Billy Housand wasn't made into a homosexual...he wasn't forced to be a homosexual...he was born homosexual, and now, sitting on the edge of his bed, all he craved was the feeling to fulfill his burning desire to be with another guy. Glancing into the mirror from time to time, Billy thought hard on what he could do to satisfy his ever growing thirst for male to male consumption.

Here Billy is, on his bed, at the tender age of 14. His hair is jet black and his skin is a natural tan, thanks to his father being part Indian and Anglo, and his mother being full blooded Philipino. In his mind, Billy thought he was a bit too short being that he only stood a mere 5'2" and weighed close to 110 pounds soaking wet. What he didn't realize was the simple fact that his body and weight were a perfect match for one another. He also never gave it a second notice that he was flat fucking gorgeous.

Going back in time when Billy was around 8 years old, Billy discovered the world of playing with other boys cocks. To him, playing with his friends cocks was overwhelmingly awesome. During that same time frame in his young life, Billy's 16 year old cousin introduced him to the joys of oral sex. When Billy's cousin told him he could suck his cock, Billy never once hesitated to sink his mouth over the thick piece of velvety teen cock. Ever since that very moment, Billy knew in his heart that sucking cock was something he would always want to do.

Back to present day, Billy pondered various ways that he could achieve doing what came so utterly natural...sucking cock! He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. His brilliant emerald green eyes absorbed the vision looking back at him in the mirror. He kept his hair somewhat short in the front, but it flowed flawlessly in the back darting down just below the neck line. His hair was always cut just above his ears to which he actually thought was extremely too small, just like he thought the rest of his body was. But, young Billy's mind could not explain to him the simple truth what others saw when they witnessed his pure breath taking beauty.

Now, here he was, in a new city and in a strange bedroom. His father's job got him here and he was far away from the friends who would haul out their teen beef and let him milk them dry. To say the least, Billy was just about as horny as any one person could possibly be. He wanted to suck a cock, and at this very moment, he really didn't care who the cock belonged to.

His first three days at his new school was pretty much uneventful, but being that this school was nearly four times larger than his last one, Billy's eyes feasted upon numerous boys who he would have easily drank their love juices faster than a heartbeat. There was one boy that really caught his attention. Though Billy didn't know his name, this particular boy shared a couple of classes he was in. Billy couldn't keep his eyes off of this boy no matter how hard he tried. The boy was taller than Billy, standing somewhere closer to 6', but it was his body and the way he carried himself that truly caught Billy's admiration.

The boy had brown hair and hazel eyes, and Billy later found out that he was the school's ace pitcher and star quarterback. Billy guessed the boy's weight to be close to 185 pounds, but his body seemed as though it was chiseled from pure stone. Later, Billy discovered his name to be Matt Johnson. Naturally, Matt stayed on Billy's mind all day long carrying over to nightfall.

As the school days progressed, Billy saw other boys who he would love to suck on their proud meat, but being that he is more on the shy side, he resorted to just looking and never ever made an attempt to be friends with anyone. As time went on, Billy learned that all the school kids met at the Pizza Parlor on Friday nights to have a good time and socialize.

His parents trusted Billy enough to let him go out to the Pizza Parlor. It was only a twenty minute walk from where their new house is. The parking lot was packed with cars and school kids milling about, talking to one another. All Billy could hear was guys talking about how some of the girls loved to suck cock. He walked around for over an hour and not one single soul spoke to him or gave him the time of day. To say the least, he was more than a bit frustrated.

Once he got home, he flopped on his bed, folding his arms behind his head and silently cursed at his new life, one that he hated more than anything else. As he lay there, tossing and turning, his older sister, Maria, knocked on his door. Maria already was aware of the fact that her little brother was gay and she never had a problem with it, in fact, she never once threatened to tell their parents about him, even when they got into their little arguments from time to time. Maria, who is 17, looks almost like the spitting image of her younger brother with the only exception that hair folds past her bubbly butt, not to mention that she already has a set of nice sized tits to go along with the rest of her natural perfection.

Sitting down next to Billy, Maria could tell that her brother had something on his mind. Caressing his chest, she asked,

"What's wrong little brother?"

Billy let out a lung full of air and responded back,

"I hate it here! I don't have any friends at all! This place sucks!"

Smiling down at her little brother, Maria softly whispered,

"I know what you mean and I know what you want and I believe I can help you."

Billy excitingly fired back,

"You can...How?"

With the softest of whispers, Maria shot back,

"Wait till after school on Friday...I've got a plan just for you!"

She kissed Billy on the lips and left his room. Billy had no idea what his sister was up to, much less going to do, but at this point, he was willing to give anything a try.

That seemed like the longest week of Billy's life and he sat in the living room patiently awaiting for his sister to come home from school to find out what she had in store for him. About an hour or so later, Maria walked through the door and motioned for him to follow her. He had already taken a shower as they walked into her bedroom. She closed the door, spun around and asked,

"Are you ready?"

Billy nodded his head in complete agreement.

Maria sat Billy down in front of her vanity as she began placing powder all over his face. She had already had some clothes neatly placed on her bed. She made Billy take off his shirt as she began applying makeup on his already gorgeous face. As she was busy dolling Billy up, Maria stated,

"Well little brother, I'm going to help you get started...the rest is up to you."

The next thing Billy knew, he was transformed to look like a girl. Maria stepped back to inhale her magical work that she had just performed on her horny little brother. Billy had on a bra which was stuffed with toilet paper and his lips was painted with a cherry color lipstick. Even Billy didn't recognize himself though be it he was ogling over himself in the mirror. Maria handed him the clothes she had picked out and Billy disappeared into her bathroom to get dressed.

When Billy walked out of the bathroom, Maria clapped her hands, grinning from ear to ear. Billy was wearing a short top that exposed half of his stomach, just barely covering the bottom of his stuffed bra. The skirt his sister picked out covered his hips, but didn't seem to cover much anything else. It was short, extremely short! Maria walked completely around Billy making various soft sounds before she stopped right in front of him, placing her hands onto his shoulders, then saying,

"Holy shit! If you can't find any friends tonight, then you just didn't fucking show up! Damn Billy, if I was a lesbian, I'd be slurping at your pussy right about now! Fuck me to tears, we had best come up with a name for you."

Billy was smiling from ear to ear as he blurted out,

"Tabitha...I like that name...always have!"

Maria shot back,

"Then Tabitha is who you will be! Damn, you are too fucking hot! I can't wait to see the boys when you come prancing around. Their cocks will be prying their way out of their pants. Tonight my little brother, the playground is yours, so go get em!"

With excitement building with every footstep, Billy thought best to exit from their backyard. With his new look, he walked ever so slowly towards the Pizza Parlor in hopes of having a hard cock stuffed inside of his mouth. The skirt he was wearing allowed the cool breeze to shoot up and grace his ass and balls. He even was wearing one of his sister's thong bikini bottoms, which was white in color. They felt so good that he didn't know why he hadn't worn them before this moment. They certainly felt better than his own underwear.

As Billy, or should I say Tabitha, was walking down a side street, he came face to face with another boy who had been on his mind. Jason Wright was heading out for the Pizza Parlor as well. Jason was a senior and towered over Billy with his solid physique. Billy thought his sizzling red hair and blue eyes made Jason out to be more of an Adonis than anything else. Jason was tall, a good 6'3", but was more on the slender side, not weighing more than 160 pounds.

Billy had just passed Jason's driveway, when Jason spotted Billy/Tabitha. Jason's eyes had no problem discovering the beauty that burned an everlasting impression into his swarming lust filled brain. With a frog welling up inside his throat, Jason blurted out,

"Uh, hi there."

Billy spun around, smiled a gleaming smile, then softly replied,

Hi, how's it going?"

Jason was immediately taken back at the breath taking beauty standing before him. With each step as he got closer to Billy, Jason's legs grew that much weaker.

Initially, there conversation was rather boring, but after about five or so minutes of rambling small talk, Jason asked the wrong question at the right time,

"So, Tabitha, what uh, what are you up to?"

Billy folded his arms, smacked his lips, grinning from ear lobe to ear lobe, then blurted out,

"Well Jason, funny you should ask that. To be totally honest with you, I was heading to the Pizza Parlor to find some dick!"

Jason thought he heard what he had just heard, but now in a complete daze and somewhat confused, he hoarsely asked,

"Dick! Oh I see, you are meeting a guy named Dick at the Parlor. That's it, isn't it?"

Looking up at Jason, absorbing the huge basket all bunched up from hardness, Billy replied,

"Nope! I'm looking for some dick, you know cock, peter, pecker, love stick, fuck pole, or whatever else you guys call it!"

Jason was floored at what Billy had just said. With his legs growing ever so weaker by the moment, Jason blurted out,

"Well, ummmmm, I ummmmm, I got a cock for you...that is if you want it!"

Billy smiled back at Jason sensing his nervousness while all the time realizing that his new Tabitha character gave him the courage that Billy never knew existed. Billy flickered his eyes at Jason, then ran his tongue along his lips, then whispered,

"Yeah, you'll do, but all I am gonna do is suck you...No fucking, is that clear? Oh yeah, before I forget, no touching my pussy...Understand?"

Jason couldn't even speak for he thought he was trapped in some weird and twisted dream. His headed nodded up and down in agreement as Billy asked,

"So, where do you want me to suck that cock of yours? Surely, you don't want me to do it right here in the street do you?"

Jason fired back,

"We can go inside...the house is empty!"

Jason led the way as Billy nervously walked in behind him. Billy could hardly believe just how easy it was for him to suck this straight guy's cock. They entered Jason's bedroom where Jason immediately began stripping. Billy stood to the side and watched Jason as he literally tore his Fruit-of-the-Looms off his hips. There was no doubt about how excited Jason was as Billy saw the red head's hot cock jutting far away from his slender body. Jason's cock was shaped like a banana, jutting from his body a good 7 inches with an upwards arch bending directly into the middle of a rather thick and juicy shaft. The red pubic hairs looked like they were on fire being ever so bushy. His balls swung low and Billy could see the fine red hairs as they covered his rather large cum filled balls.

Jason flopped down on his bed and immediately spread his legs wide. Billy slid onto the bed, between Jason's legs keeping both eyes locked onto the 18 year olds proud boner. The mushroom shaped head was far thicker than the already thick shaft with a bead of pre cum already spewing from the wide open piss slit. Unwilling to partake things slowly, Billy licked the enlarged cock head, scooping up Jason's dripping pre cum. Jason groaned and Billy moaned as the salty flavor attacked his taste buds. In a flash, Billy stretched his mouth over Jason's cock head and hungrily lowered his mouth to the point his nose was lost in Jason's fiery red pubic bush. Billy's own cock was tearing away at the thin fabric confining it as he slowly slid his mouth up and down on the bulky cock filling his mouth.

His left hand cupped Jason's heavy hairy balls and toyed with them as his mouth performed one hell of a long overdue magic act on Jason's thick cock. Jason cried out,

"Oh fuck, fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh this feels soooooooooo gooooooooood! Yeah, suck that cock Tabby baby...Suck that big cock gooooooooood!"

While Billy was bobbing his head up and down on Jason's tasty teen cock, Jason was bucking his hips in unison, fucking Billy's mouth in turn.

In a very short time, Jason's cock swelled and being the natural cock sucker Billy is, he knew what was fixing to happen and longed for this moment. Jason screamed as his cock began firing round after fiery hot round of teen cum heavily into Billy's cum craving mouth. Billy kept on fucking Jason's cock with his mouth, savoring the feeling of feeling Jason's thick cream as it splattered sharply onto the roof of his mouth. Sensing the time was right to start swallowing, Billy moaned as the salty seed slid gracefully down his throat. Jason's cum was salty and slightly bitter, but to Billy, it was sperm, and in his eyes, all sperm tastes great, and Jason's was no exception to his own rule!

Billy sucked the last bit of sperm from Jason's rapidly deflating cock. With aloud slurp, Jason's shriveled up cock popped free from Billy's vacuuming mouth. Jason was gasping for air as Billy was softly moaning out of sheer ecstasy. Billy slid off the bed, rearranged his skirt, then said,

"Thanks, you were great!"

Jason was still more than just a little baffled as he replied,

"Holy shit! I've never had my dick sucked like that before. God Damn girl, you are the fucking best at sucking cock! You can suck me anytime you want, day or night, I don't give a shit, just please let's do this again. You know where I live now, so please don't be a stranger!"

Walking out of Jason's front door, Billy felt a little devilish as to what he had just done and the way he had to go about it. There would have been no way, now way in hell that Jason would have let Billy suck his cock, but now, Jason begged for Tabitha to do it anytime he wanted. Carrying his sister's little white purse, Billy popped a mint into his mouth to hide Jason's tasty sperm. One thing was for sure though, and that was Billy wasn't close to being done from sucking cock, plenty more cocks if he had anything to do with it.

He rounded the corner and almost walked into a car backing out of the driveway. Low and behold, the driver was none other than Matt Johnson. Naturally, because neither was paying too much attention to what they were doing, Matt jumped out of the car and rushed over to where Billy was standing and courteously asked,

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry...I didn't see you!

Billy quickly shot back,

"I'm okay...thanks for asking. How about you, are you okay?"

Matt stood perfectly still in total awe of the perplexed beauty standing before him. His eyes jumped within their very own sockets as he envisioned this young beauty buck assed naked. With his mouth filling with saliva and his heart beating to the tune of a thousand drums, Matt replied,

"Uh, yeah...I'm fine!"

Just like in the case with Jason, their conversation started out being nothing more than small talk. After a few minutes had passed and Billy's eyes zeroed in on the distinct bulge growing ever so bulbously inside Matt's pants, Billy decided to toss caution into the wind. With the grace of a gazelle, Billy smiled while flashing his entrancing eyes up to Matt, then softly stated,

"I bet you get plenty of attention from lots of girls. I know if I had the chance, I'd happily give you plenty of special attention, that is, if you know what I mean!"

Matt watched Tabitha lick her lips just as she had finished the very last word, then retaliated,

"Sometimes, I guess, but that all depends on what you mean by special attention."

Billy took a step forward knowing all good and well that everything was going his way, cracked a smile, looked directly at Matt's bulging crotch, then softly whispered,

"You know...help you out with that (pointing at Matt's crotch) problem you have growing there!"

Matt couldn't believe what his ears had just heard and forced out the question before his mind had time to rehearse the proper words,

"You mean...You, ummmmm, you want to have sex?"

Billy quickly shot in,

"No, not sex! You know, I want to suck that cock of yours like you've never had that thing sucked before. In fact, I don't even want you to touch me...just let me milk that beauty of yours and that's it, nothing more...just a blow job, that is of course, if you want me to!"

His mind didn't have to process what his ears had just heard, and after a silent agreement, Matt led the way up to his front door. The two walked in and Billy followed Matt down into the basement, which was apparently Matt's family's family room. There was two large sofas in the room and one super huge television, along with a pool table at the far end of the room. Matt walked over to one of the sofa's, turned around and began unbuttoning the top button of his blue jeans. Billy stood still as he watched the hunk teasingly unbutton his pants until the last button flopped free. Matt yanked his shirt over his head and slung it to the floor. Then, his pants followed, leaving the super star in nothing but his socks and white boxer shorts, that inevitably displayed one very hard cock begging to come out and play. Matt slowly hooked his shorts and peeled them off of his body, leaving Billy to stare in mystified awe at the sculpture of a jock with one very nice rock hard cock, which was more than ready for some action.

Matt's rock hard cock profoundly erected from his chiseled body a good 7 cut inches. The head was not any thicker than the shaft, but the shaft itself got thicker as it drifted away from the jock's cock head. Matt kept his pubic bush trimmed and Billy silently moaned as he envied the two perfectly egg shaped nuggets contained into one very low hanging, slightly hairy, sac. Matt's piss slit was oozing out his pre cum by the gallons as he flopped down on the sofa and inched his body into more of a laying down position. He placed his right leg on top of the sofa's top cushion while laying his left foot on the carpeted floor, leaving his entire cock and balls wide open for the taking.

The one other thing Billy observed about Matt's hard as steel cock was that it had a very distinct arch in the middle of the shaft, forcing the upper half to angle downwards at a very sharp angle. As Billy absorbed Matt's naked charm, he realized that the way Matt's cock was sort of bent, that it would make it a whole lot easier for him to suck, and suck that beauty he was more than ready for.

Billy walked up to the sofa and sat down, angling his body so that he could easily rest his upper body between Matt's widely spread legs. Matt folded his arms behind his head as Billy leaned forward and using his tongue, began licking the upper part of Matt's cock, relishing in the fine texture of the dripping pre cum. It was salty, but Billy loved the taste as he began thrashing his tongue all over Matt's shaft, working his way up to the jock's glistening cock head. Matt was groaning and gyrating his hips as the beauty working on his cock below sent chills racing up and down his spine.

Opening his mouth, Billy swallowed Matt's cock, burying his nose into the jock's neatly trimmed pubic hair. His left hand toyed with Matt's cum filled balls while allowing his middle finger to gently dip into Matt's somewhat hairy crack, just barely touching Matt's moist butt hole.

For Billy, this was a dream come true. Here he was, now in his idol's home, sucking the very cock he had fantasized about so many times, and no matter what, Billy had already decided that he was going to fulfill his promise in sucking Matt's cock like nobody had ever done before.

As Billy's mouth rose up Matt's shaft, Billy swarmed his tongue all over the chunk of beef wedged perfectly inside of his mouth. When he reached the cock head, Billy gently tried to pry his tongue into Matt's piss slit, then work his mouth ever so slowly back down the jock's shaft. With each of Matt's bucking motions, Billy's middle finger rubbed Matt's asshole that much harder while his left hand cupped and played with the twitching nuggets with growing passion.

Within a couple of minutes, both Billy and Matt realized that Matt was on the very near edge of explosion, so being the natural cock sucker that Billy had grown to be, he let his mouth slip off of Matt's throbbing cock and start sucking on the jock's heavy balls. Billy was able to swallow both of Matt's balls into his mouth, leaving just a little room for his tongue to roam around the egg shaped nuggets at free will. Matt was growing crazy with burning lust as the beauty sucking on his balls performed magic throughout his shivering body.

Billy intentionally took turns sucking Matt's cock and slobbering all over the jock's balls. Each time Matt got close, Billy would stop and begin working on anther part of Matt's chiseled body. Matt was beyond the point of begging to be allowed to cum, but his cries of passion fell on Billy's deaf ears. Nearly a full hour had passed and Billy was still not ready for things to end. With his mouth vacuuming up and down on Matt's suckable cock, and Matt humping his hips up and down, fucking his cock in and out of the breath taking beauty's fiery hot mouth, Billy's left middle finger accidentally shot straight up Matt's asshole.

That was the ultimate final straw for Matt as his cock exploded, gushing thick hot strands of built up sperm into Billy's mouth. The ass muscles surrounding his finger coiled and locked their vice like grip around his finger, sucking it in deeper and deeper into Matt's boiling hot anal canal.

Billy wasn't surprised in the least at the powerful surge of Matt's thick cream as it fired round after round of sperm hard and heavy into his mouth. By far, this was the largest load he had ever been blessed with and Billy wasn't about to spill a drop. As Matt's rocket like sperm shot out of his exploding cock, Billy decided it was time to start making room, so he opened his throat and groaned in sheer ecstasy as the thick cream slid graciously down. Just like Jason's, Matt's sperm was a bit salty, but it wasn't bitter at all. The more of Matt's sperm he swallowed, the harder he milked the sperm shooting cock in hopes of tasting a lot more.

Matt was blind from his sperm shooting frenzy as he fucked the angel's mouth while savoring the feeling of Billy's finger trapped inside his ass. Never had he felt such an orgasm like the one he was still experiencing. His body went into a massive convulsion and just when he himself thought he was done, more sperm shot out of his cock, forcing his body to buck and thrash uncontrollably. No matter how hard Matt bucked, Billy rode his mouth on the jock's cock like a bull rider riding one very pissed off bull.

Before too long, Billy was sucking on Matt's limp cock, which by now, was completely clean of all of Matt's precious cum. Billy had to literally pry his finger from Matt's ass while slipping his mouth off of Matt's extra sensitive limp cock. Matt's body continued to thrash about as Billy sat there, adoring the super jock's perfect body while savoring the after taste of Matt's tasty seed.

Billy patiently waited for Matt to calm down, then once Matt did, Billy smiled then asked,

"So, how was it?"

Matt was panting as if he had just competed in a marathon, but managed to softly say,

"Oh my God! Tabitha, that was fucking incredible!"

Billy took a deep breath, then asked,

"Thank you, but was that the best blow job you ever had?"

Matt cried out,

"Fuck yeah! That was the best fucking blow job anyone could ever possibly have! Shit girl, I'd give anything to eat that sweet pussy of yours right about now. Please, please let me eat you!"

Billy was shaking his head back and forth, then whispered,

"Sorry, but I'm saving my pussy. I hope you can understand that, but in the meantime, I truly love to suck cock!"

Matt blurted out,

"Okay then, but my dick is yours anytime you want to suck it. Promise me that you will do this again, please!"

Billy smiled, melting Matt's heart in the process, then replied,

"You bet!"

Billy excused himself and went into the bathroom where something inside of him forced him to sniff the finger that had been up Matt's ass. It only took a quick whiff to discover what he already realized, that it, it smelled just like the place it had came from, so without any further ado, Billy thoroughly washed his hands before departing. As he was leaving, and just prior to, Billy had to force his rock hard cock between his legs so as not to be discovered for who he truly was...a boy, not a girl.

As he walked down the neighborhood street, all he could think about was how he had just sucked two cocks belonging to two very hot studs. Neither guy had a clue that he was actually a guy, and not just some girl out looking for some cock to suck. On one hand, he felt somewhat ashamed for the deception he was forced to use to get some cock, but on the other hand, he was more than just a bit happy that Tabitha got some play.

Billy walked through the parking lot of the Pizza Parlor and it was packed with people from his school milling about holding boring conversations. He could feel the eyes as they burned holes into him as he made his way up to the main entrance. Once inside, it didn't take too long before he spotted someone, or should I say, not just someone, but a guy that shares several of his classes and who is hotter than hell. His name is Mark Abrams and he is about the same age Billy is...14.

Mark had caught Billy's attention from day one and Billy made numerous intricate mental notes detailing Mark's fabulous body. The boy stood about 5'6" and weighed close to 135 pounds. Unlike Matt, Mark is no jock, but his body indicates otherwise. His naturally white, not so much blonde, hair is always neatly combed backwards, and cut above the neck line. What fascinated Billy the most about Mark was the pure fact that his hair is snow white, and so is his eyebrows and eyelashes. Mark's ocean blue, blue eyes, sparkle constantly. In Billy's eyes, Mark is the purest version of unheralded beauty.

Billy sauntered right in front of Mark's table where he was sitting with three other boys about the same age. As Billy walked by, he knew he had caught Mark's attention by the way Mark's eyes drifted upwards to meet his, then trail down Billy's/Tabitha's body to zero in on Billy's perfectly formed butt. Inside the Parlor wasn't too busy just yet so Billy found a table very easily just three tables down from where Mark was sitting. Now, Mark's back was facing Billy and it was all Billy could do to not haul out his cock and beat the built up sperm right out of his horned up body.

A few short lived minutes passed when Mark scooted out from his table and slowly walked by Billy, making eye contact the entire slow time, on his way to the bathroom. No sooner than Mark completely walked by Billy, Billy casually spun around so he could see Mark's tight little bubble ass as it swayed with each and every one of Mark's subtle footsteps. Mark was wearing blue jeans and they were not the baggy type either. In fact, the pants Mark was wearing seemed to fit so perfectly that they appeared that the boy was born in them and that they grew along with his adorable perfect body as it grew.

Upon Mark's return from the bathroom, he made sure to take his time and slowly walk by Tabitha/Billy. Just as Mark approached Billy's table, he stopped, looked down, then angelically spoke while extending his right hand,

"Hi, I'm Mark. I've never seen you before. Are you new here?"

Billy's body trembled as their hands collided and the mixture of pure electricity rushed through his body, striking his heart with mini lightning bolts as his voice trembled,

"I'm uh, I'm Tabitha. I'm visiting my cousins here."

Mark still held Tabitha's hand as he replied,

"Great and who is your cousins by the way?"

Billy swallowed hard, then softly whispered,

"I don't know if you know them or not since they are kind of new here themselves, but they are Maria and Billy Housand."

Mark's eyes seemed to have exploded, sending raspy chills coursing up and down Billy's back. Mark's heavenly smile stole Billy's heart and his voice was nothing less than purified magic as he spoke,

"Yeah, yeah, I know Billy. He's in some of my classes. He doesn't socialize much though, but I guess that's because he's new here. In time, he'll loosen up enough to make some friends. Anyway, it was my pleasure in meeting you. If you get too bored sitting here by yourself, you can always join me at my table."

Billy's eyes never left Mark's, but he did steal a few glances at Mark's mouth watering crotch that was no more than a few inches from his mouth. Inhaling, then exhaling, Billy replied,

"No, no. It was my pleasure as well. The offer is mutual. If you get tired of the guy talk at your table, then please feel free to join me at my table."

As Mark walked away, Billy couldn't help not to stare at his delightfully well shaped teen ass. Up until this point, Billy never really was a butt guy, but there was something special about Mark, and his butt. For whatever the reason, Billy's own ass began itching like crazy and his cock was harder than a ton of bricks.

Once Mark sat down, his friends couldn't wait to blurt out the fact that the girl who he had just spoken to had been staring at his butt and crotch. Mark cared, but not that much. He couldn't get Tabitha's beauty out of his head. Never had he ever seen such a more beautiful girl in his life, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help not to think that Tabitha looked somewhat familiar. His table spoke of Tabitha for nearly thirty minutes, all in which was based on nothing less than sexual talk. One of the boys sitting with Mark even went so far as to blurt out that he didn't think Tabitha was capable of taking a dump...she was that gorgeous. The boys laughed at his comment, but they were all thinking the same thing, including Mark.

After a short while, Mark got tired of the small talk and decided he would take Tabitha up on her offer, so he excused himself from his table and quickly walked the few short feet and sat down, facing Tabitha.

"I decided to take you up on your offer...I hope you don't mind?"

Billy smiled, then responded,

"No, no. I'm glad you did."

For the next several minutes, both Billy and Mark spoke about things in general while both studied every intricate detail of the other. Both overwhelmed in the others enhanced beauty, both marveling over the fact that they both think the other is the most gorgeous thing their eyes had ever seen. As each took turns speaking, both gracefully had to adjust their rock hard erections, hoping beyond all hopes, that the other, as well as all the folks milling about, didn't seem to notice.

The longer Mark sat there, the more he began studying Tabitha's precious face, comparing her face to none other than Billy's, the new boy at school and Tabitha's cousin. Billy almost drooled on himself as his eyes watched Mark's lips move as the angelic beauty spoke, taking in the whole time just how brilliantly white and perfectly straight Mark's teeth were. Mark, on the other hand, noticed the same thing about Billy's teeth, only offset by the girl's beautifully natural tanned appearance.

After a period of an hour or so, Mark popped the question, feeling more at ease to discuss this sort of thing with Tabitha,

"So, uh, are you um, a virgin?"

Billy flashed Mark a breath stealing smile, licked his lips very slowly, then looked at Mark straight into his ocean blue eyes and softly whispered,

"Kind of, but not when it comes to oral sex though. So far, I haven't allowed any penetration whatsoever. To be totally honest with you, I love, and I mean loooooooove to give head!"

Mark's only response was short and simple,


Billy flashed his eyes at Mark, then tossed out,

"Yes, really! So, what about you? Are you a virgin?"

Mark shot his head from shoulder to shoulder then blurted out,

"No way, I've had sex a few times!"

Taking things a bit further, Billy took in a deep breath, then fired back,

"Define a few times! Did you get a proper blow job, or was it something that was very quick and not too enjoyable?"

Mark sat there feeling his cock wanting to burst out of his jeans at any moment now. Adjusting his throbbing aching hard on, Mark shot back,

"You know...I uh, well let's just say uh, it was kind of fast, sort of..."

Before Mark could finish, the Tabitha side of Billy took charge and quickly delivered,

"Mark, you got to make some sense about this. Was it fast? Did she swallow? Did she even suck your dick? Just tell me...don't be afraid...blurt it out!"

Mark did just that,

"I've done it once, okay! I had to make her touch my dick with her hand. She wouldn't suck it though, just basically gave me a quick hand job and that was it. I did finger her, but after a minute or so, she made me stop."

Billy let out a breath of air, the reiterated,

"So, you are still pretty much a virgin though! For the life of me, I can't figure out why she wouldn't have dove onto your cock. You know, suck the life out of your body in the process. Whatever! I know I would have quicker than a heartbeat!"

Mark listened to Billy's/Tabitha's last statement and the only words that fluttered out of his mouth were,

"Really! You would have sucked me!"

Billy immediately fired back,

"Bone dry!"

If Mark's already twitching cock wasn't twitching, it was going into uncontrollable convulsing spasm right about now. All his mind could envision was Tabitha's pretty little lips closed over his cock while her gorgeous head bobbed up and down on his teen joy stick while his finger was fucking her pussy into a frenzy. Billy was thinking the same thing along those very same lines, with the exception of Mark finger fucking his pussy. He wasn't even too sure he wanted his asshole toyed with in any way. All Billy wanted to do was suck cock and that's it, nothing more and nothing less, just suck a nice cock until its milky white fluid fired heavily inside his sperm craving mouth!

Finally, after another thirty or so minutes had gone by, Billy being somewhat frustrated, or should I say it was all Tabitha cause Billy was just too shy to speak like Tabitha, but Billy leaned forward, then whispered,

"Mark, would you like me to suck your dick for you?"

Mark was trembling from head to toe as his voice cracked,

"Uh, yeah um, sure, I uh, well uh, where?"

Billy smiled, then whispered,

"I don't know where. Maybe we can go out back or someplace like that!"

Mark shook his head up and down, then nervously whispered,

"Out back should be okay. It's kind of dark back there so nobody should see us there!"

With Mark's last statement being said, Billy scooted out of the seat, ensuring his cock was pretty much trapped between his legs, with Mark following, unable to hide the scrunched up bulge pressing sharply in the front of his pants. As they walked by Mark's friends table, one of them pointed at Mark's crotch, then blurted out,

"Look, look! Mark's got a boner...Mark's got a boner!"

Mark shot his companions and evil gleam, but just knowing in a few short minutes, he would be the one feeling Tabitha's lips surrounding his cock made his friend's comment obsolete.

Mark and Tabitha were holding hands, feeling the electricity coursing through their veins as it sprouted from the other's body. They walked side by side until they turned the corner of the building, leaving their traces invisible as they found themselves in almost compete darkness. Billy wanted to not only suck Mark's cock, but he wanted to see it as well. Being blind by darkness, they stopped a few feet short of the air conditioner with Mark pressing Billy against the brick wall. Before Billy had time to react, Mark had shot his tongue deep into Billy's mouth while Mark's hands began to roam Billy's body.

Billy knew if he didn't control Mark's hands, sooner or later, Mark would discover that he was no Tabitha, but all boy instead, but Mark's tongue felt so good as it frolicked deeply inside his mouth. Billy fought his way until his own tongue began lavishly baking inside Mark's boiling hot, saliva drenched, mouth. Their moans were only silenced by the rambling of the air conditioner as their fiery passionate kiss went sharply into overdrive.

In a very short time, Mark's groping hands found their way to Billy's tight little ass and it was there Mark's hands began squeezing and caressing every little inch of Billy's muscle clinching butt. The tighter Mark squeezed Billy's butt cheeks, the more forceful Billy's moans and whimpers became. Though be it Billy was in seventh heaven, he knew he had to do something or get busted. Quickly, Billy's hands blindly found the front of Mark's pants and he began fumbling with the top button. Just as soon as the top button was free, Billy lowered the zipper, relishing in the fact that his hands were grazing Mark's steel like erection. While his right hand lowered the zipper, Billy used his left hand to grope the teen meat confided so tightly within Mark's jeans. Billy could feel the teen sausage as it throbbed impressively with his every touch.

With the zipper all the way down, Billy latched onto Mark's pants and underwear and quickly slid them down Mark's legs. As their tongues continued to frolic ever so passionately inside the other's boiling hot mouth, Billy used this time to feel the object he desired so much. Mark's cock felt so at home in his left hand while his right hand cupped and caressed his cum filled balls. To the best of Billy's estimate, Mark's cock was cut and had to be at least 5 or 6 inches. It also felt like it was straighter than an arrow with no bend or arch anywhere. Billy could also feel the pre cum as his hand smeared the slippery juice up and down the silky rock hard shaft. His fingers detected some pubic hair, though be it, not very much, and one certainly couldn't call it a pubic bush either.

While his left hand coursed its way up and down Mark's somewhat thick shaft, his right hand felt what had to be two hairless half dollar sized nuggets, to which, were hanging a good 4 or so inches into their velvety sac. After feeling what he needed to feel, Billy forced his mouth from Mark's and slid his back down along the brick wall to the point that he was now squatting. Without warning or wasting of time, Billy began using his tongue like a shovel, scooping up the massive quantity of pre cum from Mark's piss slit as well as his rather muscularly fat shaft. His nostrils captured the scent of Mark's body which sent immediate shivers racing up and down his back.

Mark's body aroma was amazing, igniting a never discovered animalistic fever rushing throughout Billy's already dizzy body. Once Billy stretched his lips and enclosed his mouth over Mark's cock, it didn't take Billy long to realize that Mark had the thickest cock that had ever graced his mouth. Wanting to endeavor this time forever, Billy slowly traced his lips up and down the monstrously thick shaft. If only there had been some light, Billy could have seen first hand just how truly thick Mark's cock was, but for now, he would be more than happy to milk this prize winning beauty in the black of night.

Billy's hands stretched around Mark's perfect frame and latched onto two of the most marvelous butt cheeks he had ever touched. They were so heart pleasingly smooth, yet so perfectly solid at the same time. With his mouth overly stuffed with Mark's thicker than thick cock, his fingers darted into Mark's rather dry butt crack where they began to caress and manipulate the seemingly hairless crevice with utter defiance. Mark was bucking his hips, driving his fat cock in and out of Billy's vacuuming mouth while whimpering and groaning at the tender sensations shooting upwards to his already spinning brain.

Billy's anal crevice crawling fingers slithered their way straight to Mark's unsuspecting butt hole. Mark's enclosed pucker hole was completely void of hair, or at least Billy felt none. His finger tips began drawing tiny circles over the puckering little hole, occasionally applying a little force just to allow a finger tip to penetrate. By doing this, Mark literally went berserk, as he wildly thrashed his hips forwards, smashing his hairless balls harshly just under Billy's chin with each and every pile driving thrust.

Mark grabbed the sides of Billy's head and began plowing the mouth sucking his cock like a mad man as the finger digging at his backdoor plunged all the way up his never before explored backdoor. Billy's finger immediately sent the feeling straight to his brain as Mark's anal canal clutched and strangled his finger while quickly baking the flesh to the bone.

Within a shutter of an instant, Billy felt Mark's thick cock throb even thicker, then a sudden blast of sperm struck the roof of Billy's mouth ever so violently, followed by numerous more strands of sperm torpedoes. With Mark's cock erupting his cream, Mark's anal canal attacked Billy's finger to the point that Billy thought his finger was going to be vacuumed beyond Mark's ass and end up somewhere inside Mark's stomach. The pressure was purely amazing and the power of Mark's sperm firing orgasm was nothing more than awesome!

Just when Billy thought Mark's cock had finished, simply because his sperm was doing nothing more than dribbling out, Billy felt Mark's cock throb one more time, then was greeted with 5 more sharply spewing rounds of thick creamy strands of teen cream. As of yet, Billy refused to swallow even the smallest of sperm cells for he wanted to bask in the luxury of tasting Mark like a connoisseur sipping the finest of wines.

Billy kept on sucking Mark's cock until he somewhat sympathetically realized that Mark had no more to offer. Though Mark's cock was still harder than steel, Billy began slowly sipping on Mark's creamy sperm. With the first little bit entering his throat, Billy shivered in delight as the taste was simply divine. Unlike most of the others he had tasted, Mark's offered very little taste whatsoever. It wasn't salty, nor did it have the faintest trace of salt, and by no means could one say it was even close to being bitter either. The more of Mark's sperm Billy swallowed, the more addicted he became over Mark. Without a doubt, Billy wanted to suck Mark off some more just to relish in the taste of his addictive teen cream.

As if time stood still momentarily, the last of Mark's unbelievable sweet sperm trickled down Billy's throat, leaving Billy moaning in heavenly ecstasy. Mark was doing a lot of moaning on his own as well and he still continued to buck his hips, fucking his cock in and out of Billy's greedy cum slurping mouth.

Billy had to use some strength to retrieve his finger from Mark's ass crunching anal canal. Still, with his mouth on Mark's thick cock, Billy instinctively brought the same finger that had shot up Mark's ass straight upwards until it was now touching the openings of his nostrils. Trying to suck a thick cock and wanting to inhale the aroma spewing from his finger sent Billy's mind ablaze. The aroma spewing from his finger surely didn't offer anything like where it had once been. There was no foul odor of any kind as Billy inhaled deeply, getting drunk from the fragrance filling his lungs.

While Billy was sucking Mark's cock and sniffing his finger, Mark's voice brought Billy back into reality somewhat,

"Tabitha, oh Tabitha...My God you are the best! Ohhhhhhhhh shit, I'd uh, God yes, I'd uhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssss, give anything to make love to you! Please, pleasssssssssssssse let me put it inside you...pleeeeeease!"

Billy knew that all he could offer was his ass and he wasn't so sure he was ready for something like that, besides, Mark's cock was just too thick to fit inside something he considered to be way too small. Then his mind kept on telling him that Mark would know the difference between having his cock up some pussy or some ass. While Billy's mind kept on playing various scenarios, Mark kept on begging.

Billy slid his mouth off of Mark's cock, replacing his mouth with his right hand. Mark's angelic voice sent chimes ringing into Billy's ears as Mark was now literally begging. Billy was in no way ready for something like this to happen. Sure, he had heard of anal sex before, actually, plenty of times, but he never once tossed up the idea that he would someday have his own ass invaded by a cock, especially one as thick as Mark's. He knew that if he tried something like that, the pain would have to be unbearable, but Mark's voice was triggering off something deep inside him, stunning his inner soul in the process.

Billy's voice trembled as he softly spoke,

"I don't know if I'm ready for something like that or not. You sure do have one extremely thick cock on you Mark. This thing will rip me in two...I just know it will!"

Mark cried out,

"I'll be careful...I promise! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!"

Billy had no clue as to how he could get away with maintaining his charade portraying a girl. He had no pussy, just his asshole! He also pondered the idea what if Mark reached around him and discovered that Tabitha was indeed Billy, not a girl, but a boy instead. This was all too much for Billy to absorb, but while he was thinking of a way to get out of this situation, his lips parted, and his vocal chords chimed in,

"Okay, let's do it, but keep your hands on my hips, okay?"

Mark shouted out,

"I can do that! Fucking A, I'll hold your hips!"

Billy couldn't believe his own words that had just flew out of his mouth, but before he could react, Mark had already spun Billy around and was hiking up Billy's short skirt. Billy's hands were resting flat against the brick wall, and he quickly reached behind him and brushed Mark's hands away. Mark repositioned his hands on Billy's hips as Billy lifted up his skirt, then slid his sister's thing like panties down towards his ankles. His left hand cupped his own little hairless balls as he forced his pre cum spewing rock hard cock upwards so that Mark would not accidentally discover who he really was, or more so, what he really was...a boy!

With his right hand, Billy placed Mark's super hard cock directly against his tiny rosebud and told Mark to push. Mark grunted while doing his best to shove his thick meat inside Billy. Billy grunted,

"Spit on it! Spit on your cock and make it slippery!"

Mark did just that as he began smearing his own saliva all over his entire cock. Now, with his cock slippery from his spit, Billy held the base of it and placed the thick cock head up against his asshole. With Mark pushing forwards and Billy trying to make it fit by pushing backwards, Mark's slippery cock kept on sliding up and down Billy's little crack.

Billy spread his legs a bit wider, then bent way over to the point the was looking at Mark's thick meat upside down. Just as Billy made his final approach, being that his head was now upside down, his body locked up as Mark's thick teen meat plunged deep into his virgin asshole. Mark slung his head back while screaming,

"Oh God, Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt your tiiiiightttt!"

Billy felt like he was on the verge of passing out as the mind twisting pain shot up his ass and rapidly spread throughout his body like a spider web. Unable to maintain any balance whatsoever, Billy stretched his right arm out so that his hand slapped heavily against the brick wall. Mark's hands were glued to Billy's hips and he began using Billy's body to impale his cock deep into Billy's convulsing virgin ass.

Tears filled Billy's eyes and soon his tears dribbled down his cheeks, making no noise as they splattered onto the dirt below. Billy thought he was being ripped in half and the unbearable pain only seemed to enhance as Mark slammed his teen beef wildly in and out of his pain riddled asshole. Billy's left hand still had his balls and throbbing hard cock held securely, but now he was squeezing the daylights out of them simply to do something different, hoping beyond all hopes to ease the fiery pain just a bit. Nothing he did worked as Mark slammed his thick meat savagely, knocking the breath out of Billy with each forward animalistic thrust.

What felt like an eternity, but in all reality, just a few pain filled minutes, something inside Billy's anal canal snapped, relieving his body of all the tormented pain. The thick chunk of teen meat pile driving his asshole now sent a new and rewarding sensation trickling throughout his body. With each inward thrust of Mark's perfect cock, Billy found himself using his right hand to shove his body backwards, sending more chills and sensations exploding inside his entire body.

It took a few perfectly timed tryouts for Billy to time their equally wild thrusts as he now began to cinch his ass muscles down, with each heavy thrust. By doing this, Billy discovered that more sensations shattered throughout his body and Mark could certainly feel the difference as well as he began whimpering and grunting with each and every rapid breath. Mark could feel the awesome heat and spiraling vacuum like pressure as he pumped his meat into Billy's asshole like a born again savage.

While Mark pounded away at Billy's asshole, Billy unknowingly let his balls fall free and started to jack his rock hard boner with his left hand. His mind was completely free from his body at this point and he started screaming,

"Harder, harder damnit! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee Marrrrrrrrrrrk!"

Billy blurted out some more words, but those words were nothing more than mere ramblings for he was too lost in having Mark pound his ass while he was pounding his own meat relishing in the sensations coursing over his entire shivering body.

Mark, on the other hand, was lost himself from the feeling of fucking Tabitha, and not once realized that his balls were now colliding with Billy's dangling nuggets. Billy failed to realize this too, for all he knew that with each savage thrust, Mark's free swinging balls smacked his own dangling jewels, sending more heightened sensations scrambling throughout his convulsing body.

Mark's grip on Billy's hips tightened and Billy felt the thick cock inside his ass swell just as his own cock began firing globs of sperm from his erupting cock. Mark yelled something and Billy felt the hot torpedo shooting sperm shoot deeper into his rectum. Billy's cock was spitting sperm and Mark's cock was coating Billy's anal walls with his hot cream at the same time. Both Mark and Billy were blind, not only from the darkness, but with lust as their orgasms sent both of their bodies into a definite and profound convulsing sperm shooting frenzy.

Billy jacked his cock to a deafened state of limpness as Mark made sure to pound the last ounce of his teen sperm into Billy's ass. In a short time, Mark's once rigid thick cock died down to its flaccid state and merely slipped out of Billy's ass. Billy felt the cool rush of the nights air shoot up his open ass, soothing his sperm coated anal walls with its freshness. Before Billy could pull up his sister's panties, Mark had already had his underwear and pants up his body. Billy tried to reach down, but was too weak and almost collided with the brick wall if not for Mark lunging forward and catching him.

Mark's right hand was now on the area just below Billy's belly button and Billy had enough common sense in his body to realize that if Mark stretched out his left pinky, he would discover that Tabitha was actually Billy by touching Billy's flaccid cock. Sensing the urgency, Billy squatted down and literally tore the panties as he yanked them up to hide his genitals from Mark. Once the panties were somewhat on, Billy lowered his skirt. Now, the two were facing one another and Mark wasted no time in slamming his mouth over Billy's. Their tongues shot deep into one another's mouth as their hands caressed each other's back. Their tongue and spit swapping kiss lasted for only a few short lived seconds as Mark raised his mouth from Billy's. With glassy eyes and still panting somewhat heavily, Mark whispered,

"Tabitha, my God you are totally awesome. I can't thank you enough for this!"

Billy took in a deep breath, then let it out, then replied,

"For one thing, we should do this again sometime, hopefully, in a better place. Secondly, you can be friends with my cousin Billy. He sure needs someone special to hang around with...if you know what I mean!"

Mark hesitated at Tabitha's last statement, then asked,

"What do you mean, someone special?"

Billy pondered his wording, then answered,

"Well Mark, it's like this. I don't know how long I will be here and my cousin Billy, well, he's kind of uh, kind of special in many ways. Can I tell you something and will you promise me that you will never mention this to anyone as long as you live?"

Mark whispered,

"Sure, I can keep a secret with the best of them."

Billy softly whispered,

"This is how it is and now that I have your word, I'll tell you. You see, back home, Billy had some special friends who would from time to time, allow Billy to service their needs. If you were his friend, then he could help you out whenever the urge hit you. You know what I mean?"

Mark stood still, then somewhat in an irritated voice shot out,

"I aint no faggot if that's what you're talking about! I like pussy! No, there's no fucking way I would ever let another guy suck my dick! Fuck that shit!"

That certainly didn't go the way Billy had hoped it would and he even tossed up the idea of blurting out that he had just had full blown sex with a boy and had loved every passionate minute of it, but thought better, knowing that Mark would probably beat the living starch out of him. Rather frustrated at how things turned out, Billy replied,

"Fuck it then, it's your loss, not his! I'll say this to you though. Once a mouth starts working on that award winning cock of yours, I promise you, you wouldn't give a fuck who's mouth it belongs to, that's for sure! So, I thank you for tonight and I should be getting home, it's getting rather late."

They kissed one more time before departing the back of the Parlor. Mark went one way and Billy staggered the other. He could feel Mark's cum as it wanted to squirt out of his ass as he slowly walked down the street, heading home. His mind kept on playing all that had just happened. He still couldn't get over the fact that he had just been fucked by one monstrously thick cock and loved every heart pounding second of it. Not once did his mind replay the initial pain, just the exquisite pleasure bursting like a bomb throughout his entire body.

Mark walked home as well and his trembling legs reminded him of the great piece of ass he had just encountered. True to form that everything was pitch black dark, he could still envision Tabitha's perfect beauty and the way she sucked his cock as if performing some form of magic act. As he slowly walked on home, his mind kept on remembering the words Tabitha had said prior to them leaving. With each footstep, all his mind displayed was Billy, not Tabitha, and for Mark, this was far too complicated to comprehend, for he is no, nor will ever be, a faggot!

Billy managed to make it home and sneak inside his house without being detected by his parents, who were already home. Sitting on the toilet, Billy felt Mark's sperm fire from his ass, making loud splashing noises in the water below. Once he was finished handling his business, Billy stripped, and just prior to stepping inside his shower, he took a moment to study the body that he felt was so grossly disgusting. His eyes fell onto his tiny sprinklings of black pubic hairs scattered on either side of the base of his dick. If he wanted to, he knew he probably could take the time and count each little sprout, but instead of doing so, he lifted his limp dick up with his left hand and cursed the heavens above. Billy's flaccid dick, in his eyes, was scrawny! The foreskin completely covered his cock head and dangled a good two or three inches downwards. Even rock hard, Billy once measured his cock and even by stretching things a bit, could only come up with about 4 inches, and if he had to guess the girth of it, the best thing he could compare it with was the base of a regular sized carrot.

Lifting up his balls, he guessed them to be as big around as a nickel, and as he studied his balls, his eyes couldn't come close to detecting any hair growth whatsoever. As he spun around, spread his legs, and leant way over, Billy's eyes looked directly at his recently well fucked asshole. The pucker hole was tightly sealed and Billy realized that his anus was the same tanned color as his crack, which too, was void of any hair life. His fingers dug at his crack, spreading his butt cheeks a bit wider. His tiny hole was still protectively sealed and Billy simply couldn't imagine how something so tiny was able to handle something so thick as Mark's extremely thick cock.

Billy took his shower and had just flopped into bed, totally exhausted when his sister tip toed into his room. Billy, with all the heart felt excitement in the world, left nothing out as he told his sister everything...in explicit detail. After Billy finished explaining everything, his sister left the room, only to reappear holding four twin packs of Fleet enemas. She explained how he was to use them, as well as offered her little brother some advice on how to add some fragrance to the enemas for some extra support.

In time, Billy drifted off to sleep as his mind kept the reality of all he had done previously fresh in his mind. Awaking early the next morning, and being that it was Saturday, Billy couldn't wait to experience giving himself an enema. He opened up one of the containers and retrieved one of the enema's. Unscrewing the top, Billy poured a little baby oil into it as well as some minty mouth wash, filling the bottle to the rim. He then got down on all fours just as the example on the bottle instructed, inserted the tip and squeezed the majority of the content up his butt.

Nearly three minutes ticked off the clock when Billy felt the powerful urge building up for a messy explosion. He fought that notion with all of his might as he bucked his body and kicked the floor with his toes. Billy was doing everything he could to hold his gut wrenching bowel movement for as long as he could. A few minutes later, his strength gave out and he quickly plopped down on the toilet, just in time as the contents of his bowel movement came gushing out.

When it was all said and done with, Billy had sat on the toilet for a good thirty or so minutes. The entire time of his bowel movement, all he could think of was how he was going to get some more cock, and better yet, who would be willing to slam their cock up his ass. Yes, now Billy wanted not only to just suck cock, he inwardly craved to be fucked, and fucked hard!

While taking a bath, Billy had added some body soothing lotion to the water, as well as other sweet smelling fragrances. He soaked in the tub for over an hour before getting out and toweling himself completely dry. Sifting through his drawers, Billy decided now was not the time to walk around parading as Tabitha. He wanted to find something to wear that would be sexy to the eye. Still, through all of this, he silently cursed his body, his uncut little cock, and scrawny hairless balls. He found a pair of cut off jeans that was probably three years old or older. Billy squeezed his legs through them and managed to zip up the zipper. Looking at himself in the mirror, he realized that these shorts offered very little to the imagination. Turning to the side, he could see his left butt cheek, more so, the very bottom, as it protruded slightly underneath. Wearing no underwear, when Billy turned back around facing the mirror, he figured if he got an erection, even with what he considered an extremely small cock for his age, it would certainly slip out for anyone to see.

He slipped on a white tank top and wished upon the heavens above for his underarms to start growing some hair. Sitting on his bed, he put on white ankle socks and slipped into his tennis shoes. Now, he was ready to go out and see if he, Billy, and not Tabitha, could get some attention. Opening the front door, the cool refreshing air splashed upon his body as he began his cock seeking journey out into his neighborhood.

As he walked down the street, there were already kids of all ages milling about in their yards, as well as some adults. Casually, Billy strode down the sidewalk keeping his eyes rotating from one side of the street to the next, looking for someone who might take notice of him. Which inevitably didn't take long, for what Billy couldn't or wouldn't understand, was that he was a pleasure for all eyes to behold.

Billy had just rounded the corner when he came upon a man washing his brand spanking new corvette. The guy must have been in his mid to late thirties. He was only wearing bicycling stretch shorts and nothing else. From Billy's view point, the man had to be tall, way taller than he himself. To add further to the equation, the man's muscled body rippled with his every motion. The guy wasn't overly muscled, but he was definitely chiseled, not to mention the simple fact that the guy was black. Now, Billy wasn't raised to be a racist, but he had never had the opportunity to be close to a black guy before, much less think of doing anything sexual with one.

Billy wasn't the only one who was doing some noticing, for the guy washing his car almost hit his head as his eyes locked onto the beauty walking towards his driveway. For an instance, the man thought that Billy was a girl, but as Billy walked closer, he realized that this was a boy, a gorgeous boy at that. The man slung the sponge into the bucket, stood up, and politely said,

"Good morning young man...it's going to be a beautiful day today."

Billy absentmindedly left the sidewalk and walked right up to the man and said, while holding out his right hand,

"Yes sir, it should be a beautiful day. Name's Billy sir!"

The man melted at Billy's eloquent touch, then replied,

"Walt, Walt Ackerman. Pleased to meet you Billy. So, what brings an angel around here so early in the morning?"

Billy was charmed at the way Walt spoke, especially the angel part as he responded,

"I don't know. I was just walking around looking for some fun I suppose."

While they spoke, Billy figured Walt to be around 6'6" tall and must weigh around 230 pounds of solid muscle. The other obvious thing Billy couldn't help not to notice was the growing bulge inside Walt's thin stretch shorts. It was without a doubt huge and very, very prominent. While Billy's eyes studied Walt's explicit physique, Walt obviously was doing the same thing to Billy. While they were idly talking near the passenger side of the corvette, another man walked out of the front door and came right up to them. This guy wasn't nearly as tall, but he looked like he may have been close to the same age range as Walt. His body wasn't nearly as chiseled as Walt's and he was white with wavy light brown hair and dashing green eyes. The man held out his right hand, and cordially said,

"Good morning young man. Name's Garth Abrams and you are?"

Billy shook his hand, then offered,

"Billy sir, pleased to meet you."

Garth stepped right next to Walt, then openly said,

"Damn Walt, I leave you alone for a few minutes to wash the car and low and behold, you deliver us a fantasy...a dream come true...a fucking beauty of an angel at that! Way to go my love, you are fucking incredible!"

Billy listened to the man's comments as Walt pretty much corrected Garth with his verbiage. Through their conversation, Billy found out that Walt was the Assistant Principle and Garth was an English and Math teacher at his new school. Through his findings, Billy was in total disbelief that the two were lovers, not to mention the simple fact that they were at his school as well.

Garth hopped into his Mercedes, waved good by and just before pulling out of his driveway, yelled,

"Be gentle with this angel my love, I wouldn't want you to ruin him the first go around! Bye - bye!"

No sooner than Garth drove around the corner, Walt looked down at Billy and said,

"Sorry about him. He just gets so excited when he sees someone your age, not to mention, someone as gorgeous as you, coming around here."

They stood outside and chatted for a short while when Walt invited Billy inside his home. Billy was not in the least nervous as he followed Walt inside, marveling over the two profound and distinct chunks of butt meet dancing a solo act for his very own eyes to witness.

Billy was left sitting in the living room while Walt politely excused himself to freshen up a bit. While Billy was sitting there, his eyes wandered around the room, noticing all of the photos. Mostly, the photos were of Walt and Garth, but there were some that made Billy get up off the sofa and take a closer look. The one photo that made an everlasting impression was the one of Walt, Garth, and Mark standing in front of some water fountain. That's when Billy's mind went racing back in time when Garth had introduced himself. He did say Abrams was his last name, and that just happens to be Mark's last name as well.

Before he could get his thoughts to proceed clearly, Walt walked back into the room wearing nothing but a pair of pure white jockey shorts revealing one very huge bulge in the crotch area. Billy spun around as Walt sat down on one end of the sofa, tapping the cushion next to him. Billy with no thought process whatsoever, sat down right next to Walt. Walt placed his muscled right arm around Billy's shoulder, then softly whispered,

"Is this something you want to do?"

Billy turned his head to his left, smiled capturing Walt's heart, then softly whispered,

"Yes, but do you know Mark Abrams?"

Walt chuckled, then answered,

"Yes, yes I do. He's our son!"

That almost floored Billy, but as his mind was ramblings things over, Walt's left hand reached over and began caressing Billy's left upper thigh while Walt's lips began placing tender kisses on Billy's left ear. The man's large hands easily made contact with Billy's thigh as he unconsciously began to spread them wide, then wider. The hot air from Walt's mouth that was trickling down into his eardrum sent shivers racing up and down Billy's spine. Billy's body began to shake ever so slightly and somewhere in his mind, he wanted to reach out and feel the gleaming bulge in Walt's shorts, but he was simply too shy to do so. Billy knew that Tabitha would have easily latched onto the man's meat, but Billy was more self conscious to do so.

While they sat there, Walt's long slippery tongue entered Billy's left ear canal while the man's hands caressed his thighs and one hand was now groping Billy's own scrunched up bulge. Billy's breathing became harsh and raspy as Walt was doing things to him he never imagined possible. The man was so gentle, loving, and made Billy forget about the body he felt so sternly was embarrassing.

Ever since he could remember, all Billy wanted to do was please another guy, but now, now he was being pleased, and without a doubt, was loving every second of it. Somewhere in time, Walt managed to grab onto Billy's tank top and Billy instinctively raised his arms to allow the thin fabric to slide from his body with effortless ease. Just as the shirt nearly departed his body, Walt leaned over and began sucking on Billy's hairless armpits. At first, Billy let out a slight giggle, but then shortly there afterwards, a spine tingling sensation traveled all over his body, forcing his body to shake as if in a mild convulsion.

No words were exchanged as Walt stood up, holding Billy's left hand and guided Billy into Walt's and Garth's huge bedroom. As they walked down the hallway, Billy saw what must have been Mark's bedroom door, and it was closed. With his mind spinning, Billy wondered if Mark was in his room sleeping, and if so, did he sleep naked. But, before he could gather his thoughts, Walt was kneeling on the floor, pulling Billy's cut off's down his slender tanned legs.

Billy's cock sprung forth, forcing Walt to gasp at the beauty his eyes were now feasting upon. 4 and inches of uncut boy cock was arching itself straight upwards from the boy's perfect body, resting ever so peacefully against the heavy breathing lower stomach. Walt could almost count the few strands of pubic hair as they coiled up on either side of the base of the boy's cock. Walt's eyes danced in their socket as he drooled over the two perfectly rounded balls that were dangling down, trapped inside one awesomely smooth, defiantly tanned, completely hairless sac.

Walt's hands wrapped themselves around the back of Billy's thighs as all he could do was kneel there, frozen in time, ogling over the sheer innocent beauty standing before him. Billy's voice cracked,

"Sorry! I know I don't have the body and I certainly don't have the dick anyone would ever want...but I..."

Walt cut Billy off,

"Billy, oh Billy. My God, your words are so far from the truth. I kneel before you as if you are a God. Your perfection is beyond your eyes and your beauty is more than any eye could ever partake in, in just one feasting. Believe me, you are precisely what dreams are made of, and though you are here right now, I feel as though I am trapped inside a dream, one mystifying marvelous dream at that!"

In the blink of an eye, Walt ran his tongue directly under Billy's dangling nuggets and moaned loudly as the boy's pure taste exploded inside his mouth. Billy latched onto the side of Walt's head for balance as the pleasure racing over his body forced his knees to buckle. Walt used his tongue to capture the divine taste and lap at each sweet tasting nugget before completely inhaling both nuggets into his mouth. Billy began whimpering as Walt's mouth and tongue explored each small treasure. Walt was moaning feverishly as his mouth and tongue explored every square inch of the boy's prize winning balls.

The feeling was so tremendous that Billy hiked up his left leg to allow Walt more room to operate. Walt's large hands traced up the boy's shivering body, relishing in the texture of the boy's silky smooth flesh, resting on Billy's tight little butt cheeks, offering the most tender squeezes known to mankind. Billy could feel Walt's fingers as they snuck inside his butt cheeks, gracing his sealed entrance, sending goose bumps popping up all over his quivering body. Walt used his fingers to send his findings to his brain. The boy's butt crack was dry, smoother than smooth, and the little orifice his fingers now touched, was incredibly tiny and void of any hair.

Walt's fingers ran their course along and over Billy's asshole while his mouth held onto the boy's sweeter than sweet balls. Like most anyone in Walt's position, he carefully took the time to sniff the finger that had graced Billy's boy hole. His loud animalistic groan was evident enough of the fact that his nostrils and lungs filled with pure angelic aphrodisiac aroma. For Walt, this was nothing more than mind boggling as he slipped his anus riding finger into his mouth, and whimpered in utter delight of the minty fresh taste teasing his taste buds.

Unable to control himself any longer, Walt released Billy's nuts and slid his tongue upwards along the slender shaft of Billy's throbbing young cock. His fingers continued their exploration of the boy's heavenly crack as his tongue slid under the dangling foreskin where to Walt's shocking surprise, he was graced with the boy's pre cum. The first taste of Billy's pre cum sent Walt into a mild convulsion as the mere taste was nothing like he had never tasted. It was pure and defiantly sweet with no hint of salt added to the sweet mixture. Like an animal in lust, Walt slid his mouth over Billy's cock head and easily buried his face into Billy's aromatic flesh.

Billy was whimpering and grunting like crazy as Walt slid his mouth up and down his cock while using his tongue to frolic to and fro. Billy was slinging his head back and forth, up and down, while clutching the sides of Walt's bobbing head. The finger pressing at his anus sent electricity shooting up his anal canal, finally resting somewhere drifting in his mind. The pleasure was almost too much for young Billy to endure for his sperm felt like it was snaking up his body, ever so slowly, boiling its way upwards from his little curling toes.

Walt had sucked plenty of cocks in his day, but the one sliding in and out of his mouth at the present moment, by far, was truly the best. Not only was the silky texture rewarding in and of itself, but the soothing flavor slipping down his throat was something he had never had the privilege to taste, or at least, until now.

By now, Billy was resting his weight on one foot, then the other, as the pleasure racing throughout his body completely consumed his every thought. Within a couple of cock sucking minutes, Billy lunged his head back, cried out,

"I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmminnnnnngggggg! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The slender tasty cock inside Walt's mouth expanded and Walt intentionally raised his mouth off the boy's cock just far enough so that his lips completely trapped the helmet like cock head. The first spurt coated the roof of Walt's mouth, followed by streams of nearly 10 more sperm firing blasts.

If it wasn't for the fact that Walt's large hands held Billy's butt cheeks firmly, Billy almost collapsed as the powerful orgasm seized his body, forcing his mind to literally go completely blank. Walt was moaning as each spurt rocketed into his mouth. The feeling of the boy's watery hot sperm filling inside his mouth sent chills racing up and down Walt's back. As the last of the power shots bolted out of Billy's sperm oozing cock, Walt began slowly increasing his cock sucking pressure, sliding his mouth down on the tasty shaft in the process. Still, Walt refused to taste the boy's most inner charm as he began to suck the remaining sperm from Billy's throbbing convulsing cock.

Feeling the time was perfect, Walt decided he was going to grace himself with the boy's sperm. Walt's body quivered as a small portion of Billy's sperm swarmed all over his taste buds. With a loud groan, and a mild grunt, Walt allowed more of Billy's five star quality spunk to escape down his throat. No matter how hard Walt tried to describe the taste, all he could manufacture was the idea that Billy's young semen tasted like melted chocolate. Now this was the type of sperm Walt could fall in love with and drink forever and ever. The more of Billy's sperm he swallowed, the more addicted Walt became.

Being the experienced cock sucker that Walt was, he knew Billy's cock was getting a bit too sensitive for him to keep sucking on. Looking up, Walt saw that Billy had his eyes tightly closed and the boy's mouth was twisted in such a way that a photo of that type, at this particular moment, would be listed on the priceless list. Knowing he was in full control, Walt stood up and used his adult strength to scoop Billy into his arms and place him on the bed, face down. Billy seemed to be completely lifeless as he lay there with his face angled to his right, gasping for some well needed oxygen.

Walt sat on the edge of the bed for a few seconds marveling at the twin set of tanned globes twitching just for his eyes to witness. Inching his body so that he was now on his knees, between Billy's lifeless legs, Walt reached down with both hands and began caressing Billy's butt cheeks, using his fingers to slightly spread the muscular mounds. Taking in a deep breath, Walt smacked his lips as he was now viewing Billy's most hidden treasure...his asshole. Walt studied the boy's orifice trying at best to determine of it really was the boy's asshole, and not just some mirage his mind was playing tricks on him with. The boy's orifice was the same naturally tanned color as the rest of his precious and perfect body was.

Digging his thumbs deep into Billy's crack, resting the sides against the boy's unbelievable little poop hole, Walt applied some pressure to spread the boy's cheeks apart. A loud moan evaded Walt's quivering lips as he viewed the brilliant bright pink of the boy's anal canal. Leaning his head all the way forward, Walt shoved his nose directly into the boy's slightly open anus, taking deep breaths in the process. Now, in total disbelief, Walt began whimpering as the minty aroma spewed heavily into his lungs. More out of reaction and not action, Walt's tongue lurched out and began lapping at the boy's exposed butt hole.

Billy, who was once lifeless, immediately latched both hands onto the bed covers while humping his ass upwards. The man's tongue immediately sent shockwaves crooning throughout his entire body. Billy not once thought his asshole could give him that much pleasure for this was the first time someone had ever had their tongue up his butt.

Walt was grunting and Billy was doing some heavy whimpering as Walt forced his tongue as far as he could up Billy's rectum. The minty aroma, the silky feeling, and the mere fact that it was Billy's ass made Walt that much more appreciative of the angel he was now dining on. Like a pissed off elephant, Walt eagerly began drilling in and out of the boy's miraculously, mystifying, magical, and fiery hot asshole with a vengeance.

Billy had humped his ass upwards to the point that he was now on all fours, shooting his ass onto the man's tongue pile driving away inside his ass. Billy shouted,

"Yessssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeaaaaattttttt meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

If Walt wasn't aggressive before eating Billy's ass, with the boy's own words, Walt really began munching down on Billy's delicacy.

With his head popping the mattress and his hands grabbing the bed covers, Billy began gyrating his hips while slinging his head back and forth. Out of the blue, and just out of Billy's eye sight, another voice chimed in,

"Well, well, what do we have here?"

Walt lifted his head up just enough to blurt out,

"This boy's flat fucking delicious!"

Billy's head was plowing sharply into the mattress when he felt someone put pressure onto the bed. Rolling his head to his left, Billy made eye contact with Garth's cock. The man had already stripped out of his clothing and was inching his way up in front of Billy's head. Without a doubt, Billy now knew where Mark got his prize winning cock from. Garth's cock must have been at least 7 3/4 inches long, cut, and was way thicker than Mark's beefy cock. Positioning himself in front of Billy, stretching his legs on either side of Billy's hiked up body, Garth said,

"Go on boy, show me how you like to suck a man's cock!"

Garth had been holding his fat cock at the base with his left hand as Billy raised his head and quickly stuffed a solid three inches into his mouth. By far, this now was the thickest cock he had ever sucked on and it felt like the sides of his mouth were going to split from being overly stuffed. Garth held onto Billy's head as Billy wasted no time in bobbing his mouth up and down on as much man meat as he possibly could. Garth began moaning as young Billy sucked on his man meat with a fiery lust filled passion while Walt was busy dining on the tastiest, sweetest ass known to the human race.

While Walt's tongue was busy shooting in and out of Billy's aromatic asshole, he managed to take the time to allow some of his own saliva to dribble on his right middle finger. Using very little pressure, Walt slid his finger up Billy's ass, gyrating it in unison with his tongue. Billy could only let out a muffled grunt as he felt the man's long finger slide up his rectum to the point Billy could feel Walt's knuckles as they pressed into his crack.

Garth started using his hands on Billy's head to guide the boy's bobbing mouth up and down on his thick man pole, taking the time to blurt out,

"Fuck yeah...this boy knows how to suck a cock! Hot damn Walt, we must be living or doing something right to be blessed with this pretty little angel!"

Walt had his mouth full and somewhat grunted a reply, but he was having the time of his life eating Billy's mystifying asshole to completion. Billy could feel his own pre cum as it fell from his piss slit onto the bed covers only to be quickly replaced by more. His young erection bobbed with his every breath, but he was more focused on the pleasures his ass was sending his brain as well as working on Garth's thick horse cock.

Billy, needing some breathing room, yanked his mouth off of Garth's choking cock and began using his tongue to slobber all over the man's super thick cock. While Billy was doing this, he got a better look at the man who he was doing his best to please with his mouth. Garth was in pretty good condition, though he was not as chiseled as Walt. He had a slight pot belly and his chest was layered in blondish brown fur which trailed all the way down to his thick bush of pubic hair. His balls were fairly large and splattered with small curly blondish brown hair as well.

Billy licked Garth's cock up and down then slid his tongue to the man's large nuts. Opening his mouth, Billy tried in vain to stuff both nuggets into his mouth, but was unable to get both of them in, so he began sucking on one large nut at a time, ensuring to give each one the proper attention they deserved. Garth moaned loudly,

"Holy shit boy...you sure are one cock hungry angel...I'll give you that! Damnit it to hell...I could bust a nut just watching your pretty face chow down on my cock and balls! Walt, Walt, we got to soon change positions or I will blow my load, besides, I want to taste this angel's pretty ass too!"

Garth wasn't telling a lie about fixing to blow his load. The fact of the boy being so damn gorgeous, mixed with his mouth and tongue performing tricks on his cock and balls, and adding the boy's fiery hot breath to the equation, was a bit more than his body could handle. While Garth was talking, Walt slipped a second finger up Billy's ass and watched the boy as he did so just to see if there would be any response of defiance from Billy. As the second finger struck all the way home, Walt noticed Billy's ass as it bucked harder onto his anal probing fingers.

Billy felt the searing fire as it shot up his rectum when Walt added a second finger up his butt, but he was more than prepared to take the discomfort knowing all too well the pleasures he would soon be overwhelmed with. Walt had no more room for his tongue, so he started licking up and down Billy's crack, stopping to the point of sucking in both of the boy's balls, then snaking his tongue back up and down Billy's little crack while fucking the boy's ass with his fingers.

Walt grunted as he felt his fingers being rapidly cooked inside the boy's ass. He could also feel Billy's anal muscles as they attacked his fingers, coiling ever so impressively around them. With each inward thrust, Billy greeted Walt's diving fingers with thrusts of his own, moaning loudly as the pleasure he knew he would feel race across his body. Walt added a third finger rather suddenly which caused Billy to force his mouth on more of Garth's cock, gagging in defiance, but not ever giving up.

Billy could now taste Garth's somewhat salty pre cum as he vigorously worked his aching mouth up and down the man's enormously thick cock while fighting with his own body to accommodate Walt's long fingers drilling away inside his ass.

Nearly five minutes had passed when Garth cried out,

"Damnit Walt, let's switch. I can't take much more of this or I will blow my wad all over this pretty little angel!"

Billy felt Walt's long fingers as they descended out of his ass. As the last fingertip slipped from his anus, Billy whimpered loudly as Walt couldn't resist the urge to slip his tongue back up Billy's mind boggling anal chamber one more time.

Garth had to use some force to stop Billy from sucking the flesh off of his cock as he scooted his body off the bed and quickly slapped his left hand against the wall for support, thanks to his legs buckling out from under him. Walt and Garth made eye contact and smiles creased their faces as they were now both standing at the side of the bed. Being the life long lovers that they are, their lips collided and their tongues battled in mid air to fire into the other's mouth. Their passionate loving kiss was short, but they both subconsciously knew that the main course was still on the bed with his pretty little ass waving joyously into the air.

Garth moaned loudly as he stared straight into Billy's unbelievable little glistening butt hole. Without having the need to think, Garth shoved his nose straight into the boy's asshole and began getting drunk from the minty aroma rapidly exploding inside his lungs. Billy was whimpering as he felt Garth's nose dig sharply into his butt hole, but his thought was more on the size of Walt's cock.

Walt, now naked as the day he was born, slid on the bed and spread his legs on both sides of Billy, who was standing on his hands and knees staring at Walt's cock in total disbelief. Walt held onto the base of his cock with his right hand, aiming it directly at Billy's mouth, to which in awe, was already wide open. Billy could now see what he never imagined possible. Walt's cock must have been at least 12 inches long, and like his, uncut. It wasn't near as thick as Garth's, but it wasn't slender by any sense of the imagination. Just like Walt's skin color, the man's cock was a chocolaty black and his balls were amongst the largest he had ever seen. Walt's black pubic hair was neatly trimmed and the man's humungous balls were cleanly shaven.

Just as Billy slid his mouth over the skin covered cock head, Garth shot his twirling tongue straight up Billy's ass, causing Billy to grunt and contort his body from the sudden anal invasion. Walt's hands were awesomely gentle as they held onto the side of Billy's head as the boy began to use his mouth on his cock like a vacuum cleaner out of control.

Garth lapped at the boy's asshole like a dog dying of water, using his thumbs to spread the boy's crack even further apart. Garth made slurping noises mixed with bear like grunts as he tongue fucked Billy's welcoming asshole to perfection. Walt began moaning as young Billy tried to swallow as much man beef as his little mouth and throat would allow. No matter how hard Billy tried, all he could manage to get in his mouth was about 5 inches of Walt's mammoth cock.

Placing his right hand around the untouched, rather thick shaft, Billy skinned back the foreskin and quickly lusted over Walt's mildly salty pre cum that was rapidly gushing into his mouth. The more he swallowed, the more pre cum Walt's cock spewed out, and by the way Billy was moaning, the boy was in one hell of an overheated state. Garth's tongue added to Billy's pleasure as well for the man eating away at his asshole was literally pile driving his tongue in and out of Billy's ass a mile a minute.

Later on, both Walt and Garth wanted to try something a bit different, so they both scooted off the bed with Garth man handling Billy by flipping the boy onto his back. Garth then used Billy's arms to reposition the boy so that his head was now hanging off the side of the bed with the boy's feet spread widely still on the bed. Walt was standing at Billy's head and was feeding the boy his mammoth sized cock while Garth began slobbering all over the boy's hairless testicles.

Billy whimpered as the heat from Garth's nostrils set fire to his already aching cock while the man sucked feverishly on his balls. With his head off of the bed, Billy found out that he now could take more of Walt's cock down his throat. He still couldn't manage to swallow the entire thing, but he did swallow a good 7 or so inches of Walt's horse hung cock. Garth grunted in delight as he ravished his mouth and tongue all over Billy's smooth sweet tasting balls, slipping a middle finger up the boy's ass with effortless ease. When Garth's finger slid up his canal, Billy moaned loudly, then instinctively raised his right leg even wider while sliding his left foot outwards some more.

Walt was lowering his hips, sliding his man tool in and out of Billy's milking mouth while his life long lover started salivating while sucking Billy's rock hard erection. Garth was in ecstasy as his mouth enclosed over the boy's slender cock, groaning wildly as the boy's pre cum ignited his taste buds, sending the man into a cock slurping fever. With Billy's cock soothing his lips, Garth added a second finger up Billy's ass causing the boy to grunt and groan in pure blissful pleasure.

Every time Walt got close to unleashing his load, he held his cock away from Billy's arching mouth, then when the feeling subsided, he would shove his man cock back into the boy's willing mouth. Walt's eyes rotated from watching the gorgeous angel sucking his cock and his lover sucking the boy's cock while fingering Billy's asshole. Garth loved the way Billy's anal walls snapped in restriction as to his finger fucking motion, latching onto his fingers like a python, coiling, then adding and impressive bone crushing pressure mixed with the boy's fiery oven like heat.

Billy's hips were bucking like crazy as Garth shoved a third finger all the way up his ass, wasting no time in pounding the fingers in and out of his butt. With his mouth completely filled with Walt's cock, and Garth's fingers pounding his ass, not to mention Garth madly sucking his cock while caressing his balls, Billy was unable to speak that he was going to cum, but Garth knew and he knew what was about to happen all to well.

Garth increased his fingers plowing Billy's ass to a heightened frenzy as the first watery spurt flew from the boy's cock. Six power shots of boy sperm flew into Garth's mouth and the man grunted in pure delight with each and every one of them. After the spurts, Billy's cock began spewing out boy cream and Garth made sure to not swallow anything just yet. While Billy was doing his best to fuck his erupting cock into Garth's mouth, Walt's cock exploded, sending the man's thick gallons of sperm flying heavily into Billy's mouth.

Walt's orgasm came upon him so fast that he didn't have to react. All he could do was fling his head back and grunt like a mad man as his seed exploded from his piss slit with thick globs of sperm firing round after round. The first two shots of Walt's sperm went straight down Billy's throat, but then Walt arched up, raising his cock just far enough so that his sperm was now hammering away inside Billy's mouth. Billy could feel the warmth of Walt's cum as it formed a mild puddle inside his mouth, but between the fingers working their magic inside his ass and his own cock blasting his load, all Billy could do was trap the man's seed into his mouth and patiently wait for a time to begin swallowing.

As the first drop of Billy's sperm slid down his throat, Garth's body convulsed at the sweeter than sweet taste. He swallowed some more, followed by more, jacking his cock feverishly as to the divine nectar soothing every square inch of his adult body. Billy began swallowing Walt's sperm and realized very quickly that Walt's load wasn't very salty, not salty at all, nor was there any bitterness added to the equation, so he opened his throat and gulped until the last bit was safely sliding down his throat. Walt's cock became too sensitive to the boy's sucking, so he backed away leaving Billy's mouth to strain to recapture his meat once again.

As Walt backed away, Garth slid off the bed rather quickly and immediately shoved his enormously thick cock head straight into Billy's still open mouth. Within a split second, if not for the mattress, the powerful jets of thick man seed would have knocked his head backwards as Garth's cock exploded thick man cream, splashing all over the insides of Billy's overly stuffed mouth. Just like Walt's, Garth's sperm had very little salt taste and it too wasn't bitter in the least. As soon as Garth's cock fired its jet like stream of man seed, Billy swallowed and kept on swallowing. Without a doubt, Garth produced more sperm than Billy had ever partaken in ever. No sooner than he would swallow, more man seed erupted inside his mouth and Billy would swallow immediately only to be replaced by more man cream.

What seemed like several minutes, but more true to being a few long sperm swallowing seconds, Garth's cock stopped spitting its load and began to go limp. Garth backed away and stood perfectly still, marveling over the perfect angel who lay on his bed starch assed naked, looking upside down at his shriveling noodle. Billy felt somewhat relieved for his mouth had been stretched so wide that it was really hurting him, but the pleasure knowing he had just sucked off two grown men conquered whatever discomfort he may have been subject to.

Walt sat down next to the right side of Billy's head while Garth sat down to Billy's left. Both men slid their hands along the boy's quivering body, both melting at the smoothness of the silky flesh burning an everlasting impression into their already spinning minds. Both men had their eyes on the precious face of Billy's who had already scooted up just enough so that his head was now laying flat on the bed, keeping his young eyes darting from one man to the other.

Garth was the first to speak,

"Damn son, I don't think you could ever get any prettier than the way you are now. Wouldn't you agree Walt?"

Walt was looking down, entranced by Billy's glossy eyes, then softly whispered,

"Without a doubt, this angel here is a Godsend for ALL eyes to behold! Today, we are truly the luckiest men alive! Billy, I honestly don't believe there are any words in any dictionary that would be able to describe your beauty and give you the true justice you deserve! You, my sweet young angel, are absolutely defiantly perfect in every way imaginable!"

Walt blurted in,

"Well spoken my love. If you wasn't so damn young and we weren't so fucking hung, boy, the only thing left in this life to experience is to have our cocks in that sweeter than sweet ass of yours. That's the truth isn't it Walt?"

Before Walt had a chance to agree, Billy leaned up on his elbows, took turns looking at the two men, then angelically and ever so softly, replied,

"What if I want it? You know, to feel you inside of me! Would that make a difference to either of you?"

Walt was speechless, but Garth lovingly smiled, then blurted out,

"It would, it most certainly would my love. Since this is your dance, it would be up to you to pick who would go first. Walt there, well, he's hung like a horse, and me, though I am not near as long, mine is kind of abnormally thick, but then again, you already know that, now don't you?"

Billy shook his head back and forth in agreement, and though he was kind of scared, he was more so excited. In his young heart, he wanted passionately to be fucked, and fucked like there was no tomorrow. When he started out that day, he had no intentions or clue that he would end up having sex with two grown men, but here he was, faced with an ass stretching dilemma.

While Billy was thinking of which one, both his hands were jacking on the men's cocks. Walt's was the first one to come back to its hardened state, and though it was long, it was not near the thickness of Garth's. Taking a breath, Billy whispered,

"He's already hard!"

Walt smiled, then while caressing Billy's facial cheeks whispered,

"If at anytime you want this to end, you just give the word and we will stop immediately. Hurting you is not on our agenda and I sincerely hope you believe that!"

Billy leaned up and stretched his body, slung out his tongue and slid it along and over Walt's foreskin covered cock head, then raised his head and whispered,

"I believe you, but now, I really want to feel you inside of me."

Both Walt and Garth slid Billy to the center of the bed, keeping the boy on his back. Walt got up and retrieved some lotion from their bathroom along with a towel. Billy couldn't keep his eyes off the man's steel like chocolaty cock as it pointed, leading the way. It was so impressively long and powerful looking as it protruded from the man's chiseled body with only a slight downwards arch to it. While Walt was busy greasing up his cock, Garth simply couldn't resist taking the opportunity to sink his mouth over the boy's mouth. Garth slammed his tongue deep inside Billy's mouth while Billy shot his tongue into Garth's.

As both Garth and Billy were madly kissing one another, Walt lubed the fingers of his right hand and with his left hand and left side of his body, raised Billy's legs higher into the air, watching immensely at the boy's tightly sealed love entrance. With Billy's legs now high in the air, trapped against Walt's muscular body, Walt slipped a well greased finger up the boy's ass. Garth began tweaking the boy's nipples as Walt added a second, then a third finger in Billy's grasping anal clutches. With three fingers now sliding somewhat easily in and out of Billy's ass, Walt applied some more lube on his fingers, ensuring that he coated the boy's anal walls extremely well.

Billy was grunting feverishly into Garth's mouth as Walt added a fourth finger. Billy was too lost in lust to feel the pain, but the addition of the fourth finger now stretched his ass farther than ever before. The heat of the moment and the fact that he would soon know what it would be like to be fucked by one very long cock sent his mind racing into orbit. Walt applied some more lube to his very erect cock in eager anticipation of soon feeling his cock buried to the hilt into the most gorgeous boy any eyes could ever be so lucky enough to witness.

With his cock glistening from the slippery lube and his fingers rapidly pumping Billy's ass, Walt felt it was time for his cock to be introduced to the boy's mystifying asshole. Removing his fingers and wiping the grease onto the towel, Walt crept up between the boy's legs and aimed his massive meat at the boy's unbelievable super tiny love button. Garth's mouth still covered Billy's as Walt applied some pressure to the boy's awesomely tiny pucker hole.

Billy's muffled scream was suppressed by Garth's mouth as Walt's cock made its pain riddled entrance. Sudden reality of the fact he was being fucked tore through his mind as his body felt like it was being ripped open, from the inside out. Billy was grunting and whimpering feverishly, sending the vibrations down Garth's throat as the man meat slowly tore through his anal canal. The searing fiery hot pain shattered throughout Billy's body like a ton of bricks and the tears from his eyes dribbled down onto the bed covering.

By the time Walt was half way in, Billy thought he was going to pass out from the sheer agony crashing through his body. With each inward shove, Billy felt his ass being pried apart to the point that he thought he was going to explode. Walt was doing his best to be careful, but the feeling overwhelming his cock as it plunged deep into the boy's bowels, temporarily made him confused and crazed. Now, with nearly ten long inches deep into the boy's rectum, Billy actually thought Walt's cock had severed his anal walls and was now fighting its way to burst open his stomach. The pain was almost too unbearable, but thanks to Garth's mouth and tongue pressing sharply onto his mouth, Billy was unable to speak, just whimper and grunt as the pain only heightened.

Walt gave one final thrust as the remainder of his long beefy cock slid all the way up Billy's ass. Whatever air was left in Billy's lungs was now gushing into Garth's as the boy nearly passed out from the pain his body was now enduring. Walt felt his balls resting on the boy's spread crack. Slinging his head backwards, Walt let out a loud howl as the muscles inside the boy's ass attacked his cock with a fiery vengeance. The pressure Walt was now feeling was indescribable as he slowly began inching his man meat out of the boy's fiery hot love canal.

Time no longer being of importance, Walt retrieved about 10 long inches from the boy's anal canal before inching his long beefy cock all the way home, back up Billy's ass. After doing this several times, something inside Billy snapped, sending the pain soaring from his shaking body, being replaced with pure unadulterated ass filling pleasure. Billy's mouth was still glued onto Garth's and their tongues fighting a sweet and passionate battle, Billy began to yank his little butt onto Walt's thrusting cock. Walt felt the boy's actions and quickly picked up his pace.

Walt's hands were on the back of Billy's thighs as he began driving his hips forward, slamming his man meat hard, and harder into Billy's more than welcoming little ass. Billy's angelic soft grunts sounded deeply into both of the men's ears as Garth slid his left hand down the boy's hairless chest and heaving stomach, grasping Billy's proud boy boner, then slowly jacking the tender meat while grinding his tongue furiously into the boy's hot minty sperm relishing little mouth.

Garth inched his mouth and tongue from the boy's heavy panting mouth while sliding upwards onto the bed on his right side. By the time he got into position, Billy already had his clutches on Garth's massively thick cock and mouth sinking desperately over the humongous cock head. It was Walt who tenderly spoke,

"Billy, Billy, are you okay?"

Yanking his lips from around Garth's cock head, Billy quickly shot Walt a fading glance, then barked out,

"Yesssssssssssssssssssss, God yessssssssssssssss! Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee harrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddd!"

Like a maniac lost against life itself, Walt began hammering his cock in and out of Billy's ass with the only sounds being their whimpers and the gut wrenching sound of flesh pounding flesh. Walt's man sized nuts slammed Billy's ass crack with a fiery vengeance with each and every inward thrust. Billy stretched his mouth back over Garth's cock head and began choking himself while trying to force as much of the man's thick cock down his throat as humanly possible.

Walt mixed up his pace, doing all he could do to prolong fucking the gorgeous little boy. Every time he got somewhat close, Walt would either slow down or come to a screeching halt. When the feeling subsided, he'd plow the boy's ass like a runaway freight train, over and over, again and again. Billy's mind had left his body as only the ecstasy of being fucked coursed over every square inch of his trembling body. With each thrust of the man's cock, Billy could feel the long beefy member as it shot through his anal canal and assaulted his stomach, seemingly pile driving straight into his throat all at the same time.

Garth moaned as the boy made love to his cock with his mouth as he began humping his cock in unison with the boy's cock devouring mouth. Billy had already started clinching his ass muscles, timing the man's powerful thrusts, causing Walt to moan at the magic surrounding his ass drilling, pile driving cock. As Walt delivered a succession of mind boggling hammer like thrusts, Billy's hard cock jerked and twitched, spitting streams of boy juice all over Billy's stomach and chest. Garth saw Billy's cock shooting its watery juice, and so did Walt, forcing Walt's cock to explode its man juices ever so powerfully up the boy's mystifying ass.

Walt screamed as his man seed shot out of his cock with a mighty never before felt force as his hips involuntarily leaped forward, driving his sperm shooting cock harder and harder up the boy's butt. Walt was blind with lust, lost in deliverance, and fading to the point that he was about to pass out from such body quaking orgasm. He powered his cock in and out until the last of his thick man seed remained deep into Billy's ass. Billy was already too far gone as his mouth held Garth's cock in place while his body bucked and bolted as his cock spewed its watery load.

Garth slid his rock hard cock from the boy's sleeping mouth, slid his body down the bed until he got into position directly at Billy's heavy breathing chest and stomach area. Seeing the watery boy juice as it puddled and sprayed all over Billy's chest and stomach, Garth stuck out his tongue, using it as a shovel, and greedily began slurping the sweetness from the boy's shivering body. With each and every stab of his tongue, Garth moaned and grunted as the delicacy entered his mouth, exploding the wondrous joy from the boy's sweet tasting sperm.

By now, Walt's once rigid cock was completely limp as he snaked it out of the boy's gripping ass. Nearly out of breath, Walt sank to his knees, planting his ass onto his heels while staring immensely at the most perfect ass ever created. Garth was too busy licking Billy's love juice off of the boy's body to notice his life long lover sitting there, nearly lifeless. Billy's once raised legs, now rested peacefully on either side of Walt.

Garth had lapped the boy's body clean of Billy's sweetness and raised his body up to position himself near Billy's head, sitting on his butt. Garth began stroking Billy's face as he rotated his eyes from the boy to his lover. Billy's eyes were closed and his body still convulsed from the ass pounding he had just encountered. Garth stroked his thick beef knowing his time to introduce the boy's ass to his cock was just around the corner.

Billy was to the point that he was almost lifeless as Garth began getting both Billy and Walt into position. When Garth was done repositioning the two, Walt was now flat on his back with Billy over Walt, on all fours with the boy's head facing Walt's feet. The boy's limp cock draped into Walt's mouth and Billy leaned his head forward onto Walt's chiseled stomach while holding the man's limp cock with both hands. Billy knew what was about to happen, but at this point, he was simply too exhausted to care. One thing was for sure though, Walt's mouth on his cock felt really good, so Billy began stuffing Walt's limp cock into his mouth.

Garth poured some lube all over his throbbing hard cock while gleaming at the boy's already sealed asshole. Garth gasped as he saw Billy's tiny pucker hole pucker and a dab of his lover's semen form a bubble right at the magical entrance. Billy's ass was sore, but for whatever the reason, he wanted Garth to slam his monstrously thick cock all the way up his ass and fuck him like tomorrow would never come. Just as Garth was aiming his cock at Billy's asshole, Billy sort of inwardly smiled knowing that it was Garth's son who had fucked his ass for the very first time. He also wondered what Garth would say if he ever were to find out that his son had fucked him, not that he would ever tell mind you, cause reality speaking, Mark fucked Tabitha, not Billy.

Billy felt the thick knob as it poked at his bung hole, fighting against all odds to penetrate. Billy fought to relax enough so that the man could gain entry. Garth's overly thick cock kept on sliding up and down Billy's crack, but the man wasn't about to give up, so he held onto his thick cock firmly, shoved his cock head right into Billy's asshole, and propelled his hips forward, driving his thick meat up Billy's ass. Billy's mouth jerked off of Walt's flaccid cock, forcing the boy to scream,

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it'ssssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggg!"

Garth had only penetrated the boy's sperm filled ass with just his cock head, so realizing the boy was in a lot of pain, he held his cock perfectly still, relishing in the way the boy's anal muscles greeted his cock. In a few seconds, Garth pushed about an inch and a half up the boy's ass, and with each thick inch, Billy screamed ever so loudly. Billy had felt pain shoot up his ass before, but nothing could have ever prepared him for the massive girth of Garth's extremely thick cock. With each pressing inch, Billy thought he was going to die as his anal walls stretched beyond their limits to accommodate the massive man meat now filling his ass.

Billy tried in vain to suck on Walt's slowly growing cock, but no matter how hard he tried, Garth's cock was searing into his ass as if someone were shoving a traffic cone inside of him. After a short period of time, Garth managed to shove a good 5 inches up Billy's quivering little butt. Though Billy was in a lot of mind spinning pain, he was receiving a lot of pleasure from Walt who was hungrily sucking both the boy's cock and balls all at the same time. Walt found it easy and pleasing to have the boy's hard cock and both balls lavishing inside his mouth. Without a doubt, Walt knew that he could never get enough of the precious gorgeous angel who hover over on top of him. Walt also knew the feeling of having his lover's unusually thick cock ripping into his asshole as well, but after all these years with Garth, he had been quite accustomed to it by now.

Sucking and licking Billy's cock and balls, Walt reached up with both hands and latched onto the boy's shaking little butt cheeks, and gingerly spread them even farther apart. No sooner had Walt stretched the boy's butt cheeks, Garth leaned forward and the remainder of his thick beast like cock fired the rest of the way up Billy's ass. Garth's heavy balls slid over the bridge of Walt's nose as the man's thick sausage was now completely buried up the boy's ass.

Billy shot his mouth over Walt's cock and began doing his very best to suck the man's cock back into a rigid state while whimpering and grunting like crazy as the pain tore through his body like a runaway missile. Garth held his position as still as he could while clutching onto the boy's slender hips for added support. Billy's body drifted into a mild convulsion and Garth mistook this action as the boy was ready for him to start plowing his cock up his ass. With his mouth on about five solid inches of Walt's meat, Billy stifled his scream as Garth began to pump his massive meat in and out of his pain riddled asshole.

Garth began grunting like a wild boar at the sensations of having his cock up Billy's ass. The boy's anal muscles seemed to have converged around his cock with each thrust, pulling his cock deeper and deeper into the heavenly darkness of Billy's magical ass. Billy's body began to buck up and down and his little ass started gyrating, not from pleasure, but more so, out of the sheer pain shattering his body. Once again, Garth mistook the boy's actions, using Billy's hips, started plowing his thick beast ever so heavily in and out of Billy's ass.

With all the motion taking place above him, Walt let Billy's delicious nuts slip from his mouth and now concentrated entirely on the boy's hard throbbing cock. Walt moaned as Billy's balls danced on the bridge of his nose while enjoying his lover's heavy balls as they rolled over his nose with each inward thrust. Billy couldn't help not to feel Garth's balls as they smacked his own with the man's powerful thrusts. Garth too, felt his balls as they rolled over his lover's nose, slapping the boy's balls in the process.

The pain filling his overly stuffed ass seemed to only grow, and he wished upon every wish for something to happen so the searing pain would slip away, replacing itself with pure pleasure. But, that didn't happen, or at least, not just yet. Garth delivered his hammering meat with pile driving force for nearly five straight minutes and Billy was almost unconscious from the ass plowing pain. True, he had felt pain as two different cocks plowed his ass, but the pain of Garth's mammoth thick cock was more than he could have ever dreamed possible. This third cock was indeed a cock to remember. It was like having someone shove a 20 ounce soda can straight up your ass, and to Billy, that would be the only way he could best describe Garth's thick cock.

Sometime later, the gut busting pain rocketing throughout his body began to subside and the thick beast causing so much pain started to feel somewhat good. Between Walt skillfully sucking his cock and Garth royally fucking his ass, Billy came to life as the pain was now replaced with the pleasure he had hoped to feel. With this newfound pleasure roaming freely about his body, Billy began to attack Garth's thrusting cock with powerful assaults of his own.

Timing the man's animalistic thrusts, Billy slammed his ass backwards onto the impaling chunk of man meat while clamping down on his infuriated anal muscles. Garth, feeling something new inside the boy's ass, slung his head to and fro while grunting and moaning like a pissed off zombie. Walt increased his sucking pressure while continuing to spread the boy's butt cheeks. With each of their dynamic thrusts, Billy's cock drove ever so sharply in and out of Walt's slurping, cock loving, mouth.

By now, Billy was in a full blown sexual frenzy. Garth's cock now felt at home up his ass and all Billy could think about was ways to get more of the thick monster deeper up his ass. Even when Garth tried to slow his ass pumping motions, the boy slammed his tiny ass harder and harder onto his cock. Garth could feel his cum boil, seemingly beginning somewhere inside his curled up toes, working its power upwards through his body. Garth's mind was reeling at the overwhelming pleasures the boy's ass was giving him and he was fighting like hell to prolong his nut busting orgasm.

Billy's orgasm came out of nowhere as his cock exploded its watery treasure. Walt for one, had no problem with this as he whimpered like a new born baby with each squirt of the boy's cream as it shot into his mouth. There was only 6 slight watery shots, but Walt was happy none the less, for he moaned in delight as the boy's watery semen graced the insides of his mouth. Billy's body bucked wildly as his mind shattering orgasm crashed throughout his body. Feeling the boy squirt his small load sent Walt's cock into a sperm shooting frenzy of its own. Billy was a little surprised as Walt's thick cream erupted inside of his mouth, but he certainly didn't have any problems as he began swallowing the man's thick load.

Walt began sipping down Billy's watery love juice, Billy was swallowing Walt's thick load, and Garth's cock couldn't hold back any longer as it exploded its tormented spunk up the boy's ever so willing ass. Billy felt each powerful jet of man semen as it shot deeper up his boy hole. Garth fucked the boy blindly, fucking his sperm shooting meat in and out of Billy's ass harder than ever. The heavy thuds of Garth's flesh pounding the starch out of Billy's flesh splattered off the rooms walls like thunder. Billy's body convulsed and shook like an erupting volcano as he slammed his ass harder onto the sperm shooting cock with blind lust.

Garth fucked his firing cock in and out of the boy's ass so hard, his balls began sending fiery pain to his brain as they slammed into the boy's ball with each hammering thrust. Soon enough, Garth's monstrously thick cock ended its sperm assault and now his cock was easily sliding in and out, shriveling to its flaccid state with each ass smacking stroke. In time, all Garth could do was ease his flaccid cock out of the boy's well fucked and sperm filled ass. Using every ounce of strength he could muster, Garth walked on his knees to the point that he lay his head on a pillow and began hoarsely breathing.

The removal of Garth's cock left Billy's ass craving for more. Though his ass was filled with both Garth's and Walt's man cream, Billy desired more, much more. Flipping to his right, Billy now lay right next to Garth and Walt spun his body around and lay next to Billy. All three were breathing heavily with no words ever being offered. They simply just closed their eyes and lay there as if in a tender peaceful sleep.

Billy's eyes suddenly opened upon realizing his ill-fated need to relieve himself from all the sperm trapped inside his butt. Sliding down in between the two men, Billy clutched his butt cheeks with both hands and quickly squirmed his way to the bathroom. His legs were so very weak but he managed to make his destined trip to the toilet. No sooner had he sat on the toilet lid did his ass open up and fire gallons of sperm, splashing like rocks into the water below. After some time, Billy cleaned himself and politely stuck his head out of the bathroom door and asked Walt and Garth if he could take a shower. Both men, now snuggling together, gave Billy the okay sign.

The hot jets of water soothed his well fucked body. Billy made sure to use plenty of soap, ensuring that every square inch of his body, including his asshole and anal canal, or at least as far as his finger would allow him, was completely clean. There was a tube of toothpaste in the shower, so Billy squeezed an ample amount onto his finger and began brushing his teeth and tongue, over and over until he knew his breath was once again, minty fresh.

Once his shower was done, Billy toweled himself off and returned back to the bedroom. Walt and Garth were laying next to one another lost in life as their tongues battled inside the others mouth. Upon seeing Billy, they both stopped and just peered at the naked beauty who they had just made love to. Neither could utter a single word as their eyes absorbed the miraculous conception of pure perfection standing before them bare assed naked.

Walt was the first to speak,

"Billy, I, we can't thank you enough for today and only be it in our dreams, we hope that we can do this again someday, someday very soon. My God, your beauty is breath taking!"

Garth chimed in,

"Walt's right Billy, you are perfect in every way and we offer you our home anytime you feel like coming over, but need I not say, please don't ever mention this to anyone cause we could get into a lot of trouble."

Billy smiled at both men, then softly said,

"Thank you, thank you both, and I will take you up on your offer and you don't ever have to worry about me saying anything to anyone...I promise!"

Both men slid off the bed, walked up to Billy and began placing gentle kisses on the boy's cheeks. They walked into the bathroom and Billy got back on the bed, in the middle, and from exhaustion, fell into a deep sleep. His eyes opened and Billy was startled being in a strange bedroom. When his senses came back to him, he realized where he was. Sliding off the bed, Billy crept to the bedroom door and opened it. Peering down the hallway, he could see neither Walt nor Garth. For whatever the reason, Billy stepped out into the hall, forgetting absentmindedly to put his clothes on, and began journeying his way down the carpeted hall.

As he approached the living room, he could hear the television, so he carelessly just walked around the corner and paraded his nude body around the sofa, stopping dead in his tracks at the sight before his very eyes. There, on the sofa, laying down, was Mark who wearing a pair of short cut-off jeans and nothing else. Their eyes collided and it was Billy who froze out of fear. Every morsel of hair on his body stood up as he looked into Mark's eyes who was staring in disbelief right back at him. Mark's mouth formed a perfect circle as he peered onto the naked form standing just a few short feet from where he was laying. Billy was unable to move a muscle, so he stood there, completely frozen in time, petrified to death.

Mark finally spoke,

"What the fuck! Oh shit, there's no fucking way! You uh, oh my God, you uh, you had sex with my dad and Walt! I can't believe this shit...your fucking just as queer as they are. Now I know what your cousin Tabitha was talking about...you like to suck dick and get fucked...Oh shit, this is way too fucking much!"

Billy just stood there, still senseless for he had not bothered to cover his flaccid cock with his hands. Mark blurted out,

"This shit is just fucking sick! You let my dad and Walt fuck you, didn't you?"

Billy shook his head in agreement not really knowing what he should do. His legs were trembling out of fear of getting busted and his vocal chords were not ready to make any reply whatsoever. Mark shook his head, then asked,

"Whoa dude, you're just a cock sucking, cock riding little faggot aren't you?"

Billy once again just shook his head in agreement. Mark rambled on and on, calling Billy names in the process when Mark finally struck a nerve on Billy, forcing Billy to blurt out,

"You know something Mark, for a guy who's parents are gay, you sure do talk a lot of shit about faggots. Since I know about your parents and you obviously know about me now, there is one little thing you should know before you go on calling me names. You see, Tabitha, well she's really not who she says she is. Tabitha is not my cousin, in fact, Tabitha was me. It was me who sucked your dick and it was my ass that your cock fucked. And another thing, your dick was the first dick that ever went up my ass. So, I was wrong for pretending to be someone I wasn't, but the facts are the facts...you let a boy suck your dick and it was a boy's ass that you fucked behind the Pizza Parlor!"

Mark lay there completely baffled as to all his ears captured, unable to toss up any statements whatsoever. Billy placed his hands on his hips, looking rather angered, then fired,

"Now that you know the truth, does that blow-job change anything? Be it Tabitha or me, did it not feel real good? Knowing that it wasn't Tabitha's ass you were fucking, being that it was mine, a boy, did it not feel real good to you? You see, none of the facts change anything! We both enjoyed what happened, now didn't we?"

Mark mustered up the courage to speak,

"Well, I uh, I guess so! I thought you was a girl though. It was dark and I thought it was some hot chick who wanted to suck my dick. I didn't know and that don't make me a faggot cause I didn't suck your dick. You sucked mine and you let me fuck you, now didn't you?"

Billy took a breath then replied,

"No you didn't suck me, but it was you who begged and begged to fuck me, so remember that! I just wanted to suck your dick and nothing more, but you pleaded and begged to fuck me. Do you have any idea as to how much pain I endured so that you could fuck me? That fat cock of yours like to have killed me, but for you, I took it! I not only took the pain for you, but I found out that I honestly liked it once the initial pain went away. Irregardless, you sure as fuck seemed to have liked it!"

While Billy spoke, Mark reminisced about the night before behind the Parlor. Without a doubt, he sure as hell enjoyed every split second he shared with Tabitha, uh Billy. While his mind re-enacted what had happened, his cock also remembered as it began to pump blood into it, forcing his cock to swell ever so visibly inside his shorts. Absentmindedly, Mark's left hand began to fumble with his erection, failing to notice Billy's eyes swaying to his every motion. Seeing Mark's actions, Billy smiled and softly whispered,

"Looks like you have a big problem there!"

Mark realized what he was doing and yanked his left hand away, looked up into Billy's eyes, then softly replied,

"So, you've already seen it, so there's no big deal, right?"

Billy shot back,

"Well, actually I didn't see it cause it was too dark...remember? I just remember how thick it is and how great your sperm tastes! That's what I remember!"

Mark leaned his head to his left as to see if anyone was coming, then shot a glance back at Billy, easing off the sofa, then whispered,

"Yeah, it was way too fucking dark back there!"

Mark was standing now and the tent protruding from his shorts was evident that he was prime for the taking, so Billy blurted out,

"You know Mark, I would love to take care of that (pointing at Mark's crotch) for you. Not Tabitha, just me...Billy!"

Mark walked passed Billy entering the edge of the hallway, then looked back, smiled and motioned for Billy to follow, to which, Billy had no problem doing.

Mark entered his bedroom and held onto the door awaiting for Billy to clear the door's closing. Mark closed the door and pushed the lock in. Standing in front of Billy who was standing near the edge of Mark's bed, Mark unbuttoned the top button, and lowered the zipper. With one effortless tug, Mark slid his shorts down his legs and kicked them to the other side of the room. Billy was standing there with both eyes locked onto Mark's perfect body. Mark's cock was indeed rock hard as it jutted from his perfect body a good 5 inches. If Billy didn't know it before, he sure as hell knew it now. Mark got his thick cock from his father, Garth. The little patch of pubic hair was just as white as the hair on Mark's head as his eyes flickered from Mark's pubic hair to his award winning cock to his low dangling, hairless egg sized balls. In Billy's eyes, Mark was the image of pure and utter perfection. Mark's amazingly thick cock arched slightly upwards in the middle of the shaft and his cock head was a tad thicker than the shaft. A gleam of pre cum oozed from Mark's piss slit, only making Billy's mouth water in sheer delight.

When Mark turned around to get on the bed, Billy's eyes marveled over the two mounds of creamy perfection waving before his very eyes. Mark had somewhat of a bubble butt, firm to the touch and soft like satin. The thin line forming his crack was tightly sealed as Billy's mouth fell open as to the mere sight of Mark's deliciously appetizing looking butt.

Mark flopped onto his queen sized bed, rolled onto his back, placed his head on his pillows with his hands folded in behind his head, spread his legs, then softly whispered,

"Is that what you like?"

Billy shook his head from side to side, smiled his precious smile, then replied as he was crawling onto the bed,

"Nope, that's what I love!"

Grasping Mark's thick cock by the base, Billy slithered his tongue out and dapped at the pre cum oozing from Mark's piss slit. Mark moaned as Billy's slithering snake like tongue made contact with his throbbing cock. Billy groaned as Mark's pre cum entered his mouth, relishing in awe at the texture and taste basking inside his mouth. Opening his mouth, Billy slid his lips all the way down Mark's beefy cock, burying his nose into the soft rustle of Mark's solid white pubic patch.

Billy was on all fours, in between Mark's spread legs, slowly sliding his mouth up and down on Mark's absolutely delicious cock. Billy could feel Mark's cock throb severely inside his mouth to which only added more fuel to an already soaring blaze. Billy sucked Mark's cock to the point Mark nearly shot his load, then Billy retracted his mouth from Mark's cock and lovingly began sucking and licking on both egg shaped golden nuggets. Mark's balls felt so at home inside Billy's mouth for all he could do was moan in ecstasy at the feeling and taste spewing from Mark's cum filling balls. The aroma spewing from Mark's body was magnetic, drawing Billy's already feverishly high horniness to an even higher state.

Billy continued his oral assault on both Mark's cock and juicy balls, bringing Mark close to an orgasm numerous times. Billy wanted to ensure himself that he would get the full wrath of Mark's delicious love juice. Mark was whimpering and moaning, literally begging Billy to let him cum, but his pleads fell on Billy's deaf ears. Bringing Mark close one more time with his vacuuming mouth, Billy pushed up on the back of Mark's thighs, drawing Mark's knees to either side of his head, then wasted no time in burying his tongue onto Mark's little pucker hole.

Mark cried out as soon as Billy's tongue assaulted his unsuspecting asshole. He could feel Billy's slithering tongue lash at his asshole, sending a chorus of chills racing up and down his spine. Billy moaned at the texture gracing his tongue as he applied more pressure, forcing his pointed tongue to dart inside of Mark's fiery hot anal canal. To Billy, the aroma from Mark's back door area was simply heavenly. There was nothing foul about it, after all, this was in deed Mark's butt he was now dining on.

Now, with his tongue shooting up Mark's ass, Mark began slapping at the bed covers, biting his lips, and whimpering like a new born baby. Never had anyone ever done this to him before, nor had he ever entertained the thought of having a tongue in his ass, but now, Mark was feeling strange and wonderful sensations crash through his body like volcanic lava.

Billy groaned as his tongue reached its deepest level, twirling about inside of Mark's muscle clutching anal canal. With his tongue deeply basking inside of Mark's rectum, Billy's nose relished the feeling of touching Mark's balls and inhaling the addictive aroma spewing from them. Mark was beyond thought process for all he could do was offer graceful moans and elegant whimpers caused by Billy's tongue raising all kinds of hell up his ass.

Billy spent the better part of an hour eating Mark's delicious asshole, sucking and licking on his balls, and orally worshiping Mark's thick cock. Mark thought his aching balls were on the verge of fatal explosion and had tears stream rolling down his cheeks. All he could think about at this point was busting his load, but Billy was the one who desperately and intentionally was prolonging Mark's orgasm.

Nearly another 40 minutes passed with Billy rotating his oral assault from Mark's asshole, his swollen balls, and his meaty cock. At this point, Billy decided he had prolonged Mark's orgasm long enough, besides, his mouth was beginning to get a bit sore. Billy increased his sucking pressure on Mark's cock while taking the time to dribble some of his own spit onto his right middle finger, then placed it right at Mark's saliva drenched asshole. Mark screamed,

"Shit, shit, I'm, I'm, fuck, cuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!"

Timing his motion, feeling Mark's cock expand, Billy shoved his spit covered middle finger all the way up Mark's anal canal. Mark's body twitched, jerked, and bucked at the sudden finger diving invasion, but it was too late, his cock exploded his cream with a vengeance. Mark blew the air from his lungs as his sperm rocketed from his cock in rapid successions.

Billy hoped he would get a lot of Mark's sperm, but he wasn't quite ready for the powerful jets blasting away inside of his mouth. There was a steady stream of sperm flying from Mark's cock, striking the roof of his mouth with awesome power. One after another, Mark's sperm torpedoed its way into his mouth. His finger pounded Mark's ass, in and out, twisting and twirling, while his mouth began to rapidly fill with teen cream. Realizing the vast amount now building up inside his mouth, not to mention more being added with every heartbeat, Billy had no other choice but to start swallowing.

Just as he had remembered, Mark's sperm had very little taste. The more he swallowed, the harder and louder Billy moaned. The taste of Mark's sperm made his own cock leap in boundaries, not to mention the fact that Mark's cock continued to supply him with more...a lot more. As soon as Mark shot more into his mouth, Billy swallowed, allowing plenty of room for Mark's super delicious cream to land freely, unobstructed.

Mark's body shook and convulsed at the massive orgasm exploding inside his body. Just when he thought he was done, his body tensed up and more sperm rocketed from his cock. The finger wearing his ass out hit something, acting as a faucet, opening his sperm valve wide open. What felt like an eternity, Mark's once sperm firing cock began to rapidly deflate, leaving Billy with no more sperm being offered. Billy slipped Mark's cock from his mouth, giving the now flaccid cock a few loving kisses, then slid his finger from Mark's ass. With his finger now out of Mark's ass, Billy instinctively raised his finger to his nose and gave it a slight whiff. Nothing, not a trace of where his finger once had been. Not even a mild aroma of Mark's anal canal graced Billy's inhaling nostrils.

Billy sat down between Mark's legs which were now stretched out onto the bed on either side of Billy. Billy gave his extremely hard cock a few jerks with his left hand while watching Mark who was breathing frantically with his eyes tightly closed. To Billy, Mark was utterly gorgeous from the very top of his head to the bottom of his feet. In his eyes, Mark was the truest vision of pure and profound perfection.

A few moments passed with neither boy uttering a single word. Billy continued to please his throbbing cock with his left hand, smearing his own pre cum all over his hard cock. Mark struggled to open his eyes and the first thing he saw was Billy sitting on his knees, stroking his cock. Mark's eyes, though watery and mildly blurry, darted upwards to peer straight into Billy's eyes. In his mind, Mark studied Billy's intricate features. What his mind envisioned was Billy, another boy who he now thought was the most gorgeous creature that walked on the planet Earth. Now, and now, Mark's mind began graciously wondering what it would be like to suck that miracle of beauty being stroked in Billy's left hand.

Slinging his left leg over Billy, Mark twirled his body around and immediately shoved his mouth over Billy's cock. This action caught Billy somewhat off guard, but the heat boiling onto his cock from Mark's oven like mouth sent goose bumps popping up all over his body. Billy rubbed his fingers on Mark's bobbing face while Mark himself began moaning as his lips locked a seal around Billy's satin like cock. Mark tasted Billy's pre cum and moaned even louder as the gooey substance tasted like nothing he had ever tasted before.

Mark sucked Billy's cock for a short time, then forced his mouth off of Billy's erection in order to vacuum in both of Billy's balls into his mouth, using his tongue to explore every fascinating square inch. Mark sucked and licked Billy's balls, then returned back to Billy's cock. In less than a minute, Billy warned Mark that he was close, and instead of removing his mouth, Mark applied even more pressure. Within a short lived few seconds, Billy slung his head back, and howled. Mark felt Billy's slender cock expand, then felt the tremendous power as Billy's sperm fired from his cock, splattering the roof of his mouth. Mark bobbed his mouth back and forth as Billy's cock shot 6 powerful blasts, then began oozing out globs of sperm by the gallons.

Even at this point, Mark wasn't all that sure he would be able to swallow Billy's sperm. This was his first cock he had ever sucked, but swallowing sperm was something he wasn't too sure about. While he was sliding his mouth up and down Billy's satiny cock, Mark instinctively swallowed, forgetting all about the pool of sperm building up inside his mouth. As the first bit of Billy's sperm slid down his throat, Mark kind of gagged, but suddenly realized that Billy's cum had no taste whatsoever. He swallowed a bit more and realized the same thing, so he opened his throat and swallowed down the rest while maintaining his bobbing and sucking action.

As Billy's cock slipped into a flaccid state, Mark slid his mouth off of Billy's cock and sat down, folding his legs Indian style. Billy followed suit and did the same thing with both of their eyes locked onto one another. Billy was panting feverishly while Mark pondered the boy's natural beauty. Unable to resist any longer, Mark reached his left hand around Billy's neck, drawing Billy's face towards him to the point that their lips touched. Mark's tongue snaked into Billy's mouth and began exploring while Billy slipped his own tongue into Mark's mouth.

The world itself had no meaning as the two boys kissed passionately like two life long lovers having two hearts beat as one. However, their actions didn't go unnoticed as Walt and Garth had been standing at Mark's bedroom window. Holding hands, side by side, Garth looked at his life long lover, Walt, and whispered,

"Looks like our son found himself today."

Walt wiped a tear from his eye and replied,

"It looks like they both did! Remember, that's exactly how we started."

15 years later, Billy and Mark lay next to each other, holding hands, as their newly adopted children, a 4 year old little boy named Walt and a 2 year old little girl named Tabitha, play on the floor. While their children play, Mark prayed that he could be half the father Walt didn't have to be!

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