt's hips, pulling the boy down while gazing upon the tiny dot he knew was the boy's asshole. Travis's nose was the first thing to grace Colt's asshole, and the teen inhaled deeply several times. After the last inhale, Travis blurted, "Hot damn, this sure as fuck don't smell like no asshole! Fuck it, I bet it'll taste better than any fucking pussy I've ever ate!"
With that last sentence being proclaimed, Travis slammed his tongue directly onto Colt's beckoning butt hole. Immediately, both teen and preteen, sang in chorus as to their body shivering, spine tingling, pleasures. Even with his tongue seriously aching, Travis couldn't get enough of dining on Colt's ass. 40 minutes of nothing but tongue probing and anal sucking delights later, Travis's tongue simply couldn't take any more. Now, he knew he just had to feel his cock buried, balls deep, up the little gorgeous angel's sweet tasting anal highway.
Up to this very moment in time, Travis had only tried anal sex once, and this was with his present day girlfriend. He had just pushed the cock head in and was preparing to shove a few rock hard inches inside as well when his girlfriend shot her entire body forwards, announcing it was just too painful. Now, here he is, alone with a breathtaking 12 year old beauty, inwardly begging to feed the boy's tiny asshole his entire teenage pile driving maniacal meat.    
Using his own strength, Travis grabbed onto Colt and flopped the boy onto his back, hoisting Colt's legs high into the air, and beyond his head, all in one stealth motion. Travis reached over with his right hand and grabbed a bottle of some kind of lubrication. As he was slicking up his teen pole, he looked at Colt saying, "Damn, you are sooooooooooooo pretty! Oh hell, I'm gonna get me some of that ass. If you need to yell, or something like that, go on cause nobody is home on either side of me."
Colt was a tad bit uneasy cause of the girth of Travis's cock, and even thicker cock head, but feeling the pressure being applied to his asshole let him know rather quickly that things were about to heat up. Feeling that building pressure reminded Colt of the pain that he felt when the drunk bastard first fucked him. Colt could clearly see the determination written across Travis's face as the older teen kept on pushing and pushing, doing all he could do to force his bulbous cock head into Colt's anal chamber.
Colt saw Travis clench his teeth, then reared back and hammered home a forceful thrust. Colt's mouth immediately flung wide open as the waves of painful verbiage propelled themselves freely, "Owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, fuck, fuck, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEE, uhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEE!"
It felt like a telephone pole just forced its way inside his butt, and if that wasn't painful enough, the mother fucker was on fire too! Travis pushed more of his veiny cock up the boy's ass, pushing and pushing, listening to the young tyke scream bloody mercy. Colt screamed and screamed as the one eyed snake wasted no time in diving to its furtherest depth inside his ass. He could feel Travis's hairy balls swarm all over his own little hairless jewels and dip inside the bottom portion of his well spread crack.
Offering no time for the boy's ass to get more acquainted with his mindless cock, Travis began thrusting his cock in and out of Colt's ass with blistering speed. Even now, seeing the boy's face twisted in severe pain, Travis was too blind with animalistic rage and savage lust to slow down his hammering thrusts. Colt couldn't stop screaming as the older teen pounded his ass relentlessly. The pain Colt was now enduring was even worse than when the drunk took his anal virginity.
Sometime later, and to Colt it felt more like an eternity, that thing inside his butt snapped, rapidly sending the pain clear from his mind and body. Although with each and every inwards thrust, feeling as though the teen's cock was plowing deep inside his chest's cavity, Colt's body exploded with insurmountable pleasures. Now, the cock that had once fed him nothing but agonizing agony, now fed him nothing but the pleasures Colt so desperately craved. Reenergized with sheer passion, Colt started implementing his anal muscles, aggressively attacking Travis's cock with every thrust.
Travis groaned in mystifying disbelief as soon as the boy's anal muscles joined in on the action. Never had he felt anything like what he was now feeling as he power slammed his teen organ in and out of the 12 year olds magical love tunnel. Travis began slinging his head all over while making a bunch of hissing noises from his clenched teeth.
Two minutes later, Travis cried out as his ass pounding cock exploded, firing cum strands deep into Colt's rectum. Colt felt the volley of warm cum rocket up his rectum, and with no hands on his own preteen boy cock, Colt's cock joined in and began showering Colt's face, throat, chest, and stomach area with his own jet shooting creamy honey.
Travis slammed his deflating teen meat into the boy's ass one more time before pulling it out. Just before stepping off the bed, Travis hoarsely said, "Go in the bathroom and clean yourself up. You can take a shower if you want."
Colt had to force his shaking body to slide from the bed, and he could feel several of his own cum globs just above his upper lip. Holding onto the walls for support, Colt staggered into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. It didn't take long before the cum Travis deposited up his butt began to plop out into the toilet's water. Colt stretched out his tongue and began swiping the area above his upper lip to retrieve his own cream. As Colt dined on his own boy honey, his little voice purred as to his own taste.
Travis walked in, already dressed, looked down at Colt, then spoke, "You already know you can't tell anyone about this, right? (Colt nodded his head) Okay! You know, you are just too fucking pretty for your own good. I guess those rumors are true cause I just fucked that hot little ass of yours and I didn't see no signs of shit anywhere. And, I was balls deep in that tight little ass! Huh, they must be right is all I can say!"
Just as the older teen was about to exit the bathroom, he stopped at the entrance, turned around, then said, "Colt, I got to admit, you damn sure are the best fuck I've ever had, and I've fucked plenty of girls before. If ever you want my cock back up that ass of yours, you just let me know, okay?"
Colt nodded once again, his head still spinning from the aftermath of having just been fucked. His butt hole ached, but it was a good kind of ache. Once he was done on the toilet, Colt took Travis up on his offer to shower. Before leaving the bathroom, Colt swirled some mouthwash around inside his mouth real good, making sure to swallow some so he knew his breath would be minty fresh.
Standing at the front door fixing to leave, Travis blurted, "Damn Colt, do you have any fucking idea just how delicious you fucking look?"
Colt smiled as his hand turned the doorknob, then whispered his response, "I can't help the way I look!"
He was walking out as Travis yelled, "No you can't, but you sure as shit look good enough to eat, and I know I'll be looking forwards to eating that sweet asshole of yours again."
Colt's legs felt as though they were nothing more than twin stalks of rubber as he slowly began walking towards his home. Still, even after he had just been fucked by Travis, all Colt could think about was getting fucked. With each little footstep, Colt was eyeing both sides of the street for anyone who could possibly be his next target. This time, if he had any say so whatsoever, Colt wanted an older man, a big hairy older man. He walked by Josh's home and saw that the man's car was still not there, so he proceeded towards his home, walking very slowly.  
Josh wasn't the only boy lover living in the park, not by far. Many of the older men, just like Josh, waited until a vacancy came up to rent a spot near the community center area so they can feed into their natural perversion without anyone suspecting anything. Today was no different!
Eight mobile homes past Josh's, Colt thought he saw the front curtains move on the home to his immediate left, so he paused, aimed his shapely ass directly at the window, then bent down to act as though he was adjusting his flip flops. Acting as if he wasn't paying any attention, Colt witnessed the curtain ease itself slightly open. He couldn't make out the figure behind the window and curtain, but knowing that whoever this was was glaring at his hiked up butt made his cock twitch endlessly.
A few seconds later, Colt stood back upright and pretended to stretch, showing the shadow his entire stretched out left side of his body. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the curtain open even further, but still wasn't able to see who it was. Colt began contemplating various plans in order to see who was behind the curtain, and hopefully, willing to be a participant in granting Colt some sex. His 3 1/2 inches of preteen boy pride throbbed with his every heartbeat, beckoning freedom from within those cut-offs.
Seeing that what he was doing was getting absolutely nowhere, Colt tossed caution into the wind and decided to simply go knock on the door. With that being said, Colt was tapping on the door with his right hand as his ears picked up the thumping noise of the person's footsteps as they approached the door. The door swung outwards, and Colt saw an older man, a man who had to be somewhere in his mid to late 50's, wearing a baggy set of shorts, and nothing else. All Colt could really see was the triumphant sea of black and silvery curls as they sprung forth from the man's slightly overweight body. From his neck, all the way down to the hem of the shorts was nothing but thick body hair. Even the man's thick legs was a sea of breathtaking hair. At best guess, Colt guessed the man to stand around the 5'10" mark and must have weighed a pretty good 260 or so pounds. His belly was well rounded, yet in Colt's eyes, layered in mounds upon mounds of beautiful hair.
The man's black and silvery hair was thinning out, just on the verge of being completely bald, and his face was round and thick with an extra flab of a second chin dangling rather loosely. For many eyes, the man simply wouldn't have done a thing for them, but in Colt's eyes, he was entranced and overwhelmed at all the body hair. A quick glance at the man's lower belly and crotch area revealed a definite bulge, but though it was bulging, Colt was curious at to what the bulge would truly reveal once freed.
The man's husky voice sounded, "Yes, can I help you with something?"
Colt had no clue whatsoever on how to reply, so he figured he'd just have to wing it in order to see how far things would go, "Hi sir, my name's Colt, and I live in the front area. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to um, get up some money."
The man scratched both chins with his left hand, then bellowed, "Name's Gene. So, you out looking to earn you some money huh? What all kind of work are you thinking about doing, to uh, raise up some money for yourself?"
Colt smiled, and he could see some sort of reaction in the man's big brown eyes as he whispered his response, "Sir, I'm pretty much open on that. I'll do whatever I can to earn some money, and I mean, anything."
Gene returned a smile, then quickly replied, "Son, you'd better watch out how you go around and use the word "anything" when talking to strangers. You might not know just what they have in mind. It could be something you aint willing, or interested, in doing."
Colt intentionally giggled, then in his most sexiest voice he could muster, responded, "Yes sir, I figured that much out, but to be honest sir, I can't imagine anyone wanting me to do something that I wasn't willing to give it a go, uh, at least once I reckon."
Gene fired right back, "Well uh, just how old are you anyways?"
Colt told him his real age, then Gene continued, "I don't think me and you are on the same page here, but let me explain it like this. You may offer to do anything for money, but someone might want to have sex with someone as pretty and as young as you are. It could possibly be a grown man wanting something like that from you. Heck, they might want to take pictures of you naked, or even want you to suck em off. So, you might want to be a bit  more careful on how you go around slinging the word "anything" out, cause some folks might take it the wrong way, and take you up on it."
Colt allowed Gene to finish, and once the last word was said, Colt energetically said, "Yes sir, like I said, I'll do anything. Is there something I can do for you, uh, like right now sir?"
Gene was taken back a bit to hear this angelic boy's words. Seeing this boy up close and personal was a million times better than any fantasy he had ever jacked off to. Gene didn't have to give it a second thought to realize that the boy standing before him was truly the most breathtaking beauty his perverted eyes had ever lay claim to. Just looking down at such beauty caused his entire body to start perspiring.
Gene looked around to see if anyone was watching, and sensing the coast was clear, he cleared his throat, then in an almost faint whisper, said, "Uh, c'mon in and we'll talk some more."
Colt quickly shot up the steps, and within a blink of an eye, entered Gene's home. Like most mobile homes, upon entering, Colt was already in the living room, so he took it upon himself to flop down on the leather sofa, making sure both eyes were peeled on Gene. Gene made damn certain his door was lock before he joined Colt on the sofa. For a few uneasy seconds neither man nor boy uttered a single word. To Gene, this was something like a dream, but he knew his mind could never come close to creating such overwhelming beauty.
Unsure how to get things started, Colt broke the silence by saying, "So, what would you like for me to do sir?"
Gene was mildly apprehensive as to his response. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, more so, to do with young Colt, but he didn't want to frighten the little young beauty either. Once again, clearing his throat, Gene nervously whispered, "What do you have in mind?"
Colt's left hand intentionally strayed to his crotch where his fingers began lightly toying with his preteen boner. Colt's eyes saw Gene's big brown eyes follow his hand's movement, so Colt figured he had the grown man just where he wanted him. Before Colt had a chance to speak, Gene said, "Colt, I have something I need to tell you. I am what you could call a boy lover, and in many eyes, a pedophile. You see Colt, I adore young boys, and not just simply looking at them either. I um, I enjoy their affection! So, I uh, um, I uh..."
This time Colt stopped him when he started stuttering by softly saying, "I know what you mean. I guess I am what you could call a menophile then, though I'm not all that experienced, but I aint no virgin either, cause I like men, big hairy men at that sir."
Gene could hardly believe what he had just heard, but while his mind was rethinking and absorbing all of this in, the boy jumped up off of the sofa, kicked out of his flip flops, then just as quickly yanked down his cut-offs, and stood before Gene as proudly as any boy could as naked as the day he was born. Gene's eyes raced up and down the naked boy's utterly perfect gorgeous body, taking mental photos of the priceless 3 1/2 inches of boy stick jutting upwards ever so magnificently. The twin hairless little nuggets made Gene's mouth water, and he was infatuated as to how perfectly rounded they appeared to be.
As if modeling, Colt turned his body all the way around so that Gene could get a good eyeful of his entire backside. Gene's eyes had no choice but to lock onto that spectacular, shapely, chiseled mounds of creamy unblemished flesh. Gene's beefy tongue stretched out and swiped his lips while his bellowing moans flowed freely from his partially opened mouth.
Inching his face closer to where the naked boy was standing, Gene was further surprised when Colt bent over, using both of his small hands to peel open those solid chunks of eatable flesh, exposing his little hairless butt hole. Gene's husky voice sounded, "Oh my God! You, you, you are stunningly perfect my dear boy!" The little speck his eyes feasted upon was just that, a tiny little speck that offered no brownish tint whatsoever. It did appear to be slightly red, but when the boy opened his butt cheeks even wider, Gene had no difficulties seeing the brilliance of the bright pink that outlined the boy's anal canal.
Colt heard the sound coming from the leather sofa, and the next thing he felt was the man's thick tongue gracing his widely exposed asshole. Colt purred like a newborn kitten as the man's thick face squashed itself into his butt crack and his tongue was lapping at his asshole with well aimed strikes. The force of the man's face and tongue kept on pushing Colt forwards and he was doing all that he could to hold himself into position.  
In one quick unexpected motion, Colt found himself being picked up high into the air, then both he and Gene were on the sofa. Colt's ass was aiming itself into the air while the back of his head was resting on Gene's thick hairy thighs. Colt glared at the man as Gene dove back into eating Colt's ass with a blind infuriated passion. Colt felt the thick beefy tongue pry open his asshole, then enter his anal canal, sending his soft angelic voice into high gear, flooding the room with his angelic purrs and passionate moans. While Colt was being pleasured, his fingers danced into the thick fur of Gene's massive thighs.
It had been a long eight months since Gene had the opportunity to dine on a boy's ass. Comparing Colt to the other boy, who was all of 14, wasn't even comparable. For one thing, their hygiene wasn't on the same level. The ass he is dining on right now was virtually odorless and tasted like no other he had ever dined on. The other boy wasn't as clean! The 14 year old was beautiful, and at that time, Gene thought that he was the most beautiful boy he had ever seen. Now, Colt pops into the picture, and anyone who had any vision at all would easily declare Colt being the image of heavenly perfection and total devastating beauty.
For nearly an hour, Gene used just his beefy tongue to stimulate Colt's delicious butt. Colt was besides himself with swirling emotions as to the tenderness and gentleness of Gene's good graciousness. Cradling the small boy in his arms, Gene lifted them both off of the sofa and carried Colt like a baby into his bedroom, placing the boy gently upon his back. With Colt on his back, Gene rested his large body right next to Colt, on the boy's right side. Without any words being exchanged, Gene locked his lips over Colt's and slowly pushed his tongue into the boy's minty smelling mouth.
Colt had never felt a tongue inside his mouth before, so he honestly had no clue what to do. As if running on instinct, a few seconds later, Colt mimicked Gene's actions and now had his tongue frolicking inside the man's mouth. While their tongues embarked in a tender battle, Colt's right hand rested on Gene's back where his fingers immediately began running through the vast curls of man fur. Gene's chubby right paw slid up and down Colt's body, feeling every square inch of the boy's heavenly perfections.
Not keeping track of the time, but a while later, Gene unlocked their lips and began using his tongue to lick all over Colt's forehead, cheeks, ears, and neck area. Everywhere his tongue tasted, Gene reacted as though he was lapping up pure sugar. Colt, on the other hand, never expected to feel the way he was now feeling. He thought he knew a little bit about sex, but everything Gene was doing to him was driving him sexually insane. His little cock throbbed constantly and many times throughout the ordeal, Colt felt like he was just about to cum, but nothing happened.
When Gene's mouth zeroed in on Colt's small right nipple, Colt literally became unfucking glued! He never knew his nipple could give him so much astonishing pleasure, and Gene knew the boy was loving it cause Colt was uncontrollably shooting his butt up off the bed, high into the air while making all sorts of toe curling noises. Gene went from one nipple to the other, back and forth for quite a long time. Even Colt couldn't understand the stuff flying out of his mouth, but then again, he didn't give a crap either, cause all he knew was that he was feeling something incredibly wonderful.
In due time, Gene's tongue traveled lower until he was swabbing out the boy's tiny belly button. Then, his tongue made sure that every square inch of the boy's near hairless pubic region had been thoroughly devoured before enclosing his mouth over both of Colt's hairless swollen jewels. Gene questioned his own thoughts as to being curious if the young boy could produce any cum or not, but either way, Gene wanted to give this boy the attention he so rightfully deserves.
Eventually, Gene's eager mouth released Colt's balls and began licking up and down, and all over Colt's throbbing preteen boy pole. Naturally, Gene had no problem gobbling up the boy's small cock in one gulp, so he slowly bobbed his mouth up and down while using his right hand to gracefully grope Colt's saliva coated balls, and allowing his right middle finger to gingerly apply a dab of pressure to the boy's tiny speck of a poop chute entrance.
Colt was bucking his hips wildly as his emotions increased higher than ever before. Being the pro and skilled worshipper of boy cocks, Gene knew when it was time to back off so the inevitable could be prolonged. This too was something Colt was not used to. Just when he thought he was about to cum, the man would stop completely, wait a few seconds, then go back to work. Over and over again, Colt got to the point that he was fixing to cum, then Gene would stop. By now, Colt was literally begging Gene to let him cum, but Gene wanted the boy to remember this time for as long as he lived.
As time progressed, Gene would bring the boy close, then stop, and start manipulating the boy's balls, asshole, and nipples. He took turns working each and every body part, and always returned to sucking the boy's perfect boy stick. With his mouth on the boy's cock, and as Colt got right to the very edge of an orgasm, Gene would stop sucking and dive onto the boy's balls. Then, he'd go back to sucking Colt's cock, repeating the very same step, but instead of gnawing on his hairless swollen jewels, he'd eat the boy's asshole for a good while, then jump back to work on his cock again. Then onto the boy's nipples, then back on his cock. This went on for a long, long time, and by now, Colt's balls felt like they were going to explode any second now.
Gene had worked himself to the point that it was time to taste whatever offering the boy could provide, so he flipped onto his back, making sure he had a couple of pillows under his head, then positioned Colt so that the boy was straddling his chest, and that Colt could now fuck his cum hungry mouth at his own pace. Colt was so beyond ready to blow his load that he quickly started face fucking the man, thrusting his little boy stick in and out of the man's mouth with wild and reckless abandonment.
Before Colt's cock entered his mouth, Gene lubricated his right thumb with his own saliva, and as the boy's cock shot in and out of his mouth, Gene placed his thumb right at Colt's little bung hole. It wasn't long before Colt's orgasm started racing through his thrusting body, and Gene picked up on this too. Timing it just right, just as Colt screamed, Gene shoved his entire thumb straight up Colt's ass. Colt screamed even louder, but it was way too late as his cock began violently erupting his boy juice.
Gene's beefy thumb was applying pressure directly on Colt's prostate, and although Colt had no idea what a prostate was, he sure as hell knew that the thing up his ass was doing some sort of magic trick. Every time he slammed his cum shooting cock into the man's mouth, his anal muscles clamped down on the man's thumb, sending profound shock waves crashing throughout every part of his convulsing body.
Gene was no stranger in dining on a young boys cum supply, but even he was caught off-guard as to the power and thickness of Colt's torpedoing boy honey. Long strands of boy cream exploded harshly into his mouth, one following after another, then another, and so on. Colt was bucking his hips, force feeding his cock into the man's mouth while his cum exploded from his face fucking cock. Gene made sure he trapped the boy's cum inside his mouth, and still, more and more cum kept on violently exploding into the already puddle of boy juice.
By the time Colt's cum supply finally ended, Gene realized he had never had this much cum inside his mouth ever. His chubby cheeks were bloated from containing the boy's recent load. He didn't doubt whether or not he would be able to swallow such a load, cause that certainly wasn't a problem, but he was just surprised to find out that a boy as young as Colt could produce such mass amount of boy cream.
Colt's now limp noodle easily slid out of Gene's cum bloated mouth, and it was then, while keeping his eyes zeroed in on the boy's divine facial beauty that Gene tasted Colt's cum for the first time. One small helping after another, and by the time Gene sampled his fourth small taste, goose bumps popped up all over his entire body. Not only was this 12 year olds boy cream thick, but discovering any kind of taste was damn near nonexistent. The next thing Gene knew was that he was whimpering for more as the last tasteless thick ball of boy cum dove down his gulping throat.
Colt was panting like crazy, his body shaking like an erupting volcano, and his mind raced with no thoughts whatsoever. The orgasm he had just felt was by far the most intense he had ever experienced. Gene showed extreme patience as he lay there, allowing the gorgeous young boy to recover somewhat. Colt's fingers were on auto pilot as they ran through Gene's chest hairs. Colt sincerely loved the way the hairs tingled his fingers, sending spine tingling sensations scouring throughout his entire convulsing body.  
A few long awaited minutes later, Colt eased himself back into the world of reality. The thick thumb was still up his ass, but Colt already made up his mind that he wanted Gene's cock inside of him. Colt raised his body upwards, drawing his cock hungry asshole away from the thumb until it was completely out, then slid his entire body downwards, towards Gene's crotch area. Colt unsnapped the top button of Gene's shorts, then with Gene's lifting of his ass, Colt slid both shorts and underwear down until his eyes drifted upon the man's manly meat.
Unlike the cocks he had seen before, Gene's cock was a tad bit different. The man was uncircumcised, and though stiff as a board, the flap of foreskin completely covered the bulbous cock head and the loose skin dribbled downwards a good inch. Colt eyed Gene's cock, noting that it was probably 5 inches long, but it wasn't the length that was impressive, it was the thickness. Colt swallowed hard realizing that the cock throbbing before his very eyes was the thickest he had ever seen. Without actually touching it, he already knew that if he stretched his fingers around it, they wouldn't come close to touching. And, that was just the shaft. Although the skin covered the man's cock head, Colt could clearly see that the damn thing was way thicker than the already thick shaft.
Colt balled up a fist, comparing the thickness, realized that the man's thick cock was thicker than his balled up fist. He reached out with his left hand and slid the skin downwards, revealing the enormous precum spitting cock head. Colt leaned forwards and licked the oozing precum, quickly tasting the mild salty fluid, but awkwardly discovered that no matter how much he tried to open his mouth wide, he wasn't able to get any of the man's cock head into his mouth. Knowing this, Colt began feeling uneasy about something so awesomely thick entering his ass. Even he doubted if the fat fucker would fit!
While the boy was licking the head of his cock like a lollipop, Gene stretched his right arm towards the nightstand and grabbed the small bottle of his favorite lubricant, "WET." Unbeknown to Colt, Gene had already busted a nut while sneaking a peek at him through the window. Though the boy's touch and tongue sent shivers racing up and down his spine, Gene knew it would take some doing before the urge to unleash another load would happen.
Using his large hands, Gene guided Colt's little body into a modified 69 position. Gene had Colt place his left knee on his stomach and chest area while his right leg was stretched out. Gene flipped the top open and poured a small amount on his right index finger. He then eased his chubby finger into the boy's rectum and began slowly, but gingerly, greasing up the boy's tight rectum. Gene knew he didn't have a porn sized cock, but his largest compliment was the girth of his man meat. Many a young boy had felt his thick sausage invade their anal chambers, and they all winced and whined, and many screamed, once he stuffed their butt with his overly thick cock.
Within a very short time, Gene watched as Colt innocently enough began rocking his ass back and forth on his finger. It was then that Gene introduced his right middle finger up Colt's butt. The boy whimpered a bit, but soon began rotating his fiery hot ass all over Gene's two fingers, grinding his ass to and fro while working his ass on both fingers.
With two fingers stretching his anal canal, Colt felt kind of full, but when a third thick finger eased up his butt, the familiar burning pain returned to his body and swirling mind. Though the three thick fingers hurt, Colt was resilient in his finger fucking mission. He gyrated his ass while clamping down on his anal muscles. Gene grunted repeatedly, feeling the sheer power of the boy's bone crushing anal muscles as they clamped down on his exploring fingers.
In time, Colt's ass made the necessary adjustment for Gene's thick fingers and the boy was soon slamming his butt aggressively, back and forth, while wiggling his butt onto Gene's thrusting fingers. Gene felt it was time to replace his fingers with his cock, so he used his hands to guide Colt up on his knees, then hoarsely whispered, "Sit on it baby, sit on daddy's cock!"
Colt straddled Gene's large upper body, easing himself down to the point that his asshole was now lodging itself up against the man's thick cock. Colt reached back with his right hand, holding Gene's hooded cock upright, then began trying to force his asshole to open wide in order to impale himself. Gene reached out with his right hand and began softly caressing Colt's semi flaccid cock while using the underside of his thumb to tease Colt's shriveled up hairless nuggets.
Colt tried desperately to force the man's obese cock into his asshole, and just as he failed, Gene reached up with his left hand, latching his chubby fingers onto his right nipple, tenderly pinching it, Colt sat backwards, driving the bulbous head straight into his own rectum. Now, young Colt was torn between fiery pain and surreal pleasures as the fat beast's head invaded his anal opening. In more ways than one, it felt like his asshole was being town in half, starting from the inside first.
The boy yanked his head backwards while his mouth shot open, and a chorus of pain riddled noises spewed freely. Colt propelled his upper body forwards, placing both hands on Gene's chest, doing all that he could to runaway from this tormenting pain without letting Gene's cock head escape his ass. When Colt pushed his upper body upwards, he unintentionally forced the rest of the enormous cock head into his rectum, but a good two inches of rock solid thick shaft as well.
Colt screamed while trying to bite his lower lip to muffle his painful pleads. God, this hurt was all he could think as his ass sent electrifying painful currents of fiery electricity shooting throughout his body every time he took a single breath. Back and forth, Colt went from slinging his head backwards to shuffling his upper body forwards. In the meantime, Gene held himself perfectly still, but watched the boy's gorgeous face as the boy fought against his own inner being to accept his manly appendage.
Each time Colt rocked his upper body forwards and backwards, more of Gene's cock spread his anal canal open that much wider. Colt reached back and grabbed his butt cheeks, yanking them wider while pushing his pain riddled ass down. In doing so, Colt managed to allow his ass to swallow Gene's entire cock and he now could feel the man's hairy bull balls up against his spread butt crack. If felt like he had just shoved a bowling ball up his ass, and the damn thing was clogging up his breathing ability. With each breath, Colt had to virtually force in a breath of fresh air. Each time, the reminder of the huge object impaled inside his ass sent a painful message to the rest of his body.  
Keeping the fat man sausage wedged all the way up his rectum, Colt leaned forwards, placing his upper body on top of Gene's hairy chest. The left side of Colt's face was breathing in the man's thick fur as he started to use his anal muscles to softly grip, then relax, upon the man's overly thick appendage.
Gene couldn't help not to moan as he felt the boy's anal muscles work its magic upon his cock. More impressively was the fact that Gene knew the boy wasn't using his body, just his anal muscles. Within a couple of minutes, although his ass still hurt like hell, Colt began increasing the pressure of his anal muscles, steadily gnawing and choking away at the man's beefy pole. Soon, the pain began to slowly dwindle, and as it began departing his body, Colt really began to use his anal muscles, clamping down harder and harder, still not moving his body at all.
Using his fingers, a few minutes later, Colt pushed his upper body into more of a seated position. Now, with the man's cock feeling much, much better, Colt began to rise up slowly, then force feed Gene's cock back into his rectum. Within a few seconds of than, all Gene could do was watch as the boy began to bounce up and down, fucking that miraculous ass onto his cock with mind boggling speed while purring with each and every breath.
Gene, seeing the boy lost in his own sex filled world, reached up with both hands, grabbing at Colt's tiny erect nipples, and began pinching, tweaking, and pulling both at the same time, feeding Colt's bouncing body further added pleasures. By now, Colt was flaying his body back and forth, up and down, doing all that he could do to drive the man's hairy bull balls straight up his cock stuffed ass. Gene could feel the boy's fingers dig into his lower stomach, prying the fingertips deep within his flabby flesh. Gene eyed the boy's preteen missile as it stood erect, flopping angelically all over in accord with the boy's wild and frantic fucking motions.
Timing the boy's rising motion, Gene began thrusting his ass upwards, hammering his cock home as the boy plunged downwards. The distinct sound of flesh slapping flesh flooded the room as now both man and boy were equally lost in their lust filled emotions. Again, Gene had no choice but to feel the boy's anal muscles savagely attack his thrusting manhood. The grip got tighter and tighter, almost to the point that Gene could feel his cock's flesh being severely yanked from his thrusting cock.
Colt reared his upper body backwards, forcing his preteen hard cock to fly into the air as it burst into a volley of rapidly firing boy honey. Much to Gene's surprise, all he could do was watch as the first three jets rocketed high up over his head, plopping soundly against the wall behind him. Gene's mouth was open in pure awe as cum rope four, five, six, and seven shot directly into his gaping mouth. Numbers 8, 9, 10, & 11 sprayed the underside of his double chins before he lost count as to how many more powerful jets torpedoed out of the boy's cock. All Gene could do was feel the hot cream as it sprayed his chest and stomach area, but as Colt was crying out as to his intense orgasm, Gene's own power slamming cock exploded, firing thick wads of man goo deeper into the boy's rectum.
Now, both man and boy were screaming as their orgasms shot through their bodies, setting their spinning minds into an elongated path of pure darkness. Colt still fed his ass to the man's cum shooting cock, completely blind as to his own actions as if life itself had just came to a sudden standstill. Gene moaned loudly as he dined on the boy's splendid, tasteless, thick boy juice, which only increased his feverish state while bucking his body wildly in unison with his orgasm.  
Minutes later, Gene's flaccid cock slipped out of Colt's butt hole while Colt fell upon his left side. Gene was breathing heavily, and so was Colt for that matter. When their breathing began to return back to somewhat of a normal pattern, the two spoke about making this a regular encounter. Colt was elated to hear that he could have Gene's thick beast anytime he so desired. During their conversation, Colt began dressing while Gene just slipped on his robe. Just before Colt was going to head out of the door, he and Gene embarked on a long tongue sucking kiss.
The short walk from Gene's to Colt's house was a difficult one at best. The boy's ass ached from having just been royally plowed. His legs shook with each step, making his footsteps towards home rather a wobbly one. No longer was Colt's young mind infatuated with finding more cock, or at least, not at the present moment. Upon passing Tray's home, he noticed that he and his mom had not returned as of yet. Just as Colt entered his home, a more pressing issue presented itself to Colt. The cum that Gene had deposited up his ass was screaming to be freed, so Colt scurried quickly to his bathroom, and just made it as the thick gooey cream came soundly exploding from his burning butt.
Once he felt that his bowels was free from man seed, Colt thought it best to go ahead and take a quick shower. He was tired, basically exhausted, as he stepped into the shower and began lathering his body up. All he could think about now as his bed, and a whole lot of well deserved sleep. He dried himself off, brushed his teeth, then made sure the lock on his bedroom door was locked, buck naked, collapsed on his stomach in the middle of his bed. Within a matter of a few seconds, Colt fell into a deep peaceful sleep.
While Colt was passed out, a couple of hours later, Tray and his mom finally made it home. The whole day was pretty much wasted going with his mom, and Tray was as horny as he had ever been. His teen cock throbbed every second of this very long day, and on two separate occasions, he tried to jack-off, but his mom's voice always stopped him before he could finish out his heart thumping task.
After helping his mom unload the car, Tray ran into his bathroom and scrubbed his body clean, brushed his teeth, then jerked on some cut-offs, slipped into some sandals, and ran out the door. Tray trotted all the way to Josh's, but his heart sank when he realized the man wasn't home. His teen boner steadily throbbed as his mind raced with sexually illicit ideas. Then, all of a sudden, Tray's mind came up with the idea of fucking Colt's chiseled ass. Tray turned around and trotted all the way up to Colt's home. Tray, knowing how to twist the locked doorknob to open it, twisted it and bolted inside.
Tray called out Colt's name a few times, then started walking towards Colt's bedroom. The closer Tray's feet carried him to Colt's bedroom, the harder his 5 inch cock seemed to get. He tried to turn the knob, but quickly discovered that Colt had locked the door. Again, this was no problem whatsoever for Tray, because he already knew the secret on how to open his best friend's locked door. He turned the knob to his left while lifting upwards, then pushed as the door sprung open.
The site before Tray's eyes was a definite site to behold. There was Colt, bare ass naked, laying on his stomach, and that perfectly shaped ass of his jutting ever so proudly. Tray couldn't see Colt's face because his friend was laying on the left side of his face, and Tray could hear the deep heavy breathing sounds exuding themselves from Colt's mouth and nostrils. Tray quickly tore out of his shorts, then stood at the edge of the bed, eyeing the most breathtaking shapely butt not many eyes had ever seen.
Tray's teen cock jumped and twitched as Tray leaned over and shoved his nose directly over that smooth soothing little sideways smile known as his best friend's butt crack and began breathing in as deep as he possibly could. Gently, using the slightest of touches, Tray used the fingers of his right hand to part Colt's butt cheeks apart, so that his watering eyes could now stare at Colt's tiny dot of a bung hole. Once again, Tray inched his nose up to the tiny rosebud and breathed in, over and over again, and time after time. The aroma, better yet, fragrance shooting into his lungs was that of soap with just a mild trace of a minty smelling scent.
Once Tray got his fill of smelling Colt's asshole, he darted into Colt's bathroom and retrieved a towel and the small bottle of baby oil. Back in Colt's bedroom, standing at the edge, Tray poured the baby oil on his erect teen organ and began working the slippery oil all over his cock. While his right hand was making sure that every square inch of his teen pipe was slick, Tray's eyes couldn't stop staring at Colt's sweet smelling butt.
Wiping the excess oil off of his hand with the towel, Tray eased himself onto Colt's bed, then inched his way behind Colt's sprawled out naked body so that his teen cock was hovering over Colt's unsuspecting bubbly ass. Using the fingers of his left hand, Tray pushed his cock in between Colt's crack until he felt that super hot and extra tiny butt hole greet the very tip of his precum oozing boyhood.
Tray pressed his body forwards, pushing his cock downwards, then felt his cock head dive into his best friend's anal tunnel. Having no experience whatsoever, Tray force fed the remainder of his cock all the way up Colt's ass. Colt's eyes flung open wide, crying out, "What the fuck?"
Tray, bearing a devilish grin, whispered, "I've been so fucking horny all day and when I saw your ass, I just couldn't help myself. Besides Colt, you told me I could fuck you anytime."
While Tray spoke, his hips had already began hoisting themselves forwards and backwards, banging his teen meat as hard as he could in and out of Colt's sore ass. Though the sudden and unsuspected feeling of having Tray's cock invade his ass was a bit painful, Colt began working his legs free so that he worked himself into a formidable "doggy style" position. Thankfully enough for Colt, Tray's cock was 5 inches, but very slender, so it didn't really hurt all that bad. In fact, Colt began moaning very quickly while he jammed his ass backwards while Tray flung his cock forwards.
Colt wasted no time in clamping down hard, extremely hard, using his anal muscles, and it was Tray who voiced his pleasure, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Colt, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit! What, what are you, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, what the fuck are you doing to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
Colt, clenching his teeth, grunted, "I'm fucking you! You wanted my ass, so fuck me Tray! Fuck me hard mother fucker! Give me your cock! Yes, yes, fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaarrrrrrrrddddddd!"
This was Tray's first time doing anything like this, so feeling his cock inside his best friend's ass, and they way it felt like his thrusting pecker was being crushed as if slicing tightly within the coiled clutches of one very pissed off and hungry anaconda, well uh, Tray simply couldn't help himself. Both of Tray's hands dug into Colt's hips flesh as he unconsciously power slammed his boy pole in and out of Colt's exquisitely scorching hot, cock crushing, backwards slamming ass.
Tray yelled loudly in a screeching voice as his 5 inches of thrusting boyhood began spurting violently deep within Colt's vacuuming anal realm. Tray's orgasmic verbiage explosion sounded like a mouse caught in a sticky glue trap trying to fight for its freedom. Colt on the other hand, wanted more. His own preteen boy stick was harder than a brick, and he slammed his butt as hard as he could onto his best friend's thrusting cum shooting cock. But, not being experienced at this sort of activity at all, Tray forced his deflating boyhood from Colt's thrusting butt, then cordially sat on the edge of the bed, leaning his face to the side so that he could stare at Colt's naked backside.
Colt, regrettably realizing that this activity was now over, slid back onto his stomach and rolled his face towards Tray's face. Colt devilishly asked, "So, how was it? Did you like fucking me? Was it what you had hoped it to be?"
Tray smiled, trying to slow down his rapid breathing, then whispered, "Wow! Yes! Yes! That was everything I thought of, and a shit load more! God, that was uh, uh, fucking amazing!"
After a two minute excited conversation, Tray opened Colt's bedroom door, then walked on home on wobbly legs. Though Colt's young pecker was still rock hard, his body's exhaustion soon conquered his thoughts, and Colt fell back into a deep peaceful sleep. No sooner had Tray got home, and inside his bedroom, he tore out of his shorts, and began looking at his flaccid boy noodle. Much to his delight, and confirming his own perverted suspicions, Tray couldn't detect any signs indicating where his cock had just been.
Soon, Tray fell fast asleep, his young mind replaying the vision of Colt's naked body while recounting the pleasures derived from his cock as he fucked his best friend's voluptuous ass. Even in a heavy breathing deep sleep, the smile dashing across Tray's face told the story ever so vividly.
The following morning, Colt's eyes flickered open. As he slid out of bed, he felt his entire body aching like never before. He was already heading to the bathroom when the highly pressurized urge to conduct a bowel movement struck him insanely fast. While sitting on the toilet, it was then when Colt remembered that Tray had blasted his interior with his cum, and that very same cum was now rocketing out of his aching butt hole.
After finishing his toilet duties, Colt washed his hands, then tip toed towards his mom's bedroom to see if she was home or not. He eased open the door to see his mom, stark naked, sleeping next to some man. The man was naked too, but all Colt could see was the thick black fur starting from the top of the man's neck, flowing fully all the way down to the top of his feet. The man was laying next to his mom's right side, and his sleeping man sausage was laying towards the man's left hip area. Colt had no choice but to gulp as he guessed the flaccid circumcised cock had to be a solid 6 inches long, if not more, and the thing was freaking thick!
There was so much man fur boiling out of the man's lightly spread legs that Colt couldn't even see his balls. Seeing all of this made Colt's own appendage propel itself into a throbbing erect state. He thought about easing himself up and taking the fat sausage into his mouth, but thought better of it, so he simply satisfied himself by gawking at the huge beast. His mind could only fantasize about its true length, and how the thing would get even fatter when fully hard. Knowing he was about to do something very, very wrong, Colt thought it best to remove himself from his mom's bedroom.
Walking thru the kitchen, Colt remembered he hadn't even ate anything since the day before. After seeing the naked man laying next to his mom, and eyeing his more than impressive man meat, Colt's horny young mind returned to thinking of sex, so he whisked a way the notion to feed his body some form of food, and told himself he needed to feed his ass some cock, some man cock. So, retrieving his enema kit, Colt thoroughly cleansed his rectum before taking a refreshing hot shower.
Back inside his bedroom, Colt fumbled through his drawers to find something sexy, something sooooooooooo sexy that even the straightest of men would want him. In the bottom drawer, all the way in the back, under some other clothes, Colt found the one item his mind had been searching for. It was an old almond white bicycle short, the one that clings to every contour of your body, leaving very little to the imagination.  
Colt stepped through the leg openings, wiggling his taught little bubbly butt, pulled the stretchy fabric upwards until it was finally in place. He had to dip his left hand inside the shorts to readjust his semi flaccid preteen organ so that it was aiming itself to a more upright position. Taking a quick glance at his body peering into the mirror, Colt smiled knowing that he now looked good enough to eat. Even his scrawny little boy pearls formed themselves into the crotch area, and seeing that only made Colt smile that much more with anticipated excitement. No longer did his body ache, uh uh, not now, cause his asshole was constantly winking in high hopes of being fed some jack hammering man missile.
He slipped on his flip flops and had just turned the corner into the kitchen when he came face to face with the naked man who had been sleeping with him mom. The bearded fur cover man spun around as his growling voice barreled, "You fucks aint got a damn thing to eat around here!"
Colt's eyes were magnetically drawn to the man's thick dangling beast, and though he heard what the man said, Colt's mouth simply was lost for any words. The man growled again, "What the fuck are you staring at boy? Aint you never seen a pecker before?"
As he spoke, the man used his left hand to teasingly twirl the flaccid chunk of beef in a full circle. Again, Colt couldn't speak cause his eyes watered in total fascination of the huge cock flopping all around. The man gulped down a glass of water, then belched, and blurted, "Mother fucker, you best get them eyes off of my cock or I'll shove the son-of-a-bitch straight into your mouth."
About that time, Colt's mom shot into the room as she yelled, "You lay one fucking finger on my son and the only thing going in anyones mouth is your cock and balls, cause I'll cut the mother fucker off and shove em straight down your fucking throat! Got that fucker?"  
The man shot back, anger rising in his voice, "Slow down bitch! I aint the one looking at anyones pecker. Your boy keeps on looking at my shit!"
Colt's mom yelled, "And your the mother fucker walking around in my house bare ass naked, now aint you? I told you I got a boy, but no, your dumb fucking ass decided to parade around naked. Get your ass in there and get dressed so we can get the fuck out of here!"
The man turned to walk away, turning his face one last time to look at the boy, then fired off, "Damn woman, look how that boy is dressed. If he aint dead set on finding him some cock, then I'm a mother fucking astronaut! Look at him bitch, take a good long look at your boy. That pretty little shit goes walking around like that then you can take it to the bank, he's out looking to have his shitter packed with some pecker. I've said my fucking peace so deal with it!"
As the man stomped towards his mom's bedroom, Colt saw the mass of fur that completely consumed the man's entire backside. Then, Colt's mom's soft voice purred, "Yeah, that's one hairy fucker alright, but Colt, you shouldn't be walking outside wearing that tight little thing. It just might give someone the wrong idea."
Colt smiled at his mom, then his own soft little voice chimed, "Maybe that's what I want!"
She didn't say another word, but did hand Colt ten dollars to get him something to eat. Colt was sitting on the sofa, anxiously waiting for his mom and the hairy bastard to leave. The two of them had just walked into the living room as Colt was walking to the kitchen as he heard the man's grubby voice howl, "Yep, if that pretty little fucker goes around wearing those skimpy little shorts, showing that hot little ass, some guy is definitely gonna be fucking him today! Go on boy, go get you some dick, cause you and I both know that's what the fuck you are looking for! (Colt's mom was just about to shout something when the man cut her off) Bitch, shut the fuck up! That boy of yours probably loves cock more than you do!"
As they walked out of the door, Colt softly whispered, "Yes, I fucking do!" His whisper was so light only he himself could hear what he had just said. Colt walked up to the front window, peeking out, waiting for his mom's car to pull out of the drive. Knowing he would have all day to have sex, his preteen boy pole became twitchingly erect. He watched the car back up, then drive forwards, so he waited about five minutes before walking outside and looked down at the front entrance, just to ensure himself that his mom was gone.
Many, many times, Colt wished his life was a bit different. He knew his mom loved him, but she never showed it. Heck, she was hardly at home, and when she was, there was always some man laying the pipe to her. Rumor has it that his mom is a part-time prostitute and a full-time drug addict. To be honest, Colt had already figured as much. He didn't know by him checking on his mom every morning whether he was seeing if she was there, or whether or not she was dead from some kind of drug overdose. That was his life, but one thing he knew he was fortunate to have, or at least for right now, was his looks. And, since everybody always tells him how pretty he is, well, it's high time he put his looks to use!
Colt stepped out onto the sidewalk bordering his home, and began to slowly walk aimlessly towards the rear of the park. The soft gentle breeze struck his body, including through the stretchy shorts, sending his preteen boner into a convulsive twitching rage. With each slow step, Colt thought of nothing else except a man, and his man sized cock.
Instead of walking in the direction where Gene and Josh live, Colt decided to try the other side, and see how his luck would go on that side. It was still early in the morning, around 8 am, when he rounded the corner to head towards the opposite side of the community park. Though Colt was looking from side to side, he had no clue whatsoever that it was he who was being measured up.
Roy had just retrieved his morning paper, wearing nothing but a robe when he eyed what he initially thought was a topless girl walking towards him. The longer he stared, he finally realized that the young beauty was indeed a boy, and not just any boy either, but one who can make your thumping heart completely stop just by gazing at his stunning beauty. Roy wasn't just a looker of young boys, but an avid adventurer instead. In his tight circle of friends, Roy had been known to pay top dollar for a heated sexual encounter with young boys, ages from 10 to 14 years old. The little gorgeous beauty walking towards him looked a bit younger than his actual sexual age preference, but Roy didn't have to think twice knowing that he could circle the globe 6 times over and never see such eye jittering beauty. The boy was truly way beyond breathtaking!
Roy could feel his cock rapidly inflating as he eyed the boy and his superlative magnificent body. Being 61 years old, Roy had feasted upon young boys hundreds of times, and in fact, still doing so. Desiring to meet this young beauty, Roy walked back out to the rear of his parked car, held out his right hand while saying, "Good morning you man. Name's Roy and it sure looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day today."
As their hands greeted one another, Roy felt a surge of electricity explode throughout his entire body as his eyes locked in on Colt's upright erect 3 1/2 inches of glorified boy meat. At least he got to feel the boy's silky smooth hand and allow his lurking eyes to intricately study every delicious inch of Colt's stunning body.
While Roy was studying Colt, Colt was studying Roy. Colt guessed the man to be in his late 50's or early 60's with a head full of grayish white hair. His face looked freshly shaven and he appeared to be rather tall, standing a pretty good 6'3" to 6'5" tall. From the opening in the chest area of the robe, Colt didn't see any chest hairs at all. Roy looked kind of thin, maybe weighing about 180 to 200 pounds. To Colt, the man's facial appearance looked as though he could easily be some sort of politician or government official. He just had that "professional" kind of appearance. In Colt's eyes, Roy was definitely handsome, bordering good-looking.
At first, their conversation started very formal, but within a couple of minutes, it was Colt who broached a more direct topic as he softly spoke, "I don't know if it's me you're happy to see, or just the regular morning wood, but your pecker done snuck out to get some fresh air."
Roy looked down, and sure as shit, his cock was standing straight out for the boy, and the rest of the world, to see. Roy fumbled to try and stuff it somewhere under the concealment of his robe, while uttering, "I am so sorry about that."
Colt flashed the man a huge smile, then blatantly said, "No need to be sorry, cause from where I'm standing, it sure looked pretty darn good."
At least Colt was telling a lie. From what he could see of the man's erection, it looked to be about 7 inches long, and not too thick, nor was it too slender. It was a perfect length and it had a perfect girth, both made for sucking and fucking, or at least, that's the way Colt was seeing things. Seeing the flared mushroom shaped cock head only made Colt's mouth water and his asshole steadily pucker.
Before Roy had an opportunity to digest what the boy had just said, Colt resumed talking, "I'm not too sure if you're into something like this or not, but it's early, and I'm extra super horny. Before you ask, or say something I've already heard before, I'll go ahead and say it. Nope, I won't tell anyone, and nope, I'm not a virgin! I like to suck, get sucked, and I love to get fucked! I also like to kiss, but that I'm not the best at yet, but I'm working on it."
Roy nervously looked around to see if anyone else was within earshot, or by that matter, watching. This was either perfect timing, or the worst fucking timing in his life. Inside his mobile home was a friend who had stayed the night. Just like himself, Clay is a lover of young boys. The only difference between the two is that Clay proclaims himself to be straight, and he has a wife, five children, and eight grandchildren to validate his claim. But, Clay would, and always has, jump at the chance to bed down a young boy. Clay only spent the night because he had just got some new man on boy DVD's and couldn't watch them at his house, so he came over to Roy's to watch them. He told his wife that he and Roy were going fishing early in the morning, so he was going to spend the night so they could get an early start.
Roy already knew a lot about his friend, including the fact that Clay is 74 years old. Unlike a lot of seniors these days, Clay didn't have any use for any kind of medication to make his cock hard. Roy steadily teased Clay about how fast the man's cock got hard every time their eyes laid claim to some unsuspecting young boy. Although they were alike in many ways, especially their preferences when it came to young boys, they also were different in regards to their sexual desires. Roy was more of a romantic, whereas Clay was more on the raunchier side of the track. Since their budding friendship, Clay and Roy had shared a young boy on 3 separate occasions.
Being that he is raunchy, Roy watched two of the boys urinate in Clay's mouth, and Clay shot a huge load while drinking the hot piss. One boy in particular, Clay had the boy do something that made Roy leave the room. Clay was on the floor, flat on his back, and the boy squatted over Clay's open mouth while the 13 year old fed Clay his smelly logs of boy turds. Seeing that made Roy run out of the room and throw-up.
Further describing Clay, the man stands 5'11" and weighs about 190 pounds. Unlike Roy's hairless body (shaves his crotch area regularly), Clay is covered from head to toe, front and back, with wiry curls of thick silver hair. Another feature about Clay that Roy has seen many, many times, is the man's cock. Unlike his own 7 inches of cut average thick cock, Clay's cock is a little bit more intimidating. When hard, which is almost all the time, arches from his hairy body a solid 8 inches. His shaft's thickness would be of average thickness, but it's his foreskin covered cock head that can make your eyes water. To Roy, Clay's cock looks kind of deformed. The huge bulbous cock head is twice, if not more, thicker than the shaft, and once the one inch flapping skin is peeled back, the man's large piss lips appear to be always open, and spitting globs upon globs of precum.
On all three occasions, in which the two shared a young boy, all three screamed bloody murder once Clay shoved that massive cock head into their rectums. Even now, at this point in time, Roy and Clay had never once attempted to relieve themselves with each others company. Neither had a sexual interest in the other, but they enjoyed each others company, mainly because of their mutual interests in young boys.
Roy was just about to say something to Colt, when the front door of his home swung open, and out stepped Clay. Clay only saw Roy as his husky voice flew, "Damn Roy, I thought something had happened to you."
Roy was looking at Clay as the man started walking towards them. Once Clay walked out of the gate, and approached Roy on his left side, his perverted boy loving eyes captured Colt's intoxicating beauty. Clay smiled as his husky voice sounded, "Holy mother of sweet Jesus, who do we have here? Oh my, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy heavens. Whew, what a beauty you truly are. The only thing missing is a set of wings topped off with some whipped cream. Hummmmmmmmmmmm, what a gorgeous sight we have here Roy!"
Roy was a little upset of all that Clay had just said, after all, Clay could go home, but Roy was the one who lived here. But before Roy could vent his anger, Colt's soft purring vibrant voice chimed in, "Thank you sir for those compliments. My name's Colt and me and Roy here was just talking."
A hurricane couldn't wipe the shit eating grin off of Clay's face as he studied the boy's near naked body with intricate fine details. The longer he studied the little beauty, the more and more consumed he became over young Colt. Just like Roy, Clay was only wearing a robe, and just as in the case with Roy, Clay's thick cock head came poking out. Roy and Clay both followed the young boy's twitching eyes all the way down to Clay's protruding skin covered enormous cock head.
Colt eyed the mammoth hooded monster as if captured in a body freezing trance, but his ears did hear Clay's words, "Yeah, he's happy to see you too!"
Roy angrily whispered, "For fuck sake Clay, I live here! Put that damn thing away before anyone else sees it!"
Colt watched the man fumble with the gargantuan monster as he tried to force his robe to conceal it. Again, it was Clay who spoke, "I don't know what the two of you were talking about, but young man, would you care to step inside and watch a movie?"
Nobody had to tell Roy that Clay wasn't thinking clearly, more so, using the head of his cock to do all the thinking. Even after hearing everything Colt had said, Roy was still somewhat skeptical as to this 12 year old young beauty's actual intentions. But before Roy could get any words out, Colt softly whispered, "I'd love to!"
The next thing Roy knew was that Colt was following Clay into his home. As the boy walked in front of him, all Roy could see was the boy's sculptured little butt teasing his on-looking eyes with every step. Just by seeing Colt's butt cheeks dance up and down with awesome muscularity, made Roy's mouth water profusely. Roy entered his own home, then made sure both the door lock and deadbolt were both secured. In his living room, there was only a recliner and a sofa, and Colt had seated himself at the far end of the sofa with Clay plopping down right next to him. Roy took a seat in the recliner, and his heart felt as though it was about to pound right out of his chest.
Roy sat there and listened to Clay play the game of questions and answers. Clay asked Colt how old he was, where he lived, how many brothers and sisters he had, his sexual experience, can he cum yet, and plenty more questions. Much to Roy and Clay's utter amazement, Colt fired the answers right back to every question slung in his direction. Roy did get up and get Colt a glass of cold water, then sat back in the recliner to hear the boy answer more questions hurled at him by Clay.
In high hopes that Clay wouldn't expound upon his own sexual raunchiness, Clay's ears almost deceived him when he heard Clay blurt, "Colt, you sure are the prettiest little thing I've ever laid eyes on. Heck, I'd consider it an honor and a privilege if you'd be so inclined to feed me your sweet hot piss and your butt logs." Roy could only watch and listen, but when Clay mentioned "butt logs" both Roy and Clay quickly picked up on the fact that the boy was a little clueless to what that actually meant. So, Clay once again spat out, "Butt logs, you know, #2, your poop, your uh, your shit!"
Hearing that made Colt's mouth pucker with pure thoughts of over abundance of being an unnatural form of gut churning grossness. Colt's angelic voice replied, "Ewwwwwwwwww, you uh, uh, you'd want to eat my shit?"
With nerves of steal, Clay shot back, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell yeah, as much as you could serve up. As pretty as you are, I'd be willing to bet that it'd taste mighty fine! Yes sir, just like little chocolate "Hershey Kisses" candy!"
Still, that was something that sounded revolting to young Colt. He wanted sex, and loved it, but that was a bit too much, so he simply evaded it all by whispering, "Maybe!"
After a short pause, Colt politely asked, "Can we watch the movie now please sir?"
Clay sat squarely into his seat, robe spread open, and his hard as steel cock was now on public display. Clay activate the "play" button on the remote, and the scene quickly went to a young boy, maybe 13 or 14, sucking on some guy's cock who looked to be in his 60's. Then another man, probably in his late 60's, walked in and now the young boy was taking turns sucking on both men's cocks. To Colt, the cocks the boy was working on was pretty big. Although the movie fascinated Colt, he couldn't help not to take quick glances at Clay's cock, more so, that nightmarishly thick foreskin covered cock head. Even hard, Colt noticed the dangling inch of skin dripping downwards from the giant head.
As the movie progressed, Roy's robe began easing open more and more, and now Colt peered out of the corner of his left eye to see the man's 7 inch erection, aiming straight up at the ceiling. Colt also noticed that Roy didn't have any hair on his chest, stomach, nor his entire crotch area. When Roy's robe opened a bit more, Colt saw the man's hairless egg shaped nuggets reveal themselves for the first time.
When Colt shot his eyes back to the movie, he now saw the young boy bent over, taking a pile driving 9 inches of raw man meat in and out of his pulverized ass. With his ass being pummeled savagely, the other man was now fucking his cock in and out of the boy's mouth. From what Colt could tell, the boy wasn't really loving the fact that his ass was being hammered by what looked like 9 inches of thick man sausage. Colt could see the boy as he cried, cheeks bloated as the other cock dove in and out of his mouth. Each time the boy tried to reach back with his hand, the man fucking his ass would always slap it out of the way. Clay's voice sounded, "Yeah baby, fuck that hot ass! Fuck him gooooooooooodddddd!"
The scene finally ended with the man fucking the boy's ass depositing a huge load up the boy's butt and the other man made the boy show the camera the river of man seed, then had the boy gulp it down. It must have been salty or bitter, or a combination of the two, cause the boy's facial expressions showed that it must not have tasted all that good.
The next scene started off with the words flashing on the screen, "Introducing Mr. Soda Can!" After several flashes, the camera zoomed in on a naked, what looked to be, a beautiful blond haired 11 or 12 year old boy. The boy had no pubic hair at all and he was laying on a bed, and his slender legs already widely spread. The boy's hairless cock looked like it might have been 3 inches long and even more skinnier than Colt's preteen wood. As the camera zoomed in, Colt and everyone else for that matter, would have no problem seeing that the boy's tiny balls sought shelter back into their sockets, cause they sure wasn't visible for any eyes to see.
Colt peered on as the young blond boy flung his legs high up over his head, then placed his left index finger directly onto his speck of a butt hole, and then the boy softly asked, "Do you think it will fit sir, uh, into my little boy pussy, sir?" Colt's eyes flung wide open, and so did his mouth, when the camera turned and showed to whom, and to what, the good-looking boy was talking too. What Colt, and everyone else, saw was 10 1/2 inches of ass destroying cock, and if the length didn't get your attention, the thickness definitely would have. The man's cock looked as though it was as thick, if not thicker, than a 20 ounce soda can, hence then name, "Mr. Soda Can."
The man crawled into bed, and quickly began lapping at the boy's asshole, making the boy coo with body tingling pleasures. After seeing the man's inhumanly sized cock, not only did Colt question whether or not the small boy would be able to take it up his butt, but, Colt began mentally questioning himself as to whether or not Clay's huge knob was as equal in thickness. To him, they booth looked to be equal in thickness!
While the movie played on, Clay scooted over to his far left while telling Roy he should join them on the sofa. Clay reached out with his right hand and guided Colt closer to him, more in the middle, so that Roy would be able to comfortably sit down on Colt's right side. Now, Colt quickly found himself seated in the middle with two older almost naked men, with both manly erect cocks plainly displayed for his viewing pleasures.
Clay reached out, latching his hand onto the remote, then struck the "pause" button. Once the movie was paused, Clay leaned towards Colt's left ear, then whispered, "Wouldn't you like to feel more comfortable? Why don't you stand in front of us and show us that beautiful body of yours!"
Colt, in an almost dazed state of mind, stood up, and took the few short footsteps so that he was now standing directly in front of both men, then kicked out of his flip flops, then tugged down his stretchy shorts, and now stood before both opened mouth men bare ass naked, and his preteen boy stick proudly twitching triumphantly. Both mens voice rang out in unison, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwddddddd!"
After a few heartfelt seconds of parading the front of his perfect body, Colt teasingly spun around, then began wiggling that unblemished chiseled ass of his in front of them, before slowly inching his upper body down so that his hands now rested upon both of his feet, giving both drooling men a clear shot of his spread crack, and cock loving asshole.
Roy was the first to utter words, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what a beautiful sight!"
Clay was a bit more vocal with his words, "Hot damn! Now that's an ass to die for! Aint no fucking way in hell nothing smelly could ever come out of something that looks so fucking sweet! No sir I tell you, not a fucking thing! Roy, you can't sit there and tell me you honestly think that something so fucking pretty could smell bad, now can you?"
Although Roy didn't immediately respond, he himself was thinking the very same thing that Clay had just said, and was now asking. Even Roy was starting to question whether or not that this young gorgeous God of Gods could do such a thing. Never, in all of his boy loving years, ever questioned whether or not if some good-looking young boy could poop or not, but here he sits, now pondering the sickest of thoughts.
Clay patted the middle cushion and Colt quickly sat back down in the middle. This time around, Clay grabbed onto Colt's left leg and draped it over his own right leg, then proceeded to place Colt's right leg on top of Roy's left leg. Colt's legs were spread and his preteen missile steadily throbbed. Clay activated the movie, and while the movie played, Clay eased his right hand onto Colt's upper bare thigh, and began softly caressing, sending a flood of body tingling chills racing throughout every square inch of Colt's naked little body.
Roy placed his left hand high up onto Colt's right thigh area, and he too began softly caressing that area, adding extra fuel to Colt's rising sexual emotions. Soon, both men could barely hear the boy's soft angelic purrs as their fingers danced their way up to Colt's hairless nuggets and throbbing boy stick. Now, Colt panted and moaned as Clay's fingers tenderly danced upon his balls while Roy's fingers lightly toyed with his cock.
Colt's eyes darted back onto the screen just in time to watch the young boy try to suck the man's mammoth cock. Though the boy tried, he couldn't manage to get any part of the huge knob into his mouth, so he began licking up and down, and all over, while having to use both hands to hoist up the largest set of hairy balls Colt had ever seen.
Without even thinking, the next thing Colt felt was his own little fingers now gracing both men's hard cocks. His right hand was on Roy's pulsating cock and his left hand was latched onto Clay's throbbing member, but neither could his small fingers touch one another, although Colt did try to stretch them just to see if he could close his hand around their thickness.
As if two men now working as one, Colt's voice screeched as both men leaned over, and each began sucking, nibbling, and licking his tiny nipples. Colt quickly realized that Roy's mouth working, on his right nipple, was a bit more pleasing, because it felt like Clay was trying to bite his left nipple completely off. However, though somewhat painful, it sure as shit felt kind of good at the same time.
Colt's nipples were being worked on and he still had fingers stimulating both his cock and balls. Never had he felt this much pleasure before, and feeling what he was now feeling, Colt's eyelids sealed themselves as his purring angelic voice sang quite the symphony.
Somewhere in time, Colt's shaking lifeless body was readjusted so that he found himself laying on his back and his left leg pushed back towards his left ear while his right leg was being held on, but pulled outwards. Then, all hell broke loose as Colt felt Roy's fiery hot mouth consume his boy pole and then Clay's super hot mouth sucked in both of his balls while each man continued to assault his nipples with their fingers. Not knowing who owned this finger, nor really caring, but then Colt felt a man sized finger wiggle all over his widely spread ass, directing its wholehearted attention to his exposed butt hole.
The sound from the movie forced Colt's eyes to fly open, then turn his head to his right to see what was going on. The blond haired boy was on his back, arms appearing to have been restrained, face looking directly into the camera while the man who owned the thickest cock Colt had ever seen was pushing it into the boy's rectum. The boy's face was beet red as he was screaming, crying, and begging for mercy, but the man kept on pushing that monstrously thick cock up the boy's obviously pain filled butt.
While the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs, Colt's own voice joined in as the finger that had once danced so divinely upon his asshole, now suddenly plunged itself to its deepest depth without offering any of the slightest signs of a potential warning.
Although the explosion inside his ass was extremely fast, the finger was pressing directly onto Colt's prostate. Within seconds, Colt's preteen boy cock violently exploded, spewing rocketing slick strands of boy honey straight into Roy's mouth. Not only was Roy slightly surprised to discover that Colt could cum, but he was definitely not mentally prepared for such an onslaught of boy cum. The powerful spurts of boy juice hammered the interior of Roy's mouth, one rocketing jet after another.
When a young boy shoots his wondrous load into his mouth, Roy always preferred to hold onto it, then sip on it as if tasting the worlds finest of wines. This time, he was faced with something he had never been faced with before in dealing with a young boy and his precious seed. The then twig erupting into his mouth continuously kept on firing round after round, and it wasn't a little bit, nu huh, not this boy's cum. But, just when Roy thought he would be forced to swallow, just to make more room, Colt's cock stopped spurting, but continued to pump out large globs of pure boy butter.
Colt's cock just delivered its last offering, the last for right now that is, was when Roy released Colt's preteen hard stick, holding his head back as if he had just conquered some tremendous unheard of feat. Clay barked, "Open your mouth so I can see his cream!"
With his head tilted slightly backwards, Roy opened his mouth. Clay quickly fired, "Holy shit! I aint never seen so much cum before, especially from no young boy. Damn!"
Roy's pleasure was soon trickling down his throat, and as he sipped on Colt's heavenly nectar, the man unconsciously began groaning louder and louder with each soothing taste. While Roy was lost in the devoted duty of eating Colt's cum, his left hand was pounding away on his own cock. Through the years, Roy had swallowed hundreds of young boys cum, but none could come close as to the quality, and quantity, of what he was now tasting.
Colt heard Roy cry out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!"
Colt felt Roy's cock press up against his lips, and his mouth had just opened as Roy's spurting thick seed came gushing into Colt's mouth. Roy pumped his cock furiously, firing every ounce of his thick man goo into the boy's mouth. The finger inside Colt's ass showed no mercy as it power slammed itself in and out of his butt. Clay was still sucking on both of his balls, and all Colt could do was keep his mouth open so that Roy's hot cream had a place to land.
Roy squeezed the last droplet of cum into Colt's mouth, and Colt wasted no time in gulping down the thick cream. Roy's cum provided Colt with very little taste and it was Colt who caught himself moaning as to the finger plowing his ass and the taste of Roy's thick cream. Then, the finger roughly yanked itself out of his asshole, and Colt could hear voices, but they sounded like they were coming from somewhere off in the distance.
What Colt's ears didn't grasp was Clay holding up the finger that had just been inside Colt's anal canal, showing it to Roy, then saying, "Would you look at that Roy? Just look at it will you! I had the damn thing deep up his ass and there aint a sign of no shit anywhere." Clay sniffed his finger, smiled, then blurted, "Hell, it don't even have a shit smell neither!" Roy couldn't help himself as he grabbed onto Clay's hand and brought Clay's finger up to his nose and breathed in. Clay was 100% right when he said it didn't smell, cause the only thing Roy could smell was a very light minty aroma, and nothing else.
Colt's thunderous orgasm was still rocking his body and raising all hell and havoc within the corridors of his spinning mind. Before Colt realized what was happening, he found himself in the clutches of Clay's arms, being carried as if he were a baby. Clay, still holding the light weight boy sat down on the edge of Roy's bed, then scooted his butt backwards until he was now in the position he wanted to be in. Clay flipped Colt into a 69 position while Roy was positioning Colt's little knees so that they were impaling the mattress on either side of Clay's ears, nearest to the edge.
Roy, dropping to his knees, quickly began licking up and down Colt's crack, stopping periodically to jab his slithering tongue onto Colt's sweet smelling butt hole. While Roy was busying himself with dining on Colt's ass, Clay engulfed Colt's cock and both small balls, eagerly trapping them inside his mouth, and began using his tongue to swirl all over them while grunting and groaning like a bear lapping at some hunger quenching freshly made honey.  
Colt's right hand groped Clay's full and hairy balls while his tongue began flickering on the giant knob aiming itself directly at his face. Colt's left hand held onto the shaft, making sure the man's gigantic cock head couldn't escape his tongue's licking motions. As the boy's tongue lapped at the flap of skin, Colt's left hand gently started to ease the shaft's flesh downwards, slowly but surely, all the way down to where now the man's reddish pink overly thick cock head was within Colt's glittering eyes view.
Nobody had to tell Colt what was causing the man's bulbous cock head to appear shiny as his tongue lapped at a thick line of precum, then retrieving his tongue in order to taste what Clay was offering. It was a bit salty, but to Colt, it certainly wasn't bad either. However, after licking up all the oozing precum, and working his tongue down to the base of the man's cock, Colt certainly could smell the uncleanliness as the feces scent struck his nose as it drifted heavily from within the man's spread legs.  
Roy dined on the boy's delicious ass, using his tongue to swipe the interior of the boy's sweetened anal canal while using both of his hands to pry the boy's butt cheeks to their outer most limit. Colt was experiencing pure ecstasy having his ass eaten in such a manner while his cock and balls were being slowly cooked inside Clay's mouth, not to mention, the body shivering sensations of feeling the man's tongue twirl itself all over his cock and balls, almost simultaneously. Now, the preteen cock inside Clay's mouth was at its hardest and most throbbing glory!
Somewhere in time, actually a few moment later, Colt felt the swarming tongue vacate the premise of his ass, but that vacated feeling was soon going to be filled with Roy's cock. Roy applies some lubrication to his pulsating erection, and while his left hand was smearing the grease, Roy's teary eyes glared directly at his target. Roy lubricated his right index and middle finger, then slowly eased his index finger into the boy's mystifyingly hot, anal realm. Colt's purrs slung themselves through the room as he felt the gentleness of the anal intrusion. Soon, Colt purred more loudly as Roy inserted his middle finger, joining companionship with his anal exploring index finger.
From Clay's position, he could see his friend's fingers as they were being devoured by the boy's thrusting hot little ass. When Roy saw Colt start jamming his butt backwards, Roy figured it was time to introduce the boy's precious little asshole to his rock hard man meat. Roy pulled his fingers out, then quickly stood up and positioned his aching sausage so that his piss lips was now firmly locked onto the boy's anal love entrance. Increasing his pressure, Roy grunted and Colt squealed as the head of his cock was granted access.
Unlike his prior experiences with having a cock stuffing his asshole, or be it that Colt was simply too fucking horny, but the missile unlocking his anal entrance presented no pain whatsoever. A warm rush of soothing pleasure shot through Colt's body as Roy's cock dove a bit deeper. With each half inch diving into his rectum, Colt felt more and more pleasure. Roy wanted to take things kind of easy as to not hurt the gorgeous little angel, but it was Colt who had other plans. Colt's tongue was lapping at Clay's precum spitting piss lips as he flung his ass backwards, driving all 7 inches of ass packing sausage all the way up his rectum.
Roy's cock was immediately greeted with indescribable scorching heat, and the most amazing vacuuming pressure his cock had ever felt as the boy's aggressive anal muscles violently clamped down on his cock. Roy flung his head back as he began bellowing out his moans of total confusion as to what he was now feeling, but it was young Colt who went straight into action by thrusting his ass forwards and backwards, and every so often, gyrating his ass while tightening his anal muscles with all of his might.
Though his mind was reeling, Roy's body eased itself into remote control, and began aiding the boy's thrusting motions with his own flesh smacking thrusts. Clay's eyes watched his friend's thrusting man meat dive in and out of the most priceless 12 year old ass ever to have been created. Feeling the boy's tongue attack his cock, and watching the action up close, sent Clay's orgasm tearing through his body. His right hand quickly snatched onto Colt's head, holding the boy's mouth over his soon to be cum assaulting cock head, then hoisted his ass up as his cock began exploding his thick cream directly into Colt's mouth.
The power behind the spurts almost knocked Colt's mouth off of the man's knob, but thanks to Clay's hand pressing his mouth down, Colt's mouth held itself firmly into position. The cum firing into his mouth was more like thick sprays than spurts, but either way, Colt didn't hesitate as he began swallowing the thick globs as fast as they sprayed his mouth's interior. Much to Colt's delight, Clay's thick man goo offered very little taste whatsoever, and soon, Colt was moaning loudly as his ass was being pulverized with Roy's cock while he was dining on Clay's gooey cum.
Colt felt his own body shiver as another orgasm ripped through him, as he was now firing ropey thick cum strands, one right after the other, straight into Clay's milking hot mouth. When the boy's orgasm rocked his body, Roy was the unsuspecting recipient of the boy's anaconda like anal muscles and their mind boggling raw power. Roy cried out as his own orgasm caught him completely off-guard, forcing his cum to fire out of his cock, shooting even deeper up the boy's magical rectum.
The loud noise coming from all three bellowed out of the room, ricocheting off the hallway's walls. Just like Roy, Clay was shocked to discover just how much cum this 12 year old beauty could shoot, and not just the overall quantity, but the amazing thickness of it as well. With more and more of the boy's cum rocketing into his mouth, Clay came to the conclusion that he couldn't wait any longer to taste it, so he snagged a small portion, then allowed himself to taste the thick boy juice. Just like Roy, Clay tasted a good 4 small helpings before realizing that the boy's cum had not a detectable taste at all. So, Clay began growling as he sipped on the thick boy honey while watching Roy's cock pound the living hell out of the boy's cock swallowing ass.
By now, Roy's cock was completely deflated, but his body still thrashed about as he tried like hell to keep on feeding his exhausted cock to the boy's commercial grade vacuuming butt. Like all good things, Roy's ass pounding session came to a screeching halt when his limp noodle plopped out of Colt's butt. Colt felt the man's flaccid cock depart from his ass, then a strange sensation tore through his body, sending him straight into, what Colt thought was another orgasm, into yet another cum flowing session.
Clay, still with his mouth covering Colt's cock, felt the preteen cock twitch, then felt the first hot gush burst into his mouth, then a steady and constant flow began to pour into Clay's mouth. Clay draped his arms around the boy's lower back, pulling Colt closer to Clay's body as he opened his throat while groaning immensely knowing that he was now being fed the boy's hot bladder juice.  Roy thought Colt was having another orgasm, so he put his right index and right middle finger back into the boy's ass, quickly finding Colt's prostate, then began to caress it. Even Colt was clueless that he was pissing into Clay's gulping mouth, but it was Clay who was in pure heaven as he greedily drank the almost tasteless hot piss.
With the last droplet of boy piss gliding down Clay's humming throat, Roy pulled his two fingers out of Colt's cum filled ass while Clay was pushing Colt's virtually lifeless body onto the bed. With the boy no longer on top of him, Clay slid out of bed, pulling Colt by the arms so that Colt's head was now resting on the side, near the very edge of the bed. Even Roy had no idea what Clay was up to as he watched his boy loving friend walk over to his closet, and retrieve two long leather belts that were hanging up on a hook.
Clay fed the belt through the buckle, cinching down so that the belt tightened around the buckle, securing the boy's right wrist, then secured the belt through the railings of the bed, making sure that Colt's arm was stretching itself straight outwards, at his shoulder's level. Then, Clay proceeded to restrain the boy's left wrist in the same manner. The entire time being restrained, Colt was still swirling around in another world.
Colt heard Clay say or ask something, but the words flying through the air seemed unrecognizable. Clay then positioned Colt's feet at such an angle that the back of Colt's head now locked his own ankles behind his head. Roy looked on, knowing all too well that his friend was transfixed on Colt's glistening, tightly sealed, little asshole. Clay was now aligning his body directly up to the boy's upturned ass, already greasing his cock with the lubrication, then just as rapidly, used the towel to wipe off the excess from his hand.
Again, Colt heard something, but his ears still couldn't grasp what was being said. Colt's body was shaking violently as he felt the familiar pressure building upon his butt hole. It was Clay pressing his enormous cock head up to Colt's unprotected asshole, and Roy could only see the focussed determination written across his friend's face.
Clay looked over at Roy, then barked, "Put your cock in his mouth!"
Roy was almost stunned as he sauntered over to where Colt's head was dangling, then eased his body lower until his flaccid man muscle entered the boy's open mouth. Though Colt was still mentally traveling somewhere else, but when the cock entered his mouth, his mouth instantly began sucking. Clay pressed forwards, over and over, but all his thick cock head would do was slide up or down the boy's hairless smooth crack.
While Colt was busy with Roy and Clay, Tray had gone over to Colt's, and after finding his best friend wasn't home, decided to take his teen erection over to Josh's. As usual, Tray's legs were spread while Josh was on his knees sucking the teen's five inches of awesome heaven. This time, while he sucked the boy's cock, Josh used his right middle finger to swirl all over Tray's virgin asshole. Tray was in pure bliss as the man sucked on his cock, and even feeling the man's thick finger twirl upon his asshole, sent an overwhelming chorus of pleasure exploding throughout his entire shaking body.
Prolonging his cock sucking venture, Josh shoved the boy's legs high into the air and just as quickly, replaced his finger with his anal lapping tongue. Tray's high pitched voice shot throughout the interior of the mobile home once Josh's tongue began slamming at his butt hole. Back and forth, Josh prolonged Tray's orgasm by sucking the boy's cock, dining on his little cum makers, and royally eating his delicious ass.
While Josh was orally dining on Tray, Josh's robe opened wide, giving Tray an eyeful of his precum spitting steel cock. Not even watching the porn movies had Tray ever seen such a massive weapon. The man's erection was a brilliant creamy color and the gigantic mushroom shaped head flowered itself so as to protect the enormous stalk from the weather. Tray gulped as he quickly ascertained that Josh's cock was fucking huge! Not being a good judge of size, but the man's cock looked like it was a foot long and thicker than most mens arms.
Tray's voice bellowed out his thoughts, "Holy fuck Josh, you got a big cock! That thing looks like it's a foot long and way thicker than my arm!"
Josh stopped sucking Tray long enough to reply, "Thank you, but it's not a foot long. It's more like 10 1/4 inches!"
The more Josh kept on orally working Tray over, the more Tray wanted to reach out and feel the humongous muscle. Josh wanted more than just to suck Tray off, cause he wanted the boy to feel comfortable with everything before Josh could try and progress things to the next level. Ensuring the boy's ass was good and wet, Josh eased his right middle finger into the hotter than hell orifice, making Tray's body squirm violently while his voice squealed loudly.
By the time Josh allowed Tray to shoot his load, Josh had been servicing the horny teen for over an hour and a half. As things progressed slightly, Josh now had two fingers exploring the boy's anal corridor while Tray erupted his enriched protein into Josh's slurping mouth. Josh cried out as wads upon gooey wads fired from his erupting cock as his ass clamped down on the two probing fingers.
When the boy was completely done, Josh savored the afterglow of the boy's teen honey, then eased his two ass probing fingers from Tray's butt. His fingers were slightly dirty, so he stood and walked over to the kitchen sink to wash his hands off before returning back to where Tray was sitting, panting heavily from his orgasmic explosion.
Josh allowed the boy to return back to more of a normal state, and as he sat right next to Tray's left side, Josh allowed his man meat to stay uncovered, just in case. Tray rolled his head to look at Josh, but his eyes were diverted to the large appendage standing straight up. Before Tray had a chance to think, his left had slid over and immediately graced the throbbing velvety smooth monster. Even with his fingers stretched, Tray figured he couldn't even get half of his hand around the extremely thick slab of pulsating flesh. It felt hot, soft, and hard as a bone, all at the same time.
Josh softly whispered, "If you keep that up, I'll blow my nuts off!"
Tray slid his hand up and down the entire thick stalk, then palmed the monstrous head, smearing the slippery and gooey globs of precum all over. Again, more out of natural reaction, Tray twisted his body so that his right hand could get a feel of the monster cock. Now with two hands exploring his mighty meat, Josh closed his eyes and allowed the boy complete and total freedom to do whatever.
With two hands surrounding the thick stalk, Tray still couldn't manage to get his fingertips to touch, but that certainly didn't stop him from working his hands up and down on the monstrous chunk of intimidating beef. Tray was completely mesmerized as he stared at the opened piss lips and moaned as he witnessed numerous large globs of precum as they steadily oozed themselves out. Without his mind's thoughts, Tray leaned further over and used his tongue to scoop up a healthy wad of Josh's precum. Instantly, Tray tasted the mild saltiness as it trickled down his throat, and before he knew what was happening, his tongue had already shoveled up some more, forcing the gooey liquid down his throat.
Feeling the boy's snake like tongue dancing energetically over his piss lips, Josh couldn't help the moaning noises as they rushed from his open panting mouth. Tray held onto the man's cock with his left hand while his right hand went lower, sinking itself directly under Josh's hairy equally large balls, lifting them slightly up. It was as though Tray's hands and tongue had a mind of their own as they eagerly swarmed all over Josh's cock. Soon, Tray's tongue began licking all over the sensitive cock head, sending Josh's body into a series of uncontrollable convulsions.
Tray's right hand not only could feel the man's heavy balls, but for some odd reason, he was enjoying all of the thick wiry hair as they tingled his roaming fingers. Josh was sitting on the very edge of one hell of an explosion, but once he felt Tray's finger crawl even lower, and now lightly caressing his hairy asshole, that was the final blow!
Josh bucked his ass up off the sofa, and Tray's lips were sucking frantically at his piss lips, and Tray had no idea what was fixing to happen, but that quickly changed as he felt the force of the thick glob of man cum hit the back of his throat with what felt and sounded like a loud smack. Tray gagged, but that didn't stop the series of thick wads of hot man juice as they pelted his mouth's interior. Josh was too far gone to even know what all Tray was going through, and because of such violent orgasm, Josh felt the boy's fingertip dart into his bucking ass, fueling even more sensations to ravish his body.
Tray was still gagging as he shot his face from the man's cum assault, however, some of Josh's cum had begun the journey down his throat. The gooey cream tasted kind of salty with just a hint of bitterness, but nevertheless, Tray couldn't stop himself from gagging. Within a matter of a few seconds, his gagging ceased and Tray couldn't stop himself from putting his mouth back over the gaping cum spitting piss lips to gather some more.
What he thought initially tasted salty and kind of bitter, Tray managed to convince himself that it actually tasted pretty darn good. Without further hesitation, Tray vacuumed out the last morsel before using his tongue to gather up the spilt cum from Josh's hairy body. Now, it was Josh's turn to sit there while his mind traveled far away from his still heavily shaking body.
After a short break, the two began talking. Tray opened up and told Josh of his findings regarding Colt, not skipping one single detail. Just listening to Tray describe Colt's perfect nude body made Josh's cock pump life back into it again. Tray mixed things up a bit when he pointed at Josh's erect manhood, then inquisitively asked, "Have you ever put that thing in a uh, uh, a boy my age's ass before?"
Josh stroked his cock up and down with his left hand as he replied, "Oh yeah, plenty of times!"
Tray swallowed hard, then whispered, "Shit, that big fucker would split me in two! I don't see how something that is that freaking big can go up anyones butt, much less a boys my age butt. Hell, I bet even a grown-up couldn't take yours... It's just so fucking big Josh!"
Josh smiled while rubbing Tray's head with his right hand as he spoke, "I was born with it, so to me, it aint all that big. I don't just shove it straight up there at first, oh hell no, that'd be way too painful. It takes a lot of preparation and working up to in order to get it up a nice hot ass, and you my friend, have one hell of a super nice hot ass!"
While Josh and Tray were talking, Colt was feeling something extremely large and obsessively thick applying a constant pressure on his asshole. By now, his vision was no longer blurry, and as his eyes returned back to normal, he saw Clay hovering over him trying to get his super fat cock head to enter his anal fortress. It was then, right at that very moment, that Colt realized that his arms were tied to something and his mouth was sucking on Roy's slowly deflating man meat.
With his mouth being stuffed with Roy's growing cock, Colt felt his ass rip open as immense fiery pain shot throughout his body faster than the speed of light. Colt's muffled cries were blocked by Roy's manhood as Colt felt Clay's gargantuan cock head split his anal walls as it descended further and further up his ass. Water quickly began flowing from the corners of Colt's eyes as the pain he was no feeling was beyond bearing. No words could even begin to describe the torturous pain ravishing Colt's body as more and more of Clay's cock ripped into his anal chamber.
The pain was so intense that Colt thought he was on the verge of fainting. He had felt pain before, but none could come close as to the kind of pain he was now feeling. Before long, Clay pushed all 8 glorious throbbing inches of butt packing monster up Colt's pain riddled ass. Colt was still trying to scream his emotions of pain, but thanks to Roy's now hard cock, only sounds evaded Colt's bloated cheeks. With the man's awesomely thick cock head balls deep inside his ass, Colt felt more like the man's cock was poking deep within his chest's cavity. With each breath came a renowned fiery electrical current of blistering pain.
Roy reached down with both hands, and his fingers locked onto each of Colt's sensitive nipples, pulling and gingerly pinching as he eyed his friend's massive cock begin to pump in and out. Roy moaned loudly as he watched the boy's anal ring tightly seal itself around Clay's anal impaling shaft. Then, before his very eyes, the boy's anal ring blossomed fully as it enclosed tightly over Clay's enormous cock head, then glide elegantly as the thick beast slid back deep inside him.
Inside Colt's head seemed like he was hosting a huge 4th of July Celebration with fireworks rapidly exploding. He tried desperately to scream, but by now, Roy was fucking his mouth with his cock. The pain was so fucking intense, even Roy could see the boy's eyes as they looked as though they were fixing to burst out of their sockets. In and out, in and out, Clay increased his thrusting pace with each motion. Never had he ever felt such tightness, such mind boggling fiery heat as what he was now being provided with.
Just when Colt thought he couldn't take anymore pain, Clay began slamming that huge beast in and out of his ass so fast that it was knocking the very breath from his burning lungs. Having Roy's cock in his mouth wasn't  helping his breathing any, so the loud breathing snorts from his nose vanished in the air, along with his muffled cries.
Clay was way besides himself with unconscious lust as he jack hammered his ass packer with all of his ferocious might in and out of the crying boy's fiery hot anal oven. He knew the boy was crying from the pain, and although he saw it, his cock was now in full and total control. The gut wrenching sound of flesh pounding flesh danced off the walls triumphantly as Clay power slammed his anal splitting sausage of no mercy harder and harder. With each savage thrust, Colt's hairless, withdrawn, nuggets were taking a beating as well. The man's hairy balls continuously smacked the living shit out of Colt's balls every time Clay slammed his cock into Colt's rectum, sending more pain shooting through every vein and pore throughout Colt's already pain ravished body.
One animalistic thrust after another, Colt couldn't do anything except to take it. His over stuffed asshole was the victim of a runaway battering ram, or so it felt. Somewhere in time, the immense pain that once wreaked total hell on Colt vanished. Something inside Colt's body either snapped, or simply broke, but whatever it was, it somehow replaced the agonizing pain with that of sheer endless pleasure.
With the pain no longer part of the equation, the cock darting in and out of his mouth began feeling a royal oral worshipping, not to mention, the huge log power slamming in and out of his hiked up butt as well. Colt's pleads of endless unheard mercies melted away into more of an angelic constant array of breathtaking purrs. Though he felt obscenely full, Colt tried to incorporate actions on his own by struggling to force his anal muscles to clamp down on the thrusting chunk of stomach jabbing, pile driving, man muscle.
It was Clay who began screaming a vocal array as his cock sent a firm message to his swirling brain that it was now being severely choked. Colt fed himself further pleasure as he constantly forced his anal muscles to cinch down on the hammering sausage pounding his ass. Roy moaned in absolute delight as he felt the boy's mouth and tongue perform magic on his throbbing cock while his eyes infatuated themselves on Clay's cock whaling away in and out of the little angel's butt.
Colt tried to pry his arms free of the restraints, but it was futile. Roy's hairless balls continuously rolled off the bridge of Colt's nose while he feverishly sucked on the man's pulsating hard beef. The fingers tugging and pinching his nipples sent a mind numbing surge trickling throughout his entire little body. With no hands on his preteen love stick, and with Clay's cock violently slamming itself in and out of his ass, Colt could only grunt as his boy cock began erupting, sending ropey strands of creamy boy nectar splashing onto Roy's midsection and coating Colt's face in the process.
Roy saw the boy's cum rocket out, then felt the first four globs strike his midsection. Several long rapid spurts slammed themselves into Colt's reddened face, all of which didn't go unnoticed by either Roy nor Clay. Feeling the boy's cream splat up against his own body was enough to provide Roy's orgasm the encouragement it needed in order to join in on the fun. Soon, Colt found his mouth being pelted by man goo, and as he swallowed the thick globs, the boy's purring sounds grew even louder.
Clay was fucking the boy's ass in a delirious unconscious state, hammering his cock home, one powerful thrust after the other. The feeling of having his cock milked by the boy's anal muscles was a feeling unaccustomed to Clay. Never had he felt anything like this before, and his meaty cock had been in hundreds of boys asses, and some women too for that matter. Clay grunted a spew of garbled words, power slamming his cock into the boy's ass when his own orgasmic explosion rocked his body. It sounded like someone was shoving a telephone pole up Clay's ass from the whimpering sounds flowing from his open mouth. When the first wave of cum departed his cock, Clay thought it felt like he was pissing out a bowling ball.
Like all good things, when the last of his thick cum was deposited up the boy's unbelievable and one of a kind ass, Clay peeled his cock from the milking anus, and then collapsed on his back. Roy, barely able to stand thanks to his shaking legs, removed the restraints off of Colt. Now free, Colt slid his young little body up close to Clay's, on Clay's right side while Roy cautiously lay next to Colt, on Colt's right side.
It wasn't too awfully long before Colt's eyes shot open, realizing that the cum up his ass was beckoning to depart his anal cavity. He slid out of the bed and quickly tip toed, clutching each butt cheek with both hands, and just did make it to the toilet in time as the massive explosion blew from his well fucked asshole. The force of the explosion was so powerful that when the cum hit the water, the end result was that it splashed upwards and soaked his underside.  
After completing his toilet obligations, Colt did ask permission to use Roy's shower. The men let the boy take his shower in peace, and while Colt was cleansing his body, the two men couldn't stop talking about what had just happened. Clay picked up his limp cock with his left hand, then laughingly blurted, "Look Roy, look at it! Son-of-a-bitch is just as clean as it was before I fucked him. See there, see it Roy, aint no damn sign of shit anywhere, and I had my pecker balls deep up his hot little ass."
Even Roy began contemplating whether or not Colt in fact was capable of having a bowel movement. After all, they both had their cocks deep up the boy's young ass, and neither cock showed any indications whatsoever as to the precise area that they had just recently been inside. Maybe Clay was right, or so Roy thought. After all, proof is in the pudding, and after inspecting both of their manhoods, nothing even remotely close to evident could be seen with the human eye.  
Once Colt was finished showering, he sauntered back into the bedroom to find both men, backs leaning up against the headboard, both smiling from ear to ear. Their conversation was pure sexually related as Colt began slipping his stretchy short back on, and by the time Colt walked out of Roy's home, the three had agreed to meet again.
Colt's ass was in fire from having been stretched to its outer most region by Clay's gargantuan cock head. Although his ass ached quite a bit, Colt proceeded to walk on, towards the back of the mobile home park. His legs wobbled as his feet carefully strode forwards.
Tray described Colt's magnificent body to perfection for Josh, and although he had just recently blown a huge load, his man muscles began to renew itself as it began pumping itself back into an erect state. Hearing how Tray described what it felt like when he fucked his younger best friend was music to Josh's ears. Had Tray not been introduced into the story line, Josh would have easily declared Tray a perfect 10, but since Colt was in fact part of the equation, in Josh's perverted mind, Tray's teen beauty would only tip the scale at around a 3 compared to Colt's perfect 10.
Tray walked out of Josh's home with a plan to get Colt over there later on today. When the two boys saw one another, both on opposite sides of the park, they quickly ran towards one another. They talked as they began walking towards Colt's home. At first, their conversation was of pure ramblings, none of which was sexual in nature. Once inside Colt's home, and both fetching something to drink then taking a seat on the raggedy old sofa, Tray looked at Colt, then said, "Dude, what the fuck would you do if you met someone who has 10 1/4 inches of super thick cock, and I mean thicker than my fucking arm?"
Colt took a sip of his drink, and after swallowing replied, "Hum, 10 1/4 inches huh? Well, I guess I'd have fun with it!"
Tray followed up by asking, "Yeah, but what if that person wanted to shove that huge fucking meat straight up your butt, what then?"
Colt smiled, then bravely blurted, "That's the idea aint it? It'll hurt, and hurt a lot, but once you get used to it, then whewwwwwwwwwww, holy fuck, watch out! Something that big and thick would have to hit all the magical spots, or at least, that's the way I see it! Fess up shithead, who do you know that has a pecker like that?"
Keeping true to his promise to Josh, Tray looked away as he said, "Nobody in particular. I was just curious to see what you'd say, that's all. Let's not make something out of nothing, okay?"
For the next couple of hours, the two watched television. Colt was more thankful for the rest period than Tray, but it was Tray who was sporting a throbbing erection as he strained his eyes to watch his breathtaking gorgeous best friend who just happened to be seated right next to him. Out of the blue, feeling he couldn't take it any longer, Tray turned his head to face Colt, then nervously asked, "Colt, can I uh, uh, can I um, uh, suck you off?"
Colt melted Tray's already heavily thumping heart simply by flashing Tray that award winning smile of his. Then, in one easy motion, Colt hooked his fingers into his shorts, and quickly slung them free from his body, and now sat naked on the sofa while locking his entrancing eyes directly onto Tray's eyes, who were now zeroed in on Colt's flaccid preteen cock.
Tray slid off of the sofa, and crawled on his knees in between Colt's now widely spread legs. Not one for beating around the bush, Tray quickly sucked in the limp noodle and moaned as the once sleeping preteen stalk rapidly grew inside his slurping mouth. Colt was using both hands to twirl themselves all around his friend's red hair while soft little moans flew from his quivering lips. While Tray's mouth and tongue bobbed up and down and swirled all over Colt's slender preteen tube, Tray allowed some of his own dribble to spill onto his left middle finger.
Not accustomed to using any patience whatsoever, Tray stuck his saliva soaked finger straight up Colt's butt. With the sudden anal invasion, Colt fired his ass up off the sofa while flaying his hips all over as to the painful pleasing sensation scouring every part of his bucking body. Tray had no clue about a prostate, and all he knew was how good his finger felt deep inside his best friend's bucking hot ass.
While Tray's teen mouth worked frantically on Colt's throbbing preteen joystick, Tray's left middle finger fucked itself in and out of Colt's gripping anal clutches a mile a minute. Within four minutes, Colt cried out as his cum valve flung itself to wide open, and began firing rapid ropey thick strands of boy juice straight into Tray's vacuuming hot mouth.
Tray did his utmost best, but he wasn't prepared for this much cum to plaster his mouth. He gagged and coughed as globs upon globs slipped down his throat. From his gagging and coughing, there was a long ropey strand of Colt's preteen juice dangling from Tray's right nostril opening. Through it all, Tray pressed himself forwards, gulping down the thick cream as fast and as best he could, but no matter what, he couldn't match pace with Colt's cum exploding cock.
By the time Colt had finished pumping out the last droplet of cream, Tray was sitting on his knees, mouth and lips completely covered with Colt's thick cum, looking something like a zombie. Shortly thereafter, Tray's voice cracked, "Fuck Colt, you sure do shoot a shit load of sperm! Fuuuuccckkkk!"
All Colt could do was burst out into a loud display of laughter, seeing some of his cum all over Tray's face, especially the long strand of gooey cum dangling from Tray's right nostril. Tray sat there on his knees, still mildly bewildered from all the cum Colt had just provided. It was then that Tray tried his best to best describe what Colt's cum tasted like. Using his tongue, Tray swiped his cum coated lips and upper lip area, and after swallowing, finally relinquished himself to mentally saying that Colt's cum really didn't offer much of a taste at all. It was thick, really gooey, and incredibly warm, but that was pretty much it.
After Colt calmed down, he watched Tray dine on his nectar, then his eyes flowed down and saw the proud bulge in Tray's shorts. Colt pointed, then softly whispered, "Why don't you take off your shorts so I can help you out with that!"
Tray stood as he quickly peeled off his shorts. Colt twisted his body so he could lay down while Tray got up on the sofa, inching his body up along Colt's body to the point that Tray's five hard inches was now directly presenting itself to Colt' s mouth. Tray's hands were digging into the armrest as he began to fuck Colt's mouth. While Tray was banging his cock in and out of Colt's mouth, Colt reached up with his left hand and began softly caressing and tugging on Tray's pea sized hairless nuggets. His right hand stretch around Tray's thrusting ass cheeks where his fingers dove into Tray's moist butt crack, working themselves inwards until the tips of his index and middle finger were now lightly gracing Tray's hairless asshole.
Feeling the fingers working on his balls and asshole sent Tray straight into another world. He was whimpering and grunting while he humped his swollen cock in and out of Colt's mouth like tomorrow would never come. Two face fucking minutes later, Tray screamed as his cock began pumping his ball juice into Colt's awaiting little mouth. Strand after watery ropey strand shot into Colt's mouth in which Colt quickly began tasting his friend's offering. It wasn't nowhere close to being salty and it sure as heck wasn't bitter, and after tasting such a delight, Colt's own moans joined Tray's bellowing howls.  
Even after having just deposited one healthy load of teen ball juice into Colt's mouth, just seeing Colt's priceless beauty kept Tray's 5 inches of teen pride harder than a slab of steel. Tray slid his body down Colt's body, then hooking Colt's legs, Tray pushed Colt's slender silky legs all the way behind Colt's head until Colt's shins and calves were now firmly locked in behind Colt's own head.    
Looking direct into Colt's eyes, Tray's voice squeaked as he whispered, "My God Colt, you are so fucking beautiful!"
Just as Colt was about to whisper his thanks, Tray pushed his cock all the way up Colt's already aching asshole, burying his teen cum makers firmly into Colt's spread crack. The only lubrication on Tray's cock was that of Colt's saliva, and Tray didn't hesitate for one split second as he began whaling his teen jack hammer in and out of Colt's gripping anal clutches.
Though the actual intrusion kind of hurt, Colt immediately began clamping down on Tray's hammering teen pole with equal violence and aggression. Taking things one step further, Colt cried out in his most angelic and softest voice, "Yes, Yes Tray, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, yessssssssssss, fucking yessssssssssssss! Yeah baby, yeah, that's it, pound my ass, pound it good baby, gimme that big fucking cock NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!"
Tray was slamming his meat in and out of Colt's ass as hard and as fast as he could, and hearing the soothing words flowing from his best friend's mouth, well uh, that only added more fuel to a rapidly flaming fire. Tray was slinging his head to and fro while steadily thrashing his ramrod in and out of Colt's magical anal kingdom. Both boys were grunting, moaning, whimpering, cooing, and purring as the anal assault only became that much more intensified.
Four wild minutes later, Tray screamed as his thrusting pole began unleashing its watery nectar inside his best friend's hotter than hell anal oven. Tray's cum spewing cock was nearing its end when the front door to Colt's home swung open, and standing in the doorway was one whopping huge biker. The man nearly took up the entire doorway with his width, and he would have had to have ducked his head in order to clear the 6'4" doorway.
Both boys were now in mortal shock as their eyes became transfixed on the hulking bearded man who was staring back at both of them. Then his husky voice bellowed, "What the fuck? Mother fucking faggots! I'll be a son-of-a-bitch! What the fuck? Get your naked ass fucking faggot ass off of him right the fuck now you sick cock sucking pieces of low life trailer trash shits, and I mean right the fuck NOOOOOOOWWWWWW!"
Tray, with his cock still oozing out his teen cream, literally jumped off of Colt and sat down while Colt himself spun around into a seated position, sitting right next to Tray's right side. The huge man stepped inside, then slammed the front door shut. When he spun around, both boys could easily see just how pissed this huge biker man truly was. His beard was long, blackish brown, and very bushy. Any eye could easily see his large protruding stomach, and if either boy had to guess, they both would have judged the man to be somewhere in his mid to late 50's. He was wearing a leather vest with patches and button all over and dirty old blue jeans. Under the vest was a faded blue t-shirt that didn't quite cover his protruding hairy belly.
Looking at both boys with his beady brown eyes, the man howled, "Shit, I came here to get me some pussy, and I wind up seeing two naked faggots fucking. Which one of you little cock sucking queers lives here?"
Colt's soft voice nervously cracked, "I uh, uh, um, I do sir."
The man's husky voice rose, "Stand the fuck up faggot when you talk to me, you little sack of shit!"
Colt stood on twin wobbly legs. It felt like the blood was rapidly departing his shaking body as he stared nervously at the intimidating hulking figure. The man ran his left hand through his scraggly beard, grunted, then spat, "I know that your whoring mom is pretty, but fuck me, your a hell of a lot prettier than she'll ever be. Show me your backside faggot cause I aint got no use to see that little scrawny queer pecker of yours. NOOOOOWWWWW mother fucker!
Colt quickly spun around, and in doing so, both he and Tray's eyes were glaring at one another. Both boys eyes were watering up, and both doing the best that they possibly could to prevent bursting out with tears. Colt could feel the burly man's eyes lurking on his exposed backside, and confirming his own thoughts, the man barked, "Damn faggot! That sure is shit one mighty fine ass you got there. No wonder that red headed queer was fucking you! As pretty as you are and with that plump little ass, hell, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to shove their ass packer up it. Fuck! You got a prettier ass than all the fucking trashy bitches I've been fucking! Bend over queer so I can see what the red headed fucker was poking! C'mon, bend over and spread those little legs, NOOOOOOOWWWWWW cock sucker!"
Colt obeyed, and using both of his trembling hands, spread his butt cheeks wide so that the big fucker could see his asshole. The man's husky voice sounded, "Mother fuck me and the scooter the nasty bitch rode in on! Aint got no fucking hairs at all and that tiny little shitter damn sure looks mighty fucking inviting. (looking at Tray) No wonder your skinny little pale ass was fucking him, hell, kind of gives me the notion to fuck it too!"
Tray sat there, frozen in place, quivering like a leaf trapped in a tornado sized wind storm. The burly man looked square at Tray, then barked, "Get your ass next to your queer friend and show me what you got. Hell, it's been years since I last fucked me a redhead, so go on, get your skinny little ass in the same position as your fuck buddy!"
Almost stumbling, Tray hopped to his feet and hurriedly spun around, bending over in the process, and spreading his freckled butt cheeks wide apart with both hands. Now, both boys were looking at one another, both scared shitless as to what this big ass biker was intending to do. From the corner of Colt's right eye, he could clearly see the man squeezing the front of his pants with his right hand, better yet, huge thick paw.
Colt, though somewhat petrified and completely embarrassed, nervously spoke, "Sir, uh, uh, um, would you uh, please sir um, don't uh, um, tell my uh, uh, mom about what you um, uh, saw please sir?"
The man growled, "Fuck that drug addicted whore! And, fuck you two, fuck the both of you cock sucking little faggots. Hell, even though she aint fit to have no kids, she should know that her son likes to suck cock and take it up the ass! Bunch of fucking cock sucking, ass poking faggots! Mother fucker, get your ass in the bathroom and clean yourself up cause you got that redheaded boy's sperm dribbling out. Go on boy, get the fuck out of here and clean up!"
Colt bolted in front of the man, heading towards his bathroom. Colt knew time wasn't on his side, cause now Tray was alone in the living room with the man. Colt sat on the toilet and strained to force Tray's recent deposit from his rectum. While Colt was taking care of business in the bathroom, the man had Tray sit back down on the sofa, and was still standing in front of the door, which was closed and now locked.
At first, the man just glared at Tray, and Tray was fighting back his own sweltering tears. After a few agonizing silent seconds, the man pointed at Tray then growled, "I bet your mom would like to know that her son likes to fuck boys, now wouldn't she?"
Tray's voice broke as if the tears in his eyes clogged his vocal passage, "Sir, please sir, I'm begging you sir, please don't tell my mom, please sir, please don't tell her, please sir."
The man chuckled loudly, knowing that the naked redheaded boy seated in front of him was fixing to start flooding the carpet with his crying, and when his chuckling subsided, the man angrily blurted, "Stop your fucking whimpering you little queer ass faggot. You wasn't crying when you was fucking your sperm up that boy's ass, now was you? Fuck no you wasn't, so dry it the fuck up, right fucking now you little wimpy ass queer."
Tray was fighting against his own emotions to stop the tears from free falling from his reddened eyes. Then, again pointing at Tray, the man's husky voice sounded, "Hell, I bet you like getting that skinny little ass of yours fucked too! You little faggots probably go around in this trashy fuck trailer park sucking and fucking anyone you can. Aint that true boy?"
Tray replied, "No, no sir, we don't uh......"
The man barked, "Shut the fuck up! Which one of these shit holes do you live in?"
The last thing Tray wanted was to be honest, since the man really had no clue who he was, nor where he lived, so braving his sweltering emotions, Tray whispered, "I live at the end sir."
Just as the man was fixing to fire back, Colt came scampering back into the room, freshly showered and still naked, taking up a seat on the sofa next to Tray's right. The man took his time roaming from one boy to the next, and after a few fleeting seconds, he looked right at Colt, then barked, "Took you long enough you little fucking faggot!"
Unlike Tray, the longer Colt thought about things, the madder he became. No longer was he going to take this guy's shit, after all, this was his home, not his. Colt boldly fired right back, "You keep calling us faggots, queers, and cock suckers, but your fat ass is the one who likes staring at two naked boys, one is 13, and the other is 12. What the fuck does that make you, you fat ass fucking biker wannabe? Huh fat ass? What? What, you can't fucking speak? This is my home mother fucker, not yours! Don't think for one fucking second that I didn't see you playing with your little cock while you was staring at our butt holes. Yeah, you fucking loved looking at our assholes, wishing like hell you could get your little dick up them! Fuck you, you oversized fat fuck!"
Tray gulped hard as his burning ears captured every angry word that had just flew from Colt's mouth. Even the man was caught off-guard as he himself stood there frozen in time by the boy's volatile words. After taking a few split seconds to digest the boy's words, the man angrily responded, "I didn't come here to fuck no gay ass boy! I came here to fuck your mom's ass, now where in the hell is that fucking whore?"
Colt, growing angrier by the second, shouted, "Fuck you man, fuck you! Quit calling my mom name's, you overgrown fat fuck! You don't scare me mother fucker! You know she aint here, but there your fat ass stands, looking at two naked boys. Spit it the fuck out, or get the fuck out, but make up your mind!"
Lowering his head, in a manner recognized as being defeated, the man's voice was more somber as he spoke, "Look guys, I'm sorry okay! I've been locked up for a couple of years and its been a good 9 months since I last uh, got any relief. I got mad after finding out your mom wasn't home, because she knew I was coming over today after being released. I didn't know she even had a kid, and so when I opened the door and saw you two going at it, I guess I just lost my fucking cool. Don't you boys worry none, I'm not going to say a word to either of your moms. Hell, I've seen plenty of guys taking the beef in prison, but I got to admit, that was the first time I've seen that sort of shit happen with two boys your ages before. So, I'll head on and let you two boys have at it."
Hearing the man's somber words, Colt began looking at him much more differently. He was huge, incredibly huge at that, but there was something about the man that was making Colt's preteen missile pump life back into itself. The man had just turned to face the door, and his huge left paw was on the doorknob when Colt's voice sliced through the air, "Wait, um, wait a second. (The man turned back around to face the boys) You said its been 9 months since you last busted a nut right? (The man nodded his head) Well uh, I was uh, was thinking, that maybe, just maybe, if you uh, um, wanted to, I uh, uh, could help you out."
While sitting on his freshly showered butt, just by looking at the hulking man, Colt's asshole steadily puckered as if it were starving for some man meat. Tray's teen cock felt good inside his ass, but Colt knew that a man's cock would feel a hell of a lot better. Tray, on the other hand, looked completely puzzled and definitely devastated after hearing what his best friend had just said. Hearing that the man wasn't going to tell anyone, Tray felt like the entire world had just been lifted off of his shoulders, and now his best friend had just blurted out that he was basically offering the man some sex. All Tray's mind could think was, what the fuck?
The man looked at both boys, and with a nervous breaking voice, he muttered, "I aint never done anything with guys before, and I sure as shit aint never done anything with underage boys, but what do you have in mind?"
Colt could see the heavy protruding lump announcing its dignified presence within the man's crotch area as he softly replied, "Look, as far as I know, Tray here aint one for taking it up the ass. Me on the other hand, I love it! If you want, you can fuck me! It's up to you, besides, an ass is an ass, and it really don't matter once your cock gets up inside there, cause it aint gonna care none. So, what's it gonna be? You can fuck me and drain your balls, or you can leave with a rock hard pecker! Your choice!"
The man rotated his eyes to each boy, and though something in the back of his head was telling him to leave, his throbbing cock was saying something completely different. He had had several opportunities in prison to let an inmate suck him off, but he wasn't gay, nor did he tolerate any of that gay shit. However, the boy offering his ass was downright fucking gorgeous, and a hell of a lot prettier than any fucking woman he had ever fucked before. 9 months of agonizing ball juice stored up was screaming to be released, and the longer he stared at the two naked boys, all his mind could recall was squaring off at their hairless little assholes.
While his mind tried to gather all the flashing pieces together and make sense out of all this, Colt piped in again, "You know, I know, and we all know that you just want to get laid. So, instead of wasting time and talking, go on into my room, down the hall to your left, and get naked and lay on the bed. I'm gonna talk with Tray for a second or two, then we'll come in and drain your balls. (Colt pointed with his right index finger towards his bedroom) Go on, let's not talk about this anymore!"
With his large head drifting downwards, the hulking man began striding down the hall. Tray immediately leaned over to Colt's left ear and whispered, "Are you fucking crazy? What the fuck Colt?"
Colt replied with his own soft whisper, "C'mon Tray, it'll be fun! We can suck him a bit, and then I'll let him fuck me. If you want, he can fuck you too!"
Tray whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell fucking no! I don't want to get fucked!"
Colt stood up, then softly whispered, "I'm fucking hornier than ever right now, and from the look of your pecker, you are up and ready for some more action too. C'mon Tray, let's have some fun, okay?"
Colt reached out with his right hand, grabbing Tray's left wrist, then guided Tray to stand as he held onto Tray's wrist as they began walking towards Colt's bedroom. While they walked, Tray's eyes were transfixed on Colt's amazingly perfect butt. Though Tray was nervous, there something in the air that made all of this somewhat exciting.
When they walked into Colt's bedroom, both boys stopped quickly as their eyes darted straight upon the man's revealing erection. He was laying on his back, and he was so big that his spread legs were bordering the bottom half of the mattress. From the nap in his neck, all the way down to his curling toes, the man was covered with thick curls of jet black hair. His erect manhood proudly erected itself upwards, aiming its swollen head towards the man's hairy face. Standing in the doorway, Colt quickly judged the man's cock to be at least 6 to 7 inches long, and offered an average sized thickness. The plumb shaped head was about the same girth as the creamy colored shaft, and the more Colt stared, the more he wanted to feel it deep inside his ass.
Still holding onto Tray's wrist, Colt walked them over to the bed, placing Tray standing at the edge closest to the man's right side. Colt then walked over to the other side of his bed, on the man's left, then leaned over and quickly began allowing his mouth to slurp up the oozing globs of slimy precum. It tasty salty, but delicious, and the more precum filtering into his mouth Colt tasted, the more mindless his tongue swirled about on the man's cock head.
Tray eased up onto the bed, stuffing his face close to the man's large hairy balls and began lapping at them. Tray quickly smelled an unwelcoming aroma as the scent spewing from the man's hairy legs was that of shit. Tray was now on all fours, with his freckled hairless ass unconsciously angling itself sideways for the man's viewing pleasure.
The man grunted and groaned as the fire starting at his cock and balls began trickling all over his large body. By now, Colt had his mouth bobbing up and down on the man's cock, proudly swallowing a solid 5 or so inches before his gag reflexes started kicking in. Just like Tray had done, Colt was so engrossed at sucking the man's cock that he had positioned his ass in such a way that the man was now glaring right at it.
With his eyes tightly closed and his partially opened mouth spewing grunts of pure pleasure, the man stuck both of his middle fingers inside his mouth and covered them both with his saliva. Colt heard Tray squeal and then Colt felt the sudden anal invasion as the man's long thick finger probed its way to its deepest depth, and then began twirling itself while jabbing away.
Tray wasn't prepared to take the man's finger up his ass, but then again, the finger certainly didn't ask either. It felt like his ass had been pried open and it was jabbing at something inside his stomach. While his tongue and mouth sucked on the huge hairy balls, Tray couldn't stop from grunting, whimpering, and now purring. Whatever the man's finger was hitting, sure sent shock waves bursting throughout Tray's body.
The man's voice sounded, "Yeah, yeah, get that cock good and wet!"
Colt was smart enough to know that with 9 months of built up cum, the man wouldn't be able to last much longer. The finger digging inside his rectum only made Colt want to feel the man's cock plow his ass, so he made sure to soak the man's entire cock with his saliva in preparation for the inevitable. Several times, while Colt's tongue was dribbling his saliva on the man's throbbing pole, Colt's and Tray's tongue met. They absentmindedly began flickering their tongues so that just their very tips would strike one another. Each could feel the others fiery hot breath while their tongues lapped at one another.
Then, both boys began lapping at each others tongues while their tongues slid up and down the man's rock hard cock. Colt quickly became overheated and wanted, more than ever, to feel the man's hard cock up his ass. So, he began inching his body into position and while he was doing so, the man's finger had no choice but to vacate his cock craving ass.
Colt had worked himself into a seated position over the man's erection, his own angelic face now facing the bearded man. As if having done this many, many times before, Colt spread his butt cheeks wide with both hands while Tray held the man's cock firmly upright so his best friend could now easily impale his ass onto the rigid pole.
Tray was still whimpering like crazy as the finger inside his ass danced with awesome grace while his right hand held the man's cock as he watched in awe as Colt began feeding the man's cock into his shitless asshole. Half way through, the man's voice was now slinging a chorus of obscenities as Colt slammed his ass onto the remaining beef of the man's cock and was now wiggling his cock stuffed ass all over while clamping down with all of his might with his anal muscles.
Colt was cramming the man's sausage into his ass, gyrating his hips, and bouncing up and down while his fingers began yanking, and pinching, his tiny erect nipples. Tray's eyes locked onto Colt's waving 3 1/2 inches of pure preteen sweetness, and as if his mouth was on remote control, Tray leaned over and had no problem swallowing Colt's jutting boyhood.
The man's finger dove in and out of Tray's twisting hot ass while he steadily yelled obscenities as to the overwhelming pleasures scouring his cock. He had fucked plenty of women in his time, not to mention, plenty of asses, but never, not any of them, could possibly match the pleasures and explosive sensations he was now enjoying. Two minutes later, the man screamed as Colt felt the gallons of man seed fire deep up his rectum. While the man was blowing his load, Colt's bouncing pace increased to one that could only be explained as wild and frantic.
Colt was clamping down on his anal muscles, doing everything he could do to keep the man's cock fully hard, but his attempts were futile for he could feel the man's pole begin to rapidly deflate. While Colt fucked his ass on the man's cock, Colt's cock was pounding Tray's cock sucking mouth. Tray groaned loudly as he felt the man pull his finger from his ass, feeling as though some of his guts had followed the finger.
The man's cock must have become too sensitive cause he literally had to push Colt backwards, off and away from his now flaccid meat. When Colt was pushed backwards, not only did his cock craving asshole relinquish the man's meat, but Tray's mouth made a popping noise when Colt's cock quickly departed his milking mouth.
After a minute or so, the man rolled out of the bed, and both naked boys watched him put his clothes back on. Nothing was said at all as the man put his last boot on, and almost shamefully, ran out of Colt's home. The boys were looking at one another with more of a stunned look on their faces, and both boy cocks were rigidly erect.
When they heard the mobile home door slam, Colt wasn't quite ready for things to be over. Tray was standing on his knees when Colt grabbed Tray by his right arm, slinging Tray into a doggy style position. Before Tray had a chance to react, Colt was in behind Tray and was already pushing his preteen love maker up his best friend's ass.
Tray grunted and whimpered, but not from being in pain. The finger that had once explored his anal realm was much thicker than Colt's cock, but knowing it was Colt who was now fucking him seemed to have made everything that much more perfect. Colt held onto Tray's hips and power steamed his preteen poker in and out of Tray's ass with blinding speed. The pleasure was so vast, that Tray's left hand reached down and latched onto his own teen missile and quickly began hammering his meat in sync with Colt fucking the hell out of his upturned ass.
Before long, Tray had jerked himself into a cum shooting frenzy, spewing his own hot cream in the palm of his right hand while constantly purring as Colt blistered his ass with his ass jabbing torpedo. No sooner had Tray stopped shooting, Colt's cock exploded, firing globs of pure honey deep into Tray's fiery hot rectum.
Once they finished their orgasms, both boys lay side by side on Colt's bed. Neither able to speak, and both breathing rather heavily. It was Tray who felt the powerful pressure building just inside his recently fucked asshole. Scooting himself off the bed, Colt burst out into a raging laughter as Tray tried to run towards the bathroom while using both hands to push his freckled butt cheeks together.
This was a knew experience for Tray as he sat on the toilet and felt, and heard, the loud noises blowing out of his ass while Colt's boy juice exploded from his aching little hole. He still had his own cum in the palm of his right hand, but just as he was about to give it a sniff, Colt walked in, took Tray's cum puddled hand, then within a flash, slurped Tray's cum down his throat, then made sure his palm was clean as he watched, and felt Colt's hot pink tongue lap at every square inch.
Sounds was still firing out of his butt, and Tray was kind of embarrassed knowing Colt, who was now standing in front of him, could hear it all. After several minutes Colt softly whispered, "Man, you need to hurry up cause I've got 50 gallons of sperm just begging to come out."
Tray cleaned his butt, flushed the toilet, then jumped off of the seat. Colt quickly replaced him and now it was Tray's turn to hear the violence blowing out of Colt's ass. While Colt was draining his anus, the two boys talked about what had just happened, more so, regarding the big biker dude. During their conversation, Colt, eyes lurking deeply into Tray's eyes, asked, "Did you like it? Did you like it when I fucked you?"
Tray smiled, taking in a deep breath, then honestly replied, "Yeah, I guess so. It did feel pretty weird though."
Colt fired back with another question, "Well, which one do you like best, getting fucked or you doing the fucking?"
Tray certainly didn't have to think twice about that as he responded, "Shit, I like doing the fucking, especially when it comes to your ass I'm fucking. I don't mind you banging my ass, but I'm not all that keen on the idea of letting some grown ass man fucking my butt. Fuck, that would hurt too damn bad for me! Besides, from what I've seen, you don't leave no shit trails on a cock. Just look at yours and you'll see signs of my ass on it. To me, that's a huge difference."
It was then that Colt not only recommended Tray giving himself an enema, but encouraged his friend to try it. Colt had to explain what an enema even was to Tray. By the time Colt was done dumping out the man's huge load from his still cock hungry ass, Colt had managed to persuade Tray to try an enema. Colt retrieved his enema kit and filled it up with luke warm water, and added in some minty tasting mouthwash. Colt stood in front of Tray, who now seated on the toilet, and shoving the long nozzle up his rectum. Colt activated the switch, and Tray immediately began grunting as the warm fluid rushed somewhere inside his stomach's area. Following Colt's instructions, Tray winced and squirmed as he fought to retain the flowing bowel cleanser.
It took 5 healthy attempts before the fluid coming out of Tray's butt was clear as water. Then, the two boys shared a well deserved shower and after drying off, Colt opened a new toothbrush for Tray, and the boys scrubbed their teeth clean.
Back in the living room, and both lightly dressed, it was Tray who prodded Colt for some information in hopes of setting things up with Josh. Being very quick to pick up on things, and after hearing Tray almost say Josh's name a few times, Colt finally grew tired of all the small talk and blurted, "Tray, enough with all the bullshit. Just spit it out will you! Are you trying to hint around something regarding Josh? If so, for fuck sake, just spit it out!"
Tray honestly didn't want to reveal Josh's name, nor his true intentions, but while his mind was trying to come up with the best wording, Colt piped in, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I see! I got it now! You've been fucking around with Josh, and now you want me to join in. He's the one who you must have been talking about who has the huge cock. Dude, we're best friends! If that's the case, then I'm okay with that, and besides, Josh is one hot fucking man! I bet the three of us could start a fire with just sex. So tell me, is it Josh, is it him who has the big fucking 10 1/4 inch cock? Well, c'mon shithead, spit it out, is it him or not?"
With pure remorse and a mild agonizing sense of regret, Tray owned up to everything. Just as Tray finished his last guilt ridden word, his eyes gravitated to Colt's entrancing eyes, then softly whispered, "His cock is sooooooooooo fucking big that I don't think even you could take it. Colt, I'm not telling a lie when I say Josh has the biggest cock I've ever seen. Not only is the fucking thing long, but holy fucking sheep shit, it's uh, it's uh, it's fucking fatter than hell too. The damn thing is thicker than my fucking arm!"
For most, hearing about the size of Josh's man pride would probably scare the living hell out of them, but that wasn't the case for Colt. Hearing about the man's cock size only made his own preteen missile rigid and his asshole began puckering as if begging to be fed. With all the excitement flowing from his voice, Colt asked, "Is he hairy? Does Josh have a lot of body hair? Does he, does he Tray?"
Tray fired right back, "Fuck yeah he's hairy dude! Looks like a fucking gorilla with all that black hair! He's got a pair of huge fucking nuts, but even those are damn near hidden cause of all the black hairs. Unlike that big ass biker mother fucker you insisted on having sex with, Josh keeps himself pretty clean, or at least, from what I could tell. I've only pretty much jacked him once cause I couldn't get that fat fucking head in my mouth. It's just way too thick for me!"  
Colt squirmed in his seat just thinking about Josh, his hairy body, and that big juicy cock of his. The more Tray described of Josh, the more Colt knew he had to have him. Colt waited for Tray to finish talking, then sexily asked, "Do you think he'd want to do anything with me?"
Tray snapped, slinging his words right at Colt, "What? Are you fucking kidding me? Dude, he's just like most everybody else that sees you, and by that I mean, he thinks you are too fucking gorgeous to take a dump. Besides, I've pretty much told him what you look like naked, and I even went so far as to owning up to sniffing your butt many, many times. I told him the gospel when I said I aint never smelled poop coming from your ass. Hell, I've fucked you and still aint never seen, or smelled, any shit. So, if that didn't answer your question, then all I can say is hell fucking yeah he wants you... Everybody wants you!"
About that time Tray's mom knocked on the door, and needed Tray to come home for a short while. Before Tray left, the two agreed to meet back at Colt's home in a couple of hours. Tray hadn't been gone 10 minutes when there was a light tap at Colt's door. When Colt opened the door, still wearing those tight stretchy shorts, he came face to face with Aaron. Aaron lives in the same mobile home park, and though they were never the best of friends, Aaron was one of the few older teens who never gave Colt any problems.
To the best of Colt's judgement, Aaron was probably 16, maybe 15 years old. Aaron stood around 5'10" and weighs about 135 pounds. He has long wavy blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Every time Colt saw Aaron around, Aaron seemed to always have a hot looking girl closely attached to his body. For all other eyes looking at Aaron, all would have no problem agreeing that this teen boy was a breathtaking beauty!
Aaron spoke as soon as the door opened, "Hey Colt, mind if I come in?"
This was the first time Aaron had ever asked Colt to come inside his place, so he was a bit stunned at first, but quickly recovered and then invited the near naked teen inside. Colt's eyes studied Aaron's slender body. Not a trace of peach fuzz anywhere on the teen's chest and stomach area. There was a little, and very light, trickle of hair flowing from Aaron's smallish inward poking belly button, dipping down under the hem of his cut-offs. Once inside, Aaron kicked off his flip flops and stood in front of Colt.
After a very brief "nothing in particular" conversation, the two of them sat down on the sofa. Aaron fidgeted in his seat, and this nervous action didn't go unnoticed by Colt's studying eyes. Finally, after working up the courage to speak, Aaron began speaking, "Look Colt, I remember going through all the stuff you are dealing with present day. You know, all the comments! Crap like, he's too pretty to be a boy, I wonder if he takes a shit, I bet his shit don't stink, I'd fuck him if he were a girl, uh, that kind of trashy shit. So, I know all too well what you are having to go through. Right now, you got the beauty of youth on your side, and with that, seems like everybody wants you. But, when you get older, things sort of changes and sometimes you would have wished you could have gone back in time, and uh, experienced some things. Like uh..."
Colt cut him off by politely asking, "Yeah, I understand all that, but how can I help you today Aaron?"
Again, Aaron fidgeted in his seat, then his soft voice chimed, "Well uh, for one thing, I know what's been going on. I kind of accidentally overheard what was taking place earlier with you, that redheaded boy, and that biker dude. I didn't see anything, but I heard, so I know what was happening. Besides, I remember back when I was your age, dressing the way you dressed today. I wasn't out looking to play no ball or any of that sort of shit, uh uh, hell no. I was on the prowl for some hot sex! I wasn't as young as you, but I was around 13 to the best of my recollection."
Growing rather tired of the chit chat hinting around that Aaron was doing, Colt boldly blurted, "So, skipping through all the bullshit, are you wanting to have sex with me?"
Aaron's eyes told his answer as they darted from one part of the room to the next. A couple of heavy heart thumping seconds later, Aaron's nervous voice sounded, "Uh, um, well I was, yeah I guess, but I was, um, um, you see uh, its been uh, my girlfriend you see, well uh, she um, she's uh..."
Colt heard the stuttering and felt Aaron's nervousness, so he smiled then softly whispered, "That's fine by me. So, do you want to fuck me? You want to suck my dick? Do you want me to suck you off? What do you want to do Aaron?"
Aaron nervously replied, "I'd love to ride that hot little ass of yours."
Although Aaron didn't come close as to Colt's preference when it came to guys, he was however, still horny as one person could truly be. Colt slid down off of the sofa and positioned himself in between Aaron's legs. Colt's little fingers unsnapped the top button, and slowly eased the zipper all the way down while intentionally allowing the sides of his hands to caress Aaron's already hard teenage boner. Hooking both Aaron's short and white boxer shorts, Colt pulled while Aaron jolted his ass up of the sofa in order for his clothes to dispense from his body a bit quicker and easier.
The hard teenage muscle slapped sharply up against Aaron's stomach once freed from its confinement. Aaron's cock looked just like Colt's, but Aaron's was much longer and definitely quite a bit thicker, but both are shaped like an upturned banana. Colt saw the hard teen boner throb, proudly announcing all 6 1/2 inches of creamy colored mouth watering treat. The cut head was flowered, but it wasn't thicker than the creamy smooth shaft, but more so, kind of smaller. Colt's eyes lit up when he saw the neatly trimmed blondish brown pubes surrounding Aaron's pulsating erection. The teen's balls didn't look that much bigger than Colt's, and just like his own twin nuggets, Aaron's balls were just as round and the pinkish sac had a few sparse blondish brown hairs scattered all over.
Just as Colt was fixing to dive right in, Aaron blurted, "Make sure the door's locked and let's take this in your bedroom so we can be a bit more comfortable."
What Colt was totally unaware of was the simple fact that Aaron was inside his home to collect on his mom's marijuana debt. You see, Aaron is the local marijuana dealer, and Colt's mom paid Aaron off with sex. Since Colt's mom obviously reneged on her sexual obligations to Aaron, Aaron figured he'd get his payment via young Colt. Though Aaron didn't express himself as being gay, when he was younger, around 13 or so, he used to sexually gratify men for financial gain. Now that he's 16, and soon will be 17, those days of serving up his young ass was over, besides, selling marijuana to the trailer trash folks earned himself quite a considerable profit.
After having chased Colt's mom for over a week, Aaron decided to teach her a lesson and fuck the living hell out of her young son. He was dead set on making the boy pay for his mom's negligence to pay her debt. In his mind, he already knew his plans to provide the boy a fucking he will never ever forget! Also, in his mind, Aaron was going to take out his frustrations of having chased the boy's mom for over a week. Now, it's payback time!
Once the door was locked, and the two of them had just entered Colt's room, Aaron spun around and barked, "Okay little man, you'll do as I say or I'll kick your little ass! Get those shorts off!"
Colt was taken by surprise by the sudden change in Aaron's voice and demeanor. Once Colt was naked, Aaron slid onto the back, working his butt so that his back was now leaning up against the headboard, spread his legs, then shouted, "Don't just fucking stand there, get to work and suck my fucking cock bitch!"
Feeling as though this was nothing more than a little game, Colt obliged and quickly found himself in between Aaron's spread legs, using his tongue to swarm all over the kind of salty precum dripping head. Colt felt one of Aaron's hands fall onto the back of his head, grabbing a handful of hair, then forcefully kept on slamming his lips and mouth onto the teen's cock while yelling, "You best suck this mother fucker real good bitch!"
Aaron grabbed a hold of his own cock with his right hand and began slapping his teen organ all over Colt's young face, while yelling, "You act like your shit don't stink cause your so fucking pretty, but you had best get my cock good and fucking wet cause I'm gonna fuck that pretty little ass of yours into mother fucking oblivion!"
Colt was trying to orally satisfy the teen, be kept on slapping Colt in the face with it. Finally, Colt managed to trap the flinging cock head into his mouth, and that sort of stopped Aaron from hitting him with it. Still, Aaron aggressively used Colt's hair to slam the boy's mouth up and down on his cock. Colt couldn't help not to gag as the older teen shoved the entire thing down his throat, held it there before yanking Colt by the hair, then kept on repeating this over and over again.
Colt's eyes were watery and his slobber completely ran down Aaron's throat fucking cock, dribbling in globs on Aaron's balls. Then Aaron had Colt get on all fours so Aaron could stand on his knees and really fuck his mouth without any compassion whatsoever. Colt was literally choking on Aaron's cock, and Aaron knew it! He would force the boy's mouth all the way down on his meat, hold it for a few seconds, then yank the boy upwards using the hair on his head.
Aaron yelled, "Fuck yeah you little cunt ass fucking bitch, suck it, suck that mother fucker, suck it down your fucking throat cause it'll soon be taking your ass here shortly. Yeah bitch, take my fucking meat bitch!"
The next thing Colt knew was that Aaron had tossed him onto his back, shoving his legs way over his head, then didn't utter a single word as he jammed his entire cock deep up Colt's ass in one violent painful motion. The only lubricant was that of Colt's saliva, but that certainly didn't stop Colt from crying out as the pile driving teen organ began hammering away at his ass without a worry or concern in the world.
Aaron held onto Colt's forearms with both hands as he jack hammered his thrusting cock in and out of the preteen boy's superlatively hot ass. Aaron blurted, "Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, your ass is way fucking hotter and a hell of a lot tighter than your mom's worn out pussy and asshole is! Fuck, yeah bitch boy, take that cock, yeah, fucking take it pussy boy!"
Colt managed to allow himself to relax, and deal with the jabbing missile slamming heavily into his upturned asshole. Opening his eyes, Colt now focussed on glaring at Aaron, who looked like he was somewhere off in another world. Using his self-taught practice and technique, Colt retaliated by clamping down as hard as he could with his anal muscles.
Aaron's mouth flung open once he felt something powerful cling onto his anal assaulting teen organ, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what the... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Aaron's mind exploded with mental fireworks as his cock was now feeling something he had never encountered before. Something inside the boy's ass was cinching down on his thrusting teen pole, clamping so tight that it felt like the flesh of his cock's shaft was going to be sucked off. By no means did it hurt, but Aaron wasn't expecting anything like this, not in the very least.
Colt yelled, "You wanted to fuck me, then fuck me! Fuck my ass, fuck it, and fuck it haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrddddddddd... Haaaaaaarrrrrrrrddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!"
Aaron pushed his entire body up higher so he could continue to power slam his cock in and out of the boy's ass even harder, and in doing so, Colt now came face to face with his own aching erection. His arms were being held down by the older teen, and Colt was now feeling the pleasures he so learned and constantly craved.
In less than a minute and half, Colt's body exploded in a series of mindless convulsions as his orgasm raced through his bucking body, firing huge globs of preteen boy juice straight into his own wide open mouth. Aaron not only saw the boy's cock erupt, but his own thrusting cock could feel it as well. The coiling and vacuuming effect inside the boy's ass attacked Aaron's cock, showing no mercy or no concern for anything as it clamped down with a savage vengeance.
Aaron didn't even try to count as he watched ropey globs of boy cum fire into the boy's mouth. Colt was slipping off into another world, but had just enough sense remaining to know he was feeding himself his own life giving seed. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Colt began gulping down his cum, all in which was being overlooked by Aaron's glazed over eyes.
Up until now, Aaron prided himself on his stamina, but seeing the boy shoot his load into his own mouth, and feeling the devastation milking his cock, Aaron's orgasm snuck up on him like a tsunami. Aaron yanked his soon to be erupting cock out of Colt's cock devouring asshole, then straddled the boy's chest, pushing his cock head directly into Colt's mouth while jerking his meat with quite the speed.
Aaron cried out as the first wave of his teen cream came bolstering out, followed by 6 long and healthy spurts. He was still jerking away, squeezing, doing whatever he could to make sure that the boy drained his cock from all of his gooey offerings. With no more cum to offer, Aaron released his now flaccid tool, sitting on top of Colt's chest, looking aimlessly at the wall in front of him.
Colt was still purring as he tasted Aaron's tasty sperm. Just a mild salty flavoring was the only taste Colt could detect. Other than that, Colt found Aaron's cum rather delicious! Aaron yanked his hands away from Colt's forearms and placed his palms on top of the headboard gasping frantically for some well needed oxygen.
Shortly there after, Aaron slid off of Colt, and fumbled around until he put his shorts and flip flops back on. Colt was still naked as Aaron stood in front of the bedroom's doorway peering back at the heavenly beauty. Aaron's cracking voice sliced through the air, "You best not tell a fucking soul about this, you hear me? When you see your mom, tell her she needs to pay her debts. She'll know what the fuck I'm talking about!"
Aaron didn't wait for Colt to respond as he quickly exited the trailer. Even now, while his legs had a difficult time carrying his body, Aaron couldn't believe he had just fucked a 12 year old boy. Better yet, he began asking himself who had just got done fucking who. Either way, Aaron realized that he had just had the most mind boggling sex he had ever had before. That boy was the best fuck ever, and he didn't have to take the time to even question that.
With Aaron no longer inside his home, Colt remained naked. He decided to cleanse his bowels before soaking in the bathtub. He cleansed his bowels, then proceeded to submerge himself in the warm soothing water after having added some sweet smelling coconut bath oil. For nearly two hours, Colt stayed in the tub, every so often adding in some more hot water before finally getting out and brushing his teeth. The entire time was spent thinking about Josh, his hairy hot body, and that awesomely huge cock of his. Now, slipping on those tight stretchy shorts once again, all Colt could do was wait on Tray to finish up and come back over.
A few long awaited moments later, Tray came bouncing into Colt's home. The two boys chatted, mainly about Josh, for a good 10 minutes before deciding to head on over to Josh's. Both boys were excited as their little footsteps carried their elated bodies towards Josh's. Tray was excited because he truly wanted to see Josh's enormous cock enter his best friend's sweeter than sweet little bung hole. To him, that seemed rather impossible, but after recalling everything Colt had said earlier, Tray knew that Colt wanted to give it a try.
While the two boys talked and walked, Josh had already cleaned himself up and had already prepared his bedroom for whatever was to be. He had carefully placed hidden cameras all around the bedroom, including three locations on the ceiling. All the cameras recorded in color and they all were capable of recording, not just in video mode, but audio as well. He wanted to make this movie of him having sex with the boys, and use it for those special times his manhood needed servicing in which he would be the one to handle that issue. And, he wanted to capture on video young Colt, the boy who was the very essence of heavenly beauty. The very same boy that spews perfection at every twist and viable turn.
Just before Josh showered, he went ahead and gave himself an enema. He wasn't too sure if something sexual was going to happen, but if it did, he wanted to make damn certain he was exceptionally clean. After drying off, Josh eased into a pair of baggy nylon shorts, intentionally leaving out the necessity of wearing any underwear. After hearing Tray tell him that Colt had a thing for body hair, Josh wanted to make the very most by revealing his body's massive fur.
When the light tap struck his front door, Josh almost jumped out of his skin. He already knew it was Tray, but somewhere in his mind, he was praying that young Colt was with him. Flinging the door outwards, Josh's skin showered itself with goose bumps as his eyes lustfully zeroed in on Colt, and his almost naked breathless heavenly angelic body.
With all three now inside Josh's home, Josh made doubly sure that the front door was locked, and that the deadbolt was secured. The last thing he wanted was for someone to walk right on in and see something they probably shouldn't see. Josh already knew what he was doing with Tray was highly illegal, and all he could hope for was for the boy to keep all of this as their own little secret. Now, here he was, standing in his own living room, ogling over two near naked beauties, hoping beyond hopes that his cock would eventually be granted permission to enter Colt's anal kingdom.
Colt and Tray sat on the heavily padded large leather sofa while Josh sat down next to them in the large leather recliner. Colt studied Josh as if preparing for a final exam. At best guess, he figured the man to stand close to 6'5" and had to weigh a pretty solid 275 pounds. Josh did have a slight belly, but it wasn't a problem as far as Colt was concerned. Colt's eyes lit up as they ravished up and down the front portion of Josh's hairy body. All Colt could think about was how all that hair would feel running through his mischievous fingers. When his eyes drifted on Josh's crotch, Colt's mouth began to water in delight. Since Tray already told him how big Josh's cock was, Colt's body shivered knowing what treat lay hidden within the sheer fabric of Josh's crotch.
At first, their conversation was very vague and simply nothing more than mere ramblings, but it was Tray who broached the subject by saying, "Colt likes to get fucked, and I've already told him how big your uh, your cock is!"
Clearing his throat, more so out of surprise, Josh smiled as he looked at Colt then softly spoke, "Uh, well that was a bit of a shocker, now wasn't it? To me, it really isn't all that big since I kind of grew up with it. So Colt, after hearing Tray tell you that, is there something you'd like to add?"
Colt shifted his butt while returning Josh's smile, then whispered, "Um, not really I suppose! It might take a bit of getting used to, but I aint afraid to give it a go!"
They spoke some more, mostly that of a sexually charged nature, but as always, Josh had that lingering thought, and to go ahead and get it out of the way, he proceeded to speak, "Well guys, I'm sure you know that if anyone ever found out, I'd be sent off to prison for a long, long time. So, what I need to say is..."
Colt interrupted by quickly saying, "Yeah, we know! Whatever happens here tonight can never be told to anyone. I know I wont ever tell anybody, and I'm pretty certain Tray here will keep his mouth shut as well. Josh, I'm smart enough to know that if a man has sex with a boy, boys in this case, it has to be kept a secret. Besides, you didn't come get us. We came to you!"
Josh could only smile as he heard Colt's words as though they were coming from a boy much older than his true age. Not only was Colt more advanced than most 12 year old boys, but thanks to his ungodly eye popping  beauty, he looks much, much younger than his age as well. Josh knew that this boy was a true find for anyone who has the same addictions as he has. By all means, and not meaning to leave Tray out in the least, but that boy provides unheralded beauty of his own. If there ever were a downside, it would be having to compare the two beauties. Nobody, regardless of their overwhelming beauty, could stand equal to Colt's unmatched beauty.
The two boys told Josh of their own sexual experiences with each other, and the more they spoke, the harder Josh's cock grew. Within a few heartfelt seconds, the front of Josh's shorts tented upwards, revealing the enormous boner as it protruded along the inside of his right thigh. Tray spotted it, and so did Colt. The right leg opening was pushed upwards and Colt's eyes witnessed the giant cock head that was looking right back at him. Even as best as Tray described it, Colt quickly knew that his best friend's description wasn't even close as to being accurate.
The giant head was as big around as a baseball, or a 20 ounce soda can, and its puffy piss lips were gaping as Colt could see the beginning of one very large glob of precum as it slowly began revealing itself. Seeing something like that is to believe, and now Colt was beginning to question himself as to whether or not something so grotesquely huge would be able to enter his butt. Just by seeing it, Colt knew despairingly that he had never encountered anything near as big as to what his eyes were now glaring upon. Up to now, Colt thought he could handle any mans cock, regardless of its thickness, but now laying eyes on Josh's whopper, he was now becoming a tad bit doubtful.
Somewhere lost in his unconscious state, Josh and Tray agreed to take things to the bedroom. Thanks to Tray grabbing Colt by his right hand, Colt was being unconsciously led to Josh's bedroom. It was like Colt was trapped in some kind of powerful trance. Now, he was thinking that he just may be in way over his head. Josh's cock scared the living hell out of him, and now Colt was thinking that it was too late to do anything about it. Already, his asshole was puckering, and sending a painful reminder of how it felt when a thick cock first entered him. Thinking that only managed to convince himself that nothing came close as to the actual thickness of Josh's massive cock head. Then, to top it all off, was the length!
Before Colt knew what was happening, Tray had already slid down Colt's stretchy shorts while Colt was standing in a daze at the foot of Josh's king sized bed. Both boys were naked, and Tray's 5 inches of dignified glory was already twitching profoundly. Colt's own preteen joystick was semi erect although his young body was already shaking a mile a minute.
Almost as if prearranged, Tray leaned in and locked his lips over Colt's, instantly sliding his pointy pink tongue deep into Colt's mouth. Tray reached his hands around Colt's little body, placing both eager hands upon each of Colt's perfectly chiseled unblemished butt cheeks, then gingerly spread the twin heavenly mounds. Josh stepped in behind Colt, literally dropping to both knees to visually inspect Colt's exposed butt hole.
Colt's own tongue mimicked Tray's, slithering softly into his best friend's mouth while locking his left hand on Tray's right butt cheek while his right hand began caressing the full length of Tray's back. Josh leaned in closer, so close that his inhaling nostrils were within a mere fraction of an inch away from Colt's creamy colored asshole. The mind boggling scent was nothing less than breathtaking at best. The smell of soft soap mixed with a refreshing aroma of coconut sent chills racing up and down Josh's hairy back.
Josh whispered, "You boys take this to the bed!"
Still locked in their deep tongue sucking embrace, both boys wiggled their bodies onto the large bed, making sure that their lips never once lost their tight seal. Tray was on his left side while Colt was now on his right side, still sucking each others tongues like wild maniacs. Tray's right hand snagged itself on Colt's left butt cheek, aggressively prying the tight flesh outwards. Again, Josh quickly found himself having his nose firmly rooted directly over Colt's miraculously tiny asshole, breathing in that sweet iridescent fragrance from the heavens above.      
After a few minutes, Josh spoke some directions while physically assisting the boys so that they were now in a full blown 69 position with Tray on top. Both boys were grunting and whimpering, and once Tray felt Josh's beefy tongue strike his asshole, Tray really began doing some heavy grunting and long elongated whimpering. Josh probed at Tray's freckled asshole, enjoying the freshness of the smell, and the actual taste itself. Colt was on the receiving end of Tray's pleasure as well because once Josh began eating away at Tray's asshole, Tray really went to town making hot passionate oral love to Colt's preteen cum cannon and his delicious sweet smelling little hairless nuggets.
Naturally, feeling Colt's super hot mouth sucking on his teen missile, and cooing to the pleasures engulfing his asshole, Tray was the first to cry out that he was close. Hearing Tray chirp his closeness, Josh literally flipped Tray off of Colt, placing the teen on his back. Now, Colt was in full blown cock sucking mode and a look of total bewilderment scoured across his gorgeous little face.
Josh had Colt center himself in between Tray's already spread legs on all fours, verbally instructing Colt to suck on Tray's balls, and to stay away from sucking on Tray's cock for right now. Colt lowered his head and wasted no time in going to work sucking on Tray's hairless jewels. In the meantime, Josh was sitting directly in behind Colt, eyeing the most gracious site very few eyes will ever see. Not only was Josh able to see the boy's tight little anal orifice, but in this position, Josh could clearly see Colt's hairless rounded balls.
Unable to take it any longer, Josh inched his face closer to Colt's widely spread crack, and began a slow flickering journey up and down the boy's smooth silky soft creamy colored butt crack. Each time Josh's tongue glided over Colt's asshole, Colt's soft angelic purr shot through the air. After several long licks of Colt's crack, Josh focussed his entire attention on dining on the boy's festive young asshole. Colt's whimpers and grunts grew louder as the meaty tongue working on his asshole slowly began inching its way inside his anal corridor. Within a very short time, Josh grunted and groaned as he now had his entire tongue gracing the fiery hot interior of the  hottest ass ever to have been molded by the heavens above.
With the tongue ravishing his anal bliss, Colt slurped and sucked on Tray's balls something wicked. Even Colt wasn't aware that he was wiggling and gyrating his ass in conjunction with the man's ass eating tongue. The longer the tongue pleasured his interior, the farther it seemed his mind was departing from his body.
For the next 30 or so minutes, Josh only removed his tongue from Colt's asshole long enough to tell Colt to suck Tray's cock. Every time Tray got close, Josh would have Colt remove his mouth and resume sucking on Tray's balls. Also, during that time, Josh's right fingers had ducked under Colt and steadily stroked Colt's throbbingly erect cock. When Colt got close, Josh would remove his fingers, but only for a brief time, then return to working on the boy's cock once again.
After a long hour of loud slurping sounds flooding the room, Josh wanted to turn things up a notch, so to speak. He had never loved eating an ass as much as he loved eating Colt's delicious hot little ass, but his tongue was far beyond the point of aching, so now he had to give it a rest before using it once again. He had Colt remain on all fours while Tray was in behind Colt, on his knees, and his glistening 5 inches of teen pride was already aligning itself up to Colt's saliva coated asshole.
Tray bucked his hips forwards, pushing his teen torpedo deep into Colt's beloved bowels in one quick motion. Colt's mouth formed a perfect circle as he purred his excitement from the sudden anal invasion. It didn't hurt by any means, and it was Colt who was the first to start slamming his ass backwards onto Tray's cock. In an act of near blindness, Tray gripped Colt's hips and started super slamming his teen sausage in and out of Tray's ass with blinding speed. Josh leaned closer to Tray's left ear, whispering, "Don't cum in him please! When you are close, feed me your sweetness!"
Tray nodded, but never missed a violent thrust as he jack hammered his teen organ in and out of his best friend's ass with wild and reckless abandonment. Josh crawled on his left side, placing his face directly in front of Colt's. The 12 year old boy had his eyes closed as he grunted, groaned, and purred. Josh flipped over on his back, using his right hand, tenderly grabbed the back of Colt's head, forcing the boy's head down to the point that their lips now touched, and he passionately sent his tongue swirling around inside the boy's saliva drenched fiery hot mouth.
Colt automatically jabbed his little pink tongue into the man's mouth, relishing in awe as to the thick mustache resting up against his hairless face. Be it out of instinct, or pure unexplainable desire, but either way, Colt placed the palm of his left hand on Josh's stomach and began letting his fingers tingle in joy as to all the thick mass of glorious fur. Colt's fingers danced from Josh's stomach up to the top of the man's chest, then frantically raced up and down repeatedly while doing his best to suck Josh's tongue and use his anal muscles to pleasure himself on Tray's pile driving cock.
While Josh and Colt were busy sucking tongue, Josh continued jerking on Colt's pulsating cock, stopping every 40 seconds so as to prevent the boy from blowing his load. Tray was trying to mix up his thrusts as well, wanting to hold out as long as he possibly could. Although Tray felt like his teen balls were going to explode, his cock felt so damn good inside his best friend's scorching hot ass, so he was torturing himself to make this last.
Four flesh smack minutes later, Tray couldn't hold out any longer. He cried out, yanked his soon to be cum erupting cock out of Colt's ass while Josh jumped up, spinning his body full circle, placing the left side of his face on top of Colt's butt as Tray hoisted his hips forwards, driving his cock into Josh's anxious mouth just as the first gooey glob of boy juice torpedoed out of his cock. Josh moaned loudly as several long ropey jets of boy honey shot into his overly eager mouth.
Tray was using both hands to hold onto Josh's head for dear life as his cum came gushing out harder and more intense than ever before. While Josh was greedily capturing Tray's cum assault, he teasingly began caressing while pulling down on Tray's bloated balls with his right hand, intentionally placing his right middle finger up against Tray's puckering little asshole, applying just a tad bit of pressure, but not near enough to cause an actual penetration.
While Tray was dumping his load into Josh's mouth, Colt was feeling a major void inside his ass. Though he couldn't see what was going on, he certainly could hear Tray's prolonged whimpers and grunts, not to mention Josh's bear like growls. His own balls hurt something awful and Colt desperately wanted to unleash his load, but he decided to let things progress and hope that he would be next to cum.
Josh waited until all of Tray's teen nectar was trapped inside his mouth before elating himself with the actual act of swallowing. Glob upon glob slid down his throat, and Josh's body filled with swarms of goose bumps as to the divine taste of Tray's teen cum. There was just a very faint hint of salt, and that was it, so he groaned louder and louder until the last of the teen boy's honey departed his throat, trickling peacefully towards his stomach.
Tray fell onto his butt, resting his back on the large headboard, panting and gasping for every breath, and his eyes were tightly closed. Josh easily flipped Colt onto his back, making Colt's head land next to Tray's right hip area. Josh pushed Colt's legs over his head and far beyond both ears then eagerly began dining on the boy's sweet tasting asshole one more time.
After a good five minutes of eating Colt's asshole, Josh worked his mouth upwards until he now was sucking on Colt's 3 1/2 inches of pure boy stalk. While Josh was sucking and slurping, Tray's jittery voice sounded, "Remember Josh, Colt here shoots a hell of a lot of cum!"
That was music to Josh's ears and now he could only wait until that very same moment in time would come so he could feel this gorgeous angelic boy's cream enter his mouth. Josh placed his right middle finger against Colt's asshole, and it was Colt who arched his ass up off the bed, shoving itself in an act of desperation against Josh's long and thick finger. Josh pushed while Colt pushed, and then Colt's purring angelic voice bellowed softly through the room. The finger dove deep, and once again, it was Colt's bucking motions that were now fucking himself onto Josh's finger.  
Tray sat there and watched all the various facial expressions dashing across Colt's face as Colt flung his head from side to side. Tray reached down with his right hand, pacing his fingertips on Colt's left perky pink tiny nipple and began pinching. Colt cried out as his orgasm rocked through his body, sending his mind blazing far from his now convulsing bucking body.
Josh prepared himself for the gorgeous boy's treat as he felt the cock head flare, then one long healthy strand of thick boy cream plastered the back of his throat with ferocious validity, followed by another, then another, and many more jets of thick creamy strands pummeled his mouth with pure raw power. Josh had never been on the receiving end of a cum bashing quite like this one. To be so young, yet be able to produce so much cum was simply almost unbelievable. Though it may sound like a complaint, Josh in fact was grunting profusely while admiring such a powerful treat. The finger inside Colt's ass felt like it was being crushed and even trying to finger fuck the boy took some manly strength.
Several thick spurts later, Josh was having a difficult time trying to retain the boy's thick gooey honey inside his mouth while still trying to suck out the last bit of oozing offerings. Never having had so much cum in his mouth before, Josh himself was in a bit of a confused daze, but had just enough sense to keep his mouth vacuuming on Colt's still rigid preteen thrusting boyhood. Colt was still violently humping his ass onto Josh's finger and his entire body shook as a series of wild convulsions rocked his young world.
Having milked out the very last of Colt's thick creaminess, Josh pulled his finger out of the boy's ass, then stood on his knees so his eyes could behold both boys intoxicating beauty, and groaned feverishly as he began sipping on Colt's heavenly cum. Sample after sample, Josh did his best to mentally describe the taste of Colt's huge load. It took a few small samples before Josh realized that the boy's cum had no taste whatsoever. For Josh, this was a definite first! When he had just a little bit remaining, Josh swished the boy's cream around inside his mouth, mixing it up with his own saliva, then growled louder than ever as the tasteless thick goo slid down his gulping throat.
Tray's teen pole was already standing at full attention as he watched Josh swallow the last delicious ounce of his best friend's cum. Josh, still savoring the tasteless afterglow of Colt's awesome load, looked at both boys, smiled, then softly whispered, "My, my, my, you sure do shoot a hell of a lot, but I sure as heck will never complain. I have got to be the luckiest man alive to be in the company of two breathtaking beauties. Damn, I am sure am one lucky guy, that's for sure!"
Colt was still in the process of coming back down from his powerful orgasm, but his ears heard every single word. All he could do was smile as his entire body was tingling from head to sweet little curling toe. Tray, now being more comfortable with everything that was going on, looked directly at Josh, then eagerly said, "C'mon Josh, get naked too! Let Colt see that big fucking whopper you got!"
Colt's eyes widened to their highest point as he watched Josh slide out of his shorts. The man's one eyed beast came roaring into Colt's watery view, forcing Colt to choke on his own saliva. Even through his minor coughing spell, Colt couldn't force his eyes off of the mammoth beast. Tray pointed at Josh's cock with his left index finger, then spewed, "See Colt, see it? Aint that the biggest pecker you ever did see?"
Unconsciously shaking his head from side to side, mouth partially open, Colt nervously replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaawwwwwddddd, it's uh, uh, it's um, fucking enormous!"
While both boys were eyeing his erect manhood, Josh was taking turns eyeing both boys. Trace was smiling from ear to ear, but Colt looked more like a deer trapped in some oncoming car's headlights. In a teasing manner, Josh grabbed a hold of his cock, at the very base, pointed it upwards while slowly making a circular motion, then softly whispered, "See, it's happy to see you, both of you!"
Tray quickly blurted, "Oh hell no Josh, you aint putting that big fucker up my ass. Oh fuck no you aint! Colt here is the one that likes to get fucked, aint that right Colt, aint it so?"
Colt's mouth was wide open by now, but after hearing Tray's ramblings, Colt's voice trembled as he spoke, "Ummmmmmmm, well I uhhhhhhhhhh, I've ummmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's sooooooooooooo big!"  
Josh pushed his much larger hairy frame in between both boys so that his back was now resting up against the headboard with Tray on his left, and young, dazedly stunned, Colt on his immediate right. Josh draped his arms around both boys neck area while he began thinking of some of his past endeavors. He knew his cock was rather big and thick, and more times than not, the size alone prevented him from actually going all the way with a hot piece of ass. From what he could tell by the look on Colt's face, this time was not going to be an exception either. Josh could see the fear written all across Colt's precious gorgeous face, and for Josh, that certainly wasn't good news at all.
Tray, taking the bull by the horns so to speak, quickly angled his body so that his mouth was now gliding all over Josh's super thick precum spitting cock head, and using his tongue to lap up the salty soothing liquid. Colt saw his friend, then positioned his little body so that he was on all fours, and his mouth and tongue was kissing and licking the gigantic knob. Colt's ass was slightly angled towards Josh's face, and so was Tray's. Josh smiled as he peered from one tasty asshole to the other. Both boys cracks were completely void of any hair, and the only exception to this scenery of pure perfection was Tray's freckled crack, and even that sent shivers racing up and down Josh's spine.
Josh reached over with his left hand and retrieved a bottle of lubrication and a small hand towel. While he was greasing up both hands, Josh grunted loudly as he saw, and felt, Colt's lips and tongue begin to roam his pulsating shaft. In unison, Josh placed both of his middle fingers up against each boy's tightly sealed butt hole, then slowly slid them all the way up both boys fiery hot asses. Tray was grunting heavily while Colt was the one wiggling his finger filled ass from side to side, and up and down. Josh knew right then and there that Tray was correct in saying that Colt liked to get fucked. If there was any luck at all, Josh knew he had to grease Colt's ass well, and caress his prostate in high hopes of Colt being the one who wanted to feel Josh's super sized cock up his butt.
In a very short time, Josh introduced both of his index fingers into the boys asses. Again, Tray grunted and whined, but it was Colt's ass that was rocking itself back and forth on Josh's anal plunging fingers. With two fingers up Tray's tight little ass, Josh figured he'd best stop with just those two in order to one day fuck the freckled boy's ass. However, Colt's muscle churning ass was more accepting, and the harder he twisted and turned, the louder Colt's purrs became. It was then that Josh slowly inserted a third finger up Colt's wicked hot little ass.
Colt's head flung itself backwards, high into the air as his mouth formed a perfect circle as his sweet angelic voice pierced through the air, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd yessssssssssss!"
To Colt, it kind of felt like a cock was invading his anal highway, sliding in and out while periodically expanding his anal walls. His slithering tongue frantically raced up and down the full length of Josh's cock, stopping just short of the gaping piss lips in order to scoop up some dripping precum, then work his tongue back down where he whimpered softly as his tongue creased through the hair in order to swab Josh's hairy bull balls.
Both boys were licking up and down Josh's hard cock, and he couldn't help not to thrust his hips upwards as the sensations exploded throughout every part of his hairy body. Tray's left hand was now cupping Josh's left large nugget while Colt's right hand was antagonizing his right one. The entire time, Colt was jabbing his butt backwards to swallow more of Josh's anal exploring fingers. Now, Josh felt the time was perfect to introduce a fourth finger to Colt's anal equation.
Colt cried out as the fourth thick finger joined the other three, but although his voice was one of mixed emotions, Josh could easily tell that he wasn't hurting him because Colt was still stuffing his ass backwards on his fingers. Colt wasn't in any way trying to jerk his body forwards to run from Josh's fingers. Colt felt the familiar burning pain, but he also felt the most unexplainable pleasures shooting through his body like a burst of electricity.
While the boys continued their oral assault on his meat, Josh fucked each boys ass with his fingers. Colt had four thick fingers banging his ass while Tray only had two, but now, Josh could see and feel Tray bucking his little ass backwards onto his thrusting fingers. Both boys were groaning, grunting, whimpering, and cooing, and let's not forget about Josh cause he was doing all of that as well.
Out of nowhere, Tray flung his face up while he cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah Josh, yessssssssss, yessssssssss, fuck my ass! Yessssssssss!"
No sooner had Tray shocked Josh with his words, the boy began violently thrusting his ass onto Josh's fingers. Josh cleared his throat, then asked, "How about you Colt? Are you okay?"
Colt stopped slurping on Josh's piss lips long enough to reply, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, fucking A I'm okaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"
Josh could feel his orgasm trickling through his body, seemingly working its way up from his twitching hairy toes. Boy hands caressed his cock and balls while young boy mouths and swirling hot tongues ravished his throbbing man meat. His eyes went from one boys finger fucking ass to the other, admiring in awe at both anal rings desperately clutching themselves onto his thrusting fingers. Then, Josh did the almost unthinkable. While Tray was jamming his freckled hot ass backwards onto his two anal probing fingers, Josh inadvertently inserted a third.
Tray immediately cried out as Josh's third finger violated his fiery hot anal oven. Fiery scorching pain shot through Tray's body, forcing the teen boy to slam his forehead sharply into the mattress while making hissing noises through his clenched teeth. While Tray was fighting with his own vast array of astonishing pain, Colt was working overtime on Josh's cock head while cramming his butt as hard as he could onto Josh's butt filling fingers. While Tray was in his own living hell, Colt was in his own sexual blissful heaven!
In less than a minute later, Tray pushed his upper body upwards so that he could resume working on Josh's monster cock. The pain inside his butt was easing off, so much that it actually started to feel pretty darn good. Tray slithered his tongue from the base of Josh's cock all the way up to the head where his tongue and Colt's tongue met one another and periodically interlocked themselves, then resumed licking and kissing the man's enormous cock head, equally sharing slurping down the constant copious supply of oozing precum.
Everything was going great for all three, but Colt suddenly jerked his body forwards, causing Josh's fingers to vacate the boy's bone crushing ass. Colt quickly stood up on both knees, eyed Tray, then darted his eyes into Josh's eyes, then lowered them so that they were peering onto the man's gargantuan sized cock. Colt took a deep breath, with Tray and Josh's eyes zeroed in on him, then Colt angelically whispered, "I've got to try it! I've got to see if I can get it in me!"
Hearing the gorgeous little tyke each and every breathtaking word, Josh poured some lubrication all over his cock. Tray picked up on things right away as he started using both of his hands to smear the slippery substance all over Josh's manhood. Colt had already spun around so that he was sitting on top of Josh's midsection, eyes lingering passionately into Josh's own disbelieving eyes. Tray spoke, "Got it! It's all slicked up for you Colt!"
Tray had enough savvy to hold Josh's monstrous cock with both hands, aiming the man's cock slightly upwards for Colt to try and sit on it. Tray was still whimpering like crazy, thanks in all to Josh's three fingers prodding inside his rectum. Colt took in a deep breath, exhaled, reached back with both of his hands and yanked his little butt cheeks wide apart. Inching down just a bit, Colt eased himself downwards until he could feel the massive knob pressing onto his well greased butt hole.
From behind, Colt heard Tray gasp, then whisper, "Whoa, there aint no fucking way it's gonna fit!"
Colt pushed down harder each time, and he could already feel the burning pressure as it poked at his tightly sealed asshole. Several futile attempts went by, but the man's enormous knob simply wouldn't persuade Colt's asshole to open up. This only made Colt more determined, so he tried to relax, and in doing so, he jammed his butt downwards, and his entire world seemed to have exploded in one jolting maneuver.
Tray cried out, "Holy fuck, fuck, the heads in!"
Colt was shaking from head to toe and the gut wrenching pain was by far the most intense to date. It felt like a locomotive had just wrecked inside his asshole, and the scorching pain was only going to get worse, much worse at that. Colt was flinging his precious head all over as his screeching pain riddled voice slammed off of the walls.
Instead of trying to avoid the pain by lifting himself upwards, Colt slipped, sending a solid 5 rock hard inches of super fat cock shooting up his ass. As if he had fainted, Colt's upper body lifelessly fell onto Josh's chest. The left side of Colt's face was pressing into the thick curls of Josh's chest hair, and Colt was crying profusely from the most tumultuous pain he had ever felt. Josh was fighting back his own urges to keep himself still. Naturally, he wanted to buck his hips, and feed the boy's mind boggling fiery hot ass the remainder of his anal destroyer. The portion of his cock stuffed inside Colt's ass felt as though it was being oven cooked and crushed by some commercial grade crushing vice.
Even trying to breathe rocked his body with more unthinkable pain. His lifeless body lay still and Tray still had two hands on Josh's cock, holding the mammoth beast in place. Colt had long since released his butt cheeks, but now they were struggling desperately to push his upper body upwards. Somehow, Colt pushed his upper body up and he was supporting his body with just his knees, and though he didn't want to, he accidentally impaled his overly stuffed asshole on two more agonizing inches of horse cock.
Josh saw first hand the pain dashing across the crying boy's face as he witnessed Colt's mouth form a wide variety of contorting gestures. With his eyes closed and head tilted backwards, Colt cried out, "Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  
As Colt lowered his face, he choked on his own spit, forcing him to cough. When he involuntarily coughed, another couple of butt busting inches traveled deeper inside of him. Tray, with a voice of astonishing excitement yelled, "That's it Colt, you got it, almost all the way in now! Go ahead Colt, sit down hard cause you only got about two inches left and the huge fucker will be all the way up your ass."
Colt didn't hear a damn thing Tray had just said. It felt like the extra thick pole inside his ass was pushing itself directly into his heart. His every breath burned like nobodies business, and no matter what he did, the pain seemed endless. The cock inside his ass felt like it was blocking his air passage as Colt was literally gasping for air. Another unexpected cough and Colt found himself sitting squarely on top of Josh's hairy bull balls.
Tray shouted, "Fuck Colt, you got it. This is sooooooooooo fucking unbelievable! You've got that huge mother fucker all the way in you!"
Colt's shaking body was sweating rather profusely as he whimpered steadily from having something so fucking thick, and so damn long, lodged somewhere within his body. Colt leaned back and the pain only seemed to get more intensified, so he leaned forwards, and the same fucking pain shot through his body, only this time, it was much more painful. Colt did his best to adjust his body in order to alleviate some of the pain, but no matter which position he tried, the pain wasn't about to leave.
Josh was slinging his own head from side to side, wincing from the incredible fiery heat and the bone crushing force savagely attacking his cock. Colt fought with his rubbery legs to readjust himself so that he went from a kneeling position to a position where he was sitting on Josh's nightmarishly huge cock, now on his feet. Slowly, very slowly, Colt forced his body upwards. The vacuuming pressure inside his ass intensified as he slowly raised himself upwards, drawing the huge pole from his overly stretched anal canal a good 6 inches, then easily pushed the painful object all the way back in. Over and over, Colt repeated this process while hissing crazily and whimpering in shattering pain.
Tray was still rocking his ass back onto Josh's anal thrusting fingers, but no matter what, he couldn't take his eyes off of Josh's super fat cock that was balls deep up his best friend's butt. Tray moaned each time he saw the creamy thick shaft reveal itself from Colt's asshole, but only to conceal itself once Colt swallowed the monster with his ass. Once again, Colt reached back with both hands and yanked his butt cheeks wider, and then his slow turtle pace began to slightly increase. It was painful, but with each up and down motion, the pain seemingly began to diminish.
Josh was fighting with his own eyes to keep them open so he could look into the most gorgeous angelic face ever to have been created by the heavens above. The water still flowed from the boy's eyes, but all Josh cared about at this very moment was how he felt feeling the boy's awesomely tight asshole milk his throbbing cock with each and every up and down stroke.
As each second ticked on by, Colt's bouncing motion steadily began increasing. He had just forced all of Josh's lengthy cock back inside him when Colt felt something within his body snap, giving way to his emotional freedom. No longer was his body wreaking in pain, cause now, now he was feeling something he had never felt before. His entire body convulsed with a series of shakes as he cried out to the most wonderful pleasure he never knew existed.
With this overabundance of pleasures scouring throughout his entire body, Colt began wildly bouncing up and down on Josh's meaty cock while running his fingers through his own hair ever so sexily. Out of nowhere, Colt's voice sounded, "Fuck yessssssssssss, yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk yessssssssssss!  Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee Josssssssshhhhhhhh, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss gooooooooooddddd!"
Tray's mouth was wide open as he watched Colt jerk his body upwards, revealing a solid 8 inches of massive cock, then power slam his hot little ass back down, swallowing every last veiny inch. Now, Colt was completely consumed in his own world as he used his ass to fuck Josh's enormous pole. Colt now placed both of his hands upon Josh's upper body, pleasuring himself even more by allowing his fingers to roam freely through the man's silky soft body hair.
Now, both Josh and Colt were bellowing their voice of receiving pure pleasures. Josh himself had never experienced a fuck like the one he was now on the receiving end of. The boy's hot ass was nothing short of magical, mind boggling at best! Josh reached up with both hands and his fingers immediately converged themselves onto Colt's perky little erect nipples, where they began to pinch softly while pulling on them. This only added more fuel to Colt's sexually pleasured rage! Once Josh began working on his nipples, Colt went flat fucking wild fucking his cock loving ass on Josh's now upwards thrusting manhood.
Josh timed Colt's bouncing and began thrusting his cock to greet the boy's descending ass. Dribble flowed out of Tray's still open mouth as he watched the scene unfold before his very eyes. It was while watching Josh's meaty cock dart in and out of Colt's ass that Tray came up with an idea to join in on the frantic fucking.
Tray propelled his body forwards, causing Josh's fingers to depart his ass. Then, Tray walked on his knees to Josh's left side, slung his left leg over the man's hairy body, and now straddled Josh with both legs. Although Colt was blind with sexual madness, he saw Tray and the position his best friend was now in. Tray had reached back with his left hand and grabbed onto Colt's erect 3 1/2 inches of rock solid preteen meat and was trying to guide the missile towards his jutting asshole.
Picking up on this position, Colt steadied himself on Josh's cock while thrusting his hips forwards, sending his missile firing away into Tray's greeting freckled asshole. Tray cried out as Colt's cock shot into him with a fiery rage, and now with his cock inside Tray's butt, Colt began gyrating his hips, fucking Tray's ass while using his own ass to fuck Josh's breathtaking cock. Though Josh couldn't see Colt's cock fuck Tray's ass, Josh knew what was now taking place. He just hoped that his hidden cameras would capture everything!
Josh placed his large hands behind Tray's head, drawing the teen boy's face closer to his. Their lips gingerly touched and Josh shoveled his swarming tongue deep into Tray's mouth where Tray quickly slapped his own tongue deep into Josh's mouth. Colt was rapidly slinging his hips forwards and backwards, fucking Tray's ass while working feverishly on fucking Josh's butt packing weapon.
Each time Tray felt Colt's preteen torpedo rocket inside his ass, his long passionate grunt shot into Josh's mouth, vibrating its pure elegance all the way down Josh's throat. Josh had his left hand caressing up and down Tray's back while the fingers of his right hand tugged and pinched on Colt's left nipple.
Though his ass was once filled with Josh's long and thick fingers, just knowing it was Colt's hammering cock seemed to make things all that much more perfect to Tray. While sucking on Josh's tongue, Tray began hoisting his ass backwards, greedily smacking his ass onto Colt's pile driving missile.
Four fast and furious minutes later, it was Josh who couldn't take it any longer. His cock began exploding thick gooey wads into Colt's bouncing ass, and Colt whimpered loudly as his body shook as he felt the hot globs shoot deeply up his rectum. Colt clamped down as hard as he could with his anal muscles, still fucking his ass onto the cum shooting cock while cramming his cock into Tray's thrusting ass.
Then, it was Colt's turn to scream. Before he knew what was happening, fireworks erupted inside his head as his boy cock violently and volcanically erupted. Colt was screaming, and when Tray felt the hot strands of Colt's cum shoot even deeper into his bowels, he joined his best friend with screams of his own. Josh removed his left hand from Tray's back, and quickly found Tray's hard teen boner and began jerking madly.
Colt had just shot out his eighth long ropey strand of boy honey when Tray flung his head backwards, screaming to high heaven, then his teen boner began flinging round after round of boy juice all over Josh's hairy chest. Josh was still tossing his cock upwards, slamming his meaty pecker as hard as he could into Colt's wildly thrusting ass, and Colt was greeting Josh's cock with pile driving force.
Within a minute or so, all three had surpassed their orgasms and were now panting heavily. Colt could feel the man's cock begin to deflate, and his own joystick was still harder than a brick. Tray's teen meat was slowly deflating and presently was semi flaccid. Tray inched his quivering body forwards, forcing Colt's hard cock to vacate his ass, then in an almost lifeless manner, Tray flopped over, landing on his left side on Josh's right. Colt, very reluctantly, pushed his body upwards and forwards until Josh's flaccid thick beast plopped out of his ass, making a thud sound as it flopped onto Josh's left thigh area. Colt rolled over, resting on his right side, directly onto Josh's left side.
All three lay perfectly still, panting like crazy, and their minds still racing from their awesomely intense orgasm. A short time later, Tray felt the sudden urge to go and visit the toilet. While he was struggling to slide out of the bed, Josh asked, "What's wrong Tray?"
Tray forced a smile, then replied, "Colt's cum wants to come out!"
Josh, feeling somewhat devilish, and without really thinking about it, fired right back, "Oh no, uh uh! Just squat right over my face cause I don't want that priceless cream wasted!"
Tray, not really the bashful type, complied and soon was shoving his asshole directly over Josh's mouth while aiming his face towards Josh's feet. Colt looked on as he witnessed Tray's asshole open, and then a huge glob of his own cum came bubbling out. Colt's watery eyes widened as he saw Josh fling his tongue onto the cum bubble, then just as quickly shove it back into his mouth. Josh was grunting wildly as Tray's asshole opened up even more, and Colt's preteen honey came bursting out into Josh's wide open mouth.
Before long, Colt could hear Josh sucking away at Tray's asshole, sucking desperately to vacuum out all of his cum deposit. In one way, Colt kind of thought as this as being a bit disgusting, but in another way, it sure did sound mighty intriguing. From the sounds Tray was making, Colt knew his best friend was enjoying having his asshole milked, so not one for wanting to be left out, Colt slid over and began sucking on Tray's, highly sensitive, now flaccid teen organ.
Feeling his ass being sucked on, and now his super sensitive cock being sucked on as well, Tray didn't know whether to rock his ass backwards or forwards. Not only was Colt sucking on Tray's soft noodle, but his little fingers began toying passionately with Tray's nuggets, sending Tray even higher into some kind of orbital bliss. Seconds later, Colt was now honored with bobbing his mouth up and down on Tray's erect throbbing pipe.
Three heart pounding minutes later, Tray's cock sent a few watery ropey strands of teen nectar shooting into Colt's mouth. Colt tasted the slightly bitter tasting cum, but although it was bitter, Colt couldn't stop his glowing purrs to evade his gliding lips. With the last little bubble of cum departing his now irritated cock, Tray jumped to his right, leaving both Colt and Josh sucking nothing but air. Tray collapsed on his back, legs lightly spread, and he was making a horse kind of sound with each harsh breath he took.
Josh looked at Colt who was looking back at Josh, then Josh asked, "How about you gorgeous? Are you ready for me to suck that sweet little ass clean?"
Colt smiled, glowing ear to ear as he softly replied, "Oh yeah, suck my ass good Josh!"
Colt quickly squatted over Josh's mouth, but unlike Tray, Colt positioned his body so that he was looking down at Josh's forehead while he had both hands clutching onto the top of the headboard for dear life. Colt purred loudly as he felt Josh's tongue stab at his asshole, knocking on his back door for permission to gain entrance. Although it felt somewhat nasty, Colt lost control as his asshole opened, then the sounds of a tidal wave of an explosion blew from his ass, forcing globs upon huge globs of Josh's man cream to propel itself into Josh's sucking mouth.
Knowing that Josh was now eating his own cum was definitely something strange, but knowing it was coming out of Colt's delicious hot ass made it utterly perfect. Tray slowly came to his senses, and eventually leaned over and saw Colt's preteen joystick dancing up and down while hearing the slurping sounds Josh was making as he dined on Colt's cum filled ass.
Tray's mouth watered endlessly just looking at Colt's erection, and not even having to take a second to think about it, Tray leaned his open mouth towards Colt's cock, then easily slurped the thin satiny smooth joint all the way to the hilt. While Tray's mouth furiously bobbed back and forth, he cupped Colt's hairless balls and began aggressively caressing them while reaching up with his left hand and latched his fingers onto Colt's right nipple, then just as aggressively, began pulling and pinching.
Colt was rocking his ass back and forth over Josh's anal probing tongue while fucking his cock in and out of Tray's hot mouth. By now, Colt's hands clutched onto the back of Tray's head while he was slinging his head all over, making gentle cooing noises. No longer did Colt concern himself with expelling Josh's cum out of his noisy ass. Now, all he could think about was the vast overwhelming pleasures shooting throughout his entire body.
Two to three minutes later, Tray felt Colt's cock begin to rapidly expand, then heard Colt scream as a massive cum assault began firing into his mouth. Tray captured the first six to eight cum strands before realizing he needed to go ahead and start swallowing. Like previously, Tray simply couldn't come up with any kind of taste whatsoever. Colt's cum was hot, thick, and gooey, so Tray began humming as he dined on his best friend's virtually tasteless cream.
Tray cringed when he sucked the last of Colt's cum out of his cock, and as soon as Colt's now limp noodle slipped out of Tray's mouth, it was Colt who tossed his own body to Josh's right side. Tray was sitting on his butt, sitting aimlessly between Colt and Josh's legs. Josh was periodically grunting to the afterglow of all that had just taken place.
After a short break, and now all three gaining back their more normal composure, Colt began sliding off the bed while spewing, "I got to pee!"
Something inside Josh reacted, as he heard his own voice say, "Whoa, wait a sec! I want to try something I've never tried before!"
Josh rolled out of bed, walked in front of Colt, then Colt followed, admiring the tons of curly hair littering every square inch of Josh's backside. Tray followed suit and was behind Colt, eyes lurking on Colt's twin perfect little butt cheeks dancing ever so divinely. Josh was the first to enter the bathroom, and he held onto the wall as he stepped into the large bathtub. Positioning himself on his knees, he was now kneeling directly in front of Colt.
Colt looked a bit puzzled, but it was Josh who began straightening things out, "I've never done this before, but Colt, you are just so fucking gorgeous that I just got to give it a try. What I'd like you to do is go ahead and piss straight into my mouth. If your pee tastes anything like the rest of you tastes, it should come out as pure honey! Go ahead, pee in my mouth please!"
Tray and Colt were like one as their noses wrinkled at the mere thought of drinking piss. After a couple of seconds, Tray spoke, "Go on Colt, let me see you piss in his mouth!"
Josh spoke once again, "Tray, when Colt's done, and you have to pee, I'd like to taste yours as well. And my friend, you are a beauty for any and all eyes to bare witness to!"
Colt grunted as he spoke, "I'm trying, but Josh, I don't think the way a person looks has got anything to do with the taste of their piss. Besides, I can't help the way I look, and I was ahhhhhhhhhhh..."
Josh nervously awaited on bended knees, but just as Colt was trying to finish his sentence, a long clear looking jet of hot piss came rocketing out, splashing the top of Josh's teeth, coating his tongue. Then, it was on! Colt couldn't control his bladder juice as he aimed his limp cock within a fraction of an inch from Josh's gaping mouth. Colt could feel the fiery heat of the man's breath as his piss flew from his cock like a wide open water faucet.
Josh gulped to make room for more, and as he swallowed, he did his best to detect the taste of Colt's boy piss. It was hotter than hot, and had a very mild hint of salt, but other than that, it was intoxicatingly exciting! This was Josh's first attempt at anything like this, and the only explanation he could come up with was, because it was Colt's, and the boy was exceptionally gorgeous beyond anyones wildest imaginations.
As he dined on Colt's pee, Josh's mind took him back to moments ago, after having just had his cock all the way up Colt's incredible butt. He did recall looking at his spent cock once it was freed from the boy's anal clutches, and remarkably enough, Josh didn't see anything as to what he had been expecting to see. There were no evident signs of where his cock had once been. It looked just as clean as it did before he had entered the boy's 12 year old mystifying little ass.  
The next thing Josh knew was that he had skillfully swallowed all of Colt's bladder juice, and the only thing now was to slurp the last few trickles straight from the boy's perfect little member. With that being said, Josh's lips closed around Colt's boyhood and he tenderly began milking the last few piss drops the gorgeous young angel could muster.
Just as Colt's cock slipped out of Josh's mouth, Tray excitingly said, "Holy shit Josh, you drank it, you drank it! You drank all of Colt's pee! Uh, what did it taste like?"
Josh smacked his lips while his eyes drifted upwards to greet both smiling boys, then replied, "Like I thought! Pure fucking sugary honey!"
Colt looked at Tray, then whispered, "Okay, it's your turn now. Let me see you pee in his mouth!"
Tray switched places with Colt, wasting very little time, positioned his flaccid noodle directly onto Josh's quivering bottom lip, then unleashed his bladder's glory. Josh swallowed and swallowed, tasting the hot salty liquid while his entire hairy body shook violently. Tray was smiling the entire time as he made sure he pissed into Josh's mouth. Colt was standing to Tray's left, mouth partially open, slightly stunned at watching the activity. Even now, though his eyes were locked onto Tray's pissing organ, Colt wanted to feel Josh's huge cock back inside of him.
Josh's lips sealed themselves around Tray's helmet, and he began sucking the last few droplets of piss from Tray's boyhood. When the last salty specimen was vacuumed out of the teen's beautiful pipe, Josh slowly dipped his head backwards while groaning in pure ecstasy. He felt full from having just drank two boys hot piss, but his elephant sized cock had regained its massive hardness. This certainly didn't go unnoticed by Colt's onlooking eyes. Just seeing the beast made Colt's aching butt hole pucker from sheer hunger.
Colt's eyes frantically roamed the bathroom until his eyes spotted a large bottle of baby oil sitting on the counter top of the sink. He stepped over to it and snatched it off the counter. Flipping the lid open, Colt poured a glob onto the palm of his left hand, then leaned over and began smearing the slippery oil all over Josh's arching cock. Josh moaned loudly as he felt the boy's hand glide up and down, and all over his twitching cock. Tray stood at the side, mouth open, wondering what in the hell Colt was fixing to do.
It certainly didn't take too long for Tray's question to be answered. Once Colt was satisfied that Josh's massive snake was well lubricated, Colt turned around, placing both of his hands onto the tiled floor, slowly but surely inching his hungry ass backwards, and onto Josh's glistening manhood. Seeing the boy's intention, Josh held the base of his cock with his right hand in order to help align his cock with the boy's priceless butt.
The position was all wrong, so Josh had Colt place both of his knees onto the rim of the tub, spreading them widely and Colt held himself up by having his hands spread onto the floor. Now, the boy's ass was aligned just right and Josh pressed his giant knob up against Colt's asshole, then bucked his hips forwards, slinging a fat 4 inches of bull meat into the boy's anal cavity.
Colt screamed loudly, but instead of trying to avoid Josh's cock from diving deeper, Colt pushed backwards, forcing the remainder of Josh's cock to tunnel itself to its most deepest depth. Colt grunted and moaned as his ass felt fuller than ever, and though he was feeling that familiar fiery pain, he instinctively began massaging Josh's manhood with his powerful anal muscles. Unlike before, Josh began power slamming his cock in and out of the boy's miraculous hot ass while using both hands to grip the boy's hips, pulling his entire little body backwards while his gigantic cock slammed itself forwards.
Tray, feeling slightly left out, decided to get himself involved. He already knew that he wasn't about to let Josh put that huge fucking monster inside his ass, uh uh, no fucking way! Colt seems to like having that big bastard inside of him, but Tray wasn't quite ready for anything like that to enter his own little ass. Tray stepped into the tub, inching his way in behind Josh. Once he was directly behind Josh, Tray slid down to his knees, placing both hands onto each of Josh's muscular and super hairy butt cheeks.
Josh groaned once he felt Tray's hands latch themselves onto his butt, but the pleasures swarming his cock forced his entire being into a maniacal fucking machine. His clenched butt cheeks were forced open, and Tray momentarily eyed the thick fur covering the man's ass crack. Even the area where Tray knew Josh's asshole was was highly guarded with tons of thick black hair. Tray shot his face in between Josh's thrusting ass, breathing in the man's anal scent. It smelled musky and sweaty, but the more Tray breathed in, the more entranced he seemed to ease into.
Colt was already cursing with his every breath, but now it was Josh's turn to join in on the verbal assault as he felt Tray's pointy tongue stab at his tightly sealed, and now constantly puckering, butt hole. Josh was fucking the most gorgeous boy in the world's ass while his own ass was being tongue fucked by the second hottest boy to grace the planet. Josh was frantically slinging his head all over while basking in the growing pleasures being received from his hammering cock and his penetrated asshole.
Something swarmed all over Tray, something no words could ever begin to describe. Feeling all that hair smash up against his face while feeling the heat surrounding his tongue while it darted in and out of Josh's butt hole simply sent Tray spinning off into another world. Now, his pink tongue aimlessly glued itself to Josh's interior anal realm!
Tray wasn't the only one lost in another world, because Colt was already far off into a world only he could begin to describe, not to mention, Josh was long gone as well. All three were in their own heavenly world, each receiving pleasures beyond any of their wildest dreams. The bathroom itself was being flooded with a vocal array as their passion seemed to be only growing higher and higher at a rapid and out of control pace.
Somewhere in time, Tray's jaw began hurting, and although he didn't want to stop eating Josh's ass, he felt he had no other choice, so he slipped his tongue back into his mouth, then had to hold onto Josh's hips to help him stand back upright. By now, Tray's 5 inch teen boner was throbbing, so he spit a glob of his own saliva into the palm of his left hand, then smeared it all over his love pipe.
A devilish grin darted across Tray's face as he positioned himself perfectly in behind Josh, patiently awaiting the precise time. Josh was hammering away at Colt's ass and when Josh was pushing his hairy ass outwards, Tray quickly bolted forwards, slamming all five glorious inches of teen sweetness straight up Josh's bucking ass.
Josh almost came to a screeching halt as his ass was now being introduced to a rather pressing and fiery pain. However, Tray had other plans as he brutally began pumping his teen organ in and out of Josh's ass with little or no concern for anything or anyone. Josh's ass plowing pace slowed tremendously, but it was Colt's ass slamming itself onto his meaty pole with a fiery vengeance. Now, Josh was having his cock milked by Colt's ass while his own ass was being fucked by Tray's teenage pride.
The last time Josh had ever felt a cock pummeling his ass was when he was 19. That was his first and only time his asshole was introduced to a cock, and the guy who did it was his college roommate. He was 20 years old and had a nice 7 inches of butt packing meat. Present day, his ass was being ravished by 5 pile driving hard inches of 13 year old cock while his own cock was being magically seduced by a 12 year olds astonishing ass.
The combination of pain, highlighted by pleasure, was more than Josh could stand. His meaty weapon exploded, feeding Colt's thrusting ass with large wads of breeding man juice. While Josh was blind with his orgasm, his anal muscles began involuntarily convulsing in a series of mind boggling contractions.
Colt was screaming while steadily pounding and grinding his ass on Josh's erupting cock. Colt could feel the hotness of the man's vaulting cum, which inevitably procured an orgasmic chain of event. Colt's hard preteen joystick began rocketing out his ropey cream in large watery strands. Unable to control himself, Colt grabbed onto his cum firing cock with his right hand and began skinning it with blinding speed, yet still making sure his ass slammed itself back onto Josh's thrusting oversized organ.
By now, both Colt and Josh had both surpassed their orgasms, and though both had slowed down to a snails pace with their fucking motion, Tray was still in behind Josh, banging his highly pleasured teen organ in and out of Josh's clutching ass a mile a minute.
Colt was so lightheaded, he fell forward onto the tile floor. Josh's meaty semi flaccid spent cock made a popping noise as it quickly departed Colt's gaping asshole. Colt was basically on the floor, on all fours, with his forehead resting on the floor itself, panting for dear life.
In and out, in and out, Tray power slammed his five inches of blazing teen meat into Josh's ass. A minute or so later, Tray cried out as his cock began spurting watery rounds of teen honey deep into Josh's convulsing rectum. With one last mighty thrust, Tray's body shook violently as he squeezed his butt cheeks together to force out the last bubble of cum into Josh's butt.
Josh's legs were shaking so bad, he almost fell as he tried to sit down in the tub. However, he managed to catch himself, and was now resting his back on the backside of the tub. Tray plopped down, positioning himself directly in front of the tub's faucet. Colt had pretty much flattened himself out as he was now laying in a modified fetal position along his right side with his well fucked asshole clearly visible to both Josh and Tray, who in their own right, were both staring at Colt's now tightly sealed anus.
A few moments later, both Josh and Tray's eyes watched Colt literally crawl up to the toilet, and struggle with his own body to stand, turn and sit down. Josh's recent deposit angrily shot out of Colt's butt, splashing into the water below. While Colt was busying himself draining his bowels of Josh's man seed, Josh's asshole offered no warning as Tray's teen honey came gushing out. Tray's eyes lit up as he saw his own stuff propel itself out of Josh's hairy ass. Josh was still a bit too far gone to give a shit, though he knew exactly what was taking place.
A short while later, all three gathered into the shower's tub and took turns lathering, and rinsing off. Though all three eyed the others bodies, none of their cocks remotely became erect. They dried off and once dressed, Josh escorted the two beauties to his front door. After a rather brief discussion as to partake in another sexual episode, Josh held the door open and watched both boys walk out of his sight.
Josh quickly gathered his hidden cameras, sat down at his computer and began working on his own home movie, a movie none could ever dream to compare. Just sitting there, watching the boys and himself, Josh began getting hard once more. He had fucked Colt's angelic ass twice, and his eyes roamed his erection, and still, still it looked just as clean as before it all started. His own asshole was hurting quite a bit thanks to the royal pounding of Tray's teen pride.
Walking side by side, Tray leaned his head to his left, then smirkingly whispered, "Colt, how in the fuck did you get Josh's big ass cock into your tiny butt?"
Colt smiled at Tray, then softly replied, "Well uh, it sure as fuck wasn't easy, but let me tell you this. Once that big fucker was all the way in me, well um, I kind uh, kind of fucking lost it I guess. All I can say is that if felt super great, and if you wasn't such a chicken shit, you ought to give it a try."
Tray was shaking his head from side to side, then retaliated, "Fuck you! I aint about to let Josh put that huge fucker up my ass... Fuck that!"
Colt giggled, then fired right back, "Like I said, you're a chicken shit!"
Tray stopped abruptly, placing both of his hands upon each of Colt's shoulders, looking passionately into Colt's entrancing eyes, Tray then whispered, "Colt, I sure as shit don't look like you, and that's easy to see. I mean, dude, you are flat fucking gorgeous! So gorgeous that a lot of people look at you and they swear up and down someone as good-looking as you can't take a shit, and if you did, it sure as hell wouldn't smell like it. I aint got it like that, like you do! Just look at me will you? I'm a fucking redhead, covered from head to toe in ugly ass freckles. Who in the hell would want someone who looks like me to bend over and take it up the ass? Who Colt, who?"
Colt's smile ended as he listened to Tray's words, and once his best friend finished, Colt aimed his eyes directly into Tray's, then softly whispered, "I can't help the way I look no more than you can help the way you look. None of us has any control whatsoever about the way we look, but, we can control who we are on the inside, and Tray, that's all that really matters. You call those freckles of yours ugly and you got a thing about you being redheaded, but that's only crap you've created inside your own head. Haven't you ever heard, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? Well Tray, in my eyes, and in the eyes of many others, you are truly beautiful! So please, don't ever let me hear you call yourself ugly or put yourself down ever again."
Tray's eyes reddened as twin teardrops dribbled out of the corner of each eye. Standing together under the protection of the darkness, the two boys closed in and held one another ever so passionately. When their embrace ended, Colt whispered, "Besides, we both got a few things in common!"
Tray looked puzzled, and then Colt whispered his explanation, "We're both young, and that's a major advantage. Secondly, we both have one thing no man can resist, and that's our little butt holes. Thirdly, we both love to suck a man's cock, or at least, I know I do and I'm pretty sure you love it too. Fourthly, and I think it's pretty safe to say it, but we are both gay, and we like being with men. Lastly, we both have something that a lot of men desire with boys like us, and that is our looks. Putting all that together means we can have a shit load of fun!"
Tray scratched his head with his left hand, then fired, "Yeah, sounds about right to me, but just for the record, I sure do love sucking your dick and poking that ass of yours, so don't you be given all that away without giving me a shot here and there."
Their conversation brought them up to Tray's home when Colt responded, "I've already told you Tray, my ass is yours anytime you want it, but I can't take anymore tonight, that's for sure!"
Tray looked around, and once he felt the coast was clear, he grabbed the back of Colt's head with his left hand, drawing their faces together where their lips formed a tight seal. Both slithering tongues darted into the others mouth as their hands caressed each others back and butts.
Five minutes later, their tongue sucking, spit swapping, kiss unsealed itself, and Tray whispered, "Damn Colt, you are fucking gorgeous!"
Colt smiled as he turned to walk away, then whispered, "I can't help the way I look! And besides, tomorrow is another day, so you just be ready for some more action my redheaded freckled beauty!"