"Justin, My Gift from Fr. Christopher"







Disclaimer: This work is one of fiction. Any resemblance of persons or places mentioned in this story to actual persons or places is only slightly more than coincidence.

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Note: This chapter assumes characters and "facts" introduced in earlier parts of the story

The two weeks was going by with the slowness one would suppose time pass in Hell. Justin and I could barely wait to engage in our special ritual to initiate Justin's `reborn' penis, or, as Justin had put it, to baptize it in the hot font of my mouth.

After 72 hrs, Justin could, per instructions from Dr. McClain, shower, and go out briefly, though he was to return home right away and strip naked and apply fresh ointment until the first week had elapsed. He was to remain naked as much as possible for the first week. Of course, what the doctor didn't know is that Justin and I stay naked most of the time anyway.

We wasted no time placing ourselves in the shower and under its delightful hot spray.

"Ahhhhhhhh, this feels GREAT!" Justin exclaimed.

"It sure does, sweetheart. It's one of life's simple pleasures." I replied.

"I didn't realize that water running across my corona and off the tip of my penis could feel so good." Justin remarked.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet; wait till I go to work on it in another week, sweetie." I suggested

Justin smiled and said:

"I can't wait, let's do it now!"

"Nope...Dr.'s orders. We can't push the healing process. Your incisions must completely heal before I can take your penis fully into my hot mouth, baby. We can't risk infection." I insisted.

"Damn, a little spit can't be that dangerous." Justin questioned.

"Sure it can, baby, there's all sorts of stuff in saliva that, though otherwise harmless, could be harmful to your penis before it had completely healed." I responded.

"Damn!" He repeated.

"I know. It's difficult for me to wait also. But, I'd never do anything that might harm you. I could never live with myself if I were to harm you in any way, my sweet boy." I explained.

"I know you'd never hurt me, Barry. I know how much you love me, and that you could never hurt me. It's the first time in my life I've ever felt safe, Barry. I know I'm safe with you...and it feels WONDERFUL!" He remarked.

"You can count on it, sweetie." I said, as I applied some shampoo to his beautiful auburn hair.

I continued:

"I'll protect you in every way I can, Baby. Of course there might be things completely out of my control, but, to the extent I can keep you safe, I will...ABSOLUTELY." I assured him.

"I know" He replied.

I rinsed the shampoo from his hair and applied conditioner to finish the job. It was so erotic to observe the suds run down his torso and off the tip of his penis. As I was massaging the conditioner into his hair, he reached to take my balls into his hand and began to knead them gently.

"I want you, Barry...NOW!" Justin declared.

"Well, if you insist." I chuckled.

Justin knelt before me, as I rinsed the conditioner from his hair. When the suds disappeared down the drain, Justin lifted my penis with one hand, to position it for his mouth, while continuing to knead my balls with his other hand.

I stepped between the shower head and Justin so Justin wouldn't drown on the water running off the tip of my own penis.

He looked up at me and said:

"I love you, Barry; this is just a little sign of it."

"I treasure that love, sweetie, and I love you as much." I replied.

He extended his tongue and opened his mouth widely. He slowly slid my, now erect, penis along the length of his sweet, hot, tongue and into his mouth. My penis was electrified by its travel along Justin's tongue and by being enveloped in his mouth.

He slowly withdrew my penis to a point where his upper lip was resting atop my glans, just above my meatus. He licked at my frenulum with his tongue, causing my penis to throb and palpitate.

"Oh God, Baby, you're making me so hot." I declared.

"That's the idea." He replied, then took me back into his mouth.

I could feel my scrotum retracting away from his hand. I was close to emission.

He worked on my corona with his tongue, while sliding me in and out of his mouth.

I felt myself lock and load. I had reached emission, the point of no return, as it is called.

"Here it comes, Baby." I whispered.

I exploded into him as he held my penis still in his mouth. I filled his mouth with my hot cum and he swished it around in his mouth, using it to lubricate my dick completely, as he slurped and smacked my penis to amplify my orgasm to a point I could barely continue to stand up as my ejaculatory spasms wracked my nervous system.

I was seeing the proverbial fireworks.

"God, this is GREAT, Baby. Nobody does it like you!" I insisted.

He continued to slurp and swallow until he had taken all my cum into him. He withdrew my penis from his mouth and licked all the residual cum from it, circling my penis with his tongue.

The remaining cum, still in me, slowly arrived at my meatus and he kissed it away.

He inserted his index finger gently into my anus and pushed against that part of my urethra that travels next to my anus, then he removed the finger and traced it along my urethra, along my taint to the base of my penis and up the shaft of my penis to bring all the rest of my cum to my meatus, to his waiting lips.

He had taken it all, and exhausted me in the process.

"I have to cum too, Barry." He insisted.

"I know, Baby. I understand." I replied.

"I'm going to very carefully masturbate you. You can shoot into my mouth, but I won't take you into my mouth. It's all that we dare do, for now." I suggested.

"DO IT!" He replied.

I knelt, as he stood up before me.

I slowly stroked his penis from its base up to the point of his circumcision.

"GOD, YES!" He exclaimed.

He leaned back, his head resting on the tiled-wall of the shower stall. I continued to stroke him slowly, but deliberately.

It didn't take long.

He went stiff and placed his hands on either side of my head. I knew what that meant. His scrotum pulled up and out of my cupped hand, in which I had cradled his balls.

"Just for you, Barry." He whispered.

I opened my mouth widely as cum gushed forth from his meatus and into my eager mouth. No longer constrained by its former foreskin, Justin could blast cum with much force and for amazing distance. He splattered it against the back of my throat. I could barely swallow it fast enough.

After 8 or 9 spasms, his contractions slowed and finally ceased. I continued to accept his remaining cum as it issued from his penis until I had taken it all.

I was desperate to take him into my mouth fully, but I restrained myself. I couldn't risk doing him harm.

"Oh My God!.....That was soooo GOOD, Barry. I can't wait till you can take me all the way in. Justin declared.

"Me too, Baby...Me too." I agreed.

After a moment, he regained his strength and we finished our shower. I prepared a light lunch and we hurried to finish it, as we had an appointment with Sammy, my Hair Stylist. I had told him a little about Justin, so he wasn't surprised when we arrived.

"My God, Barry, you weren't exaggerating at all. He's gorgeous!" Sammy exclaimed as we entered his shop.

Some old queen, still in the barber's chair, looked Justin up and down as his jaw dropped open.

"He certainly IS!" The old queen asserted with a lisp.

"He'll be even more gorgeous, once you've worked your magic on his hair, Sammy. We're anxious to see the result." I proclaimed.

"Yeah, I let it get pretty shaggy, I guess." Justin confessed.

"It's a beautiful shade of Auburn, quite unique, actually." Sammy observed.

"It really is" I agreed.

"He's fucking gorgeous!" The old queen added.

Sammy swatted the old queen on the top of the head, saying:

"That's enough from the peanut gallery!"

"OUCH!" The old queen moaned.

"Girl...That Hurt!" The old queen complained.

"Hush Up, you whiny old bitch, you're done anyway...soon as I thin your bushy old eyebrows." Sammy told the old queen.

Sammy finished him up and removed the drape from him so he could leave.

The old queen went with Sammy to the register and presented his MasterCard. As Sammy processed the charge, the old queen said:

"Make my next appointment same day and time as his." He pointed at Justin.

"You're so bad." Sammy told the old queen.

"I know it." The old queen replied.

The old queen opened the door part-way to leave, but, first, he looked back into the shop at Justin, briefly, then turned again to leave.

"Fucking Gorgeous!" We could hear him declare, as the door closed behind him.

With the old queen gone, Sammy turned to Justin and said:

"Welcome, Justin, Barry has told me so many wonderful things about you. I'm delighted to meet you at last."

"He's prejudiced. He loves me. He only tells the good things about me." Justin replied.

Sammy smiled widely and said:

"I can see why he'd be prejudiced...and why he'd love you. You're a delightful young man."

"Thanks." Justin replied.

"Anyone who gets to know him can't help but love him, Sammy." I suggested.

Sammy nodded in agreement.

"Well, Justin, how can I help you today?" Sammy asked.

"Barry says to leave it to you. He says you're the best, you'll know what to do." Justin replied.

Sammy looked at me and said with a smile:

"Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!"

Then, he turned to Justin.

"Let's put you in chair 2. I'll clean up after Bill, that dirty old queen who was in chair 1, after we've finished, OK?"

"Sure." Justin answered, as he took his seat and Sammy flapped a drape over him, fastening it behind Justin's neck.

Sammy ran his hand through Justin's hair and turned the chair from side to side to observe the shape of Justin's face and the type of style that would best compliment it.

"Hmmmmmm" Sammy uttered as he made his observations.

"Justin, I compliment you on the hairstyle you've chosen for yourself. It works well for you. It compliments your face quite well. I don't see any reason to change it radically. I'll re-shape it slightly and trim it up considerably. Also, someone has been thinning your hair, Justin; we can't have that...

"My Mom" Justin interrupted.

"Justin, your hair is very fine; thinning it is a major NO NO. Also, this taper in the back doesn't really work for you; I'm going to block it instead. OK?" Sammy instructed.

"You Da Man" Whatever you say is OK with me." Justin replied.

Sammy had nearly finished with Justin, when Justin turned to me and said:

"My Dick Itches!"

"Excuse Me?" Sammy replied.

Justin and I both laughed.

"It's OK, Sammy, Let me explain." I started.

Justin interrupted:

"Didn't Barry tell you about my `reborn' penis?"

"I suppose not." Sammy replied with a strange expression.

"I had a problem with my foreskin, and the doctor took it off...they circumcised me. Now I'm all better, but I'm still healing and it itches sometimes, like now...wanna see? .....I'm really proud of my `reborn' dick." Justin explained.

"Well...I..." Sammy stammered as he turned to me for the answer.

"It's OK, Sammy. Justin is not shy and it'll give me a chance to apply some ointment to it. We're pushing it by a few days; we really shouldn't have brought him out quite this soon. He's supposed to stay home and stay naked, but you're nearly finished and we'll be home soon." I explained.

Justin pulled the drape out of the way and pulled his sweat pants down to his knees to expose his genitals.

"See, it's a great-looking dick, isn't it?" Justin asked.

Sammy looked...and looked...and looked...and finally said:

"Yes, Justin, it's beautiful. They did a fine job."

Sammy turned and looked at me and waved his hand as if cooling his face.

I smiled.

"Funny, that's the same response we got from Trey." I chuckled.

"Good thing Bill is gone; he'd have just had a major heart attack." Sammy advised.

"Let me put some ointment on it, Justin, then we'll just keep your pants down and the drape over the arms of the chair, till we're ready to leave." I suggested.

"OK" Justin replied.

I removed the tube of ointment from my shirt pocket and squeezed a quantity onto my index finger. I spread it around Justin's circumcision site, around his corona, and up and around to the tip of his glans. Justin responded with a raging erection.

I thought Sammy was going to faint at watching this procedure.

"It really is a beautiful penis, Justin, perhaps the most perfectly formed and proportioned penis I've ever seen. I'm jealous." Sammy stated.

"Your dick isn't right?" Justin asked.

"Well, it's not really very big and my glans is smaller than the shaft of my dick by quite a bit. I guess it's not really out of the ordinary, but I'd rather have a glans bigger than..." Sammy was explaining.

Justin interrupted:

"Dr. McClain can fix you up, Maybe. He fixed me up"

Sammy smiled at me and then back at Justin.

"Maybe, Justin, it's nice of you to be concerned." Sammy replied.

"That's better now, Barry. I'm not itching now." Justin reported.

Sammy replaced the drape to cover Justin's, otherwise exposed, genitals, and finish the styling.

As Sammy was brushing the remaining hair from the back of Justin's neck, his next customer arrived and took a seat near us to wait his turn and, no doubt get a closer look at Justin, whom he was staring at from the moment he entered the shop.

"OK, Justin, that should hold you." Sammy said.

"What do you think?" Sammy asked as he held up a mirror for Justin to inspect his hair and grant his approval.

"WOW, it looks perfect, Sammy, Thanks!" Justin declared.

"It really does, Sammy." I added.

"Thanks, guys. Justin is so gorgeous; it's really hard to enhance it much." Sammy remarked.

"Well, I'd say you succeeded, Sammy." I added.

Justin threw back the drape, momentarily exposing himself to Sammy's next customer, before pulling his sweats back up.

"Whoa!" Sammy customer shouted.

"I want whatever service you just did for him!" The customer shouted.

We all laughed.

"Oh Shut Up. Thomas. I'll explain in a minute." Sammy said.

"Justin, I was going to turn the chair so you could do that without being seen." Sammy advised.

"Oh, I don't care. I'm proud of my new dick." Justin remarked.

"You installed a new dick on him?" Thomas asked loudly

He continued:

"I could use one too, that was the best looking dick I've ever seen. I want one!"

We laughed again.

Sammy accompanied us to the register. I began to get my credit card out of my wallet.

"The first one is on me, Barry." Sammy advised.

"You don't have to ..." I began

"Your money is no good here today, Barry." Sammy advised.

"Thanks Sammy." I said.

"Yeah, thanks, Sammy. Barry told me what a good friend you are." Justin added.

"I'm doing the tip then." Justin declared.

Before I could say anything, Justin planted a sweet kiss on Sammy's cheek.

"Why, Thank You, Justin. That's the best tip I ever had." Sammy said.

"You're welcome. Like I said, Barry says you're a good friend." Justin replied.

"He is indeed, Justin, as is his lover, Bryan." I stated.

Sammy nodded.

"How is Bryan, Sammy?" I asked.

"He's on tour...AGAIN...I miss him." Sammy replied.

I turned to Justin and explained:

"Justin, Bryan is a concert pianist. He spends a lot of time on the tour circuit. It's how he makes his living, but when he's gone, it's hard on Sammy."

"I know...I'd hate it too, Sammy, I'd hate it if Barry didn't come home to me every night." Justin advised.

Sammy smiled at Justin and nodded.

"You can come to visit us Sammy...or call us. I'd talk to you and make you feel better...really." Justin suggested.

Sammy turned to me and said:

"God, he's so sweet, Barry. You're so lucky."

"Yes, he is, and yes, I am." I replied.

I continued:

He's right too. You know you're always welcome to come visit us...even spend the weekend, if you want." I suggested.

"Thanks, Barry, Thanks, Justin; I'll keep that in mind. I love you guys." Sammy replied.

"C'mon Sam, I'm ready for my new dick!" Thomas yelled at Sammy.

"I'll be there in a jiffy. Just hold on to the old one, dammit, OK?" Sammy replied with a laugh.

"See you guys later. Justin, I'm so glad I finally got to meet you. Take good care of Barry. I know he'll take good care of you." Sam told Justin.

"I will." Justin replied as the door closed behind us.

We spent the drive home talking about what a nice person Sammy is. Justin had pulled his sweats down to his knees for the ride home, so his penis wouldn't rub against them, removing his ointment. It was difficult to keep my attention focused on the road with Justin's `reborn' penis standing at attention within arms-reach, but we finally arrived home.

Soon, we were naked and cuddling on the sofa.

Justin proved to be quite the enigma. He could be coarse and tough, at times, yet he could cuddle like a small child, and his touch was as gentle as a feather. I never grow tired of holding him, touching him, kissing him, and sharing passion with him in the expression of our ever-growing love.

"Sweetheart?" I started.

"Uh Huh" He replied.

"I was thinking while Sammy was working on your hair, that we owe it to Father Christopher to tell him your entire story, and about Jeremy. It's unfair to him, especially in light of all he's done to help, to withhold anything from him. He'll know better how to deal with your parents when they return for you, as well. I think we should call him and come completely clean with him. What do you think?" I inquired.

"I don't care if he knows everything. I figure he has a pretty good idea about it all, anyway, except for Jeremy. Tell him everything. It's OK with me." Justin responded.

"I think it's the right thing to do. I'll feel better about things when he knows the entire story. He won't be blind-sided by learning it from some other source." I suggested.

"Yeah, you're right, let's tell him...as long as it doesn't mean he'll take you away from me and hand me over to the fucking pigs" Justin replied.

"Fucking?" I remarked

"Yeah...the fucking pigs." Justin asserted.

"I have no affection for the police either, Justin. It's the `fucking' that soils your precious lips. It's an ugly word and it's like spitting a stool from your mouth each time you say it." I said.

"Stool?" He replied.

"Yes, a stool. Stool is the more correct term for what, in vulgar parlance, would be referred to as a `turd'. I explained.

"YUK!" Justin replied.

"I agree with your assessment of the police, they are largely useless, except for running radar traps. It's your use of that word that I don't like. You're far too beautiful to soil yourself wit it. OK?" I declared.

"OK, OK, I'll try to watch it." Justin replied.

"OK, let's see if Father is in." I suggested.

"OK" He replied.

I placed the call and Father was, indeed, in.

"Hi Barry, I've had you and Justin on my mind. I'm glad you called." Father started our conversation.

"It's good to hear your voice, Father. Justin and I discuss you often, and have great affection for you." I said.

"Thanks, Barry. That means a lot to me." Father responded.

"Justin is on the phone with me, Father; he's on the bedroom extension." I informed.

"GREAT!....... Hi Justin...is Barry taking good care of you, or do I need to come over there and rough him up a little?" Father said with a chuckle.

"He takes real good care of me, Father. It's the happiest I've ever been...and the safest." Justin replied.

"Good, Justin, Good. How's the healing process?" Father asked.

"Doing OK, Father. The swelling is gone now, but the healing causes my dick to itch a lot." Justin explained.

"That will pass, Justin, be patient." Father said.

"I will, Father." Justin replied.

I interrupted:

"Father, the reason we called is to share some information with you, which we feel you should be aware of."

"OK, Barry, what is it?" Father asked.

"Well, let's start with Justin's twin brother." I blurted out.

"Twin brother?" Father asked.

"Yes, Justin has an identical twin brother. His name is Jeremy." I said.

"Jeremy?" Father asked.

"Yes, Father, Jeremy. He was separated from the family by the police, when he was arrested for some assault-related charge and placed in re-hab, due to a drug problem, which was part of the assault issue, and is somewhere that Justin is unaware of. His fate beyond that is unknown to us. We don't know where he is or when he might be released.

I could use the resources of The Herald to find him, but, frankly, Justin is Not eager to see him at this time." I reported.

"I had no idea...So, Justin, you don't want to see your brother?" Father asked.

"He's mean, Father, especially when he's on his drugs." Justin replied.

"I see" Father replied.

"Well, Barry, you needn't search him out via your resources at the paper. I can make one call and find out where Jeremy is. With his folks absent, I should have my contacts at the police dept. arrange to release him to me, when he is eligible." Father advised.

Father continued:

"Should I inform Doctor McClain to be expecting another patient?"

"No, Father. Justin informs me that Jeremy was circumcised at birth. It's how his parents could always tell the two of them apart." I explained.

"That should have occurred to me...it's a common practice with twins." Father replied.

"There's more" I added.

"OK, let's have it all, then." Father replied.

"Father, Justin and Jeremy's parents were pimping them for money. They both were engaged in sex-for-money with total strangers...many strangers, to make what little money they could. Except for Justin, the entire family is hooked on drugs, and that is the root cause of their plight. Supporting a drug habit is how they came to sell the house, expend their savings and wind up living in their mini-van. That's when the boys began acting as male prostitutes." I reported.

"Dear Lord!" Father replied.

"I know it's hard to hear, Father. I'm sorry to have to tell you all this." I said.

"Actually, Barry, I hear stories like this, and far worse, virtually every day." Father replied.

"Justin, I'm so sorry you had to suffer such an indignity. I'm all the more glad you're safe with Barry, now. Barry, you were right to inform me, Thank You." Father said.

"Father, I'm glad to be with Barry. He truly loves me, and cares for me. Please don't take him away from me." Justin blurted out.

"I have no such intention, Justin. Don't worry. Unless the law leaves us no alternative, you'll be with Barry for as long as the two of you want it so." Father assured Justin.

"I'm also happy to hear that, Father. I love Justin so very much, I can't imagine being without him now. I know it's selfish of me, but it's true. Justin has put new meaning, new purpose into my life. I love him as I have never loved anyone. I couldn't be without him." I insisted.

"Don't worry, Barry, I would not try to separate the two of you, but understand that the matter could be taken out of my hands if the courts get involved." Father advised.

"Then we must try to keep Justin's existence unknown and him un-involved in Jeremy's case or the matter of his folks." I suggested.

"Unless Jeremy divulges his brother's existence, I won't bring any such information forward. I agree, we need not have the police asking questions about Justin." Father advised.

"Thanks, Father." I replied.

"Thanks, Father." Justin repeated from the extension.

"We must do what we can for Jeremy, however. If he wants, that is. It has to be his choice. If he prefers foster care, as arranged by the courts, so be it. If he wants my help, I'll be there for him. He must choose, however, assuming the courts allow him to choose." Father advised.

"I understand, Father." I replied.

"You know, I don't think I'm losing it, but, I'm sure no mention of Jeremy was made in my interview with the parents. Hold on guys, let me pull up my notes." Father requested.

We could hear Father clicking away on his keyboard as we waited.

"Here it is...let's see, now..." Father said.

"Justin, I see you have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. Happy Birthday!.........so...you'll be 15...as, of course will be your brother." Father informed.

While Father read through his notes, I chided Justin:

"Justin, you didn't tell me about your birthday. We must celebrate!" I suggested.

"You've done enough for me, already, Barry." Justin replied.

"Nonsense, sweetie, we'll make plans later." I said.

"No...No...no mention of a Jeremy." Father remarked.

"Does it matter, Father?" I asked.

"Actually, it does. I have no pretext for inquiring about Jeremy. I don't want to admit hearing it from Justin. It would have been convenient for mention of Jeremy to have appeared in my interview notes. Oh, well, I'll think of something." Fr. Stated.

"Can't you just say you heard about him from his parents?" I suggested.

"Not without lying." Father replied.

"Oops, sorry, Father." I said, sheepishly.

"I don't want to split theological hairs, here, Barry, but, there's a difference between not volunteering information to someone, and denying them information they have a legitimate right to." Father advised.

"Say, that reminds me, Father. I have a couple of questions for you from our religion writer at the Herald...you remember Sarah, don't you?" I asked.

"Sure, Barry, I remember her." Father replied.

"Well, she's always asking me questions, cause she knows I graduated from a Catholic University. I can usually answer her questions, but she had a couple I really couldn't answer." I stated.

"Notre Dame...is hardly just any Catholic University, Barry." Father chided me.

"Anyway, I was a Journalism major, Father, not a Theology major." I replied.

"Well, I'm just a simple priest, Barry, not a professional theologian, JCL, JCD, or anything, but I'll try. What does she want to know?" Father asked.

"Her first question had to do with the difference between the Catholic and Protestant versions of the `Our Father'". I said.

"Ah yes...the "For Thine is the Kingdom...".business huh?" Father interrupted.

"Exactly." I replied.

"Honestly, Barry...I thought you took an elective in Hermeneutics, you should know this one." Father chided me.

"One semester, Father." I retorted.

"The phrase in question...you know.....  "For Thine is the kingdom...etc" is a gloss. It is written down the margin in only one of the original volumes used in consideration of the canonical affirmation on the scriptures. Glosses are common in the original and early texts and are sometime used to clarify the use of certain words, or to express some editorial remark on the part of the original writer or scribe, or some subsequent scholar. The phrase is not included in the main body of the text of any of the source documents, but was added by Protestant scholars, who felt it belonged." Father instructed me.

"Very Interesting!" I remarked.

"Next question, please." Father chuckled.

"OK...Since Jewish Law, at the time of Christ, prescribes bar-mitzvah at age 13, why was the Lord bar-mitzvahed at age 12?"

"That's a far more challenging question, Barry. Most priests wouldn't know the answer, I suppose. Even many Rabbis wouldn't know the answer, either. I really should make you research the question, so you won't forget the answer...but... Since you have your hands full at the moment, I won't." Father explained.

"Now, you've really piqued my curiosity, Father." I said.

"That we know Our Lord was formally ushered into manhood at age 12, rather than at 13, is how we also know that St. Joseph was deceased by that same time, as well." Father began

"HUH?" I interrupted.

"There was an exception in the Jewish Law allowing for a boy to bar-mitzvah at age 12, rather than at age 13, only if his father was deceased. To the Jewish community, at that time, St. Joseph was the Father." Father enlightened me.

"How Fascinating!" I exclaimed.

"Anything else?" Father asked.

"No, that's all, Father. Thanks a lot." I said.

"You're welcome. Now back to Jeremy." Father scolded me.

"I'll find where he is and how he is and get back to you as soon as I know. I'll have to rely on some third party contacts, which won't violate my confidence, so it might take a little longer." Father advised.

"OK" I responded.

"We'll figure how to approach and deal with him, in the meantime." Father said.

"OK" I said again.

"He's OK, Father, I'd know if he weren't." Justin interjected.

"How would you know that, Justin?" Father asked.

I interrupted:

"Father, Justin has enlightened me to the notion that identical twins are somehow connected, psychically. You might find that difficult to believe, but I believe what Justin has told me."

"Barry, I believe that simple bread and wine can be transubstantiated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. Why would I find it difficult to believe that Justin and Jeremy are connected in a manner I might not understand?" Father replied, calmly.

"Good point, Father." I said.

"Anyway, I'll let you know about Jeremy as I learn anything." Father advised.

"Thank, Father, we love you." I assured him.

"That means a great deal to me, Barry. Pray for me, also, please." Father added.

"You got it, Father." Justin declared from the extension.

"You do, indeed." I added.

"Bye for now, then." Father concluded.

"Bye, Father" I replied.

"Bye Father" Justin added.


I prepared dinner and soon we were at table. So many thoughts cluttered my mind as I set the table and placed our dinner before us.

"You know, sweetie, Father has been such a sweetheart, we should be sure to include him in any birthday festivities we celebrate." I suggested.

"COOL, Barry, I'd like that too." Justin replied.

"Great, we'll be sure to do so, assuming he can make himself available. He's an extremely busy man." I cautioned.

"I know. I followed him around for just one day, and I was exhausted." Justin replied.

You know, sweetie, when Father first placed us together, he assumed it would be for a relatively short time. Now, that it looks as though we may be able to stay together forever, or so I pray, we need to consider some other matters, as well.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Like school, Sweetheart." I responded.

"I always liked school, Barry, but I'm so far behind now, I don't know how I could ever catch up." Justin replied.

"You're right, sweetie, it will be quite a challenge, but we must find some way to get you back on track, at-level, as it were... Even if we have to hire a private tutor. Your education is extremely important." I proclaimed.

"I know. I always planned on college, before my life went crazy and all this stuff happened, but I forgot about all that a long time ago." Justin explained.

"You know, Barry, if all this craziness hadn't happened, I'd have never met you. You make it all worthwhile." Justin proclaimed.

"That's a very sweet thing to say, lover. The same is true for me too. I would never have wished all the horrible experiences of being on the streets on you, but if it had not happened, or if they had not taken you and your family to Father Christopher, I might never have known you nor the love you have blessed me with. I'm so grateful that you were entrusted to me. I'll try my best to be worthy of you, sweetheart. It's a profound blessing, and one I'm not worthy of...and I know it." I declared.

"Me too, Barry, I'm grateful too. Do you suppose The Lord sent me to you...you know...put the idea in Father Christopher's head?" Justin speculated.

"Perhaps, sweetheart, perhaps. Father Christopher has a priest-friend who recently wrote a book in which he insists that there are no coincidences...so...who knows. Surely The Lord knew our love would be real...that is, it would spring from our souls, not from our animal sides, and that it would be exhaustive and faithful...who knows." I replied.

"It's like it was meant to be, Barry." Justin said.

"I feel that way, too, Baby." I assured him.

"Dinner was great, Barry, I'll load the dishwasher, OK?" Justin suggested.

"Thanks, sweetheart. I'll load up a movie for us, while you're doing that, OK?" I replied.

"COOL!" He replied.

"I think you'll like it. It's called The Champ. It stars a little guy I think is, perhaps, the best boy-actor of them all. He does a truly superlative job with his role. In fact, there are two scenes in this movie that affect me so strongly; I can barely survive watching them. So, if I begin to blubber, just ignore me." I explained.

"Really?" He shouted from the kitchen.

"Really!" I answered.

"OK" He shouted.

"The first happens in a jail setting...I call it `the slap'. The second is the final few minutes of the movie. I can barely stand it." I declared.

"Sure you want to watch it?" He shouted.

Of Course!.......Ricky Schroeder is fantastic! Of course I want to watch it.

"OK, I'll be right there." He replied.

We watched the movie in our usual nakedness, cuddling on the sofa, with a blanket forming a cocoon around us.

As the final, heartbreaking scene unfolded, I turned to see Justin, tears rolling down his cheeks. I reached for the tissue box, and handed him a fist full of tissues and another for myself.

As the credits began to roll, Justin turned to me and said:

"You'll never leave me like that, will you, Barry?"

"Not if I have any choice in the matter, sweetie. I'd never leave you. You, on the other hand, might well tire of me, and wish I would, I suppose..." I began

"No Way!" He exclaimed

"MY sweet Justin!" I declared, as I helped to wipe the tears from his cheeks.

"Never, Never, leave me, Barry." He insisted.

I won't, lover, never...not so long as I have any choice in the matter. Of course, I suppose it is possible I could step out into the street and be run over by the Queen Mary." I suggested with a smile.

"Hmmmmm, out of all the queens we know, I can't think of a Queen Mary." He replied.

We laughed.

I ejected the video and switched off the TV.

"Ready for some shut-eye, Baby?" I asked.

"No, but I'm ready to get you in the sack" He replied.

"Your wish is my command, sweetheart." I declared.

He smiled, took me by the hand and led me to the bed.

"I want to try something a little different, OK?" He said.

"OK" I replied, sheepishly.

"Lay down there, prop your head up on a couple of pillows." He instructed me.

I complied.

Justin mounted me, straddling my torso, his butt resting on my breasts.

"I'm going to jack off into your mouth, but warm up by sliding my butt around on your dick. Have you done it before?" He asked.

"NO!....I can't wait" I replied.

He took his penis at its base and slowly began stroking it to his circumcision site. I grabbed his butt and pulled him close enough that I could lick his balls as he stroked his beautiful `reborn' penis. I sucked and licked at his scrotum until it was dripping wet.

He slid his butt back to a point on my abdomen such that my, already rock hard, penis was now treated to his hairless taint sliding back and forth along its length. My penis was throbbing at this, Justin's taint, liberally lubricated with my precum sliding back and forth upon it with Justin's weight resting on it and teasing at my frenulum and my corona.

We were both sunburn-red in our passion for each other.

Justin continued his slow-stroking until; finally, I could feel his thighs begin to tighten.

"Are you ready for me, Barry?" He asked.

"Always, Baby!" I declared, as I opened my mouth widely for him.

He brought his meatus to my open mouth and opened fire. He filled my mouth with his delicious, hot and stringy cum, again and again.

I could feel his ejaculatory spasms reflected in his thighs, as he straddled me with them.

I swallowed his cum as quickly as I could. I didn't want to miss a single drop of his liquid essence.

I had pressed my lips to his meatus as he came. When, at last, his spasms subsided, I waited patiently as his residual cum continued to flow onto my tongue.

I pushed the last of it from the base of his penis and waited for it to arrive at his meatus, at which time, I kissed it from his meatus as each drop appeared.

"God, Justin, you're delicious. You truly are, and you're so HOT. You're HOT from the tip of your head, down your torso to your dick, your balls, your taint, and your anus...Oh Hell, All of you is HOT!" I declared.

"My Taint?" He asked.

"Yes, even your taint." I declared.

"What's my taint?" He asked.

"That's the region between your anus and your scrotum. Some people joke that it called that cause it `taint no good for nothin'" I joked.

"Oh, I never heard that before...taint, huh?" He remarked.

"Yeah, but we know better. Your urethra tracks along your taint, and your delicious residual cum hides there after you ejaculate." I instructed.

"I know, you always push it up from there to the tip of my dick and then coat your lips with it by kissing the tip of my dick. It feels great when you do it. I love it." Justin asserted.

"God, it's going to be tough waiting for another week before we baptize that `reborn' penis of yours." I said.

"I know, do we really have to wait that long?" Justin asked.

"Dr's orders, sweetheart." I insisted.

"Damn!" He responded.

"God, Justin, I'm so close to cumming, already, what with you sitting there with my dick in your hot butt crack. Please work your magic on me." I begged.

"Roll over on your side, Barry. I still have some cum hiding in my taint. You work on taking it, while I suck you off. It will almost be a 69...or as close as we can get for another week." He instructed.

I complied.

He took me into his mouth...his hot, sweet, mouth. My dick was already glistening with precum. He added his saliva to it and licked the mixture with his tongue, spreading it around my glans and corona. While he worked on my penis with his tongue, he massaged my balls with one hand. He kneaded my balls, gently, pushing as much of my sperm up my vas deferens as possible to join its brethren in my eager seminal vesicles.

"It's time, Baby. I'm going to explode for sure." I announced.

"I want every drop, Barry. Cum for me, cum for me Now." He ordered.

"It's for you, Justin. It's my essence...here it ...Uh...Uh...take it Baby...Uh...Uh..." I whispered.

I poured my essence into him in copious amounts. He took it all, continuing to jack me off as I came, to ensure he got it all.

He deliberately slurped and smacked to further excite my glans, already swollen and super-sensitive from my ejaculation. I thought I'd surely pass out from the utter ecstasy of it.

"My God, Justin, you've set me afire. I'm so hot for you." I exclaimed.

Residual cum continued to flow from me. I could feel it coursing along my urethra and flowing onto Justin's tongue.

You've actually exhausted me, Baby. My orgasms totally, completely exhaust me, they are so intense. No one but you, sweet Justin, has ever produced such powerful ejaculations and mind-blowing orgasms in me. My entire being releases itself to you. It's truly amazing." I insisted.

"Me too, Barry. It's the same for me. I have the most intense sexual experiences of my life with you, Barry. I never want it to stop...NEVER!" He replied.

"Well, Baby, we've made a mess of your ointment. Let's take a hot shower, put some fresh ointment on that `perfect penis' of yours, ans get some sleep. I suggested.

We nearly ran the hot water tank dry as we kissed, fondles, and hugged each other. I had gone to my knees, instructed him to spread his legs, and rimmed his sweet, red, hot little anus.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's GREAT, Barry!" He declared.

"Just wait for a week, sweetie/ I'll show you just how great this can feel." I suggested.

"I can't wait." He said.

"We Must, Dammit!" I replied with a smile.

"I know, I know." He said.

Soon, we were cuddling on the bed, looking into each other's eyes until sleep placed us into the proverbial `arms of Morpheus'.

Even in my sleep, I was aware of and relished in sensing his body heat. It was an ever present and, oh so comforting flux, radiating the life of him into the home I had prepared for him in my heart and soul. I never wanted to be absent from that warmth. I couldn't imagine being without him. He was an angel. He was the most beautiful soul that God ever wrapped flesh around. He was entrusted to me. I vowed to do everything in my power to nurture and protect him.

I had never believed in `love at first sight', yet, we had only been together for a few days and I sensed, somehow, that we were made for one another.

My mind was swimming with thoughts regarding what to do if Justin's parents return...what about Jeremy. What if...What if...What if. I couldn't sleep soundly and woke frequently until; finally, I was completely awake, though still in my position, as before, my cheek resting on Justin's breast and my arm around his midsection.

Justin began to twitch and move about in his sleep.

I moved to switch on the bedside lamp and wake him from the bad dream he was, obviously, having, when he sat straight up on the bed, took a deep breath, and sighed loudly:


"Wake up, Baby, wake up. You're having a bad dream." I whispered.

"Jeremy!" He shouted, his eyes still closed.

"Justin, sweetheart, wake up." I said aloud.

He slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at me and said, once more:


"What is it, Baby?" I asked.

"Jeremy...he's hurt, he's in danger." Justin said.

Justin began to tremble. He was frightened. I took him into my arms. He placed his arms around me tightly. He continued to tremble in my arms. He was very upset.

"Shhhh, Baby, I'm here. You're safe. I won't let anyone harm you." I assured him.

He stopped trembling, but continued to hold me ever so tightly.

"Something's wrong, Barry. Jeremy is hurt, he's in trouble. I sense danger and breathlessness. I think he's running, and he's injured." Justin reported.

"OK...OK, Baby. We'll find out what's going on. I promise." I assured him.

"I know. He's trying to find his way to me...I feel it." Justin said.

"OK, Baby, OK. It'll be all right. We'll find him." I promised.

Justin nodded and smiled at me, lovingly. He released his hug a little, though only a little.

"Should I make some coffee for us?" I asked.

"Yes, Please." Justin replied.

"OK, I'll be right back." I said.

"NO!.......don't leave me alone...I'll come with you." He exclaimed.

He held my hand tightly and followed me to the kitchen. It proved difficult to prepare the coffee maker with only one hand to work with, but eventually, it was running, dripping coffee into the thermal carafe. I turned Justin to face me and hugged him tightly to me. His cheek was turned and pressed to my breast. I gently and slowly stroked his beautiful auburn hair. This seemed to calm him.

"Poor Jeremy." Justin declared.

"I know, sweetheart, I know. Do you have any idea where he might go?" I asked.

"If he can find his way back to Turtle Creek Park, we had some guys we knew pretty well...male hookers, like we were, but they would help him. I don't know, Barry, I don't sense it...at least not now." Justin explained.

I poured us each a cup of coffee, and we returned to the bedroom. We sat on the edge of the bed and sipped our coffee, each of us pondering what to do next.

"It'll be light in a couple of hours, Baby; we could drive down to Turtle Creek and see if, by chance, Jeremy is there. Would you know where to look? Turtle Creek is a pretty big place." I commented.

"Once the Sun is up, most of the guys I'm talking about will disappear till night, but I know where to find them." Justin assured me.

"Maybe I should go alone, sweetie, so you can stay naked and nurse your circumcision." I suggested.

No, I need to go, too. You'd know Jeremy if you see him, cause he looks just like me, but the other guys won't talk to you, they don't know you." Justin retorted.

"OK, but we need to protect your penis to some extent." I replied.

"I'll keep my sweats down to my knees while you drive us and pull them up while we look for Jeremy." He suggested.

"OK, I guess that's the best we can do for now." I replied.

Just as we finished our coffee, the phone rang. Sitting on the edge of the bed, it was in arm's reach, so I answered it before the first ring was complete.

"Hello" I answered.

It was Father Christopher.

"Barry, forgive me for calling you at this hour of the morning, but I have news regarding Jeremy that can't wait." Father reported.

"OK, Father. Justin and I are already awake, since Justin sensed that Jeremy was in distress." I replied.

"That's really quite amazing, Barry. I must have Justin teach me more about this amazing sixth sense, but it will have to wait." Father replied.

"I'm just learning, myself." I stated.

"Barry. My friend called me a short time ago from the police substation where she works. Jeremy had been placed at Buckner until they could find a place more appropriate for him, for someone his age, and so forth. A few hours ago, he ran away. The police are looking for him as we speak."

He went on:

"I had asked my friend to find out where he was, but, before she could make the inquiries, Jeremy's name came across the `alert' ticker, so she called me immediately."

"I don't understand, Father. I thought Buckner is an exclusively Black facility, and houses some pretty violent types. Don't get me wrong, Father, I'm no racist, but talk about sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb...Poor Jeremy." I responded.

"Perhaps it was unwise to place Jeremy there, particularly in light of his small stature and extremely fair skin...at least I assume those traits since he's Justin's twin. In any case, he was beaten by some of the other students, for reasons Buckner refuses to disclose, and ran away. My guess is because he's openly gay, like his brother, not because he's white...but, who knows, Barry...who knows. Anyway, the important thing is to find him and tend to any injuries he might have sustained. By the way, I assume he's gay like Justin...it's almost always the case with twins, at least in my experience, if one is gay, both are." Father explained.

"Yes Father, he is gay" I answered.

I went on:

"Justin has some notion that Jeremy might be headed to Turtle Creek Park. We were just getting dressed to go look for Jeremy when you called"

"Good, Barry, good. I'll put the word on the street to send him here to the shelter, if anyone sees him. Leave the number for the shelter with anyone who can help, Barry. It's answered 24 hrs a day." Father requested.

"OK, Father, we will. I'll keep you aware of our efforts to find him, as well." I said.

"Thanks, Barry. I'll be praying up a storm. If the police find him first, I'll let you know." Father promised.

"Let's hope not, Father." I said.

"Let's pray not, Barry." Father replied.

"RIGHT!" I replied.

The sun was up by the time we reached Turtle Creek Park, and, as Justin had predicted, the place appeared deserted. We drove slowly along Turtle Creek Blvd. as I watched the left and Justin the right.

"Stop, there's Ian!" Justin shouted.

I pulled the car over to the curb and parked. Justin bolted from the car and ran toward a beautiful boy standing at a park bench and talking to a man sitting there.

"Ian!" Justin shouted, still pulling his sweats up as he ran.

"Hey Dude, we all wondered where you and Justin disappeared to." Ian said.

"I am Justin, Dammit, have you seen Jeremy?" Justin asked.

"Nope, haven't seen him, man." Ian replied.

"Well, it's really important, Ian. If you see him have him call Father Christopher at the shelter, here's the number...It's All Saints Shelter, downtown. Please spread the word, Ian, It's really important." Justin insisted.

"OK, Dude, what's up, anyway?" Ian asked.

"He just ran away from Buckner." Justin stated.

"Fuck, what the Hell was he doing at Buckner?!?" Ian replied.

"Don't know, Ian, but please put out the word, OK?" Justin begged.

"I will, I promise, OK?" Ian responded.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being rude. This is Barry, he's the love of my life. He saved me from this damned scene. I love him with all my heart, and he loves me the same." Justin introduced me.

I shook hands with Ian, as he replied to Justin's introduction.

He directed our attention to a cute young man, perhaps in his mid-twenties, sitting on the bench:

"This is Sean. We've been talking every day for many days and we're falling in love, too. I'm so happy about it." Ian explained.

"In fact, I was going to ask Ian to come home with me this morning. I'm utterly smitten with him and I want to take him away from all this sordid stuff." Sean asserted.

Ian immediately urged Sean to stand, at which point he embraced Sean and kissed him, passionately.

"I love you, Sean. Of course, I'll go home with you. I've been hoping for this since we first met." Ian declared.

"Me too, Ian, me too." Sean replied.

"I need to help Justin, before we leave, though. I'll be back as soon as I spread the word to the guys, about Jeremy, OK?" Ian asked.

"Of course, I'll wait here." Sean replied.

"Justin, you probably ought to wait in the car, out of sight, so some cop doesn't drive by and mistake you for your brother, OK?" I suggested.

"Good idea" Justin replied.

"I'll keep Sean company, while we wait for Ian to return." I said.

"OK" Justin replied, then turned to return to the car.

"Sean, you're certainly very lucky. Ian is quite beautiful and obviously loves you intensely." I remarked.

"Yes, I am, indeed. He's precious to me. He was thrown out like a used newspaper, by his mother, who found his presence an impediment to entertaining her many boyfriends. I understand Justin and his brother were similarly abandoned." Sean observed.

"Yes, it's true." I replied, bluntly.

"We'll help any way we can, Barry. I'm a psychologist by profession, so if the boys need help coping in any way or..." Sean began.

I interrupted:

"Thanks, Sean. Justin seems to be OK, but the emotional state of Jeremy remains to be seen." I said.

"I understand, Barry. The offer stands, if you should need me." Sean insisted.

"I won't hesitate to take you up on the offer, believe me." I replied.

"OK, here's my business card." Sean said, as he took a card from his wallet.

"Thanks, Sean. I'm sorry I don't have a card on me, but you can reach me at The Herald at any time." I replied.

"I thought I recognized you from your picture in The Herald. I've read many of your articles." Sean observed.

"Thanks, I appreciate that, Sean." I replied.

"Justin is a gorgeous boy. I don't know how you get anything done beyond staying inside him." Sean remarked with a smile.

Oh Sean, you know love is about a lot more than its sexual expression." I replied.

"Of course it is, but the expression, as you put it, is a great thing too, you know." Sean said.

"It sure is, it sure is." I replied, with my own smile.

"Ah...There's Ian now." Sean observed.

"His sandy blond hair compliments his beautiful light brown eyes very well. He's quite a specimen." I said.

"He has other, even more pronounced assets, as well." Sean added with a coy smile.

"I'm sure he does, Sean." I replied.

"Seriously, Barry, he has an athletic physique, punctuated by 7 inches of exclamation point...if you get my drift." Sean asserted.

"Wow, that's plenty of punctuation. I've never been a `size queen'. I've always said that anything more than a mouthful, is too much." I chuckled.

"Then, you're an oral practitioner, huh?" Sean asked.

"I prefer it. I love the taste of cum, and hate to see it tainted by a visit into a rectum. I also appreciate anal sex and will engage in it, without hesitation, if my partner so desires." I responded.

"I see" Sean replied.

"Don't misunderstand. Justin and I have something of a ritual in mind, that will include an anal exchange, as soon as his circumcision heals and it's safe for him." I added.

"He was just circumcised, at his age?" Sean asked.

"He had a medical problem with his foreskin, which had only one solution...circumcision. We had the surgery performed a few days ago and Justin is still healing." I explained.

"OUCH!" Sean replied.

"Actually, he's had no serious discomfort from it, and it solved his issue entirely." I said.

"Well, Ian is uncut, and I like it that way." Sean offered.

"I understand. Except for a, recently developed, aversion to smegma, I have no strong preference for `cut' vs. `uncut'. This is, however, an issue regarding the odds of contracting HIV-AIDS that is conclusively tied to whether one is or is not circumcised." I reported.

"Really, I hadn't heard about that." Sean responded.

"Yes, recently released data, based on a long study of many years, has revealed that there are unique receptor cells on the underside of the foreskin and that are completely exclusive to the foreskin. These receptor cells exist nowhere else on the body, male or female. The bad part is that these receptor cells act as a welcome mat to the HIV virus, and usher the virus directly into the immune system...which, of course, is precisely where the HIV virus want to reside. Circumcision removes these receptor cells and, therefore constitutes a 75% reduction in the odds of contracting HIV-AIDS. That constitutes a significant advantage to being circumcised." I explained.

"That's news to me. Should I encourage Ian to get circumcised?" Sean asked.

"Absolutely Not!.......He does need to understand, however that he is at nearly twice the risk of contracting HIV-AIDS. As long as the two of you enjoy a monogamous and faithful relationship, neither of you are at risk. Remember, Justin only chose to be circumcised due to a recurring infection problem he was having with his foreskin." I added.

"That's really interesting, Barry. Thanks for making me aware of it." Sean said.

Just then, Ian reappeared and reported that he had told everyone he could find about Jeremy and to have him contact Father Christopher. He added that those he had found and informed had promised to tell the others.

"Thanks for your help, Ian. Justin and I really appreciate it." I said.

"No sweat, man, I don't want the fucking cops to get their hands on him, that's fucking for sure." Ian replied.

Sean interrupted:

"Ian has a particular disdain for cops, since so many of them show up here to harass the boys at night, demanding free felatio to go away and leave them alone."

"BASTARDS!" I exclaimed

"Oh, far worse than bastards, Barry. They are despicable, in the truest sense of the word. It's little wonder that they are referred to by use of the name of a barnyard animal, of lesser stature than the bovine." Sean suggested.

"PIGS?" I responded, with a smile.

"Exactly, although it could be argued that it constitutes an insult to the animal." Sean amplified.

"I'm ready to see my new home now, Sean." Ian said.

"I'm ready to have you there, Ian." Sean replied.

"Well, Barry, my new lover has made a request I must respond to. We're here to help in any way with the Jeremy business. We will be gone for a week, next week, however. As sort of a honeymoon trip, I'm taking Ian to a naturist resort, where we can be as we like it most...Naked!" Sean explained.

"Justin and I prefer it too. We spend virtually all our time at home naked. After a while, as I'm sure you know, one develops something of an aversion to the restriction and encumbrances of clothing." I suggested.

"Exactly!" Sean agreed.

"Ian, I'm very happy for you and for Sean. I wish you both all good things. I must say that Sean has impeccable taste. You are quite beautiful" I complimented.

I turned and winked at Sean.

Sean smiled.

"Thanks, Barry. You did good too. Justin is gorgeous. We all love him down here, but now that he's gone, the other guys will make more money from Justin's old tricks." Ian suggested.

"Guess I hadn't considered that." I replied.

"Sure...They'll make money from my old tricks, too." Ian said.

Sean interrupted:

"I'm glad both boys have found loving homes, away from this awful scene."

"Yes, though I am sad for those they leave behind." I observed.

Sean nodded.

"Well, Barry, I'm anxious to get my lover to his new home, so we'll be on our way, now. Call if you need anything." Sean offered.

"Good to meet you both. I wish you well, and am sure Justin is also happy for you both." I said, as they parted.

They were nearly to their car, when Ian turned and shouted:

"Tell Justin I love him and don't worry, we'll find Jeremy."

"Thanks, Ian, I'll tell him." I shouted back.

Ian waved bye as he entered Sean's car, and soon they drove away.

I returned to the Camaro, and more importantly, to my precious Justin, whom I found naked in the front seat.

"Ian said to tell you he loves you and not to worry, they'll find Jeremy for us." I reported.

"He's a sweet guy." Justin replied.

"Yes, he is, sweetheart." I agreed.

"So...What Now?" Justin asked.

"Now, we wait." I replied.

---------END PT III -------

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