"Lustful Passions Unleashed"

Gary Clark wasn't your average 12 year old boy. Being an only child, and both parents constantly working, Gary had to find ways to increase some excitement into his young life. Living way out in the country didn't help matters with his boredom either. By the time Gary had reached his 12th year of life, he knew, without a question of a doubt, he was gay.

While his buddies at school spoke about lies of sexual escapades, Gary found himself ogling at their rising crotches. Girls did absolutely nothing, but staring at bulging crotches excited him to no end. Even at school, while in the locker room after gym class, Gary was really busy checking out all the naked, and half naked boys milling about. One other thing Gary detected about himself was the simple fact that the boys close to his own age did absolutely nothing for him. It was always the older boys, and their hairy pubic areas, and fat cocks, that got his sexual hormones working into overdrive.

Since he and his folks lived out in the country, the school he attended catered to grades kindergarten thru 12th grade. Keeping that simple fact in mind, Gary always got an eyeful while in the locker room. Though he may not have known many of the older boys names, their fascinating bodies, and thick flaccid cocks, remained sharply within his mind, especially when he was home alone, skinning the cream from his little boy cock.

Describing Gary, as well as his looks, is rather hard to do. His mother is 100% Filipino, while his father is a mix of Costa Rican and Caucasian. Having this readily mixture born within his genes, Gary's body revealed a permanent bronze tan. Standing straight, he probably stood close to 5'1" and couldn't weigh no more than 85 pounds. The hair on his head was jet black, soft, yet wavy, to which he combed straight back, and cut just above his ears, flowing perfectly just below his neckline. His black eyebrows were of medium thickness being seductively highlighted by his sparkling emerald green eyes. Gary's eyelashes were unusually long, and perfectly curled, to which, even highlighted his entrancing eyes that much more.

Gary's face is slender, completely unblemished, sporting two permanent indentations in each soft cheek. His nose is rather small, however, perfectly shaped. Gary's evenly straight teeth is a dashing brilliant white. His body at this point in life, showed no signs whatsoever of hair. Not even his shins had the beginnings of hair life. If there was ever one word to describe the way Gary looked, it would have to be, "PERFECT!"

Three months into his 12th year of life, Gary's hormones began to rage even higher than they already had been. Since he had the house to himself after school, Gary hopped off the school bus and literally ran the three quarter of a mile to his house. Once inside, his ritual was to strip out of all of his clothes, and surf the internet. Thankfully enough, both of his parents were not computer literate, so there had been no blocks of any types established on his computer.

Gary would sit on the computer chair, stark naked, and look at naked men while stroking his 4 inches of cut bronzed color beauty. Gary would stroke himself close to the boiling point, then start surfing the internet for gay sex stories. Each day he did this ritual until one day, his fingers brought him to the "Nifty" story site. Naturally, Gary's favorite reading section was the one labeled, "Adult/Youth." He loved reading about boys his age having sexual encounters with grown men. Reading this always made Gary's watery boy cream come flying out of his boy tool.

One day, Gary began experimenting after reading a very hot story about a man having his way with a young virgin boy. After reading about how the boy was able to take the man's 8 thick inches of man meat, Gary decided to experiment sticking something up his own virgin ass. Grabbing a bottle of baby oil, Gary smeared the oil all over the handle of a straight edge screwdriver. He was on his knees, legs spread, and tried to force the handle up his chute. As soon as the handle pried its way inside of him, Gary screamed out and yanked the handle from his butt. The pain, in his mind, was just too unbearable.

After reading another story describing all about giving a young boy an enema, Gary went to the local pharmacy one day after school, and purchased a 6 pack of Fleet enemas. The clerk never questioned Gary about the purchase, and for Gary, that was his biggest concern. Back home, Gary read the directions, and applied one of the enema's. He held it inside him for as long as he could, but no sooner had his butt struck the toilet lid, his insides exploded.

Once he finished relieving himself, Gary actually liked the way he felt, knowing that he was thoroughly cleaned out. He soaked in the bath right after that for a long time, and began slowly jacking his boy pride. With his eyes closed, Gary's cock began pumping out wads and wads of watery nectar on his chest and stomach. It was then that Gary decided to find out for himself what cum tastes like, more so, his cum. Using the fingers of his right hand, Gary scooped up a large wad, and nervously raised it up to his nose. After sniffing it a few times, Gary stuck his cum coated fingers inside his mouth, and just sort of held it there for a few seconds. His initial reaction at first was something bordering disgusting, but then his tastes buds made a vast adjustment, sending the message to his brain that it really wasn't all that bad. It did have a mild taste of salt, and although it was definitely gooey, Gary told himself that he truly liked the taste.

His sexual lusting began to rage like a runaway forest fire, completely ablaze, and definitely way out of control. Soon, Gary would find himself arching his knees on either side of his ears, pumping his cock for dear life while jabbing his asshole with two lubricated fingers. When his orgasm tore through his body, in this position, Gary's boy nectar would shoot straight into his open mouth. To say the least, Gary had become obsessed with tasting his own sperm, and jabbing his tight little bung hole with two fingers.

Now, he no longer just looked at the older boys swinging soft cocks, he now found himself fantasizing about sucking them, and being fucked. Many times, Gary wanted to walk right up to one of the older boys, drop to his knees, and slip their cock inside his mouth. Though that's what he wanted to do, he never had the courage to actually go through with it.

Gary woke up early this Saturday morning to find both of his parents had already left to go to work. In his mind, today was the day he was going to find a man, any man, someone who would be willing to have sex with him, totally disregarding his age. He opened up one of the enema containers, and poured some baby oil inside, then filled it to the top with some minty fresh mouthwash. He then applied the enema to himself.

Once he was finished cleaning himself out, he took a very long shower, ensuring that all areas were thoroughly clean, including applying a wad of soap inside his butt. After brushing his teeth, Gary frantically rifled through his dresser drawers to find something, something sort of revealing to wear. Finally, he found an old pair of white stretch bicycle shorts that were truly extra short. With full intention, Gary thought best not to wear any underwear. The bicycle shorts were so tight, and so short, Gary literally struggled to get them up. Once he conquered that magnificent feat, he stood in front of his full length mirror admiring his accomplishment.

The one part of Gary that he never really paid much attention to was his butt. Unbeknownst to Gary, the boy offered the most elegant and shapely butt known to mankind. Yes, it was indeed small, however, defiantly and powerfully shaped. It looked more like two perfectly shaped tear drops lost in sea of natural bronzed beauty. The bronze flesh of his butt cheeks were soft, yet echoed of vibrant muscularity. Without a doubt, many men, and I would imagine women too, had self pleased themselves while fantasizing about Gary's mouth watering, jaw dropping, butt.

Though his dick was soft, Gary liked the way it looked inside the tight bicycle shorts, angling itself just off towards his left side. Even his little p-nut sized balls displayed themselves in the utmost elegant of fashions. Keeping to his fashionable clothing coloration, Gary slipped on a white tank top, then put on his white ankle socks, followed up with his white Nike shoes. Wearing all that white in conjunction to his naturally bronze skin, adding in his jet black hair, Gary looked more like the main course being served at a 5 star restaurant.

After locking up his home, Gary hopped on his mountain bike, pedaling slowly up their dirt road, heading to nowhere in particular. As he slowly pedaled his bike, all Gary could think about was man cock. He knew he wanted to suck one, but having a man sized cock shoved up his butt was something he considered to be out of the question. Each time he would entertain the thought of having a cock up his butt, he always remembered the gut wrenching pain the screwdriver handle had served up, then he would shake that notion from his mind immediately.

Gary really didn't have any friends, none of which he cared to spend any time with for that matter, so going to any place where kids his age hung out was out of the question. Gary slowly pedaled up the main road, roaming his eyes from side to side in hopes of spotting a man, once again, any man.

In his slow travels, Gary approached one of their neighbors who was standing at his mailbox. Gary recognized Mr. Williams right off the bat and rode right up to him. Mr. Williams was a big man, probably somewhere in his late fifties, and one of the local farmers.

Mr. Williams eyed Gary up and down, wiped his mouth with his left hand, then hoarsely said, "Boy, you riding around here dressed like that is gonna get ya into all sorts of trouble!"

Gary smiled, then eagerly replied, "Yes sir, if I'm lucky!"

Mr. Williams stared at Gary for a few more seconds, shook his head from side to side, then turned his back and walked away. Gary was a tad bit frustrated seeing Mr. Williams actions, but then again, he knew the man had four boys, all of which who were older than himself, still living at home.

As he began slowly pedaling once again, Gary hadn't traveled 100 yards before a stretch limousine pulled right up to him. The driver, a very large black man rolled down the drivers side window, and asked for some directions to one of the wealthiest motels in town. Gary knew the place, but he himself had never been inside. He knew that it was way too fancy and cost way too much for him to ever go inside.

After having gave proper directions, the limo advanced forward about 300 yards, then stopped dead in the road. As Gary approached on the drivers side, once again, the drivers window came down.

The driver gave Gary a subtle wink, then with a rather deep voice, spoke, "The boss has instructed me to give you a lift if you are heading into town. I got plenty of room for your bike if you'd like to accept his offer."

Gary had never been in a limo before, and he knew never to accept a ride from a stranger, but his curiosity prevailed allowing himself to accept the driver's offer. Gary's mouth literally flung open as soon as the huge black man stepped out of the limo. The man must have stood close to 6'8" and had to weigh close to 400 pounds of ALL man. The driver placed Gary's bike in the trunk, then opened the rear door. Gary, showing the excited look any boy would have, eagerly stepped inside.

There was a man with salt and pepper wavy hair, wearing a three piece suit, already sitting on one of the rear seats. Gary quickly eyed the man up and down, guessing at best he was probably in his fifties. By the look of the man's fancy watch and sparkling diamond rings, it didn't take no brain surgeon to realize that the man was nasty rich. The man was clean shaven and his eyes were sparkling blue. In Gary's eyes, the man was definitely handsome, bordering good-looking.

The man held out his right hand, then simply said, "My name's Martin, and welcome aboard."

Gary told Martin his name and sat down across from him. Gary knew Martin had to be somebody very important, and he dwelled on the thought that somebody like him would never be interested in anyone such as himself, much less gay for that matter. However, Gary couldn't have been more mistaken with Martin!

As the two sat there, Martin studied the boy's elegant features in speculating detail. Martin, simply speaking, was a pure boy lover who traveled the world having sex with young boys, however, the angel seated across from him was by far, the most heavenly gorgeous of them all. The longer they spoke, Martin inwardly craved the boy's pureness.

After a brief chat, Martin decided to push the envelope so to speak by saying, "Gary, I must say that you are quite the little charmer. Wearing that attire just might send out the wrong signal, if you know what I mean. Take for example, a man, someone much older than your young self, might be persuaded to approach you in a more significant sexual kind of way. Then, my young friend, you have to decide for yourself how you would handle that type of situation. Please, describe for me how you would deal with a grown man inviting you for a sexual encounter of that type?"

Gary sat there pondering his response, then looked up and into Martin's lust-filled blue eyes, then softly spoke, "Since you really don't know me all that well, and I really don't know you all that well either, I reckon there's no harm into telling you what I might do if in that situation was to ever come about."

Martin's body shuddered hearing the strong southern accent mixed with the pure vibrance of Gary's young unbroken voice.

Gary went on, "Though I aint never done anything, anything sexual that is, with another guy, I sure have been thinking about it all the time. I guess if a man came to me with sexual intentions, I'd be more inclined to take him up on his offer, just so I can find out for myself what it's all about. Naturally, I'd have to trust him in order for that to happen."

Martin raised his right eyebrow as to hearing what Gary had just said. It was like a symphony to his ears knowing that the boy is fair game. Folding his left leg over his right one, Martin softly spoke, "I see, hummmmmm. Just so I understand you, and that I might not be mistaken, you would actually consider having sex with a gown man, is that correct?"

Without hesitating, yet offering a heart stopping smile, Gary replied, "Yes sir, I reckon!"

Martin smiled, then continued, "Well Gary, that is so good to hear. With that being said, I am a lover of boys, boys such as yourself. The problem with is rather simple. Being with a boy as young as you, is obviously illegal in this country. So, trust would have to be a two way street. Naturally, someone my age would not be at liberty to boast about such activity, nor can the boy as young as yourself. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

Gary thought about it for a few seconds, and it made perfectly good sense on both accounts. Looking at Martin, Gary offered, "Yes sir, I know that something like that would have to be kept a secret. I know I would never tell anyone!"

Martin was glad to hear Gary's response, then stated, "Great, we now understand one another fully. It would be my honor to accompany me up to my suite once we arrive. Would that be something you wish to consider?"

Without the need to think, Gary responded, "Absolutely sir! I've never been in that fancy motel before!"

A few minutes later, the limo pulled up at the main entrance. Gary almost felt as though he was some kind of royalty as to the way all the bellhops were reacting to Martin's presence.

Gary followed Martin up to the suite, and once inside, Gary almost was stepping on his tongue marveling over all the beauty, not to mention the size of the suite. The suite was larger than his own home, and their was a jacuzzi just off of the living room area.

While inside the suite, getting the grand tour, Gary guessed Martin to stand somewhere around the 6'2" range and weighed a pretty solid 220 or so pounds. As they took their tour, Martin had begun the leisurely task of undressing. Once the porter departed the room, and with Gary's back turned, Martin peeled off the last remaining article of clothing, and was now standing, at the foot of the bed, totally nude.

When Gary turned around, his jaw popped wide open after seeing Martin standing there naked. The man's chest and stomach area was covered in thick salt and pepper fur, flowing all the way down to his bushy, yet prominent, pubic hair. Gary's eyes began to water as he stared at Martin's semi flaccid man meat. It was a good 5 inches, fairly thick, and unlike himself, Martin's cock head was covered with a large flap of foreskin. The man's large hairy balls dangled between his hairy legs offering a sign of pure power.

Martin broke the silence by asking, "Do you like what you see?"

Gary, still somewhat in a mild trance, simply said, "It's huge!"

Martin forced out a slight chuckle, then replied, "Wait till it gets fully erect. Now, please take your clothes off so I can get a good look at the most precious meal I have ever seen."

Gary peeled off his tank top, then bent down to undo his shoes. As he did so, Martin stepped in behind him and shoved his nose right in the center of his crack. Gary could hear the loud sounds of Martin inhaling the scent from his bent over butt crack. It was at this point that Gary was ever so glad he had decided to give himself an enema. With Martin's face digging into his butt crack, Gary had to use the foot of the bed's mattress for support. Finally, Gary managed to slip out of his last sock.

Still bent over, Martin's large fingers grabbed onto the hem of Gary's bicycle shorts, and began forcing them down Gary's tiny body. Martin gasped loudly as the bronzed cheeks came into view. Lowering the shorts all the way down to Gary's feet, Martin knelt in behind Gary, totally engrossed at the most gorgeous boy butt he had ever seen.

Gary kind of felt rather awkward, bent over while having a man peer onto his butt. He had never expected such an action and had no clue what Martin was doing behind him. Martin's body shivered as his eyes watered, marveling over the sculptured mounds and precious tiny crack separating the two.

Martin placed both hands upon each of Gary's butt cheeks, gently roaming the searing hot unblemished flesh while groaning in triumphant glee. The hands gently caressing his butt sent goose bumps racing up and down Gary's back. Martin's right hand grabbed the break of Gary's right leg, and with all tenderness, guided Gary's right knee to rest on top of the bed. Now, Gary's left foot was still on the carpeted floor and his right leg was hiked up onto the bed.

Smacking his lips involuntarily, Martin was a bit surprised to discover that the solid little mounds didn't spread far enough to see the boy's most hidden, and virgin, territory. Squatting on his knees, Martin placed both hands at the very entrance of Gary's butt crack, then tenderly, and ever so gently, separated the two bronze colored mounds of heavenly flesh.

It was then, at this very moment, did Martin's eyes come in contact with what he so passionately wanted. His mouth flung open, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!"

Martin was peering at the most precious, hair raising, heart stopping, palm sweating, mind boggling, cock rising, ball tightening, eye watering, breath taking, butt hole to which had ever graced the face of this earth. Inching his face closer to Gary's mystifying boy hole, all Martin could see was the tiniest of specks in a spot that he ultimately knew was where the boy's asshole should be.

Unable to control his animal like urges any longer, Martin shoved his nose right on top of Gary's bung chute entrance. Inhaling like a drug crazed drug addict, Martin was greeted by the freshest of aphrodisiac like aromas. The fragrance spewing from Gary's asshole sent Martin's body into a seizure like motion. For Martin, this position standing behind a young boy sniffing his ass was not new, but the fragrance rapidly expanding his lungs was.

After getting his fill of Gary's aromatic fragrance spewing ass, Martin's long thick tongue snuck out, then began coursing a trail up and down Gary's hairless ass crack, stopping in time once his tongue landed on Gary's unbelievably tiny butt hole. When Martin's tongue landed on his butt hole, Gary's body lurched upwards as his long angelic moan piped from his open mouth.

Gary had read many a story in which a man used his tongue on a boys butt, but he never imagined something like that would ever happen. Now, here he was, bent over, and a grown man was lapping at his poop chute with his tongue. Gary's inexperienced mind went rapid with wild emotions as the slithering tongue sent chills exploding all over his young body.

Martin began whimpering like a new born baby, mixing his sounds with bear like growls as he ravishingly dined on this young gorgeous angel's butt. For more room, Martin guided Gary's left leg onto the bed. Now, Gary was in a doggy style position with both knees impaling the soft mattress, not to mention, both legs were now widely spread. From this position, Martin found it a whole lot easier to dine on Gary's priceless asshole without much interference.

Gary used his teeth to clamp down on the bedding as Martin's tongue gave him pleasure like he never imagined humanly possible. Gary's soft grunting sounds certainly didn't go unnoticed by Martin's ears. The more Gary grunted and groaned, the harder Martin dug his tongue into the boy's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Gary cried out as Martin's tongue managed to seduce Gary's butt hole enough to allow entry.

Martin shoved his tongue up Gary's fiery hot tunnel, basking in the ultimate pleasure of feeling the boy's anal muscles attack his canal diving tongue. Martin's fingers dug sharply into Gary's butt cheeks as his tongue fought its way to its final depths. Gary's body bucked and shook while both hands reached out and latched onto the bedding, drawing his embedded fists closer to his face. His teeth opened, then clamped down on more of the bed's bedding, doing all he could to stifle the sounds quickly vacating his mouth.

While Martin was aggressively enjoying eating out Gary's ass, his left hand fell upon his now rock hard cock, and began stroking it. Using his right hand, Martin reached under Gary and found the boy's throbbing 4 inches of rock solid erection. Martin growled even more louder as the silky smooth flesh of Gary's cock sent shock waves erupting throughout every square inch of his body. He could feel that the boy's cock was slender just by holding the shaft within his hand.

Gary's body went into a wild and frantic convulsion once he felt Martin's hand grasp onto his boyhood. It sort of felt like volts of electricity shot through his body while maintaining a steady current. Not in a million years could Gary ever possibly fathom the pleasures taking their course throughout his convulsing body and rapidly spinning mind.

Martin released his own cock, smearing his own saliva on his left middle finger, still with his tongue wedged deeply within Gary's anal canal, inserted his finger up Gary's bone crushing tight canal to accompany his exploring tongue.

Gary cried out as a flash of searing hot pain tore through his ass. The pain was sharp and stabbing, not to mention that Gary knew something other than Martin's tongue was painfully filling his butt.

Due to the increasing power of the boy's anal muscles, Martin had to withdraw his aching tongue from Gary's highly pressurized ass. Sitting back on his haunches, still gyrating his finger in and out of Gary's ass, Martin stared in awe at the beautiful vision before him. He watched his finger nearly evade the boy's ass, and stared at the outer ring as it clutched ever so tightly around his finger's flesh. Also, Martin got a great look at Gary's bronzed colored grape size nuggets. At first glance, with its hairless sac so tightly stretched around the baby sized nuggets, his first offering was that the boy just had one testicle instead of two. A closer look revealed that Gary did in fact have two perfectly rounded balls that only offered the appearance of one.

In time, Martin witnessed the young boy as he began rocking his butt back and forth on his thrusting finger while his eloquent sounds of pure rhapsody flew from his precious little mouth. Seeing and hearing that, Martin applied a good helping of saliva to his right middle finger. Joining in on the fun, Martin inserted his other finger, causing the young boy to buck and shake even more wildly.

Gary felt the second finger as it worked its way up his butt. Though it was mildly painful, it was also intensely pleasurable. Gary began grunting and groaning louder and louder as both adult digits shot in and out of his butt hole, striking something inside him that sent rockets of pleasure crashing through him like a Tsunami tidal wave.

Being as experienced as he was, Martin was intentionally massaging the boy's prostate, watching in awe to the boy's wild body convulsing motions. When Martin felt Gary's cock repeatedly begin to pulse, he released the boy's love stick in order to prevent him from having an orgasm. It was then, at that very moment, Martin was curious to know if Gary could even produce cum.

With that prevalent on his mind, Martin simply asked, "Gary, my precious young angel, but can you produce sperm yet?"

Gary's teeth released the bedding, and with a squeal like voice, replied, "Ye, yea, yesssssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Martin was more than happy to hear the boy's response, and not only the response, but sensing the pleasure stemming from his voice as well. Martin continued using his two fingers to stimulate the young boy's ass, feeding both a constant array of pleasures.

A rather lengthy while later, Martin pulled both anal dwelling fingers from the boy's gripping butt. Gary was panting heavily as Martin lifted the boy up, then placed him on his back so that his head was resting peacefully upon a large soft pillow. It was then that Gary got a good hard look at Martin's man sized hooded cock. Blinking his eyes repetitively to try to get them to focus, Gary quickly estimated the man's cock to be at least 8 inches, if not more, and very, very thick. Gary could also see the thick bulbous mushroom shaped hooded cock head, realizing that it was a lot thicker than the already tremendously thick shaft.

Kneeling in between Gary's spread legs, Martin studied the boy's perfect 4 inches of pure joy. While the boy was on his back, his cock jutted inches from his tanned body, aiming itself directly towards the boy's gorgeous face. Using his right hand, Martin pushed the boy's cock towards him, noticing the mushroom cock head was just a tad thicker than the slender shaft, and right at the glorious tiny piss slit, rested a rosebud of a pearl of pre-cum.

Venturing his eyes upwards, Martin studied the boy's hairless chest and taught stomach area. Even while the boy had his right arm folded behind his head, directly in the armpit, no hair life was evident. To Martin's liking, Gary was beautifully hairless.

With his tongue already out of his mouth, Martin scooped up the droplet of pre-cum, and quickly brought his tongue back inside his mouth for the ultimate taste test. The taste exploding inside his mouth was evident to the pureness, and freshness, he imagined that this young angel could only be able to offer.

Still holding Gary's cock at the base with one finger, Martin lowered his mouth onto the boy's tightly withdrawn balls, and in one stealth motion, sucked them both in. Gary immediately cried out as the heat from Martin's mouth seemingly began to bake his tender nuggets. His cries got even louder when Martin began slithering his tongue all around and over both of them.

Using the fingers of his left hand, Martin slid them upwards until they found Gary's tiny pinkish right nipple. With the slightest of pinching, Martin marveled at the way the boy responded having his nipple tweaked. Keeping that in mind, Martin began rotating from one nipple to the other while still embellishing himself with the boy's tender baby makers lodged inside his vacuuming mouth.

As for Gary, this was by far way better than any of the stories he had read. He never knew so much pleasure existed, and was passionately loving every heart pounding second. On the other side of the track, Martin was enjoying himself to no end as well. From a boy lovers perspective, Martin knew any man would give anything to be where he was at presently, and he knew, he wouldn't trade this lifetime opportunity for anything either.

Allowing the boy's balls to plop out of his mouth, Martin slowly slid his skilled mouth over Gary's throbbing 4 inches of pure boy pride. Gary screamed as his body jerked and twitched when Martin sank his mouth on his cock. The feelings exploding inside his body and within his deliriously pleasured mind could never be described.

The boy's slender cock easily slid in and out of Martin's mouth, and as Martin was slowly milking the boy's cock, his left hand was busy working on Gary's nipples while his right hand began gingerly caressing Gary's little cum makers.

In less than a minute, Gary cried out, however, Martin already knew, that the boy was nearing an orgasm. Martin quickly slid his mouth off of Gary's cock, and taking his hands away from all the boy's precious body parts as well.

Martin had Gary stand by the edge of the bed while Martin lay on his back, hanging his head off the side of the bed's edge. Extending both his arms, Martin latched onto Gary's soothing butt cheeks, drawing the boy to step forward. Just as he had envisioned, the boy's cock went straight into his mouth. Gary found himself staring at the giant hooded beast aiming itself directly at him.

With his large hands on Gary's little shapely butt, Martin began pulling Gary forwards, then backwards, stopping only when Gary picked up on the hint to start fucking his cock in and out of Martin's mouth on his own. Gary had both hands on Martin's hair covered chest, still staring intently at Martin's monstrous cock.

Gary's cock was fucking away at his mouth, however, Martin still managed to poke his right middle fingers inside his mouth, lubricating it with his own saliva. In doing so, Martin eased his lubricated middle finger inside Gary's super tight, and extra hot, anal oven. As soon as Martin's finger went inside him, Gary's mouth formed a perfect circle, but only a gargling kind of sound produced itself.

Martin wet the middle finger of his left hand, then inserted it up Gary's butt. The rocketing pain mixed with Martin's mouth sealed around his thrusting cock was way too much for Gary's inexperienced body to deal with. Gary's upper body fell forward onto Martin's stomach as his cock began unleashing the mother load of a lifetime.

When the first cum strand entered his mouth, Martin felt the sheer power as it splashed sharply against the roof of his mouth, followed up with a good seven or so forceful strikes. Gary had never felt such powerful orgasm before, and now his body seemed to be on some kind of remote control. Thrusting his hips forwards, he drove his sperm shooting cock into Martin's mouth. When he thrust backwards, he pleasured himself knowing he was shoving both of Martin's fingers up his butt.

Gary jack hammered his cock in and out of Martin's mouth while Martin's two fingers were performing some sort of magic trick up his ass. Gary's body shook violently as he felt the last sperm morsel vacate his throbbing cock. Martin was in pure heaven with a mouth full of boy spunk, keeping it all inside his mouth, patiently waiting for the last tasty morsel before basking in the task of swallowing.

The next thing Gary knew was that he now had both hands on Martin's cock. His body was still bucking from such an explosive orgasm when something else caused him to scream. It wasn't the fact that Martin continued his finger probing assault inside his ass that was shooting through his body, it was another eye blinding, body convulsing, very intense, orgasm that caught Gary way off guard.

Even Martin was a bit surprised to see the boy go through another orgasm so quickly, but then again, Martin sure as hell wasn't about to complain. More sperm jets began shooting rapidly into Martin's mouth, splashing peacefully into the already creamy puddle that had gathered.

Martin arched his lower body off of the bed, bringing his rock hard cock ever so close to Gary's face. Out of pure instinct, and nothing more, Gary opened his mouth and inserted the large bulbous cock head. His tongue crawled through the silky flesh, instantly filling his mouth with a vast mixture of sweat, pre-cum, and what Gary thought to believe, was piss.

Gary's initial reaction was to yank his mouth off the man's cock, but within a blink of a second, the concoction swarming around his tastes buds seem to rather enjoy the bland taste. Gary had just enough sense to watch out for his teeth as his mouth stretched around the thick cock head, fighting against all odds to insert more.

Martin growled loudly when he felt the boy's mouth attack his cock. He too was bit too far gone to handle Gary's oral vengeance as his cock throbbed, then began shooting thick wads of sperm gel into the young angel's mouth.

Gary almost choked when the first strand landed in the back of his throat, followed by a lot more. His mouth seemed to be full of the man's firing sperm, so Gary tossed caution to the side, and began swallowing. Unlike his own cum, Martin's cum was a lot thicker, had a heavier salt content, and was kind of bitter. Though he did gag a few times, Gary forced himself to swallow every ounce of sperm Martin could offer.

By now, Gary's pride poker went deafly soft, and still was trapped inside Martin's suctioning mouth. With a mouth full of Gary's boy cream, Martin decided to sample some of it. Forcing just a small portion into his throat, and just as he figured, this boy's cum was the pride, and nectar, of the Gods. Either it be true, or just in Martin's perverted mind, but he literally told himself that this boy's cum was sweeter than any of the worlds finest of chocolates. With that in mind, Martin purred as he lavished in swallowing all of Gary's deliciousness.

Gary rolled to his right, landing his body sideways onto the bed, looking straight at Martin, who was now rolling his body so that he could lay next to Gary. Martin's left right hand began caressing Gary's upper back, then he spoke, "Oh my, my, you are truly the most delicious specimen who ever graced this planet. Words themselves cannot express my deepest appreciation."

Gary smiled, still tasting Martin's cum, then whispered, "I know, we can get into the jacuzzi. I've never been in one of those before."

Martin saw the eagerness sparkling in Gary's eyes, not to mention, he wasn't ready just yet for all of this to end. In his mind, he desperately wanted to feel his cock ramming away inside the boy's ass. And, if he had any say so in the matter, that's precisely what was going to happen!

Activating the water faucets, Martin turned to Gary and asked, "Hey bud, I got an extra toothbrush if you want to use it."

Gary, still with the bitter after taste inside his mouth, eagerly accepted. While Martin monitored the water level in the jacuzzi, Gary was busy brushing his teeth and tongue. While Gary was brushing his teeth, Martin was peering on, completely overwhelmed at Gary's overall beauty.

Martin got into the jacuzzi first, followed by Gary. Once the water began jet streaming out, Gary instantly fell in love with being in his first jacuzzi. Across from Gary sat Martin, who was contemplating a plan to get Gary to offer his ass to his cock.

Gary was the first to speak, "How was it? I mean, how'd my stuff taste?"

Martin smiled, then quickly replied, "Gary my young friend, your cum should be bottled and sold on the market to the highest bidder, and that bidder, would certainly be me!"

Gary laughed at hearing Martin's response, then settled back and allowed the jets of water to freely massage his still shaking body. Martin was enjoying the soothing water as well, however, his mind still created various ideas as to how he could get the boy to willingly offer his virgin ass to him.

Martin finally came up with a plan, though in all honesty, this wasn't his best by far. Looking at the young angel, Martin said, "You know buddy, I got an idea. Let's say when we get out of this jacuzzi, I do something to you that you will love. You'll not only love it, but chances are, your going to want more. How's that sound?"

Gary was all too eager for whatever it was, and with a voice that resounded his eagerness, he replied, "Yeah, yes sir! I'm all for it!"

10 minutes later, they both grew tired of the pounding water, so they both agreed to get out. Even as they were toweling themselves off, Martin couldn't force his eyes off of the young beauty, and his perfect angelic body.

Gary, standing at the side of the bed, eyes sparkling gloriously asked, "Well, what are we gonna do?"

Martin had already placed a small carrying bag on the bed, and was now sitting, resting his back against the headboard. Patting the bed for Gary to come to him, Gary did as the man had gestured. Martin had Gary lay across his lap, face down. Now, the boy's mouth watering ass was jutting straight up to Martin's onlooking eyes. Using just the palm of his right hand, Martin began gingerly caressing the boy's silky smooth butt cheeks.

Gary cooed and groaned as the man's hand felt awesomely good on his butt. For a short period of time, Martin just massaged Gary's butt cheeks, fighting against himself not to invade inside the boy's delicious, aromatic, ass crack.

Already having placed the carrying bag by his right side, Martin, keeping his left hand caressing Gary's sculptured butt cheeks, he used his right hand to fumble through the bag, eventually retrieving a bottle of "WET." Flipping open the lid with his right thumb, Martin poured a small puddled directly onto the boy's tiny bung hole.

Reaching under Gary, Martin pushed the boy's erect cock between his smooth, hairless legs. Now, Martin not only could see the boy's voluptuous ass, but now he was able to see Gary's perfect cock as well.

Using his right middle finger, Martin smeared the slippery lubricant all around the boy's tiny speck of a poop chute. Gary was doing his best fighting back the pleasures soaring throughout his now quivering little body.

Martin's voice cracked the air, "Don't hold back your emotions Gary. Let them be free! Make as much noise as you like."

Gary obeyed Martin's statement as he began hiking his little butt into the air, off of Martin's lap. Martin's rock hard cock was being pressed in between his left thigh and Gary's muscular stomach.

Gary cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this feeeeeeeeeels soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood!"

Ever so slowly, Martin eased his middle finger into the boy's muscle churning bung hole, feeding Gary a sense of devastating pleasure. Within a very short time, Martin witnessed the boy's ass time his finger thrusting gestures, so he began increasing his speed with each and every anal dwelling thrust.

Then, once Martin felt Gary was more than accustomed to his finger inside his ass, he inserted another one. As the second finger was being added to the anal pleasing equation, Gary winced and whimpered at the burning pain sweltering inside his butt. Within a few heart felt seconds, Gary's ass began welcoming Martin's two fingers.

Martin politely asked, "My sweet angel, what time do you have to be home?"

In a stuttering like manner, and with a soft and angelic whimper of a voice, Gary mumbled, "I, I, got, to, to be, ho, ho, home, by, by, seveeeeeeeeen."

Glancing over at the clock, Martin smiled, realizing they had plenty of time, since presently, it was only noon. He continued his anal pleasing with his two fingers, working them in and out, and all around, making sure to caress the boy's prostate in the process.

When Martin inserted a third finger, Gary whimpered while humping his little butt up and down. Martin was truly enjoying the show, watching and listening to every move, and every precious sound, Gary was making.

With the third finger joining the other two, Gary's anal canal burned like crazy, however, it was making his mind slowly evade his head, spinning frantically with all sorts of pleasurable emotions.

Martin asked, "Do you like this? Does it feel good?"

Once again, with a stuttering and whimpering voice, Gary cried out, "Yes, yesssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd yessssssssssssssss!"

Martin eased one finger out of the boy's bone crushing ass at a time until all three fingers were now free. Martin did take a brief second to inspect his fingers, and could only smile after noticing they were just as clean as before they began their exploration of this young gorgeous angel's miraculous ass.

Feeling a itching sense of vacancy from inside his ass, "Gary screamed, "Please, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssse puuuuuuuuuuuut theeeeeeeeeeeeeem baaaaaaaaaaaack innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssse!"

As Martin's fingers found the object he was searching for inside the bag, he softly replied, "In do time young man, in do time!"

Martin had retrieved his toy called an "anal wand." The handle itself was probably six inches long with the stem being closer to eight inches. At the very end of the stem sat a small rubber ball littered with one inch rubbery thin strands. Martin had used this particular toy many, many times and already knew that anyone who felt this up their butt, instantly became sexually disturbed.

Spreading the boy's butt cheeks with his left finger, Martin placed the tip (ball) up against the boy's asshole. Using very little pressure, Martin slid the tip, and about 4 thin inches of the stem up Gary's anal canal.

Gary had no clue what was up his butt, but he did know that it was much smaller than Martin's three fingers, to which, he whined and groaned as the object dove into his rectum, feeding him with pure blissful pleasures.

Holding the handle tightly, Martin used his thumb to flip the switch and activate the tip and stem into a gyrating motion. As soon as the toy began doing its thing, Gary's body lurched into the air while his mouth flung open, and all kinds of sounds began pouring out.

Martin began to push the stem all the way up Gary's butt, carefully watching the boy's reactions to having a good eight inches dwell into a part of his rectum never before touched by anyone, or anything. His reactions was just as Martin had planned. Gary was bouncing his ass up and down while flinging his head from side to side. His fingers latched onto the bedding as the angelic sounds began flowing from his gaping mouth, filling the stillness of the room.

In time, Martin was fucking the boy's ass, while momentarily pausing the toy directly onto Gary's prostate. By doing so, he watched and listened to the boy as the ultimate pleasure careened all over his perfect little body.

A tiny bead of clear pre-cum formed right at the entrance of Gary's tiny piss slit. Seeing the drop of nectar, Martin reached over with his left hand and greedily swiped it up, then quickly inserted his finger into his mouth, moaning in glee as to the perfectness of the wondrous taste.

Martin cleared his throat, then asked, "Would you like me to stop?"

Gary screamed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Martin smiled knowing all too well he had the boy right where he wanted him. It would be just a matter of time before the boy would be literally begging him to fuck him, and Martin knew that.

Sensing that the time was close, Martin pulled the toy from Gary's ass. No sooner had the toy vacated Gary's butt, Gary cried out, "Innnnnnnnnnnnnnn, puuuuuuuuut iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit baaaaaaaaaaaack innnnnnnnnnnnnnn siiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Seeing that the boy's tiny poop chute was partially opened, groaning at the bright pinkness of the glorious interior, Martin poured a copious amount of the lubricant inside the boy's anal canal. After doing so, Martin retrieved another form of lubrication, but this one had some medicine in it. Having done this so many times, Martin knew that this, once applied, would have some type of numbing effect to the anal muscles. Squeezing the cream on two fingers, Martin slid both fingers up the boy's rectum, working them from side to side while ensuring that the boy's anal walls were well coated.

Retrieving his fingers, Martin sensed that the cream would work since both of his fingers began tingling from their numbness. Gary continued begging for Martin to put something inside his butt. It was a constant plea that sent chills racing up and down Martin's entire body.

Caressing the boy's butt cheeks, Martin hesitatingly asked, "Gary, would you like to feel my cock up your butt? I promise you, I'll go slow, and you will love it. So, would you like to give it a try?"

By now, Gary was in another strange world. His ass kept sending his brain signals to be fed. His thought process no longer considered that Martin's cock was freaking huge. All he knew, all he cared about, was having something feed his itching ass.

Gary turned his face as far as he could to his left, then whimpered, "I, I, I guess so."

Martin had Gary lay on his left side while he positioned his own body behind him, then he had Gary raise his right knee as close as he could up to his face. Now, Gary was in more of a fetal position.

Coating his cock with the "WET" lubrication, Martin aligned his cock directly onto the boy's glistening little poop chute. Increasing his pressure, Martin pushed and pushed until the large bulbous cock head squeezed inside the bone crushing anal orifice.

Gary's mouth immediately flung open as he cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it, itttttttttttttttttt huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttsssssssssss baaaaaaaaaaaad!"

Martin fought against his own eagerness so as not to shove it all the way in. The boy's anal ring was locked around his cock head and the crushing pressure was only growing, actually hurting Martin's cock.

Gary reached back with his right hand and latched onto his own butt cheek while whining, grunting, and steadily moaning. To Gary, it felt like his asshole was being ripped open and somebody was shoving a telephone pole, one in which that had been ignited with gasoline, straight up his butt.

Unable to fight back the crushing pressure any longer, Martin inched his hips forward, cramming his cock head and two thick inches up the boy's rectum. Martin held Gary by his hairless chest and could only watch as the boy screamed out from having his man sized cock invade his once virgin ass.

What seemed like forever, and in the mind of Gary, it was, but Martin managed to shove his entire thick cock up Gary's anal oven. With his cock buried to the hilt, Martin remained perfectly still, keeping his eyes locked onto Gary's gorgeous face as it made all sorts of contorting gestures.

Gary felt like Martin's cock was lodged somewhere deep inside his stomach, traveling way beyond his anal canal. The pain was sharp, and fiery hot. With each breath, Gary could feel the man's cock as it twitched and throbbed. The pain was, and had been, intense, and for now, it sure didn't seem like it was going away anytime soon, or at least, anytime soon enough.

Martin closed his eyes, basking in the pleasures of knowing his cock was buried inside the most gorgeous boy he had ever laid eyes upon. This was the moment that he, and all that are like him, dream about. For Martin, this was no fantasy. This moment, this boy, they were all a reality!

Having held still for about a minute, Martin began arching his butt backwards, pulling his meaty manhood from within their fiery clutches of the boy's anal kingdom, stopping just short of pulling it all the way out, then proceeded to slowly reinsert his mammoth one eyed monster until it dove to its final depth.

Each time when the man's cock began snaking out of his ass, Gary felt like it was pulling a part of an organ out of him, then shoving it back into its proper location when it went all the way back inside of him.

Martin's slow pace was perfectly timed, allowing the boy to get used to having his man meat root away at his ass. After nearly two minutes, Martin began increasing the temp, driving his large cock in and out of the boy's ass while using his right fingers to tweak Gary's nipples.

When Martin began pinching his nipples, something inside Gary's body snapped, sending all the infuriating pain far from his shaking body, replacing it with pure unexplainable pleasure.

Gary, subconsciously, began rocking his body back and forth, driving his hungry little ass onto Martin's thrusting cock. Martin noticed Gary's actions as well, so he increased his jack hammering rhythm, slamming his meaty rod in and out of the boy's ass with blinding speed.

Gary constantly cried out, "Gaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooodddddddddd!"

Martin mixed up his anal drilling pace, stopping at various times when he felt his own orgasm on the near verge of building. Keeping his cock wedged inside the boy's searing hot anal oven, Martin repositioned Gary so that he was now in a doggy style position. Martin's large hands enveloped Gary's tiny hips, as they used the boy's hips as a weapon against himself. Holding onto Gary's hips, Martin began thrusting the boy backwards while his cock slammed sharply into the boy.

Gary had a handful of the bedding in each bald up fist, and was doing his utmost best to slam his own ass onto the man's pile driving cock. With no hand on Gary's cock, Gary screamed, "I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yesssssssssss!"

Martin quickly placed the palm of his left hand directly over Gary's soon to be erupting cock. He had just made it in time when the boy's cock began spitting out wads and wads of watery boy cream. Martin never once stopped pile driving the boy's ass as Gary's cock pumped out his sexual deliciousness.

Keeping a steady hammering pace, Martin placed his left palm up to his mouth, gazed at the puddle of boy juice, then wasted not time in slurping up the soothing honey tasting liquid.

Growing ever so close, Martin held his cock in place as he maneuvered Gary onto his back. Martin tenderly shoved the boy's legs over his head, placing both knees extended on either side of his ears, then began really plowing his meat in and out of Gary's muscle clamping bung hole.

Gary felt more of the man's cock than ever before, but it felt like pure scorching pleasure. Martin reached under Gary's head with both hands as he lowered his face, smashing his lips onto Gary's lips. When the man shoved his tongue straight into Gary's mouth, Gary at first had no idea what he was supposed to do. Somehow, instinct took over as he slid his own tongue into the man's saliva drenched mouth.

With their tongue intertwined in a loving battle, Martin simply couldn't take it any longer. Gary felt the giant beast expand, then he felt globs of hot thick cream shoot deeper up his cock filled rectum. Martin was gasping and grunting as his cock began spitting out his thick manly semen by the gallons.

Martin drive his erupting cock as hard as he could into the boy's ass, feeding every ounce of his seed swimming up the boy's anal highway. It wasn't until Martin's orgasm subside, and his cock went totally flaccid, did their long passionate kiss break its seal.

His cock plopped out of Gary's bung hole and Martin collapsed onto the bed, on Gary's right side. Both were gasping for air, and both once rock hard cocks now lay defiantly soft. Gary was staring up at the sealing, though his eyes were nowhere close to being focussed. His body shook violently and he could still feel the thick man juice deeply deposited up his butt.

Martin, panting for breath, softly whispered, "Thank you Gary, thank you so much!"

Gary replied, "That was awesome. I can't believe I was able to take that huge cock of yours up my butt!"

After a short break, the two cleaned themselves up and the limo driver took Gary home. When the large black limo driver pulled Gary's bike out of the trunk, and sat it on the ground, he looked down at Gary, smiled, then said, "Next time around, I'm gonna get me some of that fine white ass!"

Gary, with his legs still shaking something awful, replied, "So, when's next time?"

The man smiled, then replied, "Sooner than you think boy! Oh yeah, the boss told me to give you this envelope."

Once the driver handed Gary the envelope, he got back inside the limo and drove off. Gary, holding the large manilla envelope, put his bike up in the garage, and slowly walked inside his house. Going straight to his bedroom, he opened up the envelope to find a letter, and another long white envelope.

The letter read: "Dear Gary, today you have fulfilled a fantasy that even in one's mind, could never be a reality. However, today was indeed, a reality. I take extreme honor in knowing that it was I who introduced you to this new, and wonderful, world. Your world, and your newfound knowledge, will one day take you places you've never imagined. In the meantime, I will look forward in calling on your from time to time.

Take care,


Gary tore through the other envelope and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the large bundle of cash. After he counted it, Martin had given him $2,500.00 To Gary, this amount of money made him feel extravagantly rich. Looking back into the envelope, there was a small piece of paper, and it read:

"This is a little something for you."

As Gary soaked in the tub, awaiting the arrival of his parents, his mind took him back to the events that had occurred earlier in the day with Martin. His asshole hurt, but it also craved to be fed. Now, his sexual lust had been unleashed!