INFATUATION WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Shannon Strickland and this story is not about me, so to speak of, but my best friend, Billy Housand. We had been best friends and next door neighbors all of our lives, all thirteen years worth. I am just a few days older than Billy, but much larger than he is. You see, I've always been sort of big for my age. At 13, I already was 6 foot and weighed close to 180 pounds. I lifted weights for football season and played all the sports I could, where as Billy was more of the book worm type who only played football in a backyard pickup game. Though his world evolved around his studies and mine around sports, we spent every waking moment hanging out together.

To let you know a little about myself, as I already said, I'm 6 feet tall and weigh close to 180 pounds. I lift weights religiously and excel in football and baseball. My hair is brown, cut sort of close and my eyes are greenish blue. Although I am kind of big for my age, my body hair hasn't caught up just yet. I have a few strands of underarm hair, but my most prize achievement is the small patch of curly dark pubic hair at the base of my cock. Speaking of cocks, just like all kids, I've measured mine a million times. At thirteen, and when fully erect, it sticks straight out from my body with a downwards arch right in the middle a good 6-3/4 inches. I am cut and the mushroom head is slightly larger than the shaft. I guess if I had to describe my balls, I would say they are about the size of a pair of small eggs. My sac has no hair and I have hardly any hair showing up on my shins.

As for Billy. He is about 5' 4" and can't weigh no more than 90 pounds, give or take a little. He has jet black hair, shoulder length, which he combs straight backwards all the time. His eyebrows are just as dark and quite thick matching equally to his long eyelashes. His eyes are the deepest green I've ever seen and his nose is rather small. Billy doesn't have a freckle or any sort of blemish whatsoever on his entire face, with the only exception of two small dimples that penetrate each cheek when he smiles or talks. His lips are thin, but always looks as though he has a dark pinkish lipstick on them. His small ears don't flop out like an elephants ear, they rather lay close to his well combed hair. By my description, there is no way I can describe this work of art and give him the true justice he so qualifying deserves. The best way for me to say anything about his physical appearance is that he is just too fucking pretty to be a guy. That's the bottom line!

It seemed like my whole world changed one morning as I awoke. My mind went straight to Billy while my right hand latched onto my raging boy boner. For whatever reason, I began playing with my cock while pretending to suck on Billy's cock. This was the first time I had ever had this sort of dream before and before I knew what was happening, I shot a watery load of sperm onto my chest and stomach while my body twitched and jerked all over my bed. This may sound stupid, but up to now, I had never jerked off, or at least, all the way. When my heart finally stopped pounding, I cleaned up my mess while trying to walk on very wobbly knees.

Since that first time, I became rather accustomed to jacking my meat, not just in the morning, but whenever I got a chance to. No matter how hard I tried, my mind always played a role involving Billy. No longer could I just look at him like I had done all my life, now just thinking of him caused my cock to rage up and press noticeably against my pants. To skip through some of the boring details, I did my best to cop a feel every time we played together. Once, when we were playing basketball, I shot a creamy load inside my shorts while my right hand was undetectably groping his tight little butt. I must of groaned, cause he looked at me with a sort of funny look as my sperm fired off into my underwear.

Up to this point, I had never seen him naked, but I did see him plenty of times without a shirt on. Then and now are two separate things. For the life of me, I can't recall anything of those days, just a burning desire to suck his cock now. I knew something was wrong with me, but thanks to both of our religious and over protective parents, I knew nothing of gay thoughts, much less gay activity. All I knew was that guys were supposed to be with girls, but I wanted to be with Billy. It happened overnight, what more can I say?

School let out for the summer and both of our parents worked. It was a Tuesday morning. I got up, showered and walked across the street to Billy's. His mother knew I would be coming, so she left the backdoor unlocked for me. I have done this routine a million times, but opening the backdoor this time caused my heart to pound feverishly. As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed Billy's bathroom door was partially open and the shower was running. The light was on as I carefully eased the door wide enough for me to slip inside. The steam from the hot water was kind of thick and the exhaust fan was on, but not doing a good job. His shower is secluded by some type of dark fabric with a plastic liner on the inside. I have used his bathroom enough to know what everything looks like inside.

I was wearing a tank top, tennis shoes, and short cut-off jeans. I had left my underwear off intentionally, knowing that the leg openings of my shorts were kind of baggy and if done just right, my cock would be seen by Billy today. Just as I approached the tub of the shower, I heard Billy turn off the water. Quickly, I snuck out of the bathroom and literally ran on my tip toes to his bedroom. My mind raced with all kinds of wicked thoughts as I searched for the ultimate place to hide so I could finally see this gorgeous creature naked.

His room is never cluttered with a mess, nor was his closet. I stepped inside and hoped against time my heartbeat would not give me away. The door to the closet was already open and it gave me a clear shot of his double bed. What felt like an eternity, but was actually only a few seconds, Billy sauntered in with the bath towel wrapped around his slender waist. My cock was already poking out under the leg opening, harder than steel in anticipation for whatever was to come.

I tried holding my breath as I saw Billy walk to the dresser a mere few feet from where I was hiding. He began pulling out clothes and tossing them onto the bed. He was humming something and his angelic voice charmed my ears while his vast beauty melted my heart. My heart melted as he walked out of my view, but my ears caught him stirring about. Within a few seconds, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he returned to the dresser, buck ass naked. He just stood there looking at himself in the mirror while my eyes stole every square inch of his side profile. I couldn't see his dick, but I definitely could see his prolific, well formed, super solid, bubble ass. The crack was so thin and as he stepped from side to side, the muscles in his ass rippled like a violent ocean wave. My eyes watered as I inhaled his complex beauty.

I watched in total awe as he began brushing his hair towards the back. I saw no life forms of any hair under his arms, nor was there any hair noticeable anywhere on his legs. I was so close to him, I could have reached out and patted him on his naked butt. But, I dare not move, much less breathe. He was partially singing and humming, but none of the words sounded in the least familiar to my ears.

Billy set the brush down and my eyes sparkled as his hands began roaming his own luscious butt cheeks. For the life of me, I could not tell what he was doing. I watched in earnest as his fingers darted between the thin crack and disappear from my view. My cock was pulsing and my right hand held onto it like it was about to go somewhere. I was still only seeing everything on his left side, but then Billy backed away from the dresser and placed his upper body on top of the counter. His right hand went between his legs and I almost lost it when I watched as his right index finger slid between his creamy white cheeks and began drawing circles on his asshole. Now I didn't see his asshole, but from the way he was moving his finger, I could tell exactly what he was doing. Soft and eloquent moans escaped his precious lips.

Just as fast as he started it, he stopped. Billy walked over to the window as if looking over to my house. He turned and ran so fast out of the bedroom that I couldn't even catch a glimpse of his cock. I could hear drawers being open and closed, then Billy popped back into my view. He returned to look at himself in front of the mirror, then I witnessed him place his left foot and leg on top of the dresser counter and for the first time, I got to see his hole. And what a hole it is! His muscular little crack opened allowing my eyes to glue onto it. His butt hole was almost the same color as his butt cheeks and it looked more like a little dot than an asshole. Inwardly, I questioned why people called it a brown eye. Billy's was no where close to brown, more like mouth watering creamy.

I couldn't make out what he was doing with his hands, but I saw his right hand go to his butt and he had a glob of something on two of his fingers. I saw one finger, then the second finger dive into his rectum. Billy was moaning and his petite body began shaking all over. His fingers began to act more like a pile driver as they smashed harder and harder into his hot little butt. My cock exploded my sperm into my left hand and fought like crazy not to yell out. I wasn't even jacking on it when it just all of a sudden exploded. My eyes never left his ass, but the palm of my left hand was filled with my own boy juice.

I almost passed out from holding my breath as my cock spit and sputtered more cum into my hand. I watched as his fingers left his asshole and I was utterly amazed at how something that looked so small, could easily handle his thin fingers. When his hand returned, he was holding a shiny object about the size of a banana, but it was much straighter. Billy let out a loud groan as the foreign object began splitting his anal canal open. I heard him scream, "Fuck, take it, take it up your ass, feel my cock you FUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" The object was longer than my cock by about a couple of inches, but proudly enough, it wasn't near as thick as mine. Billy had shoved the entire thing up his ass and he began slowly bringing it back out, then slowly shoving it back in.

Be it naïve, or just plain stupid, but I would have never guessed anybody doing that sort of thing to their asshole. But one thing was for certain, Billy sure was getting into it. He began increasing his speed and yelling things like, "Yeah, feel that big cock! That's right, squeeze your ass muscles hard, HARDER FUCKER!" The thing in his hand began really plowing his ass and my cock was finished spurting my load, but still remained painfully erect. Caught in a major dilemma with a pool of my own sperm in my hand and trapped inside the closet, I pondered what exactly should I do with my stuff. While I was thinking, I could hear Billy mumbling as if he were choking or something like that.

He turned his body a little more in my direction and I could see why he was only mumbling. He had a rather large rubber realistic cock lodged deep inside his mouth. This thing was definitely way thicker than mine and was much larger than the shiny one pounding his ass. From the part I could see, the damn thing had to be at least 10 inches and it had a set of huge rubber balls to go with it. Billy gagged several times, but he never gave up the fight to stick more and more of the giant rubber monster inside his mouth. After seeing this sight, I raised my left hand up to my mouth and began licking my own juice right out of my hand, pretending it was Billy's. I was kind of scared at the taste initially, but after getting a pretty good mouthful and realized it really didn't taste like anything, I poured the remainder down my throat and licked my palm clean.

Billy let the huge fake cock slip from his mouth and he literally screamed, "Oh fuck, shit yes, yeah, yeah that's it, fuck my ass, fuck me good, FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The thing in his ass began going in and out at a blistering speed as he sunk his mouth back onto the rubber cock. I was jerking my meat wishing it was my cock drilling away at his treasure like asshole. I began noticing his body jerking rapidly and realized he was jacking his meat while fucking himself in the ass and sucking on the big monster. He was grunting and moaning and I was getting close to busting another nut just watching and listening.

His body arched upwards, keeping his mouth on the fake cock, he began grunting furiously. I knew he was shooting and I only could wish I could see it. I shot another load into the palm of my hand just in time to witness Billy pulling the object from his rectum. He leaned down and from the way his back was heaving, I could tell he was out of breath. I watched him stick out his tongue and begin to lap up his freshly shot sperm from the dresser top. While he was lapping up his, I was licking up mine. When he was finished, he stood up and turned almost facing me. My eyes immediately dove onto his flaccid cock. He was completely hairless and his cut cock dangled between two pecan sized nuts a good inch or so. A single pearl drop of his cum clung to his tiny piss slit. I could see it clearly, but more so, I wanted to taste it. He walked out of the room and a few seconds later, I could hear the shower running. Waiting a few more seconds, I eased out of the closet and for whatever reason, picked up the shiny metallic object that once plundered his asshole. It was slick as oil as I raised it up to my nostrils. What I had hoped to smell was way beyond me, after all, I knew where this thing had just been.

My inhaling nostrils could detect no odor whatsoever. I placed the thing back on top in the same position I had picked it up in the first place. I then moved over to the big rubber cock. Billy's saliva had completely saturated the huge mushroom head and some of his saliva was dripping down the rubbery shaft. Wasting no time and more than ready to devour anything from Billy, I stuck my tongue out and began swabbing the shaft in order to absorb his sweet saliva. Just the fact that this was Billy's saliva caused my cock to grow harder and harder as my tongue scooped more and more of his liquid from the rubbery cock.

Opening my mouth wider than ever, I jammed the huge mushroom head inside my mouth. Billy had made this part look so easy and here I was barely capable of getting just the head in, much less any of the thick shaft. With the rubber monster inside my mouth, my eyes caught a small puddle on the dresser counter top. Leaning down, I clearly detected that Billy failed to lick up all of his sperm. The rubber cock fell from my mouth and I placed it back into its original position and eagerly leaned down with my tongue already in the scoop position. My heart raced as my tongue drew nearer to the liquid puddle. I had told myself this is Billy's sperm and to go ahead and lick it up. I got right there at the puddle and my tongue dove in and swiped up the sperm. Just like mine, there was no taste that could really describe it. Just the fact knowing it belonged to Billy was all I needed to know to want more of his creamy load.

I quickly walked down the hallway and sat on one of the barstools in the kitchen with my mind going absolutely wild with lust and thoughts. Should I tell him what I had just witnessed or should I play dumb? If I told him, he would probably let me fuck his sweet ass instead of fucking himself with some type of foreign object. After all these years of knowing him, I never knew he could cuss like that. I've heard him cuss before with words like shit or damn, but nothing like the words he used when he had that thing pounding in and out of his ass.

As my mind was lost in its own world of perverse delusion, Billy had finished his shower and walked up behind me in the kitchen. "Hey Shannon, what's up?" Coming back into reality, I muttered, "Nothing, nothing at all, why?" I was now sitting on the stool facing him as we started talking about what we had planned for the day when I saw his eyes leave my face and flash to my crotch. I had completely forgotten of my own intentions and now realized Billy was doing his best to catch an eye full. I continued talking but my eyes never left his as his eyes glued on my crotch. My cock began to grow and grow and if I didn't do something, the damn thing would crawl up the short leg and wiggle its way out into the open.

Billy was quick as lightning as he hurriedly dropped to his knees. I almost jumped out of my skin as soon as his warm little hands graced the top of my thighs. Trillions of volts of electricity ravished through my body as I cooed in the delight of his soft hands. Billy was asking me about a bruise to which I know I did not have. I knew this was only a ploy to catch a closer look at my growing cock. At this point I didn't care if he wanted to see my cock. I wanted to eat him from his gorgeous little head all the way down to the bottom of his tiny feet.

Looking down, I could easily see my boner as it lumped up the top of my shorts and climb down the right side of my upper thigh. From the way the opening was tented up, I knew both of his eyes made contact with my non bashful cock. The heat from his hands as they coursed ever so gently over my thighs sent chills racing up and down my spine. His face was so close, I could feel the burning heat from his nostrils scream across my now exposed piss slit.

Just as fast as he knelt down, he stood up and walked to the refrigerator. My eyes fell onto his butt, thanks to the clothes he was wearing. Clad only in a tank top and baggy extra long shorts, his bubble butt made my mouth water as I watched him pour us something to drink. When he turned around, I did my best to steal a glimpse of his crotch, but I was unable to see anything note worthy.

Many times while we were staring into the others eyes, I wanted so desperately to tell him the truth and how I felt. But, like the chicken I am, I sat there and could only stare at his total beauty. Billy had sat down ensuring himself a proper angle to see up my pant's leg. Just knowing he was intentionally trying to see my cock made the thing that much harder and me that much more hornier. Billy suggested we go into his bedroom and I followed him as we walked down the hallway. I, more or less, kept my eyes on his tight little butt the whole time. Once we got inside his room, Billy hopped up onto the bed and I followed. We got right down to business and started to play wrestle. Now, I am much stronger and could easily handle him at any given time, but that would never be any fun.

I wound up on the bottom and he had both of his knees straddling my head and his butt was only a mere inch or so from my face. Billy was facing towards my feet and I stretched my neck to literally shove my nose straight into his hot little cloth covered crack. I felt his hands as they "accidentally" brushed across my rock hard cock and I smeared my nose all over his little butt while inhaling ever so deeply. I was lost in a trance having his butt so close and his hands touching my boy boner. I could feel the air from the pant's leg opening tickle my piss slit. My own hands slid across Billy's smooth velvety legs as I continued my anal inhaling assault.

His shirt rose up revealing his creamy lower back and my hands took the opportunity to find themselves roaming freely upon his silky smooth flesh. Though I couldn't see it, I felt it. My cock head had slipped free and was clinging to my right thigh, in birds eye view of Billy's wandering eyes. I could feel my pre cum drip all over my thigh as his hot hands slid uncontrollably all over my legs. Literally, I could feel his hot torrid breath bead down on my displaying mushroom cock head. He was giggling and I was groaning in agonizing pleasure from the torment he was intentionally or accidentally putting me through.

Billy quickly slid his body from my clutches and his hand seemingly clutched my cock as he rolled off of me and sat down to my side on his sweet smelling little butt. It was then, looking into his entrancing eyes, that I now knew, that this was the boy I could love for the rest of my life. His smile stole my breath and his angelic voice captured my heart as he softly said, "Shannon, let's go throw the football."

I watched in dismay as he stood up and upon looking at my crotch area, I could easily see about two inches of my rock hard boner standing out on display. I knew then he must have seen my cock, but from his actions, apparently he was in the slightest bit interested. Broken hearted, I followed him outside and we tossed the football around for about a couple of hours. Even while throwing the ball, all I could think about was him and what I had saw earlier this morning. Even his delightful and appealing asshole played tricks on my mind.

Sometime later, we went inside his house for some refreshments. We both were sitting at the kitchen table and I was lost and completely infatuated with his total and innocent beauty when evidentially Billy busted me drooling over him. "Jeez man, you're looking at me as if I was a steak or something." All I could muster was a simple, "Ah, I was just, um, just thinking." Billy leaned back in his chair, took a sip of his lemonade, then inquisitively asked, "Thinking about what?" My heart sank below the heels of my feet awaiting the words to slip free from my shocked mouth. Finally, I replied, "Nothing really." Billy forced out a laugh then leaned up and asked, "Shannon, so, uh, why don't you have any underwear on?" Before I could respond, Billy pointed at my crotch and as I lowered my eyes onto my own crotch area, I could see exactly what it was he was pointing at. My shorts had rode up as I sat down and my rock hard meat was once again on display for his delicious eyes.

Without saying a word, I fought with my piece of steel to shove it back inside my shorts when Billy wittingly said, "Dude, don't worry about it. It just wants to get some air!" He started laughing as I froze like a corps in my chair with the tip of my dick jutting out and oozing pre cum.

We went inside his bedroom again and started watching television. Both of us were laying on his bed with Billy to my left side. I have no clue what was on cause all I paid any attention to was his crotch. I did take the time to check out his dresser and noticed Billy had removed the fake rubber cock and the other thing.

Nothing more went on for the rest of the day, and in fact, nothing more exciting took place until two weeks later. It was a long two weeks for me and I routinely jacked-off about eight times a day thinking of only Billy. It was on a Thursday morning and both of our parents had headed off to work. Neither Billy, nor I, had made any plans except for the fact that I would be coming to his house first thing. I showered real good and was so excited about going to see Billy I failed to jack-off. My cock was rock hard as I forced it inside my extra short blue jean cut-offs. I had made up my mind while taking my shower that today I was going to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. With no underwear on, my cock seemed to snap out between the leg openings with my every step. As I stood in front of the mirror putting my tank top on, I could see about three and half inches of my boner sticking straight down my inner thigh.

Stepping into my flip flops, I headed over to Billy's. I opened the back door as usual and headed down the hallway towards his bedroom. The shower door was slightly ajar and the water was running. Just like before, I snuck in like a bandit in the still of the night and crept ever so quietly to the shower curtain. Soft eloquent moans overpowered the running water as I pinched just the edge of the shower curtain to pull it to the side. Upon doing so, I saw Billy bent over, head facing the shower with the shiny torpedo shaped thing lodged deep inside his ass. His right hand held onto it while his left hand was on the wall nearest the water faucet. His legs were slightly bent and the thing began to drive in and out of Billy's remarkable butt at a mind blistering speed.

To say the least, my cock was already hanging down my leg, harder than ever before, at the sight that was burning an everlasting impression into my mind. Just like before, Billy's voice sang loud and clear into my capturing ears, "Oh yes, yes, FUCKING yes, ah shit, fuck me, fuck my ass HARD!" To hear his angelic voice use profanity was one thing, but to see him fuck himself with this object only enhanced my already horny state of being.

I saw the outer ring of his asshole clutch onto the foreign object upon each withdrawal, and was dazzled as I watched it plunge back inside. My mind raced back in time as to the first time I saw his asshole. It was completely hairless and a creamy color and looked more like a tightly sealed dot than what it actually is. For me, it was hard to believe something so long and thick could have fit up his ass, but here I was, watching for the second time, Billy fucking himself with the same shiny object.

Billy's left hand left the wall and though I couldn't see it, he slapped his hand onto his cock and began pounding the daylights out of it while increasing the tempo of the torpedo ravishing inside his tiny little ass. A short time later, Billy groaned ever so loudly and I could see his cum as it mixed with the water in the tub before it slid down the drain. There were several large globs of pure white boy cream floating in the water, spiraling towards the drain.

I wanted so badly to see his cock, and more so, taste his sperm. His right hand brought the shiny torpedo out of his asshole, long and slowly. As his gaping asshole appeared before my very eyes, I was delighted at the brilliance of a bright pink inner anal canal. Almost immediately, his asshole shrunk back into its tightly sealed dot. Not wanting to get busted, I released the shower curtain and quietly snuck back into his bedroom. This time, I laid on the bed when a tremendous fear rattled all over my body. My cock was rock hard, but without knowing it, lost in his beauty and what he was doing, I had shot a load in his bathroom.

I jumped off the bed just in time to hear him shut off the water. My heart pounded like a million drums in my chest in fear that he surely would discover my mess. Within a few seconds, Billy came back in and saw me on his bed. His smile was priceless, but my heart was still pounding furiously. Draped only in a towel across his waist, Billy walked in front of me and slipped on a pair of shorts. He too, just like me, failed to put on any underwear. But, he slipped them on while still wearing the towel so I didn't get to see anything.

Billy dropped the towel and turned to face me. My eyes studied his bare chest with intricate detail. Smooth and completely void of any hair growth with a nice tight, not a 6 pack, stomach. His nipples were a dark pink, but extra tiny. I didn't see any hair on his arms either. As I watched him slip a t-shirt on, I noticed that under his arms, there were no significant hair growth whatsoever.

I made up and excuse that I had to use the bathroom and once inside, I looked everywhere for my spilt sperm. I couldn't find anything and thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Looking on my right leg, I could see sperm pellets still clutching for life on my skin. Some was dripping down my leg. I had shot a load, but could not find any evidence inside his bathroom. I cleaned myself off with toilet paper and after disposing of it in the toilet, I glanced down and there it was, stashed behind the toilet, was the shiny torpedo that graced Billy's ass.

My hands were trembling as I picked it up and for no reason known to me, once again raised it to my nostrils. It smelled of nothing and the next thing I knew, I had stuck the damn thing inside my mouth. The feeling that over took me was unexplainable as I slowly slid it in and out while pretending it was Billy's hard cock. I shoved the thing too far down my throat and began gagging. After coughing, I put it back where I got it from and flushed the toilet. As I was just about to leave the bathroom, there in the corner behind the door was Billy's dirty underwear. Without thinking or a moments hesitation, I picked up his underwear and turned them inside out. I really don't know what I was hoping to find, but I searched all over it and found nothing.

I raised the underwear to my nose and inhaled deeply at the area I thought his cock slept. After discovering no odor other than a fresh soapy aroma, the fabric slid to the area where I knew his mouth watering crack hid. Like a dog at a barbeque, I left no inch uncovered from my inhaling nostrils. Billy's voice scared the living hell out of me when he hollered, "Hey Shannon, you fell asleep in there or what!" I dropped his underwear back into the corner and opened the door, just to see Billy standing right at the entrance.

We were sitting on the barstools at the counter in his kitchen and planning our activity for the day. Though he spoke of tossing the football and things like that, I thought of ways of getting him naked. Out of the blue, Billy asked, "Are you afraid of snakes?" My response was rather simple, "Kind of, why'd you ask?" He smiled a breathtaking smile and replied, "Cause I'm staring at a one eyed snake right now and he looks hungry." I followed his eyes down to my crotch and there it was, my cock all boned up, poking out on display. Before I could say or do anything, Billy got up, faced me, and slid his right index finger over the flared mushroom cock head, causing me to literally pass out on the stool. His touch was ever so gentle and more so, lightning fast. Nonetheless, electricity engorged my body causing me to tremble out of control in front of his very own eyes. He didn't say a word, just walked over and poured us some more orange juice and sat back down. I had completely failed to try and shove it back in, still overwhelmed by his slight graceful touch.

I was sipping on my juice when Billy asked, "Shannon, you ever had your dick sucked?" I almost choked on my juice, but did manage to shake my head no. I asked him the same question and he hesitated, but said, "Well, yeah, sort of. Look, we've been best friends all of our lives and if I tell you something, give me your word you wont say a word as long as you live. Promise me!" I promised and he looked as though he were in trouble, having to spill the truth to his Christian parents, "See, I um, I have something, something to tell you, but I, I uh, I don't really know how to say it." He took a deep breath while looking straight into my eyes, then began, "Shannon, it's like this. We've heard all about blow-jobs at school and I, I was curious as to what it really felt like, so I, I kind of let this guy suck my dick."

My eyes rotated from his eyes to his crotch. Unlike mine, if his dick was hard, it was all bundled up inside those shorts cause I could only see a slight bulge and nothing more. All I managed to say was, "Really, how was it!" The look of fear no longer crossed his gorgeous face as excitement conquered, "Great man, it was awesome! I can't even explain how awesome it felt as well as the other stuff we did." Now I was curious as to the other stuff, so I politely asked, "What sort of other stuff did you guys do?" After taking a sip of his juice, Billy looked at me and softly whispered, "He put his tongue up my butt!" I must have made some sort of sick face as I quickly replied, "Man, that's got to be gross!" Billy forced a chuckle, then said, "Apparently he didn't think so, cause he was just a moaning and groaning while doing it. It kind of tickled at first, but Shannon let me tell you this, the feeling you get from a tongue exploring your butt is fucking awesome!"

My only other question was, "So, who is this guy?" Billy looked around as if someone else was in the room, then replied, "I promised him I would never tell a soul." I must have looked totally dumbfounded as Billy eagerly shot out, "Would you let him suck your dick, that is, if he wants to do it? But, you'd have to swear on a stack of bibles you'd never tell anyone." Just the thought of someone sucking my dick forced the words right out of my mouth, "Hell yeah I'd let him suck my dick and I would swear on two stacks of bibles I'd never tell!"

Billy hopped off of the barstool with an excited look on his face like a eight year old on Christmas Day after Santa delivered all of the presents. He ran into the living room with me hot on his heels and I watched him as he dialed a number. A few seconds later, I heard Billy say, "Hey dude, what's up?" There was a brief pause and Billy said, "Kind of, but I got my best friend here and he doesn't know who you are, but he interested too." Another pause, "Shannon, you met him a bunch of times." Pause, the Billy spoke, "Yeah, the guy who lives in the house across from me." Pause, "We're the same age." Pause, "He already swore he'd never tell anyone." Pause, "He aint never had it sucked before." Pause, "I'm already clean and ready." Pause, "Fuck yeah, I'll make sure of it!" Pause, "In two hours, okay, we'll be over." Pause, "Thanks and I can't wait, bye." Billy placed the phone down and was smiling from ear to ear and said, "He knows you and wants to suck your dick, but I got to get you ready, okay?"

I nodded my head in agreement and excitement as I followed him to his bedroom. Once inside, Billy turned, faced me, and said, "Shannon, don't be scared, but I'm going to give you an enema." I had no clue what an enema was, but I was more than ready to have my dick sucked. Billy fumbled through one of his dressers and spoke, "Shannon, take all your clothes off and get on my bed with your head on the mattress and have your knees as close to your stomach as humanly possible."

Now, I was nervous as I began fumbling with my clothes. I wanted to see Billy naked and now here I was, getting ready to not only get naked, but my most private part, my asshole, was going to be all bunked up for his eyes. Though as nervous as I was, I did as he instructed, mainly because I trusted him. I felt him climb on the bed behind me and he softly whispered, "This might feel uncomfortable at first, but it will go away. I got to slide this tip in your butt to empty the bottle." I felt the cold tip hit my puckering pucker hole and realized rather quickly Billy was shoving something up my rectum. It wasn't really painful, but it was definitely something I wasn't accustomed to either.

I felt the contents flood into my bowels and felt Billy remove the tip from my butt. He got off the bed, placed the enema bottle on the dresser, then sat down next to where my head was. He said, "Okay, I need you to hold it for as long as you can." Like an idiot, I asked, "Hold what?" Billy laughed, then added, "Dude, in a few minutes you are going to feel like you are going to shit everywhere, but hold it and don't shit on my bed." Within a couple of minutes, I realized Billy was in no way lying about having to take a dump. It felt like my guts were forming a union right at the entrance of my asshole.

Billy inched himself behind me and placed both of his hands on either side of my butt cheeks and began pressing them inwards. "Come on Shannon, hold it, fight back the urge until you can't fight any longer!" His hands felt really good on my bare ass cheeks, but the urge to take the biggest dump in my life was definitely more over powering. For about ten long eternal minutes, I fought the urge with all my effort until I couldn't fight any more. Billy released my ass cheeks as I gingerly rolled off the bed and literally waddled all the way to his bathroom with him in tow, laughing his precious little head off.

Finally, I made it to the toilet and had no longer sat down when all hell broke loose. Billy sat on the floor in front of me still laughing like crazy while I dumped my guts out into the toilet. Every time my asshole let out a roll of vibrating thunder, Billy's laugh would get louder by the second. Never had I been so ashamed at letting someone actually watch me take a dump, especially the dump from hell. Ashamed though I be, the heavy flow of contents splashed into the toilet extremely violently, followed by many disgusting sounds of escaping thunderous air. Billy got up and began filling the bathtub with water and I could only watch as he mixed various liquids into the running water. The aroma of the liquids in the bathwater, thankfully, conquered the aroma flowing from my butt. Though I flushed the toilet numerous times during this enema over filled session.

After about thirty or so minutes, I had nothing left to offer the relieved toilet. I cleaned myself thoroughly while Billy stared in fascination. No sooner had I stood up from the toilet did my cock inflate to full mass. Billy pointed and started laughing once again. The bubbly sweet smelling water was very soothing as I lowered my drained body into it. Billy lowered the lid to the toilet and sat down, keeping his eyes trained on mine. Taking a shallow breath, Billy asked, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" The only energy in my body allowed a simple nod of the head in an affirmative action. Billy stated, "Man, you aint never felt nothing like getting your dick sucked and wait until he slams his tongue into your asshole."

Between his soothing voice and the tranquility of the sweet smelling water, my eyes closed, but only for a few seconds. Startled, I opened my eyes to see, for the very first time, Billy step into the water facing me. My eyes watered as they immediately focused in on his beloved cock. It was certainly soft and hung down between his legs about an inch or so. Just like me, he was cut and the head of his cock looked slender than the thin creamy looking shaft. His balls were a lot smaller than mine, both equally sized in proportion, and completely free from any hair. They hung down kind of loosely a good inch or two. He had just a few strands of small curly dark pubic hair forming at either side of the base of his cock. Other than those, he was completely hairless.

We soaked in the water for nearly fifteen more minutes just talking mostly about blow-jobs. Mainly, it was Billy who was doing the talking and I was doing the listening while still thinking of him and his gorgeous body. Billy stepped out first, grabbing at towel and handing it to me. His cock was still flaccid while mine was stiff as a bone. Billy brushed my cock with his left hand, smiled, then said, "Damn Shannon, your dick is always rock hard!" I can't remember my reply, but Billy sort of giggled. We both were toweling ourselves off, but it was my eyes who never left his magnificent hot body.

My butt hole was still a little sore from the enema and its devastating affect. I put on the same clothes I had on and rather enjoyed the way I smelled after soaking in the tub with the various aromatic liquids Billy poured in it. Finally dressed, Billy looked at me and inquisitively asked, "You scared or nervous?" Naturally, I said, "A little of both." Billy laughed and fired back, "Dude, wait till you feel a hot mouth on your dick. You wont give a shit about anything else, and that, I promise you."

Billy led the way with me walking by his side. I tried to find out some details, but he wouldn't divulge anything, including whoever this guy was. All he kept telling me was that I would soon find out and not to worry. We must have walked for nearly an hour and had to cut through some woods. Though I had lived here all of my life, I had no clue as to the area I was now in. The make shift trail led to a large privacy fence with a combination lock attached to a large wooden gate. Billy grabbed the lock and began flipping the numbers on the lock. Soon enough, the lock opened and Billy pushed the gate open, then relocked it. The house, or at least the rear of it, looked no different than our homes. But, whoever lived here must have loved his privacy. The privacy fence must have been about 10 feet high. The backyard was nothing special with the only exception of a Jacuzzi resting inside a rather dark screened in porch.

I followed Billy through the backdoor that led into the garage and up to the door inside the garage which led into the house. Billy fumbled through some plants that were sitting on top of the dryer to his right and retrieved a key. After inserting the key and opening the door, he placed the key back into one of the planters. Billy was acting as if this was no big deal, but my heart was pounding like crazy as we walked through the kitchen and into a living room that was kind of dark.

Once inside the living room, Billy stopped in front of the sectional sofa and whispered, "Okay, let's get naked!" Now, I was scared half to death as I watched Billy tear his clothes off while keeping his entrancing eyes on me. Nervously, I followed suit and began undressing. It didn't take long before we were both naked as the day we were born. Sitting on the sofa, side by side, with Billy on my left, my eyes stared at his beautiful sleeping cock as it rested peacefully on his hairless mouth watering balls. As per the case, my cock was already as hard as a brick.

His satin like skin charmed my leg and his hairless right arm burned my flesh as my heart pounded heavily inside my chest awaiting whatever was to happen next. Billy's right hand squeezed the inside of my thigh as he softly whispered, "Relax, soon you will be in heaven, or at least, feel like you are." I looked into his eyes and thought the room was sort of dark, my eyes caught his boner peering up from between his satin legs. I could just make out the head as it flared up to a rock solid piece of wonderful meat that made my mouth water and eyes burn. The mushroom head wasn't all that thick, but all that mattered to me was the treasure I was now looking at belonged to my beloved Billy.

I felt light headed and my heart thumped even heavier as I heard the soft footsteps coming from somewhere down the hallway, coming towards us. As the footsteps came closer, Billy's hand squeezed, more like pulsed, my left thigh. My cock danced with his touches, but my eyes strained to see who it was and keep a vision on his hard boner. The footsteps stopped near the entrance of the living room, but I couldn't make out anything other than a man sized form wearing a bath robe.

The man stood there for a brief time and both Billy and I remained seated and perfectly quiet. The form walked by me and sat down across the room in a recliner. I still couldn't make out who he was or what he looked like, not in the least. I heard him clear his voice, then quietly said, "Glad the two of you could visit today. Shannon, I understand you are a virgin. Before I say or do anything else, I would like to hear it from your voice that you have a basic idea of what is going to happen here today and that this is something you want to experience. With that being said, please tell me you are willing to go ahead, or you would rather go on home without anything further being said."

Just as I was about to speak, Billy's right hand gently cupped my searing hot balls causing me to screech the first word, "Yeahhhhhhhhhhs, I want this to happen and I wont ever tell anyone, I promise!" The manly voice replied, "Good, you are such a good boy. Please tell me what it is you hope to gain from being here today?" No matter how hard I tried I could not detect the name behind the voice, although it sounded oddly familiar. Clearing my throat, I replied, "I, I want to, to, um, get my dick sucked."

I saw him shift his legs in the recliner as he said, "Please tell me if you ever fantasized about anything more than just getting your dick orally pleased." I literally was too ashamed to tell him about my infatuation with Billy and how I beat off constantly thinking of sucking on his dick and fucking his tiny little asshole. Thankfully, my hesitation to answer him caused him to speak, "Shannon, please don't ever be ashamed or feel you will ever be humiliated for saying or doing anything in my home. You are free to do anything you like inside my home, within reason, that is. You will not be asked to do anything you don't want to or do anything that you feel will make you uncomfortable. Is that clearly understood?"

"Yes sir." The words spoke freely from my mouth and though be it I was still nervous, his calming tone of voice began to make me feel more at ease. The manly voice spoke, "Shannon, I would like to ask you to do something for me and if you don't feel like it, I certainly will understand. It would be a pleasure and an honor for me to see the two of you entertain yourselves by kissing one another. Do you feel you could kiss Billy?"

Before any words left my mouth, Billy adjusted himself so that he was sitting on his knees staring into my eyes. The words, "I'd love to" spilled from my mouth without any use of energy whatsoever. Billy's small left hand lovingly cupped my left cheek as his right hand graced my right cheek. My eyes widened as I saw him draw his gorgeous face closer and closer to my own. His fiery hot breath smelled of fresh mint as it shot up my heavy inhaling nostrils. For a split second, my eyes caught a glimpse of his rock hard cock as it sprang straight out from his body a good 5 inches with a slight upwards arch right in the middle of his sort of thin shaft.

My cock was at least twice as thick as his as I noticed that his helmet was about the same size as the shaft. His cock looked like a missile with a slight bend to it, but knowing that it was Billy's, made my body spring into uncontrollable convulsions. His thin cherry soft lips slid over mine and I felt his super hot tongue slip inside. This was my very first kiss, other than my mother puckering her lips from time to time, but not like this. Billy's tongue slid inside my mouth and began exploring my inner region. My own tongue followed suit and began slashing inside his. Without even thinking, both my hands wrapped around his little muscular butt and relished in the sensation of his velvety skin.

With his tongue in my mouth and my tongue in his, and my hands caressing his hard butt, I was in heaven! My mind was swimming in a dazzling assorted array of emotions as I felt the searing hot heat explode upon my hard pre cum oozing cock. As soon as the lips enclosed around my cock head, my grunts vibrated themselves down Billy's throat. His tongue wallowed around inside my mouth with more force as the mouth on my cock sent the rest of my body into orbit. The man's hands gently forced my legs apart and my ears captured his moans as he slowly bobbed his head up and down. Upon each downward stroke of his mouth, his nose pressed firmly into my pubic region.

I was getting ready to explode when his mouth slipped off of my convulsing cock and his tongue immediately began washing my heaving balls. I was moaning and groaning uncontrollably while Billy's mouth was locked over mine. His tongue fighting ever so desperately to snake its way down my throat. My hips shot up as the man sucked in both of my balls into his hot mouth and I could feel his slippery tongue as it sliced its way over every square inch of my nuts. My fingers dug hard into the crack of Billy's butt as I forced my own tongue to travel deeper into his sweet saliva filled mouth.

Keeping my right hand on his solid little butt, my left hand reached between his legs and for the first time, I felt his wonder nuggets. They were smaller than mine, and just like the rest of him, felt like velvet or satin. Billy's grunts rifled down my throat as I was now completely lost in various emotions, all of which were awesomely fantastic. The cool air splashed upon my saliva soaked nuts as his mouth released them from their clutches. His tongue began to play all over the shaft of my twitching cock while one of his hands tugged at my balls. He was still moaning while I was grunting and Billy was groaning as we continued our oral assault.

Billy broke our kiss and his mouth quickly attacked the right side of my neck. The suction he applied caused me to groan even more while my body unknowingly drove my hard cock into the man's mouth. My body bucked like crazy as Billy sucked, nibbled, licked, and bit all over my neck. His left hand began twirling my right nipple as my left hand released his wonderful nuggets and immediately rapped around his metal hard cock. Billy let out a loud moan as my hand slowly worked his rock hard cock back and forth. As the palm of my hand slid over his cock head, I felt his slippery pre cum stick to my palm like glue.

The man's hands worked themselves all over my legs as he began sucking harder and harder onto my throbbing cock. Billy stopped working on my neck and softly whispered into my ear, "Do you want to suck my dick?" I think I might have screamed the answer, "FUCK YES!" Billy stood up and placed his left foot over my right side, but my eyes never once left his twitching cock. He arched his slender hips forcing his raging glorious piece of meat to my lips where I never once hesitated to open my mouth, allowing his hot gorgeous cock to penetrate my more than willing mouth. My first taste of cock, and it was Billy's, but I knew from this point on, I was hooked.

His pre cum melted on my tongue sending shivers racing up and down my spine. Billy slowly humped his precious boy meat in and out of my mouth while I relished at the feeling knowing that all my fantasies of sucking his hard cock was now reality. His cock felt at home inside my mouth and I groaned in ecstasy wanting ever so desperately to taste his protein filled love juice. Once again, both of my hands gripped his solid ass while my fingers darted inside his tiny crack. Just the tip end of my fingertips found his tiny dot of a butt hole where they began drawing miniature circles on the tightly sealed entrance. His asshole puckered like crazy as my fingertips danced directly on it.

The man's mouth on my cock never left my mind either as I was getting ready to unleash the load from hell. He must have sensed it cause he withdrew his mouth from my soon to be exploding cock. His voice seemed a million miles away, but I heard every word, "Shannon, my dear sweet boy, your cock is absolutely delicious." I had a mouthful of cock and was unable to speak and the only thing I regretted was that he had stopped sucking my cock before I could shoot a well needed load.

Billy forced his hard cock from my vacuum like mouth and stepped down off of the sofa. I had no clue or idea what was going on, but Billy motioned for me to follow him. The man was no where in the living room as I stood up to follow Billy. I followed him down the hallway and wound up inside a bedroom. The bedroom was like any other bedroom with the only exception being the size of the bed. It was HUGE! Somewhere, what sounded like in another room, the man asked, "Shannon, did you enjoy sucking on Billy's cock?" I was still standing at the foot of the giant bed and managed to say, "Yes sir." He questioned Billy, "Billy, would you like to taste your best friend's cock as well?" Billy stated, "Shit YES!" The man said, "Oh my, you two are so delightful and eager as well. Billy, why don't you lay on your back in the center of the bed and Shannon, why don't you get on top of Billy with your knees on either side of his pretty face. This way, the two of you can suck on the other's dick."

Billy jumped on the bed, lay on his back with his head facing the headboard awaiting me to accompany him. I got on the bed and did exactly what the voice behind me instructed me to do. In no time, both of our mouths began sucking on the other's rock hard pieces of boy meat. Billy's soft little hands began caressing my butt and his fingers started spreading my ass cheeks wide apart. Returning the favor, Billy's fingers began dancing on and over my exposed butt hole sending shockwave after shockwave rifling all over my already convulsing body.

One thing I was positive of, Billy knew how to suck a cock. Just like the man, he was more than capable of swallowing my entire cock into his mouth. My balls smashed against his tiny nose as his hands forced my body to drive my boner deeper and deeper into his hot torrid mouth. My own nostrils were doing a pretty good job of burying themselves into Billy's cum filled nuggets as well. I simply couldn't get enough of sucking on Billy's thin cock. It fit perfectly inside my mouth to the point it allowed me the opportunity to use my tongue to play around all over his shaft and cock head while still bobbing my head up and down. My hands caressed his soft satin skin of his legs as my mouth watered with the flavoring delight of my dream lover's hard missile shaped cock.

I was so lost in sucking Billy's cock I didn't feel the man climb onto the bed. While lost in the emotion of worshiping Billy's hard tool and feeling his tongue and mouth on my cock, my body bucked and heaved driving my cock forcefully hard down Billy's throat as the man's tongue slithered against my virgin asshole. His large hands took over from Billy's by spreading my butt cheeks even further apart. His tongue dug, twisted, churned, flickered, and slithered against my puckering pucker hole. The feeling that overwhelmed my body was nothing I had ever felt before. The most private of private parts was being tongued by a man I didn't know, but that thought quickly evaporated as my body relaxed and allowed the tremendous ass eating emotion to take full and total control.

My entire body literally collapsed on Billy as the man's tongue pried my virgin asshole apart and gained full and willing entry. I felt his tongue as it snaked and slithered up my anal canal sending mixed emotions vibrating throughout my entire body. His groans sent bolts of electricity up my chute, tingling the inner walls in a new profound and heightened sensation. I knew I was making weird noises, but those were something I had no control over. Too much was going on and all of it I was in favor of.

Billy's hands ravished my bouncing testicles while his mouth eloquently tortured my cock and the man's tongue politely ravished my convulsing asshole. It was all way too much as my cock unexpectedly exploded sending gushes of sperm into Billy's mouth. I may have grunted or moaned, and that I am sure of, but all I knew was that I was unleashing the load straight from hell. Never had I ever experienced such a tremendous and powerful ejaculation before. It seemed endless, and apparently, Billy didn't mind, or at least, he wasn't complaining. I could vaguely hear him (Billy) gulp down my load as my cock continued to spray its creamy load by the gallons.

My mouth was still on his cock when I felt it expand and really wasn't expecting what followed. All of a sudden, Billy arched his hips and his cock erupted. His powerful jets of sperm shot one right after the other inside my mouth. This was the moment I had longed for, but was in now way ready for what I was now feeling. His cum was hot and it kept shooting and shooting. Opening my throat, I began swallowing his life giving seed. After discovering the initial taste was no different than mine, I began greedily, more so hungrily gulping down his spunk.

A finger belonging to the man joined his tongue causing my body to explode with further profound sensations. The more he shoved his finger up my butt, it seemed the more sperm I shot into Billy's mouth. Billy had finished offering me his sperm, but thankfully enough, his cock remained stiff as a board. Without realizing what I was doing, I had been doing my best to force my ass onto more of the man's tongue and finger. In my mind, I was still firing off round after round of sperm, but in reality, I had long since stopped. Both Billy and I continued to suck on the other's cock.

Unfortunately, I felt the man's tongue and finger depart my hungry asshole. I tried my best to clutch my ass muscles together to keep them both inside of me, but they slipped out anyhow. The man's voice rang out, "My God Shannon, you have one tight and tasty butt there. It was my pleasure and my honor to dine on your sweet delicious backdoor treasure." While he spoke, the voice appeared to be trailing off out of the bedroom. Nonetheless, I continued worshiping Billy's hard cock, while still relishing and savoring the wonderful taste of his hot creamy sperm.

The man's voice sounded off in the distance, "Shannon, would you like to taste Billy's butt hole?" With a mouth full of cock, I managed to grunt, "Uh huh!" The man stated, "You are a good boy. Now, Shannon, please lay on your back and Billy why don't you squat over your friend's face so he can taste all of you, but please Billy, face the foot of the bed." His voice was so familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. I couldn't imagine why he wouldn't let me see his face. After all, he had already sucked on my cock and tongued my butt hole.

I rolled off of Billy and lay flat on my back while Billy got up, faced the foot of the bed, and began lowering his tiny ass towards my face. The closer he squatted, I was amazed and excited watching his tiny butt crack slowly spread. My hands automatically reached upwards and clutched onto the top of his smooth hairless thighs. The top of his crack slid against the bridge of my nose as his tiny little bung hole was within tongue reach. Like someone tasting something new for the first time, I cautiously stuck my tongue dead center of his chute. I was smart enough to know what this hole was for, but clueless as to what taste it might offer. Nervously, I rolled my tongue back and forth over the sealed entrance.

I felt pressure on the bed and knew the man was climbing up on it. Though my face was covered with the prettiest sight in the world, Billy's solid little butt, I could tell just from hearing that Billy was now sucking on the man's cock. Now, I had all four hands caressing and exploring all over my cock and balls with several fingers crawling down my crack, teasing my asshole. Without having to be told, instinctively, I spread my legs wide.

The only aroma my nostrils could detect was that of the soap from when Billy and I bathed. My tongue sensed no foul taste and before I realized what I was doing, I was giving it my best effort to fill his asshole up with my tongue. The man must have been kneeling cause I could feel his hairy legs on mine, but couldn't see his face at all. From the sounds Billy was making, he was going to down on the man's adult cock. Billy gagged constantly and I was smart enough to know the man must be packing quite a cock cause Billy not once gagged on my cock, although, I had slammed the entire thing down his throat.

Billy's tight asshole welcomed my tongue and I had no problem plunging my tongue as far as it could go up his anal chute. His little butt danced around on my face and I could hear him groan in delight as my tongue found a new and exciting playground to play in. It was hot and definitely tight, but the fact that I was shoving my tongue up Billy's ass made life itself that much more worthwhile.

The three of us were making all kinds of emotional sounds, and I know I was, especially thanks to the two fingers crawling up my asshole. I couldn't tell whose fingers they belonged to, nor did I care! My right hand fell onto Billy's rock hard boner and it began to jack him at a steady pace while my tongue drove like a maniac up his tight little highway. Somebody was jacking me off and caressing my nuts and Billy was still occasionally gagging on the adult cock lodged inside his mouth.

Billy began bouncing his ass onto my face, driving my tongue in and out of his tight chamber. He must have stopped sucking on the man's cock, cause he clearly and loudly shouted, "Somebody, please fuck me. I want to get fucked NOW!" I could feel the man get off the bed and as usual, off in the distance, he asked, "Shannon, would you like to penetrate the area that your tongue once explored? Would you be so kind to oblige Billy by shoving your delicious cock up his ass?" Billy had raised his ass up high enough to the point I could no longer touch it with my tongue. Now, I was staring straight at the tiny dot, all glistening up from my saliva. My eagerness to fuck my best friend was plainly evident upon my immediate response, "Hell fucking YES!

The man's voice chimed in, "Billy, why don't you get into the doggy-style position and for you Shannon, please get the bottle of lube from the night stand to your right. Billy quickly got on all fours and I fumbled with the flip top lid. I got the lid open and crawled up behind Billy with my cock already ready for action. This was a dream come true - To FUCK the guy I had blistered my meat to everyday, many times a day. I poured some of the slippery lube onto my hand and smeared all over my boner. After closing the lid, I placed the bottle behind me and inched forward causing the head of my cock to touch Billy's almost transparent asshole.

Billy reached back with both hands and spread his butt cheeks wide open and literally screamed, "Hurry Shannon, fuck my ass, let me feel your cock, FUCK ME!" At first, I was experiencing some difficulty, but Billy grabbed my cock and shoved his tiny ass back, forcing the head to snap through the tightly sealed entrance. Billy yelled, "Oh FUCK, God yes, feed me all of your cock, shit, shit, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" I really didn't do anything but hold my cock where it first penetrated. Billy shoved his entire ass onto my cock. I could feel his anal muscles coil around my cock and the heat from his ass set my whole cock on fire.

He was doing all the work, cramming his pretty little ass onto my metal poker. The man's voice echoed, "Shannon, match his pace and fuck him real good." Timing his rhythm, I began hammering my cock up his ass. Billy screamed, "YES, shit YES, oh Shannon, Shannon, give me your cock, ahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me hard, FUCK ME!" Placing both hands around his slender hips, I began driving my meat up his hot canal showing no mercy. The heavy thuds of flesh assaulting flesh pounded off the walls, echoing down the hallway. Since all this began, I noticed a large mirror on the dresser facing me. Looking up, I could see the many contorting facial expressions Billy was making while I was plowing his asshole.

The words he screamed out were faded, caused only by the blindness I was experiencing looking at his gorgeous face thanks to the mirror. For every split second my cock was buried inside his heated anal chamber, the love I have for him multiplied. My infatuation over my best friend no longer was a fantasy, it was reality! I had no clue about going slow or changing my pace. The only pace I had was animalistic in nature and relentless in stature. I furiously pounded Billy's asshole for all I was worth. I could feel the sperm inside me boil, but it was off in the distance and I had more fucking I could do.

Using his slender hips as a tool, I yanked him backwards while slamming my young cock forwards, driving it harder and harder up his rectum. Billy screamed, "YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" And that was exactly what I was doing. His anal muscles coiled around my pile driving cock like a snake choking its prey. My ears caught the man's voice as he gracefully said, "Yes, yes Shannon, that's it my boy, plow his ass, fuck young Billy hard." Like I said earlier, I had no idea how to change pace. All I knew was that I was fucking Billy, and I for one, never wanted this day to ever end.

The man's voice rang out once again, "Billy, why don't you get on your back so that Shannon can get a better look at your precious face while he rams your tight little ass." Billy did exactly what the man said, but instead of flipping on his back right there, he crawled up to the pillows, flipped over on his back with his head facing the headboard. Naturally, I was right on his heels, watching his every move. His asshole glistened from the lube, but it returned back to its tiny dot of hole within a fraction of a second.

I crawled up between his smooth legs and he placed the back of his knees over my shoulders and I wasted no time in shoving my hard cock back inside his love tunnel. His feet were so close to my face that I began licking all over them while driving my young meat in and out of his cock choking asshole. Billy was making all sorts of precious faces as I continued my animalistic assault on his butt. His sweet breath shot up my nostrils as if every thrust was knocking the wind right out of him. Looking a little lower, I could see his cock dripping pre cum and it was harder than a rock and twitching upon each and every pile driving thrust.

The man's soft voice appeared closer as he whispered, "Shannon, please don't look back, not just yet. Enjoy the feeling of fucking your best friend and looking at his beautiful face while you are giving him the pleasures he deserves." I never missed a powerful stroke, but could tell the man was climbing into the bed. Within a few seconds, while still plowing hard and heavy into Billy's tight ass, the man's tongue shot up my butt and was licking all over my crack and asshole. My balls swung heavily onto Billy's spread crack and repeated the process by striking the man's nose upon each withdrawal.

If Billy's hot tight asshole wasn't a good enough feeling, the tongue swirling all over my crack and bung hole only intensified my every emotions. Billy placed both of his hands behind my head while raising his legs even higher over his head. His ankles were almost behind his head and I could feel my cock go even deeper than ever before. Not as loud as before, but plainly audible, Billy loudly whispered, "Oh God Shannon, I've dreamed of this moment for a long, long time. Fuck me please!" I was completely overwhelmed from hearing his words and I chokingly replied, "Me too! I've always wanted you!" The last statement accidentally slipped out of my mouth and I watched his face for some type of response. He licked his lips, let out a heavy breath, smiled, brought my head even closer to his face, then lovingly whispered, "I, I love you Shannon!" I believe tears of relief began to roll from my eyes, but the man stuck a finger up my butt and struck the button to turn on my sperm valve. I screamed something as jets of sperm flew out of my pile driving cock striking deeper up Billy's hot rectum.

The man's finger rapidly shot in and out of my butt as my cock fired off round after round of sperm torpedoes. My mind literally went blank at the orgasmic sensation exploding all over my body. Billy gripped my head and forced our mouths to crash, where upon contact, our tongues drilled the others hot panting mouth. I was grunting, Billy was groaning, and the man was cooing. Never before I had I ever felt such a powerful ejaculation, but my cock continued its sperm shooting session. Between Billy's tight ass, his delicious tongue, and the man's tongue and finger up my butt, I was lost in orgasmic destiny.

The tongue and finger that once pillaged my quivering asshole slipped free and I felt the man get off the bed. My pounding of Billy incredible asshole died as well as my once rock hard cock. It easily slipped out of Billy's ass and in one silly motion, I collapsed next to Billy's left side. Flat on my back with my legs spread, I was heaving for some well needed oxygen. Billy rolled onto his left side where he began to use his right hand to roam all over my chest and stomach. Billy angelically whispered, "Shannon, that was the best. I love you!" Soft gentle kisses all over my face is what Billy did next. Unfortunately, I was unable to speak or utter a single word.

Billy kissed me all the way down to my sleeping cock. I felt his hot breath and his gentle kisses and like some form of electric stimulator, my cock began to twitch, but remained somewhat flaccid. Billy sucked in my flaccid cock into his scorching hot mouth and he began to suck the life back into it. The man's voice appeared off in the distance, "Shannon, my dear Shannon, what next would you like to experience?" I honestly didn't know what else there was to experience. I had sucked Billy's delicious cock, dined on his sweet asshole, and fucked the living hell out of him, so I really didn't know what else we could do.

While I was pondering what else there might be to experience, Billy sucked my cock back into its rock hard state. The man's voice softly asked, "Shannon, would you like to feel Billy's cock up your butt?" Before I could say anything, the man added, "I must warn you, it will hurt at first. But, like always, the pain you first feel will turn into pure pleasure, a pleasure I cannot describe. This is your choice, not mine, nor Billy's. It will hurt at first and that's a God given, but the pain will go away. I promise."

Billy took his mouth off of my cock, turned his face to face mine, and innocently whispered, "I've dreamed of this, please let me fuck you." An evil thought crossed my mind and for no reason, I said, "Yes, I want you to do it, but only, only if I get to suck the man's cock while you do it." Billy shot his mouth back onto my boner and I knew that now was the time for the man to reveal himself to me. The thought of him doing things to me without knowing who he is was driving me crazy. I was nervous as all get out about having Billy put his cock up my virgin ass, but it was Billy, my infatuated fantasy lover's cock that was going up my rectum.

I could tell from the angle Billy turned his head that he was looking at the man, awaiting his decision. Billy then took his mouth back off of my cock and said, "Shannon, please promise me that you will take this secret to your grave, never telling a single soul who or what we are doing. Give me your word that this will always and forever more be our secret!" Not having to shed a single thought, I stated, "I will never tell anyone about this, I swear it!" Billy turned his face back to where the man was apparently standing, clearly out of my view, and placed his hot mouth back on my aching cock.

The man must have motioned for Billy to come to him cause Billy withdrew his mouth off of my cock and hopped off the bed and walked out of the bedroom. I lay there for a few seconds and Billy returned with two glasses of lemonade. The drink was refreshing, but Billy turned more on a serious note as he softly said, "Shannon, I wished we would have had the balls to tell each other how we felt. I am completely relieved that we got together and I don't ever want to stop doing this. I've always loved you, and though you don't know it, I worship the ground you walk on. I promised him that you wont ever tell and this will always be our secret. You got to understand his situation. He's older than us and if anyone ever found out, he would be sent to prison for an awfully long time. That's why he was so skeptical about showing himself to you. Besides, I've been visiting him for some months now and he never once did anything I didn't want to happen."

We chatted for about 5 or so minutes and finished our lemonade. Both of us walked into the bathroom and shared the toilet while we each took a well needed piss. I felt so comfortable being naked in front of Billy and from the looks of things, Billy was just as comfortable. While we were pissing floods, Billy said, "When I go to put it in your ass, push out like you are trying to take a dump. It's going to hurt, believe me, but you'll get over it." His left hand draped onto my right butt cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze.

After draining our lizards, we hopped back up onto the bed where Billy said, "Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs. I'm going to lube you up to make it somewhat easier." I was in the center of the bed, facing the headboard, and watched Billy put some of the slick lube on his fingers. Within seconds, he walked on his knees behind me and I felt the cold substance as he smeared some on my pucker hole. In no time at all, Billy gently shoved a finger up my butt forcing me to let out a loud moan. Billy happily said, "Damn, you got one hell of a fucking tight asshole." "Thanks" was all that would come out of my mouth. I felt the finger slowly travel upwards, twitching, and turning throughout its anal journey.

A second finger joined the first one and I found myself utterly enjoying the twin companions as they traveled in and out of my finger craving ass. Without realizing what I was doing, I had been rocking my ass backwards to his finger fucking motions. The third finger shot in causing a sharp pain to tear through my body. Billy kept telling me to relax throughout the finger fucking ordeal. The burning pain I once felt turned into a mild discomfort, then a mind boggling anal ecstasy. I was biting my lips and tossing my head to and fro as Billy used his fingers to manipulate my taunted asshole. Billy teasingly said, "Go ahead, speak freely. You can express how you feel. Tell me how good my fingers feel in your ass. Tell me you want my cock up your ass. Go ahead, tell me!"

The next thing I knew, I was saying all sorts of profane obscenities, such as, "I want your cock, I want to feel your cock in my ass, yes, FUCK YES, give it to me!" Then Billy said, "Tell me you want to suck his cock. Tell me how much you want to suck on his man meat!" I began shouting as the pleasures rifling through my ass intensified, "I want to suck his fucking COCK while you fuck me! I want to feel his big dick in my mouth! Please, please let me suck his cock while you fuck me HARD!" His fingers were pounding my asshole and spreading all at the same time. No longer was there any pain or any discomfort, only pure pleasure.

It wasn't Billy who was driving his fingers up my butt, it was me who was slamming my ass onto his fingers. A shadow appeared out of the corner of my eyes and I knew it was him, the man. A wonderful excitement over came me knowing that I would soon be able to see him and know precisely who he is. His voice was pressed against my ear as he calmly whispered, "If at anytime you want this to stop, just let me know and it will cease immediately. I want you to do whatever you want to do, but everything must be upon your own free will." "Yes sir" was all I could manage to shout out cause the fingers inside my butt was driving me absolutely, positively crazy.

I could see the man standing to my left and could barely see him take his robe off. I still couldn't make out who he was thanks to my vision being somewhat a little blurry. He climbed up onto the bed to my left and behind me. His large hands caressed my back and his lips softly kissed the back of my neck. I was being erotically tortured! I yelled, "Let me suck your dick. Billy, fuck my assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" The fingers in my chute withdrew as the man left my side. My ass craved for Billy's fingers and I felt completely void once they were out of it.

I had buried my face into the soft mattress and didn't realize all what was going on. Billy asked, "Are you ready?" Upon looking up to say yes, there he was sitting spread eagle with his back leaning against the large wooden headboard, Mr. Carson, our English teacher. He had to be somewhere in his forties with salt and pepper wavy hair. He was clean shaven and had a little belly on him. But, the three things that caught my attention immediately was the fact that he was heavily layered in a thick mass of black, mixed with some gray, hairs all over his 6' 3" body. The second thing that caught my attention was his cock. It was fully erect and must have been anywhere between nine or ten inches long, and super thick. Unlike me and Billy, Mr. Carson's cock was uncut. From my birds eye view of his enormous tool, the skin covered his head and flapped down a good inch or two. The third thing I noticed was the size of his balls. They rested flat on top of the mattress and were the size, or so it seemed to me, of grapefruits. Just like the rest of his body, his balls were extremely hairy.

There was a mild musky odor steaming from between his legs, but for some odd reason, it acted like some sort of aphrodisiac, drawing me closer and closer until my tongue began licking all over his hairy man sized nuggets. Mr. Carson used his hands to fumble through my hair. His touch was so elegant sending shivers racing up and down my spine. My tongue traveled upwards and began licking his huge organ like a pop cycle. The hard velvety flesh tickled my tongue as my right hand latched onto the base of his thick member. My hand was unable to reach all the way around the thick shaft. Like a powerful magnet, my hand brought his man tool closer to my panting open mouth. The dangling foreskin felt kind of funny as it slipped inside my mouth. The large bulbous skin covered head could barely fit inside my overly stretched cock sucking mouth. My tongue slid inside his foreskin and I got a mouthful of his salty pre cum, while stabbing and slithering all over his piss slit.

Mr. Carson was moaning like crazy and I was lost in a world of lust knowing I was sucking my first man cock, a cock belonging to our English teacher. For me, I felt as though I was very special to be entrusted with the opportunity of sucking this man's huge cock. But, the thoughts racing through my mind quickly evaporated as Billy shoved an inch or so up my ass. My scream was muffled thanks to the elephant trunk stuffing my mouth full of man meat. I felt like my asshole was being ripped apart from the inside out and the pain was sharp and everlasting. Mr. Carson spoke, "Billy, give Shannon a few seconds to adjust. Try not to hurt him, okay." After a few seconds, I felt more of Billy's steel like cock tear further up my ass. The pain was positively excruciating! The excitement of sucking Mr. Carson's whopping cock and knowing Billy was going to cram his cock up my ass, and the reality of the pain cringing throughout my entire body sent my mind completely out of my body.

The next thing I knew, or felt, was Billy driving his young cock all the way up my rectum. I was screaming on Mr. Carson's cock for all I was worth. The pain I felt initially was nothing compared to the pain ripping through my body now. Torn between lust and delusion, I swallowed more of the thick beast than I was capable of doing. I began gagging and each time I gagged, Billy's cock seemed to get thicker and longer, expanding my ass beyond human belief. Billy yelled, "Oh fuck, SHIT, his ass is fucking TIGHT!"

As Billy began to slowly withdraw his cock, a feeling of tremendous relief over came my emotions. Not once, did he take his cock all the way out, instead, he slowly withdrew it, then, slowly, forced it all the way back in. The awesome pain slowly diminished, but not near as quickly as I would have preferred. Sliding the foreskin over his enormous cock head, my mouth, accompanied with my tongue, began to worship Mr. Carson's man tool. He was loudly groaning and saying things like, "Yes, that's it, suck my cock, eat my man meat!" Billy's hands gripped my sides and just like I did to him, he used them as a weapon against me. Billy began forcing my body, using my hips to drive my entire body onto his thrusting cock.

Just like both of them told me, the pain was no longer present. Just pure pleasure! My left hand cupped Mr. Carson's heavy hairy balls while my mouth sunk deeper onto his thick cock and Billy was slamming his delicious cock hard and deep up my rectum. If this could have been described as heavenly, then I must have died and gone there, cause I was completely mindless and over come with sexual greed.

Billy no longer had to use my hips as a tool, cause I was driving my own ass as hard as I could onto his beloved cock. I could only manage getting about four or five inches of Mr. Carson's giant cock in my mouth, but I fought with my throat to get more and more upon each downward plunge. We were all making weird sexual noises, but none of us cared about the groans and moans, just the pleasures we each were receiving.

My ass was untiringly being pummeled by Billy's cock, pile driving the wind from my longs with each furious thrust. Billy announced he was getting close, but it was Mr. Carson's voice I captured, "Oh Shannon, my God son, I'm, I'm getting close, you'd better..." I was too far gone mentally to care about anything else other than the fact I figured I had worked too hard just to let Mr. Carson shoot his load somewhere other than my mouth. Billy yelled, "FUCK, I'm cummmmmmingggggggggg!" I could feel the sperm missiles as they fired from his pistoning cock and soon enough, Mr. Carson began flooding my mouth with man seed. It was hot, thick, and a bit salty, but I drank it as fast as he offered it to my sucking mouth.

Though his hands were on my head and face, not once did Mr. Carson force my mouth onto his cock. And what a load he had! I was gulping down his thick cream, but evidentially enough, I wasn't as fast as gulper as he was a shooter. Loads of man cum filled my cock filled mouth. I began swallowing as fast as I could to match pace with his erupting man cock and Billy was fucking the sperm from his cock, using my ass as a milking device. Oddly enough, both Billy and Mr. Carson stopped shooting at nearly the same time. I could feel Billy's cock begin to deflate and soon it slipped out of my once virgin, and now well fucked, ass. Mr. Carson's thick cock began to deflate, allowing me the pleasure to swallow more of his thick meat.

Mr. Carson scooted his butt away from me giving me a good glimpse of his ass. It too was heavily layered in tons of hair and his asshole couldn't be seen thanks to all the hair. As he was moving, he whispered, "Shannon, please stay in that position." I remained with my ass on display, and soon enough, I felt his hot breath bead down on my asshole. Mr. Carson wasted no time in diving in my ass with his tongue. It felt like a vacuum inside my ass as he was doing his best to suck Billy's sperm straight from my anal canal.

Billy lay at an angle, on his back, so our lips could seal our deep passionate kiss. Billy's tongue snaked inside mine, as did my tongue in his, and Mr. Carson continued his licking and sucking on my ass. We kept this activity up for a lengthy time before everything pretty much stopped. Me and Billy were sitting on our butts on the bed facing Mr. Carson who was sitting on his butt too. All three cocks lay flaccid, but I was torn between looking at Billy's cock and Mr. Caron's skin covered cock. Even fast asleep, Mr. Carson's cock was impressively huge!

As we sat there, I had to ask the question that was burning up inside my head. Looking at Mr. Carson, I curiously asked, "Have you ever fucked Billy?" He smiled, then replied, "We're working on it!" Billy piped in, "Fuck Shannon, you've seen the size of that monster. It's fucking HUGE!" Looking straight at Mr. Carson, my mouth opened and the words just flew out of it without any thought process whatsoever, "I want you to fuck me!" That statement caught both Billy and Mr. Carson way off guard. Billy responded, "Are you fucking crazy. That (pointing at Mr. Carson's cock) thing will split you in two. You felt how much pain my little dick gave you, just stop and think what kind of pain that massive meat will bring."

Mr. Carson looked at me and said, "Shannon, please think about what you asked. I'm not bragging, cause there are lots of guys out there with bigger dicks than me, but I don't think you are quite ready for something this size to penetrate you." As proud as I could say it, I fired back, "I still want to at least try it!" I could see Mr. Carson's sleeping cock waking up, so I leaned forward and took it deep into my mouth. Billy followed suit and joined me as we both took turns sucking on Mr. Carson's cock and licking his hairy nuts. Like two kids fighting over a toy, we fought with the other over sucking his now rock hard man cock.

Billy won the battle, temporarily, as I worked on the hairy grapefruit sized jewels. For whatever the reason may have been, I raised Mr. Caron's hairy right leg high enough to allow me the necessary room to start licking towards his hairy asshole. He let out a loud moan as my tongue struck his hair hidden hole. The musky odor had become stronger as I got closer to his asshole. It wasn't a foul odor, but I reacted to it like an alcoholic on a drunken rampage. The harder I dug and probed at his hairy hole, the louder Mr. Carson's groans became. Billy had maneuvered his entire body so that now Mr. Carson was sucking on his dick while Billy was choking on his. Looking up, I could see Billy's mouth stretch wide as he did his utmost best to suck on the long thick foreskin covered one eyed beast.

Sometime later, it was Mr. Carson who literally begged us to stop. He looked at me with a serious look and asked, "Do you still want to try to see if you can handle my cock up your ass?" As fast as he asked, I fired back, "Oh hell fucking YES!" I watched him as he slid off the bed and walk out of the room. Billy smiled and said, "Dude, you are flat fucking crazy to even try it, but I love you now more than ever." We wound up in an embrace while our tongues re-entered our mouths. Billy's breath seemed just as fresh as when we first started all of this. No longer was his tongue the more dominant of the two, as mine entered his mouth and began traveling to its farthest region. As we kissed, our hands roamed freely upon the others body. My left hand played with Billy's erection, taking the time to fondle each loving testicle.

Within a couple of minutes, Mr. Carson returned, so Billy and I broke our tightly sealed, passionate kiss. Mr. Carson smiled and said, "Shannon, please feel free to do whatever you like, but you must first get into a comfortable position so I can lubricate you properly." He was carrying some sort of plastic tube, something like a large syringe in his left hand, and a different bottle of lubricant. Naturally, after seeing the syringe thing I had to say, "Sir, I really don't like needles." Mr. Carson brought the syringe closer to me for a closer inspection and said, "See, there is no needle my boy, just an empty container. This will help me to lubricate you." After seeing what it really was, and after having no further hesitations, I got on all fours and immediately began sucking Billy's delicious hard cock.

Mr. Carson placed a glob of the lube on my hole and began smearing it all over. It was cold, causing goose bumps to appear all over. The more lube he worked onto my butt hole, the more of Billy's super cock I worshiped. Billy was using his hands to massage my head while groaning from the pleasure he was receiving from his cock. I was bobbing my head up and down, doing my best to suck more and more pre cum from his mouth watering boner when Mr. Carson gently slid one of his man sized fingers all the way up my rectum. Now, it was I who was groaning from pleasure. A second finger soon joined in on the anal escapade, causing my mind to explode with delirious, wonderful sensations.

All too soon, I found myself rocking backwards, driving his fingers up my rectum while squeezing my anal muscles as hard as I could. His fingers inside my butt set off a fiery anal rage I never knew I had. When the third finger slid in, a dull pain joined in on the fun. I had been taking turns sucking on Billy's cock and working on his hairless nuggets while my ass was craving for more attention. Mr. Carson would often remove his fingers to apply more lubricant, leaving my asshole puckering kisses, begging not to be left alone. In the meantime, Billy managed to adjust his position. On his back, he managed to place both of his feet behind his head, leaving me a golden view of his cock, balls, and miraculous asshole. Not wanting any part of him to feel it was being left out, I began tongue fucking his sweet asshole, working on his balls, and sucking on his superb young cock to the point Billy was screaming unfamiliar obscenities.

Mr. Carson had worked on my asshole for sometime, raising his finger count to four. When the fourth finger went in, I had a tongue full of Billy's ass which helped in muffling my moaning yelp. Once the pain turned into a dull aching sensation, I began slamming my butt onto his anal plunging fingers. Mr. Carson removed his fingers and I could hear the syringe thing slurp up some lube. Within seconds, I felt him insert it inside my rectum and could feel the cold slippery substance as it shot deep inside of me. Mr. Carson repeated this process three times before placing everything he had brought to the bed onto the dresser. I was rotating all over Billy's cock, balls, and ass when Mr. Carson spoke, "Shannon, it may be easier if you try and sit on my dick. At least, you will be able to control how much you want penetrating you. Once again, if at anytime you want this to stop, please tell me and it will cease immediately."

Looking into Billy's watery eyes I knew what I had already knew right from the start. I would be able to love him forever. No matter who did what, I could never get enough of Billy and his hot body. Just knowing he was about to witness me try to handle Mr. Carson's long, thick, uncut cock up my ass made me feel that much better. Mr. Carson scooted up towards the headboard to which at that point he leaned his back against it and spread his legs. Billy was standing on the mattress to Mr. Carson's right and all four eyes were upon me. My own eyes marveled at Mr. Carson's giant organ, all shiny with heavy coats of lubricant. My heart was pounding extremely heavy and for a split second I tried to talk myself out of it. He had placed a large bath towel on the bed to his left and I inched on my knees up to his lower stomach facing both he and Billy.

My legs trembled as they straddled Mr. Carson's hairy body and his cock immediately and defiantly slapped hard up against my well lubricated asshole. His cock was so huge that I had to get off of my right knee and stand on my right foot while impaling the mattress with my left knee. Reaching back with my right hand, I held the giant beast and brought it up to my greasy asshole. I fought and fought with the giant one eyed beast from hell and all it would do was slide up and down in my crack. The longer his cock stayed out of my ass, the more nervous and shivery I became. Billy announced, "Let me help!" He scooted in behind me and I removed my right hand as his replaced mine on Mr. Carson's cock.

Mr. Carson used his hands to spread my butt cheeks wide as I began shoving my ass onto Mr. Carson's cock. Thanks to Billy holding the big monster, the giant skin covered head peaked inside my asshole sending thunderous waves of painful vibrations throughout my entire body. I screamed as the fire intensified as I lowered my ass onto another inch or so of the thick veiny cock. Both Mr. Carson and Billy were leading me on verbally, but their voices sounded only of echoes as the pain scorched through my ass. I was gasping for breath as another inch disappeared up my chute, spreading me farther than ever before. It felt as though my ass muscles were being pried apart from the inside out. I could feel Billy's hand touch my butt as he was still guiding the heavy beast up my bedazzled ass.

Something happened, be it my leg slipped or what, but several thick inches shot up my ass within a split second. The air in my lungs disappeared as if someone had knocked the wind right out of me. I could hear them talk to me, but my mind was too far gone and the pain ripping inside of my ass was too over powering. The pain not once went away as I lowered my ass further onto the steel like thick pole while biting the living shit out of my lips. It felt as though Mr. Carson's huge cock went past my anal canal and wound up somewhere deep into my stomach. Finally, I had lowered my quivering ass all the way to the point I could feel his hairy nuts squash up against my spread crack.

Only Billy's voice I could hear, "Holy fuck, he did it! It's all the way up his ass!" It was so deep inside my ass, I thought if I had coughed, his cock head would come clear out of my mouth. The fiery pain tore through my body to the point that I was unaware of my surroundings. I was light headed as if I was slowly bleeding to death. Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity, the pain was conquered by the fact that I was victorious over his huge cock. As if acting upon instinct, I began arching my body up the shaft and sinking my weight back down on it. Being on my knees and the truth of his cock being so huge, I could only utilize about three or so inches of his giant man tool. All pain had left and nothing but a burning desire to impale my own ass onto the big cock remained.

Inching off of my knees and onto my feet, using his hairy stomach for support, I began smashing my ass up and down on Mr. Carson's thick fuck pole. Billy wanted to get in on the action, so he stepped in front of me with his cock in my face and his ass in Mr. Carson's face. His cock was so beautiful and I was immediately drawn to it. My tongue swabbed up his delicious pre cum before my mouth devoured his entire cock. Mr. Carson joined in by spreading Billy's solid butt cheeks and dove his tongue right up Billy's sweet ass. I was doing some pretty heavy grunting and Billy was moaning in pleasurable delight while Mr. Carson was groaning from having his cock up a young ass and his tongue digging at the sweetest ass known to mankind.

I had rode Mr. Carson's cock to the point I was sweating profusely. Sometime later, with Mr. Carson's tongue traveling all over Billy's anal highway and my mouth sucking on his gorgeous piece of sweet meat, Billy could take no more, "Oh FUCK! I'm shooooooooooootiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg!" Jets of hot creamy Billy sperm rushed into my mouth, but this time I held his fluid while milking his explosive cock. Though his orgasm appeared to have lasted for quite some time, there was only a little sperm swimming inside my mouth. He was rocking his hips back and forth, driving his cum out of his cock and into my mouth, not realizing he had no more sperm to offer. Taking my time, I sipped his love juice down my throat, enthralled with the appetizing flavor of his seed.

Billy's cock fell limp inside my mouth and I was still sliding my asshole up and down the vast length of the thick monster. It was Mr. Carson who politely asked, "Shannon, would you be so inclined as to change your position?" With Billy's soft cock still in my mouth, I managed to mumble yes. Billy backed off and I could tell by the way his balance was way off that his legs were very shaky. Mr. Carson looked at Billy and asked, "Would you like Shannon to place his cock back inside you?" Billy excitedly shouted, "Oh HELL yesssssssssss!" Billy got on his back and once again placed his feet behind his head. Mr. Carson placed a thick pillow under Billy's back while I applied some lube to my very hard dick. Once I was lubed, I gently shoved my cock up Billy's more than willing asshole. The familiar searing heat baking inside Billy's ass attacked my cock immediately.

In no time, I began driving my boy cock fast and furious up Billy's super tight ass. Mr. Carson got in behind me and as soon as I felt his cock knocking on my backdoor, I knew what next would happen. My cock was all the way inside Billy as Mr. Carson cautiously pushed his cock back up my ass. The pain was there, but not like before. He was doing his very best to go slow, but it was I who began fucking Billy, causing Mr. Carson's cock to penetrate my anal canal while I began my bucking to fuck Billy. Something inside my body snapped. Having my cock in Billy's delicious ass and feeling the thick beast sliding up my canal caused me to throw caution out of the window. I began plowing Billy's hot ass, giving my own ass a good plowing as well.

Mr. Carson's large hairy balls slapped at my own nuts as he was holding onto my hips, driving his monster up my ass with a mad passion, forcing me to deliver a powerful thrust up Billy's ass. I was fucking the daylights out of Billy while Mr. Carson was fucking my brains out. The grunts bouncing off the bedroom walls sounded more like noises you would hear while visiting a zoo. Billy held onto my head and somehow our tongues began to battle in mid air. We had been fucking real hard for some time when my cock erupted, sending loads of semen up Billy's fine ass. Mr. Carson used my hips to drive his cock up my ass faster and faster. His heavy balls kept striking my exploding balls, causing me to send more sperm up Billy's hot hole.

The cock rifling in and out of my ass expanded to the point it felt as though it reached twice its girth and soon I felt a gush of hot sperm volleys. Mr. Carson was grunting as his giant cock unleashed the load from hell. I could feel every powerful sperm jet as it flew from his cock and torpedoed its way further up my canal. Billy had been jerking on his hard cock as well, and be it from my cock, or the overall excitement in the room, he too, shot off another small load onto his stomach. Mr. Carson continued his anal assault and I continued fucking Billy. It felt as though it was my cock that fell limp first, then Billy's, and then the giant one eyed monster. As soon as Mr. Carson's cock slipped out of my ass, it felt like a cool windstorm shooting up my gaping asshole.

All three of us were sweating and panting for air. I was the first to collapse flat on my back, but it was Mr. Carson who dropped down to Billy, who was still holding his position, and began slurping and sucking away at Billy's sperm filled asshole. Billy looked at me with his starry eyes and said, "Shannon, squat on my face! Hurry!" I could feel the sperm that Mr. Carson had shot up me wanting ever so desperately to be free, but it was Billy who basically ordered me to squat over his face. I did as he said and almost died when his tongue slithered up my well fucked asshole. I tried in vain to pinch my asshole tightly to prevent Mr. Carson's sperm to slip into Billy's mouth, but that failed.

I could feel Billy's tongue and lips on my hole and the sperm sliding down from my canal and out of my hole. Billy slurped and sucked until there was nothing left and Mr. Carson had done the same thing to Billy. After Billy and Mr. Carson filled themselves with the sperm up Billy's ass and mine, we all lay on the bed in an attempt to catch our breaths. My ass felt completely empty after having such a huge thick cock plundering and stretching it to its furthest limit. Billy got off the bed and quickly put his clothes back on. Following in his steps, I got dressed. Mr. Carson put his robe back on and followed us to the backdoor. Just before we walked out of the door, Billy stopped, turned around, and asked, "Can the three of us do this again?" Mr. Carson kissed Billy on the lips, then replied, "Most definitely!" I was still standing there when Mr. Carson kissed me the same way, then replied, "Shannon my boy, you are incredible!" I gave my thanks and Billy and I walked away.

While we were cutting through the woods, I asked, "Billy, how'd you know I wanted something like this to happen?" We stopped and he held his hands on either side of my face and replied, "Here are the facts. First, I saw you hiding in my closet when I was fucking myself with my vibrator. Secondly, I knew you were wathcing me in the shower cause I had to clean up your sperm. Thirdly, my bedroom faces your house. Everything I did, I did after I saw you coming over. It was you who I was pretending who was fucking me while I had the vibrator shoved up my butt. It was you and will always be you! I just didn't know how to tell you that I was totally infatuated over you. Shannon, I've loved you since only God knows when."

Tears began to flow from our eyes as our lips gracefully embraced and our tongues passionately dove into the others loving mouth!"