Max’s Freudian Slip - Chapter #9



Author’s notes:

This is the fictional account of a relationship that develops between a man and a teenage boy.  It might involve some sex at some point, so if that sort of thing offends you, move along.

This chapter picks up right where the last one left off, with Craig and Max seeing Billy Elliot (the musical).

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Chapter 9 – “Expressing Yourself”

My mind was very active all throughout the Billy Elliot performance.  I was still thinking about what Max had said to me on the way in:  that he thought about me during the day often but that he didn’t usually get hard.   I couldn’t help but to envision Max sitting in pre-algebra and recalling the time he looked at my dick and getting hard from the memory.   I knew that was probably fantasy, but the part about him thinking of me seemed completely sincere.  I often think of Max while at work and knowing that he thinks of me during the day, just like I do him, made me very happy.

Also on my mind was our whole conversation about his sexting with Cam.   I realized I had basically just given my approval for them to continue exchanging erotic images.   If he ever told anyone that I approved of such a thing, that could really come back to haunt me.   It would be a very difficult stance to defend.   I decided I needed to talk to him about that after the show.

Between those ruminations, there was the on-stage presence of Billy Elliot and his friend Michael.  Both boys, who were 13 according to the playbill, were stunningly gorgeous.   Billy had wavy brown hair and an adorable face.   His acting could use some work, but the boy’s dancing and singing were fantastic.   Michael was a black haired beauty.  Of course his character is always portrayed as a nerd with horn-rimmed glasses, but there’s always a certain cuteness in that, at least to me.  I wondered if the two of them shared a dressing room backstage, where they would have undoubtedly seen each other in their underwear.  Maybe they even gave each other a good luck kiss before each show? 

I wondered if Max was finding either young actor as attractive as I was.   He enjoyed the show more than I expected, though he did tell me at intermission that he found the British accents sometimes difficult to understand.   There are a couple scenes in the show that are emotional and I got teary-eyed in both, (naturally) and Max noticed both times.  The second of these scenes is towards the end when Billy is finally going off to the Royal Ballet School.   Michael runs to catch him and tell him goodbye and you can tell Michael is completely heartbroken to be losing his one decent friend.  Max leaned over to me and whispered, “OMG I think Michael is gay and has a huge crush on Billy.”   I had to chuckle because that was obvious long before that moment - but Max had finally caught up.    Then he looked at me funny and shook his head when he saw I had choked up.

 As we walked out of the theater, the first thing he said to outside the theater was “You sure cry a lot!”   It stated it as an observation.  There wasn’t anything derogatory about the way he stated it.

“I know this story well, so I knew the sad parts were coming and so I had more time to get emotional thinking about them.  Does it bother you?” I asked

“Nah, not really.  I’ve just never really seen a grown man do that.”

“Your dad never cried?  Not even when he said bye to you?”

“Nah.  Not even then.”   You could hear a little disappointment in his voice.

“And you?  Did you cry?”

“Just a tiny bit but not until he left.  I didn’t want him to see me cry.  He always got on me about crying.”

“Really? Max, I don’t want you to ever be afraid to cry in front of me.  It’s healthy to cry sometimes.  It doesn’t mean you’re weak or a pussy.   Understand?”

“Yeah, I know.   I mean it was kind of sad when Michael was so sad that Billy was leaving.”

“So you liked the characters?  I thought you might relate to them a little bit?”

“A little, but I don’t wanna wear dresses like Michael.  That part I didn’t get.  But I could see why he liked Billy.   Billy was really cool.”

“And cute?” I inquired.

“Yeah.  I mean not as cute as Cam,” he said grinning, “but pretty cute.”   I loved that he was actually willing to share his assessments of other boys.  It was like sharing a common interest, without him even realizing it.

“I’m sure Cam will be happy to hear you didn’t find a cuter guy to drool over.   Do you see why I thought you would like the show?”

“Sorta.  I mean Michael’s gay.  There’s that.”

“Right.  And what about Billy?  You can’t relate to his situation?”

He thought for a minute.  “Well, not really.  I mean nobody gives me grief about doing gymnastics.  It’s not quite the same as doing ballet.”

“No,” I said.   “But Billy’s still doing something his family wouldn’t approve of.  And he did it anyway.  I was thinking with you the parallel isn’t in your choice of sport, it’s more about you liking guys.   The whole theme of the show is that people have to be allowed to be themselves.   Billy with his ballet.  Michael with his dressing up in drag.  See?”

“I get it.  I’m gonna be myself Craig, I promise.  I just need to figure out when I am going to let other people know who I really am.”

“Fair enough.   As long as you’re not beating yourself up or feeling bad about who you are, that’s the important thing for now.”

He reached over and took my hand and squeezed it.  “I’m not Craig.  Promise.  It’s nice knowing you have my back though.”   I squeezed his hand back.   “Too bad my mom … and Cam’s parents didn’t come see the show.”  He was right, it was a message they probably needed worse than Max.

 We had finally reached my car.    As we got in I asked him “So you didn’t mind a musical then after all?”

“I liked it.  I didn’t think I would, but I did.   Maybe we could see another one sometime.”

“Glad to hear that Max.  I mean if you are going to be gay, you kind of HAVE to enjoy musicals.  That’s a real actual rule you know,” I teased.

“Ha!  Right.   Does that mean you’re gay Craig?” he asked, teasing me right back.   Max’s playfulness was one of the things I loved about him.

“No! No! No!  It doesn’t work both directions.  Not everyone who likes musicals is gay, but most everyone that is gay likes musicals.  See?”  He looked at me like I was an idiot, and then we shared a laugh.


As we headed to a nearby custard place for the dessert I had promised him, I used the time to rehash our prior conversation.  “Hey Max, I thought of something during the show I want to talk about.”


“Well.  I just realized I basically told you on the way here that I thought it was ok for you and Cam to send each other naked selfies.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, I was just thinking if anyone found out that I told you that, it wouldn’t really look too good.   I mean I still believe what I told you and all, but…”

“I shouldn’t tell anyone?”

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I was going to say.   I think your mom would question my judgement and maybe not want me spending time with you.”

“Probably.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Good deal.  And what about your therapist?  Do you tell her everything?  Does she know about you and Cam?”  The therapist was my biggest worry.  They have a way of sensing secrets and massaging them out of their young clients.

“She knows about us liking each other yeah, but not about sexting or anything like that.  I won’t tell her either Craig, I promise.  Plus, I’m only going to see her one more time.  She says I’m doing great and don’t really need to see her unless I start having problems or something.”

That was a relief.   I was glad that Max understood some things were best kept between us.   Little did I know that I was establishing a pattern of trust and secretiveness that would really pay dividends down the road.

The one remaining wildcard was Cam.  With his homophobic parents, I figured he was smart enough to keep their activities secret.  But I wished I could talk to him personally about it all.   “Hey, do you want to ask Cam if he wants to grab dinner with us tomorrow after practice?”

“Good idea, I’ll ask.  I was supposed to tell him how I liked the play anyway,” he said, pulling out his phone.

“Don’t forget to tell him about the gay boy in the show you fell in love with,” I joked.


About 2 pm the next day, I got a text from an unknown number.   “Hi Craig, its Jeanine (Cameron’s mother), can you call me when you get a chance please?”  I waited a few minutes to at least appear busy before I called her.   I was worried what she might want.  As it turned out, it was nothing.

“Thanks for calling me so quickly.   Cameron texted me and said you and Max invited him to go to dinner after practice tonight.”

“Yeah….. um… yeah, Max had asked if we could invite him.  I was going to hopefully talk to you tonight at the gym.  I’m really sorry.   I didn’t know they were already discussing it.”

“Yeah, well it’s okay with me.  I actually have some things to do so if you could get Cameron home it would actually be a big help to me.”

“That’s not a problem at all.  Glad to help out.”

“You’re a peach Craig.”  A peach?  Geez.   Was that more flirting?

“Ha, well, yeah, I try I guess,” I mumbled. “The boys really had a good time at the movie the other week.   I think they are actually enjoying each other’s company.”

“Yes, I get the same impression.   It’s remarkable actually.  You know a year ago they couldn’t stand each other?”

“So I’ve heard.  You know they both had a good laugh about that when we had dinner last time.  Whatever it was, they seem to be over it.  It’s probably a good thing for team chemistry.”

“Indeed. Well thanks again Craig.  I’ll drop Cameron off but will leave pretty quickly, so if you’re not there I’ll leave him money for dinner, and don’t you dare refuse me this time.”

I wasn’t sure how to read her.  She seemed to completely blow off the fact that Cam and Max were now friendly.  Does that mean she was ok with it?  Still hesitant?  Just glad she is getting her son a few free rides?  She was a tough lady to figure out.


I dropped Max at the gym and ran back home and hung out for a while before heading back to pick up he and Cameron.  The guys were just finishing as I pulled up and they were soon out the door and running to my car.    You could just tell by the bounce in their step they were in a fantastic mood.   They both climbed into the back seat of my car.  I guess when you’re riding with your crush, you’d rather be in the back with them than ride shotgun.

“Hey Mr. Peters!” Cameron said greeting me.   “Thanks a ton for picking me up.   I am so jazzed to be hanging out with you guys again.”

“Yeah, we could hardly wait for practice to get done,” Max added.  “We’re starving.  Can we get Thai tonight Craig.  Cam says he knows a place by our house that’s really good.”

   I am pretty sure Max had told me he wasn’t crazy about Asian food.  Was he adjusting his palate just to please Cam?  How adorable.   Thai places, at least the couple I knew of tended to be fairly empty, and that was good, I wanted to have a serious talk with the boys.   “Fine by me, I love Thai.  I didn’t even know you liked Thai food Max.”

“It’s ok,” he said.  “I think.”  I suspected he’d never actually had it, so I knew I might have to give him some ideas of what to order.

“So Cameron, did Max tell you all about yesterday?” I asked.   I thought I was asking about the Snapchat, but Cameron thought I was asking about the play.

Apparently Max had told him a lot about the show, which I hadn’t expected.    Cameron launched into a British accent that actually wasn’t too bad!  “Yes, me mate Max told me all about it.  Said there were a couple mates our ages even.”   His accent was making Max laugh.  I loved them being silly like this.    “Yes, one of them was a ….a…….”   He dropped his accent to ask Max what the word was he was looking for.

“A poofter,” Max answered, laughing.   Max had picked up “poof” and “poofter” as slang for homosexuals from the show.

“Yes, one of them was a poofter that like to put on dresses,” Cameron carried on with his theatrics, much to Max’s delight.

Then Max joined in, once he stifled his giggles.  “Yes, and his mate Billy, was really into the bally.”   (In the show they pronounce ballet “bally”, and Max was dying by the time he managed to say Bally.)   Both boys were laughing uncontrollably.

I was impressed with how much Max had told Cameron about the show.   It was obvious that Max had enjoyed it even more than I thought.   I couldn’t resist joining in with their over the top theatrics.   My British accent is pathetic, but it didn’t stop me from trying it anyway.   “Well, look at the two of you, carrying on like a couple of effin’ wankers.”   Both boys were laughing so hard at me they could hardly catch their breath.  I don’t know if it was my pathetic attempt at an English accent or me calling them wankers that did it.

It took them both a while to get their laughter under control.   “Craig, what exactly is a wanker anwyay,” Max asked.

“Well,” I explained, falling back to my normal voice, “it’s a very versatile word.  Do you know what it means to wank?”

Both boys answered at the same time.  “No,” Max said.  

At the same time Cameron answered.  “It means to jerk off.”  Cameron was clearly a bit wiser.

 “Right.   Though I’m sure neither of you know much about that,” I answered sarcastically.  I couldn’t help but to tease them a bit.  That got a snort from both of them.  “So then a wanker by definition is someone who –.”

Max finished my sentence.  “Beats off?”

“Yes, that’s one definition.  But usually wanker mostly means someone who is being an asshole or a jerk.”

“Are you a wanker Craig,” Max asked, stifling more laughter.   I loved his bravado.

“Well,” I said, “I most certainly am.  But you’re going to have decide which type of wanker I am.”

“Good one Craig,” Cameron chimed in.  

We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and before we got out of the car, I told the boys.  “I’m glad we all had a good laugh.  But I do have some serious stuff I want to talk to you guys about over dinner.”  It was amazing how quickly their laughter stopped.   I know they both knew I was going to be lecturing them more about their Snapchat antics.   I felt bad about killing their mood, but I needed them to calm down before dinner.


We got our drinks and ordered our food.    We got some satay chicken as an appetizer and Max and Cameron both ordered chicken pad thai.   It was cute watching Max just follow suit with whatever Cameron did.    I don’t know if Cameron even noticed how lost Max was looking at the menu.    I knew Max liked peanuts, so I figured he was fine with the pad thai.

“So, Cameron, when I asked in the car if Max had told you about yesterday, I wasn’t meaning to ask about Billy Elliot, though we all had a good time with that.  It was something else I was asking about.”

Both boys were suddenly looking down at the table.  “You mean the Snapchat stuff,” Cameron said in a whisper.

“So, Max told you what happened?”

Cameron nodded.  “I’m really sorry Mr. Peters.   I didn’t think anyone would ever find out.   I told Max we should cool it for a while.”

“Well, I gave Max a lecture about the whole thing, and I don’t know if he told you, but really it doesn’t bother me.  That is as long as neither of you are saving the pictures.  You’re NOT saving the pictures, are you Max?”

He looked up at me and shook his head.  “No sir, honest.”  I was looking right into Cameron’s blue eyes and I could tell he was being truthful.  It made me feel better.

“Well, mostly I told Max you guys just have to be careful, super careful.   And one more thing,”

“Uh uh,” Cameron looked at me.   I think he was shocked to be talking about this and shocked I wasn’t acting more angry.  “If you ever tell anyone I told you I was ok with this…. I’ll deny it and I’ll never be able to take you guys anywhere fun again.”

Both boys promised me again they would be able to keep it a secret.  I still felt nervous trusting two young teens.   I’d eventually be trusting them with a lot more.  I just didn’t know it yet.


As we finished our appetizer, I brought up the sleepover.  “So I hear you are planning a team sleepover next Friday.”

Cameron looked at me with a grin.  “Yeah, but it’s really just an excuse for me and Max to get to hang out.”

“I think it’s a brilliant idea Cameron, but can we discuss a few things about this party.”  He suddenly looked nervous.   “Relax.  I just want you guys to make the most of it.”

“What do you mean Craig,” Max asked.

“Well, silly, it’s your chance to make a great impression on Cameron’s parents.   So you need to be extremely polite.  Take your shoes off at the door.   It’s Mrs. Rice this, Mr. Rice that, right?  Just don’t overdo it.   Don’t go full Eddie Haskell.”

They both looked at each other and back at me.  They clearly had no clue who Eddie Haskell was.   Youngsters!  “Never mind, way before your time.   Just don’t overdo it and look obvious, OK?  “Is there some food you can bring to the party Max?  Something you could say you made yourself that would impress them?”

“I help my mom make guacamole sometimes.  And pineapple salsa.  How about those?”

“Do guac,” Cameron said.  “My mom loves that shit.”

“Good, I like it.   Now who all is coming and what are the sleeping arrangements.”

“I’m not totally sure yet, but I know Ian and Spencer are coming.   Jake and Ryan are probably just going to stop by and grab some food and then take off.  They think they are too old to hang out all night.  I think Ryan has a date with Amber Richards anyway.”   (Note: Jake and Ryan are the older gymnasts on the advanced team.  They are both in high school and already driving.   Amber is one of the top girl gymnasts at their gym.)

“So it’s just the four of you staying over?  What are the sleeping arrangements?

“We could all crash in the basement on the couches and a blow up mattress.  But we’ll probably end up in my play room.   It’s like a spare bedroom on the other side of my bathroom.  It’s where I have my tv and playstation and xbox, but there are bunk beds in there too for when people visit.  So Ian and Spencer can have those.”

“And you and Max?”

“I have a hug bed Mr. Peters.”  I sighed.   I was afraid of the trouble the two of them might get into sharing bed.  

“And your parent’s bedroom is where?  Compared to yours?”

“Downstairs, why?”

“You’re not seeing what I’m worried about guys?”   They both had blank looks on their faces.   “Well, I just think the last way your parents need to find out you guys are boyfriends is to happen upon you with your hands down each other’s pants.”   That made them both giggle.   “I’m not sure you guys can control yourselves sharing a bed.”

“I would be too scared to do too much with my parents there Mr. Peters, honest,” Cameron tried to explain.

“You’d be amazed how much fear can be overcome by teenage horniness.   It’s been a while since I was your age, but I remember how quickly one’s judgment can be clouded when your dick is throbbing.   It’s not just your parents you’d have to worry about, getting caught doing stuff by Ian and Spencer might be just as bad if not worse.”

“Yeah, unless they are horny too then we could have a big orgy or“, Cameron began to say before Max elbowed him and whispered “cut it out”.    I think he was trying to be funny and realized it was not the right time.  “Sorry Mr. Peters,” he said, “I’ll shut up now.”

“Apology accepted Cameron.   At the risk of seeming absurd, I was just going to maybe suggest you have a wank before the party to chill you out a bit.”  Both boys started laughing.   “I’m serious. Really!  It might help you get through the night unscathed.”

As I finished my lecture our entrée’s showed up.   I could tell by the look on Max’s face that he wasn’t too sure about his dish, but a couple bites in and his eyes were lighting up.  “This is really good!” he exclaimed.  I think he’s one of those kids who never got past the fact that Asian food can look funky.

As we ate, I couldn’t help but to think about what Cameron had started to say about Ian and Spencer being horny also and the four of them having a boy orgy.    I knew he was just probably trying to be funny, but as fast as he came up with it, I couldn’t help but to wonder if it was a fantasy rolling around in his head.

And now that he voiced it, I can assure you it was now definitely a fantasy rolling around in my head.  Spencer and Ian are both really cute boys.  I find twelve year old Ian’s short reddish-blond hair and milky complexion really hot.  He has just a few adorable freckles across his nose.  I ogle him at practice a lot and I often daydream about what he has below the waist. I always envision him with a smattering of wispy red pubes and an uncut cock with a tight foreskin that when retracted reveals a shiny bright pink head.  (Yeah, specific I know.)  I am aware that some people don’t find ginger boys hot, but I do.

Spencer is no slouch either. His jet black hair is neatly shaved on the sides and just slightly longer on top.  He’s a very good looking boy.  I’ve just never spent as much time fantasizing about his cock as I have Ian’s for some reason.   Before I had finished a third of my dish, I already knew I’d be jerking off before sleep, imagining a boy orgy of four hot gymnasts.   


While we waited for the check to return I completed my lecture for the night.  “Just one more thing Cameron.  I told Max this last night, but I wanted to give you this advice too.  When it comes to doing ….um….stuff…don’t be in a hurry, please?   Take your time and enjoy the process of discovery.   And don’t try to push things too fast if one of you is uncomfortable.   With all the pictures you two have been sending, I know you are bound to start trying things.  Just don’t want you getting caught or taking things too fast.”

We drove the short distance to Cameron’s neighborhood in relative silence.   I snuck one quick peek over my shoulder and could see that my young friends were holding hands.   “Hey Cameron, do you guys have security cameras on your driveway?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?” he asked.

“Well, because if you do, I thought you might want to give your boyfriend a kiss goodnight now so you don’t get caught doing it on camera.”

“Craig!” Max started to scold me.  “Don’t be a goo –“

Max was cut-off.  I wasn’t sure by what until I heard the sound of lips smacking.   Cameron must have pulled leaned over and planted a nice kiss.   I kept my eyes ahead, giving them a moment of privacy.    It only lasted maybe 5 seconds before I heard them separating.

“You were saying Max?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Never mind.”  I didn’t need to see his face to know Max was grinning.

We pulled into Cameron’s driveway and Cameron’s quickly hopped out.   “Goodnight Mr. Peters.  Thanks.  See ya Max.  I’ll snap you later.”


“You don’t think I embarrassed Cameron too much do you?” I asked Max as we headed to his house.

“Cam? Embarrassed?  Sheesh.  No way.   He’s fine Craig.   He really thinks you’re cool anyway.   I was the one who was too embarrassed to kiss him in front of you.”

“Yeah, he kind of took charge there didn’t he?   Hope you weren’t too flustered by it all.”

“Nah.  I’m glad he did it.  It was … nice.”

As Max climbed out of the backseat, I rolled down my car window.  “Good night Max.  Love you buddy.”   It was the first time I’d told him that I loved him since our meltdown over the snap.  

“See ya Craig,” he said pausing and coming back to the car.   He leaned into my window and giving me a brief hug.  “Love you too.”   From that night, it became standard for us to say “love you” anytime we parted.


Once at home, I finished up some work real fast before crawling into bed. As my wife caught up on the latest episode of one of her many dramas, I was busy formulating the fantasy I had briefly pondered earlier.    I pictured Max and Cam with Spencer and Ian all sitting in Max’s basement, playing truth or dare.   I managed to imagine myself as Spencer.   It wasn’t long before most everyone was half naked, having been dared to flash someone, or run out into the snow naked, or kiss someone else.    At some point someone jokingly dares Spencer to suck one of the other boys.   Spencer (me) says I’ll suck you all and so he does….taking time to drool over each of the other three boy’s stiff rods.  I knew how to imagine Max’s cock, with his blond pubes and long shaft.   For Ian, I imagined the perfect uncut dick I described earlier.   That left me only Cameron’s cock to imagine.    I couldn’t help but to see it as big and fat, filling my (Spencer’s) mouth before unleashing thick stream of goo.   When Spencer was done, he tells them he loves doing that and he’d do it for them anytime.   He’s a total little cock whore.   After exploding into my t-shirt, I got up long enough to toss it in the laundry and brush my teeth.

I checked my phone one last time before sliding back between the sheets.  I had an add request from Cameron on snapchat.    I accepted it of course and sent him an add request back.   I thumbed around on my phone for a few minutes waiting to see if he would send me a message.   A couple minutes later, one popped up. 

Cameron: Hey Mr. Peters.  It’s Cameron

Cameron: just wanted to tell you thanks for thinking of the camera thing and all that

Cameron: and sorry for making a joke in the restaurant and stuff

ME: It’s ok Cameron.  It’s fine.  You’re a cool kid and just don’t want to see you and Max get hurt

Cameron: I know.  I promise we will be chill at the sleepover

Me: Glad to hear it.  Can’t wait to hear all about it.  gn Cameron

Cameron: gn mr. p, u rock


I went to sleep wondering what their sleepover would really be like.   Something tells me I might not really hear ALL about it.



Author’s Notes:

The next chapter I publish will the installment two of Max’s awakening.  Thanks all for the continued feedback along the way.   As always, additional comments appreciated.  It’s nice to know people are still following.



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