Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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          My sweet friend, Grace, had invited me to tour her work place. I knew she was a child social worker but that was about the extent of my knowledge of her chosen vocation. I met her for lunch in a rather seedy looking part of town and she seemed to be picking my brain a little more than usual. She was asking some very personal questions. She knew much more about me than I was comfortable with but I let the conversation continue. I was about ready to bolt and run for my life but I was curious and stayed for more of her inquisition.
          Lunch consumed, and the tab divvied and paid, we walked across the street to a nondescript looking building with all the appearance of an old school or governmental office building. I soon learned that it was the county orphanage. Grace worked with helpless children in need of a family and a home. Emotion overcame me as I saw all of the young faces with hope in their eyes and despair in their body language.
          Grace led me throughout the building letting me see many children from infancy to older teens. Children trying to make the best of their lives turned upside down by circumstance. The state tries to place children in foster homes or homes of small groups. These children were special cases. They were considered hard to place or even non-placable. They were of mixed parentage or with severe physical problems. My heart was absolutely breaking as I saw the faces of so many children. Grace kept me moving so that I had no time ro reflect on any one child. Some of the children were in fact orphans due to some tragic event in their young lives. Many if not most, of the children had been placed here by Child Protective Services because of continuing abuse in their household situations.
          Grace led me to a wing of some very sad faces that were of this category. It was in a dorm room with ten young men ranging in age from ten to about fourteen. The boys were clean. The room was spotless and, unlike youngsters of their ilk, there was no clutter. No clothes strewn about. No odd books laying askance, No socks under the bed. It was eerie. I felt that I was in a dream world, not a world of healthy youngsters. I suppose that the living conditions dictated their cleanliness. It would be difficult to live with an undisciplined neighbor but I hadn't seen this kind of order outside of a military barracks and even there the clutter grew exponentially when the occupants were present and off duty. I couldn't help but feel that this display had been staged for my benefit.
          I walked around the room and was introduced to each youngster then herded to the back corner of the room where there was a tray of cookies and a container of kool-aid. Grace suddenly remembered an urgent matter and left me alone to visit with the boys. I knew I was being set up, but for what? I was cautiously leery but intrigued by these round eyed youngsters who seemed to hang on my every breath.
          I sat down at the table and the boys huddled as close as they could get their chairs to interleave. They were inquisitive as only boys can be and I enjoyed their questions very much. I especially enjoyed their precious giggles as I tried to be as humorous as my ancient mind could be in the face of such overwhelming beauty and youth.
          All of the boys were longing for a family to take them home. They wanted to belong somewhere, to develop an individuality for themselves. The older boys were especially anxious. There was fourteen year old Damien.
          Damien had been in the system for three years. His mother had died from an overdose of heroine. He had been a street kid in a ghetto situation and still had some of the rough street in him. I suppose it was necessary for his mental survival but I wondered how much intimidation the others received from him.
          Joshua was twelve. He was the cutest kid I had seen in a long time. His face was very elvish with his turned up nose and green eyes. His ears actually had a bit of a point on the top. His teeth were startlingly white and straight. A faint row of freckles bridged his nose though one had to look closely to see them. His sandy blonde hair was straight and cut short. He had an older brother and a younger sister that had been adopted two years ago but it seemed that no one had room for him.
          Eric was a precocious little eleven year old with a passion for knowledge. Ever the inquisitor his little mouth never closed. I suggested that his ears would work better if he would close his mouth and listen to the answers to his questions. He gave a lilting giggle that was mimicked by the assemblage and melted my old fag heart.
          Tiny Markum was the youngest. He had just turned ten and had been promoted to this room a week before. He was just finding his own. Learning to fend for one self at this young age is very tough. My heart was melting for all of these young men.
          Lyle was ten. He had been here since birth. He was of mixed parentage and considered unadoptable by this system. I hate bigots. This boy was bright and full of joy. He would brighten any home by just walking in the door.
          Before I could really get the chance to visit with the other five Grace returned. She had some other places to take me so I bid adieu to my admirers and followed her from the dorm. She turned into the first doorway from the dorm and placed her finger to her lips. We were in a darkened room with a large window overlooking the dorm.
          When the boys were sure that we were gone Damien turned to Joshua and knocked the living shit out of the youngster. Josh went down crying as all of the boys joined in hitting him and kicking him. Damien dropped his pants and Joshua crawled over to the older boy and began to suck his dick. The other boys opened their pants and everything from cocklets to nice young dicks appeared.
          Damien satisfied, Joshua turned to the boy next to him. It was Markum who sported a nice little three inch boner. Joshua must know what he was doing because Markum was deep in orgasmic pleasure in moments.
          There were three thirteen year olds and a twelve year old that I had not gotten to talk to. Each of these boys were in puberty and gave Joshua a creamy treat for his actions. Joshua serviced each of the boys, one at a time.
          When all had been satisfied Josh dropped his pants and revealed a very grown up appendage of about five inches. At least it looked that big from my vantage point. He began to masturbate himself as the others turned and walked away. He had himself worked up to a climax in short order and cupped his hand in front of his spouting penis. Drained, he licked his hands clean then puled his pants up.
          I turned and looked at Grace. "You stood here and allowed that? They raped that boy."
          "That is why we can't place Joshua. He has shown homosexual leanings since he was five years old. He especially likes older men and always makes a pass at them, groping, rubbing, or most often, kissing them on the mouth. I was stunned that he didn't come on to you. I think that he really likes you and didn't want to frighten you away."
          I laughed that statement off. I am fifty years old and my lean body had thickened with my age and inactivity. I know that I am no catch but Grace slapped that out of my mind real quick. "I am placing Joshua in your custody as of right now. All of the paper work is done. I just need you to sign about three months worth of back dated documents swearing that you and Joshua have been together and he enjoys living in your home, you know all the regular bull shit. The adoption has been approved and all we need to do is have the two of you appear before the judge next Tuesday."
          I sat with my mouth wide open. "Look, Chris, I have known you for seven, eight years. I know you love boys. It's written all over you. I love you and know that you would never hurt a single soul. Joshua needs you and I watched your face as those boys abused him. I was afraid that you would run out of the door and try to rescue him. You couldn't have. You need a key to get out of here." Her laughter lit up the room bringing me back to reality.
          "If you know that I am a, what did you call it, boy lover? why would you put this tiny twelve year old in my care? If he is as gay, I hate that word, and as you say and I am a boy lover, isn't that a volatile coupling. I will be in prison within a week."
          "No, you are protected. I have seen to it that everything is clearly spelled out in Joshua's history. You will not be held accountable for any activity that transpires between the two of you. I have documents signed by the state supreme court and a pardon from future events with Joshua signed by the governor, herself."
          This was too much. These things don't happen. A lady had entered the dorm and was packing all of Joshua's things in a small suitcase. He was jumping up and down. He flipped Damien off and mooned him. I heard him yell, "fuck all of you!" at the other boys as he ran to the door. Grace opened our door as Joshua came out of the dorm. He and I stood face to face. He looked up at me as the tears welled up in his eyes. I held out my arms and he rushed into me. His head buried just under my chin, his erection rubbing on my thigh. What was I getting into. I kissed the boy's head and put my arm around him as we followed Grace out of the building.
          Grace kissed me on the cheek and told me she would stay in touch. She hugged Joshua and wished him good luck. I opened the trunk of my car and put Joshua's small bag inside then I opened the door for him and made sure he buckled his seat belt. I was shaking so hard that I had to steady myself as I walked around the back of the car. I went into an anxiety attack. I was shaking so hard, I started coughing, my blood pressure was on the rise. I felt as if I would pass out.
          I got control of myself and got in the car. Joshua did not have his seat belt on. He climbed over to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. With a loving kiss on my cheek, "Daddy, don't worry. I will be the best son you can imagine. I know that you are scared but I don't bite, at least not very hard." I looked at him as he gave a liltish flip of his eyes then slid back into his seat and buckled himself in.

          I was still trembling inside as I pulled into Pizza Hut. I needed to break the ice with this guy. They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I think it's a female thing. I thought that pizza is the universal food for boys. It was early and the all you can eat lunch was laid out. Joshua had six large slices of pizza on his plate as he headed to the table. I turned him around and helped him fix himself a salad. He smiled at me. "I knew you loved me."
          I have such mixed emotions with this boy. He is much to young for my normal tastes. He is so small as to be fragile. I sat and stared at him as he vacuumed the food from his plate and made a trip for six more pieces. He seemed to prefer pepperoni--surprise--and sausage. He told me he liked mushrooms and onions with either of these two meats so I asked the girl if she could make one that way. Even after two plates of salad and twelve pieces of pizza he charged over when his special was put up. He brought me two slices and had two for himself.
          "Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do?"
          "I like to read." He said between mouthfuls.
          "What's your favorite types of books?"
          "Harry Potter."
          "You imagine yourself with powers, like a witch?"
          "Oh don't be silly. You know that doesn't happen. People who are that weak minded are too easily controlled." I looked at him sideways. "Well think about it. If a person really believed that they could do magic then somebody who read a little about magic tricks and did some phony magician stuff in front of them could make them do whatever they wanted, right?"
          He was a smart cookie. "Daddy, I may be a faggot but I know how God created me and everyone else. Like I said, I like to read and I learned to read by reading the Bible."
          "You read the Bible but you call yourself a faggot."
          "Didn't you ever read the Bible? What did Noah's son do to him? What did Jonathan and David do? What was Paul's thorn? What about Timothy and Titus with Paul? Those stories all raise questions don't they? God loves the sinner, He just hates the sin. He sent Jesus to forgive our sins."
          "What you are saying could be construed as blasphemy."
          "Well, have you ever read them?"
          "Maybe not as much or as well as I should have. Anyway, I have all of the Harry Potter movies." I wanted to get away from this subject for now. This was not the time or place.
          "The movies are okay for what they are but I like to read and get the whole story. Movies leave too much stuff out."
          "Well, I do have all six books in hardback and I have scanned all six books into my computer so that you can read them electronically if you want."
          "Why do you have them on the computer?"
          "I have all of my books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, everything on electronic media. I make backups so that if anything happens to the original I have a copy. I have all of my photographs on CD. If I ever have a fire or a flood, for example I won't totally lose everything.. Look at all of the things people lost in those hurricanes the two last season. They can never replace that stuff. At least I have copies. It's not the same as the original but it is better than nothing."
          "So what if your copies get ruined?"
          "I keep them in a very safe place a long way away from my house. The chances of both being destroyed are slim."
          "You're kewl yourself. Let's go."
          I showed him the spare bedroom/junk collection site. He giggled, "is there a bed in there?"
          "I think so. Shall we look?"
          "No, I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I'm going to sleep with you anyway so why worry about it?" We were going to have to talk.
          I wasn't ready for bed yet. It was only four o'clock. I stripped and put on some old shorts that I wear around the house. He made himself at home and took a shower. He came in a little later, stark naked. He climbed up in my lap and kissed me, on the lips. "Thank you for bringing me home with you. I will do everything I can to make you proud of me.
          "Daddy, I can call you that can't I?" I nodded. He hugged me, "I am gay. I love to suck cocks. I love the taste of cum. I have sucked twenty three cocks at one time. I made them all cum and I wanted more but the police raided the place and took everybody to jail. Every kid at one highschool football team got busted because of me. I was only eleven and they were all fifteen to eighteen. They are all registered as sex offenders because they did what I wanted. I learned my lesson. I don't want anyone else to go to jail so I stay with my own age group. I hate teenie weenies. I need a man's cock. Ms. Grace said that I could do anything I want with you and you can't go to jail. I am going to eat you alive." He giggled. What the fuck have I got myself into?
          I sat there and watched the news as my tiny bundle of boy curled up and went to sleep in my lap. His tiny head against my chest his thumb in his mouth. His tiny fingers curled up in my chest hair with his butt firmly planted on my right thigh and his legs tucked up against himself.
          Sixty three pounds of pure trouble. Four foot two inches of all boy waiting to be molded into a man. Could I take on that job? What had Grace thought of when she sent this little bundle of love to me? I have been a dismal failure at everything I ever tried. I couldn't even make my marriage to my highschool sweetheart work. I had to go and chase boys. She took my son and fled. If I was not good enough to raise my own son how could I raise this one?
          My case had been rather public. My picture was all over the news. I had recurring sex with a boy for five years. It was back in the eighties, before the sex laws became what they are now. I was not registered but I may as well have been. The police kept a close watch on me. Every time a boy came up missing I was questioned. Once branded....
          The news flashed the picture of a young blond man. He was found with child porn on his computer. He had pictures of boys as young as one year old. He had suggestive pictures of small boys in various poses. This fucker is sick. And I'm sitting here with a naked twelve year old boy in my lap. When does the pot get to call the kettle black?
          The phone rang and I nearly climbed out of my skin. Josh stirred. He realized that he had been drooling down my chest. He was mortified as he sought something to wipe me off with. I held him still as I listened to the phone.
          "How are you two doing?" Grace asked. I told her that my little one was tired and had fallen asleep and that I was watching the news. She asked the biggy, "did he try to jump you yet?"
          "That's a little personal, don't you think?" Then I laughed. "No, in fact he is the modicum of chastity. He has stated his position but made no personal attempts. He has told me more of his past than I am comfortable with but I suppose I need to know these things. I would rather just love the boy for who he is and not what he is. Does that make sense?"
          "Of course it does. I think that you two will get along very well when you quit analyzing everything and learn to trust and love. I'll let you go. Have a good evening." She hung up. I looked at the phone and realized that I was being stared at.
          "You want to love me?"
          "I want to love you more than anything in the world, my son."
          "Wow." He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

          It wasn't easy trying to get out of a reclining chair with sixty three pounds of boy in my lap. I really didn't want to wake him up but I had to pee. I managed to rise and carry him to my bed. I went to my bathroom and took a long hot shower. That relaxed me to the point of deciding to go on to bed. It was just past eight but I had been mentally drained.
          It was hot so I just lay down on top of the sheets. I don't even put blankets on the bed at this time of the year. I found a good position and lay still. The tiny tot beside me rolled over and spooned into my side. His hand rested on my soft cock as his head came to rest on my right arm. His breathing returned to slow and steady. I pulled my arm a little closer around him and drifted off to sleep.
          The room had brightened by the time I awakened. Josh was not beside me. I opened my eyes and he was sitting cross legged at my side watching me. "Do you know that you have had three hard ons since six o'clock. Your dick is huge. You get hard and it bounces around for about twelve minutes then it slowly goes soft. Forty five minutes later it gets hard again. I have read that most men and boys do that, even little babies, but I never got to sleep with anyone so that I could watch it. I thought that you would cum but you didn't."
          "You know what? Let me pee and have a cup of coffee before you educate me. I have to get the cob webs out of my head, little man." He giggled and followed me to the toilet. He stood up to the bowl and crossed streams with me.
          "I like to watch you pee." I headed out of the bathroom and picked up my shorts. "Daddy...I won't do anything just stay naked and let me look. I have never....well, I ah...."
          I picked him up and hugged him tight and carried him to the kitchen. I fixed us a breakfast of oatmeal and OJ with toast. "I guess the first thing we need to do is to buy you some clothes. Then we need to clean out that room."
          He protested cleaning the room until I reminded him that he was a ward of the state. The state could send an inspector in to see how we were living and it would not look good for us to be sleeping in the same bed. He relented, as long as it is just for appearances and he "could still sleep beside me for reals," he said.

          He was really easy to buy for. All the stores had his size and at very low prices. I don't have a lot of money, I am independently wealthy but I have to spend wisely so that the interest exceeds my expenditure. I don't want to touch the principal.
          I spent about three hundred dollars on pants, shirts, shoes, socks, and unmentionables. He has some cute ways of saying things. We had a junk food lunch and took in a movie. He had not seen the new Batman Returns and it was on at the two dollar theater. I thought we better catch it before it was gone and have to wait for the DVD.
          A little after three we headed home. The road was blocked to the freeway and we had to take a detour. I asked some bystanders and someone said that a train had hit a car this morning and they were still cleaning it up. "Why can't people pay attention? A train will always win. A car or even a truck is no match."

          Grace was sitting out front as I pulled into the driveway. Josh jumped out of the car. Grace's car door burst open and an older boy came flying out followed by a little girl of about eight. She was picture perfect.
          Grace pointed at my front door. I unlocked it as she herded the children inside. "Daddy, this is my brother, David and my sister Sarah." I greeted them both. They both came to me and hugged me. They had been crying.
          "Fate is trying to correct the state's error." Grace said. "These three were separated because of bigotry." There was a long pause as Grace and I watched the siblings interact. It was clear that there was a lot of love there. It was a crime that they could not be together as nature had intended.
          "Chris, how do you feel about Joshua?"
          "It's Josh, now. We are on an equal plain and have nowhere to go but up," I told her.
          "Can I throw your plain a little off balance? David and Sarah lost their foster parents in an accident with a train today. Witness said that they were shouting at each other as they drove down the road. Mr. Tremble drove around the barrier gate then stopped on the railroad tracks moments before the train arrived. It was murder, suicide."
          I fell back in my chair. David looked at me. He looked at Sarah and then Grace. He got up and came over and sat in my lap as he began to cry. He was a strapping lad of about five foot two. He carried one hundred pounds on his muscled frame. He had the same hair and eyes of Josh. His freckles could still be seen although they were fading from his young face.
          "I killed them." He sobbed.
          The room was absolutely still. I looked at Grace. She shrugged her shoulders. We sat in silence and waited for fourteen year old David to get control of himself.
          "Bobby Preston spent the night with me last night. Mom came in to wake us up this morning and I was beside the bed sucking Bobby's dick while he was still asleep. They made Bobby go home. She was calling me fagboy and queer and all kinds of names. Dad came in and beat me with a belt. He took Sarah and me and drove us over to the home and dumped us out. We sat outside crying as they drove away. Somebody from inside saw us out there and came out to get us. They knew who we are and they called Ms. Grace."
          I pulled him to me. Josh jumped up and ran over to hug both of us. I wagged my finger at Sarah, "Come here, Princess." She smiled and came over and crawled up into the group hug.
          "Why did you call me Princess? My daddy used to call me Princess."
          "You remember that? You were only five when they..." I looked at Grace. She shut up.
          "Sarah is a name from the book of Genesis in the Bible. The name means Princess and you look just like a beautiful Princess." She climbed between the boys to hug my neck and give me a kiss.
          As if my life hadn't gotten complicated enough in the last twenty four hours... Grace smiled at me. I rolled my eyes. I can't believe what I am thinking. It would be a crime....

          Well, we didn't split them up so nature wouldn't be coming down on me for that. Grace left to do mountains of paper work. I sat, dumbfounded and watched my three children frolic and play in my living room.
          I had to think about beds. It was early yet but time wasn't going to stand still. I looked at Josh's room. That would have to be for Sarah. It was too small for two boys. I opened the door to the room from hell. I had not been in here since my wife and son left. It was pretty much the way he had left it nineteen years ago. Toys and clothing, posters and furniture for a twelve year old boy, covered in tons of dust. I had just not been able to bring myself in there.

          I didn't really miss my wife. I deserved what I got. But I missed my son. I had not watched him grow up. I had not seen nor heard from him in almost two decades. I sat in the doorway and cried. The kids didn't know what was going on so they stayed silent as they sat down with me and we all cried about our own personal hurts.
          Sarah had fallen asleep. I got up and put sheets and a pillow on the sofa for her. The boys undressed her down to her tiny pink panties. David said something about a mermaid on them. I don't know girls but I guess I was going to be the father of one.
          The two boys ran for my queen sized bed and were adorning it with their naked bodies sporting full boy erections when I got there. I looked at them and shook my head. I told the boys that they needed to work out their own situation and headed into the bathroom for a shower. I peeked out a few minutes later. I left the water running so they wouldn't know that I was perving on them. What a scene for a pervert. The two brothers had a couple of things straight between them and they were giving each other all of their oral talents to settle things down.
          I waited a little longer then made a big to do about turning off the water and drying myself. I came back to my bed to find two very out of breath boys with wilted cocks and big grins on their faces. They both kissed me with serious cum breath. I smiled at them and pulled a boy up on each arm as we waited for the sandman to make his trek. He came within a very few minutes.


          Summer was drawing to a close and I had to think about school clothes for three children. Grace had arranged for a nice sum of money from the state to help pay the kid's expenses and all three of them had the state's medical insurance program. Still there are needs. I would have one, Sarah, in elementary school. That was only two blocks away. Josh would be at the middle school five blocks over from that. David would be a freshman at the highschool a mile in the opposite direction. Well, we were a family and we would work it out.
          The kids had adapted. Children are resilient and they adapt quickly. I was another story all together. I felt so good having them with me but I was concerned about the boys. Both of them had an aversion to wearing clothes. They had managed to get it on with me. It was not a big problem for them but I kept having this nagging feeling of being caught by Sarah and having to explain what we were doing and most of all, why. I could not dampen the boy's drive. They were hormone driven fag boys and I so wanted to play all day as they did. I am the father and they would just have to accept my rules.

          Grace called me and she asked if we would join her for a picnic and a walk through the zoo. She wanted to see our interaction personally, not on paper or hear our account of it in our many interviews. Eleven o'clock Sunday morning three exuberant youngsters bound out of my car and made a full speed run toward their friend sitting at a picnic table under the trees. I carried a large cooler of my homemade soda. I don't allow the kids too much sugar but I will not allow aspertine, NutraSweet, equal, whatever you want to call it. I know its dangers and pitfalls and I will not have these three victims to the insidiousness of the poison being perpetrated on the world today.
          Grace had three kids clinging to her as they shared all of our household secrets with her. I sat the cooler down and turned to see a young couple approaching our little group. Josh looked up and froze for a moment then recognition washed across his face. He ran to the couple as he yelled out, "Aunt Reba." David turned and ran to greet the young lady also. Sarah approached cautiously.
          "You can call me Becky now. My name is Rebecca, like in the Bible. You are David and you are Joshua, and you, little princess, are Sarah."
          "Are you my mommy. You look like..." the tears burst forth as the little lady broke down in the arms of her aunt.
          "No, my precious little princess, I am your aunt. I am you mother's younger sister."
          "You remember Aunt Reba. You walked in front of her throwing rose petals on the ground. Josh was in front of you with the Bible on a pillow and I was behind him with their rings on a pillow. Why do you want us to call you Becky Aunt Reba?"
          "Well my name is Rebecca. I married Aaron. Like Rebecca in the Bible I can't have children. We talked and I like the name Becky better anyway. It was your grandmother, my mother, who hated the name Becky. I always liked it."
          "Aunt Reba, ah Becky, wasn't Rebecca the mother of Joseph and Benjamin?" my little Bible student showed his stuff.
          "Oh Joshua. You do know your Bible." She pulled her nephew to her and hugged him tight. "Yes, she was, but late in life. Aaron and I will never have children."

          We got busy serving the kids lunch. Becky had brought three fried chickens with lots of potato salad. I had a large green vegetable salad with a vinegar and water dressing along with lots of raw vegie sticks and cheese sticks for the kids. They did better with finger foods around the house. They did very well with fried chicken and potato salad. Grace had a dish of baked beans that made me putty in her hand and she brought homemade bread that was so soft and fluffy it almost floated away.
          Grace is a baker. She made the desert, a triple layer chocolate cake. We asked for a respite on that. A walk through the zoo seemed to be in order at the time with the promise of chocolate cake and soda afterwards.
          Aaron and Becky had Sarah between them the entire trek though the wild and wooly animal kingdom. The boys clung to me like the sweat on my brow. Grace observed. I caught her many times as she took up a position and just watched. She would see me looking at her and smile her award winning smile.
          I heard her just before the animals stampeded. Sarah let out a shriek that breaks glass and eardrums for miles around. She was in the lap of Aaron with her arms around his neck. She grabbed for Becky and hugged her. The little lass was happier than I had seen her in the three months that we had been together. I have seen her happy but not like this. I looked at Grace. She had the look of contentment on her face as she gave me two thumbs up.
          I wish people knew their history. Thumbs up was the signal to slit the throat, the thumb being symbolic of a knife, or sword. A closed fist meant life. There was no such thing as a thumbs down. Goes to show, even traditions change with time.
          The boys wrapped their arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. David whispered in my ear, "She's going to live with them."
          Josh had the other ear, "It's just us guys now, big boy." He rubbed his crotch on my leg.

          Across the park a large chocolate cake sat in the trunk of a car. It was yelling out to all who would listen, "EAT ME!" We heard its pleas and set out to appease the confection. There were three water fountains between us and our cars and it seemed that each of us had to stop and consume several gallons of warm liquid with all of it high chemical content designed to destroy any bacteria in it and all the bacteria in our bodies, good and bad.
          Grace set all three kids to assisting in the retrieval of the cake, plates, forks, cups, and drinks. Did I get it all? No, napkins. Aaron and Becky sat down with me. Aaron began. "There is nothing wrong with Becky. She can have all of the children she wants to bear. It is me who cannot have kids." He looked me square in the eye, "I am homosexual." He paused for effect. I sat as expressionless as I could be.
          "At fourteen my father found me and my best friend engaged in anal intercourse. It was our forth time that night and I guess we got really loud. My father was enraged. He told us that if we had to fuck like faggots then we should do it quietly. He was trying to get some sleep and this was the third time he had been awakened." We sat huddled in the corner awaiting whatever was to come next. As soon as it got light out my friend ran home leaving me at my father's mercy.
          "My father had no mercy. He beat me so badly that I had to have my testicles removed. He is still in prison. My friend disappeared. Word was all over school that he was a queer and his dad sent him to an all girls school out of state. To this day I don't know where he is.
          "Becky came to visit me in the hospital. She had always had a crush on me. I told her what I was. She told me that was in the past. She told me that she wanted to be my friend, if I would let her. No one at school knew why my dad beat me. No one knew that I was no longer a boy but a freak." He broke down and began to cry. Becky hugged him. He looked at me. He needed reassurance. I hugged him close and tight.
          "We want children so badly. We were too young when Becky's sister died and I didn't make enough money to qualify to get them. We have watched as they grew up. They had a shaky start but they have been so happy with you these past two months. We really hate to break them up, but.... We were wondering, could you maybe see fit to let us raise Sarah?"
          "You are their blood, do you not want all three of them?"
          "NO! Sorry," The look on Becky's face was one of real fear.
          "No, she is very correct. Chris, I am still queer. I want to get it on with those boys so bad. I know that they are both gay and I know that you are having sex with them. Becky has told me that some afternoon I can go to your house and we can all see how things work out, but only once in awhile.
          "We really want to give Sarah a great life. We want to raise her to be the very best in her school. We want to spoil her and give her everything she desires. But I can't be around the boys too often. Can you understand this?" I could more than understand it but I wondered about Becky allowing him an afternoon with the boys. Is she pandering?
          Grace called us over. The cake was cut and the flies were on their way over. We had to hurry to beat the little buggers.
          Sarah had been eyeballing the swings all afternoon. I suggested that the boys spend one last afternoon with their sister before all of our lives changed, again. Grace was happy that she had worked out another of the dilemmas that seemed to be so much a part of her life.

          I have two graduations to go to this weekend. My twenty year old college boy/boyfriend Josh and I are going to watch his big brother David get his Bachelor of Science at the university on Thursday night. Saturday afternoon we will watch Sarah as she makes her move from highschool on into a new world and life of her own. I am so proud of these kids and what they have done during the eight short years that I have known them. My only hope is that Josh finds himself a boyfriend that is young enough for him. Let's face it, I'm not going to be around for ever, no matter how young his love and cum make me feel.

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