Chapter 2

Having just received two of the things that I have wanted, needed, desired, for probably half my life, I am far happier in this moment than I ever thought was even possible. As I grabbed Trent's hand and led him to the kitchen, we both sighed. As soon as we made it there, not only did we get another large pot of tea on the go, but we also grabbed another large glass of water each. We also got started on some dinner.

Twice as we were cooking, standing there side by side, saying nothing, we would look to each other, smile brightly, and press our lips together. I never knew kissing could be so amazing, but, in a lot of ways, it is even more than just merely amazing. Each time we press our lips together, I feel peace, I feel contentment, I feel love deeper than I knew existed. I love my dad, do not get me wrong, possibly even in a way that others might not understand, but until I kissed Trent, I am not sure I truly understood love.

Now I am starting to understand love, I am starting to feel it course through my body like a river, and I like how it feels. Of course, I am in deep fear that Trent does not feel the same way too. So, I ask him, tell him how I am feeling.

“Oh god yeah. I've never felt love, I don't think my mom's capable of loving, I never understood what love was, but, I understand it now, and I love you a great deal.”

“We only just met though.” I say.

“I know. I don't think it really matters all that much. Even if you didn't know me, I have been watching you since you came to our school. I thought you were so fucking hot, and then, when the rumor started going around that not only are you gay, but a diaper wearer too, I damn near confronted you a week ago, only, I was too fucking chicken to do it. I almost talked myself into it a hundred times, maybe more. Every time I saw you, I hid, I was so afraid you'd see me, and that my desires weren't shared. I was being stupid, a coward, but, now I feel strong, and I feel loved.” He said, a few tears even leaked out.

“I do know how you feel. I felt that same fear, only, I was so fucking horny that I did stupid things, let stupid people use me, abuse me, take advantage of me, but, no more. From now on, it's just you and me Baby.”

“Mmmm, I like that. We're baby boyfriends now, aren't we?”

“I really think we are.” I smiled so brightly I can feel it on myself.

“Mmm, good.” Trent sighed deeply.

Because my dad often works late, and we never truly know when he is going to be home, he asks that I just make enough dinner for him, and he will heat it up when he gets home. It is so rare, and so nice, when we get to sit down and eat dinner together during the week, but he ensures that he gets Saturday and Sunday off, so that we can spend lots of time together as well, so that is nice.

It does feel nice to sit and eat with Trent though, we sat across from each other at the small table in the kitchen, and though we said not one physical word all throughout our meal, I cannot help but to feel how much we said. It was so nice.

When we were done, we cleaned up, and then headed to the theatre in our rec room and decided on a movie. We sat together in one of the reclining love seats, all cuddled up together, and I started the movie. We were still like that when the movie ended, it was so nice. In the back of my mind, I wondered why my dad was not home yet, he is usually home before now.

Then we exited the theatre room, which enters into our games room, and found my dad.

“Daddy, you're home.” I said, and then went and gave him a big hug and a kiss, he hugged and kissed me back, patting my now seriously soggy baby diapered bum as he did so.

“Hey there Baby, good to see you too. I got home about forty or so minutes ago, found my dinner and had that, which was good, by the way, and then came and found you two all cuddled up so cutely together. I didn't wanna disturb you, so I left you boys to your special time. By the way, I'm Sander.” My dad said, sticking out his hand for Trent to shake.

Trent shyly took his hand and shook it, saying, “Hi, I'm Trent.” In a bare whisper.

“It's good to meet you Trent, and no need to be embarrassed around me. I see my little baby every day in his soggy baby diapers, and you look good like this too. And speaking of soggy baby diapers, you boys should go change.”

“Thanks.” Trent said, though it was barely any louder.

“I think that was our next stop, no worries, come on Trent, let's go change our soggy baby bums.”

“I reloaded your diapers and got you a new line of really thick diaper doublers, I think you'll like 'em more than the others we got.”

“Oh, thanks Daddy, I was gonna ask you to take us shopping for diapers and supplies tomorrow. Not only did I need more, but I was gonna ask you to buy some for Trent as well.”

“Oh, had I known that, I would've just waited, but that's okay, we can still go tomorrow and get what Trent needs as well. No worries at all there.”

“Awesome, thanks Daddy. We'll be right back, and we'll join you in playing.”

“Okay, see you in, what, an hour?” He grinned brightly to me.

“Maybe.” I grinned right back, and Trent blushed cutely.

I just grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom.

“You don't haveta be shy around my dad, he's the best, he knows all about me and what I've been looking for.”

“Yeah, well, still embarrassing.”

“You'll get used to it. Now, let me at that sexy soggy baby diaper of yours.” I said, and then reached for the tapes holding it on.

Trent also reached for my diaper tapes, and we relieved each other of our soggy baby diapers, and as we watched each other do so to our own diapers, we pressed our baby boyfriends soggy baby diapers to our own faces. I sniffed, I sucked, and I very nearly drained the diaper of all that I could possibly get from Trent's, but first my soggy diaper, and it is amazing, especially as I get to watch Trent do the same to mine.

“God, that's so fucking nasty.” I sighed so deeply as we both lowered the others diaper.

“Mmmhmm. I can't help but to notice just how hard we both are though, wanna try sucking each other at the same time this time.” Trent asked huskily.

“Hell yeah, I've wanted to try a sixty nine since the first time I read about it, god, I think that was two years ago, maybe more now.”


We threw ourselves on the bed, in the right position to take care of our needs, and sucked each other in at the exact same time. We lasted, at best, twenty seconds before cumming for our first time, but we just kept right on sucking, and gave up two more hot gay baby boygasms only five or so minutes more.

We broke apart, panting and gasping, both now on our backs, looking up at the ceiling above us, and if Trent feels only half as good as I do right now, then he is only just feeling amazing. Just as I was finally coming down, I realized that I felt like I was getting wet, so I pinched my dick to stop the flow. I guess now that I am not hard, I am releasing.

“I gotta go peepee Baby, so we either needta get each other diapered back up like the babies we are, or, if you haveta go peepee too, we can suck each others baby bottles dry.” I whispered, still looking straight up.

“Mmm, feed baby his bottle, I have enough baby juice to make it worthwhile for you as well.” He giggled cutely, and once more, we rolled onto our sides, sucked each other back in, and then we both let go at almost the exact same time, and enjoyed our baby bottles.

The only problem, of course, though I scarcely consider it problematic, this caused us to go very hard once more, and knowing that there was no way that I was going to be able to tape Trent up in the state he is in, I started sucking him once again to make him go soft. I am guessing that I too had the same problem, because Trent also started sucking me.

We lasted a few minutes this time, we truly took our time, enjoyed ourselves, and sucked each other as long and slow as we were capable of doing. When finally we came, we rolled to our backs once more, and came down. This time we are not panting and gasping near as much, it was so much more gentle and loving.

I changed positions and got on my side, just as Trent also rolled to his side, and as soon as I was in position to do so, we pressed our lips together and we kissed tenderly, lovingly, and for probably damn near ten minutes we kissed.

“I love you.” We both whispered so softly that we did not hear it, so much as felt it.

“Come on Baby, let's go put each others soggy baby diapers back onto each other again.” I said.

“You know they're gonna be cold now, right?”

“Yeah, and I'm pretty okay with that.” I said.

“Yeah, me too.”

I went to my closet to find the supplies, and found the new doublers that my dad had bought, and he was right, they are way thicker, as well as wider and longer too, so they are going to hold a ridiculous amount more. This is going to be so amazing. I also checked out the new diapers, and they too are amazingly thick, those are going to be seriously appreciated, later.

Trent had been right there beside me, gazing longingly at all my diaper supplies, he had not seen my diaper stacks in my closet yet.

“Wow, you have an amazing diaper collection.”

“Thanks. My dad's always been really good about getting me what I wanted and needed.”

“And you're sure he's not a diaper lover as well?”

“Well, not in the same way we are. He does love seeing me in my diapers, and he has absolutely enjoyed diaper fucking a few hot gay baby studs through their soggy diapers before, he just doesn't like wearing them, even though he has in the past.”

“Oh, I bet he'd look really fucking hot in them though.”

“Wouldn't he though. I've told him that dozens of times though, and he says they do nothing for him, other than seeing others in them. Trust me, the fact that I've always just walked around in nothing but my thick thirsty tape on baby diapers was not offensive to him.”

“And now me too.”

“Mmmhmm. Now, let's double diaper each other Baby.”


I grabbed the supplies that we need, we grabbed each others still good and soggy baby diapers, and then I urged Trent onto the bed first, and slipped underneath him my soggy diaper, slipped in the extra large diaper doubler, and then taped him up real good. Except I found that the tapes were already wearing out, so I grabbed a roll of packing tape, and ensured that it stayed on Trent well. This will be the last time we can wear these diapers.

As soon as we traded places, Trent paid me back fully, and it is wonderful, even though the diaper is somewhat cool, that is okay, most of that is being held away from me by the amazingly thick and large doubler. As soon as Trent had me good and taped up, I stood up, and pressed my lips to Trent's once again and kissed him every bit as tender and loving as we had earlier.

“My god, this day has been the absolute best of my entire miserable life. It started out so bad, and now, all this.” Trent sighed deeply, a couple tears leaking out as he did so. I just wiped them off.

“Good Baby, I'm glad, and I hope from now on, these are the only tears you cry, happy, loving tears.”


“Come on, let's go play.”

We clasped hands once again, and I led Trent back to our games room. As soon as my dad saw us, he burst out laughing.

“What, didn't wanna give up your nice thick soggy diapers or something?”

“Nope, though we did empty them out a bit, and we may've accidentally put each others diapers on by mistake. Or on purpose, not sure.”

“Oh, you boys are nasty.” He groaned.

“Thanks, that's the nicest thing you've said to me in months.”

“You're welcome. I admit, I wondered if you were getting into piss play and sucking your diapers a little dry, now I have my answer, and why I often saw you in the same diaper for far longer than they should've lasted by all rights.”

“Mmmhmm. It's pretty amazing.”

“I enjoy a little watersports myself from time to time, can be good clean fun.”

“And delicious.”

“True, though I have tasted not so delicious before, depending upon what he or she's had to drink, or if they're on medication or not, can change that, a lot.”

“Yuck, she, now that's disgusting.”

“Yes, well, you're fully gay, I'm not.”

“Yeah, I know, you're disgusting.” I giggled, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Thanks, that's the nicest thing you've said to me in months.” He laughed right back at me.

All the while, Trent had been standing there in awe at listening to us. He is clearly embarrassed yet again, because the blush goes from the top of his forehead, all the way down his chest I swear.

“No need to be embarrassed there Baby, we're very open around here, little to no real secrets, and almost anything you care to do with and to each other, almost guaranteed I've tried it as well. Sex can be truly amazing, there's so much fun and games to be played, and I'm reasonably certain I've tried 'em all. Well, except scat, or shit play if you will, just never could try that one. Not sure I ever could.” My dad said.

“Um....Um....Um....” Is all Trent could say.

“It's okay, you'll get usedta it, and if there's ever any questions you baby boys care to ask, feel free to ask me, I won't steer you wrong, I'll happily answer any and all questions, and if for some strange reason I don't know the answer, we'll all look it up together.”

“Thanks.” Trent whispered.

“I know.” I said happily, because Dad has told me this a few times already.

“Well, come on Babies, let's play.”

And until bedtime, play we did. We all had a lot of fun, but trust me, playing any sort of computer game against my dad is hard to do, he is really fucking good at them, and can master them faster than most people learn them. I, personally, love playing against him, it is super challenging, and he says I am finally starting to be a challenge as well, so that is good. We also played other games too though, so that is good.

“Okay Boys, head to bed, and if you play before going to sleep, make sure that your diapers are still okay before you pass out.”

“I know Daddy, you tell me that enough.”

“Yes, yet you still manage to pass out after playing for a bit, and make a mess of your bed at least once a month.”

“Yeah, well, it just feels soooooooooo good, sometimes I just pass out.”

“Yeah, know how you feel.”

“Unless you've been sneaking diapers, and not sharing that with me, and then wetting your bed all night long, how would you know?”

“I've passed out, bonehead, you know what I meant, and there've been a few really good nights, when I leaked out and probably made almost as much a mess anyway.” He laughed.

“Sounds fun, hope I getta experience that some time myself.” I grinned.

“I'm certain you will, but, with that being said, you also don't needta be looking to do so too soon either.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, goodnight Baby, love you.” My dad said, and then hugged and kissed me goodnight.

He then grabbed Trent and gave him a nice big hug, and then kissed him on his forehead and told him to have a good sleep as well.

“You, you kissed me.” He whispered, and from the way he sounds, I swear he is more shocked about that than anything else that he has experienced today.

“Of course I did, everyone deserves a hug and kiss goodnight.”

“I've never had that before.”

“Yeah, I know, which truly is sad. Now, go have a good sleep, have good dreams, and I'll see you in the morning.” Dad said softly, warmly.

“Thanks.” He said, and this too has caused him to seep more than just a few tears out.

My dad reached out, wiped the tears from his eyes, wiped them on his pants, and then hugged Trent again, and patted his cute, seriously sexy soggy baby bum.

I grabbed Trent's hand and led him to our bedroom. Once there, before Trent could say anything, I kissed him deeply. We broke our kiss close to ten minutes later, maybe more.

“Come on Baby, let's change each others' seriously soggy baby bums, and then curl up and kiss and stroke each other shall we.” I whispered.

“Okay. I wanna change you first then.”


I went to the closet, grabbed two of the brand new, ultra thick diapers, and two of the new doublers to go in them. Together they are going to make one amazingly thick baby diaper for sure. I can scarcely wait, and the good news is, I do not have long to wait.

I throw myself and all the diaper change supplies onto the bed, and Trent is already there, ready and waiting to relieve me of my gloriously soggy diaper. As soon as he has it off, and he had had to use a pair of scissors carefully in order to do so, he pressed the entire mass to his face, and I can hear him sniffing and sucking in equal and deep measure. Seeing this is not helping my erection, that had already been damn near impossibly hard already, because I still managed to go harder still.

Finally, after a good solid five minutes, Trent dropped my diaper to the bed, and started cleaning, lotioning, creaming, and taping me up into a fresh diaper, though, as soon as he had dropped it, I had grabbed up my diaper and pressed it to my face, and managed to suck just a tiny bit more from it, and it smells and tastes absolutely divine.

As soon as I am properly diapered, Trent and I trade places, and as soon as I relieve Trent of his diaper, also having to cut it off, I too press it to my face, inhale deeply of all its wondrous scent and taste, and I drank greedily of it, until I feel there is no more to be had. As soon as I dropped it, though, Trent still grabbed it anyway and pressed it to his face and sucked just a tiny bit more from it as well, all the while, I was getting him just as thickly and nicely diapered as I am, which, by the way, is amazing.

As soon as I have Trent properly padded, I crawl onto the bed to join him, he changes position as I do so, and as soon as we are good, I press our lips together once again, and kiss my baby deeply. At almost the same time, we reach to each others diapers, and start rubbing each other through them. It feels so amazing, and we are both so hard and horny, that we last not even a whole minute, and explode.

Two more orgasms we did it this way as well, and then for two more, we slipped our hands inside each others diapers and proceeded to stroke each other softly, slowly, lovingly. Finally we both start going soft, and we sigh into our kiss.

“Mmm, I love you so much.” Trent whispers first.

“And I love you too. Wanna go get a nice large drink before bed, I'm thirsty anyway, and I wanna test out these new diapers fully.”


We stuffed ourselves with three glasses of water each, then headed to bed. I turned off the light, crawled in to be with my baby, and we curled up together and we fell asleep, cuddled so nicely into each other.

I have slept with my dad numerous times over the years, I always loved cuddling up to him, it is so loving to be held as you sleep. It is better with a boyfriend somehow.

Even I managed to sleep in, it is almost seven when finally I woke up, I am usually up for about five or so, and Trent is still sound asleep. He did not even stir a bit as I peeked at the clock. I just laid there for probably close to ten minutes, watching Trent as he slept. He truly is beautiful, especially to me.

I watched as Trent started to wake up, and as soon as I saw that he is awake, and just as his eyes started to open, I am right there to kiss him, and I saw his eyes close as I pressed my lips to his, and I too closed mine, and we enjoyed a very nice good morning kiss. The fact that we have yet to have brushed our teeth does not matter in the least, we are enjoying our loving far too much to worry about that. We must have kissed for easily ten minutes, possibly more, we are simply holding each other, moving nothing else but our lips and tongues, truly learning the arts of kissing with each other, and we are enjoying it a great deal.

I have no doubts that Trent is every bit as hard as I am, and though I would love nothing more than to reach down and stroke him, and have him do the same to me, it does not feel the right time to do so. Right now it feels better to just kiss, and so, we kiss.

“I love you.” We both whisper softly as we part, still I have not opened my eyes.

I pull Trent to me and just hold him, we are no longer kissing, just holding each other. I do not know why, but it makes me feel every bit as good as kissing, but far more relaxed, very peaceful. We are saying nothing, just holding each other.

When both our stomachs growled quite insistently that they need to be fed, and at the same time, we both giggled. I know that I am usually up and have had breakfast long before now, but I wish my stomach would kind of just fuck off right now.

“I guess we better get up, huh.” I whispered.

“Yeah. I was enjoying holding you though, kissing and stroking felt amazing, but just being held by you was far more loving, especially being held while sleeping. It was nice, certainly the most loved I've ever felt.”

“Mmmhmm.” I sighed deeper than I fave ever felt before.

We slipped out of bed together, and clasped hands together, intertwining our fingers lovingly as we did so, and walked to the kitchen in nothing but our super soggy double diapers.

“Good morning Boys, you look well relaxed this morning.” Dad said as we walked in.

“Yeah, it was real nice, getting to hold Trent all night long, and then kissing and cuddling this morning was even better.” I sighed once again.

“Good, you baby boys deserve it.”

“Thanks, but now we need breakfast.”

“There's a good pot of oatmeal on the stove keeping warm for you, there's tea in the thermos still for you, and just grab some fresh fruit to go with it.”

“Mmm, thanks.”

We went and dished up, then joined Dad at the table and ate our fill.

“Wow, that was really good, thanks.” Trent said. “I normally get a slice of toast for breakfast, if I'm lucky.”

“That'd explain why you're so small. Heath of course is small because he can't feel the need to eat, or when to stop, so he's learned to control the urge just to eat because it tastes good. He could quite literally eat until his stomach exploded, and he'd never know, so, we ensure that he's only getting what he needs.”

“Yikes. Your stomach still tells you when it needs something though, your stomach growled even more than mine did this morning.” Trent giggled.

“Yeah, my stomach still needs filling, and it tells me so, quite often, I just don't feel it.” I laughed.

“Heath's doctor has told him exactly how much to eat every day, and plus or minus a little, he is absolutely not allowed to vary from it, because he can't feel if and when he's doing harm to himself. At least you or I know when we're full, he doesn't.”

“Some days I envy you of that, you don't feel when you're hungry, boy do I ever, almost all the time I feel hungry. Except right now, I finally feel full.”

“Trust me, you wouldn't wanna deal with what I do. Last year when the bullies thought it was funny that they could hit me and I wouldn't feel it, and they caused internal bleeding in me, that was incredibly dangerous. At least I was smart enough to know that they'd likely caused damage and called my dad right away, and he took me to the hospital. If I wasn't thinking, and I just left it, the doctors said I would've died in a matter of hours. Wow, was my dad furious. He made the kids and their parents all cry, showed them the doctors reports and everything, told them that they damn near killed me, and that had I not got medical attention as soon as I did, I wouldn't have survived.”

“No, I know, I wouldn't want that either, but sometimes always feeling hungry's a pain in the butt.”

“I'm certain of that.” I had to laugh.

“You're welcome to come here and eat whenever you like though.” Dad said.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” Trent said happily.

“So, what are we doing today Dad?”

“Well, you wanted to go shopping to get Trent his nice thick baby diapers and other assorted supplies, and the contractor needs our floor, moulding, and door choices, so we haveta go figure that out, because he's gonna be done in a month, and they're pretty much the last things to go in, and he needs at least two weeks for ordering the doors, but wants to get everything on order now, so that he has it when he needs it. We'll also see if there's anything else we want for interior finishing at the same time, but there's probably not much. So, it's shopping this morning, and then, when we get back, I wanna play out in the garage, so you boys will be welcome to join me if you so desire.”

“Okay, sounds good. We'll go get ready to go then, we both need a shower, so we'll be a few minutes.”


I grabbed Trent's hand in mine, intertwined our fingers once more, and led him to my bathroom. As soon as we are there, I grab our towels and get the shower started, and then I step forth, and as I press my lips to Trent's and kiss him deeply, I reach in and pull the tapes off his diaper. I pull it off him, and then pull away from our kiss, bring up his sexy soggy baby diaper, and proceed to suck it very nearly dry while Trent watches. Once I am done, I throw it down, and press our lips together once again.

Trent now reaches in and undoes my super soggy baby diaper, and then pulls away from our kiss, presses my diaper to his face, and as he watches me, I hear him sniff and suck my soggy diaper nearly dry. As soon as he is done, he too throws my diaper down, and presses his lips to mine once more.

I can taste myself in our kiss, and it is so fucking hot. I was already hard before even making it to our bathroom, I got harder as we kissed, harder still sucking Trent's diaper, then even harder watching Trent suck my diaper dry, but now, all that, and tasting myself in our kiss, I have gone harder than I believe that I have ever been before. I can also feel Trent very insistently poking my belly button with his mighty fine erection, and so, I reach down and grasp hold of his, at the same moment he too took hold of mine.

Five, maybe six seconds, is all it took for us, we are both so fucking hot. Not playing when we woke up, and with what we just did, which was so erotic, at least to me and Trent, clearly it caused us to be just a little over heated. Oh well, I have at least a couple more baby boygasms in me anyway.

For three more dry baby cums, we kissed and stroked each other, and when Trent finally started going soft in my hand, I knew that we were done. I do not know if I had been going soft as well or not, but I know that I am done anyway.

“Wow.” Trent gasped as he pulled away from our kiss.

“Yeah. Who knew just stroking could be so amazing. I still like sucking, but that was so amazing as well.”


“Well Baby, we better hop in the shower.”


As soon as we hopped in, I grabbed my soap, squirted lots into my hand, and started washing Trent. I heard him sigh deeply, a deep soul satisfying sigh is what he just made. I know that he has probably never felt anything like this, and so, I make this as soft and tender as I am able. At one point, I looked, and Trent has his eyes closed, and even though I know he has not got his head wet yet, the water is still pouring down his cheeks. Good, then I know I am doing this right. I must have taken every bit of half an hour to wash Trent down completely, finishing with his hair, I took my time, made it as loving as I possibly could, and Trent cried softly the entire time. Good.

“There you go Baby, I think you liked that.” I whispered only loud enough to be heard over the shower.

“That was the nicest thing I've ever felt in my life. Thanks, I love you.” He whispered back, and then kissed me so softly it could melt any cold heart.

I said nothing as Trent broke the kiss and then grabbed the soap and started washing me. He too took his time, and I love it very much. This is not causing me to cry, because I still remember when I got this from my dad, and I do still miss it, but he was right, I was getting just a little old for him to have daddy bathe me, I was almost eleven the last time he agreed to do so.

Once I was fully washed and rinsed, I shut off the shower and we stepped out. I grabbed a towel off the warmer and started drying Trent from his head down. Once done, Trent repaid the favour and dried me off as well. We brushed our teeth, thankfully I always have a couple spare tooth brushes, we brushed our hair, put on some deodorant, and then headed to the bedroom to diaper and dress each other. I had Trent lay down first, and I diapered him up just as thickly as he deserves, and then he diapered me to match. We then dressed each other, Trent once more just using my clothes, diaper shirts included of course.

“Took you boys long enough.” Dad said when we finally arrived.

“Yeah, we hadta have a little private time, and then we just had a really nice long shower. Trent needed it, he's never been bathed by someone, so I took a long time to really show him how it's supposed to be.”

“Oh, that's nice. I'm betting you had tears pouring down the entire time too.” Dad smiled warmly to Trent.

“Yeah, it was really nice.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. My father wasn't much better than your mother, never showed me any sort of love or attention, and the first time I got washed like that, just lovingly, not even in the least sexual, I cried so much I was nearly dry. It's good for you though. I'm glad.”

“Oh, you grew up how I've been.”

“Yeah, so I know what you're going through.”

“Oh. How'd you do it? I'm so miserable most days. I get it at school, I get it at home, there's just no end to the bullying.”

“I had good friends too. My best friend in the world, he was gay, and right from the time we were eleven, we played and enjoyed each other. Of course, I'm bi, so I also wanted girls, we had lotsa fun, but he wanted a serious boyfriend, whereas I just wanted as much sex as possible. Once he found the boy who stole his heart, we rarely played, and when we did, it was the three of us together, unless I also had a friend over, and then it was the four of us. They're married now, have adopted three kids, and they're so happy, and I'm happy for them. If it weren't for my friends, I doubt I could've managed it, to tell you the truth. Fuck, from the time I was nine, I doubt I spent one weekend at home. My dad rarely, if ever, knew where I was, I doubt I told him after the age of ten.”

“Which reminds me, did you ever call your mom last night?” I asked, because it suddenly dawned on me that I did not remember him doing so.

“No, not even gonna bother, I doubt she noticed.”

“If she's anything like my father was, then I doubt it as well. As long as I wasn't under foot, he was happy. Tell me, when did you haveta start going shopping to buy food and shit?”

“Six, maybe seven, I don't remember. I know I was in grade two for sure though.”

“Yeah, I was about the same, and yet, no one ever asked. How often have you just taken the money from your moms wallet without telling her?”

“Pretty near every time. When I ask, she just says no anyway, so I just do it and go get what I need.”

“Yeah, that pretty near sums it up for me as well. Well Baby Boys, get your shoes on, let's go shopping.”

We got our shoes on, and then as soon as we were ready, we headed out. Dad took us to a medical store, this one I have not yet been to, but he says this is the one that we are going to go to from now on, since this is where he found the new diapers yesterday, and that they are much better for a decent price. I love their selection when we get there, it is amazing. We picked out two packs of each ultra thick night time and home diapers, regular thick school diapers, and mega thick diaper doublers for Trent, he tried saying that it is too much, but Dad soundly ignored him. We then picked out seven diaper shirts for him, two black, two white, two blue, and one red, and then a good sized pack of wipes, a large jar of diaper rash cream, and a larger bottle of lotion.

I would still much rather the nice baby scented stuff, but sadly the teasing for that was even worse than just simply wearing diapers, so I switched to the stuff that does not smell as nice, but I still do have some of the nice smelling stuff for when I am at home. We will likely grab Trent some for himself as well, and I need more too, so we will grab it when we go grocery shopping.

From the medical supply store, Dad pointed us to the store that our contractor had told us to go to to find all that we need. When we arrived, Dad told the guy who was helping us that our contractor sent us to pick doors, mouldings, flooring, and whatever else we needed for our place. He smiled and said that he was the one to have taken down all the information from our plans, and that we are going to have one hell of a house, and so he knows all that we need, and as we looked, he suggested several options that would suit the style of house that we are having built. He has really good taste, because both Dad and I agreed with his every suggestion, and went with them. He did warn us, though, that what we have chosen will put us over the original quote by almost five thousand dollars, but Dad told him that is really not a concern, since he does not care for the builders basics, and had already planned on spending at least ten thousand on various upgrades. It was all written down, and then we were gone.

Our next stop is for appliances, and here too we went to who our contractor said to go to, and we picked out some great items. Next stop was the lighting store we were told to go to, and again, we picked out some really nice things. Our kitchen cabinets are already having under cabinet lighting added, so we did not need to worry about that, since that had been included in the cabinet and counter top quote when Dad had went and done that, since that order had to be in pretty near the day after we moved here.

Finally we head to the grocery store to stock up there, and Trent and I did get our proper baby scented diaper supplies, Dad only laughed when I tossed them in the buggy.

When we got home, Dad backed into the garage and then we all helped to unload everything. Trent is just going to leave the vast majority of his diaper supply at our house, and only take home what he needs, when he needs it, since he will not be able to hide that much that effectively, and while he knows his mother does not go in his room, he does not wish to take chances either. With all that done, it is actually just slightly after lunch, so, we make and eat a light lunch.

“Goody, does this mean we getta go play in the garage now?” I said happily when we finished.

“Yes Baby, it does, however, you two baby boys need soggy baby bum changes first, you're gonna leak pretty soon if you don't.”

“Oh, good point.” I said, reaching down and giving Trent the soggy diaper squeeze test.

“Yeah, go ahead, I'll meet you in the garage, I doubt I'll see you for half an hour, or more.”

“Probably more.” I giggled, Trent blushed, and I grabbed his hand and led him to our room.

As soon as we made it, I stripped Trent down to just his soggy baby diaper, and then stood still so that he can do the same for me, and he does so immediately. Once down to just our soggy baby diapers, Trent leans forth and presses his lips to mine, and kisses me good and proper. For easily five minutes we kiss like the baby boyfriends that we are.

As soon as I break the kiss, we move apart only just enough to reach to each others soggy diapers, and we release each other at the exact same time. We pull our diapers off each other, and then press them to our mouths, and as we suck and sniff each others soggy diapers, we watch as the other enjoys himself fully, and Trent certainly appears to be enjoying my diaper just as much as I am enjoying his.

Once drained, I throw Trent's diaper down, and hit my knees. I engulf all that I can of Trent's incredible gay preteen baby bone, and suck him as best I possibly can. Ten seconds, at most, is all that he lasts before blasting off into my mouth, though no, there is still no physical blasting, but that is just fine. Just as he comes down from his orgasm, I press his tummy, right where his bladder is, and he takes the hint and feeds me what he can. There is not much there, but I enjoy it considerably none the less.

As soon as I stand back up, Trent attacks me in another powerful kiss, only I have a tiny surprise left in my mouth for him, I saved some of his sweet baby pee, and I share it with him. He sighs deeply as I do so, and we kiss.

Trent breaks the kiss this time, then hits his knees and attaches himself to my erection, and I last maybe five seconds. I am just so fucking hot, that I cannot hold off, it just feels so good. It feels like I cum for like twenty minutes it is so good, but I know that it is maybe five or so seconds. As soon as the fog cleared though, I can feel Trent gulping slightly, so I must be peeing a little in his mouth. As soon as he is done, he stands back up, kisses me, and feeds me just a little of my peepee.

Mmmm, absolutely fucking deliciously amazing.

A tender kiss from my baby boyfriend, and some of the sweet pee that I fed to him being fed back to me at the same time. I am not even sure how it could be any better than that.

“Mmmm, I love you so much baby, but we should probably get diapered back up like the good little gay baby boys that we are.” I say softly.

“Wanna put each others diapers back on, but with a doubler in them, and an even thicker and thirstier diaper over top of them?” Trent asks.

“Oh hell yeah, that sounds awesome.”

I go and grab something nice and sharp to prepare our already soggy diapers, while Trent heads to the closet to grab the rest of the supplies that we are about to need. I take care of getting our already soggy diapers prepared, by poking hundreds of holes in them. I made sure to keep track of which diaper was which, so that we ensure that we get the right one on.

Just as soon as I am finished my chore, so is Trent, and he pushes me onto my back first. I pass him his diaper, so that he can put it onto me. He inserts a nice big thirsty diaper doubler into it, and then tapes it all onto me, and then goes to put my other diaper on me, gets a wicked grin on his face, and giggles as he heads back to the closet. When he emerges once again, I see that he has another two diaper doublers with him.

Well, I am totally okay with where he is going with that, and absolutely allow him to put that doubler into my second diaper, and then pull that up and tape it on. Mmmm, so gloriously thick.

“Nice.” I sigh very deeply.

“Good, now it's my turn, quadruple diaper me Baby.”

Well, what is any self respecting gay baby boyfriend to do in such a situation. Repay the fucking favour of course. I got Trent into his quadruple thick baby diaper, and he too sighed out in deep thanks as soon as I have him all taped up.

As soon as he stands up, I grab the roll of tape, and ensure that his mega thick baby diaper does not slip right off his skinny little hips, and then he repays me back as well.

“Wow, a gay baby boy could get usedta this, huh.” Trent says happily.

“Mmmmhmmm.” I sigh.

I grab Trent's hand, intertwining our fingers together once again, and lead him to the garage, where my dad is awaiting us. As soon as we walk in, he takes one look at us and bursts out laughing.

“Fuck, it's like you're wearing pillows.”

“I know, it's amazing. Each others already good and soggy, but recently drained diapers, and then two diaper doublers and a fresh ultra thick and thirsty baby diaper over top. I wish you'd let yourself be diapered like this, so that you getta understand just how good it is.” I say brightly.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I enjoy seeing you boys like this to be sure, but I don't enjoy wearing them, and remember, I have worn them.”

“I know. I just wish you'd let me see you like this as well.”

“I know Baby, I know.”

“So, what are you working on Dad?” I ask.

“I'm working on the laser cutter, making a cool 3D model.”


“What are you boys gonna do?”

“Well, Trent says he loves the 3D printer, so he can play on that, which means I'll use the CNC router then. I have some pretty cool ideas floating around to try, so that's perfect.”

“Sounds good to me.” Trent smiles brightly.

We all sit at our computer work stations, most of these are massive systems for doing full 3D rendering, each system has two monitors attached, four massive hard drives, the biggest and best video cards that you can get, and more RAM than some countries use I swear, but we can do 3D rendering really fast because of it. For at least the next couple hours, since none of the machines are running, the only sounds are the occasional clicking or tapping that we are making.

I was done my designing process first, so I went and got some wood into the router from our selection, got the dust collector all up and running, zeroed out all the axis' and got that all set up, and then hit start, and right away it started working.

Dad was next, so he got the air cleaner running, got his three millimeter plywood loaded, and then he too started his program. Trent finished up last, and also hit start.

“So, what are you guys making?” I ask.

“A small scale 3D replica of the Death Star, by the time it's all put together, the bloody thing will be a little better than fifty centimeters across.” My dad grinned.

“Cool.” Trent and I said.

“And I'm making a twelve centimeter tall model of Harry Potter, with movable limbs and head, his wand, his broom, and Hedwig, scaled to match Harry of course.” Trent said. “Then I'll paint them all.”

“Wicked.” Dad and I said in unison.

“And how about you Baby?” Dad asked.

“A topographical map of Middle Earth, using that ten centimeter thick piece of cherry slab that we had.”

“Nice.” Dad said, and Trent nodded.

Since we cannot leave while the machines are running, and we are pretty much done what we were doing, we all sat back down on our computers and started working on something else. We just play happily as we await our projects.

Clearly Trent really is good at this, because Dad and I are pretty damned fast, and he did his work just as fast as we had. You would think that doing a map is easy, well, I suppose maybe it is, but I am assured that it is not so easy as all that, there was still massive amounts of work that I had to do to make it look right. It is impressive though the amount of work that Trent must have had to do to make that model, especially making it all movable, which means each individual part would have had to be individually modeled.

By the time dinner time rolled around, none of our pieces are done, so Dad asked that I watch over his stuff, while he goes and makes dinner. We were good with that. This happens quite frequently that one of us goes to make dinner while the other watches over the machines. I cannot tell you how often we have sat in the garage eating food. Actually, it might be easier to tell you how many times we have actually sat at our dining room table to do so. Trent laughed at this when I told him that.

By the time a respectable bed time was rolling around, our pieces are not quite done, though mine is closest. Dad says that he will be up for another couple hours anyway, so tells us baby boys to head up to bed. We had talked and laughed a lot as we sat around the machines, it was a really nice night actually.

When Trent and I made it to our bedroom, we are of course nowhere close to needing soggy baby bum changes, but we both need to cum, so we lay down, press our lips together, and slip our hands deep inside each others soggy baby diapers and pleasure each other softly.

We came only two times before we are satisfied, and not once had we stopped kissing. Finally we broke apart, told each other just how much we love each other, and then fell fast asleep.

Other than going out shopping, we spent the entire day doing almost the exact same as we had the previous afternoon. Because Trent and I most certainly did not need a diaper change until quite late in the afternoon, we had only kissed and stroked each other to a pair of baby boygasms when we woke up, but it is now just after dinner, and we have both started to leak, and Trent really should be heading home he says, though I know he wants to stay every bit as much as I want for him to stay as well.

We have to employ a pair of scissors in order to relieve each other of our super saturated and mega thick baby diapers, and as soon as we have them off, we suck as much from them as we are able to, then kiss, and then suck each other for three cums this time, since we have to make it last at least a little while.

We do double diaper each other, and Trent packs up all his things in a pack that I gave to him, gets dressed in more of my clothes, and then with a final kiss farewell, he heads home, we both have tears in our eyes.

As soon as Trent is gone, I look to my dad.

“I know what you're gonna ask, and I'd say yes if and when he asks, but you can't give him that information. It hasta be upta Trent when he decides that his mother's no good for him, just like I hadta. You've given him a huge amount of strength, and all the love he needs, now the rest hasta be upta him. You can't guide him or he won't grow.”

I could only laugh.

“Yes, you are easy to read sometimes.” My dad answered before I could even ask that.


For the rest of the night, we cuddled up and watched a movie, it was really nice. When I went to bed, I dreamed all night of Trent being with me, and I woke up harder than I ever remember being. I resisted the urge to jack off, with any luck, Trent will want to come over after school, and we can suck each other dry.