This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.

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Todd Williams was your every day, run of the mill, ordinary 53 year old, die hard boy lover. Ever since Todd could remember, he had been ever so enticingly dedicated to breathe in the vast beauty that only young boys could offer. Being well educated, and very wealthy, only aided Todd's fueling desires to find himself in the companionship with some beautiful, young, and willing, boy. Todd's only preference when it came to his young beauties were that they be Caucasian, Asian, or Filipino. Be it the way he was raised, on a large southern plantation, or just the fact that he never paid a good looking black boy any attention, whatever the reason, Todd never found any boy who was black to be remotely attractive.

Todd Williams was the kind of man who presented himself with power. He wasn't forceful in the least bit, but by just the way he carried himself, anyone with one eye could easily tell that this man was somebody. Standing a good 6'2", and weighing in at a proportionate 185 pounds, even Todd's body represented itself as to be something equalling that of sheer power, and extraordinary wealth.

His hair is wavy, glowing with the decor of salt and pepper. Even his wide, and very thick, eyebrows have the same distinct coloration. Todd's eyes are rather slender, and by having an emerald green sparkle, only highlights his distinct slender facial features. In other words, Todd was blessed with natural good-looks.

How did all of his boy loving frolicking begin? Well, it all started for Todd when he was around 13 years of age. Living on a huge southern plantation offered a young boy plenty of things to do, especially when his 10 year old step cousin came to visit. It was with his step cousin that Todd began to find his true inner sexual feelings. The games the two of them played always ended up with Todd sucking on the younger boy's three inches of hard boy stick. It was during these games that Todd also discovered his enthusiasm over basking in the pleasures of swabbing out a smooth, and hairless, butt hole with his tongue.

As the years progressed, Todd's delight in the younger boys remained. Nobody in his inner circle had a clue as to Todd's perverse fetish over young boys. That portion of his life was kept top secret, and he went to great lengths to protect his good name and wealthy reputation. When he traveled afar, Todd never used his real name, instead, he would use some fictitious name just in case. The places he stayed at when traveling were the kind of places that took vast pride in catering to the wealthy, providing the wealthy with whatever they wanted to ensure their overall satisfaction.

It is now present day, and Todd was seated outside his favorite coffee shop, sipping on coffee, and enjoying the newspaper. Being that it was morning, the sun hadn't came out full force yet, but it was already a warm 92 degrees with a gentle, yet soothing, summer wind steadily blowing.

Todd was engrossed reading an article, when a young voice cracked his ears, "Yo mista, you got some spare change?"

Looking up, Todd saw a young black boy who looked like he had been rode hard and hung up wet to dry. The boy's blue and white striped pull over t-shirt was filthy and ragged, as well appeared to be a size too small. The blue cut-off jeans were just as filthy, just as torn, and they too were a bit too small. In fact, from where Todd was sitting, he could see a good portion of the boy's left butt cheek present itself, and that was just a little darker than rest of the boy's mocha colored flesh that was visible to Todd.

Lowering his eyes further down the boy's slender, yet muscularly defined mocha colored legs, Todd's eyes fell upon the boy's shoes. Judging from the size, Todd guessed that the boy was wearing a size 10, and from the bulge, they appeared to be way too small for the boy's feet to fit properly, much less comfortably. Even the boy's shoes were dirty, and on his right shoe, the top portion was covered with duct tape.

Todd looked up at the boy, and sternly asked, "How dare you ask me for change this early in the morning young man! Go get money from your parents!"

The young boy had a sullen look on his face as his tongue swirled across both rather large pouting lips, then shot back, "I aint got no parents mista! Fuck you den whitey!"

Todd flared back, "My, my what language we have! You shouldn't be pestering anyone for money young man. Try obtaining employment so that you can earn a living."

The boy slung his head from side to side, smacked his lips, then somewhat angrily said, "What you say cracker? A job? Nigga please! Man, fuck you! I be 12 years old mudda fucka, what cracker gonna give me's a job? Man, forget you!"

When the boy said he was 12 years old, that did spark a mild interest for Todd. From the looks of the boy, he must be living out on the streets. Todd would have never guessed him being only 12, since he figured the boy stood about 5'4" and weighed no more than 90 or so pounds, give or take a few pounds here and there. His hair was nappy and looked like it hadn't been introduced to shampoo in ages, much less a comb.

Feeling a bit of guilt rise over him, Todd stood up, then said, "Young man, it appears we have gotten off on the wrong foot. If you are inclined to, it would be my honor for you to be my guest at my table."

The boy, looking still mildly angry fired back, "Whatcha mean man? I aint be know whatcha talken about!"

Todd slightly chuckled, then re-explained himself, "Would you like to sit with me and have some breakfast?"

The boy peered hard at Todd, looked around as if now wanting to be seen, then replied, "Mista, I aint got no money, I's already been try-en to hitcha up for some change. Damn whitey, you aint been listen-en to me?"

For one thing, Todd sure didn't care for the boy's use of profanity, however, there was something about this boy that was doing something unexplainable to him, more so, his rapidly hardening cock. The longer Todd stared at the boy, he wondered how nicely the boy would look once he was all cleaned up. There was something about that smooth mocha colored flesh that making his cock stir with energetic lust.

Todd sipped on his coffee, then proceeded, "I understand you have no money young man, but I was just trying to offer you a bite to eat. From my vantage point, it sure does look as though you are in need of some food. I did hear you and realize you have no money, but if you would accept my offer, then your meal is free."

The boy, ever so nervously, slid out a chair and eased his slender, lanky, frame into the seat, keeping both eyes peeled sharply onto Todd. Once the boy was seated, Todd handed him a menu. The boy just sat there, keeping one eye on Todd while the other was on the menu. Just by seeing the way the boy was acting, Todd knew the boy was street savvy.

After a brief interlude, the boy whispered, "Mista, I can't read!"

Todd immediately replied, "That's okay young man, just tell me what it is you'd like to eat?"

The boy told Todd and Todd made the order. In the meantime, the boy drank down two glasses of orange juice and was in the process of gulping down on a third glass.

With one last gulp, the boy wiped his mouth with his right forearm, then inquisitively asked, "Yo mista, why is you keep call-en my young man?"

Todd fired back, "Well, for one thing, we haven't been properly introduced. My name is Todd Williams, and you are?"

Once Todd said his name, he realized he spat out his real name, but now, now it was too late, the boy already knew it.

The boy replied, "My name's Anthony, but people calls me Tony!"

For the next ten minutes, Todd dwelled into the boy's life, finding out that he has no clue who is father is, and that his mother is a crack whore. Todd also discovered that Tony had been living on the streets for about a year now. Though Todd did dwell on it, Tony would elusively shy away from saying exactly why he'd rather live on the streets, than in his own home.

From their brief conversation, Todd also realized Tony's distrust with white people. Though he for one didn't appreciate Tony's use of the words, "Whitey", "Honkey", and "Cracker," he came to the realization that it was either the way Tony had been raised, or some white person did something bad to him at some point in his young life.

After getting his fill of hearing the way young Tony described white people, Todd fired in a burning question, "Tony, why on earth do you dislike white people so much? I know you wouldn't appreciate people calling you the "N" word, now isn't that correct?"

Tony was still feeding his face, then looked up with a mouthful of food, and spat out, "Look mista, you don't know shit bout what it's like being a nigga. You white mudda fuckas looks down on niggas like me! Aint nobody ever gave me shit! I sticks with my owns kind cause theys understand what its like, you sho as fuck don't! I betcha you aint never know where your next meals coming from. But a nigga likes me, well, I have to takes it day by day. (Snickering) Besides, aint you know you crackers all looks the same and you stinks like wet dogs?"

Todd looked at the boy, and knew more so now than ever, he could never place himself in the boy's shoes. The boy had no education, other than what was being taught on the streets. Though Todd didn't find Tony sexually appealing, his heart went out to the boy and all of his hardships.

Before their initial conversation ended, Todd made sure that Tony's belly was full. Todd asked, "Well Tony, what are your plans for today?"

Tony wiped his mouth with his left forearm, gulped down another swig of orange juice, then said, "Whatever the skreets brings me! Got no plans to do nuffin, except for to gets me's some money!"

Todd, not wanting anything from Tony in a sexual manner, wanted desperately to render aide to the boy. The only way he knew how was to offer Tony his financial prowess.

Looking at the boy who was now rubbing his bloated stomach, Todd leaned over a bit, and whispered, "Tony, I know I am a complete stranger, but I would like to help you out. From the looks of things, you could use some new clothes, possibly even a haircut, and definitely, a good hot bath. You got no plans for today, and as luck would have it, neither do I. It would be my honor to spend the entire day with you doing whatever you would like to do. So, what say you?"

Tony looked a bit puzzled, for he was not accustomed for anyone, much less a white guy, to offer to do anything for him, or at least, without some type of compensation. Tony leaned back in the chair, once again looking all around, then replied, "Mista, I aint know whatcha thinking, but I's don'ts go fo no funny shits! I's likes me's da pussy! Whatcha holler-en at me bout? Is you one of those gay mudda fuckas or something?"

Todd rebutted, "No, no, nothing like that, I assure you! Tony, I've got plenty of money, and what is so wrong with allowing someone to help you out, after all, you spend your days begging for money. Why not allow yourself to be indulged for a day? Who knows, you just might come to enjoy it!"

Tony quickly shot back, "A-ight, but don'ts you goes and try's any funny shits wid me. I's aints bouts that shit, nah sur, not me!"

Todd responded, "Tony, I fully understand, and I can only ask you to trust me that my intentions are strictly honorable."

It took Tony a bit to comprehend what the older white man was saying, and even though he had his doubts, Tony was all up for getting some new clothes, a haircut, and a well needed bath. With that being said, and agreed upon, Tony agreed.

The first thing the two of them did was go and get Tony a haircut. For Todd, that was his first time ever sitting inside an all black barber shop. Even the old withered barber questioned Tony about his physical appearance, but Tony, being the street savvy kid he was, was very evasive as to his responses.

As the barber was working on Tony's hair, Todd found himself gazing at the fidgeting boy. Somehow, some unforeseen way, the boy began to look amazingly sexy. To Todd, the boy's mocha colored complexion seemed to get sexier and sexier by the second. As each sat in their perspective seat, Todd found himself questioning what the boy would look like buck ass naked. Only in porn movies had he seen a black cock before, but never one belonging to a 12 year old, that's for certain.

When the barber finished, Tony's new haircut was cut low, and kind of faded on his left side. By any rights of the word, Tony was elated with his new haircut. It was the first time Todd saw the boy act like the 12 year old kid he truly was.

As the two of them stepped outside on the sidewalk, Tony, smiling ear to ear, excitingly said, "Man, dis here cuts da shits!"

It was all Todd could do to not bust out laughing. It wasn't what Tony had said that Todd found amusing, more so, it was the way he said it. Their next stop was a place Tony had only walked by, but never dare to enter. Macy's was the next stop Todd took Tony to.

The employee at the door greeted Todd, but once he saw Tony step in, he stopped the boy, and sternly said, "Oh no, not in this lifetime. Go beg somewhere else!"

Being that Todd was a rather figure in this particular store, most all of the employees knew him, including the young man who had just stopped Tony. Todd quickly spoke up, "This young man is with me today and we would greatly appreciate it very much to obtain him some new attire."

Naturally, the employee was ever so apologetic, and immediately began ushering Todd and Tony around to the various articles of clothing areas. Tony picked out several designer shirts, as well as numerous designer pants. Todd had Tony try on the new garments, then waltz around him to ensure the proper fit. With the shirts and pants selected, Todd grabbed a bag of sox to go along with the boy's new wardrobe. Then, the two proceeded to get the boy some new tennis shoes. Naturally, Tony went straight for the Air Jordan's. When he saw the price tag, Tony quickly tried to walk away, but it was Todd who insisted the boy pick out the shoes he wanted.

The final step in their Macy's shopping spree was to get the boy some underwear. By now, the two of them were walking around, glaring at all the various underwear just for boys. Naturally, to Todd, this was as being as close to heaven any boy lover could hope to be in. As he assisted Tony, his wandering eyes feasted happily on all the young boys milling around the area. Tony picked out some boxer shorts, varying in color, but he also was intrigued with the boys thong bikinis. It was Todd who grabbed a pack of the thonged bikinis, especially after he saw the look of excitement dance all across Tony's face as he eyed them.

When they approached the cash register, Tony swallowed hard as he heard the white lady say, "Thank you sir, that will be $643.89 sir!"

Tony was a bit more impressed when he saw the older white man whip out a credit card like it was no big deal and pay the lady without so much as a hesitation. Once they were outside, it was agreed upon that the next step be for Tony to get an over due bath. Tony, being all of 12, couldn't wait to shed his worn out clothes and walk around in the new ones, especially his Air Jordan's shoes.

The two walked the three blocks to where Todd had parked. Once they reached Todd's vehicle, Tony gasped, then blurted, "This shits da mudda fuck-en bomb man! Fo sho, you must be's one rich cracker to be chillin in this mudda fuck-en ride! Wait to da niggas sees me in dis beyutch!"

To Todd, his Mercedes Benz was his normal vehicle, but he could clearly see how a misfortunate 12 year old boy could get so excited. Once they were inside Todd's car, and while Tony excited himself as to all the buttons, Todd made a necessary phone call. The only predicament Todd was faced with was where he was going to take the boy to get cleaned up. He could have taken him back to his plantation home, but due to the staff, privacy became an increasing issue. Even to his staff, his boy loving ways was top secret.

So, Todd called on one of his buddies who just so happens runs a five star resort. Tony could hear Todd talk to whoever was on the other end of the phone about a room, or something, but he was still a bit too overwhelmed with all the buttons and his new clothes to pay too much attention.

The phone conversation was very brief, and Todd was secured a room. So, Todd cranked up his car and drove the short 10 minutes to the uppity resort. As they pulled up and parked, Tony got even more excited when he saw the group of resort employees waiting patiently to get their stuff out of the car. When they walked inside, Tony's mouth literally fell open as to all the decor and overwhelming vast beauty of the resort's lobby area.

After Todd checked in, Tony questioned, "Yo man, you says yo name be Todd Williams, but that sho as shit aint da name you told dat lady back yonder. Don't play me nigga, whatcha up to?"

It was true, Todd had signed for the room under the name of Mark Allison, and not under his real name. He wasn't aware that Tony had caught that, but now he knew the boy had.

Todd replied, "Todd is my real name, and when I check in here, I use the name of Mark Allison. A friend of mine runs this resort, and he doesn't charge me."

What Todd failed to mention, was that his friend, the same guy who ran this five star resort, shared the same infatuation over young boys as well. This was the only person Todd trusted with his endeavors, and so far, that shared trust was still fully in tact. It was a common trust that whenever Todd checked in under the name of Mark Allison, his friend would see to it that special items were placed into the room. This time would be no different.

Once the two of them entered the suite, Tony had already completely forgotten all about the switch in names Todd had used. The suite itself was bigger than any place he had ever lived, with much nicer furniture too. Tony gave himself a grand tour, stopping in an almost breathless state, as he saw the large jacuzzi off in the corner, nearly completely surrounded with mirrors, even on the ceiling.

As he entered the bathroom, he actually began tip toeing on the decorated tile elaborating the luxurious floor. He rounded a corner and walked down the short walkway, winding up in the biggest shower he had ever seen. There were 6 shower heads in a shower that could easily fit at least eight grown men. To say the least, Tony was taken back at all the significant beauty and piss elegant luxury.

Todd had already sat down on the sofa in the living room when Tony finished up his tour. Tony looked at Todd with the purest of innocence, then whispered, "Dis shos aint no place fo a broke ass nigga! Damn, a fuck-en nigga could gets lost in a mudda fucka like dis. Mista, dis shos is nice!"

Todd sat there smiling, then replied, "Tony, please stop referring to yourself as a "nigga." You are a young man who has a bright future. Only you can keep yourself at the bottom, but, it is you who can make yourself rise to the top. That my young friend is a choice only you can make. Speaking of choices, which would you prefer, a shower, or a bath?"

Tony didn't have to ponder that question long cause he wanted to feel what it would be like being in that big ass jacuzzi. Smiling from ear to ear, and with the most precious of excitement dashing across his face, Tony said, "Mista Todd sur, I's rather sits in dat big ass bathtub wid all dem there jets, if in dats okays wid you."

Todd stood up, then said, "Jacuzzi it is young man!"

Todd walked over and activated the faucets, standing by to ensure the proper warmth of the water. It was then that he realized Tony was on the bit of the shy side. Since this suite was nearly an open room, there sure wasn't a whole lot of privacy intended. It didn't matter where Todd went inside the suite, he was pretty much guaranteed a view of the jacuzzi, more so, young Tony revealing that mocha colored body of his.

Seeing the boy's so-called stage fright, Todd tossed out, "Tony, don't be shy, after all, we are both guys, and basically have the same equipment. Go ahead and get out of those tattered clothes so you can enjoy the warmth of the water, and the soothing jets of the jacuzzi."

Todd poured in some coco-butter oil just to ensure himself that the boy's skin will be soothingly soft, especially if he was ever allowed to touch. Tony patted his left foot, contemplating stripping out of his clothes in front of a strange man, a strange white man for that matter. The longer he stood there patting his foot, the more appetizing the jacuzzi looked.

With the sight of the jetting water, that was all it took for young Tony to free himself of his shyness. As he stripped off his worn t-shirt, Todd began studying the boy's hairless mocha flavored chest. The boy's small nipples were a bit darker than the rest of his delightful flesh, but Todd could see the fine makings of two tiny little perky boy nipples. As Tony struggled to get the shirt over his head, Todd got a pleasing eyeful of the boy's hairless mocha armpits. Todd was rather pleased knowing that Tony had not yet began growing body hair. For him, he truly loved the smoothness of a hairless young boy.

During the undressing stage of Tony, Todd had taken a seat on the side of the jacuzzi, staring intently at the boy in the process of getting naked. Once Tony struggled to get out of his shirt, Todd saw the boy's belly button. It looked like a small circular ball protruding outwards, and even that, was the same mocha color as the rest of the boy's seemingly flawless flesh.

Todd watched Tony get out of his shoes, then proceeded to take each well worn sock off. The boy did have rather large feet, and for some strange and unexplainable reason, Todd's mouth watered just thinking of licking and sucking on each long curling toe. While Todd was admiring the boy's feet, Tony had already kicked out of his short's, and now stood there, in what would have to be the dirtiest underwear in the world. At one time, Todd figured that they might have been white, but due to being worn all the time, the boy's boxer short's was now a mixture of colors, not to mention, almost shredded down the sides.

Tony was only standing about 5 feet away from Todd when the boy yanked down his dirty boxer short's, and now stood there as naked as the day he was born. Seeing the boy stark naked, Todd's eyes immediately drifted to Tony's flaccid, shade darker, 3 1/2" of rather thick uncut boy meat. The foreskin completely enveloped the cock head, forming a perfect seal just over the head. Todd's mouth watered even more as he stared at the morsel of loving perfection, questioning himself as to whether or not young Tony was old enough to offer his boy spunk.

Gazing a tad further down, Todd gasped when his eyes landed on Tony's hairless balls. Just like his cock, the boy's ball sac was a shade darker, and offered the most pleasurable sight of that being only equalled to pure silk. The boy's balls looked to be about the size of a lima bean, both being equal in size. To Todd's delight, he could tell that Tony's nuggets had dropped, but by no means could they be mistaken for low hangers.

When Tony turned his butt towards Todd to kick the pile of clothes to the side, his eyes fluttered as they saw two hunks of bubbly butt cheeks dance effortlessly before his very own eyes. Unlike the rest of the boy's body, his butt cheeks were a shade darker than his juicy mocha complexion. Just seeing those two muscular shapely mounds of profound boy meat made Todd's already throbbing cock spewed out globs upon globs of pre-cum. His mouth watered as he stared in awe at the tiny line separating those delicious looking mounds of sculptured flesh.

Tony, being shy no longer, placed his right hand on Todd's right shoulder and stepped into the bubbling water. Within seconds, Tony was in a mix of laying down and sitting up, moaning ever so softly as the soothing jets began ravishing his young body.

Tony looked up at Todd, smiling in glee, then whispered, "This shos is da shits!"

Todd was still sitting at the edge of the jacuzzi, keeping both eyes passionately feasting on the boy's 3 1/2 inches of uncut boy pride dancing gracefully with the motion of the streaming jets. It was then that something sitting on top of the counter that caught Tony's attention.

Pointing, Tony asked, "Mista Todd, what's that thing up yonder on da counter?"

Todd forced his eyes off of the boy's magic wand, taking in a twin pack of Fleet enemas. Seeing that was what the boy was indicating, Todd got up and retrieved the pack, then sat back down on the edge of the tub.

Holding the Fleet enema up to Tony's curious eyes, Todd said, "Tony, this here is called a Fleet enema. Now, you probably have no idea what it is meant for, so I'll go ahead and explain it. You see, some people like to feel super clean, and this thing cleans out a persons bowel system, giving them the utmost in cleanliness."

Tony looked a bit puzzled as his voice rose over the jetting bubbles, "Whatcha mean? That's wat dis here bath's fo, aint it?"

Todd, knowing he is going to have to explain it so that Tony would understand, took in a deep breath, then replied, "Yes, that bath will get you clean, but it cannot clean out your anal canal. This Fleet enema cleans out your anal canal so that you will not have any poop up there, leaving your butt hole smelling fresh. Some people like to do this prior to sex, especially if they have a feeling that their partner might put their tongue on their butt hole."

Just by the expression on Tony's face, Todd knew the boy got the picture now. However, Tony puckered his lips, then fired back, "Yuck! You means to tells me dat theys is people who puts theys tongues on a asshole. Fuck dat shits man, dats gross! Huh uh, not me's, not me's in a million years. I's shos as shits aint gonna put my tongue on no mudda fuckas shit hole, day aint no fuck-en ways in hell, not me, nah sur!"

Todd fired right back, "Well, it's not always for sexual reasons. Like I mentioned, some people do it so that they will feel extra clean. It doesn't have to be about sex, besides, I'm willing to bet you if anyone put their tongue up your butt, you'd think you'd have died and gone straight to heaven. Young man, you'd be utterly surprised at how much pleasure your butt hole can provide you with, other than the normal bowel movement."

Tony didn't respond, instead, just wrinkled up his little button nose as in total disgust at the entire anal thing all together. Leaving that conversational piece alone, or at least, for the present moment, Todd went on to see if the boy would be more open to talk about his apparent rugged life.

It took some doing, but the boy began opening up a bit more as time passed on. Todd found out that the boy, even though he once stated he was all into pussy, with the truth being known, he was still a virgin, not even coming close to actually scoring with any girl. The more Tony opened up, Todd found himself caring more and more. Not even in his worst nightmare, could he have ever dreamed of such a horrible life. The boy lived life from day to day, panhandling money, just for something to eat. Todd also found out that Tony hadn't been to school in two years, simply because his mother was too busy getting her drug fix, and prostituting herself out to supply her drug habit.

Eventually, Todd had to start wiping the tears from his eyes as the boy steadily, and ever so freely, rambled on. Inevitably, Tony grew tired of the bath. As he stood up, Todd handed the boy a towel, still keeping his eyes fixated on Tony's magnetically appealing flaccid boy cock. Todd did help Tony out of the jacuzzi, and now both stood just a foot away from one another while Tony began toweling his naked body dry.

Once Tony was dry, Todd handed him a new toothbrush. As Tony began brushing his teeth, Todd stepped back so that he could marvel over those two small, profoundly shaped, bubbly mounds of heavenly boy butt. Tony brushed, and brushed, making sure his teeth got a proper cleaning.

When Tony was done with his teeth, he turned around and looked up at Todd, meeting their eyes in a short passionate embrace, then whispered, "Mista Todd's sur, I's believes I's might wants to tries dat shit cleaner, if in dats okays wids you."

Naturally, Todd didn't have to question as to what the boy had just said, instead, had Tony get on the bed, on all fours. Once Tony was on all fours, Todd used his left fingertips to spread the boys chocolate mocha mounds. Gasping, and swallowing hard, Todd's eyes now feasted on Tony's darker complexion little boy bung hole. Much to Todd's likings, Tony's crack revealed no hair life whatsoever. The crack itself was a shade darker than his mocha color, but it was such a mouth watering vision. The boy's asshole almost seemed to be invisible in the sea of chocolate, offering only a single dot indicating where his butt hole should be.

Todd placed the nozzle of the Fleet enema up to the boy's mind boggling little poop maker and eased it in. Tony's body shook as he hissed out, "Damn man, what's dat uhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, what da fuck, ahhhhhhhhh!"

As Todd eased the nozzle all the way up the boy's rectum, Todd began softly talking to the boy, doing all he could to get young Tony to relax. As Todd was speaking, his right hand was squeezing the content up Tony's anal canal. Once he had the contents up the boy's rectum, Todd eased the nozzle out, then quickly hopped off of the bed and almost ran to the bathroom counter. He was washed the nozzle off, being somewhat thankful he saw nothing indicating where it had just been. As he began filling the bottle up with warm water, Todd poured in some coco-oil for good measure.

Once he had the bottle full again, Todd eased the nozzle back up the boy's rectum, and squeezed the bottle until all the contents had been deposited up the boy's butt. Once he removed the nozzle, Todd lay himself down on his left side, keeping his face a mere two feet from where the boy's ass was presenting its glory to him. He watched the boy's tiny bung hole pucker constantly, and was torn by watching Tony's asshole and those beloved lima bean sized nuggets as they dangled before his very eyes.

Tony yelled, "Oh shit, shit, I's feels likes I's is about to explode! Oh shit, ah damn, what da fuck!"

Todd softly stated, "Tony, you will need to hold it for as long as you can. By doing so, this will ensure you that you will be really clean."

Seeing the boy wiggling in the manner he was doing, Todd stood up on his knees, and began using his hands to force the boy's silky smooth, rock solid, butt cheeks together. After nearly ten long minutes, Todd knew that Tony wasn't going to be able to fight the urge any longer. With that being said, he could only watch as young Tony flew off the bed, holding his butt cheeks with both hands, and scampered towards the toilet.

Todd could only laugh when Tony blurted out, "Damn mista Todd, I's almost shit up on myself!"

A little while later, Tony was finished. After flushing the toilet, he walked over to the sink and washed his hands, then walked up to Todd, still sporting around bare ass naked. With his shyness now completely abandoned, Tony began trying on all his new clothes. A little while later, after having just took off one of his new pant's, Tony, still naked, wanted to try on one of his new thong bikini underwear.

Todd was sitting at the foot of the bed, smiling as he saw the boy's excitement over his new clothes, especially his new Air Jordan shoes, and watched in awe as Tony began slipping on a thin white thong bikini. Once Tony had it on, he began parading around in front of Tony. All Tony could really see was the way the boy's flaccid boy cock bounced and swayed in the thin fabric.

Tony blurted out, "Hey mista Todd's, hows I looks in dis?"

Before Todd could gather his thoughts, his mouth flew open and the words shot out, "Good enough to eat!"

Tony fired right back, "Eat? You cants eats dees underwear. Theys not da eating kind!"

Todd turned a bright red in the face, and quickly began scurrying for something to say to cover his tracks, but, the street savvy boy was too quick.

Tony stopped dancing, looked at Todd eye to eye, then with a more serious look on his face, said, "I's sees, I's gets it now! You aint been talken about eaten my drawers, you is talken about eaten my dick, aintcha?"

Todd held his head down, knowing he had been truly busted. Shaking his head from side to side, then easing his face up to meet Tony's, Todd began talking, "Yes my young friend, and I am truly sorry. You see Tony, I am what is referred to as a boy lover. I love young boys! Up until I met you, I never gave it a notion about black boys. There's just something different about you, and honestly, I simply cannot explain it. If you would like to leave, then I will take you home, and before you ask, yes, by all means, you keep all your new clothes. I bought them for you with the grandest of intentions, and want very much for you to have them all."

Tony just stood there, hands down by his side, listening intently to every word Todd spoke. When Todd finished, Tony spoke up, "I's sees, you likes young boys! I's knows about guys likes you. Being on the skreets, I's gets plenty of offers, but aint never takes any of em up. Shit, mostly it be's da niggas who hits me's ups. You be da first cracker to says dat shits to me."

There was a short pause after Tony finished his last sentence. Todd had no clue what to say, and he now feared the worst. Then Tony broke the room's eerie silence, "Mista Todd's sur, is you be looken to trys and dates me's? Is dat what you be looken to do? Is you wanten to suck my pecker, and is you wanten me to suck yours? What gives? Mista Todd's, goes on ahead tells me whatcha up to?"

Todd placed both the palms of his hands on his thighs, voice trembling in unison with his shaking body, then hesitantly spoke, "Tony, I know I am wrong for my desires and urges, but yes, yes I would love to make love to you, not just for today, but for the rest of my life. I could give you a world you've probably only dreamed of. I have no children! I have nobody to leave my vast belonging to when I do. My God Tony, I could give you the love you've never known. Your days of being on the streets would be over. You would never want for anything, anything at all! I would ensure that you received the proper education. I would do so for you, and do it with only the purest of love!"

Tony's serious look grew into a rather heart warming smile. No, he wasn't the most gorgeous boy Todd had ever seen. No, he certainly didn't possess the charm, nor the etiquette, that Todd normally divulged in. But, this boy, this mocha colored street kid, for whatever reason, somehow had the most powerful effect over Todd he had never felt before. Could it be the cute dimples impaling each unblemished cheek? Could it be his small button nose? Could it be those luscious thick suck-able lips? Could it possibly be those small perky black boy nipples? Could it be the boy's slender, yet defined mocha colored chest? Could it be his rippling six pack abdominal muscles? Could it be his protruding ball of a tiny belly button? Could it be that darker mocha shade of 3 1/2" of thick uncut boy pride? Could it be those lima bean sized nuggets, trapped in their hairless silky sheen dark sac? Could it be the boy's slender legs, with his thighs showing evident signs of prominent muscularity? Could it possibly be his feet, those boy feet that are about a mens size 10? Could it be that miraculously chiseled butt cheeks that dignified pure royalty? Possibly, could it be the boy's speck of a bung hole that offered the most priceless views any eyes could ever befall upon? Or, could it just be this boy, and his flawless total package, inside and out?

Tony sat down next to Todd, on Todd's right, then softly whispered, "I hears ya, yes sur, I's does. You is wanten to take me off the skreets, and gets me's an education. Dat sho do sound good to me sur! And, you is wanten me and you to get it on, you knows, sex it up. I's did come close once to sucken some nigga off, but I's chickened out. Dat nigga is one of my mom's tricks. He be comes over all da time, and once my mom's passes out, he comes out and wants me's to suck on his nigga dick. Likes I says, I almost sucked it once, but I runs off once I sees it."

On one hand, Todd felt real bad for the boy, and his street living ways. He couldn't believe how is mother allows him not to go to school, much less panhandle out on the streets. He simply couldn't fathom how any parent could do that to their own child.

Todd blurted out his only thought, "Tony, if all of this was possible, how do you think your mother would feel, you know, you staying with me, a white man?"

Tony shot back, "Dat beyutch aint give no fuck about me, dats fo sho! Shit, her only cares about she drugs! Dat crack ho tolds me's all da time dat I aint fo shit. And, she be getting worse with dem drugs too. Da last time I been home, dat beyutch tried to sell my ass to one of her nigga tricks. Dat nigga was wanten to fuck my ass, and my mom's was wanten me's to do it so's she could gets her money fo da drugs. She tried to hold me and dat big ass nigga already had his big black dick out saying he been gonna fuck me real good. I gots away from my mom's and aints been back since, and I aints be going back!"

Todd could only shake his head from the horror the boy had just spoke about. Never, in a million years, would he ever, or allow anyone else for that matter, to ever hurt Tony ever again. Although he listened to the boy with both his ears, and his heart, Todd's throbbing erection still spat out globs of thick pre-cum, eventually forming a rather large wet spot where the head of his foreskin covered cock pressed into his thin slacks.

Before Todd had a chance to speak, Tony placed his left hand on Todd's right thigh, looking squarely into the man's fluttering eyes, then softly spoke, "I's here lately been kind of curious bout messing around wid another guy. I's sees my mom's sucken those niggas dicks all da time, and I hears da way theys be's moanen and shit, and I's gots to says dat it's gots me wonderen a bit. My mouths way bigger dan my mom's mouth be, so's I knows I could does it too. Shit, I knows I's would like it if in mine would gets sucked! I knows I's aint all dat sho bout haven no pecker up my shit hole. Seems to me dat would hurt awful bad! Da facts be's da facts, and dat hole was meant fo taken a shit wid, not fo no dick to be's a fucken it!"

Todd eased the boy's hand off of his thigh, stood up, smiled down at the boy, then softly said, "Tony, if it's okay with you, I feel like taking a shower."

Tony smiled back, then replied, "Dat be cools wid me, but mista Todd's, lets me's ax you dis. I's always been told dat you whiteys aint got much fo a dick. Dat be true?"

Todd chuckled, then rebutted, "Well, that's not quite true, not true at all. Some guys are truly blessed when it comes to the size of their penis, but then again, it's not always the size that counts. It's how you use it that truly matters."

Tony piped in ever so eagerly, "Well, how big yours be?"

Todd, tossing caution straight into the wind began undressing right in front of Tony, and as each article of clothing fell onto the floor, Todd watched as Tony's eyes got wider and wider. Standing in front of the boy, Todd eased his boxer short's down, and flopped his 7 1/2 inches of rather thick uncut man beef out for Tony's widened eyes to view.

Todd stood there, stark naked, revealing his organ's excitement while intently staring at Tony for any signs of negativity, which, there was none. Instead, Tony's mouth was partially open and his eyes stared fixated at the older man's jutting butt plugger. Todd's mildly hairy low hangers, being about the size of a large chicken egg, swung low between his hairy legs. The foreskin completely covered the thicker cock head, and a good two inches of fleshy foreskin flap dangled downwards.

Tony took in a deep breath, then exhaled while spewing, "Damn mista Todd's, yo dick be bigger dan dat nigga's dick I sees, and it be's thicker too!"

Grinning devilishly, Todd spoke as he was turning to go into the bathroom, "I've had no complaints, but I'm even more certain that you have an even nicer one!"

In all reality, Todd's cock does measure 7 1/2 inches long, and it is as big around as a medium sized cucumber. The head of his pinkish mushroom shaped cock flares out thicker than the shaft, often times, giving it the appearance to be much thicker than what it actually is.

Todd was in the shower, lathering his body with soap, when two small hands began caressing his butt cheeks. Tony's voice ripped through the jetting water, "It be's just me! I's figures I's needs to go ahead and gets me a shower after dat ass cleaning thing."

It was all Todd could do to embrace his body using his hands to collide with the shower's wall to support his violently shaking body. The boy's soapy hands caressed his butt cheeks, sending sparks of jetting electricity shooting throughout his entire body.

Tony's fingers began dipping inside Todd's crack, prodding and probing their way until the tip of the boy's finger struck his hairy bung hole, forcing Todd's body to propel itself upwards by arching on his toes. The little fingertip began pressing harder and harder, eventually prying itself into the man's anal canal. The lone digit slithered, twisted, and soon began to dart in and out of Todd's butt hole faster than light itself. Todd was gasping for air as the jets of warm water pounded his shaking body. As for Tony, this was more like fun. Seeing all that dark hair as it ran up and down Todd's butt crack sent chills racing up and down his back.

What Todd wasn't aware of was the fact that Tony, although he had vaguely described his homosexual tendencies, was indeed gay. No, Tony had never really done anything with another guy, but all those time he sat inside their tiny trailer, he had a birds eye view of some man as he hammered his cock in and out of his mother's well used pussy. By the time he was 9, he had watched his mom take it up the butt many, many times. He saw how is mom seemed to enjoy it, and often found himself fingering his own little butt hole when nobody was around. Having led the lifestyle he was enduring, Tony was certainly no stranger in seeing adult male cocks.

Though Tony was no stranger in seeing adult male cocks, but up until this very moment, his eyes had only witnessed big black cocks, and never one belonging to a white guy. The softness of hair on Todd's, this white man's, body felt soothing. To Tony, after having saw Todd's full blown erection, it didn't take Tony long to find something interesting about the creamy color of Todd's man cock. For a long time now, Tony desperately wanted to fulfill his sexual desires to be with another guy, but by living on the streets, that kind of put a damper on things. Yes, he did have his chances, but the black guys who approached him all looked like drug addicts, and he already was fully aware of the diseases that could be obtained.

As the boy's finger coated his anal walls with soap, Todd was busy lost in the most intense pleasure swarming every blood cell in his body. His cock throbbed even harder, and his nut sac tightened around his balls. With one finger hammering Todd's hairy asshole, Tony used his free hand to lather Todd's back.

Todd was moaning like a mad cow as the boy's finger continued its anal exploration. His legs spread widely as the boy's free hand worked its way down his back, over each butt cheek, then ever so gently, cupped his low hanging balls. The boy's hand worked the soap all over Todd's hairy balls, offering the most innocent of caresses along the way.

It had reached a point that Todd had to reach back and pull Tony's finger out of his ass. Had he not, Todd knew he would be firing globs of cum up against the shower wall, but more so, he wanted to pleasure the boy. Once Tony's finger exited his ass, Todd spun around just to moan loudly as the boy's soapy hands darted upon his throbbing man meat.

Tony looked up, then cordially said, "Dis here pecker sho is shit be's a biggun!"

Todd's body shook more violently now as the boy's hand began lathering his cock using the most elegant of soft, and gentle, strokes. Todd's hands reached out and embraced the sides of Tony's face. Fighting against his own moans and heavy panting, Todd tried to speak, but nothing but lingering moans spewed from his lips.

Thanks to the jets of water splashing his upper body, Todd could just barely see the boy's erection, but couldn't see it clearly enough to tell of its exact size. Tony's right hand massaged the soap onto Todd's pulsating shaft while his left hand cupped and groped Todd's hairy cum filled nuggets.

Tony spoke again, "You sho does have some big balls!"

Just as Todd was about to speak, the boy's hand on his cock managed to skin back his foreskin and was now sending electrical currents racing through his already ravished body as it now was caressing his exposed cock head. Though the hands on his cock and balls felt awesome, Todd could also feel his orgasm growing ever so close.

Releasing Tony's face from his trembling clutches, Todd's hands softly gripped Tony's hands by his wrists. As the boy looked up, their eyes met, and Todd whispered, "Would it offend you if I kiss you?"

Tony smiled, then replied, "Nah sur, it aint gonna hurts my feelings any, but I's aints never do it before!"

All Todd's eyes could see were those thick boyish lips as his head lowered until their lips softly collided. Todd pressed his tongue forward, sliding straight into Tony's mouth. As he did so, Todd inched his feet forwards to get away from the powerful jets of warm water. His large hands caressed the boy's muscular back as their bodies pressed sharply into one another. His own cock slid up the boy's ripping stomach as he felt Tony's boy cock slide in between his legs, rising upwards to grace his low hanging cum bloated balls.

To Tony, it felt kind of weird having Todd's tongue slither about inside his mouth, so giving things a chance to prevail, he eased his own snake like tongue into the man's mouth. As for Todd, the fresh minty saliva Tony was offering was pure heaven, and his fingers began digging passionately at the silky smooth mocha flesh of the boy's back. Tony's hands did the same to Todd's back, and both began moaning and grunting as their tongues locked into one hell of a loving ferocious battle.

Several minutes later, Todd forced his lips off of Tony's, then he whispered, "How was that, being that this was your first kiss?"

Tony's eyes were watery as he spoke, "I's gots to says dat dat sho be's da shits! I's likes it, I's likes dat a lots!"

As Todd was smiling, Tony scooted past him and placed his young body in the torrid of water, then scooted past Todd again, departing the shower area. Todd still didn't get to see the boy's cock, and that frustrated him to no end. Todd quickly rinsed the soap from his body and departed the shower too. Stepping up to the counter, Todd began brushing his teeth, and as he looked into the large mirror, he could see Tony laying in the bed with the covers pulled up to the lower section of his mocha colored chest. Todd, as he brushed his teeth, could see those perky brown boy nipples beckoning him.

After rinsing his mouth, Todd approached the bed, seeing Tony's young beautiful eyes beaming upon his jutting erection. Todd reached down to flip the covers away, but Tony's right hand held the covers concealing his body. Todd now lay directly to Tony's right side, laying on his left side.

Looking at the boy, Todd said, "Tony, we do not have to do this if you don't want to!"

Tony tossed his head from side to side a couple of times, tossing out that breath taking smile of his, then whispered, "I knows dat mista Todd's, buts I's be feelen kinds a weirds I's guess. I's aints be know, but theys sumppen bout you I be's feelen insides. I's uh, um, I's be feelen safe wid you, a-ight."

Though the boy's street grammar was rather strong, Todd thought to himself how the boy's grammar would be once he got a proper education. But for now, he sort of enjoyed hearing all the street slang. More so, Todd oh so wanted to rip back the covers and see exactly what Tony's cock looked like.

Tony reached his left hand around the back of Todd's neck, then angelically whispered, "I's sho does wants to gets me's one of dem kisses!"

Todd followed the boy's pulling hand until their lips once again collided. This time, it was Tony's tongue that quickly invaded the interior of Todd's mouth. Todd's ears captured the boy's soft moans as he felt his own throat vibrate from the echoing eloquent sound.

As they kissed, Todd's hands caressed the boy's face while the boy's hands caressed Todd's face. This time, their tongue sucking kiss lasted for a good fifteen minutes or so. As their lips pried themselves from one another, Todd stole the opportunity to engulf his lips around the boy's perky brown nipple. Using his teeth, he gingerly clamped down while flickering his tongue directly on the very tip of the boy's nipple.

Tony immediately hollered, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeeyyyyyuuuuut! Damn, damn, das it, das be's it, yes, yessssssssssssssss!"

Todd grunted and groaned as his mouth worked lovingly on the boy's nipple, eventually, taking turns working on both, ensuring himself he gave each one the proper attention they both so lovingly deserve. As he sucked and nibbled on Tony's nipples, the boy's body bucked and squirmed all over the bed.

The other thing Todd found exciting about the boy's body was the faint smell of coconut. He knew that the soap they used was not of that type of fragrance, but the refreshing coconut scent shot heavily up his nostrils every time he inhaled, literally, driving him insane with the utmost fiery of passions.

As Todd's tongue slithered its way from the boy's divine nipples, falling directly on the boy's left side of his neck, Todd's hands latched onto Tony's wrists and placed the boy's arms over his head, cross armed. While his tongue swiped at the mocha colored satiny smooth flesh, Todd's eyes drifted onto Tony's hairless armpits.

Up until this very moment, Todd never really got into armpits. The most he would do would be to visually inspect them to see if their were any signs of hair, but other than that, he had no desire to suck, much less, lick them. But now, now he could feel his mouth salivate at the boy's glowing armpits.

Todd worked both sides of Tony's neck, forcing Tony to cry out in pure never before ecstasy. Then, Todd proceeded to swab out both of the boy's ears with his overly skilled tongue, causing young Tony to writher from pure mind boggling pleasure.

As if caught in the rays of a commercial magnet, Todd slammed his mouth into the boy's exposed left armpit. Oh, that faint aroma of coconut exploded into his lungs, forcing Todd to hungrily bite and suck into the satiny smooth flesh like a pack of starving wolves.

At first, Tony giggled, but within a matter of a few heart thumping seconds, his giggles ended, and he began screaming, "Oh shit, oh shit, ohhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuut!"

The feel of the boy's flesh inside his armpit was something Todd had never expected. The more he tasted, the more he craved. The more Tony's body wiggled and squirmed, the harder he sank his teeth into the boy's addicting flesh.

Todd lavished himself with dining on both of the boy's appetizing armpits, spending equal time making oral love to each sensitive pit. As soon as his mouth departed the boy's armpit, his mouth sank over Tony's open, and gasping, mouth, sloshing his tongue deep into Tony's fiery hot oral oven. Both man and boy were lost within their fiery tongue sucking, spit swapping, embrace, and their loud audible moans were proof of their lusting passion for one another.

A short while later, as Todd's moist lips vacated Tony's puffy lips, another notion popped into Todd's head, and it was one he had never thought of before. Sliding down the boy's covered body, Todd eased himself into position right at the boy's covered feet. Slipping back the bedding, Todd freed the boy's rather large feet and immediately began taking turns sucking each long, curling, toe.

Once again, Tony's initial reaction was that of being tickled, but seconds later, he was whining and whimpering as to this newfound pleasing sensation trickling throughout every quivering part of his body. Todd held each foot within his strong hands, using his tongue to swirl and suckle each toe, ensuring he dined between each precious curling toe, still inhaling that mind boggling aromatic coconut scent with each and every inhaling breath.

Not only did Todd relish in the way the boy's feet tasted, but viewing the contrast in color, being that the top of his feet was that special mocha color, and the soles were a pure creamy color. All in all, soothing for Todd's watery eyes to behold. As he nursed on Tony's mouth watering toes, his eyes strayed upwards, resting on the lengthy shaped bulge hidden beneath the covers that he vehemently knew was the boy's erect cock.

Todd released the boy's well saliva coated feet, then began inching his body upwards, drawing closer and closer to the object of his perverse desires. Tony now had both of his arms resting behind his head, both eyes fixated on the man inching towards his covered cock. Todd worked his body up to Tony's left side, reaching out with his right hand, and peeled the covers downwards. As the bedding slowly began revealing more and more of Tony's magnificent body, Todd himself began to get somewhat lightheaded.

The bedding just revealed the boy's cute little belly button, and as it lowered more, Todd gasped as he laid eyes on the boy's 12 year old young erection, and what an erection this boy was sporting. Like himself, Tony was uncut as well. That was clearly evident as the foreskin tightly wrapped itself over the boy's tender cock head. Too eager for his own good, Todd yanked the rest of the cover off of Tony.

Now, Todd's mouth began drooling as his eyes feasted on Tony's sheer heavenly nakedness. Even the boy's cock was the same mocha color enriched coloration, and just by sight, Todd easily determined that Tony's boyhood was about six inches long with an above average girth for a 12 year old cock, and was profoundly shaped as one perfectly created missile. Tony's erection was aiming itself directly at Tony's face while Todd was doing all he could do to breathe in all of the boy's angelic beauty.

Todd's eyes drifted to Tony's hairless balls that were being tightly held in place with a dark mocha colored hairless satiny smooth looking sac. At best guess, the boy's grape sized nuggets almost looked out of place compared to the overall length of the boy's heart throbbing cock.

As Todd's drooling mouth neared Tony's erection, Tony whispered, "Is you gonna suck it fo me's?"

Todd wiped away some of his own drool, never leaving his eyes off of the boy's jutting erection, then replied, "No, but I am going to make love to it!"

Tony chuckled, but then cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeyyyyuuuuutttttttt! Damn, dat sho do feeeeeeellllllllsssssss gooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

Todd stuck out his tongue and began wallowing it all around the base of Tony's cock and at the very edge of Tony's hairless pubic region. Todd moaned as he felt the satiny smooth flesh of the boy's rock hard shaft. Like a snake searching for prey, Todd's tongue wildly began lapping at the luscious shaft while deeply inhaling that mind boggling coconut scent spewing heavily off the boy's body.

Now, with his head in between Tony's widely spread legs, Todd lowered his mouth and sank his sealing lips over the boy's tender nuggets, using his tongue to swirl around each delicate ball like a windmill caught in the crushing winds of a destructive hurricane.

Tony yelled, "Oh damn, ohhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeyyyyyuuuuuttttt! Dat, dat, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhh damn, dat sho beeeeeeee goooooooooddddddd!"

With both of Tony's small baby makers swirling around inside his mouth, Todd stretched his tongue out in order to lap at Tony's coconut spewing taint area. When Todd's tongue slithered around on the boy's taint area, Tony's body really began doing some bucking. As the boy's body bucked and gyrated, Tony's puffy thick lips began singing a chorus of angelic moans.

Though Todd tried, and tried he did, his tongue wasn't quite long enough to swab the boy's butt cheeks sealed bung hole. Keeping that in mind, not to mention that faint coconut aroma exploding into his lungs with his every breath, Todd pushed Tony's legs upwards, just high enough for his eyes to gaze directly on the dark brown mystifying ring of anal bliss. By now, Todd had released Tony's nuggets, and was now gazing entrancingly between Tony's darker mocha coloring of his hairless crack.

Like an animal in heat. Todd rose his body off the bed, standing square on his knees, pushing both of the boy's legs over his head, driving Tony's knees into the bedding, stretching themselves beyond his head and extending them beyond his ears. Thank heaven that Tony was so limber, cause now he was basically balled up and his own boy cock was now within a mere fraction of an inch from being able to dip into his own puckering little mouth.

Tony screamed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn, ahhhhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeeyyyyyyuuuuuuuuttttttt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, yessssssssssss, dat beeeeeeee'ssssss da spot sho, sho, fuuuuuuuccccckkkkk yesssssssssss, dat be's da spot sho nuff!"

Todd did take a split second to shove his inhaling and flared nose directly on Tony's butt hole. Still, that same refreshing faint coconut aroma flew up his nostrils, igniting an unknown beast within him, forcing Todd to slam his tongue all around the tiny dark spot.

Though Todd was no stranger in dining on some young boy's asshole, but, young Tony was by far something extra special and ever so rewarding. The satiny feeling Tony's bung hole was offering his maniacal tongue sent shivers racing up and down Todd's spine. The more his tongue felt of the boy's virgin anal orifice, the more perversely twisted his mind began wandering off to.

Todd must have pushed upwards on the boy's legs, and as Tony was bellowing out his cries of maddening pleasures, his own erect boy cock sank into his own mouth. For Tony, this was the first time he had ever had a cock in his mouth, much less, his own. But, as the man's tongue pelted his asshole, Tony found himself basking in the pleasure of the way his cock felt inside his own very hot mouth.

This certainly didn't go unnoticed by Todd's roaming eyes neither. He was in awe as he dined on the boy's treat of an asshole while admiring the view of seeing Tony's cock trapped inside the boy's own bloated little mouth. From Todd's vantage point, it looked like Tony was getting into sucking his own cock while trapped in the never before felt pleasures of having his delicious ass orally worshiped.

In less than a minute, Tony yanked his cock out of his mouth. The familiar feeling began stirring in his loins, and he for one, didn't want to squirt his own cream in his own mouth. Todd continued on tongue fucking the boy's asshole until it finally gave way, allowing his meaty tongue to dwell within the super tight, fiery hot, cavern of his tongue squashing anal canal.

Tony was mumbling all sorts of sounds, and periodically, kept on sucking on his own cock until he got really close. What Tony didn't realize was that he was keeping himself on the very edge, not knowing that when he finally did cum, he truly would experience the most intense orgasm he had never felt before.

Nearing on to the two hour mark, Todd's ass eating frenzy began to slow down. His tongue was aching as his own cock was spitting gallons of pre-cum all over the place. Tony was having an awful time breathing and his bloated balls felt like they were on the very edge of literally exploding. Once again, the boy had no clue what he had been doing to himself by bringing his orgasm dangerously close, then stopping until the urge vanished, then resumed sucking his own cock some more.

Todd inched his tongue out of the boy's bone crushing anal kingdom and sat up on his knees, keeping both eyes zeroed in on Tony's facial expressions. By now, Tony had pushed his cock out of his mouth and was staring right back into Todd's eyes.

Breathing rapidly, Tony's softly whispered, "I's sho nuff like da way dat tongue of yours dugs up my butt, but my balls sho do hurts, and I means hurt kinda bad!"

Todd allowed the boy's lower body to fall back on top of the bedding. Wasting no time, he placed his lips around the foreskin covered cock head and began growling like a pissed off and starving bear. While his mouth relished Tony's throbbing boy boner, Todd's left hand cupped, and caressed, both of Tony's swollen nuggets. Using his right finger, Todd began tweaking Tony's left perky nipple.

Feeling the rush of heat swarm his cock from Todd's skilled mouth, the electricity shooting from Todd's caressing hand groping his balls, and the way the man's fingers ignited his entire body as it pinched and pulled on his nipple, sent Tony's body into a massive seizure like convulsion.

Using just his lips, Todd began to inch down the boy's foreskin. About midway through, Tony grimaced and winced, allowing Todd to realize the boy hadn't been skinning back his foreskin properly. Showing some patience, Todd worked the boy's tight foreskin back and forth until it finally managed to fall below the crown of the boy's cock head. It was then that Todd took the time to allow the boy's cock to fall out of his mouth.

Briefly, just briefly, Todd just stared at the reddish color of the boy's cock head, noticing the small little piss slit as it was tightly sealed. Once he got both eyes full of the boy's total beauty, Todd quickly swallowed all glorious six inches of Tony's delicious boy cock.

In short, Todd literally tortured Tony by keeping him on the very edge for nearly an hour. Tony was begging, pleading, and crying for Todd to allow him to drain his pain riddled balls. Finally, Todd himself couldn't tease himself no longer. He needed, no, he must taste the boy's cream, NOW!

Todd had Tony get off of the bed and stand at the edge of the bed while he got himself into position. Todd flopped onto his back, wiggling his body so that he was now laying sideways on the bed with his head dangling just off of the side. Reaching out with both hands, Todd latched onto Tony's butt cheeks, pulling the boy towards him.

Tony's erect cock jutted profoundly straight out from his body, straighter than arrow, thus making the cock dive straight into Todd's open mouth, falling short of effortlessly. Using his hands on the boy's butt, Todd began pushing Tony forwards and backwards, fucking his mouth with the boy's chocolate fuck pole.

It didn't take Tony long to pick up on things, and soon, more so out of sheer instinct, he began to slam his cock in and out of Todd's willing mouth like a runaway freight train. In doing so, Tony leaned over Todd's stomach and placed his mouth over the head of Todd's man sized fuck meat. In one stealth gulp, Tony managed to stuff his mouth with about four thick uncut inches of Todd's cock. No sooner had Tony slid his thick lips over the man's creamy colored, veiny thick cock, his mouth began swarming with an unfamiliar taste. It was all the pre-cum Todd's cock had been pumping out since all this first began.

At first, the taste was kind of salty, not to mention Tony could feel the slippery texture of the goo as well. However, the longer he bobbed his lips up and down on Todd's cock, the better the goo began tasting. As Tony sucked on Todd's cock, Tony reached downwards and placed both of his hands on the man's hairy cum filled balls.

Todd's body went into immediate convulsions feeling the boy's mouth on his cock and his hands groping and caressing his heavy nuggets. As Tony continued slamming his cock in and out of Todd's mouth, Todd's fingers dug into the boy's hairless crack, rubbing his fingertips on the outer edge of Tony's saliva drenched asshole.

Todd knew all too well his true intentions, and as the seconds ticked on by, Tony's building orgasm was progressing to be one hell of an orgasmic explosion. With his mouth overly stuffed with man cock, Tony grunted a few times, and Todd felt the boy's cock throb severely. Timing things just right, and just as the boy's lava hot cream was on the very edge of shooting from his pulsating cock, Todd slammed his right thumb all the way up the boy's unsuspecting ass.

Tony winced as to the fiery hot pain shooting up his butt, but it was too late as his mind went blank when his cock began unleashing the mother load of all time. To Tony, it honestly felt like his piss slit had been ripped open as the first cum ball exploded out, followed by a precession of cum strands. Todd moaned in delight as he felt the power of the boy's cum jets as they enriched his mouth with their sheer explosive power. The boy's seed was just as hot as Todd had expected it to be, as well as mildly watery. Todd could feel the boy's anal muscles converge on his anal invading thumb, coiling around it as if caught in the clutches of a pissed of anaconda.

Feeling the hot love juice gush into his mouth, Todd's own meaty organ began firing off thick wads of creamy man goo straight into Tony's inexperienced mouth. Although Tony wasn't expecting it, mainly out of instinct, he began swallowing and gulping down the thick salty goo rocketing out of the man's cock. Tony was simply too lost in his own orgasm to realize he was swallowing Todd's sperm. All the boy knew was that life itself seemed to have stopped as his young cock continued a vast array of creamy boy spunk, firing round after glorious round of 100% Grade A boy spunk.

Sensing the boy's cock was still spurting globs of watery boy goo into his mouth, Todd went ahead and decided to start sampling the fresh nectar. With his first taste, Todd was addicted. It was warm, slimy, gooey, and slippery, all at the same time, but the one thing Todd detected was that Tony's boy spunk tasted salt free. In plain words, Tony's boy cream was virtually tasteless.

Once Tony's cock stopped providing Todd with its precious nectar, Todd eased his thumb from the boy's gripping asshole. Tony was moaning and whimpering, still keeping Todd's now semi flaccid cock safely tucked away inside his milking hot little mouth. It was Tony who couldn't take the man's sucking mouth on his sensitive cock any longer, so he worked his upper body upwards, then side stepped to his right, then sat on the edge of the bed staring into space, breathing harder than ever.

Todd sat next to Tony, on the boy's right side, and he too was gasping for some well needed air. After a brief moment, Tony slid off the bed and knelt down on the floor, in between Todd's spread legs, staring intently at Todd's semi flaccid man meat.

With a smile coursing his precious face, Tony looked up and whispered, "I sho does wants to suck dis some mo!"

Just as Tony finished his last word, he sank his mouth over Todd's semi flaccid cock and began to perform some kind of miracle, using just his fiery hot mouth. Todd moaned as the boy's lips slid up and down his meaty organ, and his body twitched each time Tony's slithering tongue swirled inside his foreskin to feverishly attack his uncovered cock head.

Within a few short heart pounding seconds, Todd's man meat became rock solid. Now, Todd lay on his back with his butt pressing up against the very edge of the bed, grunting and groaning as Tony's milking mouth savagely worked on his cock. The boy's hands busied themselves by fondling and caressing Todd's hairy balls, periodically allowing his fingertips to dart in between his butt cheeks and grace his hairy asshole.

As if life itself couldn't get any better for Todd, and just when he felt his orgasm nearing, the boy went and shoved two long skinny fingers straight up his ass. Wincing at the sudden anal invading intrusion, Todd's cock went into overdrive as it began pumping out wads and wads of thick man seed straight into Tony's gulping mouth.

With each swallow, Tony's moans grew louder as he increased the suction around the sperm firing cock. Todd's volcanic orgasm forced his body to slither and buck from one very prolonged convulsion. Within a few seconds, Todd's once hard cock deflated into nothing more than one limp noodle, however, the boy was still working his mouth as if sucking air from Todd's cock.

This time, it was Todd who couldn't take the boy's mouth on his cock any longer. Using both hands, Todd sort of pushed Tony's mouth away from his super sensitive organ, also, causing Tony's anal probing fingers to vacate his butt.

Tony stood up and looked right into the hazed over eyes of Todd, then stated, "I aint ever know dat sucken a dick was dis much fun! I's sho do likes it! Ummmmmmmmmm, and I's likes da taste of your stuff too! I's be wanderen, but does you think dat big dick of yours will fit up my butt? It sho nuff don't looks like it, but I's ready to tries it, if in you be wanten to fucks me!"

Todd could only chuckle at the boy's improper grammar mixed with his southern accent. Yes, he did want to feel his cock take the boy's virgin ass, but after having just shot two loads, he wasn't all that sure if he could even get hard again, or at least, within a few minutes.

Looking at the boy, Todd replied, "Oh God yes Tony, I would love nothing more than to feel my dick inside that magical ass of yours, but I will need to take a few moments rest first."

Tony had the most precious whimsical look on his face as he asked, "Whatcha mean I's gots me a magical ass?"

Todd placed his left hand on the boy's right thigh, then softly whispered, "Everything about you is magical, and I mean that in the most respectable way. It is I who am the luckiest man alive on this planet being here with you. Believe me, you are magical in every which of way!"

The two stepped inside the small kitchenette and retrieved some refreshments, still naked as the day they were born. It didn't take young Tony long to wish he could live this sort of lifestyle. As Todd poured them another drink, Tony realized that he was quickly falling in love with Todd, and not because of the man's financial wealth either. For the first time in his young life, Tony not only felt safe being with Todd, but he truly felt love for someone, and that someone was Todd.

After several glasses of cool refreshing lemonade, Tony announced he had to take a piss. Adding to Todd's fetish with young boys was his other fetish over drinking their hot piss. Hearing Tony's announcement, Todd walked toward the large open shower. Tony veered off to the left, fixing to unload his bladder in the toilet.

Todd stopped the boy just in time as he stated, "Tony, come in here to take your leak. Tony didn't care where he pissed just so long as he drained his one eyed dragon, so he walked down the short corridor leading into the shower. Once inside, the first thing he saw was Todd sitting on both of his knees.

Placing his right index finger up to his mouth, Todd whispered, "Here Tony, right here! Pee in my mouth please!"

Tony gulped as he heard what the man just said, then he replied, "You wants me's to piss in yo mouth! Holy shit, you sho be crazy!"

After a brief urging by Todd, not to mention his bladder causing quite the discomfort, Tony walked right in front of the kneeling man, holding his 3 1/2 inch flaccid cock, skinning back the foreskin a bit, then let loose.

Tony's aim was absolutely perfect as a torrid of piss flew from his dick and straight into Todd's wide open mouth. As the hot fluid splashed inside his mouth, Todd began swallowing, moaning excitingly as the hot slightly salty fluid swarmed his every taste bud.

Tony was merely having fun as he held his pissing dick with two fingers, ensuring to fire his hot pee directly into the man's mouth. Tony stated, "Dis be's some craaaaazzzzzzy shit!"

Todd didn't care as he passionately swallowed down the vibrant hot fluid, moaning and grunting in sheer blissful ecstasy. When the boy's piss began to trickle, Todd leaned forward and placed just the cock head around his lips. In doing so, Tony's cock began bloating until it got rock hard. Todd went from swallowing the boy's hot piss to masterfully sucking on Tony's now rigid cock.

Todd's hands clutched onto each of the boy's muscularly plump ass cheeks, driving the boy's body back and forth, using the boy's body to fuck his mouth with Tony's 6 thick inches of pure boy pride. It wasn't long before Tony grunted and mumbled a few words, then Todd's mouth was being pelted by a crashing wave of watery boy juice.

Unlike the boy's first orgasm, this volley was a bit short, and still virtually tasteless nonetheless. Todd greedily drank down the boy's spunk, gripping and kneading his fingers into the boy's solid ass cheeks in the process.

When Tony's cock went totally limp, Todd allowed it to slip from his cum sucking mouth. Looking up at the boy, Todd said, "Ummmmmmmm, you are sooooooooooo delicious, but now, it's my turn to take a leak."

Todd was just about to turn around when Tony spoke, "Yo, yo, mista Todd's, I's wants to give dat pee drink a whirl!"

As Todd turned around, there was Tony, already sitting on knees, mouth wide open. So, Todd stepped right up in front of the boy, skinning back his foreskin, and opened up his bladder valve.

The initial force of the first piss stream caused Tony's head to jerk backwards, but he managed to catch himself. With a mouthful of hot piss, Tony gulped down a large load. At first, the salty fluid was kind of bitter, but as the second large gulp went underway, the boy started thinking to himself that it really wasn't all that bad.

Unlike Todd, who didn't spill a drop, Tony's face and body was covered in Todd's piss. Though he gave it his best shot, Tony simply couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the volume of piss entering his mouth. When Todd's piss started to trickle, mimicking Todd from earlier, Tony sealed his thick lips around the man's cock head.

Unlike Tony's cock, and although the boy's mouth felt good, Todd's cock remained flaccid. Knowing that his bladder was empty, Todd had to take a few steps back to get his cock out of the boy's vacuuming mouth. Tony stood up and held himself up using the shower wall as he blurted out, "Dat wasn't all dat bad, but I's sho is shit made a mess!"

Once they stopped laughing, the two of them shared the shower to get their bodies totally refreshened. Though they took turns lathering each other up, there wasn't any sexual activity going on. After toweling off, the two of them stepped up to the sink and began brushing their teeth.

Tony looked at Todd, then whisperingly said, "I's sho does get da feelen dats we is being watched! I's don'ts knows is, but I's sho is shit do feels it!"

Todd was staring straight into the mirror, watching the boy's reflection. He knew that they were alone in the room and he for one didn't get the impression that anyone could possibly be watching. Todd replied, "That can't be! It's just the two of us in here!"

Tony was slinging his head from shoulder to shoulder, then fired back, "Dat sho nuff be's true, but I's just got da feelen we's is being watched."

Anyway, it was agreed upon that they would take a short break and watch some television. It was Todd who suggested that Tony lay across his lap so he could "play" with the boy's butt.

They were on the sofa with Tony laying across Todd's lap. At first, Todd just used his hands to marvel over the mocha colored chiseled mounds of defiant boy flesh, but as time moved forward, so did his tactic in loosening up the boy's virgin ass.

Todd had already placed a bottle of lubrication next to the sofa prior to them watching the television. Todd poured some on his right fingers and then proceeded to work his right index finger up the boy's bone crushing anal canal. As his man sized digit fought to dive deeper, Tony began to moan and groan, occasionally slinging his butt upwards, further sending his finger darting up the boy's tight canal.

Once Tony seemed to be enjoying one finger, Todd eased in another until he eventually had three fingers passionately exploring the boy's uncharted anal territory. By now, neither concerned themselves with whatever was playing on the television. Tony was so into it that he was humping his sculptured mocha ass up and down, fucking Todd's fingers in and out of his ass with a fiery lustful passion.

Tony screamed, "Now sur, NOW! Gimme yo dick! Ahhhhhhhhh sheeeeyyyyyyuuuuuuutttttttt! Fuck me, fuck me, gimme dat big white dick!"

Todd eased his anal dwelling fingers out of the boy's ass then quickly smeared the lubrication up and down his rock hard cock. Without any positioning being mentioned, Tony scooted his body off of Todd's, then stepped up onto the sofa cushion, facing Todd, and squatted down on both knees.

Todd moaned as he felt Tony's right hand reach around his mocha body and latch onto his now severely throbbing cock. Tony shoved the bulbous cock head up to his asshole and did his best to push the beast inside of him. After a few futile failed attempts, Tony shoved a bit harder, and his young body immediately went rigid and his mouth formed a perfect circle.

The man's thick cock head shot inside Tony's rectum, feeding the boy with agonizing, gut churning pain. It felt like his asshole had just been split in two and someone just set his body on fire. Todd was in a bit of agony himself as the boy's anal ring clamped down on his cock head, squeezing as if caught in the clutches of a commercial grade vice clamp.

In more of a confused state than anything else, Tony bucked his hips to escape the searing pain, however, in doing so, he managed to impale a good two more inches of Todd's thick cock up his chute.

Tony cried out, "Ah fuck, shit mudda fucka, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dis, dis, ohhhhhhhhhhh mudda fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ow, ow, owwwwwwww fuck, sheeeeeeyyyyyyyuuuuuuutttttt, ah fuck!"

It was then that Tony began making long repetitive hissing sounds as he was trying to do whatever he could to escape the torturous pain shooting up his ass and spreading throughout every inch of his shivering body. Tony had the left side of his face pressing on Todd's left shoulder and both of his hands locked themselves around Todd's neck.

Once again, Tony involuntarily sat down, sending a good three more thick inches up his rectum. There was a lot of cussing and a shit load of whimpering, but in time, Tony conquered the one eyed hooded beast, and was now sitting squarely on all of Todd's cock.

With each of the boy's breaths, Todd could feel the anal muscles attack his throbbing cock. The fiery scorching heat from the boy's ass felt like his cock was locked inside an oven, being slowly cooked.

Todd didn't move as he gripped both of Tony's solid ass cheeks, spreading them wider with his flesh gnawing grip. In the blink of an eye, Todd felt the boy's body move. It wasn't a big movement, nonetheless, Todd felt it.

The next thing Todd knew, Tony had slammed his mouth over his and was probing his tongue deep into Todd's mouth. Todd returned the favor by dipping his tongue deep into Tony's mouth. Their angelic soft moans mixed with the boy's slight body movements was all that could be found within the confinements of the room.

As their tongue sucking, face squashing kiss progressed, so did Tony's humping on Todd's cock. Now, the boy not only rose up and down, impaling his tight ass on the man's anal intruder, but Tony started gyrating his hips while clamping down tightly with his anal muscles.

The sensations Todd's cock was sending to his brain was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Sure, he had fucked plenty of young boys, but oddly enough, it was the boy who was fucking him, and using the most amazing ass ever to be sculptured from the heavens above.

When their loving lips slid away from one another, Tony immediately shouted, "Yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, dis sho does feeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllssssssss goooooooooooodddddd! Dats it, yeah man, gimme dat white dick. Fuck my black ass! Yeah, yeah, ah fuck yessssssss! Common, gimme dat white dick, ohhhhhhhh hell yessssssssssss! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck dat white dick up my black mudda fucken ass!"

Todd, still tightly clamping down on Tony's butt cheeks, began to use brute strength to lift the boy off of his cock, then used the boy's weight against himself to slam Tony's ass back onto his thrusting man missile. Their frantic pace was nothing short of fast and furious, but Todd wanted to feel somewhat in control.

Holding the boy tightly, Todd scooted his butt off of the sofa cushion, holding both of Tony's legs hooked on each forearm, then stood completely up. Tony was holding onto the back of Todd's neck for dear life as the man began to savagely pound his anal poker hard and heavy in and out of Tony's widely spread ass.

Tony screamed, "Oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God, yes, yes, yesssssssss!"

Holding the boy trapped into his arms, Todd fucked his way back over to the bed. Leaning forwards, he gently lay Tony down on the bed, never once allowing his cock to depart the most breath taking ass his cock had ever graced. Todd pushed the boy's legs back over his head, once again shoving Tony's erect cock back into Tony's mouth and began whaling away at the boy's suctioning hot ass.

Todd slammed his hips as hard as he could forwards, slamming his thrusting man meat into the boy's ass with a thunderous thudding wallop. Seeing the boy as he sucked on his own cock, Todd thrust his cock deep into Tony's bowels while grinding it from side to side.

Tony's words were stifled due to having his own cock stuffed inside his mouth, but from the way the boy's anal muscles savagely began attacking his thrusting cock, Todd knew the boy was on the very edge of feeding himself with his own delicious boy spunk.

Tony's eyes widened as his own spunk began firing rapid stringy shots onto the roof of his mouth. Be it his own cock in his mouth, or the man's cock feeding his ass with the most heart warming sensation he'd never known, either way, Tony began grunting profusely as he began swallowing his own boy goo.

That was all it took for Todd as his own cock expanded, then jets of sperm ropes exploded deeper into the boy's muscle clutching bowels. Todd went blind from his orgasm as he fought within himself to fuck his spunk into the boy's vacuuming bowels. Tony grunted and groaned as he felt the soothing hot cream shoot inside of him as he dined on his own baby making cream.

Todd hammered his sperm shooting cock in and out of Tony's ass until his cock went completely soft. Breathing harder than ever before, Todd collapsed onto the bed on Tony's right side. Tony let his legs fall down on top of the mattress, watery eyes consumed at staring at the ceiling. His asshole felt an itching emptiness, and it was then that Tony realized just how much he loved feeling Todd's cock plow his ass. He was exhausted, but in Tony's young mind, he wanted more hot sex.

The two lay in bed, both speechless, for nearly fifteen minutes. Tony rolled to his side, looking into Todd's eyes, then whispered, "Man, dat sho be's da shits, if in you knows what I's means. I sho does likes da way I's feels wid dat big white dick of yours up my black ass. Can we do it so mo? I's really, really wants to feels it back up my ass mista Todd."

Todd, his eyes glued onto Tony's big brown eyes replied, "For one thing, please stop calling me mister. Just call me Todd from now on. And yes, absolutely yes we can do this again, over and over if it pleases you."

Tony then asked Todd if he could have a soda. Todd rambled out of bed sauntering into the small kitchenette. Just his luck, there wasn't any soda in the refrigerator. So, Todd slipped his pants, shirt, and shoes on, then kissed Tony as he made his way down the elevator to the lobby to get them some sodas.

As Todd was placing the money in the slot, the resort manager, Derrick, approached Todd. Like it was mentioned earlier, Derrick and Todd share the same fascination with young boys. Derrick is a black man in his mid fifties. He's not just black, his skin coloration is dark, dark, black. On two rare occasions, the two of them did share in the delight of having sex with two different young boys. Todd was well aware of what Derrick looked like bare ass naked. The man stood a solid 250 pounds with a slight pot belly. Derrick kept his head bald and sported a very thick mustache.

Todd also knew what Derrick's cock looked like when erect. Without doing any bragging, Todd knew that between the two of them, he had the larger cock. Derrick's cut solid black cock stood out from his body a thick five inches and was about as thick as Todd's cock. Todd also was aware of the fact that Derrick was very verbal towards the boys when it came to slamming his meat in their young asses.

Derrick eased himself close to Todd, then whispered, "Todd, you sure do have one fine mocha skinned boy in that room. I got to admit, you are one very lucky man. You know I got a thing for them young mocha skinned boys. How about you and I share some of this action?"

Todd was shaking his head as he responded, "I don't know. There's something special about this one. I could easily spend the rest of my life making love to him every second of the day."

Derrick interjected, "Yeah, yeah, I've heard that before, and besides, when did you start taking a liking to young black boys? I thought you only were into little white boys!"

Todd rebutted, "Derrick, as a general rule, you are correct in your assumption, but like I said, there's something special about this one. He's everything I've ever dreamed of, plus a whole lot more!"

Shaking his head in pure frustration, Derrick whispered, "Come on man, hook a brother up. After all, I know you took the boy's virginity!"

It was then that Todd recalled the way Tony mentioned that he felt as though they were being watched. With that in mind, Todd looked Derrick straight into his eyes, then asked, "Wait a minute, just hold on. Have you been spying on us? Is there a camera in the room that I wasn't made aware of? What's the deal Derrick? I thought you and I had an agreement!"

Derrick shot back, "Get your sodas and I'll tell you the truth, better yet, I'll show you the truth."

Todd got their sodas, and he and Derrick got back on the elevator. No words had been exchanged as they walked right up to the suite Todd and Tony were in. Instead of going on in, Derrick walked right past the door, and stepped up to the next door past theirs. This was labeled as the "mechanical room." Derrick used his key and the two of them stepped inside.

The room itself was fairly small, but Todd did find it a bit interesting to discover there wasn't any mechanical equipment inside whatsoever. The two stepped through a narrow opening and Todd's jaw almost hit the ground. Standing in the dimly lit room, he could see out of the mirror leading into their room. He watched as he saw Tony laying in bed, slowly jacking on his erect six inches of breath taking beauty.

Derrick whispered, "See, I can see everything in here, and nobody has a key to this room but me. Come on now, man, just look at that gorgeous boy jacking that tasty treat of boy meat. Damn Todd, hook me up please. You know if the shoes were on the other foot, I'd invite you!"

Todd knew that Derrick was right, cause he had invited him on both of those occasions. However, the few times he had used the resort's rooms, he now realized he had been given the same room, and now he knew why. Derrick had been spying on him the entire time."

Todd whispered, "I'll ask the boy if he's up to it. If he is, then I'll wave you in, but if he isn't, then that's it, okay?"

Derrick agreed and Todd walked out of the room, then entered his room. Todd walked up to the side of the bed closest to Tony, handing the boy his soda, then spoke, "Tony, there's something I got to ask you, and for the life of me, I don't know how to go about it. (taking in several deep breaths) You see, there's a man here, the manager, who kind of likes the same things as I do, meaning, young boys. You see Tony, he has a special thing for young mocha skinned boys such as yourself, and when he saw you, well uh, let's just say you sparked his interest somewhat. Now, he has asked me if you would be up to having a threesome. Naturally, I told him that would be a decision that you would have to make. Is that something that you would possibly consider?"

Tony swigged down some of his soda, smacked his lips, then eagerly replied, "You means, deys be's another man who wants to fucks me? Do he have a big white dick like yours?"

Todd was shaking his head, then countered, "Well, he is black, and much darker than yourself, but no, his dick isn't as big as mine, but I do thank you for the wonderful compliment though. I guess his dick is around 5 inches, thick, and unlike us, he is circumcised."

Tony smiled, then shot back, "So's, he be's a nigga den! My dicks bigger dan his, dats fo sho, but if we do dis, will you be's given me some mo of dat big white dick?"

Todd smiled as he fired back, "Absolutely, but how about us stop using color to describe one another, okay?"

Tony shook his head in agreement as Todd lowered his face to the boy's erect cock. Todd's body immediately began quivering as the taste of Tony's cock set his inner soul on fire. While Todd was slurping away at Tony's boy pole, Todd placed his right hand behind his back and motioned to Derrick that he could join in on the action.

Derrick had already been stroking his hard cock through his slacks and damn near walked through the wall trying to get out of the room. Derrick fumbled with the key to gain access into their room, but once he did, he was literally stripping out of his clothes as he hastily made his way up to the side of the bed closest to Tony.

Tony's young eyes widened as he saw Derrick's cock. It was jet black and the engorged mushroom shaped head was a dark brown in color. The man's cock was about as thick as Todd's, but it was layered with thick veins running up and down the jet black shaft. Tony could also see the huge glob of pre-cum glistening as it pumped out of the gaping piss slit.

Derrick walked right up to Tony, grabbing the boy's head, and shoved his meaty man choker straight into Tony's mouth, saying, "Yeah boy, suck that fat black cock. Make it feel goooooooooood! Yeah baby, yeah, suck my meat like you want it! Ahhhhhhh that's it boy, suck it, suck it real gooooood!"

Tony had no choice but to suck on the man's cock since he held his face onto it. The man began humping his cock in and out of Tony's overly bloated mouth, almost to the point Tony felt the urge to gag, but somehow managed to hold back. Todd's loving mouth felt awesome as it bobbed up and down on his cock, and Tony inwardly confessed that he was actually enjoying sucking on the black man's cock while having his own pecker worked on.

However, Tony at first didn't much care for the rather salty tasting pre-cum, but after a few seconds of having the man's cock fuck his mouth, he got over the slightly bitter taste, and was now enjoying it.

Derrick cried out, "Hot damn, damn, this boy sure knows how to suck a cock! Yeah baby boy, suck that fat dick, suck it goooooooooood, yeah boy, yessssssssss, suck it!"

Tony hadn't been sucking Derrick's cock for about a minute or so when Derrick shouted, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, yeah, yessssssssss, here, oh fuck, here it, ah shit, here it comes boy, yesssssssssss!"

Tony felt the thick goo strike the roof of his mouth, followed by a massive rush of several more. By now, he already knew what it was shooting into his mouth, so he began swallowing. Tony gagged once his taste buds informed him of the actual taste. It was way saltier than Todd's was, and it was bitter tasting. Nonetheless, Tony fought back the urge to throw up, and somehow began forcing his throat to accept more of the liquid hot spunk as fast as it entered his mouth.

Derrick yelled, "Damn, damn, ah fuck me, that's it boy, take my load, yes, yes, oh shit yesssssssssssss!"

Todd could hear and see all that was transpiring, but he was bound and determined to force the boy's cock to produce another gut soothing load. Wetting his left middle finger with his own saliva, Todd shot it up the boy's ass. That was all it took for Tony's body to buck, then power spray jets of hot boy spunk into Todd's sucking mouth.

Now, all three were moaning as Derrick fed Tony with his man sized chunks of man cream, and Todd was busy savoring every delicious ounce of appetizing boy juice that young Tony could toss up. Just like before, the boy's spunk was virtually tasteless. Though it wasn't much, Todd was very appreciative for the supply of boy nectar Tony just served him with.

Derrick pulled his still hard cock from the boy's mouth, then jumped up on the bed, placing himself in the center, flat on his back. Taking a few short breaths, Derrick barked, "I got to get me some of that hot mocha ass! Boy, get your ass up and sit down on my face so I can eat that hot little ass of yours!"

Tony complied and soon found himself straddling the man's body, facing the foot of the bed. Derrick gasped as he watched the two chiseled mounds of muscular mocha flesh part, revealing the tiny hairless dot of the boy's asshole. Tony squatted and Derrick reached out and gripped both of Tony's thighs, slamming the boy's ass onto his thrusting meaty tongue.

Tony, once feeling the man's thick tongue swab all over his asshole, cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, dat be's it nigga, eat dat ass, ohhhhhhh sheeeeeeyyyyyuuuuutttttttt mudda fucker!"

Todd sat on his his knees in front of Tony, marveling over the way the boy's face twisted and contorted from abundance pleasure due to Derrick's experienced tongue drilling away at his super tasty asshole. Tony gyrated his hips as the man's thick tongue performed magic on his bung hole, slinging his head from side to side, moaning from the sheer profound pleasure.

Tony winced, then shouted, "Todd, Todd, gimme some mo of dat dick of yours. Gimme it! Let's me sucks on it some mo!"

Todd stood up and tip toed in front of Tony who immediately slapped his juicy lips on his cock. Todd placed both of his hands behind the boy's neck and he too began moaning at the miracle taking place on his cock. Tony had his left hand gripping sharply onto Todd's left butt cheek while his right hand latched onto the base of Todd's cock and was torturously jacking it back and forth while his mouth and tongue feverishly worked on his meaty cock.

Every now and then, Todd could hear Derrick mumble something, but by having a face full of Tony's one-of-a-kind ass stuffed into his face, his words were nothing more than faint mumbles. Tony himself was grunting profusely, and just by the sounds Tony was making, Todd knew that Derrick's tongue was darting in and out of the boy's ass, exploring its super hot and muscle clamping interior.

Nearly fifteen minutes had passed when Todd saw, and felt, Derrick's body shifting. Though Tony's mouth felt extremely awesome on his cock, Todd wasn't nowhere close to busting another nut, or at least, anytime soon that is. Derrick had maneuvered his body out from underneath Tony and was now sitting flush on his ass, shaking his head profusely from side to side.

Derrick took in a deep breath, then blurted, "Mother fuck me, this boy's ass should be patented. I don't know if my tongue was fucking his ass, or his ass was fucking my tongue. Holy shit that was incredible, but now, I got to feel my cock inside him! Boy, get your ass in the middle of the bed, on all fours, so I can lay a proper fucking on you! You are going to feel my big cock pound proper grammar into that fine mocha ass of yours!"

Tony was getting himself into position with his face facing the headboard. Todd could see a devilish grin on Tony's face, then Tony winked at Todd, then said, "Nigga, my dick be longer dan yours be, and Todd's dick be way bigger dan both of us be's. C'mon den, here it be, (Tony was pointing at his asshole with his right index finger) shows me whatcha got nigga!"

While Derrick was spitting saliva in the palm of his right hand to use as a lubricant, Todd positioned himself into a 69 position so that he could enjoy sucking on the boy's cock, and the boy could suck on his cock. Todd kind of wished Tony hadn't antagonized Derrick the way he had done, cause Todd knew that Derrick could lay the pipe with the best of them. Also, Derrick wasn't the kind of guy who had much patience either when it comes to fucking a young boys ass, and Todd knew this all too well.

As Derrick was coating his cock with his spit, his eyes stayed focused on the boy's glistening speck of a poop chute. While he massaged his spit onto his cock, Derrick, somewhat in an angry tone, lashed out, "Little boy, I don't know who you think you are by calling me a nigger, but I'm fixing to fuck the living shit out of you. By the time I'm done, your little ass will be calling me daddy, you got that you little disrespectful street trash?"

Tony was in the process of wrapping those juicy lips of his around Todd's cock, when his head shot upwards, and he cried out, "Owwwwwwwwwww, sheeeeeeyyyyyyyuuuuuutttttttt mudda fucker, ow, ow, ow, ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, owwwwwwwwwwwww!"

Todd had a birds eye view of what had just transpired. Derrick didn't take the time to ease his cock into the boy's ass, instead, he slammed it all the way home and was now thrusting back and forth while using his right hand to slap Tony's bare ass rather hard.

Derrick shouted, "Yeah baby boy, yeah, that's right! You aint talking shit now are you? Ohhhhhh fuck, yeah, yessssssss, take my big fucking cock bitch boy, yeah that's it boy! Who's the nigger now boy?"

Todd could hear the long and profound hissing coming from Tony's mouth as he was doing whatever he could to will the pain away. Todd tried to do his part by increasing his sucking pressure upon the boy's cock while he felt Tony's fingers dig deeply into his upper thighs.

Todd watched as Derrick's thick, blacker than black, cock pile drive in and out of the boy's ass a mile a minute. Todd could hear the violent slaps being delivered to Tony's ass cheeks as he observed Derrick's low hanging balls sling themselves forwards, smacking sharply onto Tony's tightly withdrawn nuggets.

Tony's hands enveloped Todd's cock, and Todd heard Tony scream, "C'mon nigga man, gimme dat cock, makes me feels it! Yes, fucking yeah, do it nigga, yessssssssss, yessssssssss, harder beyutch, haaarrrrdddderrrrr nigga, haaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!"

By hearing that, Todd now knew that Tony's pain was gone and now the boy was really getting into having his young ass royally plowed, and plowing was precisely what Derrick was now doing. Todd couldn't help not to hear the violent force of Derrick's thrust as the man waylaid his meaty manhood in and out of Tony's bung hole with blazing speed.

For ten flesh pounding minutes, Derrick's ass pounding pace was nothing less than mind boggling. Todd heard Tony grunt, then was rewarded with some more of the boy's watery cream. Todd was moaning feverishly as he felt each warm spray shoot from Tony's cock. It was during the third jet of boy sperm when Todd's own body began convulsing as his cock unleashed gushes upon gushes of man juice into Tony's sucking mouth.

Tony was busy swallowing Todd's sperm, ramming his ass onto Derrick's thrusting cock, while doing his utmost best to squeeze as hard as he could using just his anal muscles. Tony already had discovered that he got more pleasure when he clamped down on his anal muscles, and now he was using every ounce of strength he could muster to crush Derrick's anal plowing cock.

Derrick flung his head backwards, crying out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy, here, here it uhhhhhhhhh, here it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd!"

Todd, although he was damn near blind while his own orgasm seemed endless, could see the white cum streaks appear all over Derrick's ass thrusting shaft. Tony was caught in a mixture of moans, grunts, and whimpers while his young body shook violently from his own orgasmic pleasures.

Tony had milked the last drop of Todd's sperm, and flung his head up high, while crying, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I, I, I's, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooo!"

Todd had already sucked the last tasteless morsel of Tony's cum, but was still sucking the boy's cock vehemently, when he felt the hot juice explode sharply into his mouth. In Tony's mind, another mind blasting orgasm seared thru his body, but in all reality, the boy was dumping his bladder juice down Todd's throat.

Within a flash of a second, Todd realized it was Tony's piss, so he quickly began swallowing. Derrick, although his cock was spent, was still semi flaccid, and he was still doing his best to pound Tony's ass into immortal oblivion.

Tony was whimpering, grunting, groaning, and moaning, still thinking he was dumping another cum load into Todd's mouth. Even through all that was transpiring, the boy had enough sense to continuously use his anal muscles to combat Derrick's thrusting ass plugger.

In time, Tony's bladder was completely empty, and Todd's lips lavishly held the boy's now limper than limp noodle. Derrick's ass cramming pace slowed to a screeching halt as he was busy tossing his head all over and making blowing noises from his mouth.

Derrick was the first to free his cock, and no sooner had he done that, he literally collapsed on the bed. Tony rolled towards his left, and he too, collapsed on the bed. Todd was already on his back, and all he could do was work on trying to catch his breath.

Almost a solid ten minutes had passed when Derrick was the first to speak, "Holy fuck, that boy's ass is something else, something else I tell you! Those fucking ass muscles of his damn near skinned the flesh right off of my cock! Hot damn, whew, that was fucking incredible!"

*****Todd was so in love with Tony, and after Tony's approval, Todd met up with Tony's mother. In a brief, very brief, conversation, Todd could tell that Tony's mother didn't give a damn about Tony whatsoever. To make a long story short, Todd paid Tony's mom $25,000.00 for her to sign over custody.

As time went on, their love for one another only grew. Thank to Todd, Tony went on to get a proper education, and lived his life without ever having to want for anything. Upon Todd's death, Tony was awarded everything. Now, Tony being 31 years of age, and an Harvard graduate, it was his turn to mimic his best friend, his mentor, his teacher, his hero, and his lover.

As Tony, now a billionaire, lounged on his and Todd's yacht, he watched his new friend, a 12 year old white boy, a street kid just as he once was, basking in the sun, bare ass naked.

The boy, nickname being "Shutter" looked over at Tony, then whispered, "Mista Tony sur, is you be gonna gimme some mo of dat dick of yours?"

Tony could only smile as he remembered!