Max’s Freudian Slip - Chapter #6



This is the fictional account of a relationship that develops between a man and a teenage boy.  It might involve some sex at some point, so if that sort of thing offends you, move along.

I am mixing it up some with this chapter. The main focus of this chapter will be Max's best friend and fellow 13yo Noah (Craig's neighbor).

If you like my writing, links to my other stories on nifty are at the end of the chapter.  Some of those get into sexual escapades much more quickly.


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Chapter 6 – Spring Break

Every year for spring break (mid to late March for us) we head to Colorado (or sometimes Utah) with our neighbors (the Reeds) to ski.   (These are the same neighbors that hosted the New Year’s Eve party that began this whole story.)   When I say we, I mean myself and one or both of my daughters.   My wife blew her knee out several years ago and hasn’t come since.  It’s always seemed like a waste of vacation days and money for her to come along just to hang out in a condo.

I always looked forward to this annual trip as it provides a chance for me to spend some quality time with Jackson and Noah.  This was especially true now that my wife doesn’t come as it means more freedom to dote on them.   Adam and Lisa are still trying to manuever their way down easy blue slopes,  so while their parents are sticking to the easier runs, Jackson and Noah and whichever daughters of mine happen to be along are shredding the entire mountain.   On each trip we try to knock off as many of the runs on the mountain as we can.  (We usually highlight them on a trail map.)   Getting to spend 4-5 days with the boys is always special.

This year would be a little bittersweet however, because it meant that I would be missing one of my regular Thursday’s night dinners with Max.   Spring break started on a Friday and our flight was leaving early Thursday evening.  My wife and I were able to drop Max off at practice en route to the airport but his mom would have to pick him up.   While I had reminded him for a couple weeks that I was going to be gone, he still seemed a little down when we picked him up.  “Man, Noah is so lucky, getting to go on vacation with you for almost a whole week!  I wish I could come,” he told us on the way to the gym.

“I wish you could too Max,” I told him.  “That would be fun.  Though I am afraid with your athletic abilities you might be out-skiing us in a few days.   I’m not sure we could keep up with you.”  This was a bit of an ego build on my part.  We are all fantastic skiers and it would take Max a couple trips just to come close to our level.

He laughed.  “Yeah, right.  Noah tells me how fast you guys go.  That seems scary on skis.”

“True.  But I have no doubt you would be good at it.   Maybe next year if you can miss gymnastics you could come.   I’m sure Noah would enjoy having you along.”

“Really?  You’d really take me?” he answered with surprise.  

“What on a trip?” I said looking over my shoulder to him in the back seat.  “Dude! We’d totally take you on a trip sometime.”   I was shocked that he was surprised that we would consider taking him, given how close I thought we had become.

“As long as it was okay with your mom of course,” my wife chimed in.

“You guys rock!” Max told us.

When we got to the gym I got out of the car to give him a quick hug.  “Can we facetime while you’re in Colorado?” he asked.

“Of course!  That would be cool.”

“Maybe even tonight?”

“We’ll see.  It might be late before we get settled into our condo.”

“I’ll wait up.  There’s no school tomorrow you know!”

“Ok then,” I answered.  “Have a good night buddy,” I said as we hugged.  His embrace was much longer and stronger than usual.   He usually gave me a casual half hug, but not this time.   He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tight, burying his head into my chest.

When I got back into the car, my wife said to me, “He seems a little lost without you.  Can’t believe how much he’s gotten attached to you so quickly.  Well actually I can, you always did have a knack with kids.”

“Yeah,” I sighed, “he’s pretty special.”

“Sometimes, I think you love him more than me,” my wife joked.   

I laughed, but it was a nervous laugh, because there was a bit of truth in her joke.  The positive feelings a boy-lover receives from friendship with a boy just can’t be duplicated in other relationships.  I love my wife, but there are needs within me she can never satisfy.


One of the things I was really looking forward to on this trip was reconnecting with Noah.  My mentoring of his best friend had caused a bit of tension between us.   When I took Max to that Marvel movie back in January, Noah had texted me the next day asking me if I wanted to go see it.   Noah is the only one in his family that likes superhero flicks and I am the only one in mine.  So it had been a bit of a regular thing for him and I to go see the new Marvel movies when they came out.    When I told him I had already seen it and taken Max, he texted back “That’s ok, I’ll get my dad to go.”   It’s hard to read emotion into text, but I was pretty he was disappointed.   The movies had been “our thing” and now Max was intruding on that.

Lisa told me later that week that Noah was down when he found out I had already gone to the movie with Max.   Adam took him to the movie she told me, but Noah told her it just wasn’t the same because his dad doesn’t know the past storylines and just isn’t into the whole genre.  “We talked about it a couple nights later,” Lisa told me.  “He knows what you are doing with Max is a good thing and he understands.  He really does.   But he was a little disappointed.”

I saw Noah outside walking their dog that next weekend.  I told him I was sorry about the whole thing and promised we would all go together the next time.   He seemed to accept that, but I still felt like I had let him down.


The condo we had rented in Colorado only had two bedrooms.  I told Adam and Lisa to take the master bedroom.  The other bedroom had 4 bunk beds in it that would be perfect for Jackson and Noah and my daughters when they finally arrived straight from college a couple days later.   There was a Murphy bed that folded out of the wall in the living room that I claimed.   I like to stay up late and am often the first one up, so it made sense for me to take that bed so I wouldn’t bother anyone else with my odd hours.

I’ve not talked much about Noah, but he is a very peculiar & sensitive boy, full of idiosyncrasies. Little things can bother him (like sleeping in a room full of people all making noise).  “They’re all breathing!” he’s complained before.  So I half expected he’d end up sleeping on the couch.  He’s a night owl like me, so when everyone else had quickly gone to bed that first night, he and I were still awake watching TV in the living room.  I was lying on the end of my bed and he was on the couch on the other side of the room playing a game on his tablet while we watched TV.   I grabbed my phone and noticed I had a text from Max.   “You guys make it ok?  Are you still up?  Can we ft?”

“Hey Noah,” I said.  “You wanna facetime with Max?”

“Heck yeah,” he answered, “I’ll call him on my tablet.”

Noah dialed him up and came and joined me on my bed, lying next to me with the tablet between us.    When the video connection came through I could see that Max was sitting in his bed leaning against the headboard with his comforter draped across his waist.   He was naked from the waist up and based upon what he had told me about sleeping naked, I assumed he was also “au natural” under the blanket.

We talked about our plane flight and snowy drive to the condo and Max told me about his night at practice.  He was very excited at pulling off a new floor trick that he hadn’t ever done successfully.  He of course told me the name, but it was double twisting flipping something or another that didn’t mean anything to me.  I was still learning the lingo.   He hoped to try to put it into his routine before summer.   While we were making small talk, an ad for the new horror movie “Pet Sematary” came on our TV.

“Oh man I can’t wait to see that movie,” Max told us enthusiastically, having heard the ad in the background.

“I read that book a long time ago.   The movie looks good, but scary! Maybe we can go when we get back.  When does it open anyway?” I asked.

“Next Thursday,” Max answered.  “There’s a special preview at like 10 that night.  I’ve already scoped it.  Wait, are you guys back by then?  Can we go?  I’m still off school so it will be ok to be out late.”  I could tell he was getting excited.

“We come back on Wednedsay, so yeah, that would be fun,” I answered.

“Hey, can I come too?” Noah asked.  This surprised me a bit as horror films had never been Noah’s thing.   They used to really scare him and he wouldn’t even stay in the room when one was on.  It was part of his sensitive nature.  But he had started to grow up.   He had finally just watched Stranger Things a month ago, when he had been a hard pass on it when it came out.   I also figured there was still a bit of jealousy working around in Noah’s head about Max edging in on our movie going thing.

“Of course!” I answered.  “Jackson too.  He would love that movie.  I can just come pick you guys up after I drop Max at practice and then we can come back and get him and then go eat and then head to the movie.   We’ll probably have to buy tickets ahead of time though before it sells out.”

“I’ll get my mom to get them,” Max offered just before he started coughing out of nowhere.    When he finally stopped, he excused himself, “Hold on, I need to go get a drink.”

He started to throw the blanket back to get out bed when Noah yelled “Max!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh yeah,” Max laughed, flipping his tablet face down on the bed and then (presumably) climbing out.   He almost forgot he was naked and about exposed himself to us!   I for one was sorry I missed it, but…. it was apparent that Noah knew Max was naked under the covers.   That’s interesting……

I couldn’t help but to laugh at Max.   “What a goof,” I commented.

Noah looked at me, kind of surprised.  “You …um…know why I yelled at him?”

I chuckled.   “Yeah, Max told me he sleeps naked.  You didn’t want him flashing his bare ass at us.”

“He told you that?” Noah seemed surprised.

“Yup.   He trusts me enough to tell me things,” I answered.   

Just then Max returned and flipped the tablet back over.  Unfortunately, he had already climbed back under the covers before he did.   We talked for a few more minutes about nothing significant before we said good night and ended the call.

“So …um…what else has Max told you about,” Noah asked immediately after we had disconnected.  I could tell he seemed worried about something.    I didn’t think he knew about Max’s attraction to boys, so my obvious assumption was that the two of them had done something he was worried about me knowing about.  Had they done some experimenting?  Had they done something they shouldn’t have – like egged houses or maybe tried vaping?  

“Not that much really.  Just some stuff about their vacations to St. Martin and stuff,” I answered.  I didn’t specifically mention the nudist resort, as I wasn’t sure if Noah even knew that.

But apparently he did know.  “Did he um…tell you about…the naked place they stayed at?”

“Yeah he did.  Sounds interesting huh?”

“No!  Sounds crazy!  No way I could ever be naked in front of people like that!”

“I know.  Not sure I could either.  But people are into different things.”

“So you know all about the stuff with his dad then?” Noah asked me.

“Yeah, but just the basics.  His mom actually told me last summer.  You remember that day I came home and you and Max were shooting baskets?  And then his mom came to get Max a bit later and was talking to me and your mom on your porch?  Well, she told me about it then.  I wasn’t sure YOU knew about it.”

“Max told me way before that.  My mom was pissed because I kept it a secret from her.”

“She was?”

“Yeah,” Noah replied.  “She thinks I should have told her right away.  But Max had asked me not to tell anyone.”

“Well, I have to say I don’t agree with your mom on this one.”


“Yes, really.   If Max told you something in confidence and asked you not to tell anyone, then you shouldn’t break his trust and that includes with your parents.  You were being a good friend Noah.  If you were in danger or if Max were in danger, it would be different.  But in this case, I think you were in the right keeping it secret.  It was Max’s mom’s place to tell your mom, not you.   Parent’s get a little weird when they realize their kids are growing up and having their own lives.”

“Exactly what I thought.  I’m glad to know I wasn’t nuts.”

“Nah, you’re not nuts.  Noah, you are getting to the age where it’s ok for your parents not to know every detail of your life.  Within reason of course.  If you told me something and asked me not to tell your parents, chances are I wouldn’t rat you out.”

“You wouldn’t?” He looked at me funny, surprised.

“You seem surprised.  Look, if you were in big trouble or danger I would tell them.  Like if you told me you were depressed and suicidal, or hooked on drugs, yeah, I’m going to tell your parents but it’s because I care about you and don’t want to see you hurt.  If you are getting bullied or having trouble in school, then I’d probably try to get YOU to tell them so they could help.  But if you told me something like you cheated on a test, or you tried a drink of beer or something like that – I would keep it to myself.   Noah, I am good friends with your parents, but I am friends with you too, you know?   I feel like all of you should trust me.  Understand?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile.  “Thanks.  You’re awesome.”  He leaned over and gave me a hug.   Noah still had not outgrown giving me hugs.  Again – his sensitive nature.   Jackson stopped giving me hello hugs by about 6 or 7, but not Noah.  “Goodnight Craig.  Can we turn the TV off now?”

“Sure.  You sleeping down here?”

“Yep.  The couch is comfy and I don’t have to listen to Jackson scratching his nuts all night.”

I waited for Noah to make it to the couch and flipped off the TV.  “Goodnight buddy,” I told him.

“Goodnight,” came the sweet answer through the dark.


Anytime I visit the mountains, my first night or two is very restless.  I am not sure if it’s the altitude or the drier air, but I never sleep well until about the third night.  So while I tossed and turned between short bursts of actual sleep, my mind wandered.   I thought about Max, lying naked in his bed.  I wondered what it was that Noah was worried about me knowing.   I’d never given a thought to Noah being gay or bi – he’d had a girlfriend back in like third grade (though not since).  Noah was very private, so I would be surprised if he and Max had experimented.  I couldn’t seen Noah going there - I think he would be too shy for that.  On the other hand, he and Max had been friends since they were babies…if there was anyone he would trust in that capacity, it would be Max.

I found myself entranced in boy love curiosities.   What might they had done?  Does Noah have pubes yet?  Jackson didn’t start puberty until high school – would Noah be late too?   Is Noah’s dick bigger than Max’s?  Bigger than Jackson’s?  His package sure seemed substantial when he used to jump up into my arms and hug me when he was really young.

In the middle of one these day dreams, I saw Noah get up from the couch and walk to the bathroom.  There was enough moonlight coming in the patio door to see around the first floor of our condo well.  He didn’t go directly to the bathroom though.  Rather, he ambled around and bumped into things, finding his way.   One of Noah’s many peculiarities was that he sleepwalked.  When he was a lot younger, his parents used to chain all the doors above his reach at night to make sure he didn’t wander outside.   As he’d gotten older, it had become less frequent, but Adam and Lisa still occasionally found him sleeping on a couch or in the basement and Noah would have no recollection of how he got there.   I assumed he was sleep walking so I watched him closely until I heard him sit on the toilet and the sound of piss hitting the porcelain.

Without flushing, he came back out, pulling up his shorts.   Instead of going back to the couch, he stumbled towards my bed and when his knees hit the edge, he reached down, touched the mattress and then climbed in.  I scooted over and made room for him and pulled the blankets over top him.  “You okay Noah?” I asked.

The only response I got was the deep breathing of a sleeping teen.   I’d never seen Noah sleep walk before, but I had now.   I rolled away from him and tried to get back to sleep.  I hadn’t planned on sharing my bed.


By the clock on the cable box, I awoke two hours later.   Noah had rolled over and was now pressed up against me.   I was on my stomach and he was on his side, lower on the bed than I was.  His crotch was pressed against my thigh and I could feel the stiffness of an obvious erection poking me. 

I swung my head around.   I could see just well enough to notice his eyes were closed, but twitching.   His mouth was moving also, though no sounds were coming out.   He was clearly dreaming.   I was just trying to assess how big of a boner he might be packing when he started thrusting his hard tool against my leg and began moaning.  Seriously?  Was I dreaming?

“Hey, Noah,” I whispered, trying to get his attention but he kept at it.  “Hey, Noah, stop,” I said trying again to get his attention, this time nudging his shoulder.   But even that didn’t wake him.

“No…can’t stop now…almost,” he mumbled.   As much as this was a boy-lover’s dream come true, having a boy basically molesting YOU, I was actually feeling uncomfortable with the situation.  Noah was like a son to me.   I scooted to the left away from Noah.  His body rolled face first onto the bed but his hips kept thrusting, only now he was humping the bed instead of my leg.

He kept moaning and grinding for few seconds.   Then he blurted out, quite clearly, “Make it shoot Max! Make it shoot.”    A few seconds of hard breathing followed and then there was a whimper and suddenly he was still.   My heart was racing.  I would love to have known what that dream was all about!    He lay still for a couple minutes.    I had surrendered most of the bed to him and even though I was now wide awake, I knew I needed to try to get back to sleep.  I gently lifted him and rolled him back to his right, so I’d have enough space to hopefully get back to sleep. 

Noah flopped onto his back and was perfect still for about a minute and then Noah jerked and sat upright.  “Where am I,” he suddenly asked, alarmed.

“Noah, it’s Craig.  We’re in Colorado.  In our condo.”

His head darted from side to side as he looked around the room.  “How did I get in this bed?  Didn’t I crash on the couch?”

“Yeah,” I said softly, trying to calm him.  “But you got up a couple hours ago and stumbled around the entire room until you got to the bathroom and then stumbled back here.   I think you were sleepwalking and I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Thanks,” he said.  Then he reached inside his underwear to scratch his crotch and when he did his hand jerked away.   “Oh shit,” he said.


“I think…uh…I think I had an accident or something,” he said, his hand now running over the sheets.   “I peed the bed I think.”   He was starting to whimper.   “I’m such an idiot,” he said after a few more seconds.  He was now clearly crying.

I pulled by self up and scooted next to him.  “Noah, relax… it’s ok,” I said, throwing an arm around him.  “You didn’t piss the bed Noah.  I um….think you just had a wet dream.   You remember, those things they warned you about way back in 5th grade.”

“Oh my god,” he said wiping the tears from his face.  “I’m so embarrassed.  Why did this have to happen here?”

“Shhh.  No reason to be embarrassed.  This is no big deal Noah.   We can solve this real fast and we can both get back to sleep.   Just run upstairs quietly and get some clean underwear.   Then come just wipe yourself off with a towel and get dressed and come back to bed.”

‘NO!” he said.  “If I go upstairs then I’ll have to tell them what happened and then I’ll be even more embarrassed,” he said, still sniffling. “I don’t want them to know.”

“OK, well you don’t want sticky underwear. How about this?  Why don’t you just use the bathroom down here.   Wipe yourself off really good with a towel or washcloth.   Then bring me your underwear and just sleep in your shorts.   I’m sure they didn’t get that wet.   I’ll wash your underwear tomorrow with some other stuff of mine and sneak them back to you.  Nobody will need to know unless you want to tell them ok?”

He nodded and did a couple sniffles to finally arrest his tears. “Ok,” he whimpered.  He started to get up.   “Hey, be sure to flush the toilet while you’re in there.  You didn’t do that earlier.”

He came back about five minutes later holding a towel with his cummy underwear inside.   I took them from him and put them inside the sweatshirt and t-shirt I had worn on the trip and put them next to my bed.  He had slipped back under the blanket on the couch.  I went over to him and knelt on the floor.   “You ok now,” I asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I think so.  I’m just so embarrassed and sorry I woke you up and stuff.”

“It’s fine Noah.  I got your back.   This happens to all guys.  There’s nothing you can do about it you know.”

“I know, but still.”

I stood up and gave his shoulder a shake.  “Goodnight buddy.  Love you.  Get some rest.  We got some hard skiing to do tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Craig,” he answered, pulling the blankets up around his neck.   “Thanks.”

I went back to my bed and patiently waited for Noah to fall back to sleep.   When I was sure he was out, I quietly reached over and pull the bundle of dirty clothes from the floor and put them under my blanket.  I gently unrolled them until I extracted his still damp underwear.  Under the blanket, with as little movement as possible, I pressed them to my face and inhaled the scent of newly minted boy jizz.  Oh god.  I was in heaven.   It smelled a bit like adult cum, kind of bleachy, but with a sweetness. The smell of Noah’s load mixed with the scent of sweat and a bit of piss from the days wear.   It was as close to his dick as I could get without crossing the line I vowed never to cross.  The damp spot wasn’t all that big, just a few inches across the front and it was already drying around the fringes.   I inhaled a few more times, before slowly reassembling the bundle of clothes and sliding it under the bed.   I forced myself to get back to sleep, my throbbing erection stretching my trunks.   I knew I’d be pulling one out in the morning before everyone else was awake.


Before anyone else was even up, I had run the dirty clothes downstairs and threw them in the washing machine.   Noah’s sky blue Nike trunks had completely dried while I slept my last few winks.   In the light I was able to examine them more closely and flake off some of his dried boy juice.   I inhaled his scent one more time before surrendering them to the laundry machine.

Our ski day was fantastic.   We had great weather, great conditions and lots of fun with just me and the boys – Jackson and Noah - tearing up the mountain.   We skied hard and even made it onto one of the last lift chairs up the mountain – getting in just before they closed off the line.  

After we all got home, the five of us quickly showered and went out to eat to our favorite Chinese restaurant before it got too crowded.   When we returned, everyone was exhausted.   We all tried to watch TV, but after about 15 minutes Adam and Lisa excused themselves and drug themselves upstairs to their bedroom.    Jackson had fallen asleep in a recliner which left Noah and I still watching TV on my bed.  

I must have dozed off because I woke up about 8:45 with the TV blaring.   Noah was dozing next to me and Jackson must have woken at some point and gone to bed, because he was gone from the recliner.  I got up and went to the bathroom and reheated a cup of leftover coffee.    The not so short nap of nearly two hours and the coffee soon gave me a second wind.  I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book when Noah stumbled into the kitchen, yawning, looking for a snack.   “Hey big man,” I greeted him.

“Hey,” he said rummaging through the fridge.   “What’s up,” he asked as he started munching a handful of cold M&Ms.

“Just reading.   I thought you were out for good over there.  I was wondering if I was going to have to settle for the couch tonight.”

“Nah, I’m pretty awake now.  Just sore from skiing.  I wish we had a hot tub.  That would feel so good!”

“We do have one Noah,” I told him.

“I know but we have to walk across the complex.  I meant a private one on our patio, like we had that one time.”

“Ah got ya.  Yeah.  I’m not really feeling like going out in the cold either.  Hey, I do think there’s one of those massage roller bar things in the drawer of the coffee table though.”  I had remembered seeing it there when I was exploring the condo earlier.

“Really?” he said getting up with purpose.   I heard him rummaging through the drawer and then he came back towards the kitchen.  “Oh yeah,” he said, rubbing the roller bar on his thighs.  “That’s awesome.”

“You want me to roll you?” I asked.

“Heck yeah,” he answered and plopped onto the bed.

I stuck my bookmark in my current page and set my book aside.   I sat next to Noah on the bed.  I was surprised to see he had removed his heavy joggers and was in only his t-shirt and a pair of green AE trunks with the eagle logo all over them.   Noah had always been very modest – it wasn’t like him to reveal himself, even in his underwear.  I tried not to react to this newfound brashness.  “Now, what’s sore my man?”

“What isn’t sore?” he replied.  “But mostly my legs.”

He was on his stomach so I started rolling the massage bar over the back of his legs and calves.   He was alternating between slight grimaces and moans of pleasure as I worked the soreness out of his muscles.  “God that feels so good,” he told me.

“I bet.  I do get a turn next right?” I asked him.  

“Sure,” he said rolling over.  “Do my quads.  They’re on fire.”

I tried not to stare at the noticeable bump in his trunks.   He wasn’t hard (at least I don’t think he was) but his junk was definitely filling the pouch up well.   I began rolling his thighs, careful not to go up to far and accidetnally roll over his balls.   I slowly rolled one thigh before moving to the other.   As I started on his right thigh, he said “Craig, can I ask you something?”

“Sure buddy.”

“How did you know I had a wet dream last night?”  Noah was always the pensive, curious one.   Most boys would have tried to forget all about last night’s incident.  Not Noah.   He was always analyzing things.

“Well,” I stuttered.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell him lest he get embarrassed all over again.   “Do you really want to know?  I don’t want you getting embarrassed all over again.”

“Yeah tell me.”

“Ok then,” I said and paused.  I stopped rolling his thigh.   “Well, if you must know.  You were humping the bed,” I said grinning.   “And moaning.”

“Oh geez,” he said, pulling the blanket over his face.  “I shouldn’t have asked,” he giggled.

“It’s fine,” I told him, pulling the blanket from his face, revealing his blushing cheeks and a grin.   “Do you remember what you were dreaming about?  Those dreams are usually pretty awesome.”

“No.  Damn!  I wish I did,” he said.

I thought for a minute.  On one hand, I wanted to know what his dream was, but on the other I didn’t want to embarrass him too much.   But my curiosity won out, especially since I knew it might involve Max.

“Well, you were talking too.  Between the moaning, that is. You wanna know what you said?”

His eyes got big.   “Yes!  Tell me!”

“Ok, but don’t be embarrassed.  Promise?”

“Promise, now tell me!”

 You said “Make it shoot Max, Make it shoot.”

“Oh gawwwwwwwwwd,” he whined, pulling the blanket over his face again.   I let him lie lay that for a long while.   I finally squeezed his leg just about his knee – one of his tickle spots until he giggled.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I just never expected to have my first wet dream about my best friend and zombie animals.  It’s so weird.”  Apparently the dream had come back to him.

“Zombie animals?”

“Yeah, you know from the Pet Sematary movie trailer we saw last night.   I remember the dream now.  Max was spending the night at our house but we were sleeping on top of our pool table, because the zombie animals were running all over the floor.  Buyt they couldn’t jump up on the table for some reason because the table was like 6’ high.   And then Max was showing me how to…um…umm….um….”

“Masturbate?” I said, finishing his sentence.

“How did you know?” he asked, blushing again and covering his eyes with his hands.

“Make it shoot?  I’m guessing Max was showing you how he could…you know… ejaculate.”

He nodded.   “That’s kinda weird huh?”

“Nah.  Brains are strange when it comes to dreams.   Always seems whatever you were thinking about when you go to sleep pops up in your dreams. We had just facetimed Max and saw that movie trailer, so it totally makes sense that’s what you would dream about.  Buuuut, the showing you how to masturbate part? That I can’t explain.  Unless of course that’s something that really happened once?”  I was probing.

He turned his head and looked away from me.  I could tell I had guessed right.  Max had passed on the tricks he learned from Benjamin on to Max.   “Sorry Noah.  I shouldn’t have asked you that.  Was none of my business,” I said, tapping him on his thigh.

He wiped his eyes.   He wasn’t crying per se, but was maybe starting to tear up.   “Hey, buddy.   Dude… relax.   That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  My friends and I did the same kind of stuff,” it’s pretty normal.   “I bet Jackson and his friends have even.”

“We only did it a couple times,” he mumbled.   “I thought it was cool how he could make stuff come out.”

“Of course.   But now you can do that yourself you know.”

“I can?” he said sitting up on his elbows.

“Well yeah!  If you have a wet dream that means you probably could have for a while now actually.   Your body usually only triggers a wet dream when it has to get rid of some you know.”

“Oh yeah,” he said suddenly realizing the interconnectivity of it all.

“Yep Noah.  Congrats, you’re officially a man now,” I joked.

“Yeah right,” he grinned.

“Well, enough of one to make a baby.  Do I have to give you the safe-sex-use-a-condom speech now?”

“No no, that’s ok,” he said blushing.

“I was just joking Noah.  I’ll let your dad worry about that talk.  I’ll just stick to wet dream clean ups.”

Just then my phone was buzzing in my pocket.  I pulled it out to see that it was Max trying to face time me.   “Hey, it’s Max again,” I told Noah as I answered it.

“Hey Max,” I said as I lay next to Noah and sat the phone between us so he could see both of us.

“How was skiing my people?” Max asked.  He was on his couch tonight, fully clothed (much to my dismay).

Noah told Max all about our day on the slopes.  The hard runs we’d done, the big jumps we had hit, our top speeds.   As I watched Max, I could tell he was just the slightest bit jealous.

“Did you talk to your mom about the movie yet?” I asked him.  I thought talking about that would help.

“Yes!  She already got us 4 tickets, didn’t you mom?” He panned his camera to Stacy who was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine.  

She gave us a wave!  “Hi Noah! Hi Craig!.  Yes honey, you guys are all set” she said before returning her attention to the magazine.

“So what are you guys doing now,” Max asked.

“Well, Noah was just telling me about his dream where you and he were getting attacked by zombie kittens,” I said.   Noah promptly elbowed me in the side, clearly worried I was going to tell Max the other parts.

“Zombie kittens?”

“He’s already having nightmares and we haven’t even seen the movie yet!” I chirped.

“Very funny Craig!” Noah lamented.

“Don’t worry Noah, we’ll hold your hand if you get scared,” Max added.

“You guys are mean!” Noah whined.

“We’re just kidding you,” Max and I said at the same time.   

“Yeah, I might be needing you BOTH to hold my hand,” I said.  “Scary movies get me, especially in a theater.  Max we need to be getting to sleep my boy.   We have an early wake-up call so we can be in line when the lifts open.”  It was time to think about getting to bed and I still was looking forward to Noah rolling my legs with the massage roller.

Max bid us good night and Noah got up and put his sweatpants back on.  “You still want me to roll you some?” he asked.

“Yeah, duh!” I answered.  I wondered what he was hoping to do instead. 

He gave my legs a nice work out and then he hopped up.  “Ok, that’s enough I hope, I need to use the bathroom,” he announced before marching off.  

He was in the bathroom a LONNNNNNG time.   He might have been taking a dump, but I’m guessing he was exploring his new found ability to shoot semen.   While he was in there I put a couple chairs from the table around my bed just to tease him about invading my bed the night before.

When he finally came out, he looked at my chair barricade and laughed as he settled into the couch.   “Goodnight Noah! I love you buddy but I want my bed to myself tonight.”   

He threw a throw pillow at me before clicking off the TV.   “Goodnight dork.”   Being called a dork and having a pillow tossed at you playfully is about much a term of endearment as you’ll get from a middle school boy.   I’ll take it.




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